An index of character lists for ''TheBoondocks'', a [[ComicStrip/TheBoondocks comic strip]] turned into an [[WesternAnimation/TheBoondocks animated series]].
* [[Characters/TheBoondocksMainCharacters Main Characters]] [[note]]The Freeman Family (Huey, Riley, and Robert)[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheBoondocksSupportingCharacters Supporting Characters]] [[note]]Caesar, Ruckus, and the [=DuBois=] Family (Jazmine, Tom, and Sarah)[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheBoondocksRecurringCharacters Recurring Characters]] [[note]]Various characters who appeared across multiple episodes and seasons[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheBoondocksMinorCharacters Minor Characters]] [[note]]Various characters who only appeared in single episodes (or at least within one season)[[/note]]