This characters page contains the real life members of the {{Yogscast}} (who just happen to act exactly like they do in their {{Lets Play}}s and ''{{Minecraft}}'' series) and the characters of the ''ShadowOfIsraphel'' series, as well as other characters from their ''YogscastMinecraftSeries''.


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!!'''Simon Lane (Honeydew)'''
Endearing and simple minded, Simon's hammy and chaotic personality make him a perfect {{Foil}} to Lewis. A [[RedOniBlueOni red oni]] and a ManOfAThousandVoices, he often acts quite silly and childnish. His unpredictable nature never ceases to keep his fans laughing.
* {{Adorkable}}: Guaranteed to be this whenever he shows up on camera: See day one of their Gamescom coverage for many examples.
* AllGirlsLikePonies: He tries to get Hannah to watch ''MyLittlePony'' with him, thinking she would love it because she is a girl.
** Unfortunately, the way he words it makes Lewis think for a second that something was going on between them and it made him a bit jealous.
* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: He's easily distracted, which often makes for a funny moment when something is sneaking up on him.
* BadBoss: In Tekkit and some of the Minecraft spinoffs. This actually [[spoiler:causes Lewis to leave Honeydew Inc in episode 13]]. In Episode 14, [[spoiler:Sjin immediately gets fired from Sips Co and joins them]], but quits pretty much immediately when Simon keeps beating him with a stick.
* BerserkButton: Anyone who follows his Twitter knows how he ''hates'' media of all forms blaming games for violence or depression, in situations where the game had nothing to do with it. Cases in point involved the Daily Mail [[CriticalResearchFailure blaming Call of Duty for driving a teenager to suicide when he already had other serious problems and being used as a terrorist simulator]] (to which his reply was "[[PrecisionFStrike OH FUCK OFF]]", and many media outlets blaming Grand Theft Auto for a child in Northern Ireland having a rocket launcher- despite the fact that this has been happening ever since the Troubles.
* BigEater: Self confessed.
* CatchPhrase:
** Noooo!! Why would you do that?
** Coooooome 'eeere!!
** That's a very nice x/everything you've got there...
** Balls to it!
** See you later, shitlord!
** Follow me! [I'll lead the way!]
** [[{{Squee}} Aaaaaaaawww!]] It's lovely!
** Diggy diggy hole!
** "That's a very good question! [I'm glad you asked!]" More often than not, he doesn't know the answer.
* [[spoiler:CloningBlues: His Master Clone gets killed in Yoglabs, forcing him to essentially have to die to keep on living. He doesn't remember any of his past life as a result.]]
** The same happened in Shadow of Israphel, although it was more PlayedForLaughs in that instance.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Shows a slightly odd view of the world, although it's partly an act.
* CreepyChild: He is sincerely creeped out by Lewis' impression of one in the Halloween [[Podcast/TheYoGPoD YoGPoD]].
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: At gaming in general.
* [[spoiler:DeathIsCheap: Deconstructed. When his Master Clone is destroyed in Yoglabs, he has to replace it himself, but now has none of his previous memories.]]
* {{Determinator}}: Simon is completely determined to make sure that Brian Blessed can't take his jam.
* DistressedDude: In Galacticraft, [[spoiler:he gets stranded on the moon for several episodes. Eventually, he gets teleported off the moon.]]
* EpicFail: [[spoiler:Crashed into the moon in Galacticraft]].
* FatAndSkinny: The fat to Lewis' skinny.
* FatBastard: He admits this knowingly, though as shown by the IRL videos it's more part of a persona he puts on.
* TheGadfly: Especially when [[Creator/TheCynicalBrit TotalBiscuit]]'s nearby. For every time he's being incompetent in ''{{Magicka}}'', there's another time it's intentional. TB tries to one-up him, though...he also shows elements of this towards TB in ''VideoGame/{{Trine}} 2''.
* HaveIMentionedIAmADwarfToday: In almost every circumstance he refers to himself as a dwarf, plays as a dwarf...he even has a knitted dwarf hat he sleeps in.
* TheHyena: The guy loves to laugh, and it's often glorious and very contagious.
* ItAmusedMe: The reason he often hits Lewis, makes up zany stories for Podcast/TheYoGPoD, does his crazy expressions, and about 20% of everything he does.
* {{Jerkass}}: Acts like this to Lewis sometimes, but it's all in good fun and just part of his persona.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold - Has his moments, such as sticking close to Grizwald to protect him during the Legend of Verigan livestream and reassuring Knight Peculier of his ability to save the world. Then there's his [[spoiler: reaction to Peculier's death]]...
* KleptomaniacHero: He cannot stop stealing things.
* LargeHam: He enjoys bellowing things out, which makes him so funny. It makes the evil voices he does even creepier, on the other hand.
** NoIndoorVoice: his loudest screams are audible in other videos recorded ''several rooms away'', that don't even feature Simon. Not to mention the one time he apparently set off a car alarm in the street outside.
* TheLoad: Does this a bit in the ''{{Magicka}}'' and ''VideoGame/{{Trine}} 2'' {{Lets Play}}s with [[Creator/TheCynicalBrit TotalBiscuit]], [[VitriolicBestBuds though it's likely that he's intentionally]] [[TheGadfly trolling]] [[VitriolicBestBuds him]].
* ManOfAThousandVoices: It's joked that this is his job at Yogtowers.
* MeanCharacterNiceActor: In real life, Simon is much nicer than he makes himself out to be online.
* PyroManiac: Don't give him flint and tinder in Minecraft, and don't let him use it near TNT either.
* RedOniBlueOni: Simon is red, Lewis is blue.
* SarcasmMode: He is fond of using this sometimes.
* SoBadItsGood: The philosophy behind some of his character impressions. [[invoked]]
* TokenGoodTeammate: For Yoglabs.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Jaffa Cakes.
* UnwittingPawn: In Yoglabs, as Lewis has him as a guinea pig.
* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have to Be Spiders?]]: They really freak him out.

!!'''Lewis Brindley (Xephos)'''
It's been said that Simon provides most of the comedy while Lewis does all of the actual work. Others say that Lewis' calm personality make their videos more entertaining by balancing out Simon's erratic nature. The [[RedOniBlueOni blue]] to Simon's red, Lewis is by far the more sensible and cautious of the two.
* {{Adorkable}}: Particularly when Hannah's around.
* AffablyEvil: In ''Yoglabs''. In real life, you can drop the evil part.
* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: Usually when he's playing {{Minecraft}}.
--> '''Lewis:''' (after just discovering that there was a tunnel from Israphel's lair to his and Simon's portal) Oh my God! ''A sheep just fell from the sky as well,'' but this is our portal!
* AxCrazy: His ''Yoglabs'' persona seems to have gone completely off the deep end.
* BadBoss: In Yoglabs. ZigZaggedTrope with Simon, not so much with everyone else.
* BerserkButton: He can sometimes go into a rant when he's particularly fed up of a certain religious aspect. Simon [[NotSoDifferent calls him out on this]] from time to time.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Tends to happen when he's particularly tired. In some instances, he starts ranting with pretty much no reason, simply because so much has gone wrong.
* CatchPhrase:
** Hello, and ''welcome'' the Yogscast!
** Calling Simon or an NPC "friend".
** The "hup" sound he makes when doing a jumping puzzle. And sometimes just while jumping in general.
** The thing is... (It got to the point where he actually ended up with compilations of this played on the Yogpod.)
** Oh God Simon, [[MadLibsCatchPhrase X]]?
** /give honeydew 46 1
** This is looking a bit dodgy...
** [[MoralityChain Simon...]]
** Balls to it!
** It's good, isn't it?
** [But] don't worry about that.
* TheChessmaster: In Civilization 5. Everyone else just dances on his fingertips. To date, out of the many seasons they have done, Lewis has won all but two of them, and both of those losses have been very narrow.
* ComicallyMissingThePoint: Occasionally, though usually not to a large extent. For example, during the Tekkit playthrough, Simon asks why Lewis has two stone axes. Lewis replies by saying he doesn't; he has two ''iron'' axes.
* CreepyChild: He does a really good impression of one during the second Halloween special of Podcast/TheYoGPoD.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: At gaming in general, though he's more competent than Simon.
* CurbStompBattle: [[spoiler:After investing enough points in technology in Civilization 5: Brave New World, he nukes Rythian which cripples him even further, starts attacking the already failing Duncan, begins to destroy Sjin and starts giving Sips a hard time]]. Even if Sips managed to delay him, Lewis was the obvious victor of the game.
* EvilGenius: In Yoglabs.
* FatAndSkinny: The skinny to Simon's fat.
* GenreSavvy: Sometimes, sometimes not. Certainly more often than [[IdiotHero Simon]].
* GoneHorriblyWrong: [[spoiler:His effort to use the Stargate Portal]] in Yoglabs get many staff members killed, and he almost gets killed along with Herp and Simon. He ends up destroying the portal to stop the same thing happening again.
* GrammarNazi: Towards ''Minecraft'' map writers. Also referred to as Grammar [[AdolfHitler Hitler]] and Grandma Hitler by Simon.
* HeroicSelfDeprecation: Seems to be falling into this in the Moonquest series, upon realising just how little the trio was achieving.
* TheHyena: There are occasions where he starts ''crying'' from laughter. It's always hilarious.
* IdiotHero: While not as bad as Simon, he does have his moments.
* KleptomaniacHero: Mainly because he's NotSoAboveItAll.
* MadScientist: Dabbles in this during his Mod Spotlight of the Apothecarium and Uranium mods... which he installed and showcased in the same world. Picture Lewis running away from a giant slime and a mutant slime he created by fleeing to Verigan's Hold, with ''nuclear reactors'' held inside, by going through a giant hole blown open by a nuclear explosion. Right after he had thrown a bunch of potions at some friendly dogs that belonged to someone else and set them on fire. Lampshaded by Simon.
** In Yoglabs, he's also quite bad.
* MoralityChain: Sometimes acts this way to Simon.
* OnlySaneMan: During the ''{{Magicka}}'' and ''VideoGame/{{Trine}} 2'' {{Lets Play}}s, he is this compared to [=TotalBiscuit=] and Simon.
** Also behaves this way in ''Tekkit'' and ''Galacticraft''. Simon's not entirely focused on the job, and neither is Duncan. That isn't to say that Lewis doesn't slip up from time to time.
* PrecisionFStrike: During the [[Creator/{{Polaris}} TheGameStation]] VideoGame/ChivalryMedievalWarfare duel tournament, Lewis [[spoiler: manages to lose every round (up until [[CrowningMomentOfFunny the last one against Simon, anyway]]).]] He eventually gets fed up with [[Creator/TheCynicalBrit TotalBiscuit]] [[ being sarcastic at him.]]
* RedOniBlueOni: Simon is red, Lewis is blue.
* SarcasmMode: He goes into this every now and then.
* SpotOfTea: This is one of Lewis' favorite drinks.
* StraightMan: He often provides the setup for some of Simon's funny comments or actions, whether he intends to or not.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: He seems to be very fond of tea.
* VerbalTic: "The thing is..."
* VillainProtagonist: In ''Yoglabs''.

