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2006 was the first year since the beginning of the Windows series' publication in which ZUN didn't release any new ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' games. His main project during this brief hiatus was the UniverseCompendium ''Perfect Memento in Strict Sense''. This was also the period when ''Touhou'' seemed to reach a critical mass of popularity, becoming entrenched as a permanent fixture in Japanese "nerdcore" culture. Users of ImageBoards and Website/{{YouTube}} in the West also started gaining awareness of it around this time. With the release of ''Mountain of Faith'' in 2007, ''Touhou'' entered a new phase marked by [[ContinuityCreep more cohesive storytelling and the interconnection of plots between games and related works]].

This page is for ''Touhou'' characters who debuted in ''Mountain of Faith'' through ''Hopeless Masquerade''. To see the characters who debuted in the PC-98 games, see Characters/TouhouPC98. For the rest of the Windows characters, see Characters/TouhouWindowsOne and Characters/TouhouWindowsThree. For characters from related works such as short stories and manga, see Characters/TouhouOtherOfficialWorks.

Wherever possible, character images come from portraits [[LetsSeeYouDoBetter not drawn by ZUN]] used in official games and print works. Images of characters without quality official portraits are labeled "''[--(fanart)--]''".

Please remember to only use examples that are either [[WordOfGod canon]] or have undergone mass MemeticMutation so that the page doesn't become overcrowded with tropes that only occur in one person/circle's works. [[invoked]]




[[folder: Concerning the romanization of names ]]

There are two principal methods for transcribing Japanese names into Latin letters: the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hepburn_romanization Hepburn System]], which is more common in the West because it yields something closer to English phonetic, and the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kunrei-shiki_romanization Kunrei-shiki System]], which is the official romanization method in Japan, even if it's not used much. In general, [[WordOfGod ZUN]] favored the Hepburn System before ''Phantasmagoria of Flower View'', but changed to the Kunrei-shiki System afterward. This page uses the Hepburn format for the sake of [[SpellMyNameWithAnS argument]], as it is the most widely recognized and makes the pronunciation obvious to English speakers.


!Debuted in ''Mountain of Faith''

[[folder:Shizuha Aki]]

::''Symbol of Loneliness and Death''
::'''Shizuha Aki'''

A minor god of fallen leaves. The older of the Aki sisters, despite bearing the lowly position of midboss with no dialogue. {{Fanon}} thus has it that she's less reliable than Minoriko.

!!!Tropes associated with Shizuha:

* HairDecorations: One made out of red autumn leaves. Some fanartist noticed it resembles a crab and started drawing it as such, sparking endless 'crab' jokes about her.
* JadeColoredGlasses: As the "Symbol of Loneliness and Death," she is a pessimist who believes that "the end will always come."
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJbHpAUcvkE "A God That Loves People ~ Romantic Fall"]]
* OddJobGods: She is a god of ''dead leaves''.
* MeaningfulName: Aki simply mean "autumn", and Shizuha means "silent leaf". Fitting for a god of autumn leaves.
* MutualEnvy: Of her younger sister. She wishes she did something more productive that humans would appreciate.
* [[PaintingTheFrostOnWindows Painting The]] [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment Autumn Leaves Brown]]: She colors the leaves (by hand) and makes them fall (by kicking the trees) in the autumn.
* PhysicalGod: One of the "Yaoyorozu", the countless Shinto gods that are said to exist everywhere in nature.


[[folder:Minoriko Aki]]

::''Symbol of Harvest and Plenty''
::'''Minoriko Aki'''

-->''"Even though you're a shrine maiden, you want to eat a god? How ridiculous! What insolence!"''

A minor harvest god. The younger of the Aki sisters, she is often portrayed as being more mature than Shizuha. Both of the Aki sisters love autumn, and get very disappointed when winter rolls around. This has led fans to came up with idea of a rivalry between them and Letty Whiterock, the youkai of winter. Minoriko also runs a sweet potato stand.

!!!Tropes associated with Minoriko:

* DoesNotLikeShoes
* FollowYourNose: Reimu notices that she smells like roasting sweet potatoes all the time.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4ghBFxvZOs "Because Princess Inada Is Scolding Me"]]
* MeaningfulName: Like her sister, Aki means "autumn". Minoriko means "harvest child".
* MutualEnvy: Of her older sister. She wishes she did something more artistic and less pragmatic.
* OddJobGods: She is a god of abundant harvest. She makes the good crops part, not the fertilizing part.
* PerpetualPoverty: Given that Kanako looks at faith as a kind of currency for gods, naturally she thinks of relatively unpopular gods as being in poverty. Minoriko is also described as a homeless vagrant because she has no shrine.
* PhysicalGod: One of the "Yaoyorozu", the countless Shinto gods that are said to exist everywhere in nature.
* StrongerSibling: Although both of the Aki sisters are fairly weak (being minor gods with few followers), Minoriko is the stronger of the two.


[[folder:Hina Kagiyama]]

::''Nagashi-hina of the Hidden God''
::'''Hina Kagiyama'''

-->''"I'm a friend of humans. I take their misfortune and pass them on to the gods. If you like, I can take on all of your tragedies."''

A curse god who can absorb misfortune. She's also known for [[EverythingsBetterWithSpinning spinning]], which she does nonstop during a large chunk of her stage. [[MemeticMutation Spin Hina spin! Spin for all to enjoy!]]

!!!Tropes associated with Hina:

* BadPowersGoodPeople: While Akyuu claims that you shouldn't talk to her, that's just because of the possibility of her misfortune leaking out. She's described as quite friendly.
* BroughtToYouByTheLetterS: The squiggle on her dress is a stylized kanji 厄 ''(yaku)'', meaning "misfortune".
* {{Curse}}: Not deliberately, but...
* DarkIsNotEvil: She's a yakubyougami - a curse god who would normally spread misfortune and illness - but she absorbs misfortune and curses so they won't affect humans, and in ''Mountain of Faith'' she tries to drive away the protagonists so the youkai above won't harm them. However, Akyuu states multiple times in Hina's ''Symposium'' entry that despite her friendliness she is still dangerous to be around due to her PowerIncontinence.
* ElegantGothicLolita: [[WordOfGod ZUN said]] the design of her costume is supposed to be in this style.
* EverythingsBetterWithSpinning: Fanon even has it that her other special ability is to never get dizzy when spinning.
* TheJinx: She's a curse god who absorbs and spreads misfortune, but she's still friendly by nature.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_H8mULP0XDc "The Road of the Apotropaic God ~ Dark Road"]] and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBYFS1mwEC8 "Dark Side of Fate".]]
* PhysicalGod: Although since she lives off of misfortune instead of faith, Akyuu claims she's technically not a god. She's just a kind of youkai that gets called a god.
* PowerIncontinence: Despite her friendly nature, the misfortune she absorbs will still affect anyone who approaches her or even catches sight of her.
* TheScottishTrope: Even talking about her is said to bring misfortune.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Has green hair.


[[folder:Nitori Kawashiro]]

::''Super Youkai Warhead''
::'''Nitori Kawashiro'''

-->''"See you, human! By the way, it's dangerous if you go any further!"''

A river kappa with a knack for engineering. Initially she comes across as very shy, attempting to scare the heroines away from Youkai Mountain for their own safety, but in her subsequent appearances she's become much less shy and much more sharp-tongued.

!!!Tropes associated with Nitori:

* AcmeProducts: Frequently depicted in fanon as dominating Gensokyo's entire technology sector. She's most frequently depicted as having made Aya's camera.
* BeehiveBarrier: Her bomb in ''Subterranean Animism''.
* BiggerOnTheInside: Granted, her backpack is huge, but considering the stuff she pulls out of it (including a mechanical boxing glove, an oversized water balloon/flail, several massive cogs), it appears to be this.
* BottomlessMagazines: Averted. Her gadgets have a limited amount of power, and if that runs out, many of her abilities become much weaker or outright unusable.
* BubbleGun: Her "Fire! Bubble Dragon" spell card in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' has her pulling one out.
* CatchPhrase: A fanon one. "Kappapappapappa" and variants.
* CatSmile: [[http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/File:ThGKNitori.png No really]].
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: In her first appearance she was characterized as shy, but still willing to help the player character. In her appearances afterwards her shyness and helpfulness disappeared, instead becoming greedy and thinking she's better than humans and other youkai.
* CuteMonsterGirl: Kappa, according to mythology, look like some MadScientist spliced a turtle, a monkey and a duck together. Nitori is a cute girl with a NiceHat.
* DenialOfDiagonalAttack: {{Inverted|Trope}} in ''Hopeless Masquerade'', where Nitori can't shoot her strongest attacks ''horizontally''. To compensate for this, it's easier for her to stay near the top or bottom of the screen.
* GadgeteerGenius: Kappa combined whatever existing technology they had (possibly BambooTechnology, {{Steampunk}} and/or {{Magitek}}) with modern-day technology from outside the MedievalStasis Field to become the most technologically advanced [[http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Perfect_Memento:_Kappa race in Gensoukyou]]. Nitori herself is especially interested in engineering, and {{Fanon}} portrays her as the designer of Aya's camera.
* GirlishPigtails
* GunsAkimbo: They appear to be [[MakingASplash squirt guns]].
* HelicopterPack: Flies with one in ''Hopeless Maquerade''.
* InformedFlaw: She's supposedly very shy, but when she does talk to the heroine, she doesn't flee any further, helpfully warns them of the dangers up ahead, and is actually rather talkative. In ''Subterranean Animism'' and ''Hopeless Masquerade'', her supposed shyness is nowhere to be seen.
* InHarmonyWithNature: Despite their use of technology, kappa are still river spirits and can "read the pulse of the river". With a stethoscope.
* InsufferableGenius: Apparently looks down on humans and other youkai, and is bad at hiding it. In ''Subterranean Animism'' and ''Hopeless Masquerade'' she shows shades of this.
* InvisibilityCloak: [[SchizoTech Optical Camouflage]], actually. It tends to short out on her, though.
* JetPack: Her "Fly! Sanpei Fight" spell card in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' has her using a rocket-powered jetpack to charge at the opponent.
* {{Kappa}}: Her hat is meant to evoke a plate that kappas traditionally wear to keep the water in their hollowed-out heads from spilling out, with a visor that represents a kappa's duck bill, and her backpack the turtle-like shell.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtE9Xg4ewfA "Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's 'Kappa' ~ Candid Friend"]], which later receives [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsojQrzwRdI a remix in Hopeless Masquerade]].
* MakingASplash: Her ability is manipulation of water. Tends to be overshadowed by SCIENCE!, though.
** Now keeping up with her SCIENCE! thanks to the spellcard ''Heavy Rain "Great War beneath the River"''.
* ManaMeter: Her gimmick in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' - most of her moves draw from a battery, and become weaker or unusable when it runs out.
* MightyGlacier: In ''Hopeless Masquerade''.
* NerdsAreSexy: One of the few characters that ZUN draws with noticeable breasts, emphasized by the straps crossing her chest with a key hanging from them.
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: Nerdy kappa who can create SchizoTech.
* OnlyInItForTheMoney: The reason she's participating in the events of ''Hopeless Masquerade'' is so she can make money at the festivals. Her storyline has her gaining popularity entirely by accident.
* TheShadowKnows: In Chapter 15 of ''Forbidden Scrollery'', her shadow as cast on a wall by a lantern appears to be that of an especially monstrous-looking traditional kappa.
* ShoutOut: Her Last Word in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' has her appear in the foreground of the stage and fires projectiles at the opponent, which she aims with a crosshair. This almost looks exactly like [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid Snake's]] Final Smash in ''[[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Super Smash Bros. Brawl]]''.
* ShrinkingViolet: Played with. Nitori is [[InformedFlaw (supposedly)]] very shy around humans. When the heroines first encounter her, she runs off in shock before reappearing in [[InvisibilityCloak optical camouflage]].However, Akyuu claims she's a racist who's bad at hiding it, and by ''Hopeless Masquerade'' she's become much more outspoken and callous in her speech. In ''Subterranean Animism'' though, she's both: she speaks rudely about other youkai until the Yuugi fight when she realizes that they can hear her through the speakers, after which she's suddenly polite. No one said shy girls were always ''nice'', did they?
* ShyBlueHairedGirl: Played straight when she's first introduced in ''Mountain of Faith'', but it's become subverted in her subsequent appearances.
* SignatureMove: Exteeending Aaarm, both in fanon and in canon, since in Japanese folklore it's said that kappa are able to extend and retract their arms.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: "Kawasiro" in Kunrei-Shiki romanization.
* ThisIsADrill
* TookALevelInJerkass: Between ''Mountain of Faith'' and ''Subterranean Animism'', then between ''Subterranean Animism'' and ''Hopeless Masquerade''. She basically goes from [[InformedFlaw supposedly shy]], eccentric, and helpful inventor to [[FantasticRacism racist]], [[SmallNameBigEgo egotistical]], rude HollywoodAtheist who [[CorruptCorporateExecutive openly gloats about swindling humans out of their money and plans to install monopolies on things like fishing]].
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Cucumbers. Partly because Kappa traditionally like cucumbers, and partly due to {{IOSYS}}'s remix of her {{leitmotif}}, which [[MemeticMutation led to her being often shown]] with [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pepsi_cucumber.jpg cucumber-flavored Pepsi]] and beer.
* UnexpectedCharacter: Sort of; ZUN originally wanted her to be playable in ''Hisoutensoku'', but she was scrapped due to time constraints, so one could say it was only a matter of time before she could really be playable. However, few people expected her to be in ''Hopeless Masquerade'', which is about fighting over religion and popularity. She's also unexpected in-universe, since during Nitori's story mode Mamizou is rather surprised that a "faithless kappa" is participating.
* VagueAge: One of the more extreme cases in fanon. Fan-artists just can't agree on how old she's supposed to appear.
* WrenchWench: Her ''Hopeless Masquerade'' title is "Handyman of the River".
* WrenchWhack: Whacking her opponents with a wrench is her standard melee attack in ''Hopeless Masquerade''.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Her hair is blue.


[[folder:Momiji Inubashiri]]

::''The Mountain's Telegnosis''
::'''Momiji Inubashiri'''

-->''"I thought that we were the only ones making original rules. I could not believe my eyes to see that the same kind of thing was happening in the outside world as well. It's a bit frustrating."''

Another of the tengu folk, and another character with no dialogue. She's said to have a cooperative personality and executes her duties faithfully, and so is often portrayed as Aya's subordinate or junior. Or just the hapless straight man to her antics. It was later revealed that she rather dislikes Aya and won't take orders from her as they belong to different chains of command, but fans will often ignore that.

!!!Tropes associated with Momiji:

* AscendedExtra
* CoolSword: Looks like a scimitar, from what we can tell by her sprite. May be drawn as a {{BFS}} DependingOnTheArtist.
* DetachedSleeves: Generally, her default appearance in {{fanon}} has them.
* HouseRules: Her article in ''Symposium of Post-mysticism'' is about her discovering [[VariantChess Variant Shogi]] pieces from the outside world and trying to come up with new rules for them.
* InterserviceRivalry: There are some hints that within tengu society the wolf tengu (guardsman corps) don't really get along with the crow tengu ([[{{CleverCrows}} information gathering corps]]). Or maybe Momiji is just annoyed by Aya personally for whatever reason.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-F3_Cj-fMWw "Fall of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall"]]
* LittleBitBeastly: She's a wolf tengu, but wolf features are restricted to {{Fanon}} and supplementary materials, as she has been seen only as a small sprite in the games.
* LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe: Holds a shield. Presumably to give her a "soldier" image.
* OCStandIn: Lack of in-game dialogue and portrait art caused her physical appearance and personality to vary greatly early on. Both have been fairly standardized by now, though.
* ShipSinking: Averted; the revelation that there is some bad blood between Aya and Momiji has done nothing to slow down the tide of fanart portraying them as a close couple. In fact, it may have only made it even ''[[UpToEleven more]]'' popular, since Momiji can now be portrayed as a {{Tsundere}} toward Aya.
* {{Shogi}}: She specifically plays [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dai_shogi Dai Shogi]] with the kappa according [[AllThereInTheManual to her profile]]. She also develops new rules for the wolf tengus' [[LoadsAndLoadsOfRules even more complex]] version, [[VariantChess Dai Tengu Shogi]].
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: K-S Romanization of her name - "Momizi Inubasiri".
* SuperSenses: She has the supernatural power to see across a thousand leagues (sometimes interpreted as [[PsychicPowers clairvoyance]], because the Japanese word for that is "thousand league eyes"), but she also possesses an excellent sense of smell. Oddly, no particular mention is made of super-hearing. Rather than use these powers to snoop on people for news, Momiji acts as the captain of Youkai Mountain's patrol guards, with soldiers hiding behind a waterfall. She also spies on the heroine and the gods of the new shrine when they do battle, without being noticed by either.
* {{Tengu}}: She's a white wolf tengu, unlike Aya and Hatate who are crow tengu. It could be that she's based on the [[http://www.monstropedia.org/index.php?title=Tiangou Tiangou]], a dog-like creature from Chinese mythology that has some relations to the Japanese tengu.


[[folder:Sanae Kochiya]]

::''Deified Human of the Wind''
::'''Sanae Kochiya'''

-->''"I see. Then, maybe you should watch and consider the power of a living god... The divine power to cause miracles!"''

A human wind priestess from outside of Gensoukyou, she runs the Moriya Shrine and serves both Kanako and Suwako dutifully. During her life before entering Gensoukyou she was worshiped as a god in her own right, and she has been having a bit of an identity crisis after moving from a world in which her abilities made her special to one where they are mundane.

!!!Tropes associated with Sanae:

* ADayInTheLimelight: Chapter 19 of ''Wild and Horned Hermit'' is all about Sanae. Well, Sanae and sake.
* {{Adorkable}}: [[http://mangafox.me/manga/touhou_ibarakasen_wild_and_horned_hermit/v01/c002/13.html Able to recite how cold fusion works]] with [[GeniusBonus startling accuracy]], [[http://mangafox.me/manga/touhou_ibarakasen_wild_and_horned_hermit/v01/c002/14.html while still looking cute]]. However, her interests seem to lean towards science and math rather than the humanities, as evidenced by her forgetting who exactly Prince Shoutoku was until she pulled out a history textbook.
* AGodAmI: She won't waste any time in informing people that she is, in fact, a living god. It's practically her CatchPhrase. Of course, she can be excused for this because she really ''is'' one, what with her power to create miracles and being descended directly from Suwako and all.
** Her ending in ''Hisoutensoku'' and her entry in ''Symposium of Post-Mysticism'' both explicitly refer to her as the third god of the Moriya Shrine.
** Even ''Wild and Horned Hermit'' has this as a RunningGag.
* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: Coming from a world that revered her as a living god, she had quite the confidence in her abilities when she first came to Gensokyo. And then she was quickly humbled by Reimu and Marisa.
* AnimalMotifs: To represent her gods, she wears hair accessories shaped like a frog's head and a snake, and in ''Undefined Fantastic Object'' depending on which route she takes she can use either frog or snake-shaped bullets.
* AwesomeButImpractical: InUniverse. Her miracles can do just about anything... but the truly impressive ones have casting times of ''days''.
* AwesomeMcCoolname: {{Inverted|Trope}}. Sanae is one of the few characters whose name wouldn't seem unusual in modern Japan.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: In her A-scenario in ''Undefined Fantastic Object'', she begins her mission of "youkai hunting" with some degree of doubt in her abilities to do so. However, by halfway through the game, she has become particularly enthusiastic about it, something a noticeable number of fans [[{{Flanderization}} have run away with]], with "darker" comics often turning her into a psychotic, hateful genocider. In all seriousness, this might be a particularly bad character flaw. Some characters even worry she may [[HeWhoFightsMonsters turn into a youkai herself]]. An entire pool in Danbooru is dedicated to this, but it has a NICE ENDING. Others, [[GrimDark not so much.]]
* BlowYouAway: She is a ''wind'' priestess after all. Her ''Hisoutensoku'' fighting style makes heavy use of her air dash's ability to push projectiles around with wind, a la Rachel from VideoGame/BlazBlue.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: "Are you talking about those charms with "P" and "point" written on them?"
* [[BroughtDownToNormal Brought Down To]] MundaneUtility: In a fashion. In our world she was used to being considered the equivalent of a deity because of her powers. In Gensoukyou EveryoneIsASuper (or enough people that she's not unusual, anyway), so she's had originally some trouble adjusting. One AlternativeCharacterInterpretation is that [[IJustWantToBeNormal part of her is actually happy about it]].
* CatchPhrase: "Sanae is a good girl". This stemmed from a doujin where she was drunk and demanded Kanako to call her this. Now, it means something almost completely different: you can see this mentioned almost ''anywhere'' in the English fandom as the line for her "[[{{Flanderization}} Youkai Extermination mode]]".
* CharacterFocus: Since her debut as a heroine, she appeared in every main series game up until ''Double Dealing Character''.
* ChargedAttack[=/=]LimitBreak: Her more powerful miracles require long rituals to prepare for their use, though after she came to Gensokyo Sanae was clever enough to make ''the preparation itself'' into an offensive Spell Card. In ''Hisoutensoku'' she has a unique mechanic in the form of recharging meters for each of her gods, which must be full in order for her to use attacks which channel that god's powers. It's common for fan games to give her some kind of "Faith Meter" which must be built up before she can use certain attacks.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Has since embraced Gensokyo's "lack of sense" wholeheartedly. Apparently, the less sense you have in Touhou, the more likely you are to show up in the next game.
* DeityOfHumanOrigin: Albeit not a very powerful one.
* DetachedSleeves
* DivineParentage: She's distantly descended from Suwako.
* DropInCharacter: Although many of the series characters visit Reimu's shrine in one capacity or another, Sanae herself pretty much becomes this in ''Wild and Horned Hermit''. At one point, she even takes over looking after the shrine after Reimu is whisked away by Kasen for "training".
* DubInducedPlotHole: A long-standing mistranslation of ''Mountain of Faith'' lore involving Sanae and Suwako's relationship. The mistaken translation said that Sanae was unaware ''that'' two gods inhabited her shrine. The actual meaning is that Sanae's not sure ''why'' two gods are in the same shrine. The reason being Kanako defeated Suwako in battle but did not kick her out completely from the shrine, instead leaving their human worshipers to believe they were both the same god.
* FantasticRacism: She's not exactly comfortable about [[ImAHumanitarian the eating habits of youkai]], and sees the current status of humans living in Gensoukyou as oppression, which she makes clear to the youkai in ''UFO''.
* FishOutOfWater: She's had trouble adjusting to Gensokyo, at first.
** TheTeetotaler: Among other things, Gensokyo's inhabitants drink far more than she's used to. Fans were [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnAD34rn-Lc&t=6m4s having fun with this idea]] long before it was mentioned in canon.
* GenreSavvy: Sanae might be more or less a special case as she's from the real world, thus probably knowing just about as much as any of us do.
** Her story mode for ''Hisoutensoku'' is a good example, where she sees the giant mysterious figure and immediately thinks "HumongousMecha".
** In ''Wild and Horned Hermit'' she was convinced that the cold fusion experiment would work in the fantasy realm of Gensoukyou, even though it failed in the outside world. And she was right.
* HasTwoMommies: Though not definite, there is no evidence Sanae had any direct relatives in the Outside, nor even anyone she cares to remember, and it is plausible that Kanako and Suwako raised her.
* HeWhoFightsMonsters: In ''Hisoutensoku'', Marisa warns Sanae that she will "become close to a youkai" if she gets too serious about hunting them. Likewise in ''Double Spoiler'' Sanae uses [[http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Double_Spoiler/Spell_Cards/Stage_EX#Spell_Card_EX_-_9 a spell card]] that [[EnergyAbsorption absorbs the power of nearby youkai into herself]], causing Hatate to express similar concerns.
* HistoricalDomainCharacter: Based on the real person Sanae Moriya, 78th head of a family that claims [[DivineParentage descent from "Moreya-shin"]] and has connections to the Grand Suwa Shrine.
* IconicSequelCharacter: She's appeared in nearly every game since her debut, usually as either a boss or a playable character. Said debut wasn't until the fifth main game ''after'' the reboot.
* IJustWantToHaveFriends: According to her character profile, she wishes to have human friends to keep her company, since she lives constantly surrounded by gods and youkai.
** A common fan interpretation of Sanae's life before she moved to Gensokyo (and why she would be willing to leave it in the first place) is that she was extremely lonely - the older generation saw her as [[LonelyAtTheTop a figure of worship rather than a person]], while people of her own age saw her as weird because of her [[SupernaturalAngst supernatural powers]], eager/geeky personality and green hair.
* InnocentlyInsensitive: Unintentionally ends up offending Reimu, Nazrin and Kogasa, although she was from a completely different world and society until recently.
* {{Joshikousei}}: Fanon has labelled her "the only actual high-school girl in the cast". For this reason, she is often depicted in fanart wearing a high school uniform. This goes as far as the character artist for the fighting games, alphes, drawing Sanae in something that strongly resembles a school uniform for an [[http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=145248 advertisement]] for ''Undefined Fantastic Object''.
* JumpedAtTheCall: Greatly enjoys resolving incidents and fighting youkai, [[{{Foil}} in contrast to]] Reimu who's ResignedToTheCall.
* KaleidoscopeEyes: By way of inconsistent art. They were [[SupernaturalGoldEyes yellow]] in ''Mountain of Faith'' and her ''Hisoutensoku'' sprite, [[CurtainsMatchTheWindow green]] in ''UFO'' and ''Ten Desires'', and blue in ''Hisoutensoku'''s portraits. Fitting, given her newfound powers in Gensokyo.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4gqGhN0xnE "Faith is for the Transient People"]]
* MakingASplash: Some of her spellcards, like ''Sea Opening "The Day the Sea Split"'' are this.
* {{Miko}}: Her outfit is even more non-standard for a miko than Reimu's is; no real-life miko wears blue and white.
* OtakuSurrogate: We learn in ''Hisoutensoku'' that [[MegasXLR she digs giant robots]], and she's also interested in nuclear physics as shown in ''Wild and Horned Hermit''.
* PalsWithJesus: As odd as it sounds, Sanae lives with the deities she worships. What's more, Suwako is, DependingOnTheArtist, often portrayed as a very young girl, in spite of being a [[PhysicalGod god]] [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld who is several thousand years old]]. Sanae is also her direct descendant, and the main priestess of her shrine. This means she lives with her own great-great-great-great-great-etc. grandmother, who is ''also her god'', and is ''younger than her in appearance''. Many fanfictions even portray Sanae as something of a motherly figure ''to her own deity''.
* PhysicalGod: She is both fully god and fully human at the same time. This is known as an ''arahitogami'' ("living god"), and happens to be what the Emperor of Japan used to be considered.
* RecurringBoss: After appearing as the stage five boss in ''Mountain of Faith'', she made a surprise appearance as the [[BonusBoss Bonus Midboss]] in ''Subterranean Animism''.
* ShoutOut: Most of her spellcards are shout outs to miracles from various religions. For example, Moses's parting of the red sea, or the original Kamikaze that repelled the Mongol invasion of Japan.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: K-S Romanization of her last name - "Kotiya".
* StarPower: Her spellcard "Daytime Guest Stars" zaps people with starlight. This is presumably a reference to one of various miraculous stories where new stars appeared to guide people.
* VagueAge: Often assumed to be a high school girl, but there's no specific evidence for this. Like Reimu and Marisa, could be anywhere from mid-teens to early 20s.
* ViolationOfCommonSense: How fans have interpreted her promotion to a regular recurring character: the more insane actions you do inside of the game (UFO), and the more unwanted you want to be outside of them (the popularity polls), the more likely you are to be a playable character (TD).
-->[[MemeticMutation "You can't let yourself be held back by common sense in Gensokyo, right!?"]]
* [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway What Kind of Lame Power is Creating Miracles, Anyway?]]: The MundaneUtility she realizes after moving to Gensokyo.


