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!!The Entire Team

* BadassCrew: They're all pretty badass, or at least end up as ones by the end of the story.
* MagicSkirt: All of the girls, despite their clothes blowing around when they summon their Personas.
* RagtagBunchOfMisfits: The only people in the party the MC knows at the start of the game are Nanjo, Yukino, and Mark. Everyone else just seems to be an acquaintance. Maki has very few friends because of her bedridden condition, and Ayase and Brown only seem to be friends with each other.

!!The Protagonist / [[ComicBookAdaptation Naoya Todou]] / [[AudioPlay Yuya Narumi]] / [[{{Novelization}} Jihei Suzakuin]]

-->Voiced by: Katashi Ishizuka (JP, ''Persona 1'' PSP remake), Creator/AkiraIshida (JP, Drama CD), Creator/GrantGeorge (EN, ''Persona 1'' PSP remake)

The main character of ''Persona'' and designated leader of the group. His affinity is with the Emperor Arcana, which grants him use of Seimen Kongou, his starting Persona. He wields a sword and a sub-machine gun as weapons. He is most commonly dubbed "Boy with Earring", but with the loss of the earring in the original North American version, it was shortened to simply "Boy". The manga refers to him as "Naoya Todou," the audio dramas as "Yuya Narumi," and the novelization as "Jihei Suzakuin".

Dragged along to participate in the "Persona" game to settle [[TheBet a bet]] between Mark and Brown, the protagonist and his other classmates catch a glimpse of a little girl crying. [[LightningCanDoAnything Lightning flashes]], and those who haven't played before are knocked out, sent into the border between consciousness and unconsciousness. A GuardianEntity named Philemon meets Naoya in a dream, asking him to state his name. Upon doing so, Philemon is impressed, for not everyone who comes to his realm knows who they really are. The protagonist gains the ability to summon his Persona, and is then sent back to reality. Upon regaining consciousness, he finds himself in the school infirmary, the last of his classmates to wake up. The school nurse and their homeroom teacher Saeko Takami urge the group to go to the hospital to have themselves checked, opening up an opportunity to visit Maki again.

The group waits for Maki outside the ICU, where she is being treated after complaining of severe pain. Tremors shake the building, and when the door to the ICU is opened, there is nothing behind it but a wall. Demons soon run wild in the hospital, attacking the people inside. Upon encountering a gang of demons, he and his friends all awaken to their Personas. He is then designated as the leader.

He's the main powerhouse of the team and, because of the inability to take him out of the party, has the highest level growth. He wields one handed swords for his physical attacks and sub-machineguns for his ranged attacks, and his Initial Persona is Seimen Kongou of the Emperor Arcana.
* AngstySurvivingTwin: In the manga.
* {{Badass}}
** BadassInCharge: Due to being the most emotionally stable. Also, in a gameplay sense, the Hero will have the best level gain curve since he can't be removed, giving him better stats and access to higher level personas.
* {{Bishonen}}: Not so much in his P1 portrayal, but in his cameo in {{Persona 2}}, his portrait is much prettier.
* ChickMagnet: Maki, Eriko and Yuka all have feelings for him.
* CoolSword: Single-handed, edge-oriented.
* EveryoneCanSeeIt: Eriko can see it. Kei can ''probably'' see it. Masao ''[[AllLoveIsUnrequited definitely]]'' sees it. Hell, even [[spoiler:former GreenEyedMonster Chisato]] can tell you and Maki are the OfficialCouple.
* HairColorDissonance: Is it [[TallDarkAndHandsome black]], [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair blue]] or [[DyeHard just dyed]]?
* HelloInsertNameHere: Not only his first name, but his surname and 'nickname', as well. (The "[[ShadowArchetype other self]]" found in the Alaya Cavern will cite all of these to prove he ''is'' you.)
* HeroicMime: Strangely, his "other self" can speak just fine; this convention carries over to both of ''Persona 2'''s silent protagonists. He has a single line of spoken dialogue in ''Persona 2: Eternal Punishment''.
* IconicItem: He ain't called the "pierced ear boy" for nothing.
* TheKirk: He's presented with a few [[MoralDilemma moral dilemmas]] during the course of the game, which will prove what kind of person he is. These options are usually represented by the conniving Kei and the more headstrong Masao. Your choices will significantly affect the [[MultipleEndings outcome of the story]].
* CoolGuns/MachineGuns
* OneHeadTaller: Especially noticeable when Maki has to stand on tiptoe to kiss him.
* OnlySaneMan: Compared to the rest of your group, he is, [[HeroicMime due to being the player himself]], the least emotionally defined, and whenever the multiple personalities on the team clash, he is usually picked to make the choices they can't agree on, and it's implied that's why everyone trusts him to be the leader.
* PaintingTheMedium: It's obvious he does speak in-universe, due to the [[DialogueTree Dialogue Trees]]. So why did Masao have to participate in the Persona ritual, when he (Masao) didn't want to, as opposed to the protagonist? ''Because the devs couldn't have him talk outside of a Dialogue Tree.''
* PersonWithTheClothing: When he's referred to by his pierced ear.
* RedHeadedHero: In the NA version, he not only loses his earring, but is also given red hair and a [[RaceLift lighter skin tone]] to make him look more Caucasian.
* ShonenHair
* SupportingProtagonist: He is this in both routes, as the SEBEC route revolves around Maki [[spoiler:coming to grips that she created an alternate reality that's trying to overtake the real reality]] and the Snow Queen route revolves around Yukino's attempts to save Ms. Saeko.
* ThemeTwinNaming: Manga-only: [[spoiler:Naoya and Kazuya.]]
* TheStoic: Part of why he's regarded as the OnlySaneMan.
* VictoriousChildhoodFriend: With Maki in the manga.
* WouldHurtAChild: Tried to attack Aki in the manga without thinking twice. Lampshaded by Aki herself, who calls him on it.

!!Maki Sonomura (Mary)

-->Voiced by: Jun Mizusawa (JP, ''Persona 1'' PSP remake), Creator/MelissaFahn (EN, ''Persona 1'' PSP remake)

Maki Sonomura is a frail girl who has been sick all of her life, bedridden, and suffers from episodic fits of dementia. When she's not in too much pain, she often paints disturbing still-life pictures, escapes into her "Ideal" world, and waits for her friends to come visit her. Kandori takes advantage of this by kidnapping Maki from the hospital, and uses her unconscious mind as a test subject for his DEVA System, creating an alternate version of the city that is a reflection of Maki's "Ideal" version of Mikage-cho. In this world, Maki is healthy, demons wreak havoc everywhere, the hospital and police station do not exist, and the city has two sides, one light and one dark, divided in half by an ominous barrier.

Part of Maki accepts, and at the same time rejects this development. Thus, three manifestations of her psyche actually emerge: The "Ideal" Maki which joins the party, Mai (Mae in the NA version), and Aki (Maggie in the NA version), the latter two being alternate selves that represent her innocence and malevolence respectively. The "Ideal" Maki remains the same age, while Mai and Aki manifest as Maki's child self. Depending on how the protagonist handles himself, the "Ideal" Maki will [[spoiler: either succeed in turning the city back to normal and save her true self, or become ridden with guilt about her deep-seated nihilistic wishes and lose her identity forever]].

Despite being the main heroine of the SEBEC route, Maki has only a minor role in the Snow Queen route. Another version of her, credited as the "Masked Girl", appears as one of the Night Queen's allies, and claims to be responsible for everything that has happened. She and the Masked Boy (actually a masked Kandori) merge with the Night Queen for her battle with the heroes, but are defeated. Afterwards, Mark reveals that he left the Ideal Maki behind at SEBEC, tying the Snow Queen route back into the main story.

