Here be the list of characters for ''{{Series/Spellbinder}}''.


[[folder:From Australia in Series 1 (aka Paul's world)]]

!!Paul Reynolds (Zbych Trofimiuk)

A teenager from Sydney. While on a school trip, he accidentally opens a doorway to another world while trying to scare his classmate Katrina and her friend, and becomes trapped in the Land of Spellbinders. In there, he must find a way to get home while Ashka and Gryvon want to capture him because of his knowledge.

* ActionSurvivor
* BrilliantButLazy: Paul is smart enough to breeze through school with minimal effort, but is clearly not reaching his potential, applying much of his intellect to pranks and nonsense. He gets better.
* FishOutOfWater: He never truly grasped all the rather simple rules governing world of Spellbinders.
* TheHero
* LivingMacGuffin: Ashka wants him to reveal the secret of how to make gunpowder.

!!Alex Katsonis (Brian Rooney)
Paul's best friend. Although he was there when Paul disappeared, he didn't see anything and so takes time to accept that his friend is actually in a parallel world.

* BookDumb: He excells in street-smarts, but his school performance and knowledge is simply bad.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: While not as smart as Paul and Katrina, he's very resourceful, often coming up with the right ideas at the right time.
* TheLancer: To Paul, after he gets back home.

!!Katrina Muggleton (Michela Noonan)
One of Paul and Alex's classmate, described by Alex as "a nerd". As one of the person Alex and Paul were trying to scare during their school trip, she witnesses him disappearing and quickly assume that he is in a parallel world. She then tries her best to convince Alex to help her get Paul back.

* AgentMulder: She automatically assume that Paul is in a parallel world, despite having very little evidence at first.
* {{Chickification}}: Her competence dissapears the monent Paul returns home.
* CuteBookworm / HollywoodNerd
* {{Determinator}}: Somehow, she ''will'' get Alex to help her rescue Paul.

!!Brian Reynolds (Andrew [=McFarlane=])
Paul's father, a scientist.

* AdultsAreUseless: The teens try to convince him many times that Paul has been in a parallel world, but he won't listen until the very last moment.
* AgentScully

!!Christine Reynolds (Georgina Fisher)
Paul's younger sister. A background character in the first half of the series. Once Paul returns, along with Riana, she quickly finds out about Riana and helps him hide her existence.

* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: Partially subverted, as she is generally helpful.
* DoesNotLikeShoes: Christine is barefoot more often than not.
* ShipperOnDeck: She tries to fix her dad up with the housekeeper, Gina, and Brian's associate, Anna [[note]]Ashka in disguise[[/note]]. Since she's twelve, she's not very subtle about it.


[[folder: From the Land of Spellbinders]]

!!Ashka (Heather Mitchell)
An arrogant and ambitious Spellbinder who will get to extreme lengths to get whatever she wants. When she learns that Paul is from another world and hears what he can do (i.e. make gunpowder), she decides to persuade him to reveal his secrets… at first.\\
Ashka is the only character to be a regular in both series. In Series 2, she manages to escape from the Land of Spellbinders with Kathy and Mek, arriving in the Land of the Dragon Lord, and decides to manipulate her way to EvilChancellor position.

* BavarianFireDrill: How do you get people to submit to you? Just pretend that you are a powerful magician, use a few cheap tricks, and there you go.
* BigBad: For ''both'' series.
* BitchInSheepsClothing: While she doesn't take long to reveal her true colors, she genuinely seems nice at first… for the first five minutes at least.
* DevilInPlainSight
* EvilChancellor: Especially in Series 2.
* FieryRedhead
* [[spoiler: FreudianExcuse]]: Yes, she has one of these, as revealed in Series 2: [[spoiler: she grew up as an orphan and decided right there and then that you couldn't trust anyone but yourself.]]
* KnowWhenToFoldEm: Not immediately: during the first part of Series 1, she tries again and again to steal the recipe for gunpowder in order to overthrow the Regents. When her intentions are about to be revealed, she realizes that she may as well go to Paul's world if she is finished in her own. From that point on, she would know when a given situation call for a change of plan.
* MagnificentBitch: Can scheme her way through anything and anyone. Not even being FishOutOfWater slows her down.
* OhMeAccentsSlipping: Heather Mitchell tries to affect a [[WhatTheHellIsThatAccent strange accent]] in order to blend in with the Polish cast members. Half way through Series 1, she decides not to bother with it.
* OpportunisticBastard: It wasn't until Paul arrived and Ashka learned about gunpowder that she began to plan her conquest of the Spellbinders' Land.
* TheyCallMeMrTibbs: "''Spellbinder'' Ashka".
* TrrrillingRrrs: Part of her strange accent at first. Later, she would use it whenever she does her "powerful magician" act.
* VillainsBlendInBetter: It takes her a little while to get her footing in Sydney, but she adapts to her surroundings faster than Paul or Riana.
* XanatosSpeedChess: Oh, so very much. Related to KnowWhenToFoldEm above.
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: She never intended to help Paul return to his world once he reveals the secret of gunpowder to her.

