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!Capcom characters
-->(I'll take you on.)
-->Voiced by: Shohei Yamaguchi

Home Series: VideoGame/GhostsNGoblins[=/=]VideoGame/GargoylesQuest

Firebrand is a type of gargoyle known as a Red Arremer. He will stand up to any threat posed to his home, the Demon Village, without any fear. Firebrand is considered to be an elite warrior among the Red Arremers, gaining him hero status among his peers.

In-game he can be best described as "Wolverine... [[RecycledINSPACE WITH FLIGHT]]!" His style focuses on overwhelming speed, cross-ups, and all manner of tomfoolery to annoy his opponents.

* AHeroToHisHometown: Considering his neighbors are a bunch of bloodthirsty demons, he's a villain to everyone else, including bloodthirsty demons not considered his neighbors.
* AscendedExtra: Only counting the ''Marvel'' series, he first appeared only as a cameo in Dormammu's story ending and a generic Red Arremer appeared in the background of the Demon Village stage in the original ''[=MvC3=]''.
* [[AtopAMountainOfCorpses Atop A Mountain Of Skulls]]: His intro.
* AssistCharacter: Summoning another Red Arremer is his level 3 super.
* BigRedDevil: Though he's slightly small.
* DoppelgangerAttack: His Level 3 hyper.
* DivingKick: The H version of the Demon Missile is a variation of this.
* FragileSpeedster: His health is 850K, among the lowest in the game. However, he's very maneuverable, and one of his hypers increases his speed further.
* ILoveTheSmellOfXInTheMorning
--> (''One of his winquotes'') Ku ku kuuu. ("I love the smell of burning meat in the morning.")
* KingMook: Firebrand is not to be confused to be with lesser Red Arremers.
* LotusPosition: When crouching.
* OurGargoylesRock: His super mode kind of looks like rock and he is listed as a gargoyle.
** MythologyUpgrade: Gargoyles were known for channeling water while warding off demons and other evil spirits. This gargoyle breathes fire and ''is'' a demon. He still does defend his own land when not making war on others.
* PlayingWithFire
** BreathWeapon: Can shoot fireballs from his mouth, as well as a stream of [[TechnicolorFire purple fire]] as a super.
* ShouldersOfDoom / SpikesOfVillainy: His [[http://cdn.whatculture.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/firebrand1.jpg DLC costume]] gives him some.
* SuperMode: His Luminous Body hyper, where he takes on a whitish-silver hue. It gives his specials new properties, as well as enhancing movement speed.
** TransformationSequence: When he activates it.
** PowerupFullColorChange
* TheRival: To Arthur.
--> '''Firebrand''': This could be fun.
--> '''Arthur''': Ah! A tricky devil has arrived!
* TheUnintelligible
** IntelligibleUnintelligible: His opening and winquotes are subtitled.
* WingedHumanoid
* WipeTheFloorWithYou: His Bon Voyage special where he drags his victim along the ground until he meets the wall.

[[folder:Frank West]]
-->What do you mean I don't belong here? I've covered wars, y'know!
-->Voiced by: T. J. Rotolo (English), Creator/RikiyaKoyama (Japanese)

Home Series: VideoGame/DeadRising

Though he's armed only with his strength, if there's a scoop to be had, he's got the courage to take anyone on. His willingness to dive head-first into any dangerous situation has saved his life as many times as it has put him in mortal peril.

While he doesn't have a specific weapon, he can utilize objects in his surroundings, such as golf clubs, benches, bicycles -- basically, whatever he can get his hands on. He uses a "level up" system, enhanced by drinking beer and taking photos, that make him more powerful and change the weapons he uses.

He's the only character in the game who has 2 intro animations: one where he kicks a zombie off him, and another (character-specific) where he takes some pictures of his opponent (this indicates that Frank has some special quotes for said opponent).

* AscendedMeme: The [[http://www.marvelvscapcom3.com/us/characters/frank-west official site]] for ''[=UMvC3=]'' (as well as his bio in the game) references the "I've covered wars, y'know" meme.
** Frank also uses the phrase for one of his win quotes.
-->What do you mean, I don't belong here? I've covered wars, y'know!
** Other characters poke fun at this line.
--> '''Captain America''': I hear you've covered wars. Too bad you've never fought in one.
--> '''Zero''': You may have covered wars, but you're still a civilian!
** Also one of the titles you unlock by using him 30 times.
* BadassNormal: He has no powers at all, but he still can kick ass. He survived a zombie outbreak for crying out loud!
* BlindingCameraFlash: Used as a stunner.
* CallBack: His DLC costume is a reference to his many Mega Man-based outfits he can unlock within the Dead Rising series.
* TheCameo: One of Frank's alternate costumes resembles [[VideoGame/DeadRising2 Chuck Greene]].
* CameraFiend: As an approach to combat.
* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu: Frank's reaction if he defeats the Hulk can be summed up as this.
--> Hulk, I... I gotta go.
* DifficultButAwesome: Proper use of Frank West involves learning how to quickly powerlevel him to level 4-5.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fq2i1yhoZy4 Here's one with Vergil,]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BBw77XWSe8 a few with Tron and Dante,]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyGr4oDUGGk a few with Haggar and Chun Li,]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9QS7GYdBRw and a few with Dormammu and Arthur.]]
* DummiedOut: He was actually supposed to be in the vanilla version (even having a silhouette of a possible character portrait), but was removed due to time constraints during development. All that remains of him in vanilla is some unused data in the disc (along with [[Comicbook/SpiderMan Doctor Octopus]], who wasn't brought back for ''Ultimate'').
* EarlyBirdCameo: Intro movie #2 in the original ''[=MvC3=]'' has a shadowy silhouette with Chun-Li in a helicopter which was brought down by Doctor Doom. This shadowy person was confirmed to be him.
* EnemyMine: Some of his attacks involve throwing incoming zombies at the opponent. He even fends off a zombie that's about to eat him in one of them (proceeding to hurl it at the opponent).
** There's [[RuleOfFunny still a zombie]] [[VideoGame/TatsunokoVsCapcom in the shopping cart]].
* EvolvingAttack[=/=]MagikarpPower: Frank starts at level 1 and with a limited moveset. However, he can level up by racking up ExperiencePoints (do a combo, then take a snapshot with his camera; each hit in that combo gives him 1 experience points, and this can be done with your other characters' combo as well), giving him access to new moves and weapons.
** BoozeBasedBuff: Frank can also take a swig of alcohol, [[ExperienceBooster which lets him double up the amount of experience points he gets]]. This speeds up the leveling process, but after a while [[CantHoldHisLiquor he'll hunch over and groan in pain, puking]] and leaving himself quite open.
* FightingClown: Not as much as the likes of Deadpool or Phoenix Wright, but befitting his home series, his moves do incorporate a lot of silliness anyway, such as using zombies to attack the enemy or sticking a Servbot mask onto their head.
* GrievousHarmWithABody: He incorporates zombies in 2 of his specials.
* HumanHammerThrow: His Hammer Throw move has him grabbing a zombie and spinning it multiple times by the legs, bashing the opponent in the process. Also done as a part of his Funny Face Crusher hyper.
* HyperspaceArsenal: [[GolfClubbing Golf clubs]], [[BatterUp baseball bats]], [[DropTheHammer sledgehammers]], [[ChainsawGood chainsaws]], [[FoodSlap pies]], [[VideoGame/DeadRising2 Paddlesaws]], [[UpToEleven spike-and-chainsaw reinforced shopping carts]], etc. Oh, and he also discards any item he uses to attack outside of his camera, meaning that he has infinite supply of all those items.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: His specialty.
* IntrepidReporter
--> (''One of his winquotes'') I'll take my victory as a form of consent. When you wake up, it's interview time, buddy!
--> (''One of his winquotes'') Someone needs to get the truth to the people. I'll do whatever it takes to survive for that purpose.
--> (''One of his winquotes'') A real journalist isn't afraid to go in deep in order to get his story!
* JackOfAllStats: Only average mobility, decent damage output, and average health. However see MagikarpPower above.
* MixAndMatchWeapon: Paddlesaws, spiked baseball bats, and a whole bunch of other awesome junk, courtesy of ''VideoGame/DeadRising2''.
* {{Muggle}}: Not as big an example as Phoenix Wright, however.
* OhCrap: In his victory animation, Frank tries to walk to the left of the screen, only to promptly run in the other direction from a horde of zombies.
** OhNoNotAgain: And sometimes, he'll protest, "Again? Why do you guys always go for me?"
* PostMortemOneLiner: To Strider Hiryu.
--> Ninjas are good people in my book -- the book of people's asses I've kicked!
* PowerGlows: When level 5, he gets a blue aura around him.
* TheRival: Shown most obviously towards Spider-Man. However, it's not clear whether he's rivals with Spidey himself, or ''Peter Parker''. It's implied that he's not aware Spider-Man and Peter Parker are the same person.
--> I'll show that Parker kid who's the better photographer!
* RoleReprisal: From the ''VideoGame/DeadRising'' series.
* SameCharacterButDifferent: Frank West's fighting game debut came in ''Tatsunoko vs. Capcom'' but for his ''Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3'' appearance, his moveset has been revamped considerably. It's not to the level of Jill's (where she completely changed with absolutely nothing in common with her previous fighting game appearance), as he is thematically true to his ''[=TvC=]'' character, but you will be learning a new character if you pick him up in this game.
%%* ShoppingCartAntics
%%* SlideAttack
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: Of sorts. Frank plays a lot like Jill did in ''[[VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom2 MvC2]]'', except with {{Improvised Weapon}}s instead of actual firearms.
* ThrowTheMookAtThem: Aside from his Giant Swing special, his Hammer Throw special has him Irish-whipping zombies at his foes. Depending on the version used, they either just deal damage, or hold the enemy in place, making them open to attacks.
* TookALevelInBadass: It's a gameplay mechanic for him.
* TrashTalk
--> (''One of his winquotes'') Hey, when you've faced the undead, psychopaths, and the military, stuff like this is a walk in the park.
* WrestlerInAllOfUs: Just the same as it is in ''[[VideoGame/TatsunokoVsCapcom Tatsunoko vs. Capcom]]'', one of his hypers involves sticking a [[VideoGame/MegaManLegends Servbot]] helmet on his opponent, sending them flying with an airplane spin, and crashing them into the ground with a running bulldog. Most of his throws involve performing a suplex and he still retains his judo throwing skills.

