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!! Dorothy Zbornak, née Petrillo (Creator/BeaArthur)

A substitute teacher from Brooklyn, New York who is very well-read with a rapier wit, but prone to arrogance and being a DeadpanSnarker; even so, Dorothy tends to be the most grounded of the four titular girls.
* {{Bookworm}}: A frequenter at the local library who always turns her books in on time... who are you to judge her?
* ButtMonkey: Tends to have the worst luck when it comes to her personal life.
* BrainyBrunette: As seen in flashbacks.
* BreakTheHaughty: Whenever she begins to think too highly of herself, Blanche, Sophia, or just [[ButtMonkey life]] step in to take her down.
* [[CallingTheOldManOut Calling the Old Woman Out]]: In ''The Monkey Show'', Dorothy finds out that Sophia set up Stan with Dorothy's sister Gloria, and she's more than miffed that, after all the years Sophia spent complaining about Dorothy being with Stan, she suddenly thinks he's a good catch for Gloria. Dorothy decides that she's tired of Sophia trivializing her feelings and walks out on her.
* CatchPhrase: "Shady Pines, Ma!"
* TheChewToy: Frequently will ask an innocent question, only for it to turn into a series of insults. One time, after she found a strange rock under her bed. Marguerite, their housekeeper whom they suspected of practicing voodoo, put it there.
-->'''Marguerite''': I learned it from my grandmother. You put a specially-painted rock under a person's bed to guarantee a restful sleep. I figured with those bags under your eyes, you needed the rest.
-->'''Rose''': Dorothy always looks like that.
-->'''Blanche''': Besides, it'll take more than sleep to knock out those babies.
-->'''Dorothy''': Listen, why don't I just lay down and you all take turns hitting me with a two-by-four?
* CompressedVice: Dorothy has grappled with both cigarette smoking and a gambling addiction.
%%* DeadpanSnarker: It's Bea fricking Arthur - what the hell did you ''expect''?.
%%Context, that's what. Don't uncomment the above example without explaining how the trope applies.
* EarnYourHappyEnding: The final two episodes of the series were about Dorothy finally finding true love with Blanche's uncle, Lucas Hollingsworth, and marrying him.
* EmbarrassingNickname: "Moose", according to her mother.
* FourTemperamentEnsemble: The Choleric.
* HollywoodDateless
* IncrediblyLameFun: Doesn't understand why her students don't share her enthusiasm for ''diagramming sentences.''
* InsufferableGenius: At her worst.
* LadyLooksLikeADude: Is sometimes mistaken for a man due to her voice. Many of Blanche and Sophia's insults are in this vein.
** Granted, Dorothy would use this to her own benefit as well. Once, when the girls were in jail and a woman tried to pick a fight with Blanche, Dorothy jumped in and said that the woman would have to go through her first, and she warned her that she'd done time in Attica. When the other woman mentioned that Attica is a men's prison, Dorothy said, "I know. I was there a year before they found out." The other woman backed off.
* OnlySaneMan: Around 90% of the time, but DependingOnTheWriter she's had moments when the others (usually Sophia) have to [[NotSoAboveItAll bring her back down to Earth.]]
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: When even ''Dorothy'' doesn't have a snarky comeback, you '''''know''''' that something is, most definitely, wrong.
* ReactionShot: Bea Arthur could sell these like nobody else.
* ShotgunWedding: The only reason for her failed first marriage.
* TallDarkAndSnarky
* TeenPregnancy: Courtesy of Stan and a vaguely BlackComedyRape date in the back of a car.
* {{Tsundere}}: She and an undercover cop who lives with them in one episode have a SlapSlapKiss dynamic.
* ThemeNaming: Well, nicknaming. Dorothy was usually called "Pussycat" by Sophia, and when her sister Gloria showed up, Sophia called her "Kitten."
* TheUnfavorite: Felt like Sophia favored her younger sister, Gloria, over her. Turns out Gloria often felt like TheUnfavorite compared to Dorothy because she felt like Sophia respected Dorothy more.
* UnstoppableRage: Alluded at. She apparently once made a policeman cry, and in Rose's words, "uprooted a mighty sequoia" after Rose lost her keys.