!!'''Hannah Rutherford (Lomadia)'''
Hannah is in charge of public relations at the Yogscast and is Lewis' girlfriend. A big fan of games such as the ''Franchise/AssassinsCreed'' series and Creator/TelltaleGames' ''VideoGame/TheWalkingDead''. [[ Played Daisy_Duke and Israphel early on in the Israphel series]].
* ActionGirl: Remember the dinosaur genocide?
* {{Badass}}: Responsible for the death of no less than 7 other players during the first round of Crown Conquest.
* ChastityCouple: Lewis and Hannah almost never show any signs of being in a relationship and never even reference having any kind of physical romance. The only way most people remember that they are even dating is when it is specifically mentioned by other people.
** Plus, during one [[Podcast/TheYoGPoD YoGPoD]], Simon jokingly talks about having a secret "activity" with Hannah and Lewis reacts with mild jealousy.
** In her [=YogSims=] series, she makes a point of marking Sim!Hannah and Sim!Lewis as boyfriend and girlfriend "just to make sure nobody gets any funny ideas".
* CatchPhrase:
** "I'm not having any of this."
** "You fucking bitch!"
** [[ThisIsGonnaSuck "It's all going to end in tears."]]
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: She only seems normal in comparison to Simon.
* CutenessProximity: She is normally reasonably logical, but when she displays the cats in Mo' Creatures, she becomes a female Simon. When one of them gives birth to kittens, she is absolutely incoherent.
* DeadpanSnarker
* GenreSavvy: She constantly predicts various story events correctly right before they happen in VideoGame/BatmanArkhamCity.
* KleptomaniacHero: Takes this to ridiculous levels during the VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas LetsPlay.
* MamaBear: After meeting Clementine during her ''VideoGame/TheWalkingDead'' LetsPlay.
* PlatonicLifePartners: With Duncan. Many people initially assumed they were going out, owing to [[ChastityCouple Lewis and Hannah almost never talking about their relationship]] and the high amount of collaboration.
* SirSwearsALot: Not unlike the rest of the yogscast. She has made note of it.
* WimpFight: In a video where Simon and Hannah are trying out Total Miner, Hannah comes across a Giant Spider in an underground cavern, and she constantly tries to attack it with her pickaxe while she's way too far to actually hit anything. Even when she gets up close enough that the spider takes up the entire game screen, she still can't attack it and is too terrified to get closer to see if the pickaxe can even be used to attack spiders.

!!'''[[LetsPlay/YogscastSips Chris Lovasz (Sips)]]'''
[[LetsPlay/YogscastSips Now has his own page]].

!!'''[[LetsPlay/InTheLittleWood Martyn Littlewood (InTheLittleWood)]]'''
Like Sips above, [[LetsPlay/InTheLittleWood he has his own page]]. Joined the Yogscast in August 2012, but had a channel of his own before joining.

!!'''Duncan Jones (Lalna)'''
One of the more prominent members of the Yogscast, and appears more frequently in videos in the main channel than the others. He directed most of ''ShadowOfIsraphel'''s art design. Plays Fumblemore in the ''Shadow of Israphel'' series.

Collaborates frequently with Hannah, and has several LetsPlay series with her: [[VideoGame/ResidentEvil Resident Evil 6]], [[VideoGame/LEGOAdaptationGame LEGO Batman 2]], and VideoGame/Inversion. Also has a long-running Sky Blocks series with Sjin.
* TheAce: Mentioned several times as being pro at every game he plays, and to be fair it's generally shown quite well.
* {{Adorkable}}: So very much.
* AffablyEvil: His evil mocking of Rythian is a bit on the giggly and awkward side. In real life, you can drop the "evil" part.
* {{Badass}}: Yep, he's good at games. Perhaps BadassBookworm too.
* BadassLongcoat: His Minecraft skin is a variation as it's a labcoat. He's actually bought a real life labcoat as well which he occasionally wears in videos.
* ButtMonkey: In their ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}} V'' series.
* DangerouslyGenreSavvy: In the Minecraft "Terminator" minigame, his way of protecting the levers from the survivors was to simply go up to the last lever and guard it, that way ensuring that the survivors would be forced to put themselves in harm's way and that he wouldn't be wasting time in hunting them down, having murdered a few of them already. [[spoiler:It worked, and he won.]]
** To be fair it was nilesy's idea originally.
* EpicFail: In ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}} V'', [[spoiler:he tried betraying Rythian by moving all his units into Rythian's borders and then turning on him... which would have been a sound plan, except for the fact that his units were ridiculously weak compared to Rythian's GatlingGood]]. In fact, his performance throughout that whole game/series wasn't great, owing to the fact that he was Venice and thus needed to get moving quickly, something he failed to do, which left him in last place.
** His "rescue" of Simon in Galacticraft. [[spoiler:He also crashed into the moon.]]
* EvilIsPetty: Part of his persona in ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}} V''. [[spoiler:He starts razing Rythian's buildings when it becomes apparent that his own betrayal failed horribly.]]
* EvilLaugh: As part of his MadScientist persona, he often breaks into a giggle. As the "Terminator", he ended up doing a Jabba the Hutt style one, then changed it to Santa Claus.
* GeniusDitz: Initially was more genius than ditz, thanks to his experience with Tekkit, but as time goes on the ditzy side starts overshadowing the genius.
* TheHyena: On occasion, Duncan will find himself unable to stop laughing.
* KleptomaniacHero: Probably the only member of the Yogscast who ''isn't''. In his ''[[VideoGame/ResidentEvil5 Resident Evil 5]]'' LetsPlay with Hannah, he's more interested in pushing forward with the story rather than hunting for loot, as Hannah does.
* MadScientist: Invoked a few times in his various playthroughs of Minecraft mods.
* TheNotLoveInterest: Due to the amount of time they spend collaborating together, many less-informed viewers assume he and Hannah are either dating or related. [[PlatonicLifePartners Neither is true.]]
* [[spoiler:NotSoHarmlessVillain]]: In the Blackrock Chronicle.
** A case of this also happened in their ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}} V'' playthrough. When it became apparent that [[spoiler:his betrayal of Rythian had ended badly, he decided to simply raze his buildings, causing more trouble for Rythian than his attempt at outright war]].
* OnlySaneMan: Shared this position with Lewis in Tekkit.
* TheSmartGuy: Takes care of all the complicated recipes in Tekkit, and shares joint duty with Lewis in Galacticraft.

!!'''Joakim Hellstrand (Rythian)'''
A Swedish member of the Yogscast who focuses on story-based games such as ''Series/{{Dishonored}}'' and ''Franchise/{{BioShock}}''. One of his longest series is ''The Blackrock Chronicle'', a narrative series based on the ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' mod pack Tekkit (later [=YogCraft=]) with Zoey and Teep.
* {{Adorkable}}: Is usually less so than certain other members, but even Rythian had [[ his moments.]]
* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: During the first part of his team's Cluster Chunk challenge he becomes ''mesmerised'' by the moving textures on a netherrack and soulsand block. To the point that he actually stops what he's doing to stare at them and starts making 'Wubwub' noises.
* AwesomeMcCoolName: ''Joakim '''Hell'''strand''. That is all.
* {{Badass}}: The guy's good.
* BlatantLies: [[spoiler: After Zoey leaves, he insists [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial repeatedly and at length]] that Zoey was a "distraction" and he's glad he's alone again because he's better off by himself. [[TearJerker He clearly isn't.]]]]
* ButtMonkey: At the end of their Civilisation V runthrough, he becomes this, as [[spoiler:Duncan is razing his lands after failing to betray him, Sjin starts annoying him, Sips pays Duncan to betray him in the first place, and Lewis goes out of his way to nuke him instead of a more high-priority target]]. All while Sjin starts singing how "I love burning Swedes".
** In the start of series 4, he loses ''in the first episode''.
* CharacterDevelopment: Has gone through a fair bit of this during his Tekkit series. His original vengance quest was interrupted early on by [[MoralityChain Zoeya and her antics]], but he continued to plot against Sjin and Duncan in spite of the occasional thought that ''maybe'' they weren't as guilty as he believed (it didn't help that they kept [[NiceJobBreakingItHero doing things which proved him right]]). [[spoiler: He became dangerously destructive after Zoeya left, but at the beginning of ''Blackrock Chronicle - Rising'' bartered a truce with Duncan after losing Blackrock Castle, and almost Zoeya, acknowledging that a continued feud would only lead the world to ruin all over again.]]
* ChekhovsGunman: During Duncan and Sjin's Tekkit War, he can be seen in the chat lamenting the loss of his house and cursing Sjin and Duncan. When he starts his own Tekkit series, vengeance on them becomes his primary motivation.
* CloudcuckoolandersMinder: Zoey's. Hand-in-hand with SavvyGuyEnergeticGirl. [[spoiler:At least, [[CerebusSyndrome it started out]] that way...]]
* CoolMask: His Minecraft avatar sports one that covers his mouth and nose. The fandom is very curious about what he's hiding behind it.
* [[spoiler:CreepyMonotone: Compare How Rythian speaks in the first episode of the first season and the first episode of the second.]]
* DarkIsNotEvil: His Blackrock persona wears dark clothes and seems to have a connection with endermen. He is also very kind and heroic, as well as being a very laid-back person.
* DeadpanSnarker: He has a very dry wit.
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: Watch episode 28 of Rythian's Tekkit Series and listen to what he says after TheReveal. [[spoiler: Doesn't he sound like a boyfriend that found his girl cheating?]]
* TheDogBitesBack: In Civilization V. He [[spoiler:betrays Duncan and Sjin for utterly razing Malmo to the ground in the previous playthrough, denying them the win and giving Lewis yet another victory]]. Fittingly enough, the episode is titled "Malmo Remembers".
* DrowningMySorrows: [[spoiler: Gets utterly trashed at Ravs' bar after escaping Duncan.]]
* [[spoiler:EmptyShell: In the second season. See Zoeya's LivingEmotionalCrutch below.]]
* EpicFail: How does losing a game of Civ ''in the first episode'' sound?
* FriendToAllChildren: Even aside from his PapaWolf tendencies, the way he talks to the Little Sisters in VideoGame/Bioshock2 is always very kind and gentle.
* GenreSavvy: In Civ, he's often very suspicious of Duncan and Sjin, and often has good reason to.
* [[spoiler:GreenEyedEpiphany: After being in denial about missing Zoey, he realizes that he loves her shortly after hearing about her friendly visit with his rival, Duncan. The next time they talk, the first thing he does is beg her not to go to him.]]
* TheHyena: Once. During the Terminator minigame video after Turps has been mocking Duncan's decision to use 'Hohoho!' as a laugh you can hear Rythian having a laughter fit in the background.
** Not just once. Take Monaco for example, when they discover Sjin is playing as a Frenchwoman. [[ Sjin decides to get into character.]]
* KleptomaniacHero: Yup, as seems to be Yogscast tradition.
* MeaningfulName: His stance in the Tekkit series (Anti-technology, High Alchemy), his avatar, Blackrock Castle...all lend very appropriately to his last name.
* MotorMouth: While not as bad as Sjin, he gets pretty talkative when explaining magical things in Tekkit.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Considering he's setting himself up as antagonistic towards Duncan and Sjin...
* PapaWolf: In his VideoGame/BioShock2 playthrough, as well as any games that have child characters.
* PurpleEyes: Lampshaded by Ravs.
* SirSwearsALot: Normally Rythian swears around as much as the others, but towards the end of the Civilization V Let's Play, he starts swearing ''a lot'', as he's very annoyed. See the spoiler for ButtMonkey.
* StraightMan: To Zoey in their Tekkit LetsPlay.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Sandwiches. [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext Also zombie brains, in the Cluster Chunk and race for the wool minecraft games.]]
* {{Troll}}: Civilization V gives him his moments. At the end of Season 3, he decides [[spoiler:to turn on Duncan and Sjin for razing his main city in Season 2, Malmo, to the ground, even though Lewis nuked it afterwards (the decisive nail in the coffin). He says his reasons are doing this are because Duncan and Sjin annoyed him, which is true]].
* UnresolvedSexualTension: With Zoey. Often Played for Laughs.

