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Character page for ''LightNovel/ShakuganNoShana''. Due to the length of the series and LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters, '''there will be unmarked spoilers'''.


!Main Characters

[[folder: Yuji Sakai]]

!!!''The World-wandering Ascetic''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/SatoshiHino (JP), Kristian Ayre (Creator/{{Geneon}}), Creator/JoshGrelle (Creator/{{Funimation}}) (EN)

Yuji, [[TheProtagonist the main character of the story]], is just an average high school student. However, his world is turned upside down when he discovers that he is already dead and does not have much time before he disappears. Fortunately, Yuji is a Mystes who contains a treasure known as the Midnight Lost Child (''Reiji Maigo''). The treasure inside him restores his Power of Existence every night at midnight. With the Midnight Lost Child, Yuji has the possibility to live on like an average human as long as he makes sure that his Power of Existence does not run out before midnight. Yuji is kind person who puts others before himself. This often draws much confusion and annoyance from Shana, as prior Torches from Shana's experience exhibited selfish attitudes. However, [[SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan Yuji's compassion and empathy sow the seeds of attraction between him and Shana]].
* AccidentalPervert: Yuji falls out of the closet a bit too early while Shana is changing.
-->'''Shana''': I should have hit him at least ten more times.
* AdaptationDyeJob: He has brown eyes in the light novels, but they are [[InnocentBlueEyes blue]] in the anime.
** Additionally, his flame in the final battle with Shana received a dye job, going from a black flame [[spoiler: that represented the influence the Snake of Festival had on him]] to an azure flame that contrasts with Shana's crimson.
* TheAgeless: The final light novel confirms this after [[spoiler:he becomes a complete existence, courtesy of Leanan-sidhe's Unrestricted Spell, Grammatica]].
* AngstWhatAngst: [[InvokedTrope Invoked]]. He cares more about people being sad because of him dying than of death itself. To be exact, he's even ''glad'' that death would turn him into a RetGone, because of his nature as a torch. He does angst about his own identity twice or thrice, but usually whenever he's worried, it's about everybody ''but'' himself, who's the resident TomatoInTheMirror.
%%* AwesomenessByAnalysis
* BattleCouple: With Shana.
* BerserkButton: You better ''not'' [[{{Yandere}} harm Shana or even stand in the way of his relationship with Shana]]. When Wilhelmina attempts to make Shana give him up by force, [[spoiler: Yuji nearly kills her with Blutsauger]]. Later on, [[spoiler:Hecate tries to pull a MurderTheHypotenuse on a depowered Shana, only to be intercepted by Snake of the Festival Yuji]].
%%* BewareTheNiceOnes
* BrainyBrunette: During most the fight scenes, he's usually the one overseeing Shana's move and detecting flaws in enemy Crimson Denizens.
* BrilliantButLazy: Prior to meeting Shana, he was a completely average guy in terms of athletics and (implied) academics. When he starts applying himself to aid Shana in protecting the world from dangerous Crimson Denizens, he is revealed to be exceptionally cunning and possesses a keen analytical mind.
* CannotSpitItOut: Invoked once in manga; in the light novel and anime, Yuji is a rather odd case as he is aware of Shana's feelings for him and was waiting for her to spit it out just to make sure. [[spoiler:It's ironically subverted as after Shana confirms her feelings with her love letter, Yuji, who merged with the Snake of Festival, confesses his feeling for her almost in every chance he gets.]]
* CastFromHitPoints: As the Mystes of the Midnight Lost Child, Yuji can lend his power to Shana, and later, cast his own Unrestricted Spells, using his very existence as long as he doesn't use up all of his existence in a day.
* ChewingTheScenery: When Yuji freaks out and begins screaming in custody of [[spoiler:Zarovee]]. {{Justified|Trope}} in that he's trying to attract Tanaka's attention, who he knows can alert Margery and Shana to what's going on.
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%%* CluelessChickMagnet
* DefusingTheTykebomb: From the moment Yuji meets Shana, he tries to change her original worldview as the "perfect Flame Haze" and even gives her a name. Eventually, Yuji's influence changes Shana, making her think of herself as more than just a Flame Haze.
* EarnYourHappyEnding: His motives as a whole. During his time as part of the BattleCouple, and the third and final part of the story.
* EternalLove: With Shana since they're both [[TheAgeless ageless]] by the end of the story.
* FirstNameBasis: With Shana. Granted, she [[OnlyOneName only has one name]], but he doesn't use {{Honorifics}} when addressing her.
* GoodIsNotNice: Yuji breaks the Crimson Denizen Zarovee's neck with his bare hands! [[spoiler: And after he joins the Snake of the Festival, he brutally beats Shana in battle (temporarily traumatizing her) and then imprisons her, drives Margery past the DespairEventHorizon, and demoralizes the Flame Haze army arrayed against him to the point that they prove easy prey for his followers.]]. Most of his actions are largely pragmatic in nature, but some of them have no reasonable explanation other than Yuji [[KickTheDog being a dick]].
** Yuji actually began as a NiceGuy. He ends up as this instead after becoming disillusioned about being able to end the war between Flame Hazes and Crimson Denizens.
* GuileHero: While he isn't as capable in combat as Shana, Yuji shows a great amount intelligence and logic that helps him think up smart strategies to fight off his enemies.
* TheHeartless: Yuji's silver flame is, in fact, [[spoiler:an accumulation of all of Margery Daw's rage, grief, hate, and pain against the Silver which motivated her into becoming a Flame Haze]].
* HeroesWantRedheads: His main love interest turns out to be Shana, who definitely wins with her fiery red hair. Bonus points for her hair color being actually part of her ''name''.
* IdiotHair: Despite being smart.
* IJustWantToBeBadass: At first, his desire is to become stronger in order to fight alongside Shana.
* {{Immortality}}: Considering that it replenishes his existence every night, the Midnight Lost Child will make him live forever. In the manga, he freaks out for a moment when Shana casually informs him that the previous Mystes of Midnight Lost Child lived for [[TheAgeless three hundred years]]. It only takes him a moment later [[LivingForeverIsAwesome to change his mind and considers this a good thing]] [[EternalLove because it means he can stay with Shana forever]]. [[spoiler:Once he becomes a solid existence at the end of the story, he no longer needs the Midnight Lost Child to be ageless.]]
* ItIsDehumanizing: Shana and Alastor refer to him as an "it" at first, due to only seeing him as a Torch.
* JadeColouredGlasses: Becomes this over time after realizing that the Flame Hazes are fighting a ForeverWar against the Crimson Denizens. [[spoiler:This eventually leads him to make a contract with the Snake of the Festival, determined to change their fates, along with Shana's.]]
* JumpedAtTheCall: He figures that he's going to disappear soon anyway, so he should help Shana protect Misaki City while he can.
* LoveAtFirstPunch: Shana gets him ''run through with a sword'' when they first meet. Granted at that point it didn't give him pain because of his Torch status it still count as traumatizing. It didn't stop Yuji from blushing when Shana got closer to fix him up.
* MacGuffinSuperPerson: The Mystes with the Midnight Lost Child, which Bal Masqué desires and the Flame Hazes want to make sure they never get.
* MagicKiss: In the second-to-the-final novel (final episode of the anime), [[spoiler:Yuji becomes a solid existence thanks to a spell activated as a result of kissing Shana]].
* ManlyTears: Sports these during the [[http://www.anime-evo.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Shana3_24_3.jpg final episode]] of season 3, after angsting over how [[spoiler:he will never be forgiven for the ruthless actions he took to change the fate of the Flame Hazes and Crimson Denizens]].
* TheMatchmaker: He tried to be this for Ike and Yukari, hoping that them getting together would keep Yukari from disappearing, but failed.
* MeaningfulName: His father later reveals that Yuji actually had an older brother who died at birth. Thus, in memory of the first baby and from the parents' wish, the second baby was given the name Yuji, which means "Second (child) who shall live long".
** Literal translation of his name also could be 'Tranquil Second Child' and his last name Sakai refer to slop from Hirasaka.
* MissionControl: His role in the BattleCouple.
* NiceGuy: At first. Then after becoming involved with Shana [[spoiler:and the Snake of the Festival]], [[TookALevelInJerkass not]] [[JadeColoredGlasses so]] [[AntiHero much]].
** While Yuji is a NiceGuy in all of ''Shakugan no Shana'''s media incarnations, the anime tends to overemphasize his NiceGuy traits, while the original light novels and manga establish that he has pretty ruthless streak. Incidents that indicate this, such as Yuji trying to kill Wilhelmina when her guard is down in retaliation for her trying to kill him, are downplayed or even omitted. [[spoiler: This makes Yuji's [[WellIntentionedExtremist joining the]] [[BigBad Snake of the Festival]] rather more jarring in the anime.]]
* NonActionGuy: At first, he's got next to no ability and is often in Shana's way when fighting the Crimson Denizens. Then he gets the Blutsauger, [[spoiler:and merges with the Snake of the Festival in the final part of the story]].
* ObliviousToLove: {{Lampshaded}} by himself. He had to get Hayato's help to realize Kazumi's feeling toward him and is still very oblivious to Shana's love.
** In the novels, it's clear that he's not ''that'' oblivious to Shana's love, but he's rather waiting for her to take the first step, just to be sure... which is weird, since it's traditionally the man who's expected to take this step.
* OneHeadTaller: Than Shana.
* OneHeroHoldTheWeaksauce: Yuji is a Torch, which means that he's supposed to disappear when his Existence runs to zero. However, because of the Treasure inside him, he can keep restoring his Existence indefinitely.
* OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent: Or so he thinks in the first episode before reality hits him hard.
* PitbullDatesPuppy: His relationship with Shana, at least early on. Yuji is a kind-hearted and sensitive NonActionGuy, while Shana is a tough {{Tsundere}} monster fighter who has NoSocialSkills and at first, she doesn't care about anything or anyone, only thinking about fighting.
* TheProtagonist: Most of the story is told from his viewpoint, although it often shifts to Shana.
* RedOniBlueOni: Blue to Shana's Red.
* RetGone: After [[spoiler:merging with Snake of The Festival]], Yuji disappears in the same way a Torch would. All his belongings disappear and all of his human friends (save Yoshida, Keisaku and Eita) forget him, even his mother forgets about him, sadly and innocently enjoying her newborn baby as her "only" child. [[spoiler:The only thing that didn't disappear was Shana's and Kazumi's letters.]]
* RidiculouslyAverageGuy: At first.
* SnotBubble: Has one during the ''Shana-tan'' omakes.
* TheSpock: In the Yuji-Shana-Kazumi LoveTriangle.
* TheStrategist: Yuji discovers the secret behind Friagne's Dance Party weapon, the secret behind [[HeroKiller Sabrac's]] invulnerability and how to defeat him, [[spoiler:how to end the ForeverWar and save numerous humans, Flame Hazes, and Denizens, and finally how to return all the humans of Misaki City whose existence had been devoured.]]
* StrongGirlSmartGuy: With Shana. Yuji is an average guy who mostly relies on his intelligence and analysis skills to help Shana in battle, while Shana is a tough monster fighter who was raised to be the perfect Flame Haze.
* SupportingProtagonist: Until [[spoiler:he becomes Snake of the Festival]].
* TokenGoodTeammate: Originally, Shana and the other Flame Hazes cared more for preserving the balance over protecting innocent lives. Yuji was the only one who cared about protecting people, but his influence turns Shana, and, to a lesser extent, Margery and Wilhelmina, to his way of thinking. And then, [[spoiler:when he [[SplitPersonalityMerge merges]] with the Snake of the Festival and leads Bal Masqué, he (and the Snake) are the only ones to care about protecting human lives. The rest of Bal Masqué's leadership, the Trinity, [[LackOfEmpathy could care less about humanity]], and one of them, Hecate, is notorious for casually murdering humans.]]
* TomatoInTheMirror: He has to find out that he's a torch, the outburning flame of a person who lost the majority of his/her lifeforce to a Tomogara. Usually that would mean that he's doomed to be become a RetGone, but a MacGuffin is protecting him from this fate.
* TookALevelInBadass: A few of them, actually.
** Many of them in the novels, later his [[spoiler:apparent and [[TragicVillain unavoidable]] FaceHeelTurn]] marked his continuous and ever-improving use of this trope. [[spoiler:Keyword "apparent" [[TheExtremistWasRight because of his surprisingly noble goals]].]]
* UnstoppableRage: In one of the novels, [[spoiler:Yuji goes [[AxCrazy completely insane]], and [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown brutally attacks and almost kills Wilhelmina with Blutsauger]] after the latter's attempt to make Shana give up on him by force]].
* UselessProtagonist: At first.
* WeakButSkilled: In contrast to Shana's UnskilledButStrong, Yuji is not that strong, even [[TookALevelInBadass after becoming capable of beating the tar out of a Crimson Denizen]]. [[spoiler:This gets turned around when he becomes the Snake of the Festival.]]
* WillTheyOrWontThey: With Shana. [[spoiler:[[TheyDo They end up in a romantic relationship at the end of the series.]]]]
* YourDaysAreNumbered: Subverted. Shana tells him right at the start of the series that he's going to burn out soon, but thanks to the artifact inside him that continuously refills the depleted power of existence that sustains him, he is free to continue doing whatever. [[note]] It'd be tricky if that wasn't the case since he's the protagonist. [[/note]] [[spoiler: Averted at the end, where a spell from Leanan-sidhe returns him to a state of complete existence.]]



At the end of the second part, Yuji, whom Shana and Kazumi both harbored feelings for, suddenly vanished on Christmas Eve, only to return with the assistance of a powerful Crimson God called the Snake of the Festival. This time, he is determined to change Shana's fate as a Flame Haze, revealing that he ultimately chose her over Kazumi.

