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Characters in Webcomic/SisterClaire.


!! Main Characters

The heroine of the story, a orphan who was left on the doorstep of the Sister of Mercy chapel and raised by Sister Catharine. Though she tries to fit in with the other nuns, she feels horribly out of place. That all changes one particular night as she's using the can and gets an unexpected visitor.
* AllOfTheOtherReindeer: Sort of a misfit in her covenant.
%%* ApologisesALot
* ChosenOne: Picked to be the next mother of Christ [[spoiler: long before she was even born apparently. This turned out to be a lie however.]]
* CloneJesus: [[spoiler: She grew from what was left of Clementine.]]
* DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife: At the beginning of the comic.
* DoorstopBaby / ConvenientlyAnOrphan
* HeroicBSOD: Currently undergoing one after she learns that [[spoiler: her pregnancy wasn't really a pregnancy, and that she's the reincarnation of one of the most infamous witches who ever lived. Information that Gabrielle and ''especially'' Catharine - who more or less raised her and is the closest thing she has to a parent - deliberately kept from her.]]
* HolyChild: She once managed to [[spoiler:purify a ''Shard'', the setting's equivalent of a demon]].
* HornedHumanoid: [[spoiler: Like Clementine, she starts to sprout horns from her head after purifying a humongous Shard.]]
* KindheartedCatLover: Indeed, she seems to attract them without even trying [[spoiler: though the story hints this isn't coincidence.]]
* LawOfInverseFertility: [[spoiler: In purifying the enormous Shard that attacks her friends, she apparently loses her pregnancy. This, after the previous chapter shows her writing letters to read to her baby after its birth.]]
** [[spoiler: Subverted, as Gabrielle reveals that whatever was growing inside Claire was never a baby to begin with.]]
* LegacyCharacter: [[spoiler: Her full name, Clementine, is shared with Catherine's younger sister, the Witch Queen. Subverted, she ''is'' Clementine albeit a reincarnation.]]
* MeaningfulName: Claire means "bright" as pointed out [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/missingmoments/530 by Marguerite]], who was the one who actually came up with the name. Given the implied connection between Claire and [[spoiler:The Witch Queen, known to other witches as "The Bright One"]] this is telling.
* MysticalPregnancy: Just like Mary from the Bible, she becomes pregnant through no sex whatsoever. What's more [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/sisterclaire/428 it's progressing at an alarming rate.]] [[spoiler:Later {{subverted}}, as it is revealed that it was never a baby growing inside her.]]
* OlderThanTheyLook: According to Word Of G.O.D. she's around [[http://sisterclaire.tumblr.com/post/32734786722/how-old-is-claire 18 to 20]].
* RapunzelHair: She had this as a child, but it was cut short due to bullying since it looked similar to the Witch Queen.
* {{Reincarnation}}: [[spoiler: Strongly implied to be one to the Witch Queen due to her red hair. The fact that it was Catherine who decided to raise and take care of her even adds more suspicion to it. Feeding more into the speculation is that the Witch Queen looked ''exactly like her as a child''. Ultimately confirmed after the encounter with the giant shard when Gabrielle reveals Claire was what remained of the Witch Queen after she died.]]
* RedHeadedHero: A bit of a plot point too.
* RedHeadedStepchild: When she was a child some of the other kids at the school bullied her because of her red hair due to the fact that a story they were told said that the Witch Queen had red hair as well.
* TookALevelInBadass: Starting with confronting Grimm with a holy watergun and later learning nun-fu. She also becomes much more assertive as the comic goes on.
* TransformationHorror: [[spoiler: [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/sisterclaire/460 Gains horns at the end of the sixth chapter in Book 2]].]]
%%* VirginPower
* WackyCravings: Due to her pregnancy she seems to have gotten an odd taste for wood.
* WhamLine: It's not so much what's said but ''how'' it's said, but [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/sisterclaire/475 this page]] qualifies because [[spoiler:Clementine]] also spoke with a stuter.


An angel who delivers the news to Claire that she will be the next mother of the holy one. Playful and supportive, she does her best to prepare her for the trials to come.
* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: Blue skinned [[spoiler: Though oddly enough she was more brown skinned during her Selkie days.]]
* BecauseDestinySaysSo: Pretty much tells Claire it's an order of God, no point in fighting it. Still she knows the hardships of what's to come down the line and tries her best to give a comforting hand to her.
** Likewise told this to [[spoiler: Catherine in the past that Claire was the one picked to birth the next child of Christ.]]
* BigDamnHeroes: [[spoiler: In one ''Missing Moment'' story, Oscar manages to summon her after Abraham sets fire to the Mercy abbey. She uses the water from the fountain to put out the fire. Though it drains her instantly and Oscar has to return her to the portal immediately.]]
* TheBusCameBack: After the Atlantis chapter she pretty much disappered from the comic for a long time. Eventually she did return in the Missing Moment stories albeit tales set in the past. She ''finally'' [[TheBusCameBack returned in the comic proper]] in the 6th chapter of Book 2 (or the 15th chapter if you wanna get technical).
* DynamicEntry: [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/comic.php?id=15 Makes coming]] [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/comic.php?id=16 from the crapper]] [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/comic.php?id=17 actually look beautiful.]]
* IDidWhatIHadToDo: [[spoiler: After the encounter with the giant shard and Clarie's baby disappearing, she ultimately confesses that she lied and what was growing inside Claire wasn't a baby at all, stating she did it to keep what happened to the Witch Queen from happening to Claire.]]
* IHaveManyNames: And forms apparently. [[spoiler: She mentions to Margurite as she's rescuing her that her form can be whatever she wishes it to be.]]
* {{Irony}}: [[spoiler: She actually met Clementine not long after making friends with Catherine when they were children with both sisters completely unaware of this.]]
* LetsGetDangerous: When Claire was really in trouble, Catherine managed to summon her, [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/sisterclaire/447 this time with her donning a battle outfit]].
* MakingASplash: Shown to have power over water.
* MysteriousPast: [[spoiler: She seems to know Oscar before Catherine did (which is explained later in another Missing Moment story), as well as the fact that Claire was chosen to be the next mother of Christ. Plus mentions as she puts out the fire Abraham started that she recognizes the evil surrounding it. Everything is still rather vague however.]]
* NakedFirstImpression: [[spoiler: How she met Clarie when she was younger. Her excuse being clothes, at the time, didn't transport well between portals. She had the same quirk when she was a Selkie.]]
** Ironically, it's also how Marie meets her years later.
* OurAngelsAreDifferent:
** She wouldn't be out of place on ''Anime/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt'' (and this comic ''predated'' that show).
** Even more surprising [[spoiler:she started off of a Selkie in her younger days. Somewhere along the way she was offered a job to work for Heaven which apparently changed her form. If she can still change back into a Selkie is unknown at the moment.]]
* PutOnABus: She hasn't made an appearance in the main comic in a ''very'' long while.
* RapunzelHair: Has some rather lengthy blonde hair that stretches down her back.
* ScarsAreForever: [[spoiler: Was once hit by a harpoon thrown by a hunter trying to capture her. While the wound healed, fur was unable to grow around that area of her body.]]
* SelkiesAndWereseals: [[spoiler: Is (Or started out as) a Selkie who rescued a drowning Catherine.]]
* SexyMentor: Much to Claire's shock, having grown up in an abbey. This caused problems when she used to appear to a child Claire sans clothing.
** Leads to a FunnyBackgroundEvent where we see how Catharine [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/missingmoments/421 oh so subtly censored Claire's drawing of her]].
* SpiritAdvisor: Well she is an angel [[spoiler: supposedly]].
* WeHaveReserves: Her bubble babies.
* WhatTheHellHero:
** [[spoiler: Catherine chews her out for introducing herself to a young Clarie naked. This wouldn't be so bad, except Claire starts making drawings of her in that form and Catherine is rightly worried that this won't sit well with the other sisters if they see it.]]
** [[spoiler: A more serious one comes up when Claire gets mad at both Catherine and her for keeping secrets about her past from her.]]