!!'''Paul Sykes (Sjin)'''
Frequent collaborator with Sips in various ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' videos and a ''Minecraft'' builder in his own right. Also co-ops with Duncan in the ''Minecraft'' custom maps Sky Block and Deadly Orbit.

* AffablyEvil: Part of his Tekkit persona (he and Rythian actually start bouncing jokes back and forth during their climactic showdown), whereas in real life you can drop the "evil" part.
* ArchEnemy: To Strawfingers.
* BadassBeard: Has one in his icon and in real life, though he has shaved it off a few times in real life.
* BigBad: Rythian and Zoey apparently consider him this in their Tekkit series. Which is pretty funny considering how [[ButtMonkey everyone else treats him.]]
* ChewToy: Treated as such by both Sips Co and Honeydew Inc in the Tekkit playthrough.
* CloudcuckoolandersMinder: Has shades of this with NaiveNewcomer Kim in episode 25 of Feed the World.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Despite getting frequently pushed around, he keeps Sips Co. running and [[spoiler: through his manipulation of Sips is secretly the true CEO]], being considered more of a threat than his boss by Zoey and Rythian. He's also a generally good gamer in spite of his eccentric mannerisms.
* DeadpanSnarker: Most obviously to Rythian in their [[VideoGame/{{Trine}} Trine 2]] LetsPlay.
* TheDragon / NumberTwo: To Sips in their Minecraft videos.
* TheFundamentalist: In ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}} V'', he plays this during one of the seasons, with a fictional religion called "Sjintoism". The guys get annoyed by this, in no small part because their towns are being converted to it.
* HeelFaceDoorSlam: From Honeydew's perspective. [[spoiler:He gets fired from Sips Co in Episode 14 of Tekkit and tries joining Honeydew and Lalna. Unfortunately, Simon keeps beating him with a stick and calls him the worst employee ever. He then leaves, with Honeydew then firing him.]] Later on, he does reform for real.
* HeroicComedicSociopath: His character, Orange, in the ''Spacemen'' series. [[spoiler: He blows up the ship that he and Sips' character, Blue, get rescued in, just so that their friendship can be er, rekindled. He mentions blowing up several ships before.]]
* MotorMouth: God, the guy can spew out information fast.
* NakedPeopleAreFunny: In Minecraft. He hasn't done this in real life.
* NeverLiveItDown: Once upon a time, Sjin bought a plush of Maximus from Tangled while in America and had to throw out a pair of jeans in order to make it fit. [[InvokedTrope This is something no one else in the Yogscast will let him forget]]. Ever.
* RunningGag: [[IncrediblyLamePun Whose ranium?]] in his Tekkit play through with Sips.
** Rambling on about how coal is something you need, but once you get a lot of it, you stop thinking you need it, and then when you run out you realize you need it.
** Mahogany doors. Mahogany doors. Mahogany doors. [[BrokenRecord Mahogany doors.]] [[OverlyLongGag Mahogany doors.]] [[MadnessMantra Mahogany doors.]]
* OneManArmy: In "Race for the Wool" (the one where he's with Lewis, Duncan and Sips), he grabs a bow and starts racking up kills like there's no tomorrow.
* TheSmartGuy: Is this to Sips as Lalna usually is to Lewis and Simon.
** ObfuscatingStupidity: He seems to dumb himself down to certain levels depending on which series it is. His intelligence is pretty obvious in his Let's Builds and Feed the World, but in any video with Sips (presumably because those videos are more about the comedy) he comes off as better at stuff than Sips, but not especially smart. When he's in Lewis, Simon, and Duncan's series, he barely seems competent [[spoiler:at least until TheReveal and his HeelFaceTurn]].
* StalkerWithaCrush: Implied about his character in Spacemen to Sips'.
* {{Stripperiffic}}: His old Minecraft skin, which was him in a mankini and nothing else. He's since put more clothes on.
* TooDumbToLive: He basically destroyed their Voltz server by detonating a red matter bomb underneath their base, while trying to mine for copper, though to be fair he had no idea what it was at first. Then they decided to [[UpToEleven find the wormhole after the server has been fixed]], only stopping because the ocean prevents them from finding the chunk it's in. Their solution to this? Try building yet another red matter bomb, because that worked so well the first time.
** He was also the one that kept falling to his death in Tekkit a lot as he forgot his flying ring.
* UnresolvedSexualTension: With Sips in their Minecraft LetsPlay, as well as any other series where they're partnered together.
* VocalDissonance: His voice sounds surprisingly nasal given his real life appearance.
* WildCard: In ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}} V'', Rythian is understandably rather skeptical as to Sjin's allegiance, given how in a single game (well, series) he can backstab rather well. Indeed, when it appears that he may join Lewis, [[spoiler:he joins Sips' poorly thought-through revolution for the hell of it, then rejoins them and tries claiming to have part of the glory, when in reality Duncan and Rythian were responsible for the victory]].

!!'''Liam [=MacKay=] (Nilesy)'''
Joined the Yogscast Website/YouTube family in July 2012. Like LetsPlay/InTheLittleWood above, he had his own [=YouTube=] channel before he joined the Yogscast family.
* {{Adorkable}}: Just listen to that ending song!
* ButtMonkey: Nothing seems to go right for Nilesy in Tekkit.
-->'''Nilesy''': You win some, you lose some - or if you're Nilesy, you win some and lose them all! ''(forced laughter)''
* ChekhovsSkill:
** Mentions from time to time that his day job is working in a call center. This actually comes in handy when he plays [[ I Get This Call Every Day]], which is about working in a call center. [[spoiler: Nilesy becomes possibly the first Lets Player on Youtube to ace it on his first try]]. For comparison, when [[ Simon and Lewis try it]], [[spoiler: Simon ends up [[RageQuit ragequitting]] after being fired three times, [[CrowningMomentOfFunny leaving Lewis to awkwardly end the video by himself]].]]
** His call center experience also made him much more competent at ''VideoGame/PapersPlease'' than Lewis and Simon's, and Sips' attempts.
* DistressedDude: With Hannah as the ActionGirl in their Tekkit LetsPlay.
* IdenticalStranger: Has been compared in terms of looks to both Lewis and [[Franchise/HarryPotter Snape]].
* KindheartedCatLover: He loves his cat, and will even pause a LetsPlay to pet it.
* ScreamsLikeALittleGirl: His reaction to quite a few of the games he plays.
* TookALevelInBadass: In his video of Haunt, he displays no signs of fear like he did in any of the previous horror games he played, instead sounding annoyed at the monster. There are a couple of moments where he actually ''charges'' at the monster!
** His learning of the art of Thaumcraft is gradually developing into this, too.

!!'''Zoey Proasheck'''
According to her own channel description, a player of cute and innocent and family-friendly games, including ''VideoGame/{{Scribblenauts}} Unmasked'' and ''[[VideoGame/PokemonXAndY Pokémon X]]'', though occasionally plays horror-themed games as well. A major player in Rythian's ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' series ''Blackrock Chronicle'', where she becomes the wizard Rythian's apprentice.

* ActionGirl: Zoey's a competent player after Rythian teaches her in the mystic arts.
* {{Adorkable}}: Comes off this way a bit, particularly around Rythian.
* [[spoiler: ArtificialLimbs]]: Ends up this way in the Tekkit Chronicles.
* BadBoss: Simon jokes about her demanding tribute as Guild Leader from the members of their Guild Wars 2 guild.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Zoey proves that while she may be a nice person, she can be one hell of an aggressive gamer (minus the attitude that usually comes with it, mind you) in VideoGame/CivilizationV. She basically starts steamrolling people with no warning. She does comment that doing so makes her feel uncomfortable.
* BewareTheSillyOnes: In ''Minecraft'' as part of her persona.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: In Tekkit she regularly has conversations with mushrooms and natters on about the complex politics and factions of mushroom society, but is also a fantastic decorator/designer [[spoiler: and computer programmer.]]
* CanNotSpitItOut: In Tekkit towards Rythian, usually PlayedForLaughs.
* CatchPhrase: "Hey good lookin's! What's cookin's?" and "It's/that's fine!"
* ChastityCouple: Subverted. In contrast to Lewis and Hannah, she and Fiona frequently make affectionate gestures towards one another.
** In fact, during the 2013 Halloween Livestream, she and Fiona can be heard necking at one point.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Once babysat a volcano and founded a "[[Franchise/SuperMarioBros mushroom kingdom]]" with Barry the Mushroom.
* [[spoiler: CrazyPrepared: In Tekkit, at least.]]
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: IRL, Zoey is acknowledged as being one of the best [[VideoGame/{{Civilization}} Civ 5]] players in the Yogscast.
* TheCuckoolanderWasRight: Turns out, the Mushroom Kingdom is ''completely'' real.
* TheDitz: Comes across this way, [[spoiler:but there are hints [[ObfuscatingStupidity that she's not really so stupid]] ]].
* FieryRedhead: This trait sticks out even more when compared to Rythian.
* GoshDangItToHeck: Zoey doesn't swear. Ever.
** She did swear a bit in older videos, like in Sjin's Top 10 Tekkit Terrors.
* TheHeart: As one Youtube commenter put it, "Zoey saved Rythian from the darkness inside himself."
* [[spoiler: HiddenDepths: Has been secretly creating a laboratory under Blackrock Castle and kept tabs on every person on the server, including Rythian.]]
* [[spoiler: LivingEmotionalCrutch: Seems to have been this to Rythian. He.... doesn't take it well, when she leaves him.]]
* TheLoad: To Rythian in the Tekkit Let's Play, until he teaches her about Equivalent Exchange... and how to use the handsaw.
* MotorMouth: She has shades of it.
* NiceGirl: Towards pretty much everyone. That's not to say that the others are nasty, just that with her the niceness is particularly noticeable.
* TheNicknamer: Tends to nickname random things that may not even be alive.
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: A farmer, mage's apprentice, [[spoiler: hacker, scientist, cyborg]], mushroom speaker, bandmate and fashion designer.
* [[spoiler: ObfuscatingStupidity: Secretly a hacker and science pro, and a great spy. She stops pretending after reuniting with Rythian.]]
* [[spoiler: PlayfulHacker: Likes to joke a lot, even when spying on others.]]
* PlatonicLifePartners: With Rythian, IRL.
* StraightGay: Says she's a lesbian. You wouldn't have known had she not said so, particularly owing to the Tekkit series. Zoey has started talking about it more, even doing a few videos with her girlfriend.
* VerbalTic: "Oh my gosh."

