!!'''Sabrina Spellman'''
-->'''Voiced by:''' Emily Hart (''The Animated Series'') / Britt [=McKillip=] (''Secret Life'')

* BadassAdorable
* BalloonBelly: In the final episode of ''The Animated Series'', after eating enough garlic to fill an entire room.
* BareYourMidriff: Slightly in ''The Animated Series'' and more so in ''Secret Life''.
* BlondBrunetteRedhead: The Blond to Hilda's Brunette and Zelda's Redhead.
* CoolLoser: She and Chloe are only "losers" because that's what Gem considers them.
* CuteWitch: She's petite teenager witch, blond, pretty and usually a NiceGirl.
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold
* InnocentBlueEyes
* NaiveEverygirl
* PinkMeansFeminine: She's mostly seen wearing that color.
* PluckyGirl

-->'''Voiced by:''' Nick Bakay (''The Animated Series'') / Creator/MauriceLaMarche (''Secret Life'')

* AccessoryWearingCartoonAnimal: He usually wears only a collar.
* BarefootCartoonAnimal: In his smoking jacket outfit.
* BigEater
* CatsAreMagic
* CatsAreMean: Subverted. He wasn't originally a cat, but when he tried taking over the world, he had to become a cat for 100 years as punishment.
* CatsAreSnarkers
* CuteLittleFangs
* DeadpanSnarker
* TheFaceless: In flashbacks to when he was a human warlock.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He's usually very cynical and self-absorbed, but he's also very friendly at times.
* NonhumanSidekick
* PrettyBoy: His human form in ''Sabrina's Secret Life''.

!!'''Hilda Spellman'''
-->'''Voiced by:''' Melissa Joan Hart
* AmbiguouslyBrown: She probably tans. But in ''Sabrina's Secret Life'', she's got lighter skin tone.
* BlondBrunetteRedhead: The Brunette to Sabrina's Blond and Zelda's Redhead.
* CoolAndUnusualPunishment: Due to abusing magic with Zelda, they have been turned into teenagers for 100 years.
** Also could be seen as CursedWithAwesome.
* DeadpanSnarker
* GenkiGirl
* GracefulLadiesLikePurple
* MiniDressOfPower
* PurpleEyes

!!'''Zelda Spellman'''
-->'''Voiced by:''' Melissa Joan Hart
* BlondBrunetteRedhead: The Redhead to Sabrina's Blond and Hilda's Brunette.
* CoolAndUnusualPunishment: Due to abusing magic with Hilda, they have been turned into teenagers for 100 years. However, with Zelda, it's unknown why she'd be abusing magic as well.
** Also a CursedWithAwesome punishment.
* {{Meganekko}}
* OnlySaneMan: At times.
* TrueBlueFemininity: Her pants.

!!'''Uncle Quigley'''
-->'''Voiced by:''' Jay Brazeau
* CanonForeigner: He only appears in the 1999 series. He was added in because with Hilda and Zelda as teenagers, there was no adult guardian living in the house.
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: He disappears in ''Sabrina's Secret Life'' with no explanation. However, one could guess that he left because by then, Hilda and Zelda were legally adults at that point, and didn't serve a purpose anymore.
* OnlySaneMan

!!'''Harvey Kinkle'''
-->'''Voiced by:''' Bill Switzer
* AbsenteeActor: Doesn't appear in the MadeForTVMovie, ''Sabrina: Friends Forever''.
* AdorablyPrecociousChild
* {{Adorkable}}
* AgentMulder: He has a strong interest in aliens and general tabloid weirdness. But he never suspects his best friend might be a witch.
* BigBrotherInstinct: Towards Pi, who is physically weaker than him.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Can be this at times in the 1999 series, but becomes a full one in ''Sabrina's Secret Life''.
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* TheCutie: Rare male example.
* TheDitz
* {{Flanderization}}: In the 1999 series, he was a slightly ditzy boy with a big heart. ''Sabrina's Secret Life'' made him into a complete idiot.

!!'''Chloe Flan'''
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/CreeSummer
* BlackBestFriend
* CanonForeigner: She was created especially for the 1999 series. This could be because Viacom didn't want DiC to use any of the characters that only appeared in the 1996 live action show.
* CoolLoser
* PutOnABus: In ''Sabrina's Secret Life'', she apparently "moved away".
* SassyBlackWoman
* SecretKeeper
* TrueBlueFemininity: But not as the main color as Gem's.

!!'''Perry "Pi" [=McDonald=]'''
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/ChantalStrand
* {{Adorkable}}
* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: He felt this way towards Tom in "Strange New World" and he did NOT like sharing the spotlight.
* {{Ambiguously Gay}}: He might have a crush on Harvey. Helps that he is prone to get jealous or angry whenever their relationship is threatened
* AsianAndNerdy: Fits the description quite well.
* {{Bad Liar}}: Happens whenever he's upset or guilty. Such as in Truth or Scare or Strange new world. He stammers uncontrollably and says utter nonsense until just giving up and coming clean.
* BerserkButton: Messing with Harvey, especially in "Hexcalibur". Also do NOT upstage him in the classroom and make him feel neglected or else he will turn on you faster than you can say {{Yandere}}.
* BlindingBangs
* CanonForeigner: Only appeared in the 1999 series.
* CatchPhrase: "Mi amigo" and "Chyeah."
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: In ''Sabrina's Secret Life'', he's gone with no explanation.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}
* CuteBruiser: In "Hexcalibur", during the fight with Morgana, as Merlin. He makes the BadassBoast "If you mess with my best friend, I'll turn into a huge dragon and then you'll be sorry."
* DudeLooksLikeALady: And a pretty one at that.
* HiddenEyes: His [[NiceHat hat]] almost always covers them.
* GeniusDitz: Sabrina even described him as "totally smart and really out of it at the same time".
* NiceHat
* NightmareFuelStationAttendant: He has his moments. "Witchitis" is a good example also the big Paranormal speach "Paranormal Pi" there are other times as well.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname
* PunnyName: Pi is a mathematical term and Pi himself appears to enjoy math as he speaks about equations in "Paranormal Pi".
* ShorterMeansSmarter: He's the smallest of Sabrina's human friends and arguably the second shortest in the whole human pre-teen cast (beaten only by Bernard). He is also a nerdy genius.
* {{Surfer Dude}}: well sounds like one at least.
* TotallyRadical