!!Tropes applying to Yuji in Part III

* AbductionIsLove: He sees [[CurbStompBattle curbstomping]], capturing and {{depower}}ing Shana as the best way to protect her while he builds a new world. While he does see it as a way to "protect" her, it also prevents Shana from attempting to stymie his plans, and Shana being alive means that Alastor cannot seek out a new Flame Haze, a Flame Haze that would not be averse to using Alastor's DangerousForbiddenTechnique.
* TheAntichrist: As the Snake of the Festival's host, although he subverts it because his motive is to SaveTheWorld by means of creating a duplicate world where the Denizens can live without consuming humans to survive so he can live with Shana in peace.
* AntiHero[=/=]AntiVillain: From Volume 16 (third anime season) and onwards, he becomes a mix of both due to becoming a HeroAntagonist for the sake of changing Shana's fate, and being perfectly aligned with the Snake of the Festival, himself an AntiVillain.
* TheAtoner: What he tries to become by the end of the series.
* BatmanGambit: Snake of the Festival Yuji is one step ahead of the Flame Hazes the entire third season, and the only reason that the Flame Hazes partially succeed in their goals is because [[spoiler:the Crimson Denizens entreat him to ''allow'' them to]].
* BigBad: Eventually becomes the greatest enemy of the Flame Hazes after ascending as Snake of the Festival and leading Bal Masqué. In truth, not only are his and the Snake's intentions noble, but they're completely right in believing that their plan will save the world. Which really makes them the BigGood instead.
* BigBadFriend: To Shana once he merges with the Snake of the Festival, although it's consistently made clear that his and the Crimson God's intentions are well-intentioned.
* {{Bishonen}}: As part of his new look, his lengthened hair is mostly swept back, revealing himself to be quite handsome.
* BreakingSpeech: He made an epic one against [[spoiler:the Flame Haze army, taking away their purpose to fight Crimson Denizens. The Flame Hazes are shaken to the point they retreat in hysteria, thus marking Bal Masqué's victory.]]
** [[BloodKnight Marchosias]] of all people lampshaded it as Yuji dropping a bomb on them, and it would take a while for them to get back to their feet.
* ByronicHero: As the Snake of the Festival and a card-carrying example: Morally questionable? Check. Largely concerned with personal interests? Check. Disrespect of common authority? Check. Defined by conflict, inner and outer? Definitely. Guilty of crimes? Definitely. TallDarkAndHandsome? Oh yeah. An exile? Definitely. Intelligent? He's a strategist. Cynical and self-destructive? Definitely.
* DarkIsNotEvil: His Mystes flame when he's merged with the Snake of the Festival is of a distinct black color. However, he himself is siding with the BigBad ([[GoodAllAlong who isn't even evil to being with]]) for good intentions.
* DarkMessiah: As the Snake of the Festival, he very determined to break the system the Flame Hazes live in, although it's later revealed to be for their best interests.
%%* TheDarkSide: Established later in the novels.
* DomesticAbuser: His treatment of Shana after she's held captive in the Palace of Stars gets ''very'' close to this. Although [[InnocentlyInsensitive he doesn't mean to]].
* DudeLooksLikeALady: His looks as [[http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7017/6490980333_bdcd71e163_z.jpg the Snake of the Festival]] sometimes look near-identical to [[http://images.wikia.com/shakugan/images/e/ee/Hildegard.jpg Hildegard]].
* EasilyForgiven: Downplayed. By the end of the series, Yuji ended up [[spoiler:killing thousands of Flame Hazes and Outlaw-associated humans in order to end the ForeverWar]], but Shana has the guts to forgive him and tell him that she still loves him in spite of it all. However, he's also well aware that [[spoiler:the surviving Flame Hazes and those who still know him]] won't be as charitable, which is what drives [[TheAtoner his desire to]] [[MustMakeAmends make right by them]].
%%* EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette: As the Snake of the Festival.
* EvilCostumeSwitch: For this final part of the story, he gains a dark red set of armor and a hairstyle change, all to reinforce the fact that he's changed, and is siding with the Snake of the Festival. Subverted in that his motives are not so evil, after all.
* EvilOverlooker: The main page's picture foreshadowed Yuji's [[FaceHeelTurn eventual rise]] to the status of BigBad. [[SubvertedTrope Or so it seemed]].
* EvilOverlord: [[http://img80.imageshack.us/i/yujibringiton.jpg/ To Bal Masque]] after his ascent into becoming the Snake of the Festival. [[GoodAllAlong Or so it seems...]]
* TheExtremistWasRight: It turns out, the Snake of the Festival's plan to create a new world (a self-styled paradise for the Crimson Denizen) was mostly free of consequences, unlike what Alastor and the Flame Hazes feared would turn out.
* FaceHeelTurn: After he joins Snake of the Festival and turns against the Flame Hazes, [[TragicVillain although there was no other choice for him to fulfill his goals to finally be with Shana]].
* FallenHero: After merging with the Snake of the Festival, although it is [[DarkIsNotEvil subverted]] because ''both of them'' have genuinely good intentions.
* {{Foil}}: To Shana as the Snake of the Festival. Both have a contract with a Crimson God and are extremely obstinate towards their goals. Yuji even lampshades it as the reason they fell in love with each other.
* FromNobodyToNightmare: Began as an OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent. After getting involved on how to end the war between Flame Hazes and Crimson Denizens, he willingly merged with the Snake of the Festival and [[TookALevelInJerkass overall became more ruthless in his approachs]].
* AGodAmI: As Snake of the Festival, he starts believing he has the right to [[OmnicidalManiac destroy and reform]] [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds the world as he pleases]]. He does not want to destroy the world, nor does he destroy the world. The Flame Hazes ''feared'' that the Crimson Denizens would lack restraint and devour humans even in their paradise Xanadu (which would have limitless Power of Existence) and would destroy the world, [[spoiler:but the Crimson Denizens were willing to compromise despite having won; after living for so long with humans, the Denizens gradually came to change their ways, and subconsciously wished for a paradise where they didn't need to feed on human existences, something which the Snake of the Festival couldn't go against.]]
* GoodAllAlong: His intentions, as well as the Snake of the Festival's, are revealed to be genuinely good from the onset of the final part of the story.
* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor: By the end the story, he's gone from a SupportingProtagonist to a FallenHero ([[PhysicalGod and a very powerful one at that]]), then back to being a misunderstood hero when all is said and done, and Shana forgives him for his reckless actions.
* HellishPupils: He flashes these at times when the Snake of the Festival temporarily takes over to speak out.
* HeroAntagonist: From volume 16 onward to until when the ForeverWar ends, and he finally reunites with Shana.
* HeroicWillpower: As several characters note, Yuji manages to take his TomatoInTheMirror and the whole "being dead" thing, which would cause any normal person to have a HeroicBSOD on the spot, calmly enough that it freaks other people out.
* InnocentlyInsensitive: Yuji has an awfully difficult time understanding that he completely traumatized Shana after [[CurbStompBattle curbstomping]] her. He sincerely doesn't get why she becomes so upset when he tries to get close to her afterward.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: After merging with the Snake of the Festival, he becomes a bit rough in his methods, though he still means well.
* KickTheDog: During the course of the third part, he drives Margery Daw towards the DespairEventHorizon by revealing to her [[TomatoSurprise just what she had been chasing after all this time]]. And then, there's what he does to Shana while she's captive in the Palace of Stars.
* LongHairedPrettyBoy: His hair has become [[RapunzelHair very lengthy]], and he's overall more handsome than his previous appearance.
* LoveMakesYouEvil: Eventually it was revealed why Yuji was so [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds willing to become Snake Of The Festival]]; with his godly powers he planned to make a new Earth, a mirror of the current one, where existence flows infinitely and Denizens never have to feed on humans, which would make Flame Hazes unnecessary, and allow beings like him and Shana to live in eternal peace. [[SubvertedTrope However]], as it turns out, he's the good guy all along. The Flame Hazes, while they have good intentions, are misguided. There are no genocides, all deaths are the result of the war. As much as Yuji likes the Flame Hazes, they are trying to kill him and his followers, who turn out to actually be right about the whole saving the world thing.
* MustMakeAmends: He sincerely believes that after all the atrocities has has committed, he has to pay his dues and make right by the people he wronged. Shana and Alastor are quick to forgive him, but he's aware that others won't be as charitable.
* NinetiesAntiHero: His new outfit straight up extends the length of his hair (sometimes giving it [[PrehensileHair prehensile powers]]), and, when combined with the massive [[{{BFS}} Blutsauger]], certainly makes him reminiscent of the trope.
* PhysicalGod: Even without the Snake, Yuji is one, though he does not yet know how to use his power to its full potential. Thanks to Hecate's synchronization with him, Alastor confirmed he has the power of a Crimson Lord. And then Yuji gets [[ImaginationBasedSuperpower Grammatica]]. We never get to see its full potential, since he just literally learned to use it within the last hour of the series, but it's basically a spell that [[SwissArmySuperpower can become any other spell]] by [[PowersAsPrograms structuring the composition of a spell]], [[MeaningfulName similar to how language works]]. [[StoryBreakerPower So if he had a bit more experience and mastery of it...]]
* PowerMakesYourHairGrow: His hair grows to ridiculous proportions in his new appearance as the Snake of the Festival, [[PrehensileHair and it can be used as a weapon]].
* PragmaticHero: After becoming Bal Masqué's leader, his tactical genius is put to good use when it comes to fighting the Flame Haze's army, and he rarely loses a chance to incapacitate Shana and her companions in the first half of the third season.
* APupilOfMineUntilHeTurnedToEvil: Subverted in that he isn't actually evil, but Yuji ends up putting Shana's training to use ''against'' the Flame Hazes, as the leader of Bal Masqué.
* RapunzelHair: As Snake of the Festival, his hair usually waist-length, but since it's able to [[PrehensileHair stretch as a weapon]]...
* RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver: His new attire gives him a black chesplate with red outlines, but it's [[DarkIsNotEvil subverted]] since he's not exactly evil.
* ReformedButRejected: Over at Xanadu, he ''does'' [[TheAtoner atone]] by [[spoiler:trying to have the Humans and Denizens coexist]], but he often ends up becoming a target of aggression, getting involved in fights and often on the run.
%%* RetiredOutlaw
* RousingSpeech: He deliver two to Bal Masqué's Denizens.
* ScrewDestiny: One of his motivations as the Snake of the Festival. He refuses to accept the fact of Shana and the other Flame Hazes being trapped in a ForeverWar against Denizens.
* SharingABody: With Snake of the Festival, and yet it didn't change Yuji that much -- by his own words, "there's no one in his body but him". Shana and friends however insist that the one before them is Snake of The Festival, not Yuji, a claim which turns out to be false all along.
* TallDarkAndHandsome: His new look could make him pass for a handsome young man.
* ThreatBackfire: Sort of, as while Yuji didn't threaten Shana in final season he implied it in regards to Alastor as with holding Shana captive and being the closest person to her Alastor who is the counterpart and equal of Snake of Festival is rendered powerless. This backfire spectacularly against Yuji when Shana throw back the same threat to Snake of Festival to maintain Yuji's avatar status, as if not because of Yuji she will not think twice to [[DangerousForbiddenTechnique summon Alastor]] to stop them.
* TookALevelInJerkass: During the course of the story's final part, he's incredibly more rough in his actions, having two noticeable KickTheDog moments to boot.
* TragicVillain: There was no other choice to fulfill his goals other than pull a FaceHeelTurn.
* TsurimeEyes: At times after becoming Snake of the Festival, in sharp contrast to his usual TaremeEyes.
* TheUnfettered: After merging with the Snake of the Festival, he sets many plans in motion to achieve his goal of changing Shana's fate, no matter how many Flame Hazes die and regardless of Shana's own opinion.
* UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans: Creating Xanadu is his ultimate solution to end the ForeverWar between the Flame Hazes and the Crimson Denizens, which would allow him to finally be together with Shana.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: As the Snake of the Festival. There wasn't any other choice to fulfill his dream to live on with Shana forever in peace other than doing a FaceHeelTurn and joining the Bal Masque in order to accomplish his goals.
* {{Yandere}}: Almost plays it UpToEleven because he believes he has the right to [[OmnicidalManiac destroy and reform the world as he pleases]] so he can live with Shana together in peace even though he doesn't intend on doing it nor even though about it in the first place. It's eventually averted by the end of the series.
* YoungerThanHeLooks: Despite looking like a handsome young man in his Snake of the Festival attire, he's still very much the same 15-16 years old Yuji.



!!!''Flame-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/RieKugimiya (JP), Creator/TabithaStGermain (Geneon), Creator/CheramiLeigh (Funimation) (EN)

Shana is the female lead and a Flame Haze. In the beginning of the show, Shana is solely concentrating on her duty as a Flame Haze. Fighting all the time she doesn't even bear a name. One day, during another fight, Shana meets Yuji. Because of the Treasure Tool inside him, she decides to stay to keep a close watch at him and takes the identity of his classmate Yukari Hirai. She sees Yuji as nothing more than another Torch though, an object interesting only because of its status. However she slowly opens up to him, coming to think of him as an actual person. Going through many different battles together, Shana eventually comes to fall in love with Yuji. Yuji eventually names Shana after her Sword, Nietono no Shana. Shana has a funny habit of saying 'Urusai' ('Shut up!') three times in a row whenever Yuji makes a remark which disturbs her way of seeing things. Also Shana is very fond of melon bread.
* AbsoluteCleavage: Demonstrates this twice with her BadassLongcoat. Once after beating up Yuji for dropping in while she was changing, and again when her school uniform is slashed neatly down the chest by Sorath.
* AcademicAthlete: She's the best athlete in the school and gets perfect grades without ever needing to study.
* TheAce: She's considered the most powerful Flame Haze, and is the best student and athlete in the school.
* ActionGirl: The standout case for the series.
* ActionGirlfriend: She's one to the (initially) NonActionGuy that is Yuji Sakai, and she's famous for it.
* ACupAngst: An ''exceptionally'' mild version. She only indicates twice that she might be dissatisfied with her breast size during the entirety of the anime. A side story in the novels has her showing blatant irritation toward Margery flaunting her own large chest, leading to the two VolleyingInsults.
* AnimeChineseGirl: Shana was found originally in Hong Kong, likely making her this in ethnicity. She even (unwillingly) wore a {{qipao}} during her training prior to being a Flame Haze.
* AntiHero: Initially.
* BadassAdorable: This a little girl who goes up against monsters capable of devouring the existence of humans, and is one of the best fighters at that.
* BadassInDistress: While [[spoiler:being kept captive by Snake of the Festival Yuji]].
* BadassLongcoat: Shana frequently forgoes the sleeves and wears it as a BadassCape. It's technically a fragment of Alastor's wing, and contains {{Hammerspace}} where she stores weapons.
* BandageBabe: When she became a Flame Haze, her body was covered in bandages.
* BarehandedBladeBlock: Pulled this off in a flashback when she awakens to her abilities. Deconstructed because catching a blade with one's bare hands naturally leads to injury and she is shown visibly injured.
* BathingBeauty: She doesn't need to bathe at all, since she can just use Alastor's "purifying flame" to cleanse herself. She just spends an hour or so every day soaking in hot water because she enjoys it.
* BattleCouple: With Yuji.
* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: She wanted Yuji to become stronger so he could fight by her side. While he was quickly becoming a competent fighter due to her, Wilhelmina, and Margery's tutelage and the large amount of Power of Existence he possessed, he eventually became much more powerful [[spoiler:by merging with the Snake of the Festival]] and it didn't go at all as she expected.
* BettyAndVeronica: Veronica to Kazumi's Betty.
* BigShutUp: Her {{Catchphrase}}. "Urusai, urusai, urusai!"[[note]]"Shut up, shut up, shut up![[/note]]
* BladeReflection: The Trope picture. It also crops up a lot in official artworks, namely the final season's second ending credits, which has a reflection of Yuji [[spoiler:as the Snake of the Festival]].
* BodyguardCrush: As part of her duty as a Flame Haze, Shana must look after Yuji because of the Midnight Lost Child inside him.
* BreakTheHaughty: [[spoiler:Snake of the Festival Yuji]] utterly beats Shana down, captures her and seals her powers; ALL OF THIS after [[spoiler:he already confessed his love for her and is still confessing at any time given]]. She got better.
* CannotSpitItOut: She either stops talking of her own will, or is cut off by a MomentKiller.
* CantActPervertedTowardALoveInterest: Shana refuses to strip in front of Yuji, showing she sees him as more than a Torch (a mere "thing").
* {{Catchphrase}}: Whenever she gets frustrated, she'll shout "Urusai, urusai, urusai!"[[note]]"Shut up, shut up, shut up!"[[/note]] Her [[FunSize chibi form]] in the omake uses a childish, slurred form of this. Enough to qualify as a ShoutOut when done by her VA in similar roles (see PigeonholedVoiceActor).
* ChasteHeroine: Since she was merely raised for combat, Shana knows little to nothing about romance and sexuality. She didn't even know about kissing until Chigusa explained it to her. At one point, she starts asking everyone how babies are made, which makes for some ''really'' awkward moments...
* ClingyJealousGirl: Shana doesn't take it well when Yuji hangs out with Yoshida or Konoe but [[CannotSpitItOut can't bring herself to openly show affection for him]]. What's more, [[MurderTheHypotenuse she once thinks of cutting Yoshida down while the latter is frozen in a Fuzetsu]].
* ClothingDamage: Shana ends up partially or completely naked all the time.
* CrucifiedHeroShot: When Sorath and Tiriel caught her in episode 12.
%%* CryCute
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow: When she's in Flame Haze mode, her hair and eyes turn red.
* DangerousForbiddenTechnique: As Alastor's Flame Haze, she is able to materialize Alastor in the living world, causing widespread damage in a large area. However, casting the spell costs an enormous amount of Power of Existence and it will likely kill the Flame Haze. [[spoiler:Shana uses this spell once, but manages to survive thanks to having enough Power of Existence (this is in the anime season 1, where it is used as a climax much later after they fought and killed Friagne.)]]
** [[spoiler: In the manga and the movie, Shana is depicted as the Great One of Alastor, that is a being with exceptional capacity as a vessel, able to hold the whole of Alastor's being, even when forcibly summoned after Shana gets shot by Friagne using Trigger Happy.]]
* DangerouslyShortSkirt: Her Grade A ZettaiRyouiki wouldn't work otherwise.
* DeadPersonImpersonation: Sort of. She "becomes" Yukari Hirai after she fades away by absorbing her remaining Power of Existence, thus preserving everyone's memories about her and making them recognize her as Yukari.
* DefrostingIceQueen: Shana starts off cold and not caring for anyone. She sees herself as 'just a Flame Haze' and Yuji as 'just a Torch'. After some heartwarming from Yuji she comes to realize that he is more than just a torch and warms up to him.
* {{Deuteragonist}}: She is of equal importance as Yuji in regards to the plot, although the latter is ultimately the one driving the story forward.
* DevotedToYou: Yuji becomes so obsessed with her that he [[spoiler:willingly becomes Snake Of The Festival]] so he can create a world in which he can live peacefully with Shana.
* DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale: Although compared to other anime {{Tsundere}}s she doesn't beat Yuji up too much; she still gets to beat him up more frequently in the manga.
* DramaticDrop: Shana drops the cell phone she's using when Margery informs her over the phone that the immensely powerful [[PhysicalGod Crimson Lord]] they sensed entering Misaki City is [[spoiler:Yuji, who had been missing for several weeks]].
* EmpathicWeapon: Nietono no Shana, due to containing Tenmoku Ikko's spirit.
* EternalLove: With Yuji since they're both [[TheAgeless ageless]].
* FieryRedhead: [[PlayingWithFire Literally]], but only when she activates her Flame Haze powers. Normally, her hair is dark black-brown.
* FirstNameBasis: With Yuji.
* FlamingHair: While normal in form, when she activates her Flame Haze powers her hair is colored like a blazing flame with ember-like sparks flying off.
* FlamingSword: Being the Flame Haze of the Flame of Heaven, Shana can set the Nietono no Shana on fire.
* {{Foil}}: She and [[spoiler: Yuji]], as [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] by the latter.
** Both are the contractees to not merely Crimson Lords, but Crimson ''Gods''.
** Both are motivated by love for one another; [[spoiler: Shana's goal is to redeem Yuji, while Yuji's is to create a future where Shana can find peace and avoid becoming a casualty of the ForeverWar.]]
** Both are leaders of their respective factions; [[spoiler: Yuji]] as leader of Bal Masqué, Shana as leader of the Flame Haze making a last-ditch effort to thwart Bal Masqué's plans.
** Both have had enormous influence on the other's development; Shana becomes kinder and more empathetic under [[spoiler: Yuji's]] influence while [[spoiler: Yuji]] becomes more ruthless and aggressive under hers.
** Both wield [[CoolSword unique swords]]; Shana's Nietono no Shana can [[AbsurdlySharpBlade cut through virtually anything, even that held to be indestructible]], while [[spoiler: Yuji's Blutsauger]] can, when infused with Power of Existence, cause injury to anyone it merely ''touches''.
** Both are [[TheAgeless immortal]].
** Both are hit by JustAMachine, with Shana being a Flame Haze, a "hunting tool," and [[spoiler: Yuji]] being a Torch, a normally impermanent copy of a dead person.
** Both, over the course of the story, find and define their identities, acknowledging and embracing "what" they are (a Flame Haze, [[spoiler: a Torch]]), while also trascending it.
* FriendlyRivalry: Develops this with Kazumi later.
* FunSize: Shana-tan.
* GirlishPigtails: She wears her hair in pigtails sometimes.
* GodivaHair: Several times when she stands up in the bath.
* GoGoEnslavement: [[spoiler:Yuji as the Snake of the Festival]] puts her in fancy dresses, including an ElegantGothicLolita one [[spoiler:while he keeps her captive in Seireiden]].
* GoofyPrintUnderwear: The first episode of Season 3 shows that Shana wears panties that have a rather childish anime character on the seat.
* GratuitousEnglish: This happens when she corrects the teacher during English class. The sentence "That which we call a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet" can just barely be understood.
* GreenEyedEpiphany: She comes to understand and accept her feelings for Yuji when Kazumi confronts her and tells her she's going to confess to him and pursue him more actively.
* {{Hammerspace}}: Her BadassLongcoat can appear out of nowhere, and she keeps her sword in it. Of course, it is [[JustifiedTrope explicitly magical]].
* HatesBeingAlone: Realizes this in the first fight she enters without Yuji since she met him.
%%* HotBlooded
* HotWings: She gains a pair of fiery wings relatively early on. It's worth noting that many Flame Hazes and Denizens can fly unaided.
* ICanChangeMyBeloved: After [[spoiler:Yuji becomes Snake of the Festival, she makes her goal to defeat him and redeem him in order to be with him]].
* IdiotHair: Despite being an excellent student. She's a bit of a LeeroyJenkins at first, but becomes more strategic later.
* IgnoredConfession: At the end of Season 1, Shana confesses to Yuji that she loves him when [[DyingDeclarationOfLove they think they are going to die]], but he barely heard it and considers it so unlikely that he thinks he's probably ''misheard'' it.
* IKnowYoureInThereSomewhereFight: To [[spoiler:Yuji after he becomes Snake of the Festival]]. However, [[spoiler:at the end it's subverted since he wasn't being controlled]].
* ImageSong: EXIST, Blue Sky & EXIST II.
* ImmortalImmaturity: Her age is unknown, but she certainly doesn't behave much more mature than most AdorablyPrecociousChild examples. Part of it is due to her sheltered life.
* InASingleBound: Before she gets [[PowerGivesYouWings wings]].
* IndifferentBeauty: While this series have its share of beautiful girls, Shana is acknowledged as a very beautiful girl by Crimson Denizens she 'hunted' and they note it in rumors they circulate on her. She doesn't care, which is pretty understandable due to how she was raised as perfect vessel for Alastor.
-->'''Friagne''': "Flame Haze of Nietono no Shana. How beautiful you are, just like the rumor."
* InnocentFanserviceGirl: Shana used to strip naked in front of others and let Alastor purify her with fire instead of bathing. Fortunately Sophie Sawallisch managed to shame her out of it before she met Yuji.
* InsistentTerminology: She was originally a bit irritated with Yuji's naming her "Shana." After she begins to fall in love with him, and especially after she accepts her feelings for him and openly comes to value him ([[{{Tsundere}} though confessing her love remains an issue for a while]]), she insists that she be called both the "Flame-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter" [[HeartwarmingMoments and "Shana."]]
* JapanesePronouns: Regularly uses ''omae'', which is out of the ordinary for a girl of her ([[VagueAge apparent]]) age. By season 3, when she's become open about her feelings for Yuji, she addresses him with the more polite ''anata''.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: She can be a rather big insensitive jerk and her usual treatment of Yuji doesn't help. {{Justified|Trope}} due to limited social interaction. She's a good person deep down, which becomes more obvious thanks to Yuji and Chigusa.
* KatanasAreJustBetter: A nodachi, to be precise.
* TheKirk: To Wilhemina's [[TheSpock Spock]] and Margery's [[TheMcCoy McCoy]]. In the Yuji-Shana-Kazumi LoveTriangle, she's TheMcCoy.
* LackOfEmpathy: Initially, Shana considers Torches to be "things," and even when dealing with humans, doesn't see any reason why they should matter to her. This causes her a fair bit of grief, particularly when she fails to take Yuji's feelings into account, despite him mattering very much to her indeed.
* LeeroyJenkins: Tactically, she's not a LeeroyJenkins, but strategically she is. While she plans her actual, immediate combat moves quickly but carefully, her default solution is to attack the enemy directly until she kills them. That is not always an option. There's a reason why [[GuileHero Yuji]] is usually the one to figure out ''how'' to actually defeat the enemy (Friagne, the Aizen twins (to a degree), Sabrac, etc.).
** [[spoiler: She does get better by the third season, largely due to the fact that after the Flame Hazes' defeat by Bal Masqué at the Palace of the Stars, only she and a handful of Flame Hazes are able and willing to continue the fight. These Flame Hazes look to her for leadership, and she does an admirable job in formulating a plan to alter Xanadu's creation to prevent Crimson Denizens from eating humans in the new world. Unfortunately, Bal Masqué's [[TheStrategist strategist Bel Peol]] anticipated such a plan.]]
* LegacyCharacter: The second Flame-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter after Mathilde Saint-Omer.
* LethalChef: Her original attempts to cook, even under Chigusa's supervision, were disasterous. Eventually she learns better.
* LieToTheBeholder: Thanks to having absorbed Yukari Hirai's remaining Power of Existence, normal people perceive Shana as Yukari despite them looking nothing alike.
* LittleMissBadass: She's among the shortest characters in the cast, but it belies her nature as one of the most powerful Flame Hazes in the story.
* LoveIsAWeakness: At first, her feelings for Yuji caused her great frustration and angst, distracting her and making her lose battles. Alastor and Wilhelmina attempted to kill him because of this.
* MentorArchetype: She begins training Yuji to fight Crimson Denizens after the latter learns he'll not being disappearing like most Mystes and Torches. [[spoiler: This backfires on her spectacularly when Yuji ends up putting that training to use ''against'' the Flame Hazes, as the leader of Bal Masqué.]]
* MsFanservice: Shana has a few issues [[ClothingDamage with keeping her clothes on]] during the series and has at least two {{Furo Scene}}s.
* MundaneUtility: She mentions that she doesn't need to bathe, since she can just use Alastor's "purifying flame" to cleanse herself.
* NamedWeapon: Her nodachi, Nietono no Shana.
* NoSocialSkills: She was raised for combat, and Alastor and Wilhemina failed to see the importance of anything besides that, not even a name. As a result, Shana is unaware of many social norms and doesn't know how to interact with people very well.
* OdangoHair: When she puts on a yukata.
* OneNoteCook: She only makes melonpan.
* OnlyOneName: Aside from her moniker as the "Flame-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter", she is only known as Shana ([[NoNameGiven and that's only recently)]].
* PersonOfMassDestruction: Her ultimate technique, which allows her to materialize Alastor. Even without resorting to this, she's strong enough in ''II'' that she can incinerate several square miles of Misaki City, and only gets stronger from there.
* PitbullDatesPuppy: Shana is a tough {{Tsundere}} monster fighter who has NoSocialSkills and at first, she doesn't care about anything or anyone, only thinking about fighting. She inevitably falls in love with the kind-hearted and sensitive NonActionGuy Yuji.
* PlayingWithFire: True to her moniker, she's one of the most powerful Flame Hazes, and fights with extremely fiery Unrestricted Spells.
* PowerDyesYourHair: Black to red, usually accompanied with embers.
* PowerFist: [[ElementalPunch Made of fire no less]].
* PowerGivesYouWings: After her second fight against Margery Daw, Shana gains a pair of wings although she wasn't able to use this spell without Yuji in range at first.
* ThePowerOfLove: Feels that Yuji's presence gives her a power boost: "I feel stronger because Yuji's here; I can do anything!"
* RapunzelHair: Her hair is almost as long as her body.
* RedOniBlueOni: Red to Yuji's Blue.
* SacredFirstKiss: An entire episode is devoted to explaining to her the "milestone" nature of this. She reacts [[{{Tsundere}} as expected]].
* SacrificedBasicSkillForAwesomeTraining: Shana is the penultimate Flame Haze, but her [[TheSpartanWay training]] left her crippling ill-equipped to deal with life when it came to things besides combat. While there are some humorous consequences to this (such as her innocently asking [[LoveInterests Yuji]] and his family how babies were made), the trope is played very seriously as well. In the early story arcs, her incomprehension of her growing feelings for Yuji caused a lot of angst and frustration on her part.
* SamaritanRelationshipStarter: She began to see Yuji as more than a mere Torch after he allowed her to use his Power of Existence to restore the places that were destroyed in the Fuzetsu barriers in his school so she wouldn't use his classmates instead. Since all the Torches Shana had met before Yuji exhibited selfish attitudes, this left quite an impression on Shana.
* {{Sarashi}}: In a few episodes.
* ShanaClone: The [[TropeNamer original]] flavor.
* SheCleansUpNicely: She impresses Yuji when she puts on a dress that Chigusa gave her.
* ShowerOfAngst: In the beginning of the third season, she takes a shower while she is sad about [[spoiler: Yuji's mysterious disappearance]].
* SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan: She falls in love with Yuji because he's such a NiceGuy.
* SittingOnTheRoof: Does this after her first day in Yuji's world, waiting for Friagne to return so that she can fight him again.
* SociopathicHero: Originally, due to being raised as the "perfect Flame Haze", Shana didn't care at all about people, considering preserving the balance the only thing that mattered. She would even casually use human lives to restore the places that were destroyed in the Fuzetsu barriers. Yuji's influence makes her care more about people.
* StrongGirlSmartGuy: With Yuji. Shana is a tough monster fighter who was raised to be the perfect Flame Haze, while Yuji is an average guy who mostly relies on his intelligence and analysis skills to help Shana in battle.
* SweetTooth: Melon bread in particular, but any sweet food in general. In manga omakes depicting Shana's first encounter with Sophie Sawallisch, Sophie attempted to find a nickname for Shana (this occurred before she encountered Yuji and was dubbed "Shana" by him). She fires off a series of pet names and notices that [[ExpressiveHair Shana reacts to some of them]], only to realize that she's responding not because she likes the names, but because some of them have sweet connotations like "Candy". Shortly after, Shana responds to a coming ice-cream truck with such seriousness that Sophie at first assumed that Shana somehow sensed a Crimson Denizen that escaped her notice.
** In the manga, Yuji offers her coffee, which she promptly spits out proclaiming that she's never tasted anything so bitter...after Yuji had emptied several packets of sugar into it.
** In the first episode of ''Shakugan no Shana S'', Shana consumes several pounds of ice cream. [[FreakyFridayFlip She was in Yuji's body at the time]], and Yuji's body doesn't quite have the same tolerance for so much junk food as Shana's.
* TheyCallHimSword: In an interesting twist, her ''[[NamedWeapons sword]]'' [[NamedWeapons has a name]], but ''[[NoNameGiven she]]'' [[NoNameGiven doesn't]]. So Yuji names her after her sword.
* TinyTyrannicalGirl: Again, she's one of the shortest characters, and has a pretty nasty temperament at first, often beating up Yuji.
%%* TokenMiniMoe
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: {{Tomboy}} to Kazumi's GirlyGirl.
* TomboyishPonytail: In gym class, she wears her hair in a ponytail.
* TomboyWithAGirlyStreak: She's mostly a no-nonsense ActionGirl, but even she has her bouts of girliness.
* TookALevelInKindness: She softens up a bit later in the series after continuous interaction with Yuji, Chigusa and Kazumi.
* TownGirls: The Neither to Wilhelmina's Femme and Margery's Butch.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Melon bread. She's rarely seen eating anything else, and the few times she smiles is before and while eating the stuff.
* {{Tsundere}}: So much so that she is the [[Pantheon/OtherEmotions Goddess of Tsundere]]. Also justified, see WhatIsThisThingYouCallLove below.
* TsurimeEyes
* {{Tykebomb}}: She was raised with sole motive of becoming a Flame Haze.
* UnscrupulousHero: At first. While Shana chooses fights Crimson Denizens in order to preserve the balance, she didn't care about protecting people and wouldn't hesistate to sacrifice lives in order to complete her missions.
* UnskilledButStrong: A partial subversion in that she received training from Wilhelmina, but her fighting style basically boils down to rushing in and beating their enemies in straight forward battle.
* VagueAge: It's not clear exactly how old Shana is. She became a Flame Haze outside of a very modern-looking city, she's small and flat (the light novels describe her as looking like an 11-year-old) and can be rather childish, but it's never specified how old she was when she stopped aging or how many years she has been a Flame Haze. Still, she makes herself pass as a high school student with a childlike body.
* WhatIsThisThingYouCallLove:
** Essentially being a {{Tykebomb}} solely raised for combat is skimpy when it comes to romance; never even being taught ''what love was'' helps explain why she reacts to her obvious feelings [[{{Tsundere}} the way she does]].
** Less humorously, this trope was a major issue in the early part of the series, where her growing feelings, which she did not understand, caused angst, frustration, and self-doubt that Margery and Friagne ruthlessly exploited in their fights with her.
* WhatTheHellHero: Afraid that Yuji was distracting Shana from her purpose as a Flame Haze, Wilhelmina attempted to kill him and remove the Midnight Lost Child. Shana was not pleased about this.
* WhenSheSmiles: Yuji comments that her smile is beautiful in the manga.
* WillTheyOrWontThey: With Yuji. [[spoiler:TheyDo.]]
* ZettaiRyouiki: Somewhere between grade B and grade A. She even wears her black stockings in gym class.



