The characters in ''VideoGame/{{The King of Fighters}}'' introduced during ''KOF '94'' (the intro title also known as the "Rugal Saga").

Characters are listed in alphabetical order of last names. It should be noted that all the Chinese and Korean character names are rendered in the Western style (given name-surname rather than surname-given name).

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!Hero Team- Japan
[[folder:Kyo Kusanagi - ''Japan'']]
->''"You just ain't got it. So stop whining and get lost."''

-->'''Voiced by:''' Masahiro Nonaka, Andrew Roth (''Maximum Impact'' series, English), Peter von Gomm (''XII'', English), Creator/RyotaroOkiayu (''[='94=]'' Dengeki Bunko drama CD), Creator/TomokazuSugita (Japanese dub of the live-action movie)
-->'''Portrayed by:''' Sean Faris (live-action movie)

->TheProtagonist of the series. Kyo begins as an OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent who enters the first tournament both to prove his strength to the world (having already won the All-Japan Martial Arts Tournament) and to find his missing father Saisyu. After defeating Rugal for the first time, he encounters Iori Yagami who proclaims himself as Kyo's eternal enemy. Kyo makes it to the finals again and fights his {{Brainwashed}} father, and then Rugal once again. He learns of his destiny to seal away Orochi from Chizuru Kagura, and in ''[='96=]'' defeats Goenitz along with Iori. In ''[='97=]'' he, along with Iori and Chizuru, battle the last remaining forces of Orochi and reseal him, but he disappears afterward, and he is found by NESTS and cloned. A year later he decides to find out about NESTS, and joins K' in combating the organization. In the Tales of Ash saga, he joins with Iori and Chizuru once again to stop a group of people trying to resurrect Orochi, but Iori and Chizuru have their powers stolen by Ash Crimson, leaving Kyo as the final target. [[spoiler: Due to Ash fully managing to unfurl his plan, however, Kyo never has his powers stolen.]]

* ArrogantKungFuGuy: Just because he's the hero and really cares for his friends, doesn't stop him from being a cocky bastard when it comes to fighting.
* {{Badass}}
* BadassAdorable - The ''KOF: KYO'' manga shows us Kyo when he was no older than 8. He was this through and through, especially considering that he loved to train ''very'' roughly with his father and that [[BullyHunter he saved other kids from being bullied by high schoolers]].
* BadassBiker
* BecauseDestinySaysSo[=/=]YouCantFightFate - Pretty much the underlying reason for why stuff happens to him. [[ScrewDestiny Kyo vehemently refuses to believe that fate plays an integral role in his life]], but will fight people like the Orochi and Those of the Past so they'll leave him and his loved ones alone.
* BerserkButton - Ash Crimson and Iori Yagami. On a less serious note, being too nosy about the fact that he never graduated from high school is a sure-fire way to get smoked. (Kim is particularly good about rising his hackles in regards to this. HilarityEnsues every time they meet.)
* BigFancyHouse - In the ''KOF:KYO'' media, we see that Kyo and his parents live in a traditional Japanese complex located ''atop of a small hill from the outskirts of Osaka''.
* BonusBoss - Along with Iori in ''KOF '99''. You can fight him if your end points are over 280. [[DefeatMeansPlayable Win, and he becomes playable.]]
* BootstrappedTheme[=/=]RecurringRiff - [[ "Esaka?"]] from ''[='96=]'' is [[AwesomeMusic/{{SNK}} so popular a song]] that it's probably ''the'' song of the series. It has seen multiple renditions over the years, whether it's being used for the original Japan Team, Kyo's clones, or even as a bridge [[ in a completely different theme for Kyo.]]
* [[spoiler:BroughtDownToNormal]] - A huge plot point in the ''KOF: KYO'' manga. [[spoiler:Kyo has had some hidden insecurities about ''why'' he's fighting for for a short while, and while fighting Billy Kane his flames suddenly die out. He spends the following days in an HeroicBSOD-induced apathy, where not even Iori really wants to fight him since he's completely NotHimself, and from then on it went FromBadToWorse.]]
* BullyHunter - According to the ''KOF: KYO'' manga, this is how he started fighting.
* CatchPhrase - "Heh heh, moetaro?" [[note]]"Heh heh, you burned?" ("Burn, baby, burn..." in the [[ English translation]] of the Hero Team's ''[='94=]'' story, "Feel the burn?" in the English dub of ''MI'')[[/note]] and "Ore no... kachi da!" [[note]]"This is... my victory!" ("Victory is mine!" in the [[ English translation]] of the Hero Team's ''[='97=]'' story, "I am the champion!" in the English dub of ''MI'')[[/note]]
* CloningBlues
* CreepyCoolCrosses - His outfit during the NESTS saga had a black shirt with two pairs of perpendicular white lines forming a cross on his chest.
* DependingOnTheWriter - In ''XIII Climax'', NESTS!Kyo is portrayed to be slightly OlderAndWiser than normal!Kyo. For example, Kyo bluntly tells Leona to get out of the battlefield since "this is no place for those who can't control themselves", whereas NESTS!Kyo asks her if she 's up for controlling her Orochi blood instead. [[ZigZaggingTrope Then again]], some of NESTS!Kyo's lines come across as more conceited than regular Kyo's, and thus reminiscent of his Orochi Saga self.
* [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu Did You Just Punch Out Orochi?]] - With the help of Iori and Chizuru, he takes out Orochi in The Three Sacred Treasures' ending in ''[='97=]''.
* DivergentCharacterEvolution - Although he's one of many examples (see Ryo/Robert, Ralf/Clark, Mature/Vice, etc.), his is perhaps the most notable. In ''[='95=]'', Kyo and Iori possessed similar movesets (this is justified in-story; their ancestors worked together to perfect their respective fighting styles together before the Kusanagi/Yasakani schism), giving them a MovesetClone relationship. In the following game, Kyo traded in his Yami Barai fireball for his now-trademark [[ElementalPunch flame-lanced chain of punches]] (this is presumably due to the CurbStompBattle he experienced at the hands of Goenitz in the interim between games). Currently (read: "up until ''XII''"), he and Iori share ''one'' move.
** And now that Iori has lost his flames (and possesses a more physical moveset not unlike post-''[='95=]'' Kyo), Kyo's back to his original moveset.
* DownloadableContent - In ''XIII'', the "NESTS-style" Kyo, which is him with his more iconic Rekka-style combos.
* EvenTheGuysWantHim - Just watch his intro with Vega in the ''[[VideoGame/SNKVsCapcom Capcom vs. SNK]]'' games. Kyo is not honored in the slightest.
-->'''Vega''': "Hmm. Rather attractive. However you can't hold a candle to me."
-->'''Kyo''': "Shut yo' mouth! You silly narcissistic little fancy pants! I'm going to torch you to your bones!"
-->'''Vega''': "Heh, heh. Relax. You should take a break before I tear you to shreds, huh?"
-->'''Kyo''': "I've got stuff to do. I can't waste my time with freaks like you."
* EveryYearTheyFizzleOut - Although he and the original Team Japan won throughout the entire Orochi Saga (''[='95=]''-''[='97=]''), with Kyo usually getting the credit [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu for single-handedly beating Orochi]], Kyo doesn't seem to have quite the same luck in either the NESTS or Tales of Ash sagas (''especially the latter''), despite being one of the most powerful fighters in TheVerse.
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* FingerlessGloves
* FingerWag - His taunt. Originally, he'd only dental click while doing it ("Tsk tsk tsk"), although Kyo later says "Mou, oyasumi ka?" ("Oh, is it bedtime already?")
* FireIsRed - Supposedly. The flames of the Kusanagi clan are usually referred to as "crimson", but appear in-game as orange, similar to how the cursed blue flames of Orochi (see: Iori, Orochi Chris) are depicted as purple.
* FunWithAcronyms - His 707 Shiki: Doku Gaku Tori is alternatively known as the R.E.D ('''R'''ainbow '''E'''xplosive '''D'''ynamite) Kick.
* HighSchoolSweethearts - A BelligerentSexualTension-filled example with Yuki. Despite Yuki [[ChuckCunninghamSyndrome largely disappearing from the supporting cast in later installments]], she and Kyo are going steady to this day.
* ImageSong - Several. The main ones fans request for Masahiro Nonaka to sing are [[ "Burning Devotion!"]] and [[ "Pieces."]] God forbid that you get him and Creator/KunihikoYasui (Iori) in the same room or less the fans will clamor that they sing their ''dual'' image song, [[ "The Sun & The Moon."]]
* IntergenerationalFriendship - With Daimon, who is roughly 8-9 years older than he is.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold - Kyo is cocky, fight-happy, rebellious and '''really''' full of himself, but his heart is very much in the right place and he does love his family and friends in his own way. (And in ''KOF:KYO'' he seems to have some hidden insecurities as well, [[spoiler:which leave him open to almost losing himself to the dark side]].)
* MartialArtsHeadband - Wore one until the start of the NESTS saga (not counting his Another Kyo striker in ''KOF '99''). He burns his headband in a few ''KOF '99'' opening poses in order to distinguish himself from his clones.
** He kept on wearing it (along with his "classic" school uniform) in several spin-off games until ''Neo Geo Battle Coliseum'', in which he appears with his NESTS Saga outfit, thereby ditching it for good (also because the outfit went to his alternate version, Kusanagi).
* MeaningfulName - The [[ Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi]] is a sword that the sea and storm god Susano'o found inside of the Yamata no Orochi's body after slaying the great beast. Guess what Kyo ''Kusanagi'' does to ''Orochi'' at the climax of ''[='97=]''.
** His [[ Neo MAX]] in ''XIII'' is named the Ura Hyaku Ni Juu Ichi Shiki Ame-no-Murakumo, the "Ame no Murakumo" being the former name of the Kusanagi sword.
* MegatonPunch - Gains one from ''[='99=]'' onwards in the form of his 182 Shiki. This is presumably a ContinuityNod to the killing blow Kyo landed on Orochi.
** You could also argue that the end of his Mu Shiki DM (not the SDM version, though) ends with one also. At the very least, [[PunchedAcrossTheRoom they're sent flying]].
* NeckLift - Kyo's Crescent Moon Flash/Crescent Slash has him charging the opponent with a running elbow to the stomach, followed by Kyo hoisting them up by the neck and, finally, [[StuffBlowingUp lighting them up like a Christmas tree]].
-->'''Kyo''': "'''MOERO!'''" [[note]]"Burn!"[[/note]]
* NonIndicativeName - Halfway there. NESTS-Style Kyo may wear the threads from his ''[='99=]''-''2002'' days, but his playstyle is primarily based on that of ''[='98=]''!Kyo.
* NotSoDifferent - Although semi-canon at best, other media adaptations (most notably the ''[='98=]'' drama CD, ''KOF: Kyo'', and the Hong Kong manhua) insinuate that should the Kusanagi [[BrainwashedAndCrazy lose themselves]] [[EnemyWithin to their darker side]], they'll end up just like the followers of Orochi.
* OhCrap - A big one dawns on him at the end of his ''Maximum Impact'' story. Why? He forgot to call Yuki.
* PlayingWithFire - Comes from his HeroicLineage.
* PowerEchoes - Most versions of his Mu Shiki DM have an echo effect. Canonically, the Mu Shiki is believed to be Kyo's strongest skill (Clone Zero even used its data for the Zero Cannon).
* PublicDomainArtifact[=/=]AmplifierArtifact - Wields the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, which is implied to reside inside of his body.
* PungeonMaster - Quite fond of making all sorts of quips pertaining to his natural element.
* SchoolUniformsAreTheNewBlack - He's entered several tournaments while in uniform. When Kyo stopped wearing his school clothes in ''[='99=]'', his ''clones'' picked up the slack.
** ClothesMakeTheLegend - Arguably. Kyo is more recognizable as the schoolboy from the Orochi Saga. Most of his appearances outside of ''KOF'' have Kyo in his uniform as well. In fact, the creation of Kyo's clones were fueled by a desire among some of the developers to include Kyo's older and more iconic look.
* ScrewDestiny - While Kyo does go on to defeat {{Orochi}} [[YouCantFightFate just as]] [[HistoryRepeats his ancestor did]], Kyo himself refuses to believe that his feud with Iori is influenced by the [[KillEmAll ancient war]] [[FeudingFamilies between the Kusanagi and Yasakani]]. Basically, he wants to just live his life as a fighter, but if others seek him out and/or harm someone who's at least mildly close to him (like Saisyu in ''[='95=]'', Yuki in ''[='97=]'' or [[spoiler:Chizuru]] in ''2003''), he just will fight back so they'll leave him and his loved ones alone.
* SendInTheClones - Used as SelfDeprecation in regards to the NESTS Chronicles. ''XI'' has Kyo making a jab at the ludicrous number of clones he's picked up over the years, almost to a NeverLiveItDown degree.
-->'''Kyo''': "Another clone? There's enough of me to start a baseball team!"
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* {{Shoryuken}} - His Oniyaki special.
* {{Shotoclone}} - Somewhat, during his first appearances (and by proxy, in ''XII'' and ''XIII'').
* TheSlacker - Never graduated from high school. Lampshaded more than once in the games. [[RunningGag He gets pissed off every time this is brought up.]]
* SolarAndLunar - Represents the sun, in contrast to Iori's moon-related imagery.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS - His first name is written as "Kyo", "Kyō" or "Kyou".
* TeenGenius - He's said to have properly dominated his pyrokinetic powers ''and'' surpassed his father's own skills when he was 15 years old (which is also the time when [[spoiler:Souji almost lost himself to his darker side and thus asked Kyo to replace him as the family leader]]). He became the winner of the All-Japan Martial Arts Tournament at age 18, and the Team Japan leader at age 19. The rest is history.
* TeethClenchedTeamwork - It's not exactly easy to fight alongside a guy who unreasonably hates your guts, but if the Orochi is involved, it's time to throw the feud aside and help Chizuru out.
* ThemeNaming - More often than not, his theme will have the word "Esaka" in it. This is also symbolic to fans of the series, as Esaka refers to the locale of the old SNK headquarters.
* [[ThisIsSomethingHesGotToDoHimself This Is Something I've Got To Do Myself]] - ''XIII'' in a nutshell. Kyo is ''very'' fervent about making sure that he's the one who'll give Ash his just desserts, leading to him butting heads with several other competitors, including Athena (who calls him out on trying to shoulder all of the burden when he has friends who are willing to help), Kensou (who both wants to use his new powers and thinks similarly to Athena), and Elisabeth (who has the same mindset when it comes to dealing with Ash).
* TrademarkFavoriteFood - Grilled fish. Lampshaded in ''XIII'' when he taunts K's via theorizing that [[PerpetualFrowner he's always grumpy]] because [[RealMenEatMeat he eats too much red meat]] and telling him to eat fish instead; K' is obviously not amused.
* UnusualEuphemism - ''2002'' has Kyo prattling on about "the pepper" in his win quote. The Japanese equivalent is more along the lines of his trademark "Moetaro" ("You [got] burned") line.
* VitriolicBestBuds - With Benimaru, in earlier incarnations. Also with Kensou in ''KOF: KYO'', to a smaller degree.
* VocalEvolution - Kyo sounds more laid-back and relaxed in later games (as compared to his almost HotBlooded characterization at the beginning of the Orochi Saga) and his voice has grown somewhat deeper to match this, perhaps to show [[CharacterDevelopment his maturity over the years]]. Nonaka has said he feels slightly detached and disappointed by this, as he saw his younger days in Kyo's more cocksure personality.
* WarriorPoet - Literally. Poetry is a hobby of Kyo's. [[RunningGag Though he's not too good at it.]]


[[folder:Benimaru Nikaido - ''Japan'']]
->''"My reason for winning? I'm just cool. Real cool."''

-->'''Voiced by:''' Atsushi "Monster" Maezuka, Eric Kelso (''XII'', English), Creator/HikaruMidorikawa (''[='94=]'' Dengeki Bunko drama CD)

-> Kyo's and Daimon's partner. A lightning user who's also [[TheCasanova quite the ladies' man]]. Practices an unconventional fighting style called "Shooting" (shoot boxing).

* AgentPeacock
* AlwaysSomeoneBetter - In some non-official ''KOF'' media, it's speculated that while Benimaru does care for Kyo as a friend, at the same time he also resents being TheLancer and feels overshadowed by him. The aforementioned AlternateUniverse ''KOF: G'' goes by this interpretation [[spoiler:and it culminates with him falling in MoreThanMindControl and ''severely'' injuring Kyo while in this state.]] It's also brought up in more than one fanfiction that has Benimaru as a main character.
* AnimeHair - lifted directly from Jean-Pierre Polnareff in ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'', as the creators confirm. He styles it with his powers in one intro.
** When his hair ''isn't'' defying gravity, he's a LongHairedPrettyBoy.
* BareYourMidriff - Yup.
* {{Bishonen}} - One of the bishiest. He even models in his spare time.
* ButNotTooForeign - Half American, half Japanese.
* CampStraight - Most fans at first thought he was gay (because of the voice and the poses); so much that in the ''KOF'' 10th anniversary webpage the staff felt the need to deny it, complete with NotThatTheresAnythingWrongWithThat.
** Actually, what they exactly said is by the line of: "It's not what ''you'' think, NotThatTheresAnythingWrongWithThat."
* ChivalrousPervert - Loves to flirt with female opponents, but is ''not'' a [[HandsomeLech lech]], since he ''will'' leave the girl alone if she tells him to cut it, even if he whines about it a bit. The best examples of this comes from Benimaru scolding ''Kyo'' on his ([[ItsNotYouItsMyEnemies understandably neglectful]]) [[LovedINotHonorMore relation]][[LongDistanceRelationship ship]] with Yuki, and later all of his pre-fight talks towards female fighters in ''XIII''.
* DivingKick - His Flying Drill command normal, a diagonally-angled kick meant to emulate the rotation of a [[ThisIsADrill drill]], similar in appearance and functionality to [[VideoGame/StreetFighterII Dhalsim]]'s Drill Kick/Head Drill, or as usual, a nod to another kind of drill kick seen on the series' ShoutOut section.
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%%* FingerlessGloves
%%* FragileSpeedster - In gameplay, Benimaru's one of the most notable examples of the quick-moving guys of the cast, despite the position often given to female characters. He has the one of the highest jumping heights and he doesn't look very bulky compared to others, but boy can he do a lot of stuff with his lightning, and his moves are a bit quick.
* GuestFighter - In ''VideoGame/XuanDouZhiWang'' alongside Terry.
* ImageSong - "Show Time!"
* TheJailBaitWait - For Kula, judging by his dialogue with her in ''XIII''[='s=] story mode and his win quote for her. Immediately subverted in the former when he calls himself a horrible person for bringing it up and then tells Kula to forget what he said when she has no understanding of what he meant by waiting five years for her.
* [[spoiler:MoreThanMindControl]] - Briefly happens to him in Ryo Takamisaki's ''The King Of Fighters G''. [[spoiler: Goenitz starts using his powers to drain people of LifeEnergy while he and Kyo are fighting in the finals; this affects Benimaru by proxy and he goes BloodKnight at Kyo, [[EyeScream injuring his eyes.]] When Kyo wins the fight anyway, Benimaru comes back to his senses and apologizes.]] It qualifies as this trope instead of [[spoiler:BrainwashedAndCrazy]] because of a subplot where Benimaru [[spoiler:was very angry at Kyo after a massive fight, which led him to team up with Iori and Mature (while Kyo teamed with Athena and Vice); Goenitz's appearance and powers simply amped up the bad feelings that ''already'' were there UpToEleven.]]
* TheLancer - If the Japan Team's original configuration has Kyo as TheHero and Daimon as TheBigGuy, then Benimaru is definitely this.
* ShockAndAwe - His exaggerated case of electrostatics is the reason his [[AnimeHair hair]] rivals [[VideoGame/{{Tekken}} Paul Phoenix]] and [[VideoGame/StreetFighterII Guile]].
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* SomethingAboutARose - [[ His poster at the school stage]] in ''2002UM'' depicts Beni with a rose in his teeth.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS - His surname can be written as "Nikaido", "Nikaidō" or "Nikaidou".
* SphereOfDestruction - His Raidouken DM was originally this. Whether or not it's this or a cluster of {{Energy Ball}}s depends on the game.
** His new Rolling Thunder DM is definitely this.
* SuperSpeed - Via electricity. [[DoppelgangerAttack He can even move fast enough to produce after-images]], as seen with his Gen'ei Hurricane DM.
* VitriolicBestBuds - With Kyo, at first. As the two came to respect each other over time, the snarky banter died down a lot.


[[folder:Goro Daimon - ''Japan'']]

--> '''Voiced by:''' Masaki Usui, Creator/RyuzaburoOtomo (''[='94=]'' Dengeki Bunko drama CD)

-> Japanese judo master who was invited by Benimaru to join the Japan team for the ''[='94=]'' tournament. He, Kyo, and Benimaru have been good friends since then, although Daimon occasionally declines joining tournaments to focus on his family.