Claire's guardian and maternal figure. She was the one who found Claire and raise her, thus both have a deep attachment to one another even though she's allergic to cats and Claire constantly stays in contact with them. However it seem there are some secrets she been hiding from both Claire and the Sisters of Mercy that have recently been coming to light. Secrets that seem to be connected to Claire.
* AbusiveParents: One of the ''Missing Moments'' chapters revealed that her father constantly kept hitting her and her sister.
* AmbiguouslyHuman: Possibly, no confirmation however. At the very least she is [[spoiler:a witch, or at least was raised as one before taking her vows.]]
* {{Asexuality}}: WordOfGod confirms that Catherine is a romantic asexual, accounting for how she can still have a relationship with [[spoiler:Oscar]].
* BerserkButton:
** Hurting the ones she loves as Hanabi nearly found out the hard way after [[spoiler: she mortally wounded Oscar]].
** Any mention of the Witch Queen. She reacts...poorly when the healer notes Claire looks similar to her. [[spoiler: With good reason, Claire is her sister reincarnated.]]
* BrokenBird: The ''Missing Moments'' show that when she first came to the abbey, she'd obviously been through some trauma and loss.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: There have been hints, especially in the prequel comics, that show that Catharine hasn't had the easiest life. In fact she had two major tragedies before the main timeline. [[spoiler: She and her sister were forcibly taken from her home by witches when they found they could do magic. The ship carrying them sunk mid-journey however and though she was saved by a selkie and Oscar. When she attempted to track where the ship had crashed in hopes of locating her sister. She only found blood stains unaware her sister wasn't too far from their location, but too weak to call out and apparently died. And her sister's name was Clementine, who was confirmed to have been the Witch Queen, and her death scarred Catharine. ]]
* DeadLittleSister: [[spoiler: Clementine, aka the Witch Queen.]]
* GetOut: [[spoiler: Said toward Hanabi after she mortally wounded Oscar, giving extra incentive by taking the horn Hanabi was holding and levitating it at her throat.]]
* GrossupCloseup: [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/comic.php?id=7 Yeah it isn't pretty when she breaks out.]]
* HealingHands: A power of hers she first displays in the ''Missing Moments'' story, she can take in the pain of others to heal them, [[HeroicRROD but it transfers onto herself as a result.]] [[spoiler: It nearly killed her when she used it to heal a mortally wounded Oscar after Hanabi attacked her.]]
* LosingAShoeInTheStruggle: Or rather left them behind when she fled the abbey with Claire, she's barefoot for most of their journey until they eventually run into a healer who gives them new clothes.
* MamaBear: The ''Missing Moments'' segments show she can be one [[spoiler: such as when Gabrielle first introduced herself to Clarie when she was a child.]]
* MissingMom: Died when she was little.
* OfficialCouple: [[spoiler: With Oscar]]
* OhCrap: [[spoiler: Gets this expression at the end of sixth chapter of Book 2 upon seeing Claire suddenly gain horns. Considering her past relationship with the Witch Queen, she's horrified that history is pretty much repeating itself.]]
* ParentalSubstitute: Just as good as any mother to Claire.
* PlotAllergy: Allergic to cats which is the only negative in her relationship to Claire. And considering her connection with Grimm, their might be a deeper reason for it.
* ProjectileSpell: A variation. The ''Missing Moments'' segments shows that she can gather energy around her hand and shoot it at a target. [[spoiler: It seems like an extension of her empathic powers such as when she saves Oscar from being killed by a competitor in the Tournament at Thronum Mare. She transferred the injury she took from Oscar earlier to the competitor, shattering his arm in the process.]]
* PunnyName: Sister '''Cat'''harine. May be counted as {{Foreshadowing}} once you consider her relationship with Grimm.
* RescueRomance: [[spoiler: How her relationship with Oscar started when she saved her from drowning and nursed her back to health.]]
* SanitySlippage: Whatever affecting her is messing with her demeanor and is only getting worse during the travels. [[spoiler: Somehow she's drowning in her own mind. Claire has to eventually dive into her mindscape to save her.]]
* {{Tsurime}}: Further emphasizing her relation to cats.
* WhatTheHellHero: [[spoiler: Claire gives one to Gabrielle and her for keeping secrets about her past from her.]]



