The characters of manga and anime series ''VampireKnight'':



!!Day Class

[[folder: Yuuki Cross / [[spoiler:Yuuki Kuran]]]]
!!Voiced by: Creator/YuiHorie (Japanese), Creator/MelaLee (English)

[-That incident ten years ago... was my "beginning."-]


The main heroine. Yuuki is the adoptive daughter of Headmaster Cross and works with her childhood friend Zero as a Prefect, monitoring the Day Class and Night Class. She was saved from a vampire attack ten years ago by Kaname, who she has been in love with ever since.

* AesopAmnesia: Often decides to let go of her weak self and become more independent and strong, only to fall right back into her FauxActionGirl ways the very next chapter, depending on either Kaname or Zero to comfort/save her.
* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: Both of her love interests are this type, to varying degrees.
* AnchoredShip: [[spoiler:In the post-ending bonus chapter, she and Zero are revealed to drink each other's blood alot, but it's ambiguous whether they're actually dating. Although, Yori as an elderly woman asking them when they intend to get married would imply that they were. Eventually they're shown to be living together, and the ending confirms they also had children.]]
* AnimalMotifs: Butterflies.
* [[BettyAndVeronica The Archie]]: In her love triangle between Zero and Kaname.
* BadDreams
* BigBrotherAttraction: [[spoiler:Played with. She's initially disturbed when finding out she's been in love with her own brother, but Kaname convinces her that it's normal for purebloods to intermarry. Later she finds out that he's not really her brother, but her ancestor, but seeing as he was still raised as her brother, she continues to consider him as such, though she quits calling him "big brother".]]
* BigEater:
-->'''Aidou (in inner monologue):''' Also according to them, she's "a small girl who can eat so much despite her size."
* BroodingBoyGentleGirl: The gentle girl to brooding Zero.
* BrotherSisterIncest: [[spoiler:She is actually Kaname's sister and the daughter of Haruka and Juuri. In spite of this, they still remain a couple because it is common for purebloods to interbreed. Though, it's revealed that, with Kaname really the progenitor of the Kurans, they are still technically related.]]
* TheChick
* ChildhoodMarriagePromise: [[spoiler:With Kaname.]]
* ChronicHeroSyndrome
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* DatingCatwoman: [[spoiler:In spite of being enemies, Zero and Yuki still love each other.]]
* DistressedDamsel: A lot of the plot seems to revolve around protecting Yuuki.
* {{Dojikko}}
* ElegantGothicLolita: Occasionally shown wearing this [[spoiler:after the time skip as a pureblood vampire]] and during the first ending credits in the anime.
* [[EtTuBrute Et Tu, Kaname?]]: [[spoiler:When he ditches her for his plan to commit genocide.]]
* {{Expy}}: No doubt her characteristics matched [[VideoGame/DevilMayCry Trish]].
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: If dealing with her male {{Harem}} wasn't already hard enough, she has to deal with LesYay from Shizuka.
* FauxActionGirl: She has the potential of being an ActionGirl and ''does'' try very hard, but ultimately must be rescued by Zero, Kaname, etc etc. She gets better [[spoiler:after Kaname re-turns her into a vampire.]] Well... for a while, at least.
* GenkiGirl
* GirlNextDoor
* GreenEyedMonster: Towards [[spoiler: Sara in regards to Kaname and Maria in regards to Zero.]]
* HeelRealization
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Yori.
* IAmWho: [[spoiler:She is really Yuuki Kuran, a pureblood vampire.]]
* [[ICantBelieveAGuyLikeYouWouldNoticeMe I Can't Believe A Guy Like You Would Notice Me!]]: Her reaction to Kaname.
* ImmortalityBeginsAtTwenty: In the future, when Yori is an elderly grandma, it is shown that Yuuki hasn't aged a bit.
* IOweYouMyLife: Yuuki feels indebted towards Kaname for rescuing her ten years ago.
* ImportantHaircut: Yuuki's hair grows volumes [[spoiler:after her vampire self is resurrected and after living with Kaname for some time, [[LongHairIsFeminine who refuses to let her cut it]].]] She eventually whacks it all off [[spoiler:when she makes it clear that she's working with Zero to take Kaname down]].
* InterclassRomance / InterspeciesRomance: With Kaname in the first arc (human and pureblood vampire), [[spoiler:then ironically with Zero in the second (pureblood vampire and vampire hunter/level D vampire).]]
* ItsAllMyFault: Sees herself as the cause of, or at least a big part of the reason for Zero's suffering, and later [[spoiler:Kaname's genocide mission.]]
* JustFriends[=/=]LikeBrotherAndSister: This is what she thinks about Zero [[spoiler:at first.]]
* LockedOutOfTheLoop: She ''really'' dislikes being kept in the dark, especially when it's about her own MysteriousPast.
* ManicPixieDreamGirl: To Zero.
* MasterCharacterHeroines: A triple split between ''Demeter: The Nurturer'' (her constant need to care for others above herself, such as Zero), ''Hera: The Matriarch'' (she is very supportive to the people closest to her--Kaien, Kaname, Zero, and Yori--and is pained whenever Zero and Kaname keep secrets from her), and ''Persephone: The Maiden'' (for her carefree and childlike personality and her willingness to help anyone, whether they are human or vampire).
* MasterOfTheMixedMessage: Boy, where to start? Her mentality seems to be that she always wants the guy she can't have (Kaname was a pureblood while she was human, [[spoiler: Zero was a hunter who "hated" her while she was a pureblood, Kaname was going to die etc).]]
* MeaningfulName: ''Yuuki'' means "tender" or "kind" (''yuu'') and "princess" (''ki''). ''Cross'' (or ''Kurosu'') is the Japanese pronunciation of "cross" and the kanji chosen for ''kurosu'' translates to "black" (''kuro'') and "master" (''su''). [[spoiler:Yuuki's biological surname--''Kuran''--translates to "nine orchids" because ''ku'' means "nine" and ''ran'' means orchids.]]
* ModestyShorts
* MoralityPet: To Zero and Kaname.
* MysteriousPast
* NotBloodSiblings: With Zero, as they were both raised by Kaien for some of their childhood. Lampshaded in Volume 2 and Volume 6, where she considers Zero like a "brother," mainly because of their status as childhood friends. [[spoiler:As it turns out, she is this with Kaname as well, though they are still related.]]
* ObliviousToLove: She initially has a really difficult time believing that Kaname reciprocates her feelings. It's justified because she has convinced herself since she was a child that Kaname is "unreachable" to her. On another note, she is also oblivious to [[spoiler:Zero's feelings]] until Chapter 46.
* ParentalAbandonment: Was found in a blizzard and has no memory of her parents.
* PluckyGirl
* ThePollyanna
* RapunzelHair: [[spoiler:When she recovers her memories as a pureblood.]]
* RebelliousPrincess:
* RelationshipUpgrade: [[spoiler:With Kaname.]]
* ReplacementGoldfish:
** After noticing her resemblence to Juuri, [[spoiler:Yuuki's uncle]] Rido (who was in love with Juuri) changed his plans from devouring Yuuki to keeping her as a substitute for Juuri. Doubles as NoYay.
** Also, played with in Chapter 64 when she asks this to [[spoiler:Kaname after learning of Kaname's attachment to a woman when he was the Ancestor of the Kurans.]]
* RescueRomance: This is how she first meets Kaname and develops feelings for him.
* RomanceGenreHeroines: A split between ''[[PluckyGirl The Spunky Kid]]'' and ''[[ChronicHeroSyndrome The Nurturer]]''. When Yuuki is revealed to be [[spoiler:the daughter of the Kuran family and a pureblood vampire]], she gradually develops into ''[[{{Determinator}} The Crusader]]'' while continuing to be ''[[ChronicHeroSyndrome The Nurturer]]''.
* RomanticTwoGirlFriendship: With Yori.
* SavvyGuyEnergeticGirl: Either with Zero or Kaname.
* SecondLove: [[spoiler:Ends up with Zero at the end of the story.]]
* SimpleStaff -> SinisterScythe
* SmittenTeenageGirl: Over Kaname in the first arc.
* StarcrossedLovers: [[spoiler:With Zero.]] Averted at the end [[spoiler:as they end up together.]]
* SurprisePregnancy: [[spoiler:In a bonus chapter after the end, she realizes she's pregnant with Kaname's child, causing her to disappear for four years apparently for not being able to face Zero.]]
* TheHeroDies: [[spoiler:After living a thousand years with Zero she then sacrifices herself to make the slumbering Kaname human.]]
* TerribleArtist: Both she and Kaname are comically revealed to be this at different points. Apparently a [[spoiler:family trait]].
* TookALevelInBadass
* {{Tragic Hero}}ine
* UndyingLoyalty: Towards Kaname. She even admits to Aidou that she wouldn't even mind if he betrayed her, and [[HeterosexualLifepartners Ichijou]] later admits that he's jealous of how resolute she is when it comes to Kaname. However, she gradually loses this loyalty towards him in the second arc.
* UnresolvedSexualTension: With Zero.
* WifeHusbandry: [[spoiler:With Kaname.]]
* WhoWantsToLiveForever: [[spoiler:After the one year time skip, she is shown struggling with the thought of being immortal.]]
* ZettaiRyouiki