!!'''Spooky Jar'''
-->'''Voiced by:''' David Sobolov
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: In ''Sabrina's Secret Life''.
* SealedEvilInACan
* TricksterMentor: He comes off as evil and scary but always left a loophole in whatever Sabrina wished for so she could find a way to fix it when it (inevitably) goes wrong. Though he's tired of constantly being asked.

!!'''Gemini "Gem" Stone'''
-->'''Voiced by:''' Chantal Strand
* AlphaBitch
* BetweenMyLegs: In "Nothin' Says Lovin' Like Somethin' from a Coven".
* CanonForeigner: Made especially for the 1999 series. Again with Viacom probably not wanting DiC to use Libby (DiC only used their characters and the characters already from the comics).
* EvenEvilHasStandards: "When in Rome" reveals that even Gem would never intentionally kill someone.
* {{Expy}}: Canon Foreigner aside, she is pretty much the animated version of Libby.
* FreudianExcuse: As revealed in the episode "Witch Switch," most of her nastiness could be a result of some [[AbusiveParents seriously demanding parents]].
* GiveGeeksAChance: Harvey isn't exactly the coolest guy around, yet Gem has an all too transparent crush on him. Though perhaps only to make Sabrina jealous.
* GreenEyedMonster
* GreenEyes
* HiddenHeartOfGold: Rarely shows, but it's there.
* PunnyName
* PutOnABus: In ''Sabrina's Secret Life'', she left for boarding school.
* RichBitch: Paid fellow students to do everything for her (even be her friends) and seemed to be unable to understand that they only tolerated her for her money (even in the Christmas Carol episode where she was shown even her parents hated being around her and her nanny screaming in glee that she was finally free when Gem died).
* RichInDollarsPoorInSense: Revealed in one episode, where her family are no longer rich. Even "no more money" is difficult for her to comprehend.
* ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney
* SpoiledBrat
* TrueBlueFemininity: The main color of her outfits is usually dark blue, in contrast with [[TheRival Sabrina's]] [[PinkMeansFeminine pink]].

!!'''Tim the Witch Smeller'''
-->'''Voiced by:''' Bob Bergen
* BadassNormal
* CanonForeigner: Only made for the 1999 series.
* CreateYourOwnVillain: For the witches community. Poor guy just wanted to learn magic but most of the witches gave him no end of grief for being a mortal.
** Technically, he's merely a powerless warlock as he's still [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld an immortal]] who learned from LeonardoDaVinci.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: In "Documagicary" during the EngineeredPublicConfession where the [[NewMediaAreEvil evil reality show director]] explains that he released Tim, endangering the lives of witches everywhere, for ratings, Tim is shocked at how evil this guy is. [[HypocriticalHumor Even though he's the one endangering the witches.]]
** To be fair, it was basically he director using Tim. Hunting witches is one thing, but being used as a pawn is another.
* FantasticRacism: Against witches. Not that they didn't start it.
* FreudianExcuse: Tim's hatred of witches comes from them tormenting him when he was a child.
* MuggleBornOfMages: The reason why he was picked on since many full bloodied witches look down on humans.
* ShoutOut: He wears those little glasses, and his ardvark's named Elton. [[Music/EltonJohn Hmm...]]
* TheWitchHunter: Tim's chosen way to get back at the witches community.
* WhosLaughingNow

-->'''Voiced by:''' N/A
* TheHighQueen: She's the queen of the Netherworld.
* PunnyName: A play on "enchantes".
* RapunzelHair
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Her hair is black with a blueish outline.

-->'''Voiced by:''' N/A
* AmbiguouslyBrown: Implied to be Hispanic.
* BareYourMidriff
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: For Chloe in ''Sabrina's Secret Life'', and had a ''very'' similar character design.

-->'''Voiced by:''' N/A
* AlphaBitch: But [[LovableAlphaBitch becomes less so]] as the show goes on. Mostly.
* CuteWitch
* [[spoiler:HeelFaceTurn]]
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: For Gem in ''Sabrina's Secret Life''. Surprisingly enough, she appeared as part of Gem's posse in an episode of the 1999 series, but unnamed and had no speaking roles.
* ScrewTheRulesIHaveConnections: Her aunt is Enchantra. But even that doesn't free her from punishment.

-->'''Voiced by:''' N/A
* AntiVillain
* KnightTemplar: He wants revenge on neglectful humans.
* LargeHam
* NiceHat: Wears a green beret.
* NobleDemon
* OneShotCharacter: From the episode "Planet Of The Dogs".
* TalkingAnimal: When cursed with spooky jar magic, he becomes this.