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! The Heroes
[[folder: The Powerpuff Girls]]
As depicted in the opening sequence of each episode, the Powerpuff Girls were created by Professor Utonium in an attempt to create the "perfect little girl" using a mixture of sugar, spice, and everything nice. However, [[FreakLabAccident he accidentally spilled Chemical X into the mixture]], granting the girls their superpowers.


* ActionGirl: They fight to the degree that it's a rite of passage for kaiju to get beaten by them.
* {{Adorably Precocious Child}}ren: Of course. They are around 5 years old, and they usually try to act more mature than they really are.
* AllOfTheOtherReindeer: At first in the movie. Also, in "Town And Out" when they move into Citiesville, until they decide to move back to Townsville.
* {{Artificial Human}}s: Created in lab. Also leads to an in-universe case of the UncannyValley, since the girls' eyes, hands (or lack thereof), and proportions are often mentioned as being creepy and strange to the people they meet. The reporter in TheMovie actually calls them "little bug-eyed freaks".
* {{Badass}}: They're still in kindergarten, yet they've taken down threats that'd crush armies.
** BadassAdorable: As mentioned above, they're in kindergarten
** BadassFamily: Especially so in Powerprof, then the professor himself gets in on the action using PoweredArmor.
* BalloonBelly: The girls and the Mayor eat the whole candy jar and get full, big bellies in the episode "Candy is Dandy".
* BeautyBrainsAndBrawn: Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup. Bubbles, being known as the "sweetest and cutest" one, is the beauty. Blossom, being the most intelligent of the group is the brains, while Buttercup being known as "the toughest fighter" serves as the brawns.
* CainAndAbel: The Abel to Mojo Jojo's Cain. They are also the Abel to the Rowdyruff Boys' Cain, though they're technically created directly and indirectly, respectively.
* ColorCodedCharacters: Bossom's color is pink, bubbles' color is blue, and Buttercup's color is green.
* CompetitiveBalance: Early on Buttercup is implied to be [[LightningBruiser slightly faster and stronger]] than her sisters to compensate for not having any unique abilities outside of the FlyingBrick set (though this may just be because of her personality). In videogames and later episodes [[StandardizedLeader Blossom]] is [[JackOfAllStats Balanced]], Bubbles is [[FragileSpeedster the fastest,]] and Buttercup is [[MightyGlacier the strongest.]]
* DaddysGirl: All three, especially Bubbles.
* DestructiveSaviour: The girls often play this role especially in "Uh Oh Dynamo". {{Deconstructed}} in "Town and Out" and in TheMovie.
* HeroInsurance: Quite a lot of the fights cause major damage, but never have any consequences for it. The girls ''do'', however, try their best to save and/or clear out innocent civilians. This is Deconstructed when they move to a more realistic town and are chewed out for destroying a bridge to stop two bank robbers.
* {{Kid Hero}}ines: They are physically five years old and temporally about one year old.
* LethallyStupid: They act like this in the Movie. While playing tag, they accidently cause so much damage to the school and Townsville, which caused them to get shunned, [[spoiler: until the ending that is.]]
* {{Little Miss Badass}}es: Of course, they are young girls who kick a lot of bad guy butt.
* MamaBear: All three girls to each other. Some notable examples:
** Blossom: Stuck Up, Up And Away [[note]]Wipes the floor with Princess after she thrashed her sisters.[[/note]]
** Bubbles: Bubblevicious [[note]]Beats the ''snot'' out of Mojo for hurting her sisters at the end.[[/note]]
** Buttercup: The Boys Are Back In Town [[note]]Struck Butch in the tongue after seeing Bubbles get bullied.[[/note]]
* NonStandardCharacterDesign: Most characters have relatively normal proportions. The girls, on the other hand, have enormous heads, tiny bodies, and fingerless arms. It's even lampshaded in an episode where Buttercup, [[ItMakesSenseInContext in the professor's body]], tried to use the phone without grabbing it.
* NotAllowedToGrowUp: Both Him and Mojo Jojo have mentioned the girls have been fighting crime for years, but they haven't gotten any older.
* TheNoseless: Almost every character in this series has a nose except for the girls. Seems to be because they're {{artificial human}}s.
* PersonOfMassDestruction: Best illustrated in TheMovie, where the girls play a game of tag and very nearly destroy the whole city, since they had only recently been born and [[DoesNotKnowHisOwnStrength didn't know to limit their powers yet]].
* PowerpuffGirlHands: The TropeNamer. Lampshaded when they accidentally switch bodies with the Professor, Mayor, and Miss Bellum: Buttercup (as the Professor) attempts to pick up the hotline by basically karate-chopping the air next to it, complaining that "your hand doesn't work!" when this accomplishes nothing.
* PowerTrio: They are a trio of girls who have unique superpowers.
** BlondeBrunetteRedhead: Bubbles is the blonde, Buttercup is the brunette and Blossom is the redhead.
** ChromaticArrangement: Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are pink, blue and green. Princess tries and fails to be the yellow fourth.
%%** FreudianTrio
%%*** Blossom: Superego--she is obsessed with rules and the most likely to respect authority figures simply for having authority.
%%*** Bubbles: Ego
%%*** Buttercup: Id
** NiceMeanAndInbetween: Bubbles (nice), Buttercup (mean), Blossom (in-between). This is shown perfectly with Buttercup usually arguing with Blossom, and Bubles being the nicest out of the trio all the time.
** SameSexTriplets: The girls are sisters who are the same age.
* PintSizedKid: They are 5 year old girls and they are pintsized.
** PintSizedPowerhouse: They are short, but they can life a lot more than people twice their height can.
* SiblingTeam: the Powerpuff Girls are sisters who work together to save the world before bedtime.
* SiblingYinYang: Buttercup and Bubbles. The former is brash and rough, whereas the latter is sweet and friendly.
* SmashSisters: Working together, the girls beat up the bad guys.
* StrongAsTheyNeedToBe: One episode will have them proving themselves to adult heroes as the mightiest supers in their universe, and another will have all three girls get beaten down by a gang of ordinary thugs. One time an overweight nerd was able to trap them in toy packaging. SERIOUSLY?!
* ThemeNaming: All 3 girls (plus Bullet and Bunny) have names that start with a B and have double consonant. Notably Princess' name starts with a P and her double consonant is at the end instead of the middle of her name, she's the only Powerpuff esque character never to be acknowledged as part of the team or kept Chemical X powers. Lampshaded in the movie where the Professor reveals that the reason why he named Buttercup that name is because it starts with a B.
* YouGotSpunk: All three of them face down villains, monsters and what's basically ''Satan'' on a regular basis, and they're five-year-old girls!
* YoungerThanTheyLook: They were born the age they are, so they're actually (in the series) probably less than a year old, as they started kindergarten shortly after being created.

* EyeBeams: They're all able to shoot lasers from their eyes.
%%* {{Flying Brick}}s


[[folder: Blossom]]
->Voiced by Cathy Cavadini

->''Commander and the leader''

Blossom is the redhead in the pink outfit and signature red bow. She's the "smart one" and the self-proclaimed leader of the group, although at times she can be bossy or over-analytical. Her unique ability, introduced in the episode "Ice Sore", is [[AnIcePerson ice breath]].


* ArchEnemy: Mojo Jojo for his focus on intelligence, similar to her, and Brick of the Rowdyruff Boys for being her direct counterpart.
* BadassBookworm: The most knowledge oriented sibling of this crime fighting trio.
* BerserkButton: Don't hurt her sisters, and don't mess with her hair.
* BreakTheCutie: Occasionally, like in the episode "Not So Awesome Blossom". Sometimes it becomes BreakTheHaughty.
* BreathWeapon: The only Girl with [[AnIcePerson ice]] breath.
* CaptainGeographic: Her alternate identity in "Super Zeroes" - Liberty Belle. She's a [[WearingAFlagOnYourHead flag-dressed]] cross between WonderWoman and [[WesternAnimation/DextersLaboratory Major Glory]] and drives a [[{{Eagleland}} Freedommobile]].
* ControlFreak: While she is the leader of the group, she can be more bossy than usual.
* CuteBookworm: Naturally, she is an adorable little girl that always strives to do well academically.
* DrillSergeantNasty: A minor example then most, especially when it involves giving the other girls commands.
* EveryGirlIsCuterWithHairDecs: Has a big red bow on her hair.
* FieryRedhead: Blossom is a fighter and kicks ass, and she has red hair to boot.
* FoolishSiblingResponsibleSibling: The responsible to Bubbles' foolish. Blossom is more level-headed while Bubbles is more ditzy.
* GirlyBruiser: Blossom isn't as girly as Bubbles, but she's into fashion and she kicks ass.
* GoGetterGirl: Power-Noia reveals that she's rocking a major Complex of an Excellent Student.
* HeroicBSOD: In TheMovie during the girl's DarkestHour. Also, she has this in "Not So Awesome Blossom" when she loses her self-confidence.
* Hypocrite: She usually calls Buttercup out for picking on Bubbles, but ironically, [[SiblingRivalry she is very quick to argue with Buttercup]], and sometimes teases Bubbles for being babyish herself.
* IconicItem: "Beauty, brains, and one serious hairbow." You rarely see her without it.
* InsufferableGenius: At times, Blossom may think her ideas are the best because she's the most intelligent.
* ItsAllAboutMe: She dips into this behavior sometimes; in her version of events in "The Bare Facts", the story is solely centered around her, and she only grudgingly adds, "Oh, Buttercup and Bubbles were there too, I guess." when they protest this.
* TheLeader: Specifically referred to as such in the theme song, a levelheaded variant that forms attack strategies for her sisters and gives orders in combat,
* MeaningfulName: Named by the Professor for being the first girl to open up (like a flower) to him when they were created.
* [[OnlySaneMan Only Sane Girl]]: Out of the three girls, Blossom serves as the voice of reason because of her intelligence.
* ThePerfectionist: Blossom sometimes thinks that she has to be perfect, which led to her losing her confidence in "Not So Awesome Blossom."
* PinkMeansFeminine: Her eyes and dress are pink, and she acts feminine.
* RapunzelHair: For someone her height at least. The episode 'The Mane Event' shows that she actually has [[http://i53.tinypic.com/21abw4o.jpg ridiculously long hair for her age]], especially when compared to her sisters.
* {{Redheaded Hero}}ine: Blossom is a redhead and she's a heroine.
* RedOniBlueOni: The blue to Buttercup's red.
* TheSmartGirl: The smartest of the girls, notably doing the best in school.
* SmugSuper: Blossom knows how tough she can be, and she carries this attitude.
* TemporarilyAVillain: In "A Very Special Blossom" when she steals golf clubs in order to make the Professor happy. It doesn't end well for her, as she had to do community service hours.
%%* TheSpock
* TechnicolorEyes: Has pink eyes.
* TranquilFury: On a few occasions, but most notably in her first fight with Princess after the latter "trashes her sisters."


