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!The Player Character/The Fledgling[[quoteright:300:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/vtmb_protag.png]]
[[caption-width-right:300:The male and female protagonists at character creation, for each clan. On the left, from top to bottom: [[HotBlooded Brujah]], [[TheBeastmaster Gangrel]], [[MadOracle Malkavian]] and [[LooksLikeOrlock Nosferatu]]; and on the right: [[TheBeautifulElite Toreador]], [[BloodMagic Tremere]], and [[VampiresAreRich Ventrue]].]]

-->''Nobody tells me what to do... Actually a lot do, but here's where I get even!''

The main protagonist of the game. Originally a random resident of Los Angeles, the Fledgling was embraced by a vampire they were having a date with. Since this was done without permission from the Camarilla, their Sire is executed by Prince [=LaCroix=], and only the intervention of Anarch leader Nines Rodriguez saves them from a similar fate. They then have to adapt to their new vampire existence, all while serving as an errand boy to [=LaCroix=], [[UriahGambit who keeps sending them on suicide missions]]. The Fledgling's name, gender and clan are all customizable by the player, though the last one can only be one of the seven Camarilla-affiliated ones (Ventrue, Brujah, Tremere, Gangrel, Nosferatu, Toreador, Malkavian).
* ActionGirl: If female. By the end of the game, she can cut her way through [[spoiler:high-ranked members of almost all of Los Angeles' supernatural factions]].
* AntiHero: Can definitely be played this way. Especially if played as a FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire who never kills innocents but brutally dispatches their enemies.
* AxCrazy: An option if you play a Malkavian or character with low Humanity; the latter can actually make non-AxCrazy dialogue options unavailable.
* BadassBookworm: If willing to put the ExperiencePoints into it, to the extent that your knowledge can impress Beckett, a BadassBookworm with centuries of seniority.
* BadassInANiceSuit: Depending on the Clan. Toreador, Tremere, and Ventrue have more upper-class clothing than the other four clans. Toreador and Tremere go for more casual suits, while Ventrue are white-collar personified.
* BadassLongcoat: The male Malkavian's white pimp coat. Female Toreador, Tremere, and Ventrue have some sort of elegant coat. The male Ventrue's heaviest armor is a suit with a WaistcoatOfStyle and a leather ankle-length trench coat.
* BadPowersGoodPeople: All [=PCs=] count as this by virtue of being vampires if you chose to play them as good guys, but the Tremere especially stand out, since their signature ability, Thaumaturgy, involves disturbing BloodMagic like ripping people's blood out or [[LudicrousGibs making it explode]].
* {{BFS}}: An option via Console Commands. The player character can wield the Buster Sword-esque Sheriff's sword.
* BlessedWithSuck: They're stuck in a perpetual bloodthirsty nocturnal existence at the bottom of the undead totem pole with countless enemies; and have to sever all ties with their old life for the sake of the Masquerade. On the other hand, see CursedWithAwesome.
* ButThouMust: {{Justified|Trope}}:
** The game does give you the option to turn down [=LaCroix=]'s orders and even flat-out insult him in the process, but should you do that, he will just use [[HypnoticEyes Dominate]] to force you into executing them anyway.
** Ditto for Therese Voerman, who shrugs off your attempt at Dominate if you're playing Ventrue or Tremere, forcing you to agree to her side-quest.
** You can declare for the Anarchs as soon as you meet them after Santa Monica. Your first instructions are to pretend you haven't, since a spy the Prince thinks is his personal pawn is invaluable.
* BiTheWay: The female PC can have the Kindred version of sex with Jeanette Voerman, while the male PC can seduce a restaurant critic and a few male blood dolls.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: As a Malkavian, you're a babbling lunatic in weird clothes, yet disconcertingly competent. If you can decipher the babble, you can even pick out major plot points well in advance. [[spoiler: A big one is that the Cab Driver is possibly Biblical Caine himself, so your character is fearful.]]
* CelibateHero: Sort of. The PC is a vampire and can't have sex like a normal person, but can seduce anyone they like with enough points in Seduction (for blood rather than sex, with the seductee left with the impression that something sexy took place, [[KissOfTheVampire which, in a way, it did]]).
* CloudCuckoolander: What happens if you play a Malkavian; all your dialogues options are modified to speak entirely in apparently nonsensical metaphors.
* ChickMagnet: With the right choices and/or a high enough seduction stat, the Fledgling can get the attention of Jeanette, Velvet Velour, [[DudeMagnet Romero]], Heather (though in her case this is due to her link as a ghoul), Nadia Milliner and multiple unnamed [=NPCs=]. The Clan Quest Mod even gives the opportunity to date a Kuei-Jin lady.
* CombatStilettos: Female Toreador and Ventrue wear these, and don't break a sweat swinging swords and axes in heels.
* TheCuckoolanderWasRight: Most of the Malkavian's silliness is actually them subconsciously knowing exactly what's going on and being unable to communicate it. Or alternatively [[MadOracle having no idea what's going on and still rattling off truths.]]
* CulturedBadass: The Toreador and Ventrue characters both present this image, and any character can be played this way with the right investment of experience points.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: No matter how you build your character, they will know something about lockpicking (Jack even lampshades this in the tutorial after the lockpicking segment, "Not exactly an angel in life, were you?" and you don't really have an option to deny it). It's also probably a bad sign that when Sam finds you and wonders where you've been she automatically assumes it has something to do with drugs.
* DeadpanSnarker: The player gets a lot of options to snark in conversation. This goes double for the Nosferatu PC, whose coping mechanism for dealing with their hideous appearance seems to reside mostly in self-deprecating jokes any time a mortal reacts with disgust upon seeing them.
* DeathByOriginStory: Your sire gets one line of dialogue before the Sheriff decapitates them. And in a technical sense, you, since your character appears once and has one spoken "line" (a scream) before being turned into an undead vampire.
* DefectorFromDecadence: You start out press-ganged into the AncientConspiracy of the Camarilla and [=LaCroix=] eventually shows you the rewards of toeing the party line, especially if you're not Tremere or Nosferatu.[[note]]If you're on good terms with him and not from those Clans, he gives you a rather nice condo.[[/note]] You can just as easily tell him where to shove his petty favours.
* TheDogBitesBack: Unless you choose to side with either of them, [[spoiler:both [=LaCroix=] and Ming Xiao will be on the receiving end of this after having treated you as a disposable pawn for the entire game]].
* DoomMagnet: Where you go, people die, even if that wasn't what you intended. An example of this you might miss is the Skyline Apartments building, where most [=PCs=] establish their second haven. If you bother to complete all the relevant side quests, with the exception of the security guard (whom you can kill) and one of your neighbors (who is TheGhost) you are involved in the untimely demise of ''every single one of them'', leaving you the sole occupant of the entire building.
* TheDragon: The PC has the option of becoming this to Maximilian Strauss, [=LaCroix=] (though [[BadEnding that doesn't turn out so well]]) or potentially Nines if you choose to throw in your lot with him and his cause. Andrei as well in the patch.
* DreadlockWarrior: The male Gangrel protagonist pairs dreadlocks with some potent combat Disciplines.
* DudeWheresMyRespect: The attitude of most of the vampires you meet ranges from polite condescension to outright insults, even as your legend grows. {{Justified|Trope}}: your age puts you at the bottom of the social ladder, you serve the blatantly unpopular [=LaCroix=], and being the unsanctioned offspring of [[SinsOfOurFathers an executed sire]] functionally excludes you from polite society.
* EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette: Half of the PC models fit this trope. And UndeathlyPallor affects all of them, even the male Brujah, who's black-turned-ashy-grey.
* EmbarrassingNickname: Using cheats to raise your stats at character creation will later result in your ID on your personal computer being replaced by "suckhead".
* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep: There are some variant, such as "Neonate", and some character have specific nicknames for you ("Boss" from Gary, "Demon" from Yukie, "Kid" from Nines, "Cupcake" from Bertram if you are female), but you usually are just referred to as "the Fledgling".
* EyeScream: One of the histories that could be chosen is "Glass Eye". To summarize, the player character lost an eyeball and now wears a glass eye, resulting in a decreased cap for the perception attribute and a free point in the intimidate skill thanks to the slight UncannyValley factor.
* FateWorseThanDeath: [[spoiler: If you betray everyone by siding with Ming-Xiao, she rewards you by sparing your life when she runs the rest of the Kindred out of the city... by chaining you to the Sarcophagus and dumping it into the ocean. She doesn't kill you, but you'll sure wish she had.]]
* FreakyFashionMildMind: While many of the protagonists have lots of piercings and dress, at best, like very fashionable grunge-rock fans or goths, and at worst, in straight-up RainbowPimpGear, it is quite possible to roleplay them however you like.
* FriendlyNeighbourhoodVampire: While the PC is frequently put into very unsavory situations, it's quite possible to come off as a decent, reasonable person with a troublesome condition in a harsh, unreasonable world.
* FunnySchizophrenia: The Malkavian PC is one, arguing with stop signs and being a DeadpanSnarker. The darker aspects of the condition ''are'' explored with the Voermans and the Malkavian Primogen. FridgeHorror: ''That's'' what a Malkavian PC will be in a hundred years or so.
* GameplayAndStorySegregation: The Fledgling's abilities and skills progression do not reflect that of the tabletop game, thanks to simplified character creation, accelerated {{Experience Point|}}s rewards, and being at a higher Generation than is standard for the tabletop game. Lampshaded by several characters remarking how unexpectedly resourceful and potent the Fledgling appears to be.
* GayOption: A female PC can have some kind of sexual encounter with Jeanette Voerman, while the patch allows a male PC to do the same with Romero.
* GoodOldFisticuffs: You can train up your hand-to-hand combat. Some clans can augment this with SuperSpeed, SuperStrength, or AbsurdlySharpClaws.
* TheGrotesque: Nosferatu protagonists, to the point where ordinary humans flee at your sight. Though plot-important ones will just make shocked (or sometimes [[NightmareFetishist oddly appreciative]]) comments upon meeting you, speculating that you're into extreme body modifications, a burn victim, etc...
* GuileHero: If the player character is good at conversational skills, a lot of quests can be completed just by wits alone. Zig-zagged when the [[DisappointingLastLevel last two or three missions of the game]] are straight combat with limited potential for even stealth in the dungeon crawl and none at all during the boss fights.
* HeroicSeductress[=/=]TheVamp: Any PC with a high enough seduction level can get his[=/=]her way through situations using his[=/=]her charms, especially if you are playing a Toreador. Female [=PCs=] can also complete a quest by sleeping with Romero.
* HiddenInPlainSight: If you play with the mods ''The Final Nights'' or ''Camarilla Edition'', there will be a squad of hunters on the Skyline Apartments third floor. The player character's haven is just one level above.
* HorrifyingHero: Even if you play as the [[FriendlyNeighbourhoodVampire nicest, most kind-hearted vampire ever]], the fact remains you are a blood-drinking undead abomination. Especially true for the [[LooksLikeOrlok Nosferatu]] and [[BadPowersGoodPeople Tremere]] [=PCs=].
* InstantExpert: Shows a gradual increase in their skills and Discipline abilities fitting of a video game PlayerCharacter, but way too fast for a newly-embraced Fledgling, due to GameplayAndStorySegregation. WildMassGuessing includes [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt Gehenna]] shenanigans or [[spoiler:Caine artificially lowering your generation]].
* InTheHood: The male Gangrel's heaviest armor has one, and it's always up.
* IKnowYourTrueName: A Malkavian PC will call Velvet by her real name. She's less than pleased.
* IWasQuiteTheLooker: What little you can see of the Nosferatu PC before his/her Embrace, male or female, suggests that s/he was quite attractive in life. Seeking out an attractive or vain individual is pretty standard behavior for Nosferatu looking to sire.
* InterfaceSpoiler: A Malkavian and Rosa -- a thin-blood Malkavian -- interacting will spell out the entire game. For example, when Rosa frets about the sarcophagus, the Malk crows about it lighting up the night sky, [[spoiler:which is what happens at the end of the game -- it explodes because it's full of explosives.]]
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Can be played like this. At one point you need an Intimidation score of 6 to be able to save a human's life without harming the Masquerade. A high Persuasion will only help you send him to his death and cost you Humanity.
* KleptomaniacHero: A standard of [=RPGs=] everywhere. Also, a JustifiedTrope in universe, as vampires are not intrinsically bound by human moral norms aside from ThouShaltNotKill (innocents, anyway), so [[IDidWhatIHadToDo whatever you have to do to survive is considered fair play]].
* LightningBruiser: SuperSpeed lets Toreador and Brujah pull this off; Brujah also get SuperStrength for extra Bruiser with their Lightning.
* LivingLegend: The "[[IWorkAlone Lone Wolf]]" ending. According to the cabbie [[spoiler: who may be Caine himself]], that path is the path of the legendary hero who walks the land alone.
* LooksLikeOrlok: The Nosferatu PC, obviously.
* MadeOfIron: The PC has this quality, apparently - they just ''will not die'' no matter how many suicide missions of decreasing subtlety s/he's sent on. Every vampire in the city starts to get ''really'' scared of you by the end.
* TheMadHatter: Malkavians are well aware of how insane they are.
* MadOracle: Most of the Malkavian PC's bizarre non-sequiturs and quirks of language seem to be them knowing more than they should through supernatural means, often to the point of LeaningOnTheFourthWall. Some vampires will warn you to hide that fact, unless you want to be a victim of HeKnowsTooMuch.
* MrFanservice: The male Malkavian is WalkingShirtlessScene and the male Toreador an outright PrettyBoy.
* MsFanservice: The female Malkavian and Toreador both start out with rather {{Stripperiffic}} outfits. The female Malkavian, in particular, wears a DangerouslyShortSkirt with [[PantyShot exposed underwear]], and can upgrade her armor to a stripperific cop outfit.
* MySpeciesDothProtestTooMuch: You can chose a specific Clan and then have your PC act in a completely opposite way to how his Clan usually does; for example, play as a [[EvilSorcerer Tremere]] and then be a FriendlyNeighbourhoodVampire, join the Anarch with a Ventrue or the Camarilla with a Brujah, and so on. It is, however, impossible to play a Malkavian as non-insane due to the changed dialogues options. [[TheCuckoolanderWasRight At least not in the regular sense...]]
* [[NiceGuy Nice Guy/Gal]]: A perfectly viable roleplaying choice for a high-humanity character. Forgetting for a moment you're a vampire, it's quite possible to be nicer than a lot of the humans you meet. In the tabletop game, the average human has a humanity stat of seven, whereas the player character is quite capable of having a humanity of ten. Your dialogue options become correspondingly more empathetic and understanding.
* TheNicknamer: The Malkavian PC, who only calls people by their real names when it would mess with them even more. He'll often give characters precise nicknames ''before learning their names''. For example, he'll call Alexander Knox "golden boy" before he reveals his identity, or Therese and Jeanette Voerman the Light and Dark Faces of Janus.
* {{Ninja}}: One of the Malkavian background options. The only drawback is that it prevents you from using firearms. And ducks. Fortunately, the game hasn't got any ducks.
* NobleDemon: A roleplaying choice, particularly if the player does ''anything'' to uphold the Masquerade. The HunterOfMonsters Yukie might even acknowledge that you're a good "Demon" and encourage you to stay on the moral high ground.
* OddFriendship: You are able to cultivate quite a few of these, gaining the confidence of several high-ranking vampires and a HunterOfMonsters.
* OnlySaneMan: Amusingly, even if you play a Malkavian, you can be this. A lot of your dialogue options highlight what a messed up place the Kindred world is, and the Malkavian's special awareness only makes it more obvious (to you, at least; nobody ''else'' has any idea what the hell you're babbling about).
* PrecisionFStrike: A couple dialogue options for the final conversation with [=LaCroix=] in the Camarilla, Anarch, and No Allegiance endings.
* PrimalStance: The Gangrel PC, during their idle animation, and when using Protean.
* RainbowPimpGear: Every clan's armor include actual armor, except the Malks. The male [[CloudCuckooLander Malkavian's]] armor ''starts'' at shirtless, moves through hazmat suits, and ends in a white fur coat and a Literature/CatInTheHat hat, which also has no shirt. The ''female'' Malk armor is straight-up fetish gear. All of the Nosferatu outfits are bondage gear; higher levels just add more straps and eventually a gimp mask.
* ReallyGetsAround: With a few points in Seduction, they can dole out the KissOfTheVampire to any number of enthusiastic partners.
* RewardedAsATraitorDeserves: Happens in one of the endings. [[spoiler: If you betray the Kindred and side with the Kuei-Jin, Ming-Xiao will reward you by chaining you to the Ankaran Sarcophagus and throwing it into the ocean.]]
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge:
** Almost certainly what the final battle against [=LaCroix=] will be by the time you get to it.
** Similarly, the latter half of the mission in the Hallowbrook Hotel, assuming you [[spoiler:witnessed the Sabbat killing Heather]].
* SanitySlippage: A PC who gradually loses his humanity and doesn't get it back will get more and more aggressive and AxeCrazy.
* ScaryBlackMan: If Brujah and male.
* SelfDeprecation: If the player is a Nosferatu, they'll get a lot of opportunities to wisecrack at their hideous new form.
* SesquipedalianLoquaciousness: Most of the vampire [=NPCs=] in the game will quickly recognize the Malkavian player's clan by their apparent inability to speak in anything but convoluted, nigh-unintelligible prose.
* SlowlySlippingIntoEvil: As you lose Humanity, some of the dialogue options that would allow you to raise it again become unavailable.
* SociopathicHero: Most of the dialogues have this as an option, but playing it straight is up to the player. Unless you let your Humanity drop too much, in which case you'll have difficulties coming off as anything but this trope.
* SpannerInTheWorks: You choose which factions to back and/or destabilize... of course, to survive in the World of Darkness, it's in your best interests to make ''every'' faction think you are working for ''them'', which makes you ideally placed to destroy other people's gambits.
* SunglassesAtNight: The male Malkavian and female Tremere each wear a pair of shades that they never take off.
* SurprisinglyEliteCannonFodder: For [=LaCroix=], as you continue to survive his {{Uriah Gambit}}s against all odds.
* UnwittingPawn: Those creepy e-mails you keep getting who refer to a "pawn"? They're talking about you. The amount of people who manipulate or "move" you in this game is staggering. You can count on one hand the major characters who ''don't'', though by the end you get the option to bite back at quite a few of those manipulators. It is also worth remembering what happens [[EarnYourHappyEnding if a pawn reaches the end of the board...]]
* VegetarianVampire: Every clan but the Ventrue can live off of rats alone if they prefer, with the Nosferatu getting as much nourishment from them as from lower-class humans. Even a Ventrue can restrict themselves to blood packs.
* YesMan: If you choose to stick with [=LaCroix=] the entire way through. Getting the option to side with the prince during the ending requires you to have acted politely towards him in the past, followed his orders to a T, and either overlooked or rationalised how [[spoiler:he's sent you to your death multiple times and set you up for a fall.]] Through dialogue, you can play it in a number of ways, such as professing genuine loyalty to the man, believing him to be an [[WellIntentionedExtremist ultimately good leader whose rule the city will benefit from]], or simply sticking with [=LaCroix=] because he begins the endgame [[IFightForTheStrongestSide in the strongest position]].
* YouKillItYouBoughtIt: The PC gets to be Sheriff of the City in the Camarilla ending. If they side with the Anarchs, it's very likely they will be second in command to Nines Rodriguez in his new order.
* VillainProtagonist: As with most open-ended [=RPGs=], this is definitely an option. As long as you make a reasonable effort to keep up The Masquerade you can be as depraved as you like. And let's face it, sometimes upholding the Masquerade involves having to LeaveNoWitnesses.
* WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs: InUniverse, some [=NPCs=] will sometimes view the speech of a Malkavian PC as if it was some stoner rambling.

!!The Camarilla

[[folder:Prince Sebastian [=LaCroix=]]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Andy Milder

-->''The folly of leadership is knowing that no matter what you do, behind your back, there's hundreds certain that their own solution is the sounder one and that your decision was the by-product of a whimsical dart toss. I pronounce the blast sentence, and I soak the critical fallout. I make the decisions no-one else will. Leadership... I wear the albatross ''and'' a bullseye.''