[[folder: Zero Kiryuu]]
!!Voiced by: Creator/MamoruMiyano (Japanese), Creator/VicMignogna (English)

[-I will never allow that to happen... even if it makes Kuran my enemy... and even if you hate me for it.-]


Yuuki's childhood friend and a fellow Prefect. Zero is often aloof and unfriendly. He has a hatred for vampires ever since his family was murdered by a pureblood vampire five years ago. Zero was bitten by this vampire, Shizuka Hio, which is slowly causing him to grow into one and he will inevitably become a Level E vampire. He has feelings for Yuuki.

* AlwaysSaveTheGirl
* AnchoredShip: With Yuuki; see her example.
* AnimalMotifs: [[EasternZodiac The Dog.]]
* AngstySurvivingTwin: Zero's identical twin died during their childhood [[spoiler:(his twin was actually alive for all the years Zero thought he was dead]], a part of Zero's DarkAndTroubledPast.
* AnguishedDeclarationOfLove: [[spoiler:Towards Yuuki in Chapter 46. While Yuuki acknowledges his feelings, it's an anguished love confession because he confesses that he only wants Yuuki's blood right after Yuuki admits she only desires ''Kaname's'' blood.]]
* AntiHero:
** ClassicalAntiHero
* AsleepForDays: [[spoiler:He slept for a week after Yuuki erased his memories in chapter 88/89.]]
* BadDreams
* [[BettyAndVeronica Betty]]: To Kaname's Veronica.
* {{Bishonen}}
* BroodingBoyGentleGirl: The brooding boy to gentle Yuuki.
* CharacterDevelopment: Grows out of his vampire hatred over time.
* DarkAndTroubledPast
* DatingCatwoman: [[spoiler:In spite of being enemies, Yuuki and he still love each other.]]
* DeadpanSnarker: Occasionally.
* [[DefrostingIceQueen Defrosting Ice King]]: ''Twice'' even.
* {{Delinquent}}
* DidNotGetTheGirl: In the first arc, that is.
* DoggedNiceGuy: Type 2.
* EarnYourHappyEnding:
* [[EtTuBrute Et Tu, Yuuki?]]: [[spoiler:How he felt when learns she is a Pureblood vampire all along.]]
* {{Expy}}: From [[VideoGame/DevilMayCry Dante]]. Both despised the other species that they become hunters in hunting them down, skilled with both a gun and sword, white-haired, have an evil twin brother (Vergil and Ichiru), and [[EtTuBrute getting betrayed by the female lead]] (Trish and [[spoiler:Yuuki]]) [[WomanScorned that they vowed to kill them the next time they crossed paths with the respective female]]. It kinda makes sense.
* ForcedToWatch
* GenderEqualsBreed: [[spoiler:His son with Yuuki at the end distinctly resembles him.]]
* GoodIsNotNice
* TheGunslinger
* GreenEyedMonster: Towards Kaname concerning Yuuki.
* GrumpyBear
* HappinessInSlavery: Of the second kind.
* HotBlooded
* HunterOfHisOwnKind
* IncorruptiblePurePureness: Despite outward appearances, he remains a kind-hearted character no matter how much he's put through (as Yuuki even calls him out on at one point), and is considered unique in his nigh immunity to pureblood's charisma and control, which is hinted to be one of the reasons Kaname (and nearly all other purebloods we've seen) are so intrigued by, and interested in using him.
* InterclassRomance / InterspeciesRomance: [[spoiler:With Yuuki in the second arc; see her example.]]
* InterruptedSuicide: He attempts to after the day after drinking Yuuki's blood for the first time. Yuuki prevents it.
* IOweYouMyLife: To Yuuki for keeping him alive through drinking her blood. That's why he wouldn't mind if Yuuki used him.
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: He genuinely wants Yuuki to be with a person who makes her happy--even if it ''is'' Kaname. This doesn't stop his UnresolvedSexualTension [[spoiler:and FoeYay]] with her, though.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold
* JustFriends[=/=]LikeBrotherAndSister: This is what Yuuki thinks about Zero [[spoiler:at first.]]
* KnightInSourArmor
* LikesOlderWomen: According to his bio in the fanbook, his taste in woman are "cool older women" and "flat-chested women [[BuxomIsBetter are out of the question.]]" Of course, ''[[EveryoneCanSeeIt everyone]]'' can see he has his eyes set on a certain flat-chested girl...
* LonersAreFreaks
* LoveMartyr: Is in love with a girl who is in love with a man he hates, and who treats him bad behind her back. Taken even further when it's revealed that [[spoiler:Kaname was the one arranging his parents' murder, [[MoralDissonance something Yuuki barely appears to takes notice of.]]]]
* MasterCharacterHeroes: Arguably, he fills the role of ''Poseidon: The Artist'' because of how he's been despising himself all these years because of his vampire side and his reaction to Yuuki discovering him as a vampire, how his character can often be unpredictable, and his fear of ever harming Yuuki.
* MeaningfulName: Zero's first name has the kanji for ''rei'', which means "zero" in Japanese. His last name ''Kiryuu'' translates to "auger"/"drill" (''ki'') and "life" (''ryuu'').
* MrFanservice
* MyHeroZero
* NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished: Is treated like the story's, or more spesifically, the love triangle's ButtMonkey for a fair amount of the time despite being the most kindhearted character (stated by the author herself), always remaining loyal and protective of Yuuki [[spoiler:(as mentioned below; even after alienating himself from her) and making her happier than Kaname which is even highlighted by the latter towards the end. To add to it, when he finally gets his happy ending, it's entirely skipped in favor for showing Yuuki returning to Kaname's tomb after his (Zero's) off-screen death, to sacrifice herself in order to give Kaname a happy ending as well.]]
** [[spoiler:With the release of a bonus chapter however, he's given more of a closure as it confirms their happy ending together next to the stated knowledge that Yuuki loves him, in the deepest sense of the word.]]
* NotBloodSiblings: Zero and Yuuki, who were both raised by Kaien for some of their childhood. Lampshaded in Volume 2 and Volume 6, where Yuuki says she considers Zero like a "brother," mainly because of their status as childhood friends.
* {{Oranyan}}
* ParentalAbandonment: His parents were murdered by Shizuka Hio.
* ParentalSubstitute: [[spoiler:A post-ending bonus chapter shows him caring for Yuuki and Kaname's daughter, Ai, who in turn adores him and calls him "daddy".]]
* PerpetualFrowner
* PolarOppositeTwins: With Ichiru.
* PurpleEyes
* RageAgainstTheReflection: He broke the mirror he was looking into when realizing his wound was healing much too fast for a human, meaning he'd become a vampire.
* [[spoiler:Really700YearsOld: He still looks young when it skips 50 years, and considering his condition's similarity to Kaien, he likely remained young looking for at least a couple of centuries and more.]]
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Zero gives out to [[spoiler:Yuuki]] when he found out [[spoiler:she's a Pureblood vampire all along]].
-->'''Zero''': Coming here to talk? You don't really think that would make a difference, do you? Discussing things like turning humans into vampires. But of course you transformed from a vampire into a human. On the other side of this door, I sense an arrogant Pureblood who does nothing but torment people.
* [[RedOniBlueOni Red Oni]]
* ReplacementGoldfish: [[spoiler:Maria's interest in Zero is hinted to stem from the fact that Ichiru is inside of him.]]
* RomanceGenreHeroes: A split between ''[[AntiHero The Bad Boy]]'' and ''[[{{Determinator}} The Warrior]]''.
* SanitySlippage: In the first arc, he suffers from this as he's slowly turning into a level E, something drinking Yuuki's blood only temporarily postpones. [[spoiler:After indirectly recieving Shizuka's blood through Kaname and Ichiru however, he becomes safe.]]
* SiblingYinYang: With Ichiru.
* SingleMindedTwins: Kaien spazzes out when he notices that the twins entered the room with the same pose in a omake. In Chapter 73, when he lightly scolded Maria and carried her [[spoiler:back to the Moon Dormitory]], Maria noticed that Ichiru said and did the same thing to her when they first met.
* SourSupporter
* StarcrossedLovers: [[spoiler: With Yuuki.]] Averted at the end.
* SugarAndIcePersonality
* TheStoic
* TeenGenius: According to his bio in the official fanbook. But because he's always late to class, he attends supplementary classes.
* TheHeroDies: [[spoiler:Off-screen from implied old age at the end of the story.]]
* ThemeTwinNaming
* ThrowTheDogABone: [[spoiler:Gets to live with Yuuki happily for a thousand years at the end of the story.]]
* TroubledBackstoryFlashback
%% Tsundere is on this page as Oranyan %%
* TroubledButCute: A good-looking young man with a troubled past.
* UnluckyChildhoodFriend: [[spoiler:Used to be.]]
* UndyingLoyalty: Towards Yuuki. [[spoiler:Even after alienating himself from her, he still ends up protecting her on several occasions such as from Touma and angered hunters, and offers his own blood to her when witnessing her hunger while she's at the Hunter Association. In the finale, he also attempts to talk Kaname out of sacrificing himself to prevent Yuuki from grieving.]]
** Well, he is a "Dog", tee hee.
* UnresolvedSexualTension: With Yuuki.
* VampireHunter
* WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity: Zero's risk of becoming a Level E. [[spoiler:Kaname's and Ichiru's blood seem to have ceased this because both of them had drunk Shizuka's blood.]]
* {{Workaholic}}: As a VampireHunter. [[spoiler:Especially after the timeskip because it is the only thing to keep him sane without depending on Yuuki's blood.]]
* YankTheDogsChain: Both purebloods in-universe and Matsuri herself seems to ''love'' screwing with him, for who knows what reason.