* BadassNormal - Kyo has [[PlayingWithFire fire]], Benimaru has [[ShockAndAwe electricity]]. He's got nothing but his size, his strength, and a handful of experience.
* BigBrotherMentor - For Kyo, in story.
* TheBigGuy
* DishingOutDirt - He [[CharlesAtlasSuperpower possesses enough strength]] to ''move the earth''.
* EyesAlwaysShut - ''Always''.
* FlungClothing
* GentleGiant - The guy is peaceful by nature, usually fighting only to help out Kyo, Benimaru, and Shingo if they require his aid. He also finds time to immerse himself in nature and teach younglings the secrets of Judo. His warm heart was probably why Jokyojo fell in love with him.
* GoodIsOldFashioned - Pointed out by Benimaru in the dramas, when he makes fun of how he likes YamatoNadeshiko girls. In ''XIII'', he ''yells'' at Mai for being {{Stripperiffic}}, bonds with Ryo over their shared hobby of training in the mountains, and chats with Kim [[SoMyKidsCanWatch about wanting to give good examples to their children.]]
* GroundPound - His Jirai Shin (Mine Quake) special which damages the standing enemy no matter the range. His Neo MAX, Kyouten Douchi (Amazing Heaven Moving Earth), is also this (as well as being a CounterAttack).
** His Jirai Shin however, also has a feint version, but also won't work if the opponent happens to be crouching. [[FunnyBackgroundEvent Past games that had one's team in the background would always have Daimon's opposing team get tripped by it while his own team understands the cue to dodge with a jump.]]
* HappilyMarried - To [[HotTeacher Jokyojo]]. Then even have a son named Kogoro who appears to be [[GenerationXerox passionately following his dad's footsteps]]. See Daimon's intro pose in ''2001'' for a good example.
* HeroicMime - Kind of. While he talks during his win quotes, he has no dialogue while fighting.
* MassiveNumberedSiblings - Fifth of seven brothers and sisters. [[note]]"Goro" comes from "Go", the word for "five" in Japanese.[[/note]]
* MartialArtsHeadband
* {{Mediator}} - Daimon was originally an unwitting one to Kyo and Benimaru.
* MetronomicManMashing - His Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi (Hell Paradise Drop) DM.
%%* ShockwaveStomp
* SpellMyNameWithAnS - His first name can be written as "Goro", "Gorō" or "Gorou".
* UnnecessaryCombatRoll - His Super Ukemi special subverts this, as Daimon can use it to avoid projectiles and other attacks, placing him in the ideal position to unleash one of his deadly judo throws.
%%* WalkingShirtlessScene


!Fatal Fury Team- Italy

[[folder:Terry Bogard - ''USA'']]
->''"Say what? It's no fluke. This is why I'm here every year."''

--> '''Voiced by:''' Satoshi Hashimoto, Tony Carrol (''Maximum Impact'' series, English), Creator/TakeshiKusao (''[='94=]'' Dengeki Bunko drama CD)
-->'''Portrayed by:''' David Leitch (live-action movie)

-> The hero of the ''VideoGame/FatalFury'' series and SNK's mascot for all intents and purposes. His role in the overall plot of the ''KOF'' series is minimal, as he's mostly here due to his popularity. He was raised by martial arts master [[DisappearedDad Jeff Bogard]] along with his younger brother Andy, and developed his own unique fighting style based on Jeff's teachings. He witnessed the murder of his father at the hands of Geese Howard, and trained with [[OldMaster Tung Fu Rue]] to take revenge. Terry defeated Geese and [[DisneyVillainDeath gave him a boot out of his tower]], but after learning of his survival Terry was none too pleased. He failed in stopping Geese from obtaining the Jin Scrolls but in the next tournament, he defeats Geese once again and [[SaveTheVillain this time tries to save him from falling off the tower, again]], but Geese rejects him, allowing himself to plummet to his "death," again. He adopts Geese's son Rock afterward, and trains him.

* AnimalMotifs - The wolf. Everything about him, right down to his ''nickname''.
* {{Badass}}
* BadassBoast - His "Wolves never sleep. Never" line to Nightmare Geese in ''Maximum Impact 2''.
* BashBrothers - Literally with Andy.
* BlitheSpirit - He spends his non-fighting days going from one temporary job to another (this can even be seen in the ''Fatal Fury 2'' anime, where he is seen working at a construction site at the beginning) and travelling through the world without settling down anywhere, save for coming back to Southtown regularly. In ''XIII'' he turns down offers from the prestigious Taekwondo dojo run by his friend Kim and from the Ikari Warriors group, explicitly telling them that he hates being tied down to a regular schedule.
* BoisterousBruiser
* CatchPhrase:
--> ''"OK!"''
* ClothesMakeTheLegend - Had his ''[[VideoGame/FatalFury Mark of the Wolves]]'' clothes for a couple of games, then returned to his classic attire.
* CoolPet - His pet monkey, Ukee, who served as the {{Mascot}} of SNK before Terry. He seems to have inherited Terry's fighting spirit and usually greets his owner ''by punching him''. He pops up in one of Terry's win poses in ''[='99=]''.
* DisappearedDad - Jeff, again.
* ElementalPunch - "Burn Knuckle!" [[NonIndicativeName Despite the name]], [[NonElemental it doesn't set the opponent on fire]].
* ExpositoryHairstyleChange - In ''2003'' and ''XI'', he sports his more rugged looks from ''Mark of the Wolves'', including the much shorter hair.
* FingerlessGloves
* GratuitousEnglish - He's the ''[[Pantheon/{{Theater}} God]]'' of it.
** [[UpToEleven Expanded in the]] ''Maximum Impact'' games, where Terry speaks in full sentences in addition to simple American colloquialisms. [[ Naturally, this gives him the chance to intersperse even more Engrish into his dialogue.]]
* GroundPunch - His signature Power Wave special and High Angle Geyser and Power Geyser [=DMs=], as well as its Neo MAX version, Trinity Geyser.
* GuestFighter - Terry is a long way from home, joining the roster of ''VideoGame/XuanDouZhiWang''.
* HeroOfAnotherStory: Of the VideoGame/FatalFury series, to be exact.
* HumbleHero - Terry doesn't boast as much as he rightfully could do. He's proud of his fame, yeah, but also quite level-headed if his ''XIII'' quotes mean anything.
* IKnowMaddenKombat - His Power Dunk is a modified basketball dunk.
* KiAttacks - Based off of sports moves, mostly. The ki often takes shape of [[PlayingWithFire fire]], although they don't actually burn the opponent.
* LivingLegend - He's not called "The Legendary Hungry Wolf" for nothing. His staggering list of admirable feats in-universe (most of all, defeating Geese) has made Terry world-famous.
* LongHairedPrettyBoy - Not quite as [[{{Bishonen}} bishie]] as Andy, but still very handsome.
* MaleGaze - His bio states that Terry has a knack for being able to accurately guess a woman's measurements by merely glancing at her.
* {{Mascot}} - He replaced Athena as SNK's mascot after he proved more popular, which is lampshaded in the series, as Athena isn't too fond of him.
** Though judging by their rather friendly pre-fight dialogues in ''XIII'', Athena has seemingly forgiven him.
* MrFanservice - Enough to be very popular with fangirls [[EvenTheGuysWantHim and gay/bi male fans]].
* NiceHat - Said hat is a [[ItWasAGift parting gift]] from [[TragicKeepsake his dying adopted father]]. Doesn't stop Terry from [[FlungClothing tossing it to the ground]] in two of his win poses.
* ParentalSubstitute - He becomes the [[HappilyAdopted legal guardian of Rock]], Geese's erstwhile son, and is [[GoodParents a better father for the kid]] than Geese could have ever hoped to be.
* PillarOfLight - His Power Stream LDM from ''KOF 2003/XI''.
* RedBaron - "The Legendary Hungry Wolf," which is a StealthPun for the Japanese {{title|Drop}} of [[VideoGame/FatalFury his debut series]].
* {{Red Oni|BlueOni}} to Andy's Blue.
* ShipTease - With Blue Mary, not as much as with Mai/Andy and Ryo/King, but it's there.
** [[CelibateHero Nothing will actually come of it, however]]; only intended to be mild fanservice.
* SpiritedCompetitor
* TechnicianVersusPerformer - See Andy's entry.
* VocalEvolution - [[ Compare the Terry of yesteryear to his current incarnations.]]


[[folder:Andy Bogard - ''USA'']]
->''"If you want to be the best, it's practice every day, pal."''

--> '''Voiced by:''' Jun Hashimoto (''[='94=]''), Creator/KeiichiNanba (''[='95=]'' onwards), Jeff Manning (''XII'', English), Creator/RyoHorikawa (''[='94=]'' Dengeki Bunko drama CD)

-> Younger brother of Terry and a McNinja. He was taught a basic form of Shiranui ninjutsu by Mai's grandfather Hanzo. After hearing of his father Jeff's death at the hands of Geese Howard, he joins forces with Terry and Joe Higashi, and the three enter Geese's King of Fighters tournament. Although Andy fights Geese first, he loses badly, and Terry finishes the villain off... maybe. He's also the apple of Mai's eye, although he rejects her advances.

* AlwaysSomeoneBetter - It doesn't get in the way when the rubber meets the road (the duo will always have each others' back) but there is some definite yearning on Andy's part to become the kind of fighter his brother is seen as.
* BadassInDistress - The reason why Terry and Mai join the party in ''Sky Stage'' is that Andy is among the fighters who got caught in the time/space paradox that the group has to fix.
* BashBrothers - Literally with Terry.
* [[RedOniBlueOni Blue Oni]] to Terry's Red.
* ChasteHero - His reason for not shacking up with [[MsFanservice Mai]], which makes people wonder if he's [[AmbiguouslyGay gay]].
** Spoofed with a couple of his special intros with Mai, where she shows him a (fake) baby that looks like him and he looks shocked.
** His AmbiguouslyGay status in the fandom was apparently also parodied in Mai's ending for ''Gals Fighters'': [[spoiler:Andy refuses to marry Mai arguing that he has secretly been a woman all this time; fortunately for Mai, it was AllJustADream, and she immediately wakes up]].
** Alternatively, Andy can easily be seen as a CelibateHero. He ''is'' aware of Mai's interest, [[LikeBrotherAndSister he just considers Mai to be more of a younger sister]] since he started training with Hanzou when he was ''very'' young. [[ChildhoodFriendRomance Mai's luck is surely bad.]]
** The current storylines make it clear that they definitely are a couple, so it looks like that he's at the very least gotten over that.
* DisappearedDad - Jeff.
* FlashStep - ''Finally'' gains one in the form of his [[ Chou Kami Soku Zan'ei Neo MAX]] from ''XIII''.
* HighlyVisibleNinja - Yes, white ''is'' good for camouflage in the winter, but how many times have you seen ''snow'' in ''KOF''? No wonder Mai can easily find him... And what need is there for stealth in a fighting tournament anyway? At least alternate palettes are available... And they carry some questionable choices, too.
** And then Eolith went and put a black bodysuit underneath his uniform in ''2001'' and ''2002''. Glaring color clash = even higher visibility.
* KiAttacks
* McNinja - American, but lived in Japan for a good portion of his life.
%% Don't add ShoutOut here. There's already a page for KOF ShoutOuts: ShoutOut/TheKingOfFighters.
* RunningGag - A short-lived one during the NESTS Chronicles; in both ''[='99=]'' and ''2001'', Mai shows up with a tyke of her own in her arms, which then acknowledges Andy/crawls towards to him while shouting "Papa!" [[FreakOut Andy's stricken with a look of pure horror and disbelief]], only for [[{{Troll}} Mai]] to reveal that the baby is just a puppet. Andy then nervously attempts to save face. The meaning behind Andy's reaction, of course, is up to interpretation, but [[FriendsWithBenefits them having slept together]] [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar isn't totally out of the question]] since Andy wouldn't freak out ''that'' badly if he didn't think the "kiddo" isn't his's...
* ATasteOfTheirOwnMedicine: Seen during his pre-fight dialogue with Yuri, in ''[=KoF=] XIII''. When she asks about how things are going between him and Mai, he turns the tables on her and asks what she thinks of Robert. Which causes Yuri to giggle [[FunnyMoments and quickly change the subject.]]
* TechnicianVersusPerformer - Andy (the technician) gruelingly trained for years under ninjas to learn the art of Ninjutsu and Koppoken. Terry (the performer) simply grew up in Southtown getting into random street fights and rarely trains. Andy's quote above also supports this.
** FridgeBrilliance - That's because Terry grew up ''alone'' in the streets of Southtown, therefore merely living there as a StreetUrchin who constantly got into brawls was enough for him to grow into an amazing fighter - if not, Terry would be a homeless bum or simply ''dead''. Andy had some more luck in these regards, as while he also had to fight and work hard for the skills he has now, he still had the support of the Shiranui family and thus is in somewhat less of a position to fight to survive every day.


[[folder:Joe Higashi - ''Japan'']]
->''"How's that? I'm the Satan of martial arts."''

-->'''Voiced by:''' Katsuhisa Namase (''[='94=]''), Creator/NobuyukiHiyama (''[='95=]'' onward), Greg Irwin (''XII'', English), Creator/KazukiYao (''[='94=]'' Dengeki Bunko drama CD)

-> A Japanese man who is well versed in the art of Muay Thai, he is the best friend of both Bogard brothers, and is a constant in nearly every King of Fighters tournament. He is currently dating Billy Kane's sister Lilly, something her [[BigBrotherInstinct overprotective older brother]] Billy is not happy about, given his connection to the Bogards (that's for the ''VideoGame/FatalFury'' continuity; in ''The King of Fighters'' he possibly remains single, later being chased around by his ''unnamed'' [[CampGay loyal fan]]). Quite possibly the strongest Muay Thai practitioner in the SNK 'verse, much to credit for his many team ending sequences consisting of him winning other fighting tournaments by himself.

* AnimeHair
* [[ArrogantKungFuGuy Arrogant Muay Thai Guy]]: He's actually more arrogant and boastful than Hwa Jai, who's supposed to be the ''bad'' Muay Thai user.
* BlowYouAway: In the form of a myriad of {{Tornado Move}}s. Hurricane Upper being an example.
** In ''XIII'', he gets the [[ Screw Straight]] as his Neo MAX. It's a ''horizontal'' tornado.
** Games such as ''2002'' and ''[=CvS2=]'' give Joe the even more destructive Double Cyclone, which creates two Screw Uppers that surround Joe on both sides and utterly rips anyone who's foolish enough to approach a new one.
* BoisterousBruiser - Oh, so much.
* FlungClothing - One of his intros has him dispose of a robe.
* HandwrapsOfAwesome
* HotBlooded - One of the earliest fighting game examples, although given [[Creator/NobuyukiHiyama his seiyuu]], how could he be anything but?
* IShallTauntYou - Used to taunt King for her not having a single title in Muay Thai, therefore assuming she isn't all that compared to him, by either sporting his champion belt before a match or just the disrespectful BringIt; from ''2002'' onward he became more respectful towards King as their special intros have become quite friendly, there is even a occasional polite bow before they fight. However, Joe seems to have moved back in the opposite direction, given his snide remarks to her in ''XIII'' (which King takes via snarking back at him).
* MartialArtsHeadband
* MegatonPunch - He received one as his LDM in ''KOF 2003''.
* {{Mooning}} - His very, ''very'' infamous TauntButton animation. (And his winning portrait in ''2001''!) Too bad it was suppressed around the start of the NESTS saga.
** It's so... well-known that the ''KOF: G'' manga [[Funny/TheKingOfFighters features him pulling it on Iori and his team.]]
* OutOfFocus - His relationship with Lilly Kane, and his beef with Billy because of it, simply does not carry over to ''KOF'', quite jarring in comparison with his friends Terry and Andy whose {{love interests}}, Mary and Mai, are still on their tail.
** Made all too frustrating for Joe in his team's ending for ''XIII'', both Terry and Andy get their women, Mary and Mai, embraced in their arms congratulating them for winning the tournament, the logical course of action would be Lilly appearing to congratulate Joe as well, but no, what happens is Joe being chased by the [[CampGay fan]] he saved in ''2003'' (named Okama), which appears to be turning into a RunningGag.
** However, confronting Billy with Joe has Billy talk about [[MySisterIsOffLimits keeping her away from Joe]] and their respective win quotes against one another have them decide to look the other way for Lilly's sake, so Joe and Lilly's on-and-off relationship is perhaps underplayed in ''KOF'' more so than non-existent.
* PlayingWithFire - On occasion.
* PretenderDiss / [[MyKungFuIsStrongerThanYours My Muay Thai Is Stronger Than Yours]]: Directed towards King, during their pre-fight dialogue in ''[=KoF=] XIII'', when he calls her Nak Muay style "fake" and says he won't lose to her because of it (seen at [[ 2:26-2:37).]]
* RapidFireFisticuffs[=/=]SpamAttack - One of his oldest moves is of this kind.
* TigerVersusDragon - The Tiger to Hwa Jai's Dragon.
* WalkingShirtlessScene


!Art of Fighting Team- Mexico

[[folder:Ryo Sakazaki - ''Japan'']]
->''"Absolute karate, that's Kyokugen. And don't you forget it, dweebenheimer!"''

-->'''Voiced by:''' Masaki Usui (''[='94=]''-''XI'', ''XIII''), Masayoshi Kozaki (''XII''), Curt Gebhart (''Maximum Impact'' series, Enlgish), Creator/AkiraKamiya (''[='94=]'' Dengeki Bunko drama CD)

-> The heir of the Kyokugen School of Karate. Ryo is Takuma's son and Yuri's brother, and is best friends with Robert Garcia. He rescued Yuri with Robert, who was kidnapped by Mr. Big and Geese Howard to get Takuma to do their bidding, thus freeing his father from said bidding as well. Now he promotes the fighting style by competing in the tournaments. He later takes up his father's title of "Mr. Karate."

* AlternateCompanyEquivalent - To Ryu and Ken, at least [[CharacterDevelopment at first]].
* AnimalMotifs - The dragon. His nickname is "[[RedBaron The Invincible Dragon]]" and his HSDM in ''2002: Unlimited Match'' [[SummonMagic even summons one at the end of his Ryuuko Ranbu]]. However, Ryo trained under the Kou'ou ("Tiger King") principle of Kyokugenryuu.
** FightingSpirit[=/=]AnimalBattleAura
* BadassArmFold - One of his win poses in later games.
* BadassBiker - More so in ''Art of Fighting''. As a bonus, [[AllThereInTheManual complementary sources]] say that Ryo actually found his motorcycle in a scrapyard ''[[WrenchWench and re-built it on his own]]''.
* BigBrotherInstinct - To Yuri. She does NOT appreciate it.
** However, it's implied in ''Garou: Mark of the Wolves'', ''Buriki One'', and ''Neo Geo Battle Coliseum'' that the two mellow out in later years and don't squabble as much. They're close to the point that it is apparently Yuri who tells Ryo to shave off [[PermaStubble his beard]] as Mr. Karate II.
* BecomingTheMask - Literally played with. He (eventually) becomes [[LegacyCharacter Mr. Karate]] II, but does not wear the infamous tengu mask.
* ButNotTooForeign - His father is Japanese, but his MissingMom is American. He's still, um, light-haired. (See HairColorDissonance.)
* CatchPhrase - "OSU!"
* FingerlessGloves - Later on, at least.
* GoodIsOldFashioned - [[StayInTheKitchen Quite a bit]].
** Actually played with, as the ''only'' girl he tells such things is his little sister Yuri. He has no qualms fighting ''other'' {{Action Girl}}s, like Yuri's partner Mai or his own love interest King. (In fact, it looks like one of the reasons he likes King [[AmazonChaser is BECAUSE she's an]] ActionGirl who can keep up with him.)
* HairColorDissonance - His hair has always been blond, even though a few early games made it reddish-orange or yellowish-orange. By the time ''[='96=]'' rolled in, it definitely obvious that Ryo was a blond. However, in ''XII'' (which reverts some characters to their original or pre-''KOF'' designs) and ''XIII'', Ryo's hair is back to being reddish-orange. [[AdaptationDyeJob And then there's the]] ''[[AdaptationDyeJob AOF]]'' [[AdaptationDyeJob anime]], where his hair is jet-black ([[ShownTheirWork as per]] [[ the live-action commercials]] for ''[=AOF2=]'').
* HeirToTheDojo - Takuma has been training Ryo to be this since he was a child. Later titles have Takuma trying to get a new heir: the future child of Ryo and his {{love interest|s}} King. Ryo himself does eventually become the second Mr. Karate.
* HeroOfAnotherStory: Of the first two ArtOfFighting games, to be exact.
* HeroicNeutral - A good-natured man at heart, but according to his and Kim's talk in ''XIII'', he cares more about training himself and exceeding his limits than the whole good vs. evil thing.
* HeterosexualLifePartners - With Robert.
* IdiotHero - [[ A trait which shines the brightest in]] ''[=SvC=] Chaos''.
* KiAttacks
* MegatonPunch - Tenchi Haou Ken (Heaven & Earth Supreme King Fist). [[PreAsskickingOneLiner ICHIGEKI HISSATSU!]] The SDM version has the [[ButWaitTheresMore added benefit]] of ''stunning the opponent''.
** His [[ Neo MAX]] is an upgraded version known as the Shin Tenchi Haou Ken (True Heaven & Earth Supreme King Fist), [[MundaneMadeAwesome complete with]] [[BulletTime slow-mo]].
* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown - His Ryuuko Ranbu (Dragon Tiger Wild Dance) DM.
* PerpetualPoverty
* PromotionToParent - It's hinted in ''VideoGame/ArtOfFighting'' that he had to take care of Yuri on his own for a while. ([[FridgeBrilliance Which would explain a LOT]] about his [[BigBrotherInstinct overprotective attitude]] towards her.) Seems to also count in ''KOF'' continuity, considering his pre-fight talk with NESTS!Kyo where Ryo explains that he and Yuri wouldn't have survived out there if not for him being good in karate.
* PunchParry - Adds defensive touches to his fighting style with [[ his Joudan Uke (High-Level Reception; an upper parry) and Gedan Uke (Low-Level Reception; a lower parry),]] moves he picked up starting in ''[='99=]''. A successful block allows Ryo to cancel into another parry, a special, or a DM, though he suffers from [[ScratchDamage tick damage]] and can't defend against command grabs. So far, parrying is a skill exclusive to Ryo.
* {{Red Oni|BlueOni}} to Robert's Blue.
* ShipTease - See King's entry.
%% Don't add ShoutOut here. There's already a page for KOF ShoutOuts: ShoutOut/TheKingOfFighters.
* {{Shotoclone}} - A straight example.
** EnergyBall - His Kou'ou Ken (Tiger Sparkle Fist) special and Haou Shoukouken (Supreme King Soaring Howl Fist) DM.
** HurricaneKick - His Hien Shippuu Kyaku (Flying Swallow Hurricane Leg) special.
** {{Shoryuken}} - His Kohou (Tiger Roar).
* SpamAttack[=/=]RapidFireFisticuffs - His Zanretsuken (Momentary Fury Fist).
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: His first name can be spelt as "Ryo", "Ryō" or "Ryou".


[[folder:Robert Garcia - ''Italy'']]
->''"Underestimate my strength, huh? You're dumber than you look!"''

