!!The Tribes

* TheCult
* TeamSpirit

* FiveManBand
** The Members who made the merge:
*** TheLeader = Ozzy
*** TheLancer = Keith
*** TheSmartGuy = Jim
*** TheBigGirl = Dawn
*** TheChick = Whitney
*** SixthRangerTraitor = Cochran
* DwindlingParty : After Cochran flips, they are picked off one by one.

!! The Sole Survivor

[[folder: Sophie Clarke]]

* ActionGirl: You wouldn't expect a quiet medical student with little-to-no lines and a general narrator status on the season to be a big competitor in challenges, but it soon became clear, especially in the finale, that Sophie was possibly the strongest person on the show besides Ozzy, with three individual immunity wins and two close calls, one actually ''against'' Ozzy.
* AloofDarkHairedGirl
* AwesomeMomentOfCrowning: Coach bestows the Dragonslayer title onto Sophie after she beats Ozzy in the final Immunity Challenge. She proceeds to vote off Ozzy and win the game.
* BadassAdorable
* BadassBoast: When casting the damning vote for Ozzy.
--> ''"Because I am the '''new''' dragon-slayer."''
* BadassBookworm
* BrainyBrunette
* BrokenTears: She was reduced to uncontrollable tears in the finale after Ozzy revealed the scorn everyone felt for her.
* CryCute
* DarkHorseVictory: Had easily the least screen time for a winner since [[Characters/SurvivorSamoa Natalie]], in lieu of being stuck in a final four with Ozzy and Coach, who the entire season was set up for to win, so who was really expecting her to actually win over them?
* DefeatingTheUndefeatable: Beats Ozzy Lusth, in spite of his huge lead, to cement her place in the final three and send him out of the game.
* DefrostingTheIceQueen: She provides the page quote for said trope:
--> ''"I would think that when I came out here that I would have much tougher skin, so I don't think I'm building skin out here, I think I'm losing it."''
* FunnyBackgroundEvent: During the reward Upolu won, where the tribe was able to see an advanced screening of ''Film/JackAndJill'' starring Creator/AdamSandler, everyone is shown laughing uproariously... except Sophie, who sits at the back with expression that indicates she would rather be anywhere else.
* HollywoodNerd
* IceQueen: Though she [[DefrostingIceQueen gets better]] in the finale.
* LawOfChromaticSuperiority: Subverted, she was on the blue Upolu tribe instead of red Savaii.
* LoopholeAbuse: AintNoRule stating you can't look over at another player's puzzle board during a challenge. She also attempts to pull this off in the final five Immunity Challenge by [[CrowningMomentOfFunny demanding Albert drop his attempt at winning the challenge and help her win because she was doing better, or she would beat the crap out of him.]] Probst shuts her down.
* {{Meganekko}}: At Times
* NotSoStoic: Breaks down ''hard'' during the finale, after Ozzy tells her during Tribal Council what people have been saying about her on Redemption Island.
* OffscreenMomentOfAwesome: Apparently her ''entire'' game.
* OutOfFocus: Given she was sharing a season with [[HolierThanThou Coach]], [[PintsizePowerhouse Ozzy]], [[StuntCasting Brandon]] and [[NoSocialSkills Cochran]], who all took the lion's share of the screentime.
* PluckyGirl
* RedBaron: Coach dubs her the new Dragon Slayer after she beats Ozzy.
* [[TheSmartGuy The Smart Girl]]: The smartest on-paper contestant since either David Murphy, Dave Ball or Heidi Strobel.
* SoleSurvivor
* SmartPeopleWearGlasses
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: The only female player to be a part of Coach's main alliance.
* [[TheManBehindTheMan The Woman Behind The Man]]: Presents herself as this in the final tribal council, to great success.
* TheStoic

!! Runners-Up

[[folder:Benjamin "Coach" Wade - ''Tocantins'']]

