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!The Breakfast Club

[[folder:In General]]

A group of five wildly different teens who spend a day in detention together.
* AbusiveParents: Every single one of them have parents who treat them horribly.
** Bender -- His father is a physically abusive alcoholic, who also beats his wife, who isn't a good parent either.
** Claire -- Psychologically abusive, with a side of neglect. Her parents use her as a weapon to get back at each other.
** Andrew -- His scumbag father lives vicariously off of his athletic achievements.
** Brian -- His parents guilt trip, intimidate, and generally emotionally abuse him to make straight A's. Like Andy's dad, it's insinuated that they're living through him as well.
** Allison -- [[DysfunctionJunction You're probably noticing a theme here.]] Though Allison's parents are more [[ParentalNeglect neglectful]] than outright abusive, it still ties into the topic of conversation.
* BrokenBird: All of them are cynical (except Brian), unhappy with themselves and their lives, and full of angst. And all of them have abusive parents and a horrible home life.
* CharacterDevelopment: All of them learn to embrace who they really are, as well as accepting other people.
* ColorCodedCharacters: Each of them wear a different color. Bender is red, Andy is blue, Brian is green, Claire is pink, and Allison is black [[spoiler: and later, white]].
* DeconstructedTrope: This film takes a very good look at what many of the "stock" characters of teen movies (the JerkJock, the AlphaBitch, the nerd, the delinquent, the crazy loner) would be like if they existed in real life, and what their real motivations would be like.
* FiveManBand:
** TheHero: Bender
** TheLancer: Allison/Claire
** TheBigGuy: Andy
** TheSmartGuy: Brian
** TheChick: Claire
* FreudianExcuse: All of them have ParentalIssues and a reason behind their behavior. Bender's parents despise him (and they burnt his arm with a cigar for spilling paint in the garage), Claire's parents pamper her to get back at each other, Allison's parents ignore her, Andrew's dad is a StageMom who is obsessed with his winning, and Brian's parents coddle him too much and are obsessed with him getting good marks to the point that he considers committing suicide because he got an F.
* HiddenDepths: Their outside appearances are totally different from how they feel on the inside.
* KnightInSourArmor: None of them exactly inspire optimism, but they try to handle their lives and try to escape the cycle of abuse and complete misery that happened to their abusive parents.
* TwoGirlsToATeam: Allison and Claire.

[[folder:John Bender]]
->'''Played by:''' Creator/JuddNelson

->''"Sweets...you couldn't ignore me if you tried."''

