This is a CharacterSheet for the five main characters from ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb''.


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!! Phineas Flynn
[[caption-width:350:He knows what they're gonna do today.]]
->''"I know what we're gonna do today!"''
->Voiced by: [[Series/EverybodyHatesChris Vincent]] [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII Martella]]

A cheerful boy who's always coming up with wild ideas of what to do over summer vacation, from building a humongous roller coaster to traveling into outer space to breeding giant mutant sea-monkeys. Even ordinary activities such as running a lemonade stand or making ice-cream sundaes get taken UpToEleven when Phineas gets involved.

* TheAce: He's this to the Flynn household.
* AdorablyPrecociousChild: He is cheerful, friendly, will help out anyone, likes everybody he meets, what more could you want?
* {{Adorkable}}: If it wasn't official already, his geeking out (along with Ferb) over the super computer cements it.
* AllergicToRoutine: His projects for the summer are a result of this. Note that all his projects and games tend to be a variant of {{Calvinball}}.
* AmbiguousDisorder: Phineas is [[ObliviousToLove unaware of Isabella's advancement towards him]] and [[GadgeteerGenius is incredibly savvy in machines.]] It's shown that Phineas apparently has a pathological need to invent, as in one episode he suffered HeroicBSOD when he couldn't invent anything for hours.
* AnimalMotifs: Fish, present in his bed (a raft with an aquarium with two fish pictures behind it) and bird, present in the totem in his side of the room, in his physical appearance and in his AnimalThemedSuperbeing identity ('The Beak').
* AnimalThemedSuperbeing: As the Beak.
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: Candace sees Phineas as this, though he's a rare example where he's not doing it on purpose.
* {{Badass}}: He's done a lot of stuff that most kids would merely dream of (even helped save two worlds in TheMovie).
* BadassAdorable: He built many crazy inventions and he's only a pre-teen.
* BadassBookworm: Not to the same extent as Ferb, but he can wipe out an army of invading robots with a baseball launcher and a robot dog as effectively as anyone else. He also fought an evil dictator from another dimension solo (however briefly) and lived to tell the tale [[spoiler:([[LaserGuidedAmnesia or not]])]].
** In ''Mission Marvel,'' the brothers are offered an internship at ''Stark Industries''.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Four words: '''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis GET]] [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome ON]] [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness THE]] [[MemeticMutation TRIKE]]!!!'''
** And again in TheMovie, as well as [[spoiler:in "Mission Marvel"]]. The long episodes have a tendency of drawing this out of him.
-->'''Buford''': I always told [Candace], don't ever make Phineas angry. [[Series/TheIncredibleHulk You wouldn't like him when he's angry]].
** This eventually gets lampshaded.
-->'''Buford''': This must be a special. He's yelling at Candace.
** This manifests itself in other ways too. Phineas is generally oblivious to malice, but once it gets through to him that he's dealing with a villain, being a mechanical genius means that he ''can'' quickly produce a contraption for battle and kick ass with it.
* BirthdayEpisode: "Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!"
* BreakTheCutie[=/=]HeroicBSOD[=/=]TenMinuteRetirement:
** In "Phineas And Ferb Get Busted", when Phineas and Ferb are sent to a military school-esque summer camp meant to rob them of their creative tendencies (which it does), [[spoiler: or, at least within [[DreamWithinADReam Candace's dream within Perry's dream.]]]]
** Also in "Summer Belongs To You" when everyone is stranded on an island, and Phineas and Ferb are about to fail their plan of following the sun around the planet during the summer solstice.
** And in the ChristmasSpecial, when all of Danville is inexplicably placed on the naughty list, causing Phineas to briefly question his own morality in the song "Where Did We Go Wrong?".
** And in "Bully Bromance Breakup", which reveals that he will snap if he's forced to go through a day without building or creating something.
* CanNotSpitItOut: In "Act Your Age", [[spoiler: Phineas developed romantic feelings for Isabella during high school, but as he was unaware that she had always had a crush on him, he initially didn't admit his feelings because he thought his love for her would be unrequited.]]
* CatchPhrase
** "I know what we're gonna do today!"
** "Hey, where's Perry?"/"Oh there you are, Perry!"
** [Adult: "Aren't you a little young to be editing a TV Tropes page?"] "[[BluntYes Why yes. Yes I am.]]"
** "How serendipitous!" is a downplayed example. It's referenced later on when Phineas uses the word "simultaneously" and asks Ferb if it was on their list of S-words rarely said by kids.
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: His slightly snarky and mischievous streak in early episodes (even more so in the show's original pitch) essentially vanished in later ones.
* ChasteHero: He is completely oblivious to Isabella's crush. [[spoiler:If ''Act Your Age'' is any indication, he will remain that way for years to come.]]
* CheerfulChild: He is an innocent little boy with a big, cheerful smile.
* [[spoiler: ChildhoodFriendRomance: With Isabella. Though, neither of them were brave enough to admit their feelings for each other until college was right around the corner.]]
* ChildProdigy: It's suggested that he and Ferb have been inventing together since they first met, as toddlers.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: "A universal law without chance of appeal?! That's despotism!" (About the law of the gravity)
* ComplexityAddiction: Literally--[[HeroicBSOD he'll suffer withdrawal symptoms]] if he has to tackle a difficult task in a straightforward way, without the aid of crazy inventions.
* CrazyPrepared: Some of his inventions come with unexpected results.
* DeadpanSnarker: Though his "deadpan" is so subtle it can be hard to tell.
* {{Determinator}}: He believes that nothing is impossible and refuses to give up because of this belief.
* DisappearedDad: No mention is ever made of Phineas' biological father.
* DistantDuet: With Isabella in "Act Your Age".
* DoesNotLikeSpam: In "Doofapus", it's revealed that Phineas doesn't like zucchini.
* EveryoneCanSeeIt: With Isabella. Everyone but Phineas himself seems to know that she has a massive crush on him. [[spoiler: By the time they are in high school, Phineas starts to develop romantic feelings toward Isabella as well; though neither of them are initially aware of the other's feelings because the both of them CanNotSpitItOut.]]
* TheFace: Phineas is the one talking with who ever the group needs for their latest "Best day ever", from city officials to delivery guys to [[ScoutOut the Fireside Girls]]. The best example is persuading Love Handel to reunite for a concert while directing the girls to make a stage. This stands out even more considering his brother Ferb, who rarely ever talks.
* FieryRedhead: In the most innocent way possible.
* FourTemperamentEnsemble: Sanguine.
* FunPersonified: He puts the fun in inventing.
* GadgeteerGenius: He's quite handy with tools.
* GagNose: His nose is shaped like the end of a pointy P.
* GoshDangItToHeck: Phineas isn't even street enough for that.
* GuileHero: Being the geniuses they are, it's not surprising he and Ferb have their moments of this, notably their outwitting of evil!Baljeet and their own trap-infested computer-controlled tower.
%%* TheHero
* HeroicSacrifice: When he scarifies his memories of Perry as a secret agent so that Perry can remain his pet in [[spoiler: TheMovie]].
** He also sacrifices himself to save Isabella in [[spoiler: "Night of the Living Pharmacists".]]
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Ferb.
* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: A side effect of his near-eternal optimism. He doesn't realize Doofenshmirtz-2 (or for that matter Doof-1, but that was more [[AffablyEvil understandable]] [[EvenEvilHasStandards under the circumstances]]) is evil until he is told.
** Not to mention how long it takes him to figure out that Mitch isn't friendly.
** Nor does he usually acknowledge that Candace is trying to get him and Ferb in trouble, even when she straight up ''tells'' them that's what she's trying to do.
** Apparently averted with Buford; Phineas regularly refers to him as a "bully", but he rarely seems to actually disapprove of Buford's bullying and apparently sees nothing wrong with having Buford in his social circle and letting him pick on Baljeet.
** He doesn't know about Isabella having a crush on him until he's told directly. Even then he finds that too hard to believe.
* IdenticalGrandson: In "The Monster of Phineas-n-Ferbenstein", he's like the creator of Perry the Platypustein.
** Which is a bit weird, considering how no mention is made of Phineas-stein actually being related to Phineas.
* InnocentlyInsensitive: He's almost ''[[NiceGuy never]]'' intentionally malicious, but his ObliviousToLove tendencies often make him this. There have also been a few rare but noticeable moments where he neglects Ferb's well-being while distracted and injures him by accident. In "Save Summer", the pep talk he gives Candace to help overcome her arachnophobia just makes her more nervous at several points, though it's ultimately successful.
* InnocentProdigy: Both he and his brother are creative and technical geniuses, but use their talents more for their own amusement than anything else. They also manage to regularly figure out the solutions to other characters' problems, while still maintaining an oddly childlike sense of naivete.
* ''{{Keet}}'': He is an enthusiastic, energized and overall [[TheFace very friendly, extroverted kid]].
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: [[spoiler: as a HeroicSacrifice at the end of TheMovie.]]
* MadScientist: One of the good ones.
** He even dresses the part, lab coat, gloves, crazy hair and all, in "One Good Scare Ought to Do It!"
** Revealed to be addicted to inventing in ''Bully Bromance Break Up''. (He's fairly useless when he's in withdrawal.)
* MasterOfTheMixedMessage
* MeaningfulName: Phineas is an energetic boy who tries to make summer as fun as possible while making expert use of RefugeInAudacity. Sounds a lot like [[Literature/ASeparatePeace another boy named Phineas]]. However, Word Of God claims that he was named after [[Literature/AroundTheWorldInEightyDays Phi]](n)[[Literature/AroundTheWorldInEightyDays leas Fogg]].
* MessyHair: Both he and Ferb have rather unkempt hair.
* MotorMouth: In contrast to Ferb's silence.
%%* MrFixit
* MrImagination: In one episode, Buford even lampshades Phineas' ability to bend the laws of physics to his will.
* NiceGuy: ''Seriously.'' He has gotten truly angry only a handful of times in the ''entire'' series and managed to recover fairly quickly each time. He even agreed to help his sister bust him once without batting an eye just because it would make her happy, and that was on the [[HorribleJudgeOfCharacter one occasion]] where he even ''acknowledged'' that she was trying to bust him at all.
* NightmareFetishist: He's enthusiastic about ''everything'', including things that would scare most people. Especially on display in "One Good Scare Ought To Do It!", but even in the standard episodes he gets lines like this:
--> "In case we capsize, your seat cushions can function as a headstone!"
** In "Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror", his intended ending to his spooky story was that he and his friends ''[[spoiler: get ripped to shreds by the evil platypuses]]''. He revises it after they all complain for a happier ending.
* NotSoImaginaryFriend: His pet chameleon, Steve.
* ObliviousToLove: Played with throughout the series, to the chagrin of Isabella. The most prominent example has to be in "Summer Belongs to You", with Isabella singing "City of Love" and all.
** [[UpToEleven Oh SO unfortunately for Isabella]]: He can acknowledge openly every OTHER couple and their obvious attractions to each other, but the idea of Isabella liking him never occurs to him. [[spoiler:If ''Act Your Age'' is of any indication, ''everyone'' put two and two together and eventually figured it out, but it didn't bring Phineas out of the dark.]]