Maki is the party's support character, able to cast healing magic from the far end of the group's formation. Because of this, she wields exclusively long-range weapons, a crossbow and a {{handgun|s}}. Her starting Persona is Matsu of the Priestess Arcana.
* ACupAngst: Which Aki pokes fun at.
* ActionGirl: Like all of the other girls in the party, she fights just as much - if not more than - as the male party members.
* AdmiringTheAbomination: Does this a few times (it's even a Contact command), although she doesn't really come close to being a NightmareFetishist, and rather seems to be fascinated with the demons.
* AndIMustScream: [[spoiler: One of the ways she can [[TheManyDeathsOfYou die]] over the course of the game is being stuck in her virtual reality, eventually coming to hate what she made.]]
* AnIcePerson
* AntiNihilist: [[spoiler: Despite all of the insanity happening around her, she does everything she can to try to remedy it.]]
* AnguishedDeclarationOfLove: [[spoiler:At the conclusion of the game, before everyone returns to the real world. The "Ideal Maki" confesses her love to the MC, and kisses him as a parting gift, since she's only a fragment of the real Maki and can't go with him.]]
* {{Badass}}: After she decides she MustMakeAmends she takes an enormous [[TookALevelInBadass level in badass]] and becomes the most dedicated and stable of the group.
** BadassAdorable
* BeautyIsNeverTarnished: Justified by the game's limited sprites.
* BeautyMark
* TheBlank: The Ideal Maki first appears as this due to TheReveal.
* CatholicSchoolGirlsRule
* BreakTheCutie[=/=]BreakTheBadass: ''Big time'', [[spoiler:once she learns she's just a figment of the real Maki's imagination]].
* TheChick: Downplayed, but she is still very emotional compared to the other party members.
* DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife: [[spoiler:She knows that she'll never be physically strong enough to have a life outside of the hospital, and it only contributes further to her nihilistic attitude.]]
* DudeMagnet: The player character, Mark, Eikichi, many extras or unnamed characters, and several demons all seem to be attracted to her.
* [[spoiler: [[ManInTheMachine Girl In The Machine]].]]
* CoolGuns/{{Handguns}}: They deal a lot of damage, but only hit a single enemy; this does come in useful much later in the game, where you'll want to start picking off specific targets instead of dealing as much damage as possible, which was likely your strategy early in the game.
* EnemyWithout: [[spoiler: Her positive and negative sides, Aki and Mai, split themselves from her personality. They both cause quite a bit of trouble for the party.]]
* HeroicBSOD: [[spoiler:When Maki is revealed to be 1) only a fragment of the real Maki and 2) the real Maki being responsible for the entire demon invasion via [[ManInTheMachine Girl In The]] [[RealityWarper Reality Warping Machine]].]]
* HeroesWantRedheads: In the original NA translation.
* HotBlooded
* IconicItem: Her compact, which turns out to be a MacGuffin.
* IllGirl: Despite being ill, she still painted and lived a fairly decent life. Then the game starts...
* KilledOffForReal / KillTheCutie: [[spoiler:In the bad ending for SEBEC. She is to live out her life in the virtual reality she created.]]
* LiteralSplitPersonality: [[spoiler:The Ideal Maki is healthy and, aside from her earlier existential crisis, lively and optimistic, while the Real Maki is sickly, pessimistic, and nihilistic.]]
* MagikarpPower: When you first get her, she's a decent healer and not much else. By the end of the game, her Personas and skill with a gun will make her one of your party's primary damage dealers.
* MakingASplash
* MustMakeAmends: [[spoiler:Becomes this after recovering from her HeroicBSOD. This carries over to her guest appearance in ''Persona 2''.]]
* PluckyGirl: Before her illness took a turn for the worst.
* NightmareFetishist: [[spoiler:The manga hints that the demons invading the city didn't come from the Expanse, but rather were created by the DEVA System. Apparently, the real Maki likes myths and stories about monsters which her mind made real. This is shown after the fight with Yog Sothoth Jr., a Lovecraftian creature, when Eriko remarks that he was a fictional creature that shouldn't exist.]]
* PoweredByAForsakenChild: [[spoiler:The DEVA machine works like this, rewriting reality to fit the conscious of a dying teenage girl.]]
* RealityWarper: [[spoiler:The DEVA machine is PoweredByAForsakenChild: namely, Maki. This causes her fantasies and idealisms to start taking priority over reality, eventually causing the end of the world.]]
* '''StepfordSmiler'''
* TertiarySexualCharacteristics: A little red bow and light red lipstick.
* TheStraightAndArrowPath: Even though her bow attacks can hit a single row, and the back one if she's in the second, the arrows she fire never seem to go astray unless an enemy dodges them.
* TookALevelInBadass: Goes from a frail, ill girl to a BadassAdorable and one of the party's biggest damage dealers. [[spoiler: Ultimately subverted, because the Maki in your party and the IllGirl Maki are two seperate people.]]
* TraumaCongaLine: She just can't catch a break.
* SquishyWizard: Has HP that isn't too low, but invests almost no points in Vitality, or Dexterity, which means that leaving her with a Persona that can heal is a good idea.
* ToyTime: [[spoiler:At least one boss takes the form of an oversized windup toy thanks to her thoughts becoming real.]]
* WalkingSpoiler: Not as bad as other examples, but at least half of this section has a spoiler section.
* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: [[spoiler:After being bedridden for her entire life, suffering fits of insanity and amnesia, and getting kidnapped by mad scientists, the DEVA machine ends up destroying the real world based on her wishes and replacing it with her twisted Ideal World.]]
* YourMindMakesItReal: Maki is indirectly responsible for Mikage-cho's transformation. The town is gradually turning into the "Ideal World" which exists in her mind.

!!Masao "Mark" Inaba

-->Voiced by: Katashi Ishizuka (JP, ''Persona 1 PSP'' remake), Creator/KosukeToriumi (JP, Drama CD), Creator/SamRiegel (EN, ''Persona 1'' PSP remake)

Masao "Mark" Inaba is a mischievous, artistic boy who is friends with the protagonist. He harbors an unrequited crush on Maki, and is steadfastly devoted to her, dragging his classmates to visit her in the hospital at every opportunity. Because of his laid-back nature (even in the face of danger), Masao gets into heated arguments with the stiff Kei Nanjo, who constantly belittles him. Masao's first Persona is Ogun of the Chariot Arcana. Masao can be considered the game's [[MightyGlacier tank]], as he totes a Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun and an axe in battle, and excels at fighting.

Masao doesn't believe in the demon summoning game "Persona" one bit. He holds a bet with classmate Hidehiko Uesugi to prove that he's right on it being a fake, with the loser having to treat everyone to a meal at Peace Diner. When nothing happens immediately, Masao assumes that he's won. Upon waking up at the clinic, Masao is thrilled that they were being sent to the hospital for a checkup, because this means that he gets to visit Maki again in the process. After the event where the ICU disappears and demons run rampant in the building, Masao awakens to his Persona along with the others, and urges the Protagonist to find Maki.

In the original North American version, Masao's appearance and dialogue is heavily altered, turning him into an African-American boy with stereotypical slang injected to his lines. Additionally, his hat is replaced by a gold baseball cap.
* AllLoveIsUnrequited
* AnAxeToGrind
* {{Badass}}
* TheBigGuy
* CantCatchUp: Mark has a serious case of this, due to the game's [[UnstableEquilibrium leveling system]]. At the end game, most of your party will be at least level 70. Mark will be around 10-20 levels lower than that, and at that point in the game, it can be very hard to catch him up. Depending who you pick as your 5th member, they may also be victim of this.
** Easily remedied. If you keep using Chariot Personae, having the others defend while he sweeps the monsters en masse (which the Chariot is suited for) will give him the most EXP. Giving him similarly high powered persona that don't have a speed penalty such as Magician and especially Sun (he can't use Justice personae) will also ensure he can hit the monsters and gain exp normally as well.
* DanceBattler: Can use the Dance command as part of his negotiation skillset.
** "[[GoodBadTranslation Mark danced crazy!]]"
* FlippingTheBird: Does this in the back cover of the first volume of the manga.
* TheFool
* GoodBadTranslation: Not since "[[SpoonyBard You Spoony Bard]]" has a phrase captured the hearts of so many gamers everywhere.
** In fact, it was liked so much it was one of the few lines kept in the PSP translation.
* GuestStarPartyMember: On the Snow Queen quest, he leaves the party just before the school freezes over and is not seen again.
* JiveTurkey: In the NA version.
* LikesOlderWomen: Admits to it.
* {{The McCoy}}: Masao leans toward the idealistic side of things, in contrast with Kei, the pragmatist.
* NiceHat
* CoolGuns/{{Shotguns}}
* TeethClenchedTeamwork: With Kei.
* TokenMinority: Intended to be this in the original American PSX release.
** This may have something to do with the fact that his starter Persona, Ogun, is an African war god.

