Major characters in ''Webcomic/RustyAndCo'':


[[folder:The Band]]

Three stalwart MonsterAdventurers who decided that this life was better than sticking around in the dungeon.

* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: Parodied. It's implied all of the main trio suffer from this.
* MonsterAdventurers

The charismatic Mimic is, despite the title, the main character.

* AmbiguousGender: Used as a one-off joke where a siren is waiting to seduce some random male humanoid.
* ChestMonster: Unusually, he seems to be subpar in the combat department, though he does have the characteristic toughness (see IronButtMonkey below).
* ADogNamedDog: A mimic named Mimic.
* FacePalm: No, Mimic has neither face nor palm. [[ Yes, he can still facepalm nonetheless.]]
* GlamourFailure: Mimic's lips are visible regardless of his form.
* GoodAngelBadAngel: Parodied: both angels advise him to do the exact same thing -- ViolenceReallyIsTheAnswer -- just phrasing it differently. He even lampshades it, saying "Aren't you two supposed to disagree?"
* IronButtMonkey: He gets hurt pretty often, but usually only seems mildly inconvenienced by it, even when fully pierced by a massive spike. [[EpilepticTrees Maybe he can shapeshift new organs to replace the damaged ones?]]
* LanternJawOfJustice: Of all people, Mimic has one.
* MediumAwareness
* OnlySaneMan: Well, Only Sane Mimic.
* ShapeshifterDefaultForm: Mimic can technically takes the shape of any "inanimate" object, but he's most commonly seen as a treasure chest with a large, toothy mouth and red lips.
* SpeechBubblesInterruption: Mimic has a tendency to do this. Or to have it done to him, alternatively.

An absurdly cute rust monster whose favorite line is "Eat [metallic object]?"

* BigEater: Of anything metallic.
* ExtremeOmnivore: As long as it's metal, Rusty will want to eat it. At least he (usually) asks first...
* MadLibsCatchphrase: "Eat X?" where X is some metallic item. It's also about the only thing that Rusty says.
* {{Mascot}}: The comic title sports his name, he features on the site's logo and the main merchandise is of him, but he's still not the main character.
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: Roxy knows that Madeline must be important to Rusty, since he refrained from eating her armor.
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter
* WhenAllYouHaveIsAHammer: "Eat X" is Rusty's solution to about every problem.

The silent yet deadly Gelatinous Cube

* {{Big Damn Hero|es}}: [[spoiler:Twice, for now.]]
* BigEater
* TheBigGuy
* BlobMonster
* ADogNamedDog
* HappilyMarried
* LeParkour: Mimic claims Cube knows this. It's not like there's any other explanation how he ended up suspended between two buildings, several stories in the air.
* SingleStrokeBattle: As a samurai.
* TheSpeechless: Justified because, well, it's [[ShapedLikeItself a gelatinous cube]].
* StrippedToTheBone: Cube's victims.
* WeaksauceWeakness: Synthetic fabric.

[[folder:The Girls]]
Every level thus far has featured an female character who connects and adventures with them. After the first three, the girls also started reappearing.

* ActionGirl: All of them.

!!The Princess
A human monk (with a few levels in DungeonmastersGirlfriend), the princess is anything but a damsel in distress.

* [[AntiHero Anti-Heroine]]: She smokes, wears revealing clothes, is {{greed}}y, [[BoyMeetsGhoul loves a wight]], and has no qualm at all beating up a bunch of mind-controlled innocent bystanders.
* BadassPrincess: Natch.
* BareFistedMonk
* BareYourMidriff
* CoolHat: Her hennin (which she wears all the time) is her only concession to the classic princess look.
* DamselInDistress: Subverted, naturally. The Princess is actually very good at combat.
* DungeonmastersGirlfriend: She claims to have taken a level (or more) in this "VERY obscure and VERY powerful prestige class" when she was imprisoned.
* [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep Everyone Calls Her Princess]]: Her real name has not yet been given.
* [[BoyMeetsGhoul Girl Meets Wight]]
* TheLadette
* MulticoloredHair: Purple with a blonde lock.
* PaperThinDisguise: [[spoiler:She really should take off her hat first.]]
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: The Princess goes on one (and later almost refers to it as such by name) after [[spoiler:her wight boyfriend is turned by a cleric or necromancer]].
* SmokingIsCool

!!Dame Madeline Goodlaw (a.k.a. Madeline the Paladin)
A human paladin, who makes up for her lack of intelligence with superior fighting ability... most of the time.

