!Al Simmons/Spawn I


The protagonist of the comic. Al Simmons used to be a black ops soldier and CIA assassin working for [[CorruptCorporateExecutive Jason Wynn]], until he got executed for asking too many questions. Due to his life of murder, he was sent to {{Hell}}, where Malebolgia offered him a DealWithTheDevil so he could go back to Earth and see his wife Wanda again. He agreed, but ended up tricked: Malebolgia brought him back five years after his death, resulting in his wife having already married his best friend and ending up with a daughter.

Also, rather than being merely brought back to life, Simmons was revived as a charred corpse and turned into a "Hellspawn," a HumanoidAbomination with a demonic costume symbiotically bonded to him and dark magic powers. Al is initially lost and confused by the situation, but gradually tries to use his powers for good, resulting in Malebolgia sending a demon, the Violator, to form him into a proper general for his army.
* AbusiveParents: Al's parents, specifically his mother, were this. In fact, it was his mother that helped mold him into the brutal psychopath he would later become in life due to her infatuation with Mammon. He himself is one, considering he actually tried to kill his daughter, Morana, while in the womb. Retconned out in Spawn:Resurrection; Al had a son, not a daughter, and never harmed him. This was a lie implanted in his head to trick him into committing suicide.
* AllEncompassingMantle: His cloak often completely envelops his whole body except for his head.
* AnAxeToGrind: Transforms his cloak into a battle ax in ''[[VideoGame/SoulSeries Soul Calibur II]]'' and ''Spawn: Armageddon''.
* AntiHero: He usually isn't above using drastic methods such as gruesomely killing or scarring criminals. Still, [[AssholeVictim most of them have it coming]].
* AscendedDemon: Simmons briefly acquired power transcending that of {{God}} and {{Satan}} in order to stop the Apocalypse. It [[StatusQuoIsGod wasn't permanent]], though.
* TheAtoner: He wants to make up for the evils he committed in his life.
* BadassBaritone: In the cartoon adaption, due to being voiced by Creator/KeithDavid.
* BadassCape: Not only does it look awesome, it lets Spawn fly and the tattered hem serves as CombatTentacles.
** However, it's a little ''too'' awesome for computer animation, which is why he doesn't always wear it in the movies. And why it's turned into an ax in ''[[VideoGame/SoulSeries Soul Calibur II]]''.
* BadassNormal: He was already a formidable fighter as a human, and retained his skills as a Hellspawn.
* BadPowersGoodPeople: Granted, Spawn is more an AntiHero than a straight nice guy, but he is still a good guy who use powers that would perfectly fit any series' BigBad.
* BedTrick: He uses his shroud's power to take the form of Terry in order to see Wanda and ends up sleeping with her.
* BigBrotherInstinct: Stabbed a drug dealer to death for molesting his younger brother at the age of 19; this incident was something of a StartOfDarkness for him.
* {{BFS}}: Following his comeback, God gives him a massive sword with a rectangular, scalloped blade. He later uses it to trap God and Satan in Hell.
* BloodKnight: Despite his at times melancholy and remorseful nature, Spawn is always eager to take the fight to the forces of Hell and Heaven alike.
* BodyHorror: The reason he wears a mask? He was burnt to death and then sent back to his body after it had been decaying for five years. Under the costume, he looks exactly like the rotting corpse he is. Also, some of his powers can have this effect.
* BroughtDownToNormal:
** Twice for brief periods following [[spoiler:Cogliostro's betrayal and Armageddon]], he was returned to life in his original human form. The first time, he eventually got his Hellspawn powers back with [[HotWitch Nyx]]'s help, and the second he willingly discarded his humanity and became Spawn again.
** The Satan Wars arc ends with [[spoiler:Al having his humanity restored and turning his symbiote into a necroplasm nuke to defeat Satan, only holding on to a couple of its chain links. He realizes that he can eventually regrow his costume from this - and has to to face a new wave of supernatural enemies - but has to make do with an arsenal of high-power weapons and a new Deadpool-esque costume]].
* CastFromLifespan: [[PowerAtAPrice His powers have a price]]. After X uses, he goes straight back to Hell. He compensates this by using various Earth weapons in order to keep as much energy as possible in store.
* ChainPain: Spawn's costume is adorned with chains that basically function as CombatTentacles.
* TheCowl: A sinister-yet-heroic figure who hides in the shadows and uses lethal force to fight crime.
* CrucifiedHeroShot: When he was trapped in Limbo following his suicide, he was crucified and chained to the cross by his own suit.
* DarkIsNotEvil: He's an undead assassin who has a soul charged full of enough BlackMagic to qualify him as a walking weapon of mass destruction and who wears a creepy-looking costume that is actually a soul-sucking demon which has grafted itself to him. However, he doesn't really want to hurt anyone (though he won't hesitate to do so if he has to), fiercely protects those who he cares about, and he came back from the dead because of his love for his wife.
* DatingCatwoman: At some point, he ends up developing a relationship with Angela, who is an angel...and not just any angel, but an angel specifically charged with terminating new Hellspawn. [[spoiler:The same can be seen in the animated series, only there he has a brief relationship with Jade, another angelic bounty hunter that was after him.]]
* DealWithTheDevil: Probably the best known example of this in comics besides Comicbook/GhostRider.
* DoomMagnet: ''Hell yes''. It's like writers are always trying to find new ways to make his already crappy life suck even more. In the animated series, Cogliostro even states that evil people are drawn to his presence.
* DomesticAbuser: Ironically, he was one to Wanda when he was alive, venting the frustration of his flagging job performance on her, and his last act towards her before he was killed was deliberately causing her to miscarry their unborn daughter when he learned she was pregnant. His subconscious guilt over this is the real reason he came back looking like a corpse, and when he remembers everything, he has a HeroicBSOD. This was retconned in ''Spawn: Resurrection'', where God shows Spawn images of what really happened when he and Wanda had their baby--in life, Al loved both of them and never hurt them. The above was a lie implanted in Spawn's head by Satan's forces to manipulate him into suicide.
* DrivenToSuicide: Ultimately Al kills himself, [[spoiler:but a part of his soul seemingly came back as [[OneWingedAngel Omega Spawn]].]]
* EmpoweredBadassNormal: After he got turned into a Hellspawn.
* FaustianRebellion: Initially subverted, as Malebolgia to ensured the deal would make it impossible for Spawn to do ''anything'' that would not end up helping Hell. Then Spawn overthrew him. It's complicated...
* GlowingEyesOfDoom: Green ones due to the necroplasm comprising his body.
* GoodIsNotNice: Spawn does mean to do good, and doesn't really have villainous goals, but that doesn't stop him from murdering, maiming, or mutilating people to do what he wants.
* GrandTheftMe: Issue #249 implies [[spoiler:he's done this to Jim Downing]].
* HeartbrokenBadass: Big time. His grief over dying and not coming back home to his wife was so strong he made a DealWithTheDevil to get back to her. Then it turns out, in short order, he still looks like a rotten, burned corpse under his creepy costume, he can disguise himself as a living person but ''not'' as his original self, and his wife has moved on by forming a new, happy relationship with his former best friend and they even have an adorable little girl together, the child Al could never give her. And he's too inherently noble to do something like kill even his former best friend, so he has to just watch them from the shadows while they live a normal life.
* HeroWithBadPublicity: Kinda to be expected considering [[HorrifyingHero what]] [[NinetiesAntiHero he]] [[DarkIsNotEvil is]]. It usually is bad already, but it raised UpToEleven after Sankser messed things up even more.
* HesBack: Al Simmons [[http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_super/11114/111147959/4188831-spawnres-promo-adf61.jpg returns as Spawn]] in the [[ContinuityReboot #250 anniversary issue]] after [[spoiler:getting a pep talk from God]].
* HorrifyingHero: The costume's creepy enough ''before'' you find out it's alive and feeds on souls, he looks like the walking decayed corpse he is underneath it, he uses BlackMagic, and his typical approach to committing good deeds is gunning people down or ripping them apart with CombatTentacles.
* HumanoidAbomination: He's a symbiotic mesh of an undead corpse (Al Simmons himself) and a soul-devouring demon (his costume), all fueled by enough innate BlackMagic to qualify him as a living [=WMD=].
* IDidWhatIHadToDo: He consistently tells himself this when confronted about the sins of his past. In fact, much of the story plot involves him owning up and being accountable for all the terrible things he has done in his life.
* ImYourWorstNightmare: His response to Chapel in the animated serious when asked who he is? "Your worst fucking nightmare."
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He is cold, gruff, and brooding, but ultimately all he wants is to protect his family.
* KickTheSonOfABitch: Considering that pretty much all of his victims had it coming, this should be guaranteed. One of the most notable instances of this trope in play is what he does to Jason Wynn: he kills a pair of his men, then presses him on Clown's location. After that? He trashes Wynn's "insurance" that prevents anyone from killing him on account of the fact that it would bring TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt, effectively leaving him to die.
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: Malbolgia erased most of Al's memories before sending him back as a Hellspawn, leaving only his love for Wanda and his military training intact. Based on this, Spawn wound up deluding himself into thinking he and Wanda had been happy together but unable to have children, [[spoiler:and when he [[DomesticAbuser finds out]] [[ConvenientMiscarriage the truth]], it completely [[HeroicBSOD crushes him]].]]
* LoveMakesYouEvil: The whole reason for him becoming a Hellspawn. Later subverted, as love for his wife and a few other people gradually becomes the reason he manages to preserve some of his humanity and even actively seek to reclaim it.
* ManySpiritsInsideOfOne: One of the reasons Al is so incredibly powerful, even for a Hellspawn, is because he had the Legion of Lost Souls (6000-or-so people who died at roughly the same time he did) sealed inside him by the Mother Of Existence. He learned to summon them as Hellspawn to give him an assist when he needed it, but most of them were ultimately killed, and he released the rest.
* MercyKill: In the animated series, he reluctantly does this to [[spoiler:Jade, as per her request. She's hunted by Heaven as a traitor, heavily wounded, tired of fighting for centuries and wants to die as a warrior and go to the Elysium Fields, instead of being hunted endlessly and sent to Hell. The only way Jade's wish can be granted would be to die in battle with a Hellspawn.]]
* MilitarySuperhero: Despite having superpowers up the wazoo, Simmons preferred to rely on his military training and guns. Lots and lots of guns.
* MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily: After his comeback in #250, Al is depicted with a conspicuously ComicBook/{{Venom}}-ish mouth full of fangs, complete with a long, prehensile tongue.
* MysticalHighCollar: His cape has one. It was ''meant'' to be a HighCollarOfDoom, but he decided not to become a villain.
* NinetiesAntiHero: One of the most obvious examples, though he gradually gets better as the story goes.
* OneHeroHoldTheWeaksauce: As Spawn gets stronger, consecrated weapons and dead zones proved ineffective in killing him. He blows his own head off and gets better, and can touch holy weapons without fear of dying.
* PapaWolf: Cyan might not be his actual daughter, but if something happens to her, you can be sure he will hunt down those responsible and ensure they pay. As a matter of fact, he is most likely to have such a reaction toward any child close to him.
* PhysicalGod: For a brief time, Spawn was [[AscendedDemon empowered]] by the Man of Miracles in order to stop the Apocalypse, and sealed [[SealedEvilInADuel Satan and God]] in an alternate universe so they could solve their differences without killing everyone.
* PowersDoTheFighting: Spawn is often more than content to simply stand in one spot and let his cloak and chains do the fighting.
* {{Protectorate}}: After he chases the Mafia and other sundry criminal elements out of [[WretchedHive Rat City]], the homeless people there start calling him "The Guardian". He is also very protective of his ex-wife and her family.
* RedIsHeroic: His cape is red, as was part of his costume initially, and he's a hero by choice, despite getting his powers from a demon lord.
* ResurrectedForAJob: Malebolgia sends him back to harvest souls for Hell's army.
* ScaryBlackMan: Well, formerly, since his skin color is no longer visible due to his burnt face.
* TheSociopath: In life, Al was utterly ruthless, bloodthirsty, and completely without morals, with Terry and Wanda barely functioning as his {{Morality Chain}}s. After falling into Hell, Al had a HeelRealization, which was why he made the deal with Malbolgia in order to see Wanda again.
* SociopathicHero: As Spawn, despite being a better person he was in his past life, Al is still not against using pretty violent and ruthless methods.
* SpikesOfVillainy: Quite ironic if you consider he is actually a good guy.
* SuperpowerLottery: A ''very'' large one; if not for the CastFromLifespan aspect, he would probably be unstoppable:
%%** EnergyAbsorption: He can feeds off "evil" energy from both bad people and "dark" animals such as cats, bats, rats, snakes, worms...
%%** ElementalPowers: Given to him by [[GaiasVengeance Greenworld]].
%%** FlyingBrick: Spawn can levitate and fly, and while he isn't invincible he can heal almost any wound.
%%** HealingFactor: He can regenerate from just about anything, though it [[CastFromLifespan costs him necroplasm]].
%%** {{Necromancer}}: Spawn can bring back the dead.
%%** NighInvulnerable: He can only be killed by a holy weapon forged in Heaven, if he has used all his energy, or in certain spots called Dead Zones.
%%** PureEnergy: His Necroplasm.
%%*** CastingAShadow: In universe equivalent.
%%** RealityWarping: Though limited by the CastFromLifespan aspect.
%%** SuperStrength: He can pick up and toss humans like rag dolls.
%%** TeleportersAndTransporters: He can teleport at will.
%%** VoluntaryShapeshifting: He can take on human form for brief periods of time and can also transform his cloak into various objects, such as a [[AnAxeToGrind battle-axe]].
* SerialKillerKiller: During his tenure as the guardian of Rat City, Spawn played this role.
* SuperheroPackingHeat: Despite his huge list of superpowers, Spawn often resorts to guns first, which makes sense as Al was a commando and assassin.
* TheSymbiote: His suit is a demon named Leetha of the 7th House of K, which grants him his ability to fly and to [[CombatTentacles use his cloak and chains as weapons]]. All Hellspawn have one, and it's implied there's several types (Clown mentions that a "K-type" costume feeds on souls when Al worries if his suit is behind the blood-drinking murders, which implies there ''are'' variants that feed on blood).
* VigilanteMan: Whenever crime tries to invade Rat City, Al stamps it out, though he usually has to get a WhatTheHellHero speech from Cogliostro first in the HBO series.
* WeaksauceWeakness: Him running out of necroplasm, decapitation by a consecrated weapon and [[PowerNullifier Dead Zones]] are the only means of killing him.
* WhatYouAreInTheDark: Twitch comes to him, petitioning his help on a rash of murders, suicides, and accidents in an apartment building. Spawn is tired and depressed after [[spoiler:discovering that he killed his and Wanda's child]], and as such, refuses to do anything more to help humanity. A few pages later, he confronts Jason Wynn to find out where Clown is, and shows up in the next issue to send him back to Hell.
* {{Yandere}}: [[AvertedTrope Averted]] some times and played straight at others. When he first found out his wife married someone else and got a daughter when he was dead, not only did Al make no attempt to eliminate her husband, being lucid enough to know this would only make things worse, but he also becomes extremely protective toward them, especially his wife's daughter. That said, there have been moments where he has been convinced that Terry and his wife betrayed him, only to be stopped by Cyan. Ultimately he grows out of this on his own.