!!Kei Nanjo (Nate Trinity)

-->Voiced by: Creator/JinYamanoi (JP, ''Persona 1 PSP'' remake), Creator/ToshiyukiMorikawa (JP, Drama CD/''Persona 2: Eternal Punishment''), Creator/TroyBaker (EN, ''Persona 1 PSP'' remake), Creator/SkipStellrecht (EN, ''Persona 2: Eternal Punishment'')

Kei "Nate" Nanjo is a rich boy from Persona who stands to inherit a wealthy group of companies. As heir of a wealthy family, Kei already met with Takahisa Kandori at some point in the past, taking an instant dislike to him from the beginning. While his parents are often away on business, Kei is looked after by Yamaoka ("Alfred" in the NA version), the Nanjo family butler. Since he seems to have grown up under Yamaoka's watch, he considers him as more of a father figure than a servant. A distinctive trademark incorporated into Kei's uniform is a scarf with the number 1 printed on it. This symbolizes his desire to become the "#1 man in Japan".
Kei was dragged along to join into the demon summoning game "Persona", which was started by a feud between Masao and Brown. For his part, Kei chooses to just watch, as he feels that everyone was just feeding Masao and Brown's stupid squabbles. He also witnessed the spirit of a sobbing little girl, and was incapacitated by bolts of lightning which sent him to Philemon's realm.

When Yamaoka is killed by zombies in the hospital, Kei [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge flies into a rage]], awakening to his Persona along with his friends and destroys the demons that killed his faithful guardian. He resolves to fulfill Yamaoka's wish, find out what caused the sudden influx of demons in Mikage-cho, and bring the person responsible to justice.

Kei fights with a longsword and is a crack shot with a sniper rifle. His starting Persona is [[DishingOutDirt Aizen Myouou]] of the Hierophant Arcana. Kei uses his status, wealth, and knowledge a lot to [[ScrewTheRulesIhaveMoney negotiate]] with demons. In the NA version, Kei is the only playable character given an actual last name to substitute the Japanese one, making him the heir to the Trinity Family trust instead of the Nanjo Group. His full name became Nate Trinity (though ''Eternal Punishment'' later pretends his last name never changed and restores it to Nanjo), and was given blond hair and fairer skin to match the localization.
* {{Badass}}
** SubmissiveBadass: Despite being a rich kid and more than a little proud, he will defer to the Hero's lead.
** BadassBookworm: He's the brains of the group, yet carries ''a {{BFS}}''.
** CulturedBadass: Thanks to being a rich kid and acting like it.
* CoolSword: Two-handed.
* GoodIsNotNice: The cold pragmatist of the group. He's [[RedOniBlueOni nicely balanced out]] by Masao, who is ruled by his emotions.
* EvilLaugh: Has a small one when using his gun.
* {{Fiction 500}}
* FriendlySniper: Not friendly, but not quite a ColdSniper.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: though he starts out acting like a total {{Jerkass}}.
* IconicItem: His #1 scarf. In the epilogue, people are said to see him sleeping on the subway with a #1 ''tie''.
* ItsPersonal: Kei's vendetta against the demons in general (and Kandori in particular) after the death of Yamoaka.
* LonelyRichKid: Yamaoka was pretty much his only emotional support growing up.
* MightyGlacier: His growths tend to favor vitality above everything else, but he also has a sizable chunk of attack to work with.
* MrExposition
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: [[spoiler:A remorseful Kandori is prepared to lay down his sword and surrender, until Nanjo goes ahead and insults him.]]
* PrincelyYoungMan: Ice King with a little bit of the Spoiled Brat archtype.
* CoolGuns/{{Rifles}}
* ShelteredAristocrat: A true elitist, he only starts to reform after witnessing Kandori's corruption.
* SickbedSlaying: [[spoiler:Masao [[TalkToTheFist decks Kei]] for suggesting that they do this to Maki, who's trapped in Kandori's machine]].
* TheSmartGuy: Stupid people can be happy when ruled by smart people!
* TheSpock: Kei is the most logical member of the group, this being both a good and a bad thing. At two points in the game, Kei suggests to [[CruelToBeKind let innocent people die]].
* StoicSpectacles
* TeethClenchedTeamwork: With Masao.
* ToBeAMaster: His eventual resolve after Yamaoka's death.
* {{Tsundere}}: He's a snotty jerk and belittles Mark without mercy. But he shows a rather tender side in the good ending.
* WeaksauceWeakness: The proverbial crack in Kei's armor is the [[EarWorm Satoshi Tadashi theme]] that is played. Kei ends up singing along to the song, even though he hates it!
* WellIntentionedExtremist: If there's anyone who favors the crueler option of the SadisticChoice, it's him.

!!Reiji Kido (Chris)

-->Voiced by: Creator/JinYamanoi (JP, ''Persona 1'' PSP remake), Creator/KazuyaNakai (JP, Drama CD) Creator/ChristopherSabat (EN, ''Persona 1'' PSP remake)

Reiji Kido is an antisocial transfer student of St. Hermelin who rarely shows up for class. He blames his stepbrother Takahisa Kandori for how his life has turned out, and believes that the latter must die. To this end, Reiji skulks around the SEBEC facility, waiting for a chance to confront Kandori. Despite his brusque tendencies, many girls of St. Hermelin take quite a shine to him. Reiji's Persona awakening was also triggered during the SEBEC incident, but he is less than willing to join the party unless certain conditions have been met early in the game. Reiji is adept at [[PowerFist boxing]], and an [[MoreDakka assault rifle]]. His Persona, Bres (Guni in the NA version), belongs to the Devil Arcana.

Though rumored to be a gang leader, Reiji has no actual subordinates to speak of. [[CainAndAbel The fevered pursuit of his half-brother Takahisa Kandori]] is the only thing on his mind. [[BlackSheep Reiji was the product of an affair between Takahisa's father and a mistress]], and wants revenge for his mother being abandoned as a result of his birth. It's for this reason alone that Reiji believes Takahisa should pay with his life. It's a little-known fact that Reiji dabbles in magic tricks on the side, specifically with playing cards. He uses this skill in demon contacts.

In the original NA version, Reiji's name was changed to Chris.

Reiji is [[OptionalPartyMember an optional character like Hidehiko Uesugi, Eriko Kirishima, and Yuka Ayase]]. [[GuideDangIt He is the hardest to get out of all of them, needing several events and NPC conversations to be able to get him to join]].
* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: He has a major female following at school because of this.
* {{Badass}}
** [[invoked]] MemeticBadass: Gets built up as one. [[DeconstructedTrope This gets taken apart in the sequel.]]
* BareFistedMonk
* TheBigGuy: After Masao and Brown.
* {{BFG}}
* CluelessChickMagnet: Reiji really doesn't care about all the attention he gets from the St.Hermelin Girls.
* [[DefrostingIceQueen Defrosting Ice King]]: [[spoiler:He really begins to lighten up when his HeroicBastard status is revealed. He even gives a heartwarming speech to an unconsious Maki, when her ideal self escapes to her world and cuts them off.]]
* GoodOldFisticuffs: He's got the least range depending on formation, but that is remedied with very high damage and one of the best physical attack elements to have.
* GuideDangIt: By far the most difficult party member to obtain.
* HairTriggerTemper
* HeroicBastard: [[spoiler:Reiji, who turns out to be Kandori's bastard ''brother'']].
* JackOfAllTrades: When looked at individually at first, he fits the bill. Breas is strong to everything but spears (rare) and holy magic. He's got items for healing, a gun for far reaching enemies and his fists to deal damage to the undead and any magic resistant enemies. He's got a sound spell for groups and dark magic for light magic based foes. Fitting for a man who was going to go after Kandori alone.
* TheLancer: Has no stake in your group or its mission. Reiji is focused only on taking down Kandori. Which is befitting a man of the Devil Arcana. This bites him heavily when he's found again (if you didn't recruit him) in dire status at the Castle. It's also here if you have him when he realizes he can't do it all alone, nor should he have to.
* NewTransferStudent
* ObviousBeta: Let's just say he doesn't live up to his hype, which ''Persona 2'' {{lampshaded}} by having the very same traits that made him "badass" as a teenager make him into an awkward and ineffectual young adult.
** To a degree. While Reiji did hurt himself from not building up the social skills he should have as a child, he's also bad at sales because his Persona still exudes the same intimidating aura he had as a teen. Chunky says as much in Eternal Punishment.
* CoolGuns/{{Rifles}}
* SecretCharacter: Can be recruited as your fifth party member only if you [[GuideDangIt follow a series of 12 steps no one in their right mind would figure out without a strategy guide]].
* SixthRanger
* TheStoic
* XMarksTheHero

