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!!Yami Yugi/Pharaoh Atem
->Voiced by: Creator/DanGreen
The Pharaoh whose spirit was sealed inside the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi's spirit guide throughout the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters sagas, Season 1, and Season 2. After losing the Ceremonial Duel to Yugi, he departs into the afterlife and reunites with his friends on the other side.

!!Seto Kaiba
->Voiced by: Creator/EricStuart
Current CEO of the multi-national company, [=KaibaCorp=]. His trademark monster is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Once an egocentric individual, Kaiba aids Yugi and the others during a crisis situation.

!!Joey Wheeler
->Voiced by: Creator/WayneGrayson
Yugi's best friend and an underdog that rose to the rankings. His trusted card is the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. He is currently considered one of the elite duelists. He runs the Royal Flush Arcade with Yugi and Mai. He and Mai are in a relationship.

!!Lyn Stromberg ({{OC}})[[note]]created by [=LazerWulf=][[/note]]
->Voiced by: Creator/ColleenClinkenbeard
Originally from Amsterdam, Holland, along with her younger brothers, the twins Max and Sam. Lyn is the reincarnation of Kisara, keeper of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and as such, has [[spoiler:or had]] the ability to summon said beast. This power first manifested when she was younger, and, upon recognizing the BEWD, scraped together enough money to take her and her brothers to Egypt, where she met Ishizu Ishtar, who taught her about her powers and gave her a job as assistant curator. During the events of Battle City, she stayed behind in Egypt while Ishizu went to Domino City, but when Dartz used the power of the Orichalcos to manifest Duel Monster Spirits in Domino City, she and her brothers flew to Japan to investigate. Unfortunately, by the time they arrived, the Duel Monsters had gone and the Duelists had left for America. She and her brothers eventually found their way to the mountain shrine owned by Genkai, where Yusuke Urameshi was training for the Dark Tournament. Lyn, Max, and Sam were staying at the shrine when Yusuke took Yui Tsubasa and her friends (including Mokuba Kaiba, who had seen her summon the BEWD during the Rajita attack at Kaiba-Con) for a visit. Mokuba eventually introduces her to Seto, whom she has to convince to use his newly-acquired Armor of Critias to help people other than himself.

She is the top female duelist of Japan and one of the four elite duelists in Domino City (with Yugi, Kaiba, and Joey). After impressing Maximillion Pegasus with her knowledge of Egyptian mythology in the movie, she was appointed the head of I2's Egyptology department. She and her brothers live with Seto and Mokuba at Kaiba Manor [[spoiler:at least, they did until the Paradais Knights blew it up]]. Lyn and Seto are currently in a relationship.

!!Tea Gardner
->Voiced by: Creator/AmyBirnbaum
Yugi's first and childhood friend. Her favorite Duel Monster [[spoiler:and Ka beast]] is the Dark Magician Girl. She and Yugi are in a relationship.

!!Tristan Taylor
->Voiced by: Frank Frankson
Longtime friend of Joey, Yugi, and Tea. His favorite Duel Monster is the Cyber Commander. [[spoiler:However, his Ka beast is Gaia the Swift Knight.]]

!!Mai Valentine
->Voiced by: Creator/MeganHollingshead
A strong female duelist and [[spoiler: Joey's girlfriend]]. She runs the Royal Flush Arcade with Joey and Yugi. She uses a Harpie deck.

!!Duke Devlin
->Voiced by: Creator/MarcThompson
A friend of Yugi's crew and creator of Dungeon Dice Monsters.

!!Serenity Wheeler
->Voiced by: Creator/LisaOrtiz
Joey's younger sister and currently in a relationship with [[spoiler:Morpheous, a former Rajita general who had a HeelFaceTurn during Season 2.]]

!!Mokuba Kaiba
->Voiced by: Creator/VeronicaTaylor
Seto Kaiba's younger brother and head of Domino City's Kaibaland Theme Park. Administrates the annual Kaiba-Con events.

[[folder:Duel Academy Students]]
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!!Jaden Yuki
->Voiced by: Matthew Charles

!!Chazz Princeton
->Voiced by: Creator/MarcThompson

!!Alexis Rhodes
->Voiced by: Priscilla Everett

!!Max and Sam Stromberg ({{OC}}s)[[note]]created by [=LazerWulf=][[/note]]
->Max voiced by: Creator/DerekStephenPrince
->Sam voiced by: Creator/KyleHebert

!!Syrus Truesdale
->Voiced by: Creator/WayneGrayson

!!Tyranno Hassleberry
->Voiced by: David Willis

!!Blair Flannigan
->Voiced by: Creator/LisaOrtiz

...[[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and other duelists from the future]]. See Also: [[Characters/YuGiOh5Ds Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds]]
!!Yusei Fudo
->Voiced by: Greg Abbey (Frank Frankson)

!!Jack Atlas
->Voiced by: Creator/TedLewis

!!Crow Hogan
->Voiced by: Pete Capella

!!Akiza Izinski
->Voiced by: Bella Hudson

->Voiced by: Eileen Stevens

->Voiced by: Eileen Stevens

!!Tetsu Trudge
->Voiced by: Creator/DanGreen

!!Mina Simington
->Voiced by: Evelyn Lanto

!!Carly Carmine
->Voiced by: Creator/VeronicaTaylor