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-> '''Voiced by:''' Dickie Jones

The young puppet protagonist, given life by the Blue Fairy. If he proves himself brave, truthful, and unselfish, then he will one day become a real boy.

%%* {{Adorkable}}
* AnimateInanimateObject: He's a puppet that can move on his own.
* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: Oooh, a candle...
* BadassAdorable: He is implied to be the only child to have ever escaped the Coachman's clutches.
* ConstantlyCurious: Try to explain a simple concept like sleeping to Pinocchio, and he will ask "why" until there are no explanations left.
* {{Disneyfication}}: His literary counterpart was much more of a Jerkass.
* {{Determinator}}: Towards the film's climax, he faced off against a whale as big as a castle to protect his father.
* FourFingeredHands: Due to being a puppet.
* HeroicSacrifice: He sacrifices himself to help his father Geppeto.
* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: What typically gets him into trouble.
* KidHero: He's the main protagonist.
* NiceHat: Never seen without his hat.
* OutsideTheBoxTactic: He employs a plan crazy enough to work towards the end.
* PinocchioNose: TropeNamer, Pinocchio's nose increasing in size whenever he lies.
* PinocchioSyndrome: TropeNamer and TropeCodifier. He's a puppet who wants to be a real boy.
* PursuedProtagonist: Everyone's out to get him.
* PyroManiac: Granted it was a necessity to escape Monstro's clutches, but crazily surreal considering he's ''made of wood''.

!!Jiminy Cricket
-> '''Voiced by:''' Cliff Edwards

A homeless cricket who takes the job of being Pinocchio's conscience, giving him moral advice... which is usually ignored.

%%* AscendedExtra
* BreakoutCharacter: In the original story, he was a nameless cricket who was squashed by the title character early on and appeared later as a ghost. In the Disney version, he was given the name Jiminy Cricket and promoted to narrator.
* BullyingADragon: Starts namecalling Monstro "blubbermouth" and "big moose". Monstro doesn't even notice him.
* TheConscience: TropeCodifier. The conscience to the title character.
* CovertPervert: He goes from angrily not watching Pinocchio's show to excitedly watching it with eyeglasses on when he sees the French girl puppets doing the kick dance.
%%* FourFingeredHands
* FullyDressedCartoonAnimal: First in ragged street clothes, then in a dapper black tux for the remainder of the film.
%%* HonestAdvisor
* MarsNeedsWomen: Jiminy seems to have a preference for human(ish) women.
* MoralityPet: A rare literal example. As Pinocchio's conscience, it's his job to guide him along the straight and narrow.
%%* NiceHat
* NotSoAboveItAll: For all his attempts to keep Pinnochio on the straight and narrow, he's shown to have some problems with keeping his Pride and Lust under control. His first question when being assigned to be Pinnochio's conscience is if he gets a ''badge.''
%%* PunnyName
%%* SignificantMonogram

!!Mister Geppetto
-> '''Voiced by:''' Christian Rub

A kindly old woodcutter and toymaker who was never able to have a son of his own. One night, he wishes upon a star, and Pinocchio comes to life.


%%* BadassGrandpa
%%* BigGood
%%* BumblingDad
%%* CoolOldGuy
* DotingParent: He doesn't care Pinocchio has gone and slightly-transformed himself into a donkey, so long as they're still together, is all that really matters.
* DoomedDefeatist: He's tried and failed to escape Monstro so many times, he's convinced himself [[SuicideMission its impossible]], even in the face of his son's determination and optimism.
%%* EccentricMentor
* ForHappiness: All his life Geppetto has brought so much happiness to others, the Blue Fairy herself admitted he ''deserved'' to have his wish granted.
%%* TheHermit
* GadgeteerGenius: If even half of the objects in his workshop are his creations, then he is truly a master of miniature mechanics and clockwork.
%%* NiceGuy
* OverprotectiveDad: He searches everywhere for his missing son, though ironically, [[BellyOfTheWhale manages to put himself in greater harm's way and now needs rescuing himself]].

!!Blue Fairy
-> '''Voiced by:''' Evelyn Venable

* AdaptationDyeJob: In the original novel, the Blue Fairy had turquoise/blue hair. In the Disney version, her hair is blonde while her dress is blue.
%%* BigGood
* DemotedToExtra: Her role in the film is significantly downplayed in favor of Jiminy Cricket's.
%%* DeusExMachina
%%* FairyGodmother
* StatuesqueStunner: Jiminy Cricket is not very good at disguising his attraction towards her.
%%* SupernaturalAid

