Characters originating from the foundation and ''2nd Vision'' titles. This includes, but not limited to: ''[[VideoGame/TheIdolmaster THE iDOLM@STER]]'', ''[[VideoGame/TheIdolmaster2 THE iDOLM@STER 2]]'', ''THE iDOLM@STER Dearly Stars'', and anime/DramaCD/manga based directly off these properties. They are collectively considered the core cast of ''iM@S''.

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[[folder:Main Idols (765 Production)]]
!Main Idols (765 Production)
The focus of much of the story of both the games and the anime adaptation.
* BerserkButton: In no particular order: insulting 765 Production, the idols' bonds of friendship, their passion for music, or their Producer. Even laidback Azusa and cowardly Yukiho will become righteous if you cross that line.
* ColorCodedCharacters: Each idol has her theme color as highlighted on their images.
* CoverVersion: Outside of their respective ''Master Artist'' CD as noted below, the idols sometimes cover random songs in their radio show, and in turn this gets compiled into several [=CDs=] worth of mainly short cover songs (alongside of monologues and such).
* TheElevenOClockNumber
* GratuitousEnglish: Nearly every song produced for the series contains at least one English word in the lyrics. If it doesn't contain an English word, it probably uses French or Italian instead.
* IdolSinger
* MusicForCourage
* PowerTrio: Project Fairy and Ryugu Komachi. One of the manga adaptions has [=SprouT=].[[note]]It's spelled with a capital T at the end. For cuteness and looking like a pair of sprouting leaves.[[/note]] The player may create his own in the games.
* RagtagBunchOfMisfits: How the group initially begins. They have the talent and will, but lack the training and stage experience. It's not the world at stake, but it certainly is 765 Production's future on the line.
* ThisIsYourSong: ''Yakusoku'' ("Promise"), which was written by the idols for Chihaya in the anime after [[spoiler:she'd gone into an isolated depression when a tabloid revealed a dark secret.]]
* TrueCompanions: Especially in the anime adaptation.
''Everything between parentheses on the profiles means that they changed and/or were added by "THE iDOLM@STER 2".''

!!Haruka Amami
->'''Voiced by:''' ErikoNakamura (Main), Creator/YukaIguchi ([[Anime/IdolmasterXenoglossia Xenoglossia]])
-->'''Age:''' 16 (17)
-->'''Height:''' 158cm
-->'''Weight:''' 45kg (46kg)
-->'''Birthday:''' April 3rd
-->'''Blood type:''' O
-->'''Three sizes:''' 83-56-80 (83-56-82)
-->'''Hobbies:''' Telling jokes, karaoke, (talking on the phone)
-->'''Image color:''' Red

Haruka is the main character; a cheerful, hard-working 16-year-old. A simple love of music and entertaining together with others drove her to become an idol. Her special talents are that she has none.
* BigBad: Okay, not really, but in the anime's in-universe ''Mujin Gattai Kisaragi'' movie she is cast as this. She seems to have enjoyed it.
* ClarkKenting: In the anime's second half.
* CoverVersion: Has covered "Moonlight Densetsu" from ''Anime/SailorMoon'', "Sore ga, Ai deshou?" from ''Anime/FullMetalPanicFumoffu'', and "Tips Tap Tip" from ''Anime/EurekaSeven''.
* CuteClumsyGirl: Unless she's focusing really hard on her movements, such as when dancing, she will fall over her own feet. She considers not tripping once in a day an accomplishment.
* EnforcedMethodActing[[invoked]]: [[spoiler:Haruka gives a [[TearJerker heartbreaking]] performance in a musical audition, and manages to land the lead role. Unbeknownst to anyone, she was still traumatized from the Producer's terrible accident that she blamed herself for]].
* HairDecorations: Her ribbons. She always wears them. Always.
* TheHeart: The girl who keeps the others' spirits high. [[spoiler:It's telling when, in Episode 24 of the anime, everyone is shown to be sad and worried about her when SHE'S at her low point.]]
* GenkiGirl: More subtle than Yayoi at least.
* IdiotHero
* ImageSong: "Taiyou no Jealousy", "[[BewareTheNiceOnes I Want]]", "Otome yo, Taishi wo Idake", "[[SurprisinglyGoodEnglish START!!]]", and "Sayonara wo Arigatou".
* LethalChef: See OneNoteCook below.
* MadLibsCatchPhrase: While not used in-universe, the real world advertisements often have her said "Producer-san, it's [thing]! [thing]!!"
* NiceGirl: Probably her most immediately noticeable trait.
* OneNoteCook: Can't cook anything edible other than sweets. Averted in the anime where she not only teaches Chihaya (who had been living on convenience store lunches) how to cook, but also manages to fix a dish on a competition cooking show after Chihaya gives her the wrong sauce.
* PluckyGirl: Her defining trait. Her optimism is the glue that holds the group up.
* RedIsHeroic: Considered the "main character" role of the idols, is the lead for most concerts that involve all the idols, and is the girl who [[TheHeart primarily keeps the team's spirits]].
* RidiculouslyAverageGuy: Even the President [[LampshadeHanging thinks she is]]. What sets her apart is her [[PluckyGirl infectious optimism]]. However, in ''iM@S 2'' [[GameplayAndStorySegregation her vocal stat is shown to be above average]] (though it isn't as high as Chihaya, who has the highest vocal stat out of all the idols).
* StandardizedLeader
* ThinkingTic: When in thought she tends to look up and to the right or left. A part of the fandom ran away with it and created "Nonowa." It became an AscendedMeme when it appeared in Episode 7 of the anime, while Hibiki was tending to Yayoi's younger siblings.
* {{Yandere}}: Some fans' interpretation of [[FanNickname Black Haruka]].

!!Chihaya Kisaragi
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AsamiImai (Main), Creator/KaoriShimizu ([[Anime/IdolmasterXenoglossia Xenoglossia]])
-->'''Age:''' 15 (16)
-->'''Height:''' 162 cm
-->'''Weight:''' 41 kg
-->'''Birthday:''' February 25th
-->'''Blood type:''' A
-->'''Three sizes:''' 72-55-78
-->'''Hobbies:''' Listening to music, (Training)
-->'''Image color:''' Blue

A talented and serious 15-year-old who became an idol in order to improve her singing. She isn't really thrilled by the flashier aspects of her career, and is rather fond of classical music.
* ACupAngst: [[{{Flanderization}} Flanderized]] amongst fanworks. It doesn't help that come ''iM@S2'' she's the only idol whose bustline hasn't grown an inch. The anime even [[LampshadeHanging lampshades]] on this come the BeachEpisode.
* AdaptationDyeJob: Chihaya's hair started off black with a slight blue tinge. It graduated to full on blue from the Xbox 360 port and onward.
* {{Adorkable}}: The ''Puchim@s'' version where she wants to name all the Puchis ''Gonzales''. It's weird, but she looks so enthusiastic about it, it makes her look cute.
* BrownEyes
* TheComicallySerious
* CoverVersion: Has covered "rise" from ''Anime/GhostInTheShellStandAloneComplex'' (which doubles as GratuitousForeignLanguage, in this case Russian), "Shangri-La" from ''Anime/FafnerInTheAzureDeadAggressor'', "Chiisana Mono" from ''Anime/PokemonJirachiWishMaker'', and ''Romeo's Blue Skies''' "Sora e...".
* CryCute: [[spoiler:The end of Episode 20, after finishing her song at the end of 765's autumn concert, even as she sees a younger specter of herself and Yuu apparently watching her sing.]]
* DarkAndTroubledPast: [[spoiler:Her parents started fighting all the time ever since her little brother Yuu died when he got run over in a parking lot.]]
* FairytaleMotifs: Chihaya's character is built around symbols of the [[ bluebird of happiness]] (two of her image songs, ''Aoi Tori'' and ''Nemuri Hime'', contain direct references), which ties into her desire to handle her life herself and find meaning her own way. The anime mentions this but does not develop it.
* FamedInStory: By the time of the 2nd Vision games.
* FirstNameBasis: In the games, upon the first meeting, she demands Producer call her "Chihaya." In fact, she doesn't like being called by her family name.
* HopelessWithTech: She's shown to be like this in the games when trying to buy an MP3 player, which is kind of weird since she's the one assigned to do the Audio Tech's job during their first stage performance in episode 3 of the anime. Her phone in the anime is shown to be a model reminiscent of those from the nineties. Compared to those some of the others own, it's likely meant to allude to this.
* IllGirl: In ''iM@S2'', she has a fever twice throughout the story. [[spoiler: It is a sign of her chronic throat inflammation.]]
* ImageSong: "Aoi Tori", "Me ga Au Toki", "arcadia", "[[Literature/SleepingBeauty Nemuri Hime]]", and "[[Heartwarming/TheIdolmaster Yakusoku]]".
* NotSoStoic: She has been known to crack up at the lamest jokes.
* SeriousBusiness: Her attitude toward singing. She's not fond of any extracurricular activity that doesn't involve her career, hates doing promotional work, and spends her free time listening to classical music and training her voice.
* StepfordSmiler: Pretends ''so hard'' to be cheerful for the Producer.
* SugarAndIceGirl
* {{Unwinnable}}: In the original Arcade game, she is notoriously prone to this. She gains only slight improvements to her tension in events, but large losses if you say the wrong thing, or mess up on a lesson minigame. Because you're working on a time limit, her tension going too low results in an inescapable death spiral. Thankfully, the console version can do a SaveScumming to prevent it.
** DidTheResearch: This is entirely realistic for a character with depression and social anxiety.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair

