A list of characters (and their HumongousMecha) from the {{Toy|s}} and {{Anime}} series ''Franchise/{{Zoids}}''.

Currently under construction. For the time being, the format is "Japanese name (dub name)".


[[folder:Debuted in ''Zoids'' (''Zoids: Chaotic Century''):]]

!!Ban Freiheit (Van Flyheight)
->Voiced by: Creator/DaisukeKishio (Japanese), Creator/MatthewErickson (English)

A young boy from the Wind Colony village on the outskirts of the [[TheFederation Helic Republic]]. Son of a respected Helic army officer who died in an incident some time before the series proper began. He begins the series wandering around the ruins near his home, and after awakening a sleeping Organoid which he names "Sieg" (After his father's prized Command Wolf Zoid) and a MysteriousWaif who identifies herself as "Fiine", heads off on a journey to find "Zoid Eve" and restore Fiine's lost memories. Eventually, they get wrapped up in the fighting between the republic and the [[TheEmpire Guylos Empire]]. After helping settle the Empire's internal strife by way of dispatching EvilChancellor Gunther Prozen, Ban is offered a spot in the Republican army and parts ways with Fiine, [[TookALevelInBadass spending a year in training and significantly increasing his piloting skill]].

Reuniting with Fiine some time later, they get inducted into the joint Republican/Imperial "Guardian Force" and are charged with putting down insurgencies of terrorists who disapprove of the peace between the two nations, not knowing that these people are being manipulated from the shadows by a mysterious man named Hilz, whose true motives appear to simply be to cause as much chaos and widespread destruction as possible. Joining up with old and new allies, Ban eventually becomes a key player in stopping Hilz's machinations and SavingTheWorld from the Death Saurer, a ForgottenSuperweapon of immense power.

Ban initially pilots the Shield Liger, an [[JackOfAllStats all-around]] Zoid specializing in the use of DeflectorShields, but towards the end of the first series, it is heavily damaged in combat against [[TheDragon Raven's]] Geno Saurer and subsequently repaired/evolved by Fiine and Sieg, transforming it into the [[MidSeasonUpgrade Blade Liger]], which he uses for the rest of the series.

Associated Tropes:

* AbnormalAmmo: Ban and his Blade Liger ''become'' this in ''Guardian Force's'' finale. Being shot out of the Ultrasaurus' WaveMotionGun to take out the true Death Saurer.
* AceCustom: His Shield Liger is powered-up by Sieg. As result, its DeflectorShields can block physical attack and even used to ram an enemy. ''Battle Story'' Shield Liger's shield is effective against energy attack only.
* BarrierWarrior: Shield Liger.
* BeehiveBarrier: Shield Liger's namesake E-Shielder.
* BigBrotherMentor: Towards prince Rudolf.
* ChronicHeroSyndrome: So much it has come to bite him a few times. One episode he basically saved an escaped prisoner that's from The Empire, because a gang of people were ganging up on him and planning to beat him up. Van didn't care where the man was from, ganging up on someone like that is wrong in his eyes and basically wanted them to leave the man alone. End result while he did save the man, it caused his group to be suspected spies of The Empire. Not to add later on said man he saved basically stole a Zoid from a Republican base, and did an attack on the capital which caused some casualties to innocents.
* CoolSword: The Blade Liger's Laser Blades.
* {{Determinator}}
* FacialMarkings
* HeroicBSOD: A short one after Raven's Geno Saurer totals his Shield Liger. He goes through another short one when Fiona briefly disappears nearing the finale.
* InTheBlood: Van's father was something of an exceptional pilot as well, according to testimony from the mentor.
* JackOfAllStats: As far as Zoids go, the Shield Liger is a Jack extraordinaire.
* KidHero: In the original series.
* MechaExpansionPack: The Attack Boosters developed for the Blade Liger.
* MidSeasonUpgrade: From the Shield Liger to the Blade Liger in the first series.
* MrFanservice: After the Timeskip, when he was training in the military. His military uniform has a rare male version of a BareYourMidriff cutout, exposing his abs.
* ParentalAbandonment: Ban's father serving in defense of the Wind Colony. His mother is never mentioned. Instead, his elder sister Maria was [[PromotionToParent PromotedToParent]].
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Ban/Bang/Van, Fleiheight/Freiheight/Flyhight
* TookALevelInBadass: In between the original series and ''Guardian Force''

!!Sieg (Zeke)

An Organoid (A type of smaller Zoid that can [[CombiningMecha fuse with]] and [[AmplifierArtifact repair and power-up]] the regular sort), Sieg was discovered by Ban sleeping in a [[PeopleJars stasis pod]] in some ruins. When Ban accidentally awakens him, the two immediately bond and Ban names him after the Command Wolf his father used. When they're attacked by the bandits who forced Ban to take refuge in the ruins in the first place, Sieg displays his abilities by taking Ban into his body, flying towards a derelict Shield Liger, entering it, and then resurrecting it. After dispatching the bandits, Sieg takes Ban back to the ruins, showing him that another stasis pod is there and prompting the awakening of the MysteriousWaif Fiine.