!!Honest John
->'''Voiced by:''' Walter Catlett

%%* AllThereInTheManual: See MeaningfulName below.
* AmusingInjuries: Getting his head jammed within his own squashed hat.
%%* BarefootCartoonAnimal
* CunningLikeAFox: As to be expected from a cartoon one.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: He's perfectly fine with conning small children out of their money and freedom, and if one scene is to be believed, with doing hits as well. However, when the Coachman mentions taking young boys to Pleasure Island, he's absolutely horrified. And when the Coachman assures them that the boys won't return as themselves and makes a NightmareFace for emphasis, the fox cowers in fear.
* FauxAffablyEvil: As to be expected from a conman.
%%* FourFingeredHands
%%* HonestJohnsDealership: TropeCodifier.
* IronicName: He is called "Honest" John in the actual film.
* KarmaHoudini: He doesn't receive much punishment for conning children for personal gain.
* LoveableRogue: Averted. He isn't particularly sympathetic, although he is a rogue.
* MeaningfulName: [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast J. Worthington Foulfellow]].
%%* NiceHat
* ProfessionalKiller: "Honest" John is implied to be this as he says to the Coachman "Who do I have to (makes throat slashing motion)"; his book counterpart was one too.
* SissyVillain: Probably due to his Large Ham persona and the fact that he just can't stop waving his hands around.
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: With Gideon.
* VillainSong: "An Actor's Life For Me". It's cheerful, but it's sung by Honest John to convince Pinocchio to become an actor.

-> '''Voiced by:''' Creator/MelBlanc

* BarefootCartoonAnimal: Like his boss.
%%* BareYourMidriff
* BumblingSidekick: To Honest John.
* CatsAreMean: Gideon is a cat and like his boss is a bad guy.
%%* FourFingeredHands
%%* NiceHat
* SmashMook: He wields an enormous mallet.
%%* TheSilentBob
%%* TheSpeechless
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: With Honest John.
* WhenAllYouHaveIsAHammer: He's mute, so he prefers to let his huge wooden mallet do the talking when Honest John's diplomacy looks like its about to fail.
* ViolenceIsTheOnlyOption: Either he clobbers someone, or John clobbers him for trying to.

->''"And when you are growing too old, you will make good...FIREWOOD!"''\\
'''Voiced by:''' Charles Judels

* AdaptationalVillainy: To an extent. The puppeteer in the original story, although still intimidating, [[HeelFaceTurn was talked out of burning Pinocchio and gave him some coins to help Gepetto out]].
* {{Angrish}}: Stromboli unleashes quite a bit of this.
%%* BaldOfEvil
%%* BeardOfEvil
* BigBadEnsemble: With Monstro and the Coachman
%%* EvilIsHammy
%%* FatBastard
* FacePalm: "Going-a home-a to your father! Be back in the morning!", ''No you're not''.
%%* ForeignLanguageTirade
* {{Greed}}: His motivation for threatening Pinocchio.
* GreedyJew: Despite being Italian, seems to be the model of this.[[labelnote:Actually...]] The GreedyJew stereotype first appeared in Italy, as it was the banking center (and therefore usury center) of Europe for the Middle Ages and early Renaissance. This can be seen in Shakespeare's ''Merchant of Venice.''[[/labelnote]]
%%* HairTriggerTemper
%%* KarmaHoudini
%%* LargeHam
* TheShowMustGoOn: Even he appreciates in the midst of Pinocchio's bumbling, this is live entertainment - the show must go on at all costs.

!!The Coachman
->''"Give a bad boy enough rope, and he'll soon make a jackass of himself."''\\
'''Voiced by:''' Charles Judels

* AmbiguouslyHuman: He at one point gives a NightmareFace to Honest John and Gideon that makes him resemble the devil.
* AxCrazy: Shown when he's tells Honest John and Gideon about his business.
* BadBoss: He's pretty cruel to his henchmen. See WhipItGood.
* BigBadEnsemble: With Monstro and Stromboli
%%* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep
* EvilBrit: A pure evil brit.
* EvilLaugh: During his meeting with Honest John and Gideon.
* EvilOldFolks: In this case, pure evil.
%%* FascinatingEyebrow
%%* FatBastard: UpToEleven.
* FauxAffablyEvil: Far more so than Honest John and Gideon.
* FourFingeredHands: Overlapping with Ambiguously Human, his four fingers distinguishes him from the other human characters.
* KarmaHoudini: Though you do get to fight him and give him a DisneyVillainDeath in the SuperNintendo game.
* NiceHat: The only thing nice about him, apparently.
* NightmareFace: Red with a SlasherSmile and large eyes
* SatanicArchetype: Taken to the extreme, as it's implied that he is ''literally the Devil''.
* SlasherSmile: They never come back... as '''''BOYS!!!'''''
* SuddenNameChange: Was actually referred as "Barker" in the film's subtitles when he finally brings several boys which he kidnapped (including Pinocchio himself) to Pleasure Island. However, the subtitles start to refer him as "Coachman" again when he and some gorilla-demon-looking-things start to round the now-transformed boys into crates headed for either the salt mines or the circus.
* TheyLookJustLikeEveryoneElse: Part of what makes this character so terrifying by Disney villain standards is that he basically looks like a normal, grandfatherly old man. There's no clear visual indication of his evil until he makes his NightmareFace.
* VileVillainSaccharineShow: While the other villains only want wealth at the end of the day, the Coachman is a devilish slavedriver who runs an [[AmusementParkOfDoom amusement park that magically turns young boys who use the attractions into donkeys]]. The ones that lose their voices are then sold to salt mine and circuses. As the ones who ''can'' still talk... well, they're put in cages, and we don't know what happens to them after that. It seems that none of them are ever human or see their homes again, though. [[KarmaHoudini And he gets away with it, too!]] Which is unique, considering [[TheGoodGuysAlwaysWin every other villain falls to the hero.]] It is also implied that from his NightmareFace that he isn't [[HumanoidAbomination completely]] [[{{Satan}} human]]. This may be because of his choice of targets: Bad boys who should be at school, making him some [[KarmicTransformation karmic]] bogeyman.
* WhipItGood: He whips his own minions.
* WouldHurtAChild: He transforms children into donkeys.