[[folder:Nemesis T-Type]]
-->Voiced by: Taira Kikumoto

Home Series: Franchise/ResidentEvil

A tyrant-type B.O.W. (officially T-02) tasked with eliminating S.T.A.R.S. and anyone connected to them. Retaining a fair amount of intelligence due to the Nemesis parasite, he is able to effectively carry around a rocket launcher.

Nemesis is all about overwhelming the opponent with brute force, utilizing super armor, large hitboxes, and command grabs to keep up pressure.

* AlienBlood: He bleeds green blood.
* AscendedExtra: From appearing in the Hulk's ending to being a playable character.
* {{BFG}}: He carries his bazooka with him at all times, only ever letting go of it in his win pose and when he loses by time-up.
* AwesomeButImpractical: Seeing Nemesis take all those hits without flinching does create a rather chilling effect, but considering that ''fully'' invincible hypers are not uncommon, Biohazard Rush is somewhat less impressive than it appears.
* BodyHorror: Just look at him. He has stitched-on flesh over his right eye, he has no nose or lips, and it looks like he's wearing his intestines as a scarf. Not to mention the fact that he's covered in tentacles.
** His level 3 Hyper combo has him transform into his mutated state, taking this trope UpToEleven.
** Some of the fighters seem to call him out on this, especially on his face.
--> '''Hulk''' (''when tagging in Nemesis''): Ugly Face!
--> '''X-23''': I was gonna carve up your face, but it looks like someone beat me to it.
--> '''Hsien-Ko''': Whoa... Man, your face is scary!
--> '''Rocket Raccoon:''' (''during victory pose''): Man, you ugly.
--> '''Deadpool''' (''win quote''): Brother, you ugly. But not just ugly, like BIBLICAL ugly. Like "you could model for death threats" ugly.
* CameraAbuse: The ''Resident Evil'' baddies seem to love doing this. Nemesis skewers the cameraman on one of his [[CombatTentacles tentacles]] in his victory animation.
* CatchPhrase: "S.T.A.R.S..."
* CombatTentacles: He can tentacles from his ''hands''!
* CompositeCharacter: Nemesis has elements of all three of his ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil3Nemesis'' forms; his default appearance and rocket launcher are taken from his first form, but his tentacle attacks are taken from his second, and he transforms into his final form for his level 3 super. He also has his "brother" Mr.X's trademark overhead swing and shoulder tackle attacks and an alt that resembles him.
* FingerlessGloves: Never seen without them.
* FullNameBasis: Nemesis T-Type, right on his trailer and character bio; while in Franchise/ResidentEvil he is mostly referred to as "Nemesis", saving the "T-Type" for AllThereInTheManual.
* GroundShatteringLanding: His entrance.
* GutturalGrowler: Being mostly incapable of speech, his only vocalizations are roars, grunts, growls and groans.
%%* HellBentForLeather:
* ImmuneToFlinching: One of his Level 1 Hypers: "Biohazard Rush", is a combo punch attack that allows him to absolutely [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6KMUs3l0N4#t=65s plow through]] almost anything! The only exceptions being command grabs and counter hypers.
* MightyGlacier: Very slow moving (even slower than Hulk), but his attacks hit really hard. He also has among the highest health in the game.
* NeckLift: For his standard grab, he wraps his whole hand around the opponents face and lifts them up before slamming them into the ground.
* NoSell: His block animation - as in, he has none. He doesn't put up his arms to defend himself. He just takes the hits unfazed.
* OneWingedAngel: His Level 3 Hyper combo has him transform into his final, horrifically mutated form from VideoGame/ResidentEvil3Nemesis, ensnare the opponent with tentacles, and then spit acid at them.
* TheSpeechless: '''''"S.T.A.R.S."''''' when fighting Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine. Other than that, just random roars, grunts, and groans.
* SpringJump: One of his hyper combos has him fire rockets onto the opponent, and then he jumps straight up into the air and [[GoombaStomp lands on the downed opponent]].
* UnskilledButStrong: His basic attack pattern can be boiled down to "punch/blast the crap out of the opponent".
* WalkingShirtlessScene: His [[http://img510.imageshack.us/img510/5287/img0878yf.jpg DLC Alt]].


[[folder:Phoenix Wright]]
--> I want the truth and nothing but the truth!
-->Voiced by: Creator/SamRiegel (English), Creator/KosukeToriumi (Japanese)
-->Judge voiced by: Kanehira Yamamoto (Japanese)

Home Series: Franchise/AceAttorney

Phoenix Wright is a defense attorney who specializes in criminal law at the Wright & Co. Law Offices. Although he has encountered several extremely difficult and mysterious cases, he has overcome overwhelming odds and turned the cases around for every one of his clients.

Nick's fighting style mirrors his home game: in Investigation Mode, you gather "good" evidence while throwing away "bad" evidence, and in Trial Mode (aka Courtroom Mode), you throw documents and each "good" evidence turns into a decent projectile. If you have three pieces of good evidence and connect with an "[[CatchPhrase Objection!]]", Nick enters [[SuperMode "Turnabout Mode"]], where his moves are powered up and he can use his Level 3 Hyper Combo, accusing his opponent of being the real culprit.