** In the 2011 movie, [[spoiler: he's really happy when Isabella kisses him (albeit really shocked) and it seems like he wants to do/say something else before their memories are wiped, but never gets the chance]]. The movie just never clarifies whether he liked the kiss but didn't think of it as love, or wasn't really aware of them - which would push his ObliviousToLove status UpToEleven.
** Averted by two alternate timeline/universe version of him, such as from ancient China in "Doof Dynasty", who is shown to have a crush on Princess Isabella. The other being his Star Wars counterpart with Pilot Isabella, Han Solo's rival.
* [[spoiler:OfficialCouple: Phineas wises up after ''ten years'' and gets together with Isabella in "Act Your Age".]]
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: If he's ever not happy for an extended period of time, you ''know'' things have [[DespairEventHorizon taken a turn for the worst]], or sweet platypus, you are ''[[BewareTheNiceOnes screwed]]''. Lampshaded in "Save Summer":
-->'''Buford:''' Must be a special episode, he's yelling at his sister again.
* PhraseCatcher: "Aren't you a little ''young'' to be (verb)?"
* ThePollyanna: Phineas has near-constant optimism and a can-do attitude. Because of this, he quite literally ''can'' and ''does'' achieve the impossible, every episode, with the help of his friends and family. That being said, he can occasionally [[HeroicBSOD crack]]...
* PungeonMaster: Phineas has hints of this, mostly in "A-G-L-E-T" and "The Beak".
* RedHeadedHero: Has red hair.
* ReedRichardsIsUseless: You'd think with everything he and Ferb can accomplish over the course of a day, they'd make one of their projects to find a cure to a deadly disease, or to solve world hunger, or something. Unlike the trope namer they're ''kids''; genius or no, it's not really fair to ask them to start solving global problems when they're only... [[ShrugOfGod less than 15]]. Alternatively, the constantly brought-up theme of making summer last may be Phineas acknowledging that his genius comes with responsibilities, and [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation he wants to have as much fun as he can before he gets old enough that it really becomes time to start living up to them.]]
** They helped a jobless dancer once and lots of other people, just not the whole world.
** Maybe the world isn't nearly as much as a CrapsackWorld as real life.
** The future episode shows they grow out of it.
** It's also been implied in the show that they ''do'' make a difference for the Tri-State area with their inventions and schemes. Some of their schemes are wildly successful business ideas, they helped save Christmas for all of Danville once, and it's been implied that the money they make and spend is a great boon to Danville's economy. When asked if they normally wash the house by raising it up and spinning it, Phineas replies that they usually use a giant bathtub, but that it's being currently used by the city as a reservoir.
* RefugeInAudacity: The reason why their mom never believes Candace. If your daughter said "your sons are building an escalator to the moon!" would ''you'' believe her?
* [[spoiler: RelationshipUpgrade: With Isabella, after high school.]]
* RulesLawyer: Unintentionally, but Phineas has a tendency to think outside the box and end up coming up with ideas to circumvent restrictions without even realizing he's doing it.
* SarcasmBlind: And on one occasion, when Candace informs him that she's being sarcastic, he's happily shocked and goes off track [[ComicallyMissingThePoint complimenting her for her believability.]]
-->'''Phineas:''' Well, y'know how we do something new every day?\\
'''Candace:''' (Pulling a priceless false-shocked expression) Noo...\\
'''Phineas:''' ...Oh, well, we try to build some big project, or do something--\\
'''Candace:''' [[DeadpanSnarker I'm aware of the concept, Phineas, I was just being sarcastic]].\\
'''Phineas:''' [[DoesNotUnderstandSarcasm ...Really? Hey, that was pretty good. Wow, I totally fell for it. Ferb, I totally fell for it!]]
* SiblingTeam: With Ferb.
* SophisticatedAsHell: Phineas talks like this in "Nerdy Dancin'":
-->'''Phineas:''' ''(to Ferb)'' So, brother of mine, what endeavor shall we engage in today?\\
''(Jeremy walks up to the both of them)''\\
'''Phineas:''' Hey, Jeremy. What's the haps, big guy?
* TheSouthpaw: Word of God says Phineas is left-handed. He appears to be ambidextrous, as he can write and play various instruments with both hands. However, he does seem to lead more with his left hand than his right, as he plays a left-handed drum set, uses left-handed tools, and bats left-handed in baseball.
* {{Technobabble}}: Goes into this from time to time when talking about how their inventions work.
* TookALevelInJerkass:
** He is uncharacteristically harsh to Candace in Mission Marvel.
** Later Lampshaded by Buford in Phineas and Ferb Save Summer.
-->'''Buford:''' "This must be a [[{{VerySpecialEpisode}} Special Episode]], he's yelling at his sister again."
* UnrequitedLoveSwitcheroo: "Act Your Age" reveals that Isabella finally gave up on him when they started high school, coming to the conclusion that he'd simply ''never'' realize that she ever had a crush on him. [[spoiler:It was around that time that he started developing feelings for her. Though, she was right in the sense that he actually never did figure it out on his own -- he had to be told about her crush on him after high school was over, by his friends, when he was fully convinced that he was stuck in the friend-zone]].
* VagueAge: Lampshaded in TheMovie, when Doofenshmirtz-2 says he did anything a puppet said when he was their age. Phineas says, "How old do you think we are?" Doof-2 says it's hard to tell with the [[EyepatchOfPower one eye]].
* VictoriousChildhoodFriend: With Isabella, confirmed by [[WordOfGod Povenmire]].
** [[spoiler: They don't hook up until ten years in the future in "Act Your Age", where they leave for college together.]]
* VocalEvolution: His voice has gotten significantly deeper since the first season, as his voice actor has gotten older. Though, the actor does still pitch his voice up a bit for Phineas.
** In "Act Your Age", a special episode that takes place ten years in the future, his voice naturally sounds a bit more grown-up.
* WhatTheHellHero: To Perry in the movie, thinking he was just a cover and that Perry didn't really love him and Ferb, not realizing that Perry had been hiding his secret agent identity to avoid being relocated to another family.
* WillTheyOrWontThey: With Isabella, of course. [[spoiler: TheyDo, or rather, ''Will''.]]
%%* WiseBeyondTheirYears
* TheWonka: The kid equivalent. He even gets to dress up as [[Literature/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory Willy Wonka]] during a brief CharlieAndTheChocolateParody in "Toy to the World".

[[folder:Ferb Fletcher]]
!! Ferb Fletcher
[[caption-width:350:He also does drums. And bagpipes. And the trumpet...]]
->''"Wait for it..."''
->Voiced ([[TheQuietOne when he actually talks]]) by: [[Film/LoveActually Thomas]] [[Series/DoctorWho Sangster]], Danny Jacob ([[NonSingingVoice singing]])[[note]]Dan Povenmire and Aaron Jacob have also each done his singing voice at least once[[/note]]

Phineas's step-brother and best friend. A quiet and stoic boy who usually says no more than one or two lines per episode. He's also a mechanical genius who gladly helps his brother assemble whatever contrived contraption they need for their latest scheme.
* TheAce: As with his brother.
* AdorablyPrecociousChild: In the sense that he's the most worldly-wise of the kid characters in the show.
* {{Adorkable}}: If it wasn't official already, his geeking out (along with Phineas) over the super computer cements it.
* AlliterativeName: '''F'''erb '''F'''letcher.
* AmbiguousDisorder: Ferb [[TheVoiceless rarely speaks]] (not at all in some episodes), and [[GadgeteerGenius is incredibly savvy in machines.]] It's heavily implied that, like Phineas, Ferb has a pathological need to invent things,he did say he felt like he was going to scream if he didn't invent anything, though nothing came out of it.
* AnimalThemedSuperbeing: As the Beak.
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: Candace sees Ferb as this. Amusingly though, Phineas and Ferb almost never approach Candace on their own, Candace's misfortunes largely being the result of her blindly barging in on their projects or going overboard on her attempts to bust them. They'd be much less of a nuisance to her if she'd just quit obsessing over them.
* {{Badass}}: He's done a lot of stuff that most kids would merely dream of (even scaled the side of a building in TheMovie).
* BadassAdorable: Especially to the fangirls.
* BadassBookworm: Phineas has the ideas, Ferb makes the blueprints.
** In ''Mission Marvel,'' the brothers are offered an internship at ''Stark Industries''.
* BewareTheQuietOnes: Ferb may not say much, but it's no reason to underestimate him. See MinoredInAssKicking.
* ChickMagnet: He's surprisingly popular with the ladies, including Vanessa.
* ChildProdigy: It's suggested that he and Phineas have been inventing together since they first met, as toddlers.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: [[TheStoic Although his version doesn't exhibit any more craziness than Phineas]], as seen in ''Bully Bromance Break Up''. He merely states that he was about to scream from not doing inventions.
** And even an episode ''before'' that have shown that if you channeled into his brainwaves, all you'd see was a psychedelic swirl of color. Judging by this and other brief glimpses we see into his mind, he is one of the few truly [[TheStoic stoic]] examples of this trope.
%%* ComplexityAddiction
* CrazyPrepared: As demonstrated by his Swiss army knife, among other things.
* DeadpanSnarker: Despite the fact that he rarely talks, many of his OnceAnEpisode lines are this. He also pulls off the [[SilentSnarker silent]] version of this trope quite well.
* DeclarativeFinger: Ferb is often depicted in this pose, and delivers some of his lines with it.
* DissonantSerenity: Ferb remains unfazed in the face of things even Phineas reacts to. His "zany serenity" is even lampshaded in "Invasion of the Ferb-Snatchers".
* FourTemperamentEnsemble: Phlegmatic.
* GadgeteerGenius: Ferb does most of the engineering for their projects.
* GuileHero: Being the geniuses they are, it's not surprising he and Phineas have their moments of this, notably their outwitting of evil!Baljeet and their own trap-infested computer-controlled tower.
* HeroicSacrifice[=/=]LaserGuidedAmnesia: In the movie and Night Of Living Pharmacists.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Phineas
* HiddenDepths: Who knew he could rap? Plus his mad dancing skills in "Nerdy Dancing". So much that he can moonwalk up a wall!
** Note that Phineas did not have to look at him when asking about secret second lives.
** "Put your hand down, Ferb."
* HyperCompetentSidekick: He's treated as a partner instead of a real sidekick, but otherwise fulfills the role of one, and in that sense he takes this trope UpToEleven. He can dance, he can rap, he can play almost any instrument, he's great at video games, he has taken down Buford with one move, he can speak Dolphin and Martian, he has ImprobableAimingSkills. Sometimes it looks as though the only thing he can't do is speak for more than 46 seconds, and [[HiddenDepths even then]]... Emphasized in "It's No Picnic", which shows that, brilliant as he is, Phineas finds it more difficult to carry out his plans without Ferb around.
** He also ends up as one to Vanessa in "Vanessassary Roughness".
* IdenticalGrandson: To Ferb-gor in "The Monster of [=Phineas-n-Ferbenstein=]"
** He also looks exactly like his grandfather Reginald Fletcher.
* ImprobableAimingSkills: In "Ain't No Kiddie Ride", Ferb uses a slingshot to shoot a quarter into the quarter slot of the former children's ride (currently modified to be a working rocket) that Candace was at that moment falling to her doom in.