John Bender is the stereotypical reckless out of control "criminal" of the group.
* AntiHero: An UnscrupulousHero at best or a NominalHero at his worst.
* AttentionWhore: Will seemingly do anything to attract your attention.
* AxCrazy: On display, such as in the "I want to be an Airborne Ranger" scene, and threatening Andy with a knife. Over the course of the film, it becomes clear that [[SubvertedTrope it's only an image he cultivates for himself]].
* BelligerentSexualTension: With Claire.
* BerserkButton:
** Accusing him of lying about his abusive life at home.
** Talking about his friends will piss him off.
* BoisterousWeakling: Slowly revealed to be this. Bender talks tough but once Andy turns out to be a good deal tougher than him he tries to look tough while backing away from the fight. [[spoiler: Later when Vernon challenges him to an outright fist-fight, even offering him a free shot right to the face, Bender is too spooked to do anything.]]
* BookDumb: Downplayed. For someone who's made out to have plenty of school trouble, Bender is scarily articulate and intelligent.
* ByronicHero: Rather street smart instead of book smart, but he's also extremely hostile to everyone.
* ColorMotif: Red.
* CoolLoser: Bender is an outcast in the school, but looks like a cool guy to hang out with when he isn't being psycho.
* DeadpanSnarker: Often makes snide remarks towards Vernon and the other kids in detention.
* EveryoneHasStandards: Andy's speech about how he regrets bullying a weaker student and how much he resents his dad for pushing him so hard gets to Bender so much he can't even look anyone in the eye during it.
* [[FourTemperamentEnsemble Five Temperament Ensemble]]: Sanguine.
* FreudianExcuse: His violent behavior [[AbusiveParents comes from his dad]], as deep down, he's unhappy about life in general.
* TheGadfly: Likes to screw with the others for his own entertainment, but which is actually supposed to be entertaining.
* HeroesWantRedheads: Towards Claire, eventually. Although Bender is more an AntiHero, he's probably the main character, since he gets more focus than everyone else.
* HeroicComedicSociopath: Straddles the line between this and a SociopathicHero.
* HeroicSacrifice: Bender draws the attention of Vernon after the Club runs into a dead-end during their hallway jaunt, allowing the other four to get back to the library undetected.
* IneffectualLoner: In the beginning, he comes off as an antisocial and loudmouthed {{Jerkass}}, but once you understand his backstory, he becomes more sympathetic.
* JerkassHasAPoint: An asshole he may be, Bender isn't wrong in some of the deductions he makes about the others (see SmarterThanYouLook).
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He spends much of his time verbally taunting the other kids, acts obnoxiously just to get attention, makes heinous sexual comments about Claire, and doesn't cut Vernon a break. Later on, it's revealed that his sympathetic qualities are buried so deeply under so much antisocial behavior and cynicism that it comes off as a HiddenHeartOfGold at times.
* LargeHam: He's pretty bombastic.
* LastNameBasis: Note how the other kids refer to him simply as "Bender".
* LovingBully: Possibly the reason why Claire is the main target of his endless insults (even more than everyone else), since he actually has a crush on her.
* MilesGloriosus: He puts out an image of toughness but Andy is able to take him down with ease. Even when Bender pulls a knife and casually talks about killing Andy, he's slowly backing away from the fight.
* MiseryPoker: Growing up with two physically abusive parents means that Bender doesn't have a lot of sympathy for the other kids complaining about their home lives. This seems to be the main reason he enjoys tormenting Claire and Brian. [[spoiler: He seems to grow out of this toward the end of the film, looking sympathetic when Brian admits he's considered suicide due to how his parents treat him and even joking with Andy that their abusive fathers aren't all that different.]]
-->"I think your old man and my old man oughta go bowling."
* MouthyKid: When Vernon attempts to find a solution to keep the door open. Bender's comments are both hilarious and true.
* SarcasticClapping: "That was great, Claire. My image of you is totally blown."
* SmarterThanYouLook: While he isn't book smart, he is able to cleverly deduce things about the others. He was the first to tell that Claire is a virgin before Allison made her admit it and was the first to notice that Andrew didn't like his parents before Andrew tearfully admitted it in the end.
* SociopathicHero: At first, then he warms up to the four others he's spending detention with.
* SkunkStripe: He has a white streak in the front of his hair.
* StepfordSnarker: What he really is behind his cruel and sarcastic attitude, due to an abusive home life.
* TokenEvilTeammate: He is easily the meanest person in detention, though he cools down later in the film.
* TroubledButCute: An antisocial "bad boy" with numerous girlfriends, or so he claims, though it's possible he was exaggerating.

[[folder:Claire Standish]]
->'''Played by:''' Creator/MollyRingwald

->''"Excuse me sir, I think there's been a mistake. I know it's detention, but I don't think I belong in here."''

