[[caption-width-right:317:A small sample of major characters]]
Since ''Literature/WarriorCats'' is a book series with LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters, don't be surprised if not all the characters are on this list. The page grew so large that it had to be split. You'll find the characters at the pages listed below.

'''CAUTION''': There are major unmarked spoilers ahead! Nearly all successions and plot twists from the first two arcs are unspoilered. You have been warned.

!!The Five Clans
* Characters/WarriorCatsThunderClan:
** Characters/WarriorCatsThunderclanLeadersAndDeputies [[labelnote:Characters]]Thunder, Lightningtail, Owlstar, Pinestar, Sunstar, Tawnyspots, Bluestar, Redtail, Lionheart, Firestar, Whitestorm, Graystripe, Bramblestar, Squirrelflight[[/labelnote]]
** Characters/WarriorCatsThunderclanMedicineCats [[labelnote:Characters]]Cloudspots, Goosefeather, Featherwhisker, Spottedleaf, Yellowfang, Cinderpelt, Leafpool[[/labelnote]]
** Characters/WarriorCatsTheThreeAndTheirAllies [[labelnote:Characters]]Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, Dovewing, Ivypool, Cinderheart[[/labelnote]]
** Characters/WarriorCatsThunderclanWarriorsAndApprentices [[labelnote:Characters]]Windflight, Stormtail, Moonflower, Thrushpelt, Thistleclaw, Darkstripe, Runningwind, Willowpelt, Sandstorm, Dustpelt, Brackenfur, Cloudtail, Brightheart, Thornclaw, Ashfur, Rainwhisker, Sootfur, Sorreltail, Spiderleg, Whitewing, Birchfall, Millie, Hazeltail, Berrynose, Mousewhisker, Honeyfern, Poppyfrost, Foxleap, Icecloud, Rosepetal, Toadstep, Briarlight, Blossomfall, Bumblestripe, Molewhisker, Cherryfall, Lilyheart, Stormcloud, Swiftpaw, Shrewpaw, Seedpaw, Hollypaw, Fernpaw, Sorrelpaw, Alderpaw, Sparkpaw[[/labelnote]]
** Characters/WarriorCatsOtherThunderclanners [[labelnote:Characters]]Halftail, Smallear, Patchpelt, Purdy, Longtail, Mousefur, Snowkit, Nightkit and Mistkit, Mosskit, Ferncloud, Daisy, Brindleface, Frostfur, Goldenflower, Speckletail, Snowfur[[/labelnote]]
* Characters/WarriorCatsShadowClan:
** [[labelnote:Leaders and Deputies]]Shadow, Cedarstar, Stonetooth, Raggedstar, Foxheart, Cloudpelt, Brokenstar, Nightstar, Cinderfur, Tigerstar, Blackstar, Russetfur, Rowanclaw[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Medicine Cats]]Pebbleheart, Molepelt, Sagewhisker, Runningnose, Littlecloud, Flametail[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Warriors and Apprentices]]Boulder, Jaggedtooth, Clawface, Tawnypelt, Talonpaw, Tigerheart, Dawnpelt, Redwillow, Applefur, Stoatpaw, Snowbird, Jumpfoot, Amberleaf, Nutwhisker, Rowanberry, Wolfstep, Brackenfoot, Brightflower, Scorchwind, Deerleap, Toadskip, Featherstorm, Crowtail, Needlepaw[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Other [=ShadowClanners=]]]Lizardstripe, Ashfur, Silverflame, Lizardfang, Archeye, Cedarheart[[/labelnote]]
* Characters/WarriorCatsRiverClan:
** [[labelnote:Leaders and Deputies]]River, Hailstar, Shellheart, Crookedstar, Oakheart, Leopardstar, Stonefur, Mistystar, Reedwhisker[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Medicine Cats]]Brambleberry, Mudfur, Mothwing, Willowshine[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Warriors and Apprentices]]Rainflower, Beetlenose, Petaldust, Feathertail, Hawkfrost, Hollowflight, Rainstorm, Beetlewhisker, Rippletail[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Other [=RiverClanners=]]]Willowbreeze, Silverstream, Graypool[[/labelnote]]
* Characters/WarriorCatsWindClan:
** [[labelnote:Leaders and Deputies]]Wind, Graywing the Wise, Reedfeather, Tallstar, Mudclaw, Onestar, Ashfoot[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Medicine Cats]]Mothflight, Hawkheart, Barkface, Kestrelflight[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Warriors and Apprentices]]Larksplash, Sandgorse, Woollytail, Shrewclaw, Whitetail, Crowfeather, Breezepelt, Heathertail, Sedgewhisker, Nightcloud, Antpelt[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Other [=WindClanners=]]]Palebird, Tornear, Morningflower[[/labelnote]]
* Characters/WarriorCatsSkyClan:
** [[labelnote:Ancient Skyclan]]Clear Sky, Brightspirit, Cloudstar, Spiderstar, Brackenheart[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Modern Skyclan]]Leafstar, Snookthorn, Skywatcher, Sharpclaw, Petalnose, Echosong, Billystorm, Harveymoon, Macgyver, Shrewtooth, Clovertail, Cherrytail, Sparrowpelt, Rabbitleap[[/labelnote]]

