[[folder:Our Heroes]]

!![[color:red:Leo Corbett / Red Galaxy Ranger]]

-->'''Portrayed by:''' Danny Slavin
-->'''Voiced by:''' Alfredo Gabriel Basurto (Latin American Spanish dub)

* BattleStrip: When you tear your shirt off only to morph five seconds later, you're pretty much showing off.
* CharacterDevelopment: Goes from an impulsive, somewhat brash stowaway to the brave, strong ranger he was destined to be.
* FriendToAllChildren: Little kids love him. He's seen several times running around and playing with the children of Terra Venture.
* MrFanservice: Cue shirtless scene. Plus he gets ShipTease with every female Galaxy Ranger, a one-time love interest and Trakeena.
** StupidSexyFlanders
* TheHero: He had some doubts at first, but grew into this.
* HotBlooded: Though a worthy leader, Leo can be a impulsive hothead at times.
* ILetGwenStacyDie: He held a fair amount of angst over failing to save his brother Mike in the second episode, and sometimes even considers himself unworthy of being a Ranger. He mostly gets over it over time [[spoiler: and gets over it completely when Mike is revealed to be alive.]]
* JumpedAtTheCall: He wasn't selected to go one Terra Venture, but snuck on board.
* LawOfChromaticSuperiority: He gets a unique upgrade for his bike, and is the second Red to receive a Battlizer.
* MeaningfulName: "Leo" meaning "lion," which is his Galactabeast.
* PlayingWithFire: It gets the most plot relevance - the other Rangers' elements are mostly aesthetic, but Leo's turns out to be Grunchor's weakness.
** FireIsRed: Red Ranger after all.
* RedOniBlueOni: Red to Kai's Blue.
* RookieRedRanger: Only by virtue of not being one of the original five to get a Quasar Saber and by being the youngest.
* ShirtlessScene: Which made it into the opening montage.
* TheUnchosenOne: Subverted. Something that causes him no small amount of worry is the fact that his brother Mike was the one who drew the Red Quasar Saber and not him. Leo ends up using this as motivation to better himself as a Ranger to prove himself worthy of his brother's trust and sacrifice. Mike also noted upon his return that the Red Quasar Saber may been meant for Leo all along, and it was simply his destiny to pull it from the stone and give it to his little brother. As shown in ''Lightspeed Rescue'', ''Wild Force'', and ''Super Megaforce'', Leo is able to remove the Red Quasar Saber from the stone.
* UnlimitedWardrobe: Despite being a stowaway with no luggage he went through the most civilian clothing changes before finally settling on his regular outfit.
* TallDarkAndHandsome

!![[color:blue:Kai Chen / Blue Galaxy Ranger]]

-->'''Portrayed by:''' Archie Kao
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/EduardoGarza (Latin American Spanish dub)

* ByTheBookCop: Starts as one of these. Eventually gets a bit more bold as the series goes on, but doesn't fully grow out of this.
* DeadpanSnarker
* TheLancer: While Leo becomes leader, Kai fills this role when Leo isn't around.
* MakingASplash: Implied on occasion (a carryover from ''Gingaman'')
* MeaningfulName: His name could mean ocean in Japanese, and he's the Blue Ranger.
* RedOniBlueOni: The Blue to Leo's Red.
* TheStoic: He's the most serious and straight forward of the team.
* TeamChef: He can bake some good cookies.
* WaterIsBlue: Again, the water is more of an aesthetic, but water isn't exactly purple.

!![[color:green:Damon Henderson / Green Galaxy Ranger]]

-->'''Portrayed by:''' Reggie Rolle
-->'''Voiced by:''' Antonio Galvez (Latin American Spanish dub)

* BaldOfAwesome: He is bald but no less badass than the others.
* TheBait: In "Race to the Rescue" and the finale, to his annoyance.
* BlackAndNerdy: He's black and a MrFixit[=/=]GreaseMonkey.
* BlowYouAway: Implied on occasion (a carryover from ''Gingaman'')
* ButtMonkey: He always seems to get stuck as the decoy during missions, which he lampshades when it happens.
* GeniusBruiser
* GreaseMonkey: He rejects a promotion because he likes getting dirty.
* KickedUpstairs: One episode has him competing with another engineer for the position of lead mechanic. He wins, but promptly turns it over to his rival when learns he'd just be drafting diagrams and won't be able to get his hands dirty anymore.
* MrFixIt / TheEngineer: He was the Megaship's mechanic after the Space Rangers left it on Earth.
* TheHeart
* TheSmartGuy: He's the most mechanically knowledgeable of the team.
* WindIsGreen: Wind doesn't actually have a color, but he still has the aesthetic.