!!Yukiho Hagiwara
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/YurikaOchiai (iM@S) and AzumiAsakura (iM@S2, Anime), Creator/YuiHorie ([[Anime/IdolmasterXenoglossia Xenoglossia]])
-->'''Age:''' 16 (17)
-->'''Height:''' 154 cm (155 cm)
-->'''Weight:''' 40 kg (42 kg)
-->'''Birthday:''' December 24th
-->'''Blood type:''' A
-->'''Three sizes:''' 80-55-81 (81-56-81)
-->'''Hobbies:''' Writing Poems, Japanese Tea, (Blogging)
-->'''Image color:''' White

A painfully shy 16-year-old from a traditional household who's prone to frequently bursting out in tears. She became an idol hoping to shed her fragile persona.
* ACupAngst: She's actually got a decent bust, but [[HeroicSelfDeprecation she still thinks she's flat]]. This bugs Chihaya and the Futami twins.
* AdaptationDyeJob: In ''Xenoglossia'', her hair is of a darker tone.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Specifically in the ''Puchim@s!'' series. She is one of only three characters who can stop Harukasan's ZergRush rampage, but only when she has her back against the wall.
* BlueWithShock: Whenever she panics. Sometimes it's accompanied by DullEyesOfUnhappiness.
* BrownEyes: Of the soft, coffee-colored variety. Also serves as CurtainsMatchTheWindow.
* CatchPhrase: "I'll go bury myself!" (whenever she becomes extremely embarrassed)
* ChildhoodFriends: With Makoto.
* CoverVersion: Has covered {{Music/Perfume}}'s "Sweet Donuts", "For Fruits Basket" from ''Manga/FruitsBasket'' and "Natsukage" from ''VisualNovel/{{AIR}}''.
* DoesNotLikeMen: She's afraid of them.
** In the anime, she's very taken with Makoto's {{Bifauxnen}} side.
** Eventually the Producer becomes the only non-familial man she can remain comfortable around.
* HiddenDepths: She does have inner strength, but it's hidden by her shyness. She joins ''765'' to shed her shy exterior.
* ImageSong: "First Stage", "Kosmos, Cosmos", "ALRIGHT*", "Nando mo Ieru yo", and "First Step".
* LiteralMinded: Sometimes she takes her catch phrase a bit ''too'' literally by taking a shovel out of nowhere and actually begin digging.
--> '''Yukiho Hagiwara:''' I'll dig a hole and bury myself in it!
--> '''Ai Hidaka:''' Whaaa, you can't dig a hole in the hallway!!
* LovableCoward
* ShrinkingViolet: To FragileFlower levels. She wants to shed this aspect of her.
* SingingVoiceDissonance: Her singing voice is not as meek or hesitant as her regular speaking voice.
* SparklingStreamOfTears: Tends to cry a lot.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: The Girly Girl to her Tomboy best friend, Makoto.
* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have To Be Dogs?]]: Even chihuahuas scare her.
* [[MafiaPrincess Yakuza Princess]]: The most common fan explanation for her odd behavior with men and her father's secretive occupation. He's likely to either be that, or the head of a corrupt Zaibatsu.

!!Yayoi Takatsuki
->'''Voiced by:''' MayakoNigo (Main), Creator/AmiKoshimizu ([[Anime/IdolmasterXenoglossia Xenoglossia]])
-->'''Age:''' 13 (14)
-->'''Height:''' 145 cm
-->'''Weight:''' 37 kg
-->'''Birthday:''' March 25th
-->'''Blood type:''' O
-->'''Three sizes:''' 75-54-77 (75-54-78)
-->'''Hobbies:''' Othello, (Baseball, Gardening)
-->'''Image color:''' Orange

An "[[NoIndoorVoice ALWAYS]] [[UpToEleven 200%]] [[GenkiGirl GENKI!!]]" 13-year-old from a poor family and the eldest of six children. Making a living for her family was part of the reason she joined 765.
* AdaptationDyeJob: In ''Xenoglossia'', her hair is more reddish than orange.
* BigEater: "Ohayou!! Asagohan," one of her image songs, is all about starting the day with a good breakfast, and in other media, she's shown to greatly enjoy meal times.
* CovertPervert
* CoverVersion: Has covered {{Music/Perfume}}'s "Sweet Donuts" and "Kaerimichi" from ''LightNovel/{{Bakemonogatari}}''.
* CryCute
* CuteAndPsycho: In the ''Puchim@s!'' series, when dealing with Harukasan.
* GenkiGirl
* GirlishPigtails
* ImageSong: "[[BigEater Ohayou!! Asagohan]]", "Kiramekirari", "Genki Tripper", and "Smile Taisou".
* InnocentBlueEyes
* {{Kawaiiko}}: So cute Hibiki even said once that she wanted to [[ImTakingHerHomeWithMe take her home]].
* MassiveNumberedSiblings: She's the oldest of six children.
* NoIndoorVoice: In her ''iM@S2'' introduction, she's told by Kotori that she'd ruin the recording if she kept being so loud.
* PerpetualPoverty: Helping her family make a living is why she became an idol. In the games her regular outfits all look similar to each other even when compared to other girls' outfits, and in the anime, she's shown to have a rapport with an employee at a local supermarket who sticks 50-percent off stickers on some groceries for her.
* ThePollyanna
* SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud: She usually uses onomatopoeia on her speech.
* TheScrooge: She doesn't come off as greedy, but she is known to go to great lengths to scrounge up a few bucks, even searching under vending machines for loose change. Even as a hugely successful idol she spends her spare time doing menial chores for cash.
* VerbalTic: Of the "{{Catchphrase}} that isn't really even a word" variety. U-uu!
* ZettaiRyouiki

!!Ritsuko Akizuki
->'''Voiced by:''' NaomiWakabayashi (Main), Creator/MaiNakahara [[Anime/IdolmasterXenoglossia (Xenoglossia)]]
-->'''Age:''' 18 (19)
-->'''Height:''' 156cm
-->'''Weight:''' 43 kg
-->'''Birthday:''' June 23rd
-->'''Blood type:''' A
-->'''Three sizes:''' 85-57-85
-->'''Hobbies Im@s:''' Analyzing paperwork, Management
-->'''Hobbies Im@s 2:''' Qualifications, Analysis, Volunteering
-->'''Image color:''' Green

A focused, industrious 18-year-old who originally joined ''765'' as an intern, but became an idol due to shortage of talents. Even as an idol she still handles the business side of her career.

In ''iM@S2'', she officially retires from performing and becomes the producer of Ryuuguu Komachi.
* AdaptationDyeJob: In ''Xenoglossia'', her hair is of a lighter tone.
* BrainyBrunette
* CanNotSpitItOut: In ''Puchim@s!'' she is hopelessly in love with the Producer... whenever he's not doing anything stupid.
* TheComicallySerious
* CoverVersion: She's covered "Sorairo Days" from ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann''.
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* ExpositoryHairstyleChange: In ''iM@S2'', she switches her hairstyle to a high bun.
* FirstNameBasis: In ''iM@S2'', the Producer uses "Akizuki-senpai" at first due to her being a senior at work. She then tells him to call her "Ritsuko" instead because she is younger than he is.
* GirlishPigtails: Her original hairstyle were braids a la Wendy's mascot. In ''iM@S2'' she'll occasionally switch back to this style depending on the outfit you have her wear.
* HairAntennae
* HiddenDepths: She is proficient in MMA, as a drama CD details her using it to beat up some thugs wanting to kidnap Yukiho.
* HotLibrarian
* ImageSong: "Mahou wo Kakete!", "[[IntercourseWithYou Ippai Ippai]]", "[=livE=]", and "Love Order-Made".
* {{Meganekko}}
* OnlySaneWoman: How she interprets life with her coworkers, when things get too extreme.
* TheCallKnowsWhereYouLive: Officially, she retired as an idol in the second game so she could follow her dream career in management. But various circumstances like fan demand, need for an extra unit member or Haruka wanting her to be part of the group performance are always dragging her back to the stage.
* TheSmartGuy
* TeamDad
* {{Tsundere}}: In the various anime or manga media, where she has feelings for the Producer. ''Puchim@s!'' being the most obvious.

!!Azusa Miura
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/ChiakiTakahashi (Main), TomoSakurai ([[Anime/IdolmasterXenoglossia Xenoglossia]])
-->'''Age:''' 20 (21)
-->'''Height:''' 168 cm
-->'''Weight:''' 48 kg
-->'''Birthday:''' July 19th
-->'''Blood type:''' O
-->'''Three sizes:''' 91-59-86
-->'''Hobbies:''' Dog Walking, (Café hopping)
-->'''Image color:''' Purple

The oldest of the idols at age 20, Azusa is an easygoing, hopeless romantic. She became an idol hoping to gain more attention and ultimately find her "destined one."