* InexplicablyAwesome: Ferb can teleport, speaks several languages including Martian, and is able to build anything the plot requires.
* InnocentProdigy: Both he and his brother are creative and technical geniuses, but use their talents more for their own amusement than anything else. They also manage to regularly figure out the solutions to other characters' problems, while still maintaining an oddly childlike sense of naivete.
* {{Kidanova}}: "''And'' [we do it] for the ladies. Rrrrowr!"
* TheLancer: To [[TheHero Phineas]].
%%* LetsGetDangerous
* MadScientist: Ferb isn't actually crazy, but he and Phineas do create things like city-spanning roller coaster rides, time machine and tree houses that convert into {{Humongous Mecha}}s. Ferb is also implied to be better than Phineas at the engineering side of things. Phineas just thinks of the ideas.
* MandatoryLine: OnceAnEpisode, he speaks.
* ManlyTears: He cries in TheMovie at the sight of Phineas's second dimension counterpart falsely believing he's reuniting with Perry.
* MayDecemberRomance: WordOfGod states that he and Vanessa would end up together when they get older and "[[VagueAge that age difference]] won't be so much."
** [[spoiler: Confirmed in the timeskip episode ''Act Your Age'']]
* MessyHair: Both he and Phineas have rather unkempt hair.
* MinoredInAssKicking: Ferb takes Buford down in one Vulcan inspired move after he "gets in his face". Likewise although "Vanessasary Roughness" focuses on her as ActionGirl he had some bad moves of his own.
* MissingMom: No mention is ever made of Ferb's biological mother.
* MrFanservice: A most-likely unintentional example. Despite his age, he's won himself quite a few fangirls, to say the least.
%%* MrFixit
* NerdActionHero: Many of his most impressive feats require as much physical skill as creative brilliance. He can climb up a building using only plungers held in his hands, for instance.
* NotSoImaginaryFriend: His pet chameleon, Steve.
* NotSoStoic: Sometimes.
* [[spoiler:OfficialCouple: With Vanessa in "Act Your Age".]]
%%* OffscreenTeleportation
* {{Omniglot}}: Knows Dolphin, Martian, Japanese and whatever else the plot requires. According to the movie, he's a perfect imitation of Perry. WordOfGod states that that sound is very hard to do, but Ferb's actor did it spot on.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname
** Lampshaded by Candace in one episode when she states that even she doesn't know his full name.
* OutOfFocus: True to his nature, he mostly serves in a supporting role not just in regular episodes, but also most of the long specials and even the movie. However, he does get his own subplot in "Summer Belongs to You!".
* PrecociousCrush: On Vanessa. Also doubles as LittleBoySeeksBigGirl.
** It's also an ActorAllusion to actors' previous roles in the movie ''Film/LoveActually'', where Thomas Sangster's character had a similar crush on the character played by Olivia Olson, Vanessa's voice actress.
* TheQuietOne: [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] in "Rollercoaster":
-->'''Isabella:''' Does your stepbrother ever talk?\\
'''Phineas:''' Ferb? He's more a man of action.
* ReedRichardsIsUseless: See Phineas' entry.
* RousingSpeech: When his and Phineas' chameleon Steve runs off, and they and Isabella can't seem to find them and are about to give up, Ferb delivers this kind of speech to urge them to keep finding Steve.
* ShipperOnDeck: Seems to be this for Phineas and Isabella. In [[BirthdayEpisode Happy Birthday Isabella]], he even makes up an excuse so the two of them can spend time alone.
** On the other hand, in Canderemy, he is as oblivious as Phineas to the fact that Isabella is trying to ask Phineas out alone.
* SiblingTeam: With Phineas.
* TheSilentBob[=/=]SilentPartner: Despite being a main character only speaks about once or twice per episode. He also rarely shows facial expressions, but can usually be interpreted by others, especially his brother Phineas. Sometimes they do fail to, though, usually for humorous effect.
* SilentSnarker: Ferb could count since he rarely talks, and spends more time rolling his eyes at the weirdness of his peers. He does some {{Deadpan Snark|er}}ing too, though.
* TheSmartGuy: He's relegated to this role in the movie when Perry joins the team. Notably, [[spoiler:while he does get a few awesome moments of his own throughout the movie and helps out in the final battle with everyone else, he's the ''only'' protagonist (including Candace and Doofenshmirtz) that doesn't do anything major in the climactic final showdown with Doof-2.]]
* SpeaksFluentAnimal: He can communicate with dolphins.
%%* TheStoic
* StuffyBrit: Ferb ''kinda'' counts. He has plenty of warmth, he just shows it as often as any emotion, which is very rarely.
* SuddenlyFluentInGibberish: He revealed that he was able to speak Martian during a trip to Mars.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Ferb loves himself a good submarine sandwich.
** Also, haggis, as revealed in "Where's Perry?".
* TemporarilyAVillain: His alternate counterpart in "Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars", after being hit by Darthenshmirtz's Sith-inator. WordOfGod notes that this was the only way they could believably start a fight between him and Phineas.
* {{Tuckerization}}: Named after a friend of Dan Povenmire and Swampy, who is also quite talented in building things.
* VagueAge: See Phineas' entry.
* VocalDissonance: He has a much deeper voice compared to the other boys; it's more noticeable with his singing voice (which is mostly Danny Jacob, the show's main songwriter).
%%* WiseBeyondTheirYears
* [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair You Gotta Have Green Hair]]: Oddly, he seems to be the ''only'' character on the show who fits this particular trope, and it's never really even commented on, which is even weirder because the shape of Phineas's head is.

[[folder:Candace Flynn]]
!! Candace Flynn
[[caption-width:350: Not Candace's natural state, but fitting nonetheless.]]
->''"You guys are so busted!"''
->Voiced by: Music/AshleyTisdale, Dan Povenmire (allergy-affected voice)

Phineas and Ferb's high-strung older sister. Like most teen-aged girls, she's obsessed with clothes-shopping, pop music, chatting on the phone, hanging with her friends, and boys (in particular her crush, Jeremy Johnson). Unlike most teen-aged girls, she's also obsessed with "busting" her brothers for their outlandish schemes.
* AccidentalAthlete: Happens to Candace fairly often.
* ActionGirl: With the proper motivation... she once wrestled an alligator as part of a bid to get concert tickets.
* ActionSurvivor: For most part lacking the [[InexplicablyAwesome inexplicable awesomeness]] of her brothers (and, much of the time, the ability to casually keep up with them the way their friends often can), she tends to come across as this whenever she gets dragged along on adventures.
* {{Adorkable}}: Especially when fangirling over the Marvel superheroes.
* AmbiguousDisorder: Candace shows multiple signs of having Schizophrenia and/or OCD, but it has never been officially confirmed.
** The schizophrenia diagnosis gets a leg up in the episode ''Sleepwalk Surprise'' when Candace hears a voice that is at first presented like her inner thoughts... until she gets annoyed and starts talking back to it.
* [[AnimalsHateHim Animals Hate Her]]: She was attacked by a lot of animals when she shout random insults to them close to [[TooDumbToLive an animal translator]].
* AntiHero: Rude, loud, joyless, selfish, and just plain [[StupidGood dumb]], Candace does, at the end of the day, mean well.
* AesopAmnesia: In several episodes, Candace learns that if she just rolled with what her brothers did she would have more fun and less stress. [[StatusQuoIsGod Yet she never stops trying to bust her brothers]]. A possible justification for this is shown in one episode when the boys enter her mind. At one point, her Id, which personifies her desire to bust her brothers, wipe out part of her memory. If it does this whenever she learns she needs to get rid of it, this could be an {{Invoked Trope}}
** There are also several episodes where she's worried that Jeremy will stop liking her or has stopped liking her for specific reasons. The reasons almost always turn out to be things that don't matter to him that much and there are also plenty of incidents where he catches her doing something bizarre or in a bizarre state after taking some AmusingInjuries and he seems to keep liking her anyway. Nevertheless, she remains very insecure about him in later episodes.
* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: We see in several episodes, including "Dude, We're Getting The Band Back Together", that when Candace isn't trying to bust the boys they have a fairly close, loving relationship. Also, when she 'does' bust them in "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted", we see how much Candace really cares for them, and values their creativity. [[spoiler: Of course, all this was in Perry's dream, anyway, so it may not count.]]
** In the two instances where she actually gets a CD of evidence to bust them, she's forsaken it to save Phineas's life ''(Traffic Cam Caper)''/let Phineas enjoy his birthday ''(Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!).''
* BadassBoast: "I've got a date with destiny and it's not going to end with a kiss."
* BadassDriver: As seen in "It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World" and "Bubble Boys".
* [[TheBeastmaster The Beastmistress]]: [[spoiler:Subverting the usual AnimalsHateHer trope, she ends up as this at the end of "Where's Perry".]]
* BeautyIsNeverTarnished: [[ButtMonkey Gleefully averted]].
* BeneathTheMask: She's a closeted fan of [[TastesLikeDiabetes Ducky Momo]], which is apparently so embarrassing that she can't even share it with Stacy. Jeremy eventually finds out, but being a nice guy, he's fine with it.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: There are ''reasons'' why you should not harm Phineas and Ferb. Ever. Seriously. We mean it. We are ''not'' joking. Do not hurt them.
* BigDamnHeroes: She has her moments (see below), especially in "The Chronicles of Meap".
* BigEater: It's implied during Phineas and Ferb's [[FantasticVoyagePlot Fantastic Voyage]] into her body, when they come across some tacos that appear to have been swallowed whole.
* [[BigBrotherBully Big Sister Bully]]: Tries to be one, but fails, [[ButtMonkey much to her dismay]]
* [[TheBigGuy The Big Girl]]: If she's with the Fireside Girls.
* BigSisterInstinct: She has claimed that one of the reasons she busts is to protect them. She's also quite willing to save them in more [[BigDamnHeroes conventional ways]] when they're ''really'' in danger.
* BirthdayEpisode: "Candace Loses Her Head".
* BrattyTeenageDaughter: At times.
* BreakTheHaughty: In "We Call It Maze".
* ButtMonkey: Averted in "Just Our Luck" when one of Dr. Doofenshmirtz's machines [[ThrowTheDogABone gives her good luck for a change]].
* TheCassandra: She is constantly trying to prove to her mother that her brothers build all kinds of crazy projects in their backyard.
* CatchPhrase:
** "Oh, you two are ''so'' busted!"
** "Bu-bu-bu-but... Bu-bu-bu-but... Bu-bu-bu-but..."
** "... meep."
** "Mom! Phineas and Ferb are [insert CassandraTruth here]!"
** "You've gotta see this!"
** "Stacy? I'm gonna have to call you back."
** "Will you keep it down? I'm trying to use the [Insert form of communication here]!
** "This is the best day ever!" said whenever [[ThrowTheDogABone something good happens to her]].
** "Mom. MOM!" They even made a StupidStatementDanceMix out of it.
* CharacterBlog: [[ Yep.]] (now redirects to the character page on the Phineas and Ferb web site)
* CheshireCatGrin: Candace has a few of these.
* ChewingTheScenery: She did this twice: once when she ate the cookie hearts of the fun house and the other when her giant Id complex chewed the mental plain of her mind and ate her and the boys.
* TheChewToy: Share this role with Doofenshmirtz.