!!!''Flame of Heaven''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MasashiEbara (JP), Creator/PaulDobson (Geneon), Creator/KentWilliams (Funimation) (EN)

The Crimson Lord to whom Shana is bound. He expresses his will through a pendant as his divine vessel, called Cocytus. Alastor is considered to be one of the strongest of all Lords or Denizens; in fact, he is one of the ''true Gods'' of the Crimson Realm, the God of Atonement. But even so, he tries to keep the Denizens from consuming Power of Existence. Alastor is like a father-figure to Shana and cares for her, as he had watched over the future Flame-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter as she grew up.
* AmuletOfConcentratedAwesome: Technically, he resides within Shana herself but uses a pendant as his mouthpiece.
* EldritchAbomination: His true form, depicted in the movie as a giant, bat-winged minotaur WreathedInFlames. Of course, he has the power to burn everything in his wake.
* {{Foil}}: Has two of them:
** Marchosias: Whereas Alastor is a ConsummateProfessional who sees hunting Crimson Denizens as his solemn duty, Marchosias is a BloodKnight who's hunts for, well, the thrill of the hunt. Alastor (at first) sees little point in fostering Shana's humanity and is reluctant to encourage Shana's relationship with Yuji. Marchosias will go out of his way to ensure Margery Daw develops bonds with others and is a gleeful ShipperOnDeck for Margery and Keisaku. Futhermore, Alastor is Shana's mentor and a father figure whom she greatly respects, while Marchosias is Margery's partner and frequent target of her (frequently deserved) abuse.
** Snake of the Festival: They are both [[PhysicalGod Crimson Gods]] who are hosted by contractees, both who are or become the respective leaders of their factions. Both have an extremely potent power, a Divine Summoning, that requires a ritual and sacrifice to activate. But while Alastor is aligned with the Flame Haze and has a duty to prevent the Crimson Denizens from accomplishing their desires, the Snake of the Festival is aligned with the Denizens and his purpose is to fulfill their desires. Their Divine Summonings have opposite purposes as well; Alastor's Heaven-and-Earth Sundering is a technique of ultimate destructive power, whereas the Snake of the Festival's Ritual-Grounding [[RealityWarper can create virtually anything.]]
* GodIsFlawed: Alastor does have his short comings. His emphasis on raising Shana to be the perfect Flame Haze meant that Shana was [[NoSocialSkills very ignorant of human interactions and relationships]]. The worst example of this was how Shana used to strip naked in front of others and let Alastor purify her instead of bathing, something Sophie Sawallisch managed to shame her out of (thankfully before she met Yuji).
* GodIsGood: He and the Snake of the Festival are the closest thing to a PhysicalGod in this universe, although Alastor does his best to prevent the Crimson Denizens from devouring the power of existence, making him a clear-cut benevolent being.
* {{Leitmotif}}: ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afga3xCkreo Alastor]]''
* MeaningfulName: Alastor is one of Zeus' epithets, particularly in his form as the avenger of evil deeds.
* NotSoStoic: In the manga, usually for comedy. He even joins Shana in teasing Yuji over his mother's pet name ("Yu-chan") for him.
* OverprotectiveDad:
** Acts a little bit like this towards Shana at first. He wanted Chigusa to stop talking to Shana about matters such as kissing, knowing about the emotional conflict her growing feelings for Yuji cause. Chigusa [[LetHerGrowUpDear talked him out of it]].
** Alastor specifically opposes Shana's relationship with Yuji, believing both that LoveIsAWeakness that will distract Shana from being the ultimate Flame Haze, ''and'' that Yuji is flat out not worthy. [[spoiler: Eventually he changes his tune after Yuji manages to impress him as a fighter and leader.]]
* ParentalSubstitute: To Shana. He's the one who raised her in her second life. He also poses as her guardian.
* PhysicalGod: His power is such that he, the Snake of the Festival, and [[TheUnseen the God of Guidance Shaher]], are put on a tier higher than the rest of the Crimson Lords.
* PlayingWithFire: All Crimson Denizens and Flame Hazes count to an extent, but Alastor and his contractors are notable for Unrestricted Spells revolving around fire.
* ShipperOnDeck: [[spoiler: He eventually comes to approve Shana's relationship with Yuji. In Season 2, right before seemingly killing Sabrac, he tells Shana that he wouldn't have interfered with her had she decided to tell Yuji that she loved him.]]
* WorthyOpponent: The Snake of the Festival views him as this.



[[folder:Kazumi Yoshida]]

->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AyakoKawasumi (JP), Creator/ChantalStrand (Geneon), Creator/BrinaPalencia (Funimation) (EN)

Yuji's classmate. She has a crush on him, but is a bit too shy to tell him directly. When Shana becomes her love-rival, she vows to tell Yuji her feelings and to let him decide between her and Shana.
* BalloonBelly: Gains a big one in ''no Shana-tan Final Destruction 2''.
* BarehandedBladeBlock: Played straight in one of ''Shakugan no Shana-tan'' [=OVAs=], where she casually blocks [[FunSize Shana-tan's]] sword with her fingers.
* BettyAndVeronica: Betty to Shana's Veronica.
* CannotSpitItOut: She's entirely too shy to ask Yuji out, and continually stumbles over her tongue. [[spoiler: Lasts until Episode 19.]]
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow: Brown hair and eyes.
* FeminineWomenCanCook: She often makes bento for Yuji -- which is an ability that Shana will not have.
* FriendlyRivalry: With Shana eventually.
* HairDecorations: Her cute white ribbon and two pair of red hairclips. But in some episode she wear something else cuter like on the episode [[spoiler:where Ike confesses to her]].
* HeroicSacrifice: Tries to do this by [[spoiler:using a Treasure Tool that would use up her existence to summon the Crimson Lord Pheles to the battlefield]]. [[SubvertedTrope Although]] it turns out that [[spoiler:it is the singleminded dedication one must have in order to be willing to die that summons Pheles, and her death is not actually required]].
* HiddenBuxom: Kazumi obviously has {{Hammerspace}} for her breasts, as she barely seems to have any in her school uniform, but they're huge in her swimsuit.
* IJustWantToBeSpecial: She wishes for powers in order to be with Yuji.
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: Realizing that her feelings for Yuji would be dwarfed by Shana's, she still wishes for Yuji to find his own happiness.
* TheKirk: In the Yuji-Shana-Kazumi LoveTriangle.
* LuminescentBlush: Especially when she's with Yuji.
* MsFanservice: When in her swimsuits.
* NiceGirl: Ike rattles off her 'nice girl' qualities such as 'loyal' and 'attentive' immediately before realizing he's in love with her.
* ObliviousToLove: Never realizes of Ike's feelings for her [[spoiler:until he confesses]].
* TheRival: To Shana for Yuji. They eventually get on better terms.
* RomanticRunnerUp: Female version: The girl who couldn't get the guy...
* ShrinkingViolet: She's shy, bashful, and needs Ike to give her a push to say anything to Yuji. She gets bolder as the story goes on.
* SilkHidingSteel: Even ''she'' doesn't know what a PluckyGirl she is. She's a ShrinkingViolet who doesn't have the nerve to confess to the boy she loves, but in the clutch, she has the nerve to [[DidWeJustHaveTeaWithCthulhu invite a Crimson Denizen who had just tried to kill Yuji to the Autumn Festival]] to [[WhatIsThisThingYouCallLove show her what love is]], and later [[spoiler: be willing to sacrifice her life to summon that Denizen into battle]].
* SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan: Just like Shana she likes Yuji because he's such a NiceGuy.
* TaremeEyes: Round eyes to show her sweet and friendly nature; another contrast with Shana.
* ThroughHisStomach: Usually to show her affection for Yuji, but sometimes for friends, such as Ike and Shana.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Girly Girl to Shana's Tomboy.
* {{Yandere}}: PlayedForLaughs in the Shana-tan omakes.