The Ventrue Prince of Los Angeles' Camarilla kindred, and therefore the leader of the 'new kids in town'. [=LaCroix=] is a classic Ventrue: A domineering, manipulative politician with entitlement issues and a taste for Realpolitik. It soon becomes obvious that he is on ''very'' sandy ground concerning both the Anarch and his own Camarilla "underlings", with nobody really respecting him at all. After condemning the main character's Sire to death in the opening cutscene for breaking the second tradition, he is forced to leave the PC alive when it's obvious he's got a PR nightmare on his hands. [[spoiler:He's also made an alliance with the Kuei-jin in order to eliminate the Anarchs in Los Angeles, and plans to open the Ankaran Sarcophagus to diablerise the Elder sleeping within.]]
* ZeroPercentApprovalRating: The Sheriff pretty much is the only person to be unquestionably loyal to him; any other vampire in Los Angeles hates him (the Anarch), treats him like a joke (Gary, Jack), questions his motives (Strauss) or just plain doesn't care about him. He knows it, and he ''hates'' it.
* AintTooProudToBeg: [[spoiler:After he fails to [[MindControl Dominate you]] into handing him the key to the sarcophagus, he gets on his knees and downright pleads with you to hand it over.]]
* ArchEnemy: He's Grünfeld's, after having killed the vampire hunter's father ''and'' grandfather. It isn't particularly reciprocated; [=LaCroix=] views the current Grünfeld as a minor annoyance at most, although he does [[spoiler:take great pleasure in his death.]]
* BadBoss: Not quite as horrible as Ming Xiao, but still, he keeps sending you on progressively worse suicide missions in the hope you will die even if you prove useful, and [[spoiler:has no scruple against using one of his own men as a suicide bomb during your assault on Venture Tower.]]
* BaitTheDog: At first, he comes off as a stern but ReasonableAuthorityFigure. This doesn't last very long.
* BenevolentBoss: Despite [[BadBoss the above]], he does prove himself to be a generous and affable employer. He rewards you well for your service, sets you up in a lovely apartment, and gives praise and credit where it's due, even suggesting you've got what it takes to join the upper crust of the Camarilla. He expects the fledgling to show him a modicum of respect and to follow his orders, but pointedly rants ''against'' having just another YesMan on the payroll and wants a worthy and competent right hand. Provided you've been respectful to his face and continue to support his agenda up to and following TheReveal, you can side with him in the [=LaCroix=] ending. [[spoiler:If you do side with him in the ending, he calls off the Blood Hunt on you, gives you a place at his side, and you both open the sarcophagus Ė just in time to die together.]] Also, his receptionist/"security guard" Chunk thinks he's a pretty decent guy.
* BigBadDuumvirate: [[spoiler:With Ming Xiao, until they stab each other in the back.]]
* BigBadWannabe: [[DownplayedTrope More so in the grand scheme of things than in the game itself]]. Throughout the story, LaCroix remains a legitimate threat to the PC and the other major characters. With that said, he's still a long way off from being the all-powerful vampire overlord he strives to be.
* BlueBlood: Was almost certainly of noble birth, since he was sired by a Belgian noble, and Ventrue tend to sire people from aristocratic backgrounds.
* TheChainsOfCommanding: As per his quote, he very much believes in this.
* ChronicBackstabbingDisorder: Oh so very much. To try to consolidate his position, he backstabs the Camarilla, the Anarchs, [[spoiler:the Kuei-Jin]], and the PC, even when it could be much more advantageous for him not to.
* CutsceneBoss: Once you get rid of his sheriff, his only defense is an [[NoSell unsuccessful attempt]] at Dominating you.
* DeadpanSnarker: Can be surprisingly caustic at times, especially in regards to the Anarchs or a Malkavian PC.
* DespairEventHorizon: In the Kuei-Jin ending, he stops talking after realizing that Ming-Xiao has won, and gains a ThousandYardStare for the last two minutes of his unlife even while she gloats at him.
* EvilBrit: [[FrenchJerk He's actually French by birth]], but he's long lost that accent and now speaks with an English one.
* EvilTowerOfOminousness: He resides in the top-floor penthouse of [[SignificantAnagram Venture]] Tower, which looms over Downtown LA and is visible from various distant locations in the game.
* FantasticRacism: A subtle example, but he will actually give a bit more money to a Ventrue player.
* FauxAffablyEvil: While he can be quite polite and charming if he wants to, it all goes out the window the moment it looks like he isn't going to get what he wants.
* FrenchJerk: [=LaCroix=] may have lost the accent, but the stereotype still fits.
* HeKnowsTooMuch: When you tell him you know [[spoiler:about his secret alliance with Ming Xao]] and he tries again to get rid of you once and for all by having you [[spoiler:cross paths with a werewolf]] and then [[spoiler:declaring a Blood Hunt on you]]. [[WhyWontYouDie It doesn't work]].
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: [[spoiler: Any number of ways, in every possible ending. His secret alliance with Ming Xiao to remove their mutual enemies convinces the Camarilla and Anarchs that he needs to go; his obsession with the Ankaran Sarcophagus leads him to unwittingly stow an explosive-rigged Macguffin in his own office; and the player character, the one powerful newcomer in town who could be persuaded to ally with him, is almost certain to have a MistreatmentInducedBetrayal after [=LaCroix's=] repeated attempts to have them killed.]]
* ImmortalImmaturity: [=LaCroix=] is, if anything, even worse than Nines and is over twice his age. Possibly explainable due to being [[SpoiledBrat Ventrue]].
* InSeriesNickname:
** The Malkavian PC has a thing for calling [=LaCroix=] "The Jester-Prince" or "The Jester", but never to his face.
** The non-Malkavian PC calls him "Captain Dramatic" during the dialogue about [[spoiler: Grout's death.]]
** Gorgeous Gary, The Nosferatu Primogen, refers to him as "Prince Priss" during his introductory dialogue, and later calls him "Little Lord Flauntlacroix."
** Grünfeld constantly calls him the "Archfiend [=LaCroix=]". The inquisitor probably intends it to be a DehumanizingInsult against a particularly despicable undead monster, but the epithet is [[RedBaron quite fearsome]].
* IronicName: [=LaCroix=] means "the cross" or "the crucifix". Considering his condition, it's ''deeply'' ironic.
* {{Jerkass}}: He's snide, petty, vindictive, and childish, even when compared to the ''other'' vampires in this game. He also ''vastly'' overestimates his own capabilities when playing the game of Kindred politics. He's a decent enough schemer, but his own primogen are running rings around him and his leadership leaves something to be desired even for the Kindred who are ''obligated'' to support him, as Strauss points out.
* JerkassHasAPoint: [[spoiler:In the Kuei-Jin ending, he tells the PC that the Kuei-Jin won't let him/her live after destroying the Camarilla in LA. Which is more or less what happens, except the PC isn't ''[[AndIMustScream technically]]'' killed.]]
* JerkWithAHeartOfJerk: He has a few sympathetic moments. But as the game goes on it just becomes more and more apparent how treacherous and out of his depth he is.
* JustEatGilligan: Although it's clear that the guy is bad news, the PC literally can't disobey his orders. If you do antagonise him or tell him where to shove his missions, he'll simply [[MindControl Dominate you into doing his bidding anyway;]] completing his tasks is also the only way to progress the main story. [[spoiler:This changes during the finale, though. The PC is powerful enough by this point to shrug off [=LaCroix's=] attempts to Dominate them.]]
* KarmicDeath: [[spoiler:In the Anarch, Independent and his own ending.]]
* LaughingMad: In most endings, when he realizes that [[spoiler:he's gambled everything on a Macguffin that's actually an armed bomb.]]
* TheMentor: Averted. After [[spoiler:calling a Blood Hunt on you]] he [[BlatantLies claims to have been this]] to the ungrateful Fledgling throughout the game, but he's clearly lying to play up his public image.
* MovingTheGoalposts: [=LaCroix=] keeps sending the PC out on {{Suicide Mission}}s, each time under the excuse that it is about repaying him for sparing their life.
* NiceToTheWaiter: His receptionist Chunk, at least, [[InformedAttribute apparently]] considers him a pretty NiceGuy.
* NonActionBigBad: Though mostly because he dislikes getting his hands dirty. While you never get to see him in action, it's implied he actually is skilled in a fight if he really has to; he did [[AssassinOutclassin kill Bach's grandfather and father on his own when they were hunting him]], and [[spoiler:when the Sabbat assaults his Tower, [[OffscreenMomentOfAwesome he actually kills two of them with his own hands]] before letting the Sheriff deal with the others.]]
* OffscreenMomentOfAwesome: He never fights on-screen, but [[spoiler:killed a few Sabbat when they raided his tower]] and had previously wiped out two generations of an infamous vampire hunter family.
* PeoplePuppets: [[spoiler:Midway through your assault on Venture Tower, Sebastian possesses one of his EliteMooks using Dominate to taunt you and prime an astrolite suicide bomb. While possessed, the guard's appearance morphs to resemble [=LaCroix=], and speaks using his voice.]]
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: Was apparently an officer in Napoleon's army, making him at least 200+ years old.
* ReassignedToAntarctica: This one requires [[AllThereInTheManual a bit of knowledge of]] [[TabletopGame/OldWorldOfDarkness the setting]], but basically he has been sent to retake control of a section of the US the Camarilla hasn't controlled since 1944, without the necessary backing to actually gain any control: His 'princehood' is a hollow title, his own primogen all know it, and his foothold lives on the Anarchs' sufferance. By Camarilla elders' standards, someone is playing a very cruel joke on him, and he's already seen the punch-line. No wonder he's so bitter.
* SesquipedalianLoquaciousness: Dude loves to hear himself talk.
* SissyVillain: Downplayed, but still present. For a man driven by ambition and greed, he sure hates getting his hands dirty.
* SurroundedByIdiots: Very much believes himself to be in this position. The Anarchs hate him, the Camarilla primogens treat him like a joke, his position hangs by a thread, and the only person he can actually throw his weight against is, well, ''you''. So he does.
* SmugSnake: Even in the ending [[spoiler:where he ''wins'', he loses, and he only gets that far because the Player chose to help him]].
* TheBadGuyWins: [[spoiler:Subverted, even in the ending where you join his side and help him to win. Jack pulls a fast one on him, and you and [=LaCroix=] perish in flames together.]]
* UnfortunateNames: [=LaCroix=] is a genuine French surname. [[note]]Although its proper spelling would either be "Lacroix" or "La Croix", but since he bears an English-sounding first name, he may have Anglicised his surname as well.[[/note]] It fits this trope anyway to French audience: the name "La Croix" mostly evokes cleaning products.
* UngratefulBastard: While he does give the player a few useful bits of aid, and can be convinced to provide regular paychecks for successful missions, he ''also'' keeps trying to kill them over a matter of pride long after they've proven themselves useful.
* UriahGambit: It becomes eventually obvious that [=LaCroix=] is just trying to have the player character die by sending you on increasingly more difficult suicide missions, after being forced to spare your life at the Camarilla meeting. If you die (or fail, giving him an excuse to have you executed), he gets what he wanted in the first place; if you survive, he gets whatever he wanted out of the mission you completed. Though he seems to eventually come around to seeing you as useful enough to be worth keeping around.
* VampiresAreRich: Lives in a penthouse at the top of a skyscraper in downtown LA, decorated with quite a lot of gilt. He's certainly not poor. [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] since his sire was a Belgian noble, so he was more than likely an aristocrat in life.
* VillainousBreakdown: [[spoiler:Suffers one of these because of the player character's refusal to die. It comes to a head if he opens the sarcophagus: he sees the bombs and simply [[LaughingMad laughs madly]] until he's incinerated. He also have a pretty epic once if the player character tell him they have the key, and he discovers that [[NoSell he can't dominate them into handing it over]].]]
* VillainByDefault: No matter how useful, how polite and understanding the player is to [=LaCroix=], he never stops trying to get them killed.
* VillainWithGoodPublicity: He runs the vampire underworld by night but puts up a legitimate business front by day. Averted among his peers; many despise him, and few respect him.
* WeCanRuleTogether: Offers you a variation of this if you side with him in the ending.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: Up for debate, but this is one of several reasons a PC can offer [[spoiler:the taxi driver while determining their ending]] as to why they're remaining loyal to [=LaCroix=].
* WhyWontYouDie: His reason for everything he involves you with.

[[folder:Maximillian Strauss]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Creator/JimWard

-->''True power lies not in wealth, but in the things it affords you.''

The Tremere Primogen and Regent, Strauss is a mysterious, unfailingly polite sorcerer often found in the Tremere chantry Downtown. Unlike many of the other Elders, he actually shows some respect to the Fledgeling. [[spoiler:He becomes the new Prince in the Camarilla ending.]]
* AffablyEvil: While certainly rather amoral, Strauss's villainy is mostly [[VillainyDiscretionShot offscreen]] and in his backstory rather than front and center. And he is quite genuinely polite, well-mannered, and even reasonable in his dealings with his fellow vampires even when they don't work out, in stark contrast to [[FauxAffablyEvil many of his fellow vampires]]. This is chiefly due to the fact he's among the oldest vamps in Los Angeles. He's lived through the Camerilla getting ''kicked out'' of L.A., and still has the respect of the other Primogen.
* ALighterShadeOfBlack: He serves in the game as an alternative for players who dislike [=LaCroix=] but still want to support the Camarilla itself. He might be a MadScientist NobleBigot wizard, but he also is genuinely respectful to you, rewards you properly if you complete his quests, and [[spoiler:knows better than to open the Sarcophagus]]. This overall makes him no saint, but still a better person that the petty, power-hungry and manipulative Prince.
* BaldOfAwesome: As part of his striking "modern wizard" look.
* BenevolentBoss: He frequently helps a PC out with useful items and rewards when they deal with his quests. He will go extra-miles with a Tremere PC by offering them a place in the Clan's pyramid and a new haven in his Chantry after [[spoiler:the Gargoyle quest]]. Finally, [[spoiler:he is, along with the Anarch, one of the few people you can side with in the endgame who will not betray you.]]
* {{Bizarrchitecture}}: The hallways of his house are... unusual, and difficult to navigate.
* ClosetGeek: No, really -- if you hack his computer you learn that Strauss and his friends are beginning to play a ''World of Warcraft''-esque MMO. He is, naturally, advised to play an undead warlock.
* CoolOldGuy: Probably one of the oldest vampires in Los Angeles, as well as one of the most reasonable and affable characters in the game.
* CoolShades: A pair of orange-tinted LennonSpecs.
* TheDreaded: Unnerves all of the other clans, but that's to be expected since no one trusts the Tremere (with good reason).
* DudeWheresMyRespect: Resoundingly subverted. Strauss seems aware there's nothing to be gained by being rude to the PC and offers fair pay for hard work. This goes double if the player is a Tremere and complete all of his quests without [[spoiler:ratting him out to Isaac]]: he'll actually let you join the clan's Pyramid by becoming his apprentice, when most sireless Tremere would simply be put to death.
* {{Expy}}: His appearance seems based on [[Franchise/TheMatrix Morpheus]].
* FantasticRacism: His attitudes towards gargoyles are rather dismissive of their intelligence and somewhat reminiscent of old-school arguments for enslaving Africans, though he still seems [[IDidWhatIHadToDo rather regretful]] about how his relationship with it ended. There's also a bit of Fantastic Classism in there too; he doesn't hate the Anarchs or disregard their abilities, but he ''does'' feel they are too "childish" and impulsive to be relied upon to maintain the Masquerade. Note that in both cases, his feelings are more patronizing than hate-filled desire to exterminate.
* InSeriesNickname: A very telling one from the Malkavian PC - "Wizard King." When he refers to [=LaCroix=] as a "Jester-Prince", Max remains stoic but it's easy to see he's trying to refrain from laughing.
* KickTheDog: His reaction if [[spoiler:the Fledgeling expresses sorrow about Heather's death]]. It's akin to an adult being annoyed at a child who's just lost their most beloved toy.
* LennonSpecs: Wears a small pair perched on the bridge of his nose.
* MadScientist: An irresponsible sorcerer, at least. As a younger vampire, he created the Gargoyle that the PC has to deal with in Hollywood.
* ManBehindTheMan:
** The Malkavian run more or less says that Strauss is the real "King of the City", noting when he makes hints at ambition, his "iron crown begins to sparkle." Maximilian will be amused and a little proud, but warns them to be careful about their insight.
** Also, there's someone higher on the Tremere pyramid that he takes orders from.
* ManipulativeBastard: Played with. While he gets you to do his dirty work on a few separate occasions, he has a legitimate excuse both times: he can't go to Hollywood to deal with his gargoyle himself because, as a Camarilla elder, he could easily touch off a war, and [[spoiler: he doesn't kill [=LaCroix=] himself because KlingonPromotion is generally bad form.]] Unlike [=LaCroix=], he also rather generously rewards you for mot of these services.
* TheMentor: Slightly, especially to a Tremere.
* NiceGuy: For a vampire, he's ridiculously polite, even refraining from blasting [=LaCroix=]'s leadership of the Camarilla too harshly despite having good reason to do so.
* NobleBigot: While quite classist and prejudiced against other clans and factions, Strauss is more patronizing than hate-mongering in his prejudices, and is never unwilling to admit that [[YouAreACreditToYourRace he might have misjudged a situation because of them]].
* TheOlderImmortal: Older than [=LaCroix=] and a Tremere elder. His age is probably counted in centuries, and could be anything up to around 900.
* PetTheDog: He's willing to adopt the Tremere PC into the Pyramid in exchange for some admittedly pretty weighty favors. That's a show of exceptional generosity for a Tremere, who are huge on organizational security. It also avoids the potentially fatal difficulties that would otherwise lie in wait for a rogue Tremere PC (as befell your sire).
* PragmaticVillainy: Why he wants to put an end to the plague raging through the city: dead mortals mean uncomfortable questions.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: To the point that [[spoiler:he doesn't doublecross you or otherwise lead you to your downfall in his ending. In fact, his ending has you extremely well off as second in command of LA's Camarilla.]]
** Unlike most characters, he knows that the Malkavian PC isn't talking nonsense. Even he can't fully interpret their meaning, but he implores the PC pay heed and warns them to beware of a ProphecyTwist.
** Maximilian also desires Nines Rodriguez as an ally, despite their diametrically opposed political allegiances, partly because Nines kept the Kuei-Jin in check.
* SecretKeeper: The PC can become this regarding the fact [[spoiler: Strauss created the Gargoyle]]. He admits this pretty readily though it could potentially get him killed by his superiors.
* TheStarscream: Implied to be this with [=LaCroix=]. There's some in-universe text he's letting him take all the heat until things get better sorted out and he can step up to take [=LaCroix=]'s place.
* TheStoic: Even when the PC is being very aggressive and unreasonable, Strauss will rarely change the tone of his voice from a cool, soothing murmur.
* {{Tsundere}}: Investigating his emails will reveal that he has something going on with Velvet Velour, though his replies are also very much defensive about it. In fact, his introduction during the first cutscene has him shrug off Velvet's blown kiss.

[[folder:The Sheriff]]
->''Oh, the Sheriff, yeah. I love how everyone's talkin' about that big mystery. It's like someone Embraced a doped-up gorilla!''
-->-- '''Jack'''

A huge, mute kindred who follows [=LaCroix=] everywhere as his bodyguard. Wields a gargantuan sword and apparently comes from Africa. He was the one who beheaded your Sire.
* AchillesHeel: In his bat form, he's vulnerable to bright lights - especially the spotlights on the roof of Venture Tower.
* BadassLongcoat: During the tutorial and when he stands guard over [=LaCroix=] in his penthouse. He discards it in the endgame.
* TheBeastmaster: Can use Animalism, used in-game to summon two wraithwolves and a swarm of bugs to slaughter some Sabbat {{Mooks}} during the tutorial.
* {{BFS}}: The Sheriff seems to wield [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Cloud's Buster Sword]].
* CutscenePowerToTheMax: He only uses his Animalism powers once, in a tutorial cutscene, to one-shot three Sabbat vampires. If the PC fights him, he sticks to melee.
* TheDragon: His only role in the game is as [=LaCroix=]'s enforcer.
* DreadlockWarrior: A hulking, terrifying killing machine with dreadlocks, no less.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: Did you think Jack's CurbStompBattle of a trio of Sabbat was impressive? The Sheriff barely even ''moves'' in taking out three of them ''even faster''.
* EvilIsBigger: He's about one and a half times the size of anyone else in the game.
* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep: "Sheriff" is his title, but nobody even seems to know any other name he might go by.
* [[CadreOfForeignBodyguards Foreign Bodyguard]]: To Lacroix. Like with most other examples of the trope, being a foreigner and having no political skin in the game he's unquestionably loyal to his employer.
* FlatCharacter: The Sheriff appears to have no character whatsoever and nobody knows anything about him: He's never seen out of sight of [=LaCroix=] and never interacts with anyone in a non-killing-them setting. [[NothingIsScarier He makes the other LA kindred a bit nervous as a result]].
* {{Gonk}}: Just look at that mug. It's probably a good thing he never leaves Lacroix's side, because that face would probably be a Masquerade violation all on its own.
* GrievousHarmWithABody: As the Chiropteran Behemoth, he can toss people at you.
* MadeOfIron: Takes a lot of punishment to bring down, in both his forms.
* OneWingedAngel: He becomes a massive [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment bat-creature]] when the fight against the PC starts to go against him.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent: The Sheriff doesn't fit any of the clans in the Camarilla, and no one seems to have any clue what the hell he actually is - though he is most likely a Nagloper, an obscure Tzimisce bloodline originating from Africa.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: [[MonochromaticEyes Monochromatic]], no less.
* ScaryBlackMan: Though his UndeathlyPallor, red eyes and inhuman size means he doesn't look much like any actual ethnicity.
* TheStoic: His expression never changes, whether he's acting as intimidating muscle for [=LaCroix=], acting as the Camarilla's executioner, or going toe-to-toe with the PC in a boss fight.
* TeleportSpam: Likes to reappear behind the PC after being hit. Think fast.
* TheVoiceless: Unless you count his bestial shrieks of rage and pain in his bat form.
* YouKilledMyFather: He kills the PC's sire at the beginning of the game. Although there's never a conversation with him to say it outright, the PC can express anger at this fact to other characters in the game.

[[folder:Gary Golden]]
->'''Voiced by:''' Neil Ross

-->''By the clack-smack cracking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes. I don't remember seeing you on the guest list for the dinner party; we're having a wrap party for the Misfits about forty years late. Cast and crew only, boss.''

The Nosferatu Primogen and former Hollywood star, now the sarcastic king of Hollywood's underworld. One of the most secretive members of the local Camarilla, [[spoiler: he masterminds the theft of the Ankaran Sarcophagus and its sale to the Giovanni.]]
* AddedAlliterativeAppeal: [[IronicNickname "Gorgeous"]] Gary Golden.
* AnOfferYouCantRefuse: He rewarded [[PlayfulHacker Mitnick]] for discovering a Nosferatu database by turning him and having him joins the clan. Mitnick [[CursedWithAwesome doesn't seem to mind]].
* AtLeastIAdmitIt: His stance towards uppity Toreador [=PCs=]; in various lines of dialogue, he rails at them for trying to deny their inherent monstrosity with "Paris Fashions and Pomp."
* BeautyToBeast: The classic Nosferatu Cleopatra archetype: a former handsome, vain Hollywood star turned into a grotesque undead monster having to survive in complete clandestinity. He in turn did the same to Imalia.
* TheBarnum: Loves playing visitors and customers like puppets, especially in [[spoiler:playing both sides of the fence in the search for the Ankaran Sarcophagus.]] Clan lore suggests that this is actually ''the preferred position'' to take when dealing with distasteful non-Nosferatu clients, vis-a-vis providing false information. Thankfully, he seems to like the PC - especially if you're a Nosferatu.
* BerserkButton: Like most Nosferatu, he loathes Toreador, especially those who play to the clan stereotype.
* BreakTheHaughty: As he was once a movie star renowned for his looks and charm, he endured this following his embrace. However, he's had the the time to adjust and eventually reinvent himself.
* BodyHorror: As typical of the Nosferatu. However, he's downright ''handsome'' for the standard.
* CoolOldGuy: While rather creepy, Gary is still the sort of Primogen who looks after his own, and he never goes back on his word with you.
* DeadpanSnarker: Competes with Beckett for the title of snarkiest NPC in the game.
* DarkIsNotEvil: He's [[LooksLikeOrlok monstrous-looking]], [[MummiesAtTheDinnerTable plays house with corpses]] and is the mastermind of the L.A. Nosferatu's SinisterSurveillance network. But he's also strictly neutral in the power struggle between the vampire factions ([[KnowledgeBroker except for selling the occasional intel to the highest bidder]]), [[PapaWolf protective toward his clan]], and relatively straightforward with the player.
* EvilPhone: Not [[DarkIsNotEvil exactly evil]], but certainly startling if you forgot about Gary's promise to call you on a payphone.
* GloryDays: Zigzagged. Gary never completely got over his Hollywood past, making regular references to it in his introduction and sending the player on a fetch quest to bring back an old tape of one of his movies. But he's still a very effective primogen and seems to enjoy the perks of his position.
* GreenEyedMonster: Implied almost to the point of stated. His speech he does when a Toreador, a vampire defined by beauty and culture, enters his lair is dripping with venom. When you consider Nosferatu have a knack targeting beautiful (if vain) people and if you study said lair that is full of old derelict mementos from his GloryDays, it's likely Gary, despite what he said about how a vampire should act and be, never overcame the anger he felt at his transformation and still wish he became a Toreador instead.
* GutturalGrowler: Possibly a side effect of his transformation, as he used to be a famous romantic lead and movie star.
* HearingVoices: Introducing himself while [[{{Invisibility}} Obfuscated]], he pretends that he's actually a voice in your head. And when the Malkavian PC remarks that he doesn't sound like the usual voice, Gary counters with "Maybe I ''killed'' the voice in your head, boss."
* InformedDeformity: Gary ''is'' a Nosferatu and therefore LooksLikeOrlok, but he and the PlayerCharacter describe him as horrifying despite him looking almost handsome compared to Bertram Tung and Andrei the Tzimisce.
* IronicNickname: "Gorgeous" Gary Golden. Though he apparently earned it while he was alive.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: While this is far more apparent if the player is a Nosferatu, the game subtly implies that Mr. Golden is a much better person than he comes off as. For starters, he uses you just as much as everyone else in the game, but he is far more candid about it, he keeps his word when he makes a deal with you, he appreciates it if you are straightforward with him (if Mitnick is to be believed), and, if the player is a Nosferatu, he supplies you with your second haven when with every other clan [[spoiler: (except the Tremere)]] it is [=LaCroix=] who does so. And his favor is to help out a member of his clan in trouble rather than him personally.
* KnowledgeBroker: As Nosferatu Primogen, this is guaranteed, particularly when [[spoiler:the LA Nosferatu decide they don't like [=LaCroix=] any more]].
* LargeHam: Gary purposefully overplays his own monstrosity, complete with evil chuckles and theatrics in terms of word choice and voice pitch.
* LeanAndMean: His body is very emaciated, though the "mean" part depends on the PC's interactions with him.
* LooksLikeOrlok: Though he still looks better than most Nosferatu in-game, since he doesn't have any real skin diseases.
* TheMovieBuff: Peppers his dialogue with references to classical films, including some created after he became a vampire.
* MummiesAtTheDinnerTable: When you finally reach him, he's apparently been busy preparing a "dinner party" in his lair for a reunion of the cast and crew of ''[[Film/TheMisfits The Misfits]]''. Said reunion includes rats for main course, and the various "guests" have been dead for quite a time.
* NothingIsScarier: He never directly attacks anyone, and can be genuinely friendly to the player character. If anything, this makes him more terrifying.
* ObfuscatingInsanity: Gary's actions and dialogue are very kooky, no doubt about it. He's also one of the most clever and competent characters in the game, being miles ahead of everyone else at any given moment. If he actually is insane, it's not going to hinder him at all.
* SharpDressedMan: Wears a crisp white shirt, black vest and bow-tie.
* StealthExpert: Doesn't matter how good your stats are. Gary ''will'' get the drop on you.
* StrangeMindsThinkAlike: He jokes about being a voice in the player's head, leading the Malkavian PC to note that he doesn't sound like the usual ones.
* TheSpymaster: As befits his [[PlanetOfHats clan]].
* VerbalTic: He ends just about every sentence with "Boss."
* WhiteDwarfStarlet: Played with. He didn't lose his career to age, but to the vampire curse, and he ''still'' looks better than most.
* YoungerThanTheyLook[=/=]WiseBeyondTheirYears: Gary was embraced during [[TheSixties the early sixties]]. Despite this he's ''way'' more cynical and politically savvy than many LA vampires several times his age.