[[labelnote:Click here to see Grimm when possessing Catherine's body]][[quoteright:350:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/5aa07e26c3d9deecc34276e8f15ddcc5.png]][[/labelnote]]

A.K.A Evil Cat. The evil Cheshire looking cat that seems to be stalking Claire. Catharine did a ritual which somehow enables it to posses her body. Grimm wants Claire for some reason, but for what hasn't been revealed yet.
* CheshireCatGrin: Considering who its design is based off of...
* DemonicPossession / GrandTheftMe: Seems to take over Catharine's body at night. [[spoiler:Until Claire's use of magic to save Catharine somehow separates them again.]]
* EarlyBirdCameo: [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/comic.php?id=19 Chapter 2]]
* FemmeFatalons: When in Catharine's body, her fingernails grow to this.
* GoodHairEvilHair: An indication of whose in control at the time. Grimm's hair while in Catharine is much more wild and feral looking.
* OtherworldlyAndSexuallyAmbiguous / NoBiologicalSex: WordOfGod states this and refers to Grimm as [[http://sisterclaire.tumblr.com/post/22184471962/i-havent-talked-much-about-grimm-aka-evil-cat "they"]] and decided not to use "it" due to the ItIsDehumanizing trope.
* TheReveal: [[spoiler: A ''Missing Moment'' story revealed it's origin to be a Shard personification of a child that was beaten and the abuser as well that was partially purified by Clementine and reborn as a cat. Unlike Snowy however, Grim's Shard form was much bigger and an inexperienced Clementine couldn't take out all of it's pain resulting in it current appearance. This might be why Grimm is referred to as "they" as it's not one person but several.]]
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: Apparently one of it's powers, as a ''Missing Moments'' story reveal it [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/missingmoments/741 can take a bit of a small humanoid form]].
* WellIntentionedExtremist: [[spoiler:Catharine claims that Grimm isn't evil and has a reason for wanting Claire.]]



A cat that Claire has taken in.

* BeautyEqualsGoodness: [[spoiler: After Clarie purifies its Shard form, it comes back as a white kitten.]]
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler: Was once a Shard monster that Claire managed to purify when she was little.]]
* NonhumanSidekick: Considering how often it hangs around Clarie and is usually the one leading the other cats.
* TeamPet: To Claire [[spoiler: Which isn't surprising, given their past.]]


!! Sisters of Mercy

The abbey where Claire was raised, run by quirky bunch of nuns who [[AllMonksKnowKungFu specialize in various combat]] [[spoiler: due to a majority being monsters hunters following the witch wars and having passed down their abilities to others]].


[[labelnote:Click here to see her when her Energia's block]][[quoteright:350:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/34fb6a09fae92522e243dfd5cab1cd3a.png]][[/labelnote]]

A very strict nun of the Sisters of Mercy. Enjoys punishing Claire for any minor offenses.
* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: Green-skinned [[spoiler: least when her energia's being blocked. It becomes normal when it's not. Oddly she never had this in stories dealing with the past, so it's a recent development.]]
* {{Determinator}}: [[spoiler: In a ''Missing Moment'' story, after Abraham locks her inside the abbey and tries to burn it down. She stays with the comatose Catherine (weakened after using her magic to save Oscar following the Hanabi incident) amidst the flames and sings a calming song despite knowing they'll likely die.]]
* FanDisservice: [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/comic.php?id=282 Ugh! Seriously, Yamino?!]]
* GlowingEyes: [[spoiler: When summoning the mecha.]]
* {{Jerkass}}: [[spoiler: Same as above. Her personality turns a 180 after her energia is unblocked.]]
** Interestingly, [[spoiler:the storyline for Sister Claire's past shows that while Marguerite was still not exactly cuddly back then, she did get along pretty well with little Claire. Among other things, she looked after her with some kindness when Catherine was ill, apologized for frightening her when having a panic attack over a fire, and sincerely thanks Claire for bringing her tea.]]
** JerkWithAHeartOfGold: [[spoiler: It becomes more obvious she has some more depths to her given her past. There's also the fact that something is possibly affecting her mind.]]
* PlayingWithSyringes: We see her first interaction with Claire sticking her with needle full of laxatives as punishment for playing with cats. [[RunningGag Again]].
* SecretKeeper: The Missing Moments imply she either knows or at least suspects a connection between Claire and [[spoiler:the Witch Queen, Clementine]] since she met the latter and was the one who suggested Claire's name, which means "bright" tying directly to [[spoiler:the Queen's title of "the bright one" among witches.]]
* SinkOrSwimMentor: She's the one who trained Catharine.
* SummonMagic: [[spoiler: Her power is connected to a mecha that was given to the search party by Mother Superior. The problem however is that she needs to keep her emotions in check otherwise it'll run rampant.]]
* TookALevelInKindness: [[spoiler: Only when her energia being blocked.]]
* TortureTechnician: She ''really'' loves her job.
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Deathly afraid of fire [[spoiler: due to almost being burned alive by Sister Abraham.]]


[[folder: Yolanda]]

The head sister or "Mother Superior" of the Sisters of Mercy. A short, fairly rational minded elderly nun.
* {{Expy}}: [[StarWars A certain green skinned Jedi, she is based on. Hmm?]]
* HalfHumanHybrid: Has goblin ancestry.
* MiniatureSeniorCitizens: Elderly and the shortest human characters of the cast.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Stern but always willing to give a chance to all but the unrepentantly evil. WordOfGod also says that she's well aware of the relationships between some of the nuns, specifically [[spoiler:Oscar and Catharine and Olga and Jackson]] but as long as it doesn't interfere with their duties she doesn't care.