!!Jim Downing/Spawn II

An amnesiac man that awakens the exact day Al Simmons committed suicide. Tormented and vengeful, he struggles to find the truth about his past and his mysterious connection with Al Simmons, while fending off all the forces trying to control him.

* BackFromTheDead: Was the last remaining member of the Legion of Lost Souls inside Al Simmons [[spoiler:at the time of Al's suicide]].
* ContrastingSequelMainCharacter: Is Caucasian with blond hair, whereas Al was African-American and bald. [[spoiler:Is also famous, while Al tried to stay in secrecy in the alleys. And most importantly, is a FallenAngel to Al's AscendedDemon.]]
* ConvenientComa: Comes out of one the exact second Al Simmons kills himself. Following Al making a comeback, he's left stuck in another one. [[spoiler:Losing one's soul tends to do that.]]
* DeclarationOfProtection: To [[HospitalHottie Sara]], his LoveInterest.
* DraggedOffToHell: Jim faces off with K7-Leetha [[spoiler:while standing in the Dead Zone and goads her into biting off his arm. She gets dragged down to Hell, but manages to drag him with her]].
* EarlyBirdCameo: Al took on his appearance when he tried to assume human form way back in issue 2.
* EnemyMine: With the Violator against Malbolgia [[spoiler:after learning he and the Clown were one-and-the-same]].
* FallenAngel: One of his possible backstories, [[spoiler:which turns out to be his true identity. He was once a high-ranking angel who had tried to kill God and was sent to Hell in exchange for 1000 souls. However, see Multiple Choice Past]].
* FamedInStory: Becomes famous overnight after he resurrects someone on camera.
* HeroicHost: For a given value of heroic...
* IChooseToStay: While the other members of the Legion departed to their own special afterlife, Jim chose to remain inside of Al.
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: Had no memory of his past after waking up.
* LegacyCharacter: Takes up the mantle ([[BadassCape literally]]) of Spawn [[spoiler:after Al dies]].
* LightEmUp: [[spoiler:Once he regains his angel powers.]]
* LivingMacGuffin: His unique status of being the only Hellspawn ''not'' to be born via a DealWithTheDevil means that Violator, Malbolgia, Bludd, and Heaven are all after him.
* MadScientist: [[spoiler:In his former life as Director Kramer.]]
* MoralityPet: Really loved his wife as [[spoiler:Kramer, and also loves Sara. Wynn's murder of his wife is what drove him to betray Wynn.]]
* MultipleChoicePast: Crime lord Carlos Nortego ID'd him as an ex-partner of Jason Wynn's called Kramer who had been left comatose after turning himself into a SuperSoldier, but he has the fingerprints of 10 deceased criminals [[spoiler:and has been ID'd by an angel and Malbolgia as a fallen angel]].
** [[spoiler: The truth is, he really was a former scientist working under Jason Wynn trying to develop SuperSoldiers by experimenting on over 47 different men, usually with fatal results. Wynn eventually had him killed, and his soul bounced from Heaven to Hell before being stuck on Earth once Al died.]]
* PowerOfTheVoid: Can open portals to a dimension of endless darkness at will.
* PuppeteerParasite: K7-Leetha takes over if Jim is knocked unconscious and happily {{Curb Stomp Battle}}s anything that gets in her way, be it Omega Spawn or [[spoiler:Malbolgia himself]].
* RememberTheNewGuy: Wanda Blake recognized him, as Al had accidentally taken on his appearance at one point.
* SealedBadassInACan: [[spoiler:Is implied to currently back inside the Leetha suit.]]
* SpikesOfVillainy: As a means of differentiating him from Al early on, he eschews the BadassCape for a carapace of spines.
* SuperpowerLottery: Gets the same deal as Al did, [[spoiler:with the added bonus of being able to use his powers in Dead Zones due to being a fallen angel]].
* TheSymbiote: Ends up bonded to K7-Leetha [[spoiler:after Al's death]].
* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom: A whole lotta bad stuff happens when he wakes up.
** [[spoiler:He's also indirectly responsible for Overkill, Tremor, and a lot of other things that Al had to deal with.]]
* UnwittingPawn: Clown learned from his failure with Al and tricked Jim into thinking he was a good guy and that the Violator was someone else. It worked for a while, but Jim found out eventually and was ''pissed''. [[spoiler:He is also one to K7-Leetha, who intends to use him to kill God and take over the universe.]]
* WingedHumanoid: Grows a pair of [[spoiler:angelic wings after learning of his true past, but Leetha morphs them into [[GoodWingsEvilWings demonic wings]].]]
* YouAreNumberSix: Was initially called Patient 47. [[spoiler:If Wynn is telling the truth, that was supposed to be Al.]]