!![[color:yellow:Maya / Yellow Galaxy Ranger]]

-->'''Portrayed by:''' Cerina Vincent
-->'''Voiced by:''' Ana María Grey (eps. 1-15, Latin American Spanish dub), Irma Carmona (eps. 16-45, Latin American Spanish dub)

* AloofDarkHairedGirl: Averted, she's very friendly.
* BareYourMidriff: Her civilian outfit.
* [[TheBigGuy The Big Girl]]: She's pretty well developed... as a fighter.
* CultureClash: Given she comes from a planet that doesn't celebrate birthdays, she doesn't realize the function of a birthday cake, and manages to [[BigEater eat almost all of one]] Kendrix had cooked for Damon.
* CuteBruiser: She's not afraid to fight.
* FriendToAllLivingThings: She loves animals and can understand them.
* {{Gainaxing}}: [[spoiler:In the scene where Kendrix performs HeroicSacrifice to save [[Series/PowerRangersInSpace Cassie]]]].
* HumanAlien: She's not from Earth.
* JunglePrincess: As seen in her introductory scene/.
* MsFanservice: Just... look at that outfit. Cerina Vincent would later go nude in ''Film/NotAnotherTeenMovie'' and ''Film/CabinFever''.
* NatureHero: She grew up in the jungle world of Mirinoi.
* NubileSavage: Although perhaps she's only "savage" before she joined Power Rangers.
* OnlyOneName: "Maya" is all we know about her name.
* ThePollyanna: Despite losing her family, friends and homeworld, she's still pretty cheerful.
* ShesAManInJapan: Along with most Yellow Rangers in the franchise, despite her nice assets.
* ShockAndAwe: Implied on occasion (a carryover from ''Gingaman'')
* {{Stripperific}}: She wear nothing but a bra and skirt for most of the series.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: The Tomboy to Kendrix's girly girl.

!![[color:fuchsia:Kendrix Morgan / Pink Galaxy Ranger I]]

-->'''Portrayed by:''' Valerie Vernon
-->'''Voiced by:''' Isabel Romo (Latin American Spanish dub)

* BadassBookworm: You'd think she wouldn't be able to handle herself, but she was seeing action even before being a Ranger.
* TheCutie: She's a sweet person and didn't try to turn Leo over after learning he was a stowaway.
* {{Determinator}}: The episode where she fills in for her IdenticalStranger Carolyn in a movie and continues doing takes over and over again to the point of physical pain and exhaustion without complaint could just be seen as a throwaway moral lesson in a filler episode. [[spoiler: But then consider that these circumstances are highly reminiscent of how she dies in her HeroicSacrifice, going into the vortex despite it hurting her and knowing that it will most likely kill her. Kendrix is just that kind of person.]]
* DisneyDeath: [[spoiler:She's brought back to life. Don't ask how, the show never gives an answer.]]
* GoOutWithASmile: In her HeroicSacrifice moment.
* HeroicSacrifice: Via RealLifeWritesThePlot.
* HotLibrarian: She's as pretty as she is smart.
* MegaNeko: Her Galactabeast / zord.
* {{Meganekko}}: She wears glasses, even in her morphing scenes.
* NerdsAreSexy: She's pretty much female Billy.
* PetalPower: Implied on occasion (a carryover from ''Gingaman'')
* ShipTease: Gets the most with Leo more than Maya, Trakeena or Karone do. [[spoiler:Had her actress not needed to leave the show for cancer treatment, it would have ended in a RelationshipUpgrade]].
* TheSmartGirl: She's Terra Venture's head scientist.
* SpiritAdvisor: [[spoiler:Her ghost saves Karone from falling off a cliff, and she appears in Maya's dreams]].
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: The girly girl to Maya's tomboy.
* UnexplainedRecovery: In the finale, no explanation was given for how she was restored to life. (Admittedly, no-one had ever directly stated she had been killed, although it was pretty obvious; the actress portraying her had to leave [[RealLifeWritesThePlot after being diagnosed with leukemia]], and the writers felt that they were safe with such an option, given the almost universal positive response to [[spoiler:Zordon's HeroicSacrifice in the previous series]].) There was a lot of speculation among fans, like that the Sabre had something to do with it, but nothing definite.[[note]]The Doylist answer is that it would have been pretty heartless of the writers to kill her off just because her actress happened to be fighting a life-threatening illness. But there are no Peace Conferences in outer space, so "killing" her and then bringing her back for the finale would be the most efficient way to write around her absence. It's also been speculated that Valerie Vernon was kept in the opening credits so that she would still be considered a starring cast member and continue to draw a paycheck during her treatment. Vernon has mentioned in interviews that Saban gave her one of her first jobs post-treatment, voicing a monster in ''Lightspeed Rescue''.[[/note]]

!!Magna Defender

-->'''Voiced by:''' Kerrigan Mahan, Edgar Sosa (Latin American Spanish dub)

