The cast of ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'' is so large that it had to be split off to multiple subpages. '''Watch out for unmarked [[LateArrivalSpoiler Late Arrival Spoilers]] for Seasons 1-4 of the Blood Gulch Chronicles.'''
* [[Characters/RedVsBlueRedTeam Red Team]]
* [[Characters/RedVsBlueBlueTeam Blue Team]]
* [[Characters/RedVsBlueProjectFreelancer Project Freelancer]]
* [[Characters/RedVsBlueTheInsurrection The Insurrection]]
* [[Characters/RedVsBlueArtificialIntelligences Artificial Intelligences]]
* [[Characters/RedVsBlueTheNewRepublic The New Republic]] '''(Season 11 spoilers)'''
* [[Characters/RedVsBlueTheFederationOfChorus The Federation of Chorus]] '''(Season 11 spoilers)'''
* [[Characters/RedVsBlueOthers Others]]