With a legacy that spans over 70 ''years'' (and that's just real-time), and practically ''drenched'' in {{Legacy Character}}s, it's no surprise the Flash family has a ton of major and supporting characters. Now split into pages.
'''Main DCU:'''
* [[Characters/TheFlashTheFlashes The Flashes]]
* [[Characters/TheFlashSupportingCharacters Supporting Characters]]
* [[Characters/TheFlashEvilSpeedsters Evil Speedsters]]
* [[Characters/TheFlashTheRogues The Rogues]]
* [[Characters/TheFlashOtherSpeedsters Other Speedsters]]
* [[Characters/TheFlashOtherVillains Other Villains]]

'''Live-Action TV Series:'''
* ''Characters/TheFlash1990''
* ''Characters/{{Arrowverse}}''

* ''[[Characters/DCExtendedUniverse DC Extended Universe]]''
** [[Characters/DCEUJusticeLeague Justice League]] [[note]]Barry Allen / The Flash[[/note]]
** [[Characters/DCEUTaskForceXCriminals Task Force X Criminals]] [[note]]Captain Boomerang[[/note]]

'''Western Animation:'''
* ''[[Characters/DCAUJusticeLeagueTheLeague Justice League]]''