[[folder: Sayori "Yori" Wakaba]]
!!Voiced by: Creator/RisaMizuno (Japanese), Creator/StephanieSheh (English)

[-Yuuki... I feel like you're hiding something from me... I know you have "something" you can't tell me. And I know you're doing that to make me not worry about you. I'm lonely... Yuuki...-]


The best friend of Yuuki.

* [[spoiler:AngerBornOfWorry: When Yuuki apologizes to Yori for being a vampire, Yori calls her an idiot and hugs her. D'aww.]]
* ArrangedMarriage: Has a fiance she has never met before and doesn't even know his name.
* BiTheWay: In her profile of the official fanbook, when asked what her "type" would be, she says, "Someone I get when I add Yuuki and Zero, then divide by two." Riiight.
* [[CelibateHero Celibate Heroine]]: Probably because she already has an arranged fiance.
* CloserToEarth
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* EmotionlessGirl: Appears this way because of her lack of expression, but she's really just CloserToEarth.
* HeIsNotMyBoyfriend:
-->'''Kaito:''' I didn't ask that earlier because we were in front of the association, but... are you Zero's girlfriend?
-->'''Yori:''' No, a close friend of a childhood friend of his.
-->'''Kaito:''' Oh...
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Yuuki.... [[BiTheWay then again....]]
* LittleMissSnarker: Can be quite snarky when she wants to be.
* MasterSupportCharacters: Supplies the role as ''The Best Friend'' to Yuuki and later to [[spoiler:Zero after the timeskip.]]
* MeaningfulName: ''Sayori'' means "sand" (''sa'') and "trust" (''yori''). ''Wakaba'' means "young leaves."
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: She is rarely called by her first name, Sayori.
* PairTheSpares: Is paired with [[spoiler:Aidou]] in a post-ending bonus chapter.
* PluckyGirl: [[spoiler:Sneaking into a vampire ball--fully aware of how dangerous that could be for a human girl -- is either very brave or very stupid.]]
* RomanticTwoGirlFriendship: With Yuuki.
* [[spoiler:SacrificialLamb: Kaito planned to use her as a "sacrificial lamb" at a vampire ball in order for a vampire to bite Yori, as this would allow the hunters a reason to kill the purebloods. Luckily, she was left unscathed.]]
* [[spoiler:SecretKeeper: Is one of the few Day Class students who were allowed to keep their memories of the vampire battle at Cross Academy.]]
* SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan: Would prefer someone from the Day Class rather than the Night Class.
* UnfazedEveryman

[[folder: Kasumi Kageyama]]
!!Voiced by: Takahiro Matsukawa (Japanese)

The Class President of Yuuki's class. He harbors unrequited feelings for Ruka.

* AlliterativeName
* ClassRepresentative
* HopelessSuitor: For Ruka.
* {{Megane}}

[[folder: Nadeshiko Shindou]]
!!Voiced by: Taya Fujimori (Japanese), Creator/CarrieSavage (English)

A Day Class student who develops a big crush on Zero after he rescues her.

* DoggedNiceGirl
* EveryGirlIsCuterWithHairDecs
* GirlishPigtails: Her two braids.
* HopelessSuitor: For Zero.
* {{Meganekko}}
* RescueRomance: Falls for Zero after he catches her when she falls trying to present her St. Xocolatl's Day gift by climbing the Night Class dormitory wall.

!!Night Class

[[folder: Kaname Kuran / [[spoiler:The Ancestor of the Kurans]]]]
!! Voiced by: Creator/DaisukeKishio (Japanese), EthanMurray (English)


Kaname is the president of the Night Class, a pureblood vampire, and the object of Yuuki's affections. He rescued Yuuki ten years ago from a vampire attack. While formal and polite, Kaname can also be enigmatic and distant. Two mysteries that surround Kaname are the death of his parents and his connection towards Yuuki's memories.