* AdaptationalBadass: A given, considering he never physically fought in his home series, and yet is a playable character in a fighting game. He ''is'' canonically considered hardier than most average men, however; he's smashed down two iron doors through sheer determination, fallen off a bridge into a rapid river and gotten off with nary but a cold, and, to top it all off, once was hit head-on with a car, sending him flying through the air into a lamppost, headfirst, with enough force to ''bend'' it, and walked off with just a sprained ankle.
** Even his lawyering gets an upgrade, as his level 3 Hyper Combo even works on the likes of Doctor Doom (who has diplomatic immunity) and {{Physical God}}s and {{Eldritch Abomination}}s above mortal laws like Shuma-Gorath and Dormammu.
* AlertnessBlink: He gives one off when switching between his two base forms.
* AmoralAttorney: Played with. Phoenix seems to recognize that some of the villains are indeed criminals, though he apparently offers to defend them on a couple occasions. Even in his ending, he goes as far as defending [[spoiler:''[[PlanetEater Galactus]]'']]. Everyone is entitled to a proper defense, sure, but still.
--> '''Magneto''': You offer to "defend" me? Most offensive, human.
--> '''Phoenix''': Not even ''you'' can defend the actions of Dark Phoenix.
* AnimeHair: His trademark spiky hair gets poked fun at just as much as in his home games.
* AscendedExtra / EarlyBirdCameo: He appeared in She-Hulk's ending in the original ''Marvel vs. Capcom 3'' before joining the roster in ''Ultimate''.
* AssistCharacter: Maya Fey, available as a Level 1 Hyper and during Investigate mode. [[BeastOfBattle Missile]] appears in grabs and one of his assists, and TheJudge appears as a Level 1 Hyper, available only during Trial Mode and Turnabout Mode.
* AwesomenessIsVolatile: His Level 3 Hyper Combo ends with an explosion behind whoever is hit by it.
* BadassBoast: To Firebrand. "Man or demon, all are equal under the law!"
* BadassNormal: The most normal person in the cast. At least Haggar knows wrestling and Frank has a good number of improvised weapons. Phoenix has none of that, and is basically just a very determined lawyer.
--> '''Tron''': You don't have any mecha and you don't know how to fight. What are you even doing here?
-->'''She-Hulk''': If you argue the way you fight, it's a wonder you ever win a case.
* BadassPacifist: Phoenix fights without fighting. For example, his standing light attack has him showing the opponent some documents, while his crouching light attack has Nick looking for clues on the floor.
--> (''One of his winquotes'') I'm not really into this fighting stuff unless it's in a courtroom. ...Oh, and with words!
* BlueWithShock: If he misuses evidence. He can also put his opponent in a similarly stunned state.
* ConfettiDrop: Courtesy of Maya in his win animation.
* CourtroomAntics[=/=]CourtroomDrama: The gist of both the theme of his fighting style, as well as his Level 3 Hyper Combo.
* CuteClumsyGirl[=/=]GenkiGirl: Maya. She runs onto the screen, trips, and knocks Phoenix's opponent off his feet in one of his specials, [[HumanHummingbird flails her arms in a tantrum]] at them for Phoenix's level 1 hyper, and bounces around Phoenix in complete admiration when he wins.
* DeflectorShields: Maya can project these, using a shield that temporarily keeps Phoenix's enemies back.
* {{Determinator}}: Coming in as the last character, this shows in one of his quotes.
-->'''Phoenix Wright''': I won't give up now!
* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu: When using the Ace Attorney, he can prove the guilt of anyone in the game, even {{Physical God}}s and {{Eldritch Abomination}}s.
* DifficultButAwesome: Essentially, he's normally weak and has relatively low mobility. However, that said, when he's put in his SuperMode, he becomes one of the best characters in the game, much like the ''other'' Phoenix.
* [[DropTheHammer Drop the Gavel]]: Courtesy of the Judge himself.
* EasterEgg: Wright's normal attack still works like a basic normal attack; however, if you don't move (nor attack) right after your attacks, Wright will continue the attack animation, showing different things like presenting paper, freaking out, or cleaning his snot.
* EvilLawyerJoke: The target of a few.
-->'''Ghost Rider''': Do you have any idea how many lawyers are in hell?
-->'''Magneto''': I sacrifice for mutantkind. Lawyers only sacrifice their dignity.
-->'''Phoenix''': We're both called Phoenix, but I'm a destroyer of worlds and you're a lawyer. I wonder which one of us is more hated.
* {{Expy}}: Very observant players who've played ''VideoGame/TatsunokoVsCapcom: Cross Generation of Heroes'', or at least have seen gameplay footage of Anime/HakushonDaimao[[note]]A character who was included in ''Cross Generation of Heroes'', but was removed from the game when ''Ultimate All-Stars'' was released for copyright reasons.[[/note]], will notice similarities between Phoenix Wright's fighting style and Hakushon Daimao's (with one example being that both have a sneeze attack for a LauncherMove).
* FightingClown: His fighting style describes him as a bumbling fool, playing keep-away with his attacks, and generally being as much of a FishOutOfWater in this game as everyone expects a {{Muggle}} lawyer to be among superheroes and gods.
** One particular example: In one of his hypers (based off of a nightmare he had in the second game), the Judge appears behind him while bellowing "OBJECTION OVERRULED!!", smashing both his opponent and ''Phoenix Wright himself'' with his gavel. Both Phoenix and his opponent will be knocked down, but he won't take any damage.
* FingerPokeOfDoom: In Turnabout mode, he gains a projectile in the shape of a giant pointer finger.
* GivingSomeoneThePointerFinger: He utilizes this many times, ranging from his official art, his general taunt, and even one of his attacks!
* HandBehindHead: His win pose.
* HealThyself: One of the things Mr. Wright can pick up with his evidence hunting special is a piece of meat which heals him instantly, helpfully not taking up an evidence slot.
* HongKongDub: Intentionally invoked to mirror his home series, where lip-sync is completely off with the scrolling text.
* HyperactiveMetabolism: The meat he can sometimes pick up heals him.
* HyperspaceArsenal: While some of Phoenix's projectiles and other attacks require him to pick up evidence off the ground first, he seems to have an endless supply of paper sheets to throw out of nowhere at his opponents.
* ImprovisedWeapon: Various evidence he can pick up and throw, such as a flower vase, a cell phone, watch, plunger, a Servbot doll, bonsai, etc.
** More pronounced at "Trial Mode", where each piece of "useful" evidence can throw projectiles. Flower vase is an arc; knife is a 3-directional projectile; cellphone is a time-delayed projectile; pictures is a 3-hit beam; envelope is a bomb; watch is a big projectile.
* InexplicablyPreservedDungeonMeat: He can pick up food (and immediately eat it to restore health) while searching for evidence in Investigation Mode, regardless of whatever the stage is.
* KnifeNut: One of the pieces of evidence Phoenix can pick up is a knife, though he uses it to throw projectiles instead of stabbing the opponent with it in Trial Mode, but can throw it while in Investigation Mode.
* LargeHam: The Judge.
--> Order in the court! OBJECTION OVERRULED!
* LastNameBasis: Everybody in the game (except Akuma, Nemesis, Amaterasu, Firebrand, and Hulk) refers to him as "Mr. Wright", mainly out of necessity due to the [[ComicBook/XMen other]] [[NamesTheSame Phoenix]] (Jean Grey).
** Averted in the Japanese version, where even in their English voices they call him by Naruhodo-Kun.
** FullNameBasis: Some of the characters address Phoenix by his full name instead.
* LongRangeFighter: In Trial Mode, where his pieces of evidence turn into projectiles.
* MadeOfIron: Phoenix Wright is known for surviving what would normally be lethal due to his extreme luck, in and outside of court.
--> (''One of his winquotes'') All this flying around and getting slammed into the ground... I'm lucky I'm so well-prepared for such abuse!
** GameplayAndStoryIntegration: Has one million hitpoints and an item that can heal him when he finds it. Mr. Wright can tank like a boss while he throws his case together. For reference, he has more hitpoints than Sentinel after his nerfs and is comparable to [[PhysicalGod Thor]] and [[TheJuggernaut The Hulk]].
* MakeTheDogTestify: Against Amaterasu and Rocket Raccoon. He's got a history of this.
* MagikarpPower: Phoenix starts in Investigation mode, which has a limited special move set, two of which take a while to recover (Maya can't be summoned if she is still on-screen already), but if he manages to play keep-away long enough to collect the right evidence, he can enter Courtroom Mode and get a variety of special projectile attacks. From there, he can move to...
** SuperMode: His Turnabout Mode, where he gets a golden glow, a ThemeMusicPowerUp, a finger pointing attack that covers the whole screen, as well as powered-up specials. He also gets access to a Level 3 Hyper which is not only the game's strongest attack, it's completely unblockable.
* {{Muggle}}: Fighting skills-wise, pretty much the only character here that's even more of a regular human than Haggar or even Frank West.
** Although, he can produce energy projectiles with his evidence.
* MugglesDoItBetter: Literally -- with naught but ''the power of the law'', he has the second most damaging Hyper Combo in the game.
* MundaneMadeAwesome: Four of his joke attacks include: smacking a case file in his opponent's face, ruffling his hair in frustration, scattering paperwork, and sneezing. Now take the last three into consideration, and also take into consideration that you can defeat the likes of Doctor Doom, Captain America, and Sentinel, a '''''50-foot tall robot with no organic components''''', with said attacks.
* NamesTheSame: [[invoked]] As [[Characters/MarvelVsCapcom3MarvelCharacters Jean Grey/Phoenix]]. The lampshades fly thick and fast.
-->'''Hulk''': Puny man not Phoenix! Phoenix a bird lady. Hulk confused.
-->'''Phoenix''' (''victory pose''): Only one Phoenix was meant to prevail today.
-->'''Phoenix''' (''victory screen''): We're both called Phoenix, but I'm a destroyer of worlds and you're a lawyer. [[EvilLawyerJoke I wonder which one of us is more hated]].
** Also, there's already a Maya (Crimson Viper) in the game.
* NoodleIncident: We don't know what all the characters are guilty of, but Phoenix can convict all of them. Even the good guys, and [[MirrorMatch himself]].
** And the evidence of their guilt can be a [[NoodleImplements Vase, a Watch and a Photograph.]]
* PaperMaster: Some of his attacks involve paper, whether he holds or throws them.
* ThePollyanna
-->As my mentor told me once, a lawyer is someone who keeps on smiling, no matter how bad it gets.
* PowerGlows: He gets surrounded by a gold aura once he reaches [[SuperMode Turnabout Mode]].
* PreciousPuppies: Get'em, Missile!
* TheRival: She-Hulk, because they have the same daytime job.
-->'''Nick''': Ms. Walters, your witness!
-->'''She-Hulk''': Soon the defense will rest... her fist upon your face.
** Winquotes:
-->'''Nick''': It takes more than brute strength to make your case in court!
-->'''She-Hulk''': How's that for a little courtroom drama?
* RuleOfThree: Three pieces of evidence at a time. [[StanceSystem Three stances]] and if an opponent is hit by the Objection! or Hold It! moves three times they become dizzy. RuleOfThree used three times. Wow.
* SharpDressedMan[=/=]BadassInANiceSuit: While the rest of the cast prefers to wear their spandex super-suits, PoweredArmor, or combat gear, Phoenix Wright comes to the fight dressed for court. Hulk calls him "Suit Man" when tagging out.
** He trades in the suit for his younger self's college outfit from the third game's first case consisting of a [[RealMenWearPink pink sweater]] with the letter P/the name "Ryu" on it and [[ScarfOfAsskicking scarf]] for [[http://buythatgame.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/phoenixwright_dlc_38241_640screen.jpg his DLC costume]].
* SneezeOfDoom: His launcher attack, as well as his j.S. His sneeze is so powerful that it lifts him off the ground... and his opponent he bumps into.
* StanceSystem: He can switch between three, Investigation (where he searches for evidence), Trial (a zoning style), and Turnabout (super mode, and he can only do his Level 3 in this mode).
* StoneWall: As a nod to his profession, and his games, Nick needs to be played defensively when out of Turnabout Mode. You need to be smart, find proper evidence whenever possible, and utilize them to deliver a properly-used '''OBJECTION!''' to turn the tides.
* TalkingTheMonsterToDeath: His Level 3 Hyper Combo.
-->The one who actually committed the crime... is you! No alibi, no justice, no dream, no hope! It's time to pay for your crimes... TAKE THAT!
** He has a special attack called "Pressing the Witness" where he walks toward his opponent, while mentally (and possibly physically) pressuring them with banters. [[labelnote:Note 1]]The move itself seemed decent as it starts and/or continues combo strings with negligible recovery after the move, but the animation is so long and only hyper-cancellable, expect punishment if you whiffed.[[/labelnote]][[labelnote:Note 2]]The move is also available as an assist and it gets powered up in Turnabout Mode, originally being fully invincible to anything as well as causing a Wall Bounce on hit. A later patch coinciding with the release of Heroes and Heralds recently removed the invincibility on the assist version, however.[[/labelnote]]
* ThemeMusicPowerUp: "Pursuit ~ Cornered" starts playing after he gathers enough evidence and lands a successful "Objection!"
** BackgroundMusicOverride: While in Turnabout mode, "Pursuit ~ Cornered" will continue playing until either the mode ends or Wright is knocked out.[[labelnote:*]]Normally, the background theme will change once a character is knocked out, save for when the theme matches the character coming in.[[/labelnote]]
* [[ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks Throwing Evidence Always Works]]: He can discard evidence by throwing them at his opponent.
* UnskilledButStrong: When Nick summons Maya for one of his Hypers, she's basically just flails wildly at the opponent. That said, she's one of his Hyper Combos. On top of that, Nick himself is a complete noncombatant that has some extremely deadly combos (and the most powerful Level 3 in the game) when in Turnabout Mode.
* VillainousBreakdown: Anyone on the receiving end of his Level 3 Special.
* TheVoiceless: Maya's completely silent here.
* WeaponsGradeVocabulary: Phoenix Wright is able to physically knock down universe-shattering entities using cross-examination.
* WrongGenreSavvy: He seems to think he's in one of his ''Ace Attorney'' games instead of a FightingGame. He must wonder why the defendant keeps shooting fireballs at him (though it wouldn't be the first time he was physically assaulted in court).
** TheCuckoolanderWasRight: And yet, it actually works, and everyone he fights is actually guilty of some vaguely-defined crime.
** At other points he averts this, stating he's just fighting because Maya suggested it was good PR, though he doesn't really see it. He still tries to convict them instead of attacking.