In ''iM@S2'', she is a member of Ryuuguu Komachi.
* AdaptationDyeJob: Like Chihaya, her hair started off black. It changed to blue in the Xbox 360 port, then a dark purple in the ''SP'' games. As of ''iM@S2'' it has gone back to blue.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: More prevalent in SP, when after awhile being her usual innocent ditz self, the insults of Kuroi towards the Producer and Miki made her talk him down such that even Kuroi wasn't able to talk back, all while [[TranquilFury looking as calm as ever]]. Even Miki and the Producer note that she's scary this way.
** She is a master at joint lock techniques, similar to Aikido, and claims she never took martial arts.
* CatchPhrase: Due to her overall [[TheDitz ditzy]] [[TheIngenue innocence]], it may as well be "Ara ara..." (or sometimes just one "Ara") (or "Oh my...")
* CharacterTics: Placing her palm on the side of her face while her eyes are closed in the anime.
* ChristmasCake: She isn't one yet, but it's pretty clear the chance of becoming one fuels her search for a significant other.
* CoolBigSis: To the rest of the idols.
* CoverVersion: She's covered "reflectia" from ''Anime/TrueTears'' and "Kiss Me Good-Bye" from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII''.
* TheDitz: Despite being the oldest idol, she's certainly more scatterbrained than many of her younger compatriots.
* ExpositoryHairstyleChange: In ''iM@S2'', and a few episodes into the 2011 anime, she has cut her hair to a short bob.
* FirstNameBasis: At the conclusion of Missing Moon and after [[spoiler: her love confession to him]], she wants the Producer to drop the formalities and just call her Azusa. He has difficulty adapting to this.
* {{Gainaxing}}: In the games, all the idols have it to various degrees, but in the anime it's Azusa all the way.
* HelloNurse: Mostly in the anime, where there's nearly NO man who'd pass up the chance to ask her out for a date (even if she's clueless and probably refusing). Which leads to...
** SoBeautifulItsACurse: The entire cityscape (and even the zoo animals) are entranced by her beauty when she runs through the streets in a wedding dress. Eventually it starts a stampede.
* IdiotHair: Which becomes weaponized in her 'counterpart' in ''Mujin Gattai Kisaragi'', the Azu[[SinisterScythe Scythe]].
* ImageSong: "9:02 pm", "Tonari ni...", "Mythmaker", "Lovely", and "Hare Iro".
* TheIngenue: Her innocence is a defining trait and informs her "Destined One" dream.
* ItsNotYouItsMe: She uses variations of it as a response to people who ask for dates or confess their love. [[spoiler:The Producer is an exception]].
* NoSenseOfDirection: Taken to extremes when she somehow winds up on ''the other side of the planet''.
* [[ObfuscatingStupidity Obfuscating Sexuality]]: Azusa typically shows ignorance about her exceptional beauty and impressive bust. Yet when she shows interest in [[spoiler:the Producer]], she will subtlety leverage these traits to get his attention.
* [[spoiler:SacredFirstKiss]]: The Producer can steal it during an event in ''iM@S1'', when pretending to [[spoiler:be her fiance]]. If he does, she realizes she didn't mind it was him.
* TheTease: Within the games, towards [[spoiler:the Producer]]. Her routes are written so that in the end, the player can infer Azusa believes [[spoiler:the Producer]] is the "destined one" she is looking for. She never flirts with other men using the same friendliness, and in Missing Moon, [[spoiler:Miki]] takes notice of her behavior and gets rather upset about it.
* UnsuspectinglySoused: It doesn't take much alcohol to get her drunk. Unfortunately, Azusa loves the taste of alcohol and won't turn down a glass if offered. On the other hand, she can drink LOTS of it before actually passing out, and tends to be happy while intoxicated... just don't bring up that she doesn't have a boyfriend.
* WeddingsInJapan: Her ultimate goal. She's exclusively set on having it Western style, and thus so far, there isn't official artwork of her in the traditional Japanese bridal white kimino.
* WesternZodiac: She's a huge fan of them, hoping they'll eventually lead to her "destined one."

!!Iori Minase
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/RieKugimiya (Main), Creator/YukariTamura ([[Anime/IdolmasterXenoglossia Xenoglossia]])
-->'''Age:''' 14 (15)
-->'''Height:''' 150 cm (153 cm)
-->'''Weight:''' 39 kg (40 kg)
-->'''Birthday:''' May 5th
-->'''Blood type:''' AB
-->'''Three sizes:''' 77-54-79
-->'''Hobbies Im@s:''' Traveling overseas, Shopping
-->'''Hobbies Im@s 2:''' Traveling, Eating Out
-->'''Image color:''' Pink

The rich, spoiled 14-year-old daughter of a corporation CEO acquainted with 765 Production's president. She is sickeningly sweet towards complete strangers, but incredibly sharp-tongued to everyone else (i.e., the staff, her fellow idols, and even the Producer). She became an idol to prove to her father that she could become successful on her own terms.

In ''iM@S2'', she is the leader of Ryuuguu Komachi, and is quite enjoying her new taste of stardom.
* AdaptationDyeJob: In ''Xenoglossia'', her hair is black.
* BitchInSheepsClothing: Downplayed; she acts cute and sweet towards strangers, but not towards those who know her. Despite her usually abrasive attitude, though, she is a genuinely good person.
* CoverVersion: She's covered "Ren'ai Circulation" from ''LightNovel/{{Bakemonogatari}}'' and ''Onyanko Club''[='=]s "Valentine Kiss".
* CryCute: The end of her story, when she tries to viciously (and tearfully) insult the Producer, saying she's glad [[CanNotSpitItOut she won't have to put up with him being stupid and useless anymore]].
* EpicFail: In episode 2 of the anime, seeing Miki's much more mature body made Iori [[ACupAngst self-conscious about her own]], so she tried to look sexy and mature for her photo spread, and roped Yayoi and the twins into it with her. They took to stuffing their bras with fruit and wearing clown makeup. Eventually the Producer taught them all to just [[BeYourself be themselves]] and they would be as pretty as Miki.
* ExpositoryHairstyleChange: In ''iM@S2'', her hair is slightly shorter and has a bang out of her hairband.
* FastForwardGag: In ''Puchim@s!'', some portions of her interviews are fast forwarded to make them fit the time limit, since she [[ItsAllAboutMe talks endlessly about herself]].
* ForeheadOfDoom: A defining trait of hers.
* GhostStory: Has quite the talent for making them up on the spot.
* GirlsAreReallyScaredOfHorrorMovies: For Iori herself it's reversed, as she loves telling them... because the majority of other idols follow this trope.
* GirlsLoveStuffedAnimals: She carries around a stuffed rabbit named "Usa-chan/Charles Donatello The 18th" with her at all times.
* HairDecorations: In both hairstyles she has a hairband.
* ImageSong: "Here we go!!", "[[RescueRomance Futari]] [[StarCrossedLovers no Kioku]]", "Rizora", and "DIAMOND".
* {{Kawaiiko}}
* LonelyRichKid: The reason Charles is so precious to Iori is that it was her only friend since childhood, as the only people who ever had much contact with her were maids and butlers. You can catch her talking to him from time to time.
* TheOjou: Daughter of a big time CEO
* {{Omniglot}}: Like Takane, she's fluent in a number of languages.
* ScrewTheRulesIHaveConnections: Invoked and inverted in the same dialogue during Episode 10, when she blackmails the producer of Shinkan Shoujo Pro, who's planning to force 765 to lose on purpose, into playing by the rules with the fact that her family is ''the'' major stockholder for his idol group's parent company.
* SecurityBlanket: Charles.
* SelfMadeWoman: Her goal is to become a success without help from her father or brothers.
* ShanaClone: Downplayed. She isn't a lead character and isn't physically violent, but covers other traits well (childlike stature, dresses as regular attire, heavy tsun attitude, a habit of addressing others with "[[UsefulNotes/JapanesePronouns anta]]," and wealth).
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: The same capital I vs. lowercase L conundrum that plagues [[Music/{{Vocaloid}} Ievan Polkka]] leads some western fans to believe her name is Lori.
* SpoiledSweet: Iori has ego in spades, but she's short in arrogance. Her best friend among the other idols is always-short-on-cash Yayoi, and she is not above doing her part on chores and eating commoner's food.
* TheTrickster: She doesn't pull pranks as frequently as the twins, but she won't turn down an opportunity to pull one. Especially enjoys the ILied variety.
* {{Tsundere}}: An unusual A/B hybrid for [[RieKugimiya her seiyuu]], a [[PigeonholedVoiceActor Type A specialist]] -- Type B around people she wants to manipulate, type A around everyone else, especially the Producer.
* [[WellDoneSonGuy "Well Done, Daughter" Gal]]

!!Makoto Kikuchi
->'''Voiced by:''' HiromiHirata (Main), Creator/EriKitamura ([[Anime/IdolmasterXenoglossia Xenoglossia]])
-->'''Age:''' 16 (17)
-->'''Height:''' 157 cm (159 cm)
-->'''Weight:''' 42 kg (44 kg)
-->'''Birthday:''' August 29th
-->'''Blood type:''' O
-->'''Three sizes:''' 73-56-76 (75-57-78)
-->'''Hobbies:''' Sports, (Collecting stuffed animals)
-->'''Image color:''' Black

