The cast of characters from the Creator/{{Nickelodeon}} animated series ''WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants''.
* [[Characters/SpongebobSquarepantsMainCharacters Main Characters]] [[labelnote:Click to Expand]]Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Plankton, Gary[[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/SpongebobSquarepantsRecurringCharacters Recurring Characters]] [[labelnote:Click to Expand]]Mrs. Puff, Pearl, Karen, Larry, Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy, The Flying Dutchman, Man Ray, Squilliam Fancyson[[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/SpongebobSquarepantsMinorCharacters Minor Characters]] [[labelnote:Click to Expand]]Tom, Scooter, Fred, Realistic Fish Head, Dr. Gill Gilliam, Bubble Bass, The Dirty Bubble, Betsy Krabs, Old Man Jenkins, Grandma Squarepants, Flatts, Kevin, Bubble Buddy, Doodle Bob [[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/SpongebobSquarepantsLiveActionCharacters Live Action Characters]] [[labelnote:Click to Expand]]French Narrator, Patchy the Pirate, Potty the Parrot, Painty the Pirate[[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/SpongebobSquarepantsMovieCharacters Movie Characters]] [[labelnote:Click to Expand]]King Neptune, Dennis, Mindy, The Cyclops, King Neptune's Squire, Burger-Beard the Pirate, Bubbles the Dolphin[[/labelnote]]