!! Blanche Devereaux, née Hollingsworth (Rue [=McClanahan=])

A native of Georgia who owns the house the girls all live in. [[note]] Originally--later in the series, she sells each of the girls a share of the house to circumvent a law against having too many renters, and to truly show they were all family.[[/note]] A distinctly Southern [[TheVamp vamp]] who scoffs at the idea that a woman can't have a sex life after 50 (or 40, or however old she says she is that day).
* ACupAngst: Despite being catnip on legs for most of the men of Miami, Blanche had a few episodes devoted to feeling a little inadequate in this regard. She considers implants in one episode, and in another, when Rose tries to psych her out at a bowling tournament by wearing the exact same outfit, Rose says not to worry because it looks different on a woman with a full bosom.
* AlphaBitch: Seems to have been one when she was a child if her stories are accurate.
** Of course, she grew up in a family of them. During Christmas one year, one of Blanche's sisters electrocuted her with the star of the Christmas tree, and then blamed her for the whole thing, which led their father to send her to her room and tell her that Baby Jesus was mad at her for ruining his birthday ([[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and the electricity straightened her hair.]]) And let's not forget ''Vixen, Story of a Woman.''
* AttentionWhore: If it is not about her, she will do her best to make it about her.
* BigScrewedUpFamily: Blanche's family growing up and the one she had with George seems to be this. Blanche often regales that her father Big Daddy wasn't such a paragon of virtue as he appeared (he supported book burning, carried around a hollowed-out bible with liquor inside, slept with one of Blanche's ex-friends when she was older, and was in a relationship with Blanche's nanny Viola Watkins where it's implied he wasn't faithful, and is also implied to have been a Klan leader or member, or a bigot at least). And Blanche's hands-off parenting has had a negative effect on her children. One of her sons almost burned down their entire town when he was a kid, and her grandson has been badly neglected by his parents. Only now does it all seem to be catching up to Blanche.
-->'''Blanche''': You know, my family had a few dollars, and I loved them dearly, but, when you get right down to it, basically they were trash.
* BrainlessBeauty: She was probably second to Rose in these terms. Although, rather than being outright stupid, it seemed at times more like her cultured SouthernBelle upbringing left her a little naive to the ways of the real world.
* DaddysGirl: Without a doubt, Blanche loved both her parents, but especially "Big Daddy".
* DirtyOldWoman: To the point that even Maxim felt obliged to acknowledge her as # 1 of "TV's Best Nymphos."
* DisproportionateRetribution: When Blanche was young she didn't win a beauty pageant and got awarded Miss Congeniality. What did she do? Had a riverboat captain she was dating help her fake her death.
** She was also pretty quick to suggest that someone should be hanged or horsewhipped for fairly minor things.
* DistractedByTheSexy: Blanche occasionally distracts herself by describing an erotic scene.
* EthicalSlut: She loves sex, but she refuses to be a mistress and after an AIDS scare she always knows her partner's history and takes all the necessary precautions. She also was fiercely loyal to her husband during their marriage and was deeply hurt when it was revealed he fathered a child with another woman, saying the vows were sacred to her.
** There were 2 episodes from the 1st season where she was a victim of sexual harassment. The 1st one was by a man Dorothy was dating who Blanche was attracted to begin with which nearly caused the end of Dorothy and Blanche's friendship. The 2nd one was by a college professor after Blanche asked for help because she was trying to pass a course so she could get a job at a museum.
* FemmeFatale[=/=]TheVamp: No man over 45 (and some men under, too!) can resist the allure of Blanche Devereaux.
* FourTemperamentEnsemble: The Sanguine.
* GoodOldWays: She's occasionally mentioned how she misses the Old South, and laments the loss of chivalry. Frequently, Dorothy will usually step in to remind her that things weren't quite as rosy as she remembers.
* GrandmaWhatMassiveHotnessYouHave: Blanche has no problem finding a man in spite of being a grandmother... although she sometimes makes her grandkids call her "Mom" or "Sis".
* {{Hypocrite}}: Blanche could get very defensive over hers and other woman's right to sleep with as many men as they wanted to, but the minute Rose or Dorothy managed to grab a guy she had her eye on, she would immediately call them sluts.