Claire Standish is the stereotypical rich, popular "princess" of the group.
* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: [[spoiler: She hooks up with [[ByronicHero Bender]] in the end.]]
* AlphaBitch: She's a rich Daddy's girl that lives up to the stereotype.
* BelligerentSexualTension: With Bender.
* BoobsOfSteel: '''Very''' downplayed, but her special talent turns out to be [[spoiler: holding a tube of lipstick with her chest and applying it to her face]].
* BrutalHonesty: Claire doesn't mince words when stating her opinions, like postulating that no one in the Breakfast Club would speak to each other come Monday due to fear of breaking the status quo.
* TheChick: The group's "princess".
* ColorMotif: Pink.
%%* CondescendingCompassion
* DefrostingIceQueen: Eventually warms up to the others, showing she can be really nice.
* FieryRedhead: Has flaming auburn hair and does lose it a few times during the film.
* [[FourTemperamentEnsemble Five Temperament Ensemble]]: Choleric.
* InnocentlyInsensitive: Towards Brian.
* JerkassFacade: She acts mean towards others because she's afraid of being rejected by her other popular friends. Though underneath it all, she really is a kind person.
* JerkassHasAPoint: Snobbish as she is, she has every right to act disgusted toward Bender, who harasses her through the whole movie. She calls him out near the end of the movie for constantly being a complete bully to her.
* LargeHam: She's played by '''Creator/MollyRingwald'''. ''It's a must.''
* LovableAlphaBitch: Deep down, she does show a soft side to the others.
* NominalHero: She only came to detention to protect her reputation, as well as her father's.
* PetTheDog:
** Early on, she reassures Brian that there is nothing wrong with being a virgin.
** Telling Brian that [[spoiler: suicide]] is never the answer.
** Giving Allison a [[spoiler: makeover]].
* PinkMeansFeminine: Wears a pink shirt, which fits her girly "princess" status.
* ShipperOnDeck: Decides to give Allison [[spoiler: a makeover]] after noticing that she and Andrew are sharing [[LongingLook Longing Looks]] to each other.
* TheTease: Deconstructed. She doesn't want to admit to neither being a virgin nor not being one, and seems to be subconsciously aware of the "[[MadonnaWhoreComplex trap]]" that as Allison points out lays in that question.
* UptownGirl: Rich spoiled princess Claire falls for [[spoiler: troubled delinquent Bender at the end]].
* WithFriendsLikeThese: It's implied that the other girls she skipped class with weaseled, bribed, or cajoled the powers that be into getting out of detention.

[[folder:Andrew "Andy" Clark]]
->'''Played by:''' Emilio Estevez

->''"We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that's all."''

Andrew Clark is the stereotypical popular, good looking "athlete" of the group.
* AngryDance: He's a ''surprisingly'' good dancer. Oddly enough, it's his reaction to getting stoned.
* BigEater: His lunch consists of a bag of chips, three sandwiches, an apple, a banana, a bag of cookies, and an entire carton of milk. Being he's on the wrestling team, his diet is probably calculated to help him stay in a specific weight class.
* TheBigGuy: The physically strongest one in the group.
* BigManOnCampus: He's a big wrestling star. Consequently, he's used to acting this way.
* BlueIsHeroic: While Andy can be cynical, he stands up for both Brian and Claire when Bender tries to pick on them. He also wears blue; but noticeably becomes ''bluer'' as he takes layers of his clothes off as the film progresses.
* BrokenAce: A popular talented athlete with daddy issues.
* ColorMotif: Blue.
* DeadpanSnarker: Mostly in reaction to Bender's insults.
* EveryoneHasStandards: One of the reasons he hates his father. He may be a jock, but there are lines he refuses to cross, and he's not a sell-out.
* [[FourTemperamentEnsemble Five Temperament Ensemble]]: Phlegmatic.
* IKnowMaddenKombat: Bender makes fun of Andy for being on the wrestling team, but once pushed into a confrontation, Andy is able to use his wrestling techniques to take him down with ease.
* JerkassFacade: As seen below, he clearly doesn't like to be a JerkJock, but he feels like he has to be a bully to the weaker students because his father expects that behavior out of him. When he plays a humiliating and painful prank on another kid, he feels terrible about it afterward.
* JerkJock: Deconstructed. Andy only acts this way because his father essentially makes him act that way, obsessed with winning and living through his son. And Andy is painfully aware of it.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Possesses a gruff, sour exterior, but has a big heart.
* KnightInSourArmor: Second type. He's a natural cynic, and in any other movie, he'd just be a stereotypical JerkJock. However, he holds on to a code of conduct, which leads his father and, possibly, his fellow athletes to see him as soft.
* LongingLook: One hint about [[spoiler: his crush on Allison]] is that he stares meaningfully at her when she doesn't notice.
* LovableJock: What he is deep down. He's deeply ashamed of his father's behavior and what he did to earn his said father's love.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Goes by "Andy" instead of his full name.
* TwoFirstNames: His last name, Clark, can also be used as a first name.
* WellDoneSonGuy: Andy outright states in an emotional breakdown that all his dad cares about is his son's win-loss ratio.

