This sheet is for the traits unique to the characters in ''Fanfic/NobodyDies''; see the main ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'' page for more details.

'''[+HERE BE SPOILERS!!!+]'''


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[[WMG: Shinji Ikari]]

''"I said that out loud, didn't I?"''

The son of Dr. Yui Ikari and the Supreme Commander of NERV, Shinji begins the story as a sixteen year old average high school student who is immediately tossed into the cockpit to fight off an EldritchAbomination. While both his parents are alive, Shinji spent the better part of his life being raised by other people, mainly his aunt and uncle, but did spend two years being raised by his godmother, Naoko Akagi. He doesn't have a tendency to get angry. Mainly because when he does get angry, bad things happen.

Shinji, as noted by Yui, isn't usually quick to make friends, but he quickly became rather taken with Asuka, openly defending her against her abusive mother, and decking the school principal when he caught him and Asuka in a compromising position (which was Rei's idea).

Following the battle with the Cherub Raziel and the damage he took while in the plug, Shinji emerged from the 400% synchronization with a fresh infusion of Lilithian genetic material. As of chapter 66, Shinji is now a Nephilim. [[spoiler:It doesn't last. In chapter 103, he loses his Nephilim traits and returns to being a normal human.]]

* {{Adorkable}} - Every single scene with him, Asuka, and the words, "I said that out loud, didn't I?"
* AlwaysSomeoneBetter - To Uriel
* BewareTheNiceOnes - He's pretty even-keeled. Should you change this, bad things will befall you. Ch. 67 reveals the reason for this: the first time he synched with Unit 01, the "anger" part of his psyche was absorbed into the Eva. In short, don't try pissing him off. That includes trying to do ANYTHING to harm Asuka.
* BigBrotherInstinct - For Ichi.
* BrickJoke - Early in the fic, when he starts spouting "Nuke it from Orbit, just to be sure!" after Shamshel's defeat, Yui makes a comment about Rei influencing Shiji's personality. ("Dear lord, she's infecting him"). Over 60 chapters later, he's a Lilithian Nephlium, which is what Rei is.
* ChickMagnet - Taken to ludicrous levels after the whole Nephilim thing. Angelic superpowers [[BlessedWithSuck aren't always a plus]].
* DidIJustSayThatOutLoud - He tends to do this when Asuka's around.
* DistractedByTheSexy -
** Asuka gets into a plugsuit for the first time. Shinji sees while walking. Cue wall.
** There's also the matter of the dropped towel.
* HalfHumanHybrid: Unit-01 had to do some...repairs after he went berserk against Raziel.
* HeroicBSOD: Hyperventilating into a bag. A RunningGag whenever the lunacy of the Ree is involved.
* InstantSedation - He gets this in ch. 36 via Asuka using one of Kyoko's recipes to make him dinner...which included a dose of [[ Spanish Fly]] that was set for Pieter. Kei also drugs him, so she can go chase Kaworu with a rocket launcher and a machete.
* MikeNelsonDestroyerOfWorlds - [[spoiler: Almost causes Third Impact when he lets Mari inside his Entry Plug.]]
* NeutralGood - Invoked [[ directly.]]
* NiceGuy - This may be related to the fact that Unit 01 absorbed the part of his persona which allowed him to get angry.
* OfficialCouple - With Asuka.
* OnlySaneMan - While the rest of the cast are far more well-adjusted overall, he stands out as being particularly level-headed compared to Rei, [[ShrinkingViolet Asuka]] and [[MyBelovedSmother Uri]]. This lasts up to ch. 80, when [[spoiler:his Ree-ishness catches up to him in a big way]].
* OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent - Much more so than canon.
* PottyFailure - Twice so far, both due to something involving Rei or the Ree.
** BringMyBrownPants - When he comes face-to-face with Zeruel.
* RelationshipUpgrade - With Asuka.
* ScreamsLikeALittleGirl
* SeenItAll - He's not jaded about the world or a smug know-it-all, but he is hardly fazed by Rei and the Ree's antics anymore. That is certainly an impressive feat. Then again, it's been suggested (at least in the forums) that this attitude may really be a sign of hidden mental trauma. They're right.
* SuperSpeed - One of his newly acquired talents as a result of being turned into a Nephilim.
* VerbalTic - As of his Reeification, he's contracted the tendency to refer to '''''babies'''''.

[[WMG: Asuka Langley Sohryu]]

''"I can fix this!"''

The daughter of Kyoko Zeppelin Sohryu and (by donation he didn't know about at the time) Pieter Sohryu, Asuka was raised for sixteen years under Kyoko's wing. As a result, she stutters, her self esteem is in the gutter, she inflicts physical harm on herself to make it look like she actually HAS been in an Eva, and somewhere along the line she developed a multiple personality disorder. Almost thoroughly broken by her mother's neglect when she is introduced, she manages to find not only something to be proud of in her tech skills as Yui's assistant, but also someone who actually makes her ''happy'' to be herself in the form of Shinji.

* ActionGirl
* BerserkButton - Do NOT f__k with Zwei.
** Ch25 has it pushed and '''hard'''
* [[CantHoldHisLiquor Can't Hold Her Liquor]] - After a few beers, she starts talking like Rei.
* CallingTheOldManOut - Chapter 43. F__K YEAH.
* GadgeteerGenius - She can fix technology like it's nothing.
** [[ This]] pic, much?
* HairDecorations: From her debut until the last third of Ch16, Asuka's hair is completely down, 24/7. In said chapter, Mari takes her out for a spa day, which is topped by the latter redoing Asuka's hair into its iconic style, complete with dummy contact barrettes sold by NERV as merchandise. This was all a gambit to get Shinji's attention. It worked. Even after she became the new pilot of Unit-02, Asuka continued wearing her dummy contact barrettes at all times, likely because she likes it.
* IdiotBall: Asuka, despite her intelligence, does not seem to understand that unknown medicines means you don't touch.
** The first time, she gets drunk off Eva-level alcohol. The second time? She comes close to poisoning Shinji.
* InsanityImmunity - Her immunity to Sandalphon's mental attack; she's used to ignoring extra voices in her head.
* NeutralGood [[invoked]]
* OfficialCouple: With Shinji.
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness - Blink and you miss it: the berserk Asuka in Ch25 catches '''Rei''' off guard, even making her nervous.
* RelationshipUpgrade - With Shinji.
* ScarsAreForever - This is, so far, one of the more horrific human-centered aspects of the fic. At some point, she flagellated herself enough to leave large scars on her back. Even worse, she used a car cigarette lighter to give herself burns on the back of her neck simulating the scars left by a contact experiment, as a desperate ploy for positive attention from Kyoko.
* ShrinkingViolet - At first, she makes canon!Shinji look positively normal in comparison.
* SpeechImpediment - A mild stutter, which has improved noticeably in line with her bolstered self-confidence.
* SplitPersonality: So far, she's shown three and a half distinct aspects:
** Woobie!Asuka -- The default; shy, insecure, stuttering, practically begging for positive reinforcement.
*** Spark!Asuka -- Her Webcomic/GirlGenius side; basically, what happens [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass when Woobie! gets hyperfocused]] rather than a true split. CatchPhrase: "I can fix this."
** "Dollie" -- [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Manifests through her doll]], using a squeaky high-pitched voice; acts as a voice of reason to counter her self-doubt and keep her semi-level emotionally, especially when she's angsting over Shinji.
** "The Great Asuka Langley Sohryu" -- First shows up during the Exalted 40K session; confident (almost arrogant), a little on the mouthy side, very close to canon!Asuka.
** Ironically, while it's normally a sign of her deep mental problems, this actually saves her from Sandalphon's mind control; she doesn't recognize its voice in her head and dismisses it. In ch. 38, her various splits take on lives of their own in Iruel's cyber-landscape to team up on Iruel. She also now bounces back and forth between singular and plural when referring to herself, especially when she's really stressed.
* TalkingToThemself
* TookALevelInBadass - So much so that it convinces the team to make her an official pilot.
* TeenGenius - Like canon!Asuka, she has a bachelor's degree. Unlike canon!Asuka, it's actually ''specified'' in what field it is (evolutionary biology), and she's very helpful to NERV staff due to her expertise, including becoming Yui's assistant.
* [[WellDoneSonGuy Well Done Daughter Girl]]: Asuka wants positive reinforcement from Kyoko as badly as canon!Shinji wanted it from Gendo, if not worse.
* WrenchWench: She is "[[Webcomic/GirlGenius good with machines]]" to the point where she can fix a broken PDA after taking a quick look at it. She then gets a CMOA in ch. 18 when she figures out how to save Shinji and Unit 01 from the Dirac Sea.
* WrestlerInAllOfUs: She takes out her [[BrainwashedAndCrazy Angel-controlled]] mom with a folding chair during her leveling up in Chapter 25.

[[WMG: Rei Ayanami]]


NERV's mascot, superhuman and with enough enthusiasm to power the ''Positron Cannon'', Rei has a tendency of [[AirVentPassageway traveling via air duct]] and [[StealthHiBye appearing where least expected]]... or wanted. In stark contrast to her canon counterpart, Rei exists on the other end of the UncannyValley, to the point where she has been nicknamed "Terrifying!Rei". Still, her friendly demeanor and exuberance almost makes one feel comfortable around her...until you open her closet door.

* AbsurdlyYouthfulMother - She's only sixteen, and yet already has four children, dubbed the Reego, by ''Unit 05''. Of course, they're actually [=AIs=] created by Iruel's LotusEaterMachine and absolutely no pregnancy was involved whatsoever.
** The children are currently depopulating Australia.
* AirVentPassageway
* AGodAmI - Not there quite yet, but that may change with Go-Kun.
* BigEater - Other characters are outright disturbed when they watch Rei eat, and with good reason: she can dislocate her own jaw for larger loads and eat her own weight in food in a single sitting.
* BiTheWay
* {{Blackmail}} - Rei's favorite way to make friends.
* BloodKnight - ''Loves'' blowing stuff up. Practically has a joygasm at Unit 05's weapons load.
* BrotherSisterIncest - It seems that only social taboo is keeping her back from Shinji. And she doesn't view it as a taboo when she finds a Shinji who is the product of a [[Fanfic/AeonNatumEngel different]] evolutionary root, despite him being a Shinji in all other aspects. Of course, the fact that she was as high as a kite, and so had dramatically-lowered inhibitions must be taken into account.
** Perhaps the most shocking revelation was that Rei has inhibitions.
* JustForFun/CandleJack: Rei's kinda like him only she- ''Heee~eey.'' [[spoiler:Oh crap.]]
* CatchPhrase / StealthHiBye - ''Heee~eey.''
** ''What'cha doin'?"
* ChaoticGood - [[invoked]] With some ChaoticNeutral tendencies.
* CloudCuckooLander
* CombatTentacles - In her Beast Of Eyes form, to gag the Cherub Zophael in Chapter 93.
* CuteAndPsycho - She'd be kind of a quirky charming if she didn't think dismembering Angels in front of new people was a great way to break the ice.
* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu: Rei, Did You Just Goad Cthulhu Into Punching Out Adam?
** [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu Did You Just Falcon Punch Out Part Of Cthulu's Soul?]]
** Rei, Did You Get Cthulhu's Autograph and Fistbump Him?
* DrivesLikeCrazy
* EldritchAbomination - She's in no way, shape, or form human, and has been explained as being created by Naoko Akagi to murder Shinji and Yui. That being said, however...
* [[DarkIsNotEvil Eldritch Abominations Are Not Evil]]: There is something distinctly ''wrong'' with Rei, but that creepiness is usually played for laughs. She's a very open and friendly person, has many sympathetic moments, drops pop culture references all over the place, and really just wants to have fun with her friends.
* ExtraEyes - Rei's Beast of Eyes form, which has only appeared twice, in Chapters 13 and 93, which has ''forty-two eyes'' (and at least ''eighteen mouths'' as well). Could also apply to Rei's human form; in ''Rei Does The Multiverse'', [[Franchise/MassEffect Mordin]] spots something in Rei's chest which ''winks'' at him.
* EyeScream - Her encounter with Kaworu caused him to ''lose his ocular virginity.''
* GenkiGirl - It's as if LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya possessed canon!Rei and decided to share her fun with the rest of NERV.
* HeroicComedicSociopath - A tamer version of this. Kaworu failed to notice the box listing her sociopathic tendencies on a psychological report, and paid for it dearly. She genuinely seems to like toying with people, judging from her {{plan}} in framing of the school's principal to ensure a school dance. She also truly loves her family and friends, reacting quite harshly when they're endangered and willing to go to great lengths to protect them.
* HeroicSacrifice - Set up by ch. 42, but ultimately subverted; instead, she and Go-Kun fought ADAM on the Earth of ''End of Evangelion'' (and [[EarthShatteringKaboom destroyed it]]) and, after a trip to the ''FanFic/AeonNatumEngel'' universe, spent some time rampaging across the multiverse.
* ImpossibleThief - She stole a 900-pound polar bear from the zoo.
* [[KnightTemplarBigBrother Knight Templar Big Sister]]: Not exactly towards siblings but friends. She is very protective when it comes to her friends. If you manage to hurt them (and she didn't kill you while you were attempting to hurt them) you are screwed so hard its not even funny.
* ManicPixieDreamGirl - A subversion that takes up these traits to ''terrifying'' levels, making her more of a Manic Pixie ''Nightmare'' Girl.
* MomentKiller - Inverted. Rei has never killed anything other than a few Angels, ''especially'' any moods. The ''author'' on the other hand, [[ has interrupted her Sexy Time with her Eva.]]
* MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily: Mentioned in Chapter 5 that her smile is notable for "showing more teeth than a human mouth should be able to hold."
* OCStandIn - As cool Rei is, if she had a different name and hair color you'd never know she was supposed to be Ayanami.
** And while she's changed over the course of the series she started out as a complete Stand-In.
* ShapeshifterDefaultForm '''Type B''' - It's been [[WordOfGod outright confirmed]] (but only strongly implied in the text of the story) that Rei can transform into various different forms apart from her human form. Two have appeared so far: one called the Angel Slayer, which appears in Chapter 3, and the other, the 42-eyed Beast of Eyes, which appears in Chapter 13). However, her true form is ''not'' her human form, has not been seen as of yet, and has [[WordOfGod been described by Gregg]] as being both "a spoiler and a worst case scenario". How so is still to be elaborated on.
* ShipperOnDeck: A trait common to all the Ree, Rei deserves special mention as it's implied that she has been planning Shinji/Asuka since she was six, and is also shipping the theoretical offspring of Toji/Hikari and Shinji/Asuka. All part of her master plan. For '''BABIES'''.
* StealthHiBye: Rei's preferred method of starting a conversation, typically from an air duct. "Heee~ey" is now widely regarded as something pants-browningly worrying to hear, moreso than "Blood Type: Blue".
* TheUnreveal: Rei and the Ree's origins and original purpose have never been fully revealed. The closest we've gotten are teasers for ch. 58, but those details really can't be trusted given the circumstances.
* TheWallsHaveEyes - Evoked with Rei's Beast of Eyes form; forty-two eyes flat against a wall, staring death into Kyoko, definitely qualifies.
* YouNoTakeCandle - In ch. 17, she lapses into WebOriginal/{{LOLCat|s}} speak when she's terrified out of her wits by ADAM.