16-year-old Makoto was raised as a boy by her father, who always wanted a son. As such, she uses masculine pronouns and is good at sports and karate, and gets more attention from girls than boys. Ultimately she came to resent it, wishing she could be more feminine and get more attention from boys, so she became an idol to try to reinvent herself.
* ActionGirl: While modeling for a swimsuit edition of an idol magazine, she proposes a shot of her leaping from the roof into the pool. Taken to the next level in Episode 8, where she has an epic kung-fu fight with grunts atop a ladder bridge while wearing a tuxedo.
* {{Bifauxnen}}: Much to her annoyance, she is often mistaken for a boy. In episode 8 of the anime, which has a wedding theme, she had to model a groom's clothing because the wedding chapel requested a guy and 765 only had Makoto.
* {{Bokukko}}: Her masculine speech patterns don't help her attempts to become more feminine.
* BoyishShortHair: Though she's starting to grow it out.
* CatSmile
* ChickMagnet: A running gag is how her fanbase mostly consists of teen girls with a crush on her thanks to her {{Bifauxnen}} looks. In the anime, she even attracts ''housewives''.
* ChildhoodFriends: With Yukiho.
* CoverVersion: Has covered "Seikan Hikou" from ''Anime/MacrossFrontier'' and "Groovin' Magic" from ''Anime/DieBuster''.
* CuteBruiser
* ExpositoryHairstyleChange: It took her four games, but as of ''iM@S2'' and the anime it has occurred to her that letting her hair grow out may be a step towards looking more feminine. Rumor has it that {{Gackt}} is the inspiration for her new haircut, because apparently Japanese people are ''entranced'' by the concept of styling gel.
* FemininityFailure: Often.
* GenderBlenderName
* GirlinessUpgrade: She often tries to invoke this on herself, but she's rarely successful. Note to Makoto -- Cutifying yourself, making up "cute noises" and calling yourself "Mako-rin" ''doesn't work''.
* GirlyGirl: Wants to be one of these but isn't. For instance, in episode 8 she was disappointed that she didn't get wear a 'cute frilly dress' like Azusa and Miki.
* HairAntennae
* ImageSong: "[[IntercourseWithYou Agent Yoru wo Yuku]]", "Meisou Mind", "[[CannotSpitItOut Jitensha]]", "[[BreakupSong tear]]", and "Cheering Letter".
* JackOfAllStats: In the game, although she is proud of her dancing skills, her skills are perfectly average. For those unable to play you can check out this video [[ here]]. You can see her skills at 1:53.
* MamaBear: Towards Makochii in ''Puchim@s''.
* OneOfTheBoys
* PaperThinDisguise: In the anime, she tries to sneak past her [[EstrogenBrigade fangirls]] by wearing a hat and a jacket. It doesn't work.
* SheCleansUpNicely: In ''Groovy Tune'', when she doesn't over do it in being feminine, she looks great in a dress.
* {{Tomboy}}: Her dad raised her to be boyish but she'd rather be a GirlyGirl.
* TomboyWithAGirlyStreak: Despite all her attempts to become a GirlyGirl, this is ultimately what she is.
* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have To Be Cockroaches?]]: Went stiff and panicky when Iori jokingly mentioned out loud that there's one in the office.

!!Ami and Mami Futami

->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AsamiShimoda (Main, both), Creator/KaoriNazuka (Ami, [[Anime/IdolmasterXenoglossia Xenoglossia]]), MomokoSaito (Mami, [[Anime/IdolmasterXenoglossia Xenoglossia]])
-->'''Age:''' 12 (13)
-->'''Height:''' 149 cm (158 cm)
-->'''Weight:''' 39 kg (42 kg)
-->'''Birthday:''' May 22nd
-->'''Blood type:''' B
-->'''Three sizes:''' 74-53-77 (78-55-77)
-->'''Hobbies Im@s:''' Text messaging, Imitating others
-->'''Hobbies Im@s 2:''' Ecology (Only Ami), Playing Games (Only Mami), Text Messaging (both)
-->'''Image color:''' Yellow

A pair of hyperactive 12-year-old twins, and the youngest of the bunch, who became idols because it sounded fun. They take turns performing under Ami's name.

In ''iM@S2'', Ami is a member of Ryuuguu Komachi while Mami is produced separately.
* [[BrattyHalfPint Bratty Half Pints]]
* BrickJoke: Whenever the twins want to decide a friendly argument for something (like who gets the last slice of cake), they restort to a game of [[RockPaperScissors jan-ken-pon]]. Because of their SingleMindedTwins factor, they ALWAYS call out the same choice over and over again, meaning it ALWAYS results in a tie. The viewer/reader never gets to know how an outcome is ever reached.
* BuffySpeak: "If we become a super-cool-awesome idol, then everyday will be relaxing right?"
* CoverVersion: Mami has covered {{Music/Perfume}}'s "Sweet Donuts" and Ami has covered "Lum no Love Song" from ''Manga/UruseiYatsura''; both twins have covered "Aozora no Namida" from ''Anime/BloodPlus'' and "Wonder☆Winter☆Yattaa!!" from ''[[Anime/FutariWaPrettyCure Pretty Cure Max Heart]]''.
* {{Dirty Kid}}s: They have shades of this.
* DivergentCharacterEvolution: If one pays attention in the arcade and first Xbox360 games, Mami turns out to be a little more mature than Ami. In the SP games, Takane figured out that they were two different people when she made eye-contact with Mami and saw that she was more mature. Come ''iM@S2'', the twins get separate careers, Mami changes her hairstyle and Ami becomes part of Ryuuguu Komachi, so it's likely that this will continue.
** The twins are producible as entirely separate characters in ''One For All'', with unique plotlines and goals for both. In particular, the basis of Mami's story is her desire to distance herself from the Twins gimmick she feels she is trapped in.
* EveryGirlIsCuterWithHairDecs
* ExpositoryHairstyleChange: In ''iM@S2'' Mami still keeps her hair in a side ponytail, but it's grown longer than Ami's.
* FashionableAsymmetry: Their cute&girly outfit in ''iM@S2''. They have two different pairs of boots between them, having traded the left ones.
* {{Gamer Chick}}s: Devoted gamers who carry their handhelds with them everywhere, although the Xbox port of the first game had to edit out their {{Gameboy Advance}}s [[YouWannaGetSued due to the]] ConsoleWars.
* [[GenkiGirl Genki Girls]]
* GenreSavvy: Most likely to give genre send-ups in the anime, such as when they pretended they were "sexy girl detectives" solving the mystery of Iori's lost pudding.
* [[TheHero The Heroes]]: How they are cast in ''Mujin Gattai Kisaragi''.
* {{Huge Schoolgirl}}s: Between the first game and the second, the twins shot up from the smallest idols to towering over girls several years their senior.
* ImageSong: "Positive!", "Start Star", "Reimei Starline", "Do-Dai", "Jemmy" (Mami only), and "[=YOUou=] [=MYshin=]" (Ami only).
* InTheNameOfTheMoon: Word for word in Episode 9, complete with an over-the-top pose.
-->"With our little grey cells and seven-colored faces, the sexy girl detectives Ami and Mami, in the name of our Grandmother and Grandfather, and in the name of the moon, will capture the culprit."
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: Drop hints from time to time that they are aware they're in a video game/TV show. Loading screens for songs usually involve one of the twins singing "Loading~loading" to a jaunty tune.
* {{The Nicknamer}}s: They have cutesy nicknames for all the other idols (Iorin for Iori, Miki-Miki for Miki, Yuki-pyon for Yukiho, etc.) and they address the Producer as "nii-chan" instead of "Producer".
* SingleMindedTwins: Sometimes it's played straight and sometimes it's deconstructed. Largely depends on the author or story sketch. Nonetheless they tend to finish each other's sentences, speak in unison, and scheme the identical ideas simultaneously.
* TagTeamTwins
* ThemeTwinNaming
* ThirdPersonPerson
* TricksterTwins
* TwinSwitch: Their gimmick during the first game.


!!Miki Hoshii
->'''Voiced by:''' AkikoHasegawa
-->'''Age:''' 14 (15)
-->'''Height:''' 159 cm (161 cm)
-->'''Weight:''' 44 kg (45 kg)
-->'''Birthday:''' November 23rd
-->'''Blood type:''' B
-->'''Three sizes:''' 84-55-82 (86-55-83)
-->'''Hobbies Im@s:''' Bird Watching, Talking to friends
-->'''Hobbies Im@s 2:''' Talking to friends, Nail art
-->'''Image color:''' Yellow green

Laid-back 14-year-old Miki thinks she can breeze through the idol ladder, given that she already gets good grades without much effort, gets 20 love confessions a day, [[RuleOfThree and]] manages to stay in shape in spite of sleeping a lot. She debuted in the first game's {{Xbox360}} version, and is the only character to have an alternate story route.
* TheAce: Deconstructed. Miki is so effortlessly, ridiculously excellent at everything she ever tries that she never had to put any effort into anything, causing her to grow up into a lazy, unmotivated, somewhat selfish person with little ability to maturely confront failure. This behavior was not only tolerated, but ''encouraged'' by her father, a powerful politician who kept drilling into her that with his connections and resources she'll never have to work a day in her life. [[CharacterDevelopment It takes a lot of trauma to finally get her to realize that really making your dreams come true takes work]], but when she's done, she ends up arguably the best idol of 765 Pro (in terms of both skill and popularity).
* AnOddPlaceToSleep: In episode 26, she took a nap on a crate carrier.
* AwesomeMcCoolname: A rough translation of the kanji that make up her full name could be "A beautiful rarity from the well of stars". ''[[hottip:Note:For the curious, the actual characters involved are "Star" (Hoshi), "Well" (I), "Beauty" (Mi), and "Rare" (Ki)]]''
* BornLucky
* BrilliantButLazy: Miki is incredibly talented, and was able to memorize an entire dance routine after seeing Makoto perform it once. Problem is, she channels most of her energy into sleeping and munching on snacks.
* ClingyJealousGirl: A mild one in the anime's second half.
** Is entirely this at the end of [[spoiler:Azusa's route]] in Missing Moon.
* CoverVersion: Has covered "sugar sweet nightmare" from ''LightNovel/{{Bakemonogatari}}'', "Tips Tap Tip" from ''Anime/EurekaSeven'' and "Namida no Hurricane" from ''Manga/GetBackers''.
* DisproportionateRetribution: The real reason she joined 961 in ''SP'' games is because [[spoiler:''President Takagi ate her onigiri''.]]
* EveryoneLovesBlondes: While Chihaya is demonstrated to be the best singer and Azusa is considered sexier, Miki is often portrayed as the 765 Pro idol who has the charisma in getting the most fans to like her.
* ExpositoryHairstyleChange: In ''iM@S2'', her hair is is wavier, and blonde has become her ''real'' hair color as opposed to just a dye.
* [[spoiler:FreakOut: In her alternate route, she absentmindedly walks into traffic, and [[DivingSave the Producer pushes her away at the last second]]. He is hospitalized, and Miki, realizing how her inattention caused a lot of trouble, decides it's high time she stop being lazy.]]
* FriendlyEnemy: During ''SP'' games, despite being in 961, she showed almost zero hostility towards 765 Pro idols.
* GreenEyes
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold: For the most part. Her selfish side can sometimes strain it though.
** DumbBlonde: For ''Puchim@s!''.
* IdiotHair
* ImageSong: "relations", "Furufuru Future", "Shocking na Kare", and "Day of the future".
* ImportantHaircut: In the Xbox360's alternate route, she cuts her hair and stops bleaching it.
* [[spoiler:IOweYouMyLife: In her alternate route (see FreakOut) she falls in love with the Producer.]]
* ItsAllAboutMe: Very self engaged.
* TheNicknamer: Not as much as Mami and Ami, but she does have nicknames for a few people; [[{{Bokukko}} "Makoto-kun"]] for Makoto, [[ForeheadOfDoom "Forehead"]] for Iori, [[spoiler:and from episode 14 of the anime onward, she calls the Producer "honey"]]. For some odd reason she addresses Ritsuko as "Ritsuko...san", always pausing before the honorific.
* TheObiWan: How she is cast in ''Mujin Gattai Kisaragi''.
* [[spoiler:RelationshipSabotage]]: Played with in ''SP Missing Moon''. In Azusa's case,[[spoiler: after she rejoined 765 Pro, she couldn't stand Azusa being in a relationship with Producer, and wanted to get in their way]]. In Chihaya's case,[[spoiler: she keeps meddling Chihaya, asking whether she likes the Producer]].
* {{Sleepyhead}}: If she's not the character currently in focus, chances are she's in the background sleeping.
* SmittenTeenageGirl: Both in Idolmaster 2 and a mild one in the anime, [[spoiler: most apparent in her alternate route in the first game]].
* SpoiledBrat
* ThirdPersonPerson: Done to make herself sound cuter.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood : "Onigiri [[VerbalTic na no]]!!"
* VerbalTic: "-na no" (a declarative phrase) and "Afu~" (Japanese onomatopoeia for yawning)

