These are some of the major characters in the {{Warcraft}} universe (WorldOfWarcraft included). Since it's filled with LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters, please handle this topic [[RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgement with care]] and avoid flooding it with minor characters.

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* [[Characters/WarcraftTheAlliance The Alliance]]
* [[Characters/WarcraftTheHorde The Horde]]
* [[Characters/WarcraftTheScourge The Scourge]]
* [[Characters/WarcraftIllidanAndFollowers Illidan & his followers]]
* [[Characters/WarcraftTheBurningLegion The Burning Legion]]
* [[Characters/WarcraftTheOldGods The Old Gods]]
* [[Characters/WarcraftEternals Eternals]]
* [[Characters/WarcraftTheDragonflights The Dragonflights]]
* [[Characters/WarcraftOthers Others]]