[[folder:Hayato Ike]]

->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/HirofumiNojima (JP), Creator/MatthewErickson (Geneon), Creator/JoelMcDonald (Funimation) (EN)

Yuji's friend since Junior High School. Carries the title "Megane-man" ("Glasses Man"). He is secretly fond of Yoshida; however, as Yuji's loyal (and best) friend, he is the one who helps her to show her feelings toward Yuji.
* CannotSpitItOut: [[spoiler: Averted with him simply confessing to Yoshida.]]
* TheChewToy: This guy ''can not'' catch a break.
* ADayInTheLimelight: The theme park episode in the second season, though mostly just [[TheChewToy to get chewed on]].
* HopelessSuitor: To Kazumi, with the latter being lovestruck with Yuji.
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: Hayato cares more for Kazumi's feelings than his own, enough that he helps her get closer to Yuji. He eventually was tired with Yuji's SelectiveObliviousness over this and tells him that he's being rude and cruel. And then there's [[SpoilerOpening the opening of the second season]]...
* LockedOutOfTheLoop: Never learns about Flame Hazes and Crimson Denizens.
* LoveEpiphany: One morning he's wondering why Yuji doesn't hook up with Kazumi. He rattles off her good qualities absent-mindly while preparing for school. The snap you hear is not his pencil case closing but the gears clicking in his head!
* MatchmakerCrush: He has feelings for Kazumi despite he is helping her get Yuji.
%%* {{Megane}}
* OnlySaneMan: Where Yuji's romantic affairs are concerned, he's this. He can tell that there's a LoveTriangle going on and that Yuji's hurting the girls' feelings, though he doesn't quite realize just how [[ObliviousToLove dense]] Yuji is.
* SeriousBusiness: His frankly ''ludicrous'' level of planning for the theme park visit; that entire episode is largely poking fun at how seriously Ike takes things in general. The dramatic battle music even plays when something goes wrong.
* ShipperOnDeck: Favors Kazumi x Yuji. Also, really wants Yuji to pick a girl already instead of bouncing three of them.
%%* TsurimeEyes


[[folder:Chigusa Sakai]]

->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/TomoSakurai (JP), Creator/LalainiaLindbjerg (Geneon), Creator/LydiaMackay (Funimation) (EN)

Yuji's mother. She can seem gentle but she's strong and very intelligent. Her husband, Kantaro, works outside the country. Chigusa remains ignorant of Shana's and Yuji's true nature, but becomes a source of good advice for Shana on matters where Alastor can not counsel her. The Crimson Lord himself acknowledges and bows to her wisdom after a phone call between the two of them when he posed as Shana's guardian.
%%* EyesAlwaysShut
* FeminineWomenCanCook: She makes snacks for the leads and dinner too. This earned her envy from [[LethalChef Wilhelmina]].
* GoodParents: She clearly loves Yuji and helps him with his relationship troubles.
%%* HappilyMarried
* HighSchoolSweethearts: She and Kantaro got married while they were still students, due to an early pregnancy.
* {{Housewife}}: She takes care of the Sakai household.
* LetHerGrowUpDear: Not to her husband, but to Alastor. She convinces him to let Shana adapt to society and accept her feelings for Yuji.
* LockedOutOfTheLoop: Throughout the entire story, she never catches on with the nature of Shana and her son Yuji's predicaments.
* ParentalSubstitute: Serves as one to Shana until Wilhelmina comes back. After [[spoiler: Yuji [[RetGone disappears]]]], Shana becomes a [[InvertedTrope Child Substitute]] instead, as Chigusa needs to have someone around to parent. She does hesitate on giving her TheTalk, mostly because she thinks it should be Wilhelmina's place (she's not aware just how bad Wilhelmina's parenting is).
* ShipperOnDeck: Encourages Yuji x Shana from both ends; she gives Yuji (platonic) relationship advice, invites Shana to dinner, explains the signifiance of kisses and puts her in a dress to show off to Yuji.
* TeenPregnancy: Deconstructed. Chigusa and Kantaro were still students when she became pregnant with [[spoiler: an infant son, who died from complications during pregnancy. Teen pregnancies are dangerous. Later, they had Yuji, who did survive.]]
* YamatoNadeshiko: Alastor remarks how nothing fazes her; she's always cheerful and has snacks prepared. A 'Crowning Moment' would be when he called Chigusa to tell her not to talk to Shana about romantic matters and she talks him out of it while remaining polite and flattering and not-quite-disagreeing with him.


[[folder:Kantaro Sakai]]

->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/KeijiFujiwara (JP), Creator/ChuckHuber (EN)

Yuji's father. His business keeps him away from home months at a time, but he maintains an excellent relationship with his wife and son despite this fact. He rarely announces his visits, preferring to surprise his family instead. Despite some brief confusion upon first meeting him, Shana comes to admire him and see his relationship with Chigusa as a role model for her own developing relationship with Yuji.
%%* BigEater
%%* GoodParents
%%* HappilyMarried
* HighSchoolSweethearts: He and Chigusa got married when they were still students, due to an early pregnancy.
* SoProudOfYou: His attitude towards Yuji, who he sees is maturing tremendously. Feeling that Yuji is ready, Kantaro has a heart-to-heart talk with Yuji about responsibility and also informs him that he had a twin brother that did not survive childbirth.
* WhenYouComingHomeDad: His work keeps him overseas for months at a time. He's so absent, that when he returns for a visit Shana mistakes him for an enemy.


[[folder:Keisaku Satou]]

->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/KenjiNojima (JP), Creator/BradSwaile (Geneon), Creator/GregAyres (Funimation) (EN)

A somewhat (one friend) LonelyRichKid who, along with his friend Eita, becomes Margery's [[MissionControl retainers\henchmen]]. He's rich, and his house becomes Margery's by extension, and both he and Eita have a thinly veiled crush on her, albeit his is stronger.
* CuteButCacophonic: He sounded appropriate in season 1, but his English voice actor changed for season 2 and beyond and he fell into this.
* DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife: He was 'meh' before meeting Margery and discovering the truth of the world. After that he jumped at a [[CallToAdventure call]] he never got to asist her in battle [[spoiler: and near the end of the first season, tells Yuji he'll leave Misaki city with him. "There's nothing for me here."]]
* DoggedNiceGuy: Margery pretty much commandeers his home, drinks his home dry of alcoholic beverages daily, and generally tends to be really high maintenance. However, he keeps his mouth shut and helps her (as a MissionControl) with her job as a Flame Haze due to being deeply in love with her. She tries to keeps him at arms length with her DarkAndTroubledPast, but this epically backfires, and by the end of Season 2, she's rather aware he hasn't given up. [[spoiler:It all pays off in the end and he and Margery become an OfficialCouple in the third season.]]
* DudeShesLikeInAComa: [[spoiler:Kisses Margery while she is in an AngstComa. It turns out she was actually awake, but he didn't know that.]]
* IJustWantToBeBadass: He spends all his after school time training so he can join the fight.
* JumpedAtTheCall: Eagerly helps Margery with her Flame Haze stuff; so eagerly she produces a sword he could never hope to lift to demonstrate the difference between them. Instead, he shifts his training to picking it up.
* LikesOlderWomen: The woman he loves is physically about twice his age (in reality she is hundreds of years older than him).
* LivingEmotionalCrutch: Becomes this to [[spoiler:Margery after she loses any other purpose in life after discovering the truth about the Silver]].
* LonelyRichKid: He's not deprived of friends, but he does have a small social circle.
* MayDecemberRomance: With Margery. A rare example that's also MayflyDecemberRomance; biologically, Margery is well into her twenties at the youngest, and could easily be in her thirties.
* MayflyDecemberRomance: Margery will almost certainly outlive him.
* MissionControl: For Margery. Wants to be more.
** [[spoiler:By the second season, he even considers becoming a Flame Haze himself just to be better able to support her.]]
*** [[spoiler:By the third season, he attempts to join Outlaw, the MissionControl organization for Flame Haze in general. Unfortunately, they decide to hold him hostage in an attempt to convince Wilhelmina to report in and not to [[RogueAgent go rogue]].]]
* NonActionGuy: Hates this status, and wants to be more proactive than MissionControl.
* TheResenter: To Yuji, albeit due to the fact he resents not being action capable like Yuji. Actual hatred for Yuji himself is not present.
* SubordinateExcuse: Though it was initially a barely hidden sexual attraction at first for both himself and Eita, he started gaining true feelings for her.
* ThoseTwoGuys: Along with Eita.
%%* TsurimeEyes


[[folder:Eita Tanaka]]

->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/TakayukiKondo (JP), Alistair Abell (Geneon), Creator/IanSinclair (Funimation) (EN)

One of Yuji's classmates, and Keisaku's friend. After meeting Margery, he starts helping her along with Keisaku.
* AmazonChaser: His introduction to Margery was her beating up thugs. Afterwards, he has a goofy look on his face and asks for premission to call her 'elder sister'.
* BetaCouple: With Ogata.
* EyesAlwaysShut: Most of the time, only opening them when the situation is dire or during a tense conversation with [[spoiler:Yuji as the Snake of the Festival]].
* FreakOut: [[spoiler:Has a pretty bad freak out when Magery seemingly killed Ogata. Since they where in the Fuzetsu the damage could be undone. However the event ended up mentally scarring him quite severely.]]
* InsultBackfire: Margery was afraid she insulted him after offhandly mentioning to someone else that he was her 'minion'. Instead, he was happy!
* MissionControl: Like Keisaku, he provides tactical information to Margery.
* MistakenForGay: In the first season's OVA, while visiting a hot spring Tanaka and Keisaku race each other up a set of stairs, which, unbeknownst to them, local tradition says guarantees marriage between any two people who go up it together. Ogata, who is crushing on Tanaka, is understandably upset about this and HilarityEnsues for the rest of the episode as she tries to derail Tanaka and Keisaku's budding "relationship".
* OptOut: He decides to never deal with Flame Hazes after [[spoiler:seeing Margery kill Ogata in UnstoppableRage (Ogata got better). It doesn't stick for long, though he finally goes through with it near the end, explaining that he trusts Snake of the Festival Yuji's plan to save the world, and throwing away the {{Phlebotinum}} that allows him to operate inside a ''Fuzetsu'' as a sign of his faith.]]
* ThoseTwoGuys: Along with Keisaku.


[[folder:Matake Ogata]]

->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/YumikoKobayashi (JP), Creator/NicoleBouma (Geneon), Creator/BrittneyKarbowski (Funimation) (EN)

One of Yuji's classmates. She is {{tomboy}}ish, extraverted, and very social. She often suggests that the group do things together when everyone else is too shy.
* AppliedPhlebotinum: [[spoiler:After Margery accidentally kills her. She was able to get better because they were inside a Seal.]]
* BetaCouple: With Eita.
%%* BoyishShortHair
%%* FieryRedhead
%%* GenkiGirl
* HugeSchoolgirl: Not huge, but she stands a head taller than Shana, Kazumi, or Konoe. She is also the only freshman allowed to play in the volleyball game.
* LockedOutOfTheLoop: One of the few characters who don't know about Flame Hazes.
* MoralityChain: For Eita.
%%* {{Muggle}}
%%* TsurimeEyes


[[folder:Yukari Hirai]]

->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MasumiAsano (JP), Ashleigh Ball (Geneon), Creator/AlisonViktorin (Funimation) (EN)

She was Yuji's classmate. In the light novel series, she starts already dead. In the anime, she dies when Friagne's Rinne Marianne appears on her way home and killed everyone in the vicinity of the attack, except Yuji, who is rescued by Shana. Shana makes a Torch of Yukari, and everyone who was involved, that same day. Unfortunately, her flame burns out on the next day and her existence disappears as a result. In both versions, Shana uses the remains of Yukari's existence to shift the perception of others' identification of Yukari Hirai as herself.
* BackFromTheDead: In the final novel, [[spoiler:she is revived by Kazumi, who uses her memories of Yukari as well as the fragment of her power of existence that Shana took in order to assume her identity]].
* ADeathInTheLimelight: In the light novel series, Yukari starts off "dead," with Yuji coming to class and finding that Shana had replaced her shortly after [[BrokenMasquerade learning the truth of the world]]. In the anime, viewers meet Yukari in the first episode, get a glimpse of her personality and characteristics (such as a crush on Ike), and see her consumed in the attack that reveals to Yuji the SecretWar between Flame Hazes and Denizens. The bulk of the second episode revolves around Yuji trying to ensure that her rapidly diminishing Torch is remembered by someone.
* {{Expy}}: She somewhat resembles Yukari Tatsumiya from ''[[Literature/TeitoMonogatari Doomed Megalopolis]]'', both in looks (bar the animation style, obviously) and the role as a tearjerking victim of supernatural influences. Her first name is directly taken from her, while her surname comes probably from a character named Hirai from the same work.
* ForgottenFallenFriend: She shows Yuji the reality of the world, spurs him to let her enjoy her last days, and then after her Torch fades and Shana takes her place she is never mentioned again. Justified, considering Yuji wasn't really close to Yukari and her crush was on his friend, not him.
%%* GenkiGirl
%%* GirlishPigtails
%%* HairDecorations
* RetGone: Semi-averted. She ''would'' have disappeared completely after her Power of Existence was consumed, if Shana didn't take her identity, thus preserving everyone's memories about her.
%%* SacrificialLamb
* ShipperOnDeck: In the movie, she supports Yuji/Kazumi because if they got together she could get closer to Ike.
%%* TaremeEyes
%%* WeHardlyKnewYe


[[folder:Fumina Konoe]]

->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MamikoNoto (JP), Creator/LindsaySeidel (EN)

A transfer student who bears an absolute resemblance to Hecate. She develops a bond with Yuji, which bothers Shana and Kazumi. She is actually the Faux Vessel of Hecate, sent to collect emotions and memories to enable Hecate to control the Silver, which in turn would control the Statue of Pride, which was meant to be the Snake of the Festival's host prior to Yuji and Shana destroying it.
* CanonForeigner: Konoe is an anime-exclusive character. Neither she nor her plot appear in the light novels.
* CaughtTheHeartOnHisSleeve: To Yuji, all the time because she's an apparition sent by Hecate to monitor him. Non-romantic example, but the other characters think it is.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: She's usually seen chasing birds and butterflies, when she's not spilling her books on the floor and wondering why they won't come up again.
* EmptyShell: Starts out as this, for good reason: she's a Faux Vessel of Hecate created to collect memories and emotions.
%%* FriendToAllLivingThings
%%* TheMole
%%* NewTransferStudent
* ThirdOptionLoveInterest: [[SubvertedTrope Subverted]]. Shana and Kazumi see her as this, but Konoe has no romantic feelings towards Yuji, and Yuji never expresses any attraction to her.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair



[[folder:Tenmoku Ikko]]
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/TakayukiSugo (JP), Mark Gibbon (Geneon), Creator/ChuckHuber (Funimation) (EN)

A Torch who created Nietono no Shana. Reputed as the most powerful Mystes in the world.
* AbsurdlySharpBlade: He can cut Fecor's Magnesia with the Nietono no Shana. [[BeyondTheImpossible A feat that no Crimson Lord has ever matched.]]
* BadassNormal: If you think about it; a single Mystes (which is merely a Torch that contains a Treasure Tool) able to strike fear into the hearts of Denizens and even Lords.
* DeathSeeker: He wanders Japan searching for someone worthy of Nietono no Shana.
* TheDreaded: Among Crimson Denizens.
* ImplacableMan
* KatanasAreBetter
* {{Samurai}}
* SealedBadassInACan: His spirit stays in Nietono no Shana, and can manifest physically if needed.
* UltimateBlacksmith: He made Nietono no Shana, after all.
* WalkingTheEarth: [[BloodKnight And looking for a fight]].



!!!''Eternal Lover''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MitsukiSaiga (JP), Creator/JohnBurgmeier (EN)

The former Mystes and one of the creators of the Midnight Lost Child. The Midnight Lost Child was created to ensure eternal life for Johann and to enable Pheles to cease consuming humans. However, due to a fight against the Bal Masqué's assassin Sabrac that severely wounded Johann, she sealed her lover into the Midnight Lost Child. She was unaware that Sabrac had also placed a piece of Bal Masqué's Xanadu-creating spell (Psalm of the Grand Order) and a version of the Silver (Tyrant I) into the Hougu simultaneously. The Midnight Lost Child then transported itself into Sakai Yuji, who is currently possessing it.
* AbusiveParents: His father tried to sacrifice him for a useless Power of Unrestraint to gain eternal youth.
* {{Bishonen}}
* DevotedToYou: Pheles is hopelessly obsessed with him, and will do ''anything'' to get him back.
* EternalLove: He created the Midnight Lost Child so he could become immortal and be with Pheles forever. They managed to be together for 200 years.
* FusionDance: [[spoiler:In the finale, he and Pheles combine their existences and give birth to Justus.]]
* GadgeteerGenius: As mentioned above, helped invent the Midnight Lost Child and invented bandages that cancel out Sabrac's deadly Stigma. Unfortunately, the latter [[ItOnlyWorksOnce did not stick]].
* HannibalLecture: A rare non-evil example. [[spoiler: After being released from the Midnight Lost Child, Johann delivers one to Snake of the Festival Yuji. Ironically, Johann is not criticizing Snake of the Festival Yuji's goals, which are noble, or even the means by which he's trying to achieve said goals. He condemns Yuji as too selfless and too logical. Johann rebukes Yuji for not trusting enough in the power of love and emotions, and for his intent to separate himself from Shana as penance after the creation of Xanadu. He disagrees with Yuji's belief that in order for everyone else to have happiness, he by necessity needs to sacrifice his own. He'd rather Yuji forego the penance (which ultimately does happen) and be with Shana.]]
* MeaningfulName: Named after Johann {{Faust}}.
* SealedGoodInACan
* StarCrossedLovers: With Pheles. Pursued by the [[ImplacableMan relentless Sabrac]] until he succeeded in mortally injuring Johann, which forced Pheles to place Johann's soul in the Midnight Lost Child. The Midnight Lost Child, being a Treasure Tool, relocated to a new Torch, Sakai Yuji, setting the stage for the entire series. When Pheles attempts to force Johann and Yuji to switch places (Johann would take Yuji's Power of Existence and have a body, while Yuji would be locked within the Midnight Lost Child), Johann convinces Pheles to let him go. [[spoiler: In the final light novel, Johann is released from the Midnight Lost Child (without harming Yuji) and he finally is reunited with Pheles, who he merges with to create the infant being Justus.]]
* WifeHusbandry: A gender-reversed example with Pheles. After Pheles murdered his father when he was a child, she raised him while they wandered the world together until he created the Midnight Lost Child.


