->''Nine mercenaries have come together for a job.''\\
''[[TheSixties It's the middle-ish]] [[TheSeventies part of a century]] a lot like the one we just had. A simpler time. There are three TV stations, one phone company, and [[BreadEggsMilkSquick two holding corporations]] [[MilkmanConspiracy that secretly control every government on the planet.]] [[MegaCorp Each corporation]] administers its half of the world with a multi-disciplined army of paper pushers. For any problem lacking an obvious bureaucratic solution, [[PrivateMilitaryContractors mercenaries]] [[RagtagBunchOfMisfits like]] [[ArmyOfThievesAndWhores these]] are contracted to address the situation through a [[MightMakesRight massive application of force.]]''\\
''[[http://www.teamfortress.com/movies.php Now's your chance to Meet the Team.]]''

As a class-based shooter, every character in ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' has a fixed set of equipment and abilities, and a role to play in propelling the team to victory. Each class is distinct in looks, personality, and accent, and has a set of weapons and equipment unique to them.

* [[Characters/TeamFortress2Offense Offense Classes]] (Scout, Soldier, Pyro)
* [[Characters/TeamFortress2Defense Defense Classes]] (Demoman, Heavy, Engineer)
* [[Characters/TeamFortress2Support Support Classes]] (Medic, Sniper, Spy)
* [[Characters/TeamFortress2NonPlayerCharacters Non-Player Characters]] (And the rest)

!! The Entire Team provides examples of:
* AffablyEvil[=/=]FauxAffablyEvil: [[ProtagonistCenteredMorality Entirely dependent on whether or not you're on the winning side.]]
* ALighterShadeOfGrey: When fighting Grey Mann and his private army they are more or less presented as the "heroes" in comparison.
* ArmyOfThievesAndWhores
* BadassBoast: A mercenary holding a melee weapon, facing an enemy, and using the Battle Cry voice command (C -> 2) will give one.
* BadassCrew: See BandOfBrothers below.
** BadassTransplant: Their hearts, otherwise they wouldn't survive an ‹berCharge.
* BandOfBrothers
* BattleCry: Each class has a few, and everyone yells at the beginning of a round.
* BecauseImGoodAtIt: Most mercenaries who feature in the interview-style "Meet the" videos offer this justification for why they do what they do. Even the "Meet The Spy" video, the first to break the interview format, can be considered an inverted version of this trope.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Some of the crew can be considered very amiable, polite, and even charming, but all of them are mentally unbalanced, bloodthirsty lunatics. Taken to the logical extreme with [[ThroughTheEyesOfMadness the Pyro.]]
* BunnyEarsLawyer: They're all mentally ill, and of dubious morality, but all of them are very good at what they do.
* CarnivalOfKillers: See below.
* CastOfSnowflakes: It's uncommon to see a FirstPersonShooter with ''five'' classes distinguished by anything more than different weapon loadout, let alone ''nine, viable, completely distinct classes''. The amount of work this took to balance could (''literally'') be summed up as "1 year for each class." According to the game's commentary, the characters were deliberately designed so that they could be distinguished from one another simply by their silhouettes.
* ComedicSociopathy: All nine classes segue into comedic sociopathy quite often, but most commonly when they dominate an opponent.
-->'''Medic''': Can you feel the schadenfreude?\\
'''Scout''': He-hey, look, you shapeshifted into a dead guy!\\
'''Heavy''': I am amused by entire eetty-beetty-teeny team!
** Also, the Schadenfreude taunt, introduced in the ‹ber Update, allows anyone to take joy in the misery of their enemies.
* DifficultButAwesome: Each class has this to varying degrees and in different ways. This means that players tend to get attached to a single class that they've become good at, and new players expecting their FPS skills from other games to transfer to [=TF2=] end up [[ItsHardSoItSucks disliking or even hating the game]] because they're not immediately good at it.
* DistinctiveAppearances: Directly invoked.
* [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep Everyone Calls Them...]]
* EvilLaugh: Every class has a few for dominating, revenge, and getting multiple kills. They also all have a Schadenfreude taunt (mentioned above).
* FaceDeathWithDignity: During "Expiration Date" they all take the news that they have [[spoiler:three days to live]] incredibly well, almost to the the point of ambivalence.
* FamilyValuesVillain: When they're not on the job, many of the mercs try to be this, handing out human molars and inordinate amounts of blood money to trick or treaters, defending Smissmas shoppers from inhuman monsters, escorting unarmed noncombatants through deadly robot hordes, and helping children to conquer their fears through teaching them to commit murder. MoralDissonance is invoked, lampshaded, and played for laughs, especially in the case of the Pyro.
** Demoman is an interesting case. He lives with his blind mother so he can help take care of her. His mum however knows full well what his job is and actively encourages it (after all, it's been in the family for generations).