* ItsAllAboutMe: By way of {{Flanderization}}, Blanche became more self-absorbed as the series went on.
* LargeHam: Blanche is prone to overdramatizing ''everything'' in a way that would make Ms. O'Hara herself sigh, "Bitch, please".
%%* LovableSexManiac: Dear god.
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* MeaningfulName: If Blanche Devereaux, the vain, man-hungry, aging Southern Belle isn't a reference to Blanche [=DuBois=], the vain, man-hungry, aging Southern Belle from Theatre/AStreetcarNamedDesire, I'll eat their wicker couch.
** She also has Meaningful Initials. '''B'''lanche '''E'''lisabeth '''D'''evereaux. Think about it.
* NobleBigot: Had a rough time accepting that her brother was gay, and an even rougher time accepting that he was getting married to a man.
** She was also very resistant to her daughter Rebecca getting artificially inseminated and having a baby without a man in her life.
* NoodleIncident: So many regarding her sex life, it's the stuff of legend. The most often involves her entering the room, LargeHam hyperbole at full throttle, saying she's never been more embarrassed in her life, only to be shut down by (usually) Dorothy. Examples:
** The 1964 Tokyo Olympics. (Blanche: So what, 80,000 people had to wait 20 minutes, the torch eventually got there, didn't it?)
** A time she lost her handcuff keys and had to go with a guy on his entire mail route.
** The time she spent dating a coach for the Miami Dolphins. ("Oh yeah, that was fun. [[NoodleImplements The locker room, the whirlpool, the adhesive tape.]])
** Her and Buzz Aldrin in the Lunar Module.
** The Greyhound Terminal Incident. Aside from it being brought up when she asked what could go wrong in a public place, they make no attempt to explain it. Although Dorothy was uncomfortable even mentioning it as opposed to her amusement in the other incidents. [[spoiler: Of course, that episode was AllJustADream.]]
** The time Blanche cost her date his party's nomination (although the pictures turned out nice.)
** The fact that even the Secret Service has a file on her (might even be linked to the above mentioned affair with a political candidate)
** When Blanche is in trouble with the IRS and plans to seduce the agent sent to audit her... only for said agent to be a woman. Many fans speculated that even the IRS had gotten wind of Blanche's reputation and deliberately sent a female agent in order to undermine her scheme.
** That one time Blanche was the other woman in an extramarital affair, which she claims was not her fault because the man's wife was declared dead and then immediately revived by paramedics.
** A related example happened when she filed a sexual harassment suit against a professor at college course. When an embarassed Blanche was trying to describe what the professor wanted her to do and still be discreet, the Dean hands her the form and asks "Do Number 5?" She looks and replies, "Actually, 5, 6, and 7b." This shocks the Dean, who said that he had never even ''heard'' of "7b." Blanche, annoyed with his reluctance to help, retorts, "Well, I've known about it for some time. And as far as I'm concerned, you can go do it to yourself."
* NotSoDifferent: She had this relationship with both of her sisters, Charmaine a little more than Virginia. They all seemed to dislike each other, and when they both showed up, it seemed like they never got along simply because they were so much alike. This was outright stated after Charmaigne wrote ''Vixen, Story of a Woman.'' They have a big blowup because Blanche assume Charmaine based the character on her, when Charmaine says she based her on herself.
* ObnoxiousInLaws: Is implied to be one to her unseen son-in-law, who she derisively refers to as "the yankee".
** She apparently did not get along with her former mother-in-law. She rejoiced when she found out the woman was dead. It might have had something to do with Mother Devereaux always referring to her as George's first wife...
--->'''Blanche:''' I just hope the old witch went slowly.
* ParentalNeglect: Blanche was a ''very'' "hands-off" mother, which factors into any episode that features her children and grandchildren. She tries to reverse this tendency with one of her granddaughters, but ends up forcing her into a beauty contest she clearly doesn't want to be in. A very rare example of ParentsAsPeople from the perspective of the "bad" parent.
* PerverseSexualLust: She has states she's had fantasies about both Santa Claus and the Seven Dwarves ("Seven lonely men... all alone, needing a woman... all with Napoleon Complexes, something to prove" and they all had jobs in a diamond mine.)