!!'''Steven Goates (Ridgedog)'''
The creation manager and producer for the Yogscast. Joined the team January 2012. He is also the leader of The Voxel Box.
* {{Badass}}: Is one of the more skilled members of the Yogscast.
** BadassLongcoat: His Minecraft avatar sports an elegant one. He once dressed up as his skin, too, meaning he wears it in real life.
** BadassBeard: Has one in real life.
* BigBad / FinalBoss: For Lewis, Simon and Duncan in ''Voltz''.
* CloudCuckoolander: As a cursory glance at his youtube page will reveal, he seems a bit nutty.
* DangerouslyGenreSavvy: In ''Voltz'', he used ''two'' missiles to attack Lewis and co, leaving a gap between the two to force them to spend longer repairing. Then he promptly ripped them to shreds with a ray gun, and when they tried entering his base, after dealing with the sheer amount of auto-turrets, they triggered a booby trap designed to destroy his base, deny them anything valuable and take them down in the process. It didn't ''quite'' work owing to pure luck, but it's still brilliantly executed.
* ForHalloweenIAmGoingAsMyself: Turns up to Minecon 2013 wearing his full Minecraft costume. Along with his [[DistaffCounterpart girlfriend, in similar costume.]] Additional badass must be implied as Minecon was in Florida that year and it was ''really'' warm.
* GameMaster: In most of the Yogscast [=PvP=] matches.
* HiddenVillain: Seems to become one in Voltz. Lewis, Duncan and Simon were targeting Sips to begin with, believing him to be the enemy. However instead Ridge was the first to attack, sending two missiles after their base and doing extremely well.
* HyperCompetentSidekick: Whenever he teams up with Sips and Sjin.
* MadScientist: So much so that ''Yoglabs'' is described as being more moral than him, in ''Voltz''.
* PhraseCatcher: "A wild Ridgedog appears!"
* PhysicalGod: A popular fan theory claims that he is this in the Minecraft Series.
* TheTrickster: Sometimes implements his godly powers to mess with other players, such as when he uses invisibility to troll Nilesy and Panda in The Walls.
* {{Troll}}: Particularly in Voltz.

!!'''Sam Thorne (Strippin)'''
Strippin is one of the newer members of the Yogscast, and VitriolicBestBuds with Martyn and Sparkles*. Has moved to the USA as of January 2014 to be with his girlfriend Dodger, although he's confirmed that he will remain a member of the Yogscast.
* {{Badass}}: In spite of his ButtMonkey tendencies, he's a competent gamer, as shown by his Minecraft, Dark Souls and Deadpool videos. Special mention, however, must go to him running out of all ammo for his guns, knifing a boss for an hour and ''winning''. He's also acknowledged as one of the physically fittest (and strongest) members of the crew.
* BigEater: Self-confessed like Simon, although he does much more exercise and has a bit more leeway in this regard. He even refers to himself as a food disposal unit on his Twitter page.
* ButtMonkey: His losing streak in the Saturday challenges are quickly making him this.
* CrowbarCombatant: In the Rail Bros series.
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: His "coming out" as a nerd to his father, who then kicks him out.
* HugeGuyTinyGirl: In Yognews with Kim, he absolutely towers over her, and the intro shows this by showing them supposedly standing at equal height... then zooms out to show she's standing on a massive prop. He towers over pretty much ''everyone''.
** Especially Dodger, who literally has to stand on a box to shoot some of her videos on Polaris.
* TheHyena: When playing Deadpool, he's absolutely laughing his head off, though to be fair that might just be because the game is just that funny.
* KindheartedCatLover: He loves cats, particularly Eddie and Dodger's cats. Dodger has said that it seems to be a reciprocal thing, as she reckons that if her cats had to choose between him and her, they'd save ''him''.
* MrFanservice: Living proof that NerdsAreSexy.
** Especially if you give them [[ small, cute things]].
** Promised he'd removed his shirt on a live stream if fans raised Ł80,000 for charity. It was reason enough for them to do it. They werere all asking for him to do it again in 2013, although as the donations were going better he was a bit more reluctant.
** A RunningGag when he was away one week for Yognews had multiple people taking his place and jokingly claim that all he said was "I'm handsome", or something along those lines.
* PowerTrio: The Dream Team with Martyn and Sparkles*.
* SoreLoser: Though to be fair, being slapped with a fish isn't exactly a pleasant forfeit.
* TryingToCatchMeFightingDirty: He gets [[HoYay creatively]] distracting when playing mini-golf with Martyn.

!!'''John Cochrane ([=HybridPanda=])'''
A former Machinima director who joined the Yogscast in January 2013, Panda is a frequent co-op partner of Nilesy's and makes several LetsPlay series of his own.

* {{Adorkable}}
* ButtMonkey: Often ends up the butt of many jokes.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: [[spoiler:He won the first Skyblock War episode.]]
* CruelPlayerCharacterGod: In the Sims. Two words: Baby cave.
* DoNotGoGentle: Of a sort. When it became apparent he was going to lose in his playthrough of XCOM: Enemy Within, he decided to [[StormingTheCastle attack the EXALT base]] using his few remaining squaddies. It goes as well as one would expect.
* GeneralFailure: His XCOM playthrough is both marvellous and painful to behold.
* GivingTheSwordToANoob: One XCOM video has him give his only psi-armor, an armor that increases a psionic soldier's abilities as well as being the only armor capable of moving the plot to the final mission, to Brain Shooter, a low level sniper with only a basic Psi-attack, as opposed to [[ColonelBadass Dom]][[ActionSurvivor on8]], a fully specialized psionic Col. Heavy. Overlaps with GeneralFailure, as he had no idea what caused the game to progress.
* NaiveNewcomer: Joins Kim in being one of the last Yogscast members to join the Yogcraft server, although he has played it somewhat more regularly than she did, and so isn't ''entirely'' lost.
* SympatheticCriminal - Along with LetsPlay/SoTotallyToby, he is perhaps one of the [[ least threatening drug runners]] ''ever''.

!!'''Kim Richards (Nano Sounds)'''
Kim joined the Yogscast as a video editor, but later began posting videos on her [=YouTube=] channel in May 2013. Loves horror games and noodles. Notable for being even more inept at ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' than Simon.

* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: At least in her Minecraft persona, wherein she nearly ''walks into lava''.
* BerserkButton: She sees Sjin online at the start of her and Duncan's Galacticraft series, and starts asking angrily if he remembers the incident at Sipsco.
* ButtMonkey: Often the butt of jokes in videos like the Yognews series and her 300, 000 subscribers special.
** in the Apprentice series, her time at Sipsco started with Sips beating her with a stick, and ended with him blowing her up using TNT.
* CallBack: Her character being found in the Nether with cooked chicken might possibly be a reference to the Nether Chicken from the [[ 1.6 beta patch video]] the main channel posted a few years back.
* CloudCuckoolander: Has some definite shades of it. On the 25th January 2014 edition of [=YogNews=], when she heard that that week's RPM spotlight was a channel called Alpacapatrol, she drifted off, wondering what an alpaca on patrol would look like.
* CunningLinguist: When asked in her Questions and Answers video if she spoke any other languages, she answered quite fluently in several, including French, Spanish, and Japanese.
* DeadpanSnarker: In Yognews.
* DrinkingGame: Apparantly this one involves [[ how many more times]] TheLastOfUs is [[TenderTears going to make her cry]].
* TheDitz: Her Minecraft Persona, with added traces of CloudCuckooLander.
* GenreSavvy: Especially about horror games.
-->'''Kim:''' You'd think, by now, that bioterrorists and mega shady evil corporations would have learned their lesson. After the T-Virus, the G-Virus, the T ''and'' G virus, The C Virus, the X Virus, the Progenitor Virus, the Veronica virus, you'd '''stop making viruses, you evil science wielding charlatans!'''
* HugeGuyTinyGirl: In Yognews with Sam, he absolutely towers over her, and the intro shows this by showing them supposedly standing at equal height... then zooms out to show she's standing on a massive prop.
* NaiveNewcomer: On the Feed the Beast Minecraft server due to being the newest member of the team. While everyone else was already up to building complicated factories and tree farms, Kim was still grasping the absolute basics of crafting.
* NiceHat: Of [[StudioGhibli Totoro]], no less.
* TenderTears: Amongst the few Yogscast members who have cried obviously while playing a game. TheLastOfUs is just ''that good''.
* TookALevelInBadass: Slowly, surely, she ''is'' getting better in Minecraft.
* TrademarkFavouriteFood: In her online media sites she describes herself as the devourer of noodles.
* UnfazedEveryman: unfazed by the more bizarre antics of the crew.
* SplitPersonality: Due to certain coincidences and holes in her backstory, alot of fans believe that she is in fact the very Strawfingers who aledgedly Kimnapped her.

A long-time friend of the group who joined them officially in July 2013

* AdventurerOutfit: His Minecraft skin is obviously based off Indiana Jones (he even confirmed this during a Q and A at a gaming festival).
* CompanionCube: Wilson in the Castaway and Survival Island playthroughs is this to Dave.
* {{Troll}}: Trolled Simon and Lewis in the Yoglympics map when he put a button labelled to go up into the Dodgit event that actually threw Simon and Lewis down into a pit. He then proceeded to try and blow up the winner's podium with Lewis and Simon on it after his "special message" on the wall from the map makers (BOOM!), but ''just'' missed them and had to flee so Simon wouldn't 'spleef' him to death.

!!'''Yohi, Lover of Weed'''
A guild-mate of Simon and Lewis, he has appeared in several episodes of Podcast/TheYoGPoD.

!!'''Mark Turpin (Turps)
A member of the Yogscast and current CEO of the business.

* BadassBoast: "With Strippin gone, I am now officially the strongest man in Yog Towers."
* ButtMonkey / TheChewToy: In Yognews, he's envious of Strippin initially co-hosting, and when he locks Strippin in the boot, Strippin breaks free and gives chase.
* ExactWords: On [=YogNews=], following Strippin's departure from Yog Towers, Turps claims to be "officially the strongest man in Yog Towers". When Kim effortlessly opens a tightly-shut water bottle while Turps struggles, Turps stands by what he said.
-->''Goddammit, Kim, I said strongest man. Not strongest wo-man. Can't compete with women. Their boob strength.''
* PermaStubble: Turps has some stubble, but not really enough to have a proper beard.
* SerialKiller: PlayedForLaughs in Yogtours, where people joke that he's become something of a one for murdering every featured person in the tour thus far.
* TotallyRadical: Played for laughs in Yogtours.

A trio of gamers and freelance trailer makers (Ross Hornby/Djh3max, Alex Smith/Alsmiffy and Chris Trott/Trottimus). Have their own trope page [[LetsPlay/HatFilms here]].

!!'''LetsPlay/LinkThe1st (real name William Strife)'''
A tutorial expert, video editor and new member of the Yogscast. Joined with his channel in late 2013 and has his own page.


Best known as the co-op partner of LetsPlay/InTheLittleWood, Toby already had his own page before he joined the Yogscast in February 2014. See his own page for details.

!!'''Ted (Pyrion Flax)'''

A fellow Polaris member that joined the Yogscast in 2014.