!Flame Hazes

[[folder:Margery Daw]]

!!!''Chanter of Elegies''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/HitomiNabatame (JP), Creator/JanyseJaud (Geneon), Creator/ColleenClinkenbeard (Funimation) (EN)

Margery is a tall, "well-endowed", and mature blonde Flame Haze with a drinking habit. She uses the book Grimoire, which is the divine vessel through which Marchosias, to whom she is bound, expresses his will. Her main powers focus around chanting spells and turning into a werewolf. She casts spells by chanting "Improvisational Poems of Slaughter".
* AbsoluteCleavage: During the BeachEpisode (water park technically).
* ActionGirlfriend: Her arrival to Keisaku's life gets him involved with the world of the Flame Hazes and Crimson Denizens, but [[NonActionGuy he isn't as useful in battle as he would like to]] and his feelings seem unlikely to be reciprocated [[spoiler:until the third season]].
* TheAlcoholic
* AngstComa: She spends the beginning of Season III in one, after [[spoiler:Snake reveals to her what the Silver actually is]].
* AntiHero
* TheArchmage: According to several individuals, she is widely known for her brilliance with Unrestricted Methods (spells).
* TheBaroness: The Sexpot type but has the Rosa Klebb [[Really700YearsOld age]] trait, even though she's Western European (possibly British or German), not Eastern European. She gets better.
* BearsAreBadNews: Her fighting form is some sort of cross between a bear, a wolf, and a wolverine. It's also purple.
* BloodKnight
* BrokenBird
* BunnyEarsLawyer: Despite being a lazy, drunken sot with a penchant for nursery rhymes, she's one of the most effective Flame Hazes once she gets off the couch, is the undisputed expert on Unrestricted Methods, and is nearly as effective as Yuji when acting as a team commander.
* ByronicHero
* CanisMajor: Her fighting form is a giant wolf
* {{Catchphrase}}: Whenever Marchosias gets on her nerves, she'll punch the grimoire and say "Odamari, baka Marco." ("Shut up, stupid Marco.")
* CoolBigSis: Sure, she's jaded, cynical, and drinks herself retarded [[HardDrinkingPartyGirl whenever she's not doing anything else]], but she also has a fair bit of insight to offer (she is ReallySevenHundredYearsOld, after all), and does come to care for the rest of the cast at least a bit.
* DarkActionGirl
* DarkAndTroubledPast: The reason she [[HardDrinkingPartyGirl drinks so much]]. [[spoiler: She was once a daughter of a landlord in medieval times, but after countless betrayals, her father was killed and she had ended up in a brothel. She gained a chance to avenge for her misery and humiliation on her enemies, only to see them be destroyed by the Silver. Her fury from being stolen of the last reason to live had attracted the attention of Marchosias.]]
* DefeatMeansFriendship: Shana defeating her starts her HeelFaceTurn.
* DefrostingIceQueen: Somewhat.
* DevotedToYou: Keisaku has unbelievable patience in regards to Margery. He gets her hangover medicine whenever she drinks herself half stupid, he often helps her onto the couch or into bed after she nearly collapses from her booze drinking, and whatever she wants he does without fail. In short, he is VERY devoted to her for good or ill.
* DoppelgangerSpin: One of her signature moves [[SoLastSeason early on]].
* FemmeFatale
* FemmeFatalons
* GagBoobs: During the festival because of her open kimono.
* GodivaHair: In her flashback [[NakedFirstImpression when she first meets Yuri]].
* HeelFaceTurn: She's introduced as an enemy for Shana and Yuji, but ends up becoming their ally.
* HeroicBSOD: She suffers a mental breakdown after [[spoiler:Snake of Festival Yuji explains to her that the Silver is actually [[TheHeartless a projection of her emotions, a mirror of her hate towards everyone who abused her and has done the things Margery secretly wanted to do to them on her behalf]]. Her realization of her feelings for Keisaku is the only thing that save her from crossing the DespairEventHorizon.]]
* HiddenHeartOfGold
* HotLibrarian
* IChooseToStay: [[spoiler:She is one of the few Flame Hazes who don't go to Xanadu at the end. She says it's because there are still some Denizens on Earth to fight, but actually it has more to do with staying with Keisaku.]]
* InsultOfEndearment: She continues calling Shana "chibijyari" (can be translated as "pip-squeak" or anything else denoting how short Shana is) even after they become allies.
* IronicNurseryTune: She is named after one and uses them for her spell chants.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Even after she becomes an ally of Yuji and Shana, she remains rather cynical and acerbic.
* TheLadette: She enjoys alcohol, likes fighting, and is hygienically challenged and cheerfully ignorant and aggressive.
* LadyDrunk
* LoveEpiphany: [[spoiler:After Snake reveals to her what the Silver actually is and nearly crossing the DespairEventHorizon, she realizes of her feelings for Keisaku and they give her a reason to live.]]
* MayDecemberRomance: With Keisaku on the outside. Margery is ReallySevenHundredYearsOld and looks in her mid-twenties at the youngest, and he's only 15 years old.
* MayflyDecemberRomance: With Keisaku.
* TheMcCoy: To Wilhemina's [[TheSpock Spock]] and Shana's [[TheKirk Kirk]].
* MsFanservice
* MultipleHeadCase: Her multi-headed werewolf form.
* MundaneUtility: She shrugs off her heavy drinking, telling her Lord she can just use the flame to make herself sober if she needs to fight.
* NakedFirstImpression: She was naked when she first met Yuri.
* NominalHero: Initially, while she's a Flame Haze she doesn't care at all about people or protecting the balance. She only cares about picking fights and finding the Silver.
* OdangoHair: In the water park episode.
* OneWingedAngel: Her fighting form.
* TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou: To the Silver.
* OurWerewolvesAreDifferent: Her Toga power cloaks her body with a second body, that of a massive bipedal wolf made of purple flame. Toga's final form is that of a several-story, multi-headed wolf.
* ThePowerOfHate: Her hatred for Crimson Denizens is her reason for being [[spoiler:(until a certain point, at least)]]. She does not distinguish between good Denizens and evil Denizens.
* PurelyAestheticGlasses
* RapunzelHair
* ScaryShinyGlasses: At times.
* SillyRabbitIdealismIsForKids: Calls Yuri out of his idealism and naivete.
* SociopathicHero
* SpecsOfAwesome
* SquishyWizard: She's the best spellcaster in the Crimson World, but in combat, she relies on transformation spells rather than a weapon and is not very durable. [[spoiler: Sabrac easily knocked her out with SplashDamage from his mega-blast in II-20.]]
* TookALevelInKindness: In her first appearance, she cares about nothing but battle and revenge. By the end of the second season, she's willing to prioritize saving human lives over her hunt for the Silver, something very few Flame Hazes would worry about.
* TownGirls: The Butch to Shana's Neither and Wilhelmina's Femme.
* TsurimeEyes
* UnscrupulousHero
* UnstoppableRage: When [[spoiler:Yuji casts a fuzetsu]] during Pheles's attack, revealing [[spoiler:his silver flame]]. She goes ''absolutely insane''.
* VitriolicBestBuds: With Marchosias.
* WalkingSwimsuitScene: Again, in the semi-BeachEpisode.


[[folder:Wilhelmina Carmel]]

!!!''Specialist of Everything''[[note]]Except [[LethalChef cooking]].[[/note]]
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/ShizukaIto (JP), Creator/AnnaCummer (Geneon), Creator/CarliMosier (Funimation) (EN)

A young lady that wears a maid's uniform all the time and the one who took care of Shana during the girl's training. She is bound to "Crown-and-Sash of Fantasies" Tiamat, whose will resides in the divine vessel Persona, which shifts forms between a headband, and a mask when in battle.

She is one of the great Flame Hazes from the age of the Great War, fighting alongside her friend, Mathilde Saint-Omer (the previous "Flaming-Haired, Blazing-Eyed Hunter"). Her ability is the power to control an infinite number of ribbons which appear from around her. Wilhelmina, who always speaks in an overly formal and polite manner, has nearly no expression.
* ActionGirl
* ArchEnemy: With Sabrac.
* BandageBabe: Literally, which she uses as ''weapons''.
* ChekhovsGunman: A distinctive, heavily-burdened {{Meido}} is occasionally shown trudging through exotic locales without any explanation; she eventually appears in the main setting and is introduced as an important character. In the movie, she walks past the camera (and turns to look at it) in two news reports in the span of a day -- one in the Gobi Desert and one on ''Mount Everest''.
* CombatTentacles: Her ribbons.
* TheComicallySerious
* EmotionlessGirl: She always speaks in a monotonous manner and has nearly no expression. Although that doesn't mean she's completely devoid of emotions.
* FireForgedFriends: With Pheles, to an extent.
* GiantPoofySleeves
* HeartbrokenBadass: Wilhelmina was in love with Merihim, a Crimson Lord who in turn was in love with Mathilde Saint-Omer, Shana's predecessor as the Flame-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter, who was in love with Alastor. Merihim died using up his existence in one last duel with Shana (to test her skills as the new Flame-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter), never returning Wilhelmina's affections, even platonically. Part of Wilhelmina's resentment towards Yuji and distaste for Shana's budding relationship with him is her fear that Shana might end up like her.
* HeroicBSOD: When Wilhelmina thought Shana died using her ultimate technique, she could not stand on her own. [[FunnyMoments More humorously]], she enters one when Yuji, [[FreakyFridayFlip in Shana's body]] (something she was unaware of), unabashedly proclaims that "she" loves her. While this is true, Wilhelmina's [[TheStoic stoicism]] and Shana's {{Tsundere}} traits meant that this was never openly stated by either of them. Wilhelmina is frozen in shock, not sure how to respond, when Yuji and Shana make their get away before she can deduce their body swap.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Mathilde.
* HopelessSuitor: Towards Merihim, who himself was a HopelessSuitor towards Mathilde.
* IAmYourOpponent: Wilhelmina declares this when she must buy time for others during battle.
* LadyOfWar
* LethalChef: You'd expect that FeminineWomenCanCook, especially if she's a {{Meido}}, but Wilhelmina can't do much more than operate a microwave or a stew pot.
* LimitedWardrobe: She always wears a maid's uniform. Lampshaded in the third season, which shows that she has several identical maid uniforms.
* MaskOfPower: Tiamat's transformed form. Changes form for no apparent reason between the first and second seasons.
* {{Meido}}: The first thing she does upon encountering Shana again is to clean her apartment (which had become dusty from disuse while Shana was living with Yuji).
* NinjaMaid
* NoSocialSkills: Like Shana, she has no experience in the human world, and shows this by putting the coaster ''on top of her tea'' instead of beneath it.
* OverprotectiveMom: She highly disapproves Shana's relationship with Yuji and dislikes Yuji as an overprotective mother might dislike her daughter's boyfriend. She even attempted to kill Yuji because she viewed him as a distraction for Shana and in the light novels, she tries to make Shana give up on him by force.
* ParentalSubstitute: Is the closest to a mother figure that Shana has ever had, and practically raised her from childhood. For example, Shana's love of melon bread? It's her fault.
** In the finale, [[spoiler: she becomes this to Justus, Johann and Pheles' child]].
* ParentsAsPeople: Wilhelmina does her best to raise Shana, but she simply doesn't know how. She can train Shana and provide her with melon bread, but she can't help Shana with emotional support, she [[LethalChef can't cook for her]], and can't help her grow as a human being because she never learned to live as one herself.
* PowerMakesYourHairGrow: Tiamat's ribbon-adorned [[MaskOfPower mask form]] achieves a very similar visual effect.
* RedEyesTakeWarning
* TheSpock: To Shana's [[TheKirk Kirk]] and Margery's [[TheMcCoy McCoy]].
* TheStoic
** NotSoStoic
* SugarAndIcePersonality: She's cold, aloof and distant, coming off as entirely emotionless. It's clear she cares about Shana in her own way, though. She also she could never openly admit her affection towards Merihim, and referred to him as a "detestable person".
* SwissArmySuperpower: She has one power (aside from the basics like flight and creating seals): she can create ribbons. She is versatile enough with that one power to have earned the moniker "Specialist of Everything."
* TownGirls: The Femme to Shana's Neither and Margery's Butch.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Gingered Pork. Hail Pork.
* TsurimeEyes
* UnscrupulousHero: Like Shana, her first priority is maintaining the balance. Individual human lives don't matter to her (except for people she cares about personally), and early on, she tries to kill Yuji because "the Mystes" is a distraction to Shana. Unlike Shana, while she comes to respect Yuji as a person, her morality really doesn't change all that much over the course of the series.
* VerbalTic: ~de arimasu. "Indeed" in the dub.
** [[MaskOfPower Tiamat]] also has a habit of adding short two-word comments to Wilhelmina's sentences.
* WorthyOpponent: Sabrac says that she is the only opponent who truly makes his blood boil.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Her hair is pink.


[[folder:Khamsin Nbh'w]]

!!'''Khamsin Nbh'w''' [[note]]Apparently read as "Nebhau"[[/note]]
!!!''Mobilizer of Ceremonial Equipment''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/JunkoMinagawa (JP), Creator/CathyWeseluck (Geneon), Creator/ToddHaberkorn (Funimation) (EN)

Contracted with "Steadfast Sharp Peak" Behemoth whose will resides in the divine vessel Sabia (the bracelet he wears), Khamsin is supposedly one of the oldest Flame Hazes in history, but looks like a young boy that hasn't reached his pre-teens yet. Unlike most Hazes, Khamsin acts as a Tuner, dispelling the distortion caused by battles between the Flame Hazes and Denizens.
* AmbiguouslyBrown: Definitely has a Middle-Eastern appearance, complete with brown skin and dark hair, but his procedence is obscure. Given the references, he could be Egyptian or even Hindi.
* BadassAdorable: Just tell me not.
* BashBrothers: Temporarily with Rebecca.
* BraidsOfAction: Has a single braid.
* CrossdressingVoices: Averted in the Funimation dub.
* DisappearsIntoLight
* DishingOutDirt
* GoodScarsEvilScars: He has scars across his mouth and under his eye, and some scars more around the torso.
* {{Humongous|Mecha}} {{Golem}}: He can summon armor in the form of a towering one made of rocks.
** EpicFlail
** RocketPunch
* ImmortalImmaturity: Difficult to tell given his reserved nature, but he looks clearly a lot WiseBeyondHisYears than a normal child of the age he looks like.
* InTheHood: Is never seen without his hoodie over his head, though in the light novel he switches to a straw hat given by Kazumi.
* MeaningfulName:
** Khamsin's name comes from an Arabic word designating hot, sandy winds. However, his surname ("Nbh'w", also transliterated as "Neb-Khau") is a royal title from the ancient Egypt. Both allude to his exotic, desert-related character, while his surname alludes to his being a prince.
** Behemoth is the name of a mythical land monster in the Literature/BookOfJob.
* PintSizedPowerhouse: In his human form he is outheighted even by Shana, but his rock golem spell turns him into a literal BigGuy.
* SimpleStaff: His Treasure Tool, Mekest, resembles a huge metallic column, which he swings around like a staff.
* TheStoic: Very serene and collected.
* TakingTheBullet: [[spoiler:He shields Kazumi and Hyakki Yakou van from a barrage of fireballs, getting badly burnt in the process.]]
* TheUnpronounceable
* VerbalTic: Adds "ah" at the begining of every sentence. Similiary, Behemoth starts every sentence with "mhmm".
* WarriorPrince: In his backstory.
* YouShallNotPass: [[spoiler:In the final battle, during Kazumi's escape with Pheles and Johan, he stays behind to protect her from Dantalion's [[HumongousMecha mechas]]. [[HeroicSacrifice It ultimately gets him killed.]]]]


[[folder:Mathilde Saint-Omer]]

!!!''Flame-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AkemiOkamura (JP), Creator/KellySheridan (Geneon), Martha Harms (Funimation) (EN)

The previous owner of the title "Flaming-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter". She was Wilhelmina's friend and companion. She was in love with Alastor.
* ActionGirl
* BadassCape
* BladeOnAStick
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* DivineDate: With Alastor.
* FieryRedhead: [[PlayingWithFire Literally.]]
* FlamingHair
* HeroicSacrifice: Died using her ultimate technique, though she was already mortally wounded.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Wilhelmina.
* IdiotHair
* LadyOfWar
* MagicContractRomance: With Alastor.
* MagicKnight
* PlayingWithFire
* PosthumousCharacter
* RapunzelHair
* RedEyesTakeWarning
* ShipperOnDeck: Merihim and Mathilde made an agreement that whoever lost the battle between the two of them would do whatever the other wished. Mathilde considered using this promise of Merihim's to force him to accept Wilhelmina's feelings.
* TsurimeEyes


[[folder:Rebecca Reed]]

!!!''Scatterer of Sparkling Light''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/HoukoKuwashima (JP), Creator/TrinaNishimura (EN)

Rebecca Reed is a Flame Haze, one of the Outlaws. Her contractor is the "Widened Eye of Incineration" Balar, whose will resides in the golden bracelet she wears, the divine vessel Cruach.
* ActionGirl
* BashBrothers: Temporarily with Khamsin.
* BloodKnight: A more low-key example than others, but she's always spoiling for a fight.
* BoyishShortHair
* HavingABlast
* HotBlooded
* TheLadette
* OreOnna
* MeaningfulName: Balar is a variant of Balor, the name of the king of the [[OurGiantsAreBigger Formorians]] in [[Myth/CelticMythology Irish mythology]] with a giant eye in the middle of his forehead.
* PrettyInMink: Her fur-lined jacket.
* RunningGag: Early on -- being showered by fire sprinklers triggered by her explosions.
* ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight: Upon hearing about Shana and Wilhelmine's troubles, she takes off to help them, despite the Outlaws in general refusing to intervene.
* ThereWasADoor: She tends to blast doors rather than opening them.
* TsurimeEyes
* UndyingLoyalty: Rebecca takes her friendships and promises very seriously. After Wilhelmina saved her from a Rinne, Rebecca forced her to accept that she owed her one. Centuries later Rebecca would repay this debt by choosing to help Wilhelmina save Shana rather than staying with Outlaw to coordinate the war effort as both were ordered to.
* WorkingWithTheEx: At some point in the past, she and Ernest Flieder were in a relationship until she jilted him. While the two still talk frequently when present in the same place, Rebecca refers to him as "pretty impostor" and disdains his tendency to eschew face-to-face confrontation for traps. When Flieder holds Keisaku Satou hostage to compel Wilhelmina to report in to Outlaw, Rebecca is the one that frees him, taking on Flieder in the process.


[[folder:Sophie Sawallisch]]

!!!''Braider of Trembling Might''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MasakoKatsuki (JP), Pam Dougherty (EN)

A Great War veteran and the supreme commander of the Flame Haze Army. She is bound to "Thunder Blade of Banishment" Takemikazuchi, who expresses his will through the divine vessel Donner, a blue-star shaped cross on Sophie's veil. Her flame itself is not flame at all, but lightning.
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: She is the commander of the Flame Haze army, and she one-shots [[EldritchAbomination Decarabia]].
* CoolOldLady
* ElementalKick: Her most destructive attack is a lightning-infused flying kick.
* MeaningfulName: Takemikazuchi is the name of a [[Myth/JapaneseMythology Japanese god of thunder]].
* MentorArchetype: While Alastor, Wilhelmina, and Shiro taught Shana how to be a Flame Haze, their single-minded focus on combat left her [[SacrificedBasicSkillForAwesomeTraining woefully inadequate when it came to social skills and norms.]] Sophie set about rectifying this and taught Shana basic social skills and encouraged her to be more open to her emotions. Ultimately, Yuji would have an even greater impact than Sophie when it came to causing Shana to embrace emotions and view herself as more than just a Flame Haze, but Sophie laid some groundwork for it. Thus, Shana came to see Sophie as her primary source of advice when it came to emotions (while Yuji caused her to open up to her emotions, the personal nature of Shana's emotions, especially since it concerned him, precluded her going to Yuji for advice).
* NeverMessWithGranny
* PyrrhicVictory: [[spoiler: Sophie's killing of Decarabia, and her victory over his forces in general, awesome though they were, was this. Due to Decarabia's enormous amount of power, Sophie had to use most of her energy to kill him. This proved unfortunate, since Decarabia was not performing a LastStand, but a DelayingAction. Sophie and the Flame Hazes were left exhausted from their fight with Decarabia and his soldiers, which is precisely when a [[TheCavalry much larger Bal Masqué army arrives]]. The ensuing battle turns into a rout so devastating for the Flame Hazes that, with the exception of Shana and a few like-minded individuals, the Flame Hazes are knocked out of the war.]]
* ShockAndAwe: Unusually, her "flame" takes form of purple lightning.
* SternNun: She is not a nun, but wears a coif and has the attitude.
* TsurimeEyes


[[folder:Samuel Demantius]]

!!! ''Guardian of Steady Passage''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AkioNojima (JP), Creator/RBruceElliott (EN)

The veteran Flame Haze bound to "Peaceful Shield of One's Scales" Zirnitra, whose will resides in the divine vessel Tábor, a thumb-sized silver cup. He is known by alias of Sirotci and is the one who coins the name "Flame Haze Army" during the Great War.
* CoolOldGuy
* DishingOutDirt
* FourStarBadass
* GoodScarsEvilScars: He has a large scar on the left side of his face which literally erases his left eye and cheek.
* MeaningfulName: Zirnitra is the [[Myth/SlavicMythology Wendish black dragon god of magic]].
* OldSoldier: He wears a WWI-era German uniform and behaves like a veteran soldier.
* RidiculouslyFastConstruction: His speciality. In the beginning of the attack on Seireiden, he creates a fortress in span of several seconds.
* WorthyOpponent: Enemy general Haborym viewed him as this.
* YouShallNotPass: He stalls the Crimson Denizens to allow the Flame Haze army to retreat.


