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! Uesugi Clan


[[folder:Uesugi Kenshin]]
-->Voiced by: Creator/RomiPark (Japanese), Alessandro Juliani (''Devil Kings'') , Creator/GregAyres (anime), Dino Andrade (''Samurai Heroes'')

-> ''"The heavens whisper for me... to take up arms."''

Head of the Uesugi clan from Echigo, Takeda Shingen's main rival. He is also a devout follower of the war-god Bishamonten. Has a very young and effeminate appearance, but don't let this fool you; he's ridiculously fast and one heck of a fighter.

Known as ''Frost'' in the ''Devil Kings''.
* AffectionateNickname: To Kasuga, whom he calls "[His] most beautiful blade."
* AmbiguousGender: Borderline. In an anime voice commentary, sound director Miwa Iwanami says he asked producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi if Kenshin was male or female, and [[ShrugOfGod didn't get a straight answer]]. So apparently everyone, including the staff, just ''assumes'' he's male... There is actually a rumor (almost certainly false) that the historical Kenshin WAS a woman in disguise, which actually explains this.
** It doesn't help at all that aside of his [[CrossdressingVoices female]] [[Creator/RomiPark voice actress]], (unless you're watching the English dub) in the games his lines are written entirely in hiragana, which gives him a decidedly feminine aura (traditionally women used mainly or only hiragana in writing) or him being played by Akira in the stageshow adaptations, who is the {{Bifauxnen}} frontwoman of the VisualKei band Disacode.
* AmbiguouslyBi: Kasuga is technically his lover, but the sheer amount of sexual tension between him and, well, just about every other man he frequently interacts with casts doubt upon this.
** Amusingly enough, this works both ways due to the above mentioned AmbiguousGender.
* BadassLongcoat: With six tails shaped like a snowflake.
* {{Bishounen}}: He's prettier than ''any'' of the female characters.
** BishieSparkle
* BlingOfWar: His outfit is decorated with blue crystals.
* BossSubtitles: "Kenshin Uesugi - God of War"
* BulletTime: By chaining his special moves together, he slows down time around him, which lets him attack his enemies faster than they can react. The state lasts as long as Kenshin is able to mix up his attack on his enemies.
* CollaredByFashion
* CulturedWarrior: Kenshin talks like a philosopher most of the time. In the anime he's often shown performing tea ceremony.
* DemotedToExtra: He goes from PC to NPC in ''Sengoku Basara 3'' due to Shingen's absence. He returns to PC status again in ''Utage'' along with Kasuga, but returns to NPC status in ''4''.... and becomes playable again in ''Sumeragi'', with a full story.
* DramaticPause
* TheDreaded: A fairly benevolent example, but just listen to the sheer terror in the voices of the soldiers who announce his arrival in ''3''.
* DudeLooksLikeALady
* FaceDeathWithDignity: Or he would have in ''The Last Party'' before Ieyasu interupted.
%%* FragileSpeedster: Although with the right setup he can be a legit LightningBruiser.
* FriendlyEnemy: His respect for Shingen is legendary. The incident when Takeda's trade routes were blocked and Kenshin secretly provided them with salt is mentioned multiple times.
* HistoricalBeautyUpdate: Seems like Capcom has been listening to rumours about the historical Kenshin's ambiguous gender.
* IaijutsuPractitioner: His speed relies on quick draws and he always returns his sword to the sheath. While Mitsunari beats him in raw [[DeathOfAThousandCuts attack speed]], his attacks are more powerful and he has a special BulletTime state.
* GracefulLoser: In the movie. His forces defeated, and Shingen preparing to [[OffWithHisHead liberate him of his head]], he actually compliments his long time rival. In the game, he either tells the victor to simply take what they want and go or tells them that they were a worthy opponent with his dying words.
