Character sheets for the Literature/WhateleyUniverse.

* [[Characters/WhateleyUniverseTeamKimba Team Kimba]][[note]]Chaka, Fey, Lancer, Generator, Tennyo, Phase, and Bladedancer.[[/note]]
* [[Characters/WhateleyUniverseWhateleyAcademy Whateley Academy]][[note]]Friends of Team Kimba, Other Poe Residents, Sara's Pack, Outcast Corner, The Bad Seeds, The Lit Chix, The Alphas, The Three Little Witches, The Spy Kids, The Masterminds, The New Olympians, Peeper and Greasy, C.O.R.E. (Cooperation Organization for Responsible Evil), Vindicators, Other students, and Whateley Staff[[/note]]
** [[Characters/WhateleyUniverseSchoolClubsAndCliques Clubs and Cliques at Whateley]] is itself a LongList, which overlaps the character listings.
* [[Characters/WhateleyUniverseOutsideWhateley Outside Whateley]][[note]]The Children of the Night, Other Villains, Heroes, STAR League, California Crusaders, SPECTRUM, and the Sioux Falls League[[/note]]
* [[Characters/WhateleyUniverseSecondGeneration Second Generation]][[note]](Okami) Hikaru Myoujin, Kenshin (Taka Ono), Dragonsfyre (Morgana Jones), Glyph (Bianca St. Claire), Backtrack (Bailey St. George), Eisenmadel (Erica von Abendritter), Calliope (Fiorella "Cally" Persico), Lapin (Lucretia "Tia" del Bosque), Invictus (Tanya Wright), Cerulea (Laura Samuels), Charger (Nicholas Brennan, Jr.), Dragonblade (A.J. Blackstone), and Shieldwall (Jimmy Cannes)[[/note]]