[[folder:Brian Johnson]]
->'''Played by:''' Anthony Michael Hall

->''"Your middle name is Ralph, as in puke, your birth date's March 12th, you're 5'9 and a half, you weigh 130 pounds and your social security number is 049380913."''
-->-- '''Allison Reynolds'''

Brian Johnson is the stereotypical geeky, smart "brain" of the group.
* {{Adorkable}}: He's the brainiest of the kids in detention, and is rather socially awkward.
* AloneAmongTheCouples: He's the only one who is not romantically paired with anyone by the end of the film.
* BerserkButton: The first time Brian actually becomes ''very'' angry throughout detention is when Claire tells him he doesn't know what it's like to feel pressure.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: His response to Claire's claim that he and his friends want to be like her and the "cooler kids", and that he doesn't know what pressure feels like, is a direct "[[PrecisionFStrike fuck you!]]" to her.
* BungledSuicide: [[spoiler:He tried to commit suicide because of the intense pressure his parents put on him.]]
* ButtMonkey: ''Mother of God.'' The things he goes through at home and at school would make Creator/FranzKafka proud.
* ClassicalAntiHero: In the truly classical sense. He's a neurotic, shy, but ultimately polite and gifted young man who's cracking under ungodly pressure and generally being trodden on by virtually everyone around.
* ColorMotif: Green.
* CosmicPlaything: If something appears to be going his way, it really isn't. Life doesn't let up on this poor guy.
* CovertPervert: Can be seen adjusting his trousers at one point.
* TheCutie: Behaves the most childlike out of all the kids in detention.
* DeadpanSnarker: On occasion.
* EmbarrassingMiddleName: "Ralph".
* [[FourTemperamentEnsemble Five Temperament Ensemble]]: Melancholic.
* GirlfriendInCanada: Brian claims to have a girlfriend living up in Niagara Falls, in addition to having had sex with several other girls. When pressed, he admits he made the whole thing up because he's embarrassed to admit he's a virgin.
* TheHeart: Of the Breakfast Club. He is the only one who attempts to keep Bender and Andy from trying to fight each other and also writes the letter voicing the kids' opinions to Vernon in the end.
* HeroicBSOD: He grows rather cynical late in the film, especially after Claire pushes his BerserkButton. But he's better by the end.
* IntelligenceEqualsIsolation: He's stereotypically unpopular.
* JadeColoredGlasses
* MeaningfulName: If the letters of his name were switched around, "Brian" would spell "brain". It should be noted that "Johnson" is a slang term for penis, or "dick". He's literally a "brain" in a family of assholes.
* NiceGuy: The nicest character in the entire film - notably, he's the only character in the film who's nice to the janitor. This being Film/TheBreakfastClub, he gets put through hell for it.
* ThePollyanna: It takes a lot to put him in a bad mood.
* SadClown: He's a bit of a goofball (sticking a pen in his nose to pretend he's a walrus), but has a less than stellar life at home.
* ShrinkingViolet: Brian retains a shy, soft-spoken demeanor.
* TheSmartGuy: The group's "brain".
* TeenGenius: Deconstructed. His parents enforce the idea that he has to get straight A's in order to be anything in his life, and as smart as he is, he still doesn't meet their insane standards.
* TraumaCongaLine: Nothing ever seems to go right for him. If they do, expect things to go south ''with extreme prejudice''.
* TwoFirstNames: His last name, Johnson, can also be used as a first name.
* WideEyedIdealist: Especially early in film; he is sweet, innocent, and unspoiled.

