[[caption-width-right:350:[[Franchise/{{Superman}} The one that started it all.]]]]

''Action Comics'' first saw publication in June 1938. It's most famous for having the debut of Franchise/{{Superman}} in its first issue. What many people do not realize, however, is that Action Comics, like most ComicBooks of its day, was an [[AnthologyComic anthology]] containing multiple unrelated stories. As such, Action Comics #1 also marked the debut of Zatara the magician, perhaps better known today as the father of Comicbook/{{Zatanna}}.

As times changed, comics began to drop the anthology format, and now Action Comics is mainly just another Superman title. The book returned to the anthology format for awhile in the 80s, becoming Action Comics Weekly, but that was short-lived.

The book reached issue 904 before being renumbered with a new #1 for DC's 2011 Comicbook/{{New 52}} relaunch. As part of the ''ComicBook/DCRebirth'' initiative, the old numbering was restored, with issue #52 followed by #957 (Vol. 2 0-52 counting as #905-956).

For several decades now, Action Comics holds the honor of being the Holy Grail of comic book collecting: an original edition of a number 1 issue in good shape is worth over a million dollars. Not bad considering that the [[RidiculousFutureInflation original cover price in 1938 was ten cents]].

If you were looking for the [[BritishComics British comic serial]] ''named'' "Action!", see [[Comicbook/{{Action}} here]].
!!''Action Comics'' story arcs with their own pages include:
* ''Comicbook/LastSon''
* ''Comicbook/SupermanBrainiac''
* ''ComicBook/TheBlackRing'' (Creator/PaulCornell's story arc with Lex Luthor as VillainProtagonist)
* ''ComicBook/GrantMorrisonsActionComics''
* ''ComicBook/TheOzEffect''

!!Tropes found in other issues of ''Action Comics'' include:
* AliensMadeThemDoIt: Issues #592 and #593 feature a New God named Sleez brainwashing Big Barda and Superman and forcing them to perform for a smut video.
* AnthologyComic: Until Superman just [[SpotlightStealingSquad flat-out took over]].
** The series went back to an anthology format in 1988 with ''Action Comics Weekly'', running from issues 601-642 before Superman took over again, and the comic returned to the monthly format.
* ArtifactTitle: Sort of. It certainly still has a lot of action, but its generic title suggests its anthology roots, not a book starring a particular character.
* BellyDancer: In issue #592, Big Barda was temporarily hypnotized by Sleez and was forced to dance for his own entertainment.
* BreakoutCharacter: The Man of Steel himself, believe it or not. He started out as just one of many characters in the comic, but he became so popular that by issue #14, he was placed on the cover on a permanent basis.
* TheBusCameBack: The ''[[ComicBook/DCRebirth Rebirth]]'' edition of ''Action'' has the return of the Superman Revenge Squad, including a freshly restored Cyborg Superman, along with Blanque, Mongul, The Eradicator, Metallo and General Zod.
* DistaffCounterpart: In issue #252 TropeCodifier Comicbook/{{Supergirl}} first showed up.
* HeroesFightBarehanded: It had... uh... fist air fight: [[http://www.comicvine.com/action-comics-its-a-bird-its-a-plane-its-supermobile/37-121620/ Supermobile]].
* LimitedSpecialUltimateCollectorsEdition: In 1974, DC reprinted the entire first issue in giant sized comic form, billing it as a "Famous 1st Edition, Limited Collector's Golden Mint Series" issue.
* SceneCover: See that image up there? That scene happens in the story.
* TeamUpSeries: It was a Superman team-up book for a while ComicBook/PostCrisis after ''ComicBook/DCComicsPresents'' ended.