!The Teahouse

!!!Xanthe Atros, owner of the Teahouse


* AbusiveParents
* AmbiguouslyBi: [[spoiler:Sleeps with Lilith and is married to Yvette, but is shown to be attracted to and possibly in love with Linneus.]]
* BastardBoyfriend: Towards Linneus, as well as [[spoiler:Lilith (who has been shown to possibly have feelings for him)]]. On top of this, he's also more or less neglectful of [[spoiler:his wife]].
* EyesOfGold
* HairTriggerTemper: He's shown to be very angry, throws objects across rooms, punches clients for getting violent (double standards) and, according to Claret, he blames the messenger when told bad news.
* JerkAss: Indeed.
** JerkWithAHeartOfGold: The flashbacks to his childhood show that he at least used to have a good side.
* PetTheDog: [[spoiler:Punching Liard in the face over his mistreatment of Linneus.]]
* RealMenHateSugar: grown that way, as even a lil' tot he reproached Linneus for having sugar with tea.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure
* SexForSolace: Possibly. [[spoiler: Sleeps with Lilith, but makes sure she knows that Linneus means more to him.]]
* TheStoic
* TallDarkAndHandsome
* UsedToBeASweetKid

!!!Argent, Xanthe's bodyguard

* ActionGirl
* BattleButler: Atros' most trusted right-hand woman, wields a rapier.
* HeroicAlbino: Although not really a hero due to her minor character status, her character description on the website (not to mention the sword she carries with her) hints that she could possibly be a {{Lady of War}}.
* TheQuietOne
* TheStoic

!!!Remy Dubois, maid

* HalfIdenticalTwin: Of Rory.
* HiddenEvil: Only time will tell which way she actually falls. She doesn't ''look'' bad, oh no. But (apparently) following her brother to a brothel, failing to express joy or comfort in meeting him again, her arrival inspiring little but worry in him, and her sneaking into his room to declare her intentions of having that room kiiind of seem to point this way.
* [[spoiler: {{Twincest}} The woman Rory pictures while masturbating is Remy, his twin sister.]]

* SexSlave



* {{Bishonen}}
* DudeLooksLikeALady
* EverythingsSparklyWithJewelry: He often wears [[http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=9 excessive amounts of bling]].
* HookerWithAHeartOfGold
* ParentalAbandonment: His father sold him to Atros' family as debt payment.
* RagsToRiches: He was sold to the Teahouse as a cleaning servant at age 5 and arrives at the house literally in rags. 21 years later, Linneus is living in complete luxury as a courtesan, habitually receiving jewellery (and possibly other pricey gifts) from his clients.
* UnluckyChildhoodFriend: Poor Linneus has known Atros since his fifth birthday and obviously has been in love with him for years. So far, no dice.
* WhoWearsShortShorts



* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: Exploited. He knows this all too well. Thus, he milks his ruggedly handsome looks, mixes it with his [[TheDandy dandy-like]] clothes and earned his place that way as top earner of the house.
* BerserkButton: Itís AXIS, [[MaliciousMisnaming not Alice]]. Then again, Rhys seems to step on Axis' Berserk Buttons with each step...
* BuxomIsBetter: In the first book's bonus comic, makes it very clear he fancies Claret's rack. Further underlined in the off-site "Ask Axis" feature.
* ClusterFBomb: Sometimes to the point of {{Narm}}.
* DoesNotLikeShoes: As is apparent from the dirty state of his feet.
* EyesOfGold
* {{Gayngst}}: might well be going through it.
* HaveIMentionedIAmHeteroToday: He does make a scene of appreciating female beauty and disliking gay shit.
* HotBlooded: He has some opinions and he's making a spectacle of them.
* FieryRedhead: ''Oh yeah!''
* JerkAss: Although he seems more angry than really assholish. When he's not being an asshole, of course. Special mention goes to Rory, who seems to trigger Axis' jerkass-ness without fail.
* RedOniBlueOni: With Rhys. [[HairColors Their hair says so]].
* SexSlave: [[SubvertedTrope Subverted.]] WordOfGod confirms that he's the only one who's there as a genuine career man, and wants nothing more from his life if he can nap and sex all day long.
* [[StupidSexyFlanders Stupid Sexy Rhys]]: As a [[HaveIMentionedIAmHeteroToday totally 100% hetero man]], Axis doesn't appreciate at all when Rhys smoulders his faggot gases all over him.
* TransparentCloset
* {{Tsundere}}: He is about as pure type A as it gets, with the default mood of moody. He goes from furious at the thought of being chosen by Rhys to furious at ''not'' being chosen by Rhys in the span of four whole panels. [[PrintBonus Print version]] gives a nice example of his ''dere'' side, which apparently only exists for a few minutes at a time, tops, and can only be seen after he's been worn down by lots and lots of smouldering sex.

!!!Rory Dubois

* {{Bishonen}}
* HalfIdenticalTwin: Of Remy.
* LegalJailBait: Very slender and for most parts even effeminate. He's 18 though.
* NaiveNewcomer: He's clearly not used to this whole whoring business.
* SweetTooth: Underlining his gentle character, he's rarely seen ''not'' making or offering someone cupcakes. Even after the other person has established that they do not in fact care for sweets.
* [[spoiler: {{Twincest}} The woman he pictures while masturbating is his twin sister, as revealed in recent pages.]]


