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! Tokugawa Clan


[[folder:Tokugawa Ieyasu]]
-->Voiced by: Creator/ToruOkawa (Japanese), Jason Michas (''Devil Kings''), Creator/LiamOBrien (English)

->''"Let us unite, and form a bond."''

The third unifier, and probably the only sane one between the trio (because Nobunaga is like the personification of evil, Hideyoshi is... freakin' nuts). Unlike the fat turd that most fictions portray, Ieyasu here is somewhat of a BrattyHalfPint, but despite that possesses quite a lot of wisdom and virtue and love for his people. While not much of a fighter, he makes it up with his [[HumongousMecha humongously powerful]] retainer Honda Tadakatsu.

However, Capcom decided to poke fun at his days of being the hostage of Imagawa, thus turning him into JamesBondage extraordinaire, especially in Tadakatsu's story where everyone ''races'' to kidnap Ieyasu (and him getting kidnapped is a gimmick when playing as Tadakatsu in the fighting game). He's unplayable in both the first and second games, but the ExpansionPack made him playable and gave him a non-JamesBondage role as Motochika's friend, but he has no story mode.

It isn't until ''[=SB3=]'' (and consequently the second season of the anime) that he finally becomes a full-blown grown man, gets past his JamesBondage tendencies and is now punching people out on the guts with his fist. He successfully slays Hideyoshi, but then had to deal with Hideyoshi's fanatical follower Ishida Mitsunari, leading up to the decisive battle at Sekigahara.