--> '''Voiced by:''' Kay Inage (''[=94=]''-''[='95=]'', ''XI'' onward), Mantarō Koichi (''[='96=]''-''2003''), Greg Irwin (''XII'', English), Creator/HideoIshikawa (''[='94=]'' Dengeki Bunko drama CD)

-> Italian playboy who is also the heir to the Garcia Foundation, one of the largest companies in the world. He was sent to train with the Sakazakis by his father, who wanted him to appreciate the value of hard work. He became good friends with Ryo and when Yuri was kidnapped by Mr. Big, he and Ryo hit the streets of Southtown to get her back. While Ryo's style of Kyokugen is more balanced, Robert's focuses mostly on kicks. He and Yuri have a relationship, but they have yet to make any serious commitment.

* ActionFashionista - So much that he's the one providing the picture in the page.
* AllLoveIsUnrequited - If his ending with the Unrequited Love Team (him, Kensou, and Ramon) in ''XI'' is any indication. Oddly enough, his relationship with Yuri was never one-sided and seems to downplayed in ''KOF''. Back in the ''Art of Fighting'' series, hints of Robert/Yuri were dropped in ''2'' and they even (technically) became an OfficialCouple in Robert and Ryo's endings in ''Art of Fighting 3''. Huh.
** Heck, in his team's ''XIII'' ending, [[spoiler:he planned on proposing to Yuri in the middle of a post-tournament interview. Too bad [[OverprotectiveDad Takuma]] kept him from doing so.]]
* AlternateCompanyEquivalent - To Ken Masters of ''Franchise/StreetFighter''. Both are [[RichIdiotWithNoDayJob rich-out-their-ass playboys]] who are friendly rivals to their respective best friends, although Robert dresses like he's rich.
** And both of their styles emphasize stylish kicking. Of note is that Robert was introduced that way whereas Ken had developed this '''after''' ''VideoGame/{{Art of Fighting}}'' came out.
* AmbiguouslyBrown - Subverted. In ''NGBC'' (and by proxy, ''XI''), Robert appears to be a bit darker than he usually is, [[TruthInTelevision although it's not uncommon for an Italian to have a skin tone like that.]]
* AnimalMotifs - The tiger. His nickname is "[[RedBaron The Raging/Mightiest Tiger]]" and the last hit of his EX version's HSDM in ''2002: Unlimited Match'' is shaped in the form of one. Oddly enough, Robert uses the Ryugeki ("Dragon Strike") principle of Kyokugen-ryuu Karate.
** FightingSpirit[=/=]AnimalBattleAura
* BadassBeard - His ''Neo Geo Battle Coliseum'' incarnation sports one, although his depiction in artwork from ''XI'' omits it due to ''KOF''!Robert's younger age.
* BigBrotherMentor - To Ryo and Yuri (more so the former).
* [[RedOniBlueOni Blue Oni]] to Ryo's Red. Frequently this puts him in the position of playing the peacemaker when things start to go south between Ryo and Yuri (though he tries to side with Yuri where he can).
* BrilliantButLazy - Loves to party and live a carefree life, but has been described as a "[[WordOfGod natural genius]]" when it comes to martial arts.
* BringIt - His taunt, complete with "Donai shitaiya?" ("What's the matter?")
* CulturedBadass - He's a wealthy playboy who dresses fancy and drives around in a [[CoolCar Ferrari F40]], but can and ''will'' hand you your ass on a silver platter if you fight him.
* DanceBattler - Borderline example; while he doesn't use dance as a part of his style, he sure does like to groove in his combat stance.
* [[DependingOnTheWriter Depending on the Game]] - Robert's moveset varies by game, ranging from simple tweaks to complete overhauls. As a result, there are games where he plays loosely similar to Ryo, or like an entirely different character; including having charge motion inputs for his attacks. And for certain installments, he becomes an ExtremityExtremist of the kicking variety, during which he and King play near identical to each other.
* DivingKick[=/=]DynamicEntry - If you can pull off his [[DivingKick Hien Ryuujin Kyaku (Flying Swallow Dragon God Leg)]].
** Or its LDM variant out of two, the Jiryuu Haisen Kyaku (Earth Dragon Stature Drilling Leg). The Neo MAX variant, Hien Shippuu Ryuujin Kyaku (Flying Swallow Hurricane Dragon God Leg) is a more bigger bonus since he surfs on his opponent instead.
* EveryoneHasStandards: In his pre-fight dialog with Mai (''[=KoF=] XIII''), he asks her not to influence Yuri, since he'd be embarrassed if Yuri ever [[{{stripperific}} dressed the way]] [[ShamelessFanserviceGirl Mai does.]]
* FingerlessGloves
* HeroOfAnotherStory: Of ''[[VideoGame/ArtOfFighting AoF 3.]]'' In the first two games, he filled the {{deuteragonist}} role, but ''[=AoF=] 3'' [[CharacterFocus cast him as the main character.]]
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Ryo.
* InformedFlaw - The Ryugeki principle of Kyokugen-ryuu is said to have severe imbalances as [[ExtremityExtremist it relies mainly on kicks]] (a drawback Robert himself notes in ''XIII''), placing it between the Raiou and Kou'ou principles (Raiou is the lowest principle and is used by Yuri; it revolves around user instinct and creativity), but closer to the former. It doesn't seem to slow Robert down in the midst of a battle.
* KansaiRegionalAccent - According to WordOfGod, his Kansai accent is supposed to substitute for the fact that in English, Robert would be speaking in English with an Italian accent, despite him being Italian.
* KiAttacks
* LatinLover - Seems to fit this pretty well, with him being Italian and all.
* MeltingPotNomenclature - While his first name gets a pass (Robert is a common given name in English and is likely shortened from the Italian Roberto), Garcia is a ''Spanish'' surname. Partially justified if only because SNK might've taken the name from one of Robert's visual inspirations, Andy GarcŪa.
* MementoMacGuffin - The coin he flips in a few of his win poses was a gift from his father Alberto. It was meant to remind Robert of his roots so that he could one day come back to it. Its significance is much greater in the ''Art of Fighting'' series, specifically in the third game.
* MillionairePlayboy - See directly below.
** RichIdiotWithNoDayJob - He may not be a [[Franchise/{{Batman}} superhero]], but is still a formidable opponent. The Sakazakis find this attribute of his personality to be off-putting sometimes, as they work their hands to the bone to support their dojo and keep it afloat.
** He lampshades this in his and Kyo's pre-fight talk in ''XIII'': Kyo makes sarcastic comments about how Robert is fighting when he should be taking care of the Garcia conglomerate, but he handwaves it saying that he knows clearly about his responsibilities, but he just doesn't want to take them now when he can still join KOF.
%% Don't add ShoutOut here. There's already a page for KOF ShoutOuts: ShoutOut/TheKingOfFighters.
* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown - The Ryuuko Ranbu DM, shared between him, Ryo and Takuma.
* SharpDressedMan - Both in and outside of battle.
* ShipperOnDeck - In regards to Ryo/King. Lampshaded when, in ''XIII'', King directly asks him what's up with him, Takuma and Yuri in regards to her and Ryo, and Robert [[OhCrap is almost terrified]] at the question.
** He also kinda ships Kensou/Athena, as in ''2001'' his win quote against Kensou says that he wants to know about any possible RelationshipUpgrade.
* ShipTease: Though it's downplayed in the ''[=KoF=]'' series, he and Yuri occasionally have special pre-fight dialogue and victory quotes reserved for each other. In ''[=KoF=] XIII'', he tries asking her out, but she pretends to turn him down.
-->'''Yuri:''' "Ohh... I'm sorry, Robert, but I already have plans for a victory party tonight."
-->'''Yuri: (smiling)''' "And tomorrow I'll have to go the hospital... to visit '''''YOU''''', of course!"
* {{Shotoclone}} - Depending of the game, though.
** EnergyBall - His Ryuugeki Ken (Dragon Strike Fist) special and Haou Shoukouken (Supreme King Soaring Howl Fist) DM.
** HurricaneKick - His Hien Shippuu Kyaku (Flying Swallow Hurricane Leg), though he has a variation of it in some games instead known as the Hien Senpuu Kyaku (Flying Swallow Whirlwind Leg).
** {{Shoryuken}} - His Ryuuga (Dragon Fang) special. Some games give him a somersault kick version known as Ryuuzanshou (Dragon Slash Soar).
* SpamAttack - Gen'ei Kyaku (Phantom Leg), his kick-based counterpart to Ryo's [[RapidFireFisticuffs Zanretsuken]]. He originally had it called Zanretsukyaku in past games however.
* TallDarkAndHandsome - Although the "tall" part is subjective (5'11"/180cm is actually average in ''KOF''), you can't deny the rest.
* TigerVersusDragon - He's the Dragon to Ryo's Tiger (this is more evident in ''Art of Fighting'', where its Japanese name is ''Ryuuko no Ken'', or "Fist of the Dragon and Tiger"). Their stances occasionally reflect their animal motifs and their disciplines are named for their respective animals (even though they appear reversed in the movesets, as Ryo uses moves with ''ko''/"tiger" in the name, while Robert uses ''ryuu''/"dragon" moves), but they share a DM, the Ryuuko Ranbu (another reference to this rivalry). Much like Ryu and Ken, however, their's is a {{friendly rivalry}}.


[[folder:Takuma Sakazaki/Mr. Karate - ''Japan'']]
->''"Wow, you're a disgrace! You'd better hang it up, kid."''

-->'''Voiced by:''' Eiji Tsuda, Creator/HochuOtsuka (''[='94=]'' Dengeki Bunko drama CD)

-> The current master of the Kyokugen Karate style. He is sometimes seen as a doddering old man, but he can be very serious when he wants to be. He was forced into serving Mr. Big when his daughter Yuri was kidnapped. To conceal his identity, he wore a tengu mask and dubbed himself "Mr. Karate." After he was defeated by a ''very'' pissed off Ryo, he was almost killed by him until Yuri revealed the truth. Nowadays he enters the tournaments to promote his school. He sometimes likes to put the old mask back on just for kicks and giggles.

* AnimalMotifs - If his EX version's [[KamehameHadoken HSDM]] in ''2002: Unlimited Match'' is anything to go by, the lion. He can also be compared to the Tengu via his PaperThinDisguise counterpart.
* BadassBoast - "Mijuku mono mega." ("A beginner before me.")
* BadassGrandpa - Not ''that'' old, but still.
* BringIt - His taunt, accompanied by the words "Kakatte konu ka?" ("You gonna fight me?")
* BunnyEarsLawyer - Very much, as Mr. Karate.
* CoolMask - As Mr. Karate. Nowadays it's PlayedForLaughs.
* CounterAttack - One is a punch that [[PunchedAcrossTheRoom sends his foe flying]]. Another is his particularly nasty HSDM in ''2002'' and in ''2002: Unlimited Match'', known as the Kosatsu Jin (Tiger Killing Array), where he chops his target's neck full force.
* DemonicPossession - Implied throughout ''XIII''[='s=] beginning-of-fight dialogues when using the Mr. Karate DLC character: several characters, including Athena, remark that Mr. Karate's aura feels completely different from Takuma's, and Kensou (who is a very powerful psychic) even outright claims he feels like a demon and attempts an exorcism. Moreover, Saiki claims he's not unlike himself. It all seems to suggest that the Tengu mask is cursed or possessed, and donning it causes Takuma to become possessed as well. [[FridgeBrilliance It could explain a few things]], like his changes in personality at times and the fact he's outright bloodthirsty in some games...
* GlowingEyesOfDoom - Honki ni Natta Mr. Karate ("Now Serious Mr. Karate") in ''[=SvC=] Chaos'' has 'em. Of course, he's a SNKBoss.
* GoodScarsEvilScars - Has a [[XMarksTheHero X-shaped scar]] on his right pectoral, gained from a sparring match with Lee Gakusuo, the adoptive father of [[VideoGame/ArtOfFighting Lee Pai Long]].
* GroundPound - As Mr. Karate, his Kishin Sanga Geki Neo MAX.
* InsistentTerminology - [[SecretIdentity "Who is this "Takuma" of which you speak? My name is Mr. Karate!"]]
** EverybodyKnewAlready - Pulls the above during ''[='96=]'' and ''[='97=]'', as well as his intro pose with his students in ''[='98=]''. By this time, Ryo, Robert, and Yuri are fed up with the fact that Takuma won't drop the "Mr. Karate" act because his grand reveal isn't so grand anymore. Mr. Karate, in fact, is listed as one of Yuri's "dislikes" in ''[='98=]''. By the time of ''XIII'', Takuma = Mr. Karate is treated as an in-universe ItWasHisSled for the rest of the cast.
* ItsASmallWorldAfterAll - According to ''[='95=]'', Takuma has some undisclosed history with Saisyu, apparently to the point that in ''XIII'' he elects himself Saisyu's substitute for disciplining Kyo in Saisyu's absence. (And if it's NESTS!Kyo, Saisyu apparently asked him to do so.) He was also an acquaintance of Jeff Bogard and Lee Pai Long.
* KiAttacks
* KnuckleCracking - One of his intros (although it's more so his neck and shoulders).
* LargeHam - Particularly as Mr. Karate, although Takuma also has his moments.
* LetsGetDangerous - As discussed in WillfullyWeak below, Takuma is rather formidable beneath all of his eccentricities; he's not the founder and master of Kyokugen Karate for nothing. His Mr. Karate persona in ''XIII'' completely forgoes all of this and gives us a glimpse of the true extent of Takuma's power when he's dead serious, not unlike [[SNKBoss Honki ni Natta/Serious Mr. Karate]] from ''[[VideoGame/SNKVsCapcomSVCChaos SVC Chaos]]''. [[PowerMakesYourVoiceDeep His voice drops]] [[GutturalGrowler a few octaves]], he's brutal, if not outright [[BloodKnight bloodthirsty]] towards those he doesn't deem as a WorthyOpponent (and even then, you'd better give him one hell of a show), and it turns out he's capable of feats like {{Flash Step}}ping as a {{counter|Attack}} move, firing invisible ki bullets, and [[FightingSpirit summoning his inner spirit in the form of a giant golden tengu]] to deliver an earthshaking chop for his Neo MAX. In short, '''''Mr. Karate does not fuck around.'''''
* LivingLegend - Among those who recognize Mr. Karate as [[RedBaron "The Legendary Karateka"]] in ''XIII'' and meet the man in person, some are eager for the challenge, others are curious about how Takuma and Mr. Karate can come across as two completely different people, and many are in awe... if not [[OhCrap overwhelmed completely]].
* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown - Again, the Ryuuko Ranbu.
* ObfuscatingStupidity - And prepare for a world of pain when he '''does''' decide to get serious...
** [[WildMassGuessing Some speculate]] that Takuma may actually be [[WillfullyWeak the most powerful human in the]] ''[[WillfullyWeak KOF]]'' [[WillfullyWeak universe]] on the basis of his team's ''2000'' ending ([[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome singlehandedly negating a]] KillSat's [[FrickinLaserBeams attack]] [[KiAttacks with a fireball]] [[ at the last second]]) and the sheer [[SNKBoss SNK-ness]] of his Serious form in ''SVC Chaos'' (equal in power to [[Franchise/StreetFighter Shin Akuma]]). Then ''XIII'' came around; his [[LimitBreak Neo MAX]] consists of him [[MeteorMove carrying the opponent several dozens of stories up in a massive jumping uppercut before smashing them into the ground with a colossal chop.]] It's as awesome as it sounds; that is, '''''[[ AWESOME.]]'''''
* PecFlex - One of his other opening poses.
* RedBaron - Is known as the "Demon" of Kyokugen Karate.
* SecretIdentity - His alter-ego is Mr. Karate. {{Subverted|Trope}} as everyone knows it already.
* ShipperOnDeck - For his son and King, mainly due to [[IWantGrandkids his desire to see a new heir for the Kyokugen dojo.]] Oddly enough, [[OverprotectiveDad he's]] ''[[OverprotectiveDad not]]'' [[OverprotectiveDad like this]] towards Robert and Yuri, mainly because he's convinced that Robert will try to woo her with material gifts and take advantage of her.
* ShirtlessScene - One of his winposes has him removing his dogi, complete with a yell of "YAH!"
** In ''VideoGame/ArtOfFighting 2'', he's actually a WalkingShirtlessScene.
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* {{Shotoclone}} - Off and on again, like Robert.
** EnergyBall - His Kou'ou Ken (Tiger Sparkle Fist; when it isn't a short invisible fireball) special and Haou Shikouken (Supreme King Champion Fist) DM.
*** KamehameHadoken - His Haoh Shikou Ken becomes this when Takuma is using the full brunt of his strength, as seen in his team's ''2000'' ending and during his ''[=2002UM=]'' HSDM.
** HurricaneKick - His Hien Shippuu Kyaku (Flying Swallow Hurricane Leg).
** {{Shoryuken}} - His Kohou (Tiger Roar) special and (as Mr. Karate) Kyokugen Kohou (Extreme Limit Tiger Cannon) DM.
* SNKBoss - In ''VideoGame/SNKVsCapcomSVCChaos''.
* SpamAttack[=/=]RapidFireFisticuffs - Same as his son's Zanretsuken. Not always part of his moveset, though.
** He also sometimes possesses an attack named Shouran Kyaku (Soaring Riot Legs) where he runs to grab the opponent and then barrages their face with his knees while mounted on their shoulders.
* SternTeacher - To a degree, considering that most of the ''Art of Fighting'' Team's endings involve him dragging Ryo and Robert into grueling training (almost to the extent of TrainingFromHell) ''immediately after'' the close of a tourney. Still, he garners a great deal of love and respect from his children and students. Well, the ones who can endure his training...
* TallDarkAndHandsome - For a man with a son in his early-to-mid 20s and a daughter in her late teens (ComicBookTime be damned), he looks damn fine.
* TeamDad - Literally and figuratively.


!Ikari Warriors Team- Brazil

[[folder:Heidern - ''Unknown'']]
->''"You say you let your guard down? I think you're just a weenie!"''

--> '''Voiced by:''' Toshimitsu Arai

-> Founder and leader of the VideoGame/IkariWarriors mercenary squad, and Leona's adoptive father. A [[TheStoic stoic man]] who fights using his own brutally efficient style of martial arts, he also has a massively tragic backstory: his daughter Clara and his wife Sandra were [[IHaveYourWife kidnapped]] and later killed by his ArchEnemy Rugal in front of him, as [[HeKnowsTooMuch he was investigating Rugal's operations too much for Rugal's own tastes]]. Heidern's own squad of fifty men were also killed in the same attack. He has dedicated himself to Rugal's defeat, and eventually his efforts paid off. After the Rugal saga he alternates between fighting and handling the Ikari deals from outside the battlefield, and in the Tales of Ash saga he led an investigation team on the heels of both Ash and Those of the Past. His eyepatch was stolen by Mukai's group following Magaki's defeat, and it's current status is unknown.

* BadassInDistress - In ''2000'', where "Ling"/Clone Zero holds him at gunpoint, but Heidern manages to turn the tides (depending on the ending) and kick some serious ass. He even pulls a BigDamnHeroes moment!
* BadassNormal - There is ''no'' magical justification for his abilities. He just uses a few gadgets and some crazy fighting style that he devised himself. Imagine the {{Badass}} lovechild of Franchise/{{Batman}} and [[VideoGame/StreetFighterII Guile]] and the end result isn't too far from Heidern.
* ColonelBadass
** CommandingCoolness
* EnergyAbsorption - His Stormbringer and [[CounterAttack Killing Bringer]] specials, as well as his Final Bringer DM.
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* EverythingsBetterWithSpinning - See [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Neck Rolling]], [[ShapedLikeItself where he gyrates around an opponent's neck]] [[SpinAttack like a]] [[MundaneMadeAwesome merry-go-round from hell]].
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* EyepatchOfPower
* FlungClothing - An odd inversion. In one of Heidern's win poses, a [[BadassLongcoat longcoat]] falls from the sky. In a quick change, Heidern drapes himself in the cloak and somehow loses his hat in the process.
* [[GlowingEyesOfDoom Glowing Eye Of Doom]] - Has this in his ''[='98=]''-and-onward intro pose as well as his Striker pose.
* GuileHero - On top of being a ColonelBadass and ActionHero, Heidern gets to show that he can play this role pretty well when it's needed. He gets his first try in ''KOF '99'' and ''2000'', when he and the Ikari Warriors are tasked with investigating NESTS through the KOF tournament, and he does this again in ''XIII'' via organizing and leading an Investigation Team (with Seth, Blue Mary, Ramon and Vanessa as its members), to check on the mysterious circumstances surrounding Those From the Past -- and this is alongside always sending out the Ikari Warriors into the battlefield itself as well. [[spoiler:Too bad Ash is just as guile-ful and manages to perform his plan even with Heidern & co. around.]]
* HandicappedBadass - The [[EyeScream loss of his eye]] should mean that he lacks peripheral version and depth perception. Much like [[Franchise/StreetFighter Sagat]], he still manages to kick ''so much ass''.
* HiredGuns - Commands [[BadassCrew an elite squadron of 'em]]. It's unknown if they're PrivateMilitaryContractors or a more independent breed of mercs, although the latter is more strongly implied.
* [[HerHeartWillGoOn His Heart Will Go On]] - A rare male version. With Rugal dead, Heidern finds no more reason to lament the loss of [[ Sandra and Clara,]] his wife and daughter. In his ''[='94=]'' ending, he chooses to rip up their family photo, finally able to move on with his life.
* ItsPersonal - Read the excerpt above and then put yourself in his shoes. How could you ''not'' want {{revenge}}? Fortunately, the hostility does not carry over to Adel and Rose.
* LastNameBasis - His title of "Commander" aside, Heidern (which is his surname; Leona's full name via adoption is Leona ''Heidern'') is only referred to as... you guessed it.
* {{Mangst}} - Go ahead and click that link. The description is basically Heidern's backstory '''word for word'''.
* {{Mentor|s}} - To the Ikari team (most obviously Leona). Might overlap with AFatherToHisMen.
* PrecisionFStrike - "Go... to... '''HELL!'''"
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* SpellMyNameWithAnS - A few versions of ''[='94=]'' and ''[='95=]'' have his named spelled as Jeidern. Maybe it's the Spanish localization?
* TheStoic
* TallDarkAndHandsome - For a 40-something-year-old guy who's missing an eye... Heidern's doing pretty good.
** TallDarkAndSnarky - He sometimes deals quite the snark too.
* WhyAmITicking - His Heidern End DM inflicts this on foes.
* WolverineClaws - He uses bladed claws (that are hidden within his gloves) in battle. Complete with AudibleSharpness when performing Moon Slasher.


