The Cipher Chronicles details dozens of character, both those invented by the authors and those fans entered into contests and won.


[[folder:Team Cipher]]

A team put together to figure out how to stop the Olmak Effect from causing TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt. Most of the members of Team Cipher where Mindtouched by the Presence, who gave them the idea of merging the forty-two pieces of the [[MaskOfPower Olmak]].


The main character of the Cipher Chronicles, Kyn is an Av-Matoran who works as a demolitions contractor on Promathus. In fact, he is ''the'' demolitions contractor for the various corporations of the Industrial planet, a position that has made him very rich. Kyn is an expert in demolitions and creating explosive compounds. He is a native of Clysmax.

[[spoiler:Kyn was at one point Arrik Xell, the champion of the [[PintsizedPowerhouse Titanheart Clan]] on Barrawahi. He fled the planet after an incident that Kyn himself does not remember clearly, but it involves some treachery he may or may not have committed. Before the formation of Team Cipher, Kyn had dedicated his life to figuring out if he is innocent or not.]]

* [[spoiler: AwesomeMcCoolname: Arrik Xell]]
* TheHero
* {{Invisibility}}: By changing the color of his armor.
* MysteriousPast
* [[spoiler: RetiredBadass]]
* RichardNixonTheUsedCarSalesman: Paracosmos (Bonesiii's independant FanFic series) Kyn is a slave on Xia. Another version is the Ta-Koro weapons maker on a version of Mata Nui where Makuta was insane. Kyn owns a Dimensional Scrying machine that allows him to see the lives of copies of him in other dimensions. [[spoiler: He's hoping to find a version with a close enough story to his own to discover if he's guilty or not.]]
* [[RichBitch Rich Jerk]]: At first, and didn't really learn his lesson until ''Sticks and Stones''
* StuffBlowingUp: His job.


A Toa of Lightning reporter from Alarist. Hanashi is well known for her investigative journalism (using her mask of AstralProjection to spy out sources), habit of nicknaming mysterious figures she reports on, and a secret technique she developed to interface with technology to a limited degree.

* ActionGirl
* AstralProjection: Her mask power
* IntrepidReporter
* LightningCanDoAnything: She can use it to interact with technology in her [[AstralProjection spirit form]].
* TheNickNamer
* ShockAndAwe

--> "''If you refer to the 50 Toa and Glatorian army who came at me with solid Protosteel weapons and a fully armored Kane-Ra, yeah, I took care of them.''"

A Skakdi champion of the Red Skull clan on Barrawahi, Bajnok is one of the most feared and ruthless warriors on Warzone. His signature weapon is a bi-bladed staff that can disintegrate beings if they are hit by the tip.

* AntiHero: When he's being nice.
* ArchEnemy: Zashrau [[spoiler:and Arrik Xell]].
* TheBigGuy
* [[DisintegratorRay Disintegrator Staff]] : It can vaporize anyone with a single touch.
* EnemyMine: Working with Shadow Honor and later [[spoiler: Arrik-Xell]]
* FireForgedFriends: With Khiri after, fittingly enough, ''Escape the Fire''.
* LargeHam: '''YOU''' CANNOT UNDO HIS '''VOW'''!
* MacGuffin: His staff. It seems to be Izumali in origin, and much of the plot revolves around where he got it and how it works (as well as getting it back after Merx dropped it out of a Cargo Star shuttle).
* MoralityPet: His friendship with Khiri is one of his more redeeming qualitiess
* MysteriousPast
* OneManArmy [[spoiler: Although V indicated that the staff may be doing all the real work.]]
* TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou: To Zashrau (and presumably vice versa) [[spoiler: Until Avsa Ka [[NeverFoundTheBody apparently]] kills him.]]
* ProudWarriorRaceGuy
* TokenEvilTeammate


A Jungle Glatorian from Atohune, M'konglii is a farmer and trader. He one of the few natives of Tribal that understands the correlation between bringing the Totems together and the frequency of Olmak effects. His tribe's leader, Turaga Xata, sends him on mysterious missions across the planet, but M'konglii seems to be hiding things even from him.