* FireForgedFriends
* GivenNameReveal: Through the official comics, we have:
** Soldier: Sergeant-Barrister Jane Doe
** Demoman: Tavish Finnegan [=DeGroot=]
** Heavy: Mikhael (although his sisters affectionately nicknamed him "Misha" for short)
** Engineer: Dell Conagher
** Sniper: Mr. Mundy
* HeroicComedicSociopath
* HiredGuns[=/=]OnlyInItForTheMoney: Most of the team. Possibly subverted with the Pyro, as it's not really clear whether he's paid to do his job.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: There are a number of all-class weapons (as well as some class-specific weapons) that one might not consider a weapon. Many are promotional items, like a [[http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Memory_Maker hand-held video camera]], [[http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Ham_Shank ham on the bone]], and even [[http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Bat_Outta_Hell a human spine]].
* InformedFlaw: Interestingly, while their sanity (or lack of) isn't questioned, they have been described as "mostly having below-average [=IQ's=], by Miss Pauling, and as "idiots" by Helen the Administrator, though each of them later displayed smarts ranging from GeniusDitz to DitzyGenius level. A later comic shows why she holds them all in such disdain: She believes them to be just like the lead poisoned idiots of Teufort, while Miss Pauling has secretly been providing all of them with bottled water, save Soldier, who didn't bother listening to her warnings.
* InHarmsWay
* InSeriesNickname: "The Teufort Nine" by the citizens of Teufort.
* KickTheSonOfABitch: Feeling bad for the people of Teufort for having to live with the mercenaries would be understandable... until you actually get to know the people of Teufort, that is.
* LaughablyEvil
* LargeHam[=/=]WorldOfHam: Just about everyone in the game, but especially Gary Schwartz, the voice of the Heavy and the Demoman.
** '''"THERE CAN BE, ''ONLY OOOOOOOOOOOOONE!"'''''[[note]] eye...[[/note]]
* LegacyCharacter: Judging by the Engineer Update and its comics there have been at least three of each mercenary - a hidden picture in the [[http://www.teamfortress.com/engineerupdate/v00.php Engineer update]] shows a [[{{Retcon}} retconned]] version of the ''VideoGame/TeamFortressClassic'' in World War I-II versions of their uniforms, and another shows the TFC BLU Engineer letting his son (Dell Conagher, the current BLU Engineer) try on his goggles.
* MultinationalTeam: Let's see, we have three Americans (of varying regions), a Russian, a German, an Australian, a Scotsman (a [[ScaryBlackMan Black]] [[ViolentGlaswegian Scottish]] [[EyepatchOfPower Cyclops]] no less), a Frenchman, [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and...]] [[TheSpook The Pyro]].
* NiceHat: Many of the unlockables qualify for this.
** Valve likes to describe the genre of the game as hat simulation.
* NominalHero: Even factoring in their inherent insanity and skewed morality, they're still a lot more redeemable than Gray Mann or the Administrator.
* TheNicknamer: Not including names for enemies, most classes have a nickname or few for their teammates, though the Engineer has the most.
* OddFriendship: Medic and Heavy, but also Pyro and Engineer. Personality-wise, they don't initially seem like they'd get along, but they work perfectly in and out of battle.
* PrivateMilitaryContractors: All of the Team.
* ProfessionalKiller: Whether the team is professional in the "gentlemen" sense of the word is... well... debatable, (See directly below), but the team does what they're paid to, and they do it very well. Best summed up by the Engineer's quote to a rival Medic:
--> "I'm a killer of men, Doc. That's the God's-honest truth."
* PsychoForHire: Engineer, Sniper, and Spy see no hypocrisy at all in acting like a gentleman one minute and a maniac the next. The Soldier and Pyro appear to be truly insane, the Demoman is very fond of explosions, the Heavy [[ICallItVera talks to his guns and Sandviches]] [[CompanionCube like they're real people]], the Scout seems to [[BloodKnight like hurting people]] [[AxCrazy far more than any normal human being does]], and the Medic's bio states he considers healing to be an unintended side-effect of his penchant for experimenting on people (including himself) to satisfy his scientific curiosity (and what appears to be a fetish for blood and needles).
* PunchClockVillain: Off the clock, the [[VillainsOutShopping villains are jovial, genial, generous, and kind even to their enemies,]] [[CloudCuckoolander albeit in their own VERY odd way.]] This is taken to its [[EnemyMine ultimate]] [[FireForgedFriends conclusion]] in Mann vs. Machine's co-op mode and its attendant comics.
* PutTheLaughterInSlaughter: Especially with the Schadenfreude taunt.
