Character page for the ''VideoGame/WingsOfDawn'' game mod for ''Freespace 2''.

!Crew of the ''Zephyr''
!!Dawn Crossfire

The protagonist of the story, Dawn was formerly a pilot for the United Earth Union working to suppress the colonial revolts. However, her fighter was hijacked by the Cyrvans, who as of yet had not made contact with humanity, and they sealed her in subspace with no explanation. After waking up some decades later, she is taken in by the mercenary ship ''Zephyr'', and she joins their operation. She pilots a privately-owned Ray Mk. III fighter.

* DeadpanSnarker: Once the drugs in her system wear off, she settles into an easygoing jokester personality.
* MysteriousPast: Dawn has amnesia regarding anything prior to her service in the UEU, and has no idea why the Cyrvans are so interested in her.
* PsychicPowers: She is described by the Cyrvans as an esper, and she often dreams about flying in a Cyrvan fighter, or of events taking place far away. The dreams puzzle and frighten her, since she has no idea what they could mean.
* TranslatorMicrobes: She understands Cyrvan language for unknown reasons. However, she is incapable of speaking the language herself.


Real name Celesia Freescape. Tempest comes from a long line of mercenaries and has taken up the family business with gusto. She and Justice co-own the ''Zephyr'', and her job is flying the fightercraft. She usually uses a heavily customized Dragonfly which she has nicknamed "Snarky".

* MasterChef: Apparently an excellent cook, according to both Justice and Dawn.
* TheNicknamer: Notable in that "Justice" is ''already'' a nickname, and she further shortens it to "Ju".
* OnlyInItForTheMoney: She tends to be fixated on profit and earnings, which occasionally sets her at odds with her partner. Justice describes her as "willing to kick a dozen puppies if the pay's good".
* UnresolvedSexualTension: A bit of it between her and Justice. She denies having any kind of relationship with him other than professional.
* WrenchWench: Being the only fighter pilot on the ship also means she has to take care of all the maintenance by herself.


Real name Daniel Hawkings. Justice is a former member of the Sol Union military, but quit after he got the training flying starships he wanted. He met Tempest as a mercenary, and the two of them formed a partnership and teamed up. He's the helmsman of the ''Zephyr'' and is in charge of planning and tactics.

* TheCaptain: He's not formally in charge of Tempest, but he takes this role due to flying the BattleStar and coming up with mission plans.
* ChronicHeroSyndrome: As his name might suggest, he has a tough time ignoring people in need, even when they have nothing to pay him. Tempest is inclined to condemn this mode of thinking: mercenary work is expensive, and helping other people without reward is a good way to go bankrupt.

!The Heralds of Tomorrow


A smuggler captain whom the ''Zephyr'' was hired to harass and throw a few monkey wrenches into her operations. She serves as the opening antagonist in the first few missions.

* TheCaptain: Of her ship the ''Contravention''.
* FacialMarkings: She wears some, apparently in an attempt to emulate the Cyrvans, whom she does some work for. The Cyrvans just think the markings make her look stupid.
* HarmlessVillain: Dawn immediately pegs her as an idiot, something Tempest and Justice are all too inclined to agree with. While her ship is much more powerful than the ''Zephyr'', Ophelia clearly doesn't have a head for tactics and is easily out-smarted.
* SpacePirates

!The Cyrvans

!!Wynter Celbrat

One of a pair of Cyrvan Deep Seekers sent to capture Dawn after she escaped from her prison. The ''Zephyr'' turns the tables and takes her prisoner instead.

* EatingTheEyeCandy: She immediately swoons upon seeing Justice, remarking that if all Terran males are like him, she wouldn't mind "[[ArentYouGoingToRavishMe some of the things that might be done to prisoners]]".
* GirlishPigtails
* HulkSpeak: She can speak the standard Terran language well enough to be understood, but obviously hasn't mastered it.

!!Akyha Celbrat

One of a pair of Cyrvan Deep Seekers sent to capture Dawn. She is Wynter's twin sister.

* FoolishSiblingResponsibleSibling: She's the responsible one, but her effectiveness at curbing Wynter's mistakes is hampered by the fact that she can't speak the Terran language.
* LanguageBarrier: She knows maybe two or three Terran words, and is at a loss when captured, relying on Wynter to translate for her.