* ActionDad: His motivation is to avenge his son's death.
* AgeLift: Possibly. In Gingaman, his son was instead his kid brother.
* AmbiguouslyHuman: Well, we assume he's a human, a HumanAlien or an alien resembling one like Trakeena under that suit. We never see him demorph, [[spoiler:even his ghost is still wearing the armor.]]
* AntiHero: He's technically on the side of good by virtue of being against Scorpius, but he's willing to endanger innocent lives and in the present motivated mainly by revenge.
* BadassBaritone
* BadassCape: Part of his suit.
* BestServedCold: [[spoiler:His only motivation is revenge of Scorpius.]]
* BlackAndGreyMorality: The first morally grey character in Power Rangers.
* BlackKnight: At least appearance-wise. Personality-wise, he is... [[AntiHero complicated]].
* CynicismCatalyst: The death of his son.
* DeadPersonConversation: [[spoiler:with his son]].
* FallenHero: While not a straight villain, he used to be his planet's protector until his son was murdered and he spent thousands of years trapped in an abyss, turning him into an AntiHero motivated only by revenge and willing to endanger innocent lives to get what he wants.
* KnightTemplar: He was willing to destroy Terra Venture and murder every inhabitant if that's what it took to defeat Scorpius.
* LackOfEmpathy: [[spoiler:He'll use or hurt anyone for his revenge. Even Trakeena, who was innocent at the time, was almost killed by him. His Torozord forgoes its usual UndyingLoyalty for this.]]
* OutLivingOnesOffspring: His son was murdered by Scorpius thousands of years ago.
* RevengeBeforeReason: He's completely consumed by revenge to the point of being willing to do horrible things to get it.
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: [[spoiler:Aided by the spirit of his son, he redeems himself for the destruction he caused by sacrificing himself and freeing Mike.]]
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: Against Scorpius for the death of his son.
* PapaWolf: ''Failed'' at being one, but was obsessed with revenge for his son afterwards.
* SealedGoodInACan: Was imprisoned in an abyss thousands of years ago by Treacheron until he escaped in modern day.
* SixthRanger: Subverted, he wants nothing to do with the Rangers.
* SuicideByCop: [[spoiler: Seriously. When he's wounded, weak, and nearly powerless, he tries this, telling Leo that he can gain Mike back via his death. He then draws his sword so that Leo can "call it self defense". (However, Leo does not, and later MD is able to do it via Heroic Sacrifice and save Terra Venture.)]]
* WouldHurtAChild: [[ShootTheHostage Endangers a young girl to get at Fish Face]]. Though to be fair, last time he was in the same situation the kid still ended up dead regardless.
* [[YouKilledMyFather You Killed My Son]]: His son is killed many years before the series by Scorpius.

!![[spoiler:Mike Corbett]]/ Magna Defender II
[[labelnote: '''Click for SPOILERS''']]

-->'''Portrayed by:''' Russell Lawrence
-->'''Voiced by:''' Bardo Miranda (Latin American Spanish dub)

* BigBrotherMentor: For Leo.
* DeathByAdaptation: [[spoiler: Not Mike himself, though he does come close, but the Magna Defender powers AND the Torozord are destroyed before the finale, neither of which happened to the Black Knight powers or GouTaurus in ''Gingaman'']].
* DeathByOriginStory: [[spoiler: Subverted]].
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:He sacrifices the Magna Defender powers to help Terra Venture escape the Lost Galaxy. They're somehow restored by ''Super Megaforce''.]]
* LegacyCharacter: He becomes second Magna Defender after the original's death.
* NotQuiteDead / OnlyMostlyDead: Essentially what happened to him.
* SixthRanger: Fits this more than the original Magna Defender.
* TheParagon
* TakeUpMySword: Gave his sword to Leo. [[spoiler:Later, Magna Defender gave him his.]]
* TeamDad

!![[color:fuchsia:Karone / Pink Galaxy Ranger II]]

-->'''Portrayed by:''' Melody Perkins
-->'''Voiced by:''' Carola Vázquez (Latin American Spanish dub)

!!!Note: See also the [[Characters/PowerRangersInSpace character sheet]] for ''Series/PowerRangersInSpace''.