[[folder:Ralf Jones - ''USA'']]
->''"That's enough for now. I can only be forgiving so much."''

-->'''Voiced by:''' Atsushi "Monster" Maezuka (''[='94=]''-''XI''), Bunsyu Shinoya (''XII'' onward), Scott Casey (''Maximum Impact'' series, English), Jeff Manning (''XII'', English)

-> One half of the ''VideoGame/IkariWarriors'' team, originally from the game ''TNK III'', skilled in heavy hits and survival techniques. He's also known to associate with the Peregrine Falcon team from ''VideoGame/MetalSlug'', assisting them at Heidern's behest several times (starting with ''Metal Slug 6''). His knife collection is partly responsible for Clark's sunglasses; he was fooling around and sliced Clark in the forehead, leading to the sunglasses to cover the injury.

* AmbiguouslyBrown - From ''XII'' onward. All of those missions must have given him and Clark one hell of a tan.
* AwesomeButImpractical[=/=]DeathOrGloryAttack - The Galactica Phantom. An ''unblockable'' MegatonPunch with an absurd damage output. It does ''[[UpToEleven even more]]'' damage if it's used as a [[CounterAttack counter]] (in fact, in this case, it can sometimes be a [[OneHitKill OHKO]]). Even better, it's lethal on [[SNKBoss bosses]], too! However, it has an ungodly long [[ChargeAttack charge period]]; a fully-powered one requires lots of charging. And even if your opponent gives you ample time to store up your energy, the attack is easily telegraphed; with good timing, a player can just jump over it or roll behind you. Should you be able to pull this off (''especially'' on a human opponent), give yourself a pat on the back. [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome You deserve it.]]
** A good example of how this attack can be extremely impractical can be found [[ here.]] The combos only work in ''KOF '98'', as in that game the move doesn't really have [[InvulnerableAttack true autoguard]], only stun immunity to most attacks, which still deal damage to Ralf.
** The only times Galactica Phantom really managed to avoid this were in ''[=EX2=]'', ''2001'', and ''2002'', where it became a normal special with reduced charge time. The damage it dished out took a bit of a dive, but it didn't matter since you could actually ''hit'' someone with it, particularly in ''[=EX2=]''.
* {{Badass}}
* BadassNormal
* BashBrothers - Again, with Clark.
* BigBrotherMentor - To Leona.
* BoisterousBruiser
* CaptainSmoothAndSergeantRough - His dynamic with Clark reverses the typical relationship; Ralf (Colonel) prefers the rough-and-tumble approach, whereas Clark (Lieutenant) is more laid-back and mellow. The same goes for Ralf interacting with Leona and Whip, although the latter occasionally gets miffed that Ralf acts befitting of neither his age nor rank. Of all the Ikari Warriors, the only person Ralf plays this straight with is his CO, Commander Heidern.
* CharlesAtlasSuperpower - There's no ''supernatural'' power behind his insane Galactica Phantom. His ''VideoGame/MetalSlug'' incarnation takes it up even further by having him as the only character who must be hit twice to die (this being the series where everyone else is a OneHitPointWonder). Most of all, he is the only one who can ''destroy'' tanks with his ''bare'' fists.
* ColonelBadass - Even if only by a technicality.
* DeathFromAbove - Dive Bombing Punch.
* DubNameChange - You might remember him as Paul.
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* FingerlessGloves
* FoeTossingCharge - Ralf Tackle.
* HeroOfAnotherStory : He and Clark made their debuts in VideoGame/IkariWarriors.
* HeterosexualLifePartners - With Clark. Also RedOniBlueOni (where Ralf, pretty obviously, is Red).
* HotBlooded - About as much as Joe, if not more.
* KnifeNut - Only being AllThereInTheManual, Ralf's hobby is [[TheCollector collecting knives]].
* MeaningfulName - Despite the DubNameChange, there may be good reason for it; there was a British officer called Ralph Clark who existed in the 1700s, who was a Royal Marine and fought in the American & French Revolution. He also served in Australia via [[JudgeJuryAndExecutioner picket duty, guarded convicts, and served on the Criminal Court]], which could refer to Ikari team's black op nature.
* MegatonPunch - The Galactica Phantom.
** He usually belts out a "'''DO-KAAAAAAAAAN!!!'''" when doing this, [[SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud which is essentially Ralf screaming the word "kaboom."]]
** And his new addition to the Bareback Galactica Phantom, Galactica Vanguard, in ''2002UM''. So powerful it's an [[OneHitKill instant kill]]!
* [[NiceHat Nice Bandana]] - He sometimes wears a [[MartialArtsHeadband headband]] under it.
* OlderThanTheyLook - Ralf is supposedly about 40 years old. Many assume Clark is older due to his looks but he's actually younger than Ralf, at only 34.
* OneManArmy - As of ''Maximum Impact 2'' and ''XII'', this is ''literally'' [[InSeriesNickname his official nickname]].
* [[KickThemWhileTheyAreDown Punch Them While They Are Down]] - Bareback Vulcan Punch. Jeez, is it painful to watch.
* RapidFireFisticuffs[=/=]SpamAttack - Vulcan Punch special, as well as (in some games) Super Vulcan Punch and his Neo MAX (see TurnsRed below). Ralf is one of the best at doing this kind of attack.
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* StrongFleshWeakSteel - His Galactica Phantom SDM is one of the most damaging attacks in the same game where Chang wields a huge iron ball as a weapon.
* [[TallDarkAndHandsome Tall, Dark, Handsome,]] [[TallDarkAndSnarky and Snarky]]
* TurnsRed - ''Literally'' during his [[ Jet Vulcan Punch Neo MAX]] in ''XIII'', which is quickly followed up by ''the'' SpamAttack to end ''all'' Spam Attacks. Imagine the [[Manga/OnePiece Gum-Gum Jet Gattling]], [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA]], and [[Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar ATATATATATATATA]] doing a FusionDance. Then set it ''[[IncendiaryExponent on fire]]'' and give it a range covering half the screen in front of him.
* WrestlerInAllOfUs - Less than Clark, but still counts. Ralf Kick, for example, is a dropkick. A ''[[EverythingsBetterWithSpinning spinning]]'' dropkick.
* YouDontLookLikeYou - Ralf and Clark switched to a completely different, [[VideoGame/StreetFighterII Zangief-esque]] silhouette [[ArtShift literally from one game to another]]. To the fandom's credit, [[HandWave "intense training"]] ''[[ArtisticLicenseBiology does not alter bone structure]]''...


[[folder:Clark Still - ''USA'']]
->''"Losers have no rights. That's what history's all about."''

-->'''Voiced by:''' Yoshinori Shima, Sean Michaels (''Maximum Impact'' series, English), Eric Kelso (''XII'', English)

-> The other half of the Ikari Warriors. He is Ralf's [[HeterosexualLifePartners best friend]] and specializes in grappling.

* AmbiguouslyBrown - Same deal as Ralf.
* {{Badass}}
** BadassNormal - Almost every character in this cast has some sort of supernatural power or hidden ability they can utilize. Clark? He simply runs up to you, grapples with you, slams you into the pavement with a '''[[ Ultra Clark Buster,]]''' and then pursues your flailing body with an elbow drop. And he does all of this without even saying a word. Grunts are accepted, though.
* BashBrothers - With Ralf.
* CaptainSmoothAndSergeantRough - See Ralf's entry above.
* CoolShades - Wears them to cover up an injury that Ralf accidentally inflicted on him while being careless with a knife.
* DarkSkinnedBlond - Toeing the line. Goes all over it in ''XII''/''XIII''.
* DubNameChange - You might remember him as Vince.
* EyeScream - Almost happened to him thanks to Ralf, but barely avoided it. Uses his CoolShades to cover the scar.
* [[KickThemWhileTheyAreDown Flashing Elbow Them While They Are Down]] - Most of his special grapples allow Clark to add on an extra hit with his Flashing Elbow. The ''Maximum Impact'' series gives him a few additional follow-ups to the Flashing Elbow.
* FingerlessGloves
* GoodScarsEvilScars
** ScarsAreForever - The reason he wears his sunglasses in the first place.
** EveryScarHasAStory
* HeroOfAnotherStory : He and Ralf made their debuts in VideoGame/IkariWarriors.
* InASingleBound - Later games give Clark [[VideoGame/StreetFighterII Zangief]]-like jumping skills. Just check out the aforementioned Ultra Clark Buster.
* MeaningfulName - Despite the DubNameChange, there may be good reason for it; there was a British officer called Ralph Clark who existed in the 1700s, who was a Royal Marine and fought in the American & French Revolution. He also served in Australia via [[JudgeJuryAndExecutioner picket duty, guarded convicts, and served on the Criminal Court]], which could refer to Ikari team's black op nature.
* MurderousThighs - A male example, and it's a subversion! After performing a Frankensteiner, [[BreakingTheFourthWall Clark will turn to the screen, hold out his hands exasperatedly, and yell, "HEY!"]] Apparently, he doesn't like the idea of being using for {{Fanservice}}, although his female and homosexual/bi male fans might disagree...
* NiceHat - Nice Navy Blue Cap!
* NothingPersonal - When faced as an opponent in ''[=MI2=]''[='s=] story, one of his lines alludes to this.
-->'''Clark:''' "No hard feelings, don't hold it against me."
* TheQuietOne - Subverted in ''XIII'', where after not being very talkative for years, his pre-fight talks have him speaking... quite a bit. And sometimes rather eloquently.
* RedOniBlueOni - Blue to Ralf's Red.
* RuleOfThree - Guess how many times Clark slams you to the ground during his Running Three DM.
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* SpamAttack[=/=]RapidFireFisticuffs - Shares the Gattling Punch move with Ralf, minus the [[IncendiaryExponent mini explosions]].
* SpellMyNameWithAnS - His surname (スティル) has been misromanized by fans as [[Franchise/{{Superman}} "Steel"]] (which is actually スティール).
* TheStoic
* TragicKeepsake - He wears two dogtags; one belongs to him, the other to a dead friend.
* WrestlerInAllOfUs - He's even one who actually is notable for tons of followups on his signature throws. His HSDM[=/=][=MAX2DM=] in ''2002 UM'' is by far one of the most variable grapples he's had in his kit.
* YouDontLookLikeYou - Same as Ralf. [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks Many fans have not taken well to]] the roided-up Ralf and Clark that came from the ArtShift introduced in ''XII''.


!Psycho Soldiers Team- China

[[folder:Athena Asamiya - ''Japan'']]
->''"Sorry about that! Are you hurt? I guess I got a bit carried away!"''

-->'''Voiced by:''' Reiko Fukai (''[='94=]''), Moe Nagasaki (''[='95=]''), Tamao Satou (''[='96=]''), Yukina Kurisu (''[='97=]'', ''The King of Fighters: KYO''), Creator/HarunaIkezawa (''[='98=]'' onward), Robyn Gryphe (''Maximum Impact'', English), Lily Kong (''Maximum Impact 2'', English), Miwa Gardner (''XII'', English)

-> An IdolSinger with PsychicPowers and kung fu, taught to her by OldMaster Chin Gentsai. She debuted in the arcade game ''VideoGame/PsychoSoldier'' along with Sie Kensou, but made the leap to fighting games in ''[='94=]''. She, along with Kensou and Chin, make up the Psycho Soldiers team, who fight in the KOF tournaments in order to preserve peace.

* ActionFashionista[=/=]UnlimitedWardrobe - Every single game gives Athena a completely different outfit. The only exception is ''XIII'', which is justified because the game is reusing the sprites from ''XII''.
** ''XIII'' is something of an in-between. She's wearing her ''XII'' clothes but bears the default color scheme of her ''XI'' attire. Not a new outfit in any one aspect but together comes together to create something different.
** {{Lampshade|Hanging}}d in ''[='98=]'', where her intro involves her changing between her previous four outfits before settling down on her current attire.
** Lampshaded ''again'' with her Psychic 8 HSDM/LDM, where Athena changes her outfit (progressing from ''[='94=]'' to the current costume, [[{{Fanservice}} and sometimes adding her Princess Athena bikini]]) with each hit.
** ''[[UpToEleven Overkilled]]'' in ''XIII'' with her [[LimitBreak Neo MAX]] version of the above attack, [[ Psycho Medley 13]] ([[FanNickname also known as]] Psychic 12), where she uses all ''twelve'' of her previous outfits and is then aided by what appears to be Princess Athena's royal guard.
** Almost averted in ''[[ '95]]'', where she wears a slightly modified version of her ''[='94=]'' [[ outfit.]]
** Lampshaded in-game by Maxima in their single-player intro in ''XIII''.
-->'''Maxima''': "You're wearing something new every time I see you. Do you know what a pain is it to keep my data updated?"
* ActionGirl ''and'' BarrierMaiden
* AnimalMotifs - The phoenix. Most likely a ShoutOut to [[VoluntaryShapeshifting her ability to become one]] in ''Psycho Soldier''.
* AscendedExtra - Ryo Takamisaki's ''The King Of Fighters G'' has Athena as the main character, teaming up with Kyo and Iori and pretty much [[DemotedToExtra stealing Chizuru's place in the story]] -- despite starting as a borderline FauxActionGirl.
* AssKicksYou - One of her aerial command attacks.
* BadassAdorable - Super cute and sweet-looking, but plucky as Hell and more than able to back-up her fame as an ActionGirl.
* BareYourMidriff - Her ''[='99=]'', ''2002'', and ''2003'' outfits.
* BreakoutCharacter - Had her own game back in the 80s, but only after debuting in the fight scene did Athena's popularity start to pick up again. A notable game is the 3-disc RPG game for the [=PlayStation=], ''[[VideoGame/AthenaAwakeningFromTheOrdinaryLife Athena: Awakening from the Ordinary Life]]'', with its gameplay sharing many similarities with ''VideoGame/ParasiteEve''. The less known one is ''Athena On Stage'', a mobile game centered around rising Athena's career as a successful pop idol, pretty much a simulation game.
* BreakTheCutie - The ''[[VideoGame/AthenaAwakeningFromTheOrdinaryLife Awakening from the Ordinary Life]]'' plot is '''not''' easy on poor Athena. She must struggle with her newborn powers, face a GovernmentConspiracy, fight dinosaurs, try to keep her friendship with Rika Kashiwazaki ''and'' deal with the new one she strikes with CreepyChild Masato Kurihara, etc.
** The plot of ''KOF: G'' wasn't exactly kind to her either. Specially in the last volume, where poor Athena suffers a ''severe'' HeroicBSOD [[spoiler:when Chizuru is beaten to almost death by Goenitz and shortly afterwards Kensou [[TakingTheBullet takes one of Goenitz's attacks for her.]] When Kyo and Ralf save her [[PluckyGirl Athena]] [[HesBack brings herself back]], [[ThePromise promises Chizuru]] to fight in her stead, and does so.]]
* CleavageWindow - Her ''2003'' attire sports a heart-shaped one.
* CuteButCacophonic:
** Her ''[='95=]'' incarnation. It can be argued that she's this anytime she yells "[[GratuitousEnglish Saikou Baaru]]!"
** Also happened in ''KOF '98'' when Creator/HarunaIkezawa took over her voice for the rest of the series.
* DistractedByTheSexy - In-universe, she's the only character who does distract people. Ironically, she's one of the most clothed characters in the cast.
* DivergentCharacterEvolution - It happened when SNK started to use the Goddess Athena again in their merchandise in modern times; prior to that many people assumed Idol Singer Athena and Goddess Athena had the same personality, or even were the same person, which isn't entirely unfounded since the original Athena had little to no canon characterization all. Now both Athenas are polar opposites to each other:
** Goddess Athena: a [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy proud warrior amazon]] who isn't quite a nice person to boot; she's not evil, yeah, but openly belittles some of her foes for [[WhoDares daring]] to fight against a goddess.
*** CompositeCharacter - That said, when SNK feels the need to use Goddess Athena in some of their fan-pandering merchandise, their infamous DatingSim games for mobiles in particular, she becomes a sweet girl just like Idol Singer Athena to the point of her actually being the Goddess version becoming an InformedAttribute, since the Idol Singer does use the iconic ChainmailBikini to promote her image.
** IdolSinger Athena: a nice ActionGirl with PsychicPowers, very charismatic, friendly, and is respectful to her opponents and never underestimates them.
* EverythingsBetterWithSparkles - Her stance in ''XIII'' has her start out ''surrounded by'' sparkles. Her win pose also produces some as she winks.
* ExpositoryHairstyleChange - Athena's hair was cut for ''KOF '99'', [[ImportantHaircut apparently as a reaction to Kensou's loss of powers]]. It lasted until (and including) ''2001''.
* FingerlessGloves
* FlungClothing - She changed/disposed of ''almost complete attires''. Was often used to dispose of her school uniform and reveal her fighting outfit.
* GenkiGirl
* GirlyBruiser: Super girly looking but completely unafraid of fighting her way in KOF and anything else.
* HairDecorations - Her headband, which is the only really consistent element in all her looks.
* [[HeroOfAnotherStory Heroine Of Another Story]]: As mentioned above, she and Kensou made their debuts in VideoGame/PsychoSoldier.
* MagicIdolSinger: Probably one of the straightest examples
* IDidWhatIHadToDo - In ''Sky Stage'', the Kula and Athena common ending says that [[spoiler:Athena lied to Kula and told her that her friends (K', Maxima, Whip, etc.) had been caught in the space-time rift to recruit her into their cause. When Kula is contacted by said friends (who have actually been searching for her all over), Athena explains everything and apologizes; Kula doesn't mind, however, as the adventure was fun and she's happy to have been able to fly, even if just temporarily.]]
* IDontWantToRuinOurFriendship - She is ''definitely'' aware of Kensouís feelings towards her, evidenced by her embarrassment when Kensou blows a kiss in ''97'', when Kensou declares he is her knight in ''2000'', when Kensou flat out screams his love in ''2001''; Athenaís reaction is always to get fidgety and try to dodge the matter as quickly as possible.
* ImageSong:
** "Psycho Soldier." [[AwesomeMusic/{{SNK}} So popular]], it's had multiple renditions (with and without vocals) over the years.
** She also has "Present Holiday," [[ "Kizudarake no Blue Moon"]] ("Wounded Blue Moon"/"Banged-Up Blue Moon"; also carried over from ''Psycho Soldier''), and [[ "My Love ~Yuuki wo Dashite~" ("My Love ~Gives Me Courage~").]]
* InnocentlyInsensitive - Several times in ''XIII''. While she ''did'' more or less deliberately cut Kensou's declaration off in the Story Mode, she's shown to be genuinely unaware of how... sensitive the "school" theme is for Kyo in another Story Mode scene, and she also refuses to let Kula explain how come K' and Maxima allow her to fight in their pre-match talk.
* InstantCostumeChange - ''All the time.'' Hell, Athena has found a way to ''weaponize'' it. It would be unwise to turn her costume changes into a drinking game.
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: It's implied that she's in love with Kyo in ''KOF: Kyo''. That said, she lets Yuki have him out of respect for both of them.
* {{Joshikousei}} - SailorFuku - At first only in her intro animations, for fear of making her too risquť; fully embraced by ''XI''.
** Cynically lampshaded by Kyo ([[HypocriticalHumor of all people]]) in ''XIII'': "No one wears sailor uniforms at your actual age anymore." Athena [[OhCrap isn't happy]] when he points it out.
* UsefulNotes/{{Kawaisa}}
* {{Keigo}} - Her "Athena, ikimasu!" CatchPhrase is actually this. She's a rather polite speaker by Japanese standards, but almost never goes to this extreme.
* LongHairIsFeminine - Barring her ''[='99=]''-''2001'' [[ImportantHaircut run]], that is.
* MagicalGirl ''and'' MagicalGirlWarrior - It's really not that big of a stretch to say that Athena could have her own anime.
* MagicSkirt - Averted up until ''XII'' (except for ''2003''). Athena typically wore loose fitting clothes but it wasn't hiding anything indecent (even in her school uniform during ''XI'', Athena still wore bike shorts under her skirt and SNK had no problem with it fluttering about as she fought). However, following her redesign in ''XII'' (and by extension, ''XIII'' for using the same sprite pool), it's played straight (and Athena definitely has some ''high'' kicks that would normally cause some looky-loos to occur).
* {{Mascot}}
* MiniDressOfPower
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot - She is a [[{{Joshikousei}} high school girl]][=/=]IdolSinger, who happens to be an incarnation of a goddess, has psychic powers, [[IKnowKarate and knows Kung-Fu!]]
* OdangoHair - Her hairstyle in ''2000'' and in ''Maximum Impact 2''.
* OlderThanTheyLook - At age 18, she looks ''younger'' than the 14-year-old Kula in ''XII'' and ''XIII''. Hilariously, Athena gets '''pissed''' when she sees Kula fighting out there... [[ComicallyMissingThePoint and Kula doesn't even seem to get why]].
* OneeSama - To Momoko.
* PluckyGirl
* ProperTightsWithASkirt - Her ''KOF '97'' outfit, as well as some of her alternate palettes from ''XIII''.
* PsychicPowers - Which include...
** AttackReflector - Her Psycho Reflector, which has two variations.
** BattleAura
** TheEmpath and {{Telepathy}} - Canon isn't very clear ''how'' skilled she is at it, though. In ''XIII'' Athena can sense people's emotions (like in [[spoiler:Ash Crimson]]'s case) but there's no evidence about her being able to unlock their biggest secrets, whereas in ''KOF: KYO'' she could clearly see [[spoiler:Iori's memories of his DarkAndTroubledPast]] once her and [[spoiler:Iori]]'s clashed by accident.
** EnergyBall - Her Psycho Ball attack, born from her BattleAura.
*** CrystalBall - During her Shining Crystal Bit attack, she's surrounded by [[ReverseShrapnel 2 circling crystal balls]] that guard her from enemy attacks. She can also add a followup by firing said balls forward.
** HealingHands - Rarely used, though. It's seen in ''[[VideoGame/AthenaAwakeningFromTheOrdinaryLife Athena: Awakening From the Ordinary Life]]'' [[spoiler:(heals her {{muggle|s}} friend Rika)]], in ''KOF:G'' (attempts to heal [[spoiler:Chizuru]] but is interrupted by [[spoiler:Goenitz]]), in the ''XII'' manhua (heals Kyo), as a Striker in ''KOF '99'' (heals the playing character when called upon), or as an optional part of [[ her Psychic 10 Desperation Move]] (heals herself).
** SpiderSense - As seen in ''Another Day'' and [[ in]] ''[[ KOF: KYO,]]'' where she senses [[spoiler:Orochi]]'s aura in the air and this allows her, Benimaru and Kensou to find [[spoiler:Iori and a Kyo who is about to go BrainwashedAndCrazy.]]
** TeleportersAndTransporters - Her Psychic Teleport.
* {{Reincarnation}} - Of the [[PhysicalGod Goddess Athena]]. It's the reason that Athena is the only person in her family to have PsychicPowers.
* RollingAttack - Her Phoenix Arrow special and Phoenix Fang Arrow DM.
* RomanticTwoGirlFriendship - To a degree, with Kaoru and with Rika Kashiwazaki from ''Awakening from the Ordinary Life''. [[spoiler:Naturally, she doesn't take it well when Rika gets scared of Athena's powers, and later when she's shot to almost death few after their reconciliation.]]
* {{Shoryuken}} - Her Psycho Sword.
* {{Shotoclone}} - Sort of.
* SupremeChef - Implied to be one in the ''KOF:KYO'' manga. She's first seen making fried rice for Kensou, who really likes it; the last manga volume she makes dinner for him, Yuki and Kyo, and the three find the dish she made for them [[note]]a Chinese traditional one involving autumn mushrooms, probably [[ this one]] [[/note]] to be ''very'' good.
* TheyFightCrime
* [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair You Gotta Have Purple Hair]] - And it becomes pink starting in ''XII''.
* YouShallNotPass - In ''Sky Stage'', she's the first mid-boss. She only fights your party because [[ThisIsSomethingHesGotToDoHimself she wants to face the dangers out there alone]]; once defeated, she apologizes and lets you pass.
* ZettaiRyouiki - A couple of her outfits in ''KOF: Maximum Impact 2''.