[[folder:Kanako Yasaka]]

::''Avatar of Mountains and Lakes''
::'''Kanako Yasaka'''

-->''"What Gensokyo lacks... is faith in its gods. A shrine maiden like you should understand that, yes?"''

The current god in charge of the Moriya Shrine, with dominion over wind and rain and an affection for snakes. The shrine was not originally hers, since she won it from Suwako after they fought each other in the Great Suwa War, though after complications arose they entered into a sort of dual-owner partnership. The two still have a reasonably good friendship despite their past rivalry and the occasional arguments. She moved the shrine to Gensoukyou because she could not gather enough faith from humans in the Outside World, and decided to gather faith from youkai as well. Despite clashing with the Hakurei Shrine she has obtained a significant amount of faith from the tengu and kappa, though nowhere near what she once possessed, and so she seeks ways to expand the numbers of her worshippers.

!!!Tropes associated with Kanako:

* AnimalMotifs: Kanako uses the imagery of snakes in her symbols - the rope circle represents a curled-up snake (Ouroboros) that invokes reincarnation. She picked up the frog-eating snake motif and a sacrificial ritual where one sacrifices frogs to her after beating the frog-aspected Suwako and conquering her kingdom. One of Sanae's HairDecorations is a snake-like hairpiece, which represents her association with Kanako.
* AuthorAvatar: A fair amount of her dialogue in ''Symposium of Post-mysticism'' is pretty clearly ZUN expressing his worldview, where she's usually presented as the reasonable compromise between Miko and Byakuren.
* BoobsOfSteel: Fanworks generally have her being both shapely and physically powerful.
* BigBad or TheGodsMustBeLazy: She is indirectly related to every game after her debut. Moriya Shrine conspiracy and all that.
* BlowYouAway: A god of wind and rain. Among other things.
* [[RedOniBlueOni Blue Oni]]: With Suwako. Kanako's the Blue Oni despite the colour of their clothes. As explained by Akyuu, Kanako is the thinker and negotiator of the duo when it comes to gathering faith, except that her methods of thinking outside this [[EpicFail are not good enough]].
* TheChessmaster: Comes up with a number of plots to manipulate others and gather more faith in both canon and fanon, although she's particularly bad at anticipating various [[SpannerInTheWorks Spanners In The Works]]. It's notable that her plans tend to result in incidents, something Marisa called her out on in ''Symposium of Post-mysticism''.
* CompositeCharacter: Incorporates elements of Take-Minakata, his wife '''Yasaka'''tome, and Take-Mikazuchi who defeated him. However, Suwako ''also'' bears great resemblance to Take-Minakata and Yasakatome. Confusing things further, the actual Take-Minakata also exists, and is implied to be [[SealedBadassInACan sealed in the shimenawa at the shrine's entrance]].
** Akyuu also mentions that Kanako may have been a ''literal'' CompositeCharacter, coming into existence from a group of people being worshipped as a single entity.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: Somewhat limited by the fact that faith is her currency and therefore she needs good PR, but she does seem to be willing to do anything for a profit. She's also explicitly worried about how environmentalism in the outside world will cut into her business and seems interested in maintaining a somewhat dangerous society (because who needs faith in gods when there's nothing to fear?).
* DeityOfHumanOrigin: In contrast to Suwako (who's closer to a GeniusLoci), it's implied that Kanako was originally a human... or maybe [[CompositeCharacter a group of humans who were misremembered as a single figure]]. It's not very clear by this point, and Kanako herself seems more interested in talking about her future than her past.
* EpicFail: Kanako really needs to put more thought into her hiring policies.
** In ''Subterranean Animism'' she gives Utsuho nuclear powers so she can harness them to gather more faith. Not only does Kanako end up with little control over her and Utsuho goes on to nearly nuke the surface, her actions [[SealedBadassInACan release]] two powerful religious rivals in the process.
** In ''Wild and Horned Hermit'' she tries to make it easier for her worshippers to reach her, by hiring some kappa to create an artificial lake at the foot of the mountain. Their designed-by-committee dam bursts and destroys the path to her shrine when the kappa prove incapable of following the blueprints or cooperating.
* FinalBoss
* GodsNeedPrayerBadly: Her ''modus operandi'' throughout ''[=MoF=]'' and most of her subsequent appearances. It's why she moved the shrine to Gensokyo.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHFYORrFp8U "The Venerable Ancient Battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Field"]]
** [[GameOverMan Game Over Lady]]: An interesting variant: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CV-yd-GWCXM the music on the Game Over screen]] from ''Mountain of Faith'' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDx2pBnqYdg onward]] is a remix of her leitmotif.
* MindScrew: She describes her ability as the creation of "Qian", a nebulous Taoist concept associated with the sky but also the qualities of an emperor. Not even Akyuu is completely sure what this means. Kanako herself even says she's not sure what her divine powers are at the moment, since she's in a period of transition from storm to mountain to technology. Qian most likely describes her personality rather than her magic.
* [[OneManIndustrialRevolution One Woman Industrial Revolution]]: Kanako has been trying to introduce advanced technology to Gensokyo (including ''cold fusion''), but she hasn't yet had much success.
** She has plans to change her divine dominion from "wind and rain" into "technology" by becoming worshiped as the god who brings technology to Gensokyo (while pre-empting the events of the outside world where technology has displaced religion).
* PhysicalGod: Noted in ''Silent Sinner in Blue'' as unusual for having her own physical body instead of possessing shamans as necessary.
* SesquipedalianLoquaciousness: Confuses everyone in ''Symposium of Post-Mysticism'' by using technical jargon in the explanations of her plans. To a modern audience, these are relatively simple terms, but in Gensokyo (which is Feudal Japan[[AnachronismStew -esque]]), no one has a clue what she's talking about.
* ShameIfSomethingHappened: No matter how they try to spin it, this is Kanako and Suwako's basic business model for faith. Suwako primarily controls curses, so most of what they offer is the opportunity to not be cursed by Suwako. Although Kanako is trying to branch out into other markets, with limited success.
* VitriolicBestBuds: With Suwako.
* XanatosSpeedChess: Albeit most of it is only fast by divine standards. Whenever any cultural development would render her redundant ([[GodsNeedPrayerBadly and thus eventually kill her]]), instead of fighting it Kanako reinvents herself to make it her new divine focus. Her attempt to become the god of technology is only the most recent.


[[folder:Suwako Moriya]]

::''The Epitome of Native Gods''
::'''Suwako Moriya'''

-->''"Today it's my turn to have a danmaku festival!"''

The original god of Moriya Shrine, with dominion over earth and mountains and an affection for frogs for some unknown reason, and one of the only beings able to tame the fierce Mishaguji (snakelike curse gods). Suwako lost control of her shrine to Kanako in a duel, where her steel weapons were rusted by a single counterattack by Kanako's divine vines, and only managed to retain the control that she did because of the refusal of her followers to to accept a deity that could not control the Mishaguji. Far less concerned about their dwindling faith than Kanako, she nonetheless agreed to her relocation plan and has found many things in Gensoukyou to amuse her. She's noted for a love of "danmaku festivals", willingly taking all comers.

!!!Tropes associated with Suwako:

* AnimalMotifs: Suwako is associated with [[FrogsAndToads frogs]] (though she's not a god of frogs; she just happens to be fond of them). This led Kanako to adopt snakelike elements into her own symbols, even though Suwako officially controls snakes and Kanako controls...[[MindScrew actually, Akyuu doesn't know what Kanako controls]]. In fanon, it just as often leads to bitter clashes with the frog-freezing Cirno. [[FoeYay Or to the two of them pairing up]].
* BerserkButton: Does ''not'' like people teasing frogs, to the point where she can curse the person for doing so.
* BigBadDuumvirate or BiggerBad: She's actually much smarter than what her personality shows off. In the case of gathering faith, it would be Suwako who would be the convincer, and Kanako the negotiator. However, worshippers have the short end, since it would be Suwako, not Kanako, who has the ability to curse anyone using the snakes, or to promote harvest using the same snakes and fertility to lands using her own powers. Since the general setting of Gensokyo is Feudal Japan[[AnachronismStew -esque]], this places her at the top of the chain of command.
** Kanako's ability is to create Qian (Sky/Emperor/Stability/Overtness) while Suwako's is to create Kun (Earth/Follower/Flexibility/Subtlety); the synergy between their elements means that this arrangement (Kanako as the planner and public face, Suwako doing the heavy lifting) provides far better results than they could achieve on their own.
* BonusBoss
* CheerfulChild: She takes her own impending death from lack of faith rather cheerfully, and generally seem disarmingly friendly. Akyuu doesn't trust her though.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Portrayed as such due to her [[ConfusionFu bizarre fighting style]] in the fighting games, and the fact [[BonusBoss she fights the player character in the EX Stage]] ''for fun''.
* ConfusionFu: In the fighting games. She hops instead of walking, her crouch makes her taller, and she can swim through the ground.
* CrashIntoHello: During Sanae's scenario in ''Hisoutensoku''.
* {{Curse}}: Subjugated the native curse gods of Suwa, and can use their power. In practice this makes her a curse god as well.
* CuteBruiser: Look at her appearance... and now look at the total damage of her melee combo in ''Hisoutensoku''. It competes or maybe even beats half-ghost swordsman [[KatanasAreJustBetter Youmu]], [[IncrediblyLamePun deadly]] shinigami [[SinisterScythe Komachi]], mountain-smashing oni [[DrunkenMaster Suika]] and even ''nuclear''-powered hell raven Utsuho.
** Some fanworks like to play this up, ''Webcomic/TagDream'' being notable for having Suwako smack around [[PersonOfMassDestruction Flandre]] with ease.
* DarkIsNotEvil: The Mishaguji, and Suwako herself by extension. Despite being known primarily as curse gods who [[WalkingWasteland turn the land barren in their wake]], they can just as easily [[FertileFeet create good harvests]]. Curses and blessings are two sides of the same coin.
* DifficultButAwesome: Suwako is the lowest tier in ''Hisoutensoku'', but that has very little to do with her actual ability or because she is a LethalJokeCharacter - it's more because she has such a non-standard control scheme, even for a character in a non-standard fighter. Good Suwako players, although rare, are extremely dangerous.
* DoppelgangerAttack: ''Native God "The Red Frog in the Fourth Year of the Houei Era"''. Likely explained by her ability, as a Shinto god, to split her spirit infinitely.
* ElementalPowers: Being a god of the Earth, she has a variety of tricks up her sleeve:
** CastingAShadow[=/=]{{Curse}}: She can curse enemies, [[DarkIsNotEvil but she can hardly be called evil]] -- quite the opposite, it's because she tamed the local curse gods when originally establishing herself.
** DishingOutDirt: Power to create earth and all that. Some of her spell cards in ''Hisoutensoku'' attack with masses of earth/stone [[ShapingYourAttacks shaped like animals or limbs]].
** ExtraOreDinary: Comes with the earth package.
** GreenThumb: She can make trees spring up from the ground.
** MakingASplash: Most likely by drawing water out of the earth.
* GeniusLoci: Unlike Kanako (who is a DeityOfHumanOrigin) Suwako is a native god [[ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve composed entirely of faith]], and strongly tied to her territory (that is, [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Suwa Lake Suwa]]). However, her ability to manipulate the area consists of controlling the similar-in-nature Mishaguji to do it for her.
* [[GodEmperor God Queen]]: In ancient times, she personally founded and openly ruled the human kingdom of Moriya, defending it against other kingdoms and gods. Her reign ended when Kanako out-maneuvered her, leading Suwako to surrender and step down. However, the Curse Gods and humans didn't accept Kanako, so the weather god was forced to settle for jointly ruling the kingdom with Suwako.
* HighAltitudeBattle: Suwako's last boss spell card in ''Hisoutensoku'' has you fighting her in a timed battle while falling down to earth.
* ImmortalImmaturity: Subverted, since it's often implied that her childish behavior is just an act.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7dLp2Eb7cg "Native Faith"]]
* NiceHat: Due to the frog-like googly eyes atop it, {{Fanon}} has [[EpilepticTrees suggested that]] her hat is ''self-aware'', or even possibly [[PuppeteerParasite the one in control]].
* ObfuscatingStupidity
-->'''Akyuu:''' "Unlike Kanako, she acts as if she were clueless, which can be problematic when dealing with her."
* PhysicalGod: ''Mountain of Faith'' is filled with gods.
* [[RedOniBlueOni Red Oni]]: With Kanako. Suwako's the Red Oni despite the colour of their clothes.
* RingsOfDeath: Her WeaponOfChoice.
* ShameIfSomethingHappened: See Kanako's entry.
* SummonMagic: Her ultimate spell card in ''Hisoutensoku'' summons a group of Mishaguji around her opponent, who perform an attack [[ShoutOut reminiscent]] of [[Franchise/StreetFighter Akuma's]] Raging Demon.
* SupernaturallyYoungParent: She ''is'' an immortal god and many times great grandmother of Sanae... and she looks about 10. Considering how she's a god and it's often implied that she's ObfuscatingStupidity, it's likely that her youthful appearance is not her real one.
* UndyingLoyalty: Not her, but the Mishaguji snakes she commands are utterly loyal to Suwako and answers to no one else. They betrayed Kanako when she seized Suwako's land in the distant past, blighting the region until Kanako agreed to keep Suwako as a co-deity.
* VerbalTic: "Aa-uu-". As with Patchouli's "mukyuu," she only said it once in one game, but it immediately caught on with the fandom.
* VitriolicBestBuds: With Kanako.
* ZettaiRyouiki: Arguably. In ''[=MoF=]'', her sprite has thigh-highs, while her portrait has thigh-highs folded down to her knees.


!Debuted in ''Scarlet Weather Rhapsody''

[[folder:Iku Nagae]]

::''Beautiful Scarlet Cloth''
::'''Iku Nagae'''

-->''"We are messengers from the Dragon Palace. We swim in the sky only to warn of a certain disaster. The scarlet mist is a mist of temperament. The scarlet sky is a sign of the disaster to come. The scarlet clouds shall shake the earth. We swim to convey these things."''

An oarfish youkai and a messenger of the Dragon Palace (the Japanese term for "oarfish" [[{{Pun}} literally means]] "Messenger of the Dragon Palace"), she is said to be able to communicate with dragons. During the events of ''Scarlet Weather Rhapsody'' she realizes that an earthquake is going to occur in Gensokyo, so she travels there to warn the residents. This being ''Touhou'', everyone who meets her assumes she's the cause of the incidents and decides to fight her instead.

!!!Tropes associated with Iku:

* AnimalMotifs: She's a youkai of oarfishes, and the shape of her shawl and scarf resembles an oarfish's long, narrow body with red fins. She also has "antenna" on her NiceHat that look like the spines on an oarfish. The fact that she goes to Gensokyo to warn the residents of an earthquake ties into this as well, since oarfish have a tendency to wash up on beaches before earthquakes occur.
* CoolBigSis: Quite a few pieces of fanart and even some {{doujinshi}} love to depict Iku as Tenshi's babysitter and sister figure, sometimes willingly caring for "Eldest Daughter" of the the Hinanai clan, sometimes very much against her will.
* DrowningMySorrows: After being beaten up over and over when she was JustTryingToHelp by warning everyone about Tenshi and the earthquakes and an utterly frustrating meeting with the Celestial herself, she returns to Heaven to find ''Suika'', who had beat Iku earlier and was enjoying the land she bullied out of Tenshi. Finally fed up with her day, she accepts the drink and the invitation to just vent out Suika offers her.
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: Fandom example. "[[{{Squee}} Kyaa~]] Iku-sa~n!" is a recurring line among Japanese fans.
* HeyYou: One of the ''many'' complaints she has against Tenshi is that before the game she hadn't bothered to memorize Iku's name.
* JustTryingToHelp: Technically, what Tenshi does isn't her problem; at most, her job implies warning someone else of the Hinanai clan about it. Out of her own volition, she traveled to Gensokyo to warn everyone, getting only fight after fight for her trouble. Understandably, she's ''very'' cross when she finally manages to find Tenshi.
* LadyOfWar: Messenger of the Dragon Palace and she fights with a freaking frilly scarf. It doesn't get any classier than that.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mi_wxBoHg0E "Crimson in the Black Sea ~ Legendary Fish"]]
* GlassCannon [=/=] LongRangeFighter [=/=] MightyGlacier: Iku sits next to Utsuho as the slowest character in the fighting games (unless you give her the ''Dragonfish, Able Swimmer'' skill card), and combined with her large hitbox and light weight she can be easily {{Combo}}ed by enemies who manage to get in close. She can hit ''really'' hard, though.
* PsychicPowers: She has the power to "read the atmosphere". The term used in Japanese for "atmosphere" - just like the English word - can be read as either "weather" or "mood".
** Appropriate for the plot of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, in which the strange weather patterns were created by the temperaments (moods and dispositions) of the various characters in the game.
* ScarfOfAsskicking: Literally, since she ''weaponizes'' it.
* ShockAndAwe
* ShoutOut: Whenever she uses some attacks, she strikes a pose similar to ''GreatMazinger''[='=]s Thunder Break attack. She also fights with a scarf and has attacks with spark effects, much like Lisa Lisa from Part 2 of ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure''.
* TheSlacker: Her profile describes her personality as being lazy and unwilling to take initiative, so fans tend to portray her as a downright slob at home.
* StayingAliveDancePose[=/=]MemeticHandGesture: The way she holds her spellcards in the air underwent MemeticMutation in the fandom. It's known as ''SaturdayNightFever'', after her spellcard ''and'' the movie of the same name.
* StealthPun: ''Iku'' can also mean "to go". It also is what a Japanese woman typically [[TheImmodestOrgasm shouts]] as she reaches climax in most hentai productions. [[{{Ecchi}} Raunchy jokes]] used to be commonplace.
* ThisIsADrill: Her scarf can turn into a drill.


[[folder:Tenshi Hinanawi]]

::''Young Mistress of Bhava-Agra''
::'''Tenshi Hinanawi/[[SpellMyNameWithAnS Hinanai]]'''

-->''"I don't really want to unleash an earthquake on Gensokyo. A celestial's life is so boring; I just want to play like everyone else down there! That's why I made it look like a big quake was coming, to see who might come and stop me. You, who came all the way up here, can you satisfy me? You don't look very dependable...."''

Born as Chiko Hinanawi, she ascended alongside her parents when they became celestials, and chose to rename herself Tenshi. However, as she did not earn ascension herself she is considerably less enlightened than her peers, referred to as a delinquent celestial, quickly bored and frustrated with Bhava-Agra. This is what prompted her to cause chaos in Gensoukyou, having watched several of the incidents its inhabitants have caused and deciding they must be lots of fun.