One of the teachers of the covenant. She's the one that trains Claire in the art of Nun-Fu.
* BrawnHilda: Very muscular looking when she's not wearing a full nun habit.
* BrokenBird: Along with her Dark and Troubled Past below. [[spoiler: Her time staying with the Helsing Branch likewise wasn't kind to her.]]
* DarkAndTroubledPast: [[spoiler:During her apprentice days, her mentor was killed and eaten by wolf witches after saving her while she looked on helpless to do anything. She vowed from then on to not let something like that happen again.]]
* DeadpanSnarker: In her less serious moments, she's this.
* {{Expy}}: WordOfGod is her design is based on [[Disney/AtlantisTheLostEmpire Helga Sinclair]].
* HeroicRROD: Her Hulking Out power is useful against monsters but, along with affecting her judgement, it puts a toll on her body's muscles including her heart. Meaning she can only use it in short bursts.
* HeWhoFightsMonsters[=/=]KnightTemplar: [[spoiler:Her hatred of witches has some unfortunate layers. Though it's revealed in ''Missing Moments'', she's a transfer from the Helsing group of nuns who're infamous for this behavior.]]
* HulkingOut: Can use a special technique to make her herself much more muscle-y, giving he a power boost.
* MassivelyNumberedSiblings: The sole sister to six brothers.
* RealityEnsues: Turns out HulkingOut like that leaves her with some wicked stretch marks.
* ScarsAreForever: Has a few on her left eye, as well as all over her body.
* SecretRelationship: [[spoiler: With Jackson.]] The other nuns always knew though, but apparently Olga wasn't aware of it until Azi brought it to light. Making it even more funny, Azi had just met the group and could tell from ''first sight''.
* SinkOrSwimMentor: As mentioned, she put Claire through rigorous training to toughen her up.
* TokenGoodTeammate: [[spoiler: Within the Helsing group. She mentions they often belittled her for not going along with their methods and deem her as weak.]]
* {{Tsundere}}: Is becoming one as the story goes.
* WhatTheHellHero: [[spoiler:Gets called out for her unnecessary force by Sister Jackson and Yolanda.]]
* WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity: A side effect of her power-up. The longer she stays within it, the more it affects her judgement that she'll start attacking both friend and foe.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: She wants to protect people, but is a tad overzealous in trying to fight evil that it often clouds her sense of right and wrong.
* YourDaysAreNumbered: [[spoiler: At some point while tracking Claire's group. She's poisoned which is slowly killing her. It eventually takes it's toll rendering her unable to walk and Marguerite states she only has hours left. Azi manages to partly cure her of the poison, though needs additional help to help Olga walk again.]]


[[folder:Rosalie and Marie]]

Two twin sisters who've were at the abbey long before Claire joined.
* AscendedExtra: According to Yamino, they started as a one-panel sight gag, but over time their role grew to what it is now.
* BigDamnHeroes: [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/comic.php?id=196 Oh yeah]]
* BishieSparkle: They apparently picked it up from Sister Oscar. [[spoiler:It's a family trait, apparently.]]
* CoolShades: When they go into action.
* EatenAlive: [[spoiler: Rosalie]] by the Shard monster in the 6th chapter of Book 2. She manages to survive though.
* GreenEyedMonster: Their indifference to Catharine after her possession is because of their jealousy over how she takes some of Oscar's attention away from them.
* IdenticalTwinIDTag: The two of them are technically identical, but have a number of [[http://yamino.deviantart.com/art/All-about-the-Twins-183960119 differences]] that allow them to be told apart.
* JumpedAtTheCall: When offered to come with Claire and Catharine, they didn't even need to think about it before saying yes.
* LongHairIsFeminine: Much to the surprise of Claire as nuns usually keep their hair short and consider long hair a sin of vanity.
* RedOniBlueOni: Rosalie's the red, Marie's the blue. [[http://yamino.deviantart.com/art/Young-Twins-291438443 This pic does a good job of showcasing it nicely.]] [[http://yamino.deviantart.com/art/All-about-the-Twins-183960119 This one shows off some other differences.]]
* SingleMindedTwins: Somewhat, they're usually seen together most of the time and on the same mindset. But do occasionally bicker now and then.
* SomethingAboutARose: A motif of theirs.
* TooDumbToLive: Well not often but they can be rather gung-ho most of the time. [[spoiler: When they confront Catharine about her secret she hiding and that she was lying during her witch trial. Catharine asks how they knew this. Rosalie is quick to clam up and drop the issue but Marie blurts out they could tell from her aura, giving the twin's secret power away.]]
* TaremeEyes: Marie has downward slanting eyes, in contrast to Rosalie's upward slanting eyes. Rosalie doesn't quite have TsurimeEyes though, since hers are rounded on top.
* TwinTelepathy: [[spoiler:An ability they developed over time. However they prefer to keep it secret as such ability would be considered witchcraft in their covenant.]]
** Turns out [[spoiler: it ''is'' witchcraft albeit ones they developed subconsciously.]]
* ValleyGirl: Marie tends to talk and act like this.

[[folder:Jane Jackson]]

Another one of Sisters of Mercy. She seem to be the most normal sisters among the bunch.
* BerserkButton: Hurting anyone she loves [[spoiler: especially if it's Olga.]]
* DanceBattler: Illustrations from Yamino's Tumblr seem to suggest this.
* FunnyAfro: What she's hiding under her habit.
* PowerMakesYourHairGrow: Apparently. When Azi seemingly attacked Olga, her afro suddenly poofed up and made her hair much more wild. A ''Missing Moments'' story confirms this as in the past, after an argument with Olga, her unrestrained power caused her hair to frizz [[spoiler: This is due to being part witch herself.]]
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure / TechnicalPacifist: She's willing to talk a situation down before going into action.
* {{Sarashi}}: Uses the bra version.
* SecretRelationship: [[spoiler: With Olga.]] The other nuns catch on pretty quickly however but say nothing out of respect for them.
* TheLeader: Of the search party tracking Claire's group.
* TheReveal: [[spoiler: [[HalfHumanHybrid Part witch on her mother's side]]. In her case, a Weatherwitch, which would explain why her hair poofs up with electricity when under distress. However her mother was part of the peaceful fraction.]]
* TookALevelInBadass: In the Missing Moment story [[spoiler: After both the visit from Hanabi and Abraham and nearly losing loved ones and the abbey. She goes to train under Yolanda so she'll be able to protect her home.]]
* TokenMinority: The only black nun in the covenant though her aunt was among the refugees staying near there.