Leetha of the 7th House of K was the Hellspawn symbiote that was bonded to Al Simmons' soul by Malbolgia. Manifesting a voluminous cloak and chains, Leetha is capable of acting independently of her host and feeds off his necroplasm.
* AdaptiveArmor: During Spawn's first fight with the Redeemer, Leetha underwent a metamorphosis that became Spawn's iconic look, with the the red portions of her costume form becoming black and the cloak she manifested becoming tattered. She later underwent an out-of-control metamorphosis after Al was taken to Heaven to participate in Angela's trial.
* CapeWings: The reason Spawn can use his cloak to fly is because it is actually Leetha's wings.
* CombatTentacles: How her chains and the hem of her cloak are used.
* ChainPain / VariableLengthChain / ChainedByFashion: One of her main means of offense.
* ClingyCostume: Played with. [[spoiler:Leetha's intended host was actually Simmons' daughter Morana, and Leetha abandons Al for her when the opportunity presents itself.]]
* TheCorruption: All those people Jim healed? [[spoiler:Leetha infected them with bits of herself so that she could hold them hostage and drain their souls.]]
* DoNotGoGentle: Leetha knows Simmons is coming back, and tries to take over (and failing that kill) Downing before he can do so. [[spoiler:She fails and is subjugated.]]
* EmotionEater: Can feed off of evil energy.
* EnemyWithout: After Downing learns [[spoiler:Leetha has contaminated his loved ones in order to hold them hostage against him, he lets her take over Bludd and duke it out with him in a battle for supremacy]].
* EvilAllAlong: Leetha's intended host was never Al Simmons, but his miscarried daughter Morana, and the symbiote had made a deal with Mammon to insure this long before being bonded to Al.
* {{Expy}}: Leetha is essentially the demonic doppelgänger of [[ComicBook/{{Venom}} a certain other black-and-white symbiote]] that Todd [=McFarlane=] had a hand in developing. More recent depictions of Spawn have made that even ''more'' blatant by giving calling Leetha a symbiote and giving Spawn [[MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily fanged jaws]] and a [[OverlyLongTongue super-long tongue]].
* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor: K7-Leetha had made a deal with Mammon long before bonding to Simmons, [[spoiler:and ultimately deserted him for Morana, his stillborn daughter - but ends up being bonded to Jim Downing after Al's suicide. She intended to use him to take over the world, but fails.]]
* HumanoidAbomination: Even without a host, Leetha can assume a humanoid form or appear as a grotesque mass of darkness and tendrils.
* ManipulativeBastard: Used Al to become more powerful [[spoiler:for when she bonded to Morana, and intends to use Jim Downing to TakeOverTheWorld.]]
* MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily: When she separates from Spawn or takes over she manifests a mouth full of pointy teeth.
* MultipleChoicePast: It boasts to Downing that it is an ancient entity who's had multiple hosts over the centuries... and then less than five issues later it was {{retcon}}ned to being made out of the souls of the innocent people Al Simmons had killed while a soldier and CIA agent.
* OneWingedAngel:
** When brought into Heaven, she transforms into "Combat Mode", forcing Spawn to assume human form to avoid unwanted hostility.
** When fighting Jim Downing, it manifests as a massive amorphous creature.
* PuppeteerParasite: Takes over Nyx briefly [[spoiler:before jumping to Morana, and later takes over Jim Downing to fight Omega Spawn and Malbolgia.]]
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: It's unknown how old Leetha is, but she's been around a lot longer than was previously suspected, and has had a multitude of hosts prior to Al Simmons.
* TheStarscream: Betrays Spawn on a semi-regular basis, [[spoiler:and later tells Malbolgia her intent is to destroy him, TakeOverTheWorld, and [[KillTheGod kill God]].]]
* TheSymbiote: A standard-issue K-125 Unit neural parasite bred in the 4th level of Hell.
* ThroatLight: [[SicklyGreenGlow Lime green]], the color of necroplasm.
* UnwittingPawn: Downing tells Leetha he let her take over him and that he's fooled her all along.
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: Can morph her cloak into anything she or Al desires, and can [[{{Glamour}} disguise Al's ruined visage as a human]].
* YourSoulIsMine: How she sustains herself when she's not leeching off her host's necroplasm or ambient evil energy.


[[folder:Supporting Characters]]

!Sam Burkle and Twitch Williams

Two cops whose beat includes the area where Spawn comes to dwell after being sent back to Earth. They gradually come into contact with the hellspawn and became wary, distant allies.
* BadassBookworm: Twitch is both a formidably smart investigator able to solve enigmas easily and an excellent marksman who could defeat ''[[{{Cyborg}} Overtkill]]'' by shooting him in the right place.
* BadassNormal: Both of them.
* BigEater: Sam constantly sends Twitch out to fetch food that is either greasy, sugary, or both.
* BrainsAndBrawn: Twitch and Sam, respectively.
* BreakoutCharacter: They started out as minor characters from Spawn, then ended up with their own comic.
* CommonalityConnection: In the animated series Twitch develops one with journalist Lisa Wu, both complimenting the other one on their intelligence.
* CreepyMonotone: Twitch in the animated series.
* DeadpanSnarker: Twitch is especially renowned for his dry wit.
* DonutMessWithACop: Sam sure loves his pastries.
* FriendOnTheForce: Eventually come to play this role for Al and later Jim as well.
* FatAndSkinny: Sam's fat, Twitch is skinny.
* FatBastard: Subverted with Sam, who looks and acts like one, but is actually one of the cleanest cops on the force.
* ImprobableAimingSkills: Twitch, ironically.
* IronicNickname: Twitch. Because he ''never'' does. Ever.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Sam; he is brutish, aggressive and tends to use foul language, but he is one of the few honest cops where he works, and his aggressiveness tends more toward bad guys.
* LeaveBehindAPistol: They give this option to their chief in the animated series [[spoiler:after they discover he's been working for Wynn and was the one who shot Twitch.]]
* RedOniBlueOni: Guess who for each one.
* ThoseTwoGuys: Are the best of friends and partners, but constantly snark at each other.
* UglyGuyHotWife: Mrs. Williams is, in Sams' words, the 8th wonder of the world with curves like a racetrack. Which is a pretty accurate decription.


An enigmatic homeless man who appoints himself something of a mentor figure to the confused, uncomprehending new Hellspawn. It then turns out he's actually a hellspawn who quit the armies of Hell himself.
* AllPowerfulBystander: Old Cog usually just pops up long enough to scold Spawn for his callousness and issue cryptic advice before vanishing, [[spoiler:but it's later revealed that he was one of the original Hellspawn]].
* BadassBeard: It gives him a sort of hobo wizard look...which is more or less what he is.
* BadassGrandpa: Is over 2000 years old, and is still incredibly powerful.
* CoolOldGuy: Is positively ''ancient'', but still has a few tricks up his sleeves.
* CainAndAbel: Literally; he used to be the original Cain.
* EvilAllAlong: Betrays Al to take over Malbolgia's circle of Hell.
* FaceHeelTurn: After Spawn defeated Malebolgia, Cog reveals himself to be Cain, kicks Spawn out of Hell, and turns him back into a human.
* HesBack: Reappears to inform Sam and Twitch about Al Simmons' return.
* JuliusBeethovenDaVinci: He was originally Cain, the first human murderer, but he took on many guises since then. He was the characters known as Malcus, Merlin, and Faustus written and told about in stories and myths.
* TheMentor: Plays this role to Al at first.
* [[WhatTheHellHero What The Hell, Spawn?]]: Gives these a lot to Spawn in the animated series, whenever the latter indulges in MurderIsTheBestSolution. Also when Spawn uses a BedTrick on his ex-wife Wanda, not only because she was tricked but [[spoiler:because this accidentally got her pregnant from a hellspawn, which will endanger her due to a prophecy that the child of a hellspawn and a human woman would play a crucial part in Armageddon. This places her right in the middle of the war between Heaven and Hell.]]


An angel tasked by Heaven with slaying hellspawn, especially during their vulnerable period on Earth for the first time.