* TheAtoner: She wants to atone for her evil deeds as [[Series/PowerRangersInSpace Astronema]].
* BareYourMidriff: Her black leather outfit is not only tight but also rather small for [[{{Fanservice}} certain reason]].
* TheChick: She's even chickier.
* ContinuityNod: Even without the [[Series/PowerRangersInSpace multicolored]] [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair wigs]], she still changes her hair style far more often than anyone else. Maya alternates between two hair styles (loose and a twisted half up, half down style) and Kendrix generally wears either a severe ponytail or a more relaxed one with a few locks to frame her face, unless there's a specific plot-relevant reason she isn't. Karone, who only appears in about seven episodes, wears her hair loose, in a ponytail, with one pink clip pulling it to the side, with a pink headband, [[GirlishPigTails like Baby Spice]], braided half-up with pink stars. Also, while her outfit is more conventional, [[MsFanservice she]] [[HellBentForLeather still seems to have a thing for black leather...]]
** The GirlishPigTails may or may not be a ShoutOut to Patricia Ja Lee, who regularly wore the style in ''Turbo'' and was originally going to be the replacement Pink Galaxy Ranger.
** There's a Hoberman sphere like the one she and Andros were playing with when Darkonda kidnapped her in her and Maya's room after she moves onto the Terra Venture.
* CuteBruiser: Her first few appearances anyway... she ''is'' the former Princess of Evil, after all.
* TheCutie: Easily slides into this role after Kendrix's departure.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: Starts when she's kidnapped as a child and runs all the way through pretty much the entire [[Series/PowerRangersInSpace previous season]]. She's trying like no one's business to make up for it, though.
* DesignatedGirlFight: Between her and Trakeena in "Protect the Quasar Saber". The MirrorMatch between her and "Astronema" in the following episode could count also.
* EasilyForgiven: Despite [[TheAtoner feeling quite guilty about it herself]], nobody really gives her any grief about her past as Astronema. Even a warrior she turned to stone (and left there...''for years'') pretty much instantly forgave her. Though it [[TheAtoner does take her a little longer]] to forgive ''herself''.
* [[ExpositoryHairstyleChange Non-Expository Hairstyle Change]]: As noted above in her ContinuityNod, she still changes hairstyles in between each episode and just like [[Series/PowerRangersInSpace before]], there's no particular reason for it.
* {{Expy}}: Of [[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers Katherine]] [[Series/PowerRangersZeo "Kat"]] [[Series/PowerRangersTurbo Hilliard]].
* {{Foil}}: To Kendrix. She's more childish, doesn't wear her signature color besides a hair bow or hair clip, and while she's no ditz, she isn't the genius Kendrix was either. Interestingly, she has even more in common with Maya than Kendrix did due to them both being tomboyish HumanAliens.
* FriendToAllChildren: The second episode featuring her shows her playing catch/tag with a bunch of kids and clearly enjoying herself. As she explains it, she never had much of a childhood and is trying to make up for lost time.
* GoodFeelsGood: She's much happier being a good guy than she was [[Series/PowerRangersInSpace as]] [[BigBad Astronema]]. She lampshades it more much later in ''Super Megaforce''.
--> "I love being a Power Ranger!"
* HowDoIShotWeb: "Galactabeasts, over here!!"
* HumanAlien: She's not from Earth.
* InstantExpert: ZigZagged. She was trained to fight when she was evil; it was just which side she was up against that changed. She's also able to morph the first time without any difficulty whatsoever. Averted when she summons her Galactabeast for the first time. See HowDoIShootWeb above.
** Becomes HilariousInHindsight when you consider last season's switcheroo with Ashley.
* ItRunsInTheFamily: Her brother is a [[Series/PowerRangersInSpace Red Ranger]].
* LadyOfWar: Of the CuteBruiser variety. She's a former Princess of Evil, is pretty handy in a fight, and is more rough-and-tumble compared to Kendrix.
* MsFanservice: Black. Leather. Yum. She also barely follows ColorCodedForYourConvenience. The only pink she wears are things like hairclips and headbands. The fact that she's the first of only two Pink Rangers to don a skintight leather outfit makes it all the more memorable.
* OnlyOneName: Again, her last name is unknown, and possibly she doesn't have last name at all.
* SadisticChoice / TakeAThirdOption: During their fight, "Astronema" takes Leo hostage with a sword to the throat, while Karone has her trusty old staff pointed at her and taunts that she can't have it both ways. Realizing she can't fire the staff without possibly frying Leo as well, Karone [[TakeMeInstead offers herself]] in his place.
* SecretTestOfCharacter: Sort of. [[spoiler:In the episode right after she becomes Ranger, she's forced to face an illusion of Astronema--''without morphing''. The Illusion threatened to kill Leo, who was not only severely injured from previous battle against MonsterOfTheWeek but his hands were also tied. Faced with the SadisticChoice of either letting her past self kill Leo or risk killing him herself destroying her past self, [[WhatYouAreInTheDark Karone elects to]] TakeAThirdOption [[TakeMeInstead and tell Astronema to take her instead]]. This action surprises the Illusion, who immediately vanishes]].
%%* {{Stripperific}}
* [[TalkingToHimself Talking To Herself]]- In-universe example: she fights a personified version of her former self as Astronema to prove that she really has reformed from darkness and they're both played by Melody Perkins.
* TheSixthRanger: Just not an "extra Ranger" that would come in occasionally for backup, like how Tommy (in the first season of ''MMPR''), [[Series/PowerRangersInSpace Zhane]], [[spoiler: Mike]], [[Series/PowerRangersLightspeedRescue Ryan]], or [[Series/PowerRangersTimeForce Eric]], etc. were.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: The Girly Girl to Maya's Tomboy and again, she slides into this almost seamlessly after replacing Kendrix. She's got more of a tomboyish streak in her, though.