[[folder: Bubbles]]
->Voiced by Creator/TaraStrong

->''The joy and the laughter''

Bubbles is the one in the blue outfit with the blonde hair and pigtails. She's the most childish, naive, and timid of the three, but also the most gentle, caring, and playful. She's a FriendToAllLivingThings, and she has the unique ability to [[{{Omniglot}} talk to animals and speak any language]].


* {{Adorkable}}: Bubbles' childish attitude and love for stuffed animals qualify her for this.
* ArchEnemy: Boomer of the Rowdyruff Boys for being her direct counterpart, and HIM, because, as the most evil being in the show, he is particularly interested in breaking her innocence (such as in "Oct-Evil").
* BadassAdorable: Just as strong as her sisters, and also the cutest. She's the type that collects stuffed animals and can talk to squirrels.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: While she's the nicest and childish of the three, she also has a very, ''very'' long fuse, but if she gets angry, she's more devastating then Blossom or even Buttercup.
* BreakTheCutie: More often than the other two girls. It's usually Him who tries to do this to her.
* BreathWeapon: In the 2014 series, Bubbles is the one with ice breath.
* CheerfulChild: Bubbles is described as "the joy and the laughter" in the end credits theme song.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: In the later seasons of the show, she is flanderized into this, and sometimes acts like she's "out of it."
* CuteButCacophonic: She normally has a very cute voice, but she tends to shriek when frustrated or excited. Plus, she can do a super-scream.
* TheCutie: Her innocent personality and her cheerful ways perceive her as this.
* CompanionCube: She can often get very attached to her stuffed animals, Octi in particular. This bites her in "Octi-Evil" when it gets possessed by HIM and starts actually giving her advice.
* DaddysGirl: Out of all the girls, Bubbles is the closest to the Professor.
* DeadpanSnarker: While she is normally a nice girl she does have her moments. Especially against Princess Morbucks. Since it's TaraStrong, it's to be expected.
-->'''Buttercup:''' Ooh, nice bracelets [Handcuffs].
-->'''Bubbles:''' Oh, they'll clash nicely with your new ''prison outfit''!
* TheDitz: She was flanderized into this in later seasons. Also, see DumbBlonde below.
* DumbBlonde: Not stupid per se - in Him Diddle Riddle, she scored a 1075 on the SAT whereas Blossom and Buttercup scored a 10 and a 25 respectively - but a bit ditzy. Observe!
--> '''Mojo Jojo''' ''(letter voiceover)'': Dear Powerpuff Girls,
---> I have kidnapped Professor Utonium! [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment I have taken him someplace against his will. If you look for him in the spots he likes to be, you will not find him! He is with me, but not by choice. I took him, and he didn't like it!]]
---> This message is from [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment and was written by]] Mojo Jojo.
--> '''Bubbles''': [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Who could've done this?]]
* DisguisedInDrag: In one episode she was disguised as Boomer.
* FluffyTamer: In "Three Girls and a Monster" when she's able to tame the monster.
* FoolishSiblingResponsibleSibling: The foolish to Blossom's responsible. While Bubbles is too ditzy, Blossom is more tame in cmparison.
* FragileFlower: She's still a kick-ass superhero, but she's easy to scare and is almost always the first of the three to get emotional, which irritates Buttercup no end.
* FriendToAllLivingThings: Bubbles finds herself talking and communicating to animals.
* GeniusDitz: She can be ''very'' ditzy at times. However, as mentioned below, she is an {{Omniglot}} and SuddenlyFluentInGibberish, and scored a 1075 on the SAT, which (despite being impossible) is pretty good for a kindergartener.
* GenkiGirl: Bubbles is easily the most excitable of the three.
* GirlishPigtails: The "joy and the laughter" of the group, so she sports the bounciest hair style.
* GirlsLoveStuffedAnimals: She loves her stuffed Octi.
* GirlyBruiser: Bubbles is girly (into stuffed animals and dolls) and she kicks a lot of ass.
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold: She has blonde hair and is known for being the kindest out of the trio.
* HairTriggerTemper: Though not to the same extent as Buttercup. Sometimes, she can get very angry when provoked.
%% * TheHeart:
* InnocentBlueEyes: Her blue eyes represent her youth and innocence. She's known as the sweetest, cutest, and nicest of the trio, and her element is sugar.
* KidAppealCharacter: She had a few elements of this trope like acting more childish than usual.
%%* TheKirk
%%* MakeMeWannaShout: The Super-sonic Scream.
* MeaningfulName: Named by the Professor for her "bubbly personality".
** OddNameOut: She's the only one of the three not named after a flower.
* NiceGirl: As seen in InnocentBlueEyes and HairOfGoldHeartOfGold.
* {{Omniglot}}: A power unique to Bubbles who is seen speaking Spanish, reading Japanese, and can also [[SpeaksFluentAnimal communicate with squirrels and other animals.]]
* PunctuatedForEmphasis: [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome I'M HARDCORE NOW!]]
* ShipTease: Bubbles => Boomer. A rather small, insignificant one perhaps, but she's the only Powerpuff who has ever shown something else other than disdain by this bit:
--> '''Blossom:''' Alright girls. I think we know what we have to do. [[GirlsHaveCooties Let's give 'em some sugar]]!
--> '''Bubbles:''' [eagerly] Ooh, ooh, I want the blond! I think he's cute!
--> '''Buttercup:''' Man, you're weird!
** It helps that her shot still for when she kisses Boomer has her basically hug him towards her while looking happy in comparison to her sisters' distance (they avoid all contact with the exception of the lips to their cheeks) and distaste.
* SuddenlyFluentInGibberish: Former TropeNamer, for Talks To Squirrels. Bubbles uses this to her advantage sometimes.
* SurrogateSoliloquy: With Octi. Bubbles usually finds herself talking to Octi, her stuffed octopus.
* TalkingTheMonsterToDeath: Okay, not really. After Blossom and Buttercup fail to land a single hit, Bubbles kindly asks the monster to leave Townsville. ''It works.''
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Girly Girl to Buttercup's Tomboy. Bubbles likes to play with stuffed animals and dollies, making her girly, whereas Buttercup is more interested in things associated with guys.
* TookALevelInBadass: "Bubblevicious". She starts the episode dealing with training in level 2, and ends up not only taking level eleven on the simulator but also in Mojo's laser beam (right before beating the snot out of him)
* TookALevelInJerkass: Again in "Bubblevicious". [[DisproportionateRetribution She takes her aggression too far and starts to beat people to a pulp for things like]] [[FelonyMisdemeanor ''littering'']].
%%* TrueBlueFemininity


[[folder: Buttercup]]
->Voiced by Creator/ElizabethDaily

->''The toughest fighter''

Buttercup has the green outfit and black hair. She's a tomboy, and the "toughest fighter". She's the most aggressive and confrontational sister, and has gained a reputation among the bad guys of Townsville as the most vicious of the trio. Unlike her sisters, she doesn't have a unique ability (to her chagrin); however, it's eventually revealed in the Season 6 episode "Nuthin' Special" that she's the only member of the team who can [[spoiler:curl her tongue. Well, at least it's something]].


* AddedAlliterativeAppeal: "So we have Blossom, Bubbles, and, hmmm, Buttercup because... it also begins with a B."
* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: She spends an episode attracted to Ace, of the Gangrene Gang.
* ArchEnemy: Butch of the Rowdyruff Boys for being her direct counterpart, and the Gangrene Gang for having similar attitude problems and sharing the color green.
* BadassArmFold: Her default position appears to be with her arms folded.
%%* TheBerserker
* TheBigGirl: Not literally, but still, considering she is the toughest out of the three and has the most brute strength.
* [[BigBrotherBully Big Sister Bully]]: Buttercup sometimes veers into this territory towards Bubbles, like destroying her chalk in "All Chalked Up," but she shows that she cares for Bubbles. Occasionally, Buttercup merely teases her sisters a bit and sometimes, she doesn't intend to make them feel bad.
* BloodKnight: Buttercup is always excited when she's getting ready to fight, to the point of refusing to take a bath in "Down N Dirty" because she's rather fight evil monsters instead.
* TheBully: Drops into this occasionally, most notably with Elmer Sglue, going so far as to chuck a gluey popsicle stick project in his face. She does eventually apologize to him though.
* CompressedVice: In the WhatDoTheyFearEpisode Bubbles's fear is [[PrimalFear the dark]], Blossom's is [[HiddenDepths underachieving]] and Buttercup's is... [[OutOfCharacter spiders]]. Despite the fact that she's been handling bug-themed villains as far back as episode 1!
** Her greediness in "Moral Decay" when she knocks people's teeth out for money can be this.
* CuteBruiser: Although Buttercup would hate to be called "cute," she can kick serious ass.
* DeadpanSnarker: Buttercup can be the most sarcastic when she shows disdain for things she doesn't like.
* {{Determinator}}: This is shown very well in the episode "The Boys Are Back In Town" when she refuses to give up against the boys, even though she was obviously outmatched.
* EmbarrassingNickname: The Professor calls her "Butterbear" in "Powerprof", and Blossom calls her "Butterfingers" after dropping Femme Fatale in "Equal Fights".
* TheFirstCutIsTheDeepest: She...doesn't react well when she finds out Ace was just using her in "Buttercrush".
* ForgotICouldFly: In "Down And Dirty", she is being chased by a mob of townsfolks for refusing to take a bath, when she abruptly stops and asks, "Wait, what am I doing?" before taking off into the air.
* GirlinessUpgrade: In the infamous teen flashback from "City of Clipsville" when she wears girly things and acts girly.
** She sort-of gets one at the end of "The Rowdyruff Boys" where she kisses Butch. Followed by a downgrade back to normal when Buttercup's reaction to having kissed a boy is to start spitting repeatedly in disgust.
* GlowingEyesOfDoom: Buttercup gets glowing green eyes in the {{Spawn}} expy Mange in ''Super Zeroes''.
* GoodIsNotNice: Fights crime and evil like her sisters, but is the rudest and most violent.
* {{Greed}}: In "Moral Decay" when she knocks out teeth from super villains for cash.
* HairTriggerTemper: Buttercup has quite a temper and it's not that hard to make her angry.
* HeartbrokenBadass: After she realises Ace was lying to her in "Buttercrush". She gets over it pretty quickly, though.
* HiddenDepths: Although she rushes headfirst into situations and prefers to solve things with violence, she is smarter then she is given credit for and often gives others an EurekaMoment, like in the movie.
** Also in "Makes Zen To Me", when she goes to a temple to learn how to control her anger, she finds she actually ''likes'' doing things like lighting candles and meditating.
* HotBlooded: Buttercup can also get pumped, especially when it involves fighting.
* HypocriticalHeartwarming: Sure she can be a bully to Bubbles and she can be a jerk to Blossom sometimes, [[BerserkButton but she doesn't tolerate]] ''anyone else'' acting like that towards them.
* IJustWantToBeSpecial: An episode was dedicated to Buttercup being unhappy that she didn't have a unique power like her sisters.
** Although her special power is to [[spoiler: curl her tongue]], she was established in "Speed Demon" to be ''slightly'' faster then her sisters, and she's generally considered the physically strongest of the three.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Buttercup may act brash and she may be a jerk and a bully sometimes to her sisters or other, but she's still a good-hearted girl who admits her mistakes and she loves her sisters. It's [[MamaBear probably not a good idea to harm her sisters.]]
** JerkassFacade: A few episodes imply Buttercup is quite insecure and acts the way she does because she feels like she isn't as beloved as her sisters.
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%%* TheLancer
* LeeroyJenkins: Her first instinct when confronted with a threat is usually to charge straight after it. More often than not, it works.
* LoveMakesYouDumb: In "Buttercrush" when she becomes infatuated with Ace, which he uses to his advantage to manipulate Buttercup and to destroy her sisters.
%%* TheMcCoy
* MiddleChildSyndrome: Even though the girls were "born" at the same time. According to the movie's DVDCommentary it started as soon as she was named. While Blossom and Bubbles got {{Meaningful Name}}s she was named Buttercup because "[[AddedAlliterativeAppeal that also starts with a B]]".
** Although in the French dub, she is named Rebelle, which pretty much speaks for itself.
* NobodyCallsMeChicken: Buttercup hates when people assume she is scared in situations.
* NotSoAboveItAll: At first she doesn't want to keep Kitty in "Cat Man Do", but [[CutenessProximity she's soon gushing over it with her sisters.]]
* OneOfTheBoys: At school, she hangs out with the boys in the class.
* PrecociousCrush: Gets one on Ace in "Buttercrush." She's physically a kindergartner and he's at least a teenager.
* ThePigPen: "Down And Dirty". She refuses to bathe after each battle and ends up becoming so smelly that she's kicked out of town. ''Even monsters don't want to deal with the stink.''
* RedOniBlueOni: The red to Blossom's blue.
* SecurityBlanket: "Cover Up." She says that it helps her do well in battles.
%%* SmugSuper
* SourSupporter: To Blossom, when she's being particularly bossy.
* TemporarilyAVillain: In "Moral Decay" when she starts most of the trouble in the episode by knocking the villains teeth out, even when they weren't bothering her.
* {{Tomboy}}: buttercup loves fighting, playing with action figures, and hanging out with guys at the playground.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Tomboy to Bubbles' Girly Girl. Buttercup is short-tempered and interested in things associated with guys, whereas Bubbles is girly and interested in stuffed animals and dolls.
* TomboyWithAGirlyStreak: She tends to be disgusted with 'girly' things, but she still fights crime in a dress, has a couple of stuffed animals herself and she gets a crush on Ace.
* TwentiesBobHaircut: Buttercup has her short black hair styled as this.
* TheUnapologetic: In both "Paste Makes Waste" and "All Chalked Up".
** For the former, she teases Elmer Sglue for eating paste. When Elmer turns into a giant radioactive monster as a result of eating a fly that swam in toxic waste and landed in his paste, Blossom and Bubbles get trapped in him, leaving Buttercup to apologize to him the only option of saving them. Of course, Buttercup is reluctant to do so.
** In the latter episode, Buttercup destroys Bubbles' chalk, leading Bubbles to get a new set from a butterfly that is really a disguised Him. The chalk transforms her drawings into giant monsters. At the end of the episode, Buttercup reluctantly tries to apologize, but Bubbles accepts her apology before she can give it.