Known as ''Irdene'' in ''[[{{Macekre}} Devil Kings]]''
* AllLovingHero: Evolves into this from ''[=SB3=]'' onward.
* AscendedExtra: Was an NPC in the first game and only became playable a couple of time before he grew into the main character of [=SB3=].
* BadassArmfold: Does this in cutscenes and is one of his [[IdleAnimation idle animations]].
* BareFistedMonk: Fights with his fists from the third game onward.
** BoxingBattler: His fighting style is mostly boxing-themed, especially in how he bobs and weaves in his block animation and his hoodie. However, he's more of a brawler in how he fights.
** MegatonPunch: He can hit ''really'' hard, especially once he charges up.
** RapidFireFisticuffs: And he becomes fond of this, drawing similarities with [[Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar Kenshiro]].
* BareYourMidriff
* BattleAura: Weaponizes it with the "Tokugawa Might" technique.
* BattleDiscretionShot: His battle with Hideyoshi in the ''[=SB3=]'' intro takes place off-screen while we follow Mitsunari's point-of-view, who only arrives after Hideyoshi is dead. Exactly how the battle went down is unknown, although Ieyasu (obviously) won.
* BladeOnAStick: His first weapon, discarded in favor of a new fighting style. In his pre-battle cutscene with Yukimura in the fourth game, Yukimura tosses one of his spears at Ieyasu, who proceeds to catch it and uses it to spar with him a bit.
* BossSubtitles: "Ieyasu Tokugawa - In it to Win it"
* BrattyHalfPint: According to his voice actor, he's only 15 years old!
** And while for all intents and purposes he's an adult, Shingen still addresses him as Takechiyo, which is his childhood name.
** Lampshaded in ''3'', where his previously reverent soldiers immediately go into mother-hen mode when "Takechiyo-sama" is apparently kidnapped by the Hojo, and they, led by Tadakatsu, wrecked the whole castle... [[spoiler:only to find Ieyasu just hanging out to take in the flower-viewing]].
* CantCatchUp: Starts out as this is the games, but manages to overcome it in ''Battle Heroes''. And by the third game, boy, [[TookALevelInBadass has he caught up]]!
** Lampshaded by Masamune, who states that he had to grow up at some point.
* CatchPhrase: He really likes using the word "bonds" a lot.
* ChargedAttack: His attacks can be charged up to go from "Punching things really hard" to "Punching things absurdly hard with added range".
* CombatCompliment: In the third game, he spends just about every single one of his levels singing his opponent's praises while beating their forces into dust.
* CryForTheDevil: [[spoiler:In the ending where he defeats Mitsunari, he sheds tears of genuine grief for the troubled man he considered a friend.]]
* DefeatMeansFriendship: As of the third game, Ieyasu is out to unite Japan as one, even if he has to punch every single Japanese person in the face to do it.
* DistressBall: Throws it away by ''3'' though.
* DistressedDude: And how! Thankfully he's got strong enough to avert it by the third game (though that doesn't stop his soldiers jumping to conclusions).
* ExtremityExtremist: Most of his attacks involves his fists.
* FamilyUnfriendlyDeath: Ieyasu is burned alive by Hisahide during his ''Utage'' story mode.
* HellBentForLeather: Gets a leather version of [=TMRevolution=]'s Hot Limit costume as DLC.
* HeroesFightBarehanded: Ieyasu can be considered the main protagonist and fights bare-handed (so he too can feel pain), contrasting with his rival [[IaijutsuPractitioner Ishida Mitsunari]].
* HistoricalHeroUpgrade: ''Basara'' is probably the only series so far to make Ieyasu the OnlySaneMan amongst the evil past unifiers. Not to mention he has become [[{{Bishonen}} quite the looker]] compared to his usual portrayals as a FatBastard.
* HonorBeforeReason: "The Tokugawa never betrays a promise, even to the Demon King himself". It just takes the next episode in the anime to finally make him screw that.
* {{Hypocrite}}: His rhetorics are mainly about the power of bonds, yet by betraying and killing Hideyoshi he severed his own bond with Mitsunari and other Toyotomi retainers. [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] as if Hideyoshi was left alone, he would have made everything worse for Japan with his lust for power and MightMakesRight philosophy.
* InTheHood: He wears a boxing hoodie by the third game. When he puts it on with his taunt, the charge time for his attacks is decreased.
* IntergenerationalFriendship: With Ujimasa. His friendship with Motochika may also count since they've been friends since Ieyasu was still a kid and Motochika was already an adult at the time.