* ChildhoodFriends: With Stacy.
* ClingyJealousGirl: Candace flips out any time Jeremy is seen with another girl, or a guy who kinda looks like a girl from the back, for that matter.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}[=/=][[OnlySaneMan Only Sane Woman]]: Both at once, in a way. She's the only person on the show who both sees and identifies the potential dangers of her brothers' antics. Thanks to this, she's more than just a little neurotic. [[HypocriticalHumor But then she does equally dangerous things to bust them]], and if not that, she gets on board. This is rare though.
** She often considers herself the latter. As described above, she has a point, but given her erratic personality it usually turns out to be ironic.
* CoolBigSis: Subverted. Despite the fact that Candace is quite the opposite, the boys still look up to and admire her.
** Phineas points out in "Summer Belongs To You" how she's always taken part in their adventures and done so many cool things: driving monster trucks, traveling through time, becoming the Queen of Mars, and so on. To them, she ''is'' that cool.
** During Phineas's birthday, he gave a shout-out to her that was so touching she destroyed the convicting evidence.
** she could also be considered this to Isabella, even though they aren't actually related.
* CoolLoser: She's a cute, athletic, {{Badass}}, [[GeniusDitz somewhat intelligent]] complete loser.
* ComplexityAddiction: Like her brothers, she tends to overcomplicate things. Usually when something doesn't have to do with Phineas and Ferb. When Stacy says she likes Coltrane, Candace brings various ideas to apporach him like hide or pretend to be a talent scout or using a fake moustache. Stacy only suggest just going over and say hi.
* CosmicPlaything: The coincidences that stop her from busting her brothers make this the only option. In one episode the space-time continuum itself was warped. In another the ''entire universe'' expanded. She's come to call it [[ The Mysterious Force]]
** Not only is she not allowed to actually bust Phineas and Ferb, she's not allowed to stop *trying*. Almost all attempts to permanently remedy this compulsion are either thwarted or re-activate the compulsion even worse than before. After all, StatusQuoIsGod.
* CreatorCameo: Dan Povenmire does her gruff allergy-induced voice when she comes in contact with wild parsnip.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: In contrast to her second dimension counterpart, who is more a straight on {{Badass}}, she is prone to panicking and tends to act rather erratically in general. But time and time again she has also shown capable of amazing feats given enough motivation (most commonly when she's trying to bust or protect her brothers).
* CryCute: She has many episodes of this, but the worst is when she can't find it in her to bust her brothers
* DaddysGirl: It's not shown too often, but a few episodes suggest Candace has this kind of relationship with her dad, such as "It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World" and "I Was a Middle Aged Robot". And considering the fact that he's actually her [[HappilyAdopted step-dad]], it's pretty darn cute.
* DeadpanSnarker: [[DependingOnTheWriter Sometimes]].
* {{Determinator}}: Candace never gives up of her objective of bust her brothers, despite the number of failures.
* DisappearedDad: No mention is ever made of Candace's biological father.
* EmbarrassingMiddleName: Gertrude.
* EmoTeen: In "Bee Day", she takes a personality test and finds out she's one of these, and adjusts accordingly with Stacy and Linda's help. At the end of the episode, Stacy reevaluates the test and discovers that Candace is actually a "busting and crush-obsessed older sister type who can't do math".
* EveryoneHasStandards: There are a few instances where she decides it's not worth trying to bust them.
* {{Expy}}: Her obsession with busting a lucky, charismatic brother (and her complete failure to do so every time) is reminiscent of Jeanie from Ferris Bueller
* FailureIsTheOnlyOption: If she ever succeeded in busting her brothers, there'd be no show. (And several "what-if" episodes illustrate that really, really bad things will happen if she ''does'' succeed.)
** She ''does'' succeed in a couple of episodes, but this always ends up being undone almost instantly [[spoiler:except for Future Candace, who was only forced to undo their being busted in the present time; in her own time, she gets to bust them and it stays permanent. Even when young Candace tells her mom in the future, all she gains is that her mother finally finds out, but doesn't punish the boys.]]
** In other cases, her mom does see what her brothers did, only for her mom not to find any problem with it.
** She even ''weaponizes'' this trope at least once in order to save the day, knowing full well that the threat will mysteriously disappear if she tries to show it to her mom.
** By the time of ''Act Your Age'', it's clear she never succeeded, ''at all''. Montages show that Phineas and Ferb have continued with their Big Ideas, and have been doing so for ten summers straight.
* FanGirl: Of [[Franchise/MarvelUniverse Marvel]]. She even wrote a fanfiction where she taught Hulk, Spiderman, Thor and Iron Man to ice skate
* FieryRedhead: A GenkiGirl with long red hair.
* {{Flanderization}}: An in-universe example occurs when Candace gets split into two. Both Candaces are defined solely by her strongest usually-shown traits: one is completely romantic and obsessed with Jeremy, the other is mean and psychotically obsessed with busting her brothers.
* FourTemperamentEnsemble: Choleric
* FourthWallMailSlot: Her [[ blog]]. (now redirects to the characters page on the Phineas and Ferb web site)
* GenkiGirl: Her energy levels can rival her brothers', for starters.
* GenreSavvy: She knows perfectly well by now [[CosmicPlaything what]] [[TheChewToy will]] (almost certainly) [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption happen]] [[StatusQuoIsGod when]] she tries to bust her brothers. [[{{Determinator}} Doesn't stop her from trying though.]]
** She's savvy enough to use her FailureIsTheOnlyOption as a ''weapon'' of sorts in the movie. [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome Damn!]]
* GoKartingWithBowser: Sometimes she willingly participates in one of Phineas and Ferbs activities, though intends to bust them once she's through. It did backfire on her once though.
* GrumpyBear: Her obsession with busting her brothers has turned her into this.
* GuiltyPleasure: Ducky Momo, although it's less of a "[[SoBadItsGood so bad it's good]]" guilty pleasure and more of a nostalgic attachment for her.
* HelloNurse: Somewhat. Albert, Irving's big brother, and arguably Buford have the hots for her.
* HeroAntagonist: Of the AntiHero variety.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Stacy.
* [[spoiler:HeroicSacrifice[=/=]LaserGuidedAmnesia]]: At the end of the movie.
* HiddenDepths: In-universe, Candace is established as having a very good singing voice beyond just generic participation in the [[OnceAnEpisode episodic musical numbers.]]
** As it turns out, she's also a [[Franchise/MarvelUniverse Marvel]] fangirl.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: In "Candace Gets Busted," she actually succeeds in busting herself when her mom comes home.
* HypocriticalHeartwarming: Despite how she normally treats her brothers, she won't stand for anyone else being mean to them.
* HypocriticalHumor: For her coming-of-age, Candace considers herself to be the only mentally mature person in her family, which is ironic given her erratic and obsessive (bordering on selfish) behavior so common on the show.
* IdenticalStranger: Princess Baldegunde.
** Apparently, some elected official named Kevin from an alternate universe is identical to Candace as well.
* IJustWantToHaveFriends: In "Unfair Science Fair: Redux", she manages to convince herself that her friends have all spontaneously abandoned her through a combination of them all being involved in prior engagements and the misinterpretation of a text message. She ends up getting stranded on Mars and becoming the Queen of the native martians... who won't leave her alone, which leads to her realizing her [[AnAesop moral]] for the day.
* ImagineSpot: She's sometimes prone to thinking up highly improbable scenarios in these, such as Phineas and Ferb maliciously tricking her to avoid being busted (even though in real life they don't appear to care either way) or the world exploding after she tries to ask Jeremy out.
* ImprobableParkingSkills: In "Bubble Boys", Candace channels [[TheBluesBrothers Elwood Blues]] to pull off a 90-degree ParallelParking job with her right foot on the dashboard in her mother's temporarily-rocket-powered station wagon.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: Her hairdryer happens to be a GameBreaker in Phineas and Ferb's video game. She also uses her own health bar at one point.
* InsistentTerminology: It's not a party, it's an intimate get-together!
-->'''Partygoers:''' ''(chanting)'' CANDACE PARTY! CANDACE PARTY!
* ItsAllAboutMe: She tends to fall into this a lot. She'll ditch friends and family alike to spend time with Jeremy, and she'll drop ''anything'' for yet another chance at her ill-advised, [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption obviously pointless,]] and spiteful self-appointed mission of busting her brothers. Even with that aside, though, the beginning of "Candace's Big Day", when she criticizes her aunt's marriage plans because they didn't involve ''her'', take the cake. Even her own mother nearly called her out on that one.
-->'''Candace''': What about ''my'' needs?
* ItWasHereISwear: Used as a RunningGag in the show.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Just how much of a jerk she is depends on the writer. She's often outwardly very mean to her brothers and much of her life revolves around trying to bust them, but on many occasions she shows that she does deeply care for them inside. In fact, she has claimed that one of her reasons for trying to bust her brothers is to protect them from their potentially dangerous activities. However, she isn't exactly a jerk, but can get carried away and wrapped up in trying to bust her brothers.
* [[KnightTemplarBigBrother Knight Templar Big Sister]]: Toward her brothers.
* LargeHam: She is always dramatically overreacting to everything.
* LawfulStupid: She's obsessed to stopping the kids' "misbehavior" because she thinks she's in charge. [[WordOfGod Also because she would never get away with it]].
** Which is odd, because in "Perry Lays an Egg", Candace ''does'' create a Phineas and Ferb-esque project that Linda sees, and Linda's only response is asking her to clean it up when she's done, which isn't so much a punishment it is a reasonable request. Candace even says "Why did you only see ''mine''?".
** The reason she is a Stormtrooper in the StarWars special.
* LetsGetDangerous: Whenever her brothers are in danger... or occasionally during her attempts to bust them.
* LimitedSocialCircle: Lampshaded with prejudice - Candace has only four people on her cell phone phonebook.
* LimitedWardrobe: Wears the same red top and white skirt in every episode. She even lampshades this at several points.
** Though, unlike everyone else on the show, she actually has another outfit she's worn on multiple occasions (other characters have worn different outfits for particular events or songs, but no one else seems to have more than one everyday outfit, except Candace) as seen in "One Good Scare Outta do you Some Good" and "Comet Kermillion" (in the former case she's dressing up to go over to Jeremy's house, in the latter on a date with him.)
* TheLoad / TheDragAlong: Usually plays one or both roles when she has to team up with Phineas and friends. When she isn't complaining, she's getting into trouble. She has her moments of usefulness, however.
%%* MadeOfIron
* MadLibsCatchPhrase: "Mom! Phineas and Ferb are [[spoiler:covering my dialogue]]!"
** "Sure, sure they are, Dear."
* MagicSkirt: Thankfully this is being toned down considering all the crazy stunts she does.
** Lampshaded in "Let's Bounce" , when her mother,after seeing her flip due to Phineas and Ferb's invention, comments "Lucky thing she's wearing a skort."
* [[MeaninglessVillainVictory Meaningless Hero Antagonist Victory]]: She once finally managed to, sort of, bust her brothers in "Love at First Byte" and what came of it? They had to pick up towels.
--> '''Candace''': Way to make a mockery of my life goal, mom!
* MostFanficWritersAreGirls: She writes fanfiction of Marvel superheroes.