[[WMG: Mana Kirishima]]

''"F___ing metal."''

Mana is, in this depiction, a far cry from the ThirdOptionLoveInterest RelationshipSue of old; now, she's a tough, courageous, potty-mouthed ChildSoldier and NHIS employee/product who pilots the Jet Alone Prime as part of a liaison with NERV.

* BerserkButton - Messing with people's minds, post-Iruel. She carries a lot of hidden trauma from that.
* BloodKnight - She loves fighting the Angels almost as much as the Ree like Shinji.
* BodyHorror - Mana gets hit with this a lot.
** What her Iruel-corrupted VR sim eventually becomes. Combines with JustAMachine and UnableToCry.
** NHIS [[spoiler:plans to "decommission" her after JAP fails to score an unassisted Angel kill, which would remove her more expensive parts and leave her back in an iron lung]].
** After that threat passes [[spoiler:due to pulling off a kill by herself, her success is rewarded by being displayed at a convention as a showroom girl / mannequin with her arms and legs deactivated (and occasionally remote-controlled) to prospective buyers of future models (i.e. the kind of warlords who made her childhood hell in the first place) who are allowed to feel her up.]]
* CatchPhrase
** "F___ing ''metal''."
** "Hammertime!"
* ChildSoldier - Her backstory.
* ClusterFBomb - Her dialogue is fairly salty, especially in combat, and ''especially'' in ch. 49. She really doesn't like [[VideoGame/DanceDanceRevolution DDR]].
* CovertPervert - We see this side of her in Iruel's LotusEaterMachine. It gets a little more exposure during her time with canon!Shinji.
** Evidently, [[ this may not be as new as originally thought.]] Look at all those photos.
* TheDeterminator
** Chapter 38. She knows she's going to be [[spoiler:decommissioned and dismantled]]. She knows the Cherubim will kill her. That doesn't matter: she ''always'' gets back up.
** Chapter 93. She reenacts the Black Knight scene from ''Film/MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail'' against [[spoiler:Zophael]] with her in the role of the Black Knight. Apparently, she even has weapons mounted in her legs in case someone takes off her arms.
* DynamicEntry - Does this via Jet Alone Prime from ''orbit'' against Ramiel.
* HeroicSacrifice - Subverted.
* {{Hermaphrodite}} - A very odd take on this trope. She's female, but she's mentioned that she lacks a uterus (having a hard drive with {{MP3}}s instead) but [[RuleOfFunny could impregnate another girl]].
"Cybernetics. I'm [[ComicBook/NextWave full of useful devices.]]"
* HollywoodCyborg
* JumpingOnAGrenade - How she became a cyborg in the first place. Turns out, Kaji threw the grenade, back in his anti-establishment days. [[TheAtoner And now he's her guardian as penance.]]
* JustAMachine - Her greatest fear (which Iruel plays on) and how she is treated by her owners at NHIS.
* TheLadette - Because of who and what she is, Mana has some issues with her femininity. When she sees JA-tan for the first time, she freaks out.
* LawfulGood [[invoked]]
* MythologyGag - Iruel's VR-induced fantasy turns her life into a DatingSim. Later on, she gets a moment of quality time with [[spoiler:the canon version of Shinji]].
* StealthPun - Being a cyborg in this setting literally makes her the "Girlfriend of Steel."
* TakeOurWordForIt - According to Kaji, she did ''not'' take Iruel's pseudo-MindRape well during the immediate aftermath, but we're not shown this. We ''are'' told, however, that she had to be restrained and tranquilized at least three times for her to rest.
* TranshumanTreachery - Her biggest fear inside Iruel's LotusEaterMachine. Averted like hell the rest of the time.
* WhatMeasureIsANonHuman - Existential angst about being a cyborg? Par for the course! It doesn't help that she is legally a piece of equipment owned by NHIS because she was salvaged after "death". This doesn't sit well with Yui or the rest of NERV.
* TheWorfEffect - Deconstructed. The reason Tokita threatens to "dismantle" her and JAP is because she's barely held a candle to the EVA pilots. Tokita flat out calls them "an embarrassment" to NHIS.

[[WMG: Uriel Dolheb Sohryu]]

''"I think I am the last person to get these jokes."''

Asuka's adoptive brother. Essentially Kyoko's lapdog, he is severe, stoic, and ripe for comeuppance. His comeuppance seems pretty steep, though - held as collateral by Kihl Lorenz, grappling with the fact that he's not human, being separated from his family and friends over the course of a few months, and then having his new-found girlfriend abducted after he eats a bullet to the shoulder. Eventually revealed to be a Nephilim, and a kind of-sort of clone of Kaworu.

Following Arael's LotusEaterMachine, he has been upgraded into a full-fledged Angel, a Dominion, to be more precise. Though he retains his human form, he now has the ability to fly, teleport, and manifest a sword and shield made of flame.

* BadassNormal - Technically he should be an EmpoweredBadassNormal, but for whatever reason he's no more powerful then your average US Army Private...which just makes his [=CMOA=]s that much more awesome.
* BigBrotherInstinct - His attitude towards Shinji's closeness with Asuka reflect this in spades. He may not always be nice, but he cares, dammit.
* BrotherSisterIncest - Subverted for comedy. He takes Asuka out for ice cream and, to better relate to his sister, he uses crib notes provided by [[ChivalrousPervert Kaji]], not realizing they're all pick up lines, and what they actually entail. Naturally, he's disgusted when he finds out what Kaji THOUGHT he was after. He also shoots down Mari's advances, even though they're NotBloodSiblings.
* TheComicallySerious - See his personal quote, lifted from Chapter 22.
* CosmicPlaything - The poor chap's run of luck almost verges on canon!Shinji's at times.
* DefrostingIceKing - Once people start standing up to Kyoko, he begins to move towards being a little bit more open about his feelings.
* GenderFlip - ...of canon!Asuka, at least until the previous trope starts kicking in.
* HeroicBSOD - In response to Mari's death. Bonus points for being (in)directly responsible.
* HesBack - In ch. 52, he gets into Unit-06 and defeats a Cherub.
* HalfHumanHybrid - Hinted at in ch. 29 with the references to "The Needle", as well as having partly red eyes and an angel's name. Kaworu confirms this in chapter 32 - Uri's half Angel.
* IAmAMonster - Kaworu's revelation of his non human ancestry does a number on his self-concept. Kyoko {{Bright Slap}}s him back to sense in a surprisingly tender way.
* JerkAss - Started off as one, but [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold has come down from it significantly]], especially since Mari's death.
* LawfulGood - [[invoked]]With Neutral tendencies; [[ see Word of God]]
* MyBelovedSmother
* OriginalCharacter
* PetTheDog - Taking his sister out on a date to help her feel more comfortable definitely earns him some NiceGuy points.
* PutOnABus - Uri vanished for a while, getting into a relationship with one of the maids, but came back around ch. 47.
* TechnicolorEyes - He has [[ partial heterochromia]], blue with bits of red.
* TomatoInTheMirror: He tries to pull off the reveal to Asuka. It didn't work as planned.
* TookALevelInBadass - Chapter 52. Thanks to the PowerOfLove and the PowerOfFriendship, he's able to Pilot Mark 06 well enough to liquefy a Cherub.

[[WMG: Mari Illustrious Makinami]]

'''"I am Mari Illustrious Makinami! And you will fear my LASERFACE!"'''

Another potential pilot and friend of the staff. Kyoko bitterly hates her for being the product of the marriage her husband got into after abandoning Kyoko. A bit of a tease, and very fun to be around. Oh, and thanks to a NearDeathExperience, she's now half Angel, if not fully Angel. Long story.

* BigDamnHeroes - Fused ForGreatJustice with BackFromTheDead.
* CompositeCharacter - Although Mari is from ''Anime/RebuildOfEvangelion'', her relation to Asuka takes an element from the manga adaptation: Asuka in the manga had an unnamed half-sister who appeared very briefly and didn't have a single line. [[MythologyGag It should be noted that]] that the idea of Mari being Asuka's half-sister from the manga was an EpilepticTree for ''Rebuild'', based on the similarity of their appearances.
* CoolBigSis - To many folks, most notably her biological half-sister Asuka. Kei seems to find an odd kinship with her, as well.
* EyeBeams - She discovers she's got this ability during the fight with the Israfelim.
* HalfHumanHybrid
* HauntedTechnology - What happens to her after her death for a while.
* NotBloodSiblings - Her relationship with Uri gets interesting quickly when she starts flirting with him.
* NotQuiteDead - HOORAY for becoming an Angel and the fourth MAGI computer, Mari!
* OCStandIn - Arguably, see CompositeCharacter above.
* PreAsskickingOneLiner
--> "Hello Iruel. My name is MAGI-04. My full name is Mari Illustrious Makinami. Get the hell away from my sister's boyfriend."
* StuffedInTheFridge: [[spoiler: Possessed by Ramiel, dies when the possession is broken...and then Subverted when she comes back.]]
* TomatoInTheMirror - Averted via WordOfGod, The MAGI-04 is indeed Mari, not Ramiel believing that it is Mari; just that Mari is now "a lot more than Mari". That being said, the mini-Israfels address her as Ramiel.
* TheTease - She loves flirting with Uriel, much to Mana's annoyance.
* TookALevelInBadass - She has a ''working S2 organ'', dammit! AT Fields and laser eyes are par for the course!
* TranshumanTreachery - Which is a worry, both in- and out-of-universe. The FanNickname for the "Mari Goes Full Angel" scenario is variously dubbed [[VideoGame/{{Prototype}} Mari Mercer]] or [[JustForFun/AnagramBin Mariel]].
* WhatMeasureIsANonHuman - She falls into angst while pondering this after her mother effectively disowns her. Amusingly enough, ''Kei'' seems to be able to lift her spirits with a little heart-to-heart.

[[WMG:Kirima Harisami]]

"S-so, it [Unit-02] thinks it's a d-dog? That's... um... nice."

A classmate and long time friend of Rei's. She is also Hatchi's "sidekick" (against her will). When it was decided that NERV really needed some more pilots (just in case an Eva's primary pilot was incapacitated somehow), she was brought in as the Ninth Child and Zwei's backup pilot. She's been nursing a crush on Touji for years, which he's still unaware of.

* BadAssNormal: She's quite competent in a fist fight (the Ree made sure of that), and is already adjusted to the bizarreness that comes from knowing the Ree, but doesn't have any supernatural abilities.
* BullyHunter: Used to get picked on by bullies, until Rei came to her rescue. Since then she has taken a very dim view of bullies, and if she can't handle the situation herself, well, she can always ask Rei to help out...
* CanonImmigrant: She first appeared in a fan fic prequel to the main story that has since been declared canon by Gregg.
* MoralityPet: For Hatchi. She may have forced Kiri to be her "sidekick" and put her through grueling physical training, but she cares for Kiri's well-being, and is extremely protective of her. In fact, the training was largely so that Kiri would be able to defend herself if Rei was not around to protect her.
* ShroudedInMyth: At the school, anyway. Many are frightened of her because they think she somehow "tamed" Rei. In reality she's a very nice girl who only gets snappy at times due to her exasperation with Rei's antics.
* SpeechImpediment: She stutters. This has apparently been a lifelong problem for her (even before meeting the Ree).
* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial: She is ''not'' attracted to Uriel, even if "every other girl in the school is".


[[WMG: Kensuke Aida]]

''"And it transforms! I've been eaten by a Transformer! I always knew I'd go like this! I can die happy!"''

Kensuke is just like he was in canon ''Evangelion''. That is, until Rei gets hold of him in one of the early chapters. Now, after exposure to her and the Ree, he's...well, not quite the same anymore.

* AirVentPassageway
* BiTheWay - After some consideration, is quite happy to share Shinji with Zyuu.
* TheIgor - He's one of these for Rei specifically, and anyone with the surname "Ayanami" in general.
* PrisonRape - Ever since Rei blackmailed him into friendship with the threat of this trope, it's become a RunningGag that he locks up in gibbering terror of this happening to him every time he gets in trouble with the authorities (or thinks he is).
* StockholmSyndrome - With Rei, played for comedy.
** MaddenIntoMisanthropy: Ends up very...different, after the Ree are introduced, and one does...something, to him with a turnip.
* TalkativeLoon
* ThrowTheDogABone -- At least he seems to be enjoying playing retainer for the Ree, and [[spoiler: there seems to be something developing between him and Zyuu as of recent chapters.]]

[[WMG: Hikari Horaki]]

Asuka's best friend. Spymaster of the student council. [[spoiler:As of chapter 77(108), she has been selected as the Seventh Child and is Unit-01's backup pilot.]]

* BetaCouple - With Toji...for now (see the next trope).
* CovertPervert - Seems that she's got some deeply buried feelings for Shinji that she wasn't even really aware of. In ch. 71, she acts on them. In the BeachEpisode, we get signs that she and Toji may not be exactly chaste.
* MyBelovedSmother - She tends to give Shinji this treatment. As of the latest revelations, there's no telling how this will change.
* OnlySaneMan
* OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent: [[spoiler:Until she becomes Unit-01's backup pilot.]]

[[WMG: Toji Suzuhara]]

Shinji's classmate, total lunkhead and probably one of the few normalizing factors in Shinji's life. [[spoiler:As of chapter 77(108), he has been selected as the Eighth Child and is Unit-00's backup pilot.]]

* BetaCouple - With Hikari
* BigBrotherInstinct - Has the younger sister, and could be one for Hikari's younger sisters.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold
* OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent - For most of the plot: [[spoiler:he becomes Unit-00's backup pilot.]]


[[folder:The Ree]]

In this story, instead of a tank full of soulless clones of Rei, we have the Ree: seven (see the next entry) clones of Rei, living in LCL tanks deep inside NERV headquarters, each with her own distinct - and completely insane - personality and unique version of T!Rei's signature speech pattern. Their origins are as shrouded in mystery as Rei's, and are even less explored, but their original purpose was the same as Rei's.