* AlliterativeName
* AlwaysSaveTheGirl
* AnimalMotifs: Bats.
* AntiVillain
* ArmorPiercingSlap: Does this to Aidou [[RuleOfThree three times]].
* [[spoiler: BigBad: In the end, while he's not entirely evil, his increasingly villainous actions and mindset turn him into the main antagonist of the series, to the point where the series actually ends with him as the FinalBoss.]]
* {{Bishonen}}
* [[spoiler:BrotherSisterIncest: Yuuki is actually his sister and the daughter of Haruka and Juuri. In spite of this, they still remain a couple because it is common for purebloods to interbreed. Though, it's revealed that, with him really the ancestor of the Kurans, they are still technically related.]]
* ByronicHero
* [[spoiler:ChildhoodMarriagePromise: With Yuuki.]]
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* [[spoiler:DeathEqualsRedemption]]
* [[spoiler:DeathOfTheHypotenuse]]
* [[spoiler:DisneyDeath: Gives his life to become the furnace, yet is resurrected at the end by Yuuki turning him human.]]
* EasilyForgiven
* EvenTheGuysWantHim: He has this "problem". He already has Yuuki, Ruka, Sara, and countless screaming Day Class girls who want him. Not to mention all those nobles practically shoving their daughters at him a vampire soiree. But on top of all this, he has a very one-sided bromance with Aidou, and if you look closely there's a ''guy'' in line to give him chocolates in the St. Xocolatl's Day chapter. And then there's Ichijou's loyalty and concern for Kaname brought to new and interesting heights as of the latest chapter if his conversation with Yuuki is anything to go by.
* GeniusBookClub
* GreenEyedMonster: Towards Zero concerning Yuuki.
* HeroAntagonist
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Ichijou.
* HiddenDepths
* [[spoiler:HumanPopsicle: He's preserved in an ice coffin by Aidou after giving his heart to the hunter's furnace.]]
* [[spoiler:ILetGwenStacyDie: The unnamed woman from his past as the Ancestor of the Kurans.]]
* ImmortalityBeginsAtTwenty
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: [[spoiler:Finally eases Yuuki of her guilt and obligations at the end and tells her to be with Zero.]]
* KarmaHoudini: To a degree. [[spoiler:Although he admits to have committed many sins and gives his life at the end to become the hunter's furnace, he equally confesses to not have any regrets, offers no apology to Zero for causing his family tragedy and subsequently treating him bad, and ultimately gets a happy ending by Yuuki turning him human a thousand years later. ''However'', since he's forced to live the rest of his life without Yuuki, he certainly isn't gonna have that much of a happy ending.]]
* [[spoiler:KnightTemplarBigBrother]]
* LonelyAtTheTop
* MasterCharacterHeroes: ''Zeus: The King''.
* MeaningfulName: ''Kaname'' means "pivot"/"center." ''Kuran'' means "nine orchids" because ''ku'' means "nine" and ''ran'' means orchids.
** Fun fact: the kanji for ''Kaname'' is very similar to that of "hitsugi" (coffin), and even the mangaka herself mixed up the two in some typos.
* MrFanservice
* MurderTheHypotenuse: He would really love to do this, but...
** He settles with ''torture'' the hypotenuse.
* [[spoiler:MyMasterRightOrWrong: He is unable to murder Rido--no matter how much he would want to--because Rido was the one who resurrected Kaname (as the ancestor of the Kurans) from his grave. Not that he wouldn't want to though.]]
* MysteriousPast
* [[spoiler:NotBloodSiblings: With Yuuki as it turns out that he's not her biological brother, but the Ancestor of the Kurans. He was still raised as her older brother, though.]]
* NotSoDifferent: To Rido, pointed out by himself.
* OffScreenTeleportation
* ParentalAbandonment: It is claimed that Kaname's parents--Haruka and Juuri Kuran--committed suicide. However, Kaname reveals that they were murdered instead.
* PerpetualFrowner
* [[spoiler:ReallySevenHundredYearsOld]]
* [[spoiler:RelationshipUpgrade: With Yuuki.]]
* TheRival
* TheChessmaster
* TheOmniscient: could be form 1 or 2.
* RomanceGenreHeroes: He is ''[[DarkAndTroubledPast The Lost Soul]]''. Though, a split with the former ''[[{{Determinator}} The Warrior]]'' is also arguable.
* SmartPeoplePlayChess
* StalkingIsLove
* TheStoic
* TallDarkAndHandsome
* TerribleArtist: Him and Yuuki both.
* TranquilFury
* TroubledBackstoryFlashback
* TroubledButCute
* UngratefulBastard: [[spoiler:His behaviour in chapter 90 falls into this. Yuuki had just slept with him, yet his actions when an amnesiac Zero arrives is to act jealously, taunting him for no reason and biting Yuuki violently in front of him and Takuma. It gets to the point Yuuki slaps him, then hugging and asking him to stop it because she can't ever go back to Zero again.]]
* UsedToBeASweetKid
* [[BettyAndVeronica Veronica]]: To Zero's Betty.
* [[spoiler:VictoriousChildhoodFriend: Used to be.]]
* [[spoiler:WifeHusbandry: With Yuuki.]]
* WellIntentionedExtremist: In the second arc, [[spoiler:he reveals to have been the one to manipulate Shizuka into attacking Zero's family, in order to make Zero into a "weapon" for him. He also goes on a genocide mission that consists of wiping out all purebloods, ending with him intending to use his own heart as furnace for the vampire hunters' metal. All this is apparently because of "the hooded woman's wish" and/or to create a safe environment for Yuuki.]]
* WiseBeyondTheirYears
* [[spoiler:WrongGuyFirst]]

[[folder: Takuma Ichijou]]
!!Voiced by: Creator/SusumuChiba (Japanese), Creator/SpikeSpencer (English)
[-... Grandfather... Let us put an end to the Ichijou line.-]


Kaname's best friend and the Night Class's vice president. He is very friendly and outgoing, and can usually be found with a smile on his face. Ichijou's grandfather is a member of the Vampire Council. He is good friends with Shiki and Rima.

* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}
* [[spoiler:ConflictingLoyalty: Towards his friendship with Kaname and his duty towards the Vampire Council.]]
* CoolSword
* [[FallenPrincess Fallen Prince]]: The cover of Chapter 65 describes Ichijou as "the royalblood who lost his position."
* {{Foil}}: To Kaname.
* GreenEyes
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Kaname and Shiki.
* LastNameBasis: No one really calls Ichijou by his first name.
** Ruka calls him Takuma-sama, though.
* [[LetsGetDangerous Let's Get Dangerous]]: [[spoiler:When Ichijou confronts his grandfather.]]
* MeaningfulName: ''Takuma'' means "to cultivate" (''taku'') and "hemp" or "flax" (''ma'', a kanji for ''asa''), which is a plant with blue flowers. ''Ichijou'' means a "ray" or "streak."
* [[spoiler:MoreThanMindControl: Quite possibly with Sara.]]
* PerpetualSmiler
* ThreeAmigos: With Shiki and Rima.
* [[spoiler:[[UndercoverAsLovers Undercover As]] [[strike:Lovers]] [[UndercoverAsLovers Siblings]]: Following the timeskip, Sara and he claim that they are ''siblings'' while entering a new high school.]]
* [[YouWatchTooMuchX You Read Too Much X]]: He reads too much manga.

[[folder: Hanabusa Aidou]]
!!Voiced by: Creator/JunFukuyama (Japanese), Creator/BrycePapenbrook (English)
[-... And my heart decided. I would become someone who could really protect him.-]


Nicknamed "Idol" by the Day Class girls, Aidou is Kaname's "right-hand man" alongside his cousin Kain. He displays a fun-loving and playful personality around the Day Class girls, and he fiercely idolizes Kaname. He is jealous of the attention Yuuki recieves from Kaname.