Another teacher and nun. Mentor and Parental figure to Rosalie and Marie.
* AscendedExtra: Along with the twins, her role likewise was expanded from a one-panel gag. Especially concerning the ''Missing Moments'' stories.
* BigDamnHeroes: [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/index.php Saved a young Clarie from a monster with nothing but a tree branch!]]
* BishieSparkle: A humorous variant.
* DoomedHometown: [[spoiler: Thronum Mare, once a shining city that's now a desolate wasteland surrounded by a poisonous lake. It was revealed in the live-writes that Shards overran the city.]]
* GenderBlenderName: "Oscar" is a male name, though it's also an obvious ShoutOut to Lady Oscar from ''Manga/RoseOfVersailles''.
* HeroicBastard: [[spoiler:Whoever her biological mother was, she was ''not'' the legal spouse of the King of Thronum Mare, who at the time she was conceived had not yet met the Queen.]]
* IAmWho: [[spoiler: The daughter of the king of Thronum Mare. Which means she has RoyalBlood.]]
* MamaBear: Very protective of Claire, Rosalie and Marie when they were kids.
* OfficialCouple: [[spoiler: With Catherine. This would explain why she didn't try to stop Claire and her when they left the abbey following the witch trials.]]
* ParentalSubstitute: To the twins, she even proclaims as such [[spoiler: during her argument with Hanabi.]]
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/comic.php?id=207 Oh yeah, she TOTALLY didn't know they were there.]]
* RescueRomance: [[spoiler: How her relationship with Catherine started after she saved her from drowning and nurse her back to health.]]
* RoyalBlood: [[spoiler: Considering who her father is, she technically does have this.]]
* StrongFamilyResemblance: [[spoiler:The King of Thronum Mare]] looks exactly [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/missingmoments/593 like Oscar with a beard]] which is how [[spoiler:the Queen]] realized they were related.
* TechnicalPacifist: Like Jackson, she hates violence and wants to find a peaceful solution before resorting to action.
* TheReveal: Two major ones concerning her
** During the stop in the hot springs she's revealed to be a [[spoiler: {{Transsexual}}. One Missing Moment section set during her childhood implies Oscar has always identified as a girl, since Maman corrects a doctor who calls her "boy." And when asked whey she kept the name Oscar despite identifying as female, WordOfGod says it's because her mother gave it to her.]]
** [[spoiler: She's the missing daughter of the King of Thronum Mare who was sent away as she was born to a commoner.]]


!! Helsing Branch

A group of nuns that take their monster hunting [[VanHelsingHateCrime a bit too seriously]]. [[spoiler: Olga was a member with them before transferring to the Sisters of Mercy.]]

[[folder:Mother Abigail Abraham]]

Leader of the Helsing nuns, known for being excessively violent in her pursuit of witchcraft.
* {{Expy}}: Based on a combination of Jonah Hex and Van Helsing.
* BodyHorror: The right side of her face. [[spoiler:''Missing Moment'' stories revealed it was from an accident by Clementine when she first started exhibiting her powers and unintentionally burned her face.]]
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Ironically when she did come for Catherine years before the main story, she refused to harm Yolanda, having some respect for her due to being raised by her. Instead she simply knocks her out.
** [[spoiler: We later find out she had relations with Clementine a.k.a The Witch Queen when she was little]]
* FallenHero: [[spoiler: ''Missing Moment'' stories reveal she was quite kind back then before whatever incident (likely the war) made her go after witches. She raised Clementine herself, beared no ill-will against her for accidentally burning her face and wanted to help her, and was even close friends with one of the witches as well.]]
* KillItWithFire: Her favored method of dealing with witches.
* KnightTemplar: A very hardcore one. She's dead set on "purging" evil which to her is anyone with the potential to become witches even if they have no malicious intent. Case in point [[spoiler: she burned down a fellow abbey just because she heard there were people who could use magic within it. Despite the fact that there were ''kids'' staying there.]] No wonder Olga and Jackson dread her.
* HangingJudge: Her introduction panel even showcased her prepping some gallows.
* {{Irony}}:
** Was raised by Yolanda, a half human, half goblin.
** [[spoiler: Partially raised the Witch Queen herself.]]
** [[spoiler: She and Jackson's mother, Zora, a Weatherwitch, were close friends in the past. In fact, she was actually named Jackson's ''godmother''.]]
* LackOfEmpathy: Even if she is trying to get witches, she won't hesitate to kill innocents or sympathizers in pursuit of her targets.
* LoveIsAWeakness: Firmly believes this and while she doesn't express often, she mocks Olga for this reason. Course considering her feelings for Yolanda, her maternal figure, it's rather hypocritical of her.
* MySignificanceSenseIsTingling: Has very high energia (basically this world's equivalent of ki) that she sensed the conflict with Hanabi from miles away.
* WouldHurtAChild: [[spoiler: Yes, even children won't be spared from her if they can use magick.]]

[[folder: Zrina]]

A Helsing nun introduced int he Missing Moment stories that was stationed at one of the outposts when her group encountered The Witch Queen as she started her pilgrimage across the land to cure shards.


* BrokenBird: Sorta, she watched a fellow nun die when [[spoiler: they tried to pick up one of the pieces of Clemintine's horn after it was shot off and whatever kind of force inside consumed her. The image still clearly haunts her.]]
* PosthumousCharacter: At the current as her fate in the main story is unknown.
* {{ShoutOut}}: Design-wise, she looks a bit like [[WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra Kuvira]] with her hair down.


!! Witches

The [[spoiler: supposedly]] natural enemies within this comic's world. They were beaten back following a war but some are still out there in hiding. A few are neutral and just wish to live in peace but of course there are others who either have a grudge against monster hunters (not without justification considering many of their homes were destroyed by them) or are still doing their evil practices.

[[folder: The Witch Queen[=/=][[spoiler: Clementine]]]]

The leader of the witch faction during the rebellion, who was killed just before the end of the war. Very little has been revealed about her so far, other than she and [[spoiler: Catherine]] are connected somehow. It's been confirmed that her real name was [[spoiler:Clementine, and that she was Catherine's younger sister]].