* ApocalypseMaiden: Before their cores stabilized, they couldn't spend too much time outside of LCL tanks, or their unstable cores could have resulted in them turning into full Lilith-descended Angels. This almost happened to Kiko and Zyuu. On the bright side, they could have [[FateWorseThanDeath ''just'' died]].
* BlackComedyRape - Poor, poor Kensuke...[[CrossesTheLineTwice not so poor]] Iruel. Kensuke thought it was 'glorious' however. Also, although it's never actually happened, this is the atmosphere of the times where Zyuu is around Shinji.
* CheerfulChild: For all their functional insanity and capacity to become [[OneWingedAngel god-killing abominations]], they've been shown to actually be very sweet...except for Kei, [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation who is only sweet if it serves her purposes.]] Mostly.
* EldritchAbomination: Just like their sister; it's been made very evident with Siyon, and to a lesser degree with Zyuu.
* EvilPlan: For kicks, each of them came up with plans to destroy NERV and possibly the world. Shinji notices that Rei's is pretty close to current events.
* FanGirl: They turn into this when Shinji is around. They also appear to be fangirls of [[Franchise/CthulhuMythos Nyarlathotep]]; Rei gets his autograph for them.
* MoralityChain: They all serve this purpose for Yui. Yep. EldritchAbomination Morality Chains.
* NoSocialSkills - The Ree grew up in a virtual reality simulation while their bodies were stored in Terminal Dogma (where they also grew up, albeit less then in the VR sim), and as such know very little of things like social graces.
* [[OnlySixFaces Only One Face]]: Well, they are genetically identical, after all.
* QuirkyMinibossSquad - All the Ree have their little quirks, to the extent that they've been given the FanNickname of [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid REEHOUND]].
* ShipperOnDeck - They ''all'' ship Shinji/Asuka... with the possible exception of Zyuu.
* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial: To canon!Shinji:
--> "So you're all sisters?"\\
"Yeah, totally not clones."\\
"And definitely not six clones of your mother. Seriously."
* TranshumanTreachery - What will happen if any of the girls go full-Angel due to spending too long out of containment.
* TheUnreveal - ...regarding their origins and purpose; some details have been leaked, but the real truth is still out there somewhere.
* WeHaveReserves - They are the reserves for Rei. Subverted in that Yui (and the rest of NERV) care about them as individuals instead of replacements.


The most touchy-feely of the Ree. Has a tendency to wear pink. Also described as ''Sohryu-sexual.''

* GeniusDitz - Well, all the Ree are geniuses, thanks to their human side, but Kiko is...well, she's the ditz of them.
* TheGlomp - This is her favorite tactic.
* [[HoYay Les Yay]] -
* MotorMouth - Her talk with her Shinji, when she broke out on her own to spend time with him, showed that she was quite eminently one of these, and also gave us examples of her...
* SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud


Often found wearing a French maid outfit, speaking in bad French, and being generally French. And, oh yes, trying to have sex with her half brother. [[spoiler:During Arael's dream, she gets caught up in a plot of Lilith which would have turned Shinji back to normal and instead becomes {{Depower}}ed into a normal human, much to her dismay.]]

* BrotherSisterIncest - She ''ree~eeaaally'' likes Shinji.
* FluffyTamer - She has a (virtual) giant three headed wolf that she rides, although this trait hasn't seen much screen time compared to her other...proclivities.
* FrenchMaid - Her standard getup ([[ here's]] a close approximation); by association:
** EveryoneLooksSexierIfFrench - She likes to talk in French... [[BilingualBonus most of said conversations being rather dirty]] (see ch. 41).
* GenerationXerox - [[spoiler:Post humanization, she is a dead-ringer for teenage Yui.]]
* [[spoiler:HumanityEnsues - Lilith accidentally turns her full human when she messes up Lilith's plan to fix Shinji. It manages to stick outside of Arael's dream, much to her dismay.]]
** [[spoiler:{{Depower}} - A source of much angst as she's not used to human frailties and limitations.]]
* {{Omniglot}} - Sort of. She's memorized Google Translate, which means she can speak dozens of languages, but [[BlindIdiotTranslation only as well as machine translation can]]. It makes just as much sense in context.
* SingleTargetSexuality - All Shinji, all the time. Incest is her "thing." (Along with liking animals, but not ''that'' way.) In recent chapters, however, [[spoiler:she seems to also be developing feelings for Kensuke.]]



The most Orky of the Ree. Worships explosions. Knows how to make ''suns.''

* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: Her tendency to get bored really easily leads to lots of distractions, which feeds into everything above.
* BeyondTheImpossible: Just as good as, if not ''better'' than the pilots at making physics her bitch. She achieved a solid-state fusion reaction ''with a cup of hot chocolate.''
* BoisterousBruiser - [[WordOfGod Word of demi-God]] (Gregg's co-writer kreuzritter) is that [[ she is]] [[ very much like]] Apocalypse!Rei from ''FanFic/ShinjiAndWarhammer40K'', which makes her CatchPhrase even more of a ShoutOut
* MoreDakka[=/=]StuffBlowingUp - These are her ''calling''. Yes, even more so than Rei. Her one time piloting Go-kun convinced Yui to ''never'' allow her and any of the other Ree to pilot an Eva again.


''"Very scientific. Like experiments. Kei doesn't. More of a theoritician.''"

The scientific, experimentalist Ree, Iti has her own lab, works with the botanical teams at NERV-1, and generally stays quiet. Much to everyone's surprise.

* BeleagueredBureaucrat - Averted, like her father. Both enjoy the quiet and orderly task of administration, and she volunteers to help him out at one point.
* ForSCIENCE - Averted, in that she likes ''actual'' science and not the MadScience that Kei does.
* InHarmonyWithNature - As much as a Ree can be; she's got a green thumb, and takes care of Kaji's watermelon patch when he's away.
* LethalChef - She makes cucumbers smell like ''fear'', according to Shinji.
* {{Malaproper}} - Her tendency to mutilate the language just makes her Ree-dialogue more perplexing to outsiders. Of course, it also aggravates Kei.
* OneNoteCook - If you want something vegetable-based, you're in luck...
* [[PowerPerversionPotential Vegetable Expertise]] - ... or not. Unless you're Kensuke, who [[DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale seems to consider]] it lucky.

[[WMG: Siyon]]


The most ninja-like of the Ree. Hides everywhere. Even right now. Maybe she's right behind you. Seems to be taking an interest in Uri.

* {{Expy}} - In K9thefirst1's alternate future side story about Yomiko, she has basically degraded into [[ComicBook/{{Watchmen}} Rorschach]].
* [[KnightTemplarBigBrother Knight Templar Little Sister]] - ...described as "almost murderously protective of Shinji." This has recently been extended to include all the other Ikaris in the story.
* MobileShrubbery - Frequently uses a tree as a disguise.
* [[IntelligenceEqualsIsolation Ree-ishness Equals Isolation]] - She's the least deprogrammed of the Ree, which leads to everything above, and she knows it. Social situations really aggravate her natural tendencies, so she isolates herself to keep them in control.
* StealthBasedGame - This is the lens through which she views her life.
* TykeBomb - By [[WordOfGod Word of demi-God]], [[ she is the closest to the Ree's original function]].

[[WMG: Hatchi]]

''"I'm Ostrachina the Ostrich Fairy!"''

The most hobby-ish of the Ree, Hatchi's ''thing'' is ''doing stuff.'' And making other people do it, too.

* TheAce - She believes that, as a bioengineered demigoddess, she ought to live up to that potential. Shame how base humans just can't keep up, ins't it?
* ActionGirl
* {{Ballet}} - One of her favorite, long-term hobbies.
* TheGunslinger - It is...unsure where the trait came from in canon, given that it was introduced in a non-canon crossover with ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid'', but it seems to be true.

[[WMG:Kei Ayanami]]

''"Perhaps I should be nicer to you for longer periods without trying to maim, kill, psychologically destroy or otherwise harm in matters mental, physical, or social."''

Unlike her siblings, Kei takes after Yui as opposed to Lilith, and thus is cool and calculating...or, at least, tries her hardest to be. [[UncannyValley That doesn't make it better.]] Taken [[ captive]] by SEELE after a little "incident" where she took over one of the NERV satellite bases and held Toyko-3 hostage, she was stabilised by them, for use as a potential asset. After a brief, and unsuccessful period as one of their Nephilim minions, along with Kaworu, who [[SheIsNotMyGirlfriend she does not]] have a [[MindGameShip ''thing'']] with (she totally does), she was sent back to Toyko-3 as a [[KickTheDog message]] that Kihl had. Currently back in Germany and living with Kaworu.

Apparently, she is the Sixth Child. Exactly how this will play out is yet to be seen.

* AbsurdlyYouthfulMother - Like Rei, Kei has several "children" AIs, [[FanNickname dubbed The Keiworu]]. ''The Kei Files'' introduces them, and it's revealed that she made them herself using her own mental profile [[FoeYay and Kaworu's]]. WordOfGod has it that there are hundreds of them. One of the Keiworu took over Eva MP-1 to aid Uri against Shateiel. This was incidental, however, to it protecting Kaworu, who was in Unit 06's Plug as well.
** As of the current point, one of the Keiworu is serving as Unit 04a's AI, and another 9 were custom-made for the MP Evas. The Nine are... [[CuteChild not what might be expected]].
* {{Adorkable}} - A rare female example. Her awkwardness with people and abortive plots are what make her adorable. It's why she and Kaworu are so cute together.
* {{Angrish}} - Subverted. Because ''Yui'' does this when truly annoyed, Kei has ended up with the impression that the made-up words her mother spouts are the worst profanities which exist, and so uses them when really annoyed.
* AscendedExtra - WordOfGod is that ''The Kei Files'' convinced Gregg to make Kei much more prominent than was originally intended.
* BadassInDistress - She's still SEELE's hostage. Taken to a new level in chapter 47, when Kihl Lorenz shoots her.
* BelligerentSexualTension - With Kaworu. As of chapter 49, it may be approaching {{{{Yandere}}}} levels.
* BiTheWay[=/=]CovertPervert: Overlaps with SingleTargetSexuality and BrotherSisterIncest. Unlike some of her other sisters, neither Shinji nor Asuka really do anything for her...but a threesome with Shinji ''and'' Asuka? That just gets her all hot under the collar.
** Normally though she only has eyes for Kaworu, even if he does ignore her for her identical twin sister most of the time.
* BrainsAndBondage - She LOVES to make Kaworu squirm. Such is the volition of a genius.
* BrokenBird - A pretty textbook example of this trope.
* CreepyChild - The most sinister of the Ree; WordOfGod has it that she is the one with the canon-style voice.
* CharacterizationMarchesOn - Just compare her first appearance in Chapter 19, where she is just one of the Ree whose [[PlanetOfHats hat]] is [[EvilGenius acting like a Reeified Bond Villan]], to the later, {{Tsundere}}, savvy, unRei-like (though still with Reeish tendencies) character.
* DefrostingIceQueen - A little heart-to-heart with Mari proves that she's really bad at being evil and manipulative; ch. 70 makes it even more obvious. She is, however, terribly sweet to people in bad straits.
* DespairEventHorizon - Chs. 68 and 69 pushed her up to that point.
* EnigmaticMinion - She's now joined Kaworu in the "Enigmatic Nephilim Minion of SEELE" group, but is certainly not properly loyal to them.
* EvenEvilHasStandards[=/=]VillainousBSOD - Kei runs a simulation (the side story ''Everybody Dies'') in which she and the MP Evas try to kill ''everyone'' in NERV, including Rei, to perfect her plan to actually do so. On the 230001st try, she gets it right...and is far more emotional about it than she realized was possible.
* EvilGenius - Very [[TheChessmaster genius]], very [[ManipulativeBastard evil]]. Or is she?
* FreakOut - She does ''not'' take the truth of Ichi's origins well, especially given her neurosis about whether or not she's TheUnfavorite, coupled with her thinking [[AllOfTheOtherReindeer her sisters don't like her for being "Booooo~OOOOOrrrrring."]] It really doesn't help that she seems to have all the neuroses and personality issues that should result from being raised in VR which her sisters lack.
* FreudianExcuse - She's jealous of Rei for being able to be free while she has to be cooped up with her crazy sisters. She resents "Little Mommy" Yui for treating Rei as a favorite.
* GenerationXerox - It has been observed by people in the thread (and [[ confirmed]] by the author) that Kei's relationship with Kaworu has a certain resemblance to a younger Yui's with Gendo. Also, as Shinji says, "You really remind me of Mom."
* GenreSavvy - She quotes the [[ Evil Empress]] list at Kaworu.
* GetAHoldOfYourselfMan - She pulls this on Yui after seeing that Yui, when she's stoned[[note]]a result of Gendo trying to tranquilize her[[/note]], starts acting like Rei/the Ree. She also tries to clarify Yui's activities with Pieter in New Vegas.
--> "YOU!" [=*WHACK*=] "ARE!" [=*WHACK*=] "NOT!" [=*WHACK*=] "LIKE!" [=*WHACK*=] "THEM!"
* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor - Try and figure out whose side she's on. We '''dare''' you.
* HeIsNotMyBoyfriend - Said, explicitly, in Chapter 63...and then promptly made false.
* HeroicSacrifice: Subverted in ch. 70.
* KickTheDog - Subverted. More than once, Kei has gotten ready to deliver a BreakingSpeech given to her by Kihl only to find herself unable to muster up the cruelty to follow through in the face of her targets' vulnerability.
* KickTheSonOfABitch - Her giving Kihl what he deserves.
* KnightsAndKnaves - One of the puzzles she sets Kaworu. She cheats. Both doors have something bad behind them; one has a [[BeeBeeGun hive of hornets]], while the other has a [[BearsAreBadNews sexually aroused polar bear.]] [[TooDumbToLive He falls for it twice.]]
* [[KnightTemplarBigBrother Knight Templar Little Sister]] - For all that, personality-wise, this is Siyon's trait, in practice it's Kei who comes closest, considering that she's saved him twice, the first time causing one of the very few "on-screen" human deaths in [[IronicEcho ''Nobody Dies'']]. Messily. [[ShotgunsAreJustBetter With a shotgun.]]
* LackOfEmpathy - She is remarkably cool about tearing apart virtual clones of herself. That being said, the end of ''Everybody Dies'' seems to prove [[SubvertedTrope that she's not as cruel or as cold as she'd have you think]]. The main story has proved this even more.
* MadScientist - Just like Yui. Awww. Which ties into...
* MadScientistsBeautifulDaughter - Subverted, and possibly even inverted. She may fit the physical characteristics, but she's rather lacking in the whole "innocence and naivety" bit, and, well, considering her "''thing''" with Kaworu, that may, in fact, be the wrong way around.
* MidSeasonUpgrade - Kei's core gets stabilized by SEELE. Whether or not this is going to bite SEELE in the ass remains to be seen.
* [[ManipulativeBastard Manipulative Bitch]] - As the story's progressed, she subverts this pretty hard. She's tactical, sure, but her adeptness at manipulating people's emotions are limited to computer programs and [[NoSocialSkills Kaworu]]. She fails heartwarmingly when she plays at manipulator with other people.
* MinionWithAnFInEvil - Which makes her [[{{Adorkable}} all the more appealing]]. Discussion in the thread has suggested that, in the ND multiverse, she is the only Ree who's never managed to sucessfully cause Instrumentality, because she chickens out every time.
* [[DaddysLittleVillain Mummy's Little Villain]] - Kei is arguably one for Yui.
* [[OnlySaneMan Only Sane Ree]] - She ''thinks'' she's this, of her sisters. Evidence suggests that, actually, her craziness is just more subtle.
* PetTheDog - Her little heart-to-heart with Mari about being human. Funny in that it was intended by the BigBad to be a KickTheDog moment.
* PickYourHumanHalf - Subverted: this is part of what makes her so dangerous.
* RelationshipUpgrade - With Kaworu.
* ShipperOnDeck Overlaps with BiTheWay (see above). In short, she's one of the people pulling for Shinji and Asuka to be together, even if she does have her own reasons for doing so.
* StrikeMeDownWithAllOfYourHatred - She all but says this to her sisters in ch. 69.
* ThenLetMeBeEvil - ''Tries'' to pull this off. But then she remembered that she [[MinionWithAnFInEvil failed that course]].
* [[TokenEvilTeammate Token Normal Ree]] - And it comes to a head at the worst of times too. She's also the only Ree who has actually, explicitly, on-screen killed a human. Twice.
* TriangRelations - [[ A Type 5]] for most of the story. Kei likes Kaworu, but he doesn't look at her like that (she's a (somewhat scary) [[FoeYay rival/friend]]), and is instead after Rei for the actual sex. As of Chapter 63, we have a resolution to this. Probably. [[MurderTheHypotenuse And no Hypotenuses were hurt.]]
* {{Tsundere}} - Kei [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation ''might'' have this going on with Kaworu]]; on the other hand, it might just be a ploy to play to expectations. It's...kinda hard to tell with her.
* TheTalk - She asks ''Shinji'', of all people, to explain "boys" to her. Mari does it better.
* TheUbermensch - If you accept the ''Everybody Dies'' FanFic / [[ExpandedUniverse EU Story]], Kei sees herself as this.
* TheUnfavorite - She sees herself as this. ''[[ Everybody Dies]]'' runs with it.
--> ''I demand that Dr. Ikari declare I am her favorite.''
** Yui and Rei's overjoyed reactions to her return to Tokyo-3, and Yui's recent declaration that she is, in fact, her favourite, helped temporarily abate this... until Little Mommy's [[ConsummateLiar habits]] proceeded to bite her in the backside ''hard''. Ch. 70, though, appears to have set things back to an even keel.
* WrongGenreSavvy - Fundamentally, this is her problem. She'd fit a ''lot'' better in a more cynical series, or at the very least one where RuleOfFunny was less dominant. In fact, compared to her sisters, she views the world [[TabletopGame/{{Paranoia}} Straight]], while the rest of the Ayanamis are much more [[TabletopGame/{{Paranoia}} Zap!]].