->'''Voiced by:''' Frankie Darro

* BalefulPolymorph: [[spoiler:Turned into a donkey and sent off to the salt mines.]]
* TheCorrupter: To Pinocchio.
%%* EvilRedhead
* {{Jerkass}}: [[spoiler: and he becomes a literal jackass because of it.]]
%%* NiceHat
* SparedByTheAdaptation: in the books Lampwick dies from hunger and exhaustion after being overworked. We do not see his fate in the film.
* TemptingFate: What do I look like, [[spoiler:a ''[[ExactWords jackass?]]'']]
* ToxicFriendInfluence: He encourages Pinocchio to behave much like the other children on Pleasure Island.

-> '''Voiced by:''' Dickie Jones

* BalefulPolymorph: The Coachman won't allow him to leave Pleasure Island, [[FridgeLogic obviously as he can still talk]]. His fate to work there for the rest of his life, paying for the fun he had.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He's a troublemaker and that's exactly what got him into this mess. But deep down he loves his mother, so his transformation into a donkey isn't complete, and unlike Lampwick and the majority of the bad boys on Pleasure Island, can still talk.

!!Monstro the Whale
-> '''Voiced by:''' Thurl Ravenscroft

%%* {{Acrofatic}}
* AlwaysABiggerFish: One of the songs lyrics dropped from the final theatrical production states [[KrakenAndLeviathan he's the whale that swallowed the whale that swallowed whale that swallowed Jonah]].
%%* BellyOfTheWhale
* BerserkButton: His prey escaping him.
* BigBadEnsemble: With Stromboli and the Coachman
* CaptainErsatz: Of [[Literature/MobyDick Moby Dick]].
* TheDreaded: All the undersea creatures are terrified of him. [[SpeakOfTheDevil Just the mere mention of his name sends them into a panic]].
* ExtremeOmnivore: He eats anything, ''even ships''.
* GiantEqualsInvincible: He just smashes through anything in his path, like a living force of nature.
* InformedSpecies: Monstro doesn't look like any real species of whale. The closest possible match, ''[[RealLife Livyatan Melvillei]]'' is nowhere near the same category of scale. He has the underbelly of a blue whale. From the side he looks a bit like a sperm whale, but a sperm whale's jaw is narrow, unlike Monstro's shovel-jaw.
%%* HairTriggerTemper
* ItCanThink: Pretending to be asleep in order to catch the school of tuna, [[PsychoticSmirk while grinning evilly to himself]]. Trying to intercept Pinocchio and Geppetto's escape course during the chase and smashing up their raft to slow them down.
%%* LightningBruiser
* NonMaliciousMonster: He's not evil or sadistic unlike Stromboli or the Coachman. He's just an hungry whale who's following his instincts.
%%* PunnyName
%%* RoaringRampageOfRevenge
%%* SeaMonster
* SomewhereAMammalogistIsCrying: Monstro's insides look ''nothing'' like a sea mammals.
* TragicMonster: A possible interpretation
* UncertainDoom: He fails to recapture Pinocchio and Geppetto, smashing headlong into the cliff-shore, [[SuperToughness but given his extreme size and returning back to his normal shape in the last few frames]], whether he perished or not is hotly debated and open to contention.
* VillainousBreakdown: Monstro during the climax in a rather terrifying way. Though seeing as two people just ''lit a huge fire inside him'', you'd think its understandable that he'd be pissed, but no, [[SuperToughness all this act does is merely make him sneeze]]. When he realizes two people just escaped from his belly, ''[[RoaringRampageOfRevenge he truly flips out]]''. He gets more terrible and wrathful the more they dodge him and get closer to shore, [[UnstoppableRage so much so, he doesn't even care he's about to crash into a landmass]].