* BadassBeard: Pyrion makes up for his baldness by growing out his beard.
* BaldOfAwesome: Pyrion isn't ashamed of being bald in the slightest, although amusingly his Yogscast avatar covers up his baldness with a crown.
* DeadpanSnarker: Around the others during Civ. He points out the mentality of the others when they start complaining about Pyrion dominating the game, even though [[HypocriticalHumour they'd tried getting him to do that so Lewis wouldn't win]].
* OnlySaneMan: See DeadpanSnarker.

!!'''Characters/{{Area 11}}

Sparkles* and Parv are both part of the Yogscast, and their entries can be found on that character sheet along with Kogie's and Leo's.


!!'''Minecraft/Shadow of Israphel'''

The first NPC the Simon and Lewis encounter other than Israphel. He started out as a kindly innkeeper, but eventually gets his own character arc. [[spoiler:Named after his great grandfather, Verigan Antioch.]]
* ActionSurvivor: Old_Peculier before he TookALevelInBadass and became Knight_Peculier.
* BadassGrandpa: Old (due to his aging process being sped up), peculiar, and still capable of kicking ass.
* CatchPhrase: "HEROES!"
* BigNo: When [[spoiler: King_Finbar mentions Daisy will be an offering to the Sand God]].
* DeadpanSnarker: Knight_Peculier has moments where he is this.
-->"The signal tower doesn't need to be that bright..."
* DistressedDude mixed with BadassInDistress: Knight_Peculier in [[spoiler:''Shadow of Israphel'' episode 15]], and again in [[spoiler:episode 31]].
* [[spoiler:DrivenToSuicide: Was this until he met Simon and Lewis, who gave him hope for facing his nightmares again]].
* [[spoiler:DroppedABridgeOnHim: He falls into a pool of ''radioactive lava'' after his minecart is derailed. Simon and Lewis are shocked.]]
* GuestStarPartyMember: Knight_Peculier lends a hand in Lewis and Simon's adventures some times, then goes off to do his own thing.
** He also helped the Yogscast explain the 1.2 Beta update.
* [[spoiler:IAmYourFather]]:[[spoiler:Of Verigan_Antioch. Technically Great Grandfather.]]
* ItsPersonal: After Israphel kidnaps Daisy_Duke, and he hears of his father's legacy, he becomes determined to stop him.
** In episode 34, he personally kills [[spoiler: King_Finbar]] after he threatens Daisy.
* JackOfAllStats: Knight_Peculier. He isn't as good with communication or a sword as Lewis, as skilled of a miner or bowman as Simon, or as smart as Skylord_Lysander, but is competent at all of these.
* [[spoiler:KilledOffForReal]]:[[spoiler:Dies falling into a load of radioactive... stuff... after his minecart is derailed.]]
* TheLoad: Old_Peculier when he suffers from the taint.
* MeaningfulName: Old_Peculier is old, and a bit quirky. When he becomes Knight_Peculier, this is averted - he's a knight, but no longer peculiar.
* TakeUpMySword: Old_Peculier's father to Old_Peculier, to vanquish the evil spirit and destroy the Hellgates.
* TookALevelInBadass: Old_Peculier, becoming Knight_Peculier.
* YoungerThanTheyLook: He's afflicted with a 'Weariness' that makes him age faster then normal.

Simon's first love interest; a blacksmith's daughter from Terrorvale who sends Lewis and Simon on their first FetchQuest. Later kidnapped by Israphel. [[ Played by Hannah Rutherford]].
* TheBlacksmith: Her role before she gets kidnapped.
* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: Among Simon's love interests, she is the blonde, Granny_Bacon is the redhead (she had red hair when she was young), and Isabel is the brunette.
* DamselInDistress: So much so that she is still in distress after three seasons, and there is no sign that she'll be rescued any time soon.
* PunnyName: Either a reference to the character from Dukes of Hazzard or to daisy dukes, a kind of clothing.
* SatelliteLoveInterest: Her personality revolves around being attracted to Honeydew or Old_Peculiar.
* TemporaryLoveInterest: The first of three love interests that Honeydew has over the series. He gets over her pretty quickly, even if he's still assisting in the search for her in the quest for the map fragments. Plus, Old_Peculier was intending to propose to her.
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Is terrified of spiders.

The reverend whose son Israphel died as a result of creepers. Sends the pair on a quest.
* [[spoiler:CoDragons: Takes the role of this very briefly in Season 3.]]
* FreakOut: Expects them not to return and [[spoiler:tries killing them when they return.]] Predict the results.
* [[spoiler:SinisterMinister: He turns out to be a bad guy after all.]]
* [[spoiler:TooDumbToLive: Charging two heavily armoured and armed warriors with nothing but a golden sword. It ends exactly as you'd expect.]]
* [[spoiler:TheUndead: Briefly resurrected.]]
* WhamLine: "His son Israphel was out hunting when he was killed by Creepers."
* [[spoiler:ZeroEffortBoss: Even after being resurrected as an undead warrior to aid Israphel, he is only carrying a golden sword and a piece of paper, going down relatively easily.]]

One of Israphel's henchmen. His only role seems be dying easily and providing pork for the heroes.
* TheBrute: Seems to fulfill this function in addition to being CoDragons with Creeper_Boss.
* ButtMonkey: He dies very funny and stupid deaths repeatedly.
* CoDragons: Shares this with Creeper_Boss.
* DeathIsCheap: He's died several times.
* DumbMuscle: He's a zombie.
* MightyGlacier: Due to the fact that he always crouches while walking in order to make him seem more "zombie-like".
* RingOutBoss: In their first encounter with Zombie_Boss, [[spoiler: Xephos kills him by knocking him into a ring of lava around Israphel's castle, which is just as dangerous for them.]]
* TheUndead: [[CaptainObvious Duh]].
* TheUnintelligible: He only speaks in groans.

One of Israphel's henchmen. He is considerably more dangerous than Zombie_Boss thanks to his use of dynamite.
* CoDragons: Shares this with Zombie_Boss.
* MadBomber: Almost exclusively uses TNT.
* RingOutBoss: In the first encounter with him [[spoiler: he blew himself up without seriously damaging the heroes.]]
* StuffBlowingUp: He is the ''Creeper''_Boss after all.
* TookALevelInBadass: He's much more dangerous in [[spoiler:the non-canon Sunshine of Israpony]], growing wings and coming close to bombing the heroes to death. It takes a lucky shot from Fumblemore to down him, [[spoiler:at which point he crash lands and explodes.]]

[[folder: Mistral City]]
A priest in Mistral City who resembles Elvis. First ran the Church of the Holy Golden Apple, but later changed it to the Church of the Holy Record.
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: An expy of Elvis.
* VerbalTic: His humming when walking around.

!!'''Grandma Bacon a.k.a. Granny_Bacon'''
Simon's second love interest.
* ActionGirl: In the Legend of Verigan tale.
* [[spoiler:BrainwashedAndCrazy: Unfortunately, the heroes can't break her out of it.]]
* TheChick: Was this when she was part of Verigan's FiveManBand, as she doesn't seem to serve a particular purpose to the team.
* DistressedDamsel: She ''was'' this. [[spoiler: Then she was zombified and the heroes had to kill her.]]
* IWasQuiteALooker: In the Tale of the Sands flashback and the Legend of Verigan livestream.
* MayDecemberRomance: Her and Honeydew.
* RetiredBadass: She was once part of Verigan's team.
* UnusualEuphemism: "Would you like to lick me icing?"

A Skylord of Mistral City, Lysander usually provides quick transportation for the heroes. He usually manages to keep a level head even when Xephos and Honeydew are panicking or goofing off. The only character in the Israphel series voiced by Lewis (other than Xephos, obviously), though on Survival Island and in ''Shadow of Israphel'' Part 8, he was voiced by Simon.
* AmbiguouslyGay: [[spoiler: Episode 26 hints that he might be in a relationship with Skylord_Jasper.]]
* {{Badass}}: One of the more competent NPC characters in the series.
** [[spoiler:BadassGay: If he really is in a relationship with Jasper.]]
* CoolAirship: The Celaeno [[spoiler: before it crashed.]]
* DeadpanSnarker: Shows signs of this, usually when Xephos and Honeydew are being particularly [[IdiotHero inept]] or insane.
-->"Yes, it's broken. Well done."
* [[spoiler:TheMole: Subverted. Simon and Lewis catch him seemingly worshipping Israphel after burning down Mistral City, but in reality he was framed.]]
* OnlySaneMan: When alone with the two main heroes he is this.
* TheSmartGuy: He is quite smart, and is a clever tactician.

One of the Skylords from Mistral City, who Lewis and Simon first meet after trying to loot his stuff. Lewis and Simon are somewhat confused as to whether he's "the good one" or "the bad one".
* CampGay: More so in [[spoiler: Episode 26]] than in his initial appearance.
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: Skylord_Jasper started out as extremely loud and extremely angry all the time. He even threatens to murder Lysander for stealing his towels. The only hint that he might have homosexual tendencies is his preference for pink in his home. When he reappears in [[spoiler: Episode 26 he is no longer aggressive toward the heroes, he is flamboyantly gay, and he's calling Lysander "lover". And has locked him in a dungeon and stuck a ball gag in his mouth...]]
* CoolAirship: He seemed to have had at least two of these. [[spoiler: One was apparently destroyed with the burning of Mistral City. The other is at his summer retreat.]]
* NoIndoorVoice: He yells almost every line he has when he first appears in Mistral City.
* TheRival: He first appears to be a rival to Lysander. [[spoiler: Again, Episode 26 suggests otherwise.]]

An incompetent wizard from Mistral City. Often blows things up, including his own home. [[spoiler:Played by Lalna.]]
* TheAce: The reason he is taken along on adventure maps. He can use magic to fly and explode obstacles, very useful in the Canopy Carnage map. It was practically made for him.
* ButtMonkey: "Damnit, Fumblemore!"
* EmoTeen: What he looked like when he was younger.
* GuestStarPartyMember: He appears in the first livestream event and helped with the Canopy Carnage map.
* IneptMage: Almost codifies this trope.
* LethalJokeCharacter: His younger self in the Legend of Verigan Charity livestream. His combat skills are subpar, he constantly destroys his fellow adventurers by mistake with his spells, and can't gather resources without making a mess. However, he is incredibly good at blowing up spawners, and can deal with dense clusters of enemies with a blast of TNT.
* MagicMisfire: Happens nearly every time he casts a spell.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Was part of Verigan's FiveManBand over 100 years ago.
* SiblingRivalry: Has this with Swampy during the Canopy Carnage map.
* StuffBlowingUp: His usual method of dealing with anything. He doesn't always do this intentionally though.

Fumblemore's nature-loving brother, who detests humanity "defiling the land". Voiced by Simon as a stereotypical hippy.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: The cast are surprised to discover he actually ''does'' have powers in episode 42 when he [[ resurrects a dying oasis]].
* FriendToAllLivingThings
* GreenThumb
* NewAgeRetroHippie: He lives on a floating chunk of earth and forces you to climb up using saplings and bone meal. Whether or not this is just Simon and Lewis's speculation of what he sounds like, and not who the character actually is, is up to debate.
* SiblingRivalry: With Fumblemore.
* VerbalTic: Heeeeyyyy, you made it, man. Did you defile any land, man?

!!'''Mr. Astley'''
A reformed Creeper who lives in Mistral City.
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler:But does blow up when Lewis tries killing him for some sulphur.]]