[[folder:Original Storyline]]
!!Misuzu Stella
Species: Terran\\
Age: 21\\
Homeworld: Earth

A protagonist of the main ''Wings of Dawn'' campaign and one of the lead fighter pilots of the 1st JGASF. She is cheerful, energetic, and strange, but is an excellent pilot. Her hobbies are watching obscure old anime and collecting model kits of fighters and mecha.

* AceCustom: Either the Ray Mk-III E or W variant, depending on the player's choice.
* AcePilot: Don't let her demeanor fool you, she's deadly in a space fighter.
* CloudCuckooLander: At times.
* GenkiGirl
* GratuitousJapanese
* MultipleChoicePast: Invented one to mess with people.
* OtakuSurrogate
* SkinshipGrope: Enjoys doing this to Crystal.

!!Crystal Is'va Dertanya
Species: Cyrvan\\
Age: 42\\
Homeworld: Cyrvadia

Another ''Wings of Dawn'' protagonist, and the Commanding Officer of the 1st JGASF. Though she does sometimes come off as arrogant or condescending, she is actually very interested in Terrans and jumped at the chance to serve in a mixed-species unit.

* DeadpanSnarker: She has her moments.
-->'''Crystal''': The rest is {{Magitek}} so I don't have to explain shit.
* MildlyMilitary: Follows the Cyrvan way of command, which is very informal and loose compared to Terran command structure.
* MilitaryBrat: Her father is a decorated war veteran, as were many of her ancestors before him.
* {{Tsundere}}: A bit of this with Misuzu, whom she roomed with at the Academy. Probably not romantic in nature, though.
* {{Woolseyism}}[[invoked]]: No, "Crystal" isn't actually her name, but it sounds a lot like her Cyrvan name, so she uses it in Terran company.

!!Dawn Crossfire
Species: Terran\\
Age: 19 ([[TimeTravel 119?]])\\
Homeworld: Luna

The third and final ''Wings of Dawn'' protagonist. Dawn was born in the era of the United Earth Union, one hundred years before the start of the game. She had her brain enhanced when she entered the military, giving her faster reactions and telempathy. A Starlance accident threw her one hundred years into the future, where she uses her enhanced brain to pilot the Prometheus Frame.

* AngstWhatAngst[[invoked]]: Despite losing all her wingmen upon arriving in the future, and leaving behind a family and boyfriend in the past, she doesn't seem to dwell on it much.
* FishOutOfTemporalWater: A little bit. She actually adjusts pretty quickly.
* PsychicPowers: Empathy, and mild precognition. She's said she doesn't really like overly emotional people, as their moods tend to affect her own.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Implied to be a side-effect of her enhancements, as it is mentioned to be an impossible color for humans.

Species: AI\\
Age: Unknown\\
Homeworld: Unknown

Infi is the artificial intelligence of the ''Infinity''-class Aleyurian light fighter, which the Terrans designated the "Prometheus Frame". Originally, it had no name, but Dawn gave it one because calling it "computer" sounded too impolite and impersonal. Initially, it is dismissive of Dawn and the other humans, but grows to care for its pilot after their battles together.

* AIIsACrapshoot: Averted. Infi does its best to aid Dawn once it realizes its creators no longer exist.
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:Rams the Hertak Flagship's engines to disable their Transspace drive, allowing the JGASF to finish it off.]]
* NormalFishInATinyPond: Among its creators, Infi was a mass-produced light fighter with only the bare minimum of armaments. Compared to the tech level of the current species, it's a NighInvulnerable gunship that can rip apart capital ships twice its size with ease. It's also the only known true AI in existence, when that was just a standard feature of Aleyurian craft.
* SmugSuper: It likes boasting about how powerful the Prometheus Frame is. [[PurposelyOverpowered For good reason.]]

!1st Joint Guardian Angels Strike Force
Real Name: Celesia Ezer\\
Species: Terran\\
Age: 26\\
Homeworld: Harcon III

A cheerful girl and the 1st JGASF's resident prankster. She and Misuzu get along quite well. Coming from a family of mercenaries, she tends to obsess over money and payment, and is constantly complaining about her low wages.

* CatchPhrase: "I'm not getting paid enough..."
* ThePrankster
* SignatureLaugh: Nyo-ho-ho!

Real Name: Silvie Freescape\\
Species: Terran\\
Age: 20\\
Homeworld: Lyrae Prime

A shy and timid girl who got her nickname because she's generally unnoticeable. She has self-confidence problems, but is a capable fighter pilot.