Following this, Sieg serves a role as Ban and Fiine's RobotBuddy and trademark MacGuffin, sought after by numerous baddies and helping out Ban in battle by fusing with/repairing his Shield Liger, eventually working together with Fiine to evolve it into a Blade Liger following its destruction. Sieg remains by Ban's side throughout the entirety of the series.

Although Sieg is initially the only reason Ban ever seems to defeat anybody, after the latter TookALevelInBadass, Sieg is usually [[HoldingBackThePhlebotinum held in reserve]] for whenever he's needed, acting as a walking EleventhHourSuperPower.

Associated Tropes:

* AmplifierArtifact: Is designed to immediately enhance the capabilities of any Zoid he fuses with, even causing them to undergo and "evolution" of sorts.
* CombiningMecha: Anything he combines with gets a significant boost in power and is generally repaired to near-perfect condition.
* PeopleJars: His introduction.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: Subverted; Zeke's eyes are normally this color, and he is the friendliest and most tame of the Organoids. It's when his eyes turn ''green'' (due to being driven temporarily feral by the Rare Hertz scrambling his circuits) that you need to watch out.
* RobotBuddy

!!Fiine (Fiona)
->Voiced by: Creator/MakikoOhmoto (Japanese), Creator/CarolAnneDay (English)

A young girl found in the same ruins as Sieg, with whom she shares some sort of connection. Her past is unknown even to herself, and she lacks basic knowledge about the world and the people in it. The only thing she seems to remember is a "Zoid Eve", which she and Van set out to find together. Kind-hearted, naive, and almost annoyingly cheery, she accompanies Van for most of his journey in a non-combat role, serving as a peacemaker of sorts when Van's temper gets them both into trouble. Alongside Van, she gets embroiled in the conflict between the Helic Republic and the Guylos Empire, playing an instrumental role in resolving the Empire's succession crisis, defeating Gunter Prozen and his unstoppable Death Saurer.

In ''Guardian Force'', she becomes Dr. D's research assistant, meeting up with Van again after two years. She joins the Guardian Force alongside Van, and her mysterious past becomes the key to the reawakening hostilities between the two nations currently at peace.

* FacialMarkings
* MysteriousPast: Even she doesn't know who she really is. [[spoiler: She's actually an Ancient Zoidian and a survivor of an apocalypse in the distant past]].
* MysteriousWaif
* OracularOrphan
* PeopleJars: Was found in one.
* PluckyGirl:
* TheDitz: Well, in the beginning anyways.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Salt. Lots and lots of salt.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: She has green hair in the manga.

->Voiced by: Creator/KeijiFujiwara (Japanese), Creator/MarkGatha (English)

A roguish mercenary roaming the planet. He starts off as an enemy, trying to steal Sieg and sell him on the black market for a hefty price. After being defeated the first time, a few chance encounters cause his respect for Van to grow, and the two eventually join forces.

* BigBrotherMentor: Towards Van.
* EyepatchOfPower: His eye is perfectly fine; the patch gives him scanning tech, and contains some miniature tools.
* TheLancer

* ActionGirl: She gets in on fights despite piloting a weaponless transport Zoid.
* CoolBigSis
* DreadfulMusician: She's found of singing while transporting. However, most of the other characters can't stand it.
* GenkiGirl: She's incredibly energetic.

->Voiced by: Creator/MitsukiSaiga

A prodigious young man serving as the Empire's trump card. Raven is a deeply troubled boy who hates Zoids despite being one of the best pilots around. He initially acts as a freelancer, destroying Zoids and their pilots at will, until it is revealed that he is working for Gunther Prozen, the tyrannical regent of the Empire. He serves as a rival and foil for Van, being roughly the same age and possessing an organoid of his own. Raven starts off as Van's superior in skill several times over. As time goes on, and with much help from Sieg, Van eventually manages to hold his own against the young prodigy, defeating him twice. The two are initially drawn into conflict due to being on opposite sides of the Republican/Imperial war, but Raven eventually becomes obsessed with defeating Van after suffering a near-death experience at his hands.