* ADayInTheLimelight: In ''[[LightNovels Vampire Knight: Ice Blue no Tsumi]]''.
* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: Initially hated Kaname when they were children, as Kaname was more well-liked because of his pureblood status, but he gradually grows to admire Kaname as time grew on.
* AnIcePerson
* BecomingTheMask: He--along with Kain, Ruka, and Ichijou--was purposely supposed to befriend Fuuka [[spoiler:in order to keep an eye on her as she takes the experimental pills to see if it will help her slow down the vampire process of an eventual Level E]], but as time grew on, Aidou began growing emotionally supportive and sympathetic towards Fuuka and genuinely wanted to save her.
* BerserkButton: You do not want to come between him and his Kaname-sama.
* BigEater
* BlondGuysAreEvil: Not evil. Just very... territorial when it comes to Kaname.
* BrutalHonesty
* ButtMonkey: From time to time, but recently increasing in the current chapters [[spoiler:by unfortunately getting captured by Zero and the Hunters Association.]]
* TheCaretaker: Of Fuuka.
* ChildProdigy[=/=]TeenGenius
* [[ClingyJealousGirl Clingy Jealous Boy]]
* ConflictingLoyalty: His admiration towards Kaname versus his duty as a vampire after he witnesses Kaname murdering Shizuka. Also, his growing attachment towards Fuuka versus his duty to have kept her emotionally distant and think her as just an [[spoiler:experimental subject.]]
* [[spoiler:CoolTeacher[=/=]HotTeacher: Becomes Yuuki's personal tutor and personal bodyguard following the timeskip.]]
* CynicismCatalyst[=/=]FailureKnight: [[spoiler:Initially, Fuuka--a Day Class student who had been turned into an ex-human vampire--was just a test subject and experiment to him for the (at the time) experimental pills that could slow the vampire process from a Level E. He disliked her because she had a crush on Kaname, but as time grew on, he sympathized with Fuuka and wanted to save her from her eventual fate. After Fuuka took the pills, she was beginning to show signs of recovery, but her body soon developed an immunity against it. Fuuka asks him to kill her so she won't turn into a Level E vampire, and in spite of his protests, he reluctantly abides and kills Fuuka.]]
* DeclarationOfProtection: A male example with him obviously wanting to protect [[HoYay Kaname]]. Played straight with [[{{Protectorate}} Fuuka]], but [[spoiler:[[FailureKnight he wasn't able to save her]].]]
* TheDulcineaEffect: Arguably towards Fuuka, though subverted as it took him a while to have her presence grow on him.
* {{Fanboy}}: For Kaname.
* GreenEyedMonster: Extremely jealous towards the attention Yuuki recieves from Kaname. [[spoiler:He kind of gets over it when he finds out Yuuki is a pureblood and Kaname's [[NotBloodSiblings "sister."]]]]
* [[spoiler:[[HerHeartWillGoOn His Heart Will Go On]]: After Fuuka's death.]]
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Kain.
* HiddenDepths: There's more to him than just being a Kaname [[{{Fangirl}} fanboy]].
* HotBlooded
* [[spoiler:ILetGwenStacyDie: Fuuka.]]
* InSeriesNickname: "Idol".
* InterspeciesRomance: [[spoiler: Aido (vampire) and Yori (human). He even states that he repeatedly asked her to become a vampire, and when she refused, he worked on Kaname's notes to turn vampires to humans so he could live the rest of his life with her. He fails to find it in time.]]
* LadyKillerInLove: [[spoiler:The extra chapter in the final volume strongly implies that Aidou is in love with Yori. Considering his flirtatious attitiude towards girls at the start of the series, Aidou is considered this.]]
* LastNameBasis: Usually called by his last name.
* MeaningfulName: ''Hanabusa'' means "petals of a flower" and ''Aidou'' means "indigo temple." The pronunciation of ''Aidou'' is very close to the pronunciation of the English word "Idol" in Japanese, which is where the Day Class girls derived Aidou's nickname from.
* [[spoiler:MercyKill: Reluctantly kills Fuuka when she doesn't want to become a Level E.]]
* NumberTwo: He and his cousin Kain share the role towards Kaname.
* PetTheDog: He gradually grows to sympathize with Yuuki following TheReveal. [[spoiler:After the timeskip, he reassures Yuuki he won't tell Kaname that she is writing a letter to someone (presumably Yori), offers blood tablets for her when she had to resort to biting herself to get blood, accompanies her on her mission to confront pureblood vampires, and stands beside her when she decides to reopen the Night Class, in spite of the fact that Kaname murdered his father prior to this.]]
* ShipTease: With [[BodyguardCrush Yuuki]], [[PairTheSpares Yori]], and [[{{Protectorate}} Fuuka]].
* [[spoiler:StakingTheLovedOne: To Fuuka.]]
* UndyingLoyalty: Towards Kaname.

[[folder: Akatsuki Kain]]
!!Voiced by: Creator/JunichiSuwabe (Japanese), Creator/TroyBaker (English)
[-... If in the future you end up causing her unhappiness... then I will not forgive you.-]


Nicknamed "Wild" by the Day Class girls, Kain is Kaname's "right-hand man" alongside his cousin Aidou. He is often laidback and reserved. Kain sympathizes with his childhood friend Ruka, who he has feelings for.

* ButtMonkey: Kain has a fair amount of bad luck and is a "victim of circumstances," often getting lectured for not stopping fights or gets involved into said fights that he didn't necessarily want to get into.
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* DoggedNiceGuy
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Aidou.
* HopelessSuitor: For Ruka.
* IfYouEverDoAnythingToHurtHer: The above quote.
* InSeriesNickname: "Wild".
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy
* KissingCousins: According to the flashback chapter of Kaname and the rest of the Night Class when they were kids, as well as the fanbook, Ruka is cousins with Aidou and him.
* LastNameBasis: Usually called by his last name.
* MeaningfulName: ''Akatsuki'' translates to "dawn" or "daybreak." ''Kain'' translates to a "base" or "support" (''ka'') and a "building that has high fences around it"--such as a temple or school (''in'').
* NumberTwo: He and his cousin Aidou share the role towards Kaname.
* PlayingWithFire
* UnluckyChildhoodFriend: To Ruka.

[[folder: Ruka Souen]]
!!Voiced by: Creator/DorothyEliasFahn (English)

[-Because I've been a fool who only cares about my own feelings... always... until I was faced with the truth...-]

A beautiful student of the Night Class who has unrequited feelings for Kaname.

* ClingyJealousGirl
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* DoggedNiceGirl
* GreenEyedMonster: Like Aidou, she is jealous of Yuuki because of the attention she recieves from Kaname. [[spoiler:When Yuuki is revealed to be a pureblood vampire and Kaname's [[NotBloodSiblings "sister"]], she gradually accepts that her feelings for Kaname are unrequited.]]
* [[spoiler: HeroicSacrifice: chapter 82 where she protects Zero from Kaname and gets stabbed in the process. ]]
* HopelessSuitor: For Kaname.
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy
* LoveMartyr: To Kaname.
* MeaningfulName: ''Ruka'' means "lapis lazuli" (''ru'') and "good-looking" or "beautiful" (''ka''). ''Souen'' means either "early" or "strong fragrance" (''sou'') and "garden" (''en'').
* ReplacementGoldfish: To Kaname for Yuuki. It didn't work.
* UnluckyChildhoodFriend: To Kaname.
* ZettaiRyouiki

[[folder: Senri Shiki]]
!!Voiced by: Creator/SoichiroHoshi (Japanese), Creator/SteveStaley (English)
[-That's all right, because a puppet, is now able to move by its own conscious.-]

A young model in the Night Class who is often in the company of Rima. Quiet and introverted, Shiki initially doesn't think too much of himself. Shiki's mother is a former actress who he must take care of because she's fairly helpless on her own. He is good friends with Ichijou.

* AlliterativeName
* BirdsOfAFeather: With Rima.
* BloodyMurder
* CharacterDevelopment: Starts opening up following the [[spoiler:Rido attack]] and the [[spoiler:timeskip.]]
* DisappearedDad: [[spoiler:Who turns out to be Rido.]]
* [[spoiler:GrandTheftMe: When possessed by his father, Rido Kuran.]]
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Ichijou.
* LastNameBasis: Usually called by his last name except when he's with family members, such as his mother, [[spoiler:his father Rido]], and his uncle.
* MeaningfulName: ''Senri'' means "1,000 ''ri''." ''Shiki'' means "to support" (''shi'') and "mallow" (''ki''), which is a flowering plant with pink or white blossoms.
* TheQuietOne
* RedHeadedHero
* ShipTease: With Rima.
* ThreeAmigos: With Ichijou and Rima.