[[folder:Sie Kensou - ''China'']]

->''"New threads. New attitude. The new Kensou's coming at you!"''

-->'''Voiced by:''' Eiji Yano, Yuki Ishii (''[[VideoGame/AthenaAwakeningFromTheOrdinaryLife Athena: Awakening from the Ordinary Life]]''), Josh Keller (''XII'', English)

->The other half of the Psycho Soldiers main face, Sie Kensou is a lively young man born with PsychicPowers, referred to as Psycho Powers in-universe, for this reason he caught Chin Gentsaiís attention who then took him in to be his disciple; Chin believes his students must be honed to face any future threat the world may face, he uses the King of Fighters Tournaments as a mean to improve Kensou and the others.

->Kensou is mainly [[ButtMonkey the source of comic relief]] and relaxing moments for the Psycho Soldiers, however he has [[MinorMajorCharacter his own serious sub-plot]] that has been developing since ''99''; he is also in love with Athena, going to great lengths to confess his love and declare that he is her knight, [[AllLoveIsUnrequited however Athena seemly only sees Kensou as a friend]], getting extremely embarrassed each time Kensou confesses.

->In ''99'' Kensou [[BroughtDownToNormal mysteriously lost his powers]], seemly destroying Chinís hopes for his future, but Kensou still participated in that editon of KOF; at the end of it the powerless Kensou [[EleventhHourSuperpower awakens an immense new power]] in desperation for Athenaís life was at risk, that power would be called the "Dragon Spirit" which Kensou somehow shares with Bao, meaning when Bao has powers Kensou doesnít and vice-versa.

->After some ins and outs with his powers Kensou decides to pass up the ''2003'' tournament in order [[TrainingFromHell to master the Dragon Spirit]], eventually coming back in XI seemly having mastered his powers. In ''XII'' Kensou is [[TookALevelInBadass graced with a complete overhaul]] in his fighting style, sporting a more serious kung-fu and donning his Classic Attire from his original Psycho Soldiers appearance, in ''XIII'' he is eager to show everyone how much capable he has become and try to confess to Athena once more of course.

->The Dragon Spirit apparently is [[BewareTheNiceOnes one of the greatest powers in the King of Fighters universe]], Ron Hizoku expressed great interest in taking it for himself, claiming that all of NESTS is nothing compared to said power, later he would even warn Saki that the Dragon Spirit is something that could be a threat to Those From the Past.

* AbortedDeclarationOfLove - Tries to confess his feelings for the umpteenth time to Athena in ''XIII'', only to be cut off by her. On ''two'' separate occasions. Poor guy.
* AllLoveIsUnrequited - He likes Athena. She cares for him greatly [[BetterAsFriends as a friend]], but if ''KOF: Kyo'' is canon, she has a crush on series protagonist Kyo, who in turn [[OfficialCouple is already in a relationship with Yuki]] ([[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy which Athena respects]] since she's friends with Yuki as well). A slight twist: Athena ''is'' well aware of his feelings for her (as evidenced in ''2000'' and ''2001'': the former has Kensou blatantly proclaim his love; the latter has Kensou fuming at the fact that Athena didn't give him an answer the last year and then crying when he defeats her; her profile in ''Maximum Impact 2'' also notes that she knows of Kensou's feelings), but as said above she views their relationship as BetterAsFriends and seems to either be embarrassed by his advances (as seen in ''XIII''[='s=] Story Mode) or outright ignores them.
* AmazonChaser - One of the reasons why he likes Athena is her BadassAdorable charm. In ''XIII'', his win quote against her has him explicitly saying "You're so strong, I couldn't hold back!"
* AnimalMotifs - The dragon. A likely ShoutOut the fact that he [[VoluntaryShapeshifting could transform into one]] in ''Psycho Soldier''.
* BadassAdorable - An earnest, somewhat child-like, spirited, slightly clumsy young man who can pack an ''incredible'' punch with his kung-fu skills and PsychicPowers.
* BattleAura - Extreme usage of the Dragon Spirit gives one to Kensou. As shown in ''KOF '99'', it also doubles as a force field.
* BattleCry - "NIKUMAAANNNN~!!!" upon being selected in ''XIII'', he really loves those Pork Buns.
* BigBrotherInstinct - Towards Bao, who more or less is his adoptive brother.
* BigEater - To the point that one of his DM techniques has him ''eating'' pork buns to recover health (and sometimes ''choke'' on them).
* BroughtDownToNormal - Lost his powers temporarily, after Bao was taken in by the Psycho Soldiers. It's later revealed that they share said powers; whenever Bao's using the Dragon Spirit, Kensou loses his psychic abilities and vice versa.
* ButtMonkey - If something bad and/or embarrassing happened to the Psycho Soldiers, Kensou was the most usual target.
** Taken UpToEleven in ''KOF: G'', where his very first scene has him constantly distracted during his and Athena's training and getting punished by the monks that supervise both of them ''because his pants were ripped''.
* CallBack - The fact Kensou has a fandom in-universe for ''KOF'' doesn't sound that weird when one takes in consideration his ''VideoGame/PsychoSoldier'' incarnation; there Kensou actually acted as a guitarist for Athena's concerts and shows. With him being on stage from time to time performing along with Athena, this would eventually help the guy gather some devoted fans.
* TheCameo - He appears in the Action RPG game ''VideoGame/{{Crystalis}}'' for the NES under the name ''Kensu'', he is one of the four wise sages who must guide the protagonist into gathering four elemental swords to forge the Crystalis sword. In the GameBoyColor remake, he is the one who forged the Thunder Sword.
** Kensou will [[UndyingLoyalty throw himself in front of Athena]] in ''VideoGame/SNKGalsFighters'', acting as a human shield for her, capable of being hit by any move against Athena when said unique block is performed.
** In the end [[ThePowerOfLove expect to see him]] in any game Athena has a major role or is TheProtagonist herself; with very few exceptions.
* CanNotSpitItOut: Spends some time in ''XIII'' like this, when near Athena he tries to confess but Kensou canít get past ďI loÖĒ and Athena quickly finds a way to dodge it; quite the contrast from ''2001'' where Kensou proclaims his love sky high in front of Athena, however she dodges the issue again, maybe that dealt a heavy blow on Kensouís confidence to confess after that.
* CharacterizationMarchesOn - Originally in ''VideoGame/PsychoSoldier'' Kensou was just an ArrogantKungFuGuy, a PerpetualFrowner in contrast to Athena's BadassAdorable and CryCute, a generic attempt to cement his bad dude status to tag along her girly character. Come the ''KOF'' series, Kensou became a laid-back, funny guy, dropping his angry look from his early days.
** LetsGetDangerous - His design starting with ''XII'' ventures over here, though he still has some silliness in him (use his RapidFireFisticuffs attack for too long and Kensou becomes exhausted).
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass - Athena's independent and strong character is what makes Kensou look foolish in comparison, but when Athena does need help is where Kensou shows he is someone she can rely on. Kensou dropped the IdiotBall when he had to awaken his Dragon Spirit powers to save Athena in ''KOF '99''. Other situations can be found in Athena's exclusive game for {{PlayStation}}, ''[[VideoGame/AthenaAwakeningFromTheOrdinaryLife Awakening from the Ordinary Life]]'', where Athena is being constantly haunted due being quite a dark RPG; Kensou proves to be a great ally and support for Athena as he cheers her up in crucial events during the adventure.
* DeclarationOfProtection - Kensou declares himself to be Athenaís Knight, even though he sees her as someone strong enough to fend for herself, it has more to do with Kensou wanting to be someone whom Athena can always rely on when things get too tough, however there are times Kensou just wants to be strong enough to protect Athena from something he considers too much.
** A straighter example comes with the teamís Special Ending in ''99'', where Kensou awakens his latent abilities to save Athena from imminent death, she telling him to go and save himself alone didnít tick well on Mr. Knightsís mind and his desperation awakens the Dragon Spirit in its fullest.
** Used for comical effect in ''2000'', the special intro he has with Athena is Kensou proclaiming loudly he is Athenaís Knight, Athena doesnít even get flustered like the similar Intro in 2001 where it is a Love Confession instead, she just strikes her usual Idol pose and starts the match as if she didnít even notice Kensouís presence, understandably Kensou drops his shoulders in depression.
* DemotedToExtra - Happens to Kensou in some of Athena's games, specially the DatingSim ones where the player character assumes the role of her manager or just an average guy seeking for love. Since said games are from the player character's POV, Kensou serves only as a cameo, in a continuity where apparently he won't compete with the given player character regardless of his feelings, or actually such affections aren't romantic at all. Exception goes ''[[VideoGame/AthenaAwakeningFromTheOrdinaryLife Awakening from the Ordinary Life]]'', as mentioned in this page before, Kensou gets the chance to be a great support to Athena.
* DoggedNiceGuy - To Athena, though it happens more in the ''KOF: Kyo'' related media. It's taken to {{Flanderization}} [[StalkerWithACrush heights]] in fanfiction.
** In ''XIII'', he's ''this'' close to confessing in his intro with her. Too bad Athena is ''way'' more concerned with their fight. In the Story Mode he also attempts to confess his feelings to Athena, causing an understandably embarrassed Athena to promptly cut him off. Cue the Women Fighters Team expressing their sympathies to him... which in turn leads to the ladies getting catty with each other over ''their'' love lives.
** It should be noticed that, even when he does follow Athena like a borderline puppy and [[BerserkButton is very upset]] at the possibility of [[CrazyJealousGuy losing her to someone else]], [[UndyingLoyalty his affections for her are very genuine otherwise.]] He helps her when she needs it but '''NEVER''' [[EntitledToHaveYou demands love or sex from her in return]], and he ''does'' show affection and care towards other people (Chin, Bao, Kaoru, Momoko, etc.) as well. (In ''XIII'' he shows ''next to no jealousy'' against Athena's old crush Kyo, instead telling him to relax and take care of himself.)
%% Don't add Expy here. It's already in the ShoutOut page.
* EleventhHourSuperpower - In the Psycho Soldier Team's special ending for ''KOF '99''. Kensou triggers his Dragon Spirit after Athena is in danger of being left for dead at the crumbling site, he saves her with a dose of PowerOfLove and UndyingLoyalty. [[GameplayAndStorySegregation This doesn't actually do much for Kensou, game-wise, until he trains to control the Dragon Spirit's power several games later.]]
* EnergyBall - Kensou's Choukyuudan. Originally the attack was a projectile Hadoken type (''[='94=]'' to ''[='98=]'', ''XI'' and ''XIII''); Kensou performed a crouching stance and fired the ball of energy from above. After losing his powers and later training to get them back, Kensou changed his to way to fire the Choukyuudan. From ''XII'' and on the attack evolved and was promoted to a Desperation Move, becoming bigger as normal projectile (''XIII'') and becoming the Shinryuu Choukyuudan (''XII'' and on) which changes from a projectile to a close range SphereOfDestruction.
* FingerlessGloves - In ''XI''.
* GameplayAndStorySegregation - His use of the Dragon Spirit, in story it can make Kensou fly, generate impregnable force fields, boost his powers to astonishing levels if Ron is to be believed, and when Bao used it could stop a KillSat instantly; now it is said that Kensou has total control over the Dragon Spirit. In gameplay, however, the Dragon Spirit has no significance whatsoever compared to how godly it is portrayed in cutscenes.
* GlowingEyesOfDoom - Basked in the power of the Dragon Spirit to save Athena in ''KOF '99'', Kensou gets nice glowing eyes of blue energy.
* HeroOfAnotherStory : As mentioned above, he and Athena made their debuts in VideoGame/PsychoSoldier.
* HoldingBackThePhlebotinum - Kensou's Dragon Spirit powers by the time he mastered it in ''KOF XI'', as by Kensou's own explanation for this in WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity below (if we go by Ron's words in the NESTS Saga that the Dragon Spirit at full power can make SNKBoss Igniz and all of NESTS look like nothing in comparison) then Kensou does have a good reason not to show off his powers recklessly.
* ImagineSpot - In the Psycho Soldiers ending for XIII, they are congratulated all around, some reporters say companies are competing to get the rights to make a show out of the Psycho Soliders, Kensou thinks of how great this could be and starts day dreaming of them being in a {{Sentai}} show.
* InconsistentDub - Although Kensou's ultimate energy attack is called ''Senki Hakkei'', he will sometimes call it ''Chouryuudan'', which isn't that strange since the Senki Hakkei is just a more powerful and close ranged Chouryuudan. It might the reason why in ''XII'' both attacks were merged and became the ''Shinryuu Chouryuudan'', Kensou says Chouryuudan but it's executed as a more flashy Senki Hakkei; in ''XIII'' Kensou's new and improved DM is the ''Seigan: Senki Hakkei'', but still he says Chouryuudan in the end.
* InformedAbility - His forte in sports, the fact he has ''fans'', and--of course--the Dragon Spirit:
** Kensou is very good at sports in general, great at soccer in particular. This of course comes from AllThereInTheManual and related goodies; in the main games this is never brought up at all.
** The fact he hangs around Athena much of the time, even when she's on tour (which might be a MythologyGag to him being a guitarist in ''VideoGame/PsychoSoldier''), helped Kensou gather his own fandom. He even has a collection of plushies and stuffed animals alike received from his fans.
** Kensou did show off some of his Dragon Spirit powers in ending sequences twice (once in ''[='99=]'' and again in ''2002''), but the way Ron says the Dragon Spirit can make Igniz and all other {{SNK Boss}}es that NESTS created look like ''nothing'' in comparison; by ''XI'' and beyond Kensou should at least be referred as PsychicPowers [[PhysicalGod Master]] status even if he is holding his powers back.
* KansaiRegionalAccent - Despite being Chinese.
* [[spoiler:KissOfLife]] - In the team's ''2000'' ending, [[spoiler:this is how he recovers his powers]]. [[ More exactly:]] [[spoiler:Bao [[TakingTheBullet has taken]] a ''massive'' energy beam from a NESTS KillSat to protect the team and Kaoru and is laying in ''great'' pain [[BridalCarry in Kensou's arms]], seemingly very close to suffer a SuperpowerMeltdown. [[IntimateHealing Kensou gives this to Bao and absorbs the remaining energy through his own body]], which unleashes the Dragon Spirit and saves Bao's life; from then on his powers are restored, but Bao is BroughtDownToNormal.]]
* LoveConfession: Blurts out loud, echoes included, on the Special Intro he has with Athena in ''2001'', Athena gets fidgety and dodges an answer by trying to start the fight, Kensou gets down in the slumps because of it.
* [[MacGuffinGirl MacGuffin Boy]] - Has the Dragon Spirit sealed in him.
* MartialArtsHeadband - From ''XII'' onward as a nod to his ''Psycho Solider'' incarnation.
* MinorMajorCharacter - Kensou isnít someone who has been in the center of every conflict during the Orochi Saga, NESTS Saga and Tales of Ash, however the introduction of the Dragon Spirit and how one shady figure, Ron Hizoku, keeps appearing to foretell his antagonist status by only showing interest in Kensouís powers, says how much Kensou is worth on the bigger scope of things.
* PluckyComicRelief - Ever since his debut in ''Psycho Soldier'', Kensou has fallen into this role. In ''KOF'' it usually pops up in the form of wardrobe malfunctions and hijinks involving baozi (the meat dumplings he's seen chowing down on before a match).
* PowerFloats - In his most extreme usage of the Dragon Spirit yet[[note]]''The King of Fighters '99'', Psycho Soldiers special ending by defeating Krizalid with Kensou[[/note]], Kensou could float around.
* PsychicPowers - Shared with Bao. When he has them, Bao doesn't, and when Bao can use them, Kensou can't (which partially explains why Kensou is only able to use projectile attacks in certain games).
* OlderThanTheyLook - It's less noted than Athena and Yuri because changed they drastically, but Kensou has also been hit by this with the new character designs, or arguably he was always this. Kensou is 19 years old, and yet looks ''much'' younger than Kyo who is only one year older than him (20 years old); also there's Leona, who at 18 years old, in comparison to Kensou, looks like a mature woman in her early twenties whereas he seems more like a teenager.
* RealMenWearPink - Kensou is proud and not afraid of showing his plushie collection which was mounted from the stuffed animals he received from his fans, and of course he is always open for more items to add to the collection. Additionally, his favorite manga, ''Seito Shokun!'', is a classic {{Shoujo|Genre}} romance comedy.
* SelfProclaimedLoveInterest - Drifts in and out of this depending on the continuity. Of course, his success rate currently rests at a respectable 0%.
%% Don't add ShoutOut here. There's already a page for KOF ShoutOuts: ShoutOut/TheKingOfFighters.
* SpamAttack - A few of his attacks. It's PlayedForLaughs in ''XIII'', where the [[RapidFireFisticuffs rapid firing of his fists]] in one of his [=DMs=] actually ''tires him out''.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS - Due to his name being Chinese but being often rendered to fit the Japanese spelling, Kensou is the most used one to avoid confusion for the Japanese, but ''Kensu'' is arguably the closest romanized spelling to his Chinese name; it even appeared that way in his cameo for ''VideoGame/{{Crystalis}}''.
* SphereOfDestruction - The Senki Hakkei Kensou fires at the end of his Seigan Senki Hakkei Neo MAX in ''XIII'', which is very similar to [[VideoGame/StreetFighterII Chun-Li's]] Kikoushou.
** Earlier in the series, Kensou had a DM (Senki Hakkei) of the same type that needed to be activated up close. The force of the SDM version was so great, that the recoil sends him ''[[LawOfInverseRecoil flying into the corner]]''.
* TheyFightCrime
* TookALevelInBadass - After sitting out the ''2003'' tournament, Kensou returns in ''XI'', having improved drastically by mastering his control over the Dragon Spirit. Ron seems to be very pleased by this. Many fans see his new look in ''XII'' as another level.
** ''XIII'' is the next logical step in his {{badass}}ery progression. [[ Holy...]]
* TrademarkFavoriteFood - Meat buns. Has a tendency to choke on them occasionally, though.
* TrophyRoom - Where Kensou keeps his collection of plushies and stuffed animals recieved from his fans, comic books (''[[! Seito Shokun!]]'' in particular), and his beloved autographed ball from [[ Alessandro Del Piero.]]
* VocalEvolution - Around ''[='96=]'', Kensou's TenorBoy-like voice became ''quite'' high-pitched for a guy past puberty. It has been toned back down around ''XII''/''XIII'', however.
* UndyingLoyalty - Towards Athena, Kensouís love is sincere and being shot down, more than once, did not manage to make things go sour between them, Kensou declares himself to be Athenaís Knight without asking anything immediate, just quietly hoping one day Athena will return his feelings, to top it off the fear of Athena dying in ''í99'' was enough to make Kensou awake a power he never knew he had to avoid the seemly inevitable fate at the time.
* WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity - The only explanation so far why Kensou didn't become, canonically, one of the most powerful members of the cast after supposedly mastering the Dragon Spirit. Kensou himself, albeit comically and even suspiciously, said that he is consciously holding back his powers because of what happened to other powerful beings in the cast who tapped into their great powers too much, mostly final bosses like Rugal who all turned insane and/or died.


[[folder:Chin Gentsai - ''China'']]
->''"O-Ouch! Whew! I can beat you. But age is something different!"''

--> '''Voiced by:''' Toshikazu Nishimura (''[='94=]''-''2002''), Matsuo Matsuo (''XII'' onward), Josh Keller (''XII'', English)

-> Chinese DrunkenBoxing master and founder of the Psycho Soldiers team. He enters the tournaments primarily to investigate the circumstances around them and prevent any evil plots from going too far.