* AFatherToHisMen
* AntiHero
* TheBusCameBack
* CharacterDevelopment: Compare him now to him in ''[[Characters/SurvivorTocantins Tocantins]]''.
* TheChessmaster: Who would've thought Coach of all people would be this? Even if someone else wound up doing it a bit better...
* DiggingYourselfDeeper: After Ozzy proceeded to give a very small TheReasonYouSuckSpeech...
* [[DoNotCallMePaul Do Not Call Me Benjamin]]
* HiddenDepths: Converses briefly with Sophie in the premiere in Russian.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: See HonorBeforeReason
* HonorBeforeReason: Voted out two ideal goats in Cochran and Edna, solely because they weren't part of his original alliance. He proceeded to vote out Brandon - another great goat - simply because he saw his core Final Three as himself, Albert, and Sophie. This ended up backfiring on him ''hard'' when Sophie beat him, and the jurors confirmed at the Reunion that if he'd brought Rick, Edna, or Cochran instead of Sophie, he'd have won. On the other hand, if Sophie hadn't been there to defeat Ozzy in the final immunity challenge, Ozzy would ''unquestionably'' have won the game.
* {{Hypocrite}}: Even in this much tamer incarnation, it wouldn't be Coach if he didn't show these tendencies on a couple occasions. Most notably, after going completely over-the-top with the prayer/religious angle, he complained in the season finale about people who are "HolierThanThou."
* TheLeader
* ManipulativeBastard: Coach can be considered this, due to how he managed to convince Cochran to flip. Then again though, given how they treated him... picked a ''very'' good target.
* [[MyGreatestSecondChance My Greatest Third Chance]]: Despite not winning, this was Coach's best season.
* NoDamageRun
* OhCrap: You could almost pinpoint the moment Coach realized he probably is going to finish second when Ozzy says that ''nobody'' wants to vote for ''any'' of them.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Coach. He outright gets mad when Stacey and Christine start calling him "Benjamin" just to spite him.
* RedBaron: The Dragon Slayer, though he passes that off to Sophie after she beat Ozzy. In the RecapEpisode, he considered changing his moniker to "Zeus."
* ReligiousBruiser
* TheStrategist
* TallDarkAndSnarky
* TookALevelInBadass
* UngratefulBastard: To Cochran and Edna. Edna stands out, however, for being the only one that would talk to him on the first day.

[[folder: Albert Destrade]]

* AmbiguouslyBrown
* BlackBestFriend: Subverted the longer the season went on and his relationships with everyone else (but especially Sophie) got more strained.
* CassandraTruth: He tried to get Sophie out at least once, fearing that she would have a good jury performance. As it turned out, he had reason to be afraid.
* DiggingYourselfDeeper: Had already shot himself in the foot several times ''before'' the Final Tribal Council.
* GeniusBruiser
* HeroicBuild
* JerkJock: Subverted.
* TheLancer
* LazyBum: Was nicknamed "Prince Albert".
* LoopholeAbuse: AintNoRule stating you can't shout puzzle help out to someone during a challenge.
* NumberTwo: To Coach, though he sees himself as Coach's BeleagueredAssistant.
* OutOfFocus: Until Episode 5, where he finds the hidden immunity idol with Coach and Sophie.
* PoorCommunicationKills: Receives no votes after he tries pandering to the jury, even after Jim calls him out on it. Utterly mangling a couple of his answers to the jurors' questions (especially Brandon's) certainly doesn't help him either.
* ProfessionalButtKisser: Came across as one, especially at final tribal council.
* RunningGag: A running theme was him creating some kind of plan to take control of the game, only for it to fail ''every time'' (usually because Sophie thought the idea was stupid and [[SpannerInTheWorks refused to go along with it]]). Hilariously, the one time one of his plans ''did'' pay off it was almost by accident. He was aiming to convince Brandon to vote with him at Tribal Council, and not only did Brandon do that but he also gave Albert his necklace of ''his own volition.''
* TheStarscream: Tried to be this all season long, but ultimately failed.
* SmallNameBigEgo: It became increasingly more noticeable as the season went on.