[[folder:Professor Utonium]]
->Voiced by Creator/TomKane

Professor Utonium is the brilliant scientist who created the girls in his lab. He acts as a father figure, caring for them as a single parent would. He's enthusiastic about his work, and cooks up all sorts of inventions and experiments in his lab.

* {{Adorkable}}: Especially in "Something's A Ms", where the sight of a beautiful woman leads him to stuttering "I--" for the rest of the interaction.
* AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents: The "Powerprof" is dedicated to this when he calls the girls embarrassing nicknames, but it shows up from time to time elsewhere.
* BerserkButton: Threatening to hurt or try to hurt the girls in front of him. [[http://powerpuff.wikia.com/wiki/Lenny_Baxter Lenny Baxter]] learned that the hard way.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Heís a nice, laid back guy, but if you know whatís good for you, [[PapaWolf DONíT harm his girls.]]
* BigGood: as the mentor, father, gadget supplier figure.
* DistinguishedGentlemansPipe: Carries one in the earlier episodes.
* DotingParent: When he's not busy with work--he really does love his girls, and always tries to be there for them when they need him. To put it in perspective, ''he built a giant mecha'' for them. Just on the slim chance they ''might'' get hurt. Plus all the presents he bought them in the movie almost directly after making them.
* EmpoweredBadassNormal: He uses PoweredArmor in Powerprof.
* FatherlyScientist: He creates the title characters and winds up adopting them as his children.
* [[GoodParents Good Father]]: He's a loving, doting father for the girls.
* NiceGuy: The Professor is one of the most level-headed and friendliest guys in town.
* OmnidisciplinaryScientist: He's made robots, tampered with genetics, created potions, formed abstract theories about time and space, and...basically anything else the series might need, science-wise.
* OverprotectiveDad: Every once in a while, it really hits the Professor that ''his three daughters are out laying their lives on the line to fight crime.'' His attempts to assist them, like in "Powerprof" and "Uh Oh Dynamo", usually end up not so good.
* PapaWolf: He didn't take kindly to his little girls being wrapped up like action figures (as seen in Collect Her).
* ParentsInDistress
-->'''Mojo Jojo:''' Aw, wook at the wittle hewoes here to save their daddy!
* ParentWithNewParamour: His new paramour eventually turns out to be the villain Sedusa.
* TheProfessor: [[CaptainObvious Duh]]. It's his first name and he works as a scientist.
* SickeninglySweethearts: With Ms. Keane in "Keen on Keane." [[spoiler: However, this ends when the Professor can't stand her cat Valentino, causing the two of them to break up.]]
* StandardFiftiesFather: "Mixed with [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_of_the_SubGenius Bob Dobbs of Church of the SubGenius]]", according to [=McCracken=].
* TeamDad: Considering he actively fathers the girls.
* TookALevelInBadass: In "Powerprof" when he builds a suit that gives him powers so he can save the world with the girls.
* TotallyRadical: "Powerprof" when he attempts to use outdated slang, which embarrasses the girls.
* TrulySingleParent: He made the girls in a lab with no other parent to speak of.
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! Residents of Townsville

[[folder:The Mayor of Townsvile]]
->Voiced by TomKenny

The mayor of Townsville wears a trademark hat, monocle, and huge bushy mustache, and is [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep referred to only as "Mayor"]] (even campaigning with the slogan "vote for Mayor for Mayor"). He is neither [[TooDumbToLive bright]] nor [[ManChild mature]], and relies heavily on his secretary and personal assistant, Ms. Sara Bellum, to do the real work around the place. [[PermanentElectedOfficial The Mayor seems to have his job only because no one bothers to run against him]]; The Narrator once refers to him as "The Pity of Townsville." Also, [[TrademarkFavoriteFood he really like pickles]].

%%* BalloonBelly: "Candy is Dandy"
* BerserkButton:
** In "Impeach Fuzz", Fuzzy Lumpkins finds out the hard way what happens when you wear the Mayor's hat.
** As seen in in the film he ''really'' doesn't like it if you destroy his favorite pickle stand, and wanted to have the girls run out of town when they accidentally did so during their game of tag.
* {{Beware the Silly| Ones}} / [[BewareTheNiceOnes Nice Ones]]: See BerserkButton above.
** He also rallied Townsville to tracking down Larry in 'Collect Her'.
* ButtMonkey[=/=]TheChewToy: Although he does put himself in most of the situations because he acts like an idiot.
%%* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Despite being portrayed as incompetent and immature, the Mayor has shown to have the potential of being one of the most badass mayors in existence:
** In the episode "Him Diddle Riddle", the Mayor successfully decodes [[{{Satan}} Him's]] riddle "Where is boiling and freezing at the same time?" as coordinates in a matter of seconds through rapid explaination to the trio of dumbstruck girls, along with a more simple alternative.
---> '''Mayor''': "... Or it could be there's an ice cream truck on fire somewhere. Have a nice day, girls!"
---> '''The Girls''': [{{Beat}}] [Fly off to the location]
** Also in the episode "Impeach Fuzz", VillainOfTheWeek Fuzzy Lumpkins becomes the new mayor. [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep The Mayor]] doesn't really care about this until he learns Fuzzy is [[BerserkButton wearing his hat]] and accepts a challenge to wrestle him for the hat and his title as mayor again. He's [[CurbstompBattle easily tossed around]] by Fuzzy and his kin until during a pin, Fuzzy mockingly puts the Mayor's hat on in front of him. Suddenly, the tables were turned in a matter of a second.
--> '''Mayor''': "'''FUZZY!''' No one wears my hat!" [Suddenly rips his vest off, becoming RIPPED]
--> '''Fuzzy''': [[[OhCrap Looking frightened]]]
--> '''Mayor''': "Let's get it '''on'''."
* TheDitz: In one episode he puts a CD on a record player and starts snapping his fingers as it blares scratching noises.
-->'''Mayor:''' This techno music is dope!
** Averted in "Him Diddle Riddle" when he effortlessly realizes what Him's last riddle meant, which confused the girls, even ''[[TheSmartGuy Blossom.]]''
* [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep Everyone Calls Him Mayor]]: Though in "Boogie Frights", his wife does call him Barney.
* {{Flanderization}}: The Mayor has always been somewhat dumb and childish, but he becomes even more screwed up in the later seasons.
* HighClassGlass: Always seen with a monacle.
%%* TheLoad
%%* ManChild: Especially in the later seasons.
%%* MayorPain: Of the "incompetent" type rather than the "evil" type.
%%* NiceGuy
%%* NiceHat
* PermanentElectedOfficial: Despite being an idiot, he never really gets replaced. Although Miss Bellum comments that this is only because no one ever runs against him.
* PsychopathicManchild: In "Toast of the Town".
%%* ShipTease: Occasionally with Miss Bellum.
%%* StupidBoss
* TemporarilyAVillain: See WellIntentionedExtremist below.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Pickles. He loves them so much in the movie that his whole crusade against the girls isn't because they destroyed part of the city, but because they destroyed his favorite pickle stand.
%%* UltimateAuthorityMayor
* WellIntentionedExtremist: In the episode "Hot Air Buffoon", he tries to fight crime without the girls by using a hot air balloon with a boxing glove, but he ends up injuring innocent people, so the girls have to stop him.
* YouDontLookLikeYou: The Mayor was drastically different in "Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins" and was voiced by Jim Cummings. But that could be a different mayor.
%%* YouNoTakeCandle: Only uses this type of speech throughout "Toast of the Town."


