[[folder:Reverse Margarita Empire]]

[[WMG: Hydrate]]
->Voiced by: Creator/ShigeruChiba (JP), Creator/KirkThornton (EN), Juan Navarro (Spain)

* BigBad: Takes over his older brother's role during the story arc.
* EvilerThanThou: See above.
* EvilOverlord
* HeartIsAnAwesomePower: He uses foot soles to attack his enemies
* TheUnfavorite: He was passed over his brother to be the 4th emperor

[[WMG: Halon Oni/Maloney Oni]]

* TheBrute
* CoolSword: His Dark Fist revolves around swords.
* KickTheDog: He took out his partner, Slim, with his Dark Fist and shows no remorse since he said that he [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness couldn't properly use him]].
* OneWingedAngel: He transforms into a grown-up version of him with the Dark Fist of Swords.

[[WMG: The Three Sacks]]

* DarkChick: All three of them.
* CrossDressingVoice: The Yellow Sack voiced by Creator/StephanieSheh in the English dub
* OneWingedAngel: All combined into a weird white figure.
* PersonOfMassDestruction - The Yellow Sack tricked the heroes in opening him using one art of the Dark Fist Of Three Sacks, firing ''meteors all over the Earth''.
* TerribleTrio- The youngest Red Sack, the middle brother Yellow Sack, and the oldest White Sack.

[[WMG: Crimson]]

* TheBrute: Loves to show off his power.
* CurbStompBattle: Does this to Giga and Hanpen off-screen when we first see him.
* ThirdEye: Has one in his forehead.


* TheBaroness
* DarkActionGirl: She's the last and possibly strongest of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Reverse Margarita Empire to be faced.
* EvilIsSexy: Her Dark Fist of Sexy revolves around this invoked trope.
* HoistByHerOwnPetard: When she uses her powers to affect OVER, it annoys which light his one anger orb up (with Jelly Jiggler lighting ''all the other five in one act!''). This results in turning back into Torpedo Girl and since LOVE's Dark Fist can't work on her own gender, this leads to her downfall.
* {{Lust}}: Has a thing for muscles. Much to Over's chargin.
* OneWingedAngel: Transforms into a large griffin which doesn't have anything to do with her Dark Fist!
* StripperIffic

[[WMG: Byakkyo]]

* AxCrazy
* CoDragons: Along with Be-bebe since he's the right-hand man to Hydrate.
* EnfanteTerrible: He was revealed to be this when he killed warriors of the Holy Land Of Babylon as a boy!
** CreepyChild
* EvilGenius: Although he shows more of this in his fight.
* EvilRedHead
* HeroKiller: Of the entire land of Babylon except Softon [[spoiler: and another]]
* MadDoctor: With his Fist Of Surgery.
* RedBaron: The Catharsis Slaughterer.
* TheStoic: Initially leads one to believe this until....
* NotSoStoic: His AxCrazy moments.

[[WMG: Bebebe-be Be-bebe]]

* AnimalMotif: He was a cat when he was 8!
* {{Bishonen}}
* BrainwashedAndCrazy: Revealed to be this after the fight, resulting in joining Bo-bobo and co to go to the Hair Kingdom to stop Bi-bibi.
* CoDragons: Along with Byakkyo since he's the left-hand man to Hydrate.
* {{Expy}}: [[OnePiece of Sanji]]
* ExtremityExtremist: Of the Leg variety
* HiddenEyes: the BlindingBangs variety
* LukeIAmYourFather: [[spoiler: He is Bobobo's brother. This comes as a shock as he looks nothing like Bobobo]].
* PermaStubble
* PrehensileHair: Uses the Fist of Leg Hair.