[[folder: Kids]]
!! Leet Doom/ghastlyMeme

The protagonist and AuthorAvatar. The comic opens on him as he moves into his new, illogical house.

!! JT/theJellyjiggler

An unintroduced Kid, JT's name is only known due to an unknown person examining "Camera 2". Little is known of him from the pesterlogs.

!! Rhys Math/anvilMan

The third Kid, although introduced second. Rhys is violent and sort of ridiculous, and drew happy faces all over his walls for no reason.

!! Jon Rosen/pitifulToriko

The fourth kid, but third introduced. Jon is a strange person, and from his pesterlogs we can tell he's rather random.

[[folder: Guardians]]

!! ?????????? "Chuck Norris"

Leet's guardian, who calls himself Chuck Norris despite obviously not being him. Even though he's clearly trying to trick Leet, he's apparently been pretty harmless so far.

!! JT's mother

All we know about her is that she's rather protective.

!! Muffin

Rhys' guardian. All we know of Muffin is her name.

!! ???

We know nothing of Jon's guardian.


[[folder: Trolls]]

!! ?????? ??????/problemSleuth

An alternate timeline future Leet that became a troll. Has been talking to Leet for a bit.

!! ?????? ??????/mobsterKingpin

An alternate timeline future Rhys that became a troll. In this timeline, he learned to calm down.


[[folder: Others]]

!! Tails Doll?

A doll of Tails that is in Jon's house. Jon has no idea where it came from.

!! ???/jokinglyEvil

A mysterious figure from Leet's past. Apparently he doesn't remember her anymore.