In ''Guardian Force'', Raven re-appears to antagonize the Guardian Force and finally settle his vendetta with Van. With the war between the Republic and the Empire ended and Prozen out of the picture, Raven now fights only for himself and his own satisfaction. In the meantime, he forms a friendship with the mysterious Blue Devil Reese and is manipulated by the maniacal Hiltz into causing as much destruction as possible.

Raven initially pilots a Saber Tiger enhanced by his organoid, Shadow. When Van eventually destroys it, Raven upgrades to the vastly superior and experimental Geno Saurer, which is then evolved by Shadow into the incredible Geno Breaker.
* DefrostingIceKing: This happens late in the TimeSkip Guardian Force when [[spoiler: Shadow is killed, as in spite of his hate for Zoids he sincerely moured over Shadow's death]] shown further of this when it seems that [[spoiler: Hiltz killed him and Reese, which they survived, what happened offscreen is Reese apparently caught a fever and [[PetTheDog he went out of his way to take care of her]] and in general when shown that scene he was being generally rather gentle and compassionate with her when watching over her which is new as before it was shown he didnt like Reese one bit.]] All of this and [[spoiler: getting a revived Shadow back after he tamed him again when he was feral again, which instead of aggressively fighting back, he petted him instead.]] eventually lead to his HeelFaceTurn
* FacialMarkings
* JerkassWoobie: Went through some terrible trauma in his childhood, but that doesn't excuse his nasty behavior later.
* ParentalAbandonment: His parents were obsessed with studying Zoids, much to Raven's resentment, and this proves to [[spoiler: be their undoing when they are ripped apart by an Organoid (Ambient)]].
* TheRival


An organoid owned by Raven. A solid jet black in contrast to Sieg's white, he serves as a rival of sorts for Sieg as well as a foil. Where Sieg is willful and disobedient, Shadow is unswervingly loyal to Raven; where Sieg is free spirited and whimsical, Shadow is almost robotically efficient. Despite being an excellent partner, Shadow suffers from Raven's abuse due to the boy's pathological hatred of Zoids. Regardless, Shadow stays by his side no matter what, and is fiercely protective of his young master.
* UndyingLoyalty: To Raven.

!!Karl Lichen Schwarz (Karl L. Schubaltz)

!!Rob Herman

!!Doctor D.

!!Rudolf Gerhardt Zepplin III

Nominally the Emperor of Guylos, Rudolf is merely a child who ascended the throne prematurely due to the death of both of his parents and his grandfather.
* BigBrotherWorship: Towards Van, despite them not being related.
* DistressedDude: Frequently getting kidnapped, but its justified in that he's royalty that everybody wants to get a hold of for their own agendas, and he's only a child with very little combat skills.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Is always this, both before and after his coronation.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething
* TookaLevelInBadass: Becomes a fairly competent Zoid pilot under Van's tutelage.
* WiseBeyondTheirYears: It should be noted that this kid is only eight for part one, and ten after the TimeSkip. Outside of occasional rare flashes of naiveté due to his age, it doesn't stop him from being a frequent voice of reason, and eventually becoming Emperor of Guylos.





!!Desert Alcavaledo Gang

!!!Rosso[[spoiler: / Red Mask (Baron Arabalone)]]

!!!Viola[[spoiler: / Violet Mask (Storm Sworder)]]









!!Gunter Prozen (Gunther Proitzen)
* BigBad: Of Season 1
* FauxAffablyEvil: Puts on a polite and gentlemanly act, but none of it is real.
* [[spoiler:TheManBehindTheMan]]: [[spoiler:Plays this role to Hiltz in Season 2, until the latter betrays him.]]
* RapunzelHair: His hair goes down to his knees.
* RegentForLife: His plan in Season 1.
* TheSociopath


[[folder: Debuted in ''Zoids: Guardian Force'']]

!!Thomas Richard Schwarz (Thomas R. Schubaltz)
* AllLoveIsUnrequited
* ButtMonkey
* TheWorfEffect

!!Hilz (Hiltz)
* AxCrazy: Once he gets his hands on the Death Stinger, he immediately embarks on a reign of terror across Zi. It culminates with him [[spoiler:using the Ultimate Death Saurer to destroy several cities at once.]]
* BigBad: Of Season 2
* EvilRedhead
* FauxAffablyEvil: The few times he interacts with the cast directly, he puts on an air of detached civility.
* KillAllHumans: His apparent goal.
* TheStarscream: To [[spoiler:Prozen]].