[[folder:Strider Hiryu]]
--> All are equal in the face of Death.
-->Voiced by: T.J. Storm (English), Creator/YujiUeda (Japanese)

Home Series: VideoGame/{{Strider}}

He is a member of the [[IAmNotShazam Striders]], a secret organization specializing in kidnapping, assassination, demolition, etc., that has worked behind the scenes throughout history. Having obtained [[RankInflation Special]] A-Class status at a young age, he is the organization's best assassin.

Hiryu's style has not changed much since his last outing. He is a speed-oriented, balanced fighter who specializes in mixing his opponent up and gaining meter to use his Ouroboros, which allows him to pelt the enemy with fireballs as he attacks.

* AnimeHair
* AssistCharacter: Several of them.
** AttackDrone: His Formation B (he summons a drone with the command and then he launches it forward using the same command again) as well as his Ouroboros hyper.
** NobleBirdOfPrey[=/=]PantheraAwesome: His "Options", robotic animals that Strider can summon to aid him in battle. One of his moves has Strider call upon the hawk to [[DeathFromAbove carpet bomb]] you, while his Legion hyper is a full-on ZergRush of them.
* BadassArmfold: He does one in his winning pose...while riding on a ''robotic tiger''.
* CallingYourAttacks
--> There's no escape. LEGION!
--> Time to end this. RAGNAROK! It's over.
--> Formation. OUROBOROS!
* CoolSword: His tonfa-esque Cypher.
** AudibleSharpness: Very much so.
** LaserBlade: [[AllThereInTheManual According to supplemental materials]], [[HotBlade although it uses plasma to achieve the effect.]]
** NamedWeapons: His particular model is named Falchion.
* DoppelgangerAttack: His Vajra special and his Ragnarok hyper.
* DivingKick: His Vajra special (the H version). He can also do so off a WallCrawl.
* FlashStep
* FragileSpeedster: His health (750K) is among the lowest in the game. However, he moves really fast, has a DoubleJump, and can teleport.
* LeaveHimToMe: Should he win against Ghost Rider.
--> Don't worry. I'll punish the guilty.
* {{Ninja}}
** HighlyVisibleNinja
** NinjaRun
* OrbitingParticleShield: Ouroboros, which summons two Option mechas to revolve around him. Each time Strider attacks, [[BeamSpam they fire projectiles]].
* TheQuietOne: [[SubvertedTrope A subversion.]] This is one of the [[VideoGame/NamcoXCapcom few]] times his laconic nature doesn't fully carry over.
* ScarfOfAsskicking: Worn around his face.
* SlideAttack: Considering his home game, this is natural.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: His name is akin to the Ryu from ''Street Fighter''; Hiryu's name actually has an extended vowel "u" that tends to get ignored, so "Hiryuu" is one other way to write/type it in romaji (or with a circumflex "u").
* TheStoic: Battle cries aside, naturally.
* ThemeNaming: His moveset draws from several legendary swords/artifacts (Ame no Murakumo, Excalibur, Gram, Vajra), as well as mythology in general (Ragnarok, Ouroboros, Legion).
* ThreePointLanding: Combined with FlashStep for his intro.
* VagueAge: Late teens or early twenties.
** The manga says he's 19 but it's unknown if that applies to this Hiryu.
* WallCrawl: Using the Climb Sickle strapped to his shoulder, Strider is able to scale walls.
* WallJump
* WarriorPoet: He's pretty pithy when it comes to win quotes, regardless of how short they may be.
* WorthyOpponent: If Wolverine beats Strider, he acknowledges that he is a very skilled and worthy opponent.
-->'''Wolverine''': Ya put up a good fight, bub. If the Hand had some ninjas like you, I might be in some trouble.

-->No one will stand in my way.
-->Voiced by: Creator/DanSouthworth (English), Creator/HiroakiHirata (Japanese)

Home Series: Franchise/DevilMayCry

Son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda and Dante's twin brother. Vergil blames himself for not having been able to protect his mother at a young age and believes that power is everything. Unlike Dante, he has embraced his demonic heritage and [[MightMakesRight is willing to do whatever it takes to gain absolute power.]]

Gameplay-wise, Vergil resembles [[MasterSwordsman Dante]], with whom he shares many moves, and [[TeleportSpam Wesker]], which whom he shares an aggressive, teleport-based style. Likewise, Vergil makes his approach with long-reaching sword attacks and teleport mixups, as well as AntiAir kicks to cover for poor air game. He can provide ranged cover for ''himself'' and dramatically increase his damage output using [[StormOfBlades the Summoned Swords]], and he can increase his reach, damage and air mobility using [[SuperMode Devil Trigger]]. But both of these techniques cost [[ManaMeter Hyper Meter]], which is only built as damage is dealt or taken. As a result, Vergil is best used as an AssistCharacter for the length of a fight, while his allies build Meter through their victories and deaths, only to return as [[ChekhovsGunman the Anchor,]] come their deaths, and wreak havoc with his powerful Hyper moves. True to character, [[MemeticMutation he always needs more power]].

* AloofBigBrother
* AlwaysIdenticalTwins
* AntiHero (Type IV)[=/=]AntiVillain (Type III): Vergil will do whatever it takes to achieve power; he believes it to be the only real morality in the world. However, his motivation for this is that he never wants to be too weak to protect anyone again.
* BadassBack: His intro and winpose.
%%* BadassLongcoat
* BladeSpam + StormOfBlades: His Level 3.
* TheComicallySerious:
--> (Winquote to Ghost Rider) The flames of revenge? Couldn't even melt a marshmallow.
* CallingYourAttacks: Like most of the other Capcom villains in this game, he averts this.
* CoolSword: His signature weapon, Yamato.
** AbsurdlySharpBlade: To the point of ''cutting through dimensions''. The spatial rifts from Judgement Cut and Dimension Slash are generated by his sword.
** AudibleSharpness
** KatanasAreJustBetter
* DeadlyLunge: Force Edge's Stinger.
* DivingKick: Starfall, his version of Dante's Killer Bee.
* DoesNotLikeGuns
-->Guns are so... distasteful. A crude instrument for an unrefined weakling.
* EarlyBirdCameo: One of Wesker's vanilla ''[=MvC3=]'' color schemes mirrors his appearance. It was taken out in ''Ultimate''.
* EvilTwin: Unlike his brother, he only cares about himself and will kill anyone who stands in his way, human ''or'' demon.
* FingerlessGloves
* FlashStep: Faithfully to his series, he has more options for this than Dante.
** NoIAmBehindYou: Naturally, he can do this as well.
* GlassCannon: Milder example, as his health is only 850K. He doesn't have as much in the way of options as Dante, but he does have more flexible movement, his Spiral Swords hyper can be used for a lot of combo setups, and his Level 3 hyper is among the strongest in the game (but he has to burn 4 meters for this).
* GoodHairEvilHair
* HairFlip: During his idle animation and just before his Spiral Swords hyper.
** CharacterTics
* HalfHumanHybrid
* IaijutsuPractitioner: Very apparent in his Level 3.
* LetsGetDangerous: Upon activating Devil Trigger:
--> Now... I'm motivated!
* MightMakesRight: His core philosophy.
%%* MultiMeleeMaster
* NamedWeapons: [[KatanasAreJustBetter Yamato]], [[PowerFist Beo]][[ArmedLegs wulf]], [[AncestralWeapon Force Edge]], and the Summoned Swords.
* NeckLift: Not exactly: his backward grab has him pulling the opponent by the cranium to his opposite side before slicing them.
* NobleDemon: As per his ''Franchise/DevilMayCry 3'' portrayal, Vergil's motivation is to achieve enough power to protect the people/things he cares about.
* OneLinerNameOneLiner: His win quote against his brother.
--> Foolishness, Dante. Foolishness.
* PreMortemOneLiner[=/=]PrepareToDie: Like in his own games, he has many variations of this.
** During his Level 3, he does this while sheathing Yamato as Sword Storm collapses upon the enemy.
--> Rest in peace.
* OrbitingParticleShield[=/=]ReverseShrapnel: His Spiral Swords hyper.
* PunctuatedForEmphasis
--> Might... controls... everything.
* RazorWind[=/=]SwordBeam: Judgement Cut and its [[UpToEleven hyper equivalent]], Dimension Slash.
* RedOniBlueOni: The blue to Dante's red.
* {{Shoryuken}}: His High Time (delivered via his Force Edge) and Rising Sun (a 2-hit kick version with Beowulf).
* SiblingTeam[=/=]TwinTelepathy: A subtle example. If he and Dante are on the same team, they turn outward from their BadassBack intro poses simultaneously.
* SingleStrokeBattle: Rapid Slash.
** Also, one of his throws involves him dashing through the opponent, leaving said opponent stunned in place, [[YouAreAlreadyDead before the slashing kicks in]].
* SpinToDeflectStuff: Vergil blocks attacks by spinning the Yamato.
* SpiritedCompetitor: He likes fighting, as long as it's complex enough to keep him interested.
--> (''after an assist'') How boring.
* TheStoic: He is rarely seen smiling.
* SuperMode: Devil Trigger.
--> '''Ghost Rider''': Best control your demonic half, boy. Or I'll do it for you.
** BattleAura
** TransformationSequence
* SwordSparks: Noticeably when he sheathes Yamato after his Level 1.
* TheRival: To Dante, par for the course.
* ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks: Round Trip with Force Edge. Unlike Trish's Round Trip, Vergil's is a {{Charged Attack}}.
* TrashTalk
--> (''winquote vs Ghost Rider'') The Flames of Revenge? Couldn't even melt a marshmallow.
* UnorthodoxSheathing: In his victory pose, he does his signature "behind the back" sheathing.

!Marvel characters

[[folder:Doctor Strange]]
-->One does not require the Eye of Agamotto to see this outcome.
-->Voiced by: Creator/RickPasqualone

Once an ordinary surgeon, [[ComicBook/DoctorStrange Dr. Stephen Strange]] studied under the Ancient One of Tibet and became the Earth's greatest sorcerer and hero. Having gained superior insight and knowledge through his studies, as well as obtaining valuable knowledge and consultation from other heroes, Strange acts as a consultant for all things related to the paranormal.

Strange is a master of filling the screen with projectiles, limiting the opponent's mobility with all manner of traps. He is also good up-close, having a normal move that instantly stuns the opponent and makes them crumple to the floor. His defense is weak, however.

* AscendedExtra: From a cameo in several endings in ''VideoGame/MarvelSuperHeroes'' and a cameo in Hsien-Ko's ending in Vanilla ''3'', to playable.
* AstralProjection: Used at the start of his Level 3 Hyper. He also provides the current page image.
* BadassBookworm
* BadassBoast: Delivered against Firebrand.
--> I've battled Mephisto and Nightmare. You don't even rate.
%%* BadassCape
%%* BadassMustache
* BattleAura: Has a full-body aura when levitating/flying, and a constant glow around his hands.
* BladeSpam[=/=]SwordBeam: Mystic Sword, depending on the strength of the attack button pressed, is either a fast, crescent-shaped projectile or a flurry of short-ranged slashes.
* CallingYourAttacks:
-->[[SwordBeam MYSTIC]] [[BladeSpam SWORD]]!
-->[[TeleportersAndTransporters TELEPORT!]]
-->[[NoIAmBehindYou ILLUSION!]]
-->[[ShockAndAwe BOLTS OF BALTHAKK]]!
-->[[DeadlyDisc DAGGERS OF DENAK!]]
-->[[EnergyBall EYE OF AGAMOTTO]]!
-->[[TechnicolorFire FLAMES OF THE FALTINE!]]
-->[[PillarOfLight SPELL OF VISHANTI!]]
-->[[AstralProjection ASTRAL MAGIC]]! [[{{Invocation}} BY THE HOARY HOSTS OF HOGGOTH!]]
* ChivalrousPervert: Despite being the Sorcerer Supreme, he is still a male in the end. This is what his intro says to most of the female cast:
-->I'm starting an all-female [[ComicBook/TheDefenders Defenders]]. What do you say?
** He has two different taunt animations for male and female characters; he will throw a rose for the females while he shakes his fist at the males.
* CounterAttack: The Seven Rings of Raggadorr hyper counters projectile attacks, including all hyper combos involving beams.
* FirstNameBasis: With Iron Man ("Tony!") and Iron Fist ("Danny!").
* FlyingFirepower: His "standing" pose is a hover about a foot off the floor, and he can fly for short periods of time.
* GlassCannon: High damage output; low health.
* HomingProjectile: Daggers of Denak; Eye of Agamotto if followed up with Impact Palm.
%%* HighCollarOfDoom
* InstantRunes: During his Level 3 hyper and his win pose.
%%* KungFuWizard
* LevitatingLotusPosition: His intro pose and at the start of his Level 3. He uses a normal LotusPosition for crouching attacks.
%%* LongRangeFighter
%%* MagicalGesture
%%* MysticalHighCollar
* PillarOfLight: His "Spell of Vishanti" hyper, his Level 3, and his exit animation.
* PowerFloats and PowerGlows
* SkunkStripe: Streaks of white hair at the temples.
* SpellBook: The [[TomeOfEldritchLore book of the Vishanti]], as seen in his "Spell of Vishanti" hyper and his intro pose.
* StrokeTheBeard: His idle is basically a floating version of the "Thinker" pose.
* TrashTalk
--> (''One of his winquotes'') Over already? Why, it was hardly worth leaving my Sanctum Sanctorum for this.
--> (''One of his winquotes'') By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth! What a poor showing on your part.
--> (''One of his winquotes'') Perhaps I accidentally transported myself to an alternate reality where nobody but me can fight.
--> (''One of his winquotes'') The world must never know the full mystic power of Doctor Strange.
--> (''win vs. Dormammu'') Considering how many times I've defeated you, the name ''Dreadful'' Dormammu would be more apropos.
* YouRemindMeOfX
-->(''to Morrigan''): You remind me of someone... Morgan Le Fay? Is it possible?

[[folder:Ghost Rider]]
--> The day of judgement is upon you, scum.
-->Voiced by: Richard Grieco

Bonded to the demon Zarathos through Mephisto's manipulations, motorbike stuntman [[ComicBook/GhostRider Johnny Blaze]] acquired the power to become the Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance, who can project and control Hellfire. He manipulates mystical chains that can transform into other weapons.

Ghost Rider can use his chains to attack his opponents from roughly the distance of the entire screen.

* AscendedExtra: Made a cameo in Dante's ending from the original ''[=MvC3=]''.
* BadassBiker: Ghost Rider doesn't just fight with his demonic powers, he can also face off with the Hulk by summoning his motorcycle and riding over him.
* BrownNote[=/=]DeathGlare[=/=]MindRape: Simply looking into Ghost Rider's eyes (his fabled Penance Stare ability) is his Level 3 hyper.
--> {{Have a nice death}}.
* CallingYourAttacks
* CoolBike: Shows up in his intro pose. He additionally uses it [[CarFu to turn you into roadkill]] in one of his hypers.
--> (''winquote vs. Trish''): Your bike could use a nice dose of Hellfire, Trish.
* DarkIsNotEvil: A very dark and scary character, but he’s actually a good guy.
* EveryoneHasStandards: Hardcore AntiHero though he may be, he's repulsed by how much of an asshole Wesker is.
--> '''To Wesker''': The darkness in your soul disgusts me.
* EvilLawyerJoke:
--> '''To Phoenix Wright or She-Hulk''': Do you have ''any'' idea how many lawyers are in hell?
* FlamingSkulls: In all his appearances, his demonic form always include his skull being on fire.
* GameplayAndStorySegregation: Despite the nature of the attack [[note]]It normally only works on those who are "guilty"[[/note]], the Penance Stare will do the same amount of damage to Spider-Man or Arthur that it will do to Wesker or Dormammu[[note]]though Phoenix Wright's level 3 Hyper sort of works the same way, so maybe this can be excused[[/note]]. Also, things that should cause the attack to backfire, such as Deadpool's insanity or Spider-Man's alternate Symbiote costume, will have no ill effect on Ghost Rider.
* GivingSomeoneThePointerFinger: In his official art above.
* GoodIsNotNice: And how! As most of his quotes show, his character-specific lines have him being equally harsh towards heroes and villains alike.
* HaveANiceDeath: Word-for-word.
* HellBentForLeather: Fitting for a BadassBiker.
* JudgeJuryAndExecutioner
--> You are guilty!
* LargeHam: He's bonded with the Spirit of Vengeance; it kinda comes with the territory.
%%* LongRangeFighter
* MightyGlacier: Not unlike Dormammu, he's a ranged variation on this. Ghost Rider moves very slowly and many of his attacks aren't exactly fast, but his attacks do very high damage. Some of his moves are very fast, however, such as the Penance Stare (which is the fastest Level 3 Hyper Combo in the game).
* NoodleIncident: You gotta wonder what kind of dirt he has on everyone, considering he can use his Penance Stare against everyone (what with the stare weaponizing a person's past sins).
* NotDistractedByTheSexy
--> (''intro vs. Morrigan'') Your wiles won't work on me, succubus.
* PlayingWithFire: {{Hellfire}}, to be exact. He can either [[BreathWeapon breathe fire]] or manipulating it with his chain.
* PowerEchoes
* PreAsskickingOneLiner: Aside from the quote above, here are some other examples:
--> (''vs. Doctor Strange'') You seek to challenge my hell-spawned power... but instead, you will only find death!
--> (''vs. Vergil'') Long have you played with fire, boy... but now, you're playing with hellfire!
--> (''vs. Trish'') I eat demons like [[Franchise/DevilMayCry Mundus]] for breakfast.
--> (''vs. Dante'') Fighting demons won't prepare you for what you face now.
--> (''vs. Thor'') Forget Ragnarok, I'm your destruction.
* PostMortemOneLiner: Some really badass examples, in the heroes's cases, these are post ''asskicking'' one liners, for [[AntiHero obvious reasons.]]:
--> (''vs. any villain'') There is but one fate for the guilty.
--> (''vs. Doctor Strange'') Too often do you invoke demons in your spells, mage. It stops now.
--> (''vs. Wesker'') Hell is calling, Albert.
--> (''vs. Amaterasu'') The sun doesn't rise in Hell, goddess.
* TheRival: To Dormammu.
--> (''intro vs Dormammu'') One of our flames will be extinguished this day. Won't be mine.
* RoleReprisal: From ''WesternAnimation/TheIncredibleHulk'' and others.
* TerrorHero: Type 4 and 5.
* TrashTalk
--> (''One of his winquotes'') You cannot destroy one already beyond death.
--> (''One of his winquotes'') You will have more than just bruises once you recover. My hellfire burned your very soul.
--> (''One of his winquotes'') I am fury itself. Now, taste the fires of Hell.
* WeWillMeetAgain: His assist quote.
--> I'll be back.
* WhipItGood: Combined with VariableLengthChain, resulting in ChainPain.
* YourMom: Not even the all-serious demon hunter is exempted from a classic "Your Mom" line. He actually mocks Dr. Doom for the unfortunate presence of his mother in Hell.
--> Hell is exactly where your mother belongs. You'll follow her there soon enough.
* YouWillNotEvadeMe: One of his specials involves him pulling the opponent onto the ground in front of him.

-->[[BadassBoast Avengers. Defenders. Thunderbolts. I make any team better.]]
-->Voiced by: Creator/ChrisCox

Trained to be a master archer by a traveling circus at an early age, [[ComicBook/{{Hawkeye}} Clint Barton]] joined the Avengers in order to protect the world from evil. While a bit overconfident and rash to act, on the battlefield he is often the catalyst that raises everyone's spirits.

His quote above holds water, as Hawkeye can effectively work on any team in the game. He is a good all-around character who is easy to use, but due to his simplicity, one must have an excellent grasp of fundamentals, similarly to Ryu.

* ArcherArchetype: His weapons of choice are always a bow and arrow.
* AssistCharacter: ComicBook/AntMan, for his Level 3 Hyper.
** GiantFootOfStomping: Delivered by Giant Man for the finale of Hawkeye's Level 3.
* BadassNormal: Hawkeye has no superpowers to speak of. He is just a skilled acrobatic with an amazing aim and plenty of different types of arrows.
* [[BroughtToYouByTheLetterS Brought To You By The Letter H]]: On his mask and on his suit.
* CallingYourAttacks: Where he never calls out the actual names of his attacks, he still calls his attacks with different names.
* CoolMask: Like in the comics and cartoons, he wears a mask.
* HappilyMarried: To Mockingbird.[[labelnote:*]]Although, in the main continuity, [[AmicablyDivorced not anymore.]][[/labelnote]]
-->(To female opponents) "Sorry, I'm married. Can't blame you for wanting me, though."
* [[SeanConneryIsGoingToShootYou Hawkeye Is Going to Shoot You]]: The front cover of ''Ultimate''.
* ImprobableUseOfAWeapon: His bow, used for close-range attacks.
* LongRangeFighter: All of his attacks involves him shooting arrows, either straight forwards, shooting them into the air, or doing a dodge maneuver and then following up with an arrow shot.
* {{Multishot}}: Used in his "Kiss of Fire" hyper.
* NoArcInArchery: Played straight with the exception being with his "Ragtime Shot" specials and "Kiss of Fire" hyper..
* PoisonedWeapons: The Violet Fizz special.
* RainOfArrows: Exploding arrows, no less.
* RoleReprisal: From ''WesternAnimation/TheAvengersEarthsMightiestHeroes''.
* SlideAttack: One of his command normals.
* TrashTalk:
--> (''One of his winquotes'') Not too bad for a guy who got himself killed more than a few times, ya know?
--> (''to Zero in his intro'') An angry space midget with a sword? Yeah, I've been at this too long.
--> (''to Zero in his victory pose'') Less than Zero. Ha! See what I did there?
--> (''to She-Hulk in his victory pose'') Guess your cousin is the one with the brains in your family.
* TrickArrow: His specialty.
** HyperspaceArsenal: He's packing no fewer than sixteen different varieties of arrows... somewhere.

[[folder:Iron Fist]]
-->Fair warning: I'm registered as a lethal weapon.
-->Voiced by: Creator/LorenLester

Having studied martial arts in the mystic city of K'un L'un for 10 years, [[ComicBook/ImmortalIronFist Daniel Rand]] achieved the status of the city's strongest student. After completing his final trial—defeating the dragon known as Shou-Lao the Undying—and plunging his hands into the dragon's molten heart, he gained [[KiAttacks the power of Chi]] and the title of Iron Fist. He is good friends with fellow martial artist hero Luke Cage.

True to the comics, Iron Fist uses a very up-close fighting style involving intricate Rekka combos[[labelnote:*]]combos involving special moves chained into one another[[/labelnote]]. With [[CurbStompBattle enough power to kill most characters in a single unassisted combo]], [[LightningBruiser enough speed to cross the screen and strike in a fraction of a second]], and the ability to tank [[ImmuneToBullets projectiles]] and [[NoSell melee]] alike, Iron Fist has an truly unrelenting offence. But alas, as a hand-to-hand fighter in a game full of armed, ranged, and flying opponents that can avoid and outmaneuver him, he suffers from CripplingOverspecialization.

* AnimalMotifs: The dragon.
--> (''to Vergil'') A dragon will always beat a demon-spawn, boy.
* AscendedExtra: Cameo in several endings in ''VideoGame/MarvelSuperHeroes'' and in Ryu's ending in vanilla ''3''.
* AuthorAppeal: Marvel confirmed that the reason Iron Fist is wearing his classic costume & not his post-''ComicBook/CivilWar'' attire is because Capcom specifically asked to use that costume.
* BattleAura: Appears WreathedInFlames.
* CallingYourAttacks
* CharlesAtlasSuperpower: The powers he has required a lot of training in K'un-Lun.
* CloseRangeCombatant: While many characters can indeed deliver punishment at close range (as is normal for the game), he's strictly this, having no projectile nor any special means to cover distances.
* CoolMask
** MaskedLuchador: How Haggar sees him.
--> '''Haggar''' (''in his victory screen against Iron Fist''): How I love fighting a luchadore! You all have [[LargeHam such a flair for theatrics]] in the ring!
* CripplingOverspecialization: As mentioned above, Iron Fist is very ''polarized'' in his skills and weaknesses.
** Iron Fist's offence, though incredible in terms of damage, speed, and persistence, relies ''entirely'' on the enemy standing on solid ground. His own LauncherMove and [[MegatonPunch Dragon's Touch]] techniques—both crucial components in his combos—are completely ineffective on airborne enemies[[labelnote:*]]the former travels through the ground and has very small hitbox, and the latter needs the enemy to be grounded so they will [[PoseOfSupplication Crumple]] or else they simply fall on their backs and get up[[/labelnote]]. This means that if the enemy so much as ''jumps'' before getting hit, or if the combo starts with a throw (or other hits that pop the enemy off the ground), Iron Fist does a fraction of his usual damage.
** Iron Fist's offence is devoid of reliable AntiAir techniques, meaning he struggles to safely hit airborne enemies in the first place. And this is only considering the standard jump; all Marvel vs Capcom fighters are capable of [[InASingleBound Super Jumping]] to three times a normal jump's height: a position from which ''many'' fighters may send down projectiles or preform diving attacks, but to which Iron Fist can do ''nothing''. This, combined with the previous factor, means that staying airborne reduces your odds of getting hit and the damage you take when hit whenever fighting an Iron Fist.
* DragonsUpTheYinYang: A major motif for him (a yin yang appears behind him for his Level 3, and he's wreathed in a dragon during his intro).
* FunnyBruceLeeNoises[=/=]{{Kiai}}
%%* HighCollarOfDoom
* ImmuneToFlinching: His Wall of K'un-L'un special (a full-body strike) will let him ignore flinching during the attack. His StatusBuff moves are also armored, but only on startup.
* InvulnerableAttack: His Iron Rage (aka
* KiAttacks: Has the ability to enhance his martial arts skills using his chi.
* KungFuSonicBoom: Can be seen on a few of his attacks.
* MartialArtsHeadband: It's specifically a bandana/mask combo, which makes Haggar mistake him for a MaskedLuchador.
* MartialPacifist[=/=]WillfullyWeak
--> (''One of his winquotes'') I may have an Iron Fist, but I'd rather not have to use it, if possible.
* MegatonPunch: His Level 3 Hyper is a simple One-Inch Punch.
* MechanicallyUnusualFighter: Downplayed: In a game that has a big emphasis on aerial combos, he's primarily a ground fighter. He'd fit right in traditional 2D fighters like ''Street Fighter'' or ''The King of Fighters''.
* MundaneMadeAwesome: His Level 3 hyper looks pretty over-the-top (and strong as a Level 3 hyper usually is) for a chi-charged one-inch-punch.
* PowerGlows: His fists.
* PreAsskickingOneLiner: See the above quote. Also...
--> (''vs. Arthur'') My dragon fists will shred that armor like paper.
* RaceLift: His Power Fist color alt.
* RapidFireFisticuffs: His [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Fists of Fury]] Hyper Combo.
* RoleReprisal: From ''WesternAnimation/TheAvengersEarthsMightiestHeroes''.
* StatusBuff: He can make his chi glow different colors for different effects. The red boosts his attack power, the blue boost his defense, the green makes him gain more meter.
%%* SupernaturalMartialArts
* TornadoMove: His Volcanic Roar (aka Spirit of the Dragon) hyper has him creating a swirling wave of chi around himself that does multiple hits.
* TrashTalk
--> (''One of his winquotes'') There have actually been sixty six Iron Fists, though right now I'm guessing you think one is enough.
--> (''One of his winquotes'') I'm now going to use my power to create a mind meld. Because, really, I have to know... Did you really think you could beat me?
--> (''One of his winquotes'') They sometimes call me the Living Weapon, though I don't think I need to explain to you why right now.
* ThreeStrikeCombo: His special moves can be [[LagCancel cancelled into another]]; he can chain 3 of his special moves this way. In particular, his Wall of K'un-L'un and Rising Fang specials can only be done in the 3rd part of the chain.
* WorthyOpponent: To Ryu. It's apparently mutual.
-->'''Iron Fist''': (''winquote vs Ryu'') You are a worthy opponent, Ryu. In fact, in time you might even be a worthy successor of the Iron Fist. But not today.
-->'''Ryu''': (''winquote vs Iron Fist'') It was my pleasure to meet a warrior who fights with honor. I hope that our paths will cross again.
** Below trope aside, he gains respect for Chun-Li as well. [[spoiler:Fittingly in his ending, he forms a new Heroes for Hire with them and others.]]
* XCalledTheyWantTheirYBack:
-->(''to Chun-Li''): Daughters of the Dragon called. They want their everything back.


--> I'm the only guardian the galaxy needs.
-->Voiced by: Creator/TroyBaker

Chosen by the dying alien Rhomann Dey to receive his [[TheChosenMany Nova Corps]] powers, [[Comicbook/{{Nova}} Richard Rider]] began his new life as a super hero. His battles take him all throughout the universe, fighting evil wherever he is needed. In addition to superhuman strength and durability, he can fly through space at supersonic speeds. He can also absorb and reflect energy attacks.

Nova is a basic character who is akin to a fusion of Magneto and Hulk. He has excellent speed and power, even coming with a flight mode, but average health.

* AlliterativeName: Richard Rider.
* AndThisIsFor
--> That was for Nova Corps!
* AscendedExtra: He was one of the frozen heroes in ''VideoGame/MarvelSuperHeroes''.
* BadassBoast: One of his intro quotes.
--> I'm the only guardian the galaxy needs.
* CallingYourAttacks:
-->Feel my power! GRAVIMETRIC BLASTER!
* CastFromHitPoints: His beam hyper as well as Gravimetric Pulse uses up his red health. The power increases if his redbar is more than 30% of his total life.
* CoolHelmet
* DeathFromAbove: He can fire his Energy Javelin upward in a trajectory that causes it to fall onto the enemy.
* DeflectorShields: His Gravimetric Pulse.
* DivingKick: The M version of Centurion Rush is this.
* FirstNameBasis: With Super Skrull. "Kl'rt!"
* {{Flight}}: For a few seconds.
* FlyingBrick[=/=]FlyingFirepower: A balanced mix of both.
* GlowingEyesOfDoom: Courtesy of his helmet.
* GroundPound: One of his attacks.
* {{Ground Shattering|Landing}} ThreePointLanding: His entry.
* KamehameHadoken
* LargeHam: He yells more during battle than most of the other characters. Just take a look at the aforementioned "Calling Your Attacks" entry.
* NotBigEnoughForTheTwoOfUs: Says this to Magneto regarding their [[CoolHelmet helmets]].
* PoweredArmor
** LatexSpaceSuit
* PowerFloats
* PowerGlows: Mainly his hands, feet, and chest.
* PunnyName: Invoked by Iron Man.
--> '''Iron Man''' (victory pose): In Spanish, your name means "it doesn't go". You're aptly named, amigo.
* RocketPunch
* SlideAttack: One of the Centurion Rush's variants is this.
* SphereOfDestruction: One of his hypers.
* StealthPun: Richie's medium Centurion Arts attack is a Rider Kick.
* TrashTalk
--> (''vs. Strider Hiryu'') Cute little ninja tricks versus Nova Corps? Come on now.

[[folder:Rocket Raccoon]]
--> My version of a coonskin cap is basically me chewing on your skull.
-->Voiced by: Creator/GregEllis

Rocket Raccoon is a raccoon from the planet Halfworld that has received several enhancements, upping his intelligence and battle awareness. He used to protect the colony as a ranger before getting involved in Phalanx invasion of the Kree Empire. He later became part of the 616 version of the ComicBook/GuardiansOfTheGalaxy. He possesses the same heightened senses and speed as a raccoon on our world, but can also handle various weapons freely and possesses high intelligence that helps on the battlefield.

Because of his small size, he is quick and can avoid many attacks while utilizing a variety of traps to punish and confuse the opponent. Rocket Raccoon's health and defenses, however, are quite poor.

* AlliterativeName
* AndThisIsFor: After beating Chris.
--> That's for letting them mess up Raccoon City, ya wanker!
** He also calls out Wesker for the events of the first ''Resident Evil'' game:
--> So what's this I hear about a place called "Raccoon City"?
** Against Deadpool.
--> And that's for saying you just saw my mother at the Bronx Zoo.
* AnimalSuperhero
* BadassAdorable: He's a cute little raccoon. A raccoon that is a master of numerous weapons, a brilliant tactician, and an expert engineer. He's also one of the very few beings in the Marvel universe to single-handedly defeat ''ComicBook/{{Thanos}}''. Oh, and [[BerserkButton don't call him "cute"]].
* BadassNormal: Physically, he's just a normal raccoon. Mentally, that's another story.
* BadassBoast
-->The Guardians of the Galaxy are nothing without me.
-->The raccoon's the king of the beasts. Screw the lion.
* BarefootCartoonAnimal
* {{BFG}}: Many (for his size, anyway).
** GatlingGood: A level 1 of his.
* BoobyTrap: A part of his gameplay style.
** BearTrap: Albeit, an exceedingly over-sized version.
** CaughtInASnare
*** ElectricTorture: Anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in his net.
* CallingYourAttacks:
* CameraAbuse: He threatens the cameraman with a knife.
* CrazyPrepared: He's got a ''lot'' of things set up in a battlefield.
** TrapMaster
* CurseCutShort: His defeat quote is perhaps the only time his swearing goes interrupted.
* DeathFromAbove: His Level 3.
** BigBulkyBomb
** BigRedButton
** NukeEm: It's actually just napalm.
* ExtremeOmnivore: Like Deadpool, he can't resist a 'calamari' joke at the expense of Shuma-Gorath.
* FastTunnelling
* FragileSpeedster[=/=]GlassCannon: He's very small and fast, and has a tunneling move to avoid attacks, but his health is among the lowest in the game (at 750K).
* HeroicComedicSociopath: He's ''very'' enthusiastic about killing his enemies. Space rabies, perhaps? To directly quote him:
--> Let's see how cute I am after I strangle you with your own intestines.
* HyperspaceArsenal
* IllKillYou: His defeat quote.
* ILoveTheSmellOfXInTheMorning: Napalm, said during his level 3.
* InsultBackfire
-->(''to Deadpool''): So... what did you mean when you said I was a rejected prop from the ''{{Disney/Bambi}}'' set? What the hell's a Bambi?
* JetPack: He has a small one on the soles of his rocket skates, but he's still required to [[{{Helicritter}} twirl his tail like a helicopter]] to maintain lift.
* KnifeNut
* TheNapoleon: Is smaller than Arthur, enabling him to avoid many attacks. He's also not somebody you want to piss off, especially when this is his default mood.
* [[OnlySaneMan Only Sane Raccoon]]: The only one out of the fighters who has actually commented on how wacky the whole series is.
--> (''Intro vs. Shuma Gorath'') Space Raccoon vs Demon Squid, yeah, [[SarcasmMode this isn't weird or anything]].
* PintSizedPowerhouse: Considering the unfeasibly large guns he carries, he's this.
-->This weighs more than ''me''!
* ProfaneLastWords: If Rocket Raccoon is defeated, he'll shout this:
* [[SeanConneryIsAboutToShootYou Rocket Raccoon Is About To Shoot You]]: In his victory screen. In his victory pose, it's Rocket Raccoon Is Going To Stab You.
* RoleReprisal: From ''WesternAnimation/TheAvengersEarthsMightiestHeroes''.
* RollerbladeGood[=/=]RocketBoots: His rocket skates, which almost function like a FlashStep.
* SpacePolice: His job prior to helping found the ComicBook/GuardiansOfTheGalaxy.
* ShovelStrike[=/=]DeathOfAThousandCuts: In his Rocky Raccoon hyper he opens with this. Right before he calls in a ''napalm strike''.
** BigBallOfViolence
** PitTrap: How he catches his victims.
** StockSoundEffects: The hyper is filled with the usual slide-whistle whirls and clown nose honks. Not to mention [=*SPROING!!!*=]
* ShoutingShooter
* TrashTalk
--> (''One of his winquotes'') You didn't need a raccoon's eyesight to see how that fight was turning out.
--> (''vs. Nathan Spencer'') Military tactical genius meets military screw up. You do the math.
* TrickBomb: The oil bomb (that produces an oil slick that can be ignited).
* ViolentGlaswegian: Often mistaken as this.
* VocalDissonance: He has a pretty deep voice for a cute little feller.