Click '''[[ComicBook/AngelaMarvelComics HERE]]''' for her Marvel Comics counterpart.
* ActionGirl: Big time. She's an angelic warrior who's been hunting Hellspawn for centuries.
* AdaptedOut: Appears only once in the animated series before being replaced by another angel bounty hunter named Jade, who largely fills the same role.
* BloodKnight: In her brief appearance in the animated series, she lures two gangsters who made lewd comments and later threatened her into an alley and gleefully curb-stomps them. She's also pissed off at not being allowed to hunt the latest Spawn.
* BountyHunter: She's an assassin sent from Heaven to kill Hellspawns.
* CanonImmigrant: To Marvel's 616 universe. It was initially ambiguous as to whether the Angela that debuted in Marvel Comics is the same one in ''Spawn'', as she says she was involuntarily pulled into the Marvel Universe from her own and very few details of her home dimension were given. It's ultimately revealed that Marvel's incarnation of Angela is [[spoiler:not only Asgardian but Thor's long-lost half-sister]], making her a completely different character from Image's incarnation.
* CategoryTraitor: When she failed to kill Spawn she was put on trial for treason.
* ChainmailBikini: A metal bra and panties are all the armor she needs to hunt demons.
* DatingCatwoman: She developed a romance with Spawn after he saved her.
* DefectorFromDecadence: Flees from Heaven after being framed for treason and becomes Spawn's lover after he saves her.
* DominoMask: Her mask covers her eyes and leaves the rest of her face exposed.
* FieryRedhead: Is fierce and temperamental.
* HeroicSacrifice: How she finally helped Spawn to defeat Malebolgia.
* MeaningfulName: The angel girl is named ''Angela''.
* MercurysWings: On her circlet that she wears in battle.
* OurAngelsAreDifferent: A {{stripperiffic}} bounty hunter who kills Hellspawn for a living.
* Really700YearsOld: She's been doing her job for hundreds of years.
* RescueRomance: Falls in love with Simmons after he saves her life.
* {{Stripperiffic}}: Even [[WordOfGod Neil Gaiman]] himself has questioned the practicality of Angela's dress code.


Al Simmons' wife prior to the series, it is love of her that motivates him to barter with Malebolgia, becoming a Hellspawn in exchange for being allowed to see her again.
* AdultFear: When she and Terry realize Cyan's been kidnapped.
* BreakTheCutie / GoMadFromTheRevelation: The full understanding that her twin children were actually God and Satan, the fact her ex-husband came back as a Hellspawn, and the coming apocalypse caused her to crack and eventually try to kill herself. She was stopped by Al but it is clear her mental state is in tatters.
* CrusadingLawyer: In the animated series, she's the only one who questions her client's guilt as the child killer and proves he was framed. Not only that, Wanda goes ahead and pokes around secret government files to find the real murderer, even after her friend warns her this will get her hurt.
* DroppedABridgeOnHer: ''Spawn: Resurrection'' reveals [[spoiler:she was murdered two days before Al's comeback during a riot, when the Violator threw a molotov cocktail into her car]].
* HappilyMarried: To Terry. It's cruelly subverted with Al, however: he ''thinks'' they were this, but this is because Malebolgia removed parts of his memory; [[spoiler:he was actually an abusive husband who frequently beat her]].
* MoralityPet: To Spawn, though she doesn't seem to be aware of it. Nevertheless, his love for Wanda is the first and main reason Al managed to preserve a shred of his humanity.

!Terry Fitzgerald

Al Simmons' best friend prior to the series who married Wanda soon after Al had died. He is the father of Cyan and an ever-suffering figure due to Al's influence in his life.

* ButtMonkey: A lot of terrible things that happen to him are the result Al's own actions (e.g. stealing weapons from a warehouse only he and Al had access to, killing Mafia goons, etc.) or just some supernatural force screwing with his life to get to Al.
* {{Cuckold}}: Becomes this in the animated series when Al sleeps with and impregnates Wanda while masquerading as him.
* DoggedNiceGuy: He's a benevolent enough man who tries to be a good father and husband, but Wanda's lingering and long-lasting love for Al in addition to the danger he generally brings to Terry and his family continuously puts him on edge of breakdown.

!Cyan Fitzgerald

Wanda and Terry's daughter. She was born sometime after Al's death.
* ActionGirl: Her future self in the Spawn[=/=]ComicBook/WildCATs crossover was the new Zealoth.
* CheerfulChild: Is one of the few people not afraid of Al's monstrous form.
* ChildrenAreInnocent: Her often-naive innocence is one of the reasons she serves as Spawn's MoralityPet.
* FutureBadass: Teaches [[spoiler:Nyx a spell to help Spawn defeat her demonically empowered half-sister Morana.]]
* MoralityPet: To Spawn, keeping him from turning against his family.
* MulticoloredHair: As a fourteen year-old, Cyan dyed her hair with purple streaks.
* SuperpoweredAlterEgo: The drugs she's been taking have activated an as-of-yet unnamed supernatural presence within her.
* SuperEmpowering: Cyan restores Al's powers after his battle with Satan leaves him a shadow of his former self.
* TroubledChild: Following Wanda's death, Cyan started doing drugs and cutting her wrists, which landed her in a treatment center for troubled youth. Terry also slips her oxycontin.

!Granny Blake

Wanda's religious mother and Cyan's grandmother. She acts as Spawn's spiritual guide and confidante in times of doubt and stress.
* BreakTheBeliever: She goes through this when she is raptured to Heaven. God chews her out for believing him to be kind and compassionate and heaven as a paradise before turning her into one of his Angel soldiers. She recites the Psalm 23 of the Bible in fruitless defiance before she is turned completely.
* TheFundamentalist: Probably the most benevolent version seen but she is still adamant about her faith. [[SillyRabbitCynicismIsForLosers She was absolutely livid at Al for telling her the God she believed in was a lie and went on a diatribe about how her faith in God is the only thing that gives her hope in good and the prospect she may be reunited with all her dead loved ones.]]
* {{Mammy}}: Old? Check. Motherly and Caring? Check. African American? Check.
* MoralityChain: She acts as this to Al Simmons during his time as a Hellspawn and acts as a confidante to him in times of distress.
* NayTheist: She becomes this post-Armageddon. After being resurrected, she stated she believes there is a God as per her beliefs, and denies that the God that chewed her out was the real one, but an "evil child thing".
* ObnoxiousInLaws: Averted. She is sympathetic to her ex-son-in-law Al and still [[RousseauWasRight believes that he has a shred of goodness in him]].


A Wiccan girl who helped Al Simmons regain his Hellspawn powers and fell in love with him.
* BreakoutCharacter: Her appearance as She-Spawn is incredibly popular.
* BroughtDownToNormal: Has her magic stolen by Mammon following her returning K7-Leetha to Spawn. He later returns her powers after deciding he doesn't need them.
* DemonicPossession: Is taken over by Zera, Queen of the Seraphim, and later by [[spoiler: K7-Leetha.]]
* EleventhHourSuperpower: Learns a spell from [[spoiler:the adult Cyan that lets her seal Mammon and Morana.]]
* FlamingHair: As She-Spawn, she has hair made of flames.
* HotWitch: Is a Wiccan possessing potent supernatural powers, and is quite attractive.
* MoralityPet: Serves as one to Spawn [[spoiler: following Cogliostro's betrayal.]]
* MoreThanMindControl: Mammon manipulates Nyx into willfully betraying Spawn by showing her friend Thea's suffering in Hell.
* MostCommonSuperpower: While her day-to-day attire belies this, DependingOnTheArtist as She-Spawn she can be quite busty.
* SecondLove: Became Spawn's lover for a time while helping him regain his powers.
* SinisterScythe: Her weapon of choice as She-Spawn is a large, oddly-shaped kusarigama.
* TheSymbiote: She "borrowed" K7-Leetha with Mammon's help to go spelunking in Hell looking for her friend Thea's soul.
* WelcomeBackTraitor: Expected Spawn to execute her for betraying him, but he [[PetTheDog dismissed her actions as trivial compared to his own]].
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Has not been seen since Jim Downing became Spawn.