[[folder: Mecha and AI Constructs]]
[[WMG: Evangelion Unit 01 / Ichi Ikari]]

''"It's alright. We had today, didn't we?"''

Ichi is the AI of Unit 01. Her origins were kept vague for a long time, but were finally revealed in ch. 67 - she was Yui's unborn daughter Rei, absorbed into Unit 01 before Yui aborted the contact experiment. Yui has thus treated Ichi like her actual daughter, to the extent that the date of the contact experiment is celebrated as her birthday. Ichi sees herself as a brown-haired, blue-eyed, six-year old girl, who looks a lot like a younger Yui. She really enjoys getting out and about in the Geofront (often taking [[AllAnimalsAreDogs Zwei]] for a walk) in the artificial avatar bodies converted from Rei-dolls by Asuka, and so will be getting one which actually looks like her.

[[spoiler:Since having a rather literal heart-to-heart talk with Shinji, Ichi has developed into a True Evangelion, and thus is now called Evangelion '''Mark''' 01 rather than Unit-01.]]

She is adorable. So very, very [[CheerfulChild adorable]].

* BadassAdorable - A god-killing abomination with the personality of a little girl? SQUEEEE!
* [[BecomeARealBoy Become A Real Girl]] - Chapter 66 - Dreams come true!
* BerserkButton - You ''don't'' touch her Evangelion-scaled birthday cake. Because if you do, and she finds out, [[HumongousMecha Ichi]] has a ''tantrum''.
* BigEater - Technically. She is a big girl, after all.
* CheerfulChild - Ichi is one of these, of [[Manga/AzumangaDaioh Chiyo-chan]] proportions.
* ChildrenAreInnocent - Simply because of how Iruel's treatment of Ichi caused posters to ''bay for his blood''. She isn't aware of the anatomical differences between boys and girls yet, either.
* EldritchAbomination - Just like in canon!Eva, the lower half of Lilith's body was used to create Unit 01's body.
* EnemyWithin - Shinji's anger is a part of her body.
* GenkiGirl
* PoweredByAForsakenChild -
* HeroicBSOD:
** After seeing ADAM and her MindRape by Iruel.
** Even worse at the start of the Fourth Season. The effects of the Raziel fight are still being dealt with.
* MoralityPet - For Shinji and Yui
* NeutralGood - [[invoked]] Just like her pilot (and sort-of-brother), she's just plain ''nice''.
* OnlySaneMan - Well, more like "Most Normal of Yui's Daughters". And she's the sixty metre god-killing cyborg abomination.
* RobotGirl - Well, sorta.
* [[HesBack She's Back]] - Chapter 75: '''[[BerserkButton GET AWAY FROM MY MOMMY!]]''' -begins [[CurbstompBattle curbstomping]] Lilith. However, its not until chapter 86 that she fully snaps out of it.
* SpoiledSweet

[[WMG: Evangelion Unit 02/"Zwei"]]


Zwei is the AI of Unit 02, with the intelligence and personality of a large friendly dog. First emerging when Asuka synchs with Unit 02 to fight Sandalphon and becoming more aware following the Iruel fight, he is quite attached to his pilot. Of course, the bigger the dog, the bigger the bite.

* [[AllAnimalsAreDogs All Giant Angel-Cloned Robots Are Dogs]] - Well, their AI's at least.
* BerserkButton - Played literally when its Beast mode is activated. Also, do NOT hurt Asuka. You will regret it.
* {{Expy}} - ...of Dug from ''WesternAnimation/{{Up}}''.

[[WMG: Evangelion Unit 05/ "Go-kun"]]

'''"Life is the right of all sentient beings."'''

The AI of Unit 05, aka Go-kun, was created when Rei, for lack of a better term, impregnated the Core of Provisional Unit 05 with herself. Now a mix of [[VideoGame/{{Fallout3}} Liberty Prime]], [[Franchise/{{Transformers}} Optimus Prime]], and [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Kamina]], Go-kun is Rei's giant robot partner in delivering beat downs and drilling for Great Justice.

After coming out of The Dream, his EldritchAbomination arm brought back from ''FanFic/AeonNatumEngel'' went berserk, and the other pilots were forced to destroy Unit-05. Go-kun's intelligence survived, and while a new Evangelion body is being built, he's spending his time as Misato's car.

* [[CallingTheOldManOut Calling The Mad Scientist Out]] - a heated argument with ANE!Ritsuko.
* {{Determinator}} - He doesn't take [[spoiler:being whipped soundly by Zeruel]] well at all, and replays the battle over and over in simulators trying to figure out how he lost.
* DynamicEntry - Does so to Iruel in the VR sim.
* {{Eagleland}}: At first, it is seemingly a type 2 Eaglelander ''Giant Robot.''
--> [[VideoGame/{{Fallout3}} "Communism will not be tolerated. Democracy is non-negotiable!"]]
* HumansAreFlawed - The position it holds in the argument with ANE!Ritsuko, who [[BlackAndGreyMorality disagrees.]]
* PutOnABus - It was shuffled offstage for several chapters (explained as having exhausted his N2 reactor after multiverse-hopping with Rei).
* SamusIsAGirl - ...and she's '''lesbian'''. Apparently attracted to JA-tan, nonetheless!
* SpotlightStealingSquad - [[WordOfGod Purposefully averted]]. Study that personality combo above. Now, consider what things might be like if he was given more of a speaking role.
* StandardFiftiesFather - Somehow, it's this kind of figure to the Reego, despite being an ambiguously gendered combat synthorg made from ''Rei's'' mental imprints. It even has a pipe and tweed cap.
* ThisIsADrill - Unit 05's right arm is a giant, Eva-scaled combat drill. Used to EPIC effect with a special drill in her Dirac armory.
* TranquilFury: As of Chapter 29, And remember...Terrifying!Rei is in control.
* YouShallNotPass: Chapter 68 against Zeruel.

[[WMG: Evangelion Unit-04/"Four-Chan"]]

'''"Guests. At last."'''

The [[FourIsDeath always doomed]] Eva, the one that got destroyed during an S2 engine experiment. Turns out that it was sucked into the Dirac...along with every other Unit 04 in the multiverse that suffered the same fate. After spending an unknown amount of time in the Dirac, Four-chan has gone insane, developed split personalities, found religion (not in a good way), and built a cathedral entirely out of the dormant bodies of other Unit 04s.

* AlienGeometries - Four-Chan's Magical Castle.
* AxCrazy
* BodyHorror - Four-Chan's Magic Castle and everything in it are made of ''every Unit 04 in the multiverse''.
* ExpressiveMask - Subverted. The faces ''do'' have some movement, but in order to change expressions it changes faces. [[TransformersGeneration1 Older readers may catch the]] ShoutOut.
** [[Anime/TransformersEnergon Somewhat younger ones as well.]]
* GodGuise - Yui Ikari is a god. End of discussion.

[[WMG: Evangelion Mark 06]]

'''"Evangelion, Mark 06: RISE."'''

The most advanced Evangelion unit and one of the True Evangelions, the Mark 06 is piloted by Kaworu Nagisa. The Mark 06 is, in fact, a being called Kyoji, or the Moon Giant, an Angel-like entity found on the Moon and subsequently armored up in Evangelion restraints.

* TheAce - Implied to be a physical god capable of doing anything, should his pilot command him so.
* SuperPrototype - '''True''' Evangelion, kids.
* LukeIAmYourFather - With Kaworu and probably Uriel. Zeruel refers to him as "half of Kaworu's soul".

[[WMG: Unit 00 / Naoko Akagi]]

''"I've been real busy. Being dead. Because you murdered me."''

The discarded Core of Unit 00, which may not be completely ''dead.'' Far from it, in fact.

Is now back on the NERV staff. And conducting Science!, as she does.

* AxCrazy
* DeadpanSnarker
* HauntedTechnology
* IWasToldThereWouldBeCake / TheCakeIsALie
--> "Well, your mother lies to you. She's always lied to you. She lies to everyone, including herself. And all the cake is gone."
* UnreliableExpositor - And you thought Yui was unreliable...

[[WMG: Jet Alone Prime/JA-Tan]]

''"Biolink established. Meta Encapsulated Granule Awareness System: ONLINE."''

Built by NHIS, Jet Alone Prime is an entirely mechanical alternative to the Evangelions when it comes to fighting the Angels. Armed to the teeth, carrying a massive hammer (code named Sigmar) into battle, it stands fifty feet taller than its Evangelion counterparts and is a pure brawler. Following the attack by the Cherub Rampel, however, Prime has undergone Synthesis, creating a virtual intelligence based on Mana's subconscious, nicknamed JA-Tan. Go-kun has a thing for her.

JAP was totaled in the battle against Raziel, and its remains were subsequently destroyed. In ch. 70, Mana deploys in a new weapon called the Reetron, which has the same boot-up sequence as JAP; it remains to be seen how much similarity there is between the two. Meanwhile, JA-tan was transferred to an Evangelion Core, as was confirmed in chapter 74. However, we still have to wait until we can see her in action.

* BackFromTheDead - She was destroyed by Raziel, but has recently been rebuilt as a fully functional EVA.
* BewareTheNiceOnes - Is extremely polite, innocent, and somewhat demure. However, even she has a breaking point, and when passed will give you a ''massive'' verbal [[GoshDangItToHeck witchslapping]]. Then she hits you with the [[SonicTheHedgehog Piko-Piko Hammer]].
* DamselInDistress - JA-tan spends most of the time at Ichi's 12th birthday screaming and being useless.
* GoshDangItToHeck - JA-tan gives an epic example in ch. 84.
* HasTwoMommies - [[spoiler:Thanks to the fact that the Synthesis works she is the daughther of Kyoko and Mana]]
* RealWomenNeverWearDresses - [[invoked]] Mana can't believe that an AI based off her subconscious could be so '''girly'''.
* ShoutOut:
** Is there any other reason why Meta Encapsulated Granule Awareness System can be abbreviated into [[WesternAnimation/MegasXLR Megas]]
** The more obvious ShoutOut would be that she is a [[VideoGame/MegamanZX Megaman]] If this were a Japanese fic, It would probably be the "Rebirth Of Crystallized Knowledge System"
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness - NHIS tries to pull this on both Prime and Mana.

[[WMG: The Reego - Una, Duae, Tres and Ivy Ayanami-Gogoki]]

Originally produced by Iruel to create a fantasy world for Rei, Go-Kun saved them from the deletion of the rest of the simulation. Yui was more than a little surprised by the sudden appearance of grandchildren, even if they were Artificial Intelligences, and so there was no general consensus of what to do with them, although Maya did find them adorable. They spent some time harassing [[ButtMonkey Lieutenant Aoba]], before Kensuke persuaded them to go off and cleanse Australia, which had been a hellhole since Second Impact. They are succeeding admirably.

The Reego will take over and control any technology they can get their manipulators on, hence their practical appearance varies, with some of their favourite bodies including {{Spider Tank}}s and Rei Dolls from NERV's merchandising department, which in their hands more resemble Franchise/{{Terminator}}s. In virtual space, they think of themselves as little blue-haired, red-eyed girls, between the ages of 6 and 7, with four spider-like mechanical legs, and extensive cyberisation. Like, in fact, a hybrid of their parents.

Now confirmed to be Iruelim.

See @/EarthScorpion's fic ''[[ ND: Six AIs, One Continent]]'' for all the gory details of their adventures in Australia.