!!Hidehiko "Brown" Uesugi (Brad)

-->Voiced by: Toranari Yoshikawa (JP, ''Persona 1'' PSP remake), Creator/RyotaroOkiayu (JP, Drama CD) Creator/KeithSilverstein (EN, ''Persona 1'' PS remake)

Hidehiko "Brown" Uesugi is the resident class clown of St. Hermelin, relying on puns and outdated jokes to get attention (this is also used in his negotiation skills). Hidehiko pesters his classmates to perform the "Persona" ritual in order to impress them, but Masao Inaba doesn't believe that it will actually work. They both hold a bet, with the loser having to treat everyone who was dragged into it at the Peace Diner. Masao thinks that he won at first, because nothing happened after the ritual. Hidehiko complains, saying that Masao didn't try hard enough when it was his turn to perform. But then a crying young girl appears, and they are all hit by flashes of lightning that send them to the border of consciousness and unconsciousness.

When Mikage-cho changes, the main protagonist finds Brown imprisoned inside the Police Station along with Masao; both were captured after going out through the hole in the school wall to procure guns there with Kei Nanjo (Nanjo barely managed to escape with the equipment). After freeing them both and fighting off some demons (causing Hidehiko's "forced" awakening from being attacked). Brown fights using a [[BladeOnAStick spears]], [[SimpleStaff quarterstaves]], and a TMP machine gun as his sidearm. His Persona is Nemhain (Talon in the NA version) of the Justice Arcana, which has the ability to cast [[BlowYouAway Wind]] spells as well as absorb them.

Like Yukino, Hidehiko's features weren't changed much for the original North American release. His kanji puns were altered, fitted with easy-to-digest local jokes. His name was also changed to Brad.
* AllLoveIsUnrequited: [[spoiler:He seemed to be attracted to Tamaki. Then her dream world with Tadashi comes up...]]
** DoomedByCanon: [[spoiler:And by the second game he really had no chance to begin with.]]
* {{Badass}}: Or least wants to be seen as such. That said, he does [[TookALevelInBadass get a Persona]], so he effectively is one in a gameplay sense.
* TheBigGuy
* BladeOnAStick: Spears.
* BringMyBrownPants: How he got his nickname in the first place.
* TheChick: He's got a few elements of this, but not too many.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: Brown is an unabashed troublemaker, but in the Snow Queen Quest, when he saw the IronicHell inflicted to Toro and Devil Boy, he's utterly disgusted and claims he drew the line on pranks, one of the few moments that he's really serious in his words, not bragging.
** Well, he is of the [[TarotMotifs Justice Arcana]]. Also note that the Tower guardian, Nemesis, is frequently associated with this arcana, [[VideoGame/{{Persona 3}} as anyone playing two games later will remember]].
* GogglesDoNothing
* FieryRedhead
* HurricaneOfPuns: Brown loves these.
* InferioritySuperiorityComplex: A huge case of this.
* CoolGuns/MachineGuns
* MilesGloriosus: Good lord, Brown. He claims to be the leader even if he's the last person to join, but as soon as a boss fight starts coming up or things get bad, he's the first one to suggest getting the hell out of there, and he's got no shame about being a total chicken. ...Until it's all over. Then he's the hero who killed it and things repeat from there.
** It's not like he's unaware of it, though. He explicitly says later on that he's tired of lying and running away all the time.
* PunctuatedForEmphasis: Snaps at Michiko like this in the Snow Queen Quest after beating her.
* SmallNameBigEgo: Subverted-boasting is one of his defining traits, but so is believing absolutely none of his own spiel. He eventually reveals that he does it to get people to like him more.
* SpamAttack: How he fights. His weapons hit multiple times but with low power to back them up. The spears can be strengthened if he's wielding an Emperor Persona.
* ThoseTwoGuys: With Yuka Ayase.

!!Eriko "Elly" Kirishima (Ellen)

-->Voiced by: Creator/TomoeHanba (JP, ''Persona 1'' PSP remake), Creator/{{Yukana}} (JP, Drama CD), Junko Asami (JP, ''Persona 2: Eternal Punishment''), Creator/StephanieSheh (EN, ''Persona 1'' PSP remake)

Eriko "Elly" Kirishima belongs to a wealthy family and has been studying overseas for most of her life. She later decides to finish her schooling in Japan to later pursue a career in modeling and fashion design. She is among the popular girls in St. Hermelin High School because of her beauty and amiable personality. [[DitzyGenius She is smart; however, she tends to fail to realize serious life and death situations]]. She wields a rapier, and (like Kei) is armed with a rifle for long-range fighting. Her starting Persona is Nike of the Judgement Arcana.

Apart from her outwardly feminine hobbies, Eriko is also interested in the occult. Because of this, she is the only participant of the "Persona" ritual who is actually excited to be there. She somehow sensed that her friends were in grave danger after demons begin to appear in Mikage-cho. Eriko arrives just in time to help the group escape the hospital, awakening to Nike in the process. Off-hand, she expresses overly-ecstatic enthusiasm over the fact that her Persona is the "Goddess of Victory".

Having done some investigating of her own, Eriko tells the group to head for the shrine, where they meet Maki Sonomura's mother, a former employee of SEBEC. The latter reveals that the advent of demons was brought about by Takahisa Kandori, who tricked her into perfecting the DVA system, a device that wrought havoc with the dimensional divide between the real world and the demon world. After getting Maki's mother to be treated in the school infirmary, Eriko will leave the group to find a way out of the town, which is now wrapped in an ominous barrier. She can be later recruited as one of the optional fifth characters in the game upon finding her in the subway tunnel.

In the original NA version, like Kei, Eriko was given blond hair and fairer skin to match the localization. Her name is also changed into Ellen.
* {{Adorkable}}: Elly, after awakening to her Persona in front of everyone, absorbs her very own supernatural powers in stunned silence as they look on. She then proudly declares herself to be an angelic bringer of victory, and that she'll be their protector. Mark brings her back down to reality pretty quickly.
* AllLoveIsUnrequited: [[spoiler:She's in love with the protagonist, but realizes he belongs with Maki, a realization which continues to haunt Eriko in ''Persona 2''.]]
* {{Badass}}
** BadassBookworm
*** LadyOfWar
* BrainlessBeauty: Not "brainless" by any means of the word, but very subject to {{Cloudcuckoolander}} tendencies, and is sometimes a GeniusDitz, not unlike [[VideoGame/{{Persona4}} Yukiko]] after her.
* CatholicSchoolGirlsRule
* CoolSword: Single-handed, point-oriented.
** RoyalRapier
* TheKnightsWhoSaySquee: As a fans of occult, she's ''very'' ecstatic surfing in the world of ''Persona''. This badass LadyOfWar has a fangasm when finding out her Persona is Nike, and try denying that you're in a very deep shit when she almost ready to get the hell out of it as she identifies [[spoiler:Kandori's Persona as Nyarlathotep.]]
* LightningBruiser: An odd example, she focuses on Dex and Agl as her primary stats, but those are the ones that give her the most defensive benefits in addition to ramping up her magic attack. By the end of the game, she tends to be your most powerful party member statistically. She's only balanced out because enemies will tend to hit you with dark magic moreso than holy magic, but that can easily be worked around.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Has moments of ditziness that drag her into this trope at times.
* DitzyGenius: Intelligent, skilled with a rapier, and speaks fluent English. However, her of the occult and overconfidence in her skills make her miss the severity of the situation at times.
* IJustWantToBeNormal: The expectations set on Eriko really get on her nerves.
* LightEmUp: Her Personas tend to focus on Light/[[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness Expel]] skills.
* NerdActionHero
* NightmareFetishist: Her reaction after recovering from TakenForGranite in the manga? "What a shame, it was over too soon. I wanted to experience the feeling for a while longer."
* TheOjou: We're never told on how wealthy her family is, but if she could afford overseas study, that must've spoke a lot for her status.
** For ''VideoGame/{{Persona 2}}'', interviews with the character designer and story director have revealed that she's at least upper-middle class. They've given more details on her family life, too.
* SupernaturalIsPurple: Associated with the colors black and [[GracefulLadiesLikePurple purple]], for [[RuleOfCool some reason]].
* CoolGuns/{{Rifles}}
* TheSmartGuy: She's interested in the occult and is well read on mythology of all kinds, and considering how Persona is about a group of kids with superpowers directly related to mythologies and legends from different cultures, this comes in handy.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: The romanization of her nickname (エリー). The American release uses "Elly", but [[ Persona 2 romanizes it as "Ellie"]].
* SurprisinglyGoodEnglish: Aside from being inserted at odd times, Eriko's many english sentences are grammaticaly accurate and her japanese VA can be very convincing. Strangely enough, whenever the game or manga has her speak in english (which is a helluva frequent), it's shown [[ in]] [[ Romaji]] instead of the usual Katakana.