* AnIcePerson
* IcyBlueEyes: Likely to reflect his cool personality, and match his outfit.
* IncomingHam: He's pretty flashy most of the time, but this is taken to extremes in [=SB3=] when he literally sky-dives onto the stage out of nowhere.
** And he one-ups that in the expansion, descending a staircase of ice from the sky and making it shatter dramatically when he reaches the bottom.
* {{Keigo}}: The slightly archaic, "refined and cultured" variety.
* LadyOfWar: A male example at that, but his moveset is impeccably, effortlessly graceful.
* MissionFromGod: According to Kenshin it is Bishamonten's will that he take up arms and conquer the country, and with the gods on his side, he's bound to win, right?
* NervesOfSteel: Kenshin barely ever loses his composure, and reacts to every situation with the same calm and aloof air.
** In TheMovie he faces execution without so much as batting an eyelid.
* NeverGetsDrunk: Lucky, since he drinks like a fish.
* OddFriendship: With Keiji. They're very close but all they seem to have in common is a love of alcohol.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Though it's [[VagueAge never specified]], he's a similar sort of age to Shingen, who actually qualifies as a CoolOldGuy. Who'd have thought it...
* PhysicalGod: Maybe. He's given a lot of divine qualities, but can die like any other human.
* RedBaron: The War-God of Echigo
* RedOniBlueOni: The Blue Oni to Shingen's Red Oni.
* TheRival [=/=] WorthyOpponent: To Shingen.
* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan: The sensitive guy to Shingen's manly man.
* SheathStrike: How he defeated Matabe in ''[=SB4=]''. It's significant because, unfortunately, leaving Matabe alive only sent him on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge.
* SmugSuper: Kenshin certainly comes off as arrogant when talking to those he views as beneath him, and he's not at all shy about telling people they have no chance against his divinity. But hey, maybe if you were worshipped as a god, you'd do the same.
* SomethingAboutARose: Often accompanied by a [[http://www.rabbitpoets.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/sengokubasara13.jpg rose-covered background]]. Though this may just be Kasuga's overactive imagination.
* StealthMentor: In the anime particularly, he keeps an eye out for Masamune, encouraging him to stay calm and take down Hideyoshi when he and his army are ready. In the third and fourth games, he acts as one for Yukimura and Ieyasu.
** In the third game he gives words of encouragement and wisdom to both Yukimura and Kojuro.
* SugarAndIcePersonality: A very subtle example; he is cold and completely unemotional towards his enemies or those he doesn't know, but shows a warmer side and sometimes even a faint smile around those few he loves and respects.
* SuperSpeed: The main reason he's seen as a god. And unlike the ninja or Mitsunari he isn't using FlashStep... he's running so fast that time ''slows down'' around him.
* TakingTheBullet: Took [[spoiler:[[NoOneCouldSurviveThat three bullets]] to save Kasuga]] in the anime. [[spoiler:Took a sword in the gut to save her in Kasuga's]] ''Sumeragi'' story mode. [[spoiler: He survives in both cases, bedridden for a while in the former, and while missing in action for a while and presumed dead by Kasuga, is revealed to be alive and well at the end of the latter.]]
* WarriorMonk: In the name of Bishamonten, he shall kick your ass!
* WarriorPoet: Jeez, just listen to his monologue about how beautiful Kasuga is in episode 9.
* WeatherDissonance: According to ''Utage'' and ''Judge End'', it starts snowing wherever he goes, even in the desert. In the third game he's been at Kawanakajima so long that it's become completely buried in ice and snow.