* AChildShallLeadThem: [[spoiler: Implied to have been younger than Claire, who was eighteen at the start of the comics.]]
* AbusiveParents: Mentions that her father hit her when she was little. She's actually ''glad'' he's dead.
* BerserkButton: Harming her friends as well as [[spoiler: abusing Shards. She destroyed an entire village after finding out they had used a Shard they had captured and muzzled to power a mill. Granted the villagers didn't see Shards the way she did but still.]]
* BigBad: According to the nuns....
* BigGood: ...However, the witches think of her reverentially, with Hanabi calling her 'The Bright One.'
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: On some occasions. For example, nobody bothered to tell her that it's not natural to swim in fountains and mess with the coins within. So she took offense when she got disapproving looks from people at the town she has saved. When she was summoned to Thorem Mare, she wrote back that she would come as long as she got to play in the fountain and the coins (though stated the could keep the coins).
* DarkAndTroubledPast: Ye ''Gods'', where to even begin...
** [[spoiler: She and Catharine were horribly abused by their parents, to the point where Clementine could feel her father's pain when he had a fatal accident outside and ''refused'' to heal him. Then she and Catharine were taken by nuns, ran away when she inadvertently hurt Sister Abraham, and a storm wrecked their ship and separated them, leading both sisters to believe that the other had died. She's then taken in by a flock of vagrant witches, and is constantly plagued by nightmares of her horrific childhood. ''Then'' she grows horns on her head from trying to heal the Shard that would become Grimm. As a result of these horns, Clementine gained the ability to understand Shards and feel their pain, giving her a compulsive need to heal them to her own detriment. The more Shards she heals, the longer the horns grow, giving her headaches and other pains, driving her at one point to try and cut them off herself. Then comes the revelation that there's...''something'' growing in those horns. Something that burns or tries to ''eat'' people who try to touch them.]]
* DeadLittleSister: [[spoiler: Is this for Catherine.]]
* {{Determinator}}: [[spoiler: She had a pathological need to help Shards and wouldn't be deterred from it despite the pain it brought her and the worry of her peers.]]
* TheDreaded: Was called 'The Horned One' amongst Nuns.
* EvilRedhead: Apparently had bright, long red hair and horns, which gave her the nickname of 'Witchdevil' among the nuns. [[spoiler: Subverted, she wasn't evil]]
* GreenThumb: Revealed to be a power of hers, she can make flowers bloom if she concentrates hard enough. This even extends to FertileFeet as well. [[spoiler: It's what also saved her life when Hum brings flowers to try to help her get better and Magpie noticed the healing properties connected to her magic. As she grew older, she likewise started gaining power over trees and plants as well.]]
* HealingHands: [[spoiler: Could take in the pain of Shards to end their threats, but in doing so causes horns to grow on her head.]]
* HornedHumanoid: She had horns (Or antlers more accurately), [[spoiler: and Hanabi wound up with a piece of one of them after she was killed.]]
* MissingMom: Died when she was little.
* NotEvilJustMisunderstood: [[spoiler: In the Missing Moments comics, Catherine states that all she ever wanted was peace between witches and nuns. Most of the nuns don't seem to share her opinion, if Hanabi is to be believed. Ironiclly back in the past, some nuns were very supportive of her ''including Abraham''.]]
* NotQuiteDead: [[spoiler: In past stories anyway, Catherine initially thought she died in a shipwreck. While she did survive the crash, she nearly did die from her wounds and collapsed in a forest. Luckily Magpie and his flock managed to find and save her. Oddly enough this extends into the main story as Claire was revealed to be her reincarnation.]]
* PosthumousCharacter: What with her being dead before the start of the series.
* ThePromisedLand: She helped to found Eden, a refuge for Witches during the war.
* RaisedByWolves: [[spoiler: Or a vagrant batch of bird witches.]]
* RegalRinglets: The cover of chapter 6 shows her with these.
* SealedEvilInACan: [[spoiler: Whenever she purges a shard it transfers into her horns, growing bigger with each pain she takes in. It's revealed that some dark force lay within the horns and, if any pieces of the horn are ever broken off and someone tries to touch it, the dark force will try to consume that person.]]
* SignLanguage: Was taught it by her deaf friend Lark as a way to communicate with her as well as an alternate way to talk with Magpie if she's unable to say what she wishes when she becomes too upset that her it's affects her speech impediment.
* SpeechImpediment: Has a stutter in flashbacks that becomes more pronounced when she's stressed, but manages to [[StutterStop break through it]] due to willpower on occasion. One of the reasons she became so upset [[spoiler:with the bird witches]] was because unlike [[spoiler:Catharine]] they didn't know how to coach her to find other words to use. At least until Lark taught her how to use SignLanguage.
* TransformationHorror[=/=]PainfulTransformation: One of the ''Missing Moment'' stories revealed [[spoiler: she gained her horns after partially curing a Shard that would later become Grimm. [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/missingmoments/673 The illustration even shows blood dripping from from the newly gained horns despite the shadows]].]]


A seemingly normal bar worker that a few of the tracking Sisters of Mercy encounter. It turns out he's a Wolf Witch.
* BerserkButton: Don't touch his dog. Also nuns, especially if they're monster hunters.
* BiTheWay: It's mentioned casually that he's (tried to) date [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/missingmoments/582 both men and women]] in the past.
* BrokenBird: Even worse then Olga, he saw his whole clan killed by nuns when he was nothing but a pup and can't even stand the sight of them without remembering that day. This becomes a problem when his adopted father questions if he wants to go to the city which is full of nuns. Lupo tries to save face and claim he can handle it. Barely a week passes before he starts having anxiety attacks.
* ButtMonkey: ''Nothing'' ever goes right for Lupo.
* HappilyAdopted: Played with. His clan was wiped out by Witch Hunters, and he was taken in by another clan. But while the clan leaders see,treat,and love him like their own son, his bullying "sister" Azi makes it her business to make him feel inferior and constantly tell him that they aren't really his family. Subverted later as she does love him, just has a rough way of showing it.
* InTheHood: In his Witch outfit.
* LeeroyJenkins: His over-zealousness revealed that the Wolf Witches clan was still alive to the nuns, which forced his pack to relocate. To add insult to injury, his pack was a ''peaceful'' division of Wolf Witches. So he wound up putting his whole family in danger for a petty grudge which the leaders rightly chastise him for.
* ShoutOut: His design, both physically and clothing-wise, is a deliberate reference to Ezio from ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedII''
* [[TalkToTheFist Talk To The Foot]]: When [[spoiler:he reveals himself to the currently fleeing foursome of Claire, Cat and the Twins]], he gets a swift boot to the sternum.
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: Subverted in his case, he has the power to transform into a wolf. But due to past trauma, can't really control it and its sporadic at best.