[[folder:Their Friends]]

!!Alpha 6

-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/WendeeLee, Rocío Prado (Latin American Spanish dub)

* TheArtifact: He doesn't fill his usual role as the MissionControl anymore, and only seems to be there as a reference to the Zordon Era.
* DemotedToExtra: Doesn't appear much once the Lights of Orion start coming into the picture.
* MissionControl: Doesn't always fill this role, but does point them to danger several times, particularly in the first few episodes.
* RobotBuddy: As usual, his entire purpose.
* VerbalTic: "Ay yi yi!"


* BenevolentAI
* DemotedToExtra: Again, much like Alpha. The Rangers didn't use the Megaship frequently, so her voice was rarely heard.
* HeroicSacrifice: By the end.
* MissionControl: Not as much as the previous series, but she helps out now and then.

!!Commander Stanton

-->'''Portrayed by:''' Tom Whyte
-->'''Voiced by:''' Martín Soto (Latin American Spanish dub)

* TheCaptain: ''Commander'' of Terra Venture.
* GoalInLife: He always wanted to explore the stars, and commanding the first ever Exploration Space-colony is a dream come true. Even in the face of constant monster attacks he never looses faith in their mission. Only when Terra Venture is [[ColonyDrop moments from impact]] with another planet does he questions if it what they did amounted to anything.
* GoDownWithTheShip: After ordering all of the civilians and personnel to evacuate Terra Venture, he does his duty and remains on the bridge, [[TearJerker watching the stars go by.]]
* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: He actually takes a guy called Captain Mutiny at his word. Amazingly, the guy double-crosses them.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure

!!Bulk and Professor Phenomenous | [-(Actors: Paul Schrier and Jack Banning)-]

-->'''Portrayed by:''' Paul Schrier (Bulk) and Jack Banning (Phenomenous)
-->'''Voiced by:''' Carlos del Campo (Bulk, Latin American Spanish dub) and Gabriel Chávez (Phenomenous, Latin American Spanish dub)

* DemotedToExtra: While they still filled some screentime with comical scenes in ''Series/PowerRangersInSpace'', in this series, they only appear in a handful of cameos without doing much of anything.


[[folder:Their Enemies]]


-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/KimStrauss, Eduardo Ménez (base voice, Latin American Spanish dub), Unknown (ep. 14, Latin American Spanish dub)

* CombatTentacles: They're actually pretty useful in battle.
* DiscOneFinalBoss: He appears to be the BigBad at first, it doesn't last long.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: See PapaWolf below.
* GalacticConqueror: He had conquered several worlds before encountering Terra Venture.
* NobleDemon: He's been described as less of a villain and more of a warrior king.
* NonIndicativeName: Nothing about him says "scorpion." He's more like a tick with tentacles.
* OrcusOnHisThrone: Justified- he's a giant spider thing, he can't really move around all that well.
* PapaWolf: We don't recommend hurting Trakeena in front of Scorpius.
* PsychoElectro: On top of his tentacles, his main means of attack are electrical bolts.
* StarfishAliens: A spider-octopus-blob thing... with a human-like daughter.
* VaginaDentata: his mouth gives this impression.
* WouldHurtAChild: Murdered the Magna Defender's son.


-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/BobPapenbrook, Carlos del Campo (Latin American Spanish dub)