!!The Jury

[[folder: Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth - ''Cook Islands'']]

* BackFromTheDead: And unlike [[Characters/SurvivorRedemptionIsland Matt and Andrea]], he actually managed to last past his first Tribal Council. He would later return in the finale, only to be voted out at the final four.
* BatmanGambit: As described below under MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning: pulled off a very risky plan to get himself voted off, eliminate Christine at Redemption Island, and rejoin the game at the merge. In doing so, he successfully calculated that (a) he could beat Christine at whatever duel was presented, and (b) the merge was going to be immediately after the next duel (as his tribe would have been thoroughly screwed if he'd ended up stuck at Redemption Island).
* BadassMoustache
* TheBigGuy: To Savaii (albeit in terms of his physical prowess, rather than literally).
* TheBusCameBack
* CrazySurvivalist
* DefeatingTheUndefeatable: Broke Christine's winning streak on Redemption Island.
* GeniusBruiser: See MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning.
* GoOutWithASmile
* TheHero: To Savaii, before Elyse's blindside.
* IneffectualLoner: Following Elyse's blindside.
* JerkJock: Towards Cochran, at least for the first few episodes. This was largely based on strategy, however; once he no longer saw Cochran as a target for elimination, Ozzy seems to have been quite pleasant to him.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Ultimately turned out to be this. He was an absolute Jerkass to Cochran, but eventually reconciled with him before his eviction.
* {{Keet}}
* LargeHam: Similar to Richard in ''[[Characters/SurvivorAllStars All-Stars]]'', his EliminationStatement included cheerfully thanking everyone for giving him a chance to play again, and then yelling "yeehaw" at the top of his lungs while going down the Walk of Shame.
* LoopholeAbuse: AintNoRule saying you couldn't look over at another players' puzzle during a puzzle challenge.
** Redemption Island was intended to be a a form of purgatory for the players who are voted out, a final opportunity to cling to the game. However, it just so happens to play directly to Ozzy's strengths. Being on Redemption Island means he doesn't have to worry about the strategic or social aspects of the game, which are his biggest weaknesses. Instead he just spends the post-merge doing what he's best at, which is winning challenges and surviving the elements without having to share with or compete against an entire tribe. As a result he is able to reenter the game well nourished and no blood on his hands.
* MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning: Fearing that Christine would return to Upolu at the merge (leading to a Pagonging of Savaii), he decided to pull a SuicideByCop, send himself to Redemption Island, win the duel and return to the game at the merge. It worked, making him the first and only player to use the Redemption Island twist strategically... but was ultimately subverted as the whole scheme proved futile: Cochran, who was directly saved from elimination by Ozzy's plan, ended up flipping and dooming the entire tribe anyway. He then returns from Redemption yet again... only to lose the final immunity challenge with a million dollars on the line.
* [[MyGreatestSecondChance My Greatest Third Chance]]: Subverted compared to ''[[Characters/SurvivorCookIslands Islands]]'', played straight compared to ''[[Characters/SurvivorMicronesia Micronesia]]''.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Ozzy
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Sets the tone for what the Jury was going to say to them, telling all three finalists that "Nobody here wants to vote for you".
* TallDarkAndHandsome
* TookALevelInJerkass

[[folder:Rick Nelson]]

* AllThereInTheManual: Despite being OutOfFocus, the scenes on CBS' website show that Rick has [[HiddenDepths quite a few good observations]] about the goings-on of his tribe.
* AscendedFanboy: Applied ''14 times'' to get on.
* BadassMoustache
* TheBigGuy: To Upolu.
* InformedAbility: Apparently could have beaten the others - it has been pointed out this [[AvertedTrope may not have been as informed]], since the final three of South Pacific was "Lesser of three evils", a role Rick could have played.
* NiceHat
* OutOfFocus: Excluding Mikayla's boot, the only real attention he received prior to the recap episode was in the premiere where his super-fan status is brought up. Then he turned into a LivingProp to rival [[Characters/SurvivorNicaragua Purple Kelly]], with his only noticeable line for the next half dozen episodes being "[Albert] snores." He eventually began to show up again around the mid-season recap, if for no other reason than because the editors were starting to run out of other people to show. He then disappeared again at the reunion, getting completely ignored in spite of finishing ''fifth''.
* TwoFirstNames
* TheUnintelligible: Apparently, the reason he was OutOfFocus was because the editors had a hard time understanding what he was saying and he would never give Jeff a straight answer to any question.