* BodySurf - They're AI programs, not attached to a single form, and so drop in and out of robot bodies, rebuilt cars, and {{Spider Tank}}s as needed.
* DieForOurShip - [[invoked]] Their former treatment of JA-tan, because their Daddy has a crush on her.
* EasyLogistics - Subverted. They actually have trouble keeping in enough ammo and repairs for all their bodies, and have to scavenge a lot in the remnants of Australia.
* EvenEvilHasStandards - The Reego are horrified and infuriated by what the Keiworu did to the SEELE personnel they discovered (see the next section).
* {{Expy}} - They originally started as references to the [[Franchise/GhostInTheShell Tachikoma]], albeit...[[IncrediblyLamePun Reefined]].
* InnocentInaccurate - They believe every time an entry plug is inserted into an Evangelion, the person and the Eva are having sex. That means they're under the impression that not only are Rei and Go-kun (their parents) having regular sex, but so are [[BrotherSisterIncest Shinji/Ichi]], [[ScrewYourself Mana/JA-Tan]], and [[ComedicBestiality Uri/Zwei]].
* [[LegoGenetics Lego Cybernetics]]: They have a certain "plug and play" attitude to components that shouldn't really work.
* PathOfInspiration - Two different groups have started worshipping the Reego. The refugees have begun to worship them as their saviours, but there's also a group of giant, sapient spiders who have begun to follow Tres, after one of her spider-tanks killed their leader.[[FridgeBrillance When you realise that]], as Rei and Go-Kun's children, they're effectively sort of ADAM and Lilith's grandchildren, maybe the worship is justified.
* RobotGirl -
* RobotWar - A subversion of the normal example; they're the inexorable (unless they get bored...or distracted) robots, advancing on the organics of Australia, while setting up refugee camps and feeding the humans they find along the way. There's a full-on version of this at the end of Chapter 12, as the Reego march on Baraqiel.
* ShipperOnDeck - For Rei & Go-kun, their Momma & Daddy, respectively. They [[DieForOurShip hated JA-tan for this reason]], until they found out she wasn't interested in Go-kun.
* SpiderTank - Some of these were stolen from NHIS by the girls. They have customised them. A lot.
* TomatoInTheMirror - They have one of these lurking in their future. They're not AIs, like they, and everyone else, thinks they are. They're Iruelim.
* ThemeNaming - 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively, in order of age. That being said, while the others' names are Latin numerals, Ivy's name is based off the Roman numeral IV on her chest and the lucky coincidence that "Ivy" can be a name.

[[WMG: The Keiworu]]

Through a series of [[MadScientist highly unethical procedures]], Kei Ayanami managed to copy her own mind while captive by SEELE, then strip those minds back to infanthood. Continuing with that general theme of lack of ethics, she then blended them with neural data she stole from Kaworu, and the Keiworu came into existence. They are dedicated subversion and control intelligences, fanatically devoted to their mother, and more than a little [[CreepyChild sinister]]. There are [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} 151]] in the "wild", according to SEELE documents. 00-Em A9 and 02-Ef A9 are currently hanging out with the Reego, and at least one has been seen being ordered by Kei to take over Evangelion MP-1 to aid against a Cherub.

Raised in fasttime in the Geneva MAGI, the Keiworu are little boys and girls who look like hypothetical offspring of Kei and Kaworu, with their features and hair colour indicating the proportional blend of the two that went into them. Those with more blue in their hair are more Kei-based, while grey indicates Kaworu; most are some shade of blue-grey. Their ages vary between about 4 and about 9; 02-Ef A9 and 00-Em A9 look about 5.

As with the Reego, 00-Em and 02-Ef's adventures in Australia are detailed in ''ND: Six AIs, One Continent''. Meanwhile, as of Chapter 83, many of the others are getting to know their Uncles. And 03-Em B7 is getting to be Grandma's Little Helper. Given that the grandmother is Naok00...

* {{Adorkable}} - 00-Em, to Duae. Considering that they were produced from the neural templates of Kei and Kaworu, this can be taken to be a general trait.
* BigBrotherInstinct - 00-Em is ferociously protective of his sister and her well-being.
* BodyHorror - 02-Ef. In your brain. Using it as a processor.
* BodySurf - Just like their "cousins", the Keiworu can use robot shells as they want. This takes a whole new level of disturbing, when 02-Ef works out how to download herself into the physical brains of GEHIRN's cyborg soldiers, wiping their minds and using the bodies as puppets.
* BreakTheCutie - What SEELE's experimentation did to them
* CanonImmigrant - They were originally introduced in ''The Kei Files''.
* CreepyChild - They're produced from Kei and Kaworu. That was always an inevitability.
* CreepyMonotone - Well...yes. It's their default state, although they ''can'' express emotions, and are actually sweet around each other.
* DaddysGirl - 02-Ef A9. Or, perhaps, [[spoiler: [[FanNickname 02-Efiel]]]].
* DeathSeeker - 02-Ef (see MyGodWhatHaveIDone below).
* EldritchAbomination - [[spoiler:02-Ef's final form; even Tabris can't think of a way to describe it since something like that's never existed before.]]
* ElegantGothicLolita - 02-Ef likes this fashion. It's blamed on the Kaworu influence.
* IllGirl - 02-Ef is thinking herself to death due to data bloat, and the only way that she can really avoid it will be to go [[TheSingularity seed-AI]].
* MrFanservice - ... well, in training. Give 00-Em A9 ten years, and he'll probably be hitting every single Qualification given in the trope page.
* [[DaddysLittleVillain Mummy's Little Villains]] - The Keiworu are very much this for Kei. We're dealing with things that find it distressing that the world's N2 arsenal is proof against hacking, and want to help their cousins, the Reego, take over Australia so the territory will be more useful when Kei takes over the world.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone - 02-Ef realizes, long after the fact, that her and 00-Em's impressions about the SEELE personnel they killed (mainly that they weren't human) were totally wrong, and is ''horrified'' at what this means.
* PayEvilUntoEvil - 00-Em and 02-Ef discover a survival bunker full of SEELE personnel, and deal with front of the personnel's children.
* ThemeNaming - The numbers and letters which make up their name are very logical. Keiworu are produced in batches, and given an identifier based on their gender-self image, consisting of a number, and either "Em" (M) for male, or "Ef" (F) for female. Hence, 02-Ef A9 is the 3rd female in Batch A9.

[[WMG: The Nine/Mass-Production Evas]]

Physically the [[FanNickname Harpies]] from ''End of Evangelion'', Gregg took a hint from ''[[ExpandedUniverse Everybody Dies]]'' and had Kei insert into each one one of a single batch of Keiworu. But instead of killing machines they are...''different.''

* BadassBookworm - Beta seems to take studying very hard, practising with her sword during down-time
* CheerfulChild: Yes. All of them. Especially '''[[ OMEGA]]''', in fact, she may give Ichi a run for her money.
* [[spoiler:DreamApocalypse]] - [[spoiler:They only existed in Arael's dream world, so when everyone woke up...]]
* GenerationXerox - Epsilon ''loves'' being in a powerful new body, almost a little too much. Why is isn't this so worrying? She wants to impress her mother...
* LarynxDissonance: '''OMEGA''' has the ego image of a four- to six-year-old girl. She talks like ''[[ THIS]]''.

[[WMG: Evangelion Unit 04a / Almacia / 05-Ef A0-Test]]

The sixth Keiworu to be made, Almacia is a subjectively-four-year old, blue haired, red-eyed [[ little girl]]. She was selected by Kei to be the AI for her Evangelion, as a way of cheating to increase her Synch Ratio, as Almacia is incredible Kei-heavy for a Keiworu, and so should have come "pre-synchronised" to a certain degree. Compared to her sisters in the MP Evangelions, she's cold, vaguely malevolent, and talks back to her mother all the time.

Evidence suggests that Kei may have failed to consider what "little girl very similar to her" involved.

* ChildrenAreInnocent: [[invoked]] Played with. She may be vaguely malevolent, but she also finds things like '''kissing''' to be {{Squick}}y
* CreepyChild: She's a malevolent Rei-look-alike, who's asked Kei to be allowed to eat Kaworu so she can grow her own S2 Organ "because the [=MPs=] have them".
* {{Expy}}: She looks exactly like, and act a fair bit like, the canon Rei I. She has even referred to Kaworu as a "disgusting ogre", and that's only a short distance away from "old hag".
* GenerationXerox: Explicitly. She's so pure-Kei by Keiworu standards that Kei suddenly has a very good idea at what Yui feels like when interacting with her.
* MouthyKid: She takes after her "mother" in this.
* PrecociousCrush: On Kaji.
* ThemeNaming: Almacia is one of the blades made by Ogier the Swordsmith. Other blades made by him include [[Franchise/{{Halo}} the Curtana]] and [[VideoGame/{{Marathon}} Durandal]]. Given that she chose the name, she's probably aware of this, too.


[[folder:NERV staff]]
[[WMG: Yui Ikari]]

''"Welcome to NERV. God's in His Heaven because He's afraid of our superior firepower."''

Director of Project E, mother of at least nine children and several who see her as a mother figure, Yui Ikari changed the timeline when she decided to abort the Contact Experiment in 2005. Since then, she has run NERV and Project E with a velvet glove, ensuring that the Scenario will go according to her plan. What that plan is, on the other hand, we have no idea.

* {{Angrish}} - As her temper flares her ability to speak coherently goes down the tubes.
* ConsummateLiar - She's extraordinarily benevolent. Just don't expect a straight answer about any part of the Evangelion Project, or her family history.
** You know you've got it bad when the {{Enigmatic Minion}}s are more trustworthy than you.
* ConvenientlyCommonKink - Yui gets turned on by Gendo being a ManipulativeBastard.
* ForWantOfANail - The Contact Experiment. She chose one way, her canon counterpart chose the other.
* GuileHero - She and Gendo have scheming down to an art form.
* HornyScientist
* MadScientist - In her own words, she is one. She's never prided herself on being completely, boringly sane.
* MamaBear - A combination of this and...
* [[ManipulativeBastard Manipulative Bitch]] - More diplomatic than Gendo when doing it, but still true; see WhatTheHellHero below.
* MoralityChain - Implied by way of FridgeLogic for Gendo. Because she lived, he remains a fairly decent (if crafty) person. Apparently she encouraged her delinquent husband to loosen up a bit more, and making him more CrazyAwesome rather than just crazy.
** She has the Ree and her family as her own chain.
* MyBelovedSmother - While it's motivated mainly by her desire to protect her children, Yui has a bad tendency to mollycoddle Ichi, and her constant lying about the truths of NERV's secrets to Shinji doesn't help.
* NotSoDifferent - She has moments like this with Kyoko, but her interactions with canon!Gendo really bring this to the fore.
* SurveillanceAsThePlotDemands - Yui sees all, and often phones to comment on it. One wonders when she sleeps or gets any research done.
* UnreliableExpositor - WordOfGod says that for her lying is as easy as breathing, and she does it often.
* WhatTheHellHero: She gets this from Pieter over the hypocrisy of watching Shinji and Asuka getting busy through the security cameras then being upset with Shinji for it.

[[WMG: Gendo Ikari]]

''"I've often gone by the idea that 'Supreme Commander of NERV' roughly translates into 'Yui's sounding board.'"''

The Supreme Commander of NERV and more importantly the husband to the director of Project E. Gendo has, over the years, developed into a brilliant administrator and commander, even if no one really believes he is the true power of NERV. That just lets him get away with more, because everyone's watching Yui, instead.

* BerserkButton - ''Never'' insult Yui in earshot of him. The results are not pretty.
* BunnyEarsLawyer - He's a brilliant administrator, just a bit odd.
* ChessMaster - In his more beneign manipulations, this includes escape plans just in case Yui gets angry.
* CloudcuckooLander - This may be the cause of Rei's tendencies. It's like the author took out all the evil of canon!Gendo and replaced it with family values like roleplaying games. Apparently we have Yui to thank for this.
* ColdSniper - That Trident mecha should've known better than to f__k with his son.
* CombatPragmatist - Gendo will never hesitate to hit you where it hurts.
--> "Remember. Soft targets. Nose, crotch, knees, elbows and throat."
* DeathEqualsRedemption - [[spoiler:Canon!Gendo in the last you see of him. "God damn you. Get away from my son!"]]
* DrivesLikeCrazy - You'd almost think Rei got it from him somehow.
* {{Geek}} - He's a game master while babysitting the pilots. And from the sounds of it, this isn't the first time he's done it either. And his GMPC is a bard.
* GuileHero - Making him a much more nobler than his canon counterpart. He does the ManipulativeBastard shtick mostly because it turns Yui on.
* HenpeckedHusband - While we almost never see Yui actually ''browbeat'' Gendo into doing something, that's probably because he's simply too smart to ever even ''think'' about objecting when she tells him to do something.
* {{Kuudere}} - While his professional image is still stoic and distant, it's balanced with genuine compassion. You can tell this Gendo is a different man from ''Evangelion'' canon when he offers comforting words to a distraught Asuka after she comes into conflict with her mother.
* TheManBehindTheMan - Gendo likes to joke (yes, Gendo ''jokes'') that his job as commander of NERV is to sign off on whatever budget proposals Yui needs for her latest project. He also takes care of any dirty work that she can't be seen to be involved in, from being her leg breaker to things far worse.
* TheMultiverse - All the elseworlds versions of him are what ground Yui, despite their various moral discrepancies from the version of her husband SHE knows.
* PapaWolf - You know he's come a long way from canon!Gendo when he [[ColdSniper snipes]] a Trident-class mecha which was threatening to take Shinji's head off. There's also how he handles the guy who [[spoiler:attempts to date-rape Asuka]].
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech - Delivered to [[spoiler:canon!Yui]] once he finds out she's [[spoiler:in canon!EVA-01's core]].
* TheStoic - The only NotSoStoic moment he's had to date was when [[spoiler:Yui left for canon!Universe]] and he was left contemplating suicide.
* TheTalk - He hilariously fails at this with [[spoiler:canon!Shinji]].
* WorldOfCardboardSpeech: [[spoiler:To Canon!Yui in Canon!EVA-01's Core]]
--> "The difference is, you both looked into the abyss. And when the abyss looked back... You ''blinked''."

[[WMG: Misato Katsuragi]]

''"I love it when a plan comes together."''

An altogether more stable version of her original counterpart, she is über-competent in her job as Operations Director of NERV. She's generally the go-to person if you don't want to deal with the Commander and his wife about anything NERV related. Can also fight a super soldier to a standstill.

* BadassBoast - What Misato says to ADAM just before she shoots him with the positron laser.
* CoolCar - The same Renault Alpine from the original series gets abused all over again.
** Only to wind up destroyed in a battle, and replaced with a [[TopGear Pagani Zonda]]
* {{Expy}} - As the entry quote indicates, Misato has taken on some aspects of [[Series/TheATeam Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith]].
* FriendToAllChildren
* HardDrinkingPartyGirl - Just like the original series, albeit less severe.
* HeroicSacrifice - Subverted in chapter 17. Are you noticing a pattern yet?
* JustAsPlanned - Chapter 54.
* MamaBear - Misato is ''very'' protective of Asuka. Kyoko finds this out the hard way.
* OneOfTheKids - A more positive spin on this than in canon: She's able to bond with the kids better because of her goofy side, while still being able to get her shit together and do grownup things as necessary.
* ThePlan- Chapter 54, again.
* TookALevelInBadass - She pilots Go-Kun. Bricks were shat.

[[WMG: Kyoko Zeppelin Sohryu]]

''"She has you here for her reasons, and I will remind you the only reason '''I even brought you over''' was out of doing a favor to her '''son'''."''

The German/Japanese head of NERV-2's branch of Project E, Kyoko came over with Evangelion Unit 02, her adopted son/pilot Uriel, and her daughter Asuka, who after sixteen years was reduced to a stammering, nervous wreck. Since then, Kyoko has come to realize when your daughter's best friend is ''Rei Ayanami,'' you quickly gain perspective. Sometimes upside down in Terminal Dogma.