[[folder: Sara Bellum]]
->Voiced by Jennifer Martin

Ms. Bellum is the mayor's much-more-competent personal assistant, helping him out with whatever he can't handle on his own (i.e. just about everything). She's tall and has long, bushy red hair, but her face has never been shown--it's always blocked by the top of the frame, a conveniently-placed obstacle, or something like that.

* ActionGirl: She is one of the most accomplished martial artist in the series, capable of go toe to toe with Sedusa.
* BadassNormal: She managed to defeat supervillainess ''Sedusa'' in a fight.
%%* BewareTheNiceOnes
%%* TheCommissionerGordon: Even moreso compared to the Mayor.
* CoolBigSis: Acts as one to the girls sometimes.
%%* DarkSkinnedRedhead
* EveryoneWentToSchoolTogether: She attended the same elementary school as Professor Utonium, Ms. Keane, Sedusa and Femme Fatale.
* TheFaceless: Until the 10th anniversary special, you have to look very carefully.
* HypercompetentSidekick: Obvious to the viewer, but admitted by the Mayor in "Something's a Ms." where he admits that he's accomplished more than most despite (knowingly) not being very smart, thanks to her.
* ImpossibleHourglassFigure: She has large breasts, wide hips, and a waist about as thin as her neck. A number of characters have commented on her beauty.
* MaleGaze: A LampshadeHanging of it. You can only see her from the neck down.
* [[MeaningfulName Meaningful]] PunnyName: Cerebellum, a region of the brain that plays an important part in motor control. In comparison to the Mayor, she seems more like the person who would be more fit to run Townsville.
* [[spoiler: NoAccountingForTaste]]: A possible interpretation.
%%* OnlySaneEmployee
%%* OnlySaneWoman
%%* RapunzelHair
%%* ReasonableAuthorityFigure
%%* SexySecretary
* StatuesqueStunner: Probably one of the tallest characters in the cast and quite beautiful.
* UndyingLoyalty: If all her interactions with the Mayor were not enough clues, during the BadFuture episode, an old Ms. Bellum is shown holding the Mayor hat years after he passed away, and when the girls try to come close, she [[spoiler:snarls like a cornered animal and screams that the mayor is "hers and hers alone"]].


[[folder: Talking Dog]]
As one can readily deduce, Talking Dog is a canine resident of Townsville who has the inexplicable ability to speak English.
* ButtMonkey: Gets his share of bad luck. He's constantly abused in almost every episode he appears in.
* KickTheDog: It is his role to be kicked to show how evil the villain is.
* LampshadeHanging
--> '''Talking Dog''' ''(sitting in a car at the center of a traffic jam):'' "Well, I might be able to talk, but I sure can't drive!"
%%* TalkingAnimal
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: The talking dog is a regular Townsville citizen as far as everyone's reactions go.


[[folder: The Narrator]]
->Voiced by TomKenny

The series' enthusiastic narrator is never seen at any point in the series, though he is a person and not just a disembodied voice--for example, in "Monkey See, Doggie Do", he's turned into a dog along with the rest of Townsville, and in "Simian Says", Mojo Jojo kidnaps him and takes his place as the narrator. As the narrator, he, of course, has the ability to [[BreakingTheFourthWall break the fourth wall]].

%%* {{Catchphrase}}: "The city of Townsville!"
* InteractiveNarrator: Occasionally. He's actually been kidnapped by Mojo Jojo before.
%%* LargeHam
%%* LemonyNarrator
* SoOnceAgainTheDayIsSaved: TropeNamer. He ends every episode with this.


[[folder: Miss Keane]]
->Voiced by JenniferHale

The kindergarten teacher of Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. She is patient, understanding and very protective of her students, making her a well-liked, motherly figure.

%%* CoolTeacher
%%* FriendToAllChildren
%%* HartmanHips
* InnocentBlueEyes: Her eyes represent her kind personality and her motherly relationship with her students.
%%* KindheartedCatLover
%%* [[NiceGuy Nice Woman]]
* OutOfCharacterMoment: In the episode "Ice Sore," she forced her students to go outside in the hot weather, with no concern for their health. This is very jarring as she's usually very caring for her students.
** She also dips into this in "Daylight Savings", see SkewedPriorities below.
%%* RavenHairIvorySkin
%%* ReasonableAuthorityFigure
* SickeninglySweethearts: Her and the Professor in "Keen on Keane." [[spoiler: However, this ends when the Professor can't stand her cat Valentino, causing the two of them to break up.]]
* SkewedPriorities: In one episode, she claims that education is more important then saving the world. [[Anime/DragonBallZ Sounds familiar?]]
%%* TeamMom


! Antagonists

[[folder:Mojo Jojo]]
->Voiced by Roger L. Jackson

A MadScientist chimp with great intelligence, notable for his pseudo-Japanese accent and his convoluted, repetitive manner of speaking (inspired by the speech patterns of characters in the English dub of ''Anime/SpeedRacer''). As revealed in the episode "Mr. Mojo's Rising", and expanded upon in ''The Powerpuff Girls Movie'', Mojo Jojo was Professor Utonium's reckless lab assistant, Jojo, before Professor Utonium created the Powerpuff Girls, and it was he who caused the Professor to accidentally add Chemical X to the mixture, thus making him responsible for their creation. The reason he hates the girls so much is out of jealousy of the affection they received from the Professor that he did not, though he never deserved it due to his destructive nature. According to a countdown of the 10 worst villains in the series held by Cartoon Network, he's the number 1 worst villain in the series.

%% * ArchEnemy: Particularly to Blossom.
* AxCrazy: Often shows various features of mental instability, especially when he's pissed.
* TheBadGuyWins: The GrandFinale has him actually conquer the world[[spoiler: ...and he uses it to make the world a utopia (until he realizes that VictoryIsBoring that is).]]
* BigBad: He is the most well-known villain, the girls' ArchEnemy and the BigBad of TheMovie.
%%* BigNo
%%* ButtMonkey: Especially in the earlier seasons.
%%* CainAndAbel: The Cain to the Girls' Abel.
* {{Catchphrase}}: '''"CURSES!"'''
%%* TheChewToy: Especially in the earlier seasons.
* DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment: He speaks this way all the time, which is to say that the manner in which he vocally expresses himself is extremely roundabout and repetitive, containing long and elaborate sentences which tend to reiterate their own subjects constantly. This is taken to extreme levels in "Mo' Linguish", where he's forced to teach a beginner's English class at Townsville Community College and ends up re-teaching the entire city to speak this way, which brings the entire city to a complete standstill.
%%* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys
%%* EvilCounterpart: To Professor Utonium.
%%* EvilGenius
%%* EvilIsHammy
* {{Flanderization}}: An interesting case. In the film, he was probably one of the biggest threats of the series, however, the first seasons prove otherwise, he was just a HarmlessVillain. Although it was not until the seasons 4 and 5 in which seem to show that he still remains an effective villain, as in the case of kidnapping and attempted murder in many cases to Professor Utonium.
* FromNobodyToNightmare: He was originally just Professor Utonium's lab assistant, constantly wrecking and destroying the lab, but after starting the accident which made the Powerpuff Girls, he got an incredibly high IQ, had the girls create his lab through trickery, and has since established himself as the ArchEnemy of the girls.
* GeniusBruiser: Mojo is capable of building complex machinery in mere days. He also once defeated an alien invasion singlehandedly using only his gloved hands and a stale loaf of bread.
%%* HannibalLecture: From TheMovie, including:
%%** Resulting in... ShutUpHannibal
* KnightOfCerebus: He's played much more seriouly in TheMovie, causing a probable '''mass murder''' in the climax.
%%* LackOfEmpathy
%%* LargeHam
* LukeYouAreMyFather: Professor Utonium pointed out to Mojo, had he not pushed him as he was mixing the batch to create the perfect little girl, the Powerpuff Girls would never have been created. Meaning that Mojo Jojo is, on a strange technicality, the father of the girls.
%%* MadScientist
* ManipulativeBastard: Tricks a group of kids who idolized the Powerpuff Girls into allowing him to grant them powers. Turned out the Chemical X was spiked with something that made them go DrunkWithPower and do anything to get more, including destroying the Powerpuff Girls.
* MyBrainIsBig: You know why he always wears that white-and-purple helmet? The same Chemical X that gave him super-intelligence also cracked his skull and caused his brain to swell up out of it. [[PleaseKeepYourHatOn It's not pretty.]]
* NiceJobFixingItVillain: He helped set off the FreakLabAccident that created the girls ("It was me...it was me..."), gave them their drive to fight crime, and his attempt to go back in time and kill the Professor inspired him to try and create them in the first place. Mojo just can't win.
* NotSoDifferent: "None of them will ever understand you as I can, for we are kindred spirits whose powers spring from the same source!"
* OneWingedAngel: [[spoiler: At the climax of the movie, he infuses himself with a massive amount of Chemical X, mutating himself into a gigantic monster with enough power to nearly defeat the girls. Undone when he's exposed to the antidote.]]
%%* RedemptionPromotion: Twice.
* {{Sadist}}: He had no qualms when tried to kill the professor with several weapons, and while he shot him, he makes an insane Evil Laugh.
* SesquipedalianLoquaciousness: Coupled with his [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment tendency to restate things several ways]] at high speed.
%%* TheSociopath: Especially in the 4 and 5 seasons.
* ScreamsLikeALittleGirl: In the episode "Meat the Beat-alls" when he discovers that Moko Jono is a chimp.
* ShoutOut: His character is a reference to Dr. Gouri, the main villain of ''Series/{{Spectreman}}''.
* StartOfDarkness: While having the destructiveness of a villain, Mojo was otherwise an ordinary chimp and not a true villain until the Chemical X explosion. After that, he would become a villain proper.
* StrongAsTheyNeedToBe: Sometimes he's easily defeated when he fights himself, other times he can hold as own against the girls using just he hands.
* SuperpowerLottery: [[spoiler: In the finale of the film, he grows to become at least {{Kaiju}} size with most of the [[SuperStrength advantages]], but also has [[LightningBruiser generally impressive speed]], the ability to use a thunder-clap, shooting his hair out like thorns, and ''fire breath''.]]
* TragicVillain: Mojo tries to lead the girls and the Professor to think he is this. According to his story, Mojo was the Professor's loving lab assistant who turned to evil after he was abandoned in favor of the new Powerpuff girls. In actuality, he was a destructive lab assistant that the Professor was forced to throw out when the girls were born.
* VictoryIsBoring in the 10th anniversary special.
* VileVillainSaccharineShow: In TheMovie, as well in the 4 and 5 seasons.
* VillainousBreakdown: A few times Mojo's been seen being pushed over the edge. In these instances, he completely regresses into a violent wild animal, screeching and trashing everything he can.
* VillainousCrossdresser: In "Slumbering With the Enemy", he attends the girls' slumber party as a girl. The Powerpuff Girls, naturally, treated the situation with hostility towards him, but once they see that he isn't doing bad things to anyone, it becomes GoKartingWithBowser. Once eveyone goes to sleep, however, Mojo sets on his real mission: to get the [[PowerNullifier Antidote X]].
%%* VillainsNeverLie: Averted.
* WeCanRuleTogether: "All we have to do is work together. Girls, join me!"
%%* WouldHurtAChild


[[folder: Him]]
->Voice by Creator/TomKane

A mysterious, supernatural, red-skinned, effeminate (apparently androgynous) and immortal caricature of {{Satan}}. He is the ultimate embodiment of pure evil, and talks in a chilling voice that echoes at all times as if in a cave; the voice itself can vary from a high pitched falsetto voice, to a deep, booming, demonic voice. He is also the Girl's most dangerous foe as well as the hardest villain to defeat. He's one of the girl's main enemies, but in particular an enemy for Bubbles.