* TheAlcoholic
* BadassBeard
* BadassGrandpa
* BadassMustache
* BlindingBangs - [[TheFaceless His eyes]] [[HiddenEyes are always hidden by his hair]].
** PeekABangs - In ''[='98=]'' through ''2000'' and ''XIII'', we actually get to see one of his eyes in character portraits.
* BoozeBasedBuff
* BreathWeapon - BoozeFlamethrower, to be exact. Sometimes he can just spit the booze itself.
* ComesGreatResponsibility - His reasoning behind preventing Athena and Kensou from competing in the ''[='97=]'' tournament. When they later return with the resolve to compete for the sake of Kaoru Watanabe, an ill fan of Athena's, Chin relents, impressed at his disciples' maturity.
* ConfusionFu - More or less.
* CoolOldGuy
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: He apparently was one hell of a badass in the past (or still is, maybe), many fighters in ''XIII'', including the monster that is Takuma, says to Kensou how lucky he is to have Chin as his master, expressing great respect towards him.
* DetectEvil
* ExoticWeaponSupremacy - A sake gourd.
* GagNose - The extent of which [[DependingOnTheArtist varies from artist to artist]] (although it's fairly consistent overall).
* {{Gonk}}
* HappilyMarried - He's said to have a wife. Although he doesn't have any biological children, Bao is his adopted son and he serves as a father figure to both Kensou and Athena (more so to the former). He only has a granddaughter named Lei-len. This raises some interesting questions as to HOW he has a granddaughter, unless she's a step-granddaughter.
* HiddenEyes
* ImprobableWeaponUser - Again, the gourd.
* {{Irony}} - Dislikes pandas. Three guesses on who (or better yet, what) his Maniac Striker in the home ports of ''2000'' is.
* ItsASmallWorldAfterAll - He's an old acquaintance of [[Characters/TheKingOfFightersTheTalesOfAsh Tung Fu Rue]].
* MayDecemberRomance - Humorously mistaken by Kensou to be attempting this with Kula, since the two became cell phone and e-mail buddies before the ''XIII'' tournament.
* {{Mentor|s}}
* NiceHat
* OldMaster
* ParentalSubstitute - To both Kensou and Bao. Bao is actually his [[HappilyAdopted adopted son]].
* PlayingWithFire
* RunningGag - In ''XIII'' he often tries to weasel his way out of fighting via saying he's getting too old for this. No one buys it. (One wonders if this is ObfuscatingStupidity or not, though.)
* SlideAttack - [[ Quite infamously so.]]
* TeamDad
* UseYourHead[=/=]EverythingsBetterWithSpinning - His Toukuuhitenhou DM.


!Women Fighters Team- England

[[folder:King - ''France'']]
->''"In battle, one's sex means nothing. Who's left standing is what matters."''

-->'''Voiced by:''' Harumi Ikoma, YumiTouma (''[='94=]'' Dengeki Bunko drama CD)

-> A bartender who used to work for Mr. Big, but opened up her own place after his downfall. Skilled in Muay Thai, she disguised herself as a man to enter tournaments, as back then women were not allowed. She fights in the KOF tournaments to support her little brother Jean and to cover his medical expenses. Quite possibly the strongest Muay Thai practioner in the SNK 'verse next to Joe, he would later consider King a great rival to him.

* BadassDecay - [[invoked]] This is what Eiji thinks of her come ''XI''.
-->'''Eiji:''': "From bouncer to [[EveryoneCanSeeIt Kyokugen cuddle bunny]]? Fighters without pride are fighters not!"
* {{Bifauxnen}} - [[LateArrivalSpoiler Of course]], [[SamusIsAGirl it's common knowledge]] here in ''KOF''. As seen below, King ''does'' break out of this on occasion.
* {{Bouncer}}
* BoyishShortHair: She even provides the trope's page image.
* ClothingDamage - First two games and ''XIII''.
* CulturedBadass - Being the owner of her own bar, King has a great affinity for fine wine and is skilled at mixing cocktails. She can also smash you eight ways from Sunday.
* DeadpanSnarker
* DependingOnTheArtist - The level of King's {{Bifauxnen}} can vary greatly depending on who is in charge of the character designs: in the early 90s installments of the series some people could actually mistake her for a man; from ''2000'' and on, new artists made her feminine traits more and more visible; finally in her appearance for ''XIII'' any ambiguity her gender may have caused on people both in game design and sprites has been dropped, basically throwing out the concept she was supposed to surprise the players when they realize King is a woman.
* DistaffCounterpart: For the most part, King's fighting style is distinct from the Kyokuugen characters but, in several games (such as ''KOF '97'' and ''2000''), she's more like a feminine version of Robert and shares many of the same attacks, albeit with different names. Her Trap Shot in particular is very reminiscent of the Geneikyaku -- Robert's signature special.
* DopeSlap: She gives one to Yuri, when she says [[ThatCameOutWrong she'd consider someone like King to be her ideal husband]], during their team ending in ''[[ XIII]]''.
* DudeWheresMyRespect: It's bad enough that she'll never be allowed to officially hold the Muay Thai championship title, because of her gender. But, several of her pre-fight dialogues in ''[=KoF=] XIII'' rubs salt in the wound, when characters like [[ArrogantKungFuGuy Hwa Jai and Joe]] refer to her Nak Muay style as [[PretenderDiss "fake".]] [[PluckyGirl She doesn't let it get to her however.]]
-->'''Joe:''' "Let me tell you in advance: that fake Muay Thai of yours is not gonna work against me!"
-->'''King: (irritated)''' [[LampshadeHanging "*sigh*... I'm getting sick of all these guys pretending to know what's fake and what's real!"]]
* ExpositoryHairstyleChange - In the Tatsuya Shinjyouji ''[='94=]'' manga, [[ King has let her hair grow to her shoulders,]] having decided to take care of her bar rather than fighting. When [[spoiler:Jean retrieves her KOF invitation from the trash and asks her to fight in there]] [[ImportantHaircut she cuts it short]] [[ with a a knife.]]
* FingerlessGloves - Mostly. She wears full-hand gloves between ''2000'' and ''XI''.
* FlungClothing - Kicks away her hat in the first ''Art of Fighting'' and ''[[VideoGame/SNKVsCapcom Capcom vs. SNK]]''. There's a borderline example with the handkerchief she throws to the ground in her win poses.
* ForeignFanservice - Because EveryoneLooksSexierIfFrench.
* HurricaneKick - Her Tornado Kick.
* KiAttacks
* KickChick - So much in fact, that her KiAttacks are performed via her legs.
-->'''Kensou''' (in XIII, if he defeats King): "I might have won the match, but this lady kicked my butt all over the place!"
* LadyOfWar - Said kicks are incredibly strong as well as elegant.
* LetsFightLikeGentlemen - After much taunting and selfish assumptions by Joe's part, mostly because King has too much going on in her life and can't be immersed with Muay Thai as much as him, Joe dropped his mockery in ''2002'', their battle intros have become quite friendly on occasion. The closest to mean-spirited recent snark would be their ''XIII'' pre-fight talk where Joe criticizes King's style and King just shrugs it away.
* LuminescentBlush - The ''Art of Fighting'''s [[ team ending]] for ''XIII''. [[spoiler:When Yuri none too subtly drops hints that she wants her as a sister-in-law (with Ryo standing right next to her and everything), King's face eventually becomes beet red.]]
** Also happens to both her and Ryo in their team's ending from ''XI'' when the two realize they're alone together in a restaurant. Cue [[DatePeepers Yuri, Robert, and Takuma]] ([[PaperThinDisguise poorly-disguised as a waitress, waiter, and the restaurant manager]]) [[MomentKiller ruining the romantic mood.]]
* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown - Her Illusion Dance DM.
* PromotionToParent - Towards IllBoy Jean.
* SheCleansUpNicely - May we direct you [[ here]] and [[ here.]]
** It happens again in the Women Fighters Team's ending in ''XIII''.
** Even earlier than that, artwork from ''[='97=]'' [[ shows King wearing a dress.]]
* ShipTease - [[AllAmazonsWantHercules With Ryo]]. Several intro poses hint at an attraction between the pair. Additionally, this plot point has been stressed in ''2000'' and ''XI'' (the former having Takuma believing [[BabiesEverAfter King would become pregnant]] [[IWantGrandkids with a Kyokugen heir]] [[note]]though it may have been his own way to tease the two[[/note]] and the latter involving Takuma, Yuri, and Robert [[DatePeepers spying on]] [[UnresolvedSexualTension their awkward chemistry]] and trying to get the duo to go to a penthouse together). Neither her nor Ryo are amused by the latter one, to say the least.
** BecauseYouWereNiceToMe - This is hinted to be one of the reasons why King likes Ryo. In the ''VideoGame/ArtOfFighting'' continuity, he apparently showed concern for her well-being after finding out she was a girl; having faced lots of misogyny in her whole life (see SweetPollyOliver), King was touched by this.
*** AmazonChaser - It doesn't hurt that Ryo ''does'' acknowledge her as a good fighter as well, and does so in front of her too. See their ''XIII'' pre-fight talk.
* ShipperOnDeck - She, Mai and Yuri ship Kensou/Athena in ''XIII''.
* SomethingAboutARose
* SpamAttack - Her Trap Shot.
* StatuesqueStunner: Among the tallest women of the cast.
* SweetPollyOliver - Justified, unfortunately: Until few years ago, among Muay Thai practitioners it was considered bad luck for a woman to compete in fights. [[ Such attitudes ARE starting to change,]] but there's a long way to go to kick them off the ring.
* TeamMom - Often takes up this role in the Women Fighters Team. Mai picks on her about this during their ending in ''XIII''.
** NotSoAboveItAll - There are times, few but noticeable, where King reaches her breaking point. Poking fun of her status as the above is usually a good way to go.
* TomboyishName - A probable alias used to further disguise her gender.
* TomboyWithAGirlyStreak - Despite her masculine choice of standard attire, King is not above [[SheCleansUpNicely donning a dress if the time calls for it]], and, in fact, has been doing so more frequently of late. [[KindheartedCatLover She also owns a pet cat]] and, aside of her dealings with the rest of the Women Fighters Team, showed her maternal instincts by [[PromotionToParent rearing her kid brother on her own]].
* VocalEvolution - Her voice gradually changed over the years from tomboyish in ''[='94=]'' and ''[='95=]'', to classy and ladylike from ''[='96=]'' to ''2001''... to suddenly {{Ryona}} bait from ''2003'' onward. Eeeep.
* YouDontLookLikeYou - Up until ''2001'', her sprites and official arts gave her the build of a tall, athletic woman, as would be appropriate for her occupation as a female bouncer. Starting with ''XIII'', she began looking like a waif with noodle-like arms.


[[folder:Mai Shiranui - ''Japan'']]
->''"With a body and strength like this, you thought you had a chance?"''

-->'''Voiced by:''' Akoya Sogi (''[='94=]''-''XI''), Creator/AmiKoshimizu (''Sky Stage'', ''XII'' onward), Sheryl Stanley (''Maximum Impact'' series, English), Music/MegumiHayashibara (''[='94=]'' Dengeki Bunko drama CD)
-->'''Portrayed by:''' Maggie Q (live-action movie)

->Mai is a very happy girl with the dream of several other girls: get married with her prince charming. She found that same PrinceCharming in Andy, her childhood friend as well as her grandfather's disciple, and self-proclaimed herself his fiancť. Although her preppy fighting persona suggests otherwise, Mai is [[YamatoNadeshiko a traditional Japanese beauty]] and ''very'' proud of it. However, her pride as a Shiranui ninja and infatuation with Andy usually keep her from fitting the mold 100% of the time.

* AbsoluteCleavage - [[CaptainObvious You don't say?]]
* ActionGirl
* AssKicksYou - Her Wild Cherry attack.
* BerserkButton - One; if she asks you about Andy, don't refuse to reply her question. Two: don't you '''ever''' comment negatively on her {{Stripperiffic}} clothes.
** Later titles such as the ''Maximum Impact'' series (''2'' and ''Regulation A'', specifically) and ''XIII'' give her a third one: do '''not''' imply that [[ChristmasCake she's getting old.]] In her exchange with Athena in ''XIII'', [[TwistingTheWords Mai even manages to get herself riled up by twisting her own fond memories of her days as a schoolgirl into Athena calling her old.]] Poor Athena barely understands what's going on!
** The fourth one, and arguably the biggest? Never fucking '''ever''' question her worth as an ActionGirl and as the [[YamatoNadeshiko Number One Japanese Woman.]] All bets will be off, and [[ProudBeauty Mai]] will NOT have any mercy on you.
* BigFancyHouse - We see the Shiranui dojo in KOF: KYO. It's located in a ''gorgeous'' Japanese traditional complex.
* BilingualBonus[=/=]VisualPun - While her [[ Shiranui-ryuu Kunoichi no Mai Neo MAX]] from ''XIII'' isn't exactly a new technique (it involves Mai flying through her opponent multiple times and then striking a pose and chanting her [[CatchPhrase trademark]] "Nippon ichi!" as they're engulfed in flames) the attack spells out both the kanji for the Japanese words ''onna'' and ''kunoichi''. [[CaptainObvious Mai is both a woman and a female ninja]].
* BoobsOfSteel - She can both play this straight and avert it at the same time (also read InformedAttribute below):
** In the first two games, she was probably the strongest female gameplay-wise, and had looks to match, but no WordOfGod behind (King measured larger).
** In the rest of the games, she still looks as big as ever, but while still a competent fighter has become slightly weakened; females with larger busts by WordOfGod now tend to give her competition, or at least have stronger moves (by being grapplers), even if their sprites give them chests that are equal or ''smaller'' than Mai's (Elizabeth, Vice etc.). Overall however, Mai still remains stronger than most of them (Angel, Blue Mary, Shermie, etc.)
* BrainlessBeauty - By {{Flanderization}}. One particularly bad example occurs in the English translation of ''KOF '95'', during her team's cutscenes: When Rugal uses somniferous gas to kidnap them the following dialogue occurs:
-->'''Mai''': [[TooDumbToLive "Hey, look! Beauty mist!"]]
-->'''Yuri''': It's gas, you bimbo!
* CatchPhrase - "Nippon Ichi!"
* ChangingClothesIsAFreeAction - Can go from a kimono or wedding dress into her {{stripperiffic}} outfit in a blink, and then back into a flashy kimono for her VictoryPose, just as fast.
* ClothesMakeTheLegend - Except for some very subtle changes, her outfit has remained the same since her debut, and now that she's back we can see that it has not changed much (save for [[SexyBacklessOutfit losing some fabric on the back]]); in fact, her most current outfit is based on the one from ''[[VideoGame/FatalFury Real Bout Fatal Fury Special/2]]'', which was in turn based on her original one. With exception of one homage to Andy Bogard in the ''Maximum Impact 2/Regulation A'' games, her "Another" models played safe and were heavily based on her classic outfit.
* CuteButCacophonic - Her voice was becoming increasingly more high pitched until reaching an extreme in ''KOF 2003'' and ''SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos'' when it became ear-grating. Fortunately, later games restored her voice to a more reasonable pitch.
** Averted with [[TheOtherDarrin her new]] [[Creator/AmiKoshimizu seiyuu]], whose pitch seems to fall into a much more bearable range.
* DanceBattler - At least nominally. Mai means "dance" in Japanese, and a lot of her moves are named as "dance of the x" ("x no mai").
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything:
** Her [[MurderousThighs Toki Tsubute]] air throw that she gained in ''KOF '99'' has some animations that probably hint at a visual version of OrgasmicCombat.
--> (2001 ''winquote'') ''"I wanted to feel it more. I'm a little disapointed..."''
--> (2002 ''winquote'') ''"Hey, don't touch the talent!"'' (Seems to be a reference to the ''Anime/SailorMoon'' dub-based meme of talent = bust, of which Mai has quite a lot)
* [[DoggedNiceGuy Dogged Nice Girl]] - To Andy, so much.
* DoppelgangerAttack - ''Fiery'' doppelgangers (''KOF '98 Ultimate Match'' alternate version only).
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* FairytaleWeddingDress - In ''The King of Fighters 2002'', Mai wears one in a finishing move ([[ see here]]).
* {{Gainaxing}}[=/=]JigglePhysics - [[{{Bowdlerise}} Lost in the American home versions]] of ''[='94=]'' and ''[='95=]'', as well as reduced (even in the arcade) American versions of ''2000'' and beyond (at least for the Neo-Geo versions).
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Infamously in the original version of ''2002'', [[ Mai shows off her behind during her HSDM.]]
* HairDecorations - Wears an ornamental hairpin, [[ItWasAGift a keepsake from her late aunt]].
* {{Hammerspace}} - Where does she keep all those fans? And that's not even touching the umbrella, the kimono, the wedding dress, etc.
** This seems to overlap with VictoriasSecretCompartment for the paper fans.
* HiddenDepths - Seeing her personality and her love for the YamatoNadeshiko trope, '''who''' would think she's a fan of HeavyMetal, musically speaking?
* HighlyVisibleNinja - Lampshaded ''heavily'' in her intros for the ''SNK vs. Capcom'' games.
-->'''[[Franchise/StreetFighter Ryu]]''': "People can see you coming miles away!"
* HypocriticalHumor - In ''Neo Geo Battle Coliseum'', her win quote against [[VideoGame/SamuraiShodown Shiki]] has her criticizing Shiki's lack of clothing.
* InformedAttribute:
** Her famous bust has a measurement much smaller than what you'd imagine from her sprites/models, which were so well endowed since the start that almost any female with a larger bust by WordOfGod fell themselves into InformedAttribute because of her. In the official art, however, she varies from [[YourSizeMayVary average to huge]], not only DependingOnTheArtist, but also on said artist's mood apparently as well.
** WordOfGod states that her hips are 91cm with a 55cm waist (in ''2003'' and ''XIII''; 90/54 for previous games, i.e. largest hips and smallest waist of the series). [[AllThereInTheManual Supposedly larger]] than Shermie's, but that would be hard to draw, so it's only apparent in a few of her sprites, like those for her Wild Cherry attack mentioned above.
* LongHairIsFeminine
* MaleGaze - Her bust is the first thing that you see of her in the animated intros of ''KOF '94 Re-Bout'' and ''KOF '98: Dream Match 1999''; also in ''Maximum Impact 2/Regulation A'', the camera focuses very often on it. And if that wasn't enough, her new sprite for ''KOF XIII'' shows her hunched towards the screen, making her cleavage even ''more'' noticeable than before, in an apparent effort to {{enforce|dTrope}} this trope.
* MsFanservice: You don't say?!
* [[spoiler:MoreThanMindControl]] - Falls into this in Ryo Takamisaki's ''The King Of Fighters G''. [[spoiler: Mai had just fallen into a brief HeroicBSOD after the Fatal Fury Team loses '''badly''' (including Andy being totally curbstomped by Benimaru) and left the battlefield to try calming herself down. Goenitz showed up and confronted her: thanks to the combination of a BreakingLecture, a CurbStompBattle ''and'' some bits of his powers, [[BreakTheCutie poor Mai]] totally lost it and [[UnstoppableRage savagely attacked Kyo and Athena]] when they found her. It took Athena pulling a DivingSave to stop Kyo from burning Mai with an Orochinagi to bring her back.]]
* MurderousThighs - Originally just "Murderous Ankles" for the way she sometimes throws her opponent; then in ''KOF '99'' gained a more appropriate move that seemed to be more a FetishFuel apology for removing Shermie and Vice than anything.
* NinjaRun - Well, she ''is'' a {{ninja}}...
* NoblewomansLaugh - More often read (in the Japanese versions, anyway) than heard; used in the first two games as part of her taunt.
* NotDistractedByTheSexy - No one in-universe seems to notice Mai for her {{Stripperiffic}} outfit and [[StealthPun assets]]. If anything, nearly everyone is shocked at how brazen her outfit is, as well as [[PleasePutSomeClothesOn wanting her to cover up more]]. [[BerserkButton And she doesn't like it.]]
* PaperFanOfDoom
* PlayingWithFire: Her Ryuuen Bu and several of her DM's are fire based attacks that set her opponent ablaze, when she connects with them.
* [[PleasePutSomeClothesOn Please Put Some Clothes On!]]: ''[=KoF=] XIII'' mercilessly [[LampshadeHanging lampshades]] the fact that she's half-naked, by having the majority of the cast [[ point out the indecency of what she's wearing.]] Mai's reaction ranges from trying to justify it, by explaining it's the traditional garb worn by the women of the Shiranui Ninja Clan, to [[BerserkButton being insulted.]]
* ProudBeauty - She wouldn't call herself [[CatchPhrase "Japan's number one woman"]] if she didn't believe it to be true.
* PutOnABus - To the shock and surprise of her fans; she returned in the home version of ''KOF XI'', but not for ''KOF XII'' (though if some sources are to be believed, she was planned to be). Has come back for ''KOF XIII'', finally.
* SayMyName - "ANDYYYYYYYY!!!"
* SexyBacklessOutfit - As if her outfit weren't {{stripperiffic}} enough, she now has her whole back naked for her return for ''KOF XIII''.
* SheFu
* ShesGotLegs - Usually, although [[DependingOnTheArtist it sometimes depends on who's drawing her]].
* ShoutOutThemeNaming - Some of Mai's special moves are named after different branch styles of the ''Nanto Seiken'' martial art from ''Manga/{{Fist of the North Star}}''. Specifically she has the ''Kōkaku no Mai'' (Dance of the Crimson Crane), ''Hakuro no Mai'' (Dance of the White Heron), ''Suichō no Mai'' (Dance of the Waterfowl), and ''Hō-ō no Mai'' (Dance of the Phoenix). ''SVC Chaos'' added the ''Koshū no Mai'' (Dance of the Lone Eagle) to the mix.
* {{Sideboob}} - More so with every FanservicePack; as of ''KOF XIII'', her bust is practically begging to spill out of her top from all directions.
* SingleTargetSexuality - Oh, Andy...
** {{Flanderization}} - She was gaga for Andy from the get-go, but it's become ''absurd'' in later games.
* {{Stripperiffic}} - Somewhat more than in the ''VideoGame/FatalFury'' games. She is topped by the alternate costumes of several ''Maximum Impact'' characters, though.
** During ''XIII'', quite a few characters call her out on it. [[RunningGag It never fails to rile her up.]]
* TookALevelInDumbass - In the ''Fatal Fury'' series, she's pretty smart and snarky against opponents. In later games... well, not so much.
* VocalEvolution - Read CuteButCacophonic above.
* YamatoNadeshiko - She takes ''huge'' pride in her YN qualities, and acts quite like one when Andy's not around and/or she's outside the ring. The ''KOF: Kyo'' RPG game her diligently cleaning up around the HUGE Shiranui dojo with Andy, and she also [[SheCleansUpNicely wears a kimono]] [[note]](more exactly, an [[ iromuji]] aka one-colored kimono for ladies attending tea ceremonies)[[/note]] as she [[ gladly hosts a tea ceremony]] [[ShipperOnDeck for Kyo and his girlfriend Yuki.]]