* AbusiveParents: This fic will, at first, make you hate Kyoko worse than you ''ever'' hated canon!Gendo. As Gregg put it:
--> Anyone raised by Kyoko Sohryu has to come out of it somehow scarred. She's the maternal equivalent of the storming of Normandy Beach.
** We learn in ch. 46 that she was physically abused by her mother.
* TheAtoner
* BrokenBird - A particularly spiteful example.
* DeadpanSnarker - Even though [[KickTheDog her wit is cruel]], you can't deny its timing is brilliant.
* DefrostingIceQueen - Learning the full extent of Asuka's mental problems has made Kyoko open up a lot more. Also, the end of ch. 46.
* DrowningMySorrows - She'll probably need to join Alcoholics Anonymous before too long. Her drunken excursions fuel both a couple of KickTheDog moments and a few PetTheDog moments.
* EarnYourHappyEnding - Chapter 46: Quoted by Misato almost word for word as Kyoko and Asuka reconcile after the reality jumping arc.
* FreudianExcuse - Turns out her own mommy wasn't sunshine and roses, either. Makes her reaction to Asuka's scars a lot more visceral now, eh?
* HeelRealization - See the MyGodWhatHaveIDone entry below.
* HornyScientist - Her coping mechanism for the stress at work seems to be nailing her ex-husband. Things get interesting when she's separated from him by a parallel universe.
* IWantGrandkids: Says this word-for-word in Ch. 62.
* InformedAbility: Has a ''Nobel Prize'' [[ArtisticLicenseAwards in Psychology]] but is blind to the extent of the crippling damage she's done to Asuka and thinks it can be simply "fixed" later.
* {{Jerkass}} -> CharacterDevelopment -> JerkWithAHeartOfGold
* MamaBear - After she reconciles with Asuka. When Claire insults Asuka, Kyoko sets Claire's hair on fire.
* MarriedToTheJob - Her rationalization for her terrible family situation.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Her initial inebriated reaction to Asuka's scars. [[JerkAss She soon gets over it and starts blaming Asuka]]. She has another moment of this when she learns the full depth of Asuka's problems, and this one actually sticks.
** [[CallingTheOldManOut Calling Herself Out]]: After seeing the damage that canon!Kyoko did to canon!Asuka by going through with the contact experiment even after knowing what it did to canon!Yui.
* OnlySaneWoman - To be fair, this trope was aways present to a degree, just massively overshadowed by the insane amounts of bitchiness. Now that she's managed to compose herself more she's basically proven herself to arguably be the most mature, if emabarssingly blunt, of the adults.
* PetTheDog - Getting into a depressed drunk stupor with her ex-husband after learning of Asuka's self-mutilation. Also, admitting to having failed as a mother certainly helps soften your place in the fandom. She got a minor moment in ch. 28 when she saved Kiko's life.
* TheScrappy - Both in-universe and in the fandom, although she eventually overcomes this.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: As the story's progressed, she's been revealed to be, rather than evil or malicious, simply '''incredibly''' bull-headed about putting her work on Unit 02 before all other concerns, with the mindset that once the Angel crisis is wrapped up, she can take care of everything else that she needs to.

[[WMG: Pieter Sohryu]]

''"Yeah, well, you know how it is. God's in His heaven, and you are here."''

The father of Asuka and Mari, Pieter was brought over to replace Subcommander Fuyutsuki when the old professor retired. Quickly realizing that just because he's the second in command of NERV on paper does not actually translate into actual authority, he has had a combination of walking on eggshells and awkwardness when he reignited his relationship with his ex-wife, Kyoko. Well, that and his daughter becoming the new controlling intelligence of the MAGI. Currently friends/bros with Wuffles.

* AboveTheInfluence / HeroicWillpower - He displays these in full force in ch. 69, when he manages to overcome Lilith's MAKE BABIES psychic commands in order to stop a mind-fragged Yui from seducing him. Why'd he do it? He never wanted to betray Kyoko again.
* BadAssNormal - He's [[strike:turning into]] become one as of facing off against Sandalphon prime.
* BenevolentBoss - While not at the top of NERV's chain of command, he is out-and-out one of the most kindly of NERV's head scientists.
* {{Expy}} - WordOfGod is that Pieter has an uncanny resemblance to [[Series/BabylonFive John Sheridan.]]
* HornyScientist
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure - So much so that he takes over from Gendo when Yui & the cast go to the [[MirrorUniverse canon!Universe]].
* PapaWolf - He's come to regret his treatment of his children, and tries to make amends through whatever means he can. Do NOT fuck with the pilots if you value your continued existence.
* WhatYouAreInTheDark - He is more than willing to admit how bad of a parent he is. He still carries on, admitting his failure honestly and trying to make the best of his situation.
* WideEyedIdealist - He has '''such''' faith in human nature. He married Kyoko, for Lilith's sake!
** Claire Makinami isn't much better, as witnessed in Chapter 53. Kyoko seems to think trying to redeem and/or screw difficult women is his hobby.

[[WMG: Maya Ibuki]]

''"Honestly, I have no idea how Rei destroyed the Sub Commander's car with a squeaky mallet."''

The [[OnlySixFaces Shinji-lite]] Bridge Bunny, and the only female among them. She has a poorly-hidden crush on Ritsuko.

* ClosetKey - For Ritsuko.
* CoolBigSis - she has elements of this to the Ree
* CovertPervert - Some of those products from the NERV Merchandise Division are rather...suspect.
* TheHeart - Like in canon, she's the most well-adjusted and down-to-earth member of the cast. How down to Earth is she? She babysits '''Rei''' and simply thinks the girl is "full of energy, and just needs to try some crafts".
* LipstickLesbian - Well... ''[[ForegoneConclusion yeah.]]''
* RelationshipUpgrade - With Ritsuko.
* SingleTargetSexuality - WordOfGod says that she's "Akagi-sexual," with all the genderbending attraction issues -- or lack thereof -- that implies.

[[WMG: Aoba Shigeru]]

The long-haired, rock-loving, nihilistic Bridge Bunny. The universe seems to hate him. Often tagged for "much worse duty."

* ButtMonkey - Moreso than canon!Shinji ''ever'' was.
* RealMenLoveJesus - The various events of the fic have made him find religion, because "he desperately wants to believe that he has a soul." It's also because he doesn't believe he's going to be living that much longer, what with him being Rei's driving instructor and the Reego's 'special friend.'

[[WMG: Ryoji Kaji]]

Misato's ex-boyfriend, a FormerTeenRebel and a triple agent. Mana's legal guardian and buddy.

* BigBrotherMentor - To any of the male cast who have issues with women. HilarityEnsues.
* CasanovaWannabe
* MustMakeAmends - Why he insisted on becoming Mana's guardian.
* MyGreatestFailure - Throwing the hand grenade which crippled Mana.
* PapaWolf - Where Mana is concerned.

[[WMG: Ritsuko Akagi]]

The smart girl on the Eva staff and go-to person for technical stuff. With Gendo officially taken in this continuity, Ritsuko has found herself looking at more...curvy individuals.

* AdaptationDyeJob - She gets blue hair later on.
* RelationshipUpgrade - With Maya.
* [[TheSmartGuy The Smart Girl]] - She's not at Yui's level, but she's still got brains in her head.
* StupidSexyFlanders - The sight of Maya in a plugsuit brought this upon her, helping her come to terms with her sexuality.


[[WMG: Kihl Lorenz/SEELE 01]]

''"I take no pleasure from doing this, but we must set precedents."''

The head of SEELE, and - by definition - a very dangerous, very clever person. Currently [[strike:debilitated from a stroke that has left him almost completely immobile, but still dangerous]] dead (supposedly; knowing this series, maybe not) as a result of being suffocated by Kei; while most of the cast now believes he's dead, he still nearly brought all of NERV-1 crashing down with just two emails.

* BigBadEnsemble: If ADAM isn't, '''HE''' sure as hell is.
* CatchPhrase: "ExactlyAsPlanned!"
* GodOfHumanOrigin- His stated motive, according to[[ Word of Gregg]]
* HandicappedBadass - After a stroke, he is paralyzed, bedridden and at the mercy of a vengeful Kaworu. The entire cast is still frightened of his machinations.
* KarmicDeath [[NotQuiteDead Uh... maybe.]] You could say he deserved it after Kei suffocates him with a pillow in Chapter 74. Then again, knowing Kihl, it's entirely possible that he isn't truly dead.
** [[spoiler:As of Chapter 102, he's alive and kicking. [[MindScrew Maybe.]] ]]
* KickTheDog - Shooting Kei with a bullet made of Longiunus Lance-stuff is one way to prove you're a prick who means business.
* YesMan: In Gendo's opinion, he is this to Yui.
-->'''Gendo''': ''Kihl licks my wife's sneakers like everyone else does''.

[[WMG: "Old" SEELE 05/Xavier Spencer]]

''"Do not presume I do not have ninjas at my command."''

CEO of Nippon Heavy Industries Services (NHIS), the creator of the Jet Alone Program and Mana's boss/owner, Spencer is SEELE 05, a drinking buddy of Fuyutsuki, and a man who spends his free time trying to figure out how to vandalize the moon with a laser. Will kill for a good suit.

* AffablyEvil - Despite being a villain, his entrance (via having Jet Alone-5 punch through a window to deposit him) is remarkably civil.
* DroppedABridgeOnHim - His SEELE monolith goes active after Kasuhito mentions "the dreadful business." [[spoiler:Turns out Kozo pulled a little wet work on him and took his place.]]
** [[spoiler:DisneyDeath - During Arael's dream, a backup copy of him was uploaded in Mark-09. We don't know whether that "stuck" or not yet.]]
* JerkAss - This sets in when we see how he treats Mana.

[[WMG: "New" SEELE 05/Kozo Fuyutsuki]]

''"What JV bullshit. They don't even have squeaky mallets."''

The former Sub-Commander of NERV HQ, now retired. Recently got to re-enact ''Film/DieHard'' in New Vegas. After assassinating Spencer, he took his position in SEELE.

* AirVentPassageway - Someone else who picked up Rei's habits.
* CoolOldGuy
* CovertPervert - His office, as discovered by his successor, has a trap door with a hidden bed and a hidden switch in his desk that caused it to shoot out lubricant from the underside.
* KavorkaMan - Thanks to his position at NERV.
* RetiredBadass - Once killed a Cambodian warlord with a sharpened stick covered in poo.
** Retired CombatMedic - He then proceeded to string up the corpse of said warlord near his clinic[[note]]he was working as a doctor for third-world survivors of Second Impact at the time[[/note]] as a warning to future troublemakers.
*** [[CombatMedic Remind]] you of [[Franchise/MassEffect anyone?]]

[[WMG: SEELE 06 / Katsuhito Ikari]]

One of the friendlier members of SEELE. This isn't saying much. Apperently quite into machines. As revealed in Chapter 53, his true identity is Katsuhito Ikari, Yui's father and kickass scientist in his own right, as well as the chair of the Marduk Foundation.

* AffablyEvil
* Creator/ChristopherLee - His appearance, according to WordOfGod.
* MadScientist - By WordOfGod
* TheMatchmaker
* [[LukeIAmYourFather Yui I Am Your Father]]

[[WMG: SEELE 07]]

A particularly snide member of everyone's favourite secret conspiracy.

* JerkAss
** FrenchJerk
* TooDumbToLive - For being among the higer-ups of the most powerful organization on the planet, this guy doesn't seem to get that "Insult About Wife" + "Guy Who Used To Get Into {{Bar Brawl}}s Regularly" = "Very. Bad. Idea."

[[WMG: Annette Ikari]]

''"More tea, Dr. Sohryu?"''

The maid who tends to the Makinami residence. She's possibly involved with a relationship with Uriel...or she may just be a stooge planted by SEELE for purposes nefarious. She's still saving herself until marriage. Revealed to be Yui's niece, who was sent to be Kaworu's friend.

* BewareTheNiceOnes
-->"I'm going to wake up Mr. Nagisa," she says, and pushes off, floating towards Kaworu, "Hold on."\\
She floats over to him, gently taking him by the collar. Almost tenderly, she places her hand on the side of his face, the other hand on his shoulder...\\
And then she knees him between the legs as hard as she can. Uri throws up a little in his mouth as Kaworu's eyes open with an almost inhuman scream, and the timer disappears.\\
"That did it!"
* DeadpanSnarker
* DefrostingIceQueen - Turns out she used to be a real JerkAss when she was six; she's grown up a lot since then though. Perhaps playing nanny to an EldritchAbomination helps cool the temper a bit.
* DoubleAgent - For NERV
* EnigmaticMinion - How loyal is she to Kaworu? Uriel? Kihl? Auntie Yui?
* ExtremeDoormat - Her subservience is implied to go far beyond a simple requirement of her job. It also appears to be all an act.
* GroinAttack - Her favoured method of reviving an unconscious Kaworu.
* HappinessInSlavery - She's been bought and sold several times to a few different owners, yet still seems to be relatively fine with her lot in life.
* [[LukeIAmYourFather Shinji, I Am Your Cousin]]
* {{Meido}} - Part and parcel of her given career.
* MoralityPet - Implied by Greg to be one for Kaworu.
* MyGirlIsNotASlut - She may be getting on romantically with Uriel, but she's not going to sleep with him until matrimony. She was just joking at the time...
* {{Tsundere}} - If Shinji's testimony means anything, she's quite possibly a VERY hard-nosed type A who only does the dere-dere for Uriel and his brother. Then again, both Shinji and Annette were young kids at that point.
* UncannyValleyGirl - It is subtle, but Kyoko finds there are a few things ''off'' about her.

[[WMG: Claire Makinami]]

Pieter's second ex-wife, and Mari's mother. A lesbian, a bitch and an agent of SEELE.

* DeadpanSnarker
* DoubleEntendre - She and Kyoko have a delightful little bitch-off in her introduction, which carries over into their family dinner.
* JerkAss
* KickTheDog - Calling Mari, her daughter, a monster. ''To her face.''
** KickTheSonOfABitch - She didn't seduce Pieter out of love or even lust. SEELE believed that both Pieter and Kyoko could produce Pilots, and having them produce a single one between them in a given timeframe was a waste of material. So, once Asuka was born, they ordered Claire to use Pieter to produce Mari. She was JustFollowingOrders - and she rubs this in Pieter's face.



[[WMG: Zophael/Zophie Sohryu Shikigami]]
"I am Zophael. What are you?"

The fifth Cherub, Zophael ran from the fight with Zeruel and since then has been developing intelligence. Taking a human form-which was, incidentally, copied from Asuka during the BeachEpisode, Zophael resembles a 14 year old Asuka. More importantly, she apparently has a giant hate-on for Shinji, causing Misato to label her as being a "lovely shade of ''tsundere.''" [[spoiler:After giving up on this tactic of learning about the Lilim, she ends up pissing off Uri and getting run out of NERV before Rei suggests that she can continue her observation by pretending to be a cat.]]