!!!Tropes associated with Tenshi:

* AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence: Her parents did. She tagged along with them as a young child.
* BerserkButton: She easily takes offense if you belittle her abilities.
* ChildrenAreInnocent: Believe it or not, but [[WordOfGod ZUN]] ''defended'' her in the interview in ''Symposium of Post-mysticism''. This was also noted in her description in SWR: she was raised as a Celestial after her parents ascended to FluffyCloudHeaven, but her personality stayed with her.
* CoolSword: The ''Hisou no Tsurugi'', or the Sword of Scarlet Perceptions, which can absorb life force, control the weather, be stored in any form, shapeshift to exploit the opponent's weaknesses, and make the user look badass while holding it, too! She can even ''[[ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks use it like a boomerang]]''.
* DesignatedVillain: The plot of ''Scarlet Weather Rhapsody'' was kicked off when she [[InvokedTrope designated herself]] as the villain.
* DishingOutDirt: Other than [[BeamSpam spamming beams]], she has a lot of rock-based attacks.
* EnemiesWithDeath: She is immortal by virtue of defeating every shinigami that comes to get her. Naturally, this leads to conflict with Gensoukyou's resident shinigami, Komachi.
** Although it should be noted if they're just sending shinigami after her, she's not a priority. As Komachi notes, they've got bigger guns than shinigami if the afterlife really wants someone dead.
* FinalBoss
* IceCreamKoan: Tenshi has a habit of spouting Buddhist sayings without fully understanding their meaning.
* ItAmusedMe: Piggybacking on her parents' achievements, she got into Heaven while still alive, and has beaten up countless {{shinigami}} to extend her natural life. So why does she start an incident, knowing that it would draw people like Reimu to her? Because she is so enormously ''bored'' of the endless pleasures in Heaven. She wants some excitement.
* {{Jerkass}}: Unlike most ''Touhou'' antagonists, she has no good or harmless intentions for what she does. She created all sorts of unusual weather all over Gensoukyou, leveled the Hakurei Shrine, threatened to unleash a massive earthquake powered by human souls she harvested, and subverted the Hakurei Shrine to come under her influence while it was being rebuilt. All because she was '''bored'''. Notable as being the single character in ''the entire series'' who was not EasilyForgiven, [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge and for good reason]]. This is partly due to her upbringing, as she was made a celestial without being taught about the major responsibilities of her powers, and her frustration from living in a [[FluffyCloudHeaven realm without strife or consequences to her actions]]. Though [[WordOfGod ZUN later stated]] that she has a good personality and everyone was bullying her.
* KamehameHadoken: Her ultimate spell card, "Scarlet Weather Rhapsody of All Humankind" ([[SpellMyNameWithAnS aka "Scarlet Weather Rapture"]]). Though as Marisa notes in ''Grimoire of Marisa'', it's not actually a beam, but a shower of countless bullets condensed together so that it looks solid. This can be seen in ''Double Spoiler'' in which it breaks apart when hitting a wall.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpimM9FF_cI "Catastrophe in Bhava-agra ~ Wonderful Heaven"]] and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zM636580PhI "Bhava-agra as Seen Through a Child's Eyes."]]
* MeaningfulName: Chiko, her name when she was human, means "earth child," while Tenshi means "heavenly child."
* OurAngelsAreDifferent: About all she has in common with angels is the name and residence, really. If her name were written differently (天使 instead of 天子), it would mean "angel" in Japanese.
* SoulCuttingBlade: The Sword of Hisou.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS:
** Her family name is more correctly rendered as "Hinanai" in modern Japanese. The official Japanese pronunciation retains the archaic kana ゐ ("wi"), as Tenshi was born long, long before it was legislated out of common usage.
** The Kanji in her given name can also be read as "Tenko". Due to a joke before her game's (''Hisouten'''s) release that the final boss would be named "Hisou Tenko", this quickly became a nickname for her, and she is occasionally included in Ran's "Suppa Tenko" meme.
** Her final attack can be translated as either "[[TitleDrop Scarlet Weather Rhapsody]] of All Mankind" or "Scarlet Weather Rapture".
* SwordPlant: She does this to demonstrate her sword's powers in her pre-battle cutscene. And she does it to raise pillars of earth for her second-to-last boss spell card. Also part of her normal, playable moveset as a way to trigger earthquakes and such.
* TitleDrop: Her final attack, "Scarlet Weather Rhapsody of All Mankind" (but see SpellMyNameWithAnS above).
* TheThingThatWouldNotLeave: Suika pretty much bullied her into giving up some Heaven real estate. Tenshi thought it would be over quickly as Suika would get as bored of Heaven as she did and leave. ''She was wrong''. To make it worse, that bit of Heaven Suika got? Wasn't Tenshi's. Who didn't tell anyone about the oni, either.
* ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks: One of her alternate special moves, Sword of Fate. Not only does it always work (if it hits), but it also returns [[EverythingsBetterWithSpinning like a boomerang]], homing in on her. If she uses another sword attack before it ends, the sword returns instantly; if she catches it normally (and she always catches the hilt), she is rendered helpless for a split second.
* TooKinkyToTorture: As a result of Tenshi demanding you punish her in some of her quotes in ''SWR'', [[{{Flanderization}} she has been portrayed]] as a ''masochist''.
* [[WeatherControlMachine Weather Control Artifact]]: Her weapon, the ''Hisou no Tsurugi'', has the power to alter the weather. Although it's more of a side effect rather than the purpose of the weapon.


!Debuted in ''Subterranean Animism''


::''The Fearsome Well Spirit''

-->''"So is THIS the body you dropped down here?"''

Another midboss with no dialogue, Kisume is a tsurube-otoshi, a type of youkai which was sometimes said to drop buckets on people. She just spends most of her time in buckets herself [[ShrinkingViolet out of shyness]].

!!!Tropes associated with Kisume:

* AxCrazy: According to the interview with ZUN in ''[[AllThereInTheManual Symposium of Post-mysticism]]''. It's taken even further with Aya's article about her, in which she threw the remains of a skeleton at some children while cackling madly. Presumably she's meant to be an example of the kinds of hated youkai who end up underground. After all, her BossSubtitles do call her "The ''Fearsome'' Well Spirit"...
* BiggerOnTheInside: The standard fanon interpretation of her bucket.
* CreepyChild: If the article Aya wrote about her, and [[WordOfGod ZUN]], are anything to go by.
* DeathFromAbove: Her very nature is to drop buckets onto people.
* GirlishPigtails
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgjzU6t43m4 "The Dark Blowhole"]]
* PlayingWithFire: Her other ability is using youkai fire as a weapon.
* ShrinkingViolet


[[folder:Yamame Kurodani]]

::''The Bright Net In The Dark Cavern''
::'''Yamame Kurodani'''

-->''"You're looking for the power of the youkai who got banished down here, right?"''

A ''tsuchigumo'' (spider youkai), and a bright, fun-loving girl who's popular among the youkai underground. One of the many youkai that moved to the underground due to fellow youkai distrusting them for their powers.

!!!Tropes associated with Yamame:

* AnimalMotifs: She still has six buttons down the front of her dress for spider eyes, and her skirt poofs out and in again to look like a spider's abdomen with a yellow ribbon tied around it that makes her look like an [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argiope_%28spider%29 argiope spider]]. She was even on the cover of the game's demo CD hanging upside-down (a pose fans were annoyed she didn't demonstrate in-game).
* AnimalStereotypes: Completely averted, she's a friendly socialite.
* BadPowersGoodPeople: She has the power to manipulate infectious diseases, but she'd never use it on someone for no reason. She's actually a pretty nice person. She ''did'' try to join the temple because she figured humans with spiritual problems would taste better though.
* CuteMonsterGirl
* GiantSpider: She's a tsuchigumo, a burrowing spider youkai.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KK252WLTycw "The Sealed-Away Youkai ~ Lost Place"]]
* PlagueMaster: Her claim to fame. [[BadPowersGoodPeople She doesn't like using it on people, though.]]
** ''The Grimoire of Marisa'' speculates that her power could extend to ''removing'' diseases... but Marisa adds that Yamame is so careless that she would be a bad doctor anyway.
* PowerIncontinence: On the other hand, it seems like simply being near her is enough to put people in danger. This is probably why she lives underground. Byakuren recommends washing your hands thoroughly after meeting her.
* PunnyName: ZUN commented in one interview that the name "Yamame" was appropriate for a spider because it could be written as "eight eyes".
* ToServeMan: While most youkai nominally eat humans, Yamame considers them a delicacy whose taste changes depending on what diseases they have. Apparently people with mental illnesses are spicy.
* ShoutOut: The description for "Miasma: Unexplained Fever" on Lunatic obliquely notes the bullet pattern's unintentional resemblance to Mickey Mouse.
* WakeUpCallBoss: Her spell card Small Thread "Kandata's Rope" in ''Double Spoiler'' has reached a level of notoriety for people who can't figure out what they're supposed to do.


[[folder:Parsee Mizuhashi]]

::''The Jealousy Beneath the Earth's Crust''
::'''Parsee Mizuhashi'''

-->''"I'm jealous of the light above ground. I'm jealous of the gentle breezes. I don't have anything against you, but I can make up lots of reasons to attack you."''

A bridge princess youkai who guarded the bridge between the underworld and the overworld, before the two were separated. After centuries of jealousy towards those who cross the bridge freely, she has developed the power to control jealousy in others.

!!!Tropes associated with Parsee:

* AnthropomorphicPersonification: While she's technically a hashihime, she's basically become the embodiment of jealousy.
* AscendedMeme: As of a cameo appearance in ''Wild and Horned Hermit'', [[PointyEars the ears]] are [[WordOfDante now canon]].
** Most fanon turned her into a [[HairTriggerTemper extremely cranky]] {{tsundere}} [[ClingyJealousGirl jealous of anything and everything]]. ''Symposium of Post-Mysticism'' confirmed this.
* AxCrazy: She attacks the heroines for no particular reason. In the Reimu + Yukari scenario she even admits so, [[LaughingMad while giggling]].
* BitchInSheepsClothing: She acts bright and friendly while directly conversing with someone, but in her mind and behind their back she's silently cursing and resenting them.
** In ''Symposium of Post-mysticism'', she said to secretly has a habit of puncturing wooden dolls with stakes as a way of relieving her own anger. Makes that whole "[[{{IOSYS}} Cave Alice]]" misconception HilariousInHindsight.
* ClingyJealousGirl: One of her fanon depictions, sometimes heading into {{Yandere}} territory, for obvious reasons.
* DoppelgangerAttack: "Egotistic Animosity to the Humble Rich Man" (Easy/Normal) and "Large Box and Small Box" (Hard/Lunatic), both referencing the story of the [[FairyTale Tongue-Cut Sparrow]].
* DrivenByEnvy: [[CaptainObvious Well, duh.]]
* DrowningMySorrows: According to her entry in ''Symposium of Post-Mysticism'', the best way to counter being overcome with jealousy is alcohol.
* EmotionEater: Eats jealousy.
* [[EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses Everything's Better With Bridge Princesses]]
** [[BadassPrincess Badass Bridge Princess]]
* FairyTaleMotifs: A few of her spell cards reference Japanese fairy tales like "The Tongue-Cut Sparrow" and "Grandfather Cherry Blossom". This might play into her GenreSavvy aspects.
* GenreSavvy: She overhears Marisa and Alice bickering over whether the Underworld has floors like an RPG dungeon and butts in, to play along and mock Marisa. She apparently knows about RPG tropes, skyscrapers, and the NumberOfTheBeast.
--> "You're now on floor B666. Welcome to the end of the underworld skyscraper."
* GreenEyedMonster: Pretty much her schtick. She has a spell card named Green-Eyed Monster, her boss theme is called Green-Eyed Jealousy, and her ''Double Spoiler'' title is "Monster with Green Eyes".
* HatePlague: The power of jealousy, as interpreted by most fanon.
* HatesEveryoneEqually: Even if you're not better off than her in any way, she'll hate you for being less bitter about it.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxrr7tYkCg4 "Green Eyed Jealousy"]]
* TheOphelia: Pretty much constrained to fanart, but she lives on a bridge over water and uses flower spellcards, so again, the visual elements are there in canon.
* PointyEars: The first Windows character with visible ears, which along with their odd shape led fans to the conclusion that it was on purpose. Art from later games revealed that ZUN just has trouble with ears, but by that point the popular notion stuck. They seem to have been [[WordOfDante semi-canonized]] in ''Wild and Horned Hermit'', which has a cameo of Parsee with the pointed ears.
* PowerBornOfMadness: Mentioned several times, her power over the jealousy of others is fueled by her own jealousy for them.
* PuzzleBoss: She is much, ''much'' easier once you know what you need to do. In particular, "Green-Eyed Monster" becomes one of the easiest spell cards in the game. Leads to HypeBacklash from people who don't get the fuss over how hard she is.
** "Hate for Humble and the Rich" (Easy and Normal) and "Large Box and Small Box" (Hard and Lunatic) are also much easier once you know [[DopplegangerAttack which one]] to shoot. The card's description mentions that you should know which one to shoot if you've read The Tongue-Cut Sparrow.
* PstandardPsychicPstance: When using her spellcards.
* SadlyMythtaken: Western fans tend to guess that she's a CuteMonsterGirl troll, or that hashihime refers to certain characters from the ''Tale of Genji'' (who are called that as an insult). The hashihime youkai is a figure from Noh theatre, a human noblewoman who prayed to the gods for the power to [[DeathByWomanScorned take revenge]] on her [[YourCheatingHeart philandering husband]] (or cursed him, retellings vary), and was cursed into a bridge-haunting youkai as ThePunishment.
* ScarfOfAsskicking: [[ThatOneBoss And how!]]
* StealthPun: She's a Persian (''hashihito'') bridge princess (''hashihime''). ZUN stated in an interview that this [[VisualPun influenced her design]], and the Marisa + Patchouli dialogue includes a joke about it.
* [[ThatMakesMeFeelAngry That Makes Me Feel Jealous!]]: Carried to [[MemeticMutation memetic extent]] by fandom with the [[PokemonSpeak "paru paru paru"]] meme.
* TrollBridge: Sometimes taken [[OurTrollsAreDifferent literally]] by [[SadlyMythtaken confused Western fans]].
* TroubledFetalPosition: When flying, she curls up.
* {{Tsundere}}: How her jealousy is usually portrayed. "Y-you got me a present? To have money to buy something nice for me... I'm jealous."
* VisualPun: The "Persian bridge princess" StealthPun noted above, and a literal GreenEyedMonster.
* WakeUpCallBoss: Stage 1 of SA is fairly ordinary. Parsee is the first boss to use the sort of unusual, puzzle-like mechanics that character the rest of the game.


[[folder:Yuugi Hoshiguma]]

::''The Rumored Unnatural Phenomenon''
::'''Yuugi Hoshiguma'''

-->''"Hey, you're pretty good. Dunno who you are, but they say a rowdy welcome is best for a rowdy guest!"''

A powerful oni and one of the four Devas of the Mountain, along with Suika Ibuki. She possesses great strength, and like most oni, loves competition with others. She agrees to help guide the heroines if they'd give her a good fight.

!!!Tropes associated with Yuugi:

* AmazonianBeauty: It's becoming more and more popular for fanartists to depict her as this, due to her BoisterousBruiser nature as well as the fact that her physical strength may even surpass [[CuteBruiser Suika's]].
* AwesomeMcCoolname: One of the characters in her given name means "bravery", and her family name is made up of the characters for "star" and "[[BearsAreBadNews bear]]". Very fitting for a BoisterousBruiser like Yuugi. Although of course her name comes almost directly from the name of a famous oni in mythology.
* BoisterousBruiser: Even more than Suika she loves fighting, drinking and partying, and the only reason she attacked the player character in the first place was because she wanted to see how strong humans had become while she was gone.
* BoobsOfSteel: Possesses extraordinary strength befitting an oni (In ''Symposium of Post-Mysticism'' [[PintsizedPowerhouse Suika]] mentions that Yuugi may be physically stronger than her), as well as the single largest pair of breasts of any ''Touhou'' character at least according to an official promotional piece (see HelloBoys below).
* ChainedByFashion: Like Suika, she has shackles and short, broken chains on both ankles and wrists. [[WordOfGod ZUN]] has said that he associates oni with wearing chains.
* ExcuseMeWhileIMultitask: She doesn't even bother putting her drink down while fighting you.
-->[[MemeticMutation "Yuugi only playing around woth you, her sake NOT EVEN DROP"]]
* GoodOldFisticuffs: Like [[BareFistedMonk Meiling]], she's one of the few people in Gensokyo stated to prefer a physical fight to a magical one. ''Un''like Meiling however, she's still proficient with spell cards.
* HardDrinkingPartyGirl: Though she can't quite reach Suika's "never sober" levels, keeping hold of her sake bowl while having a danmaku duel comes close.
** Like Suika, she also owns an oni artifact, the Hoshiguma Dish, the drinking cup she always carries. It increases the quality of any liquor poured into it.
* HelloBoys: An [[http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/File:Th11PromotionalArt.jpg advertisement]] for ''Subterranean Animism'' featured a drawing by alphes, the artist who drew the character portraits for the ''Touhou'' fighting games, showing Yuugi wearing a blue kimono [[TheissTitillationTheory pulled off]] [[ImpossiblyLowNeckline her shoulders]]. Since it's from an official ad, the kimono is essentially a canon alternate costume for her. She wears it again in her background cameo in ''Hopeless Masquerade''.
* HornedHumanoid: In traditional oni style, with a single horn.
* TheLadette: Often has this personality in {{fanon}}, and it's implied to be common to all female oni in the series. [[ButchLesbian Fandom also likes to take it one step further and pair her with Parsee]].
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6PS-GKNP7A "A Flower-Studded Sake Dish on Mount Ooe"]]
* MakeMeWannaShout: According to the description, her ''Oni's Voice "Annihilating Roar"'' spell card is a scream loud enough to flatten trees.
* ShoutOut: She fights without spilling a drop of sake, much like Jonathan Joestar from ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'' fought without spilling a drop of wine, and she has a star on her horn like Jonathan and his descendants have a star birthmark. ZUN himself has even outright said he wants to make her seem awesome like [=JoJo=].
* StatuesqueStunner: General consensus believes she is one of the tallest characters in the series.
* SuperpowerLottery: Confusingly describes herself as having the power of "anomalies, strength, disorder, and spirits" (a Confucian term[[note]]Abbreviated from "Confucius never spoke of the supernatural, heroism, treachery, or acts of god."[[/note]] meaning anything that cannot be anticipated or explained). This is generally interpreted as meaning that Yuugi is [[BeyondTheImpossible so strong that she can perform feats which defy logic]], such as dispersing a hurricane by punching it.
* SuperStrength: Even stronger than Suika (though with less magical power). Her title in ''Double Spoiler'' is even "Ruinous Super Strength".
** WorldsStrongestWoman: Among youkai, Oni are infamous for their peerless strength; among Oni, the Big Four of the Mountain are considered particularily strong Oni; among the Big Four of the Mountain, Yuugi is otherwise known as [[RedBaron Yuugi the Strong]], so she has a decent claim at this title.
* WillfullyWeak: She intentionally uses only a small amount of her power, more interested in having her first good fight with a human in centuries than actually winning.
* WillNotTellALie: Like all oni she dislikes dishonesty or other forms of sneakiness. The value of her word is invoked by Marisa in ''Symposium of Post-mysticism'' when she claims that "I heard it from Yuugi, so it must be true."


[[folder:Satori Komeiji]]

::''The Girl Even The Evil Spirits Fear''
::'''Satori Komeiji'''

-->''"...visitors? How unusual."''

The mistress of the Palace of Earth Spirits, Satori is a youkai with the ability to read minds. Her power makes her embittered and feared by humans and youkai, but beloved by animals. She keeps many pets in her home, including Rin and Utsuho.

!!!Tropes associated with Satori:

* AMindIsATerribleThingToRead: Isolates herself to avoid reading peoples' minds.
* AffablyEvil: Her in-game quotes give off shades of this.
* BadassBoast: "I can see it... My mind-reading third eye will show me your very heart! The beautiful danmaku in your heart will make you suffer!"
* BlessedWithSuck: Everyone hates her, except for animals who can't talk, because of her mind-reading [[MagicalEye third eye on her heart]].
* BrokenStreak: Breaks two! The first is only being the fourth stage boss despite being the "master" of two characters met during the current incident, and the second is said master not being the cause of said incident.
* CatSmile: One of Satori's very few expressions. Looks surprisingly cute on her though.
* CosplayFanArt: Due to how her power works in the game, some fanart likes to depict Satori cosplaying as other characters in the series.
* CrazyCatLady: Because only animals don't mind having their minds read and their secrets revealed, her home is filled with various animals and is described as a zoo. In addition to cats and crows and dogs, she is also seen with a Komodo dragon in Koishi's ''Hopeless Masquerade'' stage.
* CrazyPrepared: It sure is a good thing she has dolls on hand, or she'd have a hard time emulating Alice's spell cards.
* CuteBookworm: Spends a lot of her time in her room, reading and (anonymously) writing books.
* DeadpanSnarker: Probably due to years of reading idiotic/perverted/evil thoughts.
* DittoFighter: She fights you using the attacks from your [[NostalgiaLevel partner's previous appearance as a boss in former games]]. She has more spell card techniques in a single game than any character in the series: seventy-six in total, and the only other characters to come close are Kaguya and the Three Faeries, with forty each. Of those only four are actually her own cards with two more added in ''Double Spoiler''.
* ExtraEyes: On her heart. Which is external. Somehow.
** EyesDoNotBelongThere: Good thing all ''Touhou'' characters are designed to be cute, else the Komeiji sisters would be {{squick}} worthy.
* ForgotAboutTheMindReader: In most scenarios, our heroines are just thinking about beating Satori up, which she finds rather off-putting, but is pretty much normal for them. She also catches Marisa thinking about what she's going to [[StickyFingers steal from Satori's palace]] and shoos her off.
* {{Hikkikomori}}: Since humans and other youkai hate her for being able to constantly read their minds, she has secluded herself in the Palace of the Earth Spirits, having no communication with anyone except her pets. Even within the Palace, she rarely leaves her room, spending her time reading and writing books. ''[[AllInTheManual Symposium of Post-Mysticism]]'' suggests that some of her books may have been published on the surface, under an anonymous label.
* LickedByTheDog: She's beloved by her pets, and Orin in particular is shown to hold her in high regard.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12AHLzW4kks "Satori Maiden ~ 3rd Eye"]]
* LuckilyMyPowersWillProtectMe: Has a really bad habit of constantly talking about how she can read minds, and has no sense of MindOverManners. Perhaps if she stopped telling everyone how she could read their every thought - and that one, and especially that one - there would have been less antagonism. This is apparently a trait of the entire satori race.
* NotGoodWithPeople: Animals love her, because she can understand them, but humans and youkai are less thrilled with having their minds read all the time.
* PowerIncontinence: Her mind reading is always on.
* PsychicPowers: Mindreading. She also uses hypnosis to draw out people's traumas to the surface so she can better formulate her battle strategies. In gameplay this takes the form of her being a sort of CallBack MirrorBoss.
* SiblingYinYang: Boy, howdy, where do we begin?
** Satori became a [[{{hikikomori}} social recluse]] in order to escape the contempt her MindOverManners brought her, while Koishi's way of escaping the contempt has led her to [[WalkingTheEarth wander aimlessly across the world]].
** As for their powers, while Satori uses hypnotism in order to [[MindProbe bring people's subconscious traumas up to the surface]] so she can read them in their conscious minds and formulate her battle strategies accordingly, Koishi's powers allows her to manipulate people's subconscious minds to such an extent that it affects their conscious perception of her all while she, herself, does everything in battle by instinct/subconsciously.
** Personality-wise, while Satori is rather [[NoSocialSkills lacking in manners]] and not excessively emotional (it's not uncommon for her to be portrayed as quiet and/or a DeadpanSnarker in fanworks), one cannot deny the fact that she can be caring, as evidenced by the fact that she takes good care of numerous animals and deeply wishes for her sister to open her heart to others again, showing that she actually has some significant [[HiddenDepths emotional depths]]. Koishi, on the other hand, has no emotions whatsoever, yet she always has a serene smile plastered on her face and is commonly portrayed as a CheerfulChild.
** In addition to the above there's also the fact that, in a sort of reversed MeaningfulName way, the shut-in Satori is deep down a loving child while Byakuren has said about Koishi that her state of mind is akin to Enlightment. "Satori" is a term in Zen Buddhism referring to a minor form of true Enlightment while "Koishi" can either mean "will/thought of love" or "little rock" (commonly not known for their willingness to move around once they've settled down).
** Finally there's the fact that if you take a picture of either sister and inverse the colors, their clothes and hair will take on almost identical colors as the other sister's natural ones...which is further emphasized in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' as one of Koishi's alternate color schemes.
* [[SpeciesSurname Species Given Name]]: Satori is... [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satori_(folklore) a satori]], though, in this case, her name could mean "enlightenment" or "understanding", rather than just be indicative of her species.
* TaremeEyes: Her eyes are exceptionally droopy compared to the rest of the ''Touhou'' characters. Some fans picture her with TsurimeEyes in fanarts, though.
* ThirdEye: Unusually, it's detached from her body and connected by veins. Notably, it sits right in front of her heart.
* {{Telepathy}}: Her primary shtick, assisted by some hypnotism.