!!Hibiki Ganaha
->'''Voiced by:''' ManamiNumakura
-->'''Age:''' 15 (16)
-->'''Height:''' 152 cm
-->'''Weight:''' 41 kg
-->'''Birthday:''' October 10th
-->'''Blood type:''' A
-->'''Three sizes:''' 86-58-83 (83-56-80)
-->'''Hobbies:''' Knitting, Table tennis, (Walking)
-->'''Image color:''' Turquoise

An energetic 15-year-old from Okinawa who loves to dance and sing. She became an idol to make people happy, and has a ridiculous number of pets ranging from the mundane to the bizarrely exotic. Hibiki was introduced in the ''iM@S SP'' as a member of Project Fairy, 961's production. In ''iM@S2'', she is a part of 765 Production.
* AffablyEvil: During her time at Project Fairy.
* BookDumb: When asked about her grades in school, she uncomfortably dodges the question but insists she's really good at PE.
* ConspicuousTrenchcoat: Disguises herself like Haruka and Makoto above, to the point where Kotori doesn't even recognize her.
* CoverVersion: Has covered:
** "Tips Tap Tip" from ''Anime/EurekaSeven''
** "ambivalent world" from ''LightNovel/{{Bakemonogatari}}''
** "Happy ☆ Material" from ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima''.
** "Is this Love?" by EARTH
** "Nada Sōsō" by Ryoko Moriyama
* CuteLittleFangs: In the anime.
* ADogNamedDog: Played with; a majority of her animals have a cute nickname with the name of their species name in them, like Hamuzou[[note]]"Hamusutā" being Japanese for hamster[[/note]] and Inumi[[note]]"Inu" being Japanese for dog[[/note]].
* EyesAlwaysShut: Not during regular conversation, but in the PSP game she spends large portions of her songs with her eyes closed when no other girl does that.
* FluffyTamer: Befriended a shark in episode 26 and even gave it a nickname.
* FriendToAllLivingThings: She has dozens of pets, ranging from the mundane (cat, hamster, dog) to the exotic and outright bizarre (a crocodile!).
* GenkiGirl
* GullibleLemmings: She believes all of the lies [[CorruptCorporateExecutive Kuroi]] told her about 765.
* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter
* TheIdiotFromOsaka: She's from Okinawa, but otherwise fits.
* ImageSong: "Next Life", "[[GratuitousEnglish TRIAL DANCE]]", "Brand New Day", and "shiny smile".
* ImTakingHerHomeWithMe: To Yayoi. In ''Puchim@s'', she almost succeeds.
* JapanesePronouns: "Jibun"
* JerkassFacade
* TheRival: During her time at Project Fairy.
* SeriousBusiness: She takes her rivalries very seriously.
* SpeaksFluentAnimal: While she speaks to animals in a cutesy fashion, in the anime, she can understand what her pets are saying. In ''One For All'' one of her communications show her having a conversation with Hamuzou (who's offscreen).
** SuddenlyFluentInGibberish: In ''Puchim@s'', she can understand the Puchidols' PokemonSpeak.
* TakeThat: Her hatred of 765 Pro in the PSP game stems from her belief that 765 is a corrupt perverse agency that sexually harasses its talent. Given the shenanigans that often occur in touch communications...
* TanLines
* {{Tomboy}}: Subtler than Makoto, but still apparent.
** TomboyishPonytail: A [[RapunzelHair very long one]].
* TrashTalk
* WildChild

!!Takane Shijou
->'''Voiced by:''' YumiHara
-->'''Age:''' 17 (18)
-->'''Height:''' 169 cm
-->'''Weight:''' 49 kg
-->'''Birthday:''' January 21st
-->'''Blood type:''' B
-->'''Three sizes:''' 90-62-92
-->'''Hobbies Im@s SP:''' Stargazing, Stage shows
-->'''Hobbies Im@s 2:''' Stargazing, History
-->'''Image color:''' Maroon

An elegant and majestic 17-year-old from an unstated, far-off land, Takane was first introduced as a member of Project Fairy in ''iM@S SP''. Her distance can be mistaken for haughtiness, but she's very polite to everyone, even her rivals. In ''iM@S2'', she is a part of 765 Production.

* [[spoiler:ArrangedMarriage]]: In ''iM@S2''. Perhaps even the [[spoiler:BureaucraticallyArrangedMarriage]] variety, depending on her true origin. The Producer helps avert it.
** The trial to avert it results in Takane [[spoiler:falling for the Producer]] and she henceforth addresses him as if [[spoiler:she was his wife]].
* BigEater: In one episode of the anime, she ate three large bowls of ramen. In one sitting.
** In addition, in her segment of [[ShowWithinAShow "Live?! On Sundays"]]. ''Takane's Ramen Expedition'', she devours a truly intimidating bowl of ramen singlehandedly. And later proceeds to devour ''both'' of the twins' equally intimidating helpings. "Gluttonous Princess", indeed.
** And then in the OVA, she eats enough at a revolving sushi restaurant to make Touma think nothing's coming along the conveyor. Probably the only time she intentionally devoured so much out of pettiness, since she and Touma had just finished an argument.
* BoobsOfSteel: is very nearly the bustiest character in the team ([[GagBoobs bearing Azusa]] has her beat by one centimeter) and is shown to be able to [[spoiler: effortlessly and gracefully throw around a man far bigger than her who was just mentioned to be a judo black belt.]] This implies that she is either an extremely proficient martial artist or possesses superhuman strength (which might not be as ridiculous as it sounds when you consider all the evidence that she might be an alien...).
* BreakingTheFourthWall: In ''Puchim@s'' she knows about the readers and makes comments or gestures towards them. Other idols who witness this are confused about who she's talking to.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Although Takane usually just comes off as mysterious and elegant, she occasionally has her "Uhh... Takane?" moments. For instance, during the Ribbit Ribbit cooking show she developed a more than strange attachment to the head of her frog costume. The Producer had to remind her that, no, she was not allowed to take it home. In ''Puchim@s'', her strangeness is taken UpToEleven.
* CoverVersion: She's covered ''Anime/CuteyHoney''[='=]s iconic titular song, "Tamashii no Refrain" from ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'' and "staple stable" from ''LightNovel/{{Bakemonogatari}}''.
* ElegantGothicLolita: A few of her exclusive costumes, and some of her casual wear in the anime. Even in the summer Takane's wardrobe emphasizes elegance.
* FriendToAllChildren: For all her distant behavior, she can be incredibly warm with kids. Sometimes acts as a CoolBigSis to Ami and Mami.
* GentleGiant: Takane is officially the tallest ''core'' idol of the franchise; the ''Cinderella Girls'' game (in which canonicity is uncertain) introduces Kirari Moroboshi, who is a whopping 185 cm tall.
** PunnyName: Her first name is phonetically similar to the Japanese phrase "So tall" (if read as 'Taka, ne') or the word for mountain peak.
* GratuitousEnglish: In the anime. "That's ''top secret''."
* HiddenBuxom: Usually covers her chest with heavy clothing. When she changes into her swimsuit at the beach, she makes Chihaya visibly envious.
* HimeCut ''and'' OjouRinglets
* HumanAliens: She just might be one.
* ImageSong: "Flower Girl", "[[TearJerker Kazahana]]", and "My Best Friend".
* ImTakingHerHomeWithMe: To most of the Puchidols.
* {{Keigo}}: Indicates that she is excessively formal.
** Watakushi when refering to herself and [[spoiler:Anata-sama]] for the Producer towards the end of her route.
* LadyOfWar: Her character in the second Idol movie seems to be this.
* LonelyRichKid
* MaybeMagicMaybeMundane: She's most likely either from the moon or from Germany.
* MissingMom: Her mom passed away when she was little.
* MundaneObjectAmazement
* TheOjou
* {{Omniglot}}: She's fluent in almost all languages related to Latin.
* RedBaron: She has "The Silver Queen" as one in multiple properties.
* RichInDollarsPoorInSense: On occassion she shows surprising ignorance about typical things a middle-class lifestyle experiences regularly (like supermarkets and vending machines). Whenever she needs to pay for something, Takane reveals she carries a black credit card, the color traditionally meaning it has unlimited spending and offers special perks to the carrier at elite shopping locations.
* TheRival: During her time at Project Fairy.
* ShroudedInMyth: In-universe, she's this to her fans and even somewhat to her fellow idols.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Ramen.
** To be more specific, the soup broth in ramen. She doesn't particularly care for the noodles, but eats them because it would be disrespectful to waste food. Due to her eccentric raising, she's likely to be unaware of bullion cubes.
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes
* WiseBeyondTheirYears: She's quite philosophical and can offer insightful thoughts.