-->Voiced by: Creator/NatsukoKuwatani (Japanese), Creator/VenusTerzo (''Devil Kings''), Creator/StephanieSheh (English)

->''"My life belongs only to that man."''

A kunoichi in the service of Uesugi Kenshin, as well as his potential love interest. She also has fierce BelligerentSexualTension with Sarutobi Sasuke. Often regarded as the games [[MsFanservice sex symbol]].

Her name in ''Devil Kings'' is ''Venus''. She did not exist in RealLife.
* AbsoluteCleavage: All the way down to her crotch!
* BigNo: In the anime, after [[spoiler:Kenshin is shot.]]
* BodyguardCrush[=/=]SubordinateExcuse
* BossSubtitles: "Kasuga - Reporting for Duty"
* BoyishShortHair: Very short boyish hair, waist-length tails.
* DemotedToExtra: Like Kenshin, she's an NPC in ''Sengoku Basara 3''. She returns to PC status in ''Utage'' along with Kenshin as well as returning to NPC status in the fourth game (at least until an expansion comes along).
** She has one scene in "The Last Party". And she's unconscious when it happens.
* DoesNotLikeShoes: Depends on the game and outfit. Played straight in the anime.
* EmbarrassingRescue: In the anime, she was so flustered when Sasuke saved her that she fell out of a tree.
* FanservicePack: The anime made her more curvy, and in particular gave her much bigger breasts. However her appearance hasn't changed in the games.
* FlashStep
* JigglePhysics: The lack of this in earlier games is rather jarring, however it was put to rights in ''3'' with some realistic bounce.
* LightEmUp: Allows her to create illusions and stun enemies easily.
* LoveAtFirstSight: She falls in love with Kenshin while attempting to ''assassinate'' him.
** InLoveWithTheMark: For about two seconds before she switched sides.
* LuminescentBlush: Any time Kenshin so much as LOOKS in her direction, complete with erotic moaning. And [[SomethingAboutARose roses]].
* MaleGaze: Often subject to this. Particularly in the anime and manga.
** Even worse in the fourth game, where just about everyone in the Takeda Army can't stop staring at her. Sakon has to ask whether it's okay to stare at her chest, and even ''Tadakatsu'' needs to turn away when he's faced with her.
* MeaningfulName: Her name likely comes from Mount Kasuga, known for its castle built and owned by Kenshin Uesugi in RealLife.
* MovesetClone: To Sasuke in ''1''. Later gets her own in ''2''.
* MsFanservice: Out of all the girls, her figure gets the most focus, and her outfit really takes the cake.
* NakedFirstImpression: In one of the drama [=CD=]s, Sasuke first saw her while she was bathing, and from then on started coming to help whenever she's in trouble.
* {{Ninja}}
** HighlyVisibleNinja: Perhaps the most [[{{Stripperific}} attention-grabbing]] ninja ever. Sasuke also notes that she gets too worked up emotionally and forgets to be on form.
* NotSoDifferent: To Mitsunari. While his devotion may lack the romantic tones of Kasuga's, they both share a fierce loyalty to their respective lords. This is best shown in her [[DuelBoss special stage]] in ''4''. After Kenshin is killed, she's reduced to a delusional, broken mess who only thinks of revenge. [[LampshadeHanging Mitsunari even wonders to himself if he'd become like her should Hideyoshi die.]]
* OnlyOneName
* ReluctantWarrior: She really just wants the fighting to end. Sasuke has mentioned that at heart she's too kind to be a ninja.
** In ''Utage'', one of her battle lines has her shout at the enemy general to stop sending soldiers at her, because she's already killed so many.
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: [[spoiler:In the anime, after Kenshin is almost killed trying to protect her, Kasuga sets out to kill Nobunaga and is captured in the process. Sasuke gets her out of it.]]
** She also attempts this against the player in ''4''.
* SexyBacklessOutfit: Her catsuit is slitted down the back as well.
* SheFu: Very graceful, fast and acrobatic.
* SpyCatsuit: And as if her default attire wasn't bad enough, her alternate outfit in ''[=SB2=]'' is just a bunch of leather straps and a muffler.
* {{Stripperific}}: How does she ''not'' to fall out of that thing when hopping around in the trees all the time?
* ThirdPersonSeductress
* {{Tsundere}}: She's all ''tsun tsun'' around Sasuke, but becomes very ''dere dere'' around Kenshin. In the third game she constantly berates Keiji for his laid-back attitude, but freaks out and starts crying if he dies.
** In season 1 of the anime she does briefly show her ''dere'' side for Sasuke when she tells Sasuke that she thought he would appear when she blew the "whistle" he had given him. In season 2 as well, when he's trying to defend himself from Fuuma's assault.
* UndyingLoyalty: Well, her life exists only for Kenshin etc.
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: In the anime, no matter how often or how expressive her, um...[[TheImmodestOrgasm reactions]] to Kenshin's praise are, no one seems to think anything of it.
** Keiji actually lampshades it in an episode: "Are you ''really'' a shinobi? Don't the others in your village think you're weird?"
* VaporWear: Those huge slits in the front and sides of her outfit make this clear.