* MotiveDecay: Non-villainous example. Her initial desire to bust her brothers is because she wishes them to be normal. Sometimes, however, her busting obsession comes to the level where Candace is just downright mean, trying to bust them even for crazy ideas that aren't at the level of danger, or going out of her way to yell at them before they've even done anything at all.
* MotorMouth: Especially when she is nervous.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: In the two episodes where she actually succeeded in busting her brothers, the results were...unpleasant. [[spoiler: One caused her brothers to be put in a reform school run by a sadistic, DrillSergeantNasty type. In a [[SubvertedTrope subversion]], it was AllJustADream.]] In the other, [[spoiler: she used time travel to go back to the pilot and bust them for the roller coaster, which caused Doofenshmirtz to succeed in taking over the Tri-State area.]]
** In "Mission Marvel", [[spoiler:her overeagerness switches the superheroes' powers, rendering them ineffective. Later she accidentally gives Baljeet Hulk's powers, which causes Phineas to snap at her - though in a subversion, Hulkjeet actually turns out to be a valuable asset while fighting the villains.]]
* NoodleIncident: The time Candace got her head stuck in the sink.
* NotSoAboveItAll: Often gets involved in the boys projects in a friendly way even while she's trying to bust them. "It's a Mud, Mud, Mud World" and "Spa Day" are but two examples out of many. Taken UpToEleven in "Finding Mary [[MacGuffin Mc]][[LampshadeHanging Guffin]]" when she actually ''gives'' them their project. (To be detectives.)
* OddFriendship: Sometimes with Isabella, and Vanessa.
* OfficialCouple: With Jeremy.
* OvershadowedByAwesome: When you have a brother and step brother who can basically bend reality to their whims, it's bound to happen.
-->'''Candace''': Why is it when Phineas and Ferb have an idea, everyone's like "Oh, wow, you guys are really clever!" and when I come up with something everyone's like "What, did you say something, Candace?"
* PantyShot: Rocket spinning part of "Ain't no Kiddie Ride" and in "Mommy Can you Hear Me?" when she leaps towards her mom.
** The ever observant Linda has said that Candace wears a skort, so averted. (So she isn't constantly flashing her brothers and Jeremy.)
* PetTheDog: Near literal example to Perry in "No More Bunny Business", after being something of a {{Jerkass}} towards him earlier in the episode.
* PhoneaholicTeenager: She is often shown on the phone with best friend Stacy. She seems to carry her cellphone everywhere as well.
* PrincessForADay: Switches places with her look-alike Princess Baldegrunde in "Make Play".
* RelationshipUpgrade: At the beginning of the show Jeremy is just "that cute guy," but as the show goes on they start dating, then become exclusive, then refer to themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend ([[spoiler:and share their FirstKiss]]) in "Summer Belongs to You."
** Parodied in "Phineas and Ferb Interrupted", where she claims that she and Jeremy are going steady to Stacy, but she feels no need to inform Jeremy of this.
* [[RedHeadedHero Red-Headed Anti-Heroine]]
* SanitySlippage: It's not gradual and it's not regular like most examples, but it's definitely there. Seriously, this girl needs help. She has a psychological need to bust, it's shown at least twice that she can't go without it. That doesn't smack of good mental health...
** If it wasn't clear before, the episode "Monster From ID", which takes place largely in Candace's subconsciousness, seals it. Candace's head is one '''''messed up''''' place.
* TheScream: Ashley Tisdale, Candace's voice, is very good at screaming.
* SecretChaser: Her principal role.
* SeriesGoal: For Candace: Bust the boys.
* SiblingRivalry: A one-sided example against her brothers, though when the boys aren't inventing, the three get along just fine.
* SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan: Candace's LoveInterest Jeremy he's so ridiculously nice that he seems too perfect. Which is probably good, because a less calm and understanding guy might not be able to handle a girl as neurotic and excitable as her.
* SlapstickKnowsNoGender: Receives AmusingInjuries on a regular basis.
* SnarkToSnarkCombat: Sometimes with her mother.
* SoProudOfYou: During the Song "Summer Belongs to You", Candace sings about how proud she is of Phineas and Ferb.
* {{Squee}}: Both Candace and Stacy have been known to do this whenever they are about to do something exciting. This is especially true of Candace when Jeremy calls her to go on a date.
* SquirrelsInMyPants: In "Comet Kermillian", TropeNamer.
* StalkerWithACrush: Candace arguably fits this role, particularly in the early episodes where she does things like photograph Jeremy hundreds of times and watch him through binoculars instead of just walking up and talking to him, not to mention her elaborate lists and scrapbook projects (which are apparently a secret from everyone besides Stacy). It seems it's not in the nature of this family to do things by halves.
** Not a typical example of this trope in that Jeremy and Candace develop a healthy relationship based on mutual affection. But the affection on the one side continues to be highly obsessive.
* StatuesqueStunner: Candace is 5'8", and only age 15, which would make her a HugeSchoolgirl. Get to her older and much more shapely future self and...
* TheStoolPigeon: She seems to vary between Snobby Sara, Obnoxious Oliva, Concerned Claire or Petty Patty, depending entirely on the writer.
%%* StrawLoser
* SympatheticInspectorAntagonist: She certainly ''thinks'' of herself as this.
* [[TagalongKid Tagalong Teenager]]: On the occasions where she joins in her brothers' projects (for varying reasons), such as in "Summer Belongs to You!"
* ThrowTheDogABone: Several, usually due to the fact that her brothers seem to have no animosity towards her despite her busting attempts.
** Jeremy basically is this trope embodied for her.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: As a tomboy, she has a daughter-mother example with Linda, who is more feminine.
* TookALevelInBadass: Apparently, in about 10 years, [[spoiler: she shows her chops as a lawyer by figuring out how to bust someone without evidence]].
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Grilled cheese sandwiches.
* {{Tsundere}}: Type A with her brothers. She is more ''dere''''dere'' with Jeremy.
* TheUnfavorite: Sees are herself as this, although she doesn't moan about it too much, and her parents really do love her.
* UnfazedEveryman: In spite of her neurotic tendencies, she has seen so many astounding things over the course of the show that they rarely surprise her anymore.
* UnknownRival: Her brothers - Phineas especially - rarely ever seem to know or care that she's is attempting to get them in trouble. Usually, Phineas at best assumes she's just interested in what they're doing, and most times they're unaware she's even involved. They of course never do anything to stop her, either - her attempts to bust them usually take care of themselves somehow.
* VictoriousChildhoodFriend: She and Jeremy have known each other since they were 11.
* VictoryIsBoring: In ''Phineas and Ferb Get Busted''.
** "The Best Lazy Day Ever", where Candace realizes she is so defined by busting her brothers that she breaks down when they aren't doing anything bustworthy. She gets better about this after getting together with Jeremy, though.
* VocalDissonance: Her allergy to wild parsnip causes this.
* WeirdnessMagnet: To an [[UpToEleven insane]] and [[ButtMonkey unfortunate]] degree.
* WellDoneDaughterGirl: Some of her {{Imagine Spot}}s in which she successfully busts her brothers imply this.
* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have To Be Heights?]]: But also...
** [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have To Be Squirrels?]]: Ever since the "Squirrels In Her Pants" incident, she developed a huge fear of them.
** [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have To Be Spiders?]]: In the special "Save Summer" is revealed that is afraid of spiders ever since she was 5 years old. Part of the plot concerns Candace tries to overcome her fear.
* YankTheDogsChain: The entire result of her CosmicPlaything status, victory is always taken away, right under her nose.
* YouHaveToBelieveMe: OnceAnEpisode Candance will try (in vain) to convince her mom of her bother's activities.
* ZanyScheme: Is prone to these. It's especially noticeable in the ChristmasSpecial, with her attempts to find out what Jeremy wants for Christmas, and "The Baljeetles", where she finds out Stacy likes Coltrane, and immediately begins devising one of these to get them together.

[[folder:Perry the Platypus]]
!! Perry the Platypus (a.k.a. Agent P)
[[caption-width:256:[[EverythingsBetterWithPlatypus Everything's better with platypus]]... especially ones like this.]]
->Voiced by: Creator/DeeBradleyBaker

Phineas and Ferb's faithful pet. He's a platypus, and [[RunningGag they don't do much]]... or so the boys think. Secretly, he's actually a highly skilled secret agent for O.W.C.A. (the Organization Without a Cool Acronym), and he usually slips away OnceAnEpisode to deal with whatever crazy scheme his arch nemesis, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, has cooked up.
* AccessoryWearingCartoonAnimal: ''"[[LampshadeHanging Besides his hat, he wears no clothes]]"''
* ActionPet: A {{badass}} secret agent in an agency where virtually all of the field agents are {{action pet}}s, and have a FedoraOfAsskicking as their uniform.
* AllAnimalsAreDogs: He displays some dog-like traits in his mindless pet mode, though it might well be intentional on his part.
* AlliterativeName: Perry the Platypus.
* AmazingTechnicolorWildlife: All platypuses (not platypi, maybe platypodes?) are colored a bright turquoise (except for the one seen in Liam's flashback, which is brown).
%%* AmplifiedAnimalAptitude
* AnimalSuperheroes: Played even straighter in "Mission Marvel"
* AnimalTalk: Apparently, "platypus" and "beaver" are sufficiently-similar languages for cross-species communication. It must be the tails.
* AnthropomorphicZigZag: In universe example.
* ArchEnemy: To Doofenshmirtz.
* {{Badass}}: He's the best agent in O.W.C.A., as mentioned by Monogram.
* BadassAdorable: A skilled secret agent who truly loves his host family.
%%* BadassBiker
%%* BadassDriver
* BadassInDistress: Now and then.
* BagOfHolding: His hat.
* [[PoorCommunicationKills Being Unable To Communicate Kills]]: In the movie. He can't tell Phineas that he had to keep his secret agent status a secret to avoid being relocated to a new host family. (He does hand him a pamphlet, but Phineas throws that away instantly.)
* BerserkButton: In "Journey to the Center of Candace," Doof makes a machine that would destroy anyone who can't make up their mind, which in this episode includes Phineas and Ferb. Perry promptly breaks out of his trap, handcuffs Doofenshmirtz, and calls the O.W.C.A. to take him in. This is the only time in the series that Perry actually makes an effort to defeat Doofenshmirtz for good.
* BigBrotherInstinct[=/=]PapaWolf: He's normally happy to foil Doofenshmirtz's plan and leave him to escape and defeat him the next time, but any time his plan threatens Phineas and Ferb (or the rest of his family), he quickly beats him and once left him handcuffed to be arrested. [[spoiler: His daughter actually had to spring him out that one time]].
** Demonstrated again in the Across the Second Dimension movie when he protects the boys [[spoiler: from Platyborg, exposing his identity as a secret agent as a result.]]
* BigDamnHeroes: Being the most action-oriented character, he does this part quite often when necessary.
* ClarkKenting: Doofenshmirtz can't recognize him without his Clark Kent style fedora (well, he ''did'' recognize him without his hat once, but that's a different story). It's even started to aggravate Perry, about the third time he wasn't recognized, you can see Perry sigh and slap it on. In Doofenshmirtz's defense, [[{{JustifiedTrope}} he's justified]] in that all platypuses, platypii, platypeople, whatever, are superficially identical (with Phineas noting [[InformedFlaw Informed Flaws]] in all the wrong ones).