* BadassNormal [[spoiler: Possibly subverted. Most Glatorian are powerless on their own, but M'konglii demonstrates some sort of teleportatoin ability. Whether or not this is an actual subversion will depend on whether this is revealed to be his own power or some device.]]
* DualWielding: Uses twin scimitars with leaf-like decorating on the inside curve (these serve a practical purpose: they are somewhat flexible, enough to snap around an opponent's sword).
* [[spoiler: DoubleReverseQuadrupleAgent: It's unknown if his ultimate allegiance is to Xata, Revolution, Team Cipher, himself, or some other faction.]]
* InSeriesNickname: Mik. Pronouncing an apostrophe is just as hard for them as it is for the readers.
* MysteriousPast
* PunctuationShaker
* SpySpeak: Many of his conversations with Xata are composed of this.


A Toa of Magnetism hacker from Izumal, Artakha, like his partner, was not himself Mindtouched, but sent to join Team Cipher by the leader of Izumal's hackers, Revolution. Artakha has more of moral code than his friend Karzahni. Their contrasting ideologies are one of the main reasons they chose their code names.

* LaResistance
* MeaningfulName: Takes his name from the Toys/{{Bionicle}} being who created almost everything hi-tech in the Matoran Universe
* MindOverMatter: His mask power
* PlayfulHacker: Averted, but he is more moral than Kharzahni
* SelectiveMagnetism
* TheSmartGuy


A Toa of Plasma hacker, Kharzahni is the other Toa Revolution sent to be part of Team Cipher. He is a more questionable character than Artahka.

* AntiHero
* TheCracker
* LaResistance
* MeaningfulName: The Bionicle version of the Devil/Hell
** Played for laughs when Kharzahni becomse confused by Hanashi swearing near him.


Zuruk is a Toa of Ice who claims to have visited Enigma and brought back some of their technology. Formerly a nobody Gadget attachment designer, Zuruk convinced the people of Atohune to bring their six totems to the same location, an action many claim creates an Olmak Effect that teleports anyone inside to the eighth planet. Zuruk claims to have returned, although will not say how, with a number of devices that he has begun mass-producing and marketing as Enigma technology. Zuruk actually claims to be native of Enigma; he was teleported to Promathus through an Olmak Effect, with no memory of his former life, and no one reported him missing at the time. He also claims that he received confirmation of his origins on Enigma.

* AnIcePerson: His default element
* GadgeteerGenius: Defied, he chalks up all of his products to having visited Enigma.
* MakeMeWannaShout: His other element


A Water Agori former slave from Tanuuk, Khiri managed to escape after her home was destroyed in a Deathwing bombing. She became an integral part of the slave underground, coming up with their main hideout inside the Obsidian Mountain itself (an enormous monument built on King Taa's orders).

* ActionGirl: Has little combat experience, but has been shown to be able to handle herself in a fight.
* FireForgedFriends: With Bajnok.
* LaResistance: Albeit with less intentions to overthrow the government and more on just surviving.
* MoralityPet: To Bajnok.
* RealityWarper: For a time, could see reality shifts at an accelerated rate.

[[folder: Allies]]


The most notorious and skilled hacker on Izumal, Revolution has caused more trouble for the City than anyone else. No one knows what he looks like; he has never appeared in person. His sigil is a "V"; he tends to create one out of nanites near sights of his hacking activity. He is the leader of Regno di Baraonda, the largest hacker group on Enlightened.

* ActuallyADoombot: His first appearance turned out to be a robot, not the real guy.
* TheCracker
* {{Expy}}: Of V from ''ComicBook/VForVendetta''.
* TheFaceless: Communicates only through textual messages or, as mentioned above, robots.
* LaResistance: Leads [[GratuitousItalian Regno di Baraonda]].