* BitchInSheepsClothing - She's sweetness and light in front of Kyoko but a complete bitch to everyone else when Kyoko's not around.
* ConstantlyCurious - The girl is ridiculously curious. She is "the Spy of God," after all.
* [[spoiler:CuteKitten - Thoroughly exploits this after blowing her role as Sohryuu and enjoys it much better because of how much she gets pampered.]]
* [[spoiler:DroppedABridgeOnHim - She's rather unceremoniously killed off by Misato and Go-kun after Arael's dream ends. Maybe. Touji obtained a new cat named "Sophie" right beforehand that reacted rather intelligently to the whole situation and that one would almost swear murmured back a happy reply to being told that she was "a Kitty."]]
* {{Expy}} - Of Canon Asuka
* HairTriggerTemper - It does not take much to set her off. At all.
* JediMindTrick - [[spoiler:The discovery that she's been using this (and causing mild mental damage) is what sets off Uriel and the rest of NERV to treat her as an enemy. Oh, and it jams Mana's BerserkButton. After escaping, she keeps using this to maintain her disguise as a Kitty.]]
* {{Tsundere}}
** Oh ''God'' yes. So heavy on the "Tsun" and so light on the "Dere", in fact, you'd be forgiven for thinking she doesn't qualify as a {{Tsundere}} at all.
** Chapter 93, which is mostly about her, is titled "Weaponized Tsundere."
** [[spoiler:Leads to her blowing her disguise as Zophie the Kitty when Mari warns all the girls (including the cat) off from Shinji as his irritation with Ichi triggers his Anti-AT field.]]
--> [[spoiler:"F_ you, I don't even like him!" Zophie yells back, paws on the table. The dice drops from Mayumi's hand. Everyone freezes, and slowly looks over to the table to the cat sitting in Mayumi's lap.]]
--> [[spoiler:"Crap," Zophie says, "Uh...Meow?"]]
* VoluntaryShapeshifting - A griffon-like creature seems to be her default Angelic form, but she's also been a copy of Asuka, a cat, [[TopGear The Stig]] and his car, and a tractor-trailer truck.

[[WMG: Kaworu Nagisa / Tabris]]
''"You don't need to know my name. In fact, you never saw me, or my agents here. And you'll let us pass."''

Everybody's favorite albino, with more scheming plots and [[StalkerWithACrush untraditional views on romance]].

* {{Adorkable}} - When he's not doing the CreepyChild schtick, his ineptitude is awkwardly endearing (if mildly cringe-worthy).
* [[AffablyEvil Affably Morally Ambiguous]][=/=]NiceGuy - While the evil part is arguable, he is incredibly polite, well spoken and borderlines on genteel (when he's not trying to seduce Rei).
* AllMenArePerverts - He has several backup plans prepared for having the Angels 'win' after bringing about [[AssimilationPlot complimentation]] of his most cherished ones involves nailing Rei and/or her siblings.
* AmbiguouslyGay - While he only has eyes for the Ayanamis, he does come off as very effeminate, to the point where other characters would have sworn he only liked men. Zeruel does not believe it to be ambiguous.
* BelligerentSexualTension - With Kei. Although his biggest JerkAss moment to Kei appears to be more in line with [[NoSocialSkills complete ignorance of her feelings]] and [[JustFriends seeing her as an equal]] as opposed to a lover, than being an actual prick. She teaches him quickly enough.
* BewareTheNiceOnes - Chapter 56. He goes f__king BERSERK on anyone he suspects of having kidnapped Annette.
** Chapter 65: He tells Kihl that [[CruelMercy killing him would be merciful]] compared to what he wants to do at that moment.
** Chapter 103: He is FURIOUS with Arael. [[spoiler:Having nine of your beloved children revealed as nothing more than a dream can do that.]]
* BigBrotherInstinct - For Uriel, of all people. Also: do not f__k with Annette. He turns on Kihl for this.
* BishieSparkle: He tries to use this on Rei. It doesn't work.
* ChronicHeroSyndrome - Observers in the spacebattles thread have noticed that he seems to be defining himself more and more by saving people, first with the angels, then with his family, and - most recently - An entire convention center of innocents.
* ConvenientlyCommonKink - He definitely shows some masochistic tendencies. Kei seems like the type who is all too willing to oblige in helping him experience new sensations.
* DeceptiveDisciple[=/=]BastardUnderstudy - Despite being very obedient of Kihl Lorenz, he is beginning to appreciate emotions like love and friendship. He may '''just''' not turn out to be all that loyal after all. With Kihl suffering a stroke and at the mercy of medical professionals, this may still pan out...
** As of Chapter 67 he is effectively taking Kihl's position on the SEELE council. However, given that Kihl's plan involved him dying, and he makes it completely aware in a discussion with Yui that he was AWARE of this, the chances that he was ever particularly loyal to Kihl are incredibly slim.
* DistractedByTheSexy: When reading Rei's dossier, he missed her psych profile because he was too busy looking at her photos.
* EnigmaticMinion - Just like in canon!Evangelion, only his plans are FAR more fleshed out. So far, he's played for the following factions: NERV (Gendo & Yui), SEELE (Kihl Lorenz), Kei Ayanami (she's one of the Ree, although whose side she is on is also unclear), ADAM of the Angels, AND his Angelic bretheren (after ADAM's entrapment in the Dirac Sea).
* [[FirstGirlWins First Boy Wins]] - He's a beneficiary of this, as the first unrelated male that Kei has spent any time around. It pays off for him (unexpectedly) in Chapter 63.
* GeniusDitz - He's an equal intellectual match to Kei. Too bad he doesn't have the whole Common Sense thing down.
* GroinAttack - On the receiving end of one these by Annette.
* IdiotBall - His repeated attempts to... "court" Rei.
* JackBauerInterrogationTechnique - With Uri's help when Annette is kidnapped.
* JerkAss - He comes off a bit like this at first, although not terribly heinous compared to Kyoko. For his first few appearances, he doesn't show enough of a HiddenHeartOfGold shown to really make him overly sympathetic. Probably a [[TheChewToy good thing]], really.
** He does get one fairly sincere PetTheDog moment: He's clearly concerned about [[EvenEvilhasLovedOnes Kei's wellbeing]] after she is shot.
** Likewise, several throwaway lines (particularly in Chapter 49) suggest that at least some of it may be a result of [[HanlonsRazor cluelessness]] rather than malice. As mentioned below, social skills were not high on Kihl Lorenz's list of priorities for his ward's education.
** Kei sums it up nicely in Chapter 63:
---> I have come to the conclusion you are not malicious, just an idiot.
* ManipulativeBastard - Poor Uriel is practically eating out of the hand of that maid Kaworu sent him.
** It's looking far more likely that he's just clueless with people.
* NoSocialSkills - Raised by Kihl Lorenz, he's had a complete liberal education, speaks half a dozen languages, but has absolutely no understanding of how to carry on a conversation with normal people. Luckily, he's found himself a "nice" abnormal girl.
* OminousPipeOrgan - His introductory scene at the end of chapter 6.
* RelationshipUpgrade - With Kei.
* SingleTargetSexuality - Rei and her sisters. Apparently the hormones of a teenaged boy can make even {{Eldritch Abomination}}s a little stupid sometimes
* StartOfDarkness - According to[[ Gregg]], Tabris' plan for the new Iruelim counts towards this. Paradoxically, he also says [[ this wasn't villainous, per se, merely narrow-minded]]
* SuperpowerLottery - Aside from the typical Angelic properties of regeneration, AT-Field generation and the ability to communicate to other Angels by way of mind-speak, he won BIG. The ability to influence the free will of those around him? CRAZY.
* TheTalk - He requests this from '''Shinji''' of all people, once he realizes he doesn't know how to talk to people normally, let alone how to court women. Why Shinji? Because according to a "reliable" source, he and Asuka were doing it like animals on the Discovery Channel.
* TooDumbToLive - Trying to seduce Rei TWICE is not a good idea, especially when the first time she brushed you off [[EyeScream things got messy]]. It's a GoodThingYouCanHeal, Kaworu.
** In chapter 48, he's trying to make advances for the '''third''' asking '''Gendo''' for '''permission'''.
** [[invoked]] In Chapter 49, we see the hand-gestures as Rei explains to Hikari what she did to him. Toji is rather {{Squick}}ed by the implications.
** In Chapter 63, he mentions to Kei that he was going to ask her if Rei would be interested in another date. One hand, the fact that he actually reconsiders it means he is ''slowly'' learning. On the other hand, the fact that he mentioned it to her...ouch.
* WellDoneSonGuy - According to Kei, he feels a duty towards the care of Kihl Lorenz, regardless of the lack of warmth between the two.
* WildCard - His loyalty appears to be with the Angels, but with ADAM gone, how far that loyalty extends is something to be determined.
** [[ Word of Gregg]][[note]]spoilers follow the linky[[/note]] says that his main goal is keeping the Angels from becoming extinct.
* YouLookFamiliar - Mari confuses him with Uri during a psychic dream sequence.

[[WMG: Iruel]]

'''"Let me tell you how much I've come to hate you Lilim over the past week."'''

The Angel of Fear, and an utter bastard and sadist. He's attacked the pilots more than once, and has proved extremely difficult to kill...sort of. It turns out that, while the real Iruel was eventually eaten by [=PenPen=] and apparently killed, a portion of him hiding in the AI network that the Reego used was able to preserve his mind and personality. Said portion is now in the hands of Tabris and the other Angels.

* AGodAmI - [[spoiler:Invoked upon partial complimentation with a dead Cherubim.]]
* DrivenToMadness - A key part of his original plan. The Ree eventually do this to him with the help of Website/FourChan.
* {{Expy}} - [[Film/TheMatrix Agent Smith]]. Tell me you can't see it when he makes his return.
* Literature/IHaveNoMouthAndIMustScream - It has been decided that the "official" voice actor would be [[ Harlan Ellison]], who wrote the short story, and voiced AM in the 1995 video game based on it.
* KarmicDeath - While not quite death, Iruel's entire MO revolved around MindRape, and the last time we see him, he himself is being subjected to MindRape [[spoiler:by Arael as punishment for his constant failures]].
* KickTheDog - What he did to Ichi.
* LargeHam - It takes a very, ''very'' special breed of writer to turn an EldritchAbomination into one of these, but Gregg manages it.
* LotusEaterMachine - This is essentially what he turns the MAGI into as part of his attack on the pilots.
* ManOfWealthAndTaste - In his own eyes anyway. He actually quotes the first four lines of the TropeNamer as part of his BadassBoast.
* MindRape - His specialty mode of warfare. The Ree one-up him on this in a [[CrossesTheLineTwice hilarious way]]. [[spoiler:Now, he's at the receiving end again, from Arael]].
* OmnicidalManiac - After getting tortured by the Ree and later merging with a Cherub corpse, he turns into this.
* PrisonRape - [[spoiler:Always a good fate for a disgusting villain.]]
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge - Thanks to the Ree's inventive [[ImageBoards tortures]], he has gone from being merely disgusting to morally indignant at his treatment and disgusting.

[[WMG: Sandalphon/Junior]]

'''Please do not call me Wuffles. ''They'' call me that.'''

The last remnant of the Angel Sandalphon, Junior switches sides to NERV following his first encounter with Pieter Sohryu. He has become friends with Sohryu, as well as taking some level of interest in human activities. Looks good in a trenchcoat.

* BizarreAlienBiology - "Does he...just eat the can and not the beer?"
* BigDamnHeroes - The Israfelim chasing Asuka and Shinji learn the hard way.
** [[spoiler:Pulls off an absolutely epic one at the end of Chapter 100, against Zadkiel. It doesn't work out so well. And then the Israfelim show up.]]
* BiggerOnTheInside - As Kyoko finds out in an amusing fashion.
* ConspicuousTrenchcoat: Used in ch. 27 to sneak him into Misato's apartment. It even gets lampshaded.
--> "[...] How's the trenchcoat?"\\
'''An acceptable fit. We question whether or not the Lilim will be fooled by this disguise.'''\\
"Trust me, it works in comic books."
* BizarreAlienReproduction - Junior's genitals are in his mouth, protected by dagger like teeth. This did not stop Mari from hitting on him.
* DeadpanSnarker - Nonhuman organisms have a much better grasp of the concept than some humans, it seems.
* ExtremeOmnivore - See BizarreAlienBiology above.
--> "Did he eat the can and not the beer?"
* InUniverseNickname - Wuffles.
* HeelFaceTurn - Is firmly on the side of the Lilim, even if he is in contact with the other Angels.
* MadeOfIron - Even without an S2 Organ, he's able to survive being ground into the dirt with a Cargo Door.
* MoreDakka - He embraces this concept fully in Chapter 53.
** PowerArmor - The '''Wuffletron 9000''', designed by the Ree.
--> '''My reproductive organs are in my mouth! It doesn't work that way!'''
--> In chapter 80, he suggests that his tentacles would be popular with girls at the high school.
* TeamPet - Adopted by the Ree and everything!
* StarfishAlien - He reads books by TASTING them. Let's not get started on his preferences in beer.

[[WMG: Zeruel]]

'''"Yours is a confidence born of ignorance and your boasts are as empty as the future of your species."'''

Zeruel is the Angel of Might, the ''de facto'' leader of the Angels, and the most powerful of the Angels save for ADAM. Waiting for his turn, he nonetheless has appeared several times, either speaking with the other Angels on the role the Angels must play now that ADAM is gone and showing disgust at Tabris' plans to mate with the Lilim.

* AGodAmI - WordOfGod is that previous versions of Zeruel were worshipped as a messenger of the Old Testament God. He even takes credit for destroying Jericho and the Tower of Babel during the peace talks.
* BigBadEnsemble: As (current) leader of the Angels, is one of three contenders for the role. The other two, naturally, are ADAM, leader of the Cherubim, and Kihl Lorenz, leader of SEELE.
* TheDreaded - For NERV, the readers, and even the other Angels. Read Zeruel's bits in chapters 65-68 while listening to [[ this]] and ''try'' not to shake.
* EnemyMine - Completely averted, sadly.
* {{Expy}} - WordofGod is that Zeruel's voice is the same as [[VideoGame/MassEffect1 Sovereign's]]. Also busts out one of [[VideoGame/MassEffect2 Harbinger's]] most infamous quotes when descending to Earth.
* HumiliationConga - As if getting trashed by [[PunyEarthlings the Lilim]] after spending pretty much all your previous appearances/cameos bragging about how you're so much more powerful than they are weren't enough, you're still alive. Surviving in a tiny sliver of your core in the care of your totally ''' '' F___ing'' ''' gay baby brother, who has [[Franchise/MassEffect retaken direct control]]. One right after another.
* ImplacableMan: ADAM's mightiest son. Looks like ItRunsInTheFamily.
* OhCrap - Slagging the bigger part of the Chinese military force, and then surviving a nuclear missile attack without a scratch induces this in both the NERV command staff and the readers.
** The big guy himself gets one when he realizes just ''where'' and '''when'' in the Dirac Sea NERV's sending him: Four-Chan's Magic Castle, five seconds before ''every single core self-detonates''.
* PromotionToParent - A [[WordOfGod large part of his characterization]] is to prevent the extinction of the Angels at any cost, especially after the ADAM fight. That certainly sounds like a parental trait. And with ADAM out of commission indefinitly, ''someone'' has to take charge. And with Big Z's anger issues to his siblings (especially those that have [[HeelFaceTurn defected]]), it's obvious that [[DeconstructedTrope not everyone's cut out to be both the Parent AND the sibling.]]
* TeamDad - For the Angels. Albeit a somewhat angry one.
* TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou: He ''really'' wants a one-on-one with Shinji.
* [[spoiler: VillainousRescue: How he enacts his return to power in Chapter 96, rescuing Shinji and Lilly from Camael.]]
* WorthyOpponent - Big Z sees Shinji as this.

