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These are characters who have been in the longest or have been a important role in the story since it started.

!! [[Anime/YuGiOh5Ds Yusei Fudo]]
'''Affiliation:''' Man of Science / Investigation Team\\
'''Arcana:''' Star \\
'''Powers:''' Signer Powers, Artes, Angel powers, Persona ]
->'''Played by:''' Shadowkeykeeper

The main character of Anime/YuGiOh5Ds, Yusei was brought in Arc One alongside Neo Domino City. Captured by Angels under Mithos Yggdrasil, Yusei was given a Cruxis Crystal and forced to be a Angel against his will to save Aki.

During the Battle of Zaphias he was knocked out and taken by Yuan, where he stayed after losing his memories except for the name Aki. After recovering his memories, Yusei has become a key leader in the fight against Wiseman.
* {{Adorkable}}: Best shown after he gets over his amnesia.
* {{Badass}}: Thanks to the months he's spent gaining powers, Yusei is one of the Roleplay's most powerful characters.
** EmpoweredBadassNormal: After he gets a Cruxis Crystal and becomes a Angel.
* DiscardAndDraw: Due to getting Amnesia in arc 2 and Yuan placing a seal on him, Yusei couldn't use his Signer Dragon at all. He relied on his Artes though instead, and later his Persona.
* EasyAmnesia: His Amnesia in arc 2 mainly comes from his injuries in Zaphias. Once he gets a Persona though, he begins to get his memories back and by Arc 4, he's back to normal.
* ElementalPowers: Several in fact.
** ShockAndAwe: Thanks to his persona Kartikeya.
** BlowYouAway
** HolyHandGrenade: His Chosen Artes, Mystic Arte have this element. Stardust Dragon technically counts.
* MagicKnight: Like Kratos and Zelos, Yusei balances magic artes with physical artes. His persona Kartikeya also is one.
* OfficialCouple: With Aki in Arc 1.
** ShipSink: Due to a combination of memory loss, being a fugitive, and Aki being PutOnABus.
* ThoseTwoGuys: He and Jack have this going.
* TookALevelInBadass: Went from barely being able to fight, to a genuine {{Badass}} who can hold his own against some seriously dangerous people.

!! [[VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia Raine Sage]]
'''Affiliation:''' Herself \\
'''Arcana:''' None Yet \\
'''Powers:''' Artes, Yugioh Deck, Koumori upgrade ]
->'''Played by:'''IceEnchantress09

A half-elf from the world of Sylvarant, Raine was pulled into the story in Arc 1 where she quickly made her impact. Raine searches for her younger brother Genis before being caught up Wiseman's evil plans. Raine is a major figure in the roleplay and the closest to TheHeroine.
* AffablyEvil: As a Dark Signer she was much more friendly and well mannered then the others.
* BrainwashedAndCrazy: As a Dark Signer.
* CameBackWrong: She died once in Arc 1 and came back to life as a Dark Signer.
* CombatMedic: Even more so then her own game, as with her Koumori upgrade, duel disk, and some new artes, Raine can hold her own and be a good healer.
* DeadpanSnarker: Thanks to some CharacterDevelopment.
* FaceMonsterTurn: Turns evil after becoming a Dark Signer though unlike other examples, it was part willing and part not. Once she's killed again though she's back to normal.
* HolyHandGrenade: What few offensive artes she uses are primarily this.
* SquishyWizard: Despite getting some nifty new moves, Raine still cannot handle being attacked directly. In the Holiday Smackdown, she loses to Hong because despite her abilities, Hong is able to close the distance.
* TookALevelInBadass: Went from a squishyMage CombatMedic, to a CombatMedic MagicalGirl armed with the ability to call spirits.


!! [[VideoGame/TalesOfSymphoniaDawnOfTheNewWorld Emil Castagnier]]
'''Affiliation:''' Investigation Team \\
'''Arcana:''' Fool \\
'''Powers:''' Artes, Wild Card, Monster Pact ]
->'''Played by:'''Keyblademaster333

A young boy from Palmacosta who made a pact with the Lord of Monsters Ratatosk to become stronger. Originally a timid and meek boy, Emil is a vital role to the survival of the world and it's people. He is also is Ratatosk though he does not know that.
* Adorkable: Emil is very shy and meek and tends to cause moments where he can be quite the dork.
* AllLoveIsUnrequited: PlayedWith. Emil's feelings for Naoto are rather painfully clear, but Naoto doesn't actually touch upon them despite her own feelings for him.
* AllTheOtherReindeer: His Shadow invokes this by calling Emil a monster who everyone hates. Accepting that he's a outcast is part of his CharacterDevelopment.
* {{Badass}}: Very much so. Emil is one of the Rp's strongest characters and a PhysicalGod.
* BerserkButton: Just like in game, bringing up Lloyd is one for him. Later on, hurting Naoto counts too.
* BloodKnight: Ratatosk mode Emil loves a good fight.