A shifter whose ancestral abilities grant him extreme durability, a veteran of the Last War who doesn't like to talk about it, and a member in good standing of the isolated community of Bull Hollow in the Eldeen Reaches. He's content to live his life there until trouble comes to Bull Hollow, old trouble from his past and new trouble from the Dragon Below.


The druid of Bull Hollow and Geth's closest friend in the community. Adolan serves as a guardian to the people of Bull Hollow, but he has a larger charge: he is a druid of the Gatekeepers, the order devoted to protecting the world from the horrors of Xoriat.


A human wizard in the Blademarks, the mercenary branch of House Deneith, who is skilled with fire and sword and served with Geth during the Last War. He comes to Bull Hollow as part of a recruiting mission and is (un)pleasantly surprised to run into Geth again, apparently having hunted Geth for reasons not immediately clear. They're about to get into it again when outside forces complicate things.


A kalashtar psion from Sharn who stumbles upon Bull Hollow while fleeing from the Bonetree. Their master wants her back for reasons even she doesn't understand, and she's willing to do almost anything to avoid going back. The interesting thing is, she's not the only one.


A human hunter from the Shadow Marches, specifically from the Bonetree Clan, and a worshiper of the Dragon Below. Although she knows almost nothing of the world outside of the Clan and Dahmir, she is part of the hunting party that is sent to catch Dandra and follows her to Bull Hollow.