[[folder: Carnivale de Banjo]]

A voodoo fortune teller working for the Carnivale de Banjo. Voiced by Simon in an extremely low and croaky voice. Painfully.
* BlackMagic
* DemonicPossession: Sort of. In a rare harmless example, she allows herself to be possesed by "Da voodoo spirits" in order to make her predictions.
* FortuneTeller
* GoodSmokingEvilSmoking: Averted. Her supposed smoking (which caused her strange voice) does not say anything about her alignment, and is simply used as a gag.
* TokenMinority: The only black person in the whole cast.

The carnival's resident [[spoiler:and cheating]] strongman.
* DumbMuscle: He's strong, but he's very stupid. He keeps saying baby as "babby".
* UnexplainedRecovery: [[spoiler:Somehow survives choking inside a tree.]] Granted he's still [[spoiler:puking leaves afterwards.]]

!!'''Mr. Banjo'''
The carnival's shady, overly-cheerful manager. Likes disguises.
* MonsterClown

[[folder: Verigan's Hold]]

* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: He's Old_Peculier's ''uncle.''


[[folder: BBQ Bay]]

A pirate at Barbecue Bay who enlists the heroes to repair the bay and defeat Grimjaw_Slugface.
* [[DefrostingIceQueen Defrosting Ice King]]: He's initially rather rude to Lewis and Simon, but after they help save the town he warms up to them.
* [[spoiler:EvilLaugh]]
* [[spoiler:HoistByHisOwnPetard: He is killed in the same fire he started when Simon and Lewis push him in and manage to block him from jumping off the bay.]]
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: A bit abrasive, but he genuinely cares for BBQ Bay.
** [[spoiler:JerkWithAHeartOfJerk: Or not.]]
* [[spoiler:KillItWithFire: He burns down Barbecue Bay, as well as Mistral City.]]
* [[spoiler:TheMole]]
* SideQuest: Makes Simon and Lewis help him in defeating Grimmjaw before they can gain his trust.
* VerbalTic: "Down there just be hard tack, aaarrrr, ha haarrrrr, and bilging gear, harrrr harrr."

* DisproportionateRetribution: He doesn't get let into BBQ Bay, and decides to destroy it as vengeance.
* EvilIsPetty: See above.
* ObviouslyEvil: Given his name.
* {{Pirate}}: He's not only a pirate, but he's harrassing a town full of them.
* UnfortunateNames: Doesn't make him sound very trustworthy.

* EyeScream: Going by his name.
* {{Pirate}}

One of the heroes that destroyed a great evil 100 years ago, before becoming a zombie. This makes him a [[NinjaPirateRobotZombie zombie-pirate-dwarf-in-a-boat]].
* BadassGrandpa: He's over 100 years old.
* DrunkenMaster: Sort of. [[spoiler:He is able to heal himself with beer after he is injured by the zombies in Stoneholm.]]
* [[FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire Friendly Neighborhood Zombie]]: He's a zombie, but he acts more or less the same as he did in life.
* NinjaPirateRobotZombie: A zombified dwarf who also happens to be a pirate.
* NoodleIncident: He got hit in the gut by a cannonball. We don't know anything else about why he's a zombie.
* OurZombiesAreDifferent: He's a zombie, but appears to have the same mobility as he did in life. He also isn't a ravenously hungry monster.

Old_Peculier's sister, a feared pirate who works under the alias "Dread Pirate Norris".
* ActionGirl: The cutscene with her back story shows her to be this.
* TheDreaded: The most feared pirate near Barbecue Bay, apparently.
* ImpossiblyLowNeckline: Part of her skin design.
* RedBaron: "Dread Pirate Norris."
* SamusIsAGirl: Though there wasn't much suspense building up to it.

Isabel's accomplice; a lone robot pirate that Lewis and Simon quickly ditch.
* {{Badass}}: He fought Israphel to a standstill.
* BigDamnHeroes: Bursting in to save a defenseless Isabel from Israphel.
* EyeScream: Israphel smashed one of his eyes beyond repair during their fight.
* InterspeciesRomance: May have a thing for Isabel.
* NumberTwo: Seems to be Isabel's right-hand robot.
* TheQuietOne: Speaks rarely, and only in binary. That is, until part 5 of Sunshine of Israpony, when Simon whacked him with a crowbar and he began speaking in English.


Skylord_Jaspar's manservant, though he apparently hates his job. He constantly requests the heroes to take him with them, despite being of little help to them.
* BrokenRecord: Take me with you!
* ButtMonkey: He constantly hopes that his life will get better, but he's stuck in a humiliating position, captured somehow and falls to his "death".
* DumbMuscle
** TooDumbToLive: Falls to his "death" after failing to jump over a simple platform (despite claiming he could jump well and basically refusing Lewis's offer of bridging the area). Despite Simon and Lewis "regretfully lamenting his passing" [[note]]laughing at how he somehow managed to fall off and suspecting he died[[/note]], [[UnexplainedRecovery he somehow survived]], appearing in later custom maps and mods (but not the actual series) with nothing more than a couple of sly remarks made by the duo about his fate.
* EpicFail: [[spoiler:Whoever was playing him didn't do a good job at that jump]].

Lysander's grandfather.

* CoolOldGuy
* [[spoiler:DyingAlone]]: Subverted.
* IllGuy: [[spoiler:He doesn't get better]].

One of the [[spoiler:last remaining]] Skylords at Skyhold.
* [[spoiler: EyeScream]]: Inflicted on somebody else. [[spoiler:"I popped his eyes and drank the goo."]]
* [[spoiler:ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: How he killed one of the Skylords.]]
* ObstructiveBureaucrat: He's constantly in the way of the gang's adventures.
* [[spoiler:OurVampiresAreDifferent: Apparently there is no significant difference between vampires and humans in Minecraftia since nobody ever seemed to suspect him of being one. That, or he was just really good at hiding it.]]
* TheReveal: [[spoiler:He's a vampire, and why Skyhold is deserted: he killed everybody.]]


A female dwarf that lives in Stoneholm. She bears a striking resemblance to Daisy. She might be the wife/girlfriend of Rory.
* ActionGirl: Never shies away from combat.
* TheBlacksmith: What she does.
* {{Expy}}: Of Daisy_Duke.

* [[spoiler:SacrificialLamb]]

King Finbar's [[TheDragon dragon.]]
* TheDragon: To King_Finbar.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast

The [[spoiler:corrupted]] king of Stoneholm.
* EvilOverlord
* PlayingWithFire
* TheUndead: He died from something beforehand, then came back.

[[folder: The Hand and the Sands]]
A young man found imprisoned in the cloning facility. Is the descendant of one Horatio Grizwold.
* FamousAncestor
* TheLoad: Due to having been trapped in the cloning machine for several weeks, Webley is both dehydrated and starving, unable to fight or even move far distances, getting him out of the Sentinel took Simon and Lewis quite a bit.

A French shiplord found in the Sands.
* FunetikAksent
* ImprobableWeaponUser: "Taste zis cheesy baguette of doom!"
* PoirotSpeak

[[folder: Flashback characters/The Legend of Verigan]]

Professor Horatio Grizwold (alternately spelt Grizwald and Griswold) was an archaeologist from Chronobasher's ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' adventure map Prof. Grizwald and the Curse of the Pyramid.

In the map's story, he left notes and maps for Simon and Lewis that led to a cursed pyramid containing an equally cursed diamond. He had seemingly died in an orc attack on his cabin, but Simon later made him the go-to voice for adventure maps, writing [[foldercontrol]]


[[AscendedExtra He has since appeared in the Israphel canon as one of the heroes that destroyed a great evil 100 years ago.]]
* AccentOnTheWrongSyllable
* AscendedExtra: He only appeared in writing in an adventure map, but the memorable voice acting done by Simon made him into a OneEpisodeWonder that made him become a part of the Shadow of Israphel backstory (spelled "Grizwold") in the Legend of Verigan special.
* LargeHam: And it is glorious.
* MrExposition: Provided all the exposition in the adventure maps he appeared in and the Legend of Verigan.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: While he did help destroy a great evil 100 years ago, [[spoiler: he was also the one who set it loose in the first place by activating a portal he found.]]
* NoIndoorVoice: Almost everything he says is a loud proclamation.
* OnlySaneMan: The only one in Enoch's expedition who believes that [[spoiler:the metal hand is best feared due to its suddenly growing]]. He flees before he can share the fate of his comrades.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: Leaves the desert expedition when it becomes clear that staying is tantamount to suicide.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: "Grizwold," "Grizwald," and "Griswold" are the most common variations.

!!'''Verigan Antioch'''
* BadassGrandpa: Eventually.
* BigGood: In a sense, as he founded the templars.
* PosthumousCharacter

!!'''Karpath Antioch'''
* PapaWolf: [[spoiler:To Knight_Peculier and Isabel]].

A templar who explores the metal structure with Grizwold. [[spoiler:Goes crazy and kills everyone apart from Grizwold (who left) then rips himself apart.]]
* [[spoiler:AxeCrazy]]:[[spoiler:After the Sand and Sentinels drive him nuts, he kills the two remaining members of his party.]]
* [[spoiler:CruelAndUnusualDeath]]: Good ''god'' is it ever. Thankfully we don't see it onscreen.
* [[spoiler:DemonicPossession]]:[[spoiler:Corrupted by the Sand, and through them the Sentinels.]]
* [[spoiler:DrivenToSuicide]]
* HeelRealisation: The last log shows he finally realised what he had done, and how Grizwold was right. [[spoiler:Of course, by this point he realises this, Israphel is taunting him far too much and he rips himself to pieces because his bones are itchy.]]
* JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope
* PrideBeforeAFall: He was fairly arrogant before the incident.