!!Yuka Ayase (Alana)

-->Voiced by: Creator/MasayoKurata (JP, ''Persona 1'' PSP remake) Sandy Fox (EN, ''Persona 1'' PSP remake)

Yuka is a ''[[SubculturesInJapan kogal]]'' whose outward cheerfulness makes her popular with the boys. However, her penchant for lying and being glaringly frank at times gets her into a lot of trouble. Yuka's initial Persona is Horus of the Magician Arcana, which exclusively deals [[PlayingWithFire fire]] damage. She employs a [[WhipItGood whip]] and .45 handgun in battle. However, the keyword should be "Magician", as Yuka ends up being more of a mage like character.

Hidehiko Uesugi introduced the game "Persona" to the rest of their classmates. Yuka has played it before and was counting on Hidehiko to win the bet against Masao Inaba to get a free meal at Peace Diner. Since she wasn't hit by lightning, Yuka does not follow the group to the hospital and instead opts to hang around in school. However, she does not follow the group to the hospital, opting to go on a shopping trip instead since she doesn't feel sick in the least. As a result, her awakening isn't triggered immediately.

She isn't seen again until the group brings Maki Sonomura's injured mother from the Araya Shrine to the school infirmary, tasked to cover the hole in the wall in the room leading to the gym. However, she will be the mandatory fifth member if you have not recruited either Eriko Kirishima or Hidehiko Uesugi. You can let her join upon running into her later in the factory located at the south-eastern section of Mikage-cho, [[ButThouMust but she will force her way into the party]] if the steps to acquire Reiji Kido aren't fulfilled. In the Snow Queen Quest, Yuka is a requisite member of the party.

During the good ending path, Yuka reveals that she has a reputation of a heartbreaker, a girl who dates many boys and dumps almost all of them. The reputation stuck so hard that even though she did have her own standards, people still believe her as a heartbreaker, which distresses her. However, she uses these skills a lot when she negotiates with the demons.

Because her hair is already dyed blonde, Yuka's only feature alteration in the original NA localization was her skin color, and her dialogue was given valley girl overtones as an equivalent to her oddball ''kogal'' speech. Her name was also changed to Alana.
* {{Badass}}
* BlessedWithSuck: Whips are a common weakness, but her low strength means she can't take advantage of it. At least, not that way.
* BrutalHonesty: She can be extremely blunt with people, which causes problems with [[DemonicPossession Toro]].
* CatholicSchoolgirlsRule
* CloudCuckooLander
** TheCuckoolanderWasRight: She gives what is probably the only hint on how to get the best ending.
* DemotedToExtra: With Yukino in the manga, but she gets the worst of it. She only uses her Persona ''once''.
* GirlishPigtails
* GoldDigger: after the events of the game she married a salaryman and only had to complain about how big his check was.
* CoolGuns/{{Handguns}}
* {{Jerkass}}: Especially noticeable in the Snow Queen route, where she ruthlessly breaks Toro's heart, causing him to violently awaken to his Persona, comments in the Nemesis Tower that Toro and Devil Boy deserved their torture because they "needed some kind of wake up call" and recommends abandoning them, and in the Thanatos Tower she hypocritically mocks Yuriko's cutesy act despite acting much of the same way herself.
* [[invoked]] NeverLiveItDown: Part of her reveal.
* {{Sexophone}}: During her 'Tempt' command. Sadly removed in the PSP version
* SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan: She does fall for the protagonist the only legitimate feelings she has.
* ShoutOut: Her outfit is an optical illusion referencing the girls' uniforms from ''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIf''.
* StatusEffects: Almost every whip she obtains in the game has a chance of inflicting some status effect on the enemies. Her best weapon obtained from returning the Succubus persona inflicts Petrification, one of the least resisted ailments.
* ThirdPersonPerson: In the Japanese version.
* ThoseTwoGuys: With Hidehiko Uesugi.
* ValleyGirl: Even more exaggerated in the PSP remake, with lines such as "Like" in between her sentences.
* TheVamp: [[spoiler:Ruthlessly squashes Toro's heart, causing him to be possessed by a rather freudian demon.]]
* WhipItGood

!!Yukino Mayuzumi (Yuki)

-->Voiced by: Creator/TomoeHanba (JP, ''Persona 1'' PSP remake/''Persona 2: Innocent Sin'' PSP remake), Kirsten Potter (EN, ''Persona 1'' PSP remake/''Persona 2: Innocent Sin'' PSP remake)

Yukino was an ex-''[[{{Delinquents}} yanki]]'' who was reformed thanks to the efforts of her teacher Saeko Takami. Though she hasn't shed her yanki looks just yet, Yukino is well-recognized and trusted by the student body, acting as a mother figure of sorts to her friends. Despite her change of heart, Yukino still retains some of her punk ways, employing throwing blades and a double-barreled shotgun in battle. Her Persona, Vesta, is of the Empress Arcana and has both [[PlayingWithFire Fire]] and Nuclear magic at its disposal.

Yukino was among those invited to help settle the bet between Brown and Masao, but doesn't actively participate in the "Persona" ritual, opting instead to watch and keep her classmates out of trouble. Even so, she is still affected by the result, sent to the border of consciousness and unconsciousness after being struck by lightning. Yukino awakens to her Persona in the hospital following a checkup and an unplanned visit to Maki Sonomura (who was also admitted there) that turns sour with demons suddenly wreaking havoc all over the place.

She leaves the party after they return to School, but rejoins them in the Snow Queen Quest alternate storyline, which was removed in the original english before being re-implemented in the PSP UpdatedRerelease. In this scenario, if the player opts not to continue investigating SEBEC, they would find a mysterious mask in the school. Saeko Takami gets possessed by the mask after telling them the legend of the Snow Queen. Yukino joins the party, wanting to save the teacher she owes her new life to.

In the original NA version, Yukino is the only character whose name and features were relatively untouched during the transition, but also has the shortest role in the main story arc due to the removal of the Snow Queen Quest.
* {{Badass}}
** ActionGirl
** SubmissiveBadass: Like Nanjo, she will follow the Hero's lead.
* CoolBigSis[=/=]TeamMom: She's the one who keeps most of the party members in check, especially [[RedOniBlueOni Mark and Nanjo]].
* CrutchCharacter: At the start of the game. Her starting Persona, Vesta, is the only one that comes with the [[ILoveNuclearPower Frei]] and [[ShockAndAwe Zio]] spells, and the first one to learn the [[RedMage healing spell Dia]]. She splits from your party permanently in the SEBEC plotline (which, unfortunately, was the only one available in the original North American release).
* DemotedToExtra: With Ayase in the manga. [[spoiler:She does get her time to shine during the brief Snow Queen arc, but that's it.]]
* GuestStarPartyMember: Unless you do the Snow Queen Quest, of course.
* HeroicVow: To rescue Saeko-sama from the Snow Queen, no matter what.
* ImprobableWeaponUser[=/=]GirlWithPsychoWeapon: She throws [[FlechetteStorm razors]] and other bladed weapons GangstaStyle.
** [[ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks Throwing Your Knives Always Works]]
* JapaneseDelinquents: Former one. She has the skirts and can still throw a good razor.
* TheLancer: In the Snow Queen plotline.
* MeaningfulName: Yuki normally means snow. Now, which quest does she feature in the most?
* NumberTwo: To Saeko Takami, her teacher. She enforces the school's rules and keeps her fellow students in line.
* CoolGuns/{{Shotguns}}
* StrongAsTheyNeedToBe: [[spoiler:In the manga. She summons Durga out of nowhere and kills the Night Queen in one blow.]]
* TeamMom
* TokenMinority: Considering how her appearance wasn't changed in the original American release and her name was only shortened to "Yuki" instead of outright changed, she was probably meant to be the Token Asian of the team.