** His evil(er) counterpart in ''[[WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerbTheMovieAcrossThe2ndDimension Across the Second Dimension]]'' even [[LampShade lampshades]] this by trying to teach him to recognize Perry without the hat. To show how bad Doof-1 is about recognizing Perry, in the movie, he already knew Phineas and Ferb's pet platypus was named Perry and had seen ''that'' Perry fighting the Platyborg and that wasn't enough to make a connection. No wonder Perry got aggravated.
** In the one occasion Doofenshmirtz ''did'' recognize Perry without the hat, he was trying to impress his professor, who said Perry couldn't be Doof's nemesis because he "doesn't even have a hat". Even despite insisting that it's a trick, Doofenshmirtz is convinced within a few minutes that the platypus in his trap really isn't Perry the Platypus.
** When Perry switched bodies with Candace, the hat was what made Doofenshmirtz (and Major Monogram) recognize Perry. "A teenage girl?" "Perry the Teenage Girl!"
** "A banjo-playing platypus?" Perry puts on his secret agent fedora "Perry the Banjo-Playing Platypus?!"
** "What kind of a plumber are you?" "A platypus plumber?" "Perry the platypus plumber?" "PERRY THE PLATYPUS!!"
** "A platypus balloon?" "A Perry the Platypus balloon?"
** Taken to a ridiculous extreme in one episode where Doof captures Perry and Perry removes his hat while in the trap. Doof coos over the poor little regular platypus that "mean old Perry the Platypus" replaced himself with and springs the release. Perry immediately attacks and puts his hat back on. Doof's reaction? "I don't know how you got out of my trap, or what you did with that other platypus..."
** Perry was disguised as a temp for Doofensmirtz, when he reveals his disguise. "PERRY THE PLATYPUS!? You're a temp?"
* TheComicallySerious: Perry is more serious-minded and professional than anyone else involved in his plotline, only rarely smiles and often expresses displeasure at Monogram and Carl goofing around or the absurd nature of Doofenshmirtz's plots. But he's still a platypus in a hat busting a ridiculous MadScientist.
* ConeOfShame: Worn in "Hail Doofania!" because he fell into a sandpaper factory.
* CoolPet: And the boys think this of him even without knowing about his secret double life.
* CrazyPrepared: TheMovie reveals that [[spoiler: Perry has a back-up plan in case things get to be too much for him to handle: hand things over to Phineas and Ferb. And just in case they need something to work with, he has every single invention the boys have built on standby.]]
* DeadlyDodging: While saving his fellow agents from Normbots, as well as on various occasions when fighting Doof.
* DeepCoverAgent: He act as a normal animal with his family.
* DetectiveAnimal: His job is to stop Doofenshmirtz.
* DistressedDude: OnceAnEpisode, though there's a lot of PlayAlongPrisoner going on.
* ElaborateUndergroundBase
* EscapeArtist: Granted, this is with some cooperation on Doofenshmirtz's part, as Doofenshmirtz has stated that he purposefully designs traps that can be escaped from. Nonetheless, some of Perry's escape methods have been truly mind-boggling.
* EveryoneHasStandards: Perry had thwarted many of Dr. Doofenshmirtz's schemes, no matter how silly they would get. But when his scheme was learning whale speak, just so he could get back at them for stealing his girlfriend, Perry [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere left in disgust]].
* EverythingsBetterWithPlatypodes: Even funnier when it gets {{Lampshade}}ed in [[BigDamnMovie the movie]], with a song all about how much better their days/lives are with Perry.
* {{Faceship}}: His hoverjet is platypus-shaped.
* FedoraOfAsskicking: It's the uniform of the O.W.C.A. agents.
* {{Foil}}: To Doofenshmirtz.
* FourTemperamentEnsemble: Leukine
* FriendlyEnemy[=/=]VitriolicBestBuds :
** Doof once even refers to him as his best friend (right before Perry punches him).
** In "A Real Boy", Doof even claims that Perry feels like family to him.
** This was even a plot point in an episode where Peter the Panda becomes Heinz's new nemisis.
%%* FurIsClothing
* FurryReminder: He may be fully sapient and his mindless pet behavior an act, but he does get to showcase his platypus characteristics on occasion, particularly his swimming ability. In "Primal Perry" he uses his bill to find a buried rock underwater and reveals that, like real platypuses, he has venomous ankle barbs.
&&* GenreSavvy
* GoKartingWithBowser: He occasionally hangs out with Doofenshmirtz when he's not being particularly evil.
* GrapplingHookPistol: Agent P is very adept with his.
* GuileHero: His most prominent skill is his fighting prowess, but it's made clear that he's also ''smart'' and does plenty of thinking on his feet.
* HeroicMime: Justified, as he's an animal.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: Honestly, he's more this with Doofenshmirtz than enemies.
* HypercompetentSidekick: To the rest of the O.W.C.A. He's far more {{badass}} than even his fellow agents, as demonstrated during the final battle in the movie. In "Save Summer", Monty outright states that Perry is the best agent O.W.C.A. has.
* IWorkAlone: He is characterized this way in "Sidetracked", even though he hasn't shown much aversion to teaming up with other agents in the past. Justified in that his assigned partner for that episode had botched a previous mission of his [[spoiler:or so he thought]].
* ImprobableWeaponUser: When not busting out judo moves he tends to [[ImprovisedWeapon grab whatever's handy]]. This has included a screw, an iPod, a purse, a hot dog...
%%* [[KillerRabbit Killer Platypus]]
* TheLancer: Becomes this in the movie to Phineas.
* LightningBruiser: Or as Doofenshmirtz puts it, a "suave, semi-aquatic personification of unstoppable dynamic fury".
%%* LivingADoubleLife
* MakeMeWannaShout: Believe it or not. He escapes from one of Doofenshmirtz's traps this way, though the audience doesn't actually get to hear him singing.
* ManlyTears: Almost always a TearJerker when [[TheStoic Perry]] is driven to these, though it has been PlayedForLaughs at least once.
* MarriedToTheJob: Once per episode, Perry the Platypus gives Major Monogram a salute.
* MasterOfDisguise: Many of his disguises are [[PaperThinDisguise paper-thin]] ones, but [[ClarkKenting they work]]. He does have a few others that are truly remarkable, such as a full-body Ferb suit in "Traffic Cam Caper".
* MysteriousProtector: In "Mission Marvel" where he shows up to aid the heroes in disguise without any of them knowing his true identity.
%%* NervesOfSteel
* NiceHat: It requires a special kind of nice for a hat to get its own [[ song.]]
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: When Doofenshmirtz decides, all on his own, to stop being evil and make cheese instead, Perry causes him to go back to being evil by [[RantInducingSlight eating his entire wheel of perfectly aged limburger without permission]]. Granted, Doofenshmirtz ''did'' say it was irresistible.
** In "This is Your Backstory", [[spoiler:he gives Doofenshmirtz the final tragic backstory needed to power the inator of the day when he breaks free from his trap and attacks Doof.]]
* NotSoAboveItAll: He may seem like a perpetually serious, no-nonsense secret agent, but he is not above having a bit of fun (especially when invited to by Doofenshmirtz), nor expressing amusement at sights that he finds whimsical. At one point when he was being briefed by Monogram, he appeared to be taking notes, only to be revealed later on that he was really drawing a caricature of his boss.
* NotSoStoic: He has his moments, most notably in "Druselstein Driving Test Waltz".
* ObfuscatingStupidity: Pretends to be a mindless pet when around his owners.
%%* OnlySaneMan
%%* PartiallyCivilizedAnimal
* PhraseCatcher: Perry gets these a lot.
-->'''Dr. Doofenshmirtz:''' '''''CURSE YOU PERRY THE PLATYPUS!!!!!'''''
%%* PintsizedPowerhouse
* PlayAlongPrisoner: Even in cases when he could escape from Doofenshmirtz's traps quite easily, he almost always waits for Doof to finish explaining his plans first before attacking. Doofenshmirtz himself is [[GenreSavvy aware of this]], and not only does he get upset if an agent doesn't follow this protocol, he purposely designs traps that wouldn't be ''too'' difficult to escape from.
* PrehensileHair: Forms his hair into a working key to uncuff himself.
* PrehensileTail
** There's a variation on this one time when Doofenshmirtz traps him in a supposedly inanimate cat costume but he's still somehow able to use the cat's tail to free himself.
* SapientPet: Though he's not allowed to reveal this to his owners.
* SaveTheVillain: Often does this when Doofenshmirtz is in life-threatening danger.
* SecretKeeper: For Monty and Vanessa's relationship.
* TheSilentBob: He is a platypus.
* SilentSnarker: "Don't you roll your eyes at me!"
* SpannerInTheWorks: Whenever Candace's plan to bust her brothers is ruined, it's usually an indirect result of Perry ruining Dr. Doofenshmirtz's plans.
* SpeechImpairedAnimal
** Almost averted when Phineas and Ferb made an animal translator device, Perry, preferring to stay a SilentProtagonist, made a platypus noise in English (The equivalent of a human going Meow) to throw them off thinking the machine was faulty.
* TheSpeechless: Again, he's a platypus
* TheStoic: Tends to keep cool most of the time.
* TailSlap: He does use his tail as a weapon.
* TeamPet: Phineas thinks of him as a simple pet that is nothing but a mascot for himself and his friends.
* [[ToothyBird Toothy Platypus]]: RealLife platypi at his age would only have horny plates inside their bills.
* WhatTheHellHero:
** In ''Across The Second Dimension'' Phineas is pretty upset when they first find out, even if they do get over it by the second act.
-->'''Phineas:''' So all this time, we're like "[[SarcasmMode Oh, he's a platypus.]] [[CatchPhrase They don't do much.]]" Well, apparently, THEY DO!!\\
'''Perry:''' (Gives him a pamphlet)\\
'''Phineas:''' (Reading) So you just found out your pet's a Secret Agent-- [[CrowningMomentOfFunny I DON'T WANT YOUR PAMPHLET!!!]]
* WillfullyWeak: It's evident that he only uses his venomous spurs against truly dire threats, as Doofenshmirtz hadn't even been aware that he had them until being told such. Even on the one occasion when he does use them, it was to escape the grasp of his captor rather than with serious intent to maim.

[[folder:Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz]]
!! Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz
[[caption-width:350:"I will now destroy this article with my TV Tropes page ruinator!".]]
->''"When it comes to havoc, nobody wreaks like me!"''
->Voiced by: Dan Povenmire

A mad scientist and CardCarryingVillain who seeks to rule the Tri-State Area... usually. Most of his evil schemes actually involve him building an elaborate invention to wreak low-level havoc (like blowing up billboards that are blocking his view of the city skyline), get revenge for a petty slight (like shooting tires at an ice-cream man who ran over his foot), or make amends for some trauma from his comically-bad childhood in [[TheOldCountry Drusselstein]] (like dumping sand on the house of a bully who used to kick sand in his face when he was a kid), or some combination of the three.
* AbusiveParents: He has a pair, PlayedForLaughs. Note that this does ''not'' apply to Doofenshmirtz himself, who if anything tries ''too'' hard with his daughter Vanessa. Though "A Real Boy" seems to be playing with the idea of him unconsciously repeating the pattern with [[WhatMeasureIsANonHuman Norm]].