[[folder:SOI Villains]]

The undead head of the Cult of Israphel, apparently hailing from the Nether. [[ Played, at least early on in the series, by Hannah Rutherford]].
* BackFromTheDead: He was apparently dead at one point, but was resurrected through unknown means.
* {{Badass}}: The only antagonist to repeatedly cause trouble for the duo.
** BadassInANiceSuit: Seemingly.
** BadassLongcoat: Part of his skin.
* BaldOfEvil: He seemingly has no hair, often depicted as having a head like a creeper.
* BigBad: He seems to be.
* TheChessmaster: Very good at manipulation.
* {{Cult}}: Has one named after himself.
* DiskOneFinalBoss: The Battle of the Breach.
* [[spoiler:TheDragon: Possibly to the Sand God.]]
** [[spoiler:DragonInChief: If so, he is doing most of the work at the moment, as his master is resting.]]
* TheDreaded: For good reason.
* EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette: In life, he was one.
* EvilAlbino: Horrifyingly pale.
* EvilOnlyHasToWinOnce: [[spoiler: If he wins, he will take over Minecraftia, and spread his evil throughout the world.]]
* EvilOverlord: [[spoiler: What he will apparently become if the duo fails, resulting in the Bad Future seen in their vision.]]
* FauxAffablyEvil: The signs he leaves to message people may come across as this.
* HeroKiller: He's killed Honeydew and Xephos at least once, but given that DeathIsCheap for them, they ultimately come back anyway. [[spoiler:He's killed Karpath as well, and was indirectly responsible for the death of Knight_Peculier.]]
* HumanoidAbomination: Whatever happened to him, he's likely no longer human per say.
* ItAmusedMe: At first, he was just a prankster and a troll annoying Lewis and Simon. As CerebusSyndrome kicked in, this trope was phased out... then reintroduced [[ForTheEvulz in a much darker way]].
* KickTheDog: [[spoiler:Kidnapped and presumably killed Old_Peculier's mother.]] Not to mention his [[spoiler:indirect burning down of Mistral City and BBQ Bay; he did not do these personally but ordered Jock_Fireblast to.]]
* KillItWithFire: He usually has his minions burn enemy cities and fortresses. [[spoiler:He himself also gains the ability to shoot fireballs some time between episodes 16 and 31.]]
* KnightOfCerebus: Turned the lighthearted "Let's Play" into a somewhat more serious show. At the same time, his more horrifying traits have been highlighted more, with his funny ones being phased out of anything canon.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Alternate spelling of "Israfel", an apocryphal Abrahamic angel often referred to as the trumpeter on Judgement Day.
* RainOfArrows: His favorite tactic, at least earlier on when it was possible to spam with a bow.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: His red eyes are quite noticeable.
* ReligionOfEvil: [[spoiler:Well, he ''does'' follow the Sand God]].
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: [[spoiler:Against the Antioch bloodline.]]
* SdrawkcabAlias: [[spoiler: In the temple that Xephos and Honeydew take shelter in, a sign in front of an obsidian barrier says not to open, or else a beast of sorts named Lehparsi will be unleashed. They don't realize it's backwards for Israphel.]]
* TheVoiceless: He never speaks in any episode of the story arc.
** To get around this, he opts to often leave signs where he's been. For example, at [[spoiler:Granny_Bacon's funeral]], he leaves a taunting sign with his name at the bottom.
* WouldHurtAChild: Would kidnap and likely kill them, too.

!![[spoiler: The Sand God]]
* BiggerBad: Apparently.
* EldritchAbomination: Supposedly.
* SealedEvilInACan

!![[spoiler: The Sentinels]]
* EldritchAbomination
* TheGhost: Sort of. We've sort of seen them, but not what they actually look like to the naked eye.
* MechanicalLifeforms
* MechanicalMonster
* WombLevel / EternalEngine
* TheUnfought: At present.

!! The Sand
* [[spoiler:FaceHeelTurn: In Episode 38, it is revealed that the sand had been trying to hold back the evil powers but was corrupted by Israphel.]]
* TheVirus: [[spoiler:Turned Enoch into a being of sandstone who killed himself by ''ripping out his own bones''.]]

!! [[spoiler:The Evil_Honeydew clones]]
A pair of evil clones of [[spoiler:Simon]], the pair are created with a cloning machine that malfunctioned and left all future projects insane. They go absolutely crazy while forcing the duo to give chase to them. [[spoiler:One gets killed by Simon later, while the other is presently missing.]]
* AxeCrazy: They didn't come out quite right, it has to be said.
* CloningBlues: Sort of. They cause [[spoiler:Simon]] a bit of trouble, and he feels a bit uncomfortable about [[spoiler:seeing another version of himself being shot]], but they personally don't seem bothered in the least.
* CloneDegeneration: The machine that created them was noted as being particularly bad, creating dozens of mindless drones with nothing but the desire to kill. They came out slightly better, but they were still kind of crazy.
* {{Doppelganger}}s
* EvilCounterpart: They take all of [[spoiler:Simon's]] traits while being notably antagonistic.
* EvilKnockoff: Of [[spoiler:Simon]], justified as they were made with an odd cloning machine which caused degeneration.
* [[spoiler:KilledOffForReal]]: The first one.
** KarmaHoudini: The other one at present.
* LaughablyEvil: They're both so mad that they go back into funny territory.
* MadBomber: ''Both'' of them have a love for TNT, [[spoiler:much like their "father"]].
* MangledCatchphrase: They take [[spoiler:Simon's]] catchphrases and butcher them, often with hilarious results.
* NakedPeopleAreFunny: We first see them naked, and they don't seem to bother to get dressed for most of their appearance/
* OtherMeAnnoysMe: [[spoiler:Simon]] is really annoyed by them, as they start trying to kill him repeatedly, while making bad jokes.
* PetTheDog: [[spoiler:They do seem to still like Lewis enough to not deliberately try to kill him. This causes one to be killed when he is distracted eating a Jaffa cake that he gets as a present.]]
* SendInTheClones: Of [[spoiler:Honeydrew]].
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: [[spoiler:Though the first of them is presently dead]].


[[folder: Yoglabs]]

!!In general
* AffablyEvil: None of them really seem that rude or unpleasant.
* MadScientist: Most of the science team are shown to have varying quirks, but Dr Srivaramen really takes the cake.
* PunchClockVillain: Odds are that if they aren't in the science team, they're this.
* TokenGoodTeammate: Doctor Testificate M.D and Prof Brightmeer are this for the science team.
* VillainProtagonist: Applies to most of them.

!! Doctor Testificate, M.D.
Formerly a character belonging to the Eden project map, he was later promoted to the Yoglabs team.
* AscendedExtra: Initially just another character created by somebody who made an adventure map, he has since become a part of Yoglabs.
* BadassBookworm: Confirmed when he survives the zombie onslaught at Yoglabs.
* BadassLongcoat: Part of his skin.
* ButtMonkey / TheChewToy: Bad things often happen to him. In the adventure map that Lewis and Simon took his character from he was blown up "accidentally" by Simon, then in Yoglabs he got locked in the medbay with the Little Maids, was cut up partially and shot, then had his blood taken for cloning at which point his clone was murdered.
* DisproportionateRetribution: He ends up being shot nonfatally by Lewis for not renewing his combat license.
* MissionControl: "Acts" as this for Simon and Lewis during their taking back of Yoglabs.
* MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate: Not so much in the adventure map that he first appears in, but in Yoglabs this trope is in full effect, given how the setting basically has him working with the bad guys. We don't see him doing anything bad, however.
* TheyKilledKenny / DeathIsCheap: He keeps coming back despite being maimed constantly and wounded fatally more than once. It's implied that the versions of him that die are clones.
* YouHaveFailedMe: Lewis and Dr. Srivaramen cut him up and turn some of his body parts into zombies, then Lewis shoots him for not renewing his combat record. He gets better.

!! Dr. Srivaramen
Part of the Yoglabs team, and notably much more off the rails than Doctor Testificate M.D.
* AdmiringTheAbomination: He loves the mutants he creates, even though they're dangerous and rather weird.
* AffablyEvil: Lewis describes him as a nice man, and he indeed comes across as a polite guy, but he's also a nutty mad scientist. After chopping up Doctor Testificate, he immediately does his best to see that he's nursed back to health.
* AmbiguouslyBrown: Discussed. While his name sounds Indian and Simon voices him with an Indian accent, Lewis isn't sure as to whether or not he comes from India or if he's a Native American.
* AndCallHimGeorge: Gives names to the mutants he creates.
* AxeCrazy: The guy is absolutely crazy. He helped Lewis chop up poor Doctor Testificate M.D and turn some of his body into zombies.
* BadassBookworm: Survives a mutant enderman onslaught.
* BadassLongcoat: A labcoat covered in blood, which is part of his skin.
* BadassMoustache: Part of his skin.
* DeadlyDoctor: Given how he's in charge of genetic engineering and his labcoat is covered in blood, and that most of his experiments are extremely dangerous, he qualifies. See AxeCrazy for further details.
** He also offhandedly mentions that he lost his medical license, implying he was really bad at healing people.
* IntentionalEngrishForFunny: "Hello sirs, it's very please to meet you!", which is also the first line he ever says.
* MadScientist: The guy makes Lewis' Yoglabs persona look sane.
* WouldHurtAChild: He feeds his pet zombie mutant testificate children.

!!Prof. Brightmeer
A medical assistant at Yoglabs, who helps Simon during the "Bad Trip" episode.

* {{Cyborg}}: He appears to be one, having part of his face covered by metal plating.
* EveryoneHasStandards: He's appalled by the effect the drugs have on Simon and what they make him do, muttering sympathetically about the Testificates that died.
* TheMedic: His supposed position at Yoglabs.
* ShootTheDog: Briefly proposed when Simon is tripping out, and Brightmeer suggests a MercyKill... by incineration. Mercifully, Lewis delays him for a while and Simon recovers.

!!Professor Bixby

A member of Yoglabs staff, on their science team.

* AccidentallyAccurate: InUniverse. He claims that Girlfriend Island is "a dangerous place to be" when it appears to be an island paradise, and it's quite clearly meant to be a lie to cover up where he's going. Then the basilisks attack...
* AffablyEvil: A nice and grandfatherly scientist, who happens to be a ''literal'' grandfather... who happens to be working for Yoglabs (and is also a bit of a CovertPervert).
* BaldOfEvil: He's not ''that'' evil, but the trope still applies as he has no hair on his Minecraft skin.
* BlatantLies: When found at Girlfriend Island, he claims he's doing "important science". ''Sure''. That's totally not what Simon and Lewis were there to do.
* CoolOldGuy: He's quite a nice and funny guy.
* CovertPervert: Simon and Lewis find him in "Girlfriend Island" being followed by dozens of girlfriends, under the excuse of doing dangerous research.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Bixby evidently has a large, extended family, and is very proud of his grandson for passing his GCSE exams.
* EvilOldFolks: Sort of. He's working for Yoglabs, a morally deficient place, although he isn't that evil himself.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: When the basilisks arrive, he pulls out a fishing rod. Lewis and Simon mock him for it.
* NakedPeopleAreFunny: When Simon and Lewis find him during Girlfriend Island, they find he's almost completely nude.

!!Sergeant Herp

A soldier in Yoglabs employ.

* BadassMustache: He is an okay soldier with a good moustache.
* BolivianArmyEnding: Subverted. He gets dragged away by [[spoiler:a horde of giant bugs]], but manages to break free and escape.
* ButtMonkey: All his friends die [[spoiler:from the bug attack, he gets hit with a stray grenade when Simon presses the wrong button, then he gets dragged off by a swarm of bugs]].
* CowardlyLion: He fights reasonably well, given what happened.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: LovebleCoward traits aside, he does okay as a fighter.
* ShellShockedVeteran: It's confirmed after his appearance that he's getting treated, both physically and mentally.
* SoleSurvivor: On the attack on the Yoglabs Firebase, owing to [[spoiler:several giant bugs swarming it]]. He almost gets killed again, but narrowly manages to escape.


A scientist in charge of drugs and medicines.

* HuskyRusskie: Voiced with a Russian accent.
* MadScientist: Counts on the grounds of making hallucinogenics for no good reason.


A mutant zombie and formerly one of the main projects of Yoglabs, he now works part-time as a bouncer and doorman.

* DeathIsCheap: He's died at least once before, but now seems to be alive again.
* TheDragon: Technically to Dr_Srivaramen, although he's done little fighting for him.
* DumbMuscle: His intelligence has obviously taken a hit.
** DumbassNoMore: That said, he was once even stupider and incapable of speech. He's obviously gotten brighter.
* HulkSpeak: Downplayed. He doesn't speak entirely like this, but he's not exactly eloquent.
* MightyGlacier: Once he becomes a bouncer.

!!Gozencrantz and Rildenstern

The joint heads of the cloning division.

