->''You are, without question, the most ''fascinating'' group of individuals I have ''ever'' had the pleasure of meeting!''
-->--'''Dr. Emily Grey'''

The cast of ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'' is so large that it had to be split off to multiple subpages. '''All spoilers for the first fourteen seasons will be ''unmarked'' in the subpages below.''' It is highly recommended that you watch the series before reading any of the subpages, or even the character listings. '''Spoilers for Season 15 ''will'' be marked until the release of future seasons.'''

'''WARNING: As of Season 15, episodes will be released to Rooster Teeth FIRST members one week before the public. Beware of spoilers for episodes that haven't been publicly released.'''

* [[Characters/RedVsBlueBloodGulchCrew Blood Gulch Crew]][[note]]Red Team, Blue Team, Carolina, Doc, Andy, Dos.0[[/note]]
** [[Characters/RedVsBlueRedTeam Red Team]][[note]]Sarge, Simmons, Grif, Donut, Lopez[[/note]]
** [[Characters/RedVsBlueBlueTeam Blue Team]][[note]]Church, Tucker, Caboose, Sheila, Tex, Sister, Washington, Freckles[[/note]]
* [[Characters/RedVsBlueProjectFreelancer Project Freelancer]][[note]]Tex, Washington, York, Wyoming, The Meta/Maine, Carolina, Connecticut, South Dakota, North Dakota, Butch Flowers/Florida, The "Triplets" (Ohio, Iowa, Idaho), Leonard Church, Aiden Price, Pilot 479, F.I.L.S.S., V.I.C.[[/note]]
* [[Characters/RedVsBlueSimulationTroopers Simulation Troopers]][[note]]Temple, Surge, Buckey, Gene, Loco, Cronut, Lorenzo, '''Spoiler Character''', Turf, Drag, Sue, Morgan, Peake, Santos, Cherry, Hutch, Cobb, Reg, Marlowe, Wynn, Squatch, Deuce, Red Zealot, Hammer, Sergeant Candidates, Lemons, Jimmy, Miller[[/note]]
* [[Characters/RedVsBlueArtificialIntelligences Artificial Intelligences]][[note]]The Alpha, Omega, Gamma, Delta, Beta, Epsilon, Sigma, Theta, Eta and Iota[[/note]]
* [[Characters/RedVsBlueCharonIndustries Charon Industries]][[note]]Malcolm Hargrove, Insurrectionist Leader, Red Bandolier Demoman, Sleeveless Soldier, The Sniper, Girlie, Rhee Sebeil, Chain Guy and Chain Girl, Felix, Locus, Sharkface, Sherry, Darryl, Terrill[[/note]]
* [[Characters/RedVsBlueChorus Chorus]][[note]]Vanessa Kimball, Donald Doyle, Emily Grey, John Andersmith, Katie Jensen, Antoine Bitters, Charles Palomo, Matthews, Jason Cunningham, Rogers, Rebel Medic, Fed Gunner[[/note]]
* [[Characters/RedVsBlueOthers Others]][[note]]Allison Church, ''Tartarus'' Crew, The Alien, "Junior", "Santa", Dylan Andrews, "Jax Jonez", Carlos Trabka, James Adler, Frank, Gabriel Lozano, Ruben Lozano, Siris, Spencer Porkinsenson, Wiz and Boomstick[[/note]]