* AccidentalMisnaming: In "Ain't No Kiddie Ride". It's made funnier by the fact that everyone knows and loves his brother with the same exact last name.
* ActionDad: He may be an incompetent villain, but don't even try to hit on his underage daughter unless you want to quickly be teleported to another, monster-filled dimension.
* {{Adorkable}}: Always earnest in everything he does, even if all his efforts (often literally) blow up at his face.
* AffablyEvil: To the point of being [[VitriolicBestBuds best]] [[FriendlyEnemy frenemies]] with Perry the Platypus.
** And even more so in TheMovie. He's very polite and affable to the boys when they first meet him, after they offer to fix the Other Dimensioninator. Doof even offers them some food from his buffet.
* AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents: To Vanessa.
* AmicableExes: With Charlene. He doesn't appreciate her snarkiness sometimes, and lets her have it in his songs, but they do get along the majority of the time. To the point of her calling him when she's tied up and can't pick up their daughter.
* AmusingInjuries: He has ''a fire hydrant stuck in his leg''. Apparently it's inoperable because it's too close to an artery.
* ArchEnemy: To Perry the Platypus.
* ArtificialLimbs: Somehow lost both of his arms. The ones we see in the show are made of titanium.
%%* BadIsGoodAndGoodIsBad
* BerserkButton: Sabotaging his self-destruct buttons. Also, anyone but him attacking/harming/imprisoning Perry is another.
* BewareTheSillyOnes: His slave-turning inventions in ''Bubble Boys'' and ''Phineas and Ferb's Musical Cliptastic Countdown'' are rather silly, but apparently effective. And his [=MakeUpYourMindInator=] supposedly destroyed anyone who couldn't make up their mind, but knowing Doofenshmirtz, it [[WildMassGuessing probably only would have cartoonishly zapped them]].
* BigBad: Technically, he's the closest thing [[WhiteAndGrayMorality this show]] has to a BigBad, since he's usually the one causing conflicts, and [[NotSoHarmlessVillain he's built some pretty dangerous]] "inators". Tellingly though, multiple episodes have involved more competent villains taking over this role.
* BigBadWannabe: He tries, oh how he tries, yet he's just not good enough to get there.
* BirthdayHater: Seeing as how neither of his parents showed up for his birth.
* BondVillainStupidity: There's even an episode where he's got Perry cuffed to a table with a laser slowly moving towards him, admits that he got the idea from a movie but never saw how the movie ended, and then leaves. Presumably, this is meant to imply that he saw a ''Film/JamesBond'' or similar type of movie where the villain uses this trap and then leaves and Doofenshmirtz didn't keep watching the movie long enough to see that the hero escapes after the villain leaves. If he had finished the movie, he might have realized that not staying to watch and make sure the trap worked was a bad idea. [[note]] In ''Film/{{Goldfinger}}'' Bond only escaped that scenario by talking the villain out of it. [[/note]]
* BornUnlucky: Quite literally. ''His parents weren't present at his birth''.
* ButtMonkey: He takes the brunt of every joke, including his own inventions (his face is so hideous that his [=UglyInator=] has no effect on him).
* BumblingDad: To Vanessa.
* CampStraight: He's not exactly a stereotypical straight man. That said, he does have an ex-wife (and did date Phineas's mom once).
* CantGetAwayWithNuthin
* CardCarryingVillain: He treats it like a job description and actually ''does'' have a card for an evil organization.
* CatchPhrase:
** "Curse you, Perry the Platypus!"
** "Behold! The [WHAT IT DOES]INATOR!"
** "Ah, Perry the Platypus, your timing is [adjective with prefix], and by '[same adjective with prefix]' I mean COMPLETELY [SAME ADJECTIVE WITHOUT PREFIX]!"
** "Hey, is that [insert band here]?"
** "It's working! It is functioning properly!!"
** There's also this exchange that happens whenever Doof recognizes Perry:
-->'''Doofenshmirtz:''' A platypus?\\
(Perry puts on his fedora)\\
'''Doofenshmirtz:''' PERRY THE PLATYPUS?!
* ChaoticStupid: He thinks he's ChaoticEvil, but he's really just this.
* CharacterBlog: He has a [[ Twitter]] and [[ Youtube Channel]].
* TheChewToy: Arguably even more so than Candace.
%%* ChewingTheScenery
%%* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}
* ConspiracyPlacement: His building says "Evil Incorporated" and he has his own evil Jingle. It's the page quote.
* ContractualGenreBlindness
* CrazyPrepared: 99% of the time he has a trap ready to spring on Perry mere seconds after he arrives.
* CreatorCameo: Voiced by Dan Povenmire, one of the creators of the show. He is sometimes used as a variation of AuthorAvatar, such as being the one to host clip shows and do episode commentaries while remaining in character.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Doof once saved his daughter and her friends from an angry swarm of bees.
* CutLexLuthorACheck: In "Backyard Hodge Podge", he started receiving royalty checks for his technology being used in eye checkups, however he was angry that it was being used for good.
** He is totally OK with gaining money in a legitimate way as long as he can damage people in any other way. Like selling band-aids legally, but using an inator to papercut people.
** Taken UpToEleven when he wanted to open his own all you can eat buffet and created an inator to make himself extremely hungry and bankrupt the rest. When someone noticed that he ate tons of food without gaining weight, he said he'd make millions selling his inator as a diet implement. Doofenshmirtz dismissed it as a stupid idea.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: Often PlayedForLaughs.
* DastardlyWhiplash: Despite not having a mustache or hat (and wearing a lab coat instead in keeping with his MadScientist role), Doofenshmirtz still has many traits where he would fit this trope: exaggerated nose and chin, hunched posture, elaborate crazy schemes, and over-the-top mannerisms.
** His historical counterpart at the Danville World Fair, however, more than makes up for it by having the mustache and the predilection for tying nemeses to train tracks.
* DeadpanSnarker: Sometimes.
* {{Determinator}}
* DidntThinkThisThrough: He does this a lot.
* DisproportionateRetribution: A lot of his evil schemes.
* DistaffCounterpart: Professor Poofenplotz.
* DitzyGenius: After studying all of his various "-inators", OWCA's researchers still can't decide whether he's a genius or an idiot.
* DoesNotLikeGuns: Doofenshmirtz combines this with BondVillainStupidity. Norm lampshades this.
* DoesNotLikeSpam: Doofenshmirtz finds rice pudding disgusting.
* DotingParent: To Vanessa.
* DrivesLikeCrazy: During his Drusselstein driving test, to the point ''Perry'' was terrified.
** In most scenarios he drives fine, so it's more likely a quality of the course than of him.
* [[EmbarrassingOldPhoto Embarrassing Old Video]]: One where he was skating in his underwear and ends in the toilet. A later episode reveals that a remix has been made.
-->'''Norm''': It's got ten billion hits! And there's only seven billion people on the planet!
* EnemyMine: Especially when he's [[PunchClockVillain off the clock]].
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: He does care about his daughter AND arch-nemesis.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: In TheMovie, compared to his more evil parallel self, who actually succeeded in conquering the Tri-State Area.
** Meta example: He calls Radio Disney for their fifteenth birthday, and states that while he ''could'' wish them a miserable birthday, he won't because he's "not a monster."
** He also thinks that taking over the world is crazy.
** He objects to Aloyse Von Roddenstein's scheme to destroy summer and put the world in perpetual winter.
** Apparently, ''[[UpToEleven even he]]'' thinks Poofenplotz is more incompetent at being evil than him.
* EvilCounterpart: Doofenshmirtz is, to all the effects, a HarmlessVillain counterpart to Phineas and Ferb, with his Evil Plans being the evi... [[PokeThePoodle mean-spirited]] counterparts to their Big Ideas.
%%* EvilGloating
%%* EvilIsHammy
* EvilIsPetty: All of his {{Evil Plan}}s. For instance, mindcontrolling pigeons to poop on his [[AlwaysSomeoneBetter always better brother]].
* EvilPlan: They're listed in his introduction. One of the show's running gags is how his plans always clean up Phineas and Ferb's inventions by some random coincidence.
* ExpansionPackPast: He has a massive backstory that's shown piece by piece.
* FailureIsTheOnlyOption:Sometimes he successfully achieved his "evil" goals (making a mountain out of the mole hill and getting rid of the lighthouse), but 99.9% times played straight, either by Perry foiling him in traditional fashion, or via MeaninglessVillainVictory.
* ForTheEvulz: A ''lot'' of the "[[PokeThePoodle evil]]" things Doof does are for no reason other than for being evil.
* FourTemperamentEnsemble: Sanguine/choleric
* FourthWallMailSlot: He invites viewers to post questions and suggestions on his Youtube clips, for potential use in future videos.
* FreudianExcuse: Many of his schemes were influenced by stuff that happened to him as a kid. He even says that "Evil science is like undergoing deep Freudian analysis with a theremin constantly playing in the background."
* FriendlyEnemy: With Perry.
%%* FunnyForeigner
* GadgeteerGenius: For all his apparent stupidity, his inventions do tend to work the way he intends them to, and are often just as improbable as those of Phineas and Ferb's.
* GenreSavvy: Not [[DangerouslyGenreSavvy dangerously]] so, but he's well aware of how his typical confrontations with Perry will go and lampshades it to no end. There are times where he even decides to switch up the usual events or asks Perry to help him out so that Perry can defeat him later on. Not too savvy on other aspects of the show, for example, misinterpreting Candace's ThisIsNoTimeForKnitting moment in "The Chronicles of Meap").
** There ''are'' rare occasions when he puts his savviness to good use such as in "Robot Rodeo" where he sets the trapped O.W.C.A. agents free, knowing that they will destroy all the other inators at the inator competition, allowing his own entry (completed later than the others) to win by default.
* {{Gonk}}: Crooked teeth? Check. Long nose? Check. Used as counterpart to the WickedWitch in the TheWizardOfOz parody? Check.
* GoodParents: For all his doting, Vanessa realizes over the course of the series that he's not so bad a father. She sings a song about it.
* GoofyPrintUnderwear: In "Bubble Boys", Doofenshmirtz wears a pair of Perry the Platypus print undies.
-->'''Doofenshmirtz:''' [[BlatantLies For your information, I've had these WAY before I met you.]]
* GratuitousSpanish: Though whether he's actually fluent is debatable. If he is, he has a strange sense of humor. His command of the Spanish language is justified with one look at his grandfather, Jose Doofenshmirtz.
* TheGrinch: [[InvertedTrope Inverted.]] He hates every holiday ''except'' Christmas (and Halloween, as we find out later). His Christmas wish is to find a reason to hate Christmas so he can destroy it with proper villainous enthusiasm. It's eventually granted. [[ZigZaggedTrope Which ironically also gives him reason to celebrate the holiday anyway.]]
* HarmlessVillain: Dr. Doofenshmirtz's schemes don't tend to be particularly harmful.
* HeelFaceTurn: By the time "Act Your Age" takes place, [[spoiler:he has given up on doing evil completely]].
* HeterosexualLifePartners: Honestly, he and Perry are more this than enemies.
%%* HerrDoktor
* HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: His schemes almost always end up self-defeating, even the ones that Perry does not interfere in.