[[folder:Chiara Toscana]]

!!!''Archer of Aurora''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AiKayano (JP), Creator/CarrieSavage (EN)

A young girl who holds a contract with a Crimson Lord with two personalities named Outreniaia and Vetcherniaia, "Forerunner of Daybreak" and "Successor of Twilight", respectively. Her choice of divine vessels, named Zorya, is two arrowheads that she uses as hair accessories.
* CoolPlane: She uses a plane made of fire for transportation.
* EnergyBow: One of her Powers of Unrestraint, Bow and Arrows of Aurora, turns her Divine Vessel into the tips of one of these, which fires energy arrows. Her other Power of Unrestraint, Gripen's Howl, fires arrow-like energy beams from flying platform, which also takes the form of an arrowhead made of energy.
* GenkiGirl
* GuiltComplex: She made her contract with Outreniaia and Vetcherniaia when she and her scientist father were attacked by a Crimson Denizen. Her father pushes her off a mountain in a desperate attempt to save her, which is when Outreniaia and Vetcherniaia appear. She's so mesmerized by the Crimson Lord's aurora power that she arrives too late save her father, and witnesses his being devoured. So traumatized is she by the experience that she developed a mental block from using her power to its full potential.
* HairDecorations: Two arrowhead-shaped accessories, which are also her contractor's vessels.
* MeaningfulName: Outreniaia and Vetcherniaia come from the names Utrennyaya and Vechernyaya, both epithets to [[Myth/SlavicMythology Slavic goddesses both named Zorya]]. Zorya Utrennyaya is the Morning Star, while Zorya Vechernyaya is the Evening Star.
* MentorShip: It is implied that Chiara has feelings for Sale. The guide book ''Shakugan no Shana no Subete Kan'' states that following her and Sale's journey to Xanadu her name became "Chiara Toscana Habichtsburg"...
* LegacyCharacter: The successor of the title "Archer of Aurora". The previous holder was Karl Berwald.
* RammingAlwaysWorks: One of her attacks is ramming the enemy with her CoolPlane. She [[HalfTheManHeUsedToBe chopped Mammon in half]] with that.
* SplitPersonality: Sort of -- her contractor is a Crimson Lord with two personalities who use separate (albeit complementing) vessels.


[[folder:Sale Habichtsburg]]

!!!''Puppeteer of Devilish Skills''
->'''Voiced by:''' Shinobu Matsumoto (JP), Christopher Bevins (EN)

The Flame Haze contracted to "Gorgeous Hanging Strings" Gizo, who expresses his will through the divine vessels Länge and Saite, a pair of wooden crosses.
* ArtificialHuman: His contract was not one he entered into willingly, it was an artificial one created by Dantalion. Thus, he is an "artificial" Flame Haze.
* {{Cowboy}}: He has the appearance.
* DeadpanSnarker: At times. Dealing with [[MadScientist Dantalion]] will make you that.
* EmbarrassingNickname: According to Dantalion, Sale's true Flame Haze title is "Crystallization of Self-Research Experiment 13261, Invincible Combination Superhuman." He finds it very embarrassing.
* TheGunslinger: While not actually using firearms, Gizo's vessel is dual marionettes that Sale used to keep in holsters.
* MarionetteMaster: Gizo's vessel is a pair of puppeteer's crosses, and Sale uses puppeteer strings to manipulate his surroundings.
* MeaningfulName: Gizo is a spider and [[TheTrickster trickster]] from Hausa mythology.
* MentorArchetype: Was this to Chiara. She is now his partner.
* MentorShip: It is implied that Chiara has a crush on him. The guide book ''Shakugan no Shana no Subete Kan'' states that following his and Chiara's journey to Xanadu, Chiara name became "Chiara Toscana Habichtsburg"...


[[folder:The Four Gods of Earth]]

A group based in the Americas consisting of four powerful Flame Hazes who protect the American continent from attacks of Crimson Denizens.
* TheDreaded: The Crimson Denizens and Lords ''shat in their pants'' as soon as they made their way to the battlefield in Misaki City. Sophie Sawallich also initially feared that if they decided to side with [[spoiler:the Snake of the Festival's ideals]], it would spell doom for the Flame Haze army.
* {{Leitmotif}}: "Raisons du monde".
* NeutralNoLonger: Initially, they don't join any of the warring sides. It changes when one of them is killed by Bal Masqué.
* TheNicknamer: They use special titles for themselves and their Crimson Lords, different from their "standard" ones.
* NonindicativeName: They are not gods, and neither are their contractors; "The Four Gods" only references the ThemeNaming.
* OneManArmy: All of them have wield tremendous powers through their contracts, easily killing hundreds of Crimson Denizens in their wake.
* ReligiousAndMythologicalThemeNaming: Their contractors are named after Aztec gods: Tlaloc, Quetzalcóatl, Tezcatlipoca, and Chalciuhtlicue.

!!!''Invoker of Brightened Dew''
->'''Voiced by:''' Yutaka Nakano (JP), Charles Campbell (EN)

The Native American Flame Haze contracted to "Drum of Exceptional Love" Tlaloc, whose will resides in a a squarish-shaped stone medal as his divine vessel. He and his contracted Crimson Lord are widely feared by many Denizens, calling him a "monster". In all four, he is least excels in combat and fighting.
* BareFistedMonk
* FieldPowerEffect: His Unrestrictied Spell Tlalocan, which covers an area with [[BattleInTheRain heavy rain]], allows him to FlashStep freely inside its limits, and turns slain Denizens into [[GreenThumb trees]].
* HeroicSacrifice: He stays to fight Sydonay to allow others to retreat, despite losing an arm earlier.
* MeaningfulName: Tlaloc is the [[Myth/AztecMythology Aztec god of rain and agricultural fertility]].
* ReluctantWarrior: He is said to be the least willing and able to fight of the Four Gods.
* SacrificialLion: He is killed by Sydonay, causing the other Gods of Earth to enter the war.
* SuperSpeed: When inside Tlalocan barrier.
** LightningBruiser

!!!''Summoner of Star River''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/KenjiNomura (JP), Andrew Chandler (EN)

The Native American Flame Haze who runs the Outlaw disguised as a news agency in New York. He is contracted to "Flute of Enlightenment" Quetzalcóatl, whose will resides in a stone medal with engravings as his divine vessel.
* BadassCreed:
-->''We are the stars.\\
We are the singing stars.\\
We are the stars who sing with dazzling light.\\
We are the birds.\\
We are the birds who show disapproval.\\
We fly the sky free.\\
Therefore, we, the stars and the birds...\\
...Turn into a burning galaxy.''
* EarlyBirdCameo: He is first seen in Season II, in Margery's flashback.
* DeathFromAbove: His Unrestricted Spell, which rains falling stars upon his enemies.
* MeaningfulName: Quetzalcoatl is the [[Myth/AztecMythology Aztec god of the morning star, among other things]].
* TheSlowWalk: When he enters the battlefield in Misaki.
* PlayingWithFire[=/=]StarPower: His Unrestricted Spell.

!!!''Evoker of Demon Horde''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/YuukiKaji (JP), Chris Burnett (EN)

The Native American Flame Haze who is contracted to "Pipe of Hesitation and Fear" Tezcatlipoca, whose will resides in a pointed stone medal as his divine vessel. He runs one of the Outlaw branch in the United States after the clash between the Four Gods of Earth and fellow Flame Hazes known as the Civil War.
* ArtificialLimbs: He has a wooden leg prosthesis.
* BloodKnight
* DarkIsNotEvil: Although he seems to be a little evil in the classic sense.
* DishingOutDirt
* EyesAlwaysShut
* MeaningfulName: Tezcatlipoca is the [[Myth/AztecMythology Aztec god of night sky, night winds, hurricanes, enmity, discord, rulership, sorcery, war, and strife, among many other things]].
* {{Necromancer}}
* SmugSuper: Looks down on normal humans, referring to them as "commoners".
* WeaponsThatSuck: The Dead, his army of clay soldiers, can devour their enemies and multiply themselves.
* ZergRush: The Dead, again.

!!!''Waver of Great Billows''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MikakoTakahashi (JP), Apphia Yu (EN)

The Native American Flame Haze who is contracted to "Bell of Cleansing Flutter" Chalciuhtlicue, whose will resides in a undulating contour-shaped stone medal as his divine vessel.
* ApologeticAttacker
* CryCute
* MakingASplash
* MeaningfulName: Chalciuhtlicue is the [[Myth/AztecMythology Aztec goddess of water, rivers, seas, streams, storms, and baptism]].
* UnusualEyebrows
* WalkOnWater


[[folder:Yuri Chvojka]]

!!!''Leader of Spirits''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/YukoSanpei (JP), Sean Michael Teague (EN)

A Ukrainian immigrant who lost his family to a Crimson Denizen attack while crossing the Atlantic to immigrate to the United States during the late 19th century, he formed a contract with the Crimson Lord Valac, "President of Reptiles". He slew the Crimson Denizen responsible for his family's death, so a lust for revenge never developed within him. He became an agent of East-edge, leader of New York City's Outlaw branch. After a year of service as a Flame Haze, he met Margery Daw and attempted to become her partner, only to be killed fighting Sydonay and the Crimson Denizen Annaberg, who were being hunted by Margery.
* AccidentalPervert: When he first meets Margery, [[NakedFirstImpression he sees her naked]] because she was using the Purification Flame to clean her body at the moment.
* AdorablyPrecociousChild
* ApologisesALot
* TheBeastMaster: Yuri's Power of Unrestraint is the ability to control insects and other small animals.
* KnifeNut: Valac communicates to him through his family heirloom, a dagger, which he also uses in combat.
* MeaningfulName: Valac, as Volach, is a demon from the 15th-century ''Munich Manual of Demonic Magic'' that has the form of a boy with angel wings that rides upon a two-headed dragon.
* {{Megane}}
* PosthumousCharacter
* SkilledButNaive: Margery views him as such, and there is some truth to this. She shuns his attempts to become her partner until the end, at which point he bravely but recklessly attacks the much more experienced and powerful HeroKiller Sydonay, resulting in his death.
* TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth
* TrialByFriendlyFire: After being severely injured by Sydonay, he is caught in the crossfire between the Crimson Lord and Margery Daw, who ruthlessly fired Power of Existence at him save her own skin due to the fact that was she obsessed with obtaining her revenge on the Silver, even at the price of killing her ally and admirer.


[[folder: Ernest Flieder]]

!!!''Transposer of Corpses and Bodies''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/KenjiHamada (JP), Mark Stoddard (EN)

A Flame Haze of English descent and the leader of the Tokyo Outlaw branch. He is contracted to the Crimson Lord "Arts and Crafts of Application" Brigid, whose will resides in Ambrosia, a divine vessel in the form of a rose. In a reversal of the usual Flame Haze-Crimson Lord dynamic, Flieder generally acts as the senior partner, being mature and confident whereas Brigid is child-like and timid.
* CombatPragmatist: Despite being a powerful Flame Haze, Flieder eschews straight-up fights if he can, preferring to hide underground while tricking his enemies into attacking explosive duplicates of himself. This has earned him the derisive nickname "pretty impostor" by Rebecca Reed.
* TheDandy
* DoppelgangerAttack: One of Flieder's Powers of Unrestraint is to create duplicates of himself from the soil. ''Explosive'' duplicates to boot.
* FourStarBadass: Is put in charge of the Tokyo Outlaw branch and manages to protect it from Bal Masqué's assault for half a day until the attack on the Castle of the Stars forces Bal Masqué to withdraw.
* IntangibleMan: One of his Powers of Unrestraint allows him to control the density of his body, which he tends to use make himself incorporeal.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Is willing to resort to unsavory tactics to carry out his mission (such as holding Keisaku hostage), but he ''is'' ultimately dedicated to protecting the balance of the world from Crimson Denizens.
* MeaningfulName: Brigid is the [[Myth/CelticMythology Irish goddess of spring and fertility, among others things]].
* SomethingAboutARose: Brigid's divine vessel, Ambrosia, is a rose.
* TakeAThirdOption: After the Flame Haze Army's defeat in the battle of the Castle of the Stars, he and another Flame Haze capture the Denizen Rofocale, servant of the Crimson God Shaher, in the hopes that the former can contact the latter. The "why" is not explicitly made clear, but it is likely he was hoping to convince Shaher to issue a mandate that the Crimson Denizens would be compelled to obey.
* WorkingWithTheEx: At some point in the past, he and Rebecca Reed were in a relationship until she jilted him. While the two still talk frequently when present in the same place, Flieder refers to Rebecca as "Stupid Bomb" while she refers to him as "pretty impostor." When Flieder holds Keisaku Satou hostage to compel Wilhelmina to report in to Outlaw, Rebecca is the one that frees him, taking on Flieder in the process.


!Contracted Crimson Lords and Gods

!!!''Claws and Fangs of Violation''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MitsuoIwata (JP), Creator/TrevorDevall (Geneon), Creator/JustinCook (Funimation) (EN)

The Crimson Lord to whom Margery is bound. He expresses his will through the divine vessel Grimoire, which takes the form of a book. He talks wildly, makes comments without remorse, and often teases Margery, often earning a retaliatory punch. He does genuinely care about her, however, perhaps not in the form of friendship, but as a companion in battle.
* BloodKnight
* TheHyena
* LargeHam
* MadLibsCatchPhrase: "My [adjective] [noun], Margery Daw!"
* MeaningfulName: According to 16th-century demonologist's Johann Weyer's ''Pseudomonarchia Daemonum'', Marchosias is a demon in the form of a she-wolf.[[note]] Weyer stated that the source of his demonic hierarchy is a now lost grimoire, ''Liber officiorum spirituum, seu Liber dictus Empto. Salomonis, de principibus et regibus daemoniorum''. [[/note]] The ''Literature/ArsGoetia'' identifies Marchosias as male, ascribes to him the title "Marquis of Hell," and describes his form as being [[HybridMonster chimaeric]], but primarily lupine. Naturally, the Crimson Lord Marchosias' manifestation is that of a giant wolf made of purple flames, and Margery Daw's Toga form, despite looking vaguely ursine, is an enormous bipedal wolf.
* ShipperOnDeck: He is much more approving of his contractor's growing feelings than any other Crimson Lord, and at times is more in favor of Margery having a relationship with Satou than Margery herself is.
* SnarkyNonHumanSidekick
* TomeOfEldritchLore: At least in appearance (though again, Crimson Lords reside within their Flame Hazes, and their divine vessels are how they communicate).
* VitriolicBestBuds: Marchosias and Margery regularly abuse each other verbally, but when Shana defeats Margery after she attempts to kill the Crimson Denizen Lamies, he threatens to kill Shana and Yuji if they harm her.



!!!''Crown-and-Sash of Fantasies''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AkenoWatanabe (JP), Creator/LisaAnnBeley (Geneon), Clarine Harp (Funimation) (EN)

The Crimson Lord to whom Wilhelmina is bound. She expresses her will through the divine vessel Persona, which shifts forms between a headband, and a mask when in battle.
* CoolMask
* DeadpanSnarker: Her short statements are often quite pithy.
* HairDecorations
* MaskOfPower: When engaged in particularly difficult battles, Persona can be transformed into this by Wilhelmina, with numerous prehensile, extendable ribbons flowing out from it. This means that Wilhelmina does not have to construct said ribbons like she normally has to, and the explosions that these ribbons cause (the ribbons can channel Power of Existence and then detonate) are greater than the ones she constructs herself.
* MeaningfulName: Tiamat is a primordial goddess of the sea and sea serpent in [[Myth/MesopotamianMythology Babylonian mythology]].
* TerseTalker: Her usual manner of speaking is to add short comments after Wilhelmina's sentences.
* TheQuietOne: She bears the nickname (not to be confused with her "true name," the "Crown-and-Sash of Fantasies") "Great River of Reticence."
* TheStoic


[[folder:Snake of the Festival]]

!!!''God of Creation''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/ShowHayami (JP), Bruce Carey (EN)

Along with his peer Alastor, the Snake of the Festival is the most powerful of the Crimson Gods. The leader and founder of Bal Masqué, he attempted to create a paradise for Crimson Denizens with unlimited Power of Existence to feed on. Fearing that his plan would disrupt the balance and destroy both Earth and the Crimson Realm, an army of Flame Hazes and Crimsons Lords defeated him, sealing his body in the [[VoidBetweenTheWorlds Abyss]]. His followers continued to work relentlessly for three thousand years to restore him, with the Midnight Lost Child often being at the crux of their plans. This causes several clashes between Shana, Yuji (who carries the Midnight Lost Child within him), and their allies and Bal Masqué.
* AffablyEvil
* AntiHero
* AntiVillain
* BatmanGambit: [[spoiler: Snake of the Festival Yuji is one step ahead of the Flame Hazes the entire third season, and the only reason that the Flame Hazes partially succeed in their goals is because the Crimson Denizens entreat him to ''allow'' them to.]]
* BigBad: [[spoiler:[[GoodAllAlong Or not]].]]
* AGodAmI
* GodIsEvil: When he first appears [[spoiler: (merged with Yuji)]], the Snake of the Festival appears to be this, particularly due to his ruthless nature and due to the fact that Shana and the Flame Hazes are the protagonists. [[spoiler: However, the final light novel reveals that GodIsGood, just [[GoodIsNotNice not nice]].]]
* GoodAllAlong
* GuileHero
* HeroAntagonist
* HeroWithBadPublicity: At least with the Flame Hazes.
* LargeHam: Courtesy of Creator/ShowHayami.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyEnVW4gMbg Le Serpent De Ceremonie]].
* ManipulativeBastard
* MeaningfulName: Before he cast it aside, the Snake of the Festival's name was Fu Xi, the name of a [[Myth/ChineseMythology Chinese culture hero]] with the [[SnakePeople face of a man and body of a snake]] who co-created humanity alongside his wife.
* MotorMouth
* PhysicalGod: [[spoiler: Both when merged with Yuji, and even more so with his original body]].
* RedBaron: His nicknames include "Black God", "Monster that breaks Heaven and swallows Earth", and "God out of a fairy tale".
* SealedEvilInACan: [[spoiler: Actually SealedGoodInACan]]
* SharingABody: [[spoiler:With Yuji Sakai.]]
* SplitPersonalityMerge: [[spoiler:While Yuji and the Snake are not technically split personalities, they fulfill this trope pretty well.]]
* StorybreakerPower
* TheExtremistWasRight
* TheMaker: He ''is'' the God of Creation, and he's capable of creating powerful [[MacGuffin Treasure Tools]] and entire worlds (though Earth and the Crimson Realm were not created by him).
* WellIntentionedExtremist


