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This page is a listing of characters in ''Series/StargateSG1''. Due to length, the page has now been split into the following sub-pages.

Characters are shown with the rank they held at the end of ''Series/StargateUniverse''

See also the character sheets for ''Characters/StargateAtlantis'' and ''Characters/StargateUniverse''.

'''Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead!'''


* [[Characters/StargateSG1SG1 SG-1]]
* [[Characters/StargateSG1OtherSGCPersonnelAndTauriBattleshipCrewMembers Other SGC Personnel and Tau'ri Battleship Crew Members]]
* [[Characters/StargateSG1AlliesOfTheSGC Allies of the SGC]]
* [[Characters/StargateSG1TheGoauld The Goa'uld]]
* [[Characters/StargateSG1OtherAntagonists Other Antagonists]]