* MaskPower
* {{Ninja}}: Not really, her nickname aside. Artwork often shows her wearing a facemask, though.
* ShrinkingViolet

Real Name: Daniel Hawkings\\
Species: Terran\\
Age: 38\\
Homeworld: Librae Prime

The oldest Terran in the JGASF, and their most experienced pilot. He signs on during their first outing and becomes the flight leader of the group. He takes a mentoring position among the rest of the pilots, and occasionally as an advisor to Crystal.

* CoolOldGuy: He's not that old, but the rest of the crew sees him as this.
* ShoutOut: [[WordOfGod Any physical similarities to Gene Starwind are coincidental.]]

Real Name: Zeraf Moreta\\
Species: Terran\\
Age: 20\\
Homeworld: Harcon Prime

Scar is a bit of a mystery in the JGASF, as he comes from the prejudiced Harcon system. He is gruff and generally hostile to the rest of the team, but is a good fighter and would help any of them (even the Cyrvans) out in a firefight.

* FantasticRacism
* NobleBigot: He makes some occasionally racist remarks about Cyrvans, but doesn't ever let it impact his mission, and he doesn't seem to have a problem taking orders from Crystal.
* PlayfulHacker: If his behavior during the examination is anything to go by.

Real Name: Rin Aeaa\\
Species: Terran\\
Age: 24\\
Homeworld: Vega II

A hyper-aggressive pilot in the JGASF, who decided to join the military to put her aggression to good use. Not a person you want angry at you.

* TheFaceless
* TheLadette
* SirSwearsALot: Lets loose quite a bit of swearing when in a fight.
* TheUnfavorite: The only female character that we have no idea what she looks like. [[BreakingTheFourthWall She thinks Spoon dislikes her.]]

Real Name: Hecton Ferde\\
Species: Terran\\
Age: 28\\
Homeworld: Tauri II

The team's resident GentleGiant. Pretty much an all-around nice guy despite his imposing physique. For some reason, about the only person who understands Luna to any extent.

* TheBigGuy: Everyone comments on his gigantic build
* GentleGiant: Strong enough to crush an apple one-handed
* HeavyWorlder
* NiceGuy

!!Luna Yda'je Claiyer
Species: Cyrvan\\
Age: 39\\
Homeworld: Desa

The only other Cyrvan pilot in the 1st JGASF, and generally Crystal's wingman if she ever takes to a fighter. Nobody really "gets" Luna, including her fellow Cyrvans.

* CloudCuckooLander
* PsychicPowers: Misuzu, anyway, believes she has precognition.
* TheQuietOne
* RunningGag: Other characters forgetting she exists.

!Stranded Characters
!! Lightning
Real Name: Johan Sturmritter\\
Species: Terran\\
Age: Unknown\\
Homeworld: Ravi Prime

The protagonist of the "Stranded" mini-campaign. Lightning was the flight leader aboard the LSF ''Dauntless'', and caught up in a subspace accident that left him and his wingman Silver stranded in enemy territory. [[spoiler:In the True Ending, he joins the 2nd JGASF.]]

* AcePilot
* AwesomeMcCoolname: Seriously! His last name, in German, means "Storm Knight"!
* RedBaron: Gets a joint one with Silver: the "Silver Lightning".
* ShipTease: With Silver.

Real Name: Alisa Strogov\\
Species: Terran\\
Age: Unknown\\
Homeworld: Ravi Prime

A wingman of Lightning's that also got stranded behind enemy lines. The two of them must work together to find a way back home, and grow closer as a result of their experiences. [[spoiler:In the True Ending, she joins the 2nd JGASF.]]

* HelmetsAreHardlyHeroic: Her helmet mysteriously disappears after making the jump.
* RedBaron: A joint one with Lightning: the "Silver Lightning".

!!Slyphia Revlis'Mehl
Species: Cyrvan\\
Age: 106\\
Homeworld: Cyrvadia

A Cyrvan Deep Seeker that Lightning and Silver encounter behind enemy lines. She puts her mission on hold in order to help them get home. [[spoiler:In the True Ending, she joins them in the 2nd JGASF.]]