!Crimson Denizens and Lords

[[folder:Sydonay[=/=]Chi You]]

!!! ''Thousand Changes''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/KentaMiyake (JP), Eli Gabay (Geneon), Creator/JasonDouglas (Funimation) (EN)

Entitled "General", he stayed outside of the Bal Masque, preferring the freedom to do as he pleases, with "personal bodyguard" as his hobby. Upon finding the Midnight Lost Child, he's returned to the Bal Masque, leading the Denizens in their war with the Flame Hazes. A shapeshifter, he usually looks like a tall, middle-aged man with sunglasses and dark-colored suits.
* AffablyEvil
* ArchEnemy: Margery may view Silver as her archnemesis, but Sydonay and Margery often end up fighting each other whenever the two are present in the same battle.
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: The General.
* BadassInANiceSuit
* BerserkButton: Harming Hecate will earn you his violent and undivided attention.
* BladeOnAStick
* TheBrute: Far from stupid or malicious, but he's the most action-oriented of the Trinity.
* CoolOldGuy
* CoolShades
* CorruptTheCutie: Inverted. "Hecate you are pure and unsoiled. Please stay that way."
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: He cares a lot about Hecate.
* FourStarBadass: Sydonay is the leader of Bal Masqué's armies.
* HellishPupils
* HeroKiller
* MeaningfulName: "Sydonay" is a variant name of the infamous [[DemonLordsAndArchdevils Asmodeus]], a demon who first appears in the Literature/BookOfTobit, considered non-canonical by Jews and most Protestants and deuterocanonical by Catholics and Orthodox Christians. According to Jacques Collin de Plancy's demonological manual ''Dictionnaire Infernal'', Asmodeus is a [[HybridMonster chimeric being]].
* MorphWeapon: His Treasure Tool, a spear that can change shape and size at will.
* OverprotectiveDad: Even if they're not related, all his talk of keeping Hecate 'pure' and [[PapaWolf his focus on her safety]] make him sound like a father that wants his daughter to stay an innocent little girl.
* PapaWolf: To Hecate.
* PurpleIsPowerful
* {{Reincarnation}}: The Snake of the Festival spends most of his time sleeping while waiting for the Crimson Denizens' desires and faith to grow strong enough to awaken him so that he might grant their wish. Each time, Sydonay (if he has perished) and the rest of the Trinity (if the other members of the Trinity have perished) are reborn to prepare the way.
* SmokingIsCool: Most likely unaffected by tobacco, too.
* SuicideByCop: [[spoiler:After the successful creation of Xanadu, Sydonay decided to stay behind, both to help Sakai Yuji, as well as to die so [[TogetherInDeath he can be together with Hecate.]]]]
* TogetherInDeath: [[spoiler:With Hecate.]]
* VoluntaryShapeshifting



!!!''Supreme Throne''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MamikoNoto (JP), Brenna O'Brien (Geneon), Creator/LindsaySeidel (Funimation) (EN)

Entitled "Priestess", Hecate is a small girl with a NiceHat, a staff and a white cape, who controls the movements of Seireiden, the base of the Bal Masqué. Melancholic and quiet, frequently lamenting herself as "empty", she habitually prays, but to nothing in particular, which Bel Peol finds odd.
* BecomingTheMask: After absorbing her fragment Konoe, Hecate ended up developing genuine feelings for Yuji.
* CharacterDevelopment: Gained quite a few feelings, most notably love, following [[spoiler: contact with Yuji as Konoe]] ([[IThoughtItMeant but not like]] ''that'').
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Kind of cuckoo, between her praying tendencies and her emotionlessness, and most of the time just sits off the field. However, she ''is'' one of the most powerful Denizens short of a Crimson Lord, and her attacks are terrifyingly powerful.
* TheDarkChick
* EmotionlessGirl
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:In order to fully awaken the Snake of the Festival's power so that he might create Xanadu, she has to sacrifice herself. It is not without some [[HopeSpot hope]], as her spirit resides with her master until the time comes for her to be reborn.]]
* HopelessSuitor: Hecate also joins the loser side about the same time she starts developing strong feelings for Yuji. [[spoiler:That was when he already became Snake of the Festival and had only Shana in his mind.]]
* HumanityIsInfectious: She creates a fragment, or faux vessel, of herself known as Konoe Fumina. Konoe's job is to experience emotions as a human, which, after absorbing Konoe back into herself, Hecate can use to control a version of the Silver (Tyrant II) who in turn controls the Statue of Pride. By absorbing Konoe, she does more than "collect" her emotions, she feels them for herself. [[spoiler:Konoe's attachment to Yuji causes Hecate to redirect her attack on him, and later enables Shana to land a killing strike on the Silver, as described below.]]
* LightIsNotGood
* MeaningfulName: Hecate is a [[Myth/ClassicalMythology Greek goddess]] associated with, among other things, [[BlackMagic magic, witchcraft, and sorcery]].
* MoralityPet: To Sydonay. It's hard to think of him as 'evil' when he dotes on Hecate.
* MurderTheHypotenuse: She attempts this on a powerless Shana in the third season.
* NiceHat: So nice, it's the current trope picture.
* NiceJobFixingItVillain: [[spoiler:While Konoe was gathering memories and feelings during Season 2, she was fascinated by birds and kept having them land on her hands. After Hecate transfers said feelings/memories and the stolen Midnight Lost Child into the Statue of Pride, cue a CurbStompBattle between it and Shana/Yuji. Unable to get close enough to attack, Shana tries one last attempt by flying towards the statue. During that attack, the statue sees Shana like a little bird, which causes the it to reach out with its hand instead of attacking her. Shana and Yuji then use this opportunity to reclaim the Midnight Lost Child and leave Hecate wondering what the heck just happened.]]
* ProperTightsWithASkirt
* PsychicLink: She has one with with the Snake of the Festival, and is capable of contacting him even when he's trapped in the Abyss. Her praying? That's her communing with him. It is through this link that the Snake of the Festival passes on the instructions for the Psalm of the Grand Order, the impossibly complex spell (composed of 82 lesser spells) that serves as the blueprint for Xanadu.
* ReiAyanamiExpy: Pale skin with short blue hair? Check. EmotionlessGirl? Check. Non-human nature? Check. Eventually comes to understand emotions better, as well as developing feelings for the main character? Check.
* {{Reincarnation}}: The Snake of the Festival spends most of his time sleeping while waiting for the Crimson Denizens' desires and faith to grow strong enough to awaken him so that he might grant their wish. Each time, Hecate (if she has perished) and the rest of the Trinity (if the other members of the Trinity had perished) are reborn to prepare the way.
* ShyBlueHairedGirl
* SimpleStaff: Her Treasure Tool, Trigon.
* TheStoic
* SugarAndIcePersonality
* TogetherInDeath: [[spoiler:With Sydonay.]]
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair


[[folder:Bel Peol]]

!!!''Judge of Paradoxes''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/SayakaOhara (JP), Paula Lindberg (Geneon), Creator/CaitlinGlass (Funimation) (EN)

Entitled "Strategist", Bel Peol is a tall, three-eyed woman with an eyepatch over her right eye. Scheming and manipulative, she holds no qualms with sending off her subordinates to die, but she can inspire loyalty in many, all the same.
* TheBaroness
* BlueAndOrangeMorality: Unlike most Denizens (indeed, most antagonists in general), she ''enjoys'' the obstacles that come against her plans, feeling that overcoming challenges makes life interesting.
* ChainPain
* TheDragon
* EyepatchOfPower: [[spoiler:The missing eye was used as the seal for the Snake of the Festival's real body.]]
* ManipulativeBitch
* MeaningfulName: Bel Peol is possibly named after Baal Peor, who, according to the [[Literature/TheBible Hebrew and Christian Bibles]], was a Moabite god associated with Mount Peor. The name possibly translates to "Lord of the Opening," which, given Bel Peol's role in opening the gate sealing the Snake of the Festival's body, fits quite nicely.
* MsFanservice: Less so than Margery.
* PowerNullifier: She can use her chains to suppress others' abilities, such as Shana's Flame Haze powers or Kazumi's [[SummonMagic Giralda]].
* {{Reincarnation}}: The Snake of the Festival spends most of his time sleeping while waiting for the Crimson Denizens' desires and faith to grow strong enough to awaken him so that he might grant their wish. Each time, Bel Peol (if she has perished) and the rest of the Trinity (if the other members of the Trinity had perished) are reborn to prepare the way.
* TheStrategist
* ThirdEye



!!!''Destructive Blade''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/TakayaKuroda (JP), Brad Jackson (EN)

A Crimson Lord assassin infamous for killing Flame Hazes, he was hired by the Bal Masque. As a hobby, he collects bladed weapons, from swords to katanas, and he actively used them in fights, a la [[RevengeOfTheSith General Grievous]].
* ArchEnemy: With Wilhelmina.
* BloodKnight: Not as boisterous as other examples, but lacking a purpose to call his own he deliberately "hires" himself out to anybody who will give him a fight.
* ChoosingDeath: [[spoiler:Sabrac deliberately allows himself to perish in the Abyss after seeing the Snake of the Festival's true body, despite having been provided with the means to save himself by Bel Peol.]]
* CoolMask
* CurbStompBattle: [[spoiler: Sabrac throws Wilhelmina around like a rag doll and severely injures Shana before Yuji figures out how to defeat him. In his second battle with the Flame Hazes (that we see in the series), he inflicts brutal damage on the Flame Hazes (the three Flame Hazes involved being among the most powerful alive) before losing his will to fight upon viewing the overwhelming power of the Snake of the Festival.]]
* DespairEventHorizon: [[spoiler:Realizing his (relative) impotency when compared to the Snake of the Festival, he chooses to die in the Abyss, the void between Earth and the Crimson World. At the same time, he enjoys his feeling of despair, realizing that it finally caused him to understand and connect with Mare.]]
* TheDreaded
* DualWielding: Sabrac uses twin swords, summoning replacements as they are broken.
* TheFaceless
* FightingAShadow: [[spoiler: He fought against the group the first time by spreading his true presence across the city, then sending fragments of himself to attack Wilhelmina.]]
* GlowingEyesOfDoom: He has permanent glowing eyes (but other than that, no visible face).
* HeroKiller: [[spoiler: Sabrac was about to deal a killing blow to Wilhelmina and was only prevented from doing so when Pheles and Johann swooped in an rescued her. He was responsible for the mortal injury of Johann, which forced Pheles to place Johann within the Midnight Lost Child. In each of his defeats, it took the combined power of some of the most powerful Flame Hazes to beat him, and in the final defeat his loss was due mainly to his being distracted by the Snake of the Festival's emergence.]]
* ItOnlyWorksOnce: Sabrac alters his Stigma so that Johann's countermeasures no longer affect it.
* ImplacableMan
* PowerNullifier: His Unrestricted Spell Stigma is applied to his swords, which nullify a Flame Haze's HealingFactor on any wounds caused by said swords. Stigma actually causes the wound to rapidly worsen as well. Wilhelmina and Shana use bandages specifically devised by [[GadgeteerGenius Johann]] to cancel out Stigma, but by their next encounter Sabrac has altered Stigma (now called Stigmata) so that the bandages no longer work.
* ProfessionalKiller
* TheQuietOne: When outside of combat.
* TheStoic: Not necessarily by training or inclination, but because he inherently finds it difficult to experience emotion. Ironically, he wants to feel emotion, in order to better understand his fallen friend Mare. The most emotion he shows during the series is when Wilhelmina reveals that Johann discovered away to counter Stigma, whenever he's around Dantalion (whom he loathes, and even then it is a very reserved loathing), and [[spoiler: as he lays dying.]]
* ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks: Doesn't merely throw his swords, but ''rockets'' numerous swords at his enemies.
* UnderestimatingBadassery: Sabrac tends to emotionlessly chide himself whenever his opponents manage to surprise him due to his underestimating them.
* VillainousFriendship: With Mare.
* WorthyOpponent: Sabrac views Wilhelmina as this, though she views him with loathing and even [[TheDreaded a bit of fear]].
* WoundThatWillNotHeal: What Stigma inflicts on others.



!!!''Caprice of Beauty''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MarinaInoue (JP), Creator/MonicaRial (EN)

A green-haired Denizen that isn't aligned with the Bal Masque, Pheles fell in love with a man named Johann. Forged the Midnight Lost Child with Johann so she doesn't need to consume other humans' power of existence; she can get enough to survive from Johan without him being in danger of disappearing. She's also friends with Wilhelmina, whom she once saved from a trap set by Sabrac.
* BlowYouAway
* CleavageWindow
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: When she goes to the festival, several girls coo over her beauty.
* FauxActionGirl
* FingerlessGloves
* FireForgedFriends: With Wilhelmina, to an extent.
* FusionDance: [[spoiler:In the finale, she and Johann combine their existences and give birth to Justus.]]
* GreenEyes
* HoistByHerOwnPetard: Pheles cruelly manipulates Yoshida and betrays Wilhelmina's trust in order to find out how to free Johann from the Midnight Lost Child, which would result in Yuji's death. Upon finding out that Sabrac altered the Keeper on the Midnight Lost Child (which prevents others from tampering with it) for Bal Masqué, she instead attempts to summon Johann from within the Midnight Lost Child (switching places with Yuji). Instead, she ends up summoning the Silver, who [[BodyHorror partially emerges from Yuji]] and [[ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice spears her through]], nearly killing her.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLuc4auxiPU La Visiteuse]].
* ManipulativeBitch: As befits her [[RedBaron title]], she's more than willing to ''pretend'' to be redeemed by ThePowerOfFriendship if it'll get her what she wants.
* MeaningfulName: "Pheles" comes from "Mephistopheles," the cunning and manipulative demon from the {{Faust}} legend who later became associated with the devil.
* RapunzelHair
* ScarfOfAsskicking
* ShouldersOfDoom
* StarCrossedLovers: With Johann.
* ThemeNaming: Named after Mephistopheles from the story of {{Faust}}.
* WifeHusbandry: Inverted, as she raised Johann, not the other way around. This also wasn't the intention of raising him, as the two only fell in love once Johann reached adulthood.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Green hair.



!!!''Seeking Researcher''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/NobuoTobita (JP), Creator/MichaelDobson (Geneon), Barry Yandell (Funimation) (EN)

A MadScientist of Bal Masque. He's disliked by most Denizens.
* ArchnemesisDad: To Sale.
* TheEvilGenius: He makes all those huge unrestricted systems. The Sacred Chapel in the first season? His design.
* EvilPlan: Conducts tremendously dangerous experiments with Power of Existence....so he can see what happens. He's so nutso Alastor remarks that it wouldn't be out of character for him not to have a plan at all.
* {{Expy}}[=/=]CaptainErsatz: His appearance is basically an unholy combination of [[{{Hellsing}} Alexander Anderson and The Doctor]].
* ForScience: He seems to have no qualms about blowing up the universe as long as he gets to watch.
* GratuitousEnglish: In the anime, he likes using this while... [[ChewingTheScenery commenting...]] on the situation.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: [[spoiler:He is killed by an [[SphereOfDestruction explosion]] from his own robot (which he himself set to [[ActionBomb self-destruct]]), launched at him by [[MarionetteMaster Sale]].]]
* IdiotHair: After returning to the Seireiden at the end looks like he got a bad afro.
* LargeHam: He sounds ecstatic while gesturing to machines and scary glasses glint.
* LightIsNotGood
* MadScientist: He doesn't care if his experiments succeed or fail, [[ForScience as long as they do so spectacularly]]. He looks just like a creepy mixture of [[{{Hellsing}} Alexander Anderson and The Doctor]].
* MeaningfulName: Dantalion is a Great Duke of Hell in the ''Literature/ArsGoetia'' whose domain in the arts and sciences.
* NoIndoorVoice
* ThisIsGonnaSuck: [[spoiler:Moments before his death.]]
* TrulySingleParent: To Sale.



!!!''The Hunter''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/JunichiSuwabe (JP), Creator/TrevorDevall (Geneon), Creator/JMichaelTatum (Funimation) (EN)

A powerful Crimson Lord. Unlike other Crimson Lords and Denizens, he doesn't associate with the organizations like Bal Masqué.
* AxCrazy: He desperately wants to gather enough power of existence to give his Rinne Marianne life so she doesn't disappear without his power. What makes him this trope is his methods and the fact that [[spoiler:'''after''' Marianne tried to pull a HeroicSacrifice ([[SenselessSacrifice it didn't work]]) he still thinks he's stroking her in his arms]].
* {{Bishounen}}
* CollectorOfTheStrange: He collects Hougu.
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* DeathDealer: His "Regular Sharp" artifact.
* EvilPlan: As the first major villian, it's his plan for Misaki city that starts the plot. He wants to collect the city's power of existence so Marianne can exist without his power and they can live forever together.
* FauxAffablyEvil
* HeroKiller: Notorious for killing Flame Hazes.
* ImmortalitySeeker: Singlemindedly focused on obtaining "eternity," not just for himself, but his Rinne Marianne.
* LightIsNotGood
* MarionetteMaster
* MeaningfulName: According to the 15th-century grimoire known as the ''Heptameron, or Magical Elements'' and the 17th-century MS Harley 6482 (Rudd manuscript), Friagne is an angel, specifically an [[OurAngelsAreDifferent angel of the fifth Heaven ruling in the East on Tuesday]].
* OneHitKill: His artifact [[RevolversAreJustBetter "Trigger Happy"]] forces the targeted Flame Haze to unleash their Crimson Lord, killing them in process.
* PowerPerversionPotential: Rinne are unstable existences created by Crimson Denizens to serve them. Marianne was once an ordinary doll until Friagne came across it in Turin in 1848, ''lusted for it, and gave her life as a Rinne.''
* StarterVillain: While he's not the first Crimson Lord Shana has faced in her lifetime, plot-wise, Friagne is the first villain to present a major threat to Misaki City and the first to be defeated by Shana in tandem with Yuji. Once he's dispatched, he along with Marianne are never heard from again. [[spoiler:Only the ring and altar he leaves behind would prove significant to the plot later on.]]
* {{Yandere}}: He wants to make it so his Rinne Marianne can live without needing his power. This combined with the nature of his kind means he won't shy from wiping devouring an entire city at once nor getting to fights with Flame Hazes on purpose. Though this has caused him to become a bit AxeCrazy.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair
* YouHaveFailedMe: Defied. Marianne thinks he will do this but he consoles and comforts her instead.