!Lisa Wu / Jade

First introduced in the animated series, Lisa Wu is a journalist interested in investigating Jason Wynn's dirty dealings and finding out who's behind the alley murders. She's also revealed to be a hunter for Heaven under the name Jade and as such obliged to track down and kill new Hellspawn.
* ActionGirl: Takes Angela's place in the animated series, and was the one who killed Genghis Khan, among numerous other Hellspawn.
* AbsoluteCleavage: Her battle outfit. As Lisa Wu, she dresses quite modestly.
* AllAsiansKnowMartialArts: Subverted. She's both a proficient fighter and Asian, but her fighting skills are most probably due to having been a bounty hunter for centuries.
* ArtEvolution: When she first appears in season two, she's given an average appearance with a more geeky, almost teenage look, with a round face and snub nose. She also has a more casual dress code as a reporter, wearing a T-shirt under her usual suit. In contrast, in Season 3 where her role is expanded, she has a more detailed and attractive face, with a straight nose and high cheekbones. She's also given several {{Fanservice}} scenes and her usual modest suit is made to look more elegant by keeping the coat buttoned up and having her wear a shirt underneath.
* BountyHunter: For Heaven's forces.
* BoyishShortHair / ShortHairWithTail: The former when she's Lisa Wu and the latter when she's Jade in her hunter outfit.
* CanonForeigner: She was created for the show.
* CategoryTraitor: Heaven doesn't care if the current Spawn is capable of redemption, they just want him dead. [[spoiler:Jade's disagreement with this brands her as a traitor in their eyes.]]
* CommonalityConnection: She and Twitch develop a mutual respect for their analytical skills and intelligence. They even swap information about Al Simmons and Jason Wynn in order to finish their respective jobs.
* ContractOnTheHitman: Jade gets a bounty placed on her head by Heaven for [[spoiler:defying her orders to kill Spawn.]]
* CoolSword: Carries two.
* CreepyMonotone: Almost always talks this way.
* CurbStompBattle: Saves Spawn with little effort from a group of men armed with guns using only her swords.
* DefectorFromDecadence: After sparing Spawn she has no desire to continue fighting for Heaven, as she sees they're also flawed and indiscriminate in their zeal.
* DiedInYourArmsTonight: In the end [[spoiler:Jade begs Spawn to kill her and dies in his arms]].
* DualWielding: Her preferred weapons are two identical slightly curved swords.
* EmotionlessGirl: She starts off as one.
* AGoodWayToDie: Asks Spawn to give her one when Heaven sends bounty hunters after her, [[spoiler:as being killed by a Hellspawn would redeem her in the eyes of Heaven and possibly send her to the Elysium Fields, while being killed by Heaven's hunters as a traitor would banish her soul to Hell. Spawn reluctantly complies and stabs her, saving her soul.]]
* InLoveWithTheMark: Jade falls for [[spoiler:Spawn after seeing there's good in him and he's capable of sacrificing himself for the ones he loves.]]
* IntrepidReporter: As Lisa Wu.
* LadyOfWar: She's elegant but knows how to handle herself in a fight.
* LickedByTheDog: Lisa seems like a cold and calculating individual, and obviously interested in Spawn for some purpose... But when Cyan calls her a pretty lady and hugs her, with Lisa returning the gesture with a warm smile, it's obvious she's not going to be one of the villains.
* {{Meganekko}}: As Lisa Wu. The glasses don't seem to serve any actual purpose as she ditches them when on the hunt.
* MoralityPet: Becomes one to Spawn later on, as she's one of the few people outside his family he seems to care about. She also urges him to defy his Hellspawn nature and become a better person.
* OurAngelsAreDifferent: Jade is not explicitly called an angel, but it's implied her nature is the same as Angela's.
* OutWithABang: Is shown in a flashback to have killed Genghis Khan by pretending to be his lover and loyal follower to get close enough... then decapitating him during sex.
* PowerGlows: When she first reveals herself as Heaven's bounty hunter in front of Cogliostro, she glows a faint green and the burst of energy from her body throws him on the ground. Ironically, her eyes can sometimes be seen to glow with a green light, like Spawn's.
* PowerTattoo: Jade has several large green dragon tattoos on her body. Those on her arms seem to move and morph into handwraps.
* RavenHairIvorySkin: She has black hair and pale skin.
* Really700YearsOld: Like any other angel hunter in the series.
* ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight:[[spoiler:Jade chooses to defy Heaven because for the first time in her life she sees a Hellspawn who has preserved some good in him, and thus she feels it's wrong to kill someone with the potential to defy Hell and his own inner demons.]]
* SecretIdentity: Jade lives under the name Lisa Wu, a journalist, when she's not hunting Hellspawn.
* SympathyForTheDevil: What prompts her to save Spawn and spare his life.
* TemporaryLoveInterest: Her sympathy for Spawn ultimately causes her to [[spoiler:develop feelings for him and save his life. It appears mutual, but doesn't last since she becomes a traitor to Heaven and hunted by her own kind.]]
* ToBeLawfulOrGood: As she learns more and more about Al Simmons and his current actions as Spawn, she starts to develop sympathy for him, which conflicts with her duty as a Hellspawn hunter.
* UnderestimatingBadassery: Happens often when she's concerned, which is why Cogliostro warns Spawn about it.
* WorthyOpponent: When Jade first meets Spawn face to face he is heavily injured by a vampire and at her mercy. Instead of finishing him off, she decides to let him recover, so he has a fighting chance later.

!Man Of Miracles / Mother of Creation

* CanonImmigrant: He's supposed to be the same person as Marvel Comics' Miracleman, who Neil Gaiman co-created. Gaiman filed a lawsuit, and Marvel eventually undercut Todd by purchasing the character from its original creator, leading to him being retconned out of the ''Spawn'' universe.
* JesusWasWayCool: She incarnated herself as the big JC to try and get humanity to lighten up.
* NatureSpirit: It is the deity known as Gaia, and is the master of Greenworld.
* NoGender: It has appeared in both male and female form, and has no true gender.
* RetGone: Presumably due to Image Comics losing the legal battle over Miracleman to Marvel Comics. ''Resurrection'' retcons Mother's existence and instead goes with a variation on the traditional Abrahamic story of Creation.
* TopGod: Pre-retcon, she was the mother of God and Satan, and chose Spawn to stop the war between her sons.

!! Mike

* ArchangelMichael: When Spawn confronts him over his identity, Mike reveals himself to be the Archangel Michael, stripped of his divine powers.
* TakeThat: While reading Todd McFarlane's autobiography, he derides the idea of [[ComicBook/SpiderMan a superhero with spider-powers]] as a stupid, ridiculous concept.



!Jason Wynn / Redeemer I

Al's former boss, and one the responsible for his death and transformation in a Hellspawn. Also heavily involved in Jim Downing's past work as Director Kramer.
* ZeroPercentApprovalRating: He is utterly despised by anyone who knows him personally. The only reason he hasn't been assassinated yet is because he has gathered incriminating evidence on various governments and organizations throughout his career, preventing him from being terminated and providing him with a bargaining chip to regain his authority if lost. [[spoiler: However, Spawn later found and destroyed Wynn's collection of evidence, leaving Wynn without the safety net that he had built for himself as protection against all those who want him dead. While he rebuilds his power base, he is ultimately strangled to death by Jim Downing, one of his former employees. ]]
* AxCrazy: Seriously, behind all the charm lies a sadistic psychopath, and he only gets worse under the Redeemer mantle.
* {{Acrofatic}}: He has a noticeable gut, but he has quick reflexes and is still an accomplished martial artist.
* BadassNormal: As a human, he had no powers of his own, but is still proficient in martial arts.
* BeardOfEvil: He has a goatee and chinstrap beard that accentuate his malicious appearance.
* BigBadEnsemble: With Malebolgia, Mammon and later Bludd.
* BadBoss: Put it this way: Anything and anybody that isn't useful to him is cast aside or killed, employees are no exception.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: Ran the USSC and a number of black market operations until he was toppled by Spawn. [[spoiler:Loses it all permanently thanks to Jim Downing.]]
* DealWithTheDevil: Later issues reveal he actually traded Al's soul to Malebolgia [[spoiler:in exchange for psychoplasm, a piece of Hell itself.]]
* DemonicPossession: Is possessed by Violator for a short while.
* DemotedToDragon: Under Violator's possession and when acting as the Redeemer.
* DiabolicalMastermind: Is a cunning and sadistic individual who arranged Al's death [[spoiler: in exchange for a piece of Hell on Earth.]]
* DirtyCoward: Moreso in the comic than the cartoon, absolutely refuses to get involved in anything physical unless he has an overwhelming advantage.
* EmpoweredBadassNormal: As the Redeemer, which allowed him to completely flatten Spawn in their first fight. He was turned back to normal eventually.
* HumansAreTheRealMonsters: He's quite one of the most evil of all Spawn's enemies. And he's not a demon.
* KarmicDeath: Spends his entire career as a villain trying to get a Hellspawn to kill him as part of a deal he made with Hell. He gets his wish, but [[spoiler:Jim Downing makes a point of killing Wynn as a human so that Wynn gets ''nothing.'']]
* KickTheDog: Feeds a puppy to a tank of piranhas in the AnimatedAdaptation while calmly chatting on the phone.
* GoodCounterpart: He was the Redeemer/Anti-Spawn for a short time.
* HornedHairdo: Accentuating his evilness.
* LackOfEmpathy: Wynn views his employees as disposable assets, as Al found out the hard way. [[spoiler:Jim was in no better condition.]]
* ManipulativeBastard: Cunningly manipulates everyone around him while weeding out everyone who could prove to be a liability.
* SerialKiller: In one arc, he murdered women who resembled Wanda under Clown's urging.
* SkinToneSclerae: In the AnimatedAdaptation, possibly as a RedRightHand to hint to viewers that he's actively aligned with Malebolgia.
* TheSociopath: Wynn is greedy, ruthless, sadistic, and not above torturing and killing people he thinks pose a threat to his enterprise.
* SlasherSmile: Can pull off a particularly twisted one.
* SuperpowerLottery: As the Redeemer. He has similar powers to Spawn, except he doesn't have the CastFromLifeSpan weakness because his energy has an unlimited supply. On the downside, being such a bastard means [[GoodHurtsEvil his power source puts him in constant pain]].
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: Basically his shtick: if he can't use it anymore, he disposes of it. [[spoiler:Eventually bites him in the ass thanks to both Simmons and Downing not ''staying dead.'']]