* InnocentBigot: She can be a bit condescending towards humans, but it's clear she doesn't mean anything malicious by it.
* PardonMyKlingon: Several times she said something in Cyrvan that could only possibly means something along that line. Lampshaded that Silver and Lightning do not wish to understand what it means.
* PoirotSpeak: She does lapse into Cyrvan language at times.
* TrueCompanions: With Lightning and Silver. [[spoiler:In all endings she survives, she ends up working with Lightning from then on.]]

!!Liuzqo Derfa
Species: Zy

A Zy Ace who encounters Lightning, Silver, and Sylphia. He has 99 kills to his name, and is eager to make one of them his 100th.

* AcePilot
* BloodKnight
* CombatPragmatist: He pilots a stealth fighter in combat. And also [[spoiler: separates the PlayerCharacter and his friends, so he can face them one at a time.]]
* DuelBoss: In the True Ending only. He did bring [[FlunkyBoss some friends]] though.
* KnowWhenToFoldEm: Despite being a BloodKnight, he backed off after watching Lightning and company curbstomped his wingmen. If this happens, he then [[spoiler: confront Lightning again when he is alone, bringing some friends as well. Seemingly knowing well that facing Lightning one on one would just mean signing his own death warrant. Assuming you beat the game, he was right on that part.]]
* PunchClockVillain: It looks like he hates being a Hertak battle thrall, even though he still indulge in his BloodKnight tendencies.
* WorthyOpponent: If Lightning decides to fight him in their first meeting, he sees Lightning as this.

!Other Characters

!!Isa'emarl Dertanya
Species: Cyrvan\\
Age: 67\\
Homeworld: Cyrvadia

Crystal's older sister. She is very different from Crystal; she is openly dismissive of Terrans and doesn't understand her sister's fascination with them. She is an accomplished warrior and has a friendly rivalry with Crystal.

* EvilRedhead: She seems to enjoy appearing as one.
* FacialMarkings: According to Crystal, they are a sort of familial war paint. Isa likes to add an extra stripe to hers for some reason.
* FashionableAsymmetry
* FantasticRacism: She makes it pretty clear she thinks herself above Terrans. ''Some'' of this might have been joking on her part.

!!Yaiceca M'es Vera
Species: Cyrvan

A white-haired Cyrvan who seems to serve with Isa. She shares Isa's view of Terrans, and enjoys riling them up.

* FantasticRacism
* RunningGag: Her refusal to pronounce the words "Terran" or "human" properly.

!!Emizer Kerducy
Species: Cyrvan

The only male Cyrvan yet seen. He's appeared a few times in the Q&A sessions.

* TheOneGuy

!!Wynter Celbrat
Species: Cyrvan

Another Cyrvan taking part in the Q&A sessions.

* TwinTails


A hardy race of organics who have used the Starlances to spread far beyond their homeworld of Earth. They are currently in an alliance with the Cyrvans, after they fought them to a stalemate in a war. In general, their fighting prowess and physical abilities are greater than Cyrvans, and they routinely live to the age of 140 or so.

* BioAugmentation: The Terrans used to engage in this heavily, but after the overthrow of the oppressive UEU, genetic engineering is looked upon unfavorably.
* DoNotGoGentle: One reason they stopped the Cyrvan invasion was that they would just ''not. stop. fighting.''
* HumansAdvanceSwiftly: Though they are nowhere near the Cyrvans now, the tech gap is closing much more quickly than the Cyrvans would like.
* ScrewYouElves: Their response to the Cyrvans' claims of superiority.


Suspiciously similar in physiology to the Terran race, the Cyrvans are a peaceful and artistic race. They are also highly technologically advanced and possess a powerful Armada that they will use to defend themselves if pushed. They are currently in an alliance with the League of Terran Worlds, after attempting and failing a BenevolentAlienInvasion. Cyrvans tend to see themselves as culturally superior, seeing it as their obligation and prerogative to protect and nurture the "lesser" races. They are often nicknamed "Space Elves" by Terrans.

* BenevolentAlienInvasion: They've attempted this with both species they've met. It worked on one, but the Terrans proved to be too much to handle.
* HalfHumanHybrids: They can interbreed with Terrans, though this is not encouraged due to MayflyDecemberRomance.
* NoTranshumanismAllowed: They absolutely forbid genetic research on religious principles. Thus, that is one area Terrans are more advanced in.
* OurElvesAreBetter: How they see themselves.
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: They can live for up to a millenium.
* WingedHumanoid: An extremely rare genetic mutation among Cyrvans. They see such individuals as blessed and a good omen for times to come.