See Characters/PersonaRecurring for Philemon's role.

See Characters/PersonaRecurring for Igor's role.

!!Trish (Kelly)
''This world runs on give-and-take!''

A money-obsessed fairy who charges out the nose for healing springs. Gets much more character development in the second game.
* AdamSmithHatesYourGuts
* BareYourMidriff: Only really noticeable in her official artwork.
* TheExile: Exiled from the fairy kingdom until she does enough good deeds.
* CulturalTranslation: An indirect victim of this thanks to the original localization translating yen to dollars. As a result, her "gouge your pocketbook" tendencies for utilizing the healing spring aren't nearly as severe in gameplay terms.
* HealingSpring: Owns one.
* MoneyFetish
* WingedHumanoid

!!Yamaoka (Alfred)

Yamaoka, known as Alfred in the English localization, is the butler for Kei Nanjo. When told by his teacher to go to the hospital, Kei meets his butler Yamaoka at the school gate, who offers to chauffeur everyone via the Nanjo family's limousine. Kei refuses, preferring to walk with his friends instead. Yamaoka yields, but secretly follows Kei to the hospital.

When the ICU where Maki Sonomura is being treated vanishes following a small earthquake, the group flees to the lobby downstairs. Kei is shocked to find Yamaoka sprawled on the hospital lobby floor, mortally wounded by a demon attack. Yamaoka knows that he is not long for this world, and his dying wish is that Kei would become a great man someday even after he has gone. [[spoiler:Late in the game, he returns as the ultimate Persona for Kei]].
* BadassMustache
* BattleButler: [[spoiler:Turned UpToEleven with his [[ Persona form]].]]
* BladeOnAStick
* CameBackStrong
* CoolOldGuy
* FamousLastWords:
--> ''It's time I said farewell... Just one last thing... Please promise me young master... Promise to become the No. 1 man in the country and carry Japan on your back!''
* GuardianEntity: [[spoiler:Even in death, he protects his young master.]]
* HolyHalo: [[spoiler:As a Persona.]]
* HoverBoard: [[spoiler:As a Persona.]]
* ObiWanMoment: Kei takes Yamaoka's last words to heart, as seen in later games.
** In fact, the scene in which this happens pretty much, name changes and all, survives intact in the localization in both impact and meaning.
* ParentalSubstitute: Kei's parents are always away on business. He is closer to Yamaoka than he is with his own father.
* StoicSpectacles: Following his death, they're switched out for a [[CoolShades Cool Visor]].

[[folder:School [=NPCs=]]]

!!Saeko Takami (Ms. Smith)

Ms. Saeko is the homeroom teacher for the Protagonist and others. She is very popular with the students. She plays a small role in the SEBEC route of the game, helping protect the students of St. Hermelin in the real world, and appearing as an apparition in Maki's world.

In the Snow Queen Quest, she is possessed by a malevolent spirit inhabiting the Snow Queen mask, who plans on sacrificing her as a way to bring about the Eternal Night. The spirit is eventually revealed to be Tomomi Fujimori, Saeko's best friend from her high school days.

Interesting enough, her last name in the original NA release, [[CutAndPasteTranslation while unnecessary]], is also something of a backhanded {{Woolseyism}} of her Japanese last name, which is roughly analogous to "Smith" as a generic last name. Aside from her name, she is also unedited (aside from the Snow Queen quest, which was missing from the original NA version).
* CoolTeacher
* HotTeacher
* DarkAndTroubledPast
* DemonicPossession
* {{Determinator}}: Kept trying to save Yukino from the deliquent lifestyle even after Yukino's own parents gave up on her.
* DistressedDamsel
* HarmlessFreezing: When possessed by the Snow Queen mask.
* TheMentor: To Yukino.
* MyGreatestFailure: Considers what happened to [[spoiler:Tomomi]] this.

!!Vice Principal Hanya (Dean Harding)

Vice Principal Hanya, known in ''Revelations: Persona'' and ''Persona 2'' as Dean/Principal Harding, is the Vice-Principal of St. Hermelin High School. Unlike Principal Ooishi, Hanya hardly cares for his students and is concerned only with enforcing rules and evading lawsuits. He is detested by everyone at school. His students nickname him "Hamya", a reference to how unnecessarily crazy he gets about even the most minor infractions. In Japanese, it's "Hannya," a play on his name (a Hannya is a demon from Japanese folklore).

He was mostly unaltered in the original NA release, though his name was changed, and he is instead nicknamed [[ShoutOut "Darth Harding"]] by the students.

He returns in the second game as the principle of the main characters' school. Tropes related to him in those games can be found on [[Characters/{{Persona 2}} the respective page]].
* [[EvenEvilHasLovedOnes Even Jerkasses Have Loved Ones]]: The Snow Queen quest reveals that he has a daughter who stitches his suits for him.
* GoodScarsEvilScars
* JerkAss: And how.
* NotHimself: The first clue that the protagonists are in a fake world is Hanya himself, who has suddenly become jolly and caring.
* SadistTeacher
* ShoutOut: In the North American release, his students refer to him as "[[StarWars Darth]] Harding."
* WeWantOurJerkBack: Mark is visibly creeped out by how ''nice'' the other Hanya is.

!!Chisato Kasai (Selina)

A student who went missing two months ago, believed to have eloped with her boyfriend Yosuke. In truth, she was lured into the other world by Maki, where Aki met her and made her into the Harem Queen. When the party arrives in the Karma Palace, Maki discovers that she never really loved Yosuke, she just wanted him because Maki loved him as well.
* BecomingTheMask: Started going out with Yosuke to [[spoiler:make Maki jealous]], but eventually fell for him for real.
* DefeatMeansFriendship
* DrivenToSuicide: [[spoiler:Attempts this after being defeated in the manga.]]
** BungledSuicide: [[spoiler:Revived by a Samarecarm spell from Tensen Nyannyan cast by Maki.]]
* GodSaveUsFromTheQueen
* GreenEyedMonster: Ooooooh yes. Her entire dungeon focuses on her jealousy of Maki, who is more popular than her and wins all the art contests.
** Such is the jealousy, that it's probably safe to say that, pre-HeelFaceTurn, she's no better than [[VideoGame/{{Persona 4}} Shadow Chie]].
* OneWingedAngel: [[spoiler:Most prominent in the manga than in the game.]]
* PrehensileHair: [[spoiler:When using physical attacks in her boss fight. Unsurprisingly, all of her physical skills deal [[WhipItGood Whip damage]].]]
* SecondLove: To Yosuke, after Maki.
* ShipperOnDeck: She is supportive of Maki and the Protagonist.
* SickeninglySweethearts: With Yosuke. They don't seem to care that someone's around when they're all lovey-dovey, which makes everyone else uncomfortable.

!!Yosuke Naito (Bruce)

A popular student who went missing two months ago, believed to have eloped with his girlfriend Chisato. They were actually lured into the other world by Maki, where Yosuke lost Chisato and fought Aki, ending with him becoming badly bruised. He hid in the other St. Hermelin, discovering the giant door to Avidya World, and was trapped until others from his world came.
* ChickMagnet: Briefly mentioned by some characters, to the level of InformedAbility.
* ThePowerOfLove[=/=]LoveRedeems: Manages to do this for Chisato.
* SickeninglySweethearts: With Chisato. They don't seem to care that someone's around when they're all lovey-dovey, which makes everyone else uncomfortable.