[[folder: Rima Touya]]
!!Voiced by: Creator/CarrieSavage (English)
[-Shiki! You should love yourself more!-]


A young model in the Night Class who is often in the company of Shiki. If separated from him, Rima is often found worrying about Shiki. She is good friends with Ichijou.

* BirdsOfAFeather: With Shiki.
* EmotionlessGirl
* EveryGirlIsCuterWithHairDecs
* GirlishPigtails
* [[IKnowYoureInThereSomewhereFight "I Know You're In There Somewhere" Fight]]: When she fights [[spoiler:Rido]], who possessing [[spoiler:Shiki]]'s body.
* MeaningfulName: ''Rima'' means "jasmine" (''ri'') and "enhancement of wearing away"--such as by polishing or souring (''ma''). ''Touya'' means a "far-reaching arrow."
* TheQuietOne
* ShipTease: Shiki and Rima.
* ShockAndAwe
* ThreeAmigos: With Shiki and Ichijou
* ZettaiRyouiki: Comes with twin-tails.

[[folder: Seiren]]
!!Voiced by: Creator/RisaMizuno (Japanese), Colleen O'Shaughnessy (English)

Kaname's unoffical bodyguard.

* EmotionlessGirl
* MeaningfulName: ''Seiren'' translates to "star" (''sei'') and "to smelt" or "refine" (''ren''). Also, ''ren'' is of the same kanji as ''rengoku'', which means "purgatory."

!!Other Characters

[[folder: Kaien Cross]]
!!Voiced by: Creator/HozumiGouda (Japanese), Creator/ChristopherCoreySmith (English)

The headmaster of Cross Academy. Kaien is Yuuki's adoptive father and took in Zero following the death of his parents. He strongly believes that humans and vampires can co-exist.


* BunnyEarsLawyer
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}
* CoolSword
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass
* DotingParent: Done in the most over-the-top way for both Yuuki and Zero.
* EccentricMentor
* [[spoiler:GrumpyBear: While he was a full-blown hunter in a flashback chapter.]]
* HopelessSuitor: For [[spoiler:Juuri.]]
* IOweYouMyLife: Feels indebted towards [[spoiler:Juuri Kuran]] for sparing his life sixteen years ago.
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: [[spoiler:Eventually becomes this towards Juuri, as by the time he meets her, she's already married to Haruka.]] According to his bio in the fanbook, when asked what his taste in women is, he says, "She's already married, so..."
* IfYouEverDoAnythingToHurtHer: In the anime, he says something to this extent to Kaname (referring to Yuuki, of course) in the final episode.
* LargeHam
* LoveAtFirstPunch: Falls for [[spoiler:Juuri]] after she defeats him in battle.
-->'''Kaien:''' Well in any case... I'll just tell you that it... It was there that I found [[LoveAtFirstSight love at first sight!!]] '''♥''' '''♥'''
-->'''Little Zero and Ichiru:''' '''''Where...?'''''
* MasterSupportCharacters: He is ''The Mentor'' to Yuuki, Zero, and even Kaname.
* MeaningfulName: ''Kaien'' means "ashes" (''kai'') and "village gate" (''en''). The kanji for ''en'' is used to Enma too, which is the ruler of the Underworld in Buddhist mythology. ''Cross'' (or ''Kurosu'') is the Japanese pronunciation of "cross" and the kanji chosen for ''kurosu'' translates to "black" (''kuro'') and "master" (''su'').
* {{Megane}}
* {{Oranyan}}: Shown in a flashback [[spoiler:when he first meets Juuri.]]
* ParentalSubstitute
* PervertDad
* PluckyComicRelief
* [[spoiler:ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: Is actually over two hundred years old because of the vampire genes he has as a VampireHunter.]]
* [[spoiler:RedBaron: "The Vampire Without Fangs."]]
* SlipknotPonytail
* ThirdOptionLoveInterest: With [[spoiler:Haruka and Rido]] as the BettyAndVeronica for [[spoiler:Juuri]]'s affections, this leaves him as the ThirdOptionLoveInterest.
%% Tsundere is on this page as Oranyan %%
* [[spoiler:VampireHunter: Formerly one.]]

[[folder: Touga Yagari]]
!!Voiced by: Creator/HirokiYasumoto (Japanese), Creator/TravisWillingham (English)

The Number One hunter at the Hunter's Association and Zero's former teacher. He comes to Cross Academy as a teacher.

* {{Badass}}: Fends off hordes of Vampires during the attack on Cross academy until he runs out of ammo.
* BerserkButton: Let's just say he ''was not pleased'' when Kaien let it slip that Zero had to repeat a year of school.
* EyeScream: He had his right eye torn out by a vampire.
* EyepatchOfPower
* TheGunslinger
* HotTeacher
* MeaningfulName: ''Touga'' means "ten fangs" and ''Yagari'' meand "night" (''ya'') and "to harvest" (''gari'').
* TheMentor: To Zero, Ichiru, and [[spoiler:Kaito.]]
* PapaWolf
* ParentalSubstitute
* SmokingIsCool
* VampireHunter

[[folder: Ichiru Kiryuu]]
!!Voiced by: Creator/MamoruMiyano (Japanese), Creator/VicMignogna (English)
[-I'm so happy, I thought I was dead inside Zero's heart...-]

Zero's twin brother. Ichiru and Zero were once very close as children until Ichiru overheard their parents favoring Zero over him. He willingly went with Shizuka following her attack on the Kiryuu family and became her faithful servant.

* BecauseYouWereNiceToMe: Which led to his UndyingLoyalty for Shizuka.
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* [[spoiler:DeathEqualsRedemption: Upon dying from a wound Rido gave him, he subtly tells Zero that he still cares for his brother and gives his life to save him.]]
* HappinessInSlavery: He stays content by Shizuka's side as her servant.
* [[IllGirl Ill Boy]]
* LikesOlderWomen: According to his bio in the fanbook, his taste in women is "a beautiful, older woman," likely indicating Shizuka.
* MeaningfulName: ''Ichiru'' translates to "one" (''ichi'') and "thread" (''ru''). ''Kiryuu'' translates to "auger"/"drill" (''ki'') and "life"(''ryuu'').
* MistressAndServantBoy: With Shizuka.
* NewTransferStudent: And more well-liked in the Day Class than Zero to boot.
* PolarOppositeTwins: With Zero.
* PurpleEyes
* TheResenter: Resented the fact that their parents favored Zero.
* SiblingYinYang: With Zero.
* SingleMindedTwins: Kaien spazzes out when he notices that the twins entered the room with the same pose.
* SubordinateExcuse: Quite possibly to Shizuka.
* ThemeTwinNaming
* TheUnfavorite
* UndyingLoyalty: Towards Shizuka.
* UsedToBeASweetKid

[[folder: Kaito Takamiya]]

[-And now we have a little lamb... joining the party.-]


A fellow hunter and an old friend of Zero's who returns to Cross Academy as a teacher-in-training.

* BatmanGambit: He used [[spoiler:Yori]] as bait for the purebloods during a vampire ball to test Zero's reactions.
* CanonImmigrant: Kaito originally appeared in the light novel based on the series, written by Ayuna Fujisaki. When Hino Matsuri wanted to add another VampireHunter character into her story, she liked Kaito so much that she asked Fujisaki for permission use him.
* TheChessmaster
* GuileHero
* HotTeacher
* [[IllKillYou I'll Kill You]]: His warning to Zero.
-->'''Zero:''' When you first showed up at the academy, I initially thought you had come to kill me... the way you killed your own older brother.
-->'''Kaito:''' Oh, believe me, Zero. If you get violent and I think you might harm me... I'll definitely kill you...
* OldFriend: Of Zero's. [[spoiler:He briefly trained under Yagari alongside Zero and Ichiru.]]
* StakingTheLovedOne: Killed his brother after he was turned into a vampire.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: Was willing to endanger [[spoiler:Yori]] to test Zero's capability of a future association president.
* VampireHunter

[[folder: Fuuka Kisaragi]]

[-... I believe in you, Aidou-senpai.-]

[[caption-width-right:378:Fuuka and Aidou.]]