* AffablyEvil: When he isn't directly causing chaos, he's actually usually fairly polite and cheerful. He didn't even seem that upset when the girls burst in on him doing Yoga in "Telephonies". The [[ThatMakesMeFeelAngry moment they left, however]]...
* AsLongAsThereIsEvil: He is never actually fully defeated, but always comes back so long as there is an opportunity to corrupt someone.
* TheBadGuyWins: In "Speed Demon", we're shown [[BadFuture what would happen if he did]]. It's not pretty!
* BewareTheSillyOnes: Despite all his comical attributes, he's the girls most dangerous and vile enemy who consistantly comes close to victory with his plans. And then there's the BadFuture we see were [[TheBadGuyWins he won]]...
%%* BiggerBad
* BigNo: Highly prone to giving these when he chooses to act hammy.
%%* BigRedDevil
* CampGay: He's based off the head Blue Meanie from ''WesternAnimation/YellowSubmarine'', only red.
* TheCorrupter: HIM could basically do anything he wants, but chooses schemes that will bring the girls, and especially Bubbles, away from their purity.
%%* CreepyCrossdresser
* DangerouslyShortSkirt: Which raises his creep factor even further.
* DisproportionateRetribution: "Telephonies", he works with Mojo and Fuzzy to beat up the Gangreen Gang after the girls are tricked into breaking into his home. Unlike Mojo and Fuzzy, however, the girls didn't actually hit him, all they did was break in.
* TheDreaded: Not only are the girls more frightened of him than of the other villains, but even Mojo is afraid of him.
* DystopiaJustifiesTheMeans: Implies by "Speed Demon", where the BadFuture ruled by Him is very much this.
* EmotionEater: Hatred and despair make him stronger.
* [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep Everyone Calls Him "Him"]]: As the Narrator states.
* EvilCannotComprehendGood: "I don't understand! You are supposed to..."
* EvilIsPetty: Him could win at any given time, but simply seeks to inconvenience the girls.
* EvilSoundsDeep: Sometimes. His voice fluctuates between a girlish falsetto and a deep, reverberating growl, making him all the more unsettling.
* {{Expy}}: WordOfGod says he's based on the Blue Meanies from WesternAnimation/YellowSubmarine.
%%* FlamingDevil
* ForTheEvulz: The only reason He does anything. He could end the world on a whim if he wanted to, and has demonstrated it by sending the planet hurtling into the Sun by the wave of his hand.
%%* HumanoidAbomination
* InvisibleMeansUndodgeable: The Girls go toe to toe with him whenever he uses projectiles and beams. However, the moment he changes to his invisible Thought-Controlled Power, they're helpless.
%%* {{Jerkass}}
* KarmaHoudini: The girls just defeated him twice and are often unsure how to fight him. There are some episodes where if it gets its way, as in "Speed Demon" and when their plans fail, mostly he is not punished.
* KnightOfCerebus: Especially in "Speed Demon", one of the scariest and darkest episodes in the entire series. His battles are much more psychological and aim to show how the Girls aren't so pure.
** Notably subverts this in episodes where he isn't the main villain, such as "Telephonies".
%%* LargeHam
%%* LaughablyEvil
* ManipulativeBastard: Often succeeds by fooling with people's naivete, especially Bubbles - he's used her as an UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom at least twice.
* MoodSwinger: Tends to snap wildly between a creepy, deceptively sweet cheerfulness and a just as creepy snarling rage mid-sentence, often several times a sentence.
* NaturalWeapon: His pincers. He also can apparently breathe fire, as seen in "Telephonies."
* NeverRecycleYourSchemes: He even admits in an episode that he "Never does repeat performances."
* NotMeThisTime: In one episode, the Gangreen Gang makes crank calls to the Powerpuff Girls impersonating the Mayor, telling them that various villains are doing evil deeds. One of those villains is Him, and when the Powerpuff Girls ask him if he was doing anything evil today, he says not ''today'', because today he needs to Jazz-ercise and get in shape.
* OneWingedAngel: In a BadFuture were [[TheBadGuyWins he conquered Townsville]] (at least we hope it was just Townsville), he eventually turns into a giant demonic monster. He also performs this in "Power Noia" were he turns into an insect-like monster embodying the Girl's fears.
* PowerEchoes: His voice reverberates and echoes eerily.
* PunchClockVillain: When he isn't the enemy of the episode, he's surprisingly polite and owns a diner with delicious, if a bit overpriced, flapjacks. Main example: in "Telephonies," the girls broke into his house as he was jazzercising and he chatted rather affably to them.
* RealityWarper: He can create and destroy on a whim.
* ResurrectiveImmortality: He was seemingly vaporized in his first appearance and suffered a DisneyVillainDeath into a bottomless pit in another, but always comes back.
* {{Sadist}}: He enjoys torturing his victims psychologically.
%%* {{Satan}}
* TheScottishTrope: In His introductory episode, the Narrator states that "Him" is the only designation that is safe to describe Him with. According to Tom Kane, saying his real name [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clrGmxA9qgc causes you to explode]].
** Another WordOfGod has stated knowing his true name will cause you to GoMadFromTheRevelation. So either way, Him IS the only safe way to refer to him.
** Or if you apply some Fridge Logic, the reason the girls won't say his name (and part of the reason for his character costume) is that the girls (being 3 years old) can't spell... [[spoiler: and have [[RougeAnglesOfSatin mixed up]] {{Santa|Claus}} and {{Satan}}]]
%%* SissyVillain
%%* SlasherSmile
* ThighHighBoots: High-heeled version.
* VileVillainSaccharineShow: Especially in the earlier seasons. He's basically the devil on a kid's show.
%%* VillainousCrossdresser
* WhatAnIdiot: InUniverse. In a demonstration of how evil he is, Him knocked the Earth out of its orbit, heading straight for the sun. Mojo Jojo went on a rant about how stupid that was, since Him will be destroyed along with everyone else. This gets subverted during the actual rant, as Him, not taking his eyes off Mojo, raises his hand in a stopping motion towards the sun, ''and it moves away''. Or, the Earth moved back, it's all a matter of perspective.
* WrongGenreSavvy: While Him obviously has been reading the EvilOverlordList, a lot of his plans are mostly twarted because the girls keep subverting his tropes.
%%* ZettaiRyouiki: ...yeah.

[[folder: Fuzzy Lumpkins]]
->Voiced by JimCummings

A large, husky, furry pink bear-like hillbilly monster with a wide jaw, a green nose, two antennae on his head, bib blue overalls and brown countryman shoes. He talks with a Southern accent, and will shoot anything he finds trespassing on his property and is otherwise harmless. He lives in the woods next to the city of Townsville. He is also prone to destructive fits of rage during in which these times, gaining enough physical strength to overpower (and sometimes intimidate) the girls, to which they must outsmart him to beat him.

* BerserkButton: Don't mess with his property!
%%* ButtMonkey
%%* TheBrute
%%* TheChewToy: Sometimes.
%%* CorruptHick
%%* DumbMuscle
%%* HairTriggerTemper
%%* {{Jerkass}}
%%* LargeHam: "Git owf mah pro-per-TY!"
%%* PunchClockVillain
* TookALevelInDumbass: In the pilot, Fuzzy was smart enough to make a gun that turned things into meat, plus he had an overall calm demeanor. In the rest of the show he's an anti-social hick who goes ballistic when you touch his stuff and can't invent a glass of water to save his life.
%%** CharacterizationMarchesOn
* UnstoppableRage: Gained this trait in the early episodes of the series (not in the pilot) whenever he got angry. It eventually got phased out.
* [[WouldHitAGirl Would Hit An Old Lady]]: In the episode "Fuzzy Logic," he punches out an old lady ''[[DisproportionateRetribution because she touched his banjo.]]''
* YourSizeMayVary: In the pilot, Fuzzy was bigger and taller.


[[folder: The Gangreen Gang]]
->Voiced by Creator/JeffBennett (Ace/Big Billy/Grubber), TomKenny (Lil' Arturo/Snake)

A gang of teenaged hoodlums that are green-skinned and unhealthy looking (as if suffering from gangrene). They do not have powers, nor are they truly a threat in many ways.

* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: As far the show elaborates, they're ordinary humans (except Big Billy). Who happen to be green.
* AmbiguouslyHuman: It's never specified if they're humanoid monsters or weird-looking teenage boys. Although in one episode that opens with Professor Utonium rattling off the nature of the PPG's foes (before realizing that he doesn't know anything about Fuzzy Lumpkins) he mentions that they have a skin condition.
%%* ButtMonkey: Snake
%%* CoolShades: Ace
* TheCharmer: Ace can be very charismatic when he wants to be.
* [[spoiler: {{Cyclops}}]]: Billy is one eye under his BlindingBangs
%%* DumbMuscle: Big Billy
%%* ElectiveUnintelligible: Grubber
* FauxAffablyEvil: In a few episodes, such as the one where they try to make Buttercup one of them and when they get sent to school. They behave like perfectly polite angels, particularly Ace. It is, of course, all an act.
%%* {{Gonk}}: Big Billy.
%%* GratuitousSpanish: Lil' Arturo
%%* TheGrotesque: Grubber
%%* HulkSpeak: Big Billy, at times.
%%* {{Jerk|ass}}s
* ManipulativeBastard: Ace was this to Buttercup after he found about her crush on him, and he used her infatuation against her to destroy her sisters.
* ManOfAThousandVoices: Grubber is implied to be one in "Telephonies". He's able to ''perfectly'' mimic Ms. Bellum and the Mayor.
* MistreatmentInducedBetrayal: In "Aspirations", when they team up with Sedusa, who makes them much more formidable in exchange for some artifacts that'll [[spoiler:help regain her lost hair after it was cut off in her last encounter with the [=PPGs=]]]. However, once they bring her the artifacts and she becomes all powerfull, she kicks them to the curb. They tell the struggling Powerpuffs how to de-power her and get the last insult in by knocking Sedusa into a mud puddle when she comes begging for their help.
* MrFanservice: Ace gets a ''lot'' of fan girls. The episode where Buttercup is infatuated with him probably helped.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Snake. His real name was revealed to be [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar Sanford D. Ingleberry]], so itís understandable.
%%* PeekABangs: Lil' Arturo.
%%* PunchClockVillain
* RepetitiveName: William W. Williams, a.k.a. Big Billy
%%* SnakeTalk: Snake, of course.
%%* StockSuperpowers: The gang temporarily had powers in ''Power Lunch''.
%%** AnIcePerson: Ace
%%** DishingOutDirt: Big Billy (Sort of. He actually turns into a rock)
%%** MakeMeWannaShout: Grubber (In the form of burps)
%%** RubberMan: Snake
%%** SuperSpeed: Lil' Arturo
%%* TeensAreMonsters
* TooDumbToLive: Big Billy, especially highlighted in "Telephonies" when talking on the phone to "Him" (who was trying to complain to the Mayor about the girls breaking in when he wasn't doing anything), explains to him that everything was the Gangreen Gang's doing simply because he was asked. Cue CurbStompBattle seconds later
* TheUnintelligible: Grubber...ppphhhttthhh! In "School House Rocked", however, he did show the ability to physically re-form himself and said "Hello, I'm Grubber, very nice to meet you all" before turning back into his normal self, if only for a few seconds.