[[folder:Alistair Grout]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' J. Grant Albrecht

-->''I am confident no cure for my condition or that of my beloved wife lies within our figurative minds, waiting to be unlocked by the correct combination of memories recovered from our childhoods. And I am ''most'' certain it has nothing to do with [[AllPsychologyIsFreudian the relationship between myself, my parents and my... genitals]]. Sorry, [[UsefulNotes/SigmundFreud Sigmund]], but I choose to stay my course. In time, too, may ''your'' star fade and disappear...''

The Malkavian Primogen, a former psychiatrist obsessed with finding a cure for his wife's Malkavian catatonia. Little is known of him until you're asked to inspect his mansion, whereupon you find that [[spoiler:he's been killed by Ming Xiao.]]
* ApocalypticLog: His audiotapes.
* ArbitrarySkepticism: Despite being a vampire, he views himself as the OnlySaneMan among his kin that he sees as a superstitious, backstabbing lot. This being the [[TabletopGame/OldWorldOfDarkness World of Darkness]], the superstitious are actually right. For extra irony, he ''is'' a Malkavian, so his stubborn attachment to Enlightenment thinking might just have been reinforced by his derangement.
* BedlamHouse: His home, full of mad ghouls in straight jackets and muzzles and loaded with creepy secret passages and the trappings of the very worst of last-century's mental treatments.
* DeliberateValuesDissonance: Judging by his approach to security and the many audiotapes around his house, he still adheres to his era's ideas of how to treat the mentally ill along with many other extinct forms of medicine, such as phrenology.
* EinsteinHair: His portrait, though it might be an artistic exaggeration.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: One reason for all the insane ghouls wandering the house is that he is using them to find a cure for his wife's condition.
* FakingTheDead: Possibly, since he's been a vampire for around fifty years, and a vampire of that age should have turned entirely to ash upon death, and not left behind a skeleton.
* GotMeDoingIt: In one of his logs, he notes with dismissal how some Kindred are prone to flowery, gothic speech patterns... only to catch himself monologuing the same way himself, to his own annoyance.
* HauntedHouse: Averted, his house is definitely scary and crawling with insane ghouls, but it is ''not'' haunted.
* HearingVoices: The audiotapes report that his Malkavian madness eventually appeared in the form of voices echoing from other vampires during conversation, providing him with secret details of their lives; Grout kept his composure until the voices started to speak outside of conversation, warning him about [[spoiler:a powerful vampire implied to be [=LaCroix=] and "his blackest crimes, both past and future."]]
* IHateYouVampireDad: Grout voices frustration that he never had the chance to question his sire (or "my infector" as he calls her). Apparently an asylum inmate, she attacked and successfully Embraced him, only to be set upon by orderlies and locked in the roaming pen; by the time Grout regained consciousness, the sunrise had killed her. In the same entry he mentions this, he bitterly notes that she'd probably be just like the "mewling wretches" that make up his current crop of test subjects.
* LackOfEmpathy: Illustrated beautifully when one of his test subjects gnaws off one of his own arms and escapes into the floorboards; Grout's sole concern is for the ''atrocious'' mess the subject must be making in there. In fact, the only resident of his house that seems to draw the slightest bit of sympathy from him is his wife.
* MadScientist: Though quite restrained in his insanity. That is, if you don't count his casual disregard for the life of his "patients", his fetishism for [[BedlamHouse cruel, old school psychiatric treatments]], and the weird architecture of his mansion.
* OutgrownSuchSillySuperstitions: Has very little patience for what he views as a bunch of mystical gobbledegook, and is dismissive of many of the more occult traditions of vampire society.
* PosthumousCharacter: [[spoiler:His murder gets pinned on a couple of different places, but Ming Xiao is eventually revealed to be the culprit.]]
* ProperlyParanoid: Well, he's Malkavian, he's powerful, and this is the World of Darkness. ''Someone's'' gonna be out to get him.
* PsychoPsychologist: Despite his rather calm demeanor, Grout is ''not'' someone you want treating you.
* SanitySlippage: As with all Malkavians, he's insane; however, Grout has a very slow-acting version of the Malkavian madness, going from a cold-hearted psychopath to a reclusive paranoid schizophrenic over the course of several decades.
** Also a case of ShownTheirWork: in the tabletop rules for Masquerade, a vampire losing Humanity could gain a Derangement, so ''all'' vampires could be insane, Malkavians are just ''guaranteed'' to be. Grout likely started with only the one Derangement as part of the Malkavian Clan weakness (likely delusions that nothing supernatural could possibly exist), and gained more as he pursued his increasingly-unethical experiments to try and cure himself and his wife, piling on the Derangements as he botched his Degeneration rolls.
* SesquipedalianLoquaciousness: Notes that vampires do it, theorizes as to why, then realizes he's [[GotMeDoingIt doing it too]] over the course of one diary recording.
* ShoutOut: To Coppola's "Bram Stoker's Dracula". The audiotapes he leaves around are similar to the ones used by Dr. Seward and he also operates an asylum of sorts. Furthermore, his [[LoveMakesYouCrazy basic motivations]]...
** His relationship with his wife is reminiscent of [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Mr. Freeze]].
* SoapOperaDisease: His wife suffers from a mysterious illness, and he's been spending the better part of the twentieth century using his powers to keep her in suspended animation and looking for a cure. Since he's a Malkavian, it's entirely possible that he's delusional and that the disease in question was just aging, [[MummiesAtTheDinnerTable or even death]].
* TheSpock: By Malkavian standards, to the point that the Ventrue diplomats that persuaded him to become Primogen hand-tailored their arguments to his "obvious infatuation with reason."
* TheVoice: The player never actually meets Grout himself and only hears the various audio logs he leaves in his mansion. [[spoiler:By the time you get to his room, he's already dead.]]

[[folder:Bertram Tung]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Creator/DeeBradleyBaker

-->''News travels down the Kindred grapevine like wildfire, and that courtroom spat between [=LaCroix=] and Nines Rodriguez is a juicy little morsel. And you in the middle... how interesting.''

A Nosferatu agent of the Camarilla in Santa Monica. Living out of an abandoned fuel tank, he can show you the way to the Sabbat storehouse, but you must first persuade Therese Voerman to call off her feud with him. He also has a ghoul running errands for him in town.
* BodyHorror: It looks like his head is full of huge zits, about to explode. One's bigger than his ''eyes''. He's probably the ugliest Nosferatu you'll meet.
* TheChessmaster: A minor one, but he has a gambit in place to fool you into killing a local Kuei-Jin spy for him. This also serves as an introduction to the convoluted politics of Jyhad, as Tung himself notes.
--> Don't take it too hard, fledgling. I won't be the last Elder to milk you for a favor.
* DeadpanSnarker: Not afraid to take the piss out of the miserable world he lives in and the various people in it. Including you, by the way.
* DecliningPromotion: He rejects the option of competing for the control of Santa Monica, and holds no special position within the Nosferatu clan despite being possibly older than his own Primogen; as he points out himself, ruling over Santa Monica is of little value anyway, seeing how there are barely more than four vampires[[note]]Thin-Blood vagrants don't really count.[[/note]] in the whole area.
* FantasticRacism: He definitely likes some clans less than others. He's pretty disdainful of the Brujah and Gangrel, and really doesn't like interacting with the Malkavians, even though he admits to finding them amusing and occasionally insightful. He ''especially'' doesn't care for or trust the Tremere - if you are playing as one and were able to see through Knox's facade earlier, he'll angrily assume you must have used blood magic.
* GracefulLoser: If you manage to figure out that he's manipulating you, he reacts with grudging admiration; unless you're a Tremere, in which case he'll respond with utter disgust, dismissing your deduction as the use of blood magic. And if you play as a fellow Nosferatu, [[SoProudOfYou he just about gives you a round of applause]].
* GrudgingThankYou: Betram gives the player one if they're playing a Tremere and figure out the attempted manipulation mentioned above, but take care of The Cathayan anyway.
* InSeriesNickname: The Malkavian calls him "Nasty Dude", which s/he probably picked up from Knox (or "Your Nastiness" or "[[ShoutOut Your]] [[Film/TheBigLebowski Dudeness]]").
* KnowledgeBroker: As part of his clan's [[PlanetOfHats hat]].
* MrExposition: Will freely give (rather biased) information on the Clans and the important people in the city.
* [[MyCountryRightOrWrong My Sect, Right Or Wrong]]: Bertram isn't all that enthusiastic about [=LaCroix=]'s leadership, but if you poke him about the Camarilla you'll find out he genuinely believes that the organization provides safety for Kindred as a whole and that the Anarchs are misguided for wanting more freedom.
* OhCrap: When he realizes the PC is a Malk. MrExposition, meet Mr {{Foreshadowing}}.
* UglyGuyHotWife: They weren't married, but he apparently had an affair with Jeanette.
--> Quite an interesting specimen... but a pain in my dead ass, for sure.

->'''Voiced by:''' Jay Gordon

-->''I've got no excuse - a Nosferatu getting caught by a bunch of humans... this is a new low.''

A Nosferatu agent in Chinatown, he ended up getting kidnapped by the Fu Syndicate and experimented on. In order to receive information on the whereabouts of the Ankaran Sarcophagus from Gary, you're going to have to rescue him.
* BadassBookworm: He's a great hacker, but this doesn't stop him from firing up Potence and hurling guards across rooms in his escape.
* ExtremeMeleeRevenge: He joyfully tears the guards apart after being freed.
* GuestStarPartyMember: One of the few points in an unmodded game where someone actually helps you fight.
* GutturalGrowler: Like most Nosferatu.
* MyGreatestFailure: Getting captured by mere mortals.

->'''Voiced by:''' Jay Gordon

-->''Oh my god, are you kidding me? What are you using for security down there, [[UsefulNotes/TRS80 a Trash-80]]? Guys, it's called "encryption." This is too easy; I'd let you off the hook, but stupidity always brings out the asshole in me...''

A former master hacker, Mitnick's life actually seems to have improved as a result of his transformation into a Nosferatu, unlike Gary and Imalia. However, he still needs your help with setting up a few Schrecknet hubs around the city...
* AlwaysABiggerFish: Which he found out when he tried to hack [=ShreckNet=].
* TheCracker: Even ''before'' he learned from the best.
* CursedWithAwesome: Mitnick fully acknowledges that his Embrace was the best thing that could have possibly happened to him.
--> '''Mitnick:''' Are you kidding? Ha ha! I love this shit. I mean, yeah... I'm not gonna win any beauty contest, but I wasn't too good looking before anyway. Now I get all the new toys, [[LivingForeverIsAwesome plus I just happen to get to live forever]]. Not a bad deal if you ask me.
* GutturalGrowler: Notable in its ''aversion''. Mitnick is the only Nosferatu in the game who doesn't have a pound of phelm stuck in his throat.
* PlayfulHacker: What else can you call a man who once emailed all of America's nuclear missile activation codes... to the President?
* MeaningfulName / ShoutOut: [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Mitnick To Kevin Mitnick]].
* RedEyesTakeWarning: Subverted - like Beckett, Mitnick is one of the more personable characters in the game.
* SinisterSurveillance: If you accept his quest offer, you're given the job of expanding said SinisterSurveillance for him.
* {{Troll}}, which he plays to the hilt (as seen in his character quote above.) He's pretty nice when not EnragedByIdiocy though.

->'''Voiced by:''' Margaret Tang

-->''Bitch! I can't believe she got the cover of Glamorella this month!''

One of Gary's most recent Childer, Imalia used to be a world-famous model; punished for her vanity by a Nosferatu Embrace, she still hasn't gotten over her lost beauty or the fact that her place in the spotlight has been usurped. In fact, she's willing to offer quite a bit of money in exchange for any dirt on her replacement...
* AlphaBitch: Quite the prima donna in life, and still has the temper in death.
* BaldWoman: Her hair fell out as part of her curse.
* BeautyToBeast: Gary Golden passed upon his own vampiric curse to her, apparently for nothing but his own amusement. Imalia is still very much furious about the whole ordeal.
* BreakTheHaughty: As an obvious Cleopatra (a Nosferatu embraced into the clan for being beautiful and too prideful about it), this is a given. Unfortunately, it hasn't quite taken yet.
* DrivenByEnvy: What she has ended up as, due to her removal from the modeling scene and new model Tawni Sessions taking her place.
* EarlyBirdCameo: Long before you ever actually have the opportunity to meet her, the player character can find a poster of her from back when she was still a model (and, you know, not a hideous undead horror) in Carson the bounty hunter's apartment. Her name is also the password for his computer, which you need to hack in order to advance in that particular sidequest, so her presence there is actually a ''clue.''
* GlasgowGrin: She seems to have one, with her cheeks stapled back together.
* GutturalGrowler: A rare female example.
* PunishedWithUgly: Ending her modelling career in a hurry.
* TheyreCalledPersonalIssuesForAReason: Her quest involves getting some dirt on her replacement, Tawni Sessions, to ruin her career. She's overjoyed when it goes so far that Tawni kills herself. It also serves as a learning experience for her, since she uses the clan's methods to do it.
* WhiteDwarfStarlet: Like Gary, more as a result of being undead than anything else.

!!The Anarchs

[[folder:"Nines" Rodriguez]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Armando Valdes-Kennedy

-->''LA's the school of hard knocks, so keep your friends close and your enemies in a barbecue pit.''

Leader of the Anarchs in Los Angeles, Nines is a Brujah freedom fighter and product of the Depression: He loathes the Camarilla and the Kuei-Jin with a passion and believes in the continued existence of the Free State LA, but is forced to tolerate the other factions because he hasn't got the manpower for an all-out war against both sides. Having lost his own Sire at a young age, he opposed your execution in the first place and also helps you out a couple of times during the story; Jack implies he has a soft spot for outcasts like the fledgling. [[spoiler:With your unwitting help, [=LaCroix=] and Ming Xiao manage to frame him for the murder of Grout and later the Fledgeling him/herself for Nines' (fake) death. In the Anarch ending he takes control of the city.]]
* AllThereInTheManual: ''Beckett's Jyhad Diary'' establishes that his first name is Armando ([[TheDanza same as his voice actor]]), and that he was born in 1922 and Embraced in 1949.
* BadassGrandpa: Though he looks pretty young and handsome, he's actually one of the older vampires in the Anarchs.
* BeautyEqualsGoodness: As mentioned, he looks handsome and healthy-looking, if a bit pale. This is possibly the result of a high [[KarmaMeter Humanity]] score.
* BerserkButton: Say something bad about the Anarchs, he won't speak to you for quite a long time. Also, do not mention the Camarilla while he's around, that tends to irritate him, though he's a little more forgiving if you're new.
* CoolOldGuy: He's from the 1920s and thus one of the older (but not oldest) Kindred you'll meet.
* CombatPragmatist: Who brings a ''grenade'' to a street fight? Nines does, that's who.
* {{Expy}}: Of the late Anarch leader Jeremy [=McNeil=]. With elements of his chief lieutenant, Salvador Garcia.
* HairTriggerTemper: Though he's more reasonable than many Anarchs when he's calm, his Brujah blood can flare up in a hurry if you're not careful what you say.
* JustTheFirstCitizen: Eschews titles as part of his populist rejection of the Camarilla and the old world-style politics it represents, but he's still functionally the head of the Anarchs.
* OlderThanTheyLook: One of the oldest Anarchs in the city, despite his youthful good looks.
* MeaningfulName:
** Since Nines is a self-proclaimed gunfighter, he probably has his name from the Anarch game 9mm Tag, which is also commonly known as Nines.
** A Malkavian player will ask him "what happened to numbers one to eight". Nines responds in a manner that implies someone like that actually existed but died, implying he's the ninth leader of the Anarch Free State. He might just be playing along though.
* TheMentor: Nines can teach basic brawling or melee skill at two points in the game if you aren't good enough at them. He'll also give you pretty solid advice for getting started.
* NiceGuy: Unless you manage to piss him off, he usually acts in a calm, nice and helpful manner. This stands in direct contrast to the other Anarchs in the game, most of them who are notably more hot-headed.
* NotSoDifferent: From [=LaCroix=], in a lot of ways. Just don't [[BerserkButton imply it while he's nearby]].
* RebelliousSpirit: A much more controlled and mature version of the ones Damsel and Skelter have. According to some characters, Nines was disillusioned by how the rich screwed over the poor in the 20's and 30's, especially after the Depression hit, and still carries a grudge.
* WorthyOpponent: Bertram Tung, Mercurio and Maximillian Strauss, all supporters of the Camarilla, can express respect for him and state that he'd make a valuable ally if vampire politics didn't get in the way.


->'''Voiced by:''' Courtney Taylor

-->''You wanna know what my problem is? Alright, I'll tell you what my problem is, you ready? ''You'' are my goddamn problem! Anyone who would lay it down for some cape in an ivory tower deserves what they get!''

A bad tempered, hot-blooded Brujah girl and one of Nines' henchmen. Is quite rude, but turns out to have a nicer persona after all, under the right circumstances.
* BerserkButton: Anything and everything to do with the Camarilla.
* CutHisHeartOutWithASpoon: Her reaction to [[spoiler: Ming Xiao]]'s betrayal, should you take that route, is a sight to behold.
* FieryRedhead: Fitting for the hot-blooded Brujah clan.
* GranolaGirl: Given her cap and some comments you can get out of her with the right dialogue options, she appears to be an anarcho-communist politically. Skelter compares her to an anti-Vietnam flower child, raging against the Camarilla without really understanding what it is, though he admits that she's rather tough and fierce for a hippie.
* HairTriggerTemper: Like many Brujah, it doesn't take her much to fly into rage.
* NiceHat: Her beret, possibly a ShoutOut to communist figures such as [[UsefulNotes/CheGuevara the Che]].
* OldShame: [[invoked]]If you befriend Gary, he'll pay you for a copy of one of his old films with some tasteful nudes she did in college. He also implies she won't be happy to find out someone found them.
* SoapBoxSadie : Even she admits that she takes time to get down from her soap box. If you ever ask about what she thinks, she warns you about it before starting her rant.
* TeamMom: She's the "Den Mother" of the local Anarchs.
* {{Tsundere}}: Against the PC, especially if you keep helping the Anarchs while maintaining Camarilla loyalty. The Malkavian describes her as a "candy heart with a 'fuck you' on it" (the non-crazies describe her as "a bitch, but in a good way").


-> '''Voiced by:''' Creator/PhilLaMarr

-->''Whatever, man. I choose not to submit: I signed away my rights once, and it landed my ass in a southeast Asian jungle with nothin' but an M16 and a shitload of questions. Now I'm dead, and the real hell starts. I'll be dust before I roll over and take it again.''

A Gangrel and another of Nines' men. Conversation with him reveals him to be a Vietnam veteran.
* BaldOfAwesome: As a war vet with lots of experience fighting a secret war against frightening foes.
** BaldBlackLeaderGuy: Though he's second to Nines, he's still a leader of the Anarchs and of obvious African descent.
* TheDragon: To Nines.
* FantasticRacism: Toward Ghouls, judging by his comment after your took care of Patty. According to him, they are nothing but a weakness for vampires.
* InformedAttribute: Him being a Gangrel is an AllThereInTheManual information; in-game, he is never seen using any Gangrel Discipline, nor does he ever mention it. In fact, many fans wrongly assumed he was a Brujah.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: His introduction to you is nothing but insults for being [=LaCroix=]'s lackey, but he's rather helpful and informative about vampire lore once you get past them.
* ReligiousBruiser: Sort of. He's somewhat versed in biblical-vampirical lore and seems to believe in the existence of Caine and the Antediluvians to the point where he'll tell you to keep your voice down when saying Caine's name.
* ScaryBlackMan: While he isn't a full-on AngryBlackMan because of the lack of racial overtones in his ideology, he ''is'' from the Gangrel clan and initially has a very low opinion of you as a Camarilla errand boy that he isn't shy about being aggressive and intimidating with.
* ShellShockedVeteran: Claims explicitly to have served in Vietnam.
* WarriorPoet: Once he calms down, he's capable of speaking quite eloquently about the Blood Bond and the Masquerade.

[[folder:"Smiling" Jack]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Creator/JohnDiMaggio

-->''Now you an' I maybe ain't seen eye to eye on everything - to be honest, I've made vampires deepthroat dynamite for less aggravation - but I think we understand each other, and hey! Our unlives are ours to do with as we will.''