* InvulnerableKnuckles: Averted - he fights with his fists specifically so that he too feels pain, and his soldiers talk about giving them medical attention.
* {{Irony}}: Here he's good friends with Motochika, while in history he basically ended the Chosokabe bloodline by executing Motochika's son Morichika and his family following the battle of Tennoji.
* KidWithTheRemoteControl: For Tadakatsu. Lampshaded by just about everybody complaining that he has no right to Tadakatsu's loyalty.
* KnuckleCracking: In his revamped design, he cracks his knuckles dramatically before executing his Basara attack.
* LightEmUp
** BlowThemAway: One of his alternate weapons in ''Sumeragi'' is called Mikawadanuki (Mikawa Tanuki), a pair of absolutely adorable gauntlets that change his element from light to wind.
* MagneticHero: Is played as one in the third game, although to be honest he makes just as many enemies as he does friends.
* MovesetClone: To Toshiie in ''Heroes''. Later gets his own in ''3''.
* PlotRelevantAgeUp: Made all the stranger since it apparently happened naturally, but none of the other characters have changed at all. More unusual is the fact that he retains said appearance in the fourth game, which is canonically a prequel.
* PowerFist: His new weapons in ''[=SB3=]'' are his fists, equipped with special gloves.
** JokeWeapon: The [[ThisIsADrill Crash Drill]]
* ThePowerOfFriendship: His main theme in ''Sengoku Basara 3'' is "unifying the land with the power of bonds". [[LightIsNotGood However, he might seem a bit of a hypocrite]], as he actually destroys many bonds along the way. At least he's aware of this, with the fourth game depicting him as being concerned that he's simply using others for his own goals.
* RedOniBlueOni: The Blue to Mitsunari Red. As he prefer more calmer and sociable approach. He is the most reasonable toward his approach than Mitsunari recklessness.
* TheRival[=/=]WorthyOpponent: Towards Mitsunari. Mitsunari's view of [[ArchEnemy Ieyasu]] on the other hand...
* SayMyName: '''"TADAKATSUUUUUUU!!!!!!"'''
* ShockAndAwe: In ''2 Heroes''.
* SparklingStreamOfTears: In the anime, when Tadakatsu goes on a suicide mission.
* StepfordSmiler
* StockholmSyndrome: Becomes best friends with Chosokabe Motochika, who happens to be one of his ''kidnappers''. [[spoiler:Then the third game suddenly subverts it when Ieyasu attacks Motochika's territory after killing Hideyoshi, ultimately straining their relationship. Then subverted again as it turns out it was Kanbe's doing, with Motonari and Yoshitsugu behind it.]]
* TookALevelInBadass: Come ''[=SB3=]'', he is now grown up, with a revamped fighting style and having effectively beaten the tar out of Hideyoshi.
* UnexplainedRecovery: In the anime. After [[spoiler:we saw Nobunaga's soldiers stab him to death on-screen in season one, too]]. Don't ask us how that happened.
* UseYourHead: His Super Art, "Hard Head". Absurd damage, knocks down even enemy commanders, and hits enemy on ground when fully charged. Commanders can be taken out in ''seconds'' with it.
* WalkingShirtlessScene: That vest of his is pretty much all he wears above the waist. And his alternate look in both ''[=SB3=]'' and ''[=SB4=]'' removes the crop top.
* WeCanRuleTogether: As his plan is to "unite the country through the power of bonds", he tries a non-villainous take on this on a large number of characters to try to avoid fighting them, up to and including Mitsunari. Gets especially JustForFun/{{egregious}} in Yukimura's ''[=SB3=]'' campaign, where Ieyasu offers Yukimura a place at his side ''after'' Yukimura has already beat him up and scattered the Eastern army.
* WhatTheHellHero: In the third game, Toshiie accused him of kidnapping Matsu so the Maeda will be NeutralNoLonger and join him. Ieyasu is flabbergasted because he never gave such orders. [[spoiler:In fact, Yoshiaki was the one who did it, to empower the Eastern Army and earn Ieyasu's favour.]]
* WideEyedIdealist: Which leads him to make some pretty dumb mistakes at times.
* WrestlerInAllOfUs: He uses an elbow-drop as his ground pound.
* YellowLightningBlueLightning: His lightning is yellow in ''2 Heroes''.
* YoungConqueror: Quintessentially.
* ZeroApprovalGambit: In his drama route in the fourth game, [[spoiler:he willing takes the blame for Hideyoshi's death since Hisahide died along with him, Ieyasu believes that without someone to exact vengeance upon Mitsunari will lose the will to live, or [[VillainousBreakdown worse]].]]