[[folder:Rin Kaenbyou]]

::''Corpse Tour Guide'' / ''[[RuleOfFunny Hell's Traffic Accident]]''
::'''Rin "Orin" Kaenbyou'''

-->''"If I kill you, human, my hellfire cart will get heavy~♪ Man, carrying off corpses is fun!"''

A kasha who can control evil spirits and carry them to the Hell of Blazing Fires. She dislikes long names, so she has everyone call her Orin instead of by her full name. She thinks highly of her mistress Satori, and is good friends with Utsuho, but becomes terrified once Utsuho starts going mad from her newfound power. Afraid that Satori may find out and punish Utsuho, Rin instead drives evil spirits above-ground, attempting to lure the powerful youkai living there down to help her out.

!!!Tropes associated with Rin:

* {{Animorphism}}: She is capable of shapeshifting into either a cat or a humanoid form.
* BadPowersGoodPeople: Her job is to steal corpses and send them to Hell via her cart. However, she's regarded by Akyuu as an extremely friendly and outgoing youkai, and is even interested in listening to what the corpses have to say.
* BlackComedy: Said corpses are often confused about their deaths and optimistically chat with her about their plans for the future.
* {{Catgirl}}: A [[http://www.catgirls.org.uk/mythology/japan.html#kasha kasha]]. Considered to be older and somewhat more mature than Chen.
* FieryRedhead
* FlunkyBoss: She is accompanied by [[NightOfTheLivingMooks zombie fairies]] during several of her attacks.
* GhostLights: Technically ''skull'' lights, but close. The ''Wild and Horned Hermit'' manga reveals that skull-faced ghost lights are "evil spirits", which are what souls carried off by kasha turn into.
* GirlishPigtails: Among the ''Touhou'' characters who have them, only Orin's pigtails are braided.
* GrimReaper: Those blue will-o'-wisps floating beside her? [[CaptainErsatz They look like]] [[{{Pokemon}} Duskull]] [[http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Duskull and Bulbapedia even notes]] this design is a traditional Grim Reaper portrayal.
* ILoveTheDead: Fanon likes making BlackHumor out of her "pretty looking corpses" line.
* InSeriesNickname: Orin, which is what she'd prefer to be called.
* JapanesePronouns: Like Cirno and Komachi, she also uses "Atai" for "I". Fandom can portray her in a naive or foolish light, but, like Komachi, "Atai" isn't held against her to the extent it is for Cirno.
* KansaiRegionalAccent: Which is translated into a BigApplesauce-like accent in-game (e.g., "Hey, sis!"). Although when you hear the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dtb1cjA_t4 fan's]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=668Q484ck4g interpretation]] of her character, the translation convention somewhat makes sense.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZoJLMuq_cQ "Corpse Voyage ~ Be of good cheer!"]]
* MultipleTailedBeast
* NightOfTheLivingMooks: Some of Rin's spell cards feature [[ImplacableMan implacable]] [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot zombie fairies]] that follow the player around while shooting bullets. This can further complicate things if you're using a character/partner setup with [[{{Roboteching}} homing projectiles]]. ''The Grimoire of Marisa'' claims they're actually just normal fairies done up as zombies, though. ''Double Spoiler'' further suggests that the fairies are only pretending to be zombies.
* NumberOfTheBeast: Photographing Rin in cat form in ''Double Spoiler'' gets you "Cat Bonus: + 666".
* RecurringBoss: Stage 4 midboss (twice), stage 5 midboss ''and'' boss, stage 6 midboss. How's that for [[{{Determinator}} persistence]]?
* SoundtrackDissonance: For a level in Hell, the music is strangely calming. And for a morbid character, Orin certainly has a very fun song.
* StealthPun: She has a wheelbarrow, or "cat cart" in Japanese.
* UnusualEars: As seen in her official portrait, Orin has both human ears ''and'' cat ears.
* WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway: Rin's stated ability - the power to carry off corpses. And from the looks of things she just uses a wheelbarrow anyway.
* YourSoulIsMine: As one of the native animals of hell, souls are an important part of her diet. It is also said that people whose corpses she carts away will not be able to pass into heaven.


[[folder:Utsuho Reiuji]]

::''The Scorching, Troublesome, Divine Flame''
::'''Utsuho "Okuu" Reiuji'''

-->''"The sunlight that rains down on the Earth is a nuclear furnace that will create new atoms. My ultimate nuclear fusion will burn up every body, heart, ghost, and fairy!"''

A hell raven who manages the former Hell of Blazing Fires. Prior to the events of ''Subterranean Animism'', Utsuho was visited by Kanako and told to swallow the corpse of the sun god Yatagarasu, thus gaining the power of nuclear fusion. Kanako presumably wanted the power to bring electricity to Gensoukyou, but Utsuho instead goes mad from the immense power she gained, planning to torch Gensoukyou and turn it into hell on Earth. She's based on a legend of a three-legged crow who prevented a monster from eating the sun. This being Gensoukyou, she was the one who ate the sun god.

!!!Tropes associated with Utsuho:

* AchievementsInIgnorance: According to Kanako, she chose Utsuho ''because'' she was of low-intelligence and would have no concept that managing nuclear power would be too hard to control. In a more FunctionalMagic sense, her dullness makes her an "empty vessel" that wouldn't reject Yatagarasu.
* AlmightyJanitor: Her job post-HeelFaceTurn is to regulate the flames of Former Hell, which are used above ground for the [[MundaneUtility hot springs]]. Her ability/power is nuclear fusion, and can destroy anything in a few moments. [[TemptingFate At least her personality now is kept in check]]...
* ArmCannon: According to ''[[GaidenGame Hisoutensoku]]'', the control rod on her arm can function as one. Though the fans figured that out [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyTxURGwu98 well before it got released]]. Fanon often ratchets it up to insane levels, some cannons being bigger than herself.
* {{Badass}}: [[WordOfGod ZUN]] in his notes said that he wanted to make her {{Leitmotif}} sound like your average FinalBoss. Fanon goes [[UpToEleven way much farther]].
* BadassCape: It partly covers her wings, and contains what appears to be a star field. A ''[[ImpossiblyCoolClothes moving]]'' starfield.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: Despite being an [[RequiredSecondaryPowers expert in nuclear physics]], she lacks anything in the way of common sense.
* CanonWelding: One of the first signs of interconnectivity between the Touhou games. She caused the geyser to overflow and burst out of control in the above world, which caused it to be filled with vengeful spirits. The geyser knocked down the Palanquin Ship, or Byakuren's ship, which landed on top of Miko's shrine.
* CatchPhrase: "Unyu?" Again, only said once, [[ItMakesSenseInContext this time with a mouthful of eggs]].
* CreepyCrows: She's a hell raven, though the Yatagarasu is traditionally supposed to be a crow. {{Fanon}} takes this in either direction. Technically, this is a translation error because Japanese uses the same word for both birds. "Hell corvid" doesn't quite roll off the tongue though.
* DarkerAndEdgier: A world-threatening supervillain? In my Touhou?
* TheDitz: To the point where one of her {{Fan Nickname}}s is "Onric" or "⑥"/"Six-ball" - basically, the opposite of Cirno. However, she's really more gullible than outright stupid. Her claim to be [[SmallNameBigEgo the strongest hell raven]] is part of it too. Apparently this is even part of why Kanako chose her to receive the Yatagarasu's power, since drawing out its full potential requires "an empty mind".
* DoubleEntendre: Although a three-legged crow is a traditional depiction of Yatagarasu, the fact that she invokes that symbolism and calls her ArmCannon a "third leg" has spawned endless penis jokes.
* EmptyQuiver: Kanako needs to think much more on who to give special powers.
* ExtraEyes: The red eye of the Yatagarasu on her chest, which looks suspiciously like [[TheLordOfTheRings Sauron's]].
* FashionableAsymmetry: Her right foot is encased in concrete, her left foot has electrons orbiting around it, and her right forearm is a control rod.
* FinalBoss
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Yatagarasu was mentioned in ''Cage in Lunatic Runagate'', chapter three, released in 2007:
--> '''Watatsuki no Toyohime:''' ''If that crow was an embodiment of the sun, it would have three feet and red eyes!''
* ForTheEvulz: Thinks exploding the Earth will be cool, at least until she gets some sense knocked into her.
* FromNobodyToNightmare
* GeniusDitz: ''Hisoutensoku'' manages to showcase her rather extensive knowledge of nuclear physics while ''at the same time'' making her out to be a total [[IncrediblyLamePun birdbrain]]. This could be a case of RequiredSecondaryPowers. It's rather hard to control forces that you don't understand, after all.
* GlassCannon: Her "Control Rod" system card in ''Hisoutensoku'' enhances damage output while weakening defense. It's small at first, but if both players use four and Drizzle is active [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLvjXdhc_Kg you can one-shot anything.]]
* GravitySucks: Her last spell-card definitvely falls into this.
%%ILoveNuclearPower is about gaining superpowers from radiation. It does not apply to Okuu. Stop adding it in.
* HitboxDissonance: This makes her a little bit easier than other final bosses because, despite the size of her projectiles, their hitboxes allow you to easily weave between them... even when it looks like you shouldn't. Case in point: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQ3JxKr7gWE#t=06m12s this portion of her attack]].
* ImpossiblyCoolClothes: Her PimpedOutCape definitely falls under this.
* InSeriesNickname: Okuu.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xy_-7OXophY "Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion"]] Arguably the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UyvOv2zFp0 best]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJ3OaX_GyDc song]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=at8cjnHd0-A to make]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhVXxncb6pw a metal]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKqitIyBbmY remix to]].
** DarkReprise: There are technically two parts to the song: the former half and the latter half. The former is the standard song, with the iconic three descending notes and the heavy emphasis. The latter is the chorus from the former shifted up an octave and repeated twice, before going to the post-chorus. Strangely, it is more common to hear the former half in doujin music than the entire song intact.
** RecurringRiff: If you listen closely, some parts of Kanako's "Suwa Foughten Field" are integrated into hers as well. Fitting, considering she got her powers from Kanako.
* MeaningfulName: Utsuho means "empty".
* MemeticHandGesture: Her official works in ''Hisoutensoku'' (as seen above) and in ''Subterranean Animism'' as well as the majority of fanworks have her raising her hand into the air with her index finger raised as her preferred way to summon her suns or activate spellcards.
* [[MightyGlacier Mighty]] GlacierWaif: In ''Hisoutensoku''. Slowest character in the game by far, and she can't attack from her dash unless you attack immediately from it. But when she hits, she hits ''hard''.
* MookPromotion: Before meeting Kanako, she was just a [[CreepyRavens hell raven]]. Granted, she may very well have been the strongest one, as she claims, but that still only puts her in the same league as Cirno, since most ordinary hell ravens go down with one bullet. ''After'' meeting Kanako and eating the Yatagarasu, however, [[FinalBoss well]]...
* MundaneUtility: Controls nuclear fusion, possesses the power of the stars themselves, and of a threat level comparable with Flandre or even Yukari. With the help of the kappa, she provides free electricity to the denizens of Gensoukyou, although to most of them electricity is just as miraculous as magic would be in the outside world. As a matter of fact, Kanako tries to exploit this to gather more believers to the Moriya shrine. However, nobody is even complaining, because she also provides the fires to the hot springs.
** On an even more mundane note, there's her Light Energy "High Tension Blade" spellcard from Hisoutensoku. The attack consists of channeling a huge amount of nuclear energy into her control rod and forming a massive sword to strike her opponent. The description of the spell notes that she also uses it as a ''flashlight''.
--> "...Seriously now?"
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: Nuclear-powered [[ImAHumanitarian corpse eating]] [[CreepyRavens hell raven]] [[CuteMonsterGirl monster girl]].
* NuclearWeaponsTaboo: She breaks it, and then some. [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fukushima_Daiichi_nuclear_disaster Recent events]] appear to have [[http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=582974 turned her entire character]] to an outright FunnyAneurysmMoment.
* OmnicidalManiac: She wants to torch Gensoukyou and turn it into the new Hell. This being ''Touhou'', she gets better after a sound beating.
* PersonOfMassDestruction: Her powers make her effectively a living, breathing, walking, or flying, as the case may be, ''star''. Her spell cards, instead of arriving with the usual noise, [[OhCrap are announced with]] ''[[MemeticMutation a nuclear hazard symbol and a sounding klaxon]]'' with scrolling '''[[MemeticMutation CAUTION]]''' stripes. And even if that doesn't make you panic, the sight of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQLIaZUOnBU miniature suns that cover half the screen]] most definitely will.
* RapunzelHair
* RedEyesTakeWarning: More or less universal in fanart, though her in-game portraits are somewhat ambiguous.
** FieryRedhead: Another recurring variation is her ''hair'' is actually red as well.
* ShoutOut:
** Many of her moves in ''Hisoutensoku'' are similar to [[FistOfTheNorthStar Souther's]], even including [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrgT9og49QQ a spell card]], while some of her other moves bear a similarity to ''VideoGame/MegaManX's'' attacks as well, most notably the Nova Strike. She also has two spell cards called [[FinalFantasy "Giga Flare" and "Mega Flare"]], while that eye on her chest may be [[LordOfTheRings Sauron's]].
** With all of the [[JustForPun nuclear-powered references]], TheWikiRule notes that she has some connection to the Chernobyl, specifically [[http://www.unknownexplorers.com/blackbirdofchernobyl.php The Black Bird of Chernobyl]].
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: K-S Romanization of her last name - "Reiuzi".
* StatuesqueStunner: Fanarts love to portray her height as comparable to that of Yuugi's and Yukari's.
* ThePowerOfTheSun: Eating the sun god Yatagarasu gave her nuclear fusion sun powers.
* TouchedByVorlons: Acquired divine powers from her interactions with gods. The exact mechanics of this are unclear though: she was originally described as having "eaten" the crow god Yatagarasu, but Akyuu's depiction of it based on Kanako's description makes it look like she was simply hypnotized into believing she was Yatagarasu. Her ''Symposium of Post-mysticism'' profile describes her as a kind of living shrine, housing the god in her body.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Boiled eggs[[note]]Unless they were fertilized raven eggs, this isn't cannibalism.[[/note]], and [[ToServeMan the corpses of dead sinners]]. Extra-crispy. She had a strong desire to roast and eat Reimu, apparently not caring that she's ''alive''.
--> '''Utsuho:''' See, your body's getting burned up pretty nicely now. I want to eat you up right now, but it's not good to rush. You have to let it fry just the right amount for it to taste the best.
* UnmovingPlaid: The inside of her cape has a galaxy pattern that ''scrolls independently'' of the cape's movements.
* UnskilledButStrong: After the long string of TrialAndErrorGameplay and {{Puzzle Boss}}es that is the rest ''Subterranean Animism'', Utsuho's patterns are remarkably straightforward. This should in no way imply that they're easy, since her bullets are ''huge''.
* WingedHumanoid
* WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity: Her megalomania was explicitly caused by going FromNobodyToNightmare almost instantly, and after having some sense pounded into her, she is more than willing to abandon her fire-filled ambitions.
* YourSoulIsMine: Like Orin, she's an animal native to hell and therefore finds eating souls to be perfectly natural. It is implied that eating the god Yatagarasu was a similar process.


[[folder:Koishi Komeiji]]

::''The Closed Eyes Of Love''
::'''Koishi Komeiji'''

-->''"Read your mind? I've already closed my satori eye. Reading people's minds only make you depressed and there's nothing good about it."''

Extra stage boss and Satori's younger sister. She too was born was the power to read minds, but hated how it made everyone fear her, so she willingly sealed away her "third eye" that gave her the power. While this gave her a new ability to read and manipulate people's subconscious, it also resulted in her own heart being sealed away, and she becomes more distant and detached towards everyone as time passes.

!!!Tropes associated with Koishi:

* AllPsychologyIsFreudian: Almost all of Koishi's spell cards are themed around Freudian psychology, including the id and the superego.
** FreudWasRight: Koishi's "The Embers of Love" spell card is [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NW4rqu2YhY infamous in the fandom]].
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: The funnier variant of this trope when describing her gameplay in ''Hopeless Masquerade''. From the wiki:
-->High damage potential.\\
Good normals.\\
Decent bullets across all religions.\\
Has an invincible forward dash that can go through people and a great back-dash.\\
[[ItMakesSenseInContext Can sneeze.]]
* BlessedWithSuck: Same reason with her sister Satori. Except that she got tired of being hated and closed her eye/heart, which removed her power, but also made her ''stop thinking''.
* BonusBoss
* BreakTheCutie: In her backstory.
* ByTheEyesOfTheBlind[=/=]ImaginaryFriend: As stated in ''Symposium of Post-Mysticism'', some people reference her as an "imaginary companion".
** InvisibleToAdults[=/=]NotSoImaginaryFriend: But her power doesn't work on kids, and it seems she sometimes plays with them. Most of them will forget about her once they grow up, however.
* CheerfulChild: Or so she appears to be. In reality she feels no emotions whatsoever. [[MindScrew Maybe]].
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Fanon pre-[=SOPM=] often makes her out to be extremely silly and saying bizarre things, such as the infamous "love-stricken massacre" line. Marisa notes she's apparently airheaded, even in the middle of a furious battle. It turns out that, unlike most {{Cloudcuckoolander}}s, she doesn't actually have a strange way of thinking...because she's [[EmptyShell never really thinking at all]].
* ConfusionFu: Much like Remilia and Suwako before her, she has a non-standard dash (she ''prances'', and jumps forwards after a while, making indefinite forward-dashing impossible). And her B and Y moves don't do anything immediately, only for her to start attacking later if some conditions are met. That's right, not even ''the player'' knows what she'll do next.
** The people working on the ''Shinkirou'' [[http://shinkirou.koumakan.jp/wiki/Touhou_Shinkirou wiki]] gave us this gem regarding her.
-->"''Koishi is a silly character that no one fully understands yet. [[MemeticMutation Please wait warmly]] while Koishi mains start to learn what they're doing.''"
** Players CAN know beforehand how Koishi will perform her attacks, albeit only some of her full arsenal. Most of it require that Koishi is at an immediate location from her enemy. For example, her up and down B attacks require that Koishi is above and below the opponent, respectively; then she attacks automatically. ''Conditioned Teleport'' requires that the opponent is on her "consciousness" range (which is a circle around her that expands in battle) and then she teleports to the target and attacks her automatically. ''Fidgety Snatcher'' requires that the opponent is above her or immediately close by, then she automatically attacks.
* DissonantSerenity: Even in the middle of a battle, she won't be excited or scared. Or thinking of anything at all.
* EmptyEyes: Sometimes depicted this way, in contrast to her cheerful expression. Official as of ''Hopeless Masquerade'', but ''creepy'' for no good reason.
* EmptyShell: Even though she can talk to the main characters and have spellcard duels with them, all her actions are performed unconsciously. She's not liked nor hated by anyone, and has no desires and personality, since her heart is empty. On the other hand, as a Buddhist, Byakuren speculates that Koishi's mental state brings her closer to enlightenment, and points out she's not as empty as people might think.
* ExtraEyes: Like her sister, on her heart, although it is always closed.
** EyeScream: An unusually common DarkerAndEdgier interpretation of said eye is that it is ''sewed'' shut.
** EyesDoNotBelongThere: But for a bit of poetic FridgeBrilliance, take into consideration that she has ''closed her heart''.
* FlowersForAlgernonSyndrome: Her ending in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' [[spoiler:reveals that the Mask of Hope she found before the start of the game is losing its powers, so despite the flashes of real emotion she showed throughout the game she'll still revert back to being an EmptyShell]].
* ForgetfulJones: Due to her sealing her mind from herself. By ''Hopeless Masquerade'', [[spoiler:the only thing she could remember clearly is the Mask of Hope]], a fact that surprised her since she normally forgets everything.
* GlowingEyesOfDoom: Her promotional art for ''Hopeless Masquerade'' gives her eyes a rather eerie green glow.
* HopeIsScary: While she was previously okay with having her mind sealed off from others, after meeting the PlayerCharacter Koishi starts to feel regretful.
** [[spoiler:In ''Hopeless Masquerade'', keeping the Mask of Hope for herself has caused her to actually remember that she has it, which is a surprise for her since she normally doesn't remember anything for long. However, her ending reveals that the Mask's power is fading, which means that she'll likely return to her usual state of being an EmptyShell.]]
* LackOfEmpathy: Since she's an EmptyShell.
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: As soon as you look away from her you will immediately forget ever meeting her. You can only become aware of her existence by getting to know Satori.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX5kXNo-O8U "Last Remote"]] and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4syvy2vjvQY "Hartmann's Youkai Girl"]].
** "Hartmann's Youkai Girl" receives [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kDjbJVfSBs a remix]] in ''Hopeless Masquerade''.
* MeaningfulName: Koishi's name could be read as "little stone", and her existence is described as being akin to one in ''Symposium of Post-Mysticism''. Unnoticeable even if you could see her, like a stone on the side of the road.
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: You know something's up when an EmptyShell gets excited about becoming popular. [[spoiler:It's a side-effect of carrying the Mask of Hope around]].
* OxymoronicBeing: She is a mind-reading youkai that cannot read minds. Not even her own.
* PaletteSwap: One of them is notable in that it makes her look like her sister.
* PerceptionFilter: On herself - she can move around without being noticed by anyone. You cannot feel her presence even when you see her directly, and once she leaves from your field of vision, you forget her immediately.
* PowerNullifier: She closed her third eye to abandon her mind-reading ability. Her closed third eye also [[PsychicBlockDefense nullifies Satori's power]]. Her Story Mode in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' reveals that this nullification extends to all kinds of mind reading (Miko is unable to read her desires, since she essentially has none), and even illusions have no effects on her.
* PsychicPowers: Manipulation of the subconscious. Originally she was a mind reader like Satori before closing her third eye.
* SiblingYinYang: See Satori's section for a more in-depth elaboration.
* SomethingAboutARose: Has a bit of a rose theme going on, with rose bullets and a couple spell cards named for them. In Marisa's Grimoire, the roses ''explode''.
** In ''Hopeless Masquerade'' the rose themed attacks form a third part of her arsenal, with some roses [[MadeOfExplodium exploding]] as stated above, and her Last Word, "''Brambly Rose Garden''" taking it UpToEleven.
* SomethingCompletelyDifferent: In a [[WidgetSeries fighting game sub-series spun off from a series of danmaku games]], she somehow manages to make the gameplay of said fighting games games [[MindScrew really weird]] with unorthodox attacks and nearly-random move-execution.
* SpamAttack: Her ''Dream Card "Ancestors are Watching You"'' has her ''invite'' [[OurSpiritsAreDifferent six weird elongated spirits]] to linger on the stage. As you activate the spell, two spirits simultaneously attack the enemy diagonally. You can spam the spell activation up to three times in one spellcast.
* StepfordSmiler: Despite her cheerful demeanor, she is incapable of feeling any emotions.
* StrongerSibling: She also explicitly states that her sister isn't really that good at fighting.
* SuperCuteSuperPowers: She uses a lot of hearts and [[SomethingAboutARose roses]] as bullets in her attacks. However, because of her heavy [[AllPsychologyIsFreudian psychological theme]] and her own [[EmptyShell state of mind]], they're not as cute as they seem.
* ThirdEye: Same as Satori, except it's closed.
* TrapMaster: Her playstyle in ''Hopeless Masquerade''; holding down the button on one of her attacks causes it to be held in reserve, striking the opponent when a certain condition is met.
* TroubledFetalPosition: Sinks into this position when using her "Suppression "Super-Ego"" spellcard.
* UnexpectedCharacter: She's in ''Hopeless Masquerade''. Yeah, Miss 'no connections' is in a fight for popularity. It turns out that she's much more relevant to the plot than even the religious heads, [[spoiler:as her refusal to return the original Mask of Hope basically started the game's events]].
* WalkingTheEarth: She wanders all over Gensokyo, in contrast to her sister Satori being a {{Hikkikomori}}.


!Debuted in ''Undefined Fantastic Object''


::''The Little Dowser General''

-->''"My mice do like the taste of human flesh. They say that cheese just can't compare to certain other red foods."''