!!Riize (Reese)
* Bokukko
* DarkChick: Initially the BigBad's right hand woman, with some mind control powers, but later starts a romantic relationship with an (anti) hero, and switches sides.
* HeelFaceTurn
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Hoo boy, that's just the beginning. There's been Reese, Rize, Rease, Rhyss, Liese to name a few.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair


!!Dark Kaiser


[[folder:Debuted in ''Zoids: New Century'']]

!!Bit Cloud
->Voiced by: Creator/TakahiroSakurai (Japanese), Creator/RichardIanCox (English)

* IdiotHero
* RookieRedRanger

!!Rinon Toros (Leena Toros)
->Voiced by: Creator/AyakoKawasumi (Japanese), Creator/KellySheridan (English)

* HairTriggerTemper
* {{Tsundere}}

!!Ballad Hunter (Brad Hunter)
->Voiced by: Creator/MasayaMatsukaze (Japanese), Creator/SamuelVincent (English)

* DeadpanSnarker
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold

!!Jimmi Hemeros (Jamie Hemeros) / Wild Eagle
->Voiced by: Creator/MitsukiSaiga (Japanese), Bill Switzer (English)

* AcePilot
* LetsGetDangerous: In his ''Wild Eagle'' mode.
* TheSmartGuy

!!Steve Toros
->Voiced by: Creator/DaikiNakamura (Japanese), RonHalder (English)

* TeamDad

!!Leon Toros
->Voiced by: Creator/SusumuChiba (Japanese), Creator/TedCole (English)

!!Naomi Fluegal
->Voiced by: Creator/RioNatsuki (Japanese), Creator/SaffronHenderson (English)

* ShipTease: With Brad.

!!Tigers Team (Zaber Fangs Team)

* GoldfishPoopGang

!!Harry Champ
->Voiced by: Creator/WataruTakagi (Japanese), Creator/BradSwaile (English)

* AllLoveIsUnrequited: His crush on Leena.
* ButtMonkey
* CatchPhrase: He's a man destined to be king.
* SmallNameBigEgo
* UpperClassTwit

!!Benjamin & Sebastian

* BattleButler
* MechaMooks
* ThoseTwoGuys

!!Jack Cisco
->Voiced by: Creator/KeijiFujiwara (Japanese), Creator/BrianDrummond (English)

* BountyHunter
* PetTheDog: He loses a battle when he's working for Harry Champ, he expects no payment and promises to help him out again for free.

!!Tasker Sisters
->Voiced by: Creator/KellySheridan (English)

!!Oscar Hemeros
->Voiced by: Yukimasa Kishino (Japanese), Creator/BrianDrummond (English)

!!Mary Champ
->Voiced by: Creator/LisaAnnBeley (English)

* TheDitz

!!Judgeman (The Judge)

->Voiced by: Creator/ScottMcNeil (English)

->Voiced by: Don Brown (English)

!!Stigma Stoller

!!Dr. Leion (Dr. Laon)
->Voiced by: Creator/MichaelDobson (English)

!!Fuuma Team

->Voiced by: Alaina Burnett (English)

->Voiced by: Creator/EllenKennedy (English)

!!Vega Obscura
->Voiced by: Creator/MotokoKumai (Japanese), Alex Doduk (English)

* {{Expy}}: of Raven.


[[folder: Debuted in ''Zoids: Fuzors'']].

->Voiced by: Creator/KenjiNojima

->Voiced by: Creator/ChieNakamura
* BareYourMidriff

!!Maskman (Helmut Titan)
->Voiced by: Creator/JojiNakata


* BareYourMidriff

->Voiced by: Creator/AyumiTsunematsu

->Voiced by: Creator/KoichiTochika


!!Blade (Blake)


->Voiced by: Creator/RyuzouIshino


->Voiced by: Creator/KiyoyukiYanada

->Voiced by: Creator/AyumiTsunematsu



!!Alpha Richter
->Voiced by: Creator/TomokazuSeki

->Voiced by: Creator/KaeAraki


[[folder: Debuted in ''Zoids: Genesis'']]