A jovial Brujah Elder who teaches you the basics of Vampire lore and the mechanics of the World of Darkness. [[spoiler:He's actually the man behind the Ankharan Sarcophagus' arrival and its eventual fate.]]
* BadassBeard: A holdover from his pirate days.
* BadassBiker: He dresses and looks like one, even if there's little indication he ''is'' one.
* BewareTheSillyOnes: Jack is more playful and seemingly carefree than any other Kindred you'll meet in the game. He's also positively ancient by the city's standards and has the Disciplines, the amorality and especially the cunning that you'd expect from any vampire Elder.
* BigBrotherMentor: He's there to show you the ropes of being a vampire and act as the game's tutorial.
* BoisterousBruiser: Always laughing, joking, and having the time of his life even when he's crushing the skulls of incompetent Sabbat.
* TheCameo: Smiling Jack is, like Beckett, actually a member of the wider World of Darkness tabletop game.
* ChekhovsSkill: His quote about having made someone deep-throat dynamite implies that he knows a thing or two about explosives...
** Also the fact that he was a pirate.
* TheChessmaster: [[spoiler:Quite possibly the biggest one in the entire game. By sending in an artifact rumored to contain a slumbering Antediluvian and setting everyone in L.A. against one another, he's responsible for setting the whole plot in motion.]]
* CigarChomper: During the intro and the ending. Note that as a vampire, he should be unable to enjoy smoking them, so he probably just does it to look cool or more human. Fitting, since he shares [[Creator/JohnDiMaggio a voice actor]] with [[{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}} Bender]].
* CoolOldGuy: Despite his bloodthirsty streak, he takes you under his wing and helps ease you into the weird world you've fallen into, which makes a hell of a contrast to [=LaCroix=] decapitating your sire and dumping you in the street.
* DeadpanSnarker: A lot of his dialogue consist of colorful jokes directed at the current situation and his enemies.
* DoesNotLikeGuns: He mentions early on that he doesn't like using guns because they're loud and ineffective at killing vampires. [[spoiler:Explosives, on the other hand, he has no problems with.]]
-->'''Jack:''' But this is L.A., and that means you better be strapped.
* GeniusBruiser: Extremely clever and well-informed under his wild exterior.
* HeKnowsTooMuch: Once played straight, once narrowly averted.
** In the tutorial, he sends you to kill a couple of gangbangers who stumbled into the middle of the Sabbat raid [[KilledToUpholdTheMasquerade because they've seen too much.]]
** If you play a Malkavian and chat with him at the Last Round often enough, [[spoiler: he'll express some alarm at just how much of his plan you seem to be clued into, and make it clear that if he thought you actually ''understood'' some of the things you're babbling about, he'd be [[ImpliedDeathThreat "talking to a pile of ash right now."]] ]]
* HistoricalDomainCharacter: Canonically, he's [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calico_Jack Calico Jack]].
* MoralMyopia: Claims to think about ordinary humans the way humans think about cattle: he wouldn't go out of his way to kill them for no reason, but he also doesn't particularly care one way or another if they die. [[GameplayAndStoryIntegration This is largely in line with his in-game Humanity stat.]]
* MrExposition: He's the tutorial of the game, showing you the basics of being a vampire.
* NoSell: Attacking him during the tutorial yields no results.
-->'''Jack:''' I'd be pissed if this wasn't so cute. Look at you, trying so hard!
* ObfuscatingStupidity: Oh, he has the homeless Brujah thug look down alright, but a single conversation with him displays he's actually quite intelligent. [[spoiler: In the end we discover he's been playing most everybody in the game for fools.]]
* TheOlderImmortal: Canonically 400 years old. Unlike Strauss and Beckett you never get that vibe off of him and the other anarchs treat him as "one of them" despite his fame and age.
* PalsWithJesus: [[spoiler:If the cab driver Jack's chummy with isn't Caine himself, then he's still a very powerful vampire.]]
* ThePigPen:
-->'''Jack:''' Running water? Ah, that's no problem. I bathe... ''occasionally''.
* {{Pirate}}: What he used to be.
* RedBaron: Known as "Smilin' Jack", although he never uses it himself.
* WhatTheHellPlayer: Jack will call you out on editing your stats if you do it before you meet him. A Malkavian character will claim either Caine boosted his stats, or [[MediumAwareness he just wants to make the game easier]].
* YourVampiresSuck: Since he takes it upon himself to teach you the basics of being a Kindred, he also informs you of which weaknesses do or don't apply to your new condition, along with informing you that no, a mortal you feed from won't turn into another vampire.
-->'''Jack:''' [[ThisIsReality Forget that comic book crap, kid]]. It don't work that way.

[[folder:The Voerman Twins]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Creator/GreyDelisle

-->''Therese Voerman, yes. I'm the proprietor of this club, and the only person in this city whose good side it's in your best interest to stay on.''

-->''Oooh, what do we have here? Another scrumptious young plaything straight out of life and into my club? Mmm... you smell new, little boy/girl, like fabric softener dew on freshly mowed Astroturf. Oh, I'm not frightening you, am I, duckling?''

The Voerman Twins make up Therese Voerman, Anarch Baroness of Santa Monica, and her sister/nemesis Jeanette, a Malkavian and owner of the Asylum nightclub. The two almost never operate alone, and fill the same character sheet. [[spoiler:Mainly because 'they' is actually a 'she' -- Voerman is a single Malkavian with Disassociative Identity Disorder.]]
* AbusiveParents: A very dark example in their past [[spoiler:with Therese' father often sexually assaulting her as a child and keeping her confined in the house, so she "wouldn't get hurt" outside. It's implied this may be the reason she developed a split personality in the form of Jeanette.]]
* AdvertisedExtra: Jeanette may be on the cover, but she really only has plot relevance at the beginning of the game.
* AnythingThatMoves: Jeanette will flirt even with the hideous Nosferatu characters.
-->'''Nosferatu PC:''' Uh, don't you find me a bit... ugly?\\
'''Jeanette:''' On the inside, we're all dead meat, kitten.
* BitchInSheepsClothing: Jeanette seems like a very nice and friendly girl, for the most part. That doesn't mean, however, [[spoiler:that she won't manipulate you into getting back at her sister by unknowingly making you destroy Therese' gallery and persuading you to give her the amulet from the haunted hotel, which Therese needed to exorcise the ghosts from said hotel. Jeanette then proceeds to throw the amulet in the ocean, thus dooming the ghosts to be trapped in the building. All of this makes Therese ''very'' pissed at both of you.]]
* CreepyTwins: [[spoiler:And they're the same person, to boot.]]
* DefrostingIceQueen: Therese, [[spoiler:especially if you manage to save them both.]]
* EthicalSlut: Jeanette, surprisingly for a vampire, somehow manages to be able to enjoy sex and apparently does so with many people, both humans and vampires. It's one of the ways she tries to amuse herself, and also a convenient way to piss off her prudish sister.
* HiddenDepths: Jeanette certainly has her issues, but she's still very friendly, outgoing and surprisingly sensitive (she comes close to tears when Therese called her a pig, for example). Furthermore, despite their estranged relationship, she still loves her sister (see her reaction [[spoiler:to Therese's optional death]]), in spite of Therese's open contempt for her. Therese also acts quite harsh and cold to both her sister and the player character initially, but subsequent interactions reveal that she does care about them, in her own way, and her [[spoiler: traumatic past]] has given her an intense need for control.
* HolierThanThou: While arguing with Jeanette about her [[HardDrinkingPartyGirl lifestyle]], Therese's criticisms take on such an edge.
* {{Mascot}}: Jeanette is the game's main poster girl.
* MeaningfulRename: [[spoiler:If you successfully reconcile the sisters, the game files will refer to the united twins as 'Tourette'. [[TourettesSyndrome Tourettes]] is a neurological disorder and sounds like a {{portmanteau}} of 'Therese' and 'Jeanette'.]]
* MismatchedEyes: Jeanette has them; Therese's eyes are both blue [[spoiler: but only when Jeanette has no control over their body. Presumably, she's wearing a colored contact.]]
* MsFanservice: Jeanette.
* MultipleChoicePast: [[spoiler:Just what the "twins" were like prior to their Embrace, which one was the original and whether the other one was a real sibling or just an ImaginaryFriend is kept ambiguous]].
* NeutralNoLonger: Therese curries favor with the Camarilla and is quite overt about having ambitions to leave the Anarch fold. [[spoiler:If she remains alive or they merge, she eventually does. If only Jeanette is alive, she stays Anarch]].
* ObfuscatingInsanity: [[spoiler:Therese and Jeanette are actually a dis-associative Malkavian, so it's played straight. The subversion is that the Therese side is quite competent at acting normal - fitting in so well, rubbing shoulders with the Camarilla and acting so upper class, you'd mistake her for a Ventrue. Jeanette, on the other hand is her exact opposite, but even she is very clever in a StreetSmart way and most of her CloudCuckooLander antics will cease whenever she's being dead serious; one might assume she were a Toreador. If they learn to get along, their combined smarts make them a political force to be reckoned with, and a contender for the new Malkavian primogen.]]
* NobleDemon: Therese prides herself to be this; unlike most of her "megalomaniac" pairs, she ''always'' keeps her part of a bargain, unless the one she made a bargain with betrayed her first.
* OptionalSexualEncounter: With Jeanette. [[spoiler:It requires staying on her good side and having her "kill" her sister.]]
* PerkyGoth: Jeanette.
* PetTheDog: Read what Jeanette says to a Nosferatu PC on AnythingThatMoves. That's the nicest thing she's ''ever'' said to anyone.
** If you choose her over Therese, [[spoiler:Jeanette is genuinely disturbed at having to kill her sister. She comes really close to crying, too.]]
** If you consistently support Therese, [[spoiler:she will be similarly devastated (though much more low-key) about having to kill Jeanette.]]
* PolarOppositeTwins: Therese is cold, reserved and professional, while Jeanette is teasy and quite emotive.
* RedOniBlueOni: Jeanette is the red to Therese's blue.
* SelfMadeOrphan: [[spoiler:Therese blew her dad's mind out "all over the silly clown wallpaper" with his shotgun.]]
* SplitPersonality: [[spoiler:Therese implies she was the "original" personality who created Jeanette to deal with her father's abuse and her sheltered lifestyle. Becoming Embraced by a Malkavian may explain why it's played so extremely.]]
** SplitPersonalityTakeover: [[spoiler:You can ultimately convince one of the two personalities to kill the other.]]
** SplitPersonalityMerge: [[spoiler:...or you can convince the two to join forces and get along in relative harmony.]]
* SugarAndIcePersonality: If you manage to save [[spoiler:both of her personalities]], she becomes quite fond of you. It doesn't mean she won't hunt you down if you reveal her secret.
* TheTease: Jeanette shamelessly flirts with the player character in their first meeting, only to leave to take care of business before things go any further than that.
* UnknownRival: More a one-sided one. Therese is waging a bitter struggle with Bertram Tung for control of Santa Monica. When you talk to him he has no idea why she thinks he's a rival; he has no interest in kindred politics and the area only has four or five vampires anyway so he's fine with her declaring herself in charge.
* VampiresOwnNightClubs: The Asylum.
* WhatTheHellHero: If you consistently work against one of the sisters and then [[spoiler:makes her the surviving personality after the takeover]], whoever you picked will chew you out afterwards. Therese claims the only reason she doesn't kill you on the spot is because she's had enough death for one day.

[[folder:Isaac Abrams]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Creator/JimWard

-->''I don't fear [=LaCroix=], nor do I give a damn about his jackboot sycophants and court jesters. Let them all come to Hollywood! It would be a battle sequence worthy of [[Creator/AkiraKurosawa Kurosawa]]!''

The Toreador Baron of Hollywood, and the financier of just about every single major American film made in the last few decades. He helps you in your quest to find the Nosferatu. Additionally, he's the sire of two other characters you meet in L.A.: Ash Rivers (whom he sired), and Velvet Velour (who he adopted).
* AllLoveIsUnrequited: Was and is still attracted to Ash, who is no longer interested in Isaac.
* AmbiguouslyJewish: Aside from his name, he both owns a jewelry store and is in involved in the film industry (see below). And his possible henchman is a Golem-like gargoyle.
* BadassBoast: When threatened with coercion from the Camarilla, he gives the quote above.
* BeenThereShapedHistory: As a vampire with considerable ties to the inner workings of Hollywood, this is pretty much expected of him. He also has a very long list of famous directors and actors he's befriended and financed over the years, and still laughs at the fact that "some studio suit lost in time" once told him that the only thing that Creator/HumphreyBogart could be used for was [[ItWillNeverCatchOn moving furniture.]]
* BeethovenWasAnAlienSpy: Isaac claims to be behind most of the top grossing pictures in Hollywood.
* CoolOldGuy: And, unlike many examples in this game, he ''looks'' rather elderly.
* {{Foil}}: To Gary Golden. Both are or were heavily involved with the film industry. One is Camarilla and the other is Anarch. Despite being a Toreador, Isaac respects Gary, though partly because he knows never to fuck with a Nosferatu primogen. Ever.
* FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire: He keeps Hollywood largely safe and clean for Kindred and mortal alike.
* GoodIsOldFashioned: He's rather disapproving of his childers' vulgar lifestyle, and of the Hollywood pornographic industry in general.
* ILoveYouVampireSon: Implied toward Ash.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He's a little ''too'' dismissive, but otherwise is a pretty chill guy and one of the only vampires in the game who seems to function like a relatively normal person.
* NobodyOver50IsGay: Averted, and not just because he's a long-lived vamp.
* ParentalSubstitute: As VV's adopted father. They seem to have a much better relationship than the one he shares with Ash, his actual Childe.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: He has no love for the Camarilla, but he also has no problem helping you repeatedly during your quest, and supports a peaceful solution with the gargoyle problem.
* SugarAndIcePersonality: Can switch from [[BerserkButton "shrewish Camarilla-hating tycoon"]] mode to [[HiddenHeartOfGold "warm-hearted father figure"]] in a matter of seconds. And back. It all depends on how polite you are with him, and how often you press the button.
* VampiresAreRich: One of the top men in Hollywood. Ash compares him to an old tree with roots in everything.

[[folder:Ash Rivers]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Jay Gordon

-->''I didnít ask for this. I didnít ask for Issac to save my life. Maybe I wanted to die. I was having fun, dammit! I was alive! Who the hell gave him the right to deny me that? I canít act any more. I canít love any more. All I can do now isÖ fade into obscurity.''

A former Hollywood star and Isaac's Childe, having been Embraced to save him from dying of a drug overdose. By the time you meet him, he's deeply tired of his vampiric unlife, and surrounded by vampire hunters, so it's up to you to save his life. [[spoiler:No matter what you do, he gets captured by the Society of Leopold later.]]
* BreakTheCutie: When you meet him [[spoiler:in the dungeons of the Society of Leopold's base, he's been tortured with fire several times]].
* ClothingSwitch: A way to save his life from the vampire hunters is to convince an Asp Hole customer which looks like him to swap clothes with Ash. Although Ash states that only a fool would be fooled by this, it actually works.
* DeathSeeker: When the player character meets him, Ash noticed that his club is surrounded by Society of Leopold hunters and is planning to run into them to his final death.
* DistressedDude: [[spoiler: Later on, in the Society's headquarters.]]
* EscortMission: His sidequest can be one of those depending of your choice[[note]]the other alternative being convincing a look-alike to swap his clothes with him, so the Society of Leopold kills the look-alike instead of Ash, it is a lot easier but grants less money reward and a humanity loss[[/note]]. This escort mission requires to escort him out of the Asp Hole through sewers and hunter ambushes. He'll follow the PC and run to attack the hunters with his puny punches.
** ''Camarilla Edition'' and ''Final Nights'' make this quest a bit less frustrating than in the original game, as Ash can now be ordered to wait behind, which he will do without moving if he is far enough from a fight. He also can defend himelf, but he is armed with the weakest gun of the game.
* GameplayAndStorySegregation: Despite his dialogs implying that he carries a gun, he fights with his fists during his EscortMission. This is averted in mods (see EscortMission above).
* TheHermit: [[spoiler:What he decides to become after he's tortured and scarred by the Society of Leopold.]]
-->'''PlayerCharacter:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Good luck in Canada.]]
* IHateYouVampireDad: He resents Isaac for Embracing him and taking away the spotlight he loved, but their relationship is still rather complicated.
* InSeriesNickname: "Dead Phoenix."
* LargeHam: Ash is quietly overdramatic, as fitting for an angsty, Toreador-embraced actor, and when you meet him he's fantasizing about a spectacular, Masquerade-breaking suicide. He'll also TitleDrop his own ''Negative Zero'' movie if you manage to defeat the hunters in the sewers.
* PermaStubble: As part of his old "rebellious youth" image.
* ShoutOut: To Creator/RiverPhoenix, and to the "live fast, die young" bad boy archetype in general.
* SuicideByCop: By vampire hunters. He would have done this if the player character hadn't saved his life in Hollywood.
* VampiresOwnNightClubs: The [[StealthPun Asp Hole]], a gift from his sire.

[[folder:Velvet Velour]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Creator/NikaFutterman

-->''Sweet Kindred, Thank you again for all you did for me. I want you to know that I meant it when I said I adored you. You made me feel that the world was not nearly as dark and desperate. I hope to see you again in my club... And in my dreams. All my love, VV.''

Toreador Vampiress, Isaac's adopted Childe and owner of the Vesuvius club in Hollywood. She's not very interested in playing Jyhad, but provides a number of quests about maintaining the Masquerade.
* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: If you hack Strauss' computer, you see she sent him a rather flirty email. She also blows a kiss at him in the beginning of the game, to which he reacts with long-suffering stoicism. Although she may just be messing with him. Certainly she seems to prefer kind player characters to mean ones.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: Heavily implied as a Malkavian, but she refuses to talk about it.
-->'''Malkavian:''' What is your fable, doll?\\
'''Velvet:''' Mmm-hmm...\\
'''Malkavian:''' How come you hide your true name behind a fabric, [[spoiler: Susan]]?\\
'''Velvet:''' There's only one part of my body I don't want anyone entering and that's my head. That other name...never say it again. It belongs to a dead girl.\\
'''Malkavian:''' Why are you hiding your past from me, doll?\\
'''Velvet''': I'm not ''hiding''. I'm not that girl. She was flawed. She was naive. She was nobody. And now she's dead. Let the dead rest in peace. My name is VV. Show yourself out. I'd like to say a prayer for someone I used to know.
* FemmeFatale: Not above using her charms and her meek persona to get the PC to solve her problems. How much of it is genuine is difficult to tell.
* FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire: Even more than Isaac, given how soft-hearted she is toward mortal and vampire alike. Probably the nicest vampire you meet in the game ([[BitchInSheepsClothing or at least acts the part]]), unless you manage to piss her off by ''not'' being one yourself. Heck, she even feels bad about killing the vampire hunter in one of her quests.
* {{Gainaxing}}: Her character model moves around a lot and has a great deal of... bounce.
%%* HeroesWantRedheads
* HookerWithAHeartOfGold: Has the personality of an extremely affable prostitute, and since she is an exotic [[InsistentTerminology dancer]], she's almost identical to the job description of the trope. The Heart Of Gold stems from her being genuinely very nice, not wanting kine or kindred to suffer on her account, and she even begs you in her intro quest not to get innocents involved and to use only as much force as absolutely necessary.
* InsistentTerminology:
--> '''Player character:''' So, you're a stripper, huh?\\
'''Velvet:''' I'm a ''dancer''.
* LadyInRed
* MsFanservice: Shares the role with Jeanette, particularly in the opening titles of the game. She also has the largest breasts in the game.
* [[MySpeciesDothProtestTooMuch My Clan Doth Protest Too Much]]: Toreador usually are well-known to particularly dislike Nosferatu (and vice-versa). Despite this, she is just as nice toward a Nosferatu PC as she is to one of any other clan; in fact, she even expresses compassion toward them, stating it must be hard for them to live hidden from the public. Though she's still a bit grumpy about it if you charge into her club and cause a big scene.
* PurpleProse: Her love emails and poems are more than a little overdramatic. Possibly an indication of a Toreador's CreativeSterility.
* ProudBeauty: To the point of being offended if a player doesn't fall for her act.
-->'''Velvet:''' If you can't appreciate just how generous the gift of my presence is, maybe you should spend your time indulging in something more suited to your tastes... like a carnival, or perhaps a rodeo or something.
* ShapedLikeItself: Her name. "Velour" is just French for "Velvet".
* {{Stripperific}}: Goes with the job.
* ThatManIsDead: Her response to the Malkavian inspecting her past self:
--> ''There's only one part of my body that I don't want anybody entering, and that's my head. That other name... never say it again. It belongs to a dead girl.''
* TheyCallMeMisterTibbs: Depending on how well you get along she will ask you to call her either "Ms Velour", "Velvet", or "V.V." (in increasing order of affection). A very good first impression (requiring high levels of seduction and not being Nosferatu) makes you start out at the "V.V." level, which she notes she doesn't let many people do.
* TranquilFury: A minor version if you're consistently rude to her but still do her quests. In your final conversation she'll, in polite terms, tell you to go fuck yourself.
* VampiresOwnNightClubs: Vesuvius, with a volcano theme.

!!The Sabbat

-> '''Voiced by:''' Creator/SteveBlum

-->''Tell me, child, is my appearance that frightening or is it my knowledge of you that is so unnerving?''

A Tzimisce vampire and one of the highest-ranking members of the Sabbat. He lurks in a dilapidated mansion in the Hollywood Hills, where he crafts monsters out of junkies, runaways, illegal immigrants, thin-bloods, anyone who won't be missed, before unleashing them on the Nosferatu in order to "blind" the Camarilla.
* AffablyEvil: The first time you meet, he holds to SacredHospitality ''very'' seriously, and offers you power and "improvements" if you defect. [[BerserkButton Unless you're Tremere.]]
* BerserkButton: As with most Tzimisce, Andrei loathes Tremere [=PCs=].
* BigBad: Considering that he's the boss of the Sabbat in Los Angeles, he may qualify. [[spoiler: Played with. Foiling his plans is an important plot of the endgame, but [[BiggerBad the main antagonists]] prove to be the BigBadDuumvirate of [=LaCroix=] and Ming Xiao.]]
* BlueAndOrangeMorality: Obvious from his speech on metamorphosis that he doesn't follow human notions of morality (or, for the matter, aesthetics). He is a most likely follower of the Path of Metamorphasis, which is a part of the Tzimisce stereotype.
* BodyHorror: His soldiers are hideously mutated humans, his wallpaper is made of living flesh, and quite a few of the chairs and beds seem to have faces. It all comes with being part of the Tzimisce clan. He's certainly not too good-looking himself either, being almost reptilian in appearance.
* CardCarryingVillain: He's Sabbat. Denying their humanity and reveling in how 'evil'/inhuman they are practically goes with the territory.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: BlueAndOrangeMorality aside, part of what causes Andrei's VillainousBreakdown is his utter horror at the concept [[spoiler: [=LaCroix=] has his hands on the Ankaran Sarcophagus and is going to open it to diablerize whatever's inside, essentially (in some way, shape, or form) unleashing an EldritchAbomination of unimaginable power on the rest of the world. He freaks out when you confront him a second time, largely because [[NiceJobBreakingItHero you're the one who delivered it to him!]]]]
* EvilIsPetty: When he's not doing things that involve murder, intrigue, or BodyHorror, he favorite activity seems to involve [[CrowningMomentOfFunny trolling late night radio shows]].
* EvilOverlord: Though his "castle" is more of a condo. He says its merely a base, and that his ancestral home is much more grand.
* EvilSoundsDeep: Creator/SteveBlum doing what Steve Blum does best.
* EvilVersusEvil: His ultimate goal is to prevent the Ankaran Sarcophagus from being opened, as the Sabbat are openly opposed to the Antediluvians and seek to prevent [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt Gehenna]]. However, like the majority of Sabbat vampires, Andrei does so less to save the world and more [[ToCreateAPlaygroundForEvil to ensure a dark future where vampire-kind will openly rule over humanity]].
* {{Expy}}: Andrei is basically Sascha Vykos, the Tzimisce Signature NPC. The only differences are that Andrei is unambiguously a guy rather than a Lady Gaga-creature, he's far less competent than Vykos, and you can kill him.
* FantasticRacism: Like many Tzimisce, he absolutely despises Tremere. The original Tremere hunted down and killed numerous vampires to collect their blood, many of whom were Tzimisce, and used their dark magic to turn themselves into vampires without being directly Embraced - hence why he calls a Tremere PC a "cursed child of the wretched brood who stole their immortality".
* FlunkyBoss: See GetBackHereBoss below.
* GetBackHereBoss: When you confront him on 609 King's Way, the entire fight consists of you running around the room trying to hit him as he teleports and summons his monsters to kill you.
* GutturalGrowler: Comes with being voiced by Creator/SteveBlum.
* MadScientist: A Tzimisce fleshcrafter. It goes with the territory.
* NightmareFetishist: Just in case him decorating his home with human tissues and reshaping himself into a monstrous form wasn't a hint already, one of the dialogue options involve him implying he considers the [[TheGrotesque Nosferatu]] player "magnificent".
* OneWingedAngel: He uses his Zulo Form for the second battle.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: Played completely straight.
* SnuffFilm: He records his killings on tape, which was somehow found and distributed by Death Mask Productions.
* VampireVords: The only one who speaks like this in the entire game. Justified, in that he's an elder Tzimisce, and thus is likely to actually be from Eastern Europe.
* VillainousBreakdown: Suffers an impressive one when you meet him for the second time and you don't join him.
* VillainsOutShopping: He calls the Deb of Night at some point in the game, apparently just to taunt a mortal about their ignorance of the coming Gehenna. Deb doesn't miss a beat and quickly shut him down.
* WickedCultured: His aristocratic demeanor stands in marked contrast to the [[LowerClassLout other Sabbat]] the player meets over the course of the game.
* XanatosGambit: His motive for creating the snuff film, apparently - he wanted to draw potential ''antitribu'' out. It wasn't intended to fall into mortal hands, however.