A mouse youkai who was sent to hunt for the ship fragments and the jewelled pagoda of Vaisravana by Shou. She carries a pair of dowsing rods which appear to be a cross between bent coathangers and weather vanes, and can control field-mice to help her find lost objects. She doesn't seem to consider herself one of Byakuren's followers, living in a house of her own and only visiting the Myouren Temple when Shou calls for her.

!!!Tropes associated with Nazrin:

* BigEater: Being a mouse, which are known for the amount of damage they can cause by how much they eat, this isn't surprising. She's often responsible for grains being stolen, and damage to crops is especially severe whenever she uses a lot of field mice to help her with dowsing.
* ChewToy: Fanon only. Since she's a mouse, she has practically become one for both Chen and [[http://walfas.org/flash/nazrun.swf Orin]], solely because cats eat mice. In the vein of ''WesternAnimation/TomAndJerry'', this is sometimes reversed with Nazrin outwitting the cat, usually [[CheerfulChild the much more guillible]] Chen.
** {{Shipping}}: ...and tends to get shipped with either (or both at once).
* DependingOnTheArtist: Fanartists can never seem to decide if they want to draw with her MickeyMouse style ears, or more realistic mouse ears.
* {{Familiar}}: She is this to Shou. She's actually a high-ranking youkai who works under Bishamonten and was sent to monitor Shou when she was appointed as his avatar, but she ended up fulfilling the role so well that Nazrin became her servant.
* HypercompetentSidekick: Fandom has her increasingly playing this role, either with Shou or the Myouren Temple crew as a whole. It makes a lot of sense when you remember that Nazrin was originally Shou's superior, acting as a sort of auditor, sent by Bishamonten, to keep an eye on Shou's work as Bishamonten's avatar.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oayu297xrns "A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander"]]
* LittleBitBeastly: Mouse. This ties into her role as Bishamonten's servant: Bishamonten is the guardian of the northern direction, and the mouse (or rat) represents the north in the Chinese zodiac.
* RecurringBoss: Shows up for all of stage 1, then doesn't come back until stage 5 as a midboss.
* ShrinkingViolet: Apparently she'd be a lot [[IncrediblyLamePun mousier]] if not for Bishamonten being her boss.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: She's a mouse. [[BlessedAreTheCheesemakers Guess]].
* {{Tsundere}}: See HypercompetentSidekick. WordOfGod also states that despite having a big ego in contrast to [[TheNapoleon her short height]], she's actually very timid deep down and will run and hide as soon as she's frightened.


[[folder:Kogasa Tatara]]

::''The Cheery Forgotten Umbrella''
::'''Kogasa Tatara'''

-->''"These days you have to punish someone a little to surprise them, don't you?"''

Kogasa is an umbrella that eventually [[AnimateInanimateObject came to life]] because she was unsold, becoming a youkai after she was swept off by the wind. Enjoys surprising people and watching their reactions, however as she isn't very good at it she's trying to improve her technique.

!!!Tropes associated with Kogasa:

* AnimateInanimateObject: She's an umbrella [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsukumogami tsukumogami]]; the umbrella she holds is a fairly typical depiction of a ''karakasa'' (umbrella) tsukumogami, though having a second humanoid body is rather odd.
* [[BecomeARealBoy Become a Real Umbrella]]: Kogasa has, due to her failures with baby sitting, and her failures with surprising people, and her failures in general, [[DiscussedTrope considered going back to being a regular umbrella]] again so she at least can be of ''some'' use... The depressing implication being that she basically thinks people would appreciate her more if she was dead.
* [[BizarreAlienBiology Bizarre Youkai Biology]]: Which is her real body, the humanoid girl or the umbrella? They ''both'' are.
* BrickJoke: [[spoiler:Surprise]]!
* CatchPhrase:
** "Bero Bero Ba~!" Used by fans anytime Kogasa attempts to surprise someone.
** Also: "Urameshiya!" - literally means "I hate you" or "I envy your life"[[note]]In Buddhism, ghosts, youkai and possessed objects like karakasa are considered to inhabit a lower realm than humans, and are often depicted as being envious of humans due to the human realm having less suffering.[[/note]], but in context is equivalent to "Boo!"
* ChewToy: Many pieces of fanart have her being bullied by Reimu, Sanae, Yukari, Yuuka, Eirin, Aya, or anyone the writer can imagine. Seems to be canon now. Her attempt to get help from the player characters of ''Ten Desires'' earns her a beating, simply because she happens to be there.
* {{Cyclops}}: Her umbrella form has one red eye and an OverlyLongTongue, as is traditional for depictions of ''karakasa obake''. Her humanoid body alludes to this by having heterochromia: her left eye is red and and her right eye is blue, but since her outfit and hair are also blue, it makes her one red eye stand out and give her the effect of being one-eyed.
* EmotionEater: Lives on human surprise. Apparently she doesn't have to eat that often, given how little success she has at surprising people.
* EverythingsBetterWithEggplants: Her umbrella has an eggplant motif.
* EverythingsBetterWithRainbows: [[http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Double_Spoiler/Spell_Cards/Stage_3#Spell_Card_3_-_5 Rainbow Sign: "Over The Rainbow".]]
* TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou: The only human she ever seems able to surprise is ''you'', the player. Aside from her being the Extra Stage midboss, she's also the character whose picture is on the game CD, instead of one of the major characters. Even though [[WordOfGod ZUN]] had already said during the demo's release that Kogasa was [[ExactWords irrelevant to the story]]. Thus, she surprises you when you open the box.
** Another surprise she has for the player is her EasyModeMockery: her final spellcard is actually harder in easy mode than it is in the harder modes.
* FriendToAllChildren: Although it seems to be unintentional.
* HarmlessVillain: "Attacks" humans, but the greatest danger she poses is making people feel like a jerk by sulking after her efforts fail.
-->''"She'll become depressed when you ignore her. If there's a problem with that, it's that seeing her in her depressed state ''is bothersome'', so it's better to pretend that you're afraid to please her. "''
--->-- '''Hieda no Akyuu''', as stated in Kogasa's entry in ''[[UniverseCompendium Symposium of Post-mysticism]]''
* HeartIsAnAwesomePower: She has "the power to surprise people", and she's not even very good at it. Then you discover that she's the extra stage midboss. Surprise!
** {{Fanon}} has taken it to the LogicalExtreme: she can hypothetically do ''anything'', so long as it [[ExactWords is sufficiently surprising]].
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmslIIu9WTA "Beware of the Umbrella Left There Forever"]]
* MeaningfulName: "Kogasa" means "little umbrella", while "Tatara" is derived from Ippon Datara, a one-eyed one-legged monster.
* PaintingTheMedium:
** The demo sets Kogasa up to be a character with a seemingly weak special power -- the power to surprise people -- and appears as an early stage boss. Then, in the full game, she appears as an Extra stage midboss. Her portrait in her second appearance even has "Surprise~" written above her in Japanese.
** And then there's her reappearance in ''Ten Desires'' where she specifically refers to her problem of [[StalkedByTheBell timing out Yoshika's attacks]].
** Also in ''Ten Desires'', after you beat her, she drops the the first full power up item in the game as a pleasant surprise.
* ParasolOfPain: A youkai umbrella or ''karakasa''. Her accessory umbrella comes complete with an eggplant motif ''and'' a giant tongue. Although the umbrella is part of her, and she can't put it down.
* PeekABogeyman
* PokeThePoodle: She only "attacks" humans to surprise them. As her skills at frightening people aren't good, she trains by researching classic ghost stories.
* RecurringBoss: Surprise, she's the extra stage midboss! [[HilariousInHindsight Imagine the looks on the faces of the fans that teased her for her power before.]] She's also the mid-boss of Stage 3 in Ten Desires.
* ShoutOut:
** A couple of her spell cards are named after games in the ''VideoGame/BubbleBobble'' series.
** And of course, [[Film/TheWizardOfOz Over the Rainbow]].
** Her article (not profile) in ''[[AllThereInTheManual Symposium of Post-mysticism]]'' is about her thinking that [[Film/MaryPoppins babysitters fly on umbrellas]].
* ThrowTheDogABone: As of ''Ten Desires'' she is now living in a cemetery near Myouren Temple, where it is [[CreepyCemetery much easier to surprise people]]. [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded in her profile: "She finally did it. Amazing."]]


[[folder:Ichirin Kumoi]]

::''The Great Wheel that Guards and Is Guarded''
::'''Ichirin Kumoi'''

-->''"I'm Ichirin, and I'm taking my sister's place guarding the treasure. I won't let any thieves in alive!"''

Self-appointed guardian of the UFO that appeared over Gensoukyou, and the first of Byakuren's followers the player encounters. She possesses a "partner" entity named Unzan. Ichirin's [[NiceHat headdress]] is a nod to Buddhist nun gear, her being a nyuudo - a collective term for youkai that resemble monks.

!!!Tropes associated with Ichirin:

* AdaptationDyeJob: Blue-ish purple hair in ''UFO'', aqua hair in ''HM''.
* AllMonksKnowKungFu: She and her fellow Buddhist Byakuren are more physical fighters in ''Hopeless Masquerade'', for no real reason other than this trope.
* AndThenJohnWasAZombie: Used to be a human, but spending all of her time with Unzan and being youkai-like turned her into a unique type of youkai.
* CriticalStatusBuff: Her special skill in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' - her "rage meter" fills up as she takes damage, and increases her attack power when full.
* FailedASpotCheck: While everyone else in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' is able to see through Mamizou's disguise while talking with her, it isn't until the tanuki uses "wicked arts" that Ichirin realizes that she's not actually fighting Byakuren.
* FrickinLaserBeams: She is probably the biggest user to date of a specific variety of laser whose [[HitboxDissonance wonky hitbox]] enrages certain experienced players.
* FlyingOnACloud: She does this with Unzan in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' when Mamizou's spellcard "Transformation: Futatsuiwa Family's Clan" [[BalefulPolymorph turns her into a monkey]] in an obvious ShoutOut to ''Literature/JourneyToTheWest''.
* TheGenericGirl: ZUN even notes that she's "basically just the hitbox for Unzan".
** She's treated this way in canon, if ''Hopeless Masquerade'' is anything to go by.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIidB012kqw "The Traditional Old Man and the Stylish Girl"]]. Also has [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEflmXjd38o a remix]] in ''Hopeless Masquerade''.
* MeaningfulName: Her name means "one wheel in clouds", and her [[BossSubtitles character title]] is "The Great Wheel That Guards And Is Guarded". She also carries a wheel/ring that she uses in the noncards to summon bullet patterns that look like huge wheels with spokes made of lasers.
* MegatonPunch: Her ''Fist Sign "Wind-Killing Confession" ''. She calls Unzan to punch horizontally, slamming the hit enemy to the wall at the far side.
* MightyGlacier: In ''Hopeless Masquerade''.
* MoralityChain: To Unzan, more or less
* OnlySaneMan: Her general personality in {{Fanon}}.
* PaletteSwap: One of those in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' gives her a colour-scheme that looks a lot like [[LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex Index]]. Another makes her look like Utsuho.
* PluckyGirl
* PrecisionGuidedBoomerang: One of her ''Hopeless Masquerade'' attacks.
* RingsOfDeath: She doesn't get much use out of them in ''UFO'' with Unzan doing most of the fighting. In ''Hopeless Masquerade'', however, she wields them a bit like [[PowerFist brass knuckles]] that also [[MotionCaptureMecha summon Unzan]].
* StrictlyFormula: ZUN admits that Ichirin was created as an afterthought because he worried that Unzan alone would be too much of a departure from the [[ImprobablyFemaleCast usual Touhou template]].
* TurnsRed: Again, in ''Hopeless Masquerade''. However, it's not permanent.
* UnexpectedCharacter: Hands up, who expected her to be playable in 13.5?
* UnkemptBeauty: Unsurprisingly enough, a lot of fanart tend to portray her as this. Her rather conservative outfit doesn't help with this.




Cloud-like "partner" entity to Ichirin. ''[[TheOneGuy He]]'' is able to shapeshift into giant fists or a giant face and almost never speaks, preferring that Ichirin speaks for him.

!!!Tropes associated with Unzan:

* BadassBeard
* BewareTheQuietOnes: Quiet and shy by nature, but you wouldn't know that by looking at him and he's definitely no slouch in a fight.
* DefeatMeansFriendship: After Ichirin warded him off, he decided to protect her for the rest of his life.
* EyeBeams: For the duo's final spell card. That's one scolding you ''don't'' want to receive.
* HeelFaceTurn: Killed people before getting tamed by Ichirin.
* GiantHandsOfDoom: Using [[PowerFist giant fists]] as danmaku, as well as RocketPunch. Taking off on the old "brofist" meme and its odd connection to Western Touhou fans, Unzan's attacks renewed the joke with full force.
* GlowingEyesOfDoom: When Ichirin uses her last word in HM.
* MightyGlacier: His attacks are quite telegraphed.
* MotionCaptureMecha: He fights a bit like one in ''Hopeless Masquerade''. Most of the duo's attacks involve Ichirin throwing a punch, and Unzan's fists mimicking the same motion, to greater effect. Ichirin can still punch even if Unzan is unavailable, but for much less damage.
* TheOneGuy: Currently the only remotely male character ''overall'' to have appeared in the Windows games (unless you count Rinnosuke's background cameo in ''Hopeless Masquerade''). Considering he's also depicted in a non-{{bishonen}} way, unlike Rinnosuke, it adds up to some MemeticBadass status.
* TheQuietOne
* RapidFireFisticuffs
* RealMenWearPink: He's a giant pink cloud, and also the manliest character in the series.
* RocketPunch
* {{Shapeshifting}}: Can't change his colour, though.
* ShrinkingViolet: The reason why he's TheQuietOne is due to his crippling shyness, so he lets Ichirin act as a kind of spokesman for him.
* StealthPun: "Nyuudo", his species, can be also read as the Japanese for "thundercloud".


[[folder:Minamitsu Murasa]]

::''The Ghost Left From The Shipwreck''
::'''Captain Minamitsu Murasa'''

-->''"Hehe, unfortunately we can't bring powerless passengers with us. Now, leave the treasure here and return back to earth!"''

The ghost-turned-{{youkai}} of a [[TheOphelia drowned girl]] that spent a few years capsizing ships, until she was unbound from her place of death by Byakuren who offered her a new ship to captain. She and the Palanquin Ship ended up bound in the underworld with Byakuren's followers until Utsuho's geyser blew it off into the sky, kick-starting the game's plot.

!!!Tropes associated with Minamitsu:

* AffablyEvil: Despite utilizing her power to cause people to drown and sinking ships, she is noted to have a bright personality, and is said to hold conversations with the captain of sinking vessels even as they're going down.
* AnchorsAway: She throws giant anchor danmaku!
* TheCaptain
* CuteGhostGirl
* DependingOnTheArtist: Her official art makes it ambiguous whether she's wearing shorts or a skirt, and both appear in fanart.
* IOweYouMyLife: Her motivation to rescue Byakuren.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJ_2NTthBnU "Captain Murasa"]]
* SailorFuku: Wears the type of "sailor suit" the iconic Sailor Fuku is [[OlderThanTheyThink based on]].
* SerialKiller: Some of it is likely thanks to village gossip and/or Akyuu's fearmongering, but ''[[AllThereInTheManual Symposium of Post-mysticism]]'' paints her as liable to kill anyone that gets near water while they're alone.
** Akyuu's explanation for it is that as a ghost she's obligated to have some sort of obsession to prevent her from moving on to the afterlife. So she would literally die if she stopped trying to drown people. Incidentally, she had previously been attached to the living world by the location of her shipwreck, [[NiceJobBreakingItHero until Byakuren unbound her.]]
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: K-S romanization - "Minamitu".
* TokenEvilTeammate: For the Buddhists.


[[folder:Shou Toramaru]]

::''The Disciple Of Bishamonten''
::'''Shou Toramaru'''

-->''"Then you'll have to bear witness to the light of dharma which is even brighter here in Makai. And bow down before this pagoda of Bishamonten!"''

An "honest and straightforward" tiger {{youkai}} representing good fortune, who was turned into an avatar of the Buddhist god [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaisravana Vaisravana/Bishamonten]] through the intercession of Byakuren. She sought the fragments of the Tobikura and the pagoda of Bishamonten to finally release Byakuren.

!!!Tropes associated with Shou:

* AmuletOfConcentratedAwesome: 80% of her strength comes from her pagoda.
* AnimalMotifs: Tiger-patterned clothes and hair.
* {{Bifauxnen}}: Often depicted as one by fanartists, due to her GenderBlenderName and her overall boyish appearance in official in-game art.
* BladeOnAStick: She carries a spear, just like the Buddhist god of treasure and [[WarGod warfare]] Bishamonten, on whom her character is based. She isn't actually any good with it, though, since it's just a decorative item that's a part of her purposeful imitation of a statue of Bishamonten. She uses it like a walking stick.
* ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve: How she came into being; tigers aren't native to Japan, but she was born from information about tigers that scholars brought over from the continent. When people began to imagine what tigers might be like, their collective imaginations brought Shou into existence.
* CreepyCoolCrosses: More like a giant spinning laser cross of death. It's actually a vajra/dorje, a Hindu/Buddhist scepter that represents the thunderbolt.
* TheDragon
* FailureKnight: She was so loyal to her duties as Bishamonten's avatar that she wasn't present when Byakuren was dragged away and imprisoned. The regret stemming from this eventually motivates her to begin the quest for the Tobikura and put all her power into setting Byakuren free.
* FlowerInHerHair
* FrickinLaserBeams: This is her gimmick - every attack she uses involves lasers in some way. And they ''curve'' in midair. Plus there's just [[BeamSpam so many of them]]. And she's got spells, like ''Buddhist Art "Most Valuable Vajra"'' that put the Non-Directonal Laser to shame, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYqvDet61f4#t=2m25 as shown here.]] As it turns out, her real WeaponOfChoice is not her spear, but the Jewelled Pagoda she holds, also known as the Laser Pagoda. Akyuu considers it so deadly and accurate that even entering it's range (after pissing Shou off) will guarantee that you're reduced to ash.
* GenderBlenderName: 'Shou' is generally a male name.
* [[GodInHumanForm God in Youkai Form]]: She ''became'' an avatar for Bishamonten.
* GodJob: An unusual example, in that her job is being an ''[[GodInHumanForm avatar]]'' of a god.
* HardDrinkingPartyGirl: While she's more gentle and reserved than most characters who fit this trope, she's still very fond of alcohol and will often become staggeringly drunk.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDNsk2UXYE4 "The Tiger-Patterned Vaisravana"]]
* LittleBitBeastly: Despite canonically not having any distinct tiger-like physical features other than her striped hair, many artists portray Shou with tiger ears and tail.
* ModeLock: No longer possesses the ability to change into her beast form.
* MulticoloredHair: It looks like tiger stripes!
* PhysicalGod: Akyuu claims she's closer to Kanako than to a youkai.
** WarGod: Though she's not actually that good at fighting, and focuses more on Bishamonten's treasure aspect.
* SkirtOverSlacks
* SpeciesSurname: 'Tora' means tiger.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: K-S romanization - "Syou"
* SupernaturalGoldEyes
* UpgradeArtifact: The laser pagoda is more powerful than Shou herself and is the true source of the infamous lasers. Apparently it accounts for about 80% of Shou's strength.


[[folder:Byakuren Hijiri]]

::''The Great Sealed Magician''
::'''Byakuren Hijiri (or [[MeaningfulName Saint Byakuren]]?)'''

-->''"Oh, the world of dharma is filled with light. Are you the one who liberated this world?"''

A Buddhist nun turned youkai magician. She pretended to specialize in {{youkai}} extermination, but helped the youkai by relocating them far from human settlements, like Minamitsu, instead of killing them. When her eternal youth raised suspicion, she was sealed in Makai. Nazrin, Ichirin, Minamitsu and Shou were successful in freeing her, with some unintended help from the player character, and now she maintains her new temple in Gensoukyou.

!!!Tropes associated with Byakuren:

* AllLovingHero: She tries, at least.
* AllMonksKnowKungFu: Her style of fighting in ''Hopeless Masquerade'', with no other explanation. At least it makes sense since her magic is all about improving her physical abilities.
* AndIMustScream: A less-horrifying example. She was sealed in Hokkai for a thousand years, but was very much conscious and awake the whole time. She simply had nothing to do aside from reciting sutra and crafting magical scrolls.
** Though if her [[CallBack attack patterns]] are any indication, a certain god may have been keeping her company.
* {{Badass}}: She's one of the most ''physical'' characters in ''Hopeless Masquerade'', not unlike Meiling in ''Hisoutensoku''.
** BadassBoast: In ''Hopeless Masquerade'', she absolutely loves doing this. So much with the Gandhi image...
* BecomingTheMask: She originally protected youkai to maintain the source of her powers, but as she gradually learned of their stories she sincerely committed to help them.
* BeingGoodSucks: Her reward for aiding both youkai and humans? Sealed for a millenium in Makai.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Very common in fandom. She has a very nice personality, but pissing her off with result in a [[StepfordSmiler fake smile]] not unlike [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Yuuka's]].
* BlackMagic: It's probably not the magic by itself since it doesn't differ much from other magic, but the fact it completely violates what her beliefs actually stand for, making her a {{Hypocrite}}. Also, faith is a ''very'' powerful source in Gensoukyou so whatever would spite it is naturally evil by default.
* BlueAndOrangeMorality: Her mission of converting youkai to Buddhism and trying to get along with everyone is something that other people find rather confusing. Most youkai don't understand why they shouldn't eat humans, humans like Akyuu are waiting for the other shoe to drop, and Miko just thinks she's "playing house".
* BoobsOfSteel: As with many sixth stage bosses, she's pretty strong. In her first playable appearance in 13.5, she doesn't ''just'' have the biggest bust in the game, it ''[[{{Gainaxing}} jiggles]]''.
* ButYouWereThereAndYouAndYou: Whenever Kosuzu tells a fairy tale in ''Forbidden Scrollery'', the monk characters will be portrayed by Byakuren... [[NoInnerFourthWall who is fully aware that she's playing a role and will occasionally break character to comment on it]].
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Gag fanon made her into this (along with just about every other member of her crew). May stem from being sealed for so long.
* CallBack: Among her spell cards is a faithful reproduction of one of Shinki's most distinctive attacks. Some fans who didn't like the the PC-98 era characters' suffering from ChuckCunninghamSyndrome did not take it well. If you still view the PC-98 games as canon, however, then she was in the right place to swipe attacks from Shinki. As a result it's not uncommon for fanworks to depict Shinki and Byakuren as old friends, since they had about a thousand years to get to know each other.
* CaptainOblivious: She appears ([[SelectiveObliviousness deliberately]] or not) ignorant to the fact that many of her followers do not actually follow her vows (no drinking, no eating meat, no attacking humans, etc.)
* CrisisOfFaith: Struggles with her belief in Buddhism in her backstory. Although it's questionable how many of her current beliefs would be accepted in mainstream Buddhism.
* CultOfPersonality: It's unclear whether her followers are truly devoted to Buddhism, or if they just go through the motions because they love being around her.
* CynicismCatalyst: The death of her little brother Myouren caused her to abandon the teachings of her faith and pursue immortality at the cost of her humanity. Although her character arc where she overcomes it and regains her idealism all happens within her backstory.
* DarkIsNotEvil: Her powers and spells have roots in dark magic, yet her motivation is the salvation of humans and youkai alike.
* DetectEvil: Can apparently sense that Seiga is ridiculously evil. She also manages to sense that the god of the Hakurei Shrine has become angry from [[GodsNeedPrayerBadly lack of faith]].
* DeathFromAbove [=/=] [[MegatonPunch Megaton Hand Chop]]: Her spell ''Heaven Card "Five Elements Mountain of Shakyamuni"'' has her charge up and '''let a huge hand strike the enemy from above!'''
* EmpathicWeapon: Her scroll is made from Makai materials and possesses its own will. Mostly it just doesn't let anyone but Byakuren use it.
* EnemyMine: [[spoiler:Unites with both [[ArchNemesis Toyosatomimi no Miko]] and Reimu in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' in hopes of defeating Kokoro in Kokoro's story.]]
* FinalBoss
* FlashStep: Accelerates to frightening speeds in her spell card ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DAApMrtEiU Superhuman "Byakuren Hijiri"]]''. ''Hopeless Masquerade'' makes it a standard part of her arsenal.
* FlowerMotifs [[FrickinLaserBeams That Shoot Lasers]]: Her name [[MeaningfulName means "white lotus"]], to boot.
* FluffyTamer: Many of the youkai she houses in her temple are still dangerous and aggressive towards humans (and most likely have had large body counts in the past, like Murasa), and yet she still treats them as a kindly old grandmother would, an attitude which Akyuu finds repulsive.
* {{Gainaxing}}: Her ''Hopeless Masquerade'' sprite is well-endowed. And jiggles in the wind.
* TheHeretic: As a result of BecomingTheMask and BeingGoodSucks.
* HeroAntagonist: Even among ''Touhou'''s general lack of evil characters, she bears special mention. Her goal is to bring peace and harmony to humans and youkai. Of course, Akyuu thinks she's deluded for this, as many people believe youkai are eldritch things that rely on eating humans. It's also a metaphysical fact that ceasing to antagonize humans would cause youkai to lose their purpose in life and vanish in a PuffOfLogic. Arguably she's just teaching them to accept their own deaths, which is after all very Buddhist.
* ImmortalitySeeker: Formerly. Although given that she changed her tune ''after'' successfully becoming immortal...
* LaserBlade: Can pull one out in ''Hopeless Masquerade'', generated by a [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vajra vajra]].
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmy6rcn_v3A "Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind"]]. Later [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7loQeuD2sA remixed in Hopeless Masquerade]].
* KungFuWizard
* MagicEnhancement: Her specialty as a magician. One of her spellcards is even called ''Superhuman "Byakuren Hijiri"''.
* MeaningfulName: "Hijiri" literally means "saint". Given that Buddhist monks of her era were expected to abandon their family names, it's very likely that it's actually a title that she's earned rather than her real name.
* MessianicArchetype: To the point where her Fan Nickname is "[[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic Youkai Jesus]]".
** DuelingMessiahs: With Toyosatomimi no Miko; Byakuren is the more idealistic one.
* MisaimedFandom: InUniverse example. Yamame and Orin like her temple because of the (delicious) stressed humans and corpses respectively. Another youkai enjoys listening to Buddhist sutras because he's a fan of horror stories.
* MulticoloredHair: Brown hair with a purple gradient from the top. Sometimes thought to be a lighting effect from her scroll, but it was eventually [[WordOfGod confirmed by ZUN]] to be natural.
* NiceHat: In ''Hopeless Masquerade'' she wears an ''ajirogasa'', a monk's traveling hat.
* NunTooHoly: Byakuren is a genuinely kind person who wants to use Buddhism to help others... but [[VainSorceress studying evil magic in order to make yourself young and beautiful]] isn't really appropriate behaviour for someone who's supposed to be giving up all their worldly desires.
* PoesLaw: Yes, there are even youkai that actually follow her devoutly simply because they do not prefer aggression.
* ThePollyanna: Some fanon turns her into this.
* PowerGivesYouWings: Or in this case, a lotus petal.
* SealedBadassInACan: Whether she's good or evil actually gets debated in the game dialogue. Although this being Gensoukyou, of course the answer leans towards the former.
* {{Status Buff}}s: [[AllThereInTheManual Her profile]] says Byakuren specialises in magic that enhances her physical abilities. Without them though, she's a SquishyWizard, so Akyuu recommends catching her off guard. If you want to fight her for some reason.
** ChargedAttack: How this is represented in ''Hopeless Masquerade''. Her special attacks are extremely powerful, but entering the command only builds up a charge; it must be entered a second time before the attack is released. Some attacks also grant minor bonuses while held.
* ShockAndAwe: One of her spells in ''Hopeless Masquerade''.
* ShoutOut: Her Last Word in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' is a WaveMotionGun-induced one to ''{{Anime}}/SpaceBattleshipYamato''.
* SpellBook: Her "Sorcerer's Picture Scroll" is a magic construct she created using materials from Makai, containing the sutras she must recite to cast spells. It's at least somewhat intelligent, being able to recite spells by itself and prevent others from using it.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: K-S romanization - "Hiziri".
* StupidGood: Miko accuses her of this for trying to reform youkai.
* ThouShaltNotKill: For religious purposes. She won't even eat meat due to the animals having been killed.
* VainSorceress: The first thing she did with her magic was de-age herself from an old woman to her current twenty-something appearance. Akyuu specifically notes that magician-immortality doesn't come with any de-aging, so that's all just Byakuren's vanity.
* WhatTheHellHero: She will voice her objections to the player character's behavior before the battle commences. What exactly her objections are will vary depending on the chosen character and scenario.
* WitchSpecies: Like Alice, this is what Byakuren became.
* YamatoNadeshiko: The closest the series has yet come to a true example. After all, she is tall, has long dark hair (though it's a purple-to-brown gradient), graceful and pretty on the outside, and calm, collected and warm on the inside and [[SilkHidingSteel boy does she put up a fight]].

[[caption-width-right:250:''[--(fanart, appearance is completely speculative)--]'']]


Byakuren's little brother, a monk who taught Byakuren Buddhist magic. His death made her fear her own, and drove her to seek eternal youth.

WordOfGod is that Myouren was originally intended to be the final boss, but, as amusing as it would have been to have an "old man" be the final boss of a ''Touhou game'', ZUN decided to [[PanderingToTheBase play it safe]] and made Byakuren instead.

!!!Tropes associated with Myouren:

* {{Bishonen}}: Myouren's appearance is never described in any canon source, but most fanart depicts him as a {{bishounen}} with the same MulticoloredHair as his sister. Given that he was a Buddhist monk, it's more likely that he would have a completely shaved head.
* DeathByOriginStory: Myouren's death is the catalyst that eventually put Byakuren where she is at the start of ''[=UFO=]''.
* PublicDomainCharacter / HistoricalDomainCharacter
* ShoutOut: Myouren is a reference to a famous Buddhist monk who was the star of 12th-century tales such as the ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shigisan-engi Shigisan-engi]].'' Byakuren may be a shout-out to the unnamed Buddhist priestess mentioned in the story.


[[folder:Nue Houjuu]]

::''The Unidentified Fantastic Flying Girl''
::'''Nue Houjuu'''

-->''"You human who's forgotten the fear of night! Die from the terror of this unidentified flying object!!"''

Nue is a youkai who has the ability to hide her true form, and thus all accounts of her appearance vary wildly. When she got tired of frightening humans, she hid away underground, although her dialogue indicates a human sealed her after discovering her true form. After getting caught up in the rising of Byakuren's ship she decided to tag along and attempt to cause trouble for them.

Currently living in Byakuren's temple.

!!!Tropes associated with Nue:

* BerserkButton: As she's trying to get along with Byakuren's folks, she doesn't like to be called an "outcast".
* BonusBoss
* DoppelgangerAttack: "Purple Mirror" in ''Double Spoiler''.
* [[FashionableAsymmetry Fashionably Asymmetric]] [[WingedHumanoid Wings]]: One wing red and angular, the other blue and curvy, like bent arrows.
* FateWorseThanDeath: "Now, human! Boil me! Bake me alive! Do anything you wish! Oh, but please, just don't seal me underground again." She's shocked when the main characters let her go.
* FlyingSaucer: Some of her attacks involve the very [=UFOs=] you've been blowing up for powerups the whole game.
* ItAmusedMe: The entire reason for her presense, deciding to have some fun by disrupting Minamitsu's group's search and involving the player characters. She later regrets this, though.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMXaJvxGAxo "Heian Alien"]]
* MasterOfIllusion: She disguised the Palanquin Ship as a UFO, and appears as a floating orb of light as a midboss in stages 4 and 6. She confirms that what we see is her true form, and attacks the heroine in order to keep it a secret.
* MeaningfulName: Nue is the name of her species. Houjuu translates to "sealed beast", because, like most of the other characters, was sealed away before the events of ''Subterranean Animism''.
* MonochromaticEyes: Her eyes are all dark red in her [[http://www.giantbomb.com/nue-houjuu/94-11959/all-images/52-360532/nue2/51-1110842/ official artwork]]. What makes it creepier is that you can still see the outline of where her pupils should be.
* PointyEars: Often depicted with these in fanart.
* ProngsOfPoseidon
* RecurringBoss: She's the midboss in stage 4 and 6, though she doesn't appear in her true form until the extra stage.
** She's also the Extra Stage Midboss of ''Ten Desires''.
* ScrewySquirrel: She enjoyed messing around with Byakuren and the other girls, tagging along and interfering every so often because she thought it would be funny if they failed in their goal. In fact, she attached "Seed[s] of Non-Identification" to the ship and the Tobikura fragments, making them appear as [=UFOs=] to the untrained eye. When she found out that their mission would help her as well, [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone she felt guilty about it]].
* ShoutOut: One of her spell cards in ''Double Spoiler'' makes danmaku in the shapes of [[PlayStation green triangles, red circles, pink squares, and blue X-s]].
* [[SpeciesSurname Species Given Name]]: As you would expect, she's a nue. However, ''Symposium of Post-Mysticism'' states that what most people consider a nue (a [[MixAndMatchCritters chimera]] that's a cross between a monkey, a tiger, a {{Tanuki}} and a snake), is not an actual nue but a completely different being; a ''real'' nue's true form has never been identified.
** Her ''Undefined Fantastic Object'' profile implies she's '''the''' nue from the legends.
* UrbanLegends: What most of her ''Double Spoiler'' spell cards are based on.
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: So much so that no one has ever seen what she really looks like, since she takes great pains to hide her true form.
* YouCannotGraspTheTrueForm: Her power is exactly this. She can also imbue other things with the same characteristic by attaching a "Seed of Non-Identification" to them.
* ZettaiRyouiki: She is the first character to be seen with zettai ryouiki in official art. Although Suwako is commonly depicted as having zettai ryouiki in fanart and her ''Hisoutensoku'' portrait, her artwork in ''Mountain of Faith'' shows her with knee-high socks as opposed to thigh-highs.


!Debuted in ''Hisoutensoku''

[[folder:The Catfish]]

::'''Unnamed Giant Catfish'''

-->''"I am the legendary Supreme Catfish. I need but one move and the earth itself will tremble, the lands on the surface will disintegrate. The likes of you cannot even begin to comprehend my power!"''

A [[GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere Big Freaking Catfish]] that appears as the final boss of Hong Meiling's story as an avatar of the "Taisui Xingjun", and Hong Meiling believes it is about to attack Gensoukyou. A likely referece to the belief that [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Namazu_%28Japanese_mythology%29 a giant catfish causes earthquakes]] in Japanese mythology.

!!!Tropes associated with the catfish:

* AllJustADream: Meiling dreams that every other character she fights in her story mode are minions of the Taisui Xingjun that took the form of familiar characters. It explains Reimu's freaky dark aura. In addition, the background to the fight is rendered in a cartoony, childish style, in comparison to the SceneryPorn-filled backdrops of the other stages.
* AllThereInTheScript: The catfish's graphics assets have filenames beginning with "namazu*", so it's often referred to as "the Namazu" in fanon.
* BullfightBoss: Its 3rd spell card.
* ContinuityNod: It's very possible that this thing is based on the giant catfish that Sakuya served as a meal in the end of Tenshi's ending in ''SWR''. Note that this was also a probable reference to the above folklore, as earthquakes were important to ''SWR'''s plot.
* [[GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere Giant Catfish from Nowhere]]
* GroundPound: It'll often leap into the air and crush you from above.
* MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext
* RockSteady: In traditional Japanese folklore, namazu were giant catfish that caused earthquakes by thrashing underground. So despite being a fish, it has earth-based powers, creating earthquakes and launching rocks into the air.
* ShockAndAwe: Few of his spellcards involve electricity.


!Debuted in ''Double Spoiler''

[[folder:Hatate Himekaidou]]

::''Modern Day Spirit Photographer''
::'''Hatate Himekaidou'''

-->''"Oh, Aya's reporting style is so, like, pushy! Maybe I could learn something from how pushy she is. After all, the places where people refuse interviews are totally where the incidents are hiding, right?"''

A tengu reporter, like Aya, who writes for her own newspaper: ''Kakashi Nenpo''. Her "spirit photography" lets her find pictures and information without having to go out in person, but her news lacks the freshness of Aya's ''Bunbunmaru''. She decides to observe Aya to find the secret to her success.

!!!Tropes associated with Hatate:
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: She doesn't have an entry or a newspaper article in ''Symposium.'' ZUN admitted that he simply forgot about her, and attributed her absence from the work to her having no friends.
** She is, however, the author of four of the newspaper clippings shown, so she's not ''entirely'' absent.
* CurrentEventsBlog: What she and the ''Kakashi Nenpo'' seem to be a satire of.
* EmoTeen: Her "modern schoolgirl"-esque portrayal has led to the creation of a fan persona known as [[http://dic.pixiv.net/a/%E3%81%AF%E3%81%9F%E3%81%9F%E3%82%93 "Hata-tan."]]
* GirlishPigtails
* {{Hikikomori}}: Mocked as such by Aya, due to her unwillingness to go outside to gather her news materials. Fanon jacked this up to [[{{Yandere}} insane]] levels.
* HotScoop: More teenage-flavored compared to Aya.
* IntrepidReporter: Decides to become this after being influenced by Aya's newspapers.
* LampshadeHanging: Not her, but ZUN. [[ContrivedCoincidence Her ability has unintentional similarities with Google Image Search]]? [[http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Symposium_of_Post-mysticism/Interview Yeah, right]]!
* {{Leitmotif}}: Shares "The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain" with Aya.
* MagicalCamera: Unlike Aya, who has a traditional camera, Hatate's has some sort of magical Google image search as an added function.
* PointyEars: Likely unintentional again.
* RedOniBlueOni: With Aya. Hatate's the red oni - she's [[HotBlooded fired up]] about beating Aya and has a more childish personality and manner of speech.
* TheRival: To Aya.
* ShoutOut: Possibly yet another one to ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'' - her spirit photography and purple colour scheme are reminiscent of Joseph Joestar and his Stand "Hermit Purple" from Part 3.
* {{Tengu}}: A crow tengu.
* TotallyRadical: How her Nagoya dialect is rendered in English by some translators.
* ValleyGirl: Her comments have been translated this way. Arguably a {{Woolseyism}} or rather, a mistake that caught on. With the release of the English patch it is now semi-official for the western fandom.
* WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway: Her spirit photography works by punching in keywords and getting photos that match said keywords. Beyond the unfortunate similarities to Google Image Search, relying on it means that by that she can only start writing articles after they've already been reported on, which is a problem for a member of a journalist caste.


!Debuted in ''Ten Desires''

[[folder:Kyouko Kasodani]]

::''Sutra-Reciting Mountain Spirit''
::'''Kyouko Kasodani'''

-->''"You always gotta give a proper greeting!"''

She is a yamabiko, a youkai responsible for creating echoes in the mountains. She's recently converted to Buddhism and joined the Myouren Temple, and enjoys reciting sutras.

!!!Tropes associated with Kyouko:

* ALittleSomethingWeCallRockAndRoll: According to ''Symposium of Post-mysticism'' she somehow learned what "punk rock" is and [[http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Symposium_of_Post-mysticism/Bunbunmaru_Newspaper_1 started holding concerts]] (with Mystia on guitar).
* BlatantLies: Tries to excuse fighting the protagonist by claiming that attacking humans is part of her morning duties. She's shocked when Sanae actually believes her.
* CatchPhrase: The fandom gave her several catchphrases, usually in the form of exclamations. She has "Yahoo!"[[note]]Comes from her description in the [[http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Kyouko#Ten_Desires_-_omake.txt demo's read-me]][[/note]], "Ohayou Gozaimasu!"[[note]]"Good Morning!"[[/note]] and "Gyate Gyate"[[note]]It was rendered in one of her portrait sprites as "ぎゃーてー ぎゃーてー". Beginning part of the mantra in the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heart_Sutra Heart Sutra.]][[/note]]
* CoolShades[=/=]HellBentForLeather[=/=]TooManyBelts[=/=]ZettaiRyouiki: Her Choujuu Gigaku outfit along with Mystia.
* CuteButCacophonic
* CuteLittleFangs: As depicted in ''Wild and Horned Hermit''.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKRu7b66mkk "Youkai Girl at the Gate"]]
* LittleBitBeastly: Visually, she has the ears of a [[http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%83%95%E3%82%A1%E3%82%A4%E3%83%AB:Suushi_Yama-biko.jpg Yamabiko]]. While the kind of animal the Yamabiko is supposed to be [[CartoonCreature is ambiguous at best]], ''Symposium of Post-Mysticism'' has confirmed that she has a tail and a lot of fans make her to be a cute dog.
* MakeMeWannaShout: Her power is to reflect sound waves, which she does by shouting according to her fight-posturing. However, it's hardly destructive. She uses it to reflect back her danmaku.
* PaintingTheFrostOnWindows: Or create echoes, rather.
* Music/PunkRock: Together with Mystia she becomes Choujuu Gigaku (''dance of bird and beast''), a punk group that hold 'guerrilla concerts' at the dead of night. It's her way of relieving stress. It's implied that Akyuu might even be a fan of their performances and according to the artwork from the page (which is supposed to be a photo in-verse) it appears Reisen is a fan as well, since her distinct ears are visible.


[[folder:Yoshika Miyako]]

::''Faithful Undead''
::'''Yoshika Miyako'''

-->''"Um... what was I guarding..."''

Yoshika is a jiangshi, and a bodyguard of sorts for Seiga Kaku. She's not very good at her job.

!!!Tropes associated with Yoshika:

* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: Some fanartists give Yoshika blue skin to indicate that she's undead.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Very empty headed. Akyuu claims she's actually entirely mindless.
** AttentionDeficitOohShiny: [[http://demonhunterscompendium.blogspot.com/2012/07/the-jiangshi.html This is much more accurate than it isn't]]. Jiangshis have been known to be very stupid and empty-headed, but really annoying when it comes to them wanting food.
* {{Catchphrase}}: "Chikayoruna!" meaning, "Go away!" or "Don't come closer!"
* DumbMuscle: Very strong, very dumb. Unfortunately, this being Gensoukyou, physical strength doen't mean much, and even if it did there's plenty of strong youkai around.
* ExpressiveAccessory: According to fandom, the ''[[PaperTalisman [=Ofuda=]]]'' on her forehead changes what it says depending on the situation.
* ExtremeOmnivore: Her power is the ability to eat absolutely anything. Often draws parallels to Yuyuko in fanon.
* FeelNoPain: {{Justified|Trope}} by being an [[TheUndead undead]].
* FlechetteStorm: At any given time, her bullet patterns can fill the screen with ''hundreds'' of kunai bullets. When compared to the previous boss, this is ''absurd''.
* ForgetfulJones: Some of the characters speculate that her brain is rotten. She ''is'' a zombie.
* HistoricalDomainCharacter: Probably based on [[http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E9%83%BD%E8%89%AF%E9%A6%99 Miyako no Yoshika]], a famous scholar and poet that was rumoured to have become a hermit. It seems in this universe [[GenderBender he]] became the puppet of a hermit instead. [[GenderBender And a young girl somehow]].
* HumanShield: Seiga uses her like one in the dual boss fight.
* HyperactiveMetabolism: She'll eat spirits during battle to heal herself.
* {{Jiangshi}}: Judging by her name, she's from Japan rather than China. However, her creator (Seiga Kaku) is Chinese, so it makes sense that she could simply make a jiangshi out of a Japanese person.
* LargeHam: "YA-RA-RE-TAAA!"
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaw8WyORAZY "Rigid Paradise"]]
* [[PaperTalisman [=Ofuda=]]]: Has one on her forehead. Among other things, this clues Youmu in that someone else is controlling Yoshika after she defeats her.
* RecurringBoss: Appears to assist Seiga in stage 4.
* SoullessShell
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Not her, but her species name, largely due to it being originally Chinese. Kyonshi, Jiangshi, and Geung si are merely the romanizations you're most likely to come across.
* TwoFirstNames: The kanji for it are odd, but Miyako is normally a given name.
* TheUndead: A {{Jiangshi}}, to be exact. It is noted that she's gaining more and more qualities attributed to [[OurZombiesAreDifferent zombies]] these days because in the outside world people rarely tell stories about jiang-shi anymore, but zombies are popular, and complains about getting compared to them.
* ViralTransformation: Anyone bitten by her will transform into a {{Jiangshi}}... for a while, anyway.
* WarriorPoet: The "warrior" part [[DumbMuscle is debatable]], but when she's not under Seiga's control she once was seen reciting poems in the graveyard.
* WeaksauceWeakness: Reimu, Marisa, and Sanae could have used their brooms to "sweep her away" into her grave.
* WistfulAmnesia: When not under Seiga's control, her body appears to retain some memories of its former life.
* ZombieGait: Has her arms in front in "sleepwalker"/"{{Thriller}}" position at all times. In-game, she comments that she has to do stretches to prevent stiffening; fandom has her unable to bend at all.


[[folder:Seiga Kaku]]

::''The Wicked Hermit Who Passes Through Walls''
::'''Seiga Kaku'''

-->''"The folks in Hell consider you evil just for living a long life. How rude."''

A Chinese hermit and the creator of Yoshika. She is the one that taught Miko Taoism, and the one to suggest using Buddhism to pacify Japan. She assists with Miko's resurrection in Gensokyo, although doesn't actually ally herself with the Miko faction, instead choosing to pursue a variety of people she finds interesting.

!!!Tropes associated with Seiga:

* AffablyEvil: Despite the fact that she seems to be widely recognized as evil, that doesn't stop her from acting friendly towards everyone she meets and laughing off attempts to kill her.
* BadSanta: Despite the fact that Gensoukyou doesn't celebrate Christmas. [[http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Symposium_of_Post-mysticism/Bunbunmaru_Newspaper_4 It's kind of complicated.]]
* BlasphemousPraise: Claims that Miko will be "far grander than that [[{{Jesus}} infidel prophet who resurrected three days after his execution]]".
* CardCarryingVillain: Literally.
** MyCard: Presents it to Kasen upon escaping the Kishin's trap, recognizing her as a fellow hermit.
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* DisappearedDad: Her father left her to follow Taoism.
** GenerationXerox: She ended up running out on her own family to seek her father, as well as to further practice Taoism.
* DualBoss[=/=]FlunkyBoss: Fights alongside Yoshika, though you can only kill Yoshika temporarily and must empty Seiga's lifebar to proceed.
* EnemiesWithDeath: She's a fugitive from Hell due to her unsanctioned immortality, and has to routinely fight off enemies sent to kill her.
* EnlightenmentSuperpowers: The goal of all Taoist hermits, although in her case it apparently comes along with the realization that the laws of nature contain no moral guidelines.
* EvilMentor: She taught Miko Taoism and she's a "wicked hermit." According to Miko herself, Seiga demonstrated through her actions that power is only as good or evil as the wielder.
* FakingTheDead: To run away from her family.
* HairDecorations: While many other characters in this series have hair decorations, Seiga's hairpin is notable in that she can use it to pass through walls.
* HermitGuru: She's a [[http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Perfect_Memento:_Hermits hermit]], like Kasen Ibara...
** TheHeretic [=/=] NunTooHoly: ...but because of her personality and willingness to deceive others, she lacks divine grace and so is considered a "wicked hermit."
* ILoveTheDead: Due to her relationship with Yoshika, common portrayal has her loving the dead for use in her work.
* ImmortalityImmorality: A rather blatant case, where the Ministry of Right and Wrong (ie: the [[CelestialBureaucracy government of Heaven and Hell]]) have explicitly declared that humans living too long is itself a sin.
** Although this logic is questioned in-series even by the generally good-natured Kasen, so depending on how you interpret it, this could even be a case of GodIsEvil or RageAgainstTheHeavens. From Seiga's perspective anyway.
* InSeriesNickname: Also known as Seiga Niang Niang ("Lady Seiga" in Chinese), which is rendered by the Japanese fandom as Seiga Nyan Nyan.
* [[IntangibleMan Intangible Woman]]: Sort of. She possesses the power to pass through walls, but does it by causing parts of the walls to [[PortableHole temporarily disappear]] using the Wall-Removing Chisel that she keeps in her hair.
* {{Leitmotif}}: "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K96VIem5os4 Old Yuanshen]][[SpellMyNameWithAnS /Yuanxian]]"
* {{Necromancer}}: Has no problem raising the dead to serve as her mindless minion (Yoshika). Akyuu considers this the primary reason she earned the title of "wicked hermit".
* ObviouslyEvil: Byakuren can immediately tell she's ''ridiculously'' evil, and Akyuu doesn't have much love for her, either.
** Two of her spellcards start with "Evil Sign", for heaven's sake.
* PetTheDog / EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Despite her allegedly evil connotations and the fact that she uses Yoshika as a meat shield in battle, she still referes to the Jiang Shi as her "cute underling" and fanon typically has her being very caring, even loving or motherly towards the zombie. This treatment varies from just keeping Yoshika company on the graveyard to patching her up whenever she gets broken and, in more serious fan works, promising not to abandon her [[HeartwarmingMoments even if she starts falling apart due to decay]] ([[{{Jerkass}} though]] [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness there are]] [[TearJerker exceptions]]).
* PublicDomainCharacter: Pretty clearly supposed to be Wu Qing'e from ''Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio''.
* SayItWithHearts: In ''Wild and Horned Hermit'', she [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext introduces herself]] to Kasen with hearts in her speech bubbles. And has hearts drawn on her [[CardCarryingVillain business card]].
* ShadowArchetype: Like Byakuren, she used magic to extend her life for selfish reasons. Unlike Byakuren (a devout [[UsefulNotes/{{Buddhism}} Buddhist]] to whom desire is a sin) she is completely unconflicted about this. While most characters can tell that Seiga is evil, Byakuren reacts to her particularly violently.
* SoulJar: A bamboo stick that she had "die" in her place, allowing her to become immortal.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair


[[folder:Soga no Tojiko]]

::''Ghost of the Children of the Gods''
::'''Soga no Tojiko'''

-->''"Iíll take you down!"''