[[folder:Dearly Stars Idols]]

!876 Production Idols
An idol stable exclusive to the ''Dearly Stars'' game.
* {{Cameo}}: During Episode 10. They even get to sing the ending theme for that Episode.
** They appear again during episode 25.
** They can also be seen briefly during credits in episode 18.
* ColorCodedCharacters: Just like their 765 counterparts.
* TrueCompanions

!!Ai Hidaka
->'''Voiced by:''' HarukaTomatsu
-->'''Age:''' 13
-->'''Height:''' 149 cm
-->'''Weight:''' 40 kg
-->'''Birthday:''' June 25th
-->'''Blood Type:''' O
-->'''Three Sizes:''' 78-55-79
-->'''Hobbies:''' Bargain Hunting, Goldfish scooping
-->'''Image color:''' Splash Red

13-year-old daughter of Mai, herself a once hugely popular idol. Growing up on tales of her mother's glory, little wonder she ended up wanting to become an idol herself. Unfortunately, she fails every audition she tries, until a chance meeting with Haruka, who felt she has potential and introduces her to ''876''.
* AbsurdlyYouthfulMother: Mai was forced into retirement when she got pregnant at age 15 (and still at the peak of her career) with Ai. Fourteen years later, when now 29-year-old Mai decides to rejoin the business, she's understandably still very hot.
* [[AscendedFanboy Ascended Fangirl]]
* [[CallingTheOldManOut Calling the Old Lady Out]]: Ai and Mai had a falling-out after the latter's comeback, and are rivals for several chapters of Ai's story.
* CuteBruiser: She beats up Ryo more than once across the different stories.
* {{Determinator}}
* {{Expy}}: Of Haruka.
* GenkiGirl
* ImageSong: "ALIVE" and "Hanamaru"
* InelegantBlubbering: Part of her friendship with Yukiho stems from both being prone to cry a lot. The difference is where Yukiho mostly whimpers, Ai sounds the foghorn.
* NoIndoorVoice
* StacysMom: Ai is the Stacy in this case.
* StageMom: A subtle case, but the tales of Ai's mother made her desperate for a moment in the spotlight.
* StuckInTheirShadow: InUniverse, Ai fears this when her manager says she could become a big success just by namedropping her famous mother, saying she wants to become an idol based on her own ability. A fear which turns out to be entirely justified.

!!Eri Mizutani
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/KanaHanazawa
-->'''Age:''' 15
-->'''Height:''' 152 cm
-->'''Weight:''' 36 kg
-->'''Birthday:''' March 7th
-->'''Blood Type:''' B
-->'''Three Sizes:''' 82-53-76
-->'''Hobbies:''' Video editing, Jigsaw puzzles
-->'''Image color:''' Innocent Blue

15-year-old Eri was a hikikomori and an internet celebrity known as "ELLIE". One day, however, she is scouted by a producer from ''876'' to become a real idol, a prospect Eri is naturally very nervous about.
* ButNowIMustGo: The end of her story arc.
* ElegantGothicLolita: Her ELLIE persona was famous for this.
* EveryGirlIsCuterWithHairDecs: Her clip.
* {{Geek}}
* {{Hikikomori}}
* HollywoodNerd: Eri is surprisingly pretty and well-kempt for a hikikomori.
* ImageSong: "Precog" and "[[EverythingSoundsSexierInFrench Crossword]]"
* KindHeartedCatLover
* {{Otaku}}: Eri frequently references video games and internet memes, in some cases outright quoting lines.
* ShrinkingViolet
* ShyBlueHairedGirl

!!'''Ryo Akizuki'''
->'''Voiced by:''' YukoSanpei
-->'''Age:''' 15
-->'''Height:''' 162 cm
-->'''Weight:''' 54 kg
-->'''Birthday:''' September 15th
-->'''Blood Type:''' O
-->'''Three Sizes:''' 80-58-80 (yes, really. Go figure.)
-->'''Hobbies:''' Cleaning, Cooking
-->'''Image color:''' Neue Green

A soft spoken 15-year-old ''boy'' and Ritsuko's cousin. Fed up with his lack of luck with girls and [[EvenTheGuysWantHim unwanted luck with boys]], he asked Ritsuko for help in turning him into the kind of cool, handsome idol that women would love. She introduced him to ''876'', where he is promptly [[DraggedIntoDrag put into a frilly pink dress]] and pushed onstage in a desperate attempt to save a show after the actual performer is a no-show.
* BoyMeetsGirl
* ButtMonkey: Ryo's story is one long HumiliationConga leading up to the end.
** Several of Ryo's bad endings turn out rather miserably for him as well. Being found out and becoming a laughingstock doesn't seem so bad compared to the ending where he cracks under the pressure of maintaining his double life and [[BecomingTheMask actually begins to believe he is a girl.]]
* ClarkKenting: Glasses on, Male. Glasses off, Female!
* DraggedIntoDrag
* DudeLooksLikeALady
** EvenTheGuysWantHim
* EarnYourHappyEnding: In Ryo's absolute best ending, he still loses a fairly sizeable chunk of fans who felt betrayed by the lie. However, he retains a large fandom of guys either [[IfItsYouItsOkay willing to make an exception]] or in it for the music, and also gains a new following of fans inspired by the courage it took for him to pursue his dream of performing as a male idol.
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: Yumeko ''thinks'' Ryo has this effect on her, before finding out his little secret, to much relief on her part.
* ImageSong: "Dazzling World" and "Himitsu no Sangoshou"
* JapanesePronouns: Normally "Boku". In idol persona, he uses "Watashi".
* MasculineGirlFeminineBoy: Yumeko wears the pants.
* ShipTease: With Makoto in the Neue Green manga. Initially he is mistaken about Makoto's gender and [[EvenTheGuysWantHim believes he has a gay crush]] on her, while Makoto is not yet informed of the truth about him and [[EvenTheGirlsWantHer thinks Ryo is confessing a lesbian crush.]]
* TabloidMelodrama: He and Makoto are the target of one such magazine in an early chapter of his story.
* UnsettlingGenderReveal: Ryo does this to the entire nation of Japan. His popularity determines whether they love him anyway or laugh him off the stage.
* WholesomeCrossdresser

!Other Dearly Star Idols

!!Yumeko Sakurai
->'''Voiced by:''' SayuriYahagi (''[=NeueGreen=]'' Drama CD)

Ryo's fellow idol and rival in his storyline. Though she maintains an image of being cute and innocent, she uses incredibly dirty tactics to claw her way to the top, such as giving out candies that clog the vocal cords of her rivals, or sabotaging the stage so the other contestants screw up.
* AlphaBitch
* BitchInSheepsClothing
* DefrostingIceQueen
* DemotedToExtra: Hello and goodbye, Ms. Relatively Minor Character! No albums for you!
* FanGirl: Of Azusa, to the point of calling her [[CoolBigSis sister]].
* KarmaHoudini
* KickTheDog: She hates Yayoi's guts, even going so far as attempting to pull her candy trick and ruin a live show before Ryo intervenes.
** PetTheDog: She has the decency to feel bad about it later, upon finding out about Yayoi's financial situation.
* TheRival
* {{Tsundere}}: For Ryo.
* VitriolicBestBuds: Prior to her finding out Ryo's gender, the two develop an odd mixture of mutual hatred and friendship, and hang out together quite often.
* WoundedGazelleGambit: Her first line of defense when called out on cheating.

[[folder:Project Jupiter]]
!Project Jupiter
[[quoteright:350:]][[caption-width-right:350:From left to right: Hokuto, Touma, Shouta]]
The [[{{Bishonen}} all-male]] idol group formed by 961 Production in ''iM@S2''. They basically act as TheRival in that game.

* DarkerAndEdgier: The boys have a distinctly darker sound. Just compare "Alice or Guilty" to the girls' "The World Is All One" or "Shiny Smile". And then "Koi wo Hajimeyou" happened...
* EvenEvilHasStandards: Or at least "Hypercompetitive Idols with a Penchant for SeriousBusiness". [[spoiler:Once they learn how low Kuroi would stoop to ruin the innocent idols of 765 Pro, they decide to call it quits]].
* GracefulLoser: In the game, even after losing to the girls in the Idol Awards, the boys bear no ill will against them and congratulate them. Kuroi on the other hand...
* {{Jerkass}}: In the anime, as Haruka first witnessed. Or at least that's how they appear to be, no thanks to Kuroi manipulating them into thinking that ''765'''s idols are "corrupt".
** RecycledScript: Their anime plotline has a lot of elements borrowed from the Project Fairy storyline in the SP games, and Kuroi fueling rivalry between idol groups with over-the-top stories of his own victimhood is one of those.
* {{Idol Singer}}s
* MrFanservice
* TheRival
* UnwittingPawn: To Kuroi, who has been manipulating them into thinking that the idols of 765 are "corrupt" and that they were to do everything to stop them. [[spoiler:And in Episode 21, once they wisen up to what's actually happening, they are understandably pissed off and walk out on Kuroi.]]