* [[spoiler:ArcVillain / BigBad: For the series as a whole, given their efforts to take over Yoglabs and kill off everyone for real. With that said, they seem to be followed by something ''worse''.]]
** [[spoiler:BigBadDuumvirate: They work as a pair.]]
* [[spoiler:DangerouslyGenreSavvy: The guys know how the respawn system works, and the plan inflicts quite a bit of damage.]]
* GenreBlind: [[spoiler:With that said, Gozencratz is considerably more blind... choosing to go to the toilet and leave himself vulnerable, rather than go and aid Rildenstern. This gets him killed.]]
* KickTheDog: [[spoiler:Rildenstern murders Simon's master clone and then tries doing the same to the others.]]
* [[spoiler:KilledOffForReal: Both of them get taken down by Simon and Lewis, and given that their plans involved killing everyone's Master Clones, they probably had their own ones taken offline.]]
* [[spoiler:KnightOfCerebus]]: Downplayed. [[spoiler:Compared to Strawfingers, Skylord_Vitali or Israphel, these guys are downright hilarious, but their actions cause a rare dramatic and tragic ending to an episode and the stakes are raised significantly, even with the government's constant interference. To top that off, something even ''worse'' is implied to succeed them, if the twist ending is any clue.]]
* LargeHam: Gozencrantz's dialogue is read out this way.
* MadScientist: They're Yoglabs personnel, so it's practically a requirement.
* RedOniBlueOni: Gozencrantz is far too hammy for his own good. Rildenstern, on the other hand, is a little smarter and more sane.
* ShoutOutToShakespeare: To Rozencrantz and Gildenstern from Hamlet.
* [[spoiler:TheStarscream: They both seek to take over Yoglabs, although Rildenstern accepts that immediate control is unlikely.]]
* [[spoiler:TakeOverTheWorld: Their ultimate goal, although Rildenstern accepts that it's not going to be so easy as Gozencrantz hopes]].
* [[spoiler:TooDumbToLive: Yes, Gozencratz. You'd better go to that completely exposed toilet, after having just told the room your plans, rather than go with your partner in crime and get the plan done.]]
* WalkingSpoiler: You can probably guess a lot about them from the sheer amount of spoilered text.

!!The Government

The government of an unspecified nation (supposedly Minecraftia) that generally serve as the HeroAntagonist organisation to the VillainProtagonist Yoglabs company.

* BigGood / BiggerBad: One of the two. On the one hand, they're the only organisation trying to take Yoglabs down. On the other hand, they only appear to have turned on them in the first place for being impractical with money. Either way, they don't appear themselves, instead sending in their mooks.
* HeroAntagonist: Given the nature of Yoglabs and the fact that they are explicitly stated to be evil, they come across as this.


[[folder: Sjin's Farm]]

!! Strawfingers
An animated and very malevolent scarecrow that appears in Sjin's "Feed the World" series. He is the primary antagonist, brought to life seemingly hundreds of years ago.

* AnimateInanimateObject: An animated scarecrow.
* ArchEnemy: Given how he's the BigBad for the series, Sjin has taken his presence very badly and made it a priority (admittedly not the highest one) to take him down.
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: He kidnapped Kim, took her to the Nether and fed her chicken (which Kim likes, not being a vegetarian), and then stole Sjin's textures.
* BigBad: For Sjin's series; any threats beforehand were either from mobs (which aren't actively malevolent) or from other players (who also aren't actively malevolent or very dangerous for that matter). Strawfingers is both actively malevolent and dangerous.
* CerebusRetcon: A lot of Strawfingers' behaviour and nature was initially comedic, then we find out in [[spoiler:Abel]]'s flashback ''why'' he's like that, and it stops being funny.
* CombatPragmatist: His strategy upon encountering Sjin in [[spoiler:the Twilight Forest]] is to camp by a portal he had already used and then start shooting at him with a machine gun.
* DarkIsEvil: Hangs around in the Nether, builds with darker bricks, dressed in black.
* TheDreaded: After Sjin finds out the truth about him, he doesn't want to go anywhere near him and puts off confronting him.
* [[spoiler:DeathIsCheap: Sjin and Jake the Dog kill him in the Twilight Forest, but Sjin doubts he's gone for good.]]
* EvilLaugh: [[spoiler:In the flashback to Abel's story]]. It's the only thing he has ever "said" himself.
* EvilTowerOfOminousness: He erects one in the Nether, which he uses to keep Kim prisoner. [[spoiler:Later seen spying on Sjin on the top of another, though Sjin seems oddly oblivious to it, either because he built it for aesthetic reasons or doesn't want to go near it.]]
* {{Expy}}: He seems to be the Sjin's Farm version of Israphel, being [[spoiler:a kidnapping serial killer with a habit of troubling the protagonists, who's also linked to an old and dark entity and isn't played for laughs]]. This had led to people speculating that the two are either linked or the same person.
* FunnyBackgroundEvent: In one of the introductions, it is possible to see him get up and walk away from his post.
* GenreSavvy: During his second direct confrontation with Sjin [[spoiler:in the Twilight Forest]], he camps at the portal to stop him escaping another way and starts shooting him the second he sees him.
* KickTheDog: In a past backstory, it's revealed (or at least heavily implied that he's responsible) that shortly after helping Abel farm his crops, he [[spoiler:brutally murdered his parents]].
* KillItWithFire: Seemingly the only way to make sure he's KilledOffForReal is to burn his head with either fire or lava, although just how weak he is to it remains to be seen, given how he spent some time in the Nether with seemingly no problems.
* [[spoiler:KnightOfCerebus: It turns out he's a serial killer who's been doing his thing for a very long time, and also that he plans to blow up Sjin's farm plus all his guests.]]
* NotSoHarmlessVillain: Meeting him in the present, he hasn't done that much of ''real'' damage. However, in the past he supposedly [[spoiler:murdered Abel's parents for fun]] and in the present [[spoiler:he's secretly planning to bomb Sjin's [[{{Pun}} Sjindig]] with a nuke and some TNT]]. After this revelation, he stops being played for laughs.
* ObviouslyEvil: Looking at his skin makes it obvious that he isn't good.
* PokeThePoodle: He stole Sjin's texture pack. Not exactly a heinous crime.
* PsychoticSmirk or SlasherSmile: His skin has one of these as a default expression.
* ScaryScarecrows: He resides in a fortress he built in the Nether and kidnaps people. JustifiedTrope, as he was meant to be used by Sjin to scare away birds (read: serve as an aesthetic decoration as birds don't exist in Feed the Beast with the exception of vanilla chickens and Twilight Forest penguins, neither of which can threaten crops).
* [[spoiler:SerialKiller: What he turns out to be.]]
* SplitPersonality: Due to certain coincidences and holes in her backstory, a lot of fans believe that Kim is in fact the very Strawfingers who aledgedly Kimnapped her.
* StalkerWithoutACrush: To Sjin. Possibly a StalkerWithACrush to Kim.
* SupernaturalIsPurple: Most of his face is purple, and he fits as a scarecrow that was brought to life through magical means.
* TheVoiceless: He hasn't said a word, either in chat or with one of the Yogscast pretending to be him, though he leaves notes to get past this. He ''does'' have an EvilLaugh in Abel's flashback.
* WhyDontYouJustShootHim: He sure is taking his sweet time with his plan to [[spoiler:bomb the Sjindig]]. Averted in [[spoiler:his confrontation with Sjin in the Twilight Forest]], in which he starts shooting Sjin with a machine gun.


A farmer who left a journal regarding his mysterious past and his encounters with an animated scarecrow, strongly implied to be Strawfingers.

* TheAtoner: [[spoiler:For letting his parents die.]]
* BreakTheCutie: [[spoiler:He goes adventuring and returns to find that Strawfingers murdered his parents for the hell of it.]]
* IJustWantToBeBadass: Why he eventually goes off adventuring.
* ParentsAsPeople: His are described as pleasant and well-meaning, but he feels confined by them and wants to break out.
* PosthumousCharacter: Possibly. However old the diary is, it's not recently written, implying he's passed on.
* TookALevelInBadass: Eventually returns to his home a hardened warrior.

!!Unnamed Wizard

A wizard who is seemingly the BiggerBad for Sjin's Farm.

* BiggerBad: One minute of screentime at most, yet he's responsible indirectly for the deaths of [[spoiler:Abel's parents and Sjin]] at one point, alongside Kim's kidnapping.
* FauxAffablyEvil: Never rude, but really sadistic.
* NoNameGiven: Only known as a wizard.


The various denizens of Sjin's farm.

* BadassAdorable: Jake the Dog, being a tamed wolf. He even saved Sjin from [[spoiler:Strawfingers and his machine gun]] at one point.
* ButtMonkey/ TheChewToy: Bessie the Cow, who's been stuck in a milk facility to produce countless buckets worth of milk and has literally no space to move around whatsoever.
* DamselInDistress: Charlotte, Sjin's tamed cat, goes missing for a few episodes. Sjin eventually finds her after going on a rescue mission, although she's seemingly unharmed when he brings her home.


[[folder:Sipsco Space Programme, later [[spoiler:Sjintech Space Rescue]] ]]


Seemingly a new member of Sipsco and a WalkingSpoiler.

* AccentUponTheWrongSyllable: Keeps pronouncing Sjin's name wrong, as SI-JIN. While Sjin pronounces it as S-gin, and the others pronounce it as "Shin". [[spoiler:It's the most obvious clue that Sips_ is missing.]]
* AxeCrazy: Really enjoys blowing up stuff, and people.
* BaldOfEvil: [[spoiler:His skin seems to take inspiration from how Sips looks in real life]].
* BewareTheSillyOnes: In spite of his dumb mannerisms, he's one hell of an explosives expert.
* [[spoiler:BigBad / ArcVillain]]: For the series.
* CloningBlues: Sjin isn't sure whether or not [[spoiler:_Zips is a clone of Sips or just a doppelganger of sorts]]. Sips confirms that [[spoiler:he is a clone and has abducted him]]. For the record, he doesn't seem so sure himself.
* CloudCuckoolander: He's not entirely all there.
* DumbMuscle: Most of his information on Sipsco is completely false.
* FakeNationality: InUniverse. [[spoiler:Whoever voices him tries doing a Canadian accent and cannot pull it off at all.]]
* GutturalGrowler: It's obviously not his natural voice, either.
* HypocriticalHumour: [[spoiler:Accuses Sjin of not being the real Si-jin (or Zijin) when he's obviously not the real Sips.]]
* [[spoiler:LaughablyEvil: Even after his FaceHeelTurn his various quirks are funny enough to keep him memorable.]]
* LiteralMinded: He's told by Sjin to get down from the pile of gravel he's trying to nerdpole to the moon with. He literally goes straight down by walking off to his death.
* MadBomber: Blows up [[spoiler:Sips and Sjin's base on Slime Island]] with a lot of TNT.
* [[spoiler:PaperThinDisguise: The reason it doesn't get properly noticed till the start of Sjintech Space Rescue is RuleOfFunny]].
* ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill: See MadBomber.
* TooDumbToLive: Tried nerdpoling into space (by piling up gravel) without any equipment. Sjin tells him to get down and he decides to jump from the stack of gravel directly down to Slime Island, dying from the fall.
* WalkingSpoiler: In terms of his identity and appearance. There's a reason a lot of this is whited out.