* BadassAdorable: Arguably the most badass character in the cast, definitely the most adorable.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: When she throws down, she throws down [[ hard]]. [[spoiler:A lava bath doesn't even slow her down in effortlessly beating the Grinner.]]
* BlindfoldedVision: Madeline seems to do something similar, at least -- whenever she's actively fighting something, she closes her eyes. This practice has lead to quite a bit of WildMassGuessing as to why she does so in the reader comments, with theories ranging from divine guidance to disliking the sight of violence.
* TheCape
* ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve: With Madeline's first two weapons, the question of how she could fight so well with garden implements could have just been her own badass fighting skills, because the holy avenger and vorpal powers did not clearly manifest. However, her pitchfork clearly has magical powers, and so it's clear that her belief is endowing them with them.
* CrushBlush: Talking of Derek the Cleric.
* TheCutie: Despite being one of the most {{Badass}} characters in the comic.
* DetectEvil: Through smell.
* TheDitz
* EvilKnockoff: The hipster vampires ''try'' this on her. It doesn't exactly go as planned.
* GoldAndWhiteAreDivine: The visual effect for healing hands.
* HealingHands: Through "the power of the gods".
* HeavenlyBlue: Her Smite.
* HolyHandGrenade: The smite, it appears, is for zombies.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: Madeline's hoe. Later the same gnome who sold her that offers for sale a [[ProngsOfPoseidon +1 Trident]] (a.k.a. a rake). And the next time Madeline appears, she wields a spade. But then, she can kick butt with both of them.
** And most recently she turned a pitchfork into a Trident Of Warning.
* IncorruptiblePurePureness: The vampire uses the Python to pull out her Evil Side, resulting in... [[spoiler:a two-inch tall Anti-Madeline.]]
-->'''Madeline:''' I'm sorry! Guess I don't have a lot of Evil in me.
* IntrinsicVow: The weakness of a dominate over her is that she can't do anything against her nature.
* LadyLegionnaireWear
* LawfulGood: [[invoked]] One of the best examples on the whole Internet.
* MeaningfulName: A paladin named Goodlaw. Not very subtle.
* ModestyShorts: Madeline is sensibly wearing (anachronistic) biker shorts under her leather skirt.
* OffWithHisHead: In Level 6, she is carrying a vorpal halberd (which used to be a shovel) and uses it to one-shot a Remorhaz.
* OurAngelsAreDifferent: They appear when she uses HealingHands!
* ThePaladin: One of the best examples on the Internet.
* ProngsOfPoseidon: Recieves a +2 Trident Of Warning from Zar the Psion just before returning to Reality in Level 7. Bloods it against a girallon in strip [[ #61]].
** Its power of detecting hostile aquatic life saves her from a nasty trap in [[ this]] strip.
* PropheciesRhymeAllTheTime
* RhymesOnADime
* ShovelStrike: Madeline's weapon of choice in Level 6.
* SpinToDeflectStuff: Madeline shows us how it's done in the page image for this trope.
* SticksToTheBack: Madeline's hoe.
* StupidGood: On occasion. Such as condoling with a monster that still has a companion of hers in a chokehold.
* TookALevelInBadass: Offscreen; every time she reappears she's ground out a lot of levels.

!!Roxanne Casbaugh
An elven bard who was raised by barbarians.

* BlindingBangs: [[spoiler:While mingling with the Pixie Chicks.]]
* ChekhovsSkill: Roxanne is seen whittling an axe handle and a pointer stick/drawing stylus. Later in the chapter, [[spoiler:she combines her massive Whittling score with her Bard class to make a [[BrownNote dog whistle]] in the middle of a pack of gnolls]].
* ExpressiveAccessory: The feather atop Roxanne's NiceHat flops down or straightens up depending on her mood.
* TheLeader: The level-headed sort, she's the one to take charge when [[spoiler:Mimic and Cube are captured by Grinner]].
* MusicForCourage: To the complaints of her companions.
* NiceHat: She has a big, two-colored turban-like headwear with a huge feather.
* OurElvesAreBetter
* PointyEars: Really long ones, since she's an elf.
* PunnyName: It's a nod to [[Music/TheClash "Rock the Casbah"]].
* QuirkyBard: Averted; she might be a bard but still is a force to be reckoned with.
* WanderingMinstrel

!!"Stabs" Doogan
A cheerful halfling rogue, who likes treasure.

* TheBartender: After getting lots of loot in an adventure, she bought the bar called "Ye Old Proverbial Hook".
* {{Halfling}}
* KnifeNut: Best exemplified [[ when she meets Presti]], and she pulls out ''twelve'' daggers at once.
* TheNoseKnows
* PintSizedPowerhouse

!!Prestige Perkins
An overeager human wizard, who works as a law enforcement official for the Princess. Easily excitable.

* AddedAlliterativeAppeal: Prestige Perkins, practiced practitioner of practical prestidigitation.
* AlliterativeName / MeaningfulName
* {{Fireball|s}}: Prestige, being at least a level 5 wizard, can cast one, but prefers to save it for big fights.
* GenkiGirl
* {{Guile Hero}}ine: She has an oddly high success rate for bluffing her way out of things for a Wizard.
* OhMyGods
* PaperThinDisguise: [[spoiler:It's her ability to fake an illithid's ''smell'' that helps pull this off.]]
* SassyBlackWoman
* SkirtOverSlacks
* TryAndFollow: She manages to bluff a illithid into jumping out a window.
* VancianMagic

!!Y.T. (formerly known as Yuan-Tiffany)
A lamia (formerly a yuan-ti) with red braids and a distinctive Western accent. Notable for working both against and with the group at different points.