* IdenticalGrandson: He looks like a PaletteSwap version of his grandfather, Jose Doofenshmirtz, especially with the mustache Perry gives him in "Perry the Actorpus".
* ImpossibleShadowPuppets: He is skilled at making these.
%%* ImprobableWeaponUser
* IneffectualSympatheticVillain: Was once thwarted by a potted plant he was using as a CompanionCube when Perry didn't show up. The [[FunWithAcronyms OWCA]] made the plant an agent in honor of this feat.
* InformedAttractiveness: When he is hit by his De-Handsome-inator in "Quitest Day Ever".
* InformedFlaw: Doofenshmirtz's ineptitude is a running gag; the writers often remind us that he purchased his doctorate online. In truth, he single-handedly creates the most powerful inventions in the series. Doof may not have a real doctorate, but he is legitimately brilliant.
* InsaneTrollLogic: Doofenshmirtz once created an inator that turned eggs into dodo eggs because he believed dodos to be like dinosaurs. His reason to sustain that belief was the fact both dodos and dinosaurs were extinct. Makes one wonder [[RiddleForTheAges how the dodo ended up looking like a dodo instead of a dinosaur]].[[note]]Ironically, scientifically speaking dodos ''are'' [[ indeed dinosaurs]]... just not necessarily what the average person thinks of as one.[[/note]]
* InventionalWisdom: Applies these to his inventions all the time, most noticeably his need to install self-destruct buttons on everything.
%%* IronButtMonkey
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Despite being "evil" and defintley jerkish, he's shown to be a pretty nice guy at times, given how he treats his daughter, Perry (sometimes) and [[spoiler: Phineas and Ferb]].
* JokerImmunity: Downplayed. Perry doesn't bother to capture Doofenshmirtz and prevent him from launching any more schemes. But this isn't necessary, as Doofenshmirtz is too incompetent to be a KarmaHoudini.
* KavorkaMan: He's shown to have date some pretty attractive women over the show especially his backstories and over the course of the show. One of his exes being [[spoiler:Linda Flynn.]]
* LabcoatOfScienceAndMedicine: Why some people think he must work at the drugstore.
* LargeHam: Most often when narrating his evil schemes.
** Also, in a series that averages at least one musical number per episode, Doofenshmirtz's songs tend to have a full Broadway-style kick line backing him up. There's even a [[FreezeFrameBonus diorama in Danville City Hall]] of this.
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: At the end of [[spoiler:the movie]].
%%* LaughablyEvil
* LiteralMinded: Some schemes have included using Norm the Giant Robot Man against Perry, because "[[GreenAesop The enemy of a platypus is man.]]", making literal mountains out of literal molehills and leaving a giant carbon footprint with [[ShapedLikeItself a giant foot made out of carbon paper]]. One time he painted himself green to be a better gardner until he realized that "green thumb" was a metaphor. [[{{Irony}} Ironically]], the green paint [[CrowningMomentOfFunny missed his thumbs]].
--> '''Doofenshmirtz''': I know when people say that, they usually mean it figuratively, it's an analogy, bu-bu-but making a point, I can do whatever I want.
* LOLCats: He reveals in one episode that he's a fan of LOL Cats when he shows them to Perry (who doesn't seem to find them as amuzing as Doofenshmirtz does).
** However, it seems he's lost his taste for them, as per his [[CharacterBlog Character YouTube Series]].
%%* MadeOfIron
* MadLibsCatchPhrase: "Why, Perry the Platypus, how [Negative Verb Form], and by [Negative Verb Form] I mean ''completely [Positive Verb Form]''!"
* MadScientist: A nutjob who makes super science machines.
** He has a [[MadScientistsBeautifulDaughter beautiful daughter]], too.
%%* ManChild
* MeaningfulName: The name "Doofenshmirtz" can be rather amusing to viewers with German knowledge because it loosely translates to "stupid pain" in German.
* MeaninglessVillainVictory: This tends to be the result whenever he scores some minor success.
* MediumAwareness: In the commentary for "The Chronicles of Meap".
* MetaGuy: Doofenshmirtz has become more and more aware of the FourthWall as the series has gone along.
** He live-tweeted the events of "Mission Marvel" on his Twitter during its premiere on Disney Channel and did commentary during commercial breaks when it aired on Disney XD.
* MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate: Doofenshmirtz admitted to obtaining his degree over the internet with his ex-wife's money.
* MotorMouth: Especially noticeable considering that the majority of his screen time is shared with a speechless character.
* MultipleChoicePast: Not all his stories about his childhood fit with each other, especially the one where he was raised by ocelots.
** [[TheWikiRule The show's wiki]] [[ manages though.]]
** The ocelots have been mentioned in several epsiodes and the movie so that one is probably real.
** Heck, there is even a episode devoted to simply showing Doofenshmirtzs backstory.
* NeverMyFault: Doof blames Perry for his plans failing, even when he screws them up himself. In "That Sinking Feeling" he curses Perry when his [[ItMakesSenseInContext lighthouse rocket]] ends up lodged in the Evil, Inc. building even though Perry had completely failed to foil him that time.
** Also, when Doof failed to destroy the adult diaper factory, he blamed Perry despite acknowledging Perry had no role on it whatsoever.
* NoodleIncident: Oh, so many!
* NotSoHarmlessVillain: Several "what-if" episodes show that, without Perry to stop him, he ''can'' potentially take over the ''the world''.
* ObfuscatingStupidity: Occasionally, though it can be hard to distinguish from his genuine stupidity.
* ObviouslyEvil: In an [[AffablyEvil affable]] way.
* OverprotectiveDad: In his and Monogram's DVD commentary for "The Chronicles of Meap", he mentions that he doesn't trust Ferb and therefore dislikes the idea of him dating Vanessa.
** In "Vanessassary Roughness" some random biker hits on her while stopped at a light. He simply yelled "SHE'S SIXTEEN!" and [[DisproportionateRetribution teleports him to another dimension]].
** Lampshaded by Doof himself in "Skiddley Whiffers".
* PapaWolf: Don't mess with his daughter. He'll destroy you.
* ParentalAbandonment: Doofenshmirtz's parents couldn't even be bothered turning up for his ''birth''.
* PersonaNonGrata: For some reason, the Albanian ambassador's wife filed a complaint against and he "is never welcome in Albania ever again".
* [[PetTheDog Pet The Cat]]: Perceived when he saves a cat, and later adopts another one and then gives it back to its real owner. (It had been causing him so much trouble that he had to get rid of it anyway, and then the kid came up to him...)
-->"[[BeingGoodSucks I'm going to have to do the right thing, aren't I?]]"
* PhonyDegree: Bought his doctorate online. Despite this, his inventions suggest he is [[DitzyGenius legitimately brilliant]] in some ways.
* PokeThePoodle: One example: building a device that will translate his voice into 'whale speak' so he can insult a whale that stole one of his girlfriends.
* PragmaticVillainy: He'd never just build a gun and destroy the Tri-State Area because then he'd have nothing to rule.
* PunchClockVillain: Increasingly as the show goes on to the point where Major Monogram gets irritated when he calls in sick and sends Perry to ''start'' an EvilPlan just so he can stop it.
* [[RaisedByWolves Raised By Ocelots]]: He claims this in one episode, after his birth family disowns him.
** Again in TheMovie.
** And mentioned in a second episode, the one where he and Perry follow Vanessa and her friends into the woods on a camping trip.
** He was even accepted in the OWCA because he is legally one.
* RoyaltiesHeir: Heinz Doofenshmirtz invented a device that corrects people's eyesight and the royalty checks he receives for this make him feel less uncomfortable about one of his inventions being used to do good.
* ScienceRelatedMemeticDisorder: Doofenshmirtz, following the example TropeIllustrator [[Webcomic/GirlGenius Agatha Heterodyne]], has a big lever as a on/off switch for the lights. He also has an obsession with installing self-destruction buttons and other buttons or dials that actually make it easier for Perry the Platypus to thwart Doof's plans.
* ScrewTheRulesImBeautiful: When he becomes handsome in "Quietest Day Ever". Amusingly, he was irritated at first, because the ability to do this was exactly ''why'' he hated beautiful people in the first place. Then he realized he could take over the Tri-State Area that way, and so decided to go along with it.
* SeriesGoal: For Doof: [[TakeOverTheCity Take over]] the [[LargeHam ENTIRE TRI-STATE AREA!!!!!!!!!!]]
* SiblingRivalry: A one-sided one with Roger.
* SimpletonVoice: Doofenshmirtz has a ''bizarre'' voice that not only tells you in a second that he is a total idiot, but also that he is evil.
* SitcomArchnemesis: Several times with Rodney, a prominent rival in doing evil.
* SinisterSchnoz: Doofenshmirtz has a long nose. [[AffablyEvil Sinister, though]]...
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: There is no C in his surname.
* [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Superpowered Eviler Side]]: [[spoiler:In "This is Your Backstory", his plan is to become this. He succeeds for a few moments before Perry turns him back to normal.]]
* [[TakeOverTheCity Take Over the Tri-State Area]]
* TeamRocketWins: In Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo, he takes over the world in the BadFuture.
* [[ThingOMatic Thinginator]]: Everything he invents.
** In one episode, he concludes that the thing all of his failed inventions had in common is that they all had the suffix -inator. So he decides to fix this by suffixing his next invention with [=-NONinator=].
* TooDumbToLive: Doof's incompetence got himself into serious life-risking cases. Mostly his habit of setting self-destruction buttons where Perry can easily reach them. Once he tried to make a tunnel from Mt. Rushmore to China, forgetting about the lava from the center of the Earth. If not for Perry saving him during those times, he'd have died.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Almond brittle.
* TheUnfavorite: So much that before his brother was born, his father [[HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood named their dog "Only Son"]].
* UnfortunateNames: "Doof" is German for "stupid".
* VillainEpisode: He gets the A-plot of "Hail Doofania!"
* VillainSong: He explains a number of his plans in song.
* [[MinionWithAnFInEvil Villain With An F In Evil]]: If all his petty schemes weren't proof enough his mentor in evil came by to tell him he was a failure.
* VillainousRescue: It's more common for Perry to have to save him than vice versa, but he does have his moments (notably in "Oh, There You Are, Perry" and the end of "Primal Perry").
* WackyParentSeriousChild: With Vanessa.
* WebVideo: Doof now has [[ "Doofenshmirtz's Daily Dirt"]] on his YouTube channel Doof Daily, where he shares his rant of the day (actually week, but then it wouldn't be as alliterate).
%%* WellDoneDadGuy
* WellDoneSonGuy: Considering how many of his {{Freudian Excuse}}s revolve around his HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood.
* WouldntHitAGirl: Perry was stuck in Candace's body in one episode and it made their ensuing fight awkward.
* WouldntHurtAChild: Shown especially in TheMovie, where Doofenshmirtz-2 [[WouldHurtAChild has no qualms about it]]. In fact, the few instances where he does run into some of the main kids (again, TheMovie and "Bully Bromance Breakup") shows him getting along rather well with them.
* WrongGenreSavvy: Sometimes, such as when he assumes that the reason for his failure is because all his contraptions have the suffix "-inator".
* YankTheDogsChain: Constantly befalls him.
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