[[folder:The Lasombra]]

A Lasombra vampire in service to the Sabbat, performing rituals underneath the Downtown Library. While not part of the original game, he and his quest are included in some fan mods.
* BadassInANiceSuit: In contrast to [[LowerClassLout lesser Sabbat minions]], the Lasombra is dressed quite nicely.
* GetBackHereBoss: Indulges in TeleportSpam throughout the fight, peppering you with [=SMG=] fire before retreating when you get close.
* GameMod: Not actually a part of the game. He's added in the popular Unofficial Patch (Plus Version).
* HumanSacrifice: Presumably performed these underneath the library, and nearly killed Beckett's associate as part of a ritual before the player intervenes.
* NoNameGiven: He's only ever referred to as "the Lasombra".
* TeleportSpam: As a Lasombra, he has the ability to teleport short distances.

[[folder:Sabbat Minions]]

Composed of ''antitribu'' [[note]]turncoats from the Camarilla clans[[/note]] vampires, human thugs, ghouls and Tzimisce-created monsters, the minions of the Sabbat rely on a quantity-over-quality approach. Members of the Sabbat embrace their monstrous natures, and think nothing of breaking the Masquerade or randomly Embracing humans to pad out their numbers.
* AlwaysChaoticEvil: None of the Sabbat minions you get to meet are depicted as remotely sympathetic, even by vampire standards.
* AxeCrazy: As expected from vampires who embrace the Beast. During the brief part where they kidnap you as revenge for the destruction of their warehouse, you can hear them talk with glee about how they intend to torture you and rip your body apart.
* BeingWatched: Some versions of the game includes a Sabbat mook watching you from a dark alley in Santa Monica. Though apparently they learn your involvement in their warehouse's explosion through [[spoiler:[=LaCroix=]]].
* DumbMuscle: They aren't particularly smart, and according to Smiling Jack some of them don't even ''know'' they are vampires, since the Sabbat sometimes embrace people randomly after tapping them on the head to then use them as cannon fodder.
* EvilMakesYouMonstrous: The L.A. Sabbat's vampire {{Mooks}} seem mostly comprised of Gangrel ''antiribu''. Gangrel gain animal features when they give in to the Beast. The Sabbat MO is to basically let the Beast have its way with you any way it wants. You do the math.
* FantasticSlur: Sabbat vampires are typically referred to as "shovelheads", after a common initiation ritual that involves burying a newly-Embraced vampire under the ground before they completely revive, forcing them to literally rise from the grave.
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: During a cutscene, one of them turns toward the camera with a ''"Those of you in the first few rows will get wet."''
* {{Mooks}}: To the Sabbat, in that they are unintelligent, numerous and easily disposable. They still ''are'' vampires, though, so they can cause you more troubles than human thugs if they have the right Disciplines.
* SuperSpeed: The Brujah ''antitribu'' have Celerity, and will use it to keep their distance from you while they blast away with guns.
* TeleportSpam: A trio of EliteMooks in the Hallowbrook Hotel (implied to be Lasombra) will teleport around a room while shooting at you.

[[folder:Ming Xiao]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Edita Brychta

Leader of the Kuei-jin vampires in Chinatown. Despite being strongly disdainful toward Kindred, she keeps an uneasy truce with the Camarilla, though clues suggest she is planning a new conflict and an invasion of the city. [[spoiler:She's plotting with [=LaCroix=] against the Anarchs, but clearly has her own agenda...]]
* AsteroidsMonster: [[spoiler:Clones of her grow from amputated pieces if the player isn't careful during the boss fight.]]
* BadBoss: So bad, apparently, that [[spoiler:the Mandarin]] prefers to [[SuicideByCop make a suicidal last stand against the Fledgling]] rather than running away and having to suffer whatever horrible punishment she will inflict him for his failure. Looking back, this is one more reason you should know right away [[spoiler:siding with her is a ''bad'' idea]]
* TheBaroness: She enjoys tormenting people and lording her superiority, real or imagined, over them.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Comes off as very wise and eloquent, at least at first, but don't be fooled for a moment.
* BigBadDuumvirate: [[spoiler:With [=LaCroix=].]]
* BlobMonster: [[spoiler:Shapeshifts into one. Foreshadowed when a piece of her washes ashore in a news report earlier in the game.]]
* ChronicBackstabbingDisorder: To a lesser extent than [=LaCroix=], but only just. She disposes of ''all'' of her allies the second they are no longer useful to her. [[spoiler:Including you if you side with her]].
* CombatTentacles: [[spoiler:In her battle form.]]
* CulturalPosturing: And how. It's to the point where she flat-out ''lies'' about certain things Kindred and Kuei-jin actually have in common (like being burdened with an ancient guilt), just to insult the PC and their race.
* DragonLady: While she speaks perfect, unaccented English, she otherwise fits the bill quite accurately. With some CulturalPosturing thrown in for good measure. Unusually for this character type, she's the head of her ''own'' organization in LA, rather than serving someone else.
* EvilBrit: Although her exact place of birth is never specified, she has a sophisticated English accent.
* FemmeFatale: Sultry, elegant and seductive to the PC, but also extremely dangerous and totally untrustworthy.
* FantasticRacism: Ming Xiao considers Cainites to be horrible disgusting monsters. Which they admittedly are, but the Kindred of the East aren't any better.
* FauxAffablyEvil: Like [=LaCroix=], she acts quite charming until it looks like she isn't going to get what she wants, at which point all decency goes out the window. [[spoiler: Must be why they get on so well.]] Notably, her "polite" greeting to the PC is actually loaded with [[FantasticRacism racist slurs]] and {{Stealth Insult}}s.
* InSeriesNickname: "Mistress of Mirrors" by the Malkavian.
* NotSoStoic: A Malkavian can ''really'' get under her skin with ''her'' own superstitions.
* OneWingedAngel: She'll turn into a slimy, tentacled slug monster for her boss fight.
* RewardedAsATraitorDeserves: She definitely believes in this [[spoiler:if the PC sides with the Kuei-Jin.]]
* VillainousBreakdown: A minor one, but converse with her as a Malkavian and her true self starts shining through when you nickname her and when you namedrop the Yama Kings in response to her posture about "silly Cainite superstitions".
* VillainWithGoodPublicity: She has convinced the people of Chinatown that she is a force for good, even as she [[spoiler:bankrolls the street gangs terrorizing the populace and moves to ruin or kill a good, honest man and a prominent member of the local community.]]
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: Hence her nickname above. [[spoiler:She uses this power to frame Nines for the murder of Groat, then again to go OneWingedAngel if you come to kill her.]]
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: [[spoiler:If the PC sides with the Kuei-Jin, she betrays them as soon as they do her dirty work.]]

[[folder:The Chang Brothers]]
[[caption-width-right:297:[[AlwaysIdenticalTwins One of the Chang Brothers]]]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Michael Yama

-->''We Chang Brothers accept your life graciously.''

Blade and Claw, twin Kuei-jin dispatched by Ming-Xiao to retrieve the Sarcophagus. You must fight them in the Giovanni crypt.
* AffablyEvil: Downplayed, but they offer you several chances to leave without a fight and are just as confused as you are that you've been sent to cause one. As far as they know, [[UnwittingPawn you're meant to be on the same side]].
* AntiVillain: See above. They don't seem like particularly bad people and don't understand why you've come to fight them, since their boss and your boss are supposedly allies. Interestingly, it's the PC who forces the fight in every scenario.
* CoDragons: To Ming Xiao, if only by virtue of being the only named Kuei-Jin you get to face besides her.
* CombinationAttack: If both are still alive, they can join their ''chi'' to fill the crypt with a SphereOfDestruction that deals massive amounts of damage if the player can't find cover.
* ContractualBossImmunity: Able to NoSell powers from most of the "spellcasting" disciplines, like Dementation and Thaumaturgy.
* DualBoss: They attack you two-on-one, and separating them is part of the challenge.
* KatanasAreJustBetter: Blade Brother.
* SiblingTeam: Assuming they're blood brothers.
* TeleportSpam: Unlike Andre, they use it to aggressively flank you rather than purely for escape.
* WolverineClaws: Claw Brother.

[[folder:The Cathayan]]

An agent of Ming Xiao met during an early SideQuest (during the Santa Monica part of the game). Knox and Tung asks for the Fledgling's help to take care of him.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: The reports in his computer are clues about Ming Xiao's plan for taking control of LA, and the first mention of the Kuei-Jin's influence on the story for some time.
* KatanasAreJustBetter: Notably, it can't be picked up after he dies.
* NoNameGiven: Only known as "the Cathayan" (or nicknamed "the Asian vampire" by Knox), which is synonymous with "the Kuei-Jin" (note that this word is used by Western Kindred but perceived as offensive by Kuei-Jin themselves). The character is never named in-story, but this title appears on top of his life bar during his BossFight.
* UnderestimatingBadassery: His reports talk of Kindred in rather condescending terms, describing them as capricious and wasting their abilities on pointless schemes and conspirations against each other, leading him to the conclusion they should be easy to take down. [[spoiler:Bertram]] has you find his hideout and kill him precisely by using one of these schemes he criticized.
* UnusableEnemyEquipment: It is impossible to loot his weapons after his death in the unmodded game.
* WakeUpCallBoss: To a non mêlée-oriented player character. While [[spoiler:Gimble]] and [[spoiler:Dennis' gang]] are both fairly easy to take down, the Cathayan uses better weapons, is more resilient and actively exploits the environment against you, making him potentially dangerous if you didn't invest some experience in combat.


->'''Voiced by:''' Michael Gough

-->''I consider myself a seeker of reluctant information; "scholar" sounds like academia - ugh!''

A legendary Gangrel scholar ShroudedInMyth, visiting Los Angeles to inspect the Ankaran Sarcophagus.
* AdventurerArchaeologist: Complete with refined accent and outfit.
* {{Animorphism}}: He first shows up in his wolf form.
* BadassBookworm: Again, it's part of his back-story.
* TheCameo: A famous and popular character in the tabletop WorldOfDarkness games.
* CoolOldGuy: Always willing to shoot the breeze with a player, particularly a very scholarly one.
* CassandraTruth: [[spoiler:While the game has been rife with hints by this point (if you've been paying close enough attention,) Beckett gives you the most (and only) straightforward hint that you should not open the Ankaran sarcophagus. The player can choose to ignore his warning, [[TooDumbToLive but it doesn't end well.]]]]
* DeadpanSnarker: He can snark with the best of them. It doesn't help that even when he's being serious, he still sounds like he's being sarcastic.
* FlatEarthAtheist: [[HopeSpot He refuses to believe in Cain and the Antedeluvians]].
* GeniusBruiser: Many Gangrel are DumbMuscle. Beckett isn't.
* GentlemanAndAScholar
* HeroOfAnotherStory: Every time he crops up, it becomes increasingly obvious that he's pursuing the same information as you using his own means, and is just a step or two ahead of you at every turn.
* MrExposition: He gives out lots to the player as the story goes on.
* NiceGuy: He's sarcastic in personality, and he doesn't ''look'' the part, but believe it or not, Beckett is this. Rosa tells you early in the game that the only two people you can trust for ''certain'' are "the man on the couch" and the "lone wolf". Beckett's the "lone wolf".
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: When ''Beckett'' seems scared and ''begs'' you ''not'' to open the sarcophagus, it's an OhCrap moment.
* SarcasmFailure: Both types. If a Malkavian main character shares their 'theories' on Kindred origins with him, his only response is a slightly off-balance "Can't say I've heard ''that'' one before..." His last conversation with you, after Beckett has had a chance to study the Sarcophagus, is a serious version.
* SunglassesAtNight: Beckett always wears sunglasses to cover up his bestial eyes, which are a permanent mark left on him from the Beast taking over once in his past.
* TotallyNotAWerewolf: He's not, but you can ask if he is one (provided you're not a Gangrel) after seeing him use the Protean discipline early on.
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: He looks like a werewolf in his normal human form, and no humans appear to notice this.
** Doubly so in the fact he can turn from a wolf into a human in front of a nearby bum [[CrowningMomentOfFunny who just ignores him]].
* WolverinePublicity: Probably why he's in the game, despite [[spoiler: having very little impact on the events of the plot.]]

[[folder:The Gargoyle]]
--> '''Voiced by:''' Creator/FredTatasciore

A massive stone monster created by Strauss and used as a bodyguard - up until he went rogue and hid himself inside the old Chinese theatre in Hollywood. You can be sent here by Strauss or Isaac (or both) to kill him, or convince him to work for the Anarchs.
* AllThereInTheManual: It's only vaguely alluded to with a single line of dialogue, when it refers to Strauss as "the demon who made me, turned my flesh to stone" - in the tabletop lore, Gargoyles are, in fact, made from the dismembered body parts of other Kindred, which Tremere then remake into a being of stone through a long and complex blood ritual.
* BerserkButton: The Gargoyle, already hostile towards Kindred, is most especially infuriated by members of the Tremere clan or the slightest mention of Strauss. You can still reason with it as a Tremere, but tell it you are one, and it will immediatly attack you.
* BoomerangBigot: It's [[AllThereInTheManual only talked about in the tabletop game]], but Gargoyles are a bloodline of vampires created by the Tremere.
* TheBrute: Kinda goes without saying.
* DamageSpongeBoss: Blades and bullets won't help you against him. Even armed with a blunt weapon and the Rune, you need time to beat him down.
* EnemyMine: [[spoiler:It's possible, if difficult, to use the gargoyle's and Isaac's shared hatred of the Camarilla to convince it to ally with the Anarchs. It still despises vampires.]]
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Strauss's manor contains a library with a book on the creation of gargoyles.
* HairTriggerTemper: It's ''very'' easy to piss the Gargoyle off, resulting in a boss battle.
* MightyGlacier: He's awfully strong, but quite slow and predictable if you stay close enough. He can sometimes dash at you if you try to take distance from him.
* TalkingYourWayOut: You can try and persuade him to work for Isaac, but it's very difficult.
* TurnedAgainstTheirMasters: He wanted to be free, but Strauss is too old-fashioned to think of a gargoyle as able to take care of itself.
* WeaksauceWeakness: To bludgeoning damage and the rune.

-> '''Voiced by:''' Mary Elizabeth [=McGlynn=]

-->''Real terror is not the sight of death: it is the fear of death. What is the fear of death? Terror of the unknown. Is it these eyes you peer into? No, I am not the unknown. You and I are closer kin than you and it were.''

A Nagaraja occultist found lurking in the basement of an abandoned hospital, she will trade you a number of useful items in return for rare magical artifacts. Unfortunately, if you want to gain her trust, you've got to help recapture her next victim.
* AllThereInTheManual: Never actually states the name of her bloodline, but anyone familiar with the setting's lore will immediately know that she is a Nagaraja.
* AffablyEvil: Unlike most Kindred, she eats live human flesh instead of drinking blood. (And, no, she doesn't ''need'' to kill living people for it, especially when she lives a short drive from a morgue.) Assuming, however, that you don't try to kill her, she's perfectly willing to cut a deal with you for artifacts, and she never goes back on her word.
* BadassBookworm: While a very scholarly woman, she's a tough and dangerous foe in a fight, especially early on.
* BlueAndOrangeMorality: She does not subscribe to the normal spectrum of morality, fitting more into one of The Paths. You can develop a rapport with her no matter your place on the humanity meter.
* CuteMonsterGirl: Unlike most lady vampires in the game, her inhumanity is obvious and heavily emphasized.
* EvilSoundsDeep: Deep but still feminine and, outside of [[spoiler: Ming Xiao]], she's probably the most outright sinister female character in the game.
* FlunkyBoss: If you fight her, she summons endless zombies at you.
* ImAHumanitarian: As a Nagaraja vampire, she has to eat fresh flesh on top of drinking blood or suffer physical degeneration. Unlike many Nagaraja, she does it to living people.
* LesbianVampire: Implied, given the name she gives you came from her lover while she was alive. She doesn't obey the trope in any other way, and gives no other indication of her sexuality or indeed if she even has one at this stage.
* MeaningfulRename: After her lover.
* {{Necromancer}}: It's the Nagaraja's [[PlanetOfHats hat]], and she uses her powers to create zombies if you fight her.
* NoNameGiven: Pisha isn't her real name, and she says outright she never uses the real one anymore.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent: She is a Nagaraja, a very rare and exotic bloodline of vampires originating from India. They're seen as bizarre and repulsive by other vampires.
* SkippableBoss: It ''is'' possible to fight her as a boss, but not necessary. Notably, she is a rare occurrence where not fighting her actually is a more profitable option, since she then becomes a quest giver and rewards you with very useful items.
* TheSpock: Calm, cool, and fiercely intelligent. So calmly analytical, she's one of the few characters in the entire game who isn't startled or confused by the Malkavian PC's dialogue; in fact, after being called "Black Widow," she goes so far as to state the inaccuracies of the nickname, stating that "Mantis" would work better.
* WrongInsultOffence: Pisha is a rare vampire who has to consume human flesh, which makes her pretty off-putting even to a regular vampire. A Malkavian player character might [[TheNicknamer nickname]] her "Black Widow", in which case she takes no offense but explains how "Mantis" would be a better pejorative. As a FullyEmbracedFiend well into her third century of unlife, she's worked out the existential angst long ago.

[[folder:The Brotherhood of the Ninth Circle]]
[[caption-width-right:313:Brother Kanker]]
[[caption-width-right:245:Jezebel Locke]]
[[caption-width-right:282:Bishop Vick]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Creator/DebiMaeWest (Jezebel Locke), Creator/RobinAtkinDownes (Brother Kanker) and J. Grant Albrecht (Bishop Vick)

-->''The doors have been opened! The seals broken! And the final steps into the abyss... the terrible mysteries of the Ninth Circle...''
--->--'''Brother Kanker'''

A cult of vampires spreading a lethal disease among the prostitutes and beggars of downtown Los Angeles, they're also known as the Plaguebearers. They're dealt with in the secondary quests "Fun with Pestilence" and "More Fun with Pestilence", and though the Anarchs apparently kill off most of the cult between the quests, you meet three leading members yourself: Jezebel Locke (a Toreador seductress infecting prostitutes), Brother Kanker (a Nosferatu infecting homeless people) and Bishop Vick (a Toreador, who runs the cult and "cares" for several dozen infected).
* BonusBoss: Infamous for being very tough for sidequest bosses.
* BrotherhoodOfEvil: Despite having female members, they act like characters out of a pulp novel.
* DepravedBisexual: Jezebel is one of the most disturbing cases of this trope. See Fandisservice for further details.
* FaceOfAThug: Vick looks rather sinister. Kanker does too, but he's a Nosferatu, so [[LooksLikeOrlok this is a given]]. Vick, on the other hand, is supposed to be a ''[[TheBeautifulElite Toreador]]'', but his appearance has caused some fans to mistake him for a Brujah.
* FanDisservice: Jezebel is rather good-looking, and tries to seduce the Fledgling with a seductive, [[TheVamp vamp]]-like tone. However, her dialogues while doing so are those of a NightmareFetishist, and way too disturbing to qualify as pleasing.
* FreudianExcuse: Bishop Vick is unique in the sense that at least he gives a reason as to why he spreads his diseases; he seems to have genuinely lost his faith in humanity and God due to his Embrace, and the only thing left to him is to [[OmnicidalManiac hasten the end of the world]].
* FlunkyBoss: Bishop Vick is surrounded by a large number of people who have been infected by the disease and now seem very much like zombies.
* GetBackHereBoss: Bishop Vick also has the Celerity discipline, letting him whisk across the room before you can land a hit on him.
* IncurableCoughOfDeath: The disease the Brotherhood is infecting people with is this trope.
* KnifeNut: Once her seducing act fails to work, Jezebel proceeds to just assault you with a knife.
* LargeHam: All of them, to varying extents.
* LightningBruiser: Vick combines the speed and agility of the Celerity discipline with the brutal firepower of a shotgun.
* MySpeciesDothProtestTooMuch: Vick is a Toreador, a clan typically associated with culture and beauty - yet he's obsessed with spreading disease and misery, and is living in a filthy, dilapidated crackhouse.
* NietzscheWannabe: All of them are dedicated to the downfall of society through the plague they spread, and rant about the end of the world and the pointlessness of existence.
* OccultBlueEyes: Vick.
* PlagueMaster: The entire cult.
* ReligionOfEvil: Obviously.
* SupernaturalGoldEyes: Jezebel and Kanker. The later's especially, which are described as "piss yellow" by one of his victims.
* TheUnfought: A fourth member is briefly mentioned by Damsel, when she informs you the Anarch have killed him offscreen.
* TheVamp: Jezebel, who specifically targets prostitutes and attempts to seduce the Fledgling upon him/her entering her room.
* WakeUpCallBoss: Characters who have neglected their combat skills will be hurting badly by the end of this quest series.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: The doorkeeper of the crackhouse, Jumbles, who mysteriously vanishes after you complete the quest.
* WolverineClaws: Brother Kanker, using his Protean discipline.
* ZombieApocalypse: A small-scale one in the ruined crackhouse - there's no point trying to kill all the zombies, because the game will just keep infinitely spawning more and more of them. The only way to get rid of them is to kill Vick. Afterward, it's said the place had to be quarantined.