* ReallyGetsAround
* RetCon: "Hollingsworth" is her last name in the pilot, afterwards said to be her maiden name.
** Possible Fridge Brilliance: After losing George, she went back to her maiden name because the name Devereaux carried some painful memories. However, after the events of the pilot (where she nearly marries a con artist,) she was reminded just how much she loved her husband, and went back to Devereaux again.
* SouthernBelle
* SpoiledBrat: When she was a child.
* StageMom: Stage Grandma, actually. When her granddaughter Melissa was visiting, Blanche entered her in a local beauty pageant and this bothered Melissa so much she ran off stage the night of the actual pageant. In a moment of hypocrisy, Blanche seemed disgusted by an actual StageMom whose child was whispering "Help me," wondering what could be worse than having a mom like that. Rose responded "Having a grandmother like that."
* VagueAge: Invoked--Blanche likes to claim she is in her early forties, and even younger if she thinks she can get away with it. Her real age is a secret--when Dorothy and Rose get a copy of her birth certificate, they find that her date of birth ''has been withheld by order of the governor''. However, Blanche goes through menopause in the second season premiere, which means she could be anywhere from her late forties to early fifties at the start of the show.
** Interestingly enough, because Blanche was so neurotic about her age, that means there were less conflicting ages given for her compared to the others, and therefore her age is the most consistent, albeit by accident. (In a flashback in one episode, her mother said she was 17 during Christmas in 1949, meaning she was born in 1932 and therefore 53 at the beginning, lining up pretty well with the menopause episode. Since she almost never gave other mentions of her age, there's very little to contradict this.)
** Despite the above, certain instances imply she may be even older than they think. In one episode, Blanche recalls one of her father's escapades that took place after her younger brother was born, around the time prohibition was first passed... which was in 1920. She quickly corrected herself when someone brought that up.
* VirginInAWhiteDress: She wore red at her wedding, because "me wearing white? Even 'I' couldn't keep a straight face!".

!! Rose Nylund, née Lindstrum (Creator/BettyWhite)

A simple farmgirl from the fictional St. Olaf, Minnesota, Rose moved to Miami to start over after the death of her husband. She has a tendency to be slow on the uptake and has a more cheery disposition than the others, but that doesn't keep her from getting a good snark in.
* BerserkButton: Losing during sporting competitions, messing with her beloved teddy bear, and mocking her husband.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: She can be a pretty big bitch if she wants. On the flip side, she can also be a force to be reckoned with if people are trying to exploit her or the girls.
* {{Catchphrase}}: "Back in St. Olaf..."
* CompanionCube: She's very attached to a stuffed bear she calls Fernando. In one episode, Blanche accidentally gave it away to a young girl who then proceeded to hold it for ransom. When Rose found out about, she dropped her usual demeanor and order Blanche to get Fernando back.
-->'''Rose''': Blanche just cut the crap and get back the damn bear!
* CompressedVice: Rose is revealed in one episode to have been addicted to pain killers for 15 years. Over the course of the episode, she goes through rehab and flat-out states that it will be a lifelong problem for her... only for it never to be mentioned again.
* CloudCuckooLander
* CountryMouse
* DarkSecret: Rose has one about her late husband Charlie...
* DumbBlonde: Although many characters comment on how her hair is obviously dyed, she insists it's natural.
** It's entirely possible that she is/was a natural blonde, but she has since gone gray, and they're both right (she does color her hair, but she colors it to the color she had before, thereby still being her "natural" color.) And with her [[AccidentalPun Scandinavian roots]], it's quite likely her bright yellow hair really ''is'' natural.
* DumbIsGood: Is consistently the kindest and most innocent of the four. Sophia said it best [[note]] For context, Sophia walks in on Rose making egg-white omelets, who decided not to waste the yolks by putting them in a bag to give to the less fortunate.[[/note]]:
-->"Your heart's in the right place, Rose, but I don't know where the hell your brain is."
* TheDitz: On her good days. However...
* EthicalSlut: She admitted that she had 56 boyfriends when she was a teenager, and she would've had more if she was allowed to date before she became a senior, and she did not go all the way with any of them. She was also very upset upon discovering that she had been the mistress of her recently deceased boyfriend.