[[folder: Brandon Hantz]]

[[WTFCastingAgency Controversially]], Brandon would returning for [[Characters/SurvivorCaramoan The second Fans vs Favorites]].

* TheApprentice: To Coach.
* BewareTheHonestOnes: ''Constantly'' blurts out his or his alliances' plans to the intended victims (or, more commonly, in front of everyone), to the point where the others take to keeping him in the dark as much as possible because they can't trust him to stay quiet. The one time he actually tries to lie strategically himself, he ends up publicly breaking down and confessing at tribal council.
* BlackAndWhiteInsanity: Flat out states that he sees the world as divided into good and evil, with no middle ground.
* CloudCuckooLander: his extreme religiousness caused him to come across as this.
* CreepyChild
* EnfantTerrible: The third 19-year-old to play.
* EveryoneHasStandards: Stands up for Cochran after he flips and Jim calls him a coward.
* FormerTeenRebel
* GenreBlind: Is unpredictable in the Upolu dynamics, very bad at reading people, and makes moves and statements and has an attitude and stability that in any other season of ''Survivor'' would have had him gone within the first few episodes... even [[TooDumbToLive giving up immunity]].
* HeroWithAnFInGood
* HonorBeforeReason: To the point where he makes [[Characters/SurvivorTheAustralianOutback Colby]] and [[Characters/SurvivorPalau Ian]] look sensible by comparison. It probably didn't help that he was living with someone like Coach all season long.
* {{Hypocrite}}
* InformedAttribute: Sophie claims that Brandon could've won if he'd been in the final three because he was a hard worker and everybody liked him. Try and figure ''that'' out. Apparently, he was one of the nicest people there, at least according to everyone who was with him for that time, but the cameras only showed the side that appeared on television.
* OhCrap: You can probably pinpoint the exact moment that he realizes just how bad of an idea it was to give his immunity necklace to Albert.
* ReligiousBruiser: Is ''deeply'' Religious and is a born-again Christian. As a result, he goes after Mikayla.
* SexIsEvilAndIAmHorny
* TheSixthRanger: In the main alliance on Upolu, but ''nobody'' trusts him, due to his tendency toward self-destructive outbursts.
* SpinOffspring: He is the nephew of... well [[Characters/SurvivorSamoa Russell Hantz]].
* SpotlightStealingSquad: Similar to [[Characters/SurvivorTocantins Taj]], he easily received the most screen time prior to the merge, by virtue of being Russell Hantz's nephew. He even managed to turn his uncle into TheGhost. Post-merge, it was passed over to Cochran.
* TattooedCrook

[[folder:Edna Ma]]

* AsianAndNerdy: Anesthesiologist, and also a friend of [[Characters/SurvivorSamoa Mick Trimming]].
* ButtMonkey: She the Unfavorite. Edna gotten ''15'' votes against her in one season. The most for a women at the time.[[note]]Laura Morett in [[Characters/SurvivorBloodVsWater Blood vs. Water]] has since surpassed this with 19 votes. [[Characters/SurvivorSanJuanDelSur Baylor Wilson]] and [[Characters/SurvivorWorldsApart Jenn Brown]] both gotten more votes than Edna with 17 & 18 respectively[[/note]]
* DistaffCounterpart: To Cochran.
* InformedAbility: When it's either her or Mikayla to be booted, Sophie and Albert mention her sneakiness and distrust of the tribe as reason to get rid of her, but none of that was ever shown.
* InformedFlaw: Also of note, while Albert and Sophie also wanted to get rid of her for being weak, Upolu only lost challenges that she didn't participate in (the only contestant to sit out challenges that season).
* OddCouple: With Coach.
* ShipTease: With Coach.
* SixthRanger[=/=]TheChick: To Upolu.
* TeamMom
* TheUnfavorite: Was put up as an option for elimination every time her tribe was up for a vote, outright told she wasn't part of the Upolu 6, and even had Brandon attempting to make her lose when she needed immunity the most.