[[folder: Princess Morbucks]]
->Voiced by JenniferHale

->''"[[IfICantHaveYou If I can't be a Powerpuff Girl, than there won't be any Powerpuff Girls!]]"''

A spoiled rich girl in the Powerpuff Girls' kindergarten class, whose partially unseen and mostly mute "Daddy" allows her to finance various evil plots to destroy the girls. Her hatred of them stems from her deluded rebuffed attempt to become one of them.

%%* AlphaBitch
%%* {{Badass}}: In "Twas The Fight Before Christmas".
* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: The Redhead to Femme Fatale's Blonde and Sedusa's Brunette.
%%* BrattyHalfPint
* BullyingADragon: It was ''very'' unwise to brag to Blossom about how she managed to (temporarily) defeat Buttercup and Bubbles. Especially since they got up and kicked her butt shortly after.
%%* CoolCrown
%%* DaddysLittleVillain
%%* DarkChick
* EarlyBirdCameo: Princess appears in the opening credits for a brief second, though does not appear until the Season 2 premier episode, "Stuck Up, Up, and Away".
%%* EnfantTerrible
* [[EntitledBastard Entitled Bitch]]: Princess felt that because she is rich and that she always gets what she wants, that the girls should immediately allow her to become a Powerpuff Girl. You can guess how she reacts when the girls tell her "no."
* EvilCounterpart: If you take Buttercup, remove all of her redeeming qualities, add a lot of "spoiled brat" and "jerkass," then you have Princess.
** She's one to Blossom too; EvilRedhead to Blossom's FieryRedhead, has a bossy and demanding personality and is rather vain, much like Blossom can be, but has none of Blossom's compassion or competence as a leader.
** [[RuleofThree Same thing for Bubbles.]] She is condescending and a spoiled brat in contrast to Bubble's SpoiledSweet. Also, they are both very girly.
%%* EvilRedhead
%%* FaceHeelTurn
%%* FieryRedhead
%%* GirlishPigtails
* GreenEyedMonster: And it's her motivation for being an antagonist to the girls: she's jealous of their superpowers.
%%* HairTriggerTemper
* IfICantHaveYou: She outright says it in her first appearance when she buys a powersuit and shrieks, ''"If I can't be a Powerpuff Girl, then THERE WON'T BE ANY POWERPUFF GIRLS!!"''
%%* ItsAllAboutMe
* {{Jerkass}}: ''And'' a spoiled brat. She has a disturbing LackOfEmpathy for a kindergarten-aged girl, throws temper tantrums to her "daddy" when she doesn't get her way and when someone says "no" to her, and doesn't hesitate to step on people to get what she wants, and then she wonders why she is never allowed to be a Powerpuff girl.
* KickTheDog: In "Stuck Up Up and Away," she brags to Blossom about defeating her sisters.
** She also gives a ''long'' insulting tirade to someone over the phone in one episode...then hangs up and reveals that the one she was talking to was ''her own mother''.
* KneelBeforeZod: "Prepare to bow to your princess!"
* LackOfEmpathy: Although in one small, bizarre moment, when Ms. Keane politely tells her fighting isn't allowed in class, Princess ''sincerely'' apologized before blasting the girls outside of the classroom. This was in her debut, so it's likely a case of CharacterizationMarchesOn / EarlyInstallmentWeirdness.
** Or RuleOfFunny.
%%* LargeHam
%%* [[ManipulativeBastard Manipulative Bitch]]
* MeaningfulName: Her name is ''Princess''. Averted with her personality, though.
* MissingMom: Her mother is never seen in the show. She is only mentioned when Princess is on the phone and she says "My mom is such a pain in the butt."
* NeverMyFault : Princess ended up causing two bank robbers to get away in her attempt to be a Powerpuff Girl and when Blossom explained to her that they won't let her be one is for her own protection she goes to her dad blaming the Powerpuff Girls for what happened saying she was being perfect that saying it was her father's fault. The next day she comes in with a supersuit and calls the Powerpuff Girls out on turning the class against her even though everyone hated her before she even met the Powerpuff Girls. And this was just in her first appearance alone.
%%* PintSizedKid
%%* PintSizedPowerhouse
* PunnyName Princess ''Morbucks.'' (more bucks)
%%* PowerArmor
%%* RichBitch
%%* ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney
%%* SignificantGreenEyedRedhead: At times.
%%* SmallNameBigEgo
* TheSociopath: Cares only for herself, with a disturbing LackOfEmpathy for anyone else. For that matter, her father likely qualifies too, as he shows no care whatsoever for his daughter outside of just casually giving her whatever she wants.
** Although he is likely the one who pays her bail.
%%* SpoiledBrat: Big time.
%%* TheTeamWannabe
%%* TinyTyrannicalGirl
* [[UngratefulBastard Ungrateful Brat]]: On her second day of school, the girls remove a bomb from her before it can explode. Naturally, she doesn't learn to avoid the danger the girls get themselves in and goes home to complain about how "jealous" the girls are of her (as well as claiming ''they'' put the bomb on her).
%%* YouthfulFreckles


[[folder: Sedusa]]
->Voiced by JenniferHale

A master (or rather, mistress) of disguise who uses her cunning and her sex appeal to trick powerful men into doing her bidding. True to her PunnyName, she has PrehensileHair, which is her greatest asset in combat.

* AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever: [[spoiler: When the Gangrene Gang bring her three ancient artifacts, she grows into a huge giant that regains her lost hair (which are literally snakes, properly fitting her name) and more then a match for the girls.]]
* [[spoiler:BaldOfEvil: Her third appearance is this as she still hadn't recovered her hair after Ms. Bellum and the PPG cut it off.]]
* BatterUp: Says this when she hits the Powerpuff Girls with her scepter when she grows into a giant.
%%* BigNo
* BitchInSheepsClothing: In particular episodes like "Mommy Fearest," when she disguises herself as another woman with another personality (usually nice).
* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: The Brunette to Femme Fatale's Blonde and Princess Morbucks' Redhead.
%%* ChildHater
%%* EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette
%%* GorgeousGorgon: [[spoiler: Played literally in her third appearance.]]
%%* GuessWhoImMarrying: With Professor Utonium in disguise.
%%* ImpossibleHourglassFigure
%%* {{Jerkass}}
* MasterOfDisguise: She disguises herself as Ima Goodlady and [[spoiler: Ms. Bellum]] in two episodes.
%%* [[spoiler:OneWingedAngel]]
%%* PrehensileHair
* RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver: Most of her outfit is red, and her hair and pantyhose are black.
%%* ShapeShifter
* {{Stripperiffic}}: Femme Fatale dismisses her contemptuously as "That chick in the underwear."
%%* TheVamp: Almost literally in her third appearence as the animators added fangs to her teeth.
%%* [[TheManBehindTheMan The Woman Behind The Gang]]
%%* YouthfulFreckles


[[folder: The Amoeba Boys]]
->Voiced by Chuck [=McCann=]

The Amoeba Boys are a trio of human-sized anthropomorphic protozoan gangsters. They'd like to be the greatest criminals Townsville has ever seen, but their brains aren't developed enough to come up with any schemes more evil than [[PokeThePoodle petty shoplifting or littering]]. The Powerpuff Girls consider them harmless, to their dismay--they'd consider it a badge of honor if they were evil enough to get beaten up by the Girls. Ironically, they've come closer to destroying Townsville and defeating the Powerpuff Girls than most of the other villains combined--all by accident, of course.

%%* BlobMonster
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: In the original "Whoopass Girls" short, these guys were actually a ''threat'', since their amorphous bodies could just absorb the girls' punches. The girls had to use the ''sun'' to deal with them. Also, they actually pulled off a successful crime (i.e. robbery), and used guns.
%%* GoldfishPoopGang
* HarmlessVillain: The girls greet most villains with a melodramatic gasp; the Amoeba boys are more likely to get an "Oh... you," or (if it's been a long day) [[NowWhat exasperated groans.]]
%%* IneffectualSympatheticVillain
* MundaneMadeAwesome: The dramatic way they toss a piece of paper onto the ground in an attempt to commit a crime.
* PokeThePoodle: The most evil thing they could think of to do was to stand on the grass in front of a "Keep Off Grass" sign.
** NotSoHarmlessVillain: Unintentionally, but when they get sick, they accidentally infect the entire town and almost bring the girls to their knees.
%%* StupidCrooks
* SympathyForTheDevil: From the girls. And remember, the girls ''love'' to fight crime.
%%* TerribleTrio


[[folder: The Rowdyruff Boys]]
->Voiced by RobPaulsen (Brick/Boomer), Roger L. Jackson (Butch)
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A team of [[SpearCounterpart male counterparts]] of the Powerpuff Girls, created by Mojo Jojo out of snips, snails, and puppydog tails. They love causing mayhem, mischief, and chaos. They were originally one-off villains, killed off in the same episode they were introduced, but they were a fan favorite and were later resurrected by Him to become recurring members of the RoguesGallery.