* FloralThemeNaming: Meet her two sisters, Holly and Lily.
* FourTemperamentEnsemble: The Phlegmatic.
* GeniusDitz: She is very knowledgeable in psychology.
* GenkiGirl
* FriendToAllLivingThings: It goes with the territory when one spends their entire childhood on a farm.
* HappilyAdopted: She does not even mention she was adopted until more than halfway into the series. Rose provides a rare glimpse at adoption from the viewpoint of an older character.
* TheIngenue
* LiteralMinded: Oftentimes she takes a turn of phrase literally. Also she sometimes DoesNotUnderstandSarcasm.
* MinnesotaNice
* NiceGirl
* NoodleIncident: Rose is chock full of these pertaining to her hometown St. Olaf.
* PostRobberyTrauma: Rose especially deals with this after the girls' house is robbed.
* PrecisionFStrike: Whenever she swears. Ironically, this is invoked to the point that she probably swears more than anyone else on the show.
* SarcasmBlind: At times, like when Sophia was telling the girls her friend died.
-->'''Rose:''' How did she die?
-->'''Sophia:''' [[SarcasmMode She was fighting an oil rig fire in the Gulf of Mexico.]] She was 88!
-->'''Rose:''' Well, at least she was able to work right up until the end.
* SpiritedCompetitor: Any kind of competition is SeriousBusiness to her and serves as her BerserkButton. She mentions that at one point in her youth it was so bad she had to change schools because of a "Field hockey incident."
* [[{{Manchild}} Womanchild]]: She plays shadow puppets in her room, still likes to play hide-and-seek, and some episodes show her having a strong attachment to teddy bears. In one episode, she and the girl scout troop she leads (as the den mother) write letters to then-Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev, and her writing is so childish that they assume that Rose is one of the scouts! Of course, the line about the threat of nuclear war "scaring the other girls in her cadet troupe" didn't help...

!! Sophia Petrillo (Estelle Getty)

Dorothy's acerbic mother, who immigrated from Sicily to Brooklyn as a young woman. She suffered a debilitating stroke a few years before the series started. Dorothy (happily) placed her in the Shady Pines nursing home for a few years, but it burned down in the first episode, leading to Sophia moving in with the girls.
* ArrangedMarriage: Had ''two'' (or three; sometimes she speaks of her marriage to Dorthy's father as one).
* AscendedExtra: Was conceived as a recurring DropInCharacter, but audiences responded very positively to her, causing her to be added to the main cast.
* BeenThereShapedHistory: Take them with a grain of salt, since Sophia's "Picture it" stories vary widely in credibility. She claims to have had romantic trysts with Pablo Picasso, Sigmund Freud, and Winston Churchill, opened a pizzeria with the woman who would later become Mama Celeste, and she and Sal had a flat tire at the same building as the St. Valentine's Day Massacre (although in a later episode she claimed [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial "I was at the movies that day. All day."]])
* BerserkButton: In "Sisters", the one insult that really got to Sophia is when her sister Angela says "may your marinara sauce never cling to your pasta!" Even Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche were shocked by this.
** Sophia's cooking is generally this for her. In another episode when Rose comments that something smells delicious and asks if it's Chef Boyardee, Sophia grabs a kitchen knife and shouts, "Stick it in my heart, it'll hurt less!"
* BrutalHonesty
* ButtMonkey: The whole world is her Butt Monkey.
* CatchPhrase: She always begins her stories with "Picture it: [place], [year]". It apparently runs in the family, since Sophia's siblings, Angelo and Angela, use the same phrase to begin ''their'' stories. Their mother also said it in a flashback.
** Also: [[OhCrap "Aw, yeeah..."]] whenever someone (usually Dorothy) points out something Sophia conveniently forgot, which would have been REALLY helpful for her to have remembered at the time.
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: Her acerbic nature is attributed to her stroke (said to have altered the part of her brain that helps her censor her thoughts), but later on, flashbacks and personal anecdotes establish that she has always been a spitfire, even before her stroke.
* CloudCuckooLander: Occasionally, by way of old-lady nuttiness. When Dorothy questions a story about pepperoni swimming upstream, her response is "I know! Pepperoni is a land meat, but there it was."