* GenkiGirl
* HookerWithAHeartOfGold
* InformedFlaw: She's supposed to be the lowest-earning courtesan in the house, but she's cute and well-endowed, has a bubbly personality, has excellent customer service skills and is happy to serve.
* TheKlutz: The cast page (as of Nov 2011), ''She may not be able to service you, but she can serve you tea. Or spill it all over you. Whatever.''
* ThePollyanna: She's capable of sulking, but mostly she's chipper.
* PurpleEyes
* SweetTooth: As of character list in November 2012, ''Voted most likely to eat all the cake.''


* [[{{CampGay}} Camp]] [[{{CampStraight}} Something]]: He is prone to [[http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=50 taking Claret's shoes]] and [[http://www.teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=71 completely owning the look]]. With much enthusiasm.
* CargoShip: in-universe depiction of him and his massive collection of sex toys, which other characters seem to have a healthy fear of.
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* {{Fetish}}: He's stated to "cater to clients with strange fetishes," as if his collection doesn't make this clear enough.
* PsychoSidekick: Mercutio and his fondness for violent-looking sex toys. He also remains the one courtesan in the series to remain in the background.
* StealthHiBye: He does it in [[http://teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=53 Chapter Two]].
** Parodied brilliantly [[http://t-as-in-pterodactyl.deviantart.com/art/TEAHOUSE-Unflappable-209402445 here]].



* RichBitch: Whether or not she actually has the money to be considered rich, Lilith certainly dresses the part ''and'' is the top female earner of the house.
* TheSnarkKnight: Lilith has shades of this.
* WomanInWhite
* StepfordSnarker
* CosmeticCatastrophe: Once she loses the makeup, she no longer looks like [[http://teahousecomic.com/comic/?id=19 a man in drag.]]

!!!Rhys D'Ivore

* BerserkButton: [[MySisterIsOffLimits Don't touch his sister.]]
* {{Bishonen}}: Manlier than average but still applies due to its lithe body and refined visage.
* BiTheWay: By WordOfGod. He also chose Claret over Axis upon his introduction.
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* GentlemanSnarker[=/=]DeadpanSnarker
* InterplayOfSexAndViolence: Characteristic of his antics with Axis. Pretty much everything to do with the two of them is rough and either foreplay or sex.
* ManInWhite: His royal uniform is white.
* AManOfWealthAndTaste: Always very elegant.
* MySisterIsOffLimits
* ReallyGetsAround: On top of being engaged, he's also having it off with Axis and captain of guard Zephyr, and has hired Claret at least once. And of course he's known in-universe (to his fiancée as well) as a total village bike.
-->Character list as of November 2013: ''Voted most likely to have illegitimate children in the double digits. Also voted Prom King.''
* RedOniBlueOni: Blue Oni to Axis' red.
* RichBitch: He doesn't even bother to feign to think of the feelings of the common rabble, and seems to actively refuse to call people below him by their correct names, whether it's to annoy Axis or show a stable boy his place.

!!!Alistair Grayson Dorian Reed III
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: The way he talks to Rory seems very obtuse and even harsh -- but the way he treats him other wise is very considerate and gentle.
* NeatFreak: Everything must be clean ''and'' neat. Part of it seems to stem from his WordOfGod onfirmed germaphobia, and the rest of it gives off SuperOCD vibes complete with social awkwardness.
* OverlyLongName: [[http://teahousecomic.com/comic/characters-story.php Pronounced as "pretentious fuck".]]
* TheStoic: He omits needless words.
* TallDarkAndHandsome: Or, according to Lilith, "Tall, Dark, and Rapist".

* TheAlcoholic: He spends his money on two things, and only one of those is whores.
* TheBear: Seems to be one of those with his 6'6'', hunky stature. [[http://teahousecomic.com/characters.html The cast page]] calls him one, too.
* BiTheWay: Was a bit disappointed to hear Linneus is not a lady creature, but was happy to try him in any case without much more than a blink.
* CoveredWithScars: They're everywhere.

!!!Sacha Edorovka, Gilder's [[strike:pocket pet]] ... colleague.
* BerserkButton: He hates either being called little, or being noogied. Very possibly both.
* FunetikAksent: to wit:
--->'''Sacha:''' GILDAR! Gildar late!
--->'''Gilder:''' Hey! How'd you find me?
--->'''Sacha:''' Is mathematical. Gildar in not at all other whorehouse. Leave only this whorehouse. ... Surprise Gildar afford.
* KillerRabbit: Oh he's so ''tiny'' and ''fuzzy'' and ''angry''! And now everyone is dead.
* [[spoiler: ProfessionalKiller: Works as a team with Gilder. After a comical first appearance, his next appearance is helping Gilder to kill a wealthy gentleman.]]
* {{Uke}}: played with. He sure looks the part -- 5'4" and tiny all over with fluffy hair, big eyes and a {{tsundere}} TM pout. Yet his attitude is very, ahem, chili peppery, and the cast page dubs him (as of summer 2012) "voted most likely to try and top you in your sleep".

* Zephyr Langston, Rhys' captain of the Guard
* Evelyn D'Ivore, Rhys' sister
* Gloria Elizabeth Averill Buckley, Rhys' fiancee and Reed's cousin
** {{Foreshadowing}}: After a meeting about their wedding, Gloria threatens that Rhys is free to continue laying half of the nation, but should he ever embarrass Gloria, she'll make his and "his cunt's" life a living hell.
* Vann Ezra Brennan Bryson, Gloria's valet
** AboveTheInfluence: Very coolheaded. Also "voted mostly likely to stay single. Forever."
* Yvette Atros, Xanthe's wife
** DaddysGirl: evident from how she appeals to Atros to spend more time home. Hint: starts with "Daddy says". Also "voted most likely to have a title Daddy bought for her".