[[folder:Allison Reynolds]]
[[caption-width-right:244:[[labelnote: Click here]][[quoteright:244:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/allison_reynolds_b_makeover.png]][[/labelnote]] to see her [[spoiler: makeover]] ]]
->'''Played by:''' Ally Sheedy

->''"When you grow up, your heart dies."''

Allison Reynolds is the stereotypical weird, quiet "basket case" of the group.
* {{Adorkable}}: While her odd behavior creeps out her fellow detentionees, there is just something strangely charming about a girl who tries to hide under her hooded jacket when frightened or uses ''her own dandruff'' as makeshift snow in a drawing.
* AttentionWhore: Inverted. Due to the amount of neglect from her folks - Allison uses her withdrawn and quirky persona in order to get people to acknowledge her; though she'd never admit it. Unlike Bender, who gets all up in the others' faces with callous remarks and annoying behavior. When it doesn't prove to be effective, she slowly begins dropping the act.
* BewareTheQuietOnes: She sits the furthest away from the other students in detention, but like Bender, she is smarter than she looks. Allison quickly debunks Andy's false reason for being in detention early in the film. It's also shown when she tricks Claire into admitting she's a virgin with a phony nymphomaniac story.
* CharacterTic: It's subtle, but Allison squeaks when she's nervous or surprised.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Exhibits a lot of spastic behavior, as one may think she's mentally ill.
* ColorMotif: Black. [[spoiler: Also, in the end, white.]]
* CoolLoser: She is cute, a skilled pickpocket, cool under pressure, and a talented artist. All while being unpopular in school. In a deleted scene, Claire even lampshades it.
-->'''Claire''': ''(giddily)'' She's nuts, but she's cool.
* CrazyConsumption: Allison lets her soda spill out, and licks it off the table. Then she throws away the bologna from her sandwich, and replaces it with Pixy Stix (powdered candy) and Cap'n Crunch cereal.
* TheFatalist: Allison believes and fully accepts that when the kids grow up, they'll become abusive and uncaring just like their parents no matter how hard they try not to. She seems to have become more optimistic near the end of the film though.
* [[FourTemperamentEnsemble Five Temperament Ensemble]]: Leukine.
* GirlinessUpgrade: [[spoiler: Following her makeover.]]
* HandyFeet: She claims she has them. In the uncut version of the movie, the only copy of which was on a VHS tape lost after John Hughes' death, this claim was followed with her actually writing with her toes, completely filmed.
* ItAmusedMe: [[spoiler: She comes to detention just because she can.]]
* TheLancer
* LonersAreFreaks: She's often ignored by everyone, including her own parents, causing her to do bizarre things.
* MisunderstoodLonerWithAHeartOfGold: Yes, she can come off as aloof and catty, but it's shown that [[IJustWantToHaveFriends she's just really lonely]] and [[NoSocialSkills socially inept]]. Allison is usually harmless and actually somewhat noble when interacting with the others. She waits for Bender when the kids are running through the halls, stands up for Claire when Bender dismisses her talent, kindly thanks Brian after he silently compliments her [[spoiler: makeover]], and finally, there's her [[OfficialCouple relationship]] with [[spoiler: Andy]].
* NervesOfSteel: When the kids are running around the school to avoid Vernon catching them, a [[FunnyBackgroundEvent single shot of Allison is shown leaning against a locker looking hilariously composed]].
* NoSocialSkills: She doesn't seem to be particularly good at making conversation, like when she tries to chime in on Brian and Andy's chat session - by revealing that she stole Brian's wallet earlier.
* ObfuscatingInsanity: She's perfectly able to act like a normal person, so her spastic "basket case" behavior early in the movie was definitely just an act.
* ParentalNeglect: The only information she ever volunteers about her parents is when Andy asks her what her parents did to her. She replies with a simple but pained "they ignore me".
* TheQuietOne: Being the outcast/loner, in the first half of the movie she is just a quiet observer and doesn't talk or interact with the others.
* RavenHairIvorySkin: Her hair is chestnut and she has creamy skin. It's enough to make [[spoiler: Andy]] fall for her, even before she gets a [[spoiler: restyling]].
* SelfProclaimedLiar: According to her, she's in detention because she had nothing better to do. She also admits she lies and makes things up for fun.
* SheCleansUpNicely: [[spoiler: After Claire gives her a makeover. Andy and Brian's expressions say it all]].
* SilentSnarker: Allison is responsible for more than one FunnyBackgroundEvent. A straightforward example is when she's eating her [[CrazyConsumption powdered sugar and cereal sandwich]], and everyone turns to look at her. She pauses, begins chewing louder, and gives them a quick wink.
* StickyFingers: Allison steals the lock to Bender's locker, his knife, Brian's wallet and a patch from Andrew's jacket. Her bag is full of things she's taken in the past. It turns out she does this in case she ever decides to run away from home.
* SweetTooth: See CrazyConsumption above for elaboration.