* CoolOldLady: Sophia definitely keeps up with the times, even owning a GameBoy.
* DeadpanSnarker: This is who Dorothy gets it from.
* FourTemperamentEnsemble: The Melancholic.
* GoodIsNotNice
* IWasQuiteALooker: Sophia describes herself as having been "a voluptuous blonde with a butt like granite".
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Sophia has an insult for everyone she meets, but she is also loving to her roommates--she explicitly states on several occasions that she loves Blanche and Rose as if they were own children--cooks for them whenever they ask, takes care of them and cleans up after them, as well as works for charity. Specifically, one episode shows her volunteering in a hospital, bringing cheer to the patients.
** That whole episode was an example of this. The episode was supposed to parallel Rose, Dorothy, and Blanche being lazy (they vow to do something constructive, but spend the whole day in their pajamas eating pizza) and worrying that Sophia might be leading an empty life. This was played for HypocriticalHumor, cause while they're worried about Sophia and lounging around, Sophia: 1) Helped a friend who had been cheated at a supermarket get a refund, 2) lead a bunch of her friends who had formed a band through a fundraising concert (which was done every week,) and 3) volunteer at a hospital and cheering up an ill little boy with some unspecified illness (though the mention of the botched blood transfusion and her telling him to hang in there until a cure is found heavily implies that it's AIDS)
* KickTheDog: Unfortunately, there were a few times where Sophia's crusty attitude shifted into full fledged meanness without any comedic elements towards it, and her actions have been legitimately hurtful towards others. She ostracized her son Phil and had a nasty relationship with his wife because of Phil's crossdressing, which not only hurt Phil but alienated Sophia from their kids and [[spoiler: it's only after Phil dies that Sophia is finally able to realize Phil's desire to wear feminine clothes did not make him less of a good person.]] There were also the times when she set up Gloria and Stan regardless of Dorothy's feelings, and the time she almost destroyed Rose's relationship with Miles by mocking Rose's dead husband.
* MamaBear: Age be damned, you'd better not threaten her kids, Biological or otherwise.
* MayDecemberRomance: She's been able to court guys who're much younger than she is, sometimes only by a few years, sometimes by a few decades.
* MyBelovedSmother: A few episodes involved Dorothy growing frustrated with how much Sophia would comment on and interfere with her life, specifically trying to set her up with various men of dubious quality when Dorothy made it abundantly clear she was very happy and content with her life as it was.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: In ''The Monkey Show'', after Dorothy calls out Sophia's blatant insensitivity and walks out on her, Sophia seems pissed, but then heads to her brother Angelo for advice on what to do because she feels horrible. Sophia tried to set up Dorothy's sister with Stan, with no regards to Dorothy's feelings after all the years Sophia complained about her marriage to Stan. Angelo says this isn't like when the girls were kids and that Stan's not a toy. Even though she meant well for Gloria, she did wrong by Dorothy and had to make it right.
* NeverMessWithGranny
* ObnoxiousInLaws: Is one to her son Phil's wife Angela--even after his death, she struggles to treat her with even a modicum of respect. [[spoiler: She gets better by the end of the episode when she stops blaming herself ''and'' Angela for Phil's crossdressing.]]
** It's also implied that she was no less obnoxious to Dorothy's ex-husband Stan before the divorce than she is after. Yet again, it was revealed in a therapy session with Stan she had trouble coming to respect him since he forced her daughter into a shotgun wedding at 17, cheated on her repeatedly, and then dumped her after 38 years for a blond stewardess.
* OnlyOneName: A variation--we know her married names, but her maiden name is a mystery, especially considering those of the other three were revealed. Sometimes it's listed as either Angelo or Grisanti, but both are rooted in {{Fanon}}.
* ParentalFavoritism: Played with. Oftentimes it seems that she favored her [[YoungestChildWins youngest daughter, Gloria]], over both Dorothy and Phil. Gloria, however, was just as convinced that Dorothy was the favorite. Phil was doubtlessly the unfavorite though. Sophia also did this more clearly with her children's spouses. The only one she wasn't an [[ObnoxiousInLaws Obnoxious In-Law]] to was Gloria's very rich husband.
* ParentalSubstitute: Sophia was essentially this to Stan, much to Dorothy's annoyance.