!Redeemer II, III, & IV
Spawn's heavenbound counterpart chosen as Heaven's answer to the Hellspawn to become a righteous being infused with heavenly matter to smite the forces of Hell and protect the members of Heaven's Flock.
There have been three other versions after Jason Wynn that were chosen after Wynn proved to be an unsuitable candidate:
1. Phil Timper (II)
2. Eddie Frank (III)
3. Angel From Heaven (IV)
* AntiVillain: The second and fourth Redeemers work for a corrupt Heaven but are blatantly shown in each incarnation save the first to be an honorable servant who tries to protect the innocent from Hell's forces.
** The third, Eddie Frank, was an innocent boy who was manipulated into trying to kill Spawn by Mammon. Upon realizing his deception, Eddie literally goes to hell to save Spawn's life.
* {{BFS}}: The two final Redeemers are given large golden swords that can destroy corrupt souls.
* {{Foil}}: While the Heaven he acts under is as corrupt as the forces of Hell, he is shown to be much more honorable and polite to others than Spawn and more willing to protect innocent people. His costume and powers are similar yet diametrically opposite to Spawn's.
* LargeHam: The Third Redeemer.
* HeroAntagonist: The second and Fourth Redeemers are hardly evil and are mostly up against demons like Spawn.
* IAmTheNoun: The third Redeemer often did this: "I am the Light that drives out the Darkness!", "I am the Sword the slays the Infernal Dragon!"
* ImplacableMan: The Redeemer is this for Spawn to act as an effective countermeasure.
* KnightInShiningArmor: Comes off as this while speaking of slaying the Infernal Dragon aka Spawn. The third and forth Redeemers even wear golden armor and have gilded wings.
* KnightTemplar: The second one in particular basically Heaven's walking version of this as their soldier and pawn against Spawn.
* LightIsGood: As good as a noble villain can be when working for a corrupt Heaven.
* ObliviouslyEvil: Has no idea the Heaven and the Angels he works under are as corrupt as the forces of Hell.
* PetTheDog: Often does this towards innocents and allies. He gave Nyx the courage to find her friend's soul in Hell and accompanied her to make sure she was safe then swore to protect her for rescuing him from Hell after Spawn left him behind. The fourth Redeemer gave Jim Downing's girlfriend Sara a crucifix and a prayer before leaving despite being sent to kill her because he discovered she was a Christian.
* PoliteVillainsRudeHeroes: The Redeemer (besides the first, Jason) is always shown as courteous and downright chivalrous to others in comparison to the crass and acerbic Spawn.
* SuperpowerLottery: The Redeemer has similar powers to Spawn, except he doesn't have the Cast From Life Span weakness because his energy has an unlimited supply. Unique to him: are EyeBeams, [[DishingOutDirt the ability to control earth]], a BladeBelowTheShoulder and a FlamingSword
* UnstoppableRage: Much like their demonic counterparts, the Redeemers carry the same limitless rage inside their souls, however the core of their anger is that of light rather than darkness.
* WingedHumanoid: The last two incarnations of the Redeemer were given angelic wings. [[spoiler:These are actually a critical weakness. Rip them off, and the Redeemer's powers are destroyed.]]



The Demon Lord Al made a deal with in order to become a Hellspawn.
* ZeroPercentApprovalRating: All of his former servants abandon him [[spoiler:after his death and resurrection. Nobody cares that he was dead either, constantly mocking his memory.]]
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: He rules over other demons because he's powerful, not because any of them have any sort of loyalty to him.
* BackFromTheDead: After his apparent death, Malbolgia [[spoiler:possessed the Freak, and reveals himself to the Clown after Jim Downing becomes Spawn.]]
* BigBadEnsemble: With Jason Wynn, Heaven, and the human villains.
* DemonicPossession: [[spoiler:Hijacked the Freak's body at one point.]]
* DemonlordsAndArchdevils: Ruled the Eighth Circle of Hell for 70,000 years before being deposed by Spawn.
* DidntSeeThatComing: [[spoiler:Ordinarily, Hellspawn cannot wield holy weapons.]]
* EldritchAbomination: Seriously, just look at the picture.
* EvilOverlord: Is the ruler of the 8th Ring of Hell.
* EvilSoundsDeep: In the movie he has a deep voice. Also in the video game Spawn:Armageddon.
* TheGhost: In the cartoon.
* GreaterScopeVillain: In the both the HBO series and the film. In the former, despite his role in the series, he's never actually seen or heard. In the latter, he mostly stays in the background while Clown acts as the DragonInChief.
* HeroKiller: Killed Angela.
* HeWhoMustNotBeSeen: In the HBO series he is never seen.
* KarmicDeath: Is decapitated by the very man he's been tormenting and manipulating for so long, with a sword from an angel Malebolgia had just seconds ago murdered.
* LargeAndInCharge: He's a demon lord, and gigantic.
* ManipulativeBastard: Especially in the HBO series, where he sent Simmons back to [[spoiler: fulfill a prophecy that required a Hellspawn to impregnate a human.]]
* MeaningfulName: He's named after the Malebolge, which is the 8th Circle of Hell in ''Literature/TheDivineComedy.'' And he's the ruler of this circle in the Spawn Mythos.
* MemoryGambit: He left Al Simmons with only the happy memories of his wife and his military training, and even planted false memories, in order to confuse and disorient him. It worked perfectly.
* MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily: Like most of the true demons, Malbolgia has a maw full of pointy fangs.
* RealityWarper: In his own circle of hell, and to some extent on Earth. One reason Cogliostro and Al didn't dare attack him directly for so long was trying to find a way around this. [[spoiler:Turns out it's useless against someone wielding holy weaponry.]]
* OrcusOnHisThrone: Mostly sits in his circle of hell and doesn't act much himself unless directly threatened. He doesn't need to get and do much since things mostly go the way he wants them to.
* OurDemonsAreDifferent: A horrific reality warping EldritchAbomination with control over a supernatural substance called necroplasm.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: Like most other demons.
* {{Satan}}: Subverted; he appears to be this initially, but it eventually turns out he wasn't; Satan also exists in the Spawn universe as a separate character.
* XanatosGambit: The way his deal with Spawn was; if Spawn uses his power to do evil, it favors Hell's cause on Earth; if he uses them to do good, his killed enemies' souls are sent to Hell and as such swells the Demon army; and if he does nothing with them, he will eventually turn less and less human until he goes back to Hell, thus becoming more suitable as a general for Hell's army.
* UltimateEvil: In the cartoon, he goes unseen except in [[TheCorrupter the deeds he drives humans to commit]].

!Clown / The Violator

[[caption-width-right:215:[[labelnote:As The Violator]][[quoteright:215:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/the_violator_2117.jpg]][[/labelnote]]]]

A demon sent by Malebolgia to teach Al how to be a effective Hellspawn. Far more depraved than he lets on.
* AxCrazy: Violator is a brutal, sadistic demon who feels Malebolgia should use pure demons instead of the half-human Hellspawn.
* BewareTheSillyOnes: His ButtMonkey façade belies the fact that he is a powerful demon in his own right and perfectly capable of defeating Spawn if need-be.
* BlackEyesOfCrazy: In the less-stylized comics, the Clown has been drawn with black sclera and red irises.
* BloodKnight: He ''loves'' fighting and killing, and constantly tries to pick fights with Spawn whenever he can.
* BreathWeapon: Can breathe fire as the Violator.
* ButtMonkey: He was this as Clown initially.
* CasanovaWannabe: Is extremely lecherous, especially towards Wanda, though this may just be a ploy to piss Spawn off.
* TheCorrupter: His job is to provoke Spawn to violence and evil. He also serves as this to the residents of an apartment building in one arc.
* CreepyMonotone: As the Violater in the HBO series.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Initially appears to be a wisecracking MonsterClown providing [[DeadBabyComedy Dead Baby]] [[PluckyComicRelief Comic Relief]], but once he reveals his true form he easily {{Curb Stomp Battle}}s Spawn.
* DeadpanSnarker: Constantly sneers at Spawn's efforts to protect his loved ones in an attempt to steer him towards evil.
* TheDragon: To Malebolgia, [[spoiler: and later to Mammon.]]
* DragonAscendant: [[spoiler:Once they're out of the picture, he tries to strike out on his own.]]
* DragonInChief: In the animated series, and the film with Malebolgia as the GreaterScopeVillain.
* DragonTheirFeet: In the comic.
* DemonicPossession: Possesses Jason Wynn for a brief period of time.
* DrillSergeantNasty: He is here to turn Spawn into a future general for Hell's army, and he is willing to endanger his family and friends for this purpose.
* DrivenByEnvy: The source of his antagonism with Hellspawn in general. He absolutely despised how Malebolgia chose humans like Spawn and the other hellspawns to lead his armies to overtake Heaven instead of indigenous residents of Hell like himself because he viewed them as more intelligent and cunning warriors. Therefore, he tries to prove to Malebolgia at every opportunity that he and his kind are superior to the hellspawns until he is given the status and respect he feels he deserves.
* EnemyMine: He agrees to help Simmons in exchange for a donation of power.
* EvilMentor: To Spawn, sort of. Or rather he's ''supposed'' to be, but Spawn rarely listens to him. [[spoiler:Violator also has his own plans...]]
* EyeScream: Downing's beatdown left him missing his right eye.
* ExactWords: Malebolgia forbade Violator from killing Al. [[spoiler: Possessing an army of innocent people and controlling them to torture Al almost to death is fair game.]]
* {{Expy}}: Of ComicBook/TheJoker. At one point Clown even disguises himself as a doctor named "Joseph C. Kerr."
* FantasticRacism: He looks down on hellspawn as inferiors, though Malebogia forbids him from killing them. He can however, do anything else to them...
* FatBastard: In his Clown form; as the Violator, he's rail-thin.
* FauxAffablyEvil: His cheerful demeanour accentuates his utter sadism.
* ForTheEvulz: Calling him a sick sadist would be a compliment.
* FourFingeredHands: As can be seen in his image, though every human in the series has five fingers. This is a subtle indication of the fact he's a demon in disguise.
* GlamourFailure: He has the wrong number of fingers and blood-red eyes in human form, which is a pretty clear warning he's not really human.
* IWasQuiteALooker: In the HBO series he remarks that his [[MonsterClown current human form]] is due to him displeasing Malbolgia.
* {{Jerkass}}: Big time.
* LargeHam: When played by John Leguizamo.
* LeanAndMean: Following Spawn rewriting reality, Violator returns with a new, skinny MonsterClown disguise, though he eventually returns to his old one.
* ManipulativeBastard: The Clown was tasked with corrupting Spawn and he'll use any means necessary to do so.
* MonsterClown: In his human disguise, he resembles an obese balding clown with four-fingered hands and glowing red eyes.
* MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily: As the Violator he has a broad upper jaw and a narrow lower jaw, both lined with fangs.
* NotSoHarmlessVillain: The fat ridiculous clown who serves as Spawn's personal ButtMonkey? Turns out he is a big badass demon who can handle him in a fight.
** Only gets worse in a later arc when he makes his own funhouse:[[spoiler:by creating an army of brainwashed humans and forcing them to murder each other for fun, and then setting the survivors on Spawn.]]
* OneWingedAngel: Rips out of his "human" form to reveal his true form.
* OurDemonsAreDifferent: His human form is an obese, grotesque clown, while his true form is a hideous horned creature with a gaping maw.
* PrecisionFStrike: In the animated series, after he first shows his true form to Spawn.
--> '''Violator:''' Consider this a friendly reminder: GET WITH THE FUCKING PROGRAM.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: In both forms he has glowing red eyes.
* {{Sadist}}: Clown thoroughly enjoys the suffering and death he leaves in his wake, as well as pushing others to commit horrific acts of evil.
* TheShadowKnows: In the AnimatedAdaptation, the second episode has a blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene where Clown clearly has Violator's shadow. He promptly turns into Violator for the first time a few minutes later.
* ShapeshifterModeLock: Downing supposedly left him stuck in his Clown form and CoveredWithScars, and he agrees to help Simmons in exchange for having his ability to transform restored. Once Al leaves, he reveals he already has enough power to do so.
** Malebolgia does give him this as a punishment for trying to kill Spawn in an early issue. Malebolgia still needed Al alive...for the moment.
* SlasherSmile: Both as the Clown and as the Violator.
* TheStarscream: After Jim Downing becomes Spawn, [[spoiler:Violator decides to usurp his deceased master Malebolgia's place.]]
* TricksterMentor: Possibly the sickest deconstruction of this trope ever.
* VillainHasAPoint: He's a psychotic and all around unpleasant demon, but even Spawn said that he was right that the victims of his influence in the apartment had to live with the responsibility for their actions, regardless of whether Clown pushed them to give in to their depravity.
* WickedCultured: In spite of his slovenly appearance, he evidently reads - or ''knew'' - Shakespeare.