'''Turaga Xata'''

-->''Hear me, Ko-Clysmax? Come and get me.''

The leader of M'konglii's tribe, Turga Xata is as mysterious as the Glatorian himself. [[spoiler: As a Toa, he observed Toa Jehry go nova in the giant Olmak Effect within Clysmax's core, forming the Coldstone and causing the Shattering (and saving the rest of the planet from being completely destroyed). He kept this knowledge to himself, allowing the other fragments to blame Ice for the Shattering.]]

* ExtraOreDinary: As a Turaga, his powers are now limited to making small objects like tools or artwork.
* SpySpeak: He gives his orders to M'konglii in codewords, and Mik gives his reports the same way.


Operatives of the mysterious Izumali government, Agents are encased in extremely powerful nanite suits. They appear on different worlds without using the Olmak Totems, and their actions make little sense to anyone else.

'''In General'''
* AmbiguouslyEvil: While no one knows their true motives, and they ensure that no one is killed by their actions, Agents are still extremely ruthless and destructive. The Izumali council also opposes merging the Olmak, for unknown reasons.
* BroughtDownToBadass: ''Stick and Stones'' demonstrates that even stripped of their nanite suits, Agents are some of the deadliest fighters around.
* ComboPlatterPowers:
** BarrierWarrior
** {{Flight}}
** {{Invisibility}}
** {{Hologram}}s
** MindOverMatter
** NighInvulnerable
** SuperSpeed

* BlowYouAway: One of the three elemental powers he switches between frequently.
* DishingOutDirt: One of his elements.
* GogglesDoSomethingUnusual: His mask allows him to see (and [[MindScrew understand]]) a 360 degree field of vision.
* GravityMaster: His third most often used element.
* KungFuWizard
* ShoutOut: His mask resembles [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration another visor]].

* BloodKnight
* TheDarkChick
* FlowerMotifs: Uses flowers, has armor covered in flower patterns, is named after flowers, and is [[InvertedTrope one of the most violent Agents out there]].
* FragileFlower: Inverted
* GreenThumb
* InstantSedation: By creating flowers that emit knockout gas.

* BlowYouAway
* TheBrute: He is one of the biggest and most destructive Agents we've met.
* PersonOfMassDestruction: Other than the ComboPlatterPowers his Agent suit gives him, there's also that fact that he is a Troak, meaning that while his brand of elemental powers don't have a lot of finesse or versatility, they pack one heck of a punch.
* [[WallCrawl Wall Walk]]: Thanks to his mask.

[[spoiler: '''Merx''']]

[[spoiler: See below for tropes pertaining to Merx before he became an Agent]]

* TookALevelInBadass
* TurnCoat


* ElementalPowers: Possess every single elemental power in the Multiverse. Fortunately for everyone else, he isn't very creative with their use (although, at one point Kyn recollects how he did manage to create a very powerful explosive out of his Fire and Iron powers).
* NonIndicativeName: Unlike most mechanical beings in Toys/{{Bionicle}} proper and Aethion, Gears is not a ClockworkCreature and (probably) has no actual gears. Hanashi gave him the name.
* SuperpowerLottery

[[spoiler: '''Zashrau''']]
* TurnCoat



'''King Taa'''
* EvilOverlord
* TheFaceless: Hides behind a wall of one-way glass.
* KickTheDog: Enjoys bombing escaped slave villages or even communities of his own slaves with his [[CoolPlane Deathwing]] (This is something the Dukes do for fun too, but Taa apparently loves it the most).

'''Duke Choruul'''
* TheGenericGuy: Off all the Dukes, is described simply as a fairly normal Tyrant.

'''Duke Kle'''
* BlazingInfernoHellfireSauce: Particularly enjoys exotic and extremely spicy foods that he buys from Atohune.
* ManlyMenCanHunt: Prefers to hunt Rahi rather than bomb slaves, but still takes out his Deathwing when he's bored.
* VillainousGlutton: Downplayed; his defining trait happens to be that he enjoys food.