* AdaptationalVillainy: His Gingaman counterpart, Biznella, is still a villain, but ''nowhere'' as horrible as Deviot becomes.
* ArmCannon: His primary weapon.
* BadBoss: He sends two hitmen to destroy Trakeena, but when one is captured and threatened to reveal who hired him, Deviot kills him before he could talk.
* TheChessmaster: Frequently
* DirtyCoward: Tends to run away or plead for his life whenever he faces a real threat.
* DragonWithAnAgenda: He joined Scorpius' army, with the intention of entering The Cocoon.
* EvilBrit: Courtesy of the late Bob Papenbrook.
* {{Expy}}: He and Villamax fill similar roles to Darkonda and Ecliptor, although Deviot prefers not to get his own hands dirty.
* TheHeavy: Scorpius and Trakeena may be the BigBad, but once Deviot's on the scene he's usually the one doing the scheming, and the fighting.
* ManipulativeBastard: He'll trick and double cross anyone he meets for power.
* MeaningfulName: Deviot is devious.
* RoboticPsychopath: At least, he appears to be a robot. But considering he tried to enter The Cocoon, it's likely he's a cyborg since he'd need organic components for it to work.
* SissyVillain: The way he looks- the giant collar, the robotic hair/dreadlocks(?) emerging from the back of his head, etc. But more so by the fact he acts like a coward when his Chessmaster plans fail. It's hard to take him seriously running away from Villamax during the first part of the finale.
* SparedByTheAdaptation: Like many early PowerRangers villains [[note]] like Rito, Mondo, Gasket & Archerina, General Havoc and Olympius[[/note]], Deviot "got better" after the Megazord blew him up, while his Sentai counterpart was KilledOffForReal. [[spoiler: He presumable suffered DeathOfPersonality later though.]]
* TheStarscream: He was easily the successor to Darkonda, once again not after the big bad, but after her powers. In the end, his greed for those powers was his undoing, as he and Trakeena battled into the cocoon containing the ultimate power, causing Deviot's ruthlessness to become infused into Trakeena and destroying Deviot himself.
* TookALevelInBadass: Not that he wasn't badass before, but the upgrade given to him by the Galaxy Book makes him even stronger, capable of [[NoSell shrugging off the Lights of Orion]]. And for whatever reason, Deviot immediately ditches it one episode later.
* WelcomeBackTraitor: Averted, when he returns from the Lost Galaxy. He tries to claim [[BlatantLies Captain Mutiny forced him to join his crew]], but Trakeena's having none of it, and just has Villamax attack him. And it almost works, up until [[spoiler:Deviot forces himself and Trakeena into the cocoon.]]


-->'''Voiced by:''' Tom Wyner, Creator/SalvadorDelgado (Latin American Spanish dub)

* ArchEnemy: Leo despises him for his role in [[spoiler:Mike's seeming death]].
* CanonImmigrant: He originated in ''Series/DenjiSentaiMegaranger'' (the previous ''Sentai''), not ''Gingaman''. In ''Megaranger'', he was the OneWingedAngel form of the BigBad, Dr. Hinelar.
* TheDragon: The first one of several.
* MeaningfulName: Unlike some of the [[NonIndicativeName Non Indicative Names]] this series provides, Furio actually is pretty bad-tempered.
* SatelliteCharacter: The most interesting thing about him is that Leo (a Power Ranger) has a personal vendetta against him, but that says more about Leo than him.
* SmallRoleBigImpact: He's killed off early on, but the attack he led on Mirinoi is what brought the team together and caused them to get their powers. [[spoiler:His actions also lead to the Magna Defender joining with Mike and escaping imprisonment]].
* StaticCharacter: Compared to the other generals after him who have interesting characters. Furio is kinda flat.
* TakingYouWithMe: After one too many failed attempts to beat the Rangers, he tries blowing himself up mid-fight with Leo. All it manages to do is knock him out for a few hours.
* UnderestimatingBadassery: His reaction to the Rangers morphing for the first time is to question if they think their fancy costumes will do any good and clearly has zero idea what he's facing, despite by this point Power Rangerrs being FamedInStory back on Earth. While he survives, he gets a buttkicking from Leo for underestimating what Power Rangers can do.
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: Scorpious gets sick of Furio's failures to get the Lights of Orion very quickly.


-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/DerekStephenPrince, Jorge Ornelas (base voice, Latin American Spanish dub), Jorge Santos (ep. 40, Latin American Spanish dub)

* BackFromTheDead: For a few minutes, thanks to Hexuba. Then Mike puts him down again.
* TheDragon: Succeeding Furio.
* EvilVirtues: Loyalty and Valor.
* TheStarscream: He turns into this, and breaks away from Scorpius's and Trakeena's army, after he was set free by the Shark Brothers.
* {{Irony}}: He declares that Leo represents everything he hates: goodness, honesty and decency. Yet he exhibits these qualities, admittedly in a villainous sense.
* NobleDemon: A unique example among other NobleDemon's in ''Power Rangers'', while he never shows human compassion like [[Series/PowerRangersInSpace Ecliptor]], Villamax, or [[Series/PowerRangersLightSpeedRescue Diabolico]] he is fiercely loyal to his master Scorpius, treats his subordinates extremely well, and allows his opponents a fair fight rather than taking them down at the opportunity.
* NonIndicativeName: His name is play on the words Treachery, and he's incredibly loyal and honorable. Ironically he is framed by Trakeena and dies with Scorpius thinking he's a traitor.
* WreckedWeapon: Leo breaks his sword in two during their last fight. He keeps fighting anyway, and pays the price.