[[folder: Azi]]

Lupo's sister. Likewise a Wolf Witch.


* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: Despite how she acted before, she's actually horrified when the nuns tell her the gigantic Shard they just saw could be attracted to Claire's group. And then [[OhCrap remembers]] that Lupo was suppose to track them. A ''Missing Moments'' story focusing on their past shows that, while she's brash, loved to insult him and got into fights (then again remember these are wolves and roughhousing is a common trait for them) deep down she really does care for him.
* DealWithTheDevil: [[spoiler: Offers to heal Olga from the poison slowly killing her. But in exchange she must not hunt Wolf Witches ever again or she'll turn into what she fears most.]]
* DoesNotLikeShoes: Not that most of her clan wears them too.
* HairTriggerTemper: Always seems itching for a fight and nearly pummeled Lupo over an accidental scratch during their arguing.
* InTheHood: A red one.
* {{Jerkass}}: Constantly puts down Lupo and keeps reminds him that he's an outsider in their clan (though Subverted later as she does love him, just has a rough way of showing it). [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/comic.php?id=410 Her introduction to the search party nuns likewise]] [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/comic.php?id=411 wasn't the most subtle of entrances]] considering her leaders (i.e mother and father) specifically ''told her'' to find and protect them.
* JerkassHasAPoint: She points out it ''was'' Lupo's fault that the clan was forced to relocate due to his need for vengeance. She also chastises him that he should have took into consideration his family as well before doing the act.
* VoluntaryShapeshifting : A trait of the wolf witches which allow her to change into a normal and hybrid wolf forms.

[[folder: Hanabi]]

A witch introduced in a ''Missing Moments'' story. She's the first one [[spoiler: who noticed Rosalie and Marie ability to use magic and attempted to take them away from the nuns.]]


* AffablyEvil: Debatable on the evil part but she does starts off well mannered and speaking nicely to the nuns when she comes across the abby [[spoiler: But after finding out the twins can use magic, tries to take them by force rather then talking it out with the nuns. Even when Oscar pleas with them, she refuses and knocks her away.]]
* EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette: Fitting considering she's a witch.
* ForYourOwnGood: [[spoiler: She claims the nuns will eventually turn on the twins when they find out they have magic or teach them that witches are bad, hence why she should take them away. Oscar argues to the contrary but Hanabi refuses to relent. It's only until speaking with Catherine does she finally agree and that's ''only'' because she's a fellow witch.]]
* GreenThumb: Seems to specialize in plant magic.
* HairDecorations: A head band with a antler sticking out of it [[spoiler: it apparently belonged to the Witch Queen]].
* {{Hypocrite}}: [[spoiler: Arguing that taking the twins away will prevent the nuns from proclaiming witches are evil. Yet is ''exactly proving the nuns right'' by forcibly kidnapping the twins from Oscar who considers them her daughters then nearly killing Oscar when she tries to stop them. What's more this isn't even the first time it happened as Catherine herself can attest.]]
* InTheHood: Noticing a pattern here? In this case [[http://i.imgur.com/cZIVoMv.png A purple cloak]]
* JerkassHasAPoint: [[spoiler:Uses a claim that magical children are in danger at the abbeys as one of the reasons for taking the twins away. Turns out that she was entirely correct with that one]].
* OhCrap: [[spoiler: Gets this reaction when she realizes Oscar is a loved one of Catherine and the latter isn't pleased that she nearly killed her. To the point Catherine levitates the horn at Hanabi's throat and tells her to leave or else.]]
* WhatTheHellHero: From a certain point of view [[spoiler: Catherine states the Witch Queen just wanted peace for both her kind and the nuns. What Hanabi's doing is the ''exact opposite''.]]
* WellIntentionedExtremist: She's just trying to look after her own kind but seems unwilling to compromise with anyone who isn't a witch and starchily believes all nuns will kill them without remorse. [[spoiler: This is rather ironic when it's revealed later that many of the Sisters of Mercy can likewise use magic. She does have a point about the twins being in danger when it's revealed that the Helsing Sister Abraham had burned down an abbey with magick children.]]

[[folder: Magpie]]

A young bird witch who Marguerite was acquainted with in the past. Introduced in the ''Missing Moments'' stories.


* DueToTheDead: When Magpie came across [[spoiler: Clementine (not Claire, rather Catherine's younger sister)]] body and thought she was dead. Magpie offered words of comfort and was even going to bury her. Granted it was in the hopes of keeping her from turning into a Shard but Magpie was sincere about it.
* DoesNotLikeShoes: Magpie usually likes to go barefoot. [[spoiler: Most of the time, during a visit to Margueitie, Magpie put some shoes on.]]
* {{Expy}}: Of ''Literature/PeterPan'' with his flock resembling the Lost Boys (though they have girls in this case). There's even an allusion that he helps his group fly by finding their "happy thought".
* MyGreatestFailure: [[spoiler: A young girl under his charge, Sparrow, fell ill and Magpie couldn't get the medicine needed to cure her and she died.]]
** MyGreatestSecondChance: [[spoiler: Magpie later encounters Sparrow's ghost when Clementine was drawn to her, though near on the verge of becoming a Shard. Magpie manages to calm her down by presenting her the medicine he promised which allowed her spirit to finally rest in peace. Though he managed to save her, the incident still haunts him because he couldn't do so when she was alive. But Clementine helps him get over it.]]
* PartialTransformation: Magpie has brown splotches on his skin resembling dis-colorization. This is actually his feathers from his bird form as he hasn't quite got it perfected yet. It's hinted this might be due to switching genders which is disrupting the transformation.
* TheLeader: Of a flock of various bird witches.
* TheMentor: For a bit to [[spoiler: Clementine when she was little.]]
* ThePigpen: Shown to be rather filthy due to living out in woods and trees.
* {{Transsexual}}: Magpie is genderfluid. Sometimes he's male, sometimes she's female, sometimes both, sometimes neither. It's unclear if there's a physical transformation involved as well.
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: As with the wolf witches, Magpie can turn into his associated animal. In this case, a...well, magpie. [[spoiler: Likewise, loves to switch genders as well.]]

[[folder: Hum]]
One of Magpie's flock. Shown to be interested in art.
* {{Adorkable}}: Very shy, but very cute.
* MeaningfulName: Hum as in Hummingbird, his bird form.
* {{Megane}}: Shown that he wears glasses.