* AnimeHair: When they come back.
%%* AntiHero: In the ''anime'' version, and implied when they're teenagers.
* ArtificialHumans: Using a recipe based off the one created to use the Powerpuff Girls.
* AxCrazy: The three of them appear to enjoy causing chaos (or "fun").
* BackFromTheDead: Return when Him brings them back to life.
* {{Badass}}: They have defeated the Girls by raw power and strength alone. The Girls themselves have to reach inane strategies to be able to defeat them (give them kisses, or threaten their masculinity).
* BigBrotherBully: In a sense. Much like Bubbles is seen as the "youngest", Boomer more than likely fits it too, and gets picked on by Brick and Butch.
* BigBrotherInstinct: Regardless of their treatment of Boomer, Brick and Butch actually searched for him once they find out he's missing in a representation of concern. And all three tend to come to one another's aid (if needed).
* BloodKnight: The boys, but Butch anticipates it so much that he's visibly restless enough to have a CharacterTic.
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: They were rather one-note when they were first introduced, but more mentally competent. Their reappearance has them dumbed down in intelligence in exchange for having their own distinct personalities.
* CharacterTic: Butch often twitches, like he's had too much caffeine.
* CombatPragmatist: In their first appearance, doing things like [[ItMakesSenseInContext hitting the girls when they let themselves get distracted by thanks from the citizens they just saved.]]
* CounterpartCombatCoordination: The battles between them and the Powerpuff Girls, though there's the rare switch around (they definitely did so in the Rowdyruffs' debut episode).
* {{Cute Bruiser}}s: Although they will punch your lights out if you call them "cute".
* DumbBlonde: Boomer. His brothers aren't that much better really, but Boomer simply says idiotic things that make no sense and he's, well, ''blond''.
* {{Evil Counterpart}}s: Respectively.
** Brick is the EvilRedhead to Blossom's FieryRedhead. Unlike Blossom, he has an abrasive approach when it comes to leadership.
** Both are [treated as] the baby of their groups, but where Bubbles is [[TheHeart sweet and naive,]] Boomer is [[ButtMonkey absentminded and stupid.]]
** Butch, similar to Buttercup, is a BloodKnight, only worse. Buttercup also has empathy or remorse, Butch has none.
%%* [[EvilKnockoff Evil Knockoffs]]
%%* {{Fartillery}}: "Good thing we had those burritos for lunch!"
* TheFamilyThatSlaysTogether: Mojo Jojo and Him act as surrogate fathers to the Rowdyruff Boys, both who are criminals, making this fit right in.
* FunnyBackgroundEvent: When they re-appear in "The Boys are Back In Town", the girls make fun of their "scary new hairdos", Brick is angry that they aren't scared, Butch is still grinning manically and Boomer...fluffs his hair appreciatively.
%%* GangOfBullies
* GirlsHaveCooties: They were defeated after being ''kissed''. It even made them '''explode.'''
%%* HeelFaceTurn: As teenagers in one scene from "The City of Clipsville".
%%* {{Jerk| ass}}s
* {{Kissgusting}}: At first, the girls kiss to cause them to explode.
%%* LackOfEmpathy
* TheLeader: Brick. Not the best example of any type, but with the traits at hand, he would fall in a hybrid of Type II/Type III (he seems more focused than the other two). [[CharacterizationMarchesOn Implied to have been Type I in "The Rowdyruff Boys" [first appearance] before the thought went kaput with their return]].
%%* NiceHat: Brick
* NoIndoorVoice: Particularly in their debut episode. Brick is probably the worst offender.
%%* [[PintSizedKid Pint-Sized Boys]]
%%* [[PintSizedPowerhouse Pint-Sized Powerhouses]]
* PowerTrio: On all the same levels as the Powerpuffs
%%* ThePsychoRangers
* RedEyesTakeWarning: Brick
* ShipTease: Surprisingly, between Boomer and Bubbles, though one-sided on her part. It's not much, but she does exclaim that she wants the blond because he's "cute" very excitedly and is all too willing when kissing him on the cheek ([[FoeYay she embraces him while doing so]]).
%%* SiblingsInCrime: Pretty self-explainable.
* SomethingElseAlsoRises: After they're brought back, the girl's kisses no longer defeat them, they make them grow larger. And when their masculinity is threatened they shrink.
%%* SpearCounterpart: To the PowerpuffGirls.
* StockSuperpowers
** EyeBeams
** [[FlyingBrick Flying Bricks]]
*** As for RequiredSecondaryPowers or "Special Powers": ImaginationBasedSuperpower for Boomer as he could create a bat out of raw energy (or [[ShockAndAwe electricity]]), DeflectorShields having a touch of EnergyAbsorption for Butch, and while not confirmed if it's his own power yet, Brick has [[HandBlast Hand Blasts]], which his siblings have not shown.
* StreetSmart: ''Kinda''. The Rowdyruff Boys are portrayed as idiots, and are, but Brick seems to at least display simple street tactics like coordinated attacks, setting traps, and playing dirty.
* ThemeTwinNaming: Just like their female counterparts all their names start with the letter B (Brick, Boomer and Butch).
* TookALevelInBadass: Not that they weren't BadAss already.
* [[PersonOfMassDestruction Trio Of Mass Destruction]]: Every time they appear for a fight and in general. They are even a serious threat to the Powerpuff Girls, who are also capable of mass destruction. As one can understand, pitting them against each other is not the best result for Townsville.
* YoungerThanTheyLook: Much like the girls, they were created at the age they are [[spoiler:twice]], so they're probably only months old for most of the show.

[[folder: The Gnome]]
->Voiced by Creator/JessHarnell

A one-shot villain who appeared in the musical "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey". One of the few antagonists in the series that has died.

* {{Badass}}: He is the most powerful character in the whole series by far. He probably has a power to that of a god.
** When communicating with their ancestors, he sings a rock song and then kills all the villains and evil people --including '''Him'''-- without anyone's help and with his powers. Pretty badass.
%%* TheBadGuyWins: Well, before his death.
%%* BigBad: In "See Mee, Feel Me, Gnomey".
%%* BitchInSheepsClothing
%%* TheChessmaster
%%* ControlFreak
%%* FauxAffablyEvil
%%* {{Greed}}
%%* {{Hypocrite}}
%%* {{Jerkass}}
%%* KarmicDeath
* KilledOffForReal: Ultimately he is killed by falling to his death, but actualy, his dialogue beforehand indicates that this is only because he willed it so himself, making it a suicide.
-->'''Gnome:''' Therefore, I conclude that I ''cannot exist'' in my...Utopian...mind!
* KnightOfCerebus: Unlike all the other characters, he is the only one who mercilessly killed all the villains of the series and was successful to manipulate the girls, something no other villain has.
%%* KnightTemplar
%%* LightIsNotGood
%%* ManipulativeBastard
%%* {{Narcissist}}
%%* PsychoticSmirk
%%* UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans
* WouldHitAGirl: Kill a girl, actually. He killed all the villains on the show, including the female villains.
* WouldHurtAChild: He killed Morbucks.


[[folder: Dick Hardly]]
->Voiced by Creator/JeffBennett

A one-shot villain in the show, appearing only in the Season 4 episode "Knock it Off", he used to be Professor Utonium's college roommate. He discovers the formula for creating the Powerpuff Girls and abuses it to mass-produce ShoddyKnockoffProduct versions of them on an assembly line. Despite being only a one shot villain, he manages to be one of the most evil and memorable characters on the show.

* AssholeVictim: Dear god, did he have his death coming.
* AxCrazy: Not as obvious as most examples but itīs still there. As his profit grows, so does his greed and mental instability, Near the end of the episode, he shows some slight psychotic behaviour and BY the end, he goes full rage mode trying to obtain more Chemical X,attempting to kill the Girls and enslave his former roommate to do so.
* BadBoss: Presumably, as he is seen constantly yelling at his workers to work faster and doesn't appear to care about them looking overworked. To say nothing of his treatment towards the Powerpuff Girls Xtreme...
* BigBadFriend: To the Girls and Professor Utonium.
%%* BigNo
%%* BigYes
* BitchInSheepsClothing: Comes off initially as an okay guy, but gradually shows himself to be more of a {{Jerkass}}, and then graduates to full blown villain.
* BlondeGuysAreEvil: He has Blonde hair, and he is a total bastard.
* CollapsingLair: [[spoiler: How he's eventually killed.]]
%%* ConsummateLiar
%%* DeathCryEcho
* EmbarrassingFirstName: Although since he introduces himself as "Dick Hardly", apparently ''he'' doesn't find his first name embarrassing.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: In flashbacks, his lecherous and greedy tendencies were made all too apparent. Made even more apparent when he looks through the professor's mail and calls him a geek (albeit not in front of his face), almost as if they ''just'' wanted to make sure you know he's still not a nice guy.
* EvilCounterpart: To Professor Utonium, in that he's a man of science (though with slightly less "science"), but has none of the compassion and legitimate love the Professor has for the girls.
%%* FauxAffablyEvil
* FromNobodyToNightmare: He was originally just a sleazy jerk who took advantage of Professor Utonium, but by the end of the episode, he's more or less a literal monster.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: His name, in a way.
* {{Greed}}: He wants money, and will use whatever means he can think of to get it.
* HateSink: Dick Hardly is one of the most despised cartoon villains.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: When the replicas saw the Professor's love for the real girls, [[spoiler:they questioned ''why'' they weren't loved to Dick. He told them to back off. Simply put, it didn't end well for Dick.]]
%%* ItsAllAboutMe
* KickTheDog: After his OneWingedAngel, he traps the girls and plans to suck all the Chemical X out of them. Professor Untonium offers to works for him and make more Chemical X for the rest of his life if he lets them go, [[MoralEventHorizon but Dick decides to go ahead with killing the girls for their Chemical X anyways and '''FORCE''' Untonium to work for him]].
%%* Creator/JeffBennett
* {{Jerkass}}: Even before he came up with his con, he was still a douche only putting on the nice facade when in front of the Professor.
** JerkWithAHeartOfJerk: One of the only villains ever to be taken ''dead'' seriously.
* KarmicDeath: See KilledOffForReal.
* KnightOfCerebus: An interesting case where he's initially comedic, but gradually becomes a much darker character. By the time he [[OneWingedAngel becomes a literal monster]], nothing about his played humorously and he's played completely seriously.
%%* LackOfEmpathy
%%* ManipulativeBastard: ''YES''
* MeaningfulName: Maybe not an intentional one, but he is, well, a dick.
* MistreatmentInducedBetrayal: His creations realize that he doesn't love them and turn on him, ultimately killing him by bringing his own factory down on his head.
%%* PunnyName
* OneWingedAngel: After ''swallowing'' a whole vial of Chemical X.
--> "Whew! I thought I was going to turn into a horrifying monster there for a min-"
%%* {{Sadist}}
* ShadowArchetype: To Professor Untonium. While the Professor loves and treasures his three creations, Dick regards the Powerpuff Girls Xtreme as expendable and only good for making money, even ordering his workers to [[KickTheDog melt down one of the clones for its Chemical X]] when he sees that she turned out to be a perfect copy of Buttercup.
%%* TheSociopath
%%* UnfortunateName
%%* VileVillainSaccharineShow
* WouldHurtAChild: Unlike the other villains, he doesn't mind ''killing'' the girls.


[[folder: Femme Fatale]]

The third notable female villain in the series, next to Princess Morbucks and Sedusa, despite being a minor villain. She only appears in the episode "Equal Fights" as a man-bashing StrawFeminist who only stole coins with Susan B. Anthony's portrait on them.