!!Tamaki Uchida (Tammy)

A NewTransferStudent from six months ago. Not entirely willing to talk about her previous experiences, but [[VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIf who can blame her]]? Joined the fencing team, and gets into a lot of fights with Tadashi over his irresponsibility.
* TheCameo: Part of the reason why SMT ''If...'' is considered by some fans to be almost like a ''Persona'' 0. Tamaki's appearance created a canon main character out of the blank-slate protagonist of ''If...'', giving her a last name and having her allude to life at her old high school. Her intro blurb also makes a reference to her time as a hero of Karukozaka High School. She even outright tells the main character several times that she can feel that this is his adventure, not hers.
* CoolBigSis: Not to the extent of Yukino, but some of the students do look up to her, and are quite surprised by her extensive knowledge of demons.
* NewTransferStudent
* PassingTheTorch: Gives the protagonist her rapier, saying that she thinks it would be handy for him.
* PreviousPlayerCharacterCameo: She was the protagonist of ''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIf''.
* RetiredBadass
* SlapSlapKiss: With Tadashi in the SEBEC route. EveryoneCanSeeIt, and even they know it, but they can't admit it to each other.
* SickeninglySweethearts: In the Snow Queen Quest. After having a shared dream where they're honest with their feelings toward each other, Tamaki and Tadashi hook up in real life and are insufferable to most people who have to watch them swoon over each other. Brown is heart-broken initially, Ayase thinks they're adorable and Yukino wants to puke when she sees them.

!!Tadashi Satomi (Tad)

The heir to the Tadashi Satomi Pharmacy. He is a member of the fencing club, and argues with Tamaki a lot.
* AuthorAvatar
* GenerationXerox
* SlapSlapKiss: With Tamaki in the SEBEC route.
* TheUnfavorite: His own father blatantly admits he doesn't care about him.
* SickeninglySweethearts: In the Snow Queen Quest. After having a shared dream where they're honest with their feelings toward each other, Tamaki and Tadashi hook up in real life and are insufferable to most people who have to watch them swoon over each other. Brown is heart-broken initially, Ayase thinks they're adorable and Yukino wants to puke when she sees them.

!!Kenta "Toro" Yokouchi (Chunky)

Toro is an overweight, unpopular student at St. Hermerlin who harbors an intense crush on Yuka. He plays a much larger role in the Snow Queen quest, when his Persona (Mara) possesses his body after Yuka stomps on his heart yet again. The Mara-controlled Toro attacks the party, but reverts to normal once beaten.
* AllLoveIsUnrequited
* BalloonBelly: See below.
* ButtMonkey
* DemonicPossession
* [[invoked]] FreudWasRight: Mara is a recurring phallic-shaped demon in ''ShinMegamiTensei''. Considering the context of Toro's possession....ew.
* IAmBigBoned
* IronicHell: In the Snow Queen quest, Toro is ChainedToABed as milk is continually poured down his mouth.
* KidsAreCruel: Ayase is as frank as possible about slamming the door of love in Toro's face. She's unapologetic about it, even after he lets his Persona go berserk in revenge, save for a small comment made to the main character in the corner of the cafeteria.
* MeaningfulName: "Toro" is a euphemism for the fatty part of tuna. In the English localization, his nickname was changed to "Chunky", which has roughly the same meaning. His Persona, Mara, is named after a Japanese colloquialism for "penis".
* MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily: Mara.

!!Tsutomu Kurouri (Kain)

A nerdy student at St. Hermerlin and a permanent fixture of the school's library, Tsutomu (nicknamed "Devil Boy" for his occult readings) is a ravenous student of all things paranormal... and is not trusted as an authority, since he's also a bit of a crank. This is reflected in the Ideal World, where's he's still creepy, but also rather sagely and perceptive.
* AsianAndNerdy
* ChekhovsGunman: It's possible to entirely miss Tsutomu at the beginning of the game. It's not until the climax that he becomes relevant to the plot.
* DarkIsNotEvil: A deathly-pale, creepy nerd with a MemeticMolester grin and an obsession with the occult. All things considered, it's ''shocking'' that he doesn't turn evil.
* IronicHell: Tsutomu despises all forms of exercises, in particular push-ups. Guess what his torture punishment is in the Snow Queen Quest?
* ScaryShinyGlasses
* StrangeBedfellows: In one minor dialog, he and Elly each make a comment about the weird goings-ons at St. Hermelin, since they're both huge occult enthusiasts.

[[folder:Antagonists -- SEBEC Route]]

!!Takahisa Kandori (Guido Sardenia)

Takahisa Kandori is the de facto[[note]]The actual head is a unseen "President Saeki", but Kandori seems to have seized control from under him without his knowing[[/note]] head of SEBEC, and used the corporation as a front for his developing the Deva System, a machine which would allow him to go into a subject's mind and use it in his quest to become a god. During initial testing, the thoughts of Maki Sonomura somehow came in contact with the system, allowing Kandori to contact her malevolent Id, Aki. Kandori has his men capture Maki, and uses the Deva System to summon demons into the real world, then later escapes into the "other world" when confronted by the heroes. Using his alliance with Aki, Kandori gains control of half of the "other" Mikage-cho, and later tricks the heroes into giving him Mai's compact.

Using her compact with Aki's, Kandori is able to achieve his goal to become a god, summoning the large palace [[DiscOneFinalDungeon Deva Yuga]] into the real world. The MC and the others follow him into the real world and confront him at the top of the Deva Yuga, where Kandori, now grown nihilistic due to his apparent godhood, asks them their reason for living. After the MC gives his answer, Nanjo insults Kandori by calling him weak and cowardly, angering Kandori enough to attack them. When Kandori appears to be defeated, his persona [[TheManBehindTheMan Nyarlathotep]] forcibly enters his body, transforming him into [[OneWingedAngel God Kandori]]. After God Kandori is defeated, Kandori reveals the truth about Maki and the Deva System, then dies.

Kandori, credited as "Masked Boy", has a minor role in the Snow Queen quest, where he appears as one of the Night Queen's allies. He and the Masked Girl (clearly a masked Maki) merge with the Night Queen during her battle with the heroes, but are defeated.

He is [[BackFromtheDead later revived]] by the NWO in ''Persona 2: Eternal Punishment'', serving as the primary focus antagonist if the player takes the Nanjo route. Also, ''Eternal Punishment'' goes the extra mile to make up for the {{Macekre}} of the first game by making his NA name in the first game an alias (which, given all the crap he gets involved in, is a fairly logical thing to have).
* AGodAmI: Wants to be one at any rate. [[spoiler:And he winds up having a severe case of BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor as a result.]]
* {{Badass}}
** BadassInANiceSuit
* BigBad
* CoolSword
* CorruptCorporateExecutive
* CreepyChild: [[spoiler:The "Masked Boy", his alter-ego in the Snow Queen Quest]].
* DemonicPossession: His transformation into God Kandori. [[spoiler:Which is made full use of in the next game. Ah Nyarlathotep.]]
* DiscOneFinalBoss
* DragonAscendant: [[spoiler:At the end of the Snow Queen Quest, he says he'll take matters into his own hands. Not really a sequel hook, since the Snow Queen Quest ends up leading back into the main quest in its true ending.]]
* EvilCounterpart: To Nanjo.
* EvilLaugh
* {{Fiction 500}}: According to Nanjo and Eriko, Kandori is wealthy enough to get instant access to black tie dinner events, and SEBEC is a Fortune 500 company.
* HeelRealization
* LonelyAtTheTop
* MagicFromTechnology
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Even Kandori seems horrified by the destruction his ambition causes.
-->"I...I kept climbing to the top and destroyed this worthless world. The melancholy abyss embraces me. Is ''this'' what it's like to be a God?"
* NietzscheWannabe
* OneWingedAngel: [[spoiler:Not of his own will.]]
* RedemptionEqualsDeath[=/=]DeathEqualsRedemption: A variant -- he became tired of being a god and was happy that the party had killed him. [[spoiler:As the sequel reveals, it didn't stick, much to the annoyance of both Kandori and the returning P1 characters.]]
* UnwittingPawn: [[spoiler:''Persona 2'' reveals that he was goaded onwards by Nyarlathotep.]]
* VictoryIsBoring: [[spoiler:After basically winning, he discovers having no one to oppose is him makes any further effort on his part rather meaningless, which makes him severely depressed.]]
* VillainousBSOD: [[spoiler:Despite achieving his every goal and attaining godhood, he becomes nihilistic and bored with his power. By the time your party confronts him, he's lost the will to fight]].
* WeaksauceWeakness: Both of his forms are weak to guns.