[[folder:Yuri Sakazaki - ''Japan'']]
->''"I'm Kyokugen! Face it, Ryo! You're not fit to sweep for me!"''

-->'''Voiced by:''' Kaori Horie, Amy Walls (''Maximum Impact'' series, English), Creator/SakuraTange (''[='94=]'' Dengeki Bunko drama CD)

->Takuma's daughter and Ryo's younger sister. She was kidnapped in order for Mr. Big to use Takuma against Ryo and Robert, but after she was rescued by Ryo and Robert she trained with Takuma and started entering The King of Fighters tournaments, generally with King and Mai.

* [[HomoeroticSubtext Accidental Innuendo]][=/=]ThatCameOutWrong: Seen when Yuri unintentionally makes it sound as if she'd like to marry King, when asked to describe her ideal husband, during their team ending in ''[[ KoF XIII.]]'' Which causes King to DopeSlap her.
* ActionGirl
* ArmorPiercingSlap - She has two throws revolving around this. The second one is an ''entire series'' of slaps.
** She also has another one in the ''Maximum Impact'' games called "Chou Biirubin Giri" (Super Yuri Beer Bottle Cutter). It can also be [[ChargeAttack charged up]] and feinted.
* AssKicksYou
* AttackReflector: Her Saiha (Smash Blast), in some games.
* BadassAdorable: Would ''you'' expect someone this cute to deliver a world of hurt? Didn't think so.
* BoyishShortHair: As of ''[=KoF=] XIII'', where she surprises her dad by cutting her braid. Though she [[{{Subverted}} subverts]] the trope since she's a GirlyBruiser, rather than a {{tomboy}}.
* BraidsOfAction: She finally cut her hair in ''XIII'', but you can still select her old look as an alternate outfit in the console version.
* BringIt: Yuri's particular variant involves her making silly, mocking faces at her opponents before slapping her behind.
* ButNotTooForeign: Like her brother, she's of mixed heritage being Ĺ Japanese and Ĺ American.
* ClothingDamage: Like King, first two games only... and ''XIII''.
* CuteBruiser[=/=]GirlyBruiser: Yes, she's cute, yes she's goofy, and she hits like a ton of bricks. That "Hardcore Super Upper" of hers has its name ''[[MegatonPunch for a reason.]]''
* TheCutie: SNK has steadily regressed her appearance and mannerism, to where she's nearly as childlike as Kula by the time of XIII.
* CuteButCacophonic: It somehow got ''worse'' as the series progressed.
* DamselInDistress [[TookALevelInBadass ->]] CuteBruiser
** DistressBall: Caught one in the not very well-known game ''Quiz King of Fighters'', when she's kidnapped in Quiz City. Ryo and Mai set out to rescue her (plus Takuma as a SecretCharacter), while Robert goes to impress her and the other two playable characters ([[VideoGame/SamuraiShodown Haohmaru and Nakoruru]]) have their own reasons.
* DeathFromAbove: Her Raiouken (Thunder Sparkle Fist) and her self-refined variants.
* EverythingMakesAMushroom - Simply put, her [[DeathFromAbove Haoh Raiouken Neo MAX]] in ''XIII'' is a portable {{nuke|Em}}.
* FingerlessGloves
* GenkiGirl: Yuri has always been portrayed as cheerful and optimistic, but it gets dialed up in the ''[=KoF=]'' series -- to the point of bodering on outright childish behavior, at times. She's even gotten snarky, albeit in playful fashion with her friends.
* HairDecorations: She ties the end of her braid with a red ribbon.
* {{Kawaiiko}}: Really the only explanation for her VerbalTic.
* KiAttacks: The same as her dad and her brother.
* MartialArtsHeadband: Worn as part of her default attire since her debut in ''[[VideoGame/ArtOfFighting Art of Fighting 2.]]''
* MegatonPunch: Her Hien Shippuu Ken (Flying Swallow Hurricane Fist) AKA Yuri Chou Knuckle (Yuri Super Knuckle), where does a wind-up lunging punch. [[ChargedAttack It can be charged up]], but even her wind-up portion can do damage before she even punches!
** It can be taken to ridiculous combo extremes in ''2006/Maximum Impact 2'' due to the wind-up inflicting [[LauncherMove a very-worth while launch]], even when it (along with her Chou Mawashi Geri) is classified as Stylish Moves instead as opposed to actual special moves.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Taken UpToEleven. She's supposed to be ''23'' years old, but you'd never know it from the way she looks, acts, or sounds. You'd swear she was only 15.
* OvershadowedByAwesome - Ryo and Takuma fear that her rudimentary knowledge of Kyokugen-ryuu will lead to this. Yuri, [[SpiritedCompetitor optimistic in her pursuit to improve herself]], simply ignores them and joins King and Mai in ''XIII''.
* PluckyGirl
-->'''Maxima''': [[LampshadeHanging "Your best weapon might be your undying optimism."]]
* RapunzelHair in BraidsOfAction - Depending both on the sprites and [[DependingOnTheArtist the artist]]. Usually, her hair is long but falls just shy of making the cut.
** ImportantHaircut - Subverted. In ''XIII'', Yuri cuts her hair short, but she doesn't seem to have a reason behind it. Takuma's reaction is overblown, as usual.
* ShipperOnDeck - Much like Robert and her father, she supports Ryo/King, going along with Takuma's odd ploy at the end of ''XI''. As you've probably noticed by now, EveryoneCanSeeIt.
** She gets King all flustered when she directly asks what she thinks of her older brother in ''XIII''. And seems to enjoy it thoroughly.
** Not to mention, she also ships Kensou/Athena. In ''XIII'' she directly teases Kensou over him wanting to protect her and gets him rather flustered too.
* ShipTease: She still has a bit with Robert, though not if her dad has anything to say about it.
* TakeThat: To ''Franchise/StreetFighter'', specifically the {{Shotoclone}}s:
** ''KOF '97'': Her Hien Rekkou (Flying Swallow Violent Pit) AKA Yuri Chou Reppa (Yuri Super Rending Breaker) parodies Ken's Shoryu Reppa. This is made more obvious in ''Capcom vs. SNK''.
** ''KOF '98'': Her Mekki Zankuuga (Destroying Demon Slaying Air Fang) AKA Shin! Chou Upper (Wick/Staple! Super Upper) parodies Ryu's Shin {{Shoryuken}}.
** ''KOF 2001'': Her Yuri Chou Enbu (Yuri Super Swallow Dance) parodies Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu; she even poses like him randomly after finishing the attack.
** ''KOF 2003'' gave her a desperation attack that parodies Ryu's Denjin Hadouken.
** Since around ''[='97=]'' she also gained a spinning kick attack like the HurricaneKick all three characters use.
*** Like many of her moves, it goes by another name. Instead of Hien Shipuu Kyaku (Flying Swallow Hurricane Leg), it goes by Yuri Chou Mawashi Geri (Yuri Super Roundhouse Kick).
** And in ''2002UM'' she did a TakeThat to her ''own family members'' by finally getting her own version of the Ryuuko Ranbu technique... which eventually parodies Ryu's Shin Shoryuken.
** In the ''Capcom vs. SNK'' games, she copies [[VideoGame/{{Darkstalkers}} Felicia]]'s intro pose (when fighting against Sakura) and Makoto's intro pose (when fighting against everyone else).
** Yuri also possesses an attack similar to Chun-Li's Kakuraku Kyaku (Crane Falling Leg).
** ''XIII'': Her Houyoku parodies that of Akuma's Hyakki Shuu (Hundred Demons Assault). Her EX Yuri Chou Upper also parodies that of Sakura's Shou'ouken (Blooming Cherry Fist).
* {{Shoryuken}}: Her signature Kuuga (Air Fang), which is known more as Yuri Chou Upper (Yuri Super Upper). She also has a double version called Ura Kuuga (Reverse Air Fang) AKA Yuri Chou Upper Double, and several other personally refined variants.
* TeenGenius - Subtle example, but still there. She only started training when she was 16-17, and yet she mastered the basics and low techniques of the Kyokugenryu Karate ''within a year''. She didn't stop there, but started imitating other people's techniques as seen above - ''and'' developed her own, like the infamous [[ArmorPiercingSlap Hyakuretsu Binta (Hundred Rending Faceslaps)]] and her own DM, the Hien Hou'ou Kyaku (Flying Swallow Fenghuang Leg).
* VerbalTic: Most of her sentences end in "-chi/-tchi" (for example, her trademark "Yoyuchi!" ["Piece of cake!"]).
** That was actually something that Kaori Horie came up with. [[ThrowItIn It stuck.]]
** [[VideoGame/SNKVsCapcomSVCChaos "Oodley doodley cool!"]]
* [[ManChild Woman Child]]: She's 23, but doesn't act (or look, as of ''XIII'') anything like it.
* YouDontLookLikeYou: Much like King, her sprites and official artwork have started to change starting ''XII''. She once looked like a reasonably athletic girl in her late teens[[note]]canonically, she's supposed to be 23 years old[[/note]]. These days, she looks, sounds, and acts like a grade schooler.
* YourSizeMayVary: She has a tendency to be drawn so that she looks shorter than Mai (sometimes when they're together), despite [[AllThereInTheManual the manual stating]] that Yuri is taller than her.


!Korea Team- South Korea

[[folder:Kim Kaphwan - ''South Korea'']]
->''"Hey guys, how about it? Let's do the Tae [[SpellMyNameWithAnS Kwan]] Do thang!"''

-->'''Voiced by:''' Satoshi Hashimoto (''[='94=]''-''XI''), Kazuhiko Nagata (''XII'' onward), Brett Beyer (''Maximum Impact'' series, English), Hiroshi Isobe (''[='94=]'' Dengeki Bunko drama CD)

-> Korean Taekwando master and arbiter of justice. He first showed up in ''VideoGame/FatalFury 2'', and upon hearing that Terry Bogard was also invited to Krauser's tournament, declared Terry to be his rival and set out to beat him. Terry won, but the two have remained good friends since then. Kim is also a proud family man and has trained his sons Jae Hoon and Dong Hwan to be fine martial artists in their own right. Oh, and he CantHoldHisLiquor. ''At all''. In ''XI'', Choi and Chang convince Kim to enjoy himself, prompting him to take up Terry on his offer for joining that year's ''Fatal Fury'' Team. Impressed with his disciples' maturity, Kim believes that his first "rehabilitation" efforts have paid off and set his sights on two other villains from the past, Raiden and Hwa Jai.

* AnimalMotifs - The phoenix, but more so the Fenghuang (a Chinese firebird of made of of two others) due to the usage of the term Hou'ou (the Japanese on'yomi reading of Fenghuang) in his movelists. Can sometimes inexplicably {{summon|Magic}} [[HotWings one]] at the end of his [[SpamAttack Hou'ou Kyaku (Fenghuang Leg)]] [[LimitBreak DM]].
** Also, in ''[[VideoGame/SNKVsCapcomSVCChaos SVC Chaos]]'' [[ the Heaven Spell]] will turn him into the national bird of Korea, [[ the Korean magpie.]]
* AscendedGlitch - His ability to perform the Hou'ou Kyaku in midair was retained from a bug that affected certain command moves in ''[='94=]'' and ''[='95=]''.
* {{Badass}}
* BadassCreed - "Aku wa yurusan!" See below.
* BadassNormal - All he knows is Taekwondo. That, and '''JUSTICE!''' Kim still manages to be a fierce competitor and is revered as a national hero in Korea.
* BoxedCrook - Pretty much forces this on Chang and Choi.
* BrickBreak - He does a pretty neat spin on the trope in ''Capcom vs. SNK 2'' by throwing up several wooden boards into the air and breaking them away before they touch the ground. Not quite as impressive as him breaking a large column of ice in the ''Real Bout Fatal Fury'' series, but still.
* CantHoldHisLiquor - The whole reason ''[[ this]]'' transpires.
* ConfusionFu: Despite his simplistic moveset, Kim in gameplay has been solid space control and offensive pressure character due to the range and speed of his moves, and some solid mixup as well. He's pretty much one of the most notable staples of TKD practitioners in fighting games who love any form of physical offensive focus.
* DetectEvil - "[[PunctuatedForEmphasis Aku wa yurusan! HA!!]]" ("[[ThisIsUnforgivable Evil is unforgivable]]!") Usually coupled with a [[GivingSomeoneThePointerFinger finger point]] that rivals [[VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorney Phoenix Wright]] or a [[GlowingEyesOfDoom gleaming]] DeathGlare. And now, he's the [[Pantheon/{{Sports}} God of this Trope]].
** [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] in a group of bonus illustrations for ''KOF '99'': Kim sees AntiHero K' lurking in the background and wonders if he's evil.
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* ExtremityExtremist - He only uses punches with his normal weak punch moves--inputting a strong punch makes him kick, like the other two buttons.
* FightingSpirit[=/=]AnimalBattleAura - See AnimalMotifs above.
* FingerlessGloves
* FlashStep - Just when you thought the Hou'ou Kyaku couldn't be any more painful, his Neo MAX version of the attack ([[ Rei Shiki Hou'ou Kyaku]]) involves Kim moving so fast that he's simultaneously whaling on his foe from both sides. He then jumps sky-high and brings his heel crashing down upon the opponent. OUCH.
* ForGreatJustice
* GlowingEyesOfDoom - Whenever he gets a [[ZanyScheme creepy idea for his rehabilitation program]] or does the DeathGlare as seen above. The former instance usually gives him a CheshireCatGrin.
** Which makes his ''KOF 2001'' victory render [[OffModel downright]] ''scary''. Thanks a freaking bunch, Nona and Eolith.
* HotBlooded
* JusticeWillPrevail - Essentially, this is Kim's CatchPhrase (see DetectEvil).
** {{Flanderization}} - Said upholding and love of justice, which now seems to be the topic of choice in ''every'' conversation. Duck King does not let this trait of Kim's [[LampshadeHanging go unnoticed]]. Needless to say, Kim is ''not'' amused.
-->'''Duck''': "Chill! We're drinking here. Teachings? Justice? Who needs to hear that crud now?"
-->'''Kim''': "...''Crud''?" (''{{death glare}}'')
-->'''Duck''': "No, it's a great theory on education. Let me stretch a bit, then I'll hear you out."
-->'''Kim''': ".........."
-->'''Duck''': "OK, let's hear it. Shoot."
-->'''Kim''': "In a nutshell! True jushtice... Itsh all in the hamana hamana teaching."
** Let us note that Kim is ''completely hammered'' during that speech.
** It should be noted that the International Taekwondo Federation's [[BadassCreed oath]] is "I shall be a champion of justice and freedom." and "I shall build a better and more peaceful world." Kim's demeanor (which extends to ''many'' of his cohorts) could be this philosophy taken to new heights.
** Mocked ''mercilessly'' by just about everyone in ''XIII''. Kensou, in fact, states that [[ConceptsAreCheap the word "justice" no longer has a meaning thanks to Kim]].
** However, to be fair, one of Kim's win quotes in ''XIII'' [[{{Reconstruction}} reconstructs]] this term. Kim is aware that people will call him a freak and he's a weirdo for his extremism. However, he'll stand by his philosophy that justice will prevail no matter and he'll continue to fight to uphold it.
* {{Kiai}} - Kim seems to unleash his inner [[Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar Kenshiro]] during some of his moves.
-->'''Kim''': "[[CallingYourAttacks Hou'ou Kyaku!]] [[SpamAttack ATATATATATATATATA!!]] [[FinishingMove WATAA]][[ForMassiveDamage AA!!!]]"
* KickThemWhileTheyAreDown - During his Haki Hyaku, he [[GroundPound stomps the ground in front of him]]. If the opponent is standing, the attack hits their shin, momentarily stunning them. If not...
* LastNameBasis - His name is usually rendered in Asian order, and as such, Kim is actually his family name. He's never been acknowledged by his given name and later games would drop the Kaphwan from his name, almost exclusively referring to him just as "Kim."
** Rumors speculate that he was named after the president of Viccom (the Korean publisher of the SNK games), who had a similar pronunciation to Kim's name (金甲煥). Additionally, Kim's sons are also named after the real Kim's son (Jae Hoon) and younger brother (Dong Hwan). After the fallout of the first online game (''KOF World''), produced by Viccom, "Kaphwan" was removed from Kim's name.
* LegacyCharacter - Chronologically speaking, maybe. It's implied that Kim Sue II from ''[[VideoGame/FuunSeries Kizuna Encounter]]'' is his descendant and Kim Hae-Ryeong from ''VideoGame/SamuraiShodown: Edge of Destiny'' is his ancestor due to the fact that they all possess the same family name (Kim), have a similar fighting style, and share several moves, notably the Hienzan, Hishou Kyaku, Hangetsuzan, and Hou'ou Kyaku. Hae-Ryeong even pulls an [[ThisIsUnforgivable "Aku wa yurusan!"]] on TheDragon from his game. Given that Kim Kaphwan came first (game-wise), these two are probably {{exp|y}}ies.
* LoveFreak
* MartialPacifist
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* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown - His signature Hou'ou Kyaku DM. His HSDM, LDM and Neo MAX tend to be a variant of this, UpToEleven.
* SpamAttack: His Shakka Shuu (Miraculous/Scorching Fire Assault) attack in past Fatal Fury games (which makes a return in the ''Maximum Impact'' games).
* StanceSystem: He compared to other TKD characters doesn't have much in the way of this, but some games give him stances where he faces the background much like his old stance in Fatal Fury (like in ''Capcom vs. SNK'') or even have him turn his back (in the ''Maximum Impact'' games).
* TeamDad - To Chang, Choi, his kids, May Lee, Chae Lim, and ''everyone'' in his TKD school.
* ThemeDeck - A more notable example. Kim's Hienzan (Flying Swallow Slash), Hishou Kyaku (Soaring Legs), Hangetsuzan (Half Moon Slash) and Hou'ou Kyaku (Fenghuang Leg) have been a staple part of not only Kim's repertoire (effective and popular enough to be retained in every game), but have nudged themselves into the movesets of his fellow Taekwondokas and disciples as well as that of ''Kizuna Encounter'''s Kim Sue II and Kim Hae-Ryeong from ''Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny''. In the case of the latter two, the inclusion of these techniques, their names (the surname of Kim), and [[{{Expy}} their general similarities to Kim in appearance and methodology]] are a large factor in the [[EpilepticTrees belief that they are blood-linked to Kim's family tree]].
* TwinkleSmile - One of his win poses. Complete with an AudibleGleam.
** EternallyPearlyWhiteTeeth
* VocalEvolution - Until ''KOF '96'', Hashimoto gave Kim a rather soft, youthful voice. Since then and until ''XI'', he voiced Kim with a much deeper tone -- unless he went all "ATATATATATATATATA!! WATAAAA!!!" on his rivals. His new seiyuu, Kazuhiko Nakata, has kept the tradition.
* WrongGenreSavvy - If Kim is so much into justice, then he should know that some of the charas he deems as evil are... well, not necessarily villainous. Seems Kim tends to take MANY things at face value when he shouldn't!
** In fact, Hwa and Raiden tried to use Kim's WGS nature to their own benefit in ''XIII'' via letting him think they were still under Geese's thumb, thus getting a chance to revive their careers through Kim's "rehabilitation" project.


[[folder:Chang Koehan - ''South Korea'']]
->''"A crushing victory! Eh, heh, heh, heh!"''

--> '''Voiced by:''' Yoshinori Shima (''[='94=]''-''[='95=]''), Hiroyuki Arita (''[='96=]'' onward)

-> A Korean criminal who was busted by Kim following a bank robbery and strong-armed into Kim's reformatory program. He found a friend in Choi, and the two have vowed to go on a big crime spree once they can get away from Kim.

* BaldOfEvil - He reforms in ''2003'', though.
* ChainedByFashion
* CounterAttack - One of his specials is him standing upright and picking his nose. When attacked, he sneezes and hits the enemy with his head.
* DeathFromAbove - One of his [=DMs=] is him jumping high to deliver [[BellyFlopCrushing a powerful belly flop]] [[GroundPound from above]].
* DumbMuscle - Chang's not all that bright. Some of it might be due to his tendency to bash his head against his giant iron ball. ''2000'' has an alternate form for him called "Smart Chang" (appearing only as a Striker), who's svelte and not quite as dumb looking.
* ExoticWeaponSupremacy - An EpicFlail, to be exact.
* FatBastard: Played for utter laughs.
* FireForgedFriends - Eventually develops a friendship with Kim, which is why he's part of Kim's team in ''[='03=]'' even though he's considered reformed by that point.
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* MeaningfulName - Koehan means "thug" in Korean. Guess what Chang is.
* MetronomicManMashing - His command throw.
%%* MightyGlacier
* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown - One of his [=DMs=].
* PluckyComicRelief
* StrongFleshWeakSteel - His strongest attack doesn't involve his iron ball (at least not directly), but his belly. He also bangs his head against his iron ball before a fight and in his current time out losing animation, breaks the chains that wrap his body.
* TimeStandsStill - In ''2002UM'' this is his MAX 2. This happened in the original as well, but it was only for one powerful belly flop.


[[folder:Choi Bounge - ''South Korea'']]
->''"A quick win. A quick victory. This time, I'm really free!"''

-->'''Voiced by:''' Atsushi "Monster" Maezuka

-> A former serial killer who picked a fight with Kim Kaphwan, and subsequently got his ass handed to him. Instead of handing him over to the police, Kim decided to use him in an experimental "reformatory" program of his own, along with Chang Koehan. The two crooks became the best of friends, and they both anticipate the day they can escape Kim's watchful eye.