[[folder:The Southland Slasher]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Creator/JamesArnoldTaylor

A Gangrel neonate who's been murdering ex-convicts up and down Los Angeles.
* ChekhovsGunman: You can actually see him standing around in the Surfside Diner early in the game; while you can speak with him, notice his fangs and (if you have Auspex) see that he's a vampire, there's no guessing who he ''really'' is.
* TheDarkSideWillMakeYouForget: Though his original motivation was once simple revenge, the Player Character can point out that the Slasher is going fast down the road of getting completely taken over by his inner Beast and becoming a mindless killer.
* EarlyBirdCameo: You can encounter him in the Surfside Diner early in the game, soon after he finished massacring the guy on the pier. You can figure out that he's a vampire if you see his fangs or use Auspex, but he won't be interested in talking to you. Attacking him, attacking humans, or breaking the masquerade around him will make him murder you dead, and you won't be able to hurt him at this point in the game.
* {{Expy}}: His [[GutturalGrowler Guttural Growl]], brutal vigilante tendencies and general appearance are reminiscent of [[ComicBook/{{Watchmen}} Rorschach]].
* ExtremeMeleeRevenge: Just about ''all'' of his victims died by these means; the fourth one was [[RasputinianDeath lacerated with his claws, had his head torn off, and his body impaled on exposed rebar.]]
* FieryRedhead: His hair is ginger, and he's constantly pissed off.
* GutturalGrowler: Not the worst case in the game, but definitely there.
* HandwrapsOfAwesome
* KillItWithFire: It's possible to knock him into a fire, if you have a sledgehammer - or [[SuperStrength Potence]].
* KnightTemplar: Uses the Beast as an excuse to violently murder criminals, and will not hesitate to bring harm to anyone who tries to stop him.
* NoNameGiven: Simply "The Killer".
* [[NotUsingTheZWord Not Using The "V" Word]]: Notable in its aversion. He's one of the few Kindred in the game who will only ever call the Player "vampire" instead of using an euphemism. [[FridgeBrilliance This is because he has barely any contact with other vampires and their culture.]]
* OneWingedAngel: Turns into his feral Gangrel War Form to fight you.
* ParentalAbandonment: Or Sire Abandonment, the Kindred equivalent. Though his mastery of the Protean discipline outs him as a Gangrel, he's actually a Caitiff, a "mutt" vampire who never got to know their Sire and had no one to teach them the ropes of vampire society. Note that this is actually a common Gangrel practice, members of the clan expecting the childe to survive on their own.
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: His killing spree was conducted against the criminals who murdered his family.
* TalkingTheMonsterToDeath: It's entirely possible to talk him into ending his rampage and moving on with his unlife.
* VigilanteMan: Thought of becoming one of these following the end of his rampage. [[spoiler: It's not a great idea for the rest of the world, though, because it means that he'll use it as an excuse to vent his rage.]]
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: Pretty good with the Protean discipline.

[[folder:The Thin-Bloods]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Margaret Tang (Lily), Greg Ellis (E.), Courtney Taylor (Rosa), Robin Atkin Downes (Copper) and James Arnold Taylor (Julius)

-->''We all seem to have come down with the same disease - ah, hell, who am I kiddin', we're a bad horror show alright. And we seem to be the runts - the mistakes. You types call us thin-bloods... I say we're all equally screwed.''

A group of young, high-generation vampires living under the Santa Monica Pier, all of them are outcast from mainstream vampire society and on the run from the Sabbat; as such, [[{{Sidequest}} most of them are in need of your help]] - with the exception of Rosa, who seems to be expecting you.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Lily might be weak by vampiric standards and more than a little bit shy, but that just makes her Beast-induced violence all the more startling.
* TheCuckoolanderWasRight: As the game continues, Rosa's predictions start making a disturbing amount of sense, particularly [[RewatchBonus if it's not your first playthrough]].
* DistressedDamsel: Lily, after being captured by Vandal.
* FindTheCure: What Copper wants.
* GetBackHereBoss: [[spoiler:If you choose to kill Julius instead of sparing him, the fight which ensues is technically a boss fight (Julius has his own life bar), but he'll just run in circles while trying to dodge your attacks.]]
* HappilyEverAfter: With your help, Lily and E can successfully reconcile and escape from Santa Monica alive.
* IHateYouVampireDad: E initially hates Lily for Embracing him, but they reconcile following Lily's rescue.
** Lily isn't too fond of her sire, Rolf, partly for Embracing her but mostly for abandoning her in Santa Monica, though she's still not happy when he ends up dead.
* KickTheDog: If you're feeling in the mood for easy money and schadenfreude, you can trick Copper into paying for a "unicorn blood transfusion" to cure his vampirism, or a "Holy Stake" (part of a table leg) to use on the "Head Vampire." He'll ask you who the head vampire is, and any of the three possible responses all result in a Humanity loss. Telling him it's the president additionally counts as a masquerade violation.
* MadOracle: Rosa, who isn't sure of what she's talking about at the best of times, let alone her babbled prophecies.
* TheMole: [[spoiler:Julius]] is actually revealing Kindred's secrets to a screenwriter. [[spoiler:When you deal with him, you can decide whether to kill or spare him]].
** UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom: [[spoiler: He wasn't aware of how much of a violation of Kindred law that was at the time.]]
* OneLetterName: E.
* RichInDollarsPoorInSense: Copper will believe any lie you tell him about curing vampirism, and will pay you for it.
* SpeechImpediment: Julius has a ''terrible'' stutter, though David's dialogue suggests it flares up because he's terrified of ''you''.
* SurferDude: E, in personality. He speaks with an Australian accent rather than a Californian one.
* VampireRefugee: Copper, who desperately wants to find a cure for his vampirism - even if it means killing "the Head Vampire."
* WaifProphet: Rosa.
* WalkingShirtlessScene: E. Julius even refers to him as "the guy without a shirt."

[[folder:The Giovanni]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Andre Sogliuzzo (Bruno)

-->"''Spaghetti and corpses, boss.''"
--->--'''Gary Golden'''

The American branch of the infamous family of necromancers, the Giovanni are comprised of humans, ghouls, and the rare few chosen to be Embraced and made into full-fledged vampires. Decadent, opulent and messed up beyond measure, the necromancers are a force to be reckoned with - especially when you're saddled with the task of crashing their reunion party.
* AffablyEvil: From the snippets of conversation you catch, "Uncle" Bruno Giovanni seems fairly cordial, planning to Embrace and Ghoul a few of his family members to celebrate their recent success. Note that he does this while openly discussing their plans to bring about [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt the Eternal Night]].
* AmbiguouslyBi: Regardless of gender, having a high enough seduction results in Nadia being flustered and stammering when you first talk to her. Just don't try your luck with her if your PC is female.
* BadassInANiceSuit: Bruno, the Giovanni Elder presiding over the festivities.
* BigScrewedUpFamily: One you can mess with rather hilariously. With a high persuasion score, you can get each human member of the family to reveal their secrets. You can then betray them to each other and watch the chaos ensue.
* BonusBoss: If you choose the violent way to enter the manor, you'll eventually have to fight Bruno in a boss battle. If you choose the social or the stealthy way, you won't even meet him.
* DarkSecret: Three of the most promising members of the family have secrets that would jeopardize their chances of being Embraced; Mira is HIV-positive as a result of sharing needles, Adam's business has just gone bankrupt, and Christopher's mother had an affair that might [[MamasBabyPapasMaybe put his parentage into question]]. All three are prepared to pay handsomely for unveiling the secrets of the other two.
* DrivenToSuicide: Reveal Adam's secret to the family, and he'll brokenly say he might as well hang himself now.
* ForeignLanguageTirade: Piss off Mira (either by hitting on her as a female PC or revealing her DarkSecret to the others) and she'll curse you out in Italian.
* GetBackHereBoss: Bruno has Celerity, and makes good use of it to attack you from a distance.
* ILoveTheDead: Nadia admits to being turned on by the the mansion's catacombs. Should you seduce her as a male PC, she'll try and talk you into having sex on the mortician's slab.
* MookMaker: Bruno will summon guards as he fights and then resurrect them as zombies when they fall.
* {{Necromancer}}: Most of the high-ranking Giovanni are Necromancers by trade, as per the clan's unique discipline. Nadia Miliner is an apprentice necromancer, and if you're taking the persuasion route, she can be talked into taking you downstairs to tour the preparations room.
* NewEraSpeech: Bruno gives one of these monologues at the party, though you can't hear all of it.
* PoliticallyIncorrectVillain: Corruption, slavery, incest, and necromancy is A-OK by Giovanni standards, but homosexuality and atheism could get you excommunicated.
* TimeDissonance: During his speech, Bruno refers to the many years since he last saw his extended family as a brief period of time. That "brief period of time" included The Great Depression.
* TokenGoodTeammate: Nadia is a shy, gentle girl that tries to keep you safe in the crypt and whose only real fault is being a NightmareFetishist. Compared to the rest of the BigScrewedUpFamily she's studying with, she's practically a saint.
* TomeOfEldritchLore: It's possible to steal one of these (The Voce Del Morte) from the mansion's library and give it to Pisha.
* TortureCellar: The preparations room, though it might not necessarily be used on living people all the time. It also leads to a massive system of catacombs filled with zombies.

[[folder:The Cab Driver]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Andre Sogliuzzo

-->''Where to?''

A mysterious Kindred who drives the yellow taxi that transports player character from place to place.
* AlmightyJanitor: [[spoiler:If he really is [[MonsterProgenitor Caine]].]]
* ChekhovsGunman: Using [[AuraVision Auspex]] can show you that your inconspicuous taxi driver is a Kindred. Come the endgame, and he's the guy who Jack sent to pull you out of Santa Monica before the blood hunt kills you.
* CrypticConversation[=/=]AmbiguousSituation: [[spoiler:The heart-to-heart the player character has with him just before the endgame.]]
* TheDriver: He ferries your character between the different areas on the map.
* GodWasMyCopilot: [[spoiler:It is a bit ambiguous if he really ''is'' Caine, progenitor of all vampires, but the player character certainly strongly suspects that he is, while the Malkavian player character believes it wholeheartedly and feels the appropriate terror. Another possibility is Lucifer, who was canonically hanging around LA at the time (although it would be thematically odd since demons are never mentioned in the game).]]
* SunglassesAtNight: They certainly complete his appearance.
* VampireVords: Only one of two vampires to speak with the classic Dracula accent.


[[folder:Heather Poe]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Courtney Taylor

-->''Anything for you.''

A young woman found dying in an understaffed clinic. The only way to save her life is to feed her your blood- guaranteeing your own ghoul servant. [[spoiler:If she stays with you to the very end she's kidnapped and brutally murdered by the Sabbat. There are patches that avoid this, but they vary by version and methods.]]
* AllJustADream[=/=]LaserGuidedAmnesia: A Malkavian can send her off by Dementing her into thinking that the time with you was all a dream. Doing so nets you ''both'' a masquerade redemption and a point of humanity.
* AmbiguouslyBi: Heather is sexually available (at least through the bite) to both male and female [=PCs=]. But as your ghoul, her attraction to you has nothing to do with your gender or hers - just that it's ''[[SingleTargetSexuality you]]''.
* BuxomIsBetter: Has the second largest breasts in the game, second only to V.V.
* CloudCuckoolander: What she eventually becomes under your influence. This is especially apparent if you play as a Malkavian.
* TheCutie: Causing her to stand out a mile in the WorldOfDarkness.
* DestructiveRomance: Her ghoul-based obsession with you drives her to give you all her money, drop out of school to spend more time with you, [[spoiler: and may end in her gruesome death]].
* HappinessInSlavery: Pretty much her entire existence revolves around this once she becomes your ghoul.
* IllGirl: How you meet her.
* KillTheCutie: If you decide not to help her at the hospital or [[spoiler: fail to send her away before the endgame. The Plus mod allows the player to avoid this by ordering her to stay indoors, though doing so causes them to miss out on the best armor in the game.]]
* JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope: Gives you her college money then [[spoiler:graduates to bringing you home victims to kill and disposing of their bodies (even if they're not dead)]].
* MeaningfulName: It's hard not to her that surname and associate her with Creator/EdgarAllanPoe, and it's probably not a coincidence that Poe's self-confessed favourite topic for his stories and poems was beautiful yet frail young women [[spoiler:who die tragically young]].
* {{Meganekko}}: How she starts.
* MoralityPet: Heather is worth a Humanity Point for saving, and another one for letting her go later. Humanity gain is very easy in this game, but it's basically one (or two) points for doing practically nothing.
* MoreThanMindControl: The Blood Bond is not to be ignored, but Heather also is grateful to you for saving her life.
* MsFanservice: Attempts to become this for you.
* PerkyGoth: One of her clothing options.
* RescueRomance: Reinforced by the Blood Bond, but Heather's life has been very lonely, and she seems at times genuinely enamored with you for saving her life.
* SanitySlippage: She starts calling you 'master' unironically and [[spoiler: brings someone back home for you to kill]].
** More so if you're a Malkavian, in which case she'll eventually pick up a bit of your crazy, on top of her usual behavior.
* SatelliteCharacter: Invoked. The Blood Bond makes her life revolve around you. This is not a good thing for her.
* SexSlave: Has shades of this given her attire and her willingness to let you feed on her at any point.
* StuffedIntoTheFridge: [[spoiler:If she stays with you long enough - the alternative is to chase her off (and break her heart) before she gives you the final armor.]]
* {{Stripperiffic}}: One of her outfits.
* TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth: By real world standards some of her later actions are a little shady, though mostly not through her own fault. By TabletopGame/OldWorldOfDarkness standards, she's this trope and then some.
* TraumaCongaLine: Orphaned as a teenager, near-fatally hit by a car... and that's ''before'' she meets the player. Having her mortal injuries healed by a vampire and then put under said vampire's protection might seem like a reprieve, but ultimately, the player has to choose between [[spoiler:dismissing her from your service, breaking her heart and sending her to meet an unknown fate]] or [[spoiler:keeping her close, only to have her StuffedIntoTheFridge by the Sabbat as a result]].
* VideoGameCaringPotential: How she's introduced. The PC also has the option to send her off to [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy live a normal life]], and a Malkavian can modify her memory so their time together seems like a pleasant dream. It is also possible to treat her well and show her genuine affection.
* VideoGameCrueltyPotential: A lot of player characters are appalled by what they can do to Heather, and what Heather ''tries'' to do for them, after turning her into their ghoul.

-> '''Voiced by:''' Andre Sogliuzzo

-->''I can get anything anyone wants at any time. You could say it's my calling. '[[MyGreatestFailure Til the Astrolite]], there wasn't anything I couldn't handle... well, back east, some shit went down, Big Apple, can't go back. I hate L.A., but whaddaya gonna do?''

[=LaCroix=]'s ghoul in Santa Monica, he prides himself on being able to find just about anything for anyone, from boats to military-grade firearms. Unlike his master, he's a nice guy. Voiced by André Sogliuzzo.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: ''Explicitly'' stated to be one of the two people you can put your trust in. However, if you decided to retrieve the astrolite from the drug dealers without killing them, you'll later find out that they suffered the full penalty for crossing him: [[LaserGuidedKarma overdosing is a painful way to go]]. Especially if your kneecaps are on the floor next to you.
* ChivalrousPervert: When asking him about Jeanette, he will comment on how "she's got a body built for bedrooms" to a male character. When a female character asks him, however, he hesitates before saying "Call me old-fashioned, but I don't feel right talking about this in front of a lady."
* ClusterFBomb: Uses a lot of these when injured.
* CoolOldGuy: He may not look like it, but he's nearly sixty.[[note]](Getting regular doses of vampire blood will do that for a Kine.)[[/note]] He's also one of the only few people you can put your complete trust in.
* TheFixer: You could say he has a talent for it. Need a weapon? Mercurio can get it for you, given some time.
* HealingFactor: Thanks to being a ghoul, he heals from even serious injury very quickly. Even a savage beating involving broken ribs and joints only puts him down for a day of (admittedly painful) bed rest before he is on his feet again like nothing happened.
* InSeriesNickname: The Malkavian [=PC=] calls him "[[Myth/ClassicalMythology Mercury]]" and, in the same vein, "Fleet-Footed God". He seems okay with it.
* MistreatmentInducedBetrayal: He knows his life is forfeit if [=LaCroix=] finds out about his screw-up with the Astrolite, so if the player tells him to his face that they're going to tell on him in spite of all his begging, Mercurio decides he'd rather kill them to save his own skin.
* MyMasterRightOrWrong: For all that he has to be a fully bound ghoul, he's remarkably clear-headed about his situation. Contrast with Knox and Heather.
--> ''[(On [=LaCroix=])] "Just so you understand, my loyalties are all but written in blood, so my opinion of the guy is moot."''
* WhatTheHellHero: He delivers one at the end if the PC comes see him after [[spoiler:siding with the Kuei-Jin]] and tells that he'll still sell you guns this time but after you'll leave he doesn't want to have anything to do with you again. [[spoiler:He'll remain nice if you sided with Strauss or the Anarchs, though he's still incredulous at your betrayal of the Camarilla in the latter ending.]]

->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/DebiMaeWest

A ghoul whose vampire master (a Toreador named Kent Alan Ryan) has recently died, leaving her essentially reduced to a vitae-addict loudmouth who can't seem to grab he is gone and blatantly disregard the Masquerade. Skelter asks the Fledgling to deal with her before she attracts unwanted attention from vampire hunters.
* AttentionWhore: Apparently only cares about this and vampire blood, which is the reason she is becoming dangerous. Her quest even is ''named'' after the trope.
* HateSink: Patty is designed to be ''extremely'' annoying to the player. Her ValleyGirl drawl, her [[ItsAllAboutMe self centered]] attitude, her inability to comprehend the fact that you've never even met her vampiric SugarDaddy, and her habit of insulting you if you deny her anything are enough to make players want her dead, and fast. Then, you find that killing her yourself while not being seen is a pain in the ass due to how painfully slow she walks. ''Then'', you learn that doing this or sending her Pisha or Vandal will net you a loss of Humanity, YouBastard.
* KilledToUpholdTheMasquerade: Skelter wants you to do this to her. Whether this actually ends up happening is up to you.
* SelectiveObliviousness: Skelter mentions that upon being told that Kent is dead, she merely asked again louder.
* ShootTheDog: You are forced to do a more or less extreme version of this trope to her in order to complete her quest; at worse, you end up killing her or sending her to [[IAmAHumanitarian Pisha]] or [[AndIMustScream Vandal]]. At best, you can convince her to leave the town by pretending you saw her master in a different city, thus sending her on a wild goose chase.
* ValleyGirl: She's, like, so totally it.
* VideoGameCaringPotential: If you have enough persuasion, it's possible to complete her quest without killing her by convincing her Kent Alan Ryan left the city.
* VideoGameCrueltyPotential: Conversely, it's possible to complete the quest by tricking her into going to the abandoned hospital to be killed and eaten by Pisha, rather than killing her yourself.

[[folder:Paul Anderson]]
A Ghoul affiliated to the Anarch living in the Skylines appartment. In the "Fun with Pestilence" sidequest, Damsel asks the Fledgling to go ask him for informations about the mysterious plague. Unfortunately, by the time they arrive, he has already died from the plague, having fallen sick from [[spoiler:intercourse with his prostitute girlfriend Hannah]].
* DeathBySex: A surprisingly tragic case. [[spoiler:he died from a plague he caught having sex with his prostitute girlfriend, who had been infected by [[TheVamp Jezebel Locke]].]]
* NiceGuy: According to Hannah, he apparently was the first guy to be nice to her.
* PosthumousCharacter: Already dead from the plague by the time you reach his appartment.
* TooDumbToLive: He might have actually survived the sickness if he had followed the Anarch's advice and gone to the hospital to burn off his infected blood, but didn't take the sickness seriously enough to actually treat it.
* WeHardlyKnewYou: You don't even get to interact with him before he dies; all you get about him is informations from other [=NPCs=]

-> '''Voiced by:''' [[CreatorCameo Brian Mitsoda]]

-->''Far as I know, I'm the only person around Hollywood who considers marksmanship an art.''

Isaac's ghoul in Hollywood, he guards the local graveyard, preventing any of the residents from leaving. You can learn a few tips about using firearms if you help him (by finding him a prostitute or by fighting the zombies back for 5 minutes).
* DeadpanSnarker: He keeps up his good humor despite his morbid situation.
* FriendlySniper: Takes pride in his ability to shoot down anyone, and is a hospitable host for the player.
* TheGunslinger: He loves killing zombies, even though he admits that he wishes he could do something else with his nights sometimes.
* HoldTheLine: Well, the gates of his cemetery. Defending them for him of the cemetery is probably the hardest mission of the whole game bar none. Characters without Celerity, a powerful gun and a lot of practice, or Protean need not apply.
* ICallItVera: Jaime Sue, his rifle that he'll give you if you help him out.
* NeedAHandOrAHandjob: Literally. You can help him defending the graveyard from the zombies or you can bring him a prostitute. A non-Nosferatu female character can skip the "finding a prostitute" part and just perform the, ''ahem'', service herself. It's actually the quickest and easiest way to complete the mission, too.
* OptionalSexualEncounter: See NeedAHandOrAHandjob above. The offer surprises him, though whether it's because of the attention or because you're undead is up in the air.
-->''"Just don't bite it, alright? --What? [[BlatantLies I mean my neck...]]"''
* ShoutOut: His name and interest in zombie outbreaks homage [[Film/NightOfTheLivingDead1968 George A. Romero]], while the job of keeping the zombies from leaving the cemetery mirrors the plot of of ''Film/CemeteryMan''.

[[folder:Knox Harrington]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Greg Ellis

Bertram Tung's ghoul, Knox enjoys his status as a blood-bound slave a little too much for his own good, and seems to mainly function as a smokescreen for his master's more obvious plans.
* {{Keet}}: Knox is bouncing off the walls in just about every single scene you can meet him in.
* MotorMouth: Maybe ten minutes after you receive a lecture about hiding your vampirism from humanity, talking to Knox sees him realizing what you are and refusing to shut the hell up until you remind him it's supposed to be a secret.
* NotSoHarmlessVillain: It turns out he actually used to be a BountyHunter for Arthur Kilpatrick, which is one of the reasons Bertram hired him in the first place, and he's quite clever and manipulative with the player if you don't have the points to see through his scheme.
* ObfuscatingStupidity: He actually plays up his incompetence in order to get people to drop their guard. His surprising level of talent is why Bertram Tung chose him as a ghoul:
--> '''Tung:''' Sharp kid, can track like a bloodhound.
* SycophanticServant: Worships the ground Tung walks on.
* VerbalTic: "Oh ''man!'' Hey, ''man!''"

[[folder:Vandal Cleaver]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Creator/JamesArnoldTaylor

-->''Here again? What's the matter? Can't bring yourself to tear into the neck of some quote-unquote "innocent?" All that blood out there and you have to buy the prepackaged stuff!''