'''Duke Mboko'''
* DisproportionateRetribution: Punishes his slaves more severely than any other Duke, sometimes just because he suspects they might have committed some infraction.
* MakeAnExampleofThem: Unlike the other Tyrants, he doesn't kill/bomb his own slaves because it's [[ItAmusedMe fun]], but because he thinks it is the most efficient way of continuing the Tyrants' rule.
* TheStoic

'''Duke Mokuun'''
* AxeCrazy
* BlessedWithSuck: Is one of the six most powerful beings on his planet, and owns one of the most valuable objects in the Multiverse: One of the totems that are the only way to safely travel from one planet to another. The problem is, Mokuun's leads to a planet full of LawfulGood guys who would arrest any Tyrant that tried to go through. Mokuun's totem is the number one target for slave escape attempts on Tanuuk.
* TheCaligula

'''Duke Tor'turahk'''
* ColdBloodedTorture: Occupies his time torturing the slaves under his rule, and tends walk to through the work areas with a whip more than the actual overseers.
* HellHolePrison: His capital city is the largest penal colony on Tanuuk (Slaves sent to Tanuuki penal colonies are forced to live in furnace-like enclosed metal chambers, are whipped daily to remind them of their crimes and again for any infraction they committed while there, and work twenty-hour days).
* MeaningfulName: As mentioned above, he likes torturing people.
* PunctuationShaker


[[folder: Other Villains]]

'''Toa Merx'''

A Toa of Mercury who works as a bounty hunter on Tanuuk, tracking down escaped slaves.
* PunnyName
* ShoutOut: His appearance is based off of ComicBook/{{Deadpool}}, while he uses his powers to create a [[ComicBook/SilverSurfer liquid-metal surfboard]]
* ThinkingOutLoud

'''King Iuksho'''
-->[[spoiler: Xata]]: "You want to have credit for [[VillainWithGoodPublicity saving the entire planet]]. You want a reason to justify why... the rich lands beyond should want to live under your banner."
--> Iuksho: "I do not hide my [[TakeOverTheWorld agenda]]. This is what I believe, and nobody says it better than you."

The first Ice King, it was Iuksho that first united the Ice Region (later the Ice Fragment) of Clysmax. Although he wanted to make the entire planet subservient to him, he was willing to do so by means other than direct conquest.

* AnIcePerson: Although he appeared to be a Toa of Ice, he had powers that led many to believe he was actually an ElementalEmbodiment of Ice or of the Ice Region itself.
* EvilOverlord: Less evil than his successor, but that's not saying much.
* PosthumousCharacter: Is dead by the present day.
* PragmaticVillain
* VillainousBreakdown: When he learns that his plan to take credit for saving Clysmax has failed and in fact he will be blamed for causing the Shattering.


Kalek was a seemingly regular scientist on Alarist when a rouge Rahkshi attacked him, damaging his head. He lashed out at everyone around him, then fled into hiding. Years later, he emerged, mutated by Hordika venom, as the serial killer Avsa Ka.

* BloodKnight
* TheChessmaster
* ContestWinnerCameo: Was a winner in the Website/BZPower EM denizens contest.
* MeaningfulName: Was given the name "Kalek", meaning "Puzzle" because of his skill at solving problems. Choose the name Avsa-Ka (hunger-spirit)as a serial killer because of the hunger inside that drove him.
* MonsterOfTheWeek: Is the main antagonist of Episode 5, ''Sticks and Stones''.
* SerialKiller


[[folder: Others]]

'''The Presence'''
->''Merge the Olmak''
A mysterious entity that has at various points in Aethion's history communicated with beings by Mindtouching them, implanting ideas in their heads. He/She/It gave Team Cipher the idea of merging the forty-two segments of the Olmak together.

* {{Telepathy}}: Has only communicated to people so far by "Mindtouching" them.