!!Richard B Riddick
->'''Played By:''' Creator/VinDiesel

->''"You're not afraid of the dark, are you?"''

* AlliterativeName: Save for the 'B' that seperates Richard and Riddick.
* AntiHero (NominalHero)/AntiVillain (NobleDemon)
* {{Badass}}: A well-known one in-universe. He fights monsters hand-to-hand, takes out multiple bounty hunters and [[spoiler:kills the semi-immortal leader of a warrior race.]]
** BadassBoast: He'll kill you with his [[InsistentTerminology teacup]].
* BaldOfAwesome
* BondOneLiner: A few.
* CoolShades: His signature goggles to protect his sensitive eyesight.
* DeadpanSnarker
* EvenEvilHasStandards: Riddick might be an unrepentant murderer and criminal, but does appear to hold himself to some standards.
* FriendToAllChildren: He has a soft spot for children; this was how Johns nabbed him in the first place, by exposing this weakness.
** WouldNotHurtAChild
* GeniusBruiser
* KnifeNut: He favours short blades and is rarely seen using a gun.
* LastOfHisKind: One of the last [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy Furyans]], an warrior species that's an offshoot of humanity.
* {{Naytheist}}:
-->''"I absolutely believe in God. And I absolutely hate the fucker."''
* NobleDemon
* NotMeThisTime: "Did I kill a few people? Sure. Did I kill Zeke? No. You got the wrong killer."
* PreAssKickingOneLiner: Again, a few.
* RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil: The series has made a point that Riddick has a severe distaste for rapists.
* SherlockScan: He's able to look at a situation, size things up, and go from there. An example would be when he accurately describes the prison guards' plans to leave.


[[folder:Hunter-Gratzner Crew & Passengers]]
!!Carolyn Fry
->'''Played By:''' Radha Mitchell

->''"I said I'd die for them, not you!"''

* ActionGirl
* TheAtoner
* {{Badass}}
** TookALevelInBadass
* DirtyCoward: Pre-CharacterDevelopment.
* HeroicBSOD
* MoralityPet: One of Riddick’s.
* NotSoDifferent
* LastNameBasis
* [[spoiler:RedemptionEqualsDeath]]

!!Jack B Badd/Kyra
->'''Played By:''' Rhiana Griffith & Alexa Davalos

->''"Where the hell can I get eyes like that?"''

* ActionGirl
* {{Badass}}
** IJustWantToBeBadass
** TookALevelInBadass
* [[spoiler:ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice]]
* MoralityPet: One for Riddick.
* SheIsAllGrownUp
* SweetPollyOliver
* SuddenNameChange: Is called "Jack" in''Film/PitchBlack'' but suddenly has a proper feminine name "Kyra" in ''Film/TheChroniclesOfRiddick'' and is only ever referred to as such after the initial clarification.
* TagalongKid
* TookALevelInJerkass

!!Abu "Imam" al-Walid
->'''Played By:''' Creator/KeithDavid

->''"There is my God, Mr Riddick."''

* {{Badass}}
** BadassPreacher
** TookALevelInBadass
* ButtMonkey
* [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep Everyone Calls Him Imam]]
** Or the equivalent in English, "Holy Man", favoured by Riddick.
* [[spoiler:HeroicSacrifice]]
* MoralityPet: One of Riddick’s.
* PapaWolf: He draws the Necromongers away from his family.
* [[spoiler:SuddenSequelDeathSyndrome]]

!!Paris P Ogilvie
->'''Played By:''' Lewis Fitzgerald

->''"Amazing how you can do without the essentials of life, so long as you have the little luxuries."''

* TheAlcoholic
* TheCynic
* TheDandy
* DeadpanSnarker
* [[spoiler:KarmicDeath: See the below entries.]]
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: His blind panic screws over ''the entire group.''
* TooDumbToLive

!!Sharon ‘Shazza’ Montgomery
->'''Played By:''' Creator/ClaudiaBlack

* BloodSplatteredInnocents
* DeadpanSnarker
* [[spoiler:HalfTheManHeUsedToBe: She's ripped in two by the baby creatures.]]
* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: She unleashes one on [[spoiler:Riddick when she thinks he killed Zeke.]]

!!John ‘Zeke’ Ezekiel
->'''Played By:''' John Moore

* TriggerHappy


!!William J Johns
->'''Played By:''' Cole Hauser

->''"Verdict’s in: the light moves forward!"''

* BitchInSheepsClothing: At first, he appears to be a clean-cut lawman and typical hero. In reality, he's a scheming weasel with no concern for anyone but himself.
* BountyHunter
* DeadpanSnarker
* DirtyCoward
* EyeScream: He takes his drugs through the eyes with a needle.
* [[spoiler:HalfTheManHeUsedToBe: When Jack asks where Johns is, Riddick only replies, ''"Which half?"'']]
* ItsAllAboutMe
* [[spoiler:KarmicDeath: He wanted to feed Jack to the creatures...and ends up as a meal himself.]]
* LastNameBasis: With everyone, particularly Riddick.
* OnlyInItForTheMoney
* SouthernFriedGenius
* WouldHurtAChild: Prior to Pitch Black, he used Riddick's [[FriendToAllChildren soft spot for kids]] against him by shooting one and threatening to shoot more unless Riddick gave up.