Therese Voerman's ghoul, Vandal runs the bloodbank in the basement of the local clinic, using his position to secure choice bloodpacks for his demanding mistress. Unfortunately, as altruism appears to be running low these days, "donations" of blood come from the clubbers, vagrants, and Thin-Bloods that Vandal kidnaps.
* AxCrazy: Apart from the techniques he uses to supply his mistress with blood, he also lets slip that he was planning to kill his coworker Phil before Lily tore his throat out.
* CloudCuckoolander: A really dark version. Also [[spoiler:a hint to Therese's true status as a Malkavian.]]
* DeadpanSnarker: Mocks everything he can think of, including his own miserable situation if you Dement him.
* EvilRedhead: A borderline-serial killer.
* KnifeNut
-->"Guns make people cocky; they never appreciate what a skilled hand married to a knife can do. All you have to do is get close enough to cut off the trigger finger... or their face."
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: A barbarian tribe and a great big knife. Sounds about right.
* NightmareFetishist: In the event that you manage to help one of his captives escape, one of the options for getting him to sell you blood again is to tell him a story of ultraviolence from your MultipleChoicePast - resulting in a ''very'' excited Vandal.
* NoodleImplements: Hannah's logbook notes that she requires pliers and a blowtorch when "servicing" him.
* PsychoForHire: Therese keeps him on a ''very'' tight leash.
* SycophanticServant: Unlike most, however, he's bitter, cynical, and very much aware that he's a slave. As a result, he hates Therese with a passion, calling her by the derogatory nickname "the Queen Bitch". Also, though he's too cowed to dare attack a vampire, he's very dangerous to humans.
* SarcasticDevotee: He hates Therese, but cannot disobey her.
* TheSocialDarwinist: He has great respect for vampires who embrace the Beast and "feed upon the weak."
* SoftSpokenSadist: Played with. His voice is very high and soft, and he rarely yells, but most of his dialogue ''seethes'' with barely-constrained rage.
* VillainousCrossdresser: Though it's hard to tell just by going on scrubs, Vandal has a male [=NPC=] model and voice actor, though [[AmbiguousGenderIdentity his (her?)]] hair and lipstick and Therese referring to Vandal as "Miss" in an e-mail throws some shade on this detail.

[[folder:Grout's Ghouls]]

The aggressive mooks living inside Grout Mansion, it is strongly implied they are the "patients" of his little asylum. They are totally insane.
* BaldOfEvil: The male version.
* KnifeNut: The female version is armed with a knife.
* LaughingMad: The male ghouls chuckle endlessly, while the females do this or sob hysterically.
* MalevolentMaskedMen: All of them are wearing muzzles to keep them from biting, after one of them once broke his restraints by chewing off an arm.
* ManOnFire: At the end of the Grout Mansion quest, [[spoiler:when Grünfeld Bach lights the place on fire]], several hostile flaming ghouls turn up. They attack you as readily as before, but now their attacks spread the flames.
* PutTheLaughterInSlaughter: They are insane aggressive enemies armed with edged weapons and regularly LaughingMad.
* WolverineClaws: The male ghouls attack with long claws protruding from their fingers.

!!Neutral and Friendly Humans

[[folder:Venus Dare]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Kat Cressida

-->''Everybody comes in here's got to have to a shot - house rules: inhibition's the first thing to go. Two more of these, and you'll be telling me your nastiest, dirtiest stories; I am your Beat Priestess and it's time to confess.''

The beautiful owner and bartender of the Confession Nightclub. Having started her club with the aid of a local [[TheMafiya Russian Mafia]] boss, she's gotten sick and tired of paying her benefactor with sexual favors, and needs an assassin - you.
* BuxomIsBetter: If anyone can give [=VV=] a run for her money in the cleavage department, it's Venus.
* CuteButCacophonic: Shouts to be heard over the loud music in her club.
* DudeWheresMyReward: Only the first time. After her second quest you can become co-owner of her club (and gain a constant flow of money).
* FakeBrit: Boris calls her "the American bitch" several times, and she sometimes drops the accent when she gets mad.
* {{Gainaxing}}: Her model bounces a lot.
* IAmVeryBritish: Possesses one of the few non-American accent in the game, and it's ''incredibly'' plummy. {{Invoked|Trope}}, since she drops it when she's serious.
* InSeriesNickname: The Malkavian [=PC=] calls her "[[Myth/ClassicalMythology Love Goddess]]".
* MsFanservice: Flirts with her customers to sell drinks.
* PrecisionFStrike: She drops one regarding Boris.
* SophisticatedAsHell: She's good at weaving together profanity and clever wordplay.
* {{Stripperific}}: As part of her persona, she wears a tight t-shirt with a CleavageWindow and tight cutoff jeans.
* VampiresOwnNightClubs: Subverted in ''Camarilla Edition'' and ''Final Nights''. In the new content, you find a computer belonging to some vampire hunters, which contains data stating that they suspected her to be a vampire until they spotted her walking outside during the day with Fat Larry. However, she ''was'' supposed to be the ghoul of an unnamed vampire during early development. Played straight in that when you complete her quests, you become her silent partner and she keeps a cut of the profits for you to pick up.

[[folder:Yukie Ogami]]
->'''Voiced By:''' ???

-->''[[MyNameIsInigoMontoya O-gami Yukie]] [[GratuitousJapanese desu.]] [[BadassBoast Now I return you to hell.]]''

A Japanese demon hunter who works in a noodle shop in Chinatown, currently searching for the demon who murdered her sensei.
* EleventhHourRanger: [[spoiler:In the patch, she'll show up to help you storm Ming-Xiao's sanctuary at the very end of the game.]]
* ActionGirl: She is a hunter, and actively takes part in the fight against Zygaena.
* BareYourMidriff: As part of her [[{{Joshikousei}} "Anime Schoolgirl"]] image.
* DemonSlaying: What she believes to be her profession. Technically, they're something else.
* FashionableAsymmetry: She wears armor on her left arm, the arm she doesn't hold her sword with.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: A random computer in Hollywood contains e-mails from a classmate who wonders what she's up to in America.
* GratuitousJapanese: She randomly inserts Japanese words into her dialogue, such as "Arigatou gozaimasu" ("Thank you very much"). She also pronounces Los Angeles as "Rosu Angeresu", despite not having any trouble differentiating between L and R at any other point. Her pronunciation of "Los Angeles" is also completely different from how Japanese normally pronounce it (Rosanzerusu).
* ItsPersonal: She's come to America to hunt the Hengeyokai Zygaena, who devoured her master.
* KatanasAreJustBetter: Wields one in combat.
* OddFriendship: Downplayed in that you don't have quite enough interaction with her to form a particularly strong form of bond, but if you help her in her quest to find Zygaena, she comes to respect you enough that she will wish you well. When you first meet her, this actually gets lampshaded by her pointing out how strange it is for a hunter like her to casually chat with one of the very beings she is supposed to slay. [[spoiler:With the patch installed, she shows up again at the end of the game to help you attack Ming-Xiao's stronghold.]]
* PantyShot: As a consequence of wearing a skirt and fighting with an acrobatic martial arts style.
* ShoutOut: To the "teenage girl hunting monsters" genre of anime.
* VanHelsingHateCrimes: Strongly averted. Aside from being the only hunter to not attack you on sight, Yukie says that her culture differentiates between good and bad demons, and if you prove to be the former she wishes you well after you help her kill Zygaena.
-->''"May you [[FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire find your path]], demon."''

[[folder:Wong Ho]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Michael Yama

A Chinese immigrant/businessman and pillar of the local community in Chinatown. His honest nature and desire for a safe, crime-free environment put him afoul of a local gang [[spoiler: and Ming Xiao.]]
* ActualPacifist: Despises violence, and tries to ask you not to use it on his behalf during his quests.
* AsianSpeekeeEngrish: Averted. Wong Ho has an accent, but it makes him sound like a real immigrant rather than a caricature. Notably, his diction is fine.
* BrokenPedestal: Respects and trusts Ming Xiao immensely, and at first, he will angrily refuse to listen to the player speak ill of her. Later on, with a little bit of persuasion and irrefutable evidence that she is trying to kill him, you can finally convince him that Ming Xiao is, in fact, a dangerous and evil person. He flees Chinatown with his daughter and goes into hiding.
* HonestCorporateExecutive: Owns a lot of real-estate in Chinatown, but he's very clearly on the side of law and order.
* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: Believes Ming Xiao to be a holy woman, and won't hear a word against her. [[spoiler: This is a shame, as she is behind the various attacks on him and is plotting his death. Finding out and warning him can save his life, though he still has trouble believing the truth.]]
* IHaveYourDaughter: His daughter, Kiki, is kidnapped by a local street gang during the Chinatown quests, and he agrees to help you in return for her rescue.
* NiceGuy: Wong Ho is one of the small pool of genuinely moral people in the game, and, assuming you aren't a monster yourself, he never fails to give you thanks and respect for your actions.
* NonActionGuy: Well, he's a mild-mannered middle-aged business man and his enemies are a gun-toting street gang, an army of corporate mercenaries, [[spoiler: and a Kuei-jin and her violent cult of killers]].
* SpoiledBrat: He loves his daughter very much, but she's got a rotten personality.

-> '''Voiced by:''' Daran Norris

A fat security guard initially assigned to guard a Santa Monica art gallery - up until you break in and vandalize the paintings. He's then reassigned to guarding the Venture building for Prince [=LaCroix=].
* AbhorrentAdmirer: If a female PC seduces him during their first encounter, he'll spend the rest of the game with a hopeless crush on her. She can either play along or act indifferent, and play this trope completely straight by finally snapping and verbally ripping into him towards the end of the game.
* ApologeticAttacker: Chunk is the PC's first obstacle during [[spoiler:their final assault on Venture Tower.]] He'll regretfully ask you to leave and not force him to use violence. Considering your ImplacableMan status at this point of the game, his threats come across as deeply ironic. It is, however, possible to use social skills or disciplines to get him to give up and cower instead of fight.
* BackupTwin: Kill him during your first encounter, and his identical twin will be manning the desk at the entrance to the [=LaCroix=] building.
** PolarOppositeTwins: Whereas Chunk is friendly and very talkative, his brother is [[TheVoiceless completely silent]].
* BigFun: Very jovial, as a PC with Dominate can show by sending him off to the Asylum to show off his dance moves.
* ByTheBookCop: Blocks the PC's way while spouting very specific regulations. Can backfire on him if the PC has a high enough persuasion rating. By persuading him, it becomes obvious Chunk [[DelusionsOfEloquence has no idea what he's talking about and is just pulling out random regulations to sound smart]].
* CloudCuckoolander: He is a very silly man, in a lot of ways, and likes a lot of very strange things.
* DonutMessWithACop: [[SarcasmMode Shockingly.]]
* FatIdiot: Bless him, Chunk is just not very bright.
* GoodIsImpotent: Chunk is a sweet guy, but he's brainless, powerless and helpless in the World of Darkness.
* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: He can tell his new boss [=LaCroix=] is a bit of a weirdo, but pursues the line of thought no further and considers him a perfectly NiceGuy. Similarly, he never catches on that the Player Character isn't human, nor that they are anything more than an ordinary working class professional like himself.
* InappropriateHunger: When you speak to him when going back to meet [=LaCroix=] after escaping [[spoiler: Grout's Mansion in flames]], he'll notice the smell of charred flesh and express a sudden desire for some hamburgers.
* NiceGuy: There's no real malice in the guy at all. If he meets a Malkavian player for the first time, he gives them some money and tries to help them find a homeless shelter.
** The only exception is his attitude toward the Nosferatu PC, who he'll urge to leave the building immediately, forcing them to use a special sewer entrance to an elevator. Though in that case, he is very obviously and understandably scared out of his wits.
* PluckyComicRelief: The man uses his security system to spy on people ''eating doughnuts''.
* PottyEmergency: One of the times you meet him, he tells you that he couldn't go to work the previous night because he suffered from a bad case of diarrhoea after eating some tainted junk food bought in the street. [[spoiler:It saved his life: it was the night when some Sabbat mooks made a raid inside Venture tower.]]
* ShooOutTheClowns: He definitively leaves the game when the player characters enters [=LaCroix=] building for the final fight, either killed or persuaded/hypnotized to leave the place.

-> '''Voiced by:''' Creator/RobinAtkinDownes

Owner of the pawn shop below the Fledgling's Santa Monica haven. He sells weapons to you on either Mercurio's, Kilpatrick's, or Knox's word.
* FriendInTheBlackMarket: Yours, if someone vouches for you or you make it worth his while. He's annoyed with Knox's indiscretion on the subject.
* TheStoner: Implied. He's got the typical stoner drawl.
* NiceGuy: Trip is actually a pretty cool guy. (See below)
* NightmareFetishist: A Nosferatu player character's [[LooksLikeOrlock appearance]] usually causes anything from violent revulsion to [[BrownNote heart attacks]]. Trip, meanwhile, has nothing but compliments for what he thinks are some awesome body modifications.
* SafetyInIndifference: He has a working relationship with Anarch and Camarilla ghouls, and works the night shift in a vampire-infested city. There are hints that he's at least somewhat aware of what's dragging LA down the tubes, but chooses to remain an {{Apathetic Citizen|s}}.

[[folder:Fat Larry]]
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/PhilLaMarr

-->''You can call me Fat Larry with an F-A-T, cuz I know I got a weight problem an' I just don't give a fuck!''

An enthusiastic black-market salesman, he operates out of the back of his truck, selling just about anything to anyone - though getting to his special stock may take a few favors. He's a friend of Venus Dare's, and will put in a good word for you with her if you help him out.
* AffablyEvil: He's a black market salesman, but he's generally friendly.
* BigFun: Once the player character gets on his good side, he'll happily invite them out to dinner.
* FatAndProud: The Malkavian will even call him "Fatman" without Larry so much as reacting.
* FriendInTheBlackMarket: He sells guns and armor out of the back of a truck.
* FunnyAfro: He has one.
* HonestJohnsDealership: Subverted - Larry may seem like this at first, but his wares are perfectly serviceable. Plus, he gets very irritated when you suggest it.
* TheNicknamer: He's got some imaginative ones. Memorably, he refers a Nosferatu PC to Venus as the "Halloween-looking S&M gremlin"
* ShoutOut: In order to gain access to his special stock, you have to retrieve a mysterious briefcase - the contents of which Larry only describes as "[[Film/PulpFiction beautiful]]." Doubles as an ActorAllusion to his voice actor.
* SoulBrotha: Just barely avoids being a JiveTurkey too.
* SunglassesAtNight

-> '''Voiced by:''' Keone Young

-->''[[NoIndoorVoice Welcome back!]]''

The merchant in the Chinatown area, Tseng inherited his family's herbal medicine store and is more than happy to help you with good herbal remedies for all your Tong-related problems. [[MostDefinitelyNotAVillain He has most definitely never been involved with the Chinese Army.]]
* BadLiar: He is a terrible pharmacist.
* DeadlyEuphemism:
--> '''Tseng:''' Hold on please! [The shelf behind him turns, revealing an arsenal worth of guns.] These are good remedies for many problems. No credit cards.
* EyepatchOfPower: As seen in the above image.
* FriendInTheBlackMarket: [[BlatantLies No, Tseng only sells medicine, not illegal weaponry.]]
* LargeHam: He does nothing by halves.
* MostDefinitelyNotAVillain: He is dressed in a [[UsefulNotes/ChineseWithChopperSupport People's Liberation Army]] officer uniform, speaks in a very martial tone, and has a bit of trouble with his cover story:
--> '''Tseng:''' Selling remedies is honest work! I came to America after discharge from Chinese Arm- uh, ''herbal remedies forces,'' to help ageing parents with store! Definitely I am now American citizen! God bless the allegiance flag!
* NiceHat: A CommissarCap.
* OvertOperative: No telling if he's still an operative, but no one is fooled for a second.

[[folder:Ji Wen Ja and Lu Feng]]
[[caption-width-right:196:Ji Wen Ja]]
[[caption-width-right:250:Lu Fang]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Keone Young (Lu Fang)

Two [=NPCs=] involved in a Chinatown {{Sidequest}}. They are former friends and retired Tong hitmen, who hid a pretty amount of cash (the bounty of a difficult contract they executed together), stored in a box with two keys (each being held by one of them). Each of them tries to hire the player character in order to kill the other and steals his key, then share the treasure with the player character.
* TheAlcoholic: Lu Fang. He spends his time walking between the Red Dragon bar and the toilets.
* ArtificialAtmosphericActions: Lu Fang's action solely consists in looping between the bar and the toilets. From a gameplay perspective, it serves to provide a safe spot in which the player character can stealthly attack him without turning the whole bar hostile.
* ContractOnTheHitman: They both try this against the other one.
* ConMan: Ji Wen Ja makes a living by giving out fortune-cookie-like gibberish while pretending to be a fortune teller.
* DeadpanSnarker: When Ji Wen Ja begins to explain he wants someone to disappear, you'll have the option to ask him if he is talking about committing a murder. His answer:
--> Why don't you say it a little louder, so people on next block can hear? Yeah, that's what I mean.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: Each of them will give you some dirt on the other. Ji Wen Ja tells you that Lu Fang used to kill [[WouldHitAGirl women]], [[WouldHurtAChild children]], and [[BadPeopleAbuseAnimals puppies]], whereas Lu Fang will claim that Ji Wen Ja is a child molester. It's never made clear if either of them is telling the truth, but they both use these accusations to motivate you to kill the other.
* FlippingTheBird: The only time they spoke in 25 years was when Ji Wen Ja insulted Lu Fang while giving him the middle finger two weeks before their quest happened.
* FortuneTeller: Ji Wen Ja.
* HypocriticalHumor: Each one insists he couldn't trust the other to keep up his word - after all, that guy ''kills people for a living!''
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast[=/=]RedBaron: According to him, Ji Wen Ja is Chinese for "underworld travel agent"; vaguely equivalent to "Charon" in the West.
* RetiredBadass: They both assure the player that they were quite apt at their jobs.
* RetiredMonster: Neither of them seem all that broken up about the people they assassinated.
* ShoutOut: Lu Fang's name may be a reference to [[TabletopGame/LegendOfTheFiveRings Fu Leng]], though the two characters have little else in common.
* TakeAThirdOption: You are supposed to kill one of them and bring his key to the other, who then shares the treasure with you. With a high enough level in persuasion, it is instead possible to convince then to become friends again and share the money. Killing one of then grants 4 XP, a (variable - it is possible to increase your part by talking with both) share of the treasure, and a Humanity loss. Allowing them to reconcile grants 6 XP and two Humanity gain (one for each of them), but no money, of course (which shouldn't matter all that much unless you've been ''really'' trigger happy with the flamethrower).
** There is a GoodBadBug which allows to convince both of them to increase your share to the maximum (80% of the treasure), then convince Ji Wen Ja to become friend again with Lu Feng (which closes the quest with the good ending), ''then kill Ji Wen Ja and bring his key to Lu Fang''. You'll then gain 6 XP, money and no effect on your Humanity.[[note]]More accurately, there's a Humanity gain for completing the quest, which is immediately nullified by the coldblooded murder of a helpless old man.[[/note]]
* TheTriadsAndTheTongs: Retired members.
* WeUsedToBeFriends: Before greed and paranoia got in the way.
* YouNoTakeCandle: The both speak like this, to varying extents.

!!Human Antagonists

[[folder:The Society of Leopold]]

A group of catholic vampire hunters. They are the successors of the Inquisition.
* BadassLongcoat: The katana-wielding elite hunters wear armored trenchcoats.
* BadassNormal: They go toe-to-toe with actual vampires who have terrifying superpowers, and they win often enough that the ''vampires'' are afraid of ''them''.
* BaldOfEvil[=/=]BeardOfEvil: Low members of the Society have both shaved heads and goatees, though how evil they are is debatable.
* ChristianityIsCatholic: They are the only explicitly Christian characters in the game. The Society is openly called the successor of the Inquisition and a loading screen says they take their orders from the Vatican.
* ChurchMilitant: Well, they ''are'' successors of the Inquisition.
* TheDreaded: Most vampires typically avoid attracting their attention as much as possible, and only confront them as a last resort. When finding out some of them are waiting for him at the entry of the Asp Hole, Ash genuinely seems convinced he has no chance of getting out alive until your offer him your help.
* FieryRedhead: The female generic model is a redhead woman carrying a lit torch.
* FlunkyBoss: The mods ''Camarilla Edition'' and ''Final Nights'' add the hunter Edgar Hirst, which is accompanied by standard hunters. ''Final Nights'' alters the Chastity and Grünfeld Bach boss fights to give them backup.
* HyperspaceArsenal: During her boss fight, Chastity manages to pull a sword and a crossbow from... somewhere. She is an undercover hunter posing as a stripper and is fought on the floor of a peep-show while only wearing sexy underwear.
* KatanasAreJustBetter: Most expert vampire hunters from the Society wield one.
* KillItWithFire: The female members are armed with a lit torch, which inflicts aggravated damage against you.
* KingMook: Edgar Hirst from the ''Camarilla Edition'' mod. He looks exactly like the standard [[BadassLongcoat longcoat wearing]], katana-wielding elite hunters, but he has better damage and more health.
* KnightTemplar: Some of them are rather... overenthusiastic about killing.
* VampireHunter: Their usual role in gameplay is to periodically jump players who have been too cavalier about breaking the Masquerade.
* VanHelsingHateCrimes: While the game in no way minimizes the largely negative impact on the setting, the Society always seems to target the ''least'' threatening, dangerous vampires for extermination. To illustrate, the only two vampires beside yourself they are seen approaching are Ash and Velvet, respectively a DeathSeeker who hates his vampiric existence and a friendly woman who dislikes killing.
* WarriorMonk: Most of them are fairly religious on top of being skilled fighters.

[[folder:Grünfeld Bach]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Creator/JimWard

-->''As you burn, tell them it was Grünfeld Bach who sent your damned soul to that lake of fire! All agents of Satan shall return to whence they came!''