!Shermer High Faculty and Staff

[[folder:Richard "Dick" Vernon]]
->'''Played by:''' Paul Gleason

The principal of the school and the one who is in charge of watching over the main characters.
* AntiHero: Depending on who you ask, he may be a [[NominalHero Type V]].
* AntiVillain: He's a jerk to the main characters and tried to start a fight with Bender, but he ''is'' a stressed principal.
* BigBad: The closest thing this film has to one, anyway.
* DeanBitterman: Although it's deconstructed somewhat in his conversation with Carl.
-->'''Vernon:''' Carl, I've been teaching for twenty-two years. And, each year, these kids get more and more arrogant.
-->'''Carl:''' Aw, bullshit, man. Come on, Vern, the kids haven't changed; ''you'' have. You took a teaching position because you thought it'd be fun, right? Thought you'd have summer vacations off. And then you found out it was actually work, and that really bummed you out.
-->'''Vernon:''' These kids turned on me. They think I'm a big fucking joke.
-->'''Carl:''' C'mon…listen, Vern, if you were sixteen, what would you think of you, huh?
-->'''Vernon:''' Hey, Carl. You think I give one rat's ass what these kids think of me?
-->'''Carl''': Yes, I do.
* IneffectualSympatheticVillain: He is frustrated that his students (especially Bender) don't show him any respect whatsoever, and as a result he comes down pretty hard on them.
* JadedWashout: It's implied that he had higher expectations for his life, but years of being underpaid and disrespected by the youth in his charge seems to have finally gotten to him. At this point, he just doesn't care.
* {{Jerkass}}: Vernon just seems to be in a perpetually foul mood. He treats the kids like dirt throughout the film.
* KnightTemplar: He might have good intentions with why he wants the students to write an essay, or to set them on the right path in life. But, he goes so far in his pursuits, and acts like such a colossal jerk to everyone, it's impossible to sympathize with him.
* MeaningfulName: There's a reason why his name is Dick. [[CaptainObvious Have a guess]].
* NominalHero: He didn't become a principal out of altruism, only seeing it as an opportunity to get easy money and respect.
* NonGivingUpSchoolGuy: He'll do whatever it takes to make sure the students have a good education. Though it's implied in the conversation with Carl that he hates his job, and only goes so far because it's the only way he can exert any control.
* StoppedCaring
* TwoFirstNames: His last name, Vernon, can also be used as a first name.