!!Alexander Toombs
->'''Played By:''' Nick Chinlund

->''"Y’know, you supposed to be some slick-shit killer. Now look at you... all back-of-the-bus and shit."''

* {{Badass}}: He may be a repulsive jerk, but he's an improvement on Johns. He at least walks the walk, even if he doesn't match Riddick.
* BadBoss
* BountyHunter
* ButtMonkey
* DeadpanSnarker
* GutturalGrowler
* {{Jerkass}}
* LaughablyEvil: He's bizarrely fun to watch, like an incredibly sadistic stooge.

!!Eve Logan
->'''Played By:''' Christina Cox

->''"Let's go, big boy."''

* {{Badass}}
* BountyHunter
* DarkActionGirl

->'''Played By''': Jordi Mollà

* BountyHunter
* ButtMonkey
* {{Jerkass}}
* [[spoiler:KarmicDeath]]
* [[spoiler:OffWithHisHead]]
* MacheteMayhem
* SmugSnake

!!Boss Johns
->'''Played By''': Matthew Nable

* AntiVillain
* BountyHunter
* ItsPersonal

->'''Played By''': Creator/KateeSackhoff

* AmbiguouslyBi: According to Katee Sackhoff, this is what Dahl is.
* AntiVillain
* {{Badass}}
* BountyHunter
* ColdSniper
* MsFanservice

->'''Played By''': Wrestling/{{Batista}}

* BountyHunter
* TheBrute
* {{Jerkass}}

->'''Played By''': Bokeem Woodbine

* BountyHunter

->'''Played By''': Raoul Trujillo

* BountyHunter

->'''Played By''': Conrad Pla

* BountyHunter

-> '''Played By''': Nolan Gerard Funk

* {{Bounty Hunter}}
* {{Butt Monkey}}
* MrFanservice
* {{Token Religious Teammate}}


!!Lord Marshal Zhylaw
->'''Played By:''' Creator/ColmFeore

->''"All those poets, on all those worlds; the ones who spoke of battle being such an unsightly thing? [[BloodKnight They never stood here.]]"''

* AllThereInTheManual: His name.
* {{Badass}}
* BigBad
* BloodKnight
* CameBackWrong: From the Underverse, supposedly.
* EvilIsHammy
* EvilOverlord
* TheFundamentalist
* GalacticConqueror
* NiceJobBreakingItHerod
* ReligiousBruiser
* SuperSpeed
* SuperStrength
* WickedCultured
* WouldHurtAChild
* YourSoulIsMine

!!Lord Vaako
->'''Played By:''' Creator/KarlUrban

->''"Obedience without question. Loyalty until Underverse come."''

* AmbitionIsEvil
* {{Badass}}
* BloodKnight
* TheDragon: To the Lord Marshal.
** DragonWithAnAgenda: Thanks to the influence of his wife.
* HonorBeforeReason
* KnightTemplar
* NobleDemon
* ReligiousBruiser
* TheStarscream: But only after his wife convinces him that the Lord Marshal has broken the conventions of the Necromonger religion.

!!Dame Vaako
->'''Played By:''' Creator/ThandieNewton

->''"Never fails to inspire, does it? Each time a dynasty falls."''

* AmbitionIsEvil
* BigNO
* TheDarkChick
* DeadpanSnarker
* LadyMacbeth
* MsFanservice

!!The Purifier
->'''Played By:''' Linus Roache

->''"We all began as something else."''

* [[spoiler:DeathEqualsRedemption]]
* [[spoiler:DrivenToSuicide]]
* TheEvilGenius

->'''Played By:''' Mark Gibbon

* TheBrute
* DumbMuscle
* TheQuietOne
* TheWorfEffect

->'''Played By:''' Andreas Apergis

Vaako's right-hand man in the third movie.

* BaldOfEvil
* GoodScarsEvilScars: Half of his face is covered in a web of scratches. Lampshaded by Riddick:
--> '''Riddick''': That guy with the fucked-up face, Krone.
* GunsAkimbo: [[spoiler: shoots the rock on which Riddick is standing with two gravity pistols.]]
* [[spoiler: IDidWhatIHadToDo: how he justifies his betrayal.]]
* KNames
* [[spoiler: KilledMidSentence]]
* TheStarscream: [[spoiler: It turns out that he, not Vaako, betrayed Riddick.]]
* WouldHitAGirl: [[spoiler: In the director's cut it's shown that he scarred the face of one of the consorts the same way as his.]]

[[folder:Other Characters]]
->'''Played By:''' Creator/JudiDench

->''"In normal times, evil would be fought with good. But in times like these, well, it should be fought by another kind of evil."''

* CoolOldLady
* DeadpanSnarker
* ExactWords
* GenreSavvy
* MissExposition
* NighInvulnerability
* NotQuiteFlight: She can't fly, but she can glide quite well.

!!The Guv
->'''Played By:''' Yorick van Wageningen

->''"There are inmates and there are convicts. A convict has a certain code. And he knows to show a certain respect. An inmate, on the other hand, pulls the pin on his fellow man. Does the guards' work for them... brings shame... to the game. So, which are you gonna be?"''

* {{Badass}}
* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep
* AFatherToHisMen
* TheOldConvict