An elite vampire hunter and Inquisitor of the Society of Leopold. He's after [=LaCroix=], who killed his grandfather and father.
* AllThereInTheManual: Players unfamiliar with the old World of Darkness might be wondering why this puny human has the ability to blind you with holy light and take superhuman amounts of punishment after Smiling Jack told you that religious symbols were useless against you. This is actually an application of True Faith, an extremely rare and powerful trait among the most fanatical hunters that allows their holy symbols to hold genuine power.
* BadBoss: Some of his followers will comment privately that he seems [[EveryoneHasStandards too extreme]] and obsessed with hunting vampires (especially [=LaCroix=]), to the point that he's been known to kill those who refuse to follow his orders.
* BadassLongcoat: Wears the same one as his comrades.
* BattleCry: "FAITH SHIELDS ME!"
* ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve: As mentioned, he has True Faith and uses it to blind you. His faith ''does,'' in fact, shield him.
* ColdSniper: His BossFight begins as a SniperDuel.
* {{Determinator}}: Has apparently hunted [=LaCroix=] for decades, across a continent no less, refusing to accept that he might share his ancestors' fate.
* EmpoweredBadassNormal: Faith really ''does'' shield him.
* GenerationXerox: Both his grandfather and his father were vampire hunters devoted to bringing down [=LaCroix=], and one dialogue with the Prince implies Bach may have a son who will follow in his father's footsteps.
* GetBackHereBoss: During his BossFight, he blinds you and runs away each time he is hit.
* GoodCannotComprehendEvil: Bach kidnaps an archaeologist with knowledge of the sarcophagus, hoping this will lure out [=LaCroix=] himself. The PC is somewhat bewildered at this, and can ask Grünfeld what the hell made him think [=LaCroix=] - by Grünfeld's own account, an EvilOverlord, and by every Los Angeles vampire's judgment, a DirtyCoward - would ''personally'' ever attend to a matter like this. Bach isn't too fazed by the admonition, stating that in such a case he'll just have to [[KillEmAll keep killing the prince's minions]] until [=LaCroix=] has no choice but to show his face.
* GoodScarsEvilScars: He has a single vertical scar across his right cheek.
* HeroAntagonist: [[AntiHero For a given value of "hero", at least.]] He's the holy warrior, and you're the blood-sucking monster. And seriously, would you be rooting for [=LaCroix=] if you weren't obligated to?
* KatanasAreJustBetter: He uses one once you get him in hand-to-hand, like his fellow vampire hunters.
* KickTheDog: According to EnemyChatter, he once killed a fellow hunter for refusing to follow orders. He also has no problem kidnapping a completely innocent archeologist who knows nothing about the Masquerade and keeping him prisonner in bad conditions just so he can use him as a bait to lure [=LaCroix=].
* KillItWithFire: Sets fire to the whole [[spoiler:Grout Mansion]] with you still inside, forcing you to flee for your unlife.
* KnightTemplar: Positively ruthless in his quest for vengeance against [=LaCroix=] and the extermination of vampires, regardless of whether they're good or evil. Also see KickTheDog above.
* LargeHam: All the time.
* LightEmUp: Can use his faith to create a burst of pure light to blind you.
* LoadBearingBoss[=/=]TakingYouWithMe: After being vanquished by the player character, he detonates some explosives in the underground, causing the cave of the Society of Leopold to begin to collapse.
* NotQuiteDead: After his apparent demise, he stands up one more time and pull a TakingYouWithMe[=/=]LoadBearingBoss on you.
* VampireHunter: His role.
* WrongGenreSavvy: He holds to somewhat archaic beliefs about vampires and as such has a rather poor grasp of how his enemy really operates in this day and age. For instance, he speaks of "the Archfiend" [=LaCroix=] as if he were some kind of heinous, bloodthirsty monster from the hottest pit of hell, and sets a trap fully expecting the evil prince to leap in and butcher his way through legions of vampire hunters. In truth, his hated ArchEnemy is a very human character - a self-centered, petty schemer with an inflated ego, who sends ''you'' to deal with the nuisance Bach presents instead.
* YouKilledMyFather: Apparently, [=LaCroix=] murdered both his father and his grandfather.

[[folder:Dennis and his gang]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Creator/PhilLaMarr

A drug dealer, and the leader of a small group of thugs that can be found above Santa Monica's beach. Mercurio tried to buy explosives from him to destroy a Sabbat warehouse, but Dennis double-crossed him. No matter how the quest of retrieving the explosives is completed by the PC, Dennis and his gang will eventually meet a sticky end.
* AndYourLittleDogToo:
-->'''Dennis:''' Before we do business, before anything changes hands, I want you to hear this: if you try to cross me, I will fuck you. If you tell the cops about me, I will find you, then I will fuck you. And if you are a cop... I will fuck you and your whole family, includin' that squirrel in your front yard!
* AssholeVictim: He and his gang end up slaughtered not matter the outcome, either by the PC or by Mercurio. Considering his actions include insulting you and double-crossing Mercurio, almost killing him in the process, it's hard to feel sorry for them.
* BatterUp: A couple of those thugs wield baseball bats.
* BerserkButton: Dennis immediately becomes hostile if you tell him that Mercurio sent you.
* ClusterFBomb: He seems incapable of carrying on a conversation without at least one.
* KarmicDeath: If the PC completes the quest without bloodshed (it is possible with persuasion, stealth, or, if female, with seduction), Mercurio himself massacres the whole gang via forced overdose.
* MuggingTheMonster: Beating Mercurio and stealing his money instead of selling him the requested explosives drew the attention of a more dangerous character... and if the PC didn't kill the whole gang, Mercurio himself will once he has recovered.
* StarterVillain: Dennis is the first specific person who ends up on your shit-list. His threat level is on the level of the rest of his {{mook}}s; even Tremere or Ventrue should have no problem feeding him his own intestines.
* WouldHitAGirl: If the PC is female, Dennis will explicitly states that no matter if you're a girl, he'll still kill you if you "fuck him". [[AllMenArePerverts Unless you have a high seduction level, then he will try to flirt with you instead.]]

[[folder:Stanley Gimble]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Michael Gough

A dealer of prosthetics and medical supplies living out of a basement studio in Santa Monica. He's actually a serial killer, who has a sinister habit of kidnapping people (apparently luring them by offering payment in exchange for modelling) and cutting them up piece by piece to have a better understanding of human anatomy.
* ArtificialLimbs: His left arm.
* AssholeVictim: If the "Replanting a Lily" quest is active, the unofficial patch adds the option of dealing with him (and resolving said quest) by persuading him to go see Vandal, who succeeds in killing him and harvesting his blood.
* EarlyBirdBoss: His sidequest is pretty early in the game, and he'll give you a run for your money if you haven't gotten settled yet.
* EvilBrit: His accent and some mannerisms, like dropping a "bloody" during dialogue, implies he is British.
* FauxAffablyEvil: He is a genuinely bright and cheery man, right up until he's lured you into his kill room.
* GrievousHarmWithABody: He fights you with a mutilated arm, which was quite possibly taken off of the bounty that Carson was after.
* HandicappedBadass: To be able to fully understand what having a prosthetic limb involves, he cut his left arm and replaced it by a prosthetic one. It doesn't really make him weaker during his boss fight.
* MuggingTheMonster: Luring you into his lair wasn't his brightest move, though he was hardly to know what he was dealing with.
* NightmareFetishist: Along with his love of prosthetics and amputation, Gimble actually finds the Malkavian speech patterns quite charming.
* SerialKiller: Likes to cut off limbs.
* SkippableBoss: With the unofficial patch, you can trick him into walking straight into Vandal's trap, bypassing the fight with him entirely.
* StepfordSmiler: Under that cheerful, smiling exterior is a merciless serial killer.

[[folder:Boris Chekov]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Creator/RobinAtkinDownes

A Russian mobster. He lent money to Venus for the Confession Club and is awaiting her to pay him back. Venus gives the player character the task to kill him.
* AssholeVictim: Let's just say even players who prefer to play as nice vampires are unlikely to feel sorry for having to kill him.
* FirstNameBasis: Always designed as "Boris" in the conversations. The only way to discover his surname is to hack the computers in his hostel.
* GratuitousRussian: When he yells at his underlings.
* JerkAss: Venus describes him in less-than-flattering terms, and when you actually meet him he wastes no time backing up her claim.
* InformedAttribute: Venus refers to him as fat when insulting him, however his character model is built roughly the same as any other average male character in the game.
* LoanShark: Venus borrowed his money to fund her night club. He has been harassing her with the debt ever since, occasionally forcing her to [[SexForServices pay him with sex]].
* TheMafiya: A high-up boss in it.
* OvershadowedByAwesome: Being a high-ranking Mafiya member, he probably would have been a genuine threat in a regular crime story. Unfortunately for him, he lives in TabletopGame/TheWorldOfDarkness, and the protagonist he opposes is a ridiculously powerful vampire, so he ends up little more than a thug. [[LampshadeHanging This can get lampshaded]] in the dialogues options with Venus:
-->'''Fledgling''': What's the catch?\\
'''Venus''': Boris is high-ranked in the Russian Mafia. Is that a problem?\\
'''Fledgling''': I didn't think it would be ''that'' easy[=/=]I have killed worse.
* VodkaDrunkenski: When she sends you to kill him, Venus mentions that he probably spent the whole afternoon drinking alcohol.

[[folder:The Mandarin]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Keone Young

-->''You and your kind may play mortals for weaklings and fools, and that may be fitting for some, but you underestimate me.''

The apparent CEO of the Fu Syndicate, he's been manipulating the Chinatown Tong for his own dark purposes.
* BadBoss[=/=]WeHaveReserves: Quite happy to let the PC kill his underlings if they displease him, and even happier to use his security guards and mercenary soldiers as experimental guinea pigs. His EstablishingCharacterMoment also involves him tricking his criminal associate Johnny into discovering your vampiric nature, just to test if you will have him KilledToUpholdTheMasquerade.
* BaddieFlattery: Begins complimenting the PC in a very condescending way in the latter stages of the experiment.
--> You have shown considerable mental and physical acumen... and I'm quite perplexed as to how something that should be ''dead'' can possess such strong survival skills.
* BullyingADragon: Makes the mistake of experimenting on Kindred at least twice, with disastrous effects. In the first case, the test subject is Barabus - which gets Gary's attention; the second case, ''you're'' the test subject, and it costs him his life.
* TheChessmaster: Lays a clever trap in Chinatown.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: His company is in the pocket of [[spoiler: the Kuei-jin.]]
* TheDragon: [[spoiler:To Ming Xiao]]
* EvilOldFolks: From what little you can see of him, he clearly has white hair and is at least middle aged.
* FauxAffablyEvil: He compliments you regularly while trying to kill you, but once it becomes apparent that his experiment has gone awry, it all goes out the window.
* MadScientist: He's studying vampires and their rumoured weaknesses [[spoiler:at Ming-Xiao's request.]]
* MeaningfulName: "Mandarin" originally means a bureaucrat scholar in Imperial China. This Mandarin [[spoiler:serves under the leader of the Chinese vampires in [=LA=] and researches her Kindred enemies for her.]]
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Only refers to himself as the Mandarin, and you never get to learn his real name.
* TheManBehindTheCurtain: Spends most of his interactions with you behind screens or glass. Once you fight him in person, he goes down like a chump.
* ShoutOut: To Literature/FuManchu.
** And possibly another character inspired by Fu Manchu, The Marvel Comics character also named Mandarin. Who much like this character had adopted a businessman persona, while still attempting illegal and illicit things behind the scenes. His real name is also kept a secret.
* SinisterShades: That double as SunglassesAtNight and indoors.
* SmugSnake: His arrogance, to put it bluntly, is not well-founded.
* SuicideByCop: When it becomes obvious his attempt to experiment on you has gone awry, he choses to face you in a last stand despite knowing very well he doesn't stand chance, arguing that you killing him will be mercy compared to whatever [[spoiler:Ming-Xiao]] [[YouHaveFailedMe has in store for him]].


[[folder:The Deb of Night]]
->'''Voiced By:''' Karis Campbell

-->''If you're new to town or just new to this whole radio thing, you're listening to The Deb of Night, the only girl who will spend the night with you and leave first thing in the morning, guaranteed.''

The host of a late night radio call-in program on K.T.R.K., heard on all radios in your havens and around Los Angeles. Almost all of her callers are not quite right in the head, but sometimes Deb gets a caller whose theories are alarmingly accurate.
* TheCuckoolanderWasRight: During the last part of the game, one of her caller happens to be a ConspiracyTheorist who proceeds to blame everything happening in the city on a hidden vampire society, basically spelling out the main events of the story.
* DeadpanSnarker: Responds to all of her caller's crazy ideas with sarcasm.
* HiddenDepths: Deb can apparently speak fluent Italian and used to go yachting.
* MaybeMagicMaybeMundane: Since you never actually meet her, fan speculations abound about whether she's an ordinary human, a ghoul, or even a vampire. She at the very least seems suspiciously quick to shut down [[VillainsOutShopping Andrei's]] ramblings about the coming apocalypse.
* OnlySaneMan: Deb is very down-to-earth and quick witted, while most of her callers are blatantly lying, deranged, creepy, or any combination of the above.
* ParodyCommercial: The commercials playing during the intermission are especially absurd and over-the-top.
** AttackOfThePoliticalAd: The political ad is a succession of InsaneTrollLogic-filled attacks.
** ClusterFBomb: Apparently, Friggin Chicken is just that [[SoundEffectBleep ***]]-in' good.
** RealTrailerFakeMovie: Several, including one for a RomanticComedy between a banker and an [[AnimateInanimateObject ATM machine]] and one for a ClicheStorm action movie.
* PunnyName: On "the dead of night."
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Deb delivers one to a [[ThePiratesWhoDontDoAnything "writer"]]:
-->'''Deb:''' So if you haven't really written anything, how can you call yourself a writer? Because I once fixed my toilet doesn't make me a plumber, right?
-->'''Roger:''' Well, you see...
-->'''Deb:''' Is there anyone in this city that doesn't call themselves a writer or actor or a director? Don't you think you're doing a disservice to those who actually make their living in those art forms by deeming yourself something you're not, or not even trained to do?
* TheTease: Debs likes to flirt and most of her lines are innuendo filled.
* TheVoice: The player only hears her voice, never sees her.

[[folder:A Friend]]

-->''The game begins. A pawn is moved.''

The Fledgling's most mysterious ally, they periodically send you emails filled with cryptic chess metaphors and various warnings.
* ChessMotifs: Most of the emails use chess moves to describe the political game being played over the Fledgling's fate.
* TheGhost: Similarly to Deb, you never get the chance to interact with the Friend nor discover more about them. [[spoiler: It's implied that he's either the Taxi Driver or Smiling Jack, but there's nothing concrete.]]
* TheOmniscient: The Friend seems disturbingly knowledgeable about everything related to the main plot.
* RiddleForTheAges: Their identity is never established.
* SchmuckBait: The final email simply repeats the game's ArcWords: [[spoiler:"Don't open it."]]

[[folder:The Ocean House Hotel ghosts]]
The ghosts of an aggressive serial killer who haunts the old abandoned Ocean House Hotel, and the ghost of his wife (one of his victims).
* ApocalypticLog: In the kitchen, you find a diary leading to the final seconds of the wife's life. Here is where you can learn the killer's name, Ed, and motivation.
* AnAxeToGrind[=/=]AxCrazy: The killer committed several murders with an axe in the hotel, including his family. When the PC explores the haunted hotel, the killer's ghost can be spotted several times - and he still has the axe.
* DrivenToSuicide: While not out right stated, The Killer had kiled his kids then wife, believing the wife is cheating on him with someone else. The last moments recorded in the [[ApocalypticLog diary]] have her hiding in fear in a bathroom after seeing him soaked in blood, but nothing is mentioned about the fire and the diary is found in the kitchen. He may have read it after killing her, found out he killed his family and others over a misunderstanding and set flame to the place choosing to die with his family.
* {{Expy}}: Of [[Film/TheShining Jack and Wendy Torrance]].
* GreenEyedMonster: The whole killer's motivations seeming come from him believing his wife is cheating on him and the amulet she is wearing is a gift from her lover. In actuality it's from her mother, which he doesn't believe, leading to him snapping with [[IfICantHaveYou the results shown.]]
* NothingIsScarier: Their ''entire level'' runs on this. The serial killer's ghost stalks you, but never directly fight you, only harming you through poltergeist-like activities such as falling elevators or flying objects, [[spoiler:and [[TheUnfought doesn't even show up as a final boss at the end]]]]. If anything, it makes the level all the creepier.
* OurGhostsAreDifferent: They both seem to be immaterial and can teleport or become invisible. The woman tries to help the PC (by showing the way), and the man tries to frighten and kill the PC.
* TheUnfought: [[spoiler:The whole haunted hotel sequence seems to build up tension which would culminate in a boss fight against the spectral axe killer... and then you find the top room, take the amulet, and leave. The end. You don't even get to see how the Voreman sisters get rid of the violent ghost if you give the amulet to Theresa, only a quick line regarding exorcism.]]
* WomanInWhite: The wife of the serial killer, which is your guide at several places during the level.

[[folder:Zygaena the Hengeyokai]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Armando Valdes-Kennedy
[[caption-width-right:350:[[labelnote:Click here to see his human form]]http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/fefd2f982eb8a13f47a7343d6a071b11.JPG[[/labelnote]]]]
[[caption-width-right:350:[[labelnote:Click here to see his Warform]]http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/ed8e88e26b4107e13a709dee41515275.png[[/labelnote]]]]

A fiendish were-shark monster who preys upon the humans in Chinatown. Apparently works for the Kuei-jin, and killed Yukie's master at some point in the past.
* AllThereInTheManual: Although not stated in game, he's a Rokea (were-shark), more correctly a Same-Bito, the eastern version of the race, though he displays some traits usual to his kind.
* BonusBoss: One of the tougher examples in the game.
* BullfightBoss: While he's much faster and more agile than most examples, the best way to deal with him is to trick him into charging over to the liquid nitrogen tanks in the fish warehouse, [[BossArenaIdiocy then shooting them up to freeze him in place for a while, opening him up to be whaled on]]. You can also avoid his attacks by simply backing away every time he runs up and swipes at you, while repeatedly blasting him with a shotgun (at least until you back yourself into a wall).
* DamageSpongeBoss: Has the second greatest number of health points, right after [[spoiler:Ming Xiao's battle form.]] Unlike many examples, he hits like a truck.
* EverythingsEvenWorseWithSharks: Especially ''weresharks''.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: He'll throw frozen fish at you if you're not in the range of his claws.
* LaughingMad: Once he confronts you in the warehouse, he laughs a ''lot''.
* MeaningfulName: His name comes from the Smooth Hammerhead Shark (Sphyrna Zygaena).
* MotorMouth: When you talk to him in the restaurant, he'll talk like a salesman, because he thinks [[spoiler:or wants you to assume that he thinks]] that you want to hire him.
* NoSell: Trying to use Dementation or Dominate on him during conversation; using the former just confuses him, using the latter makes him think you're trying to intimidate him.
* OneWingedAngel: As soon as the battle begins he sheds his puny human form and takes his Warform. This also is very typical for Rokea, who prefer their Warforms outside of absolute necessity. [[spoiler:In fact, given that he's first encountered in a Masquerade zone, as opposed to Elysium, it's very possible to just knife him in his puny human form if you figure out who he is early enough]].
* PsychoForHire: He kills people for money, and pretending you want to hire him is part of how you lure him out. [[spoiler:His dialogues imply he actually took a contract on ''you'', and that he was luring ''you'' out.]]
* SharkMan[=/=]{{Youkai}}: He's modeled after the Samebito, a shark demon.

[[folder:Mr. Ox]]
-> '''Voiced by:''' Dana Lee

-->''There's something in this store for everyone. Everyone gets what they deserve.''

A mysterious shopkeeper in Chinatown, peddling curiosities and trinkets- most of which seem to have very morbid origins and purposes in mind. He enlists your help - first in retrieving a pair of "envious eyes" from the corpse of a thief, then in delivering a Bad Luck Charm to a target's locker.
* AllPowerfulBystander: Implied. Nobody knows exactly ''what'' he is (save a Malkavian PC, who's [[HorrifyingTheHorror too disturbed by the realization to say it outright]]) but he certainly isn't harmed by being shot at.
* BazaarOfTheBizarre: His shop. His rewards are artifacts rather than money. In ''The Final Nights'', he'll actually sell them to you.
* CloudCuckoolander: A very creepy version.
* CollectorOfTheStrange: Apart from selling the profoundly weird, he also collects it - including the eyeballs of a thief too greedy for his own good.
* CompanionCube: Cheerfully treats Lin's disembodied eyeballs as though they're still attached to their owner.
--> Hello, Lin. Do you like it here?
* CrypticConversation: A speciality of his.
* DealWithTheDevil: Implies that some of his customers pay for his wares with their souls.
* EvilOldFolks: ...''Probably''. It's not clear what he is exactly, but he definitely appears to be an old man, and the quests he gives you are shady, to say the least.
* MismatchedEyes: Probably as a MarkOfTheSupernatural or RedRightHand clue.
* PropheciesAreAlwaysRight: Shortly after you place the Bad Luck Charm in the target's locker, said target promptly appears and gets into an argument that ends with you being forced to kill him - exactly as Ox intended.
** OffTheRails: If you're a Malkavian or a Ventrue, you can derail this plan by mind-controlling the target into leaving as soon as he finds you. Nosferatu can also avoid violence by scaring him away. Or you can just leave the building he's in. [[DevelopersForesight If you go back to Mr. Ox at this point, his response to the quest will be different, and a little disappointed.]]
* TheUnreveal: Even though he displays a normal human aura if you use Auspex, he ''definitely'' isn't human - if you try to attack him, he just laughs at you and disappears in a puff of smoke. Just ''what'' the hell is he, exactly? You never find out.
* VaderBreath: He audibly huffs while talking to you.

[[folder:The Griffith Park [[spoiler:Werewolf]]]]
[[caption-width-right:350:[[labelnote:Click here to see it (spoiler)]]http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/33d2db45f9ccdd6c229482b7bb10ae85.jpg[[/labelnote]]]]

[[spoiler:A werewolf]] inhabiting Griffith Park, of indeterminate age and gender, and the last 'boss' you encounter before the endgame. When its habitat is set on fire during [[spoiler:a peace summit with Nines]], it gets somewhat cross, and you just so happen to be the closest available outlet for its rage. Lucky you.
* AdvancingBossOfDoom: Fortunately for you, the Griffith Park observatory is right next by and it can't fit through the doors.
* BarrierBustingBlow: Unfortunately for you, it doesn't ''need'' doors. Hope you weren't hiding in the bathroom.
* TheDreaded: [[spoiler:Nines]] is terrified of the prospect of facing one. [[spoiler:Although, as later events show, he handled the other werewolf that came after him well enough.]]
* FurAgainstFang: An individual battle, though as [[spoiler:Nines]] reveals it's endemic to the setting. Staying in its territory was crazy, which was why nobody expected him to be hiding there.
* GuideDangIt: [[spoiler:It is actually possible to defeat it, though it requires activating a series of switches you probably won't be looking for in your mad dash to escape and then using yourself as bait to catch it between the observatory's shutters.]]
* HoldTheLine: Well, not so much 'hold the line' as [[{{Metaphorgotten}} 'run away from the big bad line that wants to tear you to pieces']], but you have four minutes in which you need to stay alive before the tram returns.
* ImplacableMan: Oh yes. It even shrugs off the game's console commands.
* InstantDeathRadius: Even a Fortitude-equipped clan like Gangrel or Ventrue won't take much more than four to five blows before they're dust.
* LightningBruiser: It runs faster than you do (unless you have [[SuperSpeed Celerity]]), it takes no damage from any of your attacks, and it sure as hell hits harder than you. Any attempt to fight head-on is futile.
* OurWerewolvesAreDifferent: [[spoiler:Classic ''TabletopGame/WerewolfTheApocalypse'' Garou in [[UnstoppableRage Crinos]], acting like they typically do against vampires.]]
* NighInvulnerable: The game is coded so you can't hurt it. [[spoiler:Though Nines certainly could, and you can inflict an instant kill on it yourself by figuring out a puzzle.]]
* NoSell: Melee attacks are suicide, guns are worthless, [[{{Invisibility}} Obfuscate]] is pointless, and offensive disciplines like Dementation, Animalism, and Thaumaturgy can only make it pause, briefly.
* PuzzleBoss: The point isn't to fight it so much as to figure out how to keep yourself alive until the time runs out. [[spoiler:Or how to trap it and crush it.]]
* TalkingTheMonsterToDeath: Defied; you have the option to suggest simply telling [[spoiler:the Werewolves]] you aren't [[spoiler:responsible for lighting a fire on their territory]] to Nines, but he immediately clarifies that this won't work; [[spoiler:Werewolves]] hate vampires way too much to care about such details, let alone listen about any explanation you might have.
* ThereWasADoor: To its credit, it will ''try'' to use doors whenever possible. But if it loses track of you while inside the observatory, it'll come crashing in through the ceiling the next time you see it.
* TheVoiceless: It has no voiced lines at all, unless you count the blood-curdling howl. Diplomacy probably wouldn't work on it anyway.