One of Miko's followers, she manipulated the events of the religious war as a member of the Buddhist faction. Exists as a ghost due to Futo sabotaging her attempt to become a taoist immortal. In game, she's another midboss with no dialogue - though she speaks in one of Miko's spell cards.

!!!Tropes associated with Tojiko:

* BlueBlood[=/=]TheClan: From the powerful Soga family
* BossBanter: When she appears in Miko's spell card.
** Which, ironically enough, are the only lines of dialogue she has during gameplay.
* CameBackWrong: Futo sabotaged her would-be body, so Tojiko remained incorporeal instead.
* CatchPhrase: The fandom has turned her first line of BossBanter, "Yatte yan yo!", into this. Means something along the lines of "Have at you!" or "Iíll take you down!", but there's no consistent translation yet.
* CuteGhostGirl
* CursedWithAwesome: It is specifically stated that she likes being a ghost.
* FogFeet: Unusually, she has two, one for each foot.
** Fanart tends to have her body transition from human-like to ghostly somewhere around the thighs.
* TheGadfly: Tends to be really rough when speaking, saying things that shock people. [[{{Pun}} (Tee hee.)]]
* HistoricalDomainCharacter: Probably based on Tojiko no Iratsume, the daughter of the leader of the Soga, and consort of Prince Shoutoku. That last part probably didn't carry over to her Touhou incarnation, but it has made shipping her with Miko fairly common.
* ImmortalitySeeker: And she succeeded, if not in the way she expected, no thanks to Futo.
* NiceHat: A kanmuri that not only looks silly but looks out of place with the rest of her costume (a simple western-style green dress with [=ofuda=] along the hem).
* RecurringBoss: Appears in one of Miko's spell cards.
* ShockAndAwe: Has the power to call thunder. Which is also lightning for some reason.
** HistoricalInJoke: The Soga clan was overthrown by the founder of the Fujiwara clan, who was later struck dead by lightning, believed to be the "curse of the Soga."
* SoulJar: Attempted to use a literal jar to become immortal, but died because of Futo's sabotage.
* YouWouldntLikeMeWhenImAngry: Her thunder powers are triggered by her anger.


[[folder:Mononobe no Futo]]

::''A Shikaisen from Ancient Japan''
::'''Mononobe no Futo'''

-->''"Though apart from creed, Buddhism and I have a profound connection. It moveth me most deeply... shall I start a fire?"''

One of the Taoist followers of Miko, she manipulated the events of the religious war as a member of the anti-Buddhist faction. As part of her research into immortality, Miko put Futo in a state of suspended animation so she could be revived later as a shikaisen. This occurs when Miko's mausoleum moves to Gensokyo.

!!!Tropes associated with Futo:

* AdorablyPrecociousChild: The characterization the fandom has picked up from ''Hopeless Masquerade'', due to how young she looks in her character portraits.
* AmbiguouslyHuman: Her profile describes her as "Human? (a taoist who self-identifies as a shikaisen)" - a [[http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Hermit#Xian Shikaisen]] being a sort of semi-immortal. She's likely on the border.
* BitchInSheepsClothing: Seems like a harmless FishOutOfWater, but she does things like trying to kill her comrade because of a grudge between the families they've already betrayed.
* BlueBlood[=/=]TheClan: From the formerly powerful Mononobe family.
* BossBanter: When she appears in one of Miko's spell cards.
* CoolShip: Jumps on one for a few of her spell cards.
* DeathFromAbove: ''Hopeless Masquerade'' version 1.30 gives her a spellcard named Fate "Gate Opening for Catastrophe" that causes objects to fall on her opponent. What exactly falls depends on the number of plates Futo is close to when she activates the spell. At it's lowest level the spellcard drops buckets and pots. At the highest level ''it drops a UFO''. ([[ContinuityNod So that's where they went.]] [[{{Irony}} And to think that of all people, she'd be the one to drop UFOs...]])
* ElementalPowers: In ''Hopeless Masquerade'', uses attacks of numerous elements, including DishingOutDirt, BlowYouAway, and MakingASplash. Although her major spellcards seem to favor PlayingWithFire.
* EnemiesWithDeath: As a ''shikaisen'', it's inevitable that someday, she'll have to fight off a shinigami who comes for her.
* FailedASpotCheck: Most people do notice Koishi when fighting her. Futo... doesn't.
* FantasticRacism: Unreasonably hostile to youkai. It seems that this has caused a lot conflict around her, though she seems to have gotten over it by ''Hopeless Masquerade'' in which she routinely invites youkai to convert to Taoism.
* FashionableAsymmetry: Subtle, but the cloth strips on her sleeves and shoes are all different colors.
* FauxDeath: In Miko's profile says Futo "continued to sleep without decaying".
* FishOutOfTemporalWater: Hasn't been able to adapt to modern times.
* FragileSpeedster [=/=] GradualGrinder: Her style in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' - she's not that dangerous at the start of a match, but builds up strength over time through her plate mechanic.
* HistoricalDomainCharacter: Probably based on Mononobe no Futsuhime, the little sister of the leader of the Moriya, and wife of the leader of the Soga. According to one account. Futsuhime turned traitor against the Mononobe by killing her brother. Futo appears to have been more subtle than Futsuhime.
* KarmaHoudini: She ''killed'' Tojiko. Cold blooded murder. No one seems to care anymore, least of all Tojiko who discovered the joys of being freed from her mortal body.
* ImmortalitySeeker
* JapanesePronouns: Uses the archaic ''ware'' and ''onushi'' pronouns for first and second person, to show how she hasn't adapted to modern times.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POUxrKNkbA4 "Legend of the Great Gods"]]. Also has [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFoXkB4yZBo a remix in Hopeless Masquerade]].
* {{Onmyoudo}}: She uses a combination of this and Taoist magic while calling it feng shui.
* {{Pyromaniac}}: Her way of dealing with anything that scares her is to set it on fire. Also, her [[LimitBreak Last Word]] in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' is simply setting the whole stage on fire and her dialog also indicates that she enjoys starting fires when she's feeling emotional. This behavior is a HistoricalInJoke about her involvement in the burning of Buddhist temples during the religious war.
* RecurringBoss: Appears in one of Miko's spell cards along with Tojiko.
* RewardingVandalism: Her unique mechanic in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' revolves around summoning and breaking plates to receive {{Status Buff}}s.
* SkirtOverSlacks: One of her {{Palette Swap}}s in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' gives her this. Amusingly, it also gives her pink hair which is not often associated with this {{Tomboy}}-style.
* SoulJar: ''Symposium of Post-Mysticism'' explains that she transferred her soul into a plate. She then essentially ''became'' her Soul Jar when the plate took her form, and her corpse became the plate.
* WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway: The manipulation of ''feng shui''? Making it either better or worse (depends on how you look at it) is that she's not actually using feng shui; it's her name for the mashup of shintou and taoist magic that she uses.
* YeOldeButcheredeEnglishe: In translation, to reflect her usage of a very archaic dialect of Japanese.
* YoungerThanSheLooks: She's supposed to be very young when compared to others. The ''Hopeless Masquerade'' artwork (aside from her sprites and the art in her ending, which makes her only slightly shorter than Miko) makes her look like she's ten, compared to her ''Ten Desires'' and ''Symposium of Post-Mysticism'' artwork which had her look older.
* ZettaiRyouiki: Not normaly but some of her alternate color pallets in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' give her this. Grade A, in fact.


[[folder:Toyosatomimi no Miko]]

::''Shoutoku Taoist''
::'''Toyosatomimi no Miko'''

-->''"This era, when humans deny my existence and I have become legend, is what I was waiting for! Now, attempt to defeat me! And I shall become a living legend!"''

A former ruler of Japan, known in modern times as the legendary saint [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Shotoku Prince Shoutoku]] (apparently [[SheIsTheKing the part about her gender]] got lost over time). She publicly advanced Buddhism, and was highly influential in spreading it throughout the country, but she only used it to control the masses. In secret she studied Taoism under Seiga in an attempt to gain immortality. When her own research began to destroy her health, she performed a secret ritual on herself that was designed to put her in a state of suspended animation and then be revived later as a shikaisen. However, she was thwarted by her own manipulations: Buddhist monks placed seals on her mausoleum which prevented her resurrection. She remained sealed until the modern day, when people began to question whether or not Prince Shoutoku was ever a real person.[[note]]This is something that actually happened, albeit given as much credit as similar theories about Creator/WilliamShakespeare.[[/note]] This lack of belief in her caused her mausoleum to be moved to Gensokyo, where all mythical beings in Japan go, allowing her resurrection to be completed.

!!!Tropes associated with Miko:

* TheAce: As befits someone based on the legendary statesman, she's supposedly a wise leader, a peerless warrior, a brilliant strategist, and unexpectedly a master craftsman. Or so she claims. At the very least she was able to [[spoiler:make a perfect Mask of Hope]] in ''Hopeless Masquerade''.
* AffablyEvil: [[WhiteAndGreyMorality "Evil" is debatable]], but she's a charming conversationalist who seems to treat even her inferiors with respect.
* AndIMustScream: She was restless in her state of suspended animation, and the manual states that she vengefully awaits the day she will awaken... which is the day ''Ten Desires'' takes place.
* AndThenWhat: She actually does have a plan! She'll take over the "administration" of the humans in Gensokyo if she decides they need it (she is open to the possibility they don't) and eventually plans on AscendingToAHigherPlaneOfExistence as a Celestial.
* AnimeHair: Shaped like animal ears.
* AscendedMeme: From the moment she was introduced, fans have noted how similar in appearance she was to [[VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou Neku Sakuraba]]. Come ''Hopeless Masquerade'', [[ShoutOut she's received a Neku palette swap.]]
** Before ''Symposium of Post-Mysticism'' confirmed that they were actually earmuffs, many fans interpreted what she was wearing over her ears as headphones (which would be rather [[AnachronismStew anachronistic]] considering the time period she comes from). Come ''Hopeless Masquerade'', her losing sprite has them break down and show a spring inside.
* {{Astrologer}}: As part of her Taoist magic. The sphere of the heavens shows up as a theme in some of her spell cards, and in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' she has the [[TheMagnificent rather hammy title]] of "Almighty Taoist Who Rules the Cosmos".
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking
* BadassCape: Her ''Hopeless Masquerade'' outfit gives her one, which makes her [[HighCollarOfDoom look remarkably evil]]. It even ''[[ImpossiblyCoolClothes changes colors]]'' depending on [[PopularityPower her current popularity]].
** BreathWeapon: The ([[UnmovingPlaid independently scrolling]]) dragon pattern isn't just for decoration - it can actually breathe fire.
** CapeSwish: Apart from doing it in some of her portraits, she can use it to teleport around the stage.
** ExpressiveAccessory: Fanworks often depict the cape changing colour in response to Miko's emotions.
* BatmanGambit: She promoted the values of Buddhism in order to subjugate the population of Japan, while secretly practicing Taoism to attain immortality for herself.
* BenevolentMageRuler: She styles herself as such, at least.
* {{Bifauxnen}}: Like with Shou, her boyish appearance and being based on a male figure has led to her often being portrayed as this by fans. It helps that unlike Shou, Miko has a hefty dose of masculine arrogance, not to mention that other characters refer to her as a prince [[SheIsTheKing despite being female]].
* BishieSparkle: For some reason, her "I'm AWESOME" pose ''Hopeless Masquerade'' is done with glinting sparkles around her.
** Gets worse in ''Wild and Horned Hermit'' where Kasen has to close her eyes not to get blinded by her sparkles.
* BlessedWithSuck: While her ability to hear the desires of ten people at once is useful, it can get grating to hear so many voices after a while. To deal with this she wears earmuffs, which lets her block out people's voices when she has to. Fans often interpret the earmuffs as (quite anachronistic) headphones instead, because it's [[RuleOfFunny funnier that way]].
* BossBanter: Actually speaks a line during battle without pausing the game.
* CameBackStrong
* ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve: When people began to deny her existence her mausoleum was transported to Gensokyo. This allowed her to complete her resurrection. At the same time, the fact that she was a legendary figure meant that she CameBackStrong. Even better, this is her schtick in ''Hopeless Masquerade'': [[PopularityPower her power is affected by how many people believe in her]].
* CoolSword: Widely assumed to be a Seven Star Sword, [[GemEncrusted a design]] with evil-repelling properties in Taoist thought, due to Prince Shoutoku possessing one. In fact, due to how the shikaisen process works Miko's current body ''is'' a CoolSword transformed into a human, carrying around her original body transformed into the sword. She mostly fights with her [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaku_%28ritual_baton%29 shaku]] instead.
** In ''Hopeless Masquerade'', she still uses the shaku for melee attacks, but she has a few attacks where she partially or ([[IaijutsuPractitioner briefly]]) completely unsheathes the sword. Doing so causes it to [[SwordBeam spew light]], or [[AbsurdlySharpBlade cut open a rift in space]] to spew light.
* DeadpanSnarker: ''Symposium of Post-mysticism'' shows her to be pretty quick-witted, though she's about as likely to make a pun as she is to mock Byakuren.
* DifficultySpike: She is an absolute ''monster'' at danmaku. Her followers and the mooks she attracted are most definitely not. Provided you're playing on normal, anyway.
* TheEmperor: Was the Shadow Emperor variety while she was alive.
* EnemiesWithDeath: And she even looks forward to fighting a shinigami.
* EnemyMine: [[spoiler:Unites with both [[ArchNemesis Byakuren Hijiri]] and Reimu in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' in hopes of defeating Kokoro in Kokoro's story.]]
* EnergyBall: Her ''Wishful Soul of Desire'' in ''Hopeless Masquerade''. As stated in the description of her skill, she uses the ''desires'' of the people who believe in her to form an orb of PureEnergy [[HomingProjectile that seeks and attacks her opponent]].
* EnlightenmentSuperpowers: Basically what it means to be a hermit in this setting, although [[OurLichesAreDifferent she may have skipped a step]]... Also a long term goal of hers, as a way of becoming a Celestial.
* EvilLaugh: Does one as her victory pose in ''Hopeless Masquerade''.
* FacePalm: Face''shaku'', actually. One of her portraits. The losing variant has her as a complete mess, while the story variant is used in "[[FlatWhat Why didn't I notice this earlier]]?"
* FauxDeath
** KingInTheMountain
* FinalBoss
* {{Foil}}: She's pretty much set up as one to Byakuren.
* GracefulLoser: Despite her [[EvilIsHammy occasionally supervillain-esque personality]] Miko has no problem with admitting her defeat, whether in combat or debate.
-->"I had actually planned to [[HopeBringer become the hope of this world]], but I will concede to you."
* HeadphonesEqualIsolation: Invoked, and with earmuffs instead of headphones. She wears them so she doesn't listen in onto every conversation around her without wanting to.
* TheHermit: She at first offers to become the ReasonableAuthorityFigure for the human population of Gensokyo, but after being told that it's unnecessary, she decides to isolate herself from the world and continue her Taoist training.
* HistoricalDomainCharacter: She's a genderflipped [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Shotoku Prince Shoutoku]].
** BeethovenWasAnAlienSpy: Prince Shoutoku was already semi-legendary, but ''Ten Desires'' says he was a Taoist immortality-seeker who used Buddhism to control the masses. [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking And was also a girl.]]
** GenderFlip: Apparently, Prince Shoutoku was actually female in the Touhou universe.
*** GenderBender: A [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation less common interpretation]] is that Shoutoku was male, but the new body he gained as a shikaisen was female (either by choice or as a mild form of CameBackWrong).
** HistoricalVillainUpgrade: Though she's not exactly a villain, she's a much worse person than the historical figure.
** SheIsTheKing: Obviously being female didn't stop her from being the Crown Prince, since Seiga and Futo still refer to her as such.
* HoistByHerOwnPetard: Her ploy to unify Japan under Buddhism and use Taoist resurrection to attain immortality is derailed when Buddhism proves too popular to die out and her resurrection is delayed by Buddhist monks erecting a temple over her grave.
* {{Hypocrite}}: She calls herself out on it, at least. During her banter with Byakuren in ''Symposium of Post-Mysticism'', she attempts to call Byakuren an evil, fallen priest, [[AtLeastIAdmitIt but mentions that she has no room to talk, having used Buddhism as a political tool]].
* IaijutsuPractitioner: Although she uses a tsurugi rather than a katana, in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' she never draws her sword for more than a few frames. And when she does, it tends to shoot lasers.
* ImmortalitySeeker: She uses Buddhism as a tool to control the masses while learning Taoism to gain immortality. She succeeded in glorious fashion.
* LargeHam: Her BadassCape reinforces this impression she gives when she laughs about her enemy's demise. She's surprisingly polite though.
* LaserBlade: In [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoSmhOZUBuQ&t=148 ''Heed the Commands with Absolute Care'']], her [[LimitBreak Last Word]] in ''Hopeless Masquerade''. Her shaku transforms into an enormous one.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ykyz5tcJ-NE "Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator"]], later [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bWVrAT3sVQ remixed in Hopeless Masquerade]].
* LetsGetDangerous: [[BossBanter "Playtime's over!"]]
* LightEmUp: Uses a number of light-themed attacks.
** HolyHalo: Can generate the Buddhist variety, due to Prince Shoutoku's association with [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guanyin Guse Kannon]].
** LightIsNotGood
** ThePowerOfTheSun: Her ''Taoist/Emperor of the Land of the Rising Sun'' spell cards. It presumably comes with [[DivineParentage being descended from Amaterasu]].
** StarPower: Some of her attacks are themed after meteor showers and [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armillary_sphere armillary spheres]].
*** StarsAreSouls: The meteors are also divine spirits, evoking this trope.
* LukeYouAreMyFather[=/=]SinkOrSwimFatherhood: Since she created the set of masks that [[AnimateInanimateObject became]] Kokoro, fanworks have fun treating Miko as her "father", sometimes with an overprotective Byakuren joining in as the mother.
* MeaningfulName: ''Toyosatomimi'' literally translates to "abundant, clever ears," referring to her ability.
** And maybe to her ear-like hairstyle too.
* MessianicArchetype: As a ''seijin'' (generally translated as "saint"). She denies the stories that she was [[AwayInAManger born in a stable]] though.
** DarkMessiah: Occasionally.
** DuelingMessiahs: With Byakuren Hijiri; Miko is the more pragmatic one.
* MultiMeleeMaster: In ''Hopeless Masquerade'' she generally fights with her shaku, but pulls out her sword for some of her stronger moves.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Byakuren found Miko's mausoleum without being sure what it was, and built Myouren Temple over it to keep it sealed. This just succeeded in waking her up.
* OffModel: Her portrait in the game gives her two right hands.
** However some fans have started to speculate that it might be intentional as a ShoutOut to ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'' where J. Geil has two right hands.
** Another theory is that the "thumb" we see is actually a pinky, which would make her anatomically correct.
* PathOfInspiration: Tried to use Buddhism as one of these. Her debates with Byakuren in ''Symposium of Post-mysticism'' are... interesting.
-->'''Miko:''' "To be honest, I think of Buddhism as a political tool. It corrects the disorder in human nature, and teaches people to accept everything bad as a personal test, so really it's all for the benefit of those in power. From my perspective, teaching Buddhism to youkai is nonsense. It's just like playing pretend. [...] Desires are also a part of one's self. The truth is that it's impossible to separate from them. But maybe this is something that can't be understood by a senile old nun who becomes satisfied by merely chanting sutras."
* PhysicalGod: This is almost a footnote in how little it matters, but technically she ''is'' a god because she was deified in Shinto shrines (or rather, Prince Shoutoku was). She didn't even realize this until Kanako pointed it out to her.
-->'''Futo:''' "God? Well, if thou meanst the Crown Prince, 'tis an understandable mistake."
* PopularityPower [=/=] SoulPower: Specifically the desires of her supporters take the form of divine spirits (essentially larval gods) which she absorbs. Her gameplay gimmick in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' gives her stronger and wider, or weaker and more narrow attacks depending on her current popularity. Interestingly, one of her spell cards becomes stronger at very high ''or'' very low popularity, shooting a gold or [[DarkIsEvil black]] laser respectively.
** Her skill ''Tenfold Listening'' allows her to gather ''even more'' popularity. However, the gathered popularity can be stolen by her opponent if she is hit while charging up for the skill.
* ProHumanTranshuman: Despite having intentionally abandoned her humanity by becoming a hermit (in the [[EnlightenmentSuperpowers supernatural mystic sense]], not the seclusion sense), she ends up on the side of humanity by default during the discussion in ''Symposium of Post-mysticism'', with Byakuren taking the side of the youkai and Kanako being somewhere in between. She also seems rather enamored with the concept of "human dignity", and seems willing to take charge of the human village if necessary. "For their own good", of course.
* RoyalBlood: The child of an Emperor...
** DivineParentage: ...with the Emperors of Japan tracing their lineage back to [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amaterasu Amaterasu]].
* SealedBadassInACan
* ShoutOut: Her [[http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130601041740/touhou/images/4/4d/Reaction_Guys.png popularity meter]] is the [[http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/reaction-guys-gaijin-4koma Reaction Guys/Gaijin 4Koma meme.]]
* SmugSmiler
* SoulJar: As part of her process of becoming immortal, she switched places with her sword, letting her sword "die" in her place.
* SpontaneousWeaponCreation: Her ''Cipangu the Golden Sword'' in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' causes giant sword blades to stab out from thin air.
* StrawHypocrite: Spread Buddhism through Japan, not because she believed in its cause, but as a political tool to pacify the general populace and prevent them from gaining power.
* SwordBeam: Has '''five types''' in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' - she can fire beams by swinging her shaku, by partially unsheathing her sword, or by slashing the air with her sword [[IaijutsuPractitioner iai-style]] to create a rift that shoots beams; one of her spell cards unsheathes it fully to create a WaveMotionSword, while her [[LimitBreak Last Word]] generates a massive LaserBlade around her shaku and swings it down.
* TakeOverTheWorld: Plans on "administrating" the humans in Gensokyo; if they need it.
* TitleDrop: Her ultimate spell is named ''Stars Falling on the Divine Spirit Mausoleum''. "Eastern Divine Spirit Mausoleum" being the Japanese name of ''Ten Desires''.
* UnmovingPlaid: Her cape has a similar effect to Utsuho's, except it's on the outside, and instead of stars there are dragons.
* WaveMotionGun: Human Sign "Tradition of the Weak Over the Strong", from ''Hopeless Masquerade'' version 1.30
* WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway: The ability to listen to ten people talking at once.
** HeartIsAnAwesomePower: She can use it to hear the [[TitleDrop ten desires]] of a human, which lets her be TheOmniscient.
* TheWisePrince: How she was viewed in life. And how she continues to think of herself.
* YoungConqueror: Technically she already ruled Japan and was trying to stabilise it rather than take it over, but her methods fit this trope. She even briefly entertains the idea of [[WellIntentionedExtremist taking over Gensokyo in order to protect its human population]].