A Day Class student with a crush on Kaname. After attempting to sneak in the Moon Dormitory, the Night Class students -- Aidou, Kain, Ruka, and Ichijou in particular -- take an interest in Fuuka and let her visit the dorm at night. As these visits progress, a mystery surrounding Fuuka begins to unveil itself. She is introduced in the VK light novel ''[[LightNovels Vampire Knight: Ice Blue no Tsumi]]''.

* [[spoiler:ADeathInTheLimelight]]
* AnguishedDeclarationOfLove[=/=][[spoiler:DyingDeclarationOfLove]]:
-->'''Fuuka:''' What would you think if I were to say... I love you?
-->'''Aidou:''' [[spoiler:You're too honest... I'm sorry...]]
-->'''Fuuka:''' Never mind. I... I... I love you, sempai. And that's why I'm happy... [[spoiler:to die in your arms]]...
* BecauseYouWereNiceToMe: She feels this way towards Aidou because of how he was her only [[TrueCompanions ally]]--having [[RescueRomance rescued]] her so several times and was the only person who was [[WillNotTellALie honest]] with her. So, naturally, [[spoiler:this is why she asks Aidou to be the one who kills her.]]
* BreakTheCutie
** [[spoiler:KillTheCutie]]
* [[spoiler:BrokenMasquerade]]
* [[spoiler:DeathByOriginStory]]
* [[spoiler:DeathSeeker: Asks Aidou to kill her, so she will not turn into a Level E vampire.]]
* [[spoiler:DiedInYourArmsTonight]]
* DistressedDamsel
* [[spoiler:DoomedByCanon]]: ''Vampire Knight: Ice Blue no Tsumi'' takes place around a year or so before the main story takes place, so I wonder why this new character Fuuka [[SarcasmMode hasn't shown up yet]]. ... [[{{Tearjerker}} Oh,]] ''[[{{Tearjerker}} that's]]'' [[{{Tearjerker}} why]].
* ExactEavesdropping: Just when she visits the Moon Dormitory to ask what kind of chocolates Aidou likes for St. Xocolatl's Day to give him "thank you" chocolates for rescuing her, she overhears [[spoiler:Aidou, Kain, Ruka, and Ichijou discussing the exterimental pill's effect on her, and they reveal that she is an ex-human vampire and the pills were an attempt to slow down the vampire process.]]
* [[spoiler:DyingAsYourself: Would rather die by Aidou's hand as herself than be hunted down as a Level E vampire.]]
* {{Fangirl}}: For Kaname.
* GenkiGirl
* [[spoiler:GoOutWithASmile]]
* [[spoiler:TheGwenStacy]]
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With her best friend Kanae.
* HopelessSuitor: For Kaname.
* [[spoiler:IAmAMonster: When she discovers she is an ex-human vampire.]]
* IllGirl: Throughout the light novel, Fuuka has not been feeling well and seems to be suffering from anemia. [[spoiler:This is actually the effects of her eventual descent to a Level E vampire.]]
* ManicPixieDreamGirl
* [[spoiler:MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Her reaction after she drinks Kanae's blood to the point where Kanae faints from blood loss.]]
* NaiveEverygirl
* NewTransferStudent: She had been transferred to Cross Academy from another high school following the summer holidays.
* PluckyGirl: Enough to sneak into the Moon Dormitory to find Kaname's room, so she'll be the first to give him chocolates for St. Xocolatl's Day.
* [[spoiler:PosthumousCharacter]]
* {{Protectorate}}: To Aidou.
* SecondLove: She has a crush on the mysterious and forlorn [[WrongGuyFirst Kaname]], but she ends up falling in love with the initially difficult but very dependable [[HiddenHeartOfGold Aidou]].
* ShipTease: With [[TheCaretaker Aidou]].
* [[spoiler:TomatoInTheMirror: She turns out to be an ex-human vampire.]]
* [[spoiler:WeHardlyKnewYe]]
* [[spoiler:WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity: She was revealed to have been bitten by a pureblood vampire following an accident. The pureblood saved Fuuka's life and altered her memories, but as a result, she was gradually turning into a Level E vampire.]]

!!Other Vampires

[[folder: Shizuka Hio]]
!!Voiced by: Creator/FumikoOrikasa (Japanese), Creator/WendeeLee (English)

A pureblood vampire who murdered Zero's parents and turned Zero into a vampire. She is infamously known as the "Kuruizaki-hime."

* [[spoiler:ArrangedMarriage: Was arranged to marry Rido Kuran.]]
* [[spoiler:DiedInYourArmsTonight: Died in Ichiru's arms.]]
* DiscOneFinalBoss: The first truly villainous character introduced with a hand in the plot, though she's defeated halfway through the first arc.
* EveryGirlIsCuterWithHairDecs
* FemmeFatale
* HimeCut
* IceQueen
* MeaningfulName: ''Shizuka'' means "calm and quiet." ''Hio'' means "scarlet" (''hi'') and "cherry blossoms (''ou''). Her RedBaron name ''Kuruizaki-hime'' translates to "flowers of the blooming season" (''kuruizaki'') and "princess" (''hime'').
* MistressAndServantBoy: Shizuka and Ichiru.
* PetTheDog: Refused to turn Ichiru into a vampire.
* PurpleEyes
* RapunzelHair
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld
* RedBaron: The "Kuruizaki-hime."
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: Her attack on the Kiyruu family was because they were the ones who murdered her manservant lover, who was [[spoiler:a vampire who was once a human and was falsely placed on the hunter's execution list as a Level E.]]
* WomanInWhite

[[folder: Maria Kurenai]]
!!Voiced by: Creator/MaiNakahara (Japanese), Creator/LauraBailey (English)
[-Please... If Zero sees Ichiru, ask him... to tell Ichiru that I want to see him.-]


A young girl and a distant relative to Shizuka Hio. She transfers to Cross Academy [[spoiler:while possessed by Shizuka.]]

* AnimalEyeSpy
* CreepyChild: [[spoiler:When possessed by Shizuka Hio.]]
* DarkMagicalGirl
* [[spoiler:GrandTheftMe: When possessed by Shizuka Hio.]]
* ElegantGothicLolita
* EveryGirlIsCuterWithHairDecs
* FreakyFashionMildMind
* GrayEyes
* [[spoiler:HeelFaceTurn]]
* HimeCut
* IllGirl
* LonelyRichKid
* ManicPixieDreamGirl: Though in her defense, this is pretty much while [[spoiler:Shizuka was in her body.]]
* MeaningfulName: Her surname ''Kurenai'' means "crimson."
* MoeStare
* NaiveEverygirl
* NewTransferStudent
* NoSenseOfPersonalSpace: She tends to do this with Yuuki.
* PerkyGoth
* TheRival: In Chapter 72, [[spoiler:she suggests she'll "snatch" Zero away from Yuuki if the latter doesn't want him. It's notable since she's not too particularly fond of Zero, but her suggestion may have to do with Zero's resemblance to Ichiru and Ichiru technically being "one" with Zero.]]
* ShipTease: According to her bio in the fanbook, her taste in men is "Ichiru."
* WomanInBlack: When wearing her ElegantGothicLolita PimpedOutDress.

[[folder: Sara Shirabuki]]

[-There are few purebloods left in this world... so we must support each other.-]


A pureblood vampire who is good friends with Kaname.