A race of birdlike sapients that were [[BenevolentAlienInvasion benevolently invaded]] by the Cyrvans. They have yet to appear in the game itself, due to the Cyrvans being very protective of their charges.

* {{Expy}}: Of the Yehat from ''VideoGame/StarControl'', except "80% less Scottish".
* {{Omniglot}}: One area they excel in is linguistics, despite (according to Crystal) not being too bright otherwise.
* WingsDoNothing: They can't fly, despite their shape.


Properly named the Co'dori, they are an insect race that were the last battle thralls of the Hertak. They are individuals and free-thinkers, not a HiveMind, but they are fanatically loyal to their Queen, currently Lop'ferj'kk III. Their battle strategies tend to emphasize speed and numbers, and they were good enough to give the Hertak a run for their money militarily, before [[spoiler:the Hertak captured their Queen as a hostage]]. Physically, only their warriors have been described. Misuzu referred to them as "overgrown preying mantises".

* UndyingLoyalty: To the Queen.
* TheUnpronounceable: presumably they have different mouthparts
* WeHaveReserves: Their main strategy.


A primitive race that willingly joined the Hertak in exchange for spacefaring technology and the chance to fight a bunch of aliens. They tend to be very aggressive and unintelligent, and are looked down on by the other Hierarchy races. Still, their numbers and tenacity in a fight make them effective frontline soldiers.

%%* AttackAttackAttack
%%* AxCrazy
* LargeHam: They always speak in ALL CAPS.
* LowCultureHighTech: Their ships are still considered low tech in the universe though, even the characters suggest that it is amazing that those piles of junk can make it to space in the first place.
* MadeOfExplodium: ''Absolutely everything they build'' explodes spectacularly, due to huge amounts of gunpowder and TNT on the inside. WordOfGod says this even holds true for their terrestrial cities.
* MightyGlacier: They are very slow and favor hard-hitting missiles, railguns, and torpedoes.
* ProudWarriorRace: of the "barbaric" variety
* WeHaveReserves: Much worse that the Cordi.


A race of sentient crystals. They are extremely intelligent and are the only species shown thus far who can outmatch the Cyrvans technologically. They are also cowards, and don't commit to a fight unless they know they can win. They use very powerful energy weapons and are heavily shielded against the same, though they are weak to kinetic weaponry. They are particularly close allies to the Zy.

* BlackHumor: Their preferred kind, for some strange reason.
* CowardlyLion: Powerful weapons. Little to no courage.
* {{Expy}}: They are what the [[VideoGame/StarControl Spathi]] would be if they were written seriously.
* LivingShip: It is suggested that they ''are'' their ships, as there's nothing resembling a cockpit or entry point on any of them.


A race of reptilian hunters. The Zy, being predators, developed a warlike society and had already killed (and eaten) several other species before they met the Fura'ngle. The Fura'ngle's crystalline bodies not being too appetizing, they formed a close alliance and mellowed out considerably, channeling their aggression and bloodlust into a strict code of honor. They are by far the most powerful battle thralls the Hertak possess.

* CombatPragmatist: They are close allies with the Fura'ngle. This doesn't mean they don't have weapons prepared specifically to kill Fura'ngle if necessary. They also give their best pilots stealth fighters.
* ProudWarriorRace: With a big emphasis on the "honorable" part of the trope. They are notably the only ones that give an opportunity for surrender prior to launching their assault.
* TheReptilians


The main villains of the series, the Hertak are an extremely powerful empire living in fear of a legend that an even more powerful race will one day destroy them. They seek to supplement their own military with enslaved other species, which is why they are attacking the Terrans and Cyrvans. They possess immensely powerful warships and several technologies unknown to all other species, making them difficult to combat.

* BattleThralls: they hope to make themselves stronger by subjugating other races and forcing them to fight
* {{Expy}}: To the [[VideoGame/StarControl Ur-Quan Kzer-Za]].
* GeneticMemory: Male Hertak pass on their memories and skills to their children. It is mentioned that Hertak warriors are obligated to have at least one child before going to battle.
* NoKillLikeOverkill: Their ''Armageddon'' dreadnoughts outsize and outgun all other species ships fivefold, and the Flagship dwarfs even them!
* RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver