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* [[Characters/TwentyFourBauerFamily The Bauer Family]][[note]]Jack Bauer, Kim Bauer, Teri Bauer, Phillip Bauer, Graem Bauer, Marilyn Bauer, Josh Bauer[[/note]]

!Federal Government
* [[Characters/TwentyFourPresidents Presidents]][[note]]David Palmer, Jim Prescott, John Keeler, Charles Logan, Hal Gardner, Wayne Palmer, Noah Daniels, Allison Taylor, Mitchell Hayworth, James Heller[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourWhiteHouse The White House]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourGovernment Other Government Groups & Officials]]

!Government Agencies
* [[Characters/TwentyFourCTU CTU / Division]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourFBI Federal Bureau of Investigation]]

!Foreign Governments
* [[Characters/TwentyFourChina People's Republic of China]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourRussia Russian Federation]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourJumaRegime The Juma Regime/People's Freedom Army]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourKamistan Islamic Republic of Kamistan]]

!Terrorist & Criminal Groups
* [[Characters/TwentyFourDrazenFamily The Drazen Family & Associates]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourSecondWave Second Wave]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourPeterKingsleyGroup The Peter Kingsley Group]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourSalazarFamily The Salazar Family & Associates]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourSaunders The Saunders Family & Associates]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourMarwanGroup Marwan Terrorist Group & Associates]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourRussianSeparatistMovement Russian Separatist Movement]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourSentox Sentox Conspiracy]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourRussianAndMiddleEasternTerrorists Russian/Middle Eastern Terrorists]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourStarkwood Starkwood Group]][[note]]Jonas Hodges, Doug Knowles, Greg Seaton, John Quinn, Stokes[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourRedSquare Red Square & Associates]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourOtherTerrorists Other Terrorists & Conspirators]]

* [[Characters/TwentyFourCivilians Civilians]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourAntagonists Independent Antagonists]]