The characters of ''WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball'' include:
* [[Characters/TheAmazingWorldOfGumballTheWattersons The Wattersons]][[note]]Gumball Watterson, Darwin Watterson, Anais Watterson, Nicole Watterson, Richard Watterson[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheAmazingWorldOfGumballStudentsOfElmoreJuniorHigh Students of Elmore Junior High]][[note]]Alan Kean, Anton, Banana Joe, Billy Parham, Bobert, Carmen, Carrie Kruger, Clare Cooper, Clayton, Detention Kids, The Eggheads, Green Bear Guy, Hector Jötunheim, Hot Dog Guy, Idaho, Jamie, Juke, Leslie, Masami Yoshida, Molly Collins, Ocho, Penny Fitzgerald, Sarah G. Lato, Sussie, Teri, Tina Rex, Tobias Wilson, William, [[spoiler:Rob/Dr. Wrecker]][[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheAmazingWorldOfGumballElmoreJuniorHighStaff Elmore Junior High Staff]][[note]]Principal Nigel Brown, Coach, Mr. Corneille, The Nurse, Miss Lucy Simian, Rocky Robinson, Steve Small[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheAmazingWorldOfGumballOtherCitizensOfElmore Other Citizens of Elmore]][[note]]Banana Bob and Banana Barbara, Felicity Parham, Patrick Fitzgerald, The Chimera, Granny Jojo, Mrs. Jötunheim, Laurence "Larry" Needlemeyer, Mr. Rex, Richwood High Tennis Team, Gaylord Robinson, Margaret Robinson, Sal Left Thumb, Senior Citizens, Sheriff, Video Game Store Manager, Harold Wilson, Jackie Wilson, Rachel Wilson, [[spoiler: Yuki Yoshida, Frankie Watterson]][[/note]]
* [[Characters/TheAmazingWorldOfGumballOther Other]][[note]]Anton Clones, Mr. Cuddles, Evil Turtle, Kenneth, The Solar System, Timmy/The Internet, Virus, [[spoiler:Elmore/The World, Zach]][[/note]]