[[folder:Honda Tadakatsu]]


One of ''Sengoku Basara'''s most ridiculous, yet fricking awesome, presentations. Tadakatsu is a...uh...[[Anime/MobileSuitGundam Gundam]]. Or just a HumongousMecha [[AnachronismStew in the middle of ancient Japan]]. He doesn't speak and mostly lets his massive ass-kicking capabilities do the talking. He's also unfailingly loyal to Ieyasu.

Goes by the name ''Iron Ox'' in ''[[{{Macekre}} Devil Kings]]''
* AnachronismStew: And ''how''!
* AttackDrone: They even look similar to those used in ''Franchise/{{Gundam}}''.
* BilingualDialogue: Constantly with his fellow Tokugawa soldiers, if you consider his mechanical whirs as a language.
* BossSubtitles: "Tadakatsu Honda - Activated"
* BonusBoss: Defeating Tadakatsu in a straight fight is generally optional and highly discouraged due to his massive health and attack power, though you'll generally be awarded with bonus XP for doing so. The player is generally given a way to deal with him, usually involving weakening him, outrunning him or just firing cannons at him. Alternatively, defeat Ieyasu and the stage ends.
* {{Cyborg}}: Possibly. It's very vague, but he does seem to have a face with skin, and everyone treats him more like a human being than a robot.
* ElectronicEye: One of his eyes glows red when he's activated. It may act as a scouter.
* FrozenFace: Said face is locked in a single expression that never changes. He is able to move his eyes, but that's it.
* [[GlowingEyesOfDoom Glowing Eye of Doom]]: His right eye will shine brightly when he goes on the offensive.
* HeroicSacrifice[=/=][[spoiler:DisneyDeath]] : In the anime, [[spoiler:he fights Nobunaga to try and restore his master's honor, despite knowing it's a lost cause. However it turns out he's not quite dead.]]
* HumongousMecha
* ImmuneToFlinching: He shrugs off most attacks easily, and it's almost impossible to stun him or break through his guard.
* InstantAwesomeJustAddMecha
* LightningBruiser: Thanks to his Gundam-ish features, he's both quick and MEGA POWERFUL. He's a bit difficult to steer in combat though since his normal combo has him slide around. His "Heavy Mode" makes him a full-on MightyGlacier though.
* MadeOfIron: Literally.
* {{Nerf}}: Oh so much in ''3''.
* NumberTwo: Ostensibly, but his role is more befitting of TheBigGuy, since he seems incapable of giving orders.
* PileBunker: His Heavy Mode turns his drill into this.
* TheRival[=/=]WorthyOpponent: To Yoshihiro.
* ShockAndAwe
* ShoutOut: To the ''Gundam'' franchise, mostly.
* TheSilentBob: Despite him only communicating in either mechanical whirs or total silence, other characters seem to understand him perfectly well and even make casual conversation with him.
** Becomes ridiculous in one ''Utage'' cutscene where Ieyasu tells him "don't look at me like that!", when Tadakatsu's face hasn't changed at all from the PerpetualExpression it's always been.
* SilentPartner: Ieyasu tends to chatter away during the times when Tadakatsu would otherwise be expected to say something. He'll even call out his Basara attack.
* ShoulderCannon: He can whip out a pair of cannons from his shoulders to fire away at his enemies.
* SmashMook: He has the smallest number of directly offensive special moves and he telegraphs his attacks: It's usually not very hard to figure out what he's going to do next. Stopping it, on the other hand.
* SpiritedCompetitor: About the only thing that can make him ignore Ieyasu's command is when he finds a WorthyOpponent to fight (such as Yukimura in the anime, and Yoshihiro in the games).
* ThisIsADrill: In the third game, Tsuruhime even says that Tadakatsu will [[ShoutOut pierce the heavens]].
* UnexplainedRecovery: [[spoiler:''Twice'' in the anime.]]
* TheUnintelligible: Though it seems that other characters understand him well enough (or just decide to willfully misinterpret him).
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: He is a HumongousMecha in the Sengoku Era. '''WHY DOES NO ONE EVEN BAT AN EYE AT THIS?'''
* VisibleSilence: The most you'll get out of him is "!!!"
* TheWorfEffect: For all his hype and features as shown previously, he is hit ''hard'' with this in the anime, getting blown up first by Nohime and then by Nobunaga. [[spoiler: He gets better.]]
* WorldsStrongestMan: Known as the Strongest Warrior of the Sengoku Era for good reason.

[[folder:Sakai Tadatsugu]]
-->Voiced by: [[Music/TMRevolution Takanori Nishikawa]] (Japanese), Creator/IanSinclair (English)

An anime-only character appearing in ''Judge End''. Tadatsugu is a general of the Tokugawa army, one of the [[FourIsDeath Tokugawa Shi-Tennou]] along with Tadakatsu, and an old friend of Ieyasu.
* ChildhoodFriends: With Ieyasu.
* EasyEvangelism: Convinced to join Xavism near the end of the show. He abandons Ieyasu and his forces as a result.
* ShoutOut: Not only is he voiced by a member of [=TMRevolution=], but he also wears the "Hot Limit" outfit after joining Xavism.