[[folder: Lark]]
Another one of Magpie's flock. Is revealed to deaf but can communicate through sign language.
* KnifeNut: Not really a user of them but brandished one when [[spoiler: confronting the the near Shard form of her friend, Sparrow.]]
* MeaningfulName: Lark which of course is a type of bird.
* SignLanguage: Due to being deaf, she uses it mostly to communicate and later teaches Clementine how to do it too.

[[folder: Lia]]

A bunny witch (or Bunwitch) Clementine and the bird witches meet in the woods.

* GirlishPigtails: A pair that go past down her shoulders.
* InHarmonyWithNature: Is shown that she can "hear" nature and upon meeting Clem, notes that the "dirt likes her".
* VoluntaryTransformation: Can change into a bunny form.


[[folder: Zora]]
A Weatherwitch [[spoiler: and the mother of Jane Jackson.]]
* {{Irony}}: [[spoiler: She and Abraham were actually quite close in the past. In fact, She named Abraham as Jackson's ''godmother''.]]
* PosthumousCharacter: Dead before the start of the main story.
* SassyBlackWoman: Very much so. [[spoiler: You can see where her daughter gets it from.]]


!! Others

Characters that don't have any alignment with a group. Most of these are from the ''Missing Moment'' stories.

[[folder: Sal]]

Gabrielle's friend, a lizard merman. They seem to have some history together.
* FishPeople: A lizard in his case.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Plenty went it comes to Gabrielle. Seriously, look at the start of Oscar's childhood Missing Moment story then [[http://www.sisterclaire.com/sisterclaire/96 this panel]].
* RaginCajun: Certainly has the accent.

[[folder: Sabine]]

Oscar's caretaker during her childhood days.
* AffectionateNickname: Maman.
* BerserkButton: She may run a brothel but mostly to help the downtrodden of the city. Genevieve really hits a sore spot when she sounds like she disapproves of such people.
* HookerWithAHeartOfGold: She, well, ran a brothel back in the heyday. It also turned out to be a safehouse for witches as well as the city it was based in not surprisingly were hard on them.
* IllGirl: Became this by the time Oscar was a young adult having contracted a degenerative disease strongly implied to be Alzheimer.
* MamaBear: '''Oh yes''', she won't let ''anyone'' talk bad about her clients and occupants.
* ParentalSubstitute: Towards Oscar and Catherine when they were children.
* PosthumousCharacter: [[spoiler: She died when the Shards attacked Thronum Mare and she refused to leave the city without Oscar. Though before then, her disease meant she likely didn't have long to live anyway.]]
* SassyBlackWoman: Hard to say, but she certainly acts the part.

[[folder: Genevieve]]

One of the local nuns around [[spoiler: Thronum Mare]]. Friendly with Oscar when she was a kid.

* {{Hypocrite}}: She argues of her disapproval of the occupants of Sabrine's building, until Sabrine reveals Genevieve ''herself'' used to live there.
* {{Meganekko}}: Seen wearing glasses.
* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: Got a ''very'' vicious one from Catherine when she thought she was trying to take Oscar away during Sabrine's and Genevieve's arguing.
* NotWhatItLooksLike: Well Oscar could've worded it better, but Genevieve instantly assumes the worst when Oscar tells her that Catherine has been sleeping in her room. Oscar meant as emotional support obviously, not...yeah.
* PosthumousCharacter: As with Sabrine, she shows up in Oscar's childhood stories. [[spoiler: She died when the Shards attacked Thronum Mare.]]
* ThatCameOutWrong: She means well but her wording while arguing with Sabrine starts to hit some personal levels.
* ThinkOfTheChildren: Naturally she doesn't really approve of Oscar living in a brothel nor [[spoiler: what she considers Oscar's gender confusion.]] As such, Sabrine and she have been butting heads for awhile over the issue.

[[folder: King Michel]]
The king of [[spoiler: Thronum Mare in the past]].

* BishieSparkle: [[spoiler: Where do you think Oscar gets it from?]]
* LukeIAmYourFather: [[spoiler: Very obviously is Oscar's father, born to another woman however. It's implied since the woman wasn't royalty, they had Oscar shipped away to avoid scrutiny for being a bastard child. It's something he very much regrets doing however.]]
* PosthumousCharacter: Very likely especially considering the fate of the kingdom later.
* UncannyFamilyResemblance: [[spoiler: Basically looks like Oscar with a beard.]]
* UpperClassTwit: Averted per WordOfGod, he's more of a ShelteredAristocrat but not a bad guy by any means. Sylvia's influence has made him a lot better about understanding the lower classes of Thronum Mare.

[[folder: Queen Sylvia]]

The queen of [[spoiler: Thronum Mare in the past]].
* {{Expy}}: Bears a not-at-all coincidental resemblance to [[{{Disney/Frozen}} Elsa]].
* IllGirl: Multiple pregnancies have taken a toll on her body.
* ItsAllMyFault: Feels this way toward her failed pregnancies. The latest really hitting hard as her babies were alive but fell to sickness not shortly after.
* LukeIAmYourFather: [[spoiler: Subverted, while the king is indeed Oscar's father. She mentions Oscar was born to another woman.]]
* PosthumousCharacter: Very likely considering she was very sickly when Oscar was little.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: When Gabby unwittingly invades the castle's garden and finds Sylvia there followed shortly by Oscar. She actually invites the two to join her for a bit.
* ReplacementGoldfish: Strongly implied that she [[spoiler:decides to sponsor Oscar, her husband's child]] because of the deaths of her own.
* StrongFamilyResemblance: [[spoiler:To her daughters Rosalie and Marie, but Marie takes more after her physically and Rosalie got more of her personality.]]

[[folder: Nib]]

A friend of Oscar's during her childhood days.
* PosthumousCharacter: Again possibly.
* TheMedic: Said to be a healer in training.
* {{Tomboy}}: Was a former street urchin before joining an abbey and her speech indicates she hasn't let go of this distinction either.
* YouGotSpunk: After she asks if Catherine was the one who broke Genevieve's nose and is confirmed, she admits she's impressed and even asks if Catherine would like a go at her.