[[folder:John Cochran]]

Cochran would return for The second Fans vs Favorite season.

* {{Adorkable}}
* AscendedFanboy: And ''how''!
** Proof at the end of the page [[http://funny115.com/v2/afterword.htm here]]; he's shown posing with Mario Lanza, writer of the Funny 115 and THE Survivor fan, a year ''before'' he was even on Survivor.
* ButtMonkey: Which eventually leads to him biting back.
* TheDogBitesBack: He flips on Savaii at the merge because he felt he was treated poorly and helps Upolu get rid of Keith.
* FishOutOfWater: His impressive theoretical knowledge of the game didn't help him much once he was actually out there. He was largely useless in challenges, precious little help around camp, and had very limited social skills beyond a certain self-effacing charm.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: There was quite a bit of buildup in the edit to him flipping at the merge.
* InSeriesNickname: Invoked; he asks Jeff to refer to him by his last name in a similar manner as Colby Donaldson or Jonathan Penner. Admittedly; with how many people named "John" there have been in the show; [[JustifiedTrope it's probably not a bad thing.]]
* TheLoad: in challenges, he was known for being a liability.
* NerdGlasses
* NoSocialSkills
* TheUnfavorite: Of Savaii
* TheQuisling
* UngratefulBastard: To Ozzy and Keith
* RewardedAsATraitorDeserves: Flips to Upolu at Merge. When it's reduced to him and the six Upolu's... three guesses who gets sent out. First two don't count.
* SadlyMythtaken: When Coach calls himself Zeus, Cochran says, "Didn't Zeus eat his children?" It was actually Kronos he did that. [[LampshadeHanging He lampshaded this after the show; when he tweeted that he got them confused when they aired that episode.]]
* SicklyNeuroticGeek
* SixthRanger: To Upolu after he flips at the merge. Yes, that's three people listed as Sixth Rangers to Upolu.
* SpearCounterpart: To Edna.
* SpotlightStealingSquad
* StrawFan: Some see him as the producers taking a jab at the fandom, as he's a nerdy load who thinks he's better than what he is ([[CharacterDevelopment or at]] [[TookALevelInBadass least]] [[Characters/SurvivorCaramoan was]]).
* UnwittingPawn: To Upolu
* WhosLaughingNow: A nerdy kid, made fun of by his tribe, flips on them, and watches them suffer.
** Subverted, as he ends up leaving right after they do, finally realizing he made a bad move.
* WithFriendsLikeThese: Was allied with Jim during his coup against Ozzy, but Jim made it clear (to us, at least), that he was only using Cochran as an extra vote.
* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: Was always an option at elimination and treated poorly or excluded at the Savaii camp. The Destroyer part comes when he single handedly doomed his tribe (and himself) to the jury.
* WorldOfCardboardSpeech: Delivers a pretty epic one after losing the duel to Ozzy.
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness

[[folder:Whitney Duncan]]

* TheChick: To Savaii.
* LivingProp: Until Keith was sent packing, she had no screen time that didn't include him.
* OutOfFocus: Surprisingly so, for a well known celebrity. It's been speculated that this ''might'' be [[ExecutiveMeddling punishment by the editors]] for letting slip some spoilers to one of her concert audiences.
* ShipTease: With Keith. They had a RelationshipUpgrade after the show and competed on Characters/TheAmazingRace25.
* SelectiveObliviousness: Saw herself as a victim of ostracism at the hands of the Upolu, particularly in an immunity challenge where only the Savaii members (excluding Cochran) compete.

[[folder:Dawn Meehan]]

Dawn would return for the Second Fans vs. Favorites season.