!!Riana (Gosia Piotrowska)
A girl that Paul meets on his first day in the Land of Spellbinders. Mistaking him for a Marauder, she is afraid of him at first, but she later understand where he comes from and helps him. In the second half of the series, she is the one to be trapped in Paul's world.

* ActionGirl
* BookDumb: Somewhat literal; she can't read and has never had a formal education. Despite this, she is extremely clever, adaptive and resourceful.
* FishOutOfWater: While in Paul's world.

!!Gryvon (Rafal Zwierz)
Ashka's apprentice, as arrogant and ambitious as her, but a lot less smart.

* ChekhovsSkill: Paul tricks Gryvon into making a sulfuric smoke-bomb instead of gunpowder to cover his escape. Much later, Gryvon repeats the process in order to steal a bag of power stones.
* DemotedToExtra: In Series 2.
* TheDragon
* {{Jerkass}}: He treats people around him like dirt, just because he's an Apprentice
* {{Nepotism}}: It's clear that he got to become an apprentice by virtue of being the son of a Summoner.

!!Correon (Krzysztof Kumor)
One of the three Regents—the rulers of the Spellbinders.

* AbsentMindedProfessor: At first, he seems more interested in his research than anything else. He gets better, though.
* CoolOldGuy: After contact with Paul and all the common people outside the castle, he gets much nicer and less absent-minded.
* FreudianTrio: For all we see of the Regents, it seems they form one of those. Correon is TheId, acting on his impulses (he wants to banish Paul without even listening to what he has to say), Marna is TheSuperego (she suggests that Paul might help them repair the flying ships), and Lukan is TheEgo.


[[folder: From Australia in Series 2 (aka Kathy's world)]]
!!Kathy Morgan (Lauren Hewett)
* ActionSurvivor
* FieryRedhead: A low-key example, though she has a pretty sassy demeanor.
* SpoiledBrat: Alt!Kathy. Regular Kathy show signs of being slightly self-centered in the first episode, but she quickly [[CharacterDevelopment changes]].

!!Josh Morgan (Ryan Kwanten)
* ActionSurvivor
* {{Geek}}: Alt!Josh. Regular Josh too, but to a lesser extent.
* ThePrankster: Constantly trying to pull one on everyone around him, eventually leading to CryingWolf situations

!!Carl Morgan (Peter O'Brien)
* ActionSurvivor
* CareerEndingInjury: Had to drop rugby because of one of those. Alt!Carl never had it and became famous player and winner of countless trophies.
* PapaWolf: Alt!Carl, especially.

!!Vicky Morgan (Lenore Smith)
* ActionSurvivor
* AgentScully: More so than her husband.
* DeadpanSnarker: At least when she's angry or depressed.

[[folder: From the Land of the Dragon Lord]]
!!Sun (Leonard Fung)
* RoyalBrat: A natural effect of becoming quasi-sacred ruler who just can't be refused as a pre-teen.
!!Mek (Anthony Wong)
* BigBrotherInstinct: Towards Kathy
* GadgeteerGenius: He managed to build a device capable of fully controlled trans-dimensional travel, while making a music instrument.
!!Aya (Hu Xin)
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: When she becomes the new Dragon Lord, she's very proactive in her short reign, personally standing against the invading barbarian horde
!!Sharak (Me Yang)
* HiddenDepths: Sharak was a teacher before leading his barbarian army.
!!Jasmine (Gui Jeilan)
* AerithAndBob: Her name stands out like a sore thumb among other characters from her world.

[[folder: from the Land of the Immortals]]
!!Guin (Katarzyna Walter)
* MamaBear: Even though Kathy is not her daughter, she becomes very protective of her.

!!Lem (Wenanty Nosul)
* HenpeckedHusband: Subverted. While all his neighbours consider him weak and dominated by his wife, Lem and Guin have a perfectly healthy marriage and he simply refuse to treat her as inferior, [[MenAreBetterThanWomen which is a local norm]].

!!Dr. Elvo (Lech Mackiewicz)
* [[spoiler: AffablyEvil]]: So much you can hardly blame him for what he was trying to do
* NobleDemon
* WellIntentionedExtremist

[[folder: From the Land of The Molochs]]
!!Jez (Adam Siemion)
* DoggedNiceGuy: He's very obviously dazzled by Kathy, going as far as risking his own life to save her... and she doesn't even seem to notice the boy ''at all''.

!!Elin (Katarzyna Łaniewska)
* WastelandElder: She is the only person old enough to remember times before Moloch declared war on humanity. Now she's leading the remaining people.