* RagtagBunchOfMisfits: A drawling MoreDakka [[MrFixit engineer]]. A [[TheBigGuy big]], [[EloquentInMyNativeTongue somewhat dimwitted-sounding]] [[HuskyRusskie Russian.]] A [[SociopathicHero psychotic, delusional]] American soldier. A [[NoIndoorVoice mouthy, trash-talking]] [[BrooklynRage Bostonian]] [[FragileSpeedster speedster]]. A [[DrJerk jerkass]] [[HerrDoctor German]] [[MadDoctor mad]] [[CombatMedic doctor]]. A [[EverythingSoundsSexierInFrench smooth-talking]] French spy. A [[MoodSwinger "laid back"]] [[LandDownunder Australian]] ProfessionalKiller. A [[ViolentGlaswegian drunk, one-eyed, black, manic-depressive Scottish nutcase]] [[StuffBlowingUp with a heritage forged from explosives]]. A [[KillItWithFire pyromaniac]] of ambiguous race and [[AmbiguousGender gender]] who is so insane and delusional the Soldier looks sane by comparison... [[TheyFightCrime They Fight]] [[EnemyMine (and ultimately]] [[FireForgedFriends team up with)]] [[TheyFightCrime Their Other-Colored Clones!]] And, occasionally, [[BiggerBad slaughter hordes of evil robots!]]
* RealMenWearPink: The latest Halloween update gave us The Magical Mercenary, where the characters can act like pretty pink unicorns when they wear it, except [[OnlySaneMan Medic]] and [[AmbiguouslyHuman Pyro.]] [[MakesSenseInContext Best not think about it much.]]
* RequiredSecondaryPowers: According to "Meet the Medic", every class had to have special heart implants in order to use the ‹berCharge. In the case of the Heavy, his heart had to be replaced with a much larger one after his first heart exploded from the power of the ‹berCharge implant.
* SkewedPriorities: [[AffablyEvil These guys]] [[UnscrupulousHero are only kind to the people they like,]] so you'd better hope they like you. [[EvenEvilHasStandards Excluding the people mentioned here,]] they also don't give a crap about who they kill or even whether they might ''die'', [[OnlyInItForTheMoney just so long as there's money to be made]] [[ForTheLulz and fun to be had]] [[ForTheEvulz in the offing.]]
* SociopathicSoldier: Not just the Soldier. They all enjoy killing their enemies and making fun of them, and revel in their jobs.
* SpellMyNameWithAThe: They're referred to this way by the blog and other website materials, but all dialogue (in-game and in the comics) lacks the articles.
* SurroundedByIdiots: With the possible exception of the Soldier, the entire team is put in this position due to the people of the nearby town of Teufort having been rendered a pack of sociopathic idiots from generations of drinking tainted river water.
* TeamPet: Many of the classes have an equippable ShoulderPet of some kind:
** Scout: Chucklenuts (A Squirrel).
** Soldier: Compatriot ([[{{Eagleland}} a bald eagle]]), and Lieutenant Bites (a rabid raccoon). Lt. Bites also has a zombie counterpart named Lieutenant Bites The Dust.
** Pyro: The [[{{Unicorn}} Balloonicorn]], and its holiday counterpart, the Reindoonicorn (which is recolored to look like a reindeer).
** Demoman: The Bird-Man of Aberdeen (a macaw, although one of its alternative skins makes it look like a cockatoo instead), and its zombie counterpart, Polly Putrid.
** Heavy: The Red Army Robin (a baby robin).
** Engineer: The Pocket Purrer (a black and white kitten), and Ein (a goggles-wearing canary).
** Medic: Archimedes the dove, and his robotic and zombie counterparts Mecha-Medes and Archimedes The Undying.
** Sniper: Sir Hootsalot (an owl), and Cobber Chameleon ([[CaptainObvious a chameleon]]).
** Spy: The Backstabber's Boomslang (a snake).
** All-Class: Dead Little Buddy (implied to be ''the ghost of a dead child''), and Guano (a bat).
* TrashTalk
* TriggerHappy: Especially the Heavy.
* TrueCompanions: A [[AxCrazy very]] [[CloudCuckoolander strange]] [[PsychoForHire example]], but an example nonetheless.
* {{Unscrupulous Hero}}es: Each team member has a few people whom they care for dearly (each other included) and a few spare [[EvenEvilHasStandards standards]], but otherwise won't think twice about doing dirty deeds for high prices. The single redeeming trait these otherwise sociopathic maniacs have in common is that they wholeheartedly care for their families, friends, and loved ones.
** Even Non-player character SAXTON HALE has revealed that despite his obvious testosterone poisoning, he just doesn't have it in him to strike a little girl.
* VillainProtagonist: The comics show the civilians of Teufort see them as little destructive maniacs and it's hard to argue with them. [[spoiler:To the point that they put Scout and Spy on death row for doing their jobs in ''Ring of Fired''.]]
* WildCard: The Mercs will work for the highest bidder, but express [[TrueCompanions disgust and regret at the idea of directly harming a friend.]]
* WouldntHurtAChild: All of the mercs, so far.