Due to Disney's ruling, this article has been split up into two section: the new ''Star Wars'' Expanded Universe (which is just labeled as ''Star Wars'' Canon), and the original EU (now known as ''Legends'').

Please only include characters that have played a substantial role in at least one storyline. Movie characters that are far more prominent in the Expanded Universe should be placed here, as well.

[[folder: Canon]]
!!Index of Canon works or series that have their own character pages
* Characters/StarWars

[[folder: ''Legends'']]
!!Index of ''Legends'' works or series that have their own character pages
* Characters introduced in the movies, but utilized in ''Legends'', go '''[[Characters/StarWarsTheatricalLegends here]]'''.
* Before the Republic Era: Covers event pre-25,053 BBY
** Characters/DawnOfTheJedi
* Old Republic Era: Covers from 25,053-1001 BBY
** Characters/TalesOfTheJedi
** Characters/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic: Covers both VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic and Literature/{{Revan}}.
** Characters/KnightsOfTheOldRepublicIITheSithLords
** Characters/StarWarsTheOldRepublic
** Characters/StarWarsKnightErrant
* Rise of the Empire Era: Covers from 1000-0 BBY
** Characters/JediApprentice
** Characters/StarWarsRiseOfTheEmpireEraJediOrder
** Characters/StarWarsRiseOfTheEmpireEraSith
** Characters/StarWarsRiseOfTheEmpireEraRepublic
** Characters/StarWarsRiseOfTheEmpireEraSeparatists
** Characters/RepublicCommandoSeries
** Characters/TheForceUnleashed: Covers both TheForceUnleashed games, as well as the various tie-ins.
** Characters/DarkForcesSaga: Covers the various books and video games in the VideoGame/DarkForcesSaga.
* Rebellion and New Republic Eras: Covers from 0-25 ABY
** Characters/StarWarsClassicEra: Covers the EU from the time of the movies to the begining of the NewJediOrder.
** Characters/XWingSeries: Covers the [[XWingSeries X-Wing comic series and ten novels]].
* Characters/StarWarsNewJediOrderAndLegacyEras: Covers from 25 ABY forward, including the the ''NewJediOrder'', ''Literature/DarkNestTrilogy'', ''Literature/LegacyOfTheForce'', and ''FateOfTheJedi'' book series, as well as the standalone novels ''MillenniumFalcon'', ''{{Crosscurrent}}'', and ''Riptide''.
** Characters/StarWarsNewJediOrderAndLegacyErasImperialRemnant
** Characters/StarWarsNewJediOrderAndLegacyErasJediOrder
** Characters/StarWarsNewJediOrderAndLegacyErasSithAndDarkJedi
** Characters/StarWarsNewJediOrderAndLegacyErasNewRepublicAndGalacticAlliance
** Characters/StarWarsNewJediOrderAndLegacyErasYuuzhanVong
** Characters/StarWarsLegacy