* ActionMom: Easily the strongest woman on Savaii.
* CoolOldLady: She almost single-handedly won the fourth immunity challenge for Savaii, did better than ''Ozzy'' on the third, and won the first individual immunity challenge.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: once she was able to recover from her emotional breakdown near the beginning of the season, she proved herself to be one of, if not the strongest woman, in challenges.
* CharacterDevelopment: Similar to Cochran, she proves herself to the tribe and was one of their best competitors in the challenges. This and being a threat for individual immunity is why Upolu voted her out.
* {{Determinator}}: She even trained ''for ten months'' to be ready for the show.
* SixthRanger: To Savaii up until Elyse's blindside.
* TeamMom
[[folder:Jim Rice]]

Jim was one of the candidates who was eligible to return for the [[Characters/SurvivorCambodia Second Chance season]]. However, Jim failed to get enough votes and didn't return.
* CardCarryingVillain
* TheChessmaster
* TheConsigliere: To Savaii, and Ozzy.
* DeadpanSnarker
* DiscOneFinalBoss
* GeniusBruiser: Evidenced by his setting a ''Survivor'' record in the weight-bearing challenge.
* {{Jerkass}}
* JerkassHasAPoint: Why did Jim take it so personally when Cochran flipped to Upolu after the votes were tied? Because he and Cochran were the only two Savaii members in danger of elimination in the tie-breaker that would otherwise have followed (due to the odd rules of the [[FanNickname Purple Rock of Doom]]). Jim had been willing to take the risk, and saw Cochran's actions as pure cowardice.
* ManipulativeBastard
* SmugSnake
* TheStarscream: To Ozzy in the tribal phase.
* TheSmartGuy[=/=]TheEvilGenius.
* TheStrategist
[[folder:Keith Tollefson]]

* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: After Ozzy's SuicideByCop, he berated Cochran for not taking the fall, and advised that he should "step up and show the world what you can do." Cochran would indeed do just that... by flipping and getting Keith out.
* BigGuyFatalitySyndrome: The first one targeted by Upolu post-merge.
* InformedFlaw: His pacemaker. The fact is barely mentioned outside his [[AllThereInTheManual pre-game interview]].
* HandicappedBadass: First contestant with a pacemaker, and also happens to be one of Savaii's strongest members. Surprisingly for the show, the fact that he has a pacemaker is barely mentioned at all.
* TheLancer: To Ozzy
* NiceGuy
* ShipTease: With Whitney. They did have a RelationshipUpgrade post game and competed on Characters/TheAmazingRace25.

!! Voted Out

[[folder:Christine Shields Markoski]]

* BadassTeacher: The first woman to win an individual Redemption Island duel, and to win two or more. The second woman to win a Redemption Island duel overall.
* TheComplainerIsAlwaysWrong
* {{Determinator}}
* DownerEnding: See ShootTheShaggyDog.
* EliminationStatement: ''(While tossing her buff into the urn)'' "This might explode. Be careful, stay back."
* ShootTheShaggyDog: Wins every Redemption Island duel, ''except'' for the one at merge time.

[[folder:Mikayla Wingle]]

Mikayla was on the 32 candidates eligible to return for the [[Characters/SurvivorCambodia Second Chance]] season but wasn't didn't get enough votes to return.

* ActionGirl
* AmazonianBeauty: Became this after Survivor.
* FatalFlaw: Refusing to listen to Coach in the challenges put her out of the game before Edna.
* MsFanservice
* {{Tomboy}}

[[folder:Elyse Umemoto]]

* CuteButCacophonic
* MagicalNativeAmerican: Jokes about the "great spirits of her past" imparting wisdom on her during the game.
* MsFanservice: Elyse was Ms. Washington after all.
* OutOfFocus

[[folder:Stacey Powell]]

* OlderThanTheyLook: She's ''44''. She looks ''younger'' than Dawn; when ''Dawn'' is the younger of the two!
* SassyBlackWoman
* SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud: To the point of a VerbalTic.
* TakingYouWithMe: At her duel, she revealed as much about Upolu's dynamic as she could to the Savaii observers.
* TalkativeLoon: Try deciphering her tirade on Redemption Island before the duel.

[[folder:Mark "Papa Bear" Caruso]]

* TheBear
* CoolOldGuy
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Papa Bear. He didn't want to be called anything else.
* StraightGay

[[folder:Semhar Tadesse]]

* [[BlackDudeDiesFirst Black Chick Gets Voted Out First]].
* RhymesOnADime: Her profession was a "Spoken Word Artist".
* WeHardlyKnewYe