!Tony Twist

One of the earlier criminals that Spawn interferes with, a Mafia boss who comes off the worse when he picks a fight with Spawn.
* BullyingADragon: He ends up trying to take down Spawn after mistakenly/actually believing him to be responsible for the murder of his followers (it was actually Clown's work in the comics, while Spawn did kill them in the AnimatedAdaptation). Predictably, attacking a HumanoidAbomination who just wanted to be alone had bad results on his organisation...
* TheDon: Runs the Italian side of the underworld.
* FatBastard: He rivals Kincaid in this area.
* HairTriggerTemper: Is prone to frequent and violent tantrums.
* SinisterShades: Frequently seen with shades.
* SirSwearsALot: Especially in the animated adaptation.
* StarterVillain: In the animated adaptation.


* AxCrazy: Is a cyborg assassin who enjoys killing.
* {{Cyborg}}: Is a cybernetically enhanced assassin with a number of weapons.
* DeathByAdaptation: Unlike his comic book counterpart, the animated version doesn't survive beyond his second confrontation with Spawn.
* LightningBruiser: Is fast enough to provide Spawn with a challenge.
* PsychoForHire: Was an assassin hired by Tony Twist to kill Spawn.
* WeCanRebuildHim: How he became what he is now. In the comic, this is also used several times to bring him back to life after his various defeats.
** [[spoiler:Averted in the animated adaptation, where Spawn kills him for real the first time he puts him in pieces.]]

!Billy Kincaid
[[caption-width-right:239:[[spoiler:[[labelnote:As a Hellspawn]][[quoteright:239:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/billykincaid_081_1563.jpg]][[/labelnote]]]]

The psychotic son of a doting senator, his father uses his influence to cover up the fact Billy is an implicitly pedophiliac serial killer, who uses his guise as an icecream truck driver to scope out and snatch up his victims.
* AxCrazy: He's an insane SerialKiller of children who takes sickening joy in his crimes.
* AssholeVictim: The guy is a child killer. No one will blame [[spoiler:Spawn for killing him gruesomely]].
* BadHumorTruck: Uses his cover as an ice cream vendor to abduct children.
* BackFromTheDead: Upon his death, [[spoiler:he descends to Malebolgia's part of Hell and is made into a Hellspawn himself.]]
* BastardBastard: In the AnimatedAdaptation, at least, he's illegitimate, which is part of the reason his father wants to cover up his atrocities; to try and atone for not marrying his mother.
* CruelAndUnusualDeath: Spawn stabbed him to death with a ice cream scoopers and popcicle sticks, then left his bloody corpse in Sam and Twitch's office [[IronicEcho with a message echoing his Ironic Nursery Tune]].
* DemonicPossession: After losing his status as a Hellspawn, he becomes ''Diabolus Interium'', forcing victims to become psychotic murderers and claiming their souls when they die.
* EvilCounterpart: As a Hellspawn, he becomes this to Al.
* FatBastard: Repulsively obese, and a sadistic monster who enjoys kidnapping, possibly raping, torturing and murdering children, doing things like "finger painting" (by cutting fingers off of his victims and gluing them to a wall) or scalping them to wear their hair as wigs.
* IronicEcho: After murdering him Spawn leaves his corpse to the police with a message echoing his song: "Boys screamed and girls screamed. So I made him scream, scream and scream..."
* IronicNurseryTune: "You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream."
* KarmicDeath: He returns during the Armageddon arc to serve as an obstacle to Christopher a child who was one of the 6,000 souls inside Spawn who he lures to the funhouse to torture and kill him. [[spoiler:Christopher mutilates him with his cape.]]
* LaserGuidedKarma: His [[spoiler: first]] demise at the hands of Spawn is the ultimate culmination of his depravity, and later when being made a Hellspawn himself, he gets violated by the suit while it bonds to him before he gets decapitated by Spawn.]] Can't get more karmic than that.
* PsychopathicManchild: At least he is in the animated series, where he's shocked at someone swearing and [[spoiler:asks the Clown for ice cream just before he's shot.]] This is decidedly averted in the comics, though.
* SerialKiller: He lures children into his ice cream truck where he brutally tortures and kills them.
* SparedByTheAdaptation: [[SubvertedTrope Subverted]]; Spawn does spares him in the animated adaptation, [[spoiler:but he is still killed a few seconds later by a very pissed off Clown.]]
* TheSymbiote: After his death [[spoiler:he bonds to a Hellspawn that practically rapes him while doing so. Then Al kills him ''again'', and he is separated from the symbiote.]]
* WouldHurtAChild: And he makes a ''[[UpToEleven hobby]]'' of this.
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: The Clown pulls this on him in the comics.


* AxCrazy: To the point where even ''Heaven'' feared her.
* TheBeastmaster: Her bloodlust manifests as a white-furred humanoid monster that breaths holy fire and obeys her every command.
* CelestialParagonsAndArchangels: Is the queen of the seraphs.
* CompleteImmortality: What she supposedly possesses, as she survives disembowelment and decapitation at the hands of Spawn. However, she is KilledOffForReal when her head is eaten by demonic dogs.
* DemonicPossession: Possesses Nyx in order to kill Spawn.
* TheDragon: To God, and even ''He'' is leery of her.
* KilledOffForReal: When her head is eaten by demonic dogs.
* KnightTemplar: Is utterly devoted to destroying Hell and its minions, regardless of whether said minions are actually evil.
* LightIsNotGood: Is an utterly insane angel with enough power to tear [[AscendedDemon God-Mode]] Spawn in half.
* MyMasterRightOrWrong: Was in total agreement with anything God decided, even her own imprisonment.
* OffWithHerHead: How Spawn defeats her.
* SealedEvilInACan: Even God deemed her too insane to be allowed to roam free.
* SycophanticServant: To God, even supporting His decision to imprison her.