!!Ruuji Familion
->Voiced by: Creator/HiromiHirata
* KidHero

!!Ra Kan
->Voiced by: Creator/TakashiMatsuyama

!!Re Mie
->Voiced by: Creator/KimikoKoyama

!!Kotona Elegance
->Voiced by: Creator/ShizukaIto

!!Thunder Garaga
->Voiced by: Creator/KentaMiyake

!!Ron Mangan
->Voiced by: Creator/KisshoTaniyama

->Voiced by: Creator/KenjiroTsuda


!!The Invincible Gang
->Voiced by: Creator/ChiakiTakahashi (A Kan)

->Voiced by: Creator/YasunoriMatsumoto
* WorthyOpponent: Zairin is an interesting case to this he certainly views Ruuji as a worthy opponent but his views of a worthy opponent are a little different. He does view one a worthy opponent if they're a great & strong Zoid Pilot, however there has to be something else about them to get his interest. A part that describes is his battle with Seijuurou who in-universe is known as the 'World's greatest Zoid Pilot' sounds like a exciting worthy opponent and all. Turns out while he admits he's a great Zoid Pilot, Seijuurou can't get Zairin to feel excited with their battle like Ruuji can because Seijuurou is already at his full potential, his piloting skills stopped evolving and is thus a bore to fight while Ruuji's skills are still evolving.



->Voiced by: Creator/KoujiIshii

!!Souta / Gin


[[folder:Debuted in Zoids Wild]]







[[folder: Debuted in ''Zoids: Silver Beast-Machine God Liger Zero'']]

!!Allstar (Alster in Legacy)
Allstar encounters the game's eponymous Liger Zero as it's fighting for its life against some Empire soldiers. He attempts to pilot it, as the Zoid has taken a liking to him. and ends up falling into a lost underground world with one of the soldiers. Shortly afterward, he meets Party, the village elder's granddaughter. Party identifies his Zero as the silver beast machine god, the only mecha that can defeat the resident Berserk Fury (a mecha dinosaur that...acts as its name [[MeaningfulName suggests]]). They go on various quests through various [[RuinsForRuinsSake ruins]] to find the Zero's three armors and do just that. Despite getting dubbed the underground world's [[TheChosenOne savior]] along with his Liger buddy, Allstar stays surprisingly humble for a Zoids protagonist -- he just did what he thought was right because he didn't want to let his newfound friends down.

!!Party (Palty in Legacy)
Very [[GenkiGirl energetic]], Party has a habit of speaking in the third person, ending sentences with hearts, and calling things she likes "cool" and "awesome". These things are usually Allstar, the Zero, and large explosions. Initially following Allstar because she thinks his Liger is cool, Party very quickly becomes his friend, enjoying all their adventures and wanting to follow him back to the surface (and, yanno, she likes him - in fact, she says so. Twice, after kinda [[TheGlomp glomp]]-kissing him several times earlier). Surprisingly, she's often the more sensible of the two, though that's not saying very much.

Solid and his Super Geno Saurer (basically a regular Geno Saurer with lots of [[BFG Buster Cannons]] on) serves as Allstar's [[AloofAlly rival-slash-reluctant-ally]] for a lot of the game, as Solid wants to take the Liger Zero back to the Empire but can't get to the surface alone. Of course, they end up having to team up proper to find the Liger's armors and defeat the [[FinalBoss Fury]]. While Solid and Allstar never stop bickering (mostly because Solid's a bit of an overserious jerk and Allstar likes winding him up, but occasionally because he's stuck playing [[StraightMan the straightman]] to Party and Allstar's weirder moments), they seem to be more friendly about it by game's end, and Solid returns to the Empire promising they'll be enemies "next time" they meet. Sure.


[[folder: Debuted in ''Zoids Saga'']]

!!Athle Arcadia

!!Regina Cuori



!!Blood Keel

!!Fran Vogel (Flam Vogel)



!!The Emperor


[[folder: debuted in ''Zoids VS.'']]

!!Zan Fel

!!Tita Breeze

!!Albane Nimbus

!!Reiner Granat

!!Max Rubin

!!Claudia Diamant

!!Leviathe Kanone

!!Lezard Char



[[folder: debuted in ''Zoids Saga 2 (Zoids Legacy)'']]

!!Zeru Julpit

!!Yuno Hera (Juno Hera)

!!Gard Krueger


[[folder: Debuted in ''Zoids VS. 2 (Zoids: Battle Legends)'']]

!!Shouma Cheval

!!Kouki Demon

!!Reika Hexe