[[folder:Naoe Kanetsugu]]
!! Naoe Kanetsugu
-->Voiced by: Creator/AtsushiImaruoka (Japanese), Jim Johnson (anime), Creator/TonyOliver (''Samurai Heroes'')

->''"I'm invincible, I cannot die!"''

Though not a playable character, he's quite a prominent mook with a modest popularity. Basically, this guy has an overinflated ego, always exclaiming that he's "INVINCIBLE!!", only to go down like a chump. This trait is endearing enough that he's become ''Sengoku Basara'''s official JokeCharacter.
* BoisterousWeakling
* BornLucky: As a supporting character in ''Sengoku Basara 3'', he boosts your character's luck as long as he isn't [=KOed=]. Very useful for farming rare materials, but keep him far away from Basara arts.
** Would also explain how he survives getting turned into a firework. And possibly why Kenshin keeps him around in the first place.
* BossSubtitles: "Kanetsugu Naoe - Love Prevails"
* CatchPhrase: "ORE WA MUTEKI!!!" ("I'M INVINCIBLE!!!")
* ChewToy: Apparently he even gets beaten up by kids, and according to Keji, a dog.
** In the anime, he tries a full frontal assault against [[HumongousMecha Honda Tadakatsu]], boasting he's completely invincible, only for Tadakatsu to swat him away like a bug and send him flying into a mountain.
** In the second season, he tried to do the same on Maeda Toshiie. And swatted by Toshiie without him even noticing.
--> ''Why does this keep happening to me?!''
** His third appearance is at the end of season 2, where he's starting a duel with Miyamoto Musashi. While it's not shown, it probably wasn't a very long duel.
* CoolHelmet: At least he still retains his love-crest helmet.
** He doesn't have it in the first season of the anime, but it's there by the time he makes his season 2 appearance.
* EliteMook: That's as far as he can get. He's essentially a reskinned version of a generic officer.
* FearlessFool: The only guy other than [[IdiotHero Yukimura]] brave/stupid enough to take on Hondam single-handed.
* GlassCannon: Roulette!Kanetsugu can defeat ANYONE (yes, including [[DamageSpongeBoss Hyakkimaru]]) in 1 hit yet can be dispatched with the same amount of hit.
* JokeCharacter: And how! While other officers take at least a combo to defeat, he only needs about 2-4 hits at most. Several characters can actually oneshot him.
** LethalJokeCharacter: In ''Sumeragi'', if you roll on a black tile during roulette stages, you might end up temporarily transforming into Kanetsugu. While his moves are awkward and unimpressive, he kills everything in a single shot, including bosses. Of course, he's also a OneHitPointWonder.
* OneManArmy: In the first season of the anime he said that the Uesugi First Squadron consists of only him, although it's unknown if that's true or just him boasting.
* SmallNameBigEgo: [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment Fear this invincible warrior, with his invincible spirit and his invincible sword. This invincible man is so invincible, he has even gained the nickname Mr. Invincible!]]
* StylisticSuck: Despite being a unique NPC, he's still just as badly textured as a generic officer and his mouth doesn't even move in cutscenes.
* ThisCannotBe: When KO'd, he is ''so'' incredulous that he shouts "AN INVINCIBLE HERO CANNOT DIE!" Same way, different quote if you beat him in Kawanakajima.
-->''No! Wait! I'm invincible! I cannot die!''
* TruthInTelevision: The real Naoe Kanetsugu [[http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f0/Noae_Kanetugu_Yoroi.jpg actually wore that helmet]].