!!!'''''Characters in The Passage and The Twelve'''''

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* [[Characters/ThePassageTwelve Amy & The Twelve]][[note]]Amy Harper Bellafonte, Prof. Timothy 'Tim' Fanning, Giles Babcock, Joseph Morrison, Victor Chávez, John Baffes, Thaddeus Turrell, David Winston, Rupert Sosa, Horace Lambright, Julio Martinez, William Reinhardt, Anthony Lloyd Carter[[/note]]
* [[Characters/ThePassageProjectNoah Project Noah]][[note]]Mark Cole, Col. Sykes, Richards, Dr. Jonas Lear, Dr. James B Fortes, Lawrence Grey, Jude Cripp, Ignacio, Bradford J Wolgast, Agent Phillip Doyle, Pvt. Derrick Paulson[[/note]]
* [[Characters/ThePassageYearZero Year Zero]][[note]]Sister Lacey Antoinette Kudoto, Bernard Kittridge, April [[spoiler:Donadio]], Timothy [[spoiler:Donadio]], Danny Chayes, Dr Nelson, Masterson, President Hughes, Major Frances Porcheki, Pastor Don, Wood, Jamal, Mrs Bellamy[[/note]]
* [[Characters/ThePassageFirstColony First Colony]][[note]]Sanjay Patal, Old Chou, Walt Fisher, Soo Ramirez, Jimmy Molyneau, Galen Strauss, Arlo Wilson, Ida 'Auntie' Jaxon, Elton, Colonel Niles Coffee, Gloria Patal, Ian Patal, Demetrius 'Demo' Jaxon[[/note]]
* [[Characters/ThePassageFirstColonyApostles First Colony Apostles]][[note]]Peter Jaxon, Theo Jaxon, Alicia Donadio, Michael Fisher, Sara Fisher, Hollis Wilson, Mausami Patal, Caleb Jones, Lucius Greer[[/note]]
* [[Characters/ThePassageTheHaven The Haven]][[note]]Olsen Hand, Mira Hand, Jude Cripp, Billie, Gus[[/note]]
* [[Characters/ThePassageRepublicOfTexas Republic of Texas]][[note]]President Victoria Sanchez, Caleb Jaxon, Tifty Lamont, Duncan 'Dunk' Withers, Sister Peg, Sister Catherine, Lore [=DeVeer=], Dan Karlovic, General Abram Fleet, Brigadier General Curtis Vorhees, Major Alexander Henneman, Satch Dodd, Corporal Muncey[[/note]]
* [[Characters/ThePassageHomeland Homeland]][[note]]Horace Guilder, Dr Lila Kyle, Lawrence Grey, Fred Wilkes, Vikram Suresh, Aiden Hoppel, Vale, Sod, Dr Verlyn, Eustace, Nina[[/note]]