A strange little girl in black who has decided that Kandori is her father. She also uses her Compact to grant Kandori's wishes and set up Chisato as the Harem Queen.

[[spoiler:She is actually [[EnemyWithout Maki's id]], who was given form along with the other world when Maki's thoughts synchronised with the DVA System. She appeared to Kandori around two months ago, which led to Kandori abducting Maki at the beginning of the game.]]
* CovertPervert: The mall on her side of Mikage-cho, where the party can buy armor, is a sex shop, though not explicitly said to be one. [[spoiler: Given that Aki is a part of Maki, Maki might be one too.]]
* CreepyChild
* EnfantTerrible
* OlderAlterEgo: In the manga.
* TheBeastmaster: Controls demons like one.


Another strange little girl in white who appeared along with Mai. She uses her Compact Half to alter her side of the town, and hides in the Gingerbread House. [[spoiler:In the Bad Ending Route, she first attacks the party with a Monster Teddy Bear, then she makes Aki and Maki disappear into the virtual reality.]]

[[spoiler:She is later revealed to be Maki's ego and represents her innocence.]]
* ChildrenAreInnocent
* LetsYouAndHimFight: With Monster Teddy Bear. This indicates that you are on the route to the [[MultipleEndings bad ending.]]
* ThirdPersonPerson: In the Japanese version.

!!Kazuya Todou

A character exclusive to the manga. Naoya's older twin brother.

[[spoiler:He's actually the embodiment of Naoya's guilt over the death of his brother. When Naoya got sick, Kazuya went out to buy a manga to cheer him up, but got hit by a car and died.]]
* CanonForeigner
* EnemyWithout
* EvilTwin
* IdenticalTwinIDTag: His ear isn't pierced.
* TheInfiltration: [[spoiler:His first appearance. He pretends to be Naoya and infiltrates the party while the real Naoya is being held up.]]


The TrueFinalBoss of the SEBEC route. [[spoiler:She is the embodiment of Maki's nihilism. After the death of Kandori, Aki awakens Pandora in an attempt to use her against the party, but is eaten, causing her half of Maki's dream world to disappear. Pandora then steals the core unit of the DEVA System and prepares to use it to destroy everything, but is defeated by the party and is accepted by the Ideal Maki.]]
* BarrierChangeBoss: Her second form can change from focusing on (and being strong against) physical attacks but being weak to magic and vice versa.
* BishonenLine: Her second form crosses it.
* ButterflyOfDeathAndRebirth: In more ways than one. During the boss fight, she starts as a caterpillar and metamorphoses into a butterfly.
* EldritchAbomination: Her cocoon phase is a jumbled mess of fused bodies, with six legs that are actually human arms, a head that's clearly a butt and legs, and a phallic Maki rising out its chest.
* KaleidoscopeHair: See BarrierChangeBoss above. If her hair is red, she's weak to physical attacks and strong to magic. If it's blue, it's the opposite.
* PowerMakesYourHairGrow: In the manga, after [[spoiler:absorbing the Ideal Maki]], she goes from shoulder-length to RapunzelHair.
* SequentialBoss
* ShadowArchetype: [[spoiler:To Maki, specifically, the lively and optimistic Ideal Maki. It'd be no stretch to say that Pandora was the prototype to all future shadows in the Persona series.]]
* TrueFinalBoss
* WingedHumanoid: Her second form.

[[folder:Antagonists -- Snow Queen Route]]

!!Kumi Hirose

One of the previous Snow Queen victims. Under the pressure from the strains of both the Drama Club and from her father, she listened to the Snow Queen mask and killed herself. After the Snow Queen possessed Ms. Saeko, Kumi was resurrected as the guardian of the Hypnos Tower. There she was freed from all pain and had no intention of leaving until her Persona, Hypnos, was defeated by the party.
* AscendedExtra: In the manga. She's the only Guardian who gets her entire backstory exposed. In fact, Michiko does not even appear and Yuriko has only a small cameo in one panel. Heck, she has more scenes than the Night Queen!
* DragonInChief: Not her, but Hypnos is a lot more independent then most Personas, speaking out loud and fighting independently of Kumi.
* DrivenToSuicide
* [[EducationMama Education Papa]]: One of her stressers.
* [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds Woobie Hider From Worlds]]: To be fair, she was putting up with a lot of crap. Her method of hiding from it doesn't work though. Yukino admits post-boss fight that she wasn't all that bad.

!!Michiko Matsudaira

One of the previous Snow Queen victims. Feeling that she was bullied and ignored, she listened to the Snow Queen Mask and killed herself for power. After the Snow Queen possessed Ms. Saeko, Michiko was resurrected as the guardian of Nemesis Tower. Using her power, she trapped Toro and Tsutomu in the tower in order to set up a trick for the group. Her Persona is Nemesis.
* AllOfTheOtherReindeer: [[UnreliableNarrator Maybe]].
* EmotionEater: She gains power from the negative emotions of people she tortures. If you go after her quickly, all she'll feel is [[ThePowerOfFriendship friendship and gratitude]].
* EvilCannotComprehendGood: If you go for the friend choice in the decision below.
* FriendOrIdolDecision: Inflicts one. A Mirror Shard could be found along with a hint to defeat her, but if so, it would delay saving Toro and Tsutomu from their IronicHell. Also note that the longer you delay in the Nemesis Tower, the stronger she gets. [[spoiler:And you get more shards if you save them than if you don't.]]
* HumansAreBastards: Believes that humans care more for their self-preservation than about others.
* ItsAllAboutMe: Getting the Snow Queen role to discredit the Drama Club president (who "stole" her boyfriend) and trying to bribe the teachers to get better grades.
** In fact, she's so self-centered that she's the only guardian who didn't make a HeelFaceTurn after being defeated.
* NoblewomansLaugh
* TheOjou: Of the RoyalBrat variety.
* VillainessesWantHeroes: Was willing to let Brown become her "pet". He firmly rejects.

!!Yuriko Yamamoto

One of the previous Snow Queen victims. After coming to the realization that life might not be any better than it was now, she listened to the Snow Queen Mask and killed herself to retain her beauty. After the Snow Queen possessed Ms. Saeko, she was resurrected as the guardian of Thanatos Tower. Her despair from being cut off from her family and friends lead to an immense power she can use to take away the team's Personas and force them to go to Tartarus to get them back. Her Persona is Thanatos.
* CuteGhostGirl: She's more like this than the other guardians.
* DemotedToExtra: In the manga, she only appears in ''one panel''.
* EquivalentExchange: Her mantra. "If you want anything in this tower, you must give up something in return."
* HeelRealization: She realizes the error of her ways post-boss fight.
** [[RedemptionEqualsDeath Redemption Equals Not Running Away From Death]]
* KawaiiKo: An extreme case. She died in order to keep her looks.
* SchoolIdol
* TheTrickster: Keeps on stealing your Personas and sealing them in Tartarus as part of a game. Since Tartarus is where she keeps most of her Mirror Shards, it isn't nearly as annoying as it could be.
* WeCanRuleTogether: Offers everyone the chance to retain their beauty by killing themselves to be with her. Doesn't fly.
* WhoWantsToLiveForever

!!Tomomi Fujimori

The spirit within the Snow Queen Mask. She gained the role of the Snow Queen in Saeko's time. However, she let the rumor that Saeko only declined the part because of the curse go to her head and listened to the mask; once she put it on, it burned her face. She comes back for revenge on Saeko.
* DiscOneFinalBoss
* DemonicPossession
* FacialHorror: She looks like [[ComicBook/TwoFace Two-Face]]!
* GreenEyedMonster
* HeelRealization
** HeelFaceTurn: Resulting from above.
* LargeHam: At least [[EvilIsHammy when possesed.]] [[IncomingHam WHHHHHYYYY DOES EVERYONE LISTEN TO SAEKOOOOOO?!]]
* WeUsedToBeFriends: With Saeko. Onesided on her part, because Saeko still cares for her.

See Characters/PersonaRecurring.