[[caption-width-right:350:The Superman Family by Curt Swan]]

The TropeCodifier of the {{Superhero}}, the Man of Steel, the Last Son of Krypton, has amassed quite the large stable of characters over the years, several of which are almost as iconic and famous as the Man of Steel.

His supporting cast is large enough, in fact, that this page has had to be split. Please put characters on the appropriate disambiguation page.

'''Main DCU'''
* [[Characters/SupermanTheCharacter The Character]]: Superman. Yes, he has enough tropes to fit his own page.
* [[Characters/{{Supergirl}} Supergirl]]: His cousin and characters specifically associated with her.
* [[ComicBook/{{Superboy}} Superboy]]: His younger self/clone/son and all tropes associated with them.
* [[Characters/SupermanSupportingCast Supporting Cast]]: Characters associated with Superman.
* [[Characters/SupermanRoguesGallery Villains]]: Antagonists fought by Superman.
'''Other Comic Book Continuities:'''
* ''Characters/SupermanEarthOne'' (''Characters/EarthOne'')
* ''Characters/SupermanAndBatmanGenerations''
'''Animated Series:'''
* ''Characters/SupermanTheAnimatedSeries''
* ''Characters/KryptoTheSuperdog''
* ''Characters/DCExtendedUniverse''
** [[Characters/{{DCEU Justice League}} Justice League]] [[note]]Superman[[/note]]
** [[Characters/{{DCEU Smallville and Metropolis}} Smallville and Metropolis]]
** [[Characters/{{DCEU Krypton}} Krypton]]
** [[Characters/{{DCEU Military and Government}} US Military and Government]]
** [[Characters/{{DCEU Kryptonian Invaders}} Kryptonian Invaders]]
** [[Characters/{{DCEU Lexcorp}} [=LexCorp=]]]
** [[Characters/{{DCEU Apokolips}} Apokolips]]
'''Live-Action TV Series:'''
* ''[[Characters/{{Smallville}} Smallville]]''
** [[Characters/SmallvilleKents The Kents]]
** [[Characters/SmallvilleHigh Smallville High Alumni]]
** [[Characters/SmallvilleLuthorCorp LuthorCorp and Associates]]
** [[Characters/SmallvilleKryptonians Kryptonians]]
** [[Characters/SmallvilleLanes The Lanes]]
** [[Characters/SmallvilleDailyPlanet Daily Planet Staff]]
** [[Characters/SmallvilleClarksAllies Clark's Allies]]
** [[Characters/SmallvilleMeteorFreaks Meteor Freaks]]
** [[Characters/SmallvillePhantomZone Phantom Zone Escapees]]
** [[Characters/SmallvilleGovernment Government Agents and Rogues]]
** [[Characters/SmallvilleApokiliptians Apokiliptians]]
** [[Characters/SmallvilleOtherMajorVillains Other Major Villains]]
** [[Characters/SmallvilleEarth2 Earth-2]]
* ''Characters/{{Supergirl|2015}}''
** [[Characters/Supergirl2015Villains The Villains]]
'''Web Series:'''
* ''[[Characters/SuperCafeDC How It Should Have Ended]]''