[[WMG:Leliel / Lilly]]

'''This one does not wish to lose any more of my kin.'''

The Angel of Night, made up of the Dirac space that forms bridges between worlds and, as of recently, contains ADAM. The part of Leliel that connected with the ND! universe is now dead, but has been resurrected in a sense in Lilly, who is a roughly baseball-sized replica of Leliel's shadow that can fly, [[OurWormholesAreDifferent function as a portable hole]], and has the mind of a toddler.

* {{Emoticon}}: Lilly turns her patterns into these for facial expressions.
* GenerationXerox - Little Lilly is such a good baby angel! She takes right after mommy!
* HeelFaceTurn
* HeroicSacrifice
* MadeOfAir
* MissionControl - For the NERV teams trapped in alternate universes; she also serves as the connection to NERV proper via Wuffles.
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: Lilly, in her own unique way.
* StarfishAlien
* TechnicalPacifist - She doesn't want to see any of the humans lost in the Dirac harmed, so she ships them off to a wacky parallel universe where they can all lead peaceful lives.
* TheReveal - [[spoiler:Has been confirmed as a Seraph rather than an Archangel like her siblings.]]

[[WMG: Israfel]]

The Angels of poetry and music. They like [[VideoGame/DanceDanceRevolution DDR]].

* AsteroidsMonster: Turned UpToEleven in typical ''Fanfic/NobodyDies'' fashion.
* [[spoiler:BigDamnHeroes: See ZergRush]]
* GoingNative - More or less. Yeah.
* GoKartingWithBowser - Asuka and Mana, challenging the Iruelim to a game of ''VideoGame/DanceDanceRevolution''.
* HiveMind
* TwinTropes
* [[spoiler:ZergRush: As of the newest snippets of Chapter 101, a horde of Israfelim does this to Zadkiel. And it is awesome.]]

[[WMG: Raziel]]

The Angel of Mysteries, one of ADAM's Cherubim. Took over Unit 03 instead of Bardiel.

* EvilCounterpart - Well, ''eviler'' counterpart. All of the Cherubim are even more indiscriminately destructive knockoffs of the Angels ([[BetaBaddie if not generally quite as powerful]]). Raziel is clearly based off Bardiel, to the point of taking his place in events when his Angelic counterpart mysteriously vanished.
* HeroKiller - Delivered a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown to Zwei and Ichi, mortally wounding the latter.
* ImplacableMan
* InstantArmour - His power is to absorb any useful raw materials into himself, resulting in his rapid transformation from an Evangelion to a city-sized behemoth.
* ItsPersonal - Designed to specifically target members of the Ikari family in revenge for what happened to ADAM. [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge Goes about it with typically Cherubic subtlety]].
* KnightOfCerebus - Given how Season Four starts off after the last season Finale (his fight), yes. Yes he is, just as much as his Angelic counterpart is.
* OmnicidalManiac - Part of the job description.
* MegaManning - Another, somewhat more limited feature of his powerset. Let's just say that it's not a good idea to send heavily-armoured units against him...
* NotSoHarmlessVillain - The first genuinely threatening Cherub... [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown and]] ''[[HeroKiller how]]''.


--> Right before getting his hind end handed to him.

Bearer of the Fruit of Life, and thus bestoes on life derived from him with Powers.

* AwesomenessIsAForce - His very presence sends Rei and the Evangelions into catatonic terror. See also WalkingWasteland below.
* BishieSparkle - It's been suggested that ''He'' is the ultimate Bishonen. [[ Discussion starts here on post 10967, and continues on the next page.]]
* EldritchAbomination - All of the Angels are to some extent, but He takes the cake.
* ImplacableMan - Nothing that has been used against him that actually worked has kept him down for long.
* TheJuggernaut - One of his defining characteristics.
* OhCrap - When it was first revealed that ''He'' was coming to Tokyo-3. Also, the WordOfGod revelation that [[ we have, at most, seen ADAM at only half his true power]].
* OminousWalk - He's good at this.
* OmnicidalManiac - After his first loss, he's willing to kill even his own progeny.
* PerfectPlayAI - One of the main reasons he's so difficult to fight.
* PhysicalGod - This is how he's described (down to the other Angels and the text using capital pronouns for him, as Christians do with God), and every appearance he's made gives the impression of extreme power, even by Angelic standards.
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge - After being defeated the first time, this is all He cares about now, to the point where some of the other Angels are [[HeelFaceTurn reconsidering their choice of teammates]].
* VillainousBreakdown - When Shinji deflects his BreakingSpeech and states his intention to leave the Sea, he does not react well. When ADAM realizes that Shinji actually ''has the means'' to escape, he completely loses it.
-->'''NO...NO! You can't GO! You CAN'T LEAVE!!'''
* WalkingWasteland - His AT field's strength is devastating to everything around him...including ''light''.
* WorfHadTheFlu - ADAM is one of the most terrifyingly powerful beings in the setting -- [[EarthShatteringKaboom capable of shooting through the planet and shattering nations with a glare]]. He also gets beaten up by the heroes ''repeatedly'' thanks to competing in mind battles or in settings where physics are different or losing because the ADAM they fight isn't the real ADAM.
** WordOfGod is that he's still weak from being tortured for seventeen years, and that his aforementioned planet-destroying power level is approximately ''half'' his true strength.

[[WMG: Lilith]]


The Second Angel, and the source of all life on Earth. As the bearer of the Fruit of Knowledge, she bestoes on life derived from her with [[MadScience SCIENCE]]. Oh yeah, and [[CaptainObvious she likes kids.]]

* [[AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents Amazingly Embarrassing Progenator]] - Don't bring your significant other to meet her unless you've gotten the ring. The first thing she'll say to you is "Make '''Babies'''." And you will '''[[BrainwashedAndCrazy listen.]]'''
* BodyHorror - Her aura doesn't just override your own wishes and drive you into a baby-making heat, even causing females to lactate after a few minutes of exposure. It also spurs cellular growth in the bodies of the affected. So Lilith gets you pregnant and then gives you cancer.
* BrainwashedAndCrazy - If two people of the opposite sex come near her, there's a good chance this'll happen.
* TheChessmaster - [[spoiler:Certain statements she's made imply that she's been subtly manipulating events to bring about an end to her eternal conflict with ADAM.]]
* [[MandatoryMotherhood Childfree Is Not Allowed]] - Quite literally.
* EldritchAbomination - She's like a nice, considerate [[Franchise/CthulhuMythos Shub-Niggurath]]...for a given definition of "nice" and "considerate" when dealing with Abominations.
* {{Expy}} - Her avatar is one of canon!Rei.
* ForSCIENCE - Her favorite thing, after making '''BABIES'''.
* IWantGrandkids - What you want is irrelevant; you will make babies.
* MindRape - A subtler example than most instances. [[spoiler:Lilith hijacked one of Asuka's personalities, specifically 'The Great Asuka Langley Soryu', with the intention of making Asuka happier. When Asuka learns the truth, she gets '''angry''' -- an emotion that even years of emotional abuse under her mother hadn't managed to evoke in her.]]
* MyBelovedSmother - She wants [[AssimilationPlot Instrumentality]], because she loves all her children so much. [[ Hug people and they turn into Tang!]] Also, she's been following the Ikari line for quite some time.
* {{Troll}} - In chapter 107, Shinji suspects Lilith was trolling him [[spoiler:during Arael's dream, when he supposedly went back in time to meet his mother as a teenager, and Yui wore the same hairstyle she and the Ree do today.]]

[[WMG: Ramiel]]

The Fifth Angel, the Thunder of God, and one of the first Angels to be fought in the story. Although seemingly defeated after a grueling battle through the combined efforts of Shinji, Rei and Mana, a portion of his soul (which had been literally ''falcon punched'' away by Rei) later resurfaces and possesses Mari in an attempt to destroy NERV from the inside. Again, he was defeated, this time by Uri, but the dying Angel used the last of his strength to viciously MindRape Mari, apparently killing her. However, it would later be revealed that instead of dying, Mari had instead sent her mind and soul into Ramiel's now empty Core, effectively transforming them both into an [[HalfHumanHybrid human/Angel hybrid]], only with Mari being in control.

[[spoiler:Chapter 87 reveals that part of Ramiel's own soul still exists within Mari, but it is apparently dormant...for now. Chapter 104 revealed that he is (very very slowly) regenerating his body deep within NERV.]]

* HoistByHisOwnPetard: His attempt to kill Mari as a last act of spite towards the "lilim" ended up sealing his fate.
* FateWorseThanDeath: Think about it. His physical body is destroyed, and his spirit is eventually purged by Uri, but then he tries to have the last laugh by killing Mari. Not only does this fail, but Mari proceeds to take over his core, and subsequently all his power. Essentially, this [[PunyHumans puny lilim]], rather than die like he meant her too, instead lived on and stole his power and even his identity (most, if not all of the Angels consider Mari to be the new Ramiel). And if chapter 87 is to be believed, he is ''fully aware of all of this, and is literally incapable of doing anything about it''. Almost makes you pity him...almost.
* MindControl: Not on such a wide scale as Sandalphon, but he was capable of this.
* MindRape
* NotQuiteDead: Iruel has him beat in terms of this, but he's still a good example.
* TakingYouWithMe: Tried to do this with Mari. Only partially worked.

[[WMG: Arael]]

"''I shall be (glorious and[the mother of{God} God] and triumphant) our saviour.''"

The Angel of Birds, Light of God, and the Angel which plunged the entire world into a seven week dream state. Her exact plans or end goal are unknown, but in the process she has made a distinct enemy of Kaworu, and has somehow bootstrapped Armisael into an entirely new tier of power.

* EnigmaticMinion / HiddenAgendaVillain: She is up to something, something which she claims will bring an end to the conflict. Nobody else (including the other Angels) seems to know exactly ''what'', though. It is also not known whether this solution of hers will be to the Lilim's advantage.
* LotusEaterMachine: Does this to the entirety of planet Earth, ''including all the Angels currently on it'', for seven weeks. Why? [[spoiler:Apparently to turn Uriel into a fully-fledged Angel.]] Only Lilith seemed immune to its influence.
* StrangeSyntaxSpeaker: Has a peculiar habit of saying four things at once, each a slight variation/refinement of the general thought (see the above quote).

[[WMG: Kokabel]]

''Upon this Base Earth grew a tree, a Tree of Life, grown tall and free...''

A Grigori, hundreds of millions of years old, that has awakened from its slumber by the events which ended Arael's dream. Kokabel has so far shown up as a basketball sized-sphere which has taken a shine towards the remains of Zeruel. Word of God is that there's more. A whole lot more.

Very curious.

* {{Expy}}: Of the Curiosity Core from VideoGame/{{Portal}}.

[[WMG: Armisael]]

"'''Arise, my brothers. And embrace the destiny which lies before you.'''"

The Angel of the Womb. Unlike the other Angels, Armisael has been largely a non factor in terms of the story's main conflict, opting instead to reconstruct South America's ecology and be worshiped as a god.

He has agreed to Arael's unknown plan, and was last seen rounding up the Cherubim for unknown purposes.

* AGodAmI: It's unknown whether or not Armisael himself sees as this, but quite a few people in South America do.
* {{Expy}}: WordOfGod has stated that Armisael is to [[VideoGame/{{Homeworld}} Bentus]] as Zeruel is to [[Franchise/MassEffect Harbinger]].
* NonActionGuy: Has preferred to rehabilitate South America over getting involved with main conflict.



[[WMG: Yomiko Leliel Nagisa]]

Yomiko (at least so far) is not an actual character in ''Nobody Dies''. In an alternate future proposed in the discussion thread, Kei chose to flee Tokyo-3 after the events of chs. 68-70, rather than stay and try to patch things up with her family. In this future, she relocated to Germany to live with Kaworu, cutting all ties to her family with typically Kei-ish finesse and subtlety. She and Kaworu eventually married, and had a daughter, Yomiko. From this, a number of snippet-sized stories and one actual chapter of a fic have been written about various events in Yomiko's life, covering a wide span of years.

Yomiko has proven to be a very popular character with the readers, but depending on who's writing the snippets, her personality and traits can vary noticeably.

In @/EarthScorpion's material:
* ACupAngst - Much to her annoyance and irritation, she takes after her father's side of the family in those regards. That means she's tall, thin, and... flat. She is of the opinion that this is ''very'' unfair.
* {{Adorkable}} - She's her parents' child, for better and worse. She is, admittedly, better socialised than they are, but she's still rather cutely dorky.
* CreepyChild - She forgets that gravity isn't optional. She eats animals, especially Israfim, when hungry. Her true form has been referred to as the "Mini-Giant-of-Light-and-Eyes".
* HumanoidAbomination - She's very nice about it, though.
* [[AnimalsHateHim Israfim Hate Her]] - She has to put up with the vast majority of Israfelim-hybrids taking a dislike to her, and when you consider that her heritage means that she can hear them talking, that's not nice. Of course, when she was younger, that normally lent itself to violent retaliation, but it still was ''mean''.
* PluckyGirl - She's nice, but when she has set her mind on something, she ''will not stop''.

In @/K9Thefirst1's material:
* {{Chessmaster}} - Actually averted to a degree; Yomiko has no interest in trying to get into a power struggle with one of her classmates, no matter how much Kei wants her to.
* [[OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent Ordinary Junior High School Student]] - Well, obviously aside from the EldritchAbomination and physical qualities, but her personality isn't that much different from her classmates.
* RomanticismVersusEnlightenment - Kei loves the Sciences and Magnificence, and is trying to encourage the same in her daughter, but Yomiko prefers the Arts.

Common to everyone's material:
* CheerfulChild - She is so Goddamn upbeat!
* EldritchAbomination - She's just as inhuman as Kei and Kaworu. In fact, there is some question as to whether or not she is one by even the standards of the Angels.
* {{Expy}} - Yomiko's friends Michelle and Abigael are [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Mai and Ty Lee]] respectively.
* FunnyAnimal - Specifically, a 3-foot Israfelim with a [[DeadpanSnarker smart mouth]] and a [[TheAlcoholic drinking problem]].
* LockedOutOfTheLoop - Thanks to Kei's machinations, Yomiko is unaware of Kei's past and family. That is slowly starting to change.