A list of characters from the ''VideoGame/SaintsRow'' series. Gang affiliation is a big part of the characters' identities, so they're grouped by the gang they work/worked for (if applicable).

Note: Spoilers from all games in the franchise are listed below regardless of when the character entered the franchise, so be warned if you haven't played all of them and wish to remain unspoiled.


* [[Characters/SaintsRowThePlayerCharacter The Player Character]]
* [[Characters/SaintsRowTheThirdStreetSaints Third Street Saints]]
* [[Characters/SaintsRowSaintsRowGangs Saints Row Gangs]]
* [[Characters/SaintsRowSaintsRow2Gangs Saints Row 2 Gangs]]
* [[Characters/SaintsRowUltorCorporation Ultor Corporation]]
* [[Characters/SaintsRowSaintsRowTheThirdGangs Saints Row: The Third Gangs]]
* [[Characters/SaintsRowSTAG STAG]]
* [[Characters/SaintsRowTheThirdDJs Saints Row: The Third DJs Radio Hosts]]
* [[Characters/SaintsRowZinEmpire Zin Empire]]
* [[Characters/SaintsRowLegionsOfHell Legions Of Hell]]
* [[Characters/SaintsRowOtherCharacters Other Characters]]
* [[Characters/AgentsOfMayhem Agents of Mayhem]]