* BigBadWannabe: While he's not remotely incompetent, he's vastly overshadowed by Satan and Malebolgia in terms of strength. While he's of use to Satan in the Armageddon arc, he's still playing second fiddle. Notice how he doesn't dare fight Spawn directly without Morana to take Leetha out of the picture.
* TheChessmaster: He is the mastermind behind ''all'' the events that led Al Simmons to become Spawn, having steered him towards evil since childhood. [[spoiler:Is heavily implied to be the demon Wynn made a deal with to start all of this.]]
* DemotedtoDragon: When Satan returns, immediately is demoted and reduced to begging for his life. Satan was ''not'' happy about Mammon's mistakes in his absence.
* DirtyCoward: Will run if faced with something resembling a fair fight and never gets his hands dirty even if he can avoid it, preferring to hide behind pawns like Morana.
* DragonAscendant: Took over the management of Hell in Satan's absence.
* FauxAffablyEvil: For all his charming behavior, he's still a demon and a corrupter.
* HateSink: One of Spawn's most despicable foes. He suggested that Satan and his legions lay waste to the San Andreas Fault to make a battlefield [[DirtyCoward in order to save his own skin]]; tutored Al in the ways of evil from a young age' goading him to torture animals, which ultimately escalated to him committing acts of murder and nearly caused him to miscarry his own daughter, who Mammon stole away, brainwashing her to hate her father and grooming her to become the perfect Hellspawn.
* KickTheDog:
* ManipulativeBastard: He is even better at this than Malebolgia or Wynn.
* ManOfWealthAndTaste: Prides himself in his affluence, and is the embodiment of [[SevenDeadlySins Greed]].
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Assumes the name '''Malefic''' when he meets Al's mother and her children. Not that "Mammon" isn't an example of this trope, but you can't get much more [[ObviouslyEvil blatantly evil]] than a surname that literally ''means'' having a malicious influence.
* NonActionBigBad: Though not because he is weak; he just doesn't like to get his hands dirty if he can avoid it.
* TheOldGods: Is the last of the Forgotten Ones, a group of ancient and extremely powerful fallen angels who were cast out of Heaven eons ago for refusing to fight the angels who rebelled against God despite being on God's side.
* SealedEvilInACan: Is sealed away by [[spoiler:Nyx with the help of Cyan]].
* WickedCultured: As the incarnation of avarice, he takes the appearance of a man in an expensive suit.


* BigBad: He becomes directly involved in the plot when he's incarnated as one of Wanda Blake's twins. In the reboot, he's after Spawn's symbiote, for unknown purposes. [[spoiler:It's to make it a superweapon he can use to conquer heaven.]]
* BigRedDevil: Both pre and post retcon, Satan is depicted as a crimson-skinned horned abomination capable of growing even bigger.
* GodOfEvil: He is God's twin brother pre-retcon.
* GreaterScopeVillain: Of the entire ''Spawn'' franchise. Malebolgia himself answers to him.
* HostageForMacGuffin: He abducts Wanda's soul and offers it to Spawn in exchange for K7-Leetha, which he wants for himself. Simmons, knowing it's a trap, refuses.
* HulkingOut: When Spawn pisses him off, he bulks up and grows in size even more.
* {{Kaiju}}
* SealedEvilInACan: Spawn banishes him and God to a parallel universe pre-retcon.
* SpeakIllOfTheDead: When Spawn asks if Satan remembers what happened to Malebolgia,[[note]]Who's actually still around.[[/note]] Satan sneers that the demon-lord was weak and pathetic.


* DeadpanSnarker: When She appears before a crucified Al Simmons in Limbo, She snarks that [[UsefulNotes/{{Jesus}} tried crucifixion once]] and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
* AFormYouAreComfortableWith: In ''Resurrection'', He appears before Al Simmons in the form of a collie he had when he was a child.
* KnightTemplar: Pre-''Resurrection'', this is the reason why He was portrayed as an antagonist. As seen in the Celestine mini-series, God even made it so that his angels who were zealously loyal and killed for him would end up in Hell after they died because the deaths they caused in His name are still deemed as murders and murderers were decreed to go to Hell when they die.
* GodIsEvil: Pre-''Resurrection'', God was portrayed as being just as bad as Satan. This is retconned following ''Spawn'' #250.
* GodIsGood: Post-''Resurrection'', she is retconned into being a good guy/gal.
* GodsHandsAreTied: What She tells Al Simmons in ''Resurrection'', that She wants to intervene, but can't.
* LittleMissAlmighty: Mike refers to God using feminine pronouns. Though Spawn refers to God as an androgyne.
* {{Narrator}}: Following the reboot, God narrates Spawn's ToHellAndBack adventure to save Wanda.
* {{Retcon}}: ''Resurrection'' brings Him - or rather [[LittleMissAlmighty Her]] - back and retcons the whole "God is the Man of Miracles' child and Satan's twin brother" stuff.
* SealedEvilInACan: Spawn banishes Him and Satan to a parallel universe. ''Resurrection'' retcons all this, along with the Man of Miracles being Jesus and God's progenitor.

!Bruce Stinson / Chapel
* AdaptedOut: He is omitted from the movie, and replaced in the role of Spawn's origin story by Jessica Priest.
* AntiVillain: Arguably Type IV, since he is just obeying his hirer (Wynn). Still, he remains a AntiHero as well, so...
* BadassNormal: He was already a skilled soldier and mercenary before being enhanced.
%%* TheCasanova
* EmpoweredBadassNormal: He got enhanced through chemicals that gave him various superhuman abilities.
* EvilFormerFriend: Subverted; he killed Al only because it was his orders, and goes to hunt Spawn because it's his job rather than by malice.
* GoMadFromTheRevelation: In the animated series, the end result of his first confrontation with Spawn (and the discovery that Spawn is Al Simmons returned from the dead)
* HeelFaceTurn: He eventually left Wynn and became part of the superhero team Youngblood.
* NinetiesAntiHero: Even more so than Spawn.
* PunchClockVillain: Killing Simmons was just a job for him.
* RetCon: The writers of the comics eventually decided to [[CanonImmigrant incorporate Jessica Priest from the movie]] into canon and thus diminished Chapel's role in Al Simmon's killing.
* ScaryBlackMan: Almost as much as Spawn.
* SmokingIsCool: Frequently shown smoking.
* SkullForAHead: Partially; after remembering that he was the one who killed him, Spawn hunted him down and cut his face out in the shape of a skull, forcing Chapel to graft an actual skull on his face to replace the missing skin.

!John Sansker / Jean de St Clair

* BadassGrandpa: he was born in ''1082''.
* TheBadGuyWins: Not only does he get away with KarmaHoudini at the end of ''Blood Feud'', but he technically succeeds in destroying pretty much anything around Spawn, turning everyone against him, from his homeless friends to his CIA contacts. The only thing he failed was his attempt to kill Spawn, and he doesn't seems to care much.
* HunterOfMonsters: He hunts mostly supernatural beings such as [[HunterOfHisOwnKind vampires]] and werewolves.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent: He stands apart from other vampires, being much stronger than the average of his species. He resist things such as religious symbols and can even stand sunlight (he mentions having survived daylight in the Soudan). [[SmugSuper This plays a large part in his personality]].]]
* TomatoInTheMirror: He turns out to be a vampire himself.
* SmugSuper: Is prideful about his superiority over other vampires.
* SnakePeople: He can transform into a snake-like monster.
* TheSocialDarwinist: His speeches to Spawn sound a lot like this.

%%!The Curse
%%* InTheHood
%%* KnightTemplar
%%* MadScientist
%%* TheFundamentalist


* ActuallyNotAVampire: In most of her appearances, she wears a black cloak, has a pair of fangs and red eyes, and needs to drink blood. But it's revealed that she's somehow ''not'' a vampire, or a [[OurVampiresAreDifferent vrykolakas,]] who are later introduced. One panel suggests that she had a demon placed inside her by Mammon, which caused her transformation. Furthermore, she cures herself of her condition by bathing in the blood of virgins.
* AntagonisticOffspring: to Al.
* BlackCloak: Wears one in most of her appearances, keeping her identity hidden.
* BloodBath: More like "blood shower." She strings a few White Light followers up by their feet and beheads them, then showers herself in their blood, turning her human.
* CombatTentacles: Uses some thorny-looking ones as a Hellspawn.
* ConvenientMiscarriage: Was killed by Al while still in Wanda's womb.
* DarkIsEvil: She dresses in a BlackCloak and has her face enshrouded in shadow, and is a sadistic, vampiric being in service to Mammon.
* TheDragon: To Mammon, who raised her to hate her father.
** DragonInChief: Is far more of a fighter than her master and when she goes down, they both do.
* EvilCounterpart:Both to her father and Nyx.
* EvilIsBigger: Once she dons the K-7 Leetha symbiote, she grows to an immense height, which she uses to her advantage to crush the Legion.
* HeroicLineage: Well, more like "Villainous Lineage." Mammon had been manipulating her parents' bloodlines to have countless Hellspawn as her ancestors.
* [[IHateYouVampireDad I Hate You, Hellspawn Dad]]: Hates her father for nearly killing her before she was even born, and was raised by Mammon as the perfect Hellspawn.
* ManipulativeBitch: Offers a suicidal vrykolakas a chance to die in exchange for biting Spawn. At the end, the vrykolakas is trapped in a permanent GroundhogDayLoop, being forced to relive the events leading to the loop over and over again.
* SealedEvilInACan: Is sealed away by Nyx.
* {{Stripperiffic}}: Her version of the She-Spawn suit is noticeably more [[AbsoluteCleavage revealing]] than Nyx's.
* TheSymbiote: K-7 Leetha ditches Al to bond with Morana.
* TragicVillain: "Killed" by her own father while she was still in the womb, then raised by Mammon as a vampiric creature with the intention of becoming the perfect Hellspawn? Yeah, pretty tragic.
* WalkingSpoiler: Is Spawn's miscarried daughter and the final antagonist he faces before committing suicide.

!Omega Spawn

* DeadPersonImpersonation: Claimed to be the part of Al Simmons' soul that embodied all his evil.
* DemonLordsAndArchdevils: Mammon gave him enough power to rival Malbolgia.
* EnemyWithout: Was initially stated to be what was left of Al Simmons after his suicide.
* HornedHumanoid: Sported a pair of massive horns.
* MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily: He had a massive mouth lined with fangs.
* OneWingedAngel: Omega Spawn was initially stated to be the piece of Al Simmons' soul that embodied all that was evil in him and had descended into Hell after his suicide, attaining power equal to Malbolgia's.