* PlayingGertrude: She's actually younger than her on-screen daughter.
* ScrewPolitenessImASenior: One of the most iconic examples.
* TeamMom
* UnreliableNarrator: An in-universe example. The show is notorious for being inconsistent in its backstory, but Sophia's "Picture it..." stories tend to range from "probably embellished anecdote" to "probably-senile nonsense". Even her ''appearance'' tends to change from story to story: she usually describes herself as either redheaded or blonde, and occasionally references being much taller and having a more olive complexion.
* WhatTheHellHero: Gets this a few times from Dorothy, but especially so when she almost destroyed Rose and Miles' relationship for the sake of twenty dollars and a bad joke.


[[folder: Supporting Characters]]
!!Stanley Zbornak (Herb Edelman)

Dorothy's ex-husband. He originally left Dorothy two years before the show began to marry a young flight attendant named Chrissy and live on Hawaii. However, he eventually moves to Miami and proceeds to be a lingering frustration in the lives of all the girls.
* {{Adorkable}}: In his younger years.
* TheAtoner: A big part of his characterization during the show is his repeated attempts to apologize to Dorothy for all the pain he put her through, only for Dorothy to repeatedly refuse.
* ButtMonkey: He's treated this way by all of the girls, even Rose.
* CasanovaWannabe: According to Dorothy, plus his obnoxious personality doesn't help.
* CatchPhrase: "Hi/Hey, it's me, Stan."
* DirtyOldMan: Oh, yeah.
* DodgyToupee: He has a few.
* GetRichQuickScheme: He has many of them pitched to the girls, which are always shot down.
* GrewASpine: After many times trying to apologize to Dorothy or amend his ways only to be turned down or insulted, he eventually withdraws from her life. Much to Dorothy's own surprise, she's affected by his absence.
* InelegantBlubbering: At times, when his second wife left ''him'' for a younger man and when his scheme to get money for a foul ball injuring Sophia was falling through.
* {{Irony}}: Discussed by Dorothy and Sophia via a flashback when the former is going to marry him because she was pregnant:
-->'''Teenaged!Dorothy:''' I can't believe I did this, and I hate his name. For the rest of my life, I'm going to be known as Dorothy Zbornak.
-->'''Middle-aged!Sophia:''' Hey, look on the bright side, pussycat: at least he's got [[HilariousInHindsight a full head of hair!]]
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: As much of a cad and insensitive husband he was to Dorothy, he's certainly not completely heartless, giving back his expensive car so Dorothy could pay back money to the IRS to avoid being audited and making sure the doctors gave Sophia above-average care during her bout with pneumonia.
* KavorkaMan: He's middle-aged, bald, and more than a little sleazy, but he doesn't seem to have any problem attracting young co-eds.
* MeanCharacterNiceActor: As much as a JerkAss Stan was, Herb Edelman was really likeable in real life and Creator/BeaArthur said that ''Golden Girls'' reunion shows weren't the same without him.
* ObnoxiousInLaws: Sophia is this to him, even after the divorce, but his own mother plays with this in regards to Dorothy. She treats Dorothy badly, but actually really ''likes'' her, instead thinks Stan is a yutz, and treats Dorothy badly to keep ''Stan'' away.
* PapaWolf: For all his faults he was a legitimately good father and just as protective of their kids as Dorothy is.
* ReallyGetsAround: Much like Blanche.
* SelfMadeMan: Later in the show, he becomes incredibly wealthy after inventing the "Zbornee," a kitchen gadget that baked lets people open baked potatoes without burning themselves.
* SlapSlapKiss: His relationship with Dorothy eventually became this, [[spoiler: until she fell for and married Lucas.]]
* SpeedSex: According to Dorothy, the night she got pregnant that resulted in her ShotgunWedding took ''three seconds.'''
* [[TallDarkAndHandsome Tall, Dark and Yutz-y:]] At 6'4", he was definitely this.
* TheThingThatWouldNotLeave: Specifically in one episode when he stays with them to recuperate after heart surgery (and later faked a relapse to stay longer,) but in general, he would frequently pop over, invite himself to stay for dinner, and not leave until all four ladies shouted "Get out!" in chorus.