!!Outside the Clans
* Characters/WarriorCatsTribeOfRushingWater:
** [[labelnote:The Ancients]]Rock, Half Moon, Furled Bracken, Jay's Wing, Fallen Leaves, Stone Song, Dark Whiskers[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Modern Tribe]]Stoneteller, Stormfur, Brook, Talon, Crag, Jag, Rock, Bird[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Tribe Invaders]]Stripes, Flora[[/labelnote]]
* Characters/WarriorCatsOthers:
** [[labelnote:Loners]]Ravenpaw, Barley, Sasha, Pine, Diesel[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Kittypets]]Princess, Smudge, Snowdrop, Hattie, Jake, Nutmeg, Duke, Violet, Henry, Fuzz, Patch, Quince, Socks and Ruby[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Rogues]]Sol, Marmalade, Jay, Pixie, Hal, Stick, Percy, Red, Dodge, Misha, Algernon, Bess, Reena, Sparrow, Mole, Wee Hen[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Bloodclan]]Scourge, Bone, Willie and co, Snake and Ice, Snipe, Brick, [=BloodClan=] Bullies[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Dark Forest]]Mapleshade, Shredtail, Snowtuft, Sparrowfeather, Maggottail[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Other Cats]]The Voice In The Tunnel, The Traveler[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Non-Cats]]Midnight, Ken, The Scientists, The Abusive Twoleg, The Dog Pack, The Rat Pack, The Beavers[[/labelnote]]

!!Fifth Series
* Characters/WarriorCatsDawnOfTheClans
** [[labelnote:Main Characters]]Gray Wing, Thunder, Clear Sky, Petal, River Ripple, Wind Runner, Tall Shadow[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:The Moor Group]]Turtle Tail, Shattered Ice, Jagged Peak, Dappled Pelt, Cloud Spots, Rainswept Flower, Jackdaw’s Cry, Hawk Swoop, Gorse Fur, Lightning Tail, Owl Eyes, Sparrow Fur, Pebble Heart, Frost, Emberkit, Moth Flight, Morning Whisker, Dust Muzzle, Holly, Mud Paws, Mouse Ear[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:The Forest Group]]Moon Shadow, Quick Water, Falling Feather, Leaf, Fox, Storm,Frost, Nettle, Fircone, Birch and Alder, Thorn and Dew, Snake, Acorn Fur[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Cats of the River]]Nightheart, Nightheart's Brother[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Kittypets]]Bumble, Tom, Flower[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:The Tribe]]Stoneteller, Silver Frost, Misty Water, Lion’s Roar, Bright Stream, Shaded Moss, Quiet Rain, Snow Hare, Fluttering Bird, Twisted Branch, Stone Song, Hollow Tree, Dewy Leaf, Sharp Hail, Broken Feather, Jay Frost, Sun Shadow[[/labelnote]]
** [[labelnote:Unaffiliated Cats]]"The Stranger", Petal's Mother, Misty, Arc, Swift, Branch, Tansy, One Eye, Star Flower[[/labelnote]]