-->'''Portrayed by:''' Amy Miller
-->'''Voiced by:''' Diana Pérez (Latin American Spanish dub)

* AvengingTheVillain: For Scorpius.
* AxCrazy / OmnicidalManiac: Merging with Deviot turns her into one, to the point that even Villamax, her most loyal soldier, ends up not being safe from her wrath.
* TheBaroness: She's vain, always in black and has NoSenseOfPersonalSpace, whether it be with Leo or a monster of the day disguised as one of Maya's old friends, complete with having her finger on the latter's human disguise. Leo and Damon even admit to themselves they're attracted to her.
* BigBad: For this season.
* BrattyTeenageDaughter: Initially.
* CatFight: [[strike:Astronema]] Karone vs. Trakeena! Ding!
* CharacterDevelopment: Quite possibly the best developed villain in a PowerRangers series that doesn't turn good. She starts off little more than a spoiled brat, not very battle competent, and more concerned with her looks than evil. After being trained by Villamax she soons takes over as the new BigBad following her father's death and proves to be far more competent than he ever was. After merging with Deviot she becomes a complete psychopath and issues a suicide bomb attack to destroy Terra Venture, and in a last ditch effort she finally goes into the cocoon she once rejected, to obtain her OneWingedAngel form.
* DaddysLittleVillain: She's Scorpius' daughter.
* DarkActionGirl: Once she TookALevelInBadass.
* DisproportionateRetribution: She frames Treacheron simply because he was stern toward her, causing her father to brand him a traitor. He ends up dying before he has a chance to clear his name.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: She's absolutely ''distraught'' when her father Scorpius dies, to the point of even audibly crying.
* EvilIsPetty: One of her schemes involves sending a monster to steal the beauty of all the women on Terra Venture, just because it said there were ''probably'' better looking than her.
* EvilMakesYouUgly: Her forced fusion and eventual entrance to The Cocoon occurred when she became more vicious. It also changes her make-up to include unsightly lines running from her eyes, making her look crazy (or crazier).
* {{Expy}}: One for Shelinda of ''Gignaman'', whose Japanese actress and ''very'' skimpy outfit ensured she wouldn't show up.
* FromNobodyToNightmare: From whiny little spoiled brat to one of the most memorable villains in ''Power Rangers'' history.
* FusionDance: The finale begins with [[spoiler:Deviot forcing both of them into the cocoon. Trakeena comes out with Deviot's arm cannon, metallic reverb, and his ruthlessness.]]
* KnightOfCerebus: Trakeena proved to be much deadlier than her father ever was.
%%* ManipulativeBitch
* NotSoHarmlessVillain: Her entire character arc.
* OneWingedAngel: Her insectile form counts as this. In ''Series/PowerRangersLightspeedRescue'', she tries to turn back into it. [[spoiler: Thanks to the BigBad of that series, she gets turned into a gigantic monster that's only stopped by the combined power of the Omega Megazord and the Lights of Orion.]]
* TheOtherDarrin: Jennifer Burns takes over the role from Amy Miller in the ''Series/PowerRangersLightspeedRescue'' crossover, due to Miller's disgust with the script resulting in her departure before filming any scenes.
* TookALevelInBadass: Which is shown in the course of one episode. At first she is utterly humiliated by some thugs in a BadGuyBar. But after heavy training under the guidance of Villamax, she manages to deliver a humiliating defeat to said thugs.
* UngratefulBitch: She framed Treacheron despite his loyalty, deliberately inciting his death, [[spoiler: and killed Villamax, who had trained her and stood by her side loyally.]]
* WorldsMostBeautifulWoman: When she visits Terra Venture in disguise as an ordinary human, ''everyone'' is struck dumb just looking at her, including the male Rangers. HilarityEnsues.
* YouKilledMyFather: She wants revenge on the rangers, most notably Leo, for this.


-->'''Voiced by:''' David Lodge, Gonzalo Curiel (Latin American Spanish dub)

* AdaptationalHeroism: He used the same model as Sambash from ''Gingaman'', but while Sambash is an unabashed bastard, Villamax is instead an AntiVillain and NobleDemon. Though not enough to make him do a HeelFaceTurn.
* AntiVillain: He only seems to serve Trakeena because he cares for her and does not seem particularly malicious himself. The only hostile actions he took where directly against the rangers.
* AscendedExtra: His Japanese counterpart was the first to go in the QuirkyMiniBossSquad; his role there was replaced by Furio.
* BadassBiker: He's introduced as having a very cool looking motorcycle and is definitely a badass.
* TheDragon: To Trakeena.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: Held all the rangers, sans Leo, hostage, in order to make Leo come with him. After Leo complied, he held his word and freed the others. [[spoiler: A more notable example is when he shows disgust at a crazed Trakeena using all her Stingwingers as suicide bombers at Terra Venture during the GrandFinale. He finally snapped when Trakeena ordered him to destroy fleeing shuttles filled with innocents.]]
* EvilVirtues: Honor and Loyalty.
* FamousLastWords:
--> '''Villamax''': [[spoiler:(To Trakeena} You have learned... nothing...]]
* MentorOccupationalHazard: [[spoiler: Just like the real [[Franchise/StarWars Obi-Wan]], his protege becomes consumed with power lust and turns on him.]]
* NobleDemon: If Deviot is Lost Galaxy's version of Darkonda, Villamax is the succesor to Ecliptor. He is honorable, looks out for the female antagonist and a badass swordsman, among many other similarities. This is despite that his model counterpart was instead [[Series/SeijuuSentaiGingaman Sambash]] who is a BadBoss and overall dishonorable (and uses a gun, whereas Villamax uses a sword).
* ObiWanMoment: [[spoiler: He openly defies Trakeena when ordered to fire upon innocent fleeing civilians. When she threatens him, he delivers the above FamousLastWords line and dies honorably.]]
%%* PunchClockVillain
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: [[spoiler:Subverted. He fought Trakeena in order to prevent her from blowing up innocent people. Since he trained Trakeena in the first place, he was probably more than able to defeat her in combat, but due to his loyalty to her, he refused to fight. Thus he did not actually redeem himself in the traditional sense. It does buy the Rangers enough time to use the Megaship to stop Trakeena from blowing up the innocent people, however]].
* UndyingLoyalty: To Trakeena. [[spoiler: It gets him killed in the end when he refuses to fight back against her.]]