* BadassNormal: Doesn't have any special powers, but she can still kick people's butts.
* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: The Blonde to Sedusa's Brunette and Princess Morbucks' Redhead.
* BlondesAreEvil: She's blonde and she's vicious.
* [[spoiler:FemaleMisogynist]]: Goes hand in hand with StrawHypocrite below; [[spoiler:it's made pretty obvious that Femme Fatale only cares about women when it [[ItsAllAboutMe suits her own needs]] (like getting the girls to let her go). If it doesn't, she turns on them (like the bank teller, the cop and the teenager)]].
* HateSink: Her whole character is designed around making her unlikable.
* [[HoistByHisOwnPetard Hoist By Her Own Petard]]: When she gets a lecture from the girls about Equal Rights.
* InstitutionalApparel: Ends up in a striped prison uniform, complaining about how horizontal stripes make her look fat.
* KnightTemplar: Sort of, but instead of being sincere-but-extremist about her beliefs, she mostly uses her beliefs as an excuse to get away with crime.
* ManipulativeBitch: Manipulated the girls into thinking that equal rights means special treatment for women and to be sexist against men.
* MeaningfulName: Her name does relate to her role as a feminist.
* RapunzelHair: Her hair reaches to below her butt.
* StrawFeminist: A controversial one. Interestingly, she was created and conceptualized by [[Creator/LaurenFaust a real life feminist]].
* StrawHypocrite: [[spoiler:Women were not spared from her crimes. [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking She robbed one female bank manager's establishment, broke a female cop's arm, and copied a teenage girl's hairstyle]].]]
** Also, [[spoiler: she steals only Susan B. Anthony coins because she sees Susan B. Anthony, who struggled for the right to vote, as a symbol of women's rights, and she ''is''...but as the Girls point out, Susan B. Anthony was willing to ''risk being imprisoned'' for breaking the law for what she believed in, while Femme Fatale uses her womanhood as a shield to get away with hurting people. Femme Fatale steals Susan B. Anthony coins, but she doesn't even know who she ''was''.]]

[[folder: Mr. Mime]]
->Voiced by TomKenny

Appears only in the episode "Mime for a Change." He is what you get when you douse the local smiling birthday entertainer Rainbow the Clown in bleach.

* DeliberatelyMonochrome: He has the ability to drain color and sound from anything he touches or steps on, and himself appears purely black and white.
%%* FaceHeelTurn => HeelFaceTurn
* NotHimself: Yet when he's turned back to normal, the girls still beat him up and send him to jail. He apparently made parole since he was seen at the Powerpuff Girls' birthday party.
* ThePowerOfRock: The only way to defeat him and change him back to normal, apparently.
%%* SplitPersonalityTakeover: This happens when Rainbow gets doused in bleach.
%%* SuperpoweredEvilSide


[[folder: Boogie Man]]
-> voiced by Creator/KevinMichaelRichardson

Appears only in the episode "Boogie Frights." He hatches a plan to blanket the world in perpetual night by blocking out the sun with a giant disco ball, so that he and his fellow night-terrors can wreak havoc forever.

* AcePilot: He pilots a space-ship to confront the girls when they attempt to shoot down his disco ball.
%%* EverythingsFunkierWithDisco
%%* ManOfWealthAndTaste: How he dresses prior to unveiling his grand master plan.
* PunnyName: He's the lead bogeyman, and he and his cohorts utilize a disco theme.
%%* ScaryBlackMan: His overall design hints at this. It helps that his voice actor is Kevin Michael Richardson.
%%* SinisterShades
%%* ThingsThatGoBumpInTheNight: And he's their ''leader'', at that.


[[folder:The Smiths]]

->Harold Smith voiced by Creator/JeffBennett\\
Mary Anne and Julie Smith voiced by Creator/KathSoucie\\
Bud Smith voiced by ChristineCavanaugh

->'''Narrator:''' Uh-oh, looks like evil runs in the family.

Appear only in the episodes "Supper Villain" and "Just Desserts." The Smiths were an average family living next door to the Powerpuff Girls. Harold Smith had become sickened by his routine life and menial job at a mustard factory. Inspired by Mojo Jojo, he began to embrace the life of a supervillain. Unfortunately, he chose to do this on the night his wife Mary Anne invited Professor Utonium and the [=PPGs=] to dinner. Everything eventually devolved into a food fight, and the police arrest Harold. Mary Anne, however, put a lot of effort into the dinner, and upon seeing it get ruined, she vowed to destroy the Powerpuff Girls.

* BerserkButton: Do '''not''' ruin Mary Anne's dinner. It's eventually not just pressed, but stabbed in about 100 times.
%%* [[BrattyTeenageDaughter Bratty Teenage Son]]: Bud.
%%* BlondesAreEvil: Mary Anne.
%%* DarkSkinnedBlonde: Mary Anne.
* DeadpanSnarker: Bud.
-->'''Bud:''' Okay Dad, let's talk about ''your'' amazing day. How many mustard jars ''did'' you fill?
* DisproportionateRetribution: Their whole scheme is to get back at the girls and the Professor and try to ''kill'' them because they ruined Mary Anne's dinner.
* DropTheHammer: Mary Anne, with meat tenderizers.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: Bud is randomly called "Mike" at one point.
* EvilIsPetty: Pretty much. Harold only became a villain out of spite to how "perfect" the Utoniums were while he was stuck in a rut where nothing exciting seemed to happen. Mary Anne turned just due to the fact the Powerpuff ruined her dinner (which technically was Harold's fault, he was the one who started the conflict in the first place). Julie (their daughter) was mad over [=PPGs=] losing her jumping jacks and Bud...well Bud's just an emo teen so he didn't take much convincing. This was eventually lampshaded when Blossom asked why they're attacking them:
-->'''Blosson''': (After hearing Mary Anne's reason) That's not a good reason at all!
* TheFamilyThatSlaysTogether: Not that they get very far.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: Mary Anne when Harold reunites with her at the beginning of "Just Deserts".
* {{Revenge}}: See above.
* RummageSaleReject: Harold, who wears a ''{{Blankman}}''-like uniform. This makes him stand out when the rest of the family reveal their own supervillain uniforms.
-->'''Harold:''' Oh, criminy. How come you guys get cool supervillain stuff?\\
'''Mary Anne:''' We've had more time to prepare, dear.
%%* StepfordSmiler: Mary Anne.
%%* SuperFamilyTeam
* SuperheroesWearCapes: Both Harold and Bud wear capes.
%%* TeensAreMonsters: Bud.
%%* {{Thememobile}}: The Smith family minivan.
%%* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Bud has green hair.

[[folder: Mitch Mitchelson]]


* AlliterativeName: '''M'''itch '''M'''itchelson.
* EnemyToAllLivingThings: He's not that fond of animals, especially Twigy, to the point of torturing her to the point that she ends up wanting to ''murder'' him.
* {{Jerkass}}: Sometimes. He's the most antagonistic in the episode "Gettin Twiggy With it."
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Despite his brattiness, he can also be seen getting along with the girls and the other kids at Pokey Oaks a lot of the time. He even managed to get on Santa's Nice list, much to Princess' surprise.
* JerkWithAHeartOfJerk: In the Twiggy episode, where every time he appears to show some sort of nice side he winds up acting like even more of a brat than before.
* FateWorseThanDeath: See LaserGuidedKarma below. It's likely that he won't stop running on the treadmill.
* KidsAreCruel: Sometimes he can be quite the bully, for example, he's cruel to Elmer for eating glue, and Twiggy by torturing her.
* LaserGuidedKarma: After the way he treated Twiggy, he ends up being chased by the mutated hamster on a Hamster wheel, [[FridgeHorror there is the possibility that if he ever stopped running, he'd end up dead.]]
* [[RaisedByGrandparents Raised by Grandma]]: We don't see his mother and father, and he says that he lives with his grandmother.
%%* RepetitiveName


[[folder: Major Man]]
A temporary hero who showed up in Townsville who garnered more attention than the girls. Voiced by JeffBennett

* AlliterativeName: '''M'''ajor '''M'''an. Get it?
* BitchInSheepsClothing: Or in this case, a jerk in superhero's clothing. He pretends to be a hero to get admiration.
* BlondGuysAreEvil: Or at least really selfish and fraudulent.
* FakeUltimateHero: He is able to solve every problem that pops up before the PPG can, because ''he sets up all the problems in advance''!
* HypocriticalHumour / MoralDissonance: He is exposed when a {{Godzilla}} {{Expy}} attacks the city and he can't deal with it because he didn't cause the problem in the first place, so the Powerpuff Girls step in and save the day -- and it turns out ''they'' asked the monster to arrive in the first place to expose Major Man!
* KickTheDog: His true colors are exposed when he literally does this to a dog (so he can then "save" the dog from a possible accident).
* LanternJawOfJustice: He has a big jaw and he's a "[[FakeUltimateHero superhero]]" on top of that.
* SuckSessor: He becomes this to the girls; at first Townsville replaces the girls with this guy, but then the girls expose him as a fraud who's only good at being a superhero when he sets up problems to solve in advance.
* TopHeavyGuy: His upper body is obviously bigger than his lower body.


[[folder: Abracadaver]]

%%* BackFromTheDead
* BerserkButton: Anything resembling the little girl that ruined his career.
* DisproportionateRetribution: "You laughed at me, but now, Revenge!" (Although technically his revenge is for the fact that them laughing at him ''indirectly caused his death'', but since that was partially his own fault it's still this trope).
%%* EverythingsDeaderWithZombies
%%* FrankWelker
* OurZombiesAreDifferent: A preforming magician who came back as zombie with magic powers that allow him to do whatever the plot needs him to.
* {{Revenge}}: See DisproportionateRetribution above.


[[folder: Mike Brikowski]]

* BadCopIncompetentCop: After being fired, he managed to get Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup in a trap made of an air tank filled with knockout gas, a crane, reinforced chains (made by Mojo Jojo), and a vat of acid within the police impound. His own fellow officers busted him.
-->'''Officer Brikowski:''' This is just another story of a good-cop-gone-bad.
-->'''Blossom:''' You're not a "good-cop-gone-bad", you're a bad cop gone '''''WORSE!'''''
* BigEater: He loves to eat a lot of doughnuts.
* FatBastard: He is overweight and is a complete asshole on top of that.
* {{Jerkass}}: He's arrogant, egotistical, lazy, and irresponsible and likes to think he's better than everyone else.
* MisplacedRetribution: He punishes the girls because he felt that it was their fault that he lost his job.
* NeverMyFault: When he gets fired from his position, he blames the girls for being so competant at their job, and never stops and thinks that it was ''his'' fault that he got fired for his laziness.
* PoliceAreUseless: Out of the police officers, he is the most incompetent and lazy of them all, which is why he got fired.
* SmallNameBigEgo: He likes to think that he is better than the other officers, when in reality, he's far ''worse'' than the other officers.
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[[folder: Max Von Nitrate]]

%%* HeelFaceTurn