[[folder:Mamizou Futatsuiwa]]
[[caption-width-right:250:Normal form]]
[[caption-width-right:250:Human form]]

::''The Tanuki Youkai with Ten Transformations''
::'''Mamizou Futatsuiwa'''

-->''"My transformative powers are still at their prime. Now, shall we begin a ten-game match of danmaku transformations?"''

A tanuki from the outside world, specifically hailing from [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sado,_Niigata Sado]]. She was called to Gensokyo by her old friend Nue to help fight against Miko, but by the time she arrived Miko was already defeated. She seems to have positioned herself as a friend of all youkai, who will help them out when they're in trouble, although she also regularly visits the Human Village in disguise. She originally stayed at the Myouren Temple but no longer seems to be associated with them as of ''Hopeless Masquerade''.

!!!Tropes associated with Mamizou:

* AdjustingYourGlasses: She uses the bridge variety.
* AntiquatedLinguistics: She uses old-fashioned speech patterns, which leads Sanae to assume that she's very old. ''Symposium of Post-Mysticism'' notes that she talks like an elderly woman.
* ArtShift: The youkai she summons in her spell card "Transformation: Youkai Gate of One Hundred Demons" really stand out compared to the rest of ''Hopeless Masquerade'''s graphics, since they're drawn in a traditional ukiyo-e style.
* BalefulPolymorph: As of ''Hopeless Masquerade'' 1.30 she is able to transform the opponent into various animals by using the spell card ''Transformation "Futatsuiwa Family's Clan"''. [[note]]Reimu into a white fox on a Yin Yang orb, Marisa into a raven with a witch hat, Ichirin into a monkey riding a goofy Unzan, Byakuren into a mouse who uses her beads as a hamsterwheel, Futo into a chicken on a plate, Miko into an owl, Nitori into a turtle with helicopter rotors, Koishi into a black cat sitting on top of her third eye, Kokoro into a tengu mask, and [[MirrorMatch Mamizou]] into a tanuki trying to hide under a leaf.[[/note]]
** MorphicResonance: All characters transformed by her keep a few of their signature traits even in animal form.
* BewareTheSillyOnes: She is very very silly, both in danmaku and general demeanor. She's also an Extra Boss and a ManipulativeBitch on par with Yukari herself.
* BigBallOfViolence: Her [[LimitBreak Last Word]] in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' involves this, complete with cartoony sound effects.
* BoobsOfSteel: Tanuki in traditional art are known for having comically large testicles, but with Mamizou being female, fanon gives her GagBoobs instead (when not outright depicting her as a futanari in [[RuleThirtyFour more explicit works]], at least). However, in canon this is [[AvertedTrope averted]]; she has the power, but not the bust. ''Hopeless Masquerade'' even makes a point of [[DefiedTrope defying]] this trope: one of Mamizou's intros shows her seductively posing to the opponent with an impressive rack...only that's not really Mamizou, but one of her tanuki followers, whom the ''real'' Mamizou kicks off-screen in short order. The exchange makes it clear that her chest size is nowhere near as big as the impostor's.
* BonusBoss
* CallBack: She summons frog danmaku that explode, which is reminiscent of one of Suwako's spell cards from ''Mountain of Faith'' and Sanae's "B" shot type from ''Undefined Fantastic Object''.
** One of her specials in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' is the Night Parade, the same Night Parade she has been recruiting in ''Forbidden Scrollery''.
* CatSmile: Her default expression in ''Forbidden Scrollery'', though it briefly veers into a CheshireCatGrin when she shows her teeth in one panel.
* TheCavalry: She was supposed to [[GondorCallsForAid defeat Miko on behalf of her old friend Nue]]. [[AlreadyDoneForYou Too bad the heroines did it first]], so now she stays in Gensokyo permanently.
* CoolOldLady: One of the few characters who actually acts like she's old (she claims she isn't despite evidence to the contrary), but she's still cool enough to attract fangirls and followers.
* TheCorrupter: Occasionally comes across as this to Kosuzu, trying to subtly influence her opinion on youkai. Mamizou also has her read a book to children that's essentially pro-tanuki propaganda.
* CuteLittleFangs: Has these in ''Wild and Horned Hermit''.
* DittoFighter: ''Hopeless Masquerade'' version 1.30 gives her a special move that makes her transform into her opponent and use one of their attacks. In a MirrorMatch, she does a DopplegangerAttack instead.
* TheDon: She has some elements of this, being the big boss of the tanuki of Sado island who drove away the foxes. The fact that she's a moneylender doesn't help.
* DopplegangerAttack: For her survival card, she generates two shikigami copies of herself. Those copies eventually summon two copies of ''themselves'' each, and then two ''more'' later on, so that by the end of the spell, you're facing down ten copies of Mamizou.
** Also her Last Word in ''Hopeless Masquerade'': "Band of 808 Tanuki" which involves multiple copies of herself all attacking at once in a BigBallOfViolence.
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: In the non-romantic sense of the trope. Kosuzu has become a squealing fangirl of her (while not realizing she's a youkai), and she's rather popular at the Myouren temple too.
* ExcuseMeWhileIMultitask: Her idle animations in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' have her smoking her pipe or taking notes on her notepad in the midst of battle.
* ExpectingSomeoneTaller [=/=] KillerRabbit: When the heroines heard that the youkai were calling a trump card against the resurrected saint, they were expecting some of the more fearsome sounding monsters of Japanese lore like the giant [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gashadokuro Gashadokuro]]. A tanuki wasn't exactly what they had in mind. Marisa, [[DeadpanSnarker being Marisa]], couldn't resist mocking her on this.
--> '''Marisa:''' Sure, but you're still a tanuki, right? The kind that drums on their bellies on the night of the full moon, right?
* FantasticRacism: Doesn't like foxes, since tanuki and kitsune are traditionally rivals. There were no foxes where she used to live, but her profile says that she may end up causing trouble with the foxes that live in Gensokyo. Needless to say, she gets quite a bit of FoeYay with [[{{Kitsune}} Ran]] in fanart. Despite her hatred of foxes, though, she has nothing against humans; her profile says that she likes to play tricks on them occasionally, but she would also lend money to the poor and was able to live amongst them easily in her hometown of Sado.
** Interestingly, in a chapter of ''Wild And Horned Hermit'', she seemed sympathetic towards a fox (not Ran) that Reimu had bound and gagged for the previous chapter's mischief. That, or she simply thought that Reimu was being [[DisproportionateRetribution unfairly harsh]], fox or not.
* FlunkyBoss: Most of her attacks in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' involve summoning various youkai, mostly tanuki in diguise, who do the attacking for her ([[GrievousHarmWithABody or whom she attacks with]]). Her gameplay gimmick revolves around this: every time one of her summons gets hit by an enemy attack and "killed", she loses a leaf icon next to her spirit meter. When she runs out of leaves she can't summon anything for about 10 seconds... which doesn't leave her with many moves.
* FightingClown: In ''Hopeless Masquerade'' she's basically a walking CrowningMomentOfFunny with many strange and silly attacks and animations. You can tell that she isn't taking the fights too seriously.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Her rather impressive transformation into a human back in ''Forbidden Scrollery'' ends up being used in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' for the fake-out Stage 5 as one of her main gimmicks. Same with her high compatibility with tsukumogami that was mentioned in Chapters 4 and 5; these were incorporated in several of her attacks in ''Hopeless Masquerade'', as well as her ending [[spoiler:where she uses her knowledge to teach Kokoro the best way she could control her powers without losing her identity as a youkai]].
* GracefulLoser: If she loses due to the battle timing out, she'll clap as if to congratulate the other character, and not of the [[SarcasticClapping sarcastic kind]] either.
* GrievousBottleyHarm: In ''Hopeless Masquerade'' she uses the gourd of sake she carries around as a melee weapon.
* GrievousHarmWithABody: See FlunkyBoss above.
* HairDecorations: In her human disguise she wears a leaf-shaped hairclip, replacing the leaf that usually rests on top of her head in her regular form.
* HughMann: In ''Hopeless Masquerade'', she makes no attempt whatsoever to change her very distinctive way of speaking when she disguises herself as someone else. The only one of her opponents who doesn't notice this right away is Ichirin.
* JapanesePronouns: Uses "washi", an old-fashioned pronoun commonly used by men that has long fallen out of usage.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-mrUZIMTbU "Futatsuiwa from Sado"]], remixed to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QClZeBcinY "Futatsuiwa from Gensokyo"]] in ''Hopeless Masquerade''.
** MusicalSpoiler: In ''Hopeless Masquerade'', another [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuTczFrQwRo remixed version]] of her theme is the background music for the Stage 5 battle, which is a strong indication that you're actually fighting Mamizou in disguise.
* LittleBitBeastly
* {{Lunacy}}: Her transformation powers are strongest on the night of a full moon.
* ManipulativeBitch: In ''Forbidden Scrollery'', she encourages Kosuzu to summon the [[TheWildHunt Night Parade]] to create minor youkai that the Tanuki can recruit. She also helps Reimu find out that Kosuzu is doing this, and then encourages Kosuzu to summon the Night Parade just once a month so not to attract attention.
** Result: Even when Reimu and Marisa find out the Tanuki are recruiting the Night Parade youkai, they don't punish or even stop them or Mamizou. Kosuzu continues to summon the Night Parade at a slower pace, thus providing the Tanuki with followers.
** She continues the mind game by deliberately giving Kosuzu a pro-Tanuki book that she wrote herself in front of Reimu, and Reimu can't say anything that would reveal her own close involvement with youkai.
* MeaningfulName: Depending on the kanji used, ''mami'' can mean "tanuki" or "deceiving spirit". ''Futatsu Iwa'' (Two Stones) is a place on Sado Island known for its large numbers of tanuki.
* {{Meganekko}}: The first in the series for quite some time.
* MirrorMatch: When playing as Miko in ''Hopeless Masquerade'', Mamizou will transform into her for the first stage of the fight. A weaker example occurs when playing as Reimu in ''Ten Desires'', since Mamizou takes Reimu's appearance during one of her spell cards. Said spellcard is named ''[[Funny/{{Touhou}} Pseudo-Exorcism of the Stupid Shrine Maiden]]''.
* MonsterLord: Shows traits of this after her initial appearance, what with leading a group of weak non-humanoid tanuki.
* MundaneUtility: Is shown in the manga to use her big fluffy tail as a makeshift pillow.
* NiceHat: In ''Hopeless Masquerade'' she wears a leaf-like hat with a bow and a pair of bells on it.
* OffModel: One of her images in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' gives her 6 fingers on her right hand.
* {{Onmyoudo}}: Uses shikigami, and lots of them. ''Hopeless Masquerade'' shows her summoning them using leaves.
* ParasolOfPain: In ''Hopeless Masquerade'' one of her melee weapons is a karakasa obake ([[GrievousHarmWithABody who's actually a disguised tanuki]]).
* PaperThinDisguise: Despite having impressive transformation abilities, her "human disguise" when she visits the Human Village in ''Forbidden Scrollery'' is basically just her real form with longer hair and no animal ears or tail, complete with a leaf-shaped hairclip. Mamizou herself lampshades this by admitting that she's "lightly disguised".
* PublicDomainCharacter: Based on the FolkHero [[http://hyakumonogatari.com/2013/07/30/kori-no-tatakai-kitsunetanuki-battles/ Danzaburou Danuki]].
* RapunzelHair: Has noticeable long hair while in her human guise reaching past her waist.
* SequentialBoss: In ''Hopeless Masquerade'' she's the boss of Stages 5 and 6 in the other characters' routes, first in disguise and then in her true form.
* ShoutOut: She isn't the first Tanuki to [[VideoGame/KikiKaiKai transform into a Shrine Maiden]] for one of their attacks.
* SmokingIsCool: Her artwork in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' has her holding a ''kiseru'', a long thin-stemmed Japanese pipe. One of her attacks even involves [[SecondFaceSmoke blowing smoke in the enemy's face]]. Incidentally, fanart depicted her with a pipe for a long time beforehand.
* {{Tanuki}}: She's based on a tanuki FolkHero and comes from a Japanese city-island that's known for its high tanuki population. As is consistent with the folklore surrounding tanuki, she's also a mischievous shapeshifter and she often carries a gourd of sake and a book of promissory notes.
* TricksterMentor: She teaches Seija how to use cheat items as a sub-item, and then blasts her with bullets to make sure the lesson sticks.
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: Her power is the ability to make things change shape, and that includes herself. Though she's very skilled with this ability, it does have limitations; [[GlamourFailure she can't make her tail disappear]] (though she can change its size and color to hide it), and she can only change something else's form and not its function (she can turn a dog into a bird, but it won't be able to fly).
** ElementalShapeshifter: In ''Forbidden Scrollery'' she displays the ability to turn into a lit bonfire, though likely just in appearance.
** TakenForGranite: In ''Hopeless Masquerade'' she can transform into a Jizo statue ([[DeathFromAbove all the better to hurt her enemies with]]).
* WeHaveReserves: See FlunkyBoss above.
* XtremeKoolLetterz: Or something like that. Her family name is spelled as two kanji with a katakana character in-between. This is very odd.


!Debuted in ''Hopeless Masquerade''

[[folder:Hata no Kokoro]]

::''The Expressive Poker Face''
::'''Hata no Kokoro'''

-->''"In place of my lost Mask of Hope, a new hope awaits. I have nothing against you personally. However, I will claim all the hope in Gensokyo! For the sake of all human emotion!"''

A ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menreiki menreiki]]'', a [[AnimateInanimateObject tsukumogami]] of the legendary kagura/noh masks of [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hata_no_Kawakatsu Hata no Kawakatsu]]. She was originally 66 masks, but then the "mask of hope" was lost, causing her to go insane. Because of her power to control emotions combined with her own emotions running wild, her hopelessness accidentally spread to the humans of the village, giving rise to the events of ''Hopeless Masquerade''.

!!!Tropes associated with Kokoro:

* {{Adorkable}}: After everyone else knocks some sense into her, that is.
* {{Animate Inanimate Object}}s: Though like Kogasa before her, she has manifested a human-looking body separate from the masks themselves.
* {{Badass}}: Takes on Reimu, Byakuren, and Miko ''at the same time'' and '''wins'''. Doesn't get much more badass than that. And before doing that, she defeated the rest of ''Hopeless Masquerade'' cast consecutively without resting.
** When the game was originally released Kokoro had no Special Moves or Spell Cards. So from the player's perspective she beats them all ''with just normal moves''. If this isn't badass then what is?
** TookALevelInBadass: Before her story mode, she loses to absolutely everyone she meets, with no indication she's holding back. Apparently getting that perfect hope mask and Mamizou's pep talk did a lot for her...
* [[BecomeARealBoy Become A Real Youkai]]: Kokoro's story mode involves her trying to learn about emotions and facial expressions from others so that she could reawaken as a proper Menreiki.
* BlackScreenOfDeath: Her Last Word, the aptly named ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLAazkoQUgU Dance of Empty Masks "Noh of Darkness"]]''. When it connects, the screen goes black, but then there are brief flashes of Kokoro wailing on her opponent.
* BloodKnight: Spends most of her story mode challenging the other characters, to prove that she's the strongest. She's pretty excited about it, too. This is just part of her quest for identity, since [[spoiler:Mamizou told her to in her ending]].
* BodyMotifs: Faces. No surprise there.
* BreathWeapon: Donning herself a lion mask as either the FinalBoss or the Playable Character will give her one. See WaveMotionGun below.
* CharacterArc: ''Hopeless Masquerade'' is essentially about her development as a youkai. Particularly notable considering how static most of ''Touhou'''s cast is.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Since she's still getting used to becoming a youkai, she tends to be a little odd.
* ColorCodedEmotions: Red for anger, blue for melancholy and green for joy.
* TheComicallySerious: Her strange and sometimes excitable behavior combined with her [[FrozenFace constant poker face]] makes her come across as this at times. It's ramped UpToEleven in fanworks.
* CoolMask: Her overall theme, since she ''is'' one--or rather, she's a collection of 65 masks (66 before one of them went missing). She always has several [[FloatingMask floating around her]], and she uses them to express emotions as well as to fight.
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow: Her hair and eyes are the same pale pink colour.
* DanceBattler: When using her fans. Especially so during her last spellcard.
* EmotionBomb: The power of Kokoro's individual masks, each tied to a different emotion. In gameplay terms this allows her to [[StanceSystem change her religious "stance" mid-battle]] (Anger for Buddhism, Melancholy for Shinto, and Joy for Taoism), or even change her opponent's.
** Changing opponent's emotion (and consequently, that opponent's aligned faith) has two ways: her spell card [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CMgdAKtn7s Possession "Four Humors Possession"]]; and her forward Y command which lets her fire the mask of her current emotion to her opponent. The latter requires a small distance between Kokoro and her opponent.
* EmotionEater: After losing her Mask of Hope, Kokoro starts absorbing hope from her surroundings.
* EvilMask: In her stage, the people she has drained of hope are depicted as wearing them.
* EmotionlessGirl: In her pre-game stabilized state, she is more or less this. The rest of the time she's actually a subversion; she does have a wide range of emotions, but she can only express them with her masks and not through her own face.
* EmptyEyes
* EyeBeams: As Shinto-type Kokoro. Her masks fire beams of colors corresponding to the emotions they embody.
* FashionableAsymmetry: The bows on her shoes have different colors.
* FinalBoss
* FloatingMask: She has some of her 65 masks (again, 66 minus the Mask of Hope) always floating around her.
** In the game, three out of those 65 are maintained for her, namely: [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hannya Hannya]] (the red mask with horns) symbolizing Anger, [[http://nohmask21.com/eu/uba.html Uba]] (depicting an old woman) for Melancholy, and [[http://nohmask21.com/eu/koomote1.html Ko-omote]] (depicting a young woman with a white face) for Joy. All of her skills and spellcards are based on the three emotions the said masks embody.
* FrozenFace: Her facial expression never changes, so she floats different masks in front of her face to express emotions. The focus of her story mode is to fix this.
* GettingSmiliesPaintedOnYourSoul: Capable of this ingame with one of her spellcards if she has the happiness mask on. Also applies for her power in general, and with more emotions than just happiness.
* HasTwoMommies: It's popular in fanworks for [[FoeYayShipping Miko and Byakuren]] to adopt her.
* HeroAntagonist: She eventually tries to stop the incident she inadvertently caused.
* HistoricalDomainCharacter[=/=]PublicDomainArtifact: Both Hata no Kawakatsu and the masks themselves.
* IAmLegion: When she gets particularly emotional during Mamizou's route, she seems to unconsciously switch to referring to herself in the plural; this is fitting, since she was originally a collection of masks.
* IShouldWriteABookAboutThis: [[spoiler:In her ending, she creates a new Noh play based on the events of ''Hopeless Masquerade''. She even gives it the same name as the Japanese title of the game, "Shinkirou"]].
* LargeHam: She even puts on a mask ''specifically'' for being a LargeHam just because she thought it was appropriate.
-->'''Kokoro [with Golden Mask]''': ''That's it!''
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLKzVQkvPHk "Lost Emotion"]] and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4KYt-62LLY "The Village in the Dead of Night"]]
** RecurringRiff: To further emphasize the connection between Miko and Kokoro (Prince Shoutoku, the historical figure Miko was based on, was said to be the one who created Hata no Kawakatsu's masks), "Lost Emotion" reuses the entire chorus from "True Administrator".
* LossOfIdentity: The reason why she was reluctant to accept [[spoiler:the new Mask of Hope Miko made for her]]. It was too perfect as a tool that using it would eventually cause her to lose her identity as a {{Youkai}} and revert back to a set of ordinary masks.
* MaskOfPower: Most of her spellcards are her putting on special masks and being granted their power.
* MoodSwinger: In the unstabilized state she appears in during the events of the game, she switches emotions frequently, made obvious by her masks.
* MeaningfulName: Most non-Japanese speakers already know that ''kokoro'' means "heart", but in Japanese the word has a multitude of meanings. In this case, the fact that Kokoro's name can mean "feelings" or "emotions" is very appropriate for her.
* MultiMeleeMaster
** BladeOnAStick: Wields what looks like a ''naginata'' as one of her melee weapons.
** CombatHandFan: Carries a pair of folding fans, used both for melee attacks and to shoot projectiles.
* ObviousBeta: She wasn't fully completed when ''Hopeless Masquerade'' was first released, so she was only playable in Story mode with just some normal moves. She became playable in version 1.20.
* OxymoronicBeing: "Expressive Poker Face" is an oxymoron, since while Kokoro's facial expression ''is'' [[FrozenFace a poker face]] she still expresses emotions through her masks.
* PowerIncontinence: Losing her Mask of Hope caused her EmotionBomb powers to go haywire, making everyone lose hope too.
* ReiAyanamiExpy: A pink-haired EmotionlessGirl who happens to be a tsukumogami based on a set of 66 noh theater masks and has a close connection to an antagonist from the previous game in the series.
* RoseHairedSweetie: Played with; she's rather excitable and friendly in her behaviour, but she's much more [[FrozenFace stoic]] than most pink-haired characters.
* RuleOfFunny: Since she supposedly has many masks, fanworks are depicting her with [[http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=36039438 masks]] [[http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=36035993 not native]] [[http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=36035330 to Touhou]].
** Another fanwork gag is having her do something without an expression yet having the fitting mask nearby.
* ShoutOut: One of her {{Palette Swap}}s makes her look rather like [[VisualNovel/DanganRonpa Kyouko Kirigiri]].
* StanceSystem: More or less. Her specials switch her to the related faith, changing her danmaku. She switches back to her deck's faith if she gets hit, or if she chooses to fire the mask which embodies her current emotion to the opponent.
** One of her skills, ''Kokoro Roulette'', allows her to change into one of the three faiths immediately. This allows her to switch to a faith when you do not have any skills in your current set that will switch you to the desired faith. It has been a staple in many players' sets in which they set Kokoro's skills for her to be aligned into one faith automatically.
* TheStoic: She appears to be this at first glance, but it's only because [[FrozenFace her face is stuck that way]]. Thanks to her masks and body language, she very quickly proves that she's actually quite emotional.
* SugarAndIcePersonality
* SweetAndSourGrapes: She spends most of the game looking for her lost mask, and even when she finds it, she doesn't get it back. [[spoiler: Then she gets a new Mask of Hope from Miko, and even gets her old one back from Koishi, but then states that she doesn't need them anymore, as she's happy with her new emotions.]]
* WaveMotionGun: One of her attacks, ''Delighted Lion Mask'', has her don a lion mask and breathe a huge wave of fire.
** A larger version of this is used for her spellcard ''Joy Sign "Invigorated Kagura Lion"'', when you fight against her in the Story Mode.
* WhenSheSmiles: [[spoiler: The very last image of the story.]]
* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Her hair is pale pink.
* YouWillNotEvadeMe: Her skill ''Shouting Giant Spider Mask'' shoots out a web which can drag the opponent back to Kokoro.