-->'''Voiced by:''' Richard Cansino, Creator/CarlosInigo (Latin American Spanish dub)

* GadgeteerGenius: He's good with technology.
* HereWeGoAgain: Has this air when Villamax offers his services to Trakeena.
* [[spoiler:KilledOffScreen]]: [[spoiler: He was piloting the Scorpion Stinger when it crashed. Though we never see his body, the fact that said crash was enough to badly hurt [[BigBad Trakeena]] suggests that Kegler didn't survive.]]
* MeaningfulName: Looks like he's wearing a barrel- or a ''keg''.
* NonActionGuy: Even Deviot sees more action than him.
%%* ShorterMeansSmarter
* VillainousFriendship: Had a long-time one with Villamax. [[spoiler:When Trakeena kills him, Kegler breaks down in tears.]]
* VillainyFreeVillain: Despite working for Trakeena, he rarely does anything bad. He never shows any malice either, coming off as a timid, good-natured fellow. He pretty much just tagged along with Villamax when they met Trakeena on Onyx.


-->'''Voiced by: Simon Prescott

* BadassBeard: He's got a nice chin curtain.
* BadassGrandpa: Admits he's pretty old.
* BrainwashedAndCrazy: Courtesy of Deviot.
* EpicFlail: His signature weapon.
%%* EvenEvilHasStandards
* FallenHero: He used to be a hero, but switched when he realized how powerful evil was.
* TheLastDance: He knows he doesn't have much time left.
%%* NobleDemon
* OldSoldier: With some old values. He refused to fight Maya for being a girl but decided to do so anyway since she's a ranger.
%%* VillainOfTheWeek
* WorthyOpponent: Is looking for one.

!!Captain Mutiny | [-(Voice actor: Mike Reynolds)-]

-->'''Voiced by:''' Mike Reynolds, Jorge Ornelas (Latin American Spanish dub)

* DemotedToExtra: His Japanese counterpart, Captain Zahab, was the BigBad of ''Gingaman''; in ''Lost Galaxy'' he appears for one story arc and is then [[spoiler:uncermoniously killed off by Trakeena.]]
* DroppedABridgeOnHim: [[spoiler:Mere seconds after going through the portal out of the Lost Galaxy, Trakeena orders his castle destroyed. And that's the end of Captain Mutiny.]]
* KnightOfCerebus: The first two episodes Mutiny appear in are amazingly serious for Power Rangers, and Mutiny is more depraved than Trakeena had so far managed to be in an instant, capturing people and implicitly working them to death.
* MuggingTheMonster: Needless to say, he never expected Terra Venture to have Power Rangers on board.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Captain Mutiny.
* ThePiratesWhoDontDoAnything: Subverted: unlike Divatox, Mutiny's actions generally are very pirate-like. He has little interest in actually conquering the universe, rather he attacks, plunders, and enslaves any ship that wonders into the Lost Galaxy. Terra Venture just happened to be one of them.
* PoliticallyIncorrectVillain: He enslaves anyone who enters his territory.
* SpacePirate: A space pirate captain. Unlike Divatox, he actually ''acts'' like one.
* TalkLikeAPirate: To keep with the pirate theme.
* TheUnfought: Never really took on the rangers in direct combat, though he did pilot a MonsterOfTheWeek against them. Mike does sort of get into a fight with him, but he gets knocked out by Mutiny's first and only shot.


-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/RichardEpcar, Ricardo Brust (eps. 36-40, Latin American Spanish dub), Leonardo García (eps. 41 and 42, Latin American Spanish dub)

* AnAxeToGrind: An axe capable of knocking down buildings, and causing earthquakes.
* TheDragon: For Captain Mutiny.
* ForTheEvulz
* SpikesOfVillainy: His upper torso is covered in them.