[[folder:Carl Reed]]
->'''Played by:''' John Kapelos

The janitor of the school.
* AlmightyJanitor: He tells off Principal Vernon to his face when he complains about them.
* BadassBoast: He makes one when Bender makes a crack at his job. It's so awesome, this troper never wants to make fun of Janitors again.
--> '''Carl:''' You guys think I'm just some untouchable peasant? Serf? Peon? Well, maybe so. But following a broom around after shitheads like you for the last 8 years, I've learned a couple of things. I look through your letters. I look through your lockers. I listen to your conversations, you don't know that but I do. I am the eyes and ears of this institution, my friends.
* TheCynic
* DeadpanSnarker: Has a dry, sardonic sense of humor.
* {{Foil}}: To Vernon.
* ICouldaBeenAContender: Carl was Man of the Year in 1969, and in his own words, aspired to be like Music/JohnLennon, implying he wanted to go become a musician. Now, for whatever reason, he's working a wage-slave job as a custodian at the same school he graduated from, and it's clear he isn't a happy man.
* JadedWashout: He's a former Man of the Year turned destitute janitor.
* KnightInSourArmor: In spite of his cynical attitude, he's quite possibly the only adult in the film that wants to do the right thing.
* TheLastDJ: Seems to favor his job as a janitor over advancement.
* OnlySaneMan: Probably the only normal character in the film, and even then...
* TokenGoodTeammate: He's the only adult that treats the kids with some degree of civility.

!The Parents

[[folder:As a whole]]
* AbusiveParents: Emotionally, verbally, and in Bender's case, outright physically.
* AdultsAreUseless: Par for the course in a Creator/JohnHughes movie.
* DysfunctionJunction: Like parents, like kids.
* {{Eagleland}}: Type II.
* GreaterScopeVillain: Though Vernon is the main antagonist of the film, they cast a pall over the story by being the authors of many of their kids problems.
* HateSink: [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] and possibly [[DeconstructedTrope deconstructed]]. A majority of their children's issues can be attributed to them, so it makes sense to show how self-centered, irresponsible, and abusive they are in their limited time on screen. However, it can be argued that they're not simply [[ForTheEvulz mean for the sake of it]], but rather driven by their own failings or vices.
* {{Jerkass}}: Seemingly possess no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
* KarmaHoudini: Somewhat inevitable, considering the movie centers on their kids in detention. Still, they don't receive any comeuppance for their actions.
* KickTheDog: Creator/JohnHughes does whatever he can to show them as the worthless human beings they are.
* KnightOfCerebus: Unlike [[AntiVillain Vernon]], their treatment of the kids is [[PlayedForDrama milked for all the drama]] it can provide.
* SmallRoleBigImpact: They don't appear much, but they're a significant part of why their children are so screwed up.

[[folder:Mr. Standish]]
->'''Played by:''' Tim Gamble

Claire's father.
* AbusiveParent: Psychologically. He uses Claire to get payback on his wife, who is no saint either.
* {{Eagleland}}: Appears to be a Type I, but really a Type II.
* RichBastard: Naturally.
* SlaveToPR: He drops Claire off at detention not because it's the right thing to do, but because he has a reputation to uphold.
* {{Slimeball}}: He has a pretty reptilian, two-faced demeanor.
* SmugSnake
* SugaryMalice: Never loses his fatherly façade.
* VillainWithGoodPublicity: Possibly a man of some importance in the town of Shermer.

[[folder:Mrs. Johnson]]
->'''Played by:''' Mercedes Hall

Brian's mother.
* EightiesHair: Just look at the pic.
* AbusiveParent: Probably the nastiest parent we see in the film, next to Andy's dad. In addition to putting a metric ton of pressure on her son to get straight A's, she has the audacity to verbally abuse him as she's dropping him off at detention. ''In front of her younger daughter.''
* BecauseISaidSo: When Brian rightly points out that they're not allowed to study in detention, she barks at him "figure out a way".
* BitchAlert: Doesn't attempt to hide her nastiness one bit.
* CosmeticHorror: John Hughes seemed to have went out of his way to give Anthony Michael Hall's mother the most unflattering appearance possible.
* DeathGlare: Scares Brian off with one that practically threatens castration.
* EducationMama: A particularly nasty variant, and quite possibly one of the earliest deconstructions of this trope. It's strongly implied that, like Andy's dad, she's just living vicariously through Brian.
* EntitledBitch: She treats Brian little better than pond scum, yet still expects him to do her bidding.
* EvilMatriarch: Just look at the other entries in this folder.
* {{Gonk}}: Pretty freakish looking.
* HairTriggerTemper: Easily enraged and very volatile.
* {{Jerkass}}: ''Holy shit''.
* LackOfEmpathy: It's strongly implied she knows about Brian's suicidal tendencies, but doesn't give a rat's ass.
* MiseryBuildsCharacter: This appears to be her whole philosophy towards parenting and education. To her, happiness is abject hardship.
* ParentalFavoritism: Possibly, towards her younger daughter.
* ResentfulGuardian: A possible interpretation of her treatment of Brian.
* SlasherSmile: Slasher Scowl, to be exact. It's pretty unsettling.
* TheSocialDarwinist
* TheSociopath
* StageMom: An academic example.
* StrawCharacter: Possesses an "up-by-the-bootstraps" attitude towards success, implying a conservative or libertarian mindset.
* UngratefulBitch: It she had any gratitude or pride for Brian's efforts, she definitely doesn't show it.