* AlliterativeName
* ArrangedMarriage: Has a fiance named Ouri [[spoiler:who she [[DisposableFiance indirectly murdered]].]]
* [[spoiler:BigBadWannabe: Looks like she's being set up as the next major villain.... and does absolutely nothing in the end. Yeah, the implication that she wanted to be the Queen of the Purebloods? That was all a bunch of hot air. ]]
* BitchInSheepsClothing
* BlondesAreEvil
* [[spoiler:EnigmaticMinion: We have no idea what she's up to or why, but it has something to do with Kaname since she captured Ichijou out of the purpose of getting information on Kaname. It's revealed that she "wants to be Queen"--whatever that means is anybody's guess, but it's very likely that she desires to be the ''Queen of the purebloods''.]]
* [[spoiler:LightIsNotGood]]
* [[spoiler:ManipulativeBitch]]
* MeaningfulName: ''Sara'' means "renew." ''Shirabuki'' means "white" (''shira'') and "butterbur" (''buki''), which is a plant with white flowers.
* RapunzelHair
* [[spoiler:[[UndercoverAsLovers Undercover As]] [[strike:Lovers]] [[UndercoverAsLovers Siblings]]: Following the timeskip, Ichijou and she claim that they are ''siblings'' while entering a new high school.]]
* WomanInWhite

[[folder: Juuri Kuran]]
!!Voiced by: Creator/MarikoKouda (Japanese)

[-It happened so fast that I didn't have time to hold back my power... I couldn't take the risk, because there's a life growing inside me that I had to protect at all costs...-]


Kaname's [[spoiler:and Yuuki's]] mother, Juuri is the wife of Haruka. Supposedly, Haruka's and Juuri's deaths were the result of suicide. [[spoiler:It was later revealed that they were murdered by Rido instead. She is also Haruka's and Rido's sister.]]

* ActionMom
* [[spoiler:BrotherSisterIncest: Married her brother Haruka.]]
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* HappilyMarried: To Haruka.
* IJustWantToBeNormal: Which is why she enrolled in a human high school when she was younger.
* MamaBear: Practically the only example in the entire series.
* MasculineGirlFeminineBoy: With Haruka.
* RapunzelHair
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: Was about three thousand years old.
* RebelliousPrincess
* SayItWithHearts: Oh so much with Haruka and her. Complete with LoveBubbles too.
* SickeninglySweethearts: With Haruka, but they make it look [[{{Squee}} adorable]]. That is, if you forget about the, er... [[{{Squick}} squicky-ness]] of it.
* SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan: Which is probably why she chose Haruka over [[spoiler:[[GrumpyBear Kaien]]]] and [[spoiler:[[MagnificentBastard Rido]].]]
* {{Tsundere}}: Especially ''dere-dere'' for Haruka.
* UmbrellaOfTogetherness: A whole flashback side chapter revolved around this idea--with her looking back on it with both [[{{Tsundere}} irritation and fondness]]. When it was raining while she attended a human high school, she got really irritated that Haruka would follow her home and even hid all the umbrellas except for the one he was carrying. When she demanded for an explanation, Haruka replied--
-->'''Haruka:''' It's because I wanted to share an umbrella with you...
-->'''Juuri:''' ... Are you stupid?!
* UnwantedHarem: Is [[BettyAndVeronica The Archie]] in two love triangles--[[spoiler:Haruka/Juuri/Rido]] and [[spoiler:Haruka/Juuri/Kaien.]]

[[folder: Haruka Kuran]]

[-How can I stay behind and let my child protect me? Don't destroy my pride of being a father, please.-]


Kaname's [[spoiler:and Yuuki's]] father, Haruka is the husband of Juuri. Supposedly, Haruka's and Juuri's deaths were the result of suicide. [[spoiler:It was later revealed that they were murdered by Rido instead. He is also Rido's and Juuri's brother.]]

* [[spoiler:BrotherSisterIncest: Married his sister Juuri.]]
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* HappilyMarried: To Juuri.
* {{Keet}}
* MasculineGirlFeminineBoy: With Juuri.
* PapaWolf
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld
* SayItWithHearts: Oh so much with Juuri and him. Complete with LoveBubbles too.
* SickeninglySweethearts: With Juuri, but they make it look [[{{Squee}} adorable]]. That is, if you forget about the, er... [[{{Squick}} squicky-ness]] of it.
* [[spoiler:YoungestChildWins: Haruka isn't the youngest child, but he ''is'' the youngest brother who ended up winning the affections of his sister Juuri over his older brother Rido.]]

[[folder: Rido Kuran]]

[-Alike... You look like Juuri. I've changed my mind. You will replace Juuri, [[spoiler:and let me love you.]]-]


Rido is the BigBad. [[spoiler:He is also Shiki's father and the older brother of Haruka and Juuri. Rido had unrequited feelings for Juuri and was resentful of Haruka's and Juuri's marriage. Rido returns to Cross Academy in order to devour Yuuki and take her power. He is also the one who ressurected the Ancestor of the Kurans -- Kaname -- from his grave. Thus, Kaname is unable to kill him.]]

* [[spoiler:ArrangedMarriage: Was arranged to marry Shizuka Hio.]]
* BigBad
* [[spoiler:BrotherSisterIncest: Has unrequited feelings for his sister Juuri, who instead married their other brother Haruka.]]
* TheChessmaster
* [[spoiler:CrazyJealousGuy]]
* CreepyUncle: [[spoiler:He was more than willing to live out his incestuous fantasy for his sister through his ''niece''. Ew.]]
* EarlyBirdCameo: Even before he was ever mentioned, he first appears [[spoiler:possessing a young boy who Yuuki meets and leads her into a vampire ball.]]
* EvilUncle
* [[spoiler:LoveMakesYouCrazy]]
* [[spoiler:LoveMakesYouEvil]]
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld
* TheResenter: Very much indeed. Disliked the fact that his arranged fiancee [[spoiler:Shizuka Hio]] was in love with a vampire who used to be a human enough that he imprisoned [[spoiler:Shizuka]] and falsely placed [[spoiler:Shizuka]]'s lover on the Level E list so that he would be killed by the hunters. Oh, and he was a sore loser about the whole [[spoiler:Haruka/Juuri]] thing too.
* [[spoiler:{{Yandere}}: Because LoveMakesYouCrazy [[LoveMakesYouEvil And Evil]].]]

[[folder: The Hooded Woman]]

[-I cannot forgive the person who forgot his purpose in life and played with those weak, yet strong, lives that instinctively continued to hope. There's no way I could silently keep watching.-]


A woman from [[spoiler:Kaname's ancestor]]'s past. [[spoiler:She sacrificed herself to forge the first weapons for the Hunters to wield.]] Introduced in the second arc.

* CloserToEarth
* [[spoiler:TheGwenStacy]]
* [[spoiler:HeroicSacrifice]]
* [[spoiler:ImpliedLoveInterest: She and Kaname were implied to have had feelings for one another, but to what extent is unknown.]]
* NoNameGiven
* [[spoiler:PosthumousCharacter]]
* RapunzelHair

[[folder:[[spoiler:Yuuki's daughter with Kaname and son with Zero.]]]]

A girl and boy shown in the last pages at the end of the story [[spoiler:after a thousand years have passed]]. They appear to be in their late teens look-wise, but it's unknown how much older they most likely are.

[[caption-width-right:300: Because that's how you solve a LoveTriangle.]]
* BabiesEverAfter: While they're teenagers (in appearance), they would serve as this.
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* FinishingEachOthersSentences
* GenderEqualsBreed: [[spoiler: The girl looks like Yuuki and the boy looks like Zero.]]
* NoNameGiven: The boy. The girl's name is revealed in a bonus chapter to be Ai.
* ParentalAbandonment: When we see them, [[spoiler:Zero is dead (most likely from old age), and Yuuki sacrifices herself to make Kaname human, apparently leaving them in his care.]]
* Really700YearsOld: The girl is about a thousand years old while the boy's age remains unknown, though it probably applies to him as well.
* WhosYourDaddy: [[spoiler:It was unknown to the readers whether the girl was biologically Zero's or Kaname's, until the release of an extra which confirmed her to be Kaname's.]]