!!'''Touma Amagase'''
->'''Voiced by:''' TakumaTerashima
-->'''Age:''' 17
-->'''Height:''' 175cm
-->'''Weight:''' 57kg
-->'''Birthday:''' March 3rd
-->'''Blood type:''' B
-->'''Three sizes:''' 81-65-80
-->'''Hobbies:''' Soccer, cooking, collecting figures

17-year-old leader of Project Jupiter. A self-centered idol who takes idol work very seriously and dislikes people who are just in for the fun of it.
* {{Adorkable}}: The real personality under his grouchy, competitive facade; while this is hinted at in his dere moments, it's especially apparent towards the end of both the game and anime.
** [[spoiler:DefeatMeansFriendship]]
* AnAesop: He's a grumpy, overcompetitive guy whose teammates are much more laid back than him, and he's in a game about ThePowerOfFriendship. [[spoiler:Then he [[SpannerInTheWorks discovers his boss's underhanded tactics]]...]]
* AnimeHair
* {{Determinator}}: In your first face-off against him (where the winner is the group who can draw the most spectators to their stage with their performance), Touma utterly ''[[CurbStompBattle destroys]]'' your group even after losing one speaker to an electrical surge.
* {{Expy}}: Shares a lot of resemblances with [[VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia Kratos Aurion]], from another NamcoBandai game.
* FluffyFashionFeathers: Has one on his belt.
* IdiotHair: Rivaling Miki and Ai's.
* ImageSong: "[[YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre BANGxBANG]]"
* InsufferableGenius: He has the skill to back up his arrogance.
* ItsAllAboutMe
* {{Jerkass}}
* MissingMom: According to a drama CD, his mother passed away when he was young.
* RealMenWearPink: Loves to cook.
* SeriousBusiness: Idoling.
* SpannerInTheWorks: [[spoiler:In Episode 19 he discovers Kuroi plotting to destroy Chihaya's career with a picture of her arguing with her mother over Yuu's grave. He angrily calls him out in Episode 20, and come next episode he, Hokuto and Shouta finally call it quits.]]
* StopHavingFunGuy
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: According to drama [=CDs=] and the D@ys of Jupiter manga, it's cream soda.
* TrashTalk
* {{Tsundere}}: He's not quite the tough guy he thinks he is. He gets flustered and tries to cover it up whenever this shows through. [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] by Shouta.
* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have To Be Takane?]]

!!Hokuto Ijuuin
->'''Voiced by:''' Daichi Kanbara
-->'''Age:''' 20
-->'''Height:''' 180cm
-->'''Weight:''' 64kg
-->'''Birthday:''' February 14th
-->'''Blood type:''' O
-->'''Three sizes:''' 86-76-87
-->'''Hobbies:''' Piano, violin, dating

An "eternally dangerous idol prince", 20-year-old Hokuto is another idol for Project Jupiter, and his hobbies include piano, violin and going on dates.
* {{Adorkable}}: His self-introduction consists solely of over-the-top pickup lines and attempts at flirting because he claims he only knows how to appeal to a female audience.
* BlondGuysAreEvil
* TheCasanova: In the anime, he's attractive ''to an ostrich!''
* GratuitousItalian: "Ciao!" He uses this constantly, nearing CatchPhrase levels.
* ImageSong: "[[SnowMeansLove Kesshou ~Crystal Dust~]]"
* PrinceCharming: He is promoted as an "idol prince," and while not an actual prince, has the [[TheCharmer charming demeanor]] befitting one.

!!'''Shouta Mitarai'''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/YoshitsuguMatsuoka
-->'''Age:''' 14
-->'''Height:''' 163cm
-->'''Weight:''' 49kg
-->'''Birthday:''' April 20th
-->'''Blood type:''' AB
-->'''Three sizes:''' 77-60-79
-->'''Hobbies:''' Napping, filial piety

An aptly named 14-year-old idol who takes a relaxed approach to his career.
* {{Expy}}: It's pretty hard not to notice his similarities with Iori.
* ImageSong: "On Sunday"
* ManipulativeBastard: Not really one of the more serous examples, but he does tend to fake crying to make other people give him free things.
* PeekABangs: In the D@ys of Jupiter manga, he adapts this hairstyle in his outside disguise.
* TheSlacker

[[folder:One For All Rivals]]

->'''Voiced by:''' Minori Chihara

A Festa opponent to be introduced in One For All, hyped as the strongest rival yet.

* AnimeHair: Possibly the most extreme example in the mainline games to date.
* FashionableAsymmetry: With her heterochromia, her different-length gloves and singular stocking, she definitely shows this in her stage outfit.
* GenderBlenderName: "Leon" is the offical romanziation of her name, and this name is considered to be masculine in many countries.
* ImageSong: Acceleration
* MismatchedEyes
* RankInflation: Her idol rank is simply known as "Over-ranked."
* TheRival
* {{Workaholic}}




!!'''The Producer'''
->'''Voiced by:''' Yuuki Tai (Frontier Works' Drama [=CDs=]), Creator/TakahiroMizushima (''Relations'' Drama CD), KenjiAkabane (Anime), Shintaro Asanuma (''Nemurihime'' Drama CD), JunjiMajima (''Puchim@s!'') [[quoteright:130:]]

The rookie producer of ''765'' controlled by the player. As an avatar of the player, he is voiceless, faceless, and nameless, known only as "Producer" to everyone. In the anime, he's still nameless, but is revealed to be a young man not much older than Azusa, with mild manners and a nondescript face. Dedicated, if occasionally overwhelmed, he works hard to get the idols under his care to stardom. He is much less hands-on than Ritsuko, acting more as a guiding and supportive figure than a boss.
* [[spoiler:ButNowIMustGo]]: Invoked during the endings of ''iM@S'' and ''iM@S2''. [[spoiler: Averted if the Producer returns or the idol finds him a year later]].
* ButtMonkey: Is this a little in the anime.
* CelibateHero: Specifically the anime version, especially around Miki, since a romantic affair could create scandalous negative publicity and ruin an idol's career. The game version does not follow this trope, since certain characters have love confessions in their story routes ([[spoiler:Azusa and Takane]] for example).
* CovertPervert: In most cases, the anime version of the Producer maintains a professional air around the idols. However the anime episode from Shiny Festa: Harmonic Score/Honey Sound has a scene with bikini clad Azusa approaching the Producer with unintentional disregard to personal space. The Producer quickly backs away and stops her from closer contact, but can't avoid giving a leering expression at her body for a second. Haruka witnesses the entire event and calls him out on it.
* CoverVersion: Has covered [[ Kobukuro]]'s "Yell ~yell~" and [[ Ulfuls]]' "Ashita ga Aru sa (Georgia de Ikimashou hen)".
** There's FridgeBrilliance in this. Many music producers have professional talent or were once successful artists. Despite his importance and frequent appearance in ''iM@S'', nothing is known of the Producer's personal life or history.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: How he is portrayed in the Drama [=CDs=].
* CryIntoChest: The idols are prone to do this to him in the games.
* DependingOnTheArtist: Those series which actually show him have rather different takes on his looks. In the manga ''The Idolm@ster Relations'' he is tall and slim but otherwise an ordinary office worker. In the manga ''The Idolm@ster 2: The World Is All One!!'' he is of more ordinary height but doesn't use glasses [[spoiler:until after Chapter 20]]. In the anime series he could go for an older version of [[Manga/LoveHina Keitaro Urashima]] or [[LightNovel/NogizakaHarukaNoHimitsu Yuuto Ayase]].
* [[TheChosenOne The Destined One]]: He is the one [[spoiler:Azusa has been searching for.]]
* {{Determinator}}: For an idol under his care. He will not rest until she has achieved the musical acclaim she deserves.
* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep: Or some other name-avoiding title.
* {{Expy}}: His anime version is one of [[ZettaiKarenChildren Koichi Minamoto]], but now caring for 13 girls instead of three!
* TheFaceless: Until the anime came along. Still a very nondescript face though.
* FeaturelessProtagonist: His game incarnations for the most part.
* HeroicSacrifice: He will not hesitate, even for a moment, to put his life in danger to protect the idols from harm.
* HeWhoMustNotBeHeard: In the game.
** TheOtherDarrin: For the Drama [=CDs=], Yuuki Tai ([[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsAlpha Cobray Gordon]]); for the anime, Kenji Akabane ([[ShinMazinger the new Kouji Kabuto]] and [[DynastyWarriors Xiahou Ba]]); for ''Puchim@s'', Junji Majima.
* JobTitle: He is the one. He will become the Idolmaster.
* KnowledgeBroker: To various degrees, as required for someone who's a record producer. His proficiency level at it varies from incarnation to incarnation.
* TheMainCharactersDoEverything: The Producer is the [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin music producer]] for ''765 Pro''... but also a book manager, road manger, talent manager, tour manager, promoter, and even occassional psychologist. He does all the administrative tasks ''except'' for paying everything, which are the duties of the executive produer, President Takagi.
* MarriedToTheJob: For his incarnation in ''Cinderella Girls''. He enjoys his work and wants to see all the idols succeed, but avoids responding to their romantic flirting and marriage teasing.
* {{Megane}}: In the anime adaptation and several manga adaptations.
* NiceGuy: In the anime version, which earned him a FanNickname, "Broducer".
* OfficeRomance: With the various idols through all the different media. Oddly enough, never with Kotori though.
* PlayerCharacter: In the games.
* ThePromise: Has several with the various idols. Being able to keep his word is one of the factors that earns their undying trust.
* ShipTease: With the various idols he interacts with. Specially Miki.
** The attraction is largely one sided from Miki and not actively reciprocated by the Producer. The anime episode from Shiny Festa: Melodic Disc/Groovy Tune also indicate that Yukiho, Makoto, and Takane have good chemistry with him... much to Miki's concern. Not to mention that all the idols from Cinderella Girls have a crush on him in varying degrees. Nonetheless, the Producer maintains a strict business relationship with the idols, and is uncomfortable when any of them show romantic advances.
* SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan: The idols having romantic feelings for him. A common theme is that the Producer ''always'' believes in the inner strength and hidden talent of an idol, even when she feels it's lacking or not there. When she eventually overcomes the challenge, the idol realizes his support is unwavering, no matter how high she climbs or how far she falls.
* WeDoTheImpossible: Any idol under his wing will become successful. It doesn't matter how stacked the odds, the obscurity of the idol-to-be, or limited the accessible resources: he will make it happen.
* {{Workaholic}}: He does not appear to have any hobbies or a social life outside of supporting the idols under his care. Fortunately they are quite aware of this, and his devotion to them is genuinely reciprocated.