[[folder:Mr. Clark]]
->'''Played by:''' Ron Dean

Andy's father.
* AbusiveParent: Psychologically.
* BaldOfEvil: Well, balding, to be precise.
* TheCorrupter: Seems to like bringing out the worst in Andy.
* CovertPervert: Eyes up Allison as he pulls out of the parking lot at the end with Andy.
* DoWrongRight: He chastises Andy not because he taped Larry Lester's buttocks, but because he was caught doing it.
* EvilCounterpart: In many ways, he fills this role to Andy.
* FauxAffablyEvil: He seems jovial and understanding at first, but it's all a façade.
* FatBastard: For a guy who's big on athletics, he's not in the best shape.
* {{Hypocrite}}: He calls Andrew a "discipline case" despite pressuring him into being a JerkJock in the first place.
* JadedWashout: It's strongly implied that he's a former JerkJock that didn't get anywhere in life, and seems stuck in a nostalgia bubble of his own making.
* {{Jerkass}}: A flagrant and unapologetic scumbag.
* JerkJock: He was most likely this in his past.
* LowerClassLout: He's a coarse, blue-collar thug.
* NeverMyFault
* ParentsAsPeople: He's given a teeny bit of characterization such as "failed JerkJock" and "stuck in the past" to give him some depth. It still doesn't excuse him, though.
* PoliticallyIncorrectVillain: Implied to be a misogynist or pervert. A line cut from the film indicates he may be a racist as well.
* PragmaticVillainy: He objects to Andy's offense not on [[EvenEvilHasStandards moral grounds]], but because he wasn't discreet about it.
* RetiredMonster: It's strongly implied that he's done much worse things than taping nerd's buns together.
* SchoolyardBullyAllGrownUp: Imagine a JerkJock who never matured beyond high school, and you'll get the idea.
* SmugSnake: Comes off as rather arrogant and conniving.
* TheSocialDarwinist: Despises any form of weakness and espouses a "winner takes all" philosophy.
* TheSociopath: Meets several criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder. He's [[StupidEvil impulsive]], amoral, [[ManipulativeBastard manipulative]], [[NeverMyFault shirks responsibility for his actions]], [[LackOfEmpathy disregards the safety and well-being of others]], possesses a [[HairTriggerTemper low aggression threshold]], has [[SmallNameBigEgo a grandiose sense of self-worth]] and last but not least, fails to follow through any realistic long-term plans for his future. It's easy to see why he didn't get ahead.
* [[StageMom Stage Dad]]: Relives his glory days vicariously through his son.
* StrawCharacter: He's boorish, crude, and obsessed with sex and violence. He's as stereotypical of a working-class Republican as you can get.
* StupidEvil
* TestosteronePoisoning: His views of masculinity are comically immature.
* UngratefulBastard

[[folder:The Bender Family]]
* AbusiveParents: Physically and emotionally abusive to their son.
* TheAlcoholic / AlcoholicParent: Bender's father.
* AxCrazy: Bender's father.
* DomesticAbuser: Three guesses, no prizes.
* ForTheEvulz: Not only does Bender's dad physically abuse him, he seems to get off on it to no real end.
* TheGhost: The only parental unit to not physically appear in the film.
* {{Lower Class Lout}}s
* NothingIsScarier