* CuteMonsterGirl
* EnemyMine: Why she teamed up with the trio against the [[spoiler:hipster vampires]].
* {{Guile Hero}}}ine
* {{Retcon}}: Due to legal issues, she went from being a yuan-ti to a lamia.
* SnakePeople: As a lamia/yuan-ti. It's implied there are others.
* SssssnakeTalk: Coupled with a Western accent.

[[folder:The Villains]]
These guys are generally evil, when they aren't being funny.

The ultimately cliché EvilSorcerer, much to his detriment.

* ArchEnemy: To the Princess, for having kidnapped her and moreso for [[spoiler:having killed her wight boyfriend]].
* CollapsingLair: Attempts to destroy the party by bringing his lair down on their heads, but [[spoiler:the Cube intervenes just on time]].
* EvilGloating
* EvilLaugh
* EvilSorcerer: Revels in this.
* TheFaceless
* FailedASpotCheck: Calamitus turns missing the obvious into an art form. His first appearance saw him spying on the heroes using a crystal ball, and completely failing to notice they're standing right in front of him. Another appearance has him [[spoiler:brainwashing civilians and sending them to attack the Princess. He starts [[EvilGloating gloating]] about how she is [[CharacterAlignment alignment-bound from harming innocents]], and when he finally pays a look at the room, let's just say he understands he has misjudged her alignment a bit.]]
* GlowingEyesOfDoom
* HarmlessVillain: Played with. Even though he is not a very ''smart'' villain, he ''is'' a powerful enough sorcerer to present some challenge to the group. He is also very hard to kill due to his necromantic powers.
* InTheHood
* LargeHam: He seems to be absolutely incapable of talking without hamming it up.
* LaughablyEvil: Oh yes.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Another staple of the standard cliche evil sorcerer.
* {{Necromancer}}: [[spoiler:How he was able to turn Whitey.]] Considering that he came back after being [[spoiler:eaten by Cube]], it is probably safe to assume he's also a [[OurLichesAreDifferent lich]].
* ShockAndAwe
* WarmupBoss: The first villain the party encounters, and not a very good one at that. [[spoiler:He [[TookALevelInBadass takes a slight level in badass]] by the time the group reaches level 4, but is still as silly as ever.]]

A dwarven pirate with an unusually odd-colored beard.

* BoastfulRap: In his rap battle with Mimic.
* ButtMonkey: He's pretty much been this since his first appearance.
* CaptainColorbeard
* DressedToPlunder
* OurDwarvesAreAllTheSame: Subverted; as a plaid-bearded dwarf pirate, he breaks the mold a bit.
* RealityWarper: When he gets a hold of the Belt of Genre Changing.
* TalkLikeAPirate
* UnmovingPlaid: His beard, obviously.

!!The Grinner
A charming gnoll bandit with a killer smile. Literally.

* DangerouslyGenreSavvy: [[spoiler:He definitely learned from his first defeat, and used that information to [[CurbStompBattle curb stomp]] the group.]]
* [[HalfTheManHeUsedToBe Half the Gnoll He Used to Be]]: Courtesy of Robespierre.
* PullingThemselvesTogether: Offscreen (and with a few parts replaced), but he did this.
* VillainousBreakdown: After the crew fall face-first into his meticulously constructed ambush but it fails anyway, his suave facade falls apart into {{Angrish}} in three pages flat.
--> '''Grinner:''' [[ You...]] '''[[ThisCannotBe You can't ]]''[[ThisCannotBe do]]'' [[ThisCannotBe that!]]'''

!!Don Polpo
Leader of the illithid mafia.

* TheDon
* FatBastard: He's packing the pounds, compared to his underlings.
* MeaningfulName: ''Polpo'' is ''octopus'' in Italian. It's fitting for an illithid.
* TheMafia: He sits at the head of a fantastic counterpart of this.
* TheVoiceless: His minions do all the talking.

!!Hipster Vampires
A brother and sister, and oh so hip.

* BigBad: "Koenig", the male, is the one calling the shots, and whose plan started the whole Level 6 adventure.
* BlackEyesOfCrazy: Black eyes with yellow pupils.
* CuteLittleFangs
* DoesNotLikeShoes: "Ezra" initially just wore flip-flops, and those are not terribly fitting for running around and fighting, so she soon stays barefoot.
* TheDragon: "Ezra", the female, is the one most willing to tussle physically with the heroes.
* GenderBlenderName: "Ezra"
* {{Hipster}}: It's even pointed out in their description on the cast page.
* HypnoticEyes: Used on Madeline.
* ImmortalityHurts: A running gag with "Ezra".
* ItsQuietTooQuiet: ''So'' cliché!
* LosingYourHead: A vampire can indeed survive this. Cube finally counters her regeneration by twisting the head backward.
* [[OffWithHisHead Off with Her Head!]]: Happens to "Ezra"... at least half a dozen times already.
* SeenItAll
* SiblingsInCrime
* TheUnpronounceable: The brother claims their names are this, which leads to them being given nicknames.
* WardrobeWound: "Ezra" cares more for the damage done to her dress than to her regenerating body.
-->'''Ezra:''' That dress was '''vintage!'''
* WeaksauceWeakness: "Koenig" gets reduced to a skeleton through his trendy gluten intolerance.