* AwesomeButImpractical - His "Shakushi" (Scooping Death) HSDM/[=MAX2=] in ''2002'' and in ''2002: UM'', formerly his and his Exceed in ''[[VideoGame/SNKVsCapcomSVCChaos SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos]]''.
* BaldOfEvil
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* BlowYouAway: His Shin! Chouzetsu Tatsumaki Shinkuu Zan (True! Transcending Tornado Vacuum Slash) is strong enough to create a deadly tornado that [[LauncherMove launches foes sky-high on hit]].
* ComicalTranslation - His version of the Hienzan is actually misspelled with a different kanji, making it instead of "Flying Swallow Slash", it translates to "Grieving Monkey Confession".
* CoolShades - He's never without his little round specs.
** SunglassesAtNight
** HiddenEyes
* EverythingsBetterWithSpinning - '''Many''' of his moves involve it. He can even summon a big tornado while spinning very fast in one of his [=DMs=].
* FragileSpeedster
* HeterosexualLifePartners - With Chang. He ''does'' have a wife and family, he's just never been able to get back to them after he was press-ganged by Kim.
* ImageSong - [[ "Choi Bounge Ondo."]] An abridged version pops up as Choi's intro in ''[='98=]'' if he's the first one to fight.
* ImprobableWeaponUser - A pair of gloves with knives on the fingers, just like [[Franchise/ANightmareOnElmStreet Freddy]]. He meets [[Franchise/StreetFighter Vega]] in ''SVC: Chaos'' and tries to strike up a friendship, but [[{{Bishonen}} Vega]] being [[TheFightingNarcissist Vega]], this does not go well.
* KnifeNut - Maybe a little too fond of those claws...
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* LickingTheBlade - Fond of licking his metal claws.
* MeaningfulName - Bounge (more appropriately spelled and pronounced as "Bungeh") means "lightning." It's fitting, considering that Choi is nimble and eccentric.
* NiceHat
* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown - He can use Kim's Hou'ou Kyaku.
* PluckyComicRelief
* RollingAttack - One of his specials.
* SetSwordsToStun - His claws never seem to cause lasting damage, despite the fact that they clearly draw blood.
* ThisIsADrill - One of his specials and one DM has him doing a powerful drilling attack.
* VerbalTic - Most of his sentences end in "de yansu."
** In the English translations, [[{{Woolseyism}} this is symbolized by]] Choi ending most of his sentences (at least, in cutscenes) with the words "buddy boy."
* WolverineClaws


!Sports Team- USA

[[folder:Heavy D! - ''USA'']]
->''"Slow. Your attack's too slow. I read you like a storybook."''

--> '''Voiced by:''' Toshikazu Nishimura

-> A bare-knuckle boxer who formed the USA Sports Team.

* BadassBeard
* BaldBlackLeaderGuy - Almost. He's black. He's the leader of the American Sports Team. But he still has hair: a mohawk. Otherwise, he'd be a perfect fit.
* CoolShades - Most promotional artwork and cameos have D! with his shades. The only time he seems to take 'em off is during a battle (see TheGlassesComeOff below).
* EvolvingAttack - One of his major new additions in KOF '98: he gains a new move called Shadow that consists of him throwing several jabs that don't hit the opponent but the next special move he performs is powered up, including Shadow itself.
* ExtremityExtremist - Being a boxer, he only uses his fists.
* FlungClothing - One of his victory poses.
* HandwrapsOfAwesome
* KindheartedCatLover - He's seen petting a really cute cat [[ in the intro for the PlayStation 2 re-edition of KOF '94.]]
* MegatonPunch - His D! Magnum is his most devastating attack and it consists of a single punch that shoots an energy blast across the screen.
* PutOnABus - As a part of a cruel RunningGag that certain fans [[DudeNotFunny don't enjoy]].
* RocketPunch - One of his [=DMs=] is a [[KiAttacks energy blast]] fired from his [[MegatonPunch hand]]. Functionally, it has the same application.
* ScaryBlackMan - Subverted. D! is only serious in the midst of battle, as he doesn't want to come off as disrespectful to his opponents. Otherwise, he's a pretty chipper guy.
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* SpiritedCompetitor
* SurprisinglyGoodEnglish - He yells out a perfectly clear "That's not bad!" (in both his ''[='94=]'' debut and in ''[='98=]'') during his Soul Flower special.
* TheGlassesComeOff - In his intro pose. [[ButtMonkey Unfortunately]], given that his team has had [[CurbStompBattle their asses handed to them]] on [[RunningGag at least]] ''[[RunningGag three]]'' [[RunningGag separate occasions]] (Rival Team in ''[='95=]'', New Faces Team in ''[='97=]'', and Vanessa, Seth, and Ramon in ''2000''), [[GogglesDoNothing the glasses probably didn't help]].
* ThisIsADrill - One of his trademark moves is a lunging punch with a vacuum effect around his arm, mirroring the spin of a drill.
* WalkingTheEarth - Their ending from ''[='94=]'' has D! and Lucky deciding to broaden their horizons and continue street fighting. [[WildMassGuessing This may have]] [[FridgeBrilliance actually happened]], given their cameo-esque PutOnABus status throughout the series.
* WearingAFlagOnYourHead - An eagle surrounded by the American flag is tattooed on his back.


[[folder:Lucky Glauber - ''USA'']]
->''"Wake up! It's too early for bedtime!"''

--> '''Voiced by:''' Kazuhiro "Kay" Inage

-> Best friend of Heavy D! who uses basketballs in his own style of kung fu. Appears to be a L.A. Lakers fan, based on his colors (except if you pick him in [[PaletteSwap another color scheme...]]).

* ButtMonkey - See RunningGag below.
* EverythingsBetterWithSpinning - Cyclone Break, a HurricaneKick of sorts that resembles VideoGame/ViewtifulJoe's Zoomed-in kick, and Death Wheel, where Lucky breakdances through the air from a standing position.
* ExoticWeaponSupremacy - Basketballs, and this was before Sean of ''VideoGame/StreetFighterIII''.
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* FlashStep
* GentleGiant - Despite being quite as impressive as his teammates, in terms of height anyway, he is by far the most easygoing and fun-loving.
* IKnowMaddenKombat
* NiceHat
* PutOnABus - Hasn't made a canon appearance since ''[='94=]'', but still shows up alongside his teammates in cameos.
* RunningGag - Lucky actually has it ''worse'' than his teammates, as he was defeated by Shermie and Makoto (in ''Neo Geo Battle Coliseum'' and ''Maximum Impact Regulation A'', respectively) and had his invite stolen ''in addition to'' his team-affiliated loses. [[ButtMonkey Ouch...]]
* SpiritedCompetitor


[[folder:Brian Battler - ''USA'']]
->''"Your defense means nothing. Nothing to my tackling, that is!"''

-->'''Voiced by:''' Eiji Yano

-> An MVP-rated football player who was invited by Heavy D! to join the USA Sports Team in ''[='94=]''. After their loss, he left to return to his football career. Despite being invited back to various tournaments, he and his teammates [[RunningGag always get beaten up and their invitations stolen by others]], such as the New Faces Team in ''[='97=]''.

* GratuitousEnglish - Beaten out only by Terry and Geese in this department.
--> '''Brian''': "I AM NUMBAH GWON!"
--> '''Brian''': "I AM SUPERSTAR!"
* IKnowMaddenKombat
* ImmuneToFlinching - If he's preparing to tackle you, stop, drop, and roll.
* TheJuggernaut - During one of his desperation moves, he becomes pretty much unstoppable (he still takes damage when hit, though).
%%* MightyGlacier
%%* PutOnABus
* RunningGag - The fact that he and the rest of the team [[AllThereInTheManual have been invited to later tournaments]], [[CurbStompBattle only to be trounced by other characters]] and have their invites stolen. It's been PlayedForLaughs, much to the disdain of many fans.
* ShouldersOfDoom - One huge shoulder pad of doom.
* SpinAttack - And it is perhaps one of the weirdest aerial specials ever.
* WrestlerInAllOfUs - When he's not basing his moves off of football, he takes a few pages from professional wrestling.



[[folder:Rugal Bernstein - ''Unknown'']]
->''"Repeat this after me: I will never take on a god again!"''

--> '''Voiced by:''' Toshimitsu Arai, Creator/NorioWakamoto (''2002''), Creator/BanjoGinga (''[='94=]'' Dengeki Bunko drama CD)
-->'''Portrayed by:''' Ray Park (live-action movie)

-> The series' most infamous BigBad. Rugal was one of the most feared people in the criminal underworld, not only with his silver tongue but with his fighting abilities as well. Not one single person had been able to defeat him, and those he deemed as {{Worthy Opponent}}s [[{{Squick}} were]] [[WaxMuseumMorgue bathed in liquid metal]] [[DeadGuyOnDisplay and showcased as his "trophies"]]. He decided to revive the original [[VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters KOF]] tournament held by Geese Howard previously. Before the tournament began, he faced Saisyu Kusanagi, the father of Kyo, and brutally maimed him, leaving him for dead. When he fought Team Japan in the finals, Rugal was defeated after taking down Daimon and Benimaru first. Unwilling to accept defeat, [[TakingYouWithMe he blows up his aircraft carrier]]. He was believed dead but resurfaced in ''[='95=]'' under the pseudonym of [[PaperThinDisguise "R."]] During this time, he brainwashes Saisyu (with Saisyu earning some... displeasure from Vice), and in the finals forces him to fight Kyo. After Saisyu is defeated and brought back to his senses, Rugal reveals a secret to the finalists: he has awakened his Orochi power, and promptly transforms into Omega Rugal, turning his hair silvery-white and his skin deathly grey, allowing him to nearly defeat Team Japan. Eventually however, he tries to use the full extent of his power, but cannot control it because he is not of Orochi blood. The power consumes him, and he dies. Chizuru reveals in ''[='96=]'' that Rugal received his Orochi power from Goenitz, who gouged his right eye out. Outside of the official storyline, he appears in every Dream Match game. In canon, he is succeeded by his son Adel and his daughter Rose.

* AGodAmI:
--> ''"[[BadassBoast Repeat this after me]]: [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: I will never take on a god again! ]]
* ArmsDealer - To the extremity that he actually lived on a Nimitz-class supercarrier, and his kids have their own armored fortress airship.
* ArtificialLimbs - His right hand from ''KOF '95'' onward, and his glowing red eye.
* AttackReflector
* AudibleSharpness - The Genocide Cutter. And it comes from his ''legs''.
* AwesomenessByAnalysis - A talent he apparently has. [[WhatCouldHaveBeen Initially this was meant to be a part of his fighting style]], as using any special move on him in ''[='94=]'' would have granted him the ability to [[PowerCopying do the same move to you.]] However, this turned out to be far too unfeasible for the game to handle and thus was only given some moves from Geese and Krauser along with a few unique moves.
* TheBackwardsR - His normal theme in ''[='98=]'', "The ЯR."
* BadassInANiceSuit - That elegant red tuxedo he wears when you first face him in ''[='94=]''. He loses it in all subsequent installments (the only exception is if Omega Rugal is waiting on the sidelines in ''[='95=]''), but always wears it in the ''[[VideoGame/SNKVsCapcom Capcom vs. SNK]]'' series, even as God/Ultimate Rugal.
* BadassLongcoat - His suit evolves into this in ''Capcom vs. SNK''.
* BadassMustache
* BattleAura - Omega Rugal gains one in his ''[='98=]'' VictoryPose.
* BlondGuysAreEvil - His Omega Rugal form has silver hair, though.
* BloodKnight - His original motivation for reviving the tournament.
* BootstrappedLeitmotif - As SNK's sound team likely wanted to avoid heavily reusing themes, Omega Rugal was given "Guitar, Omega and Rugal" in ''[='95=]'' as opposed to another arrangement of "Ketchaku R&D." Rugal would gain another theme in the form of "The ЯR" from ''[='98=]'', but his original song was just as emblematic of Rugal's claim to SNKBoss infamy as the man himself that it became the music of choice for '''Omega''' Rugal's reappearances, albeit under different titles ("XXX" in ''[='98=]'', "Unlimited R" in ''2002UM'').
* TheCoatsAreOff - When Rugal takes off the shirt and jacket of his tuxedo for Round 2, it's a sign he's about to get ''[[SNKBoss serious]]'' on your ass.
* CoolShip - The ''[=BlackNoah=]''.
* DarkSkinnedBlond - As Omega Rugal and as God/Ultimate Rugal from ''[[VideoGame/CapcomVsSNK2MarkOfTheMillennium Capcom vs. SNK 2]]''.
* DeadlyUpgrade - Using the Orochi power without being of the Orochi bloodline was apparently the ultimate cause of his death.
* DisappearedDad - To his children, Adel and Rose. Adel idolizes his father enough to mimic his fighting style, and both copy his fashion sense, but Adel remarked about never being able to do things with him. On the other hand, Rugal granted them access to his vast wealth and they live quite lavishly.
* DisproportionateRetribution - Perhaps one of the most unholy examples ever and bleeds over with KickTheDog. Heidern was apparently annoying him with his probes into his operation (not even talking thorn-in-the-side bad, simply getting Rugal's attention) and his response is to ''kill his entire family and mercenary squadron of fifty men''. From Rugal's view, it was meant as ''mockery and provocation''. Unconventionally, also counts as his MoralEventHorizon (as this is the first genuinely heinous thing he does in the series).
** In both the Drama and the Shingyouji manga, he kills his servants for commiting minor goofs like binging him the wrong wine. Made even more heineous in the manga because [[WouldhitAGirl the maid]] he murders is [[WouldHurtAChild barely a teenager]] [[DoesthisRemindYouOfAnything and the scene is framed as if he was going to molest her instead.]]
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* EverythingsBetterWithSpinning - His "Dead End Screamer" DM (''KOF '98'' move only).
* EvilLaugh - The prime example in ''KOF''. He even does it as he is about to die (again) in ''KOF '98''.
* EyeScream - Goenitz sliced out Rugal's eye when trying to kill him. Impressed that Rugal survived a fatal attack, Goenitz then gave him some of the Orochi power. [[SuperpowerMeltdown Regard]][[DeadlyUpgrade less]]... [[KarmicDeath Rugal still died]].
* FingerlessGloves - He loses one glove (and the corresponding hand) after surviving the explosion of the Black Noah, but later installments either restore it or simply give him regular gloves.
* FormFittingWardrobe - Under the tuxedo, Rugal wears a skintight body shirt with mesh.
* ForTheEvulz - The underlying theme of his actions, sadistic humor, and snark. At least some of the other villains had more (relatively) altruistic goals.
* FlashStep - One of his ''[='98=]''-only specials as Omega Rugal. Notable in that Rugal ''[[CombatPragmatist actually hits you]] [[SpeedBlitz while dashing past you]]''.
* FlungClothing - Tosses the top part of his tuxedo off in ''KOF '94'' in Round 2, and in ''2002'' his jacket falls off, along with the wires on his shoulders.
* GlowingEyesOfDoom - His [[ElectronicEyes cybernetic eye]] since ''KOF '95'' (back in ''[='94=]'', the eye was pitch black) and as God Rugal. And both are {{red|EyesTakeWarning}}.
* KamehameHadoken - The Kaiser Wave, taken from Krauser. Can be {{charged|Attack}} to become {{unblockable|Attack}}.
* {{Narcissist}} - The first clue was the portraits of himself adorning the command room of the [=BlackNoah=].
* NearVillainVictory - In ''[='94=]''. If Kyo didn't assume the worst when he saw his unconscious father, he would have never gone into an UnstoppableRage-induced HeroicSecondWind and Rugal would have won. Kyo gets lucky for a second time in the next game when Rugal's own power destroys him.
* NeckSnap - His ''KOF '98'' (non-boss) incarnation has the "Dead End Screamer," which in its SDM/MAX version starts with Rugal doing this to the opponent neck (then he follows by [[EverythingsBetterWithSpinning spinning]] over him/her while [[ManiacalLaugh laughing manically]]. Ouch).
* NotQuiteDead - Survived detonating his ship in ''KOF '94''. [[spoiler:Strongly hinted to have survived his apparent death in ''[='95=]''.]]
* OneWingedAngel - Omega Rugal.
* PhlebotinumOverload - Leads to his PlotlineDeath. See DeadlyUpgrade and SuperpowerMeltdown.
* PillarOfLight
* PoisonedWeapons - His ''hands''. One of Omega Rugal's ''[='98=]''-only [=DMs=] involves impaling the opponent and supercharging them with [[SicklyGreenGlow green]], [[TechnicolorToxin poisonous]] Orochi energy. This attack is made ''even cheaper'' in ''Capcom vs. SNK 2'', where God Rugal receives this move as a ''normal'' special. And it involves ''{{flash step}}ping''.
* PowerDyesYourHair - Rugal's hair goes from [[BlondGuysAreEvil blond]] to [[WhiteHairBlackHeart silver]].
* PowerEchoes - As God Rugal in ''Capcom vs. SNK 2''.
* RecurringBoss - Pops up in two consecutive games in the series' canon. Afterwards, he was seen as the [[TropeCodifier ultimate end-boss]] and is so well-loved by fans, that Rugal became the FinalBoss of every subsequent {{Dream Match|Game}}.
* [[RedEyesTakeWarning Red Bionic Eye Take Warning]]
* ReplacementGoldfish - When Mature and Vice became {{Ascended Extra}}s in ''[='96=]'', Rugal received two additional secretaries named Aya and Hermione in ''[='98=]''.
* RightHandCat - His panther Rodem, who acts as Rugal's "partner" in ''[='94=]'' and ''[='95=]''.
* RunningGag - A meta example; his penchant for "dying" (although it only canonically happened once) has been PlayedForLaughs to the point that Rugal's hobby in his official bio is listed as "[[BackFromTheDead resurrection]]."
* SlasherSmile - Omega Rugal from ''KOF '98'' onwards.
* SlouchOfVillainy - The end credits of ''2002''.
* SNKBoss - TropeCodifier and [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} Co-God]].
* SoreLoser - See VillainousBreakdown below.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS - "Luger" popped up infrequently in the first two games. This is arguably {{Woolseyism}}, as a Luger is a German weapons brand while Rugal is a (presumably) German arms dealer.
* StarterVillain - Every StoryArc in ''The King of Fighters'' has the first boss inferior to the subsequent ones from a storyline standpoint in some capacity, whether it be on the SlidingScaleOfVillainThreat or simply a matter of title/rank, although this doesn't always hold up from a gameplay perspective (not all {{SNK Boss}}es are equal; Krizalid, for example, is rivaled only by Igniz gameplay-wise in the NESTS Chronicles and remains one of the hardest ''KOF'' bosses '''period'''). Rugal is no different, as he was taken out rather nonchalantly by Goenitz (who gave him a portion of Orochi's power as a reward for surving a fatal attack, losing nothing but his eye from the attack), who is in turn subservient to Orochi, a deity with world-destroying powers. Rugal was the low man on the ''KOF'' totem pole originally and really existed only as a force responsible for kickstarting the series in the first place. What makes Rugal unique is that he not only came back in a stronger form in the next game (even if it was mostly done to set up the overlying plot with Orochi in ''[='96=]'' and ''[='97=]''), but he's seen as ''the'' boss in ''KOF'' lore and held up high by characters in the story post-death as an evil and powerful villain in both the main games and spin-offs like ''Sky Stage'' where he becomes TheChessmaster behind all the villains. (It doesn't hurt that he's one of the biggest examples of a SNKBoss in not only this series, but for SNK as a whole.) It is for this reason that Rugal enjoys his long tenure as the ultimate end boss in the series' dream match games.
* StatusQuoIsGod - He is always the end boss in every ''KOF'' game he appears; only in ''KOF '98: Ultimate Match'' was he the default boss with Goenitz and Orochi being of higher levels.
* SuperpowerMeltdown - Omega Rugal, both in ''KOF '95'' and the original ''2002''.
* TakeOverTheWorld - Omega Rugal's hobby is "World conquest." This, combined with the lingering question of if Rugal is truly dead and his appearance alongside the members of NESTS in ''2002'', [[WildMassGuessing has the fans scratching their heads]].
** ''2002'' is a DreamMatchGame, so it's non-canon. Still, when you beat him in ''Unlimited Match'', the game drops you a subtle little hint:
--> Omega Rugal [[{{Engrish}} become extinct]][[TheEndOrIsIt ... ?]]
* TakingYouWithMe - As mentioned above, in ''KOF '94''; also used in ''[='98=]'', ''R-2'' and ''2002: Unlimited Match''.
* ThisCannotBe - Gets one in ''[='94=]'' when you beat him.
--> '''Rugal''': [[BilingualBonus "Ma... masaka..."]]
* TrueFinalBoss - His second round in ''KOF '94''. Even more fittingly, him in ''2002UM''; you can only fight him by not losing more than 2 teammates against the "FinalBoss," and you can't unlock your team's ending picture unless you beat him. Oh, and you can't continue if you lose against him.
* UselessUsefulSpell - His Kaiser Phoenix HSDM in ''2002'', in which he spams Kaiser Waves over and over. It sounds good in theory, but if the first one hits, it can launch you into the air and the others tend to miss while you're airborne or on the ground, though its damage is comparable to other [=HSDMs=]. In ''[=2002UM=]'', it was given OTG properties... but its damage output was drastically lowered. He also tends to stop it prematurely.
* VillainousBreakdown - Happens ''twice''. The first time, he ''[[TakingYouWithMe blows up his own aircraft carrier with himself still on it]]''. The second is his SuperpowerMeltdown, and proceeds as follows:
--> '''Omega Rugal''': "Even with my new power I lost. What? My body.....????? [[BigNo NO!]] To meet such a fate! But I'll be back... [[Narm/TheKingOfFighters YOU JERKS!]]"
* WalkingShirtlessScene - Omega Rugal (''[='95=]'' only).
* WeCanRebuildHim
* WillfullyWeak - When you first face him in ''[='94=]''. Then, his RubberBandAI kicks in... [[CurbStompBattle Oh god...]]