[[folder:Sorath and Tiriel]]

!!!''He-Who-Loves-Himself'' (Sorath), ''She-Who-Loves-Others'' (Tiriel)
->'''Sorath voiced by:''' Creator/RyokoShiraishi (JP), Aidan Drummond (Geneon), Creator/MicahSolusod (Funimation) (EN),
->'''Tiriel voiced by:''' Creator/YukariTamura (JP), Jocelyne Loewen (Geneon), Apphia Yu (Funimation) (EN)

A pair of blonde, blue-eyed villains who start sloppily making out any chance they get without care for their surroundings (which leads to an aesop for Shana about what love really is).
* AllTakeAndNoGive: Tiriel gives Sorath anything he wants so she can keep him pleased even if it means giving up her life for him while Sorath only cares about getting what he wants and as long as Tiriel can give it to him he doesn't really care about what happens to her.
* {{BFS}}: Sorath is the original owner of Blutsauger.
* BrotherSisterIncest: In a negative, even [[{{Squick}} downright disgusting]] light. Considering [[DemonicInvaders what they are]], though, genealogy may be a moot point.
%%* BrotherSisterTeam
* ClingyJealousGirl: Tiriel in the manga. She won't allow Sorath to even think about another girl.
%%* CreepyChild: Both of them.
%%* CreepyTwins
* ElegantGothicLolita: Tiriel dresses in such a style.
* EvilPlan: Sorath wants to steal the Nietono no Shana; Tiriel wants to help him do this. She couldn't care less about the sword but it appears that the plan is of her design.
%%* HalfIdenticalTwins
* MakeOutKids: They're always sloppily making out any chance they get without caring one bit about how awkward and squicky it is for people around them. Shana comes to understand that this type of relationship is shallow and entirely physical and not true love.
* MasculineGirlFeminineBoy: They are a downplayed trope in this manner, Sorath (Feminine Boy) and Tiriel (Masculine Girl). Sorath's more sensitive and submissive compared to Tiriel but Tiriel is nothing if not feminine in her manner of dress and Sorath is the one swinging a sword around.
* MeaningfulName:
** Sorath is the name of the demon of the sun associated with the [[NumberOfTheBeast number 666]] in 19th-century occultist Francis Barrett's ''The Magus, or Celestial Intelligencer''.
** Tiriel first appears in Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa's ''Three Books of Occult Philosophy'' as the intelligence of the planet Mercury; it's also eponymous name of the exiled king with an incestuous attraction to his daughter in "Tiriel," a poem by Creator/WilliamBlake and an early part of his {{Mythopoeia}}.
%%* NiceHat: Tiriel.
%%* PimpedOutDress: Tiriel.
%%* RapunzelHair: Tiriel.
%%* TsurimeEyes: Tiriel.
* VillainousIncest: They're villains, they're twins, and they make out in public.
* {{Yandere}}: In the manga, Tiriel throttles Sorath for expressing admiration for another girl.


[[folder:Merihim [=/=] Shiro]]

!!!''Rainbow Wings''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/KatsuyukiKonishi (JP), Creator/BrianDrummond (Geneon), Creator/EricVale (Funimation) (EN)

One of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales, the nine great Crimson Lords that served as the inner circle and commanders of the organization of Töten Glocke. He was crazily in love with the previous "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter", Mathilde Saint-Omer, who in turn, loved Alastor. After her death, he hid his last portion of Power of Existence which would be used for the last purpose; to test the successor of "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" and changed his shape into the skeleton known as Shiro. He trained Shana along with Wilhelmina and was eventually defeated by her.
* AndNowYouMustMarryMe: During the Great War, he fell in love with Mathilde Saint-Omer, who simply saw him as a WorthyOpponent. They made a deal that the loser in their fight had to do whatever the victor wanted. Merihim hoped that by winning, Mathilde would have to return his love (as well as join Töten Glocke).
* BashBrothers: When he served Töten Glocke, he was one half of a team known as the "Pair of Wings." The other half of the team was a Crimson Lord dragon known as Illuyanka.
* {{Bishonen}}
* DemBones: As Shiro.
* EverythingsBetterWithRainbows
* HeelFaceTurn: Mathilde defeated Merihim in battle and made him promise to train her successor. Due to his love for her, and a previous agreement that the loser had to do whatever the victor wanted, Merihim agreed.
* HeroicBSOD: When Shana pranks him into falling into a pit filled with tomato paste, Merihim flashbacks to when he was covered with the mortally-injured Mathilde's blood, and he absolutely ''[[SkywardScream loses it]]''.
* HeroicSacrifice: He uses a lot of his Power of Existence saving the-girl-who-would-be-Shana from Orgon, though his death was inevitable. [[spoiler: He used up the very last of it dueling the new Flame-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter to test her skills.]]
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Illuyanka, a draconic Crimson Lord, until Illuyanka was killed by Wilhelmina.
* HopelessSuitor
* LongHairedPrettyBoy
* LoveRedeems: His HeelFaceTurn stemmed from his love for Mathilde. He promised to no longer devour humans to sustain his existence, which ultimately causes his collected Power of Existence to dwindle until he uses up the last of it in one final battle.
* MeaningfulName: "Merihim" is one of the many variants for Meririm, which, according to Agrippa's ''Three Books of Occult Philosophy'', is the prince of the power of the air referred to in Ephesians 2:2, chief of aerial fallen angels creating thunder and lightning, corrupting the air, and spreading pestilence and other evil.
* PosthumousCharacter: He is only seen in flashbacks.
* ThePowerOfLove: Merihim, [[spoiler: as he lays dying,]] teaches Shana about this.
* UnrequitedLoveLastsForever
* WhiteHairBlackHeart



!!!''Corpse Collector''
->'''Voiced by:''' Motomu Kiyokawa (JP), Creator/RonHalder (Geneon), Jerry Russell (Funimation) (EN)

A Crimson Denizen that jumps from world to world to avoid the notice of Flame Hazes. His policy of only feeding on Torches that are about to burn out anyway has earned him the title of 'Corpse Collector'. In the first arc this makes him a direct threat to Friagne's EvilPlan. Further, he informs Yuji of it and encourages him to stop it.
* AntiVillain: He eats Torches but only the ones that were about to go out anyway and gives advice to Yuji.
* BodySurf: [[spoiler:"He" is actually the Crimson Lord Leanan-sidhe, and "his" body is actually that of a Torch that she uses in order to hide her existence, allowing her to travel and collect Torches without being pursued by Flame Hazes or Denizens.]]
* CoolOldGuy: He looks like somebody's grandfather and just as wise.
* NiceHat: A classical Victorian hat for a gentleman.
* TheMentor: The wise old mentor figure for TheProtagonist.
* RedBaron: 'Corpse Collector' is used as often as his name.
* SharpDressedMan: With a hat and cane to boot.
* ShipperOnDeck: For Yuji and Shana.
* WhiteSheep: A rarity among Crimson Denizens in that he respects the balance of the world. By feeding on flickering Torches, his impact is zero.



!!!''Spiral Organ''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AzumiAsakura (JP), Creator/LeahClark (EN)

A female Crimson Lord and inventor of countless Unrestricted Methods (including the Fuzetsu).
* BodySurf: [[spoiler:The old man that Lamies is introduced as is only the latest of many bodies she's used.]]
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* DisturbedDoves: Doves appear around her when [[spoiler:she returns to her original form]].
* LoveRedeems: Long ago, Leanan-sidhe fell in love with a human artist. He unfortunately caught her consuming humans one day, which led her to cease consuming humans. The artist made a painting of her, but it was destroyed in a fire. Her goal is to gather enough Power of Existence to hopefully one day activate a Power of Unrestraint that would restore the artist's painting of her.
* MeaningfulName: The ''leannán sí'' is a [[TheFairFolk beautiful fae woman]] from [[Myth/CelticMythology Celtic folklore]] who takes a human lover, typically an artist, and serves as their muse (which usually ends in madness and death for the artist).
* SentientPhlebotinum: During the Great War between the Flame Hazes and Töten Glocke, Leanan-sidhe was key to the renegade Crimson Lord Asiz's plan to resurrect his deceased Flame Haze Tis. By placing Leanan-sidhe in a Treasure Tool known as the Nachtigall, massive amounts of Power of Existence could be placed within her, while simultaneously compelling her to perform a special Power of Unrestraint that would revive Tis.
* WomanInWhite
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: She has violet hair.



!!!''Officer of Boundless Seas''
->'''Voiced by:''' Kiyohito Yoshikai (JP), Jeremy Inman (EN)

A brilliant strategist and powerful Crimson Lord, Decarabia was supreme commander of Bal Masqué's armies during the Second Great War. When [[spoiler: Snake of the Festival Yuji]], the Trinity, Sabrac, Dantalion, Dantalion's assistant [[ClockworkCreature Domino]], and the Crimson Denizen Rofocale travel into the Abyss to retrieve the Snake of the Festival's body, Decarabia is left in charge of the Castle of the Stars when the Flame Haze Army attacks. [[spoiler: He is slain defending the Castle of the Stars against the Flame Hazes, but his actions [[DelayingAction buy enough time for Haborym's army to arrive.]]]]
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: One of the most powerful of the Crimson Lords, [[spoiler: Sophie Sawallisch uses up most of her power killing him.]]
* BarrierWarrior: Can cast [[DeflectorShields protective shields]] on his soldiers when he enters the field himself.
* BreathWeapon
* CommLinks: Decarabia can detach scales from his body through which he can communicate. They also allow him to cast Powers of Unrestraint.
* DelayingAction: Despite it putting him in serious risk he decided the risk was worth it to allow Haborym's army to arrive in the nick of time.
* FourStarBadass
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:While he doesn't intentionally die, he risks and ultimately loses his life to stall the Flame Haze Army long enough for Bal Masqué reinforcements to arrive and save the Castle of the Stars.]]
* KrakenAndLeviathan
* MeaningfulName: Decarabia first appears in the ''Pseudomonarchia Daemonum'' as an earl or king of Hell; the ''Literature/ArsGoetia'' calls him a Great Marquis of Hell and associates him with the pentagram (which is part of Providence's spell insignia).
* PocketDimension: His Power of Unrestraint, Providence, enables him to conceal himself within a spell insignia, which from within takes the appearance of an endless ocean.
* SelfDuplication
* TeleportSpam: Can do this, and ''does'' do this during the battle for the Castle of the Stars.



!!!''Burning Agitation''
->'''Voiced by:''' Itaru Yamamoto (JP), Scott Freeman (ENG)

A Crimson Lord and leader of one of Bal Masqué's armies, and a [[TheDreaded most feared foe]] of the Flame Hazes. He leads one of the forces tasked with destroying Outlaw, [[spoiler: and later [[TheCavalry shows up right on time]] during the battle for the Castle of the Stars to turn the tide of the battle and the war itself against the Flame Hazes.]] Afterwards, he fights [=SouthValley=] during the battle of Misaki City. [[spoiler: He is one of the first Crimson Denizens to travel to Xanadu.]]

* AdvantageBall: His Power of Unrestraint, Burning Fields, is a near-literal version of this. All of his soldiers within the field's effect are empowered and encouraged by it.
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking
* TheCavalry: Shows up right in the nick of time to save the Castle of the Stars from the Flame Haze Army.
* CoolMask: Two of them.
* TheDreaded: The Flame Hazes refer to him as "the utmost among the utmost dangerous of Denizens."
* TheFaceless
* FieldPowerEffect
* FourStarBadass
* GasMaskLongcoat
* MeaningfulName: Haborym is a variant name for Aim, who, according to the ''Pseudomonarchia Daemonum'' and ''Literature/ArsGoetia'', is a three-headed Great Duke of Hell who sets cities, castles, and great houses on fire. Appropriate, considering what the Crimson Lord Haborym does to Samuel Demantius' castle.
* MultipleHeadCase
* TheStoic
* WarpZone: Burning Fields serves as this for him. He can teleport to any location within his Power of Unrestraint's area of effect.
* WorthyOpponent: Views Samuel Demantius as this, to the point that he actually regrets his death.



!!!''Dashing Earthly Fiend''
->'''Voiced by:''' Taro Yamaguchi (JP), Phil Parsons (ENG)

A Crimson Lord who serves as a Wanderer, or warrior, for Bal Masqué. His partner is the Jeager Pirsoyn, with whom he as a close friendship. One of Bal Masqué's most powerful soldiers, he leads the organization's strike against the Tokyo branch of Outlaw, and later participates in the final battle in Misaki City. [[spoiler: For is loyalty, he and Pirsoyn are selected to be the first Denizens to journey to Xanadu.]]

* AnArmAndALeg: Ribesal loses an arm fighting [=EastEdge=]. Being a Denizen, though, he must merely consume more Power of Existence to regenerate it.
* BigCreepyCrawlies: Looks like a humanoid beetle.
* DefeatMeansFriendship: A mild case. Ribesal is at first offended that Bal Masqué's leader is [[spoiler: Yuji, a "mere" Mystes.]] When Snake of the Festival [[spoiler: Yuji]] effortlessly stops his attack and praises him, Ribesal bends his knee before him, acknowledging him as his leader.
* DoppelgangerAttack: Ribesal's Treasure Tool, Dark Pearls of Seven Treasures, are a number of orbs attached to his torso that can detach and transform into duplicates of himself.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: Unlike some Wanderers, who look down upon Jaegers, Bal Masqué's scouts, Ribesal is protective and respectful towards Pirsoyn. [[spoiler: When the Snake of the Festival rewards him with being the first to enter Xanadu, he is hesitant to leave without Pirsoyn by his side, prompting Bel Peol to summon his partner.]]
* MeaningfulName: His name comes from Rübezahl, a giant from German, Polish, and Czech folklore.
* UndyingLoyalty: To Snake of the Festival [[spoiler: Yuji]], after the latter demonstrates his power. He even remonstrates Pirsoyn for expressing a derogatory attitude towards [[spoiler: Yuji.]] He is repaid for his loyalty by [[spoiler: being the first Denizen to travel to Xanadu, along with Pirsoyn.]]



!!!''Cup of Corrupting Indulgence''
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MutsumiTamura (JP), Lara Woodhull (ENG)

A Jaeger, or scout, for Bal Masqué. He takes the form of a small child, but is an exceptionally dangerous Denizen. His partner is Ribesal, and the two participate in the battles at Outlaw's Tokyo branch and Misaki City. [[spoiler: Both he and Ribesal survive, and are the first Denizens to enter Xanadu.]]

* AmbiguousGender: The light novels do not identify whether Pirsoyn is male or female, but according to the Japanese Wikipedia article on the Denizens, he's a male.
* BadassAdorable
* BrownNote: Pirsoyn's Power of Unrestraint Daimōn takes the form of a mist that causes insanity in whomever it touches. The Flame Haze that are affected by it have killed ''[[FriendlyFire each other]]''.
* CreepyChild
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Ribesal. [[spoiler: Ribesal refused to depart for Xanadu until Pirsoyn is summoned to join him.]]
* InTheHood
* MeaningfulName: Pirsoyn is a variant name of Gusion, a Great Duke of Hell from the ''Pseudomonarchia Daemonum'' and the ''Literature/ArsGoetia''.



!!!''Golden Palm of Wishful Demands''
->'''Voiced by:''' Masayuki Kato (JP), Creator/ChuckHuber (ENG)

A Crimson Lord and one of Bal Masqué's generals, he participated in the Ancient War during the Snake of the Festival's first attempt to build a Crimson Denizen paradise. He fought Chiara and Sale in Egypt when they attempted to delay Harborym's Western Outlaw Destruction Army. He fights the two again during the battle of Misaki City, [[spoiler: where they succeed in severely injuring him. He refuses rescue in order to use his power to prevent Dantalion's out-of-control, self-destructing Iron Giants from destroying the Mandala Shrine of Ruling Celebration, seemingly necessary for bring about Xanadu's creation. He loses his life in the process.]]

* {{Bishonen}}
* FourStarBadass: He's a general in Bal Masqué.
* HalfTheManHeUsedToBe: [[spoiler:Being a Crimson Lord, this is not ''necessarily'' fatal, but what happens after does kill him.]]
* HeroicSacrifice
* MeaningfulName: Mammon comes from a Semitic word for money or wealth and is used as such in [[TheFourGospels Matthew and Luke]] in association with greed; in the Middle Ages it became personified as the demon of wealth and greed.
* SelectiveMagnetism: His Power of Unrestraint, Self-Indulgent Coveting Palm, allows him to attract and repel objects. [[spoiler: He used this power to attract Dantalion's self-destructing Iron Giants to himself to protect the Mandala Shine of Ruling Celebration.]]
* SenselessSacrifice: Sort of. [[spoiler:He dies to protect the Mandala Shrine of Ruling Celebration, which is not actually necessary to create Xanadu, serving merely as a decoy. His sacrifice, however, does continue the charade long enough for the real plan to go into action.]]
* VillainousValor: For a given value of "villain," given the setting's GreyAndGrayMorality.

%%!Multiple-character tropes

%%* TheAgeless: All of the Flame Hazes become this after making a contract with a Crimson Lord.
%%* ArmyOfThievesAndWhores: The majority of the people who became Flame Hazes did it for revenge. Special mention goes to Margery Daw, as she was formerly in a brothel before becoming a Flame Haze. She desired revenge on her enemies for the misery and humiliation they inflicted on her, only to see them be destroyed by the Silver. Her fury from being stolen of the last reason to live had attracted the attention of Marchosias.
%%* AwesomeMcCoolname
%%* {{Dirty Cop}}s: Most of the Flame Hazes.
%%* AFormYouAreComfortableWith: Crimson Denizens' real forms are [[YouCannotGraspTheTrueForm incomprehensible to humans]], so they take on forms that they feel represent their aspect in the human world.
%%** Many Denizens in Bal Masque also take on human forms as well.
%%* ImmortalImmaturity: Averted in case of most of the Flame Hazes. Independently of the age they look or their exterior demeanor, their inner personalities tend to be [[TheStoic stoic]] at the best and [[{{Angst}} angsty]] at the worst, given their frequently traumatic pasts and lifes.
%%* {{Knight Templar}}s: Most of the Flame Hazes.
%%* OneWingedAngel: Most Lord-Class Denizens or higher take on either humanoid form (Bal Masque) or dwell within their Flame Hazes (communicating with and perceiving the outside world through a tool known as a divine vessel). [[PersonOfMassDestruction When they]] ''[[PersonOfMassDestruction manifest]]'' [[PersonOfMassDestruction it's a different story...]]
%%* PlayingWithFire: Most Flame Haze/Crimson Lord powers manifest as flames.
%%* Really700YearsOld: All of the Flame Hazes either already are, or eventually will be this, as none of them age. All of the Crimson Lords and Denizens are already Really700YearsOld.
%%* RippleEffectProofMemory: All Denizens, along with Flame Hazes, and humans aware of the Crimson World, can remember existences that have disappeared.
%%* [[HeWhoFightsMonsters Those Who Fight Monsters]]: Most Flame Hazes outside of Shana became such because of a combination of {{Revenge}} or [[PsychoForHire for the fun of it]].