!!'''Takao Kuroi'''
->'''Voiced by:''' TakehitoKoyasu
-->'''Birthday:''' September 6th

The president of 961 Production, first introduced in ''Idolm@ster SP''.
* ConsummateLiar: One of his deceptions includes giving Hibiki a larger B-W-H than she really has (which was revealed by ''iM@S2'').
* CorruptCorporateExecutive
* DirtyOldMan
* EvilCounterpart: To the producer.
* GratuitousFrench: In SP, he likes peppering his sentences with French words like "Non", "Oui", etc. Would've been a FrenchJerk if he wasn't Japanese at all.
* HeWhoMustNotBeSeen
** TheFaceless: In the anime.
* {{Jerkass}}: Very much likes giving rumors and lies and slanders about 765 Pro... why? Just because he wants to feel superior over Takagi.
* ManipulativeBastard: To Project Fairy in ''iM@S SP'', and Jupiter in ''iM@S2''.
* MeaningfulName: Kuroi can be broken down into Ku-Ro-I, which corresponds to 9-6-1. Kuroi also means "black".
* PetTheDog: A dishonest manipulator he may be, but one SP radio drama reveals a (somehow) nicer side, when he takes a "family-like" photo of Azusa, Iori and Producer, and gives it to them to keep as a memorial/gift.
* PitifulWorms: One of his ways to insult the people of 765 Productions.
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: In ''iM@S2'', during the Idol Academy nominations party, he harshly insults the Producer and your unit. Cue the ShutUpHannibal from your unit's leader.
* SmartPeoplePlayChess: Confusing in that while he is a ManipulativeBastard, his formations in the board games he plays in the anime are always a huge "X".
* TookALevelInJerkass: Kuroi ''is'' already a big {{Jerkass}} in the games, but in the anime, we see him doing much more dangerous slanders than just spreading rumors. This culminates in [[MoralEventHorizon the slandering of Chihaya's past]], which [[HeroicBSOD traumatizes the poor girl]] and [[EvenEvilHasStandards disgusts the Jupiter boys]].
* WeUsedToBeFriends: [[spoiler:With Junijiro.]]

!!Kotori Otonashi
->'''Voiced by:''' Juri Takita
-->'''Age:''' 2? (It's rude to ask a lady her age.)
-->'''Height:''' 159 cm
-->'''Weight:''' 49 kg
-->'''Birthday:''' September 9th
-->'''Blood type:''' AB
-->'''Three sizes:''' Secret (Not divulged, Undisclosed, etc.)
-->'''Hobbies Im@s:''' Wild fancy, Browsing 2chan
-->'''Hobbies Im@s 2:''' Watching TV, Daydreaming, Forum surfing
-->'''Image color:''' Light yellow

Secretary of 765 Production, who serves as the game's announcer and tutorial guide. Famous for daydreaming on the job -- sometimes in the middle of conversations.

[[spoiler:In the anime, it was revealed that she was an ex-idol under the tutelage of Takagi and Kuroi before their falling-out.]]
* ADayInTheLimelight: Although not an idol, she sometimes gets a song in the larger album collections. [[spoiler:This turns out to be a {{foreshadowing}} of her past as an idol.]]
* BeautyMark: She has one on the side of her mouth.
* ChristmasCake: It's strongly hinted that this bothers her (see ''Age'', above).
* ExpositionFairy
* FirstNameBasis: Subverted in ''iM@S2''. Upon her self-introduction, she suggests the Producer call her either "Kotori-san", "Kotori-neesan", or "Kotori-chan". However, he decides to use [[LastNameBasis "Otonashi-san"]] instead.
* ForgetfulJones: One of her traits in ''Puchim@s!'', making [=PiyoPiyo=] a vital presence for office work.
* [[spoiler:IdolSinger: She used to be.]]
* ImageSong: "Sora", "Hana", "Hikari", and "Sachi".
* JustFriends: In every incarnation of ''iM@S'' media she is featured in, Kotori is unattainable for the Producer to support as an idol. She never interacts with the Producer on a personal level, so there's never chemistry between them. While she is featured in special Drama [=CDs=], NamcoBandai has not released an official manga, sidegame, or DLC that features Kotori as winnable.
** In ''One For All'', on the other hand, she does try to ask the Producer out for dinner, and [[spoiler: is extremely disappointed when he turns out to be busy. ([[{{Railroading}} Sadly, the player isn't given the option to accept her invitation.]]) ]]
* [[spoiler:LittleBlackDress: When she sings in Episode 21, she wears this, and looks great in it.]]
* MamaBear: Towards [=PiyoPiyo=].
* MeaningfulName / PunnyName: Her name literally means "soundless little bird", which was an allusion to her not being an idol when the franchise was started. As the years progressed and fans made demands for her, she became an unofficial one.
* MissionControl: Her first appearance in Live For You was this for the player.
* OutOfFocus
* SexySecretary
* ShipperOnDeck: In the anime, she seems to be very fixated on the idea of Makoto/Yukiho...
* {{Workaholic}}: Even when she's off work, Kotori is doing something work related, like watching the idols on television.
* YuriFan: In the anime.
* {{Zettai Ryouiki}}

!!Junichiro Takagi
->'''Voiced by:''' Kan Tokumaru
-->'''Birthday:''' July 6th

President of 765 Production. [[TheFaceless Appears only as a black silhouette from the neck down]]. In the ''iM@S SP'' games, he has a fairly major role in the story... but still appears only as a black silhouette. Everyone refers to him as "President", so it's easy to forget his name.
* BenevolentBoss: He's generally depicted in this way...
* MissionControl: In the Xbox version of the game, he's the one who gives the player information on the current trends and idol rank every week.
* PutOnABus: In ''iM@S2'' his cousin Junijirou becomes president, while Junichiro becomes chairman as to avoid traveling all over the country.
** Though the change could have been prompted by his voice actor's [[ActorExistenceFailure sudden death]] before he could do any more voicework. This may also be the reason he does not appear in the ''Puchim@s'' anime adaptation which uses the poor Producer in his gags.
* StupidBoss: Got handed the IdiotBall for the ''iM@S SP'' games.

!!Junjiro Takagi
->'''Voiced by:''' HochuOtsuka

New president of 765 Production after his cousin Junichiro stepped down. In the anime, his body can now be seen in full, but his face is still obscured. Like Junichiro, he is referred to by everyone as "President".
* BenevolentBoss: Nothing makes him happier than seeing his idols growing stronger and happy.
* HeWhoMustNotBeSeen
** TheFaceless: In the anime.
* PassingTheTorch: His position was passed onto him by his cousin.
* StatusQuoIsGod: Thanks to the Producer and the idols, at the conclusion of the anime, the bank accounts for 765 Production were full of cash. Junjiro used the money to purchase the company a massive corporate headquarters beyond their wildest dreams. [[spoiler:Unfortunately the previous property owner was Kuroi, who pulled a bankruptcy scam and took 765Pro's mortgage payment without them being able to keep the building. Thus the group remain at sqaure one, in the same rundown office they started in, despite being national celebrities]].
* WeUsedToBeFriends: [[spoiler:With Kuroi.]]

!!Minori Ishikawa
->'''Voiced by:''' RisaHayamizu (''[=InnocentBlue=]'' Drama CD)

The president of 876 Production. An old friend with Junichiro.
* BenevolentBoss
* IdiotHair
* SheWhoMustNotBeSeen: Like the other president, she only appears as a silhouette in the game.

!!Manami Okamoto
The manager of 876 Production. She's the one responsible for making Ryo debut as a female idol.
* TheCameo: Appears in the final episode of the anime.
* TheDitz
* IdiotHair
* {{Meganekko}}

!!Reiko Ozaki
->'''Voiced by:''' YuuAsakawa (''[=InnocentBlue=]'' Drama CD)

A freelance producer who brings Eri to the idol industry.
* [[spoiler:IdolSinger: In the past, but